Throttle (2005) Movie Script

Now is not a good time, Molly.
I can barely hear you.
My signal's going.
I just pulled into the garage.
I don't care where you are.
We need to talk about this.
Not right now.
Igot too much riding on tonight.
You know what this deal means.
it means more to you than us.
-I gotta go.
-You gotta Iet me explain.
-You owe me that.
-lt doesn 't matter.
It 's not what you think.
-Tom, are you there?
-Yeah. Hang on.
-You can 't enter this way after six.
-I 'll call you back.
-lt 's okay, I work here.
-Where 's your pass card?
-I forgot it. Where 's Eddie?
-He 's making his rounds.
You might want to check
back later.
-Hey, there, Mr. Weaver.
-Hey, Eddie.
-Forget the old pass card?
-Yes, I did, Eddie.
No problem, sir. This is Victor.
He 's working nights with me now.
That 's great.
He goes out with Rebecca.
You know, Rebecca in your office.
Yep, I know who Rebecca is, Eddie.
You take good care of Mr. Weaver,
Victor. He 's one of the good guys.
-So, you 're Victor, huh?
Nice meeting you.
Rebecca speaks a lot about you.
-ls that right?
Can you open the gate? I 'm late.
I got business, you know?
What 's all the racket about?
Somebody 's in my spot.
I 'm trying to get security over here.
Are you looking to derail this
thing before it even gets going?
Here's Eddie.
-I heard the horn. You guys okay?
Haven 't you heard?
A lack of order leads to chaos.
That 's why God created
reserved parking.
That 's my fault. I didn 't think
you were coming in tonight.
Tight ship you run, Eddie.
I'll call up and get them to move it.
Just take a minute.
No, don't bother.
We 're late for our meeting. He can
park somewhere else, right, Tom?
-Any spots down on five?
-A few, I think.
Lot 's been packed today. Can 't
you wait? It 'll just take asecond.
Eddie, I said we 're late.
Okay. All right. Sorry.
Eddie, it 's okay.
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, yeah. I 'm good.
Because there 's still time, you know?
You can still walk away.
Walk away?
What are you talking about?
I 'm just asking you very simply.
Are you in or out?
I 'm here, right?
-What is this? A test?
-No, I 'm just crossing my "Ts".
We go up there,
there 's no turning back.
I just want to make sure you
understand that.
Ten million dollars.
That kind of money can rattle people.
-Especially those that need it.
-I 'm not rattled.
But I do need it.
Don 't you mean "we"? She has
very expensive tastes, your wife.
What did you tell her
about tonight?
I told her I was closing a deal and
I 'd be home just after midnight.
What is it?
What 's wrong?
I think she's having an affair.
She is. But trust me,
it 's only sex.
Come on, you 're getting paranoid.
That girl is crazy about you.
One night, Tom.
One night and
it 's all back on track.
Your job. Your marriage.
Your life.
After tonight,
all your problems will disappear.
You're about to find out that
people with money matter.
Because you will be one of them.
Park down on Five.
Out of sight.
-What did you do with your card?
-I left it at home like you told.
How do I get up stairs?
Borrowed it from the cleaning crew.
No one will know we were up there.
Meet me by the elevators.
I 'll come down.
You didn't callme back.
-You didn 't give me a chance to.
-So that's it?
-You don 't want to hear my side?
-Not now.
Why am I not surprised?
-You neverface anything head on.
-What do you want from me, Molly?
I said I can 't do it now. Okay?
Fine. But whatever you 're
thinking, it 's wrong.
You're making a big mistake, Tom.
I know.
This is not the one...
Let 's...
Let 's go!
Get out of the way, man!
Yo! What 's your problem?
Get out of the way!
What 's this guy 's
fucking problem?
I almost hit someone. We 're done.
I 'm not up for a fight tonight.
Get out of the way!
-Are you okay?
-Yeah. Yeah, I 'm good.
Let 's do it.
You did good up there.
-That 's one down.
-ln hours, the markets will open.
One phone call, and the cash gets
transferred into our phantom account.
Just like a normal transfer, huh?
By the time anyone realizes what
happened, if they realize it all.
Their money is withdrawn
the company vanishes.
I know that look.
What are you thinking?
-We just stole ten million dollars.
-Ten point six, to be exact.
It 's a lot of money.
Somebody 's gonna miss it.
Tom, I 've done this before,
and each time no one 's figured it out.
That 's why God created
offshore bank accounts.
The filings, corporate paperwork,
trust me, no one will miss it.
Just another way to screw
the system, is that it?
I 'm just screwing the system back.
These companies lay off thousands
every year without asecond thought.
All to protect their bottom line.
-Whose are we protecting?
-Our own.
This is no time to grow a conscience.
What 's done is done.
The hard part is just beginning.
-What 's that mean?
-That we can still screw this up.
You start feeling guilty,
tell your wife, some tennis pal.
We will be fucked in a heartbeat.
Do you understand?
Do you understand me? Because I will
not let you fuck the cork on this!
Look what you made me do.
-Fuck you and fuck your bottom line!
You can keep the money.
You hear me? I 'm out!
-There is no out. Not tonight.
-Watch me.
Don 't do this. Not now.
Not while we 're so close.
-You 're making a big mistake.
-No, Gavin.
I 'm correcting one.
This isn 't just about you and me.
There are other people involved.
Powerful people. People who
don't like last minute changes!
The day I hired you,
do you know what I saw?
I saw a man who had nothing and
who was capable of everything.
I saw a man who deserved more.
A lot more.
Hell. I saw me.
I 'm not you.
Hey! Mr. Weaver.
I didn 't think you were still here.
-Everything okay?
-Yeah, I 'm okay, Eddie.
I bet you make a lot of overtime.
Working all these hours.
They don 't really pay us OT.
Yeah, they do, but...
you have to work like eighty
hours straight, you know.
The employee 's satisfaction isn 't
real big on their list, you know?
-One time I had my...
-I 'd love to hear about it...
but I have a few of my own
Goddamn problems, if you don 't mind.
Sorry, Mr. Weaver.
It 's not you. I 've just had
a real bad day, you know?
I understand.
Good night, Mr. Weaver.
What did you just do?
That 's very funny.
That 's very funny!
You got me!
You picked the wrong guy
in the wrong night.
You like fucking up cars?
Hold on asecond.
Don't back up!
Want to see what some real damage
looks like? Let me show you.
I 'm right here. Where are you going?
Come on! Step out!
I'm right here!
Come on!
I'm right here! You want to
mess with somebody, right?
Want to see what it 's like? Step
outside of that piece of shit truck!
Hello! Hey!
Anyone hear me?
-Excuse me.
-Oh, God!
I 'm so sorry. I didn 't mean to scare
you. My name is Tom Weaver.
I work on the 15th floor. Loftin.
I recognize you from the building.
-You work on the sixth floor, right?
-No, I don 't.
We must have shared an elevator. Or
something. Your name is Beth, right?
I 'm sorry.
This is really... awkward.
My car died.
So, I 'm stuck down here.
The stairwells are locked up and
the elevators, you need a pass card.
-And you don 't have a card?
-I do. I left mine in my office.
I was wondering maybe if
I could borrow yours for asecond.
-I 'm sorry, I can 't do that.
-Oh, I understand. I understand.
It 's two AM, I 'm asking you for your
pass card. I know how this looks.
You have no idea how it looks.
Wait asecond.
No, I 'm not trying to scare you.
I just need a lift up to security.
-lf you can drop me off.
-No, I 'm not dropping you anywhere.
-I don 't know you.
-Beth, I 'm in trouble here.
There 's a truck down here
that 's trying to kill me.
Holy shit!
He thought I'd blow the whistle.
He hired somebody to take me out.
Shit! Beth, listen, I cannot get
stuck down here. You understand?
I've got a couple of hours
to fix a big mistake!
-Please, I just want to go.
-Go where?
There 's a truck out there that 's
not gonna let you go anywhere!
I gotta get out of this garage!
Wait! Wait!
What do you want from me?
What'sthe matter?
Stillthinking about tonight?
That must be some deal
you're closing.
It's just nerves, you know?
I' II be fine.
You're gonna be great tonight.
Like you always are.
Eddie! If you can hear me,
call the police!
Oh, Christ.
Is this your car?
-Good answer.
Oh, hey, it 's not what you think.
I... do repos.
Bank foreclosed on this baby
yesterday. I 'm just taking her back.
What happened to you?
It 's a long story.
I gotta get out of this garage.
-I'll pay you for a ride out of here.
-Hate the stairs, huh?
Let me just get her started.
Go in the back, grab my ignition
crank. It 's long, blue handle.
See what happens when you
interrupt a hard day 's work?
You stupid...
Oh, Jesus!
Help me!
Start... the car...
start the car...
Start the car?
-Wires, ignition.
-Which ones, which ones, which ones?
That 's okay. Hey!
You 're gonna be okay. Hey! Hey!
What 's so exciting out there?
You 're acting weird, Tom.
Are you somewhere else right now?
No. I 'm right here.
Let 's just make sure.
What the...?
-Would you relax? It 's just Eddie.
-I don 't want to complicate things.
Oh, come on. What 's a little
complications between friends, huh?
Besides, I think that it 's your wife
who's doing all the complicating.
We're just leveling the
playing field. That 's all.
What 's going on, Tom?
I gotta meet Gavin.
Is he stillhittingon that girl
at your office?
What 's her name?
What? Are you afraid
we 're gonna get caught?
First of all,
Ithink she's got her eye on you.
The way she's hanging all
overyou at the Christmas party.
I want everything from life.
I want the finer things.
You can't really blame her, though.
You're quite the catch, Tom Weaver.
-What about Victor?
-What about him?
-Do you still see him, right?
-For the moment.
Has he ever cheated on you?
-Why would you ask me that?
-Has he?
What difference does it make?
How would it make
you feelif he did?
How would he feel if he knew
that you were here with me?
God, ifVictor knew Iwas here...
he 'd go fucking crazy.
He 'd kill me for sure, Tom.
He'd probably killus both.
Who 's there?
Listen to me. I
want you to call the police. Now!
All right, step out of the car.
Come on.
Game 's over, pal. Get out.
Whoa! Stop right there!
Put your hand down!
I said I want you to call
the police now!
I'll use this gun!
I swear to God I will.
All right.
Take it easy, pal.
I'll call the police.
You just stay right there.
Come on!
To the best years of our lives.
-The future is ours.
-Didn 't you say that last year?
Well, what can I say?
That 's why God created optimists.
To be something in this world, you
have to be a believer. Right, Tom?
-lf you say so, yes.
-Oh come on, don 't be so modest.
Look around. There 's not a guy that
wouldn 't want to be in your shoes.
I envy you. I really do.
To the new house. A brighter
future and your beautiful wife.
Spoken like a true player. You gotta
know it by now. Tom's a pragmatist.
Tom's a graduate of the school
of the glass half empty.
Is that right? The guy I know
is one hell of a risk taker.
Trust me.
He plays it safe.
And that 's why I love him.
What about you, Molly?
What do you believe in?
I believe in doing
whatever it takes.
-A girl after my own heart.
-Two years too late, Gavin.
Oh, never say never, Tommy boy.
You see, that 's the problem. Today
everybody 's looking for ashortcut.
-Love or money, Moll.
What would be harder to give up?
Love or money?
-Ask me tomorrow. I gotta pee.
-lt 's money. Admit it.
You 'd give up love for money.
-You 're drunk.
-Tell me I 'm wrong.
Well, Tom gives me love...
and soon we 'll have
all the money we need.
-ls that right?
-Yes, that 's right. Tom has a plan.
-Tell him about your plan, honey.
-Got a master plan, do we?
Something like that, yeah.
Well, a good plan 's hard to beat,
right, Moll?
Right now, my plan 's to go to
the little girls' room.
-Well, she's really something.
-Yes, she is.
So you got a master plan, do you?
Oh, it 's no plan, really.
It 's more like a five-year strategy.
Well, I 've got like
a five-hour strategy.
But it requires a partner.
Somebody, uh...
smart, aggressive.
Somebody who likes
the finer things.
Know anyone like that?
We should talk.
My plan could change your life.
-Hey. Wanna dance?
-Uh, maybe later.
Come one, Tom, it 's Christmas!
-What happened to your spirit?
-Why don 't you have another drink?
But let me tell you something first.
I always get what I want, Tom.
-Fantastic. Are you happy? Good.
-Excuse me.
What was that?
-That thing with Gavin.
-I was helping you.
-You were flirting with him.
He likes you. He helps you.
Which helps us.
I don't want that kind of help, okay?
Come on, let 's go home.
No, I want to stay. I 'm having fun.
Apparently, you are too.
Who 's she?
That 's Rebecca.
She 's a secretary.
Oh, the one that Gavin 's always
talking about. She 's pretty.
-She likes you.
-She 's not my type.
Am I your type?
Sounds good to me.
Come on, Tom. Share the wealth.
I don 't get to see her that often.
Can anyone hear me?
-Can anyone hear me?
-This is Eddie, head of security.
-Who's this?
-Thank God. It 's Tom Weaver.
Mr. Weaver. Damn sir,
you sure do work a Iot of 0T.
Listen to me. You gotta call the
police right now. You understand?
-Didyou say the police, sir?
-God damn. I said, "call the police!"
There 's a truck down here
that 's trying to kill me!
Truck?What truck?
Wait, is it black?
-The one with the Iights?
-It's comingup the ramp, right.
-Hold on.
-Eddie, no! Don 't go over there!
Oh, Tom.
You don 't look so good.
Who did this to you?
Haven 't you figured it out yet?
-Thought you were smarter than that.
-You set me up.
You said there were other
people involved. Who are they?
-This is no game, Tommy boy.
-ls my wife involved? Huh?
Tom and Molly.
The perfect couple.
Too bad you were so busy
looking for the perfect life.
The whole time... had it.
-Just answer the fucking question!
Is my wife involved or not?
Is she?
You were so easy, Tom.
Always looking to be
someone else.
Molly wasn 't like you.
Look at me. Look at me. I found
the keys. I know about the hotel.
I found the key.
I sent it to her.
Told her I would help you out
with some trouble you were in.
That I'd make it all go away.
If she'd meet me.
She never showed.
Not that it matters now.
-We 're not going to see her again.
-Who 's driving the truck?
Who did you hire to kill me?
Who did you hire to kill me?
I told you.
Nobody walks.
I 'm not getting out of here.
But guess what?
Neither are you.
The hell I 'm not.
Hey, there, Mr. Weaver.
Your day 's not getting any better,
is it? Neither is mine.
-I have bad days too, you know?
what are you doing?
I 'm fixing things.
That 's what I do down here.
Every day, every night.
I fix things.
People need help, you know?
All kinds of people.
Even, uh...
Well, even Mr. Matheson.
-What did Gavin say to you?
-Well, he offered to pay me...
to fix his problem
because I fix things.
He paid you to kill me, huh?
Fifty thousand dollars.
First, I thought, "What 's a guy like
me want with blood on his hands?"'
But you know,
that kind of money...
buys stuff.
An awful lot.
Then I got to thinking
about what was really going on.
What if he 's trying to set me up,
you know?
I mean, if he was so quick
to get rid of you...
it 's just a matter of time, right?
Loose ends.
-You can 't fix loose ends.
-So you killed him.
And you killed everybody
else down here.
If I just killed you, everybody
would know happened and who did it.
-But I'm smarter than that. I am.
-You listen to me.
We can fix this.
But not if you kill me.
I could have killed you hours ago.
But I didn't. You know why?
Because I wanted you to know
what it was like to be down here!
To be worthless.
To be helpless!
For one night, I wanted all of
you to know what it feels like... be afraid.
...Iisten to me, will you?
-Shut up!
You shut your mouth. I wanted
to kill you first down on five.
I wanted you to suffer the most.
Like I've suffered!
Why? Huh? Why?
-What did I do to you?
-Don 't act so fucking innocent.
Not now!
Not to my fucking face!
The others treated my like a
piece of shit. But not you.
You made me think
you liked me.
But you never did.
You never, ever did.
Know what? That makes you worse
than all the rest of them put together!
You think I don't listen? I don't hear?
You think I'm stupid?
Well, I'm not.
You 're in my world now.
And for five years, I 've watched
you people come and go.
With your cell phones
and your fancy cars.
Not one of you ever bothered to take
two seconds from your busy lives...
to ask me how I was doing.
Ask me about my problems.
It 's always...
"Eddie, somebody 's in my spot."
Or "my car won 't run, Eddie."
"There 's a light bulb out, Eddie."
Eddie, I understand,
do you hear me?
We both made a lot of
mistakes tonight.
But we can fix it.
Only not like this.
Do you hear me?
This isn 't the way
to make it right!
You still don't get it, do you?
I am making it right.
I don't believe in second
chances, Mr. Weaver.
Not for me.
And not for you.
Don 't go anywhere.
I 'll be back for you.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
God, where are you? I 've been
calling your office all night.
Look, you gotta hear me out on this,
okay? I mean, I can 't sleep.
Iknow Ishould have toldyou
about Gavin. 0kay? It's just...
he 's your boss,
and I didn 't want to...
-I 'm sorry.
-I 'm sorry, too.
It's okay. I Iove you.
-I love you so God damn much.
-Well, then, come and see me.
I 'm down here waiting for you.
-Where are you?
-I 'm down here in the garage.
-How did you get down here?
-I used your pass card.
You gotta get out of this garage!
You gotta get out of here right now!
Tom, you're scaring me.
What 's going on?
-9-1-1. State your emergency.
-Yeah. My name is Tom Weaver.
I work for the Loftin Securities.
I 'm down here in the parking garage.
There are people who are dead.
My wife is missing. There 's a truck...
It 's okay. It 's okay.
Hey, Eddie!
This is between you and me!
She 's got nothing
to do with this!
You hear me?
This is between you and me!
Go, go, go!
Let me see your hands! Let me see
them right now. Both of you!
-Are you the one who called for help?
-Yes, sir.
-Can I look at my wife?
-Ma'am, are you okay? Are you hurt?
-Just take care of my wife, please.
-All right. Just take it easy.
There 's an ambulance
on the way.
Police! Stop!
Put the gun down!
Sir, put the weapon down!
Drop the gun now!
Sir, this is your last warning.
Put the gun down now!
Let me see your hands!
You inside the truck,
get out now!
-Let 's get out of here.
-That sounds good to me.
Where did you park?