Throne of Elves (2016) Movie Script

Experienced this thrilling after Dragon War
A human hero teenager
That's me
Xiao yu
Get the final victory
Also got you
Elf girl Liya's love
Although we have to return to our home
I don't know when to see you again
But we are not afraid of the dragon together
Time and distance is what it is
Xiao yu
I went back to the Elf kingdom
How are you?
I'm practicing with blacksmith in the evening
Two master
Doing two things is hard
when I got home, I went to my brother, Duke of Kyle
He was worried about me
Wanting to know what happened on the road. Everything.
You have a brother? a Duke?
I wonder how he looked at me?
Kyle.. he is against to humans
About us.. I will look for opportunities to tell him slowly
I miss you..
I'll see you in winter
You don't need to!
The Elf kingdom has been hundreds of years without humans
It would be disturbing for you to come over here.
It's already spring. I'm growing up every day.
If we not meet again, you will not know me.
I finally told my brother...
I've never seen him so much in anger
How could this be?
I was forbidden to leave the Elf kingdom
He won't let you to come here
Ask the princess to help. Wasn't she a queen now?
Kyle is the Queen's childhood friend
The Queen valued his opinion very much
And, on the next spring.. they are getting marry
I see.. Then what do we do?
I really want to see you.
Xiao yu
We will meet again
Nothing can seperate us...
So beautiful
I can't wait to see you wearing a wedding dress
Until this day, I've been waiting for centuries
Liya, thank you for choosing me for this wedding
Right, about Xiao Yu..
Is there any-
You know your brother won't like this matter.
But.. How can I make up for these lovely comrades?
I would missed my wedding
I know how hard this decision is
Your Highness..
Most of Elves and your brother are against humans
Don't forget to teach Xiao Yu a little basic of etiquette
Go to Xiao Yu!
Do I do have the value of only 2 copper knife?
This is just an ordinary kitchen knife
Dragon hero has personally do the chopper
That is Tulong Dao
Come here!
Give me the letter!
Give me!
You gotta stop this
Since ancient times, Elf King.. show the land.. on ancient map
Her Majesty respectfully...
To invite you, Xiao Yu, to the Royal Wedding
I can finally go to the Kingdom of Elves!
We are going to Kingdom of the Elves!
Now I can finally meet Liya!
Don't forget this and don't wander around
Liya! Liya! Liya!
Store closed for today
I've got to do something else
The forgotten ancient battlefield...
The forgotten elves ghost...
The forgotten dark gem...
And the forgotten me...
A perfect combination..
The dark gem..
Let me give you my blood
You shall connect to me...
Let the ruins of this ancient battlefield be our arena
Let the spirit of Elves for our witnesess..
The dark gem... Lets enjoy this moment!
Stop it, I'm still not done yet.
What is wrong with you two?!
See this knife?!
Do not run! Stop!
Go go!
I will not let you run away!
Shieldy, stop that thing!
Swordy, open the stove!
I'll bake you into a pumpkin pie!
What's the noisy about?!
The knife didn't finish yet
Master! There was a pumpkin monster in the stove!
Quite incense thing
A ring?
My stove hit so many magic weapon
You kid gambilng with a pumpkin for a ring
This is not a ring
It's for the finger
Pulling a bow can hurt the fingers
It can protect Liya's fingers
I'd love to see more of the things
Humans and elves together
But better be out of trouble
What are you afraid of trouble?
Who can't buy the sword
Moreover, it won't be any trouble at that time
Can't I be with Liya?
Sisters, let's send a wedding gift to Her Majesty
Master using my name!
Let's go!
Xiao Yu requested for boarding!
Why is he coming?
I'll find a chance to throw him out
This is great!
Fly like a bird!
Master, you see this? This is Liya's etiquette entry to the Elf Kingdom
Article 250..
First, meet must greet.
Above the waist must 10 degrees forward.
If less than 5 degrees or more than 15 degrees
That is a disqualification
You are a slow learner
I don't even have any girlfriend
You're not allowed here
Look, the top hand.
The most open-brain design
Plus, the finest flying gems
Enjoy the pleasure of surfing through the clouds
This is the world's fastest aircraft!
Master, you finally made a match on my things
Master, you didn't try to fly this stuff?
You haven't tell me yet how to use it!
It's very simple!
You just need to fly like a bird!
It's too fast!
Fly like a bird!
Old man, what are you looking for?
What Xiao Yu doing?
I'm not looking for anything, I guess.
What's that little black spots?
Hurry to get him back to me! Otherwise..
I'll turn you into a little black spot!
I'm flying like a bird!
Master! You are a genius!
You two, let's go first!
Liya! I'm coming!
Oh bother, this is not long experience
This is my peak for God!
Well, there's a big tree
A human spacecraft
I heard that Her Majesty invited them. How could such a thing?
Xiao Yu?
Xiao Yu!
Seize it!
I can't hold it!
Hi, long time no see
Xiao Yu, you've changed
Well, you haven't changed at all
Let's go. Lead me the way and make first impression
We're going to wander a little
According to basic etiquette. -Damn
Sorry, we'd do it better
Does your brother know that I'm coming?
He will know about it soon
Watch out! It's dangerous front there!
Hold me tight!
You're not hold tight enough!
Enough already!
Stop it! Don't make it again
Stop it!
Look out!
This is bad
All right!
Your Majesty!
Have a happy wedding!
Let's go!
You shouldn't kept a secret about them from me
I know you will not agree about this
After all, the human is in love with your little sister
Humans have a short life
Fleeting, how can fall in love with a short-live kind?
Just because of that, why you're being denial?
It may just temporary.
Human's love is selfishness with desire
This kind of relationship will destroy Liya
Time will let Liya grow
We shouldn't intervent this
There is no time
The kingdom from collisions used to form monters
There were said a burst of strange wind related
There is invisible enemy approaching to us
We should warn Liya
Liya will be sorted
Our love remains for hundreds of years
Adherence to eternity and responsibility
This is the proper culture of the Elves
The Guardian of Life gem is the meaning of our existence
I believe you think so too
Xiao Yu, it's so nice of you to come
I haven't been so happy for a long time
I'll let you to go on with your happiness
The Gem of Life..
is the root of our life
The source of strength..
Only the Elves can be with it's power..
I've never been so close to it
The world was originally from a gem
The Goddess divides it into two
One of the dark gem, tables of greed and death
For years, human and Elves continue to lead the forces of contention
Has been fallen
The Gem of Life, has been guarded by the Elves here
The Queen must wears a gem at the wedding. It's our tradition
The magic shall bless my subjects
I have to go and bring it to the wedding
Why should you?
I feel the power of the dark presence
It still exists, and there's more of them... are getting closer
The gem were no longer safe with me and Kyle
You are our most trusted Elf
We need you to take this responsibility
Alright, I won't let you down
It's amazing, I'll show this to Xiao Yu
I have something to talk to you..
The Elf Kingdom is too beautiful
Everywhere was looked down upon us
Even a person doesn't speak
How can it be?
Hi, how are you?
My name is Xiao Yu. What do you have in your hand?
It's useless. You get to enjoy the blessings
This big guy nagging in my ear everyday
Shut up, old man
Please stop, humans.
I have a name
Rivers and lakes called me-
He a lil bit nervous when he saw an Elf
Before entering the Moonlight Temple, please hand in your weapons
What did you say?!
That's the point
He's just a little lit. Let's leave and go for eat
All. Weapons.
What a drag
I was once fought the Black Dragon with your Queen.
You are still just a bud
What he meant to say-
Well, we finally found an Elf started to speak with us.
Remember your mission
Don't be upset..
Meier's wedding dress is really bleachy
The Gem of Life is a sacred thing for the Elves
You can't get near to any humans
Why not?
Don't you understand? The gem must be far from divergent
You shouldn't let your guard down against any human being
Xiao Yu is not a bad human. How you can say that?
He is even more trustworthy than among Elves
Only a few years before, you have no position
From now on, you must keep a distance from him
Even you too want to separate us.
I thought you could understand..
This has nothing to do with love!
It's the fate of eternal responsibility of the Elves
Don't get carry away for a short pleasure
How about I pick you up?
Such a pity you can't see this beautiful scene
Who says being short can't see a beautiful scene?
It's so beautiful here!
This is my favourite place
As the trees grow..
For branches has coiled..
Flowers cluster flowers..
Long grass warbling fly...
Endless time..
I, take the root of the Tree of Life for you..
Are you ok?
Xiao Yu..
This bow is made specifically for you
It's a souvenir
Guess what? I prepared something for you too
You made something for me. Forgive me for only give you this.
Thank you.
Xiao Yu..
It'll protect your finger on the bow forever
I don't want to lose you
I've already finished my lesson with the Blacksmith
We'll stay together for good or bad
May I indulge in your warmth
Your voice, our heartbeat
Under the Tree of Life, combined become one
Since then, we will become one
Our blood become one
Loyalty unswervingly.
Life and death
Let the ring connect us
Let's fly away
We will fly together
No! I can't accept it!
Why not?
What is happening?!
How dare you didn't invite me?
Little sister...
You hurting us for late invitations
It was actually you!
How the Dark Gem is with you?!
Seize her!
Guards! Protect the Queen!
Stay here! Don't get involved
Let's go to get the weapons!
So that you know the rules!
Step back! What do you want to do with that?!
You know why I'm here for..
To put you down
Why are you not with the gem?
Where is it?!
In a place you can't find it
I said where is the gem?
It's you, human
Your Majesty!
Dear Kyle
If you want your bride back, you need to bring what I want.
Three days. I'll see you at the battlefield ancient ruins
You shouldn't aim the arrow at me..
Human boy...
Shieldy! Swordy!
Prepare the ship! We need to leave this instant!
Yes sir!
Do you know where the map is?
Bring it to me
Human... the wedding is over.
Now go home!
I have to go..
You.. take care of yourself
I'll go with you!
You can't
This matter are only with Elves
But, it's too dangerous!
Didn't you see the dark elf holding the Dark Gem?
Xiao Yu
Just go home
Take care
Prepare the spacecraft
You've heard what they said. They doesn't want you to come
He just got dumped. I need to see more this thing.
I must go! I know she needs me!
We are so timid to save people
This situation are not good to talk about
Come on!
They also took Shieldy and Swordy too!
I really can't bear to watch these two dogs
The spacecraft is already at full speed
Two days left..
Liya, is the Gem of Life are safe?
Guard it with your life
Don't trust anyone
Rose is very cunning.
Wouldn't be too risky for us to go directly to the meet point?
Even it's a trap, we have no other choices.
Save me from this thing. To me and the soldiers
Your mission is only to guard the gem.
Xiao Yu?
Follow me!
You shouldn't be here!
Come on! We want to save Meier!
This will ruin our plan.
Do you want to open the ship and declare a war?
My flying board are fastest. We can catch up with the ship
To save more time!
Trust me, for two of us together
There's nothing can not be done
Liya, why you don't want to take the ring?
It's not the time to discuss this matter
It's getting colder
Hold on tight to me.
We're heading north
Xiao Yu, this is not the right path to the ancient battlefield ruins!
Do you know where we're going?
What kind of this strange feeling?!
You were hurt!
It's only small injury
How can it be?
How the ship is at here?!
Wearing the Gem of Life at a wedding ceremony
That is the rule
With a Dark Gem. What is it then?!
It's powerful. Life and Death from the both gem.
Is to combine together.
Sister, stop it.
Kyle will never give you the gem.
I can forgive all your sins. Please, come home with me.
I have to worry about work
I would be stupid to count on Kyle obidiently to give me the gem
I have another plan...
When I get the Elves map
You don't mind to helping me?
Find me...
Go over there
Liya! Look.
Your Majesty!
Liya! Go away!
Human boy...
Do you ever wonder, how you can find me?
Let's hurry back to inform to Kyle!
She's over here
Xiao Yu!
Hold me tight. Liya
Let me go, Xiao Yu!
I can't put in!
Xiao Yu. You saved me again..
Don't say that. I'll never let you go.
Let's go back
He can't go back...
Where did you go?!
We sneaked into the ship.
We saw The Queen!
And it's not what we think
We have to change the flight course
You and this man find Rose?!
Exposed to the extreme danger of our own enemies!
Have you forgotten your mission?!
I'm sorry..
We just want to save-
Human, you don't belong here
Stay away from Liya!
And don't ever come back!
Being close to humans is a mistake!
You have forgotten your duty
Do you have to give up our trust in you?!
Hey! What the hell do you mean?!
Please stop!
Xiao Yu.
This is indeed a mistake
I shouldn't go to the ship with you.
And also...
I shouldn't let you come to the Elf Kingdom..
I do it all for you
If you really do it for me, don't stay with me.
What did you say?
How can you say that?
Xiao Yu..
Do not come back
You've changed...
Go for full speed ahead!
We're getting close to the ship who kills!
Human boy...
I can feel the power of the Dark Gem...
My blood flowing
You feel it...
I know what you want...
Only I can make you to get her...
Dreamer has finally woke up
You're getting pale
Don't be too reluctant
Now it's too late to turn back.
Why can't humans and Elves be together?
Some words I like to say
"You two aren't the same thing"
As the saying goes
Human father and human mother are raised
The Elves belong to the tree
And we are mere mortal
Therefore, in timely manner
They're talking about nothing
A fire and piece of woods
How in being together?
Love, not just for ourselves.
Sometimes, have to know how to let it go.
Love is to be together! Not how's not to be together.
I will not let go!
Where are you going?
Going to dream
Her light was dim..
Do you think the size of the iceberg can fit her appetite?
You contaminate the ghosts ancient battlefield ruins
You are wrong to steal the soul of the dragon!
Good point, little sister..
You are afraid
The Dark Gem has completely changed you
You has gone limit to your own self!
You're wrong..
I have it today, not because of the Dark Gem..
But because of you...
I haven't done anything against you!
Take it easy...
I just want to thank you
If not, I'm better than you in everywhere.
But I has been neglected since childhood
Only you can use the Gem of Life
I was been shut out.
You become the next heir
And I became a Dark Elves
That I never knew I could have.. such power now
This is not the true nature of Elf!
This is the true nature of victorious
You are not qualify as a woman
Isn't that his companion?
Is he coming?
Can you do as I say?
Dark Gem...
I opened the Dragon's cemetery for you...
The legendary deep soul of the Dragon is here...
It must fulfill your desire
You're finally here, human boy..
I've been waiting for you for a long time
Who are you?!
What did you've done to me?!
Me too... we have the things we want, but we can't get that easily
I'm not the same as you!
Only a little different.
But just the same desire..
In order to get what their wish for..
But, your efforts are not good as mine
It's wonderful!
Can you feel it?
The dragon soul makes it more powerful
It can not wait, to be combine with the Gem of Life
There's also such a gem?!
Don't you know?
Of course, this is a secret between Elf
Those who cling to the Gem of Life
The such important thing can't be share with a human
This, your elf's own thing.. I'll do anything for it
The Elves does not matter to you either
Xiao Yu
I'll sit on the Throne of Elves
As long as you are willing to help me to get the little thing
Then you can have Liya always be with you, forever.
Don't worry..
I don't need you to steal the Gem of Life
You just need to help me to borrow the Elves ancient map on the line
Bring the Elves ancient map, to me
Get rid of this thing! We talked about this!
Get the map, human boy..
Then we have no deals
I've set an ambush in the ancient battlefield ruins
You don't help, they will have a hard time
So I'll give you a chance to answer your choice..
I will bring you down!
Your Highness
We couldn't find any traces of Rose
Brother, I've told you. Why you didn't listen?
Keep cruising low
Continue searching
Line up!
Port side!
Ready to volley!
It's too fast!
Re-line up! Ready to fight back!
Xiao Yu!
The ship is in terrible damage
Bring the rest of people together
Fly like a bird!
Old man! steady on your point!
Got it!
You thought I would eating the bark and the leaves like the elves?!
I grew up eating meats!
Quick! Jump to the ship!
Get the map...
Human boy...
Look at my boat
I never do for free to save people
Moreover, you're not a human
Open a bar. I can not even to buy this ship
I can't bear to have these sharp ears of you
This ship is not cheap!
The goods is full of dog urine's smells
At most, only the value of silver bags
And how I can get from how much bags, how much the golds
Pack up your luggage
I put you near the ship
So I sold the boat
How can you sell the boat?!
It's not good too little to friends
We can not disembark!
Forget it
We should go home
Money is better
Which is rare
There are backbone. Give me the money!
You shut up!
How can you do this to them?!
If not for them, we could've been buried in the flames!
We don't have any soldiers now
We can't just drive them away!
You don't see his hand!
He was bruised by the Dark Gem. Sooner or later it'll be the end
Dark Gem?
What happens when it's eroded?
Dark Gem will corrupt his mind
But can not be healed by medicine.
He'll become its puppet
He'll become just like Rose
The fragile human won't have a chance to survive
The Gem of Life can save him!
How many times do I have to tell you about the responsibilities?!
The Gem of Life can resist the dark thing!
Why not use it?!
The Gem of Life is the source eternal life for elves
There's no effect on human being
You can't save him..
Stay away from Liya!
Don't ever come back!
Humans and elves together
You two are not the same thing at all
The fragile human
Won't have chance to survive
As long as you willing to help me to get the little thing
Then you can have Liya always be with you, forever.
Can I use the flying board?
The flying gem only few left
Be careful
Where are you going?
Don't make a mess!
Really don't have any way yet
Are we going to return now?
We'll go back later
I want to assemble all of our allies
Add more strength
What to do about Her Majesty?
Protect the Gem
is to protect the Queen
Xiao Yu!
This is what you love is bad!
You see, lil sister?
Isn't more beautiful?
Such desire is a very magical thing
How was the feeling of getting rejected?
You know, the Dark Gem only belong to the strongest
How can you be so easily taken away?
My dear gem
She'd wanted to see us on the throne
But she didn't have any respects towards us
What shall we do to her?
Don't hurt her!
I've bring you the map
No! You can't give the map to her!
Now escort us to a safe place!
The map is yours
On the condition is the need for capital, human boy
Anyway, thank you
The Elves ancient map
Where is the gem?
The Queen, she would like to know...
You can't hurt her!
I will not hurt her
But you will...
Don't shake it! Just sit down okay
It made my head dizzy
The boy sold us out!
It is only matter of time
You shouldn't interfere in this matter
If you want to live, quickly stay away!
Before Xiao Yu return, I won't go anywhere
That traitor!
I shall personally kill him!
Don't you ever dare to try!
As long as I'm here, no one will dare to make a move!
That little bastard better come back and tell me more clearly
Eat it!
Xiao Yu!
Do you know what you've done?!
I suffered a heavy injury
I need the help of the Gem of Life
How do you know the gem is with me?!
The Queen told me
Help me
Don't believe him!
Xiao Yu! Run away!
They really had enough!
Xiao Yu! Keep running!
Give me the gem!
You really can see through huh...
Xiao Yu! Wake up!
Give me the gem!
Where's the gem?!
Xiao Yu
Wake up
I'm Liya
Kill me...
Don't do it!
Do it quick!
Xiao Yu!
The Gem of Life
It's useless
The Gem of Life is useless to humans
But it'll useful to me
What are you doing?!
What's the point of elves to guard the Gem of Life?
If in order to possess it..
To bow to the evil...
To watch their loved ones die
Then we don't deserve to guard the Gem of Life!
You'll be eroded!
Let go!
Xiao Yu
You're back...
Liya, don't be sad
You've done your best..
I'm sorry
I don't know you have a big responsibility on your shoulder
I thought I could solve all this
But it made it this way.
I'm only have a short-lived
It's all the part of human self
I'm not worthy to be with you
The Queen is at the highest peak at the drak valley
She's in danger now
Let me go with you
Let me guard you
Fight till the end of time.
Also count me one
You can only count half
These few people alone..
Change the course
Let's go to the dark valley!
In this case...
I'll use the hardest way
We shall meet our guests
That's the ship!
Hold on!
Got to turn hard right!
Now hand over the gem to me
Don't hurt them
I'm not a vegetarian
Go! Don't let them past!
Let's go! Meier is on the bridge over there!
Meier is at the end of the road!
Now there's no way to get there!
There are sure have other way too
The only way is fly to past it. The flying board is not good
Go! Search for the Queen
Let's get out of here!
It's a dead end!
You'll be as replacement!
You shall have a chances to witness of my coronation
Now hand me over the gem!
You're too late
Now you guys tell me..
Where's the gem?!
Boy! You can't let go!
So you won't speak
I have no patience
Dark Gem!
Don't give up on me!
You're mine!
It's not yours now!
The gem never belong to anyone!
I know what you want!
Bring it on!
You are mine!
Your Majesty!
Your Majesty.
Thank you, Xiao Yu
Your hands!
Xiao Yu!
You have to play with me!
Fight in the end!
Go away fast!
Fall back!
Swordy! Shieldy! Keep running!
Watch out!
Come on!
Quickly! In front there!
She's catching on us!
Find a safe place quick!
I really shouldn't come with you!
Your sister has completely transformed
Let's get over with this!
What is it?
Open the stove!
I have an idea
Can you believe me?
I believe you!
We are the same
I also say the same
You want something here!
Kyle, hurry!
I'm flying like a bird!
Stay together, Xiao Yu!
I'll hold you tight!
Xiao Yu, look!
I put on your ring
Can you see it?!
I want to be with you forever!
Xiao Yu!!
Give me the gem..
The Gem of Life..
I finally got you..
Life and death will be once integrate again
The Throne of Elves, the throne of the world-
Shall be mine!
The gem is mine!
It's mine!!
No one told you.. Sometimes learn to know how to let go!
Xiao Yu!
Xiao Yu!
Xiao Yu!
Xiao Yu! Don't ever do that!
I didn't expect
After all, the gem also integrated to a human
It's time to put down the prejudice against humans
The selfishness is not only for human
Perhaps, this is a will of the gem.
Now we learned what's the most important thing to protect...
Our Xiao Yu has come back!
I see, this little has an injury
I'll make it fly like a bird
This flower looks good
To you
What are you looking at?!
I'll just be quiet