Through Black Spruce (2018) Movie Script

Where is she?
I'm gonna shoot you
in the head, boy.
Tell me where Suzanne is
and I'll only shoot out
one of your eyes.
Stop fucking around,
Maybe you would like it
if I went back inside
and finished her
off first, Will.
Is that
what you'd like?
Five seconds.
We're done here.
Can you hear me?
It's Annie.
I need you to know
what happened.
It's okay.
It's like always.
Breathe in,
stop your heart.
Let go.
So do I pass?
Not bad, not bad.
Well, nothing wrong
with the scope, Uncle.
For a gun
from this century.
Anyone can shoot
one of those.
I wanted you to use
a real gun.
- A moshum's gun.
- All right.
Just like those
traps of yours
from the museum
or something.
Pile of rust.
Hey, nothing wrong
with my traps.
Collector's items.
They got some on sale
at the store this week.
Eh, my girl,
nothing wrong with my traps.
Eva's here.
Hey, guys!
Hey, Eva.
I just came to say
that somebody
better get her bags packed.
- Hey?
- Your, like, totally amazing,
best friend ever,
just won at Bingo!
I just bought us
a trip to Toronto!
We leave tomorrow.
What's that look?
I can't go to Toronto.
It's my treat, dummy.
It's on me!
I told your mom we could
go see your lawyer.
What for?
So he can tell us how
he calls the cops every week?
Tells us that on the phone.
Sometimes it's good to make
a man look you in the eyes.
Thought you'd be excited.
I am, for you.
You're saying
you're not going to go?
Gotta get this moose
out of the truck.
Take your sister, okay?
You guys'll have
a great time.
Well, what the hell
am I gonna find out?
Eva was just trying to help.
Your mother wants
to go down.
When did she say that?
Last week.
As if.
She couldn't even
get off the train.
I'm gonna take her.
You're not
even funny, Will.
What, you think
I can't figure it out?
We'll go see
that lawyer.
Then we'll go shopping.
I'll take her up
that CN Tower.
You can stop now.
Oh, and that new aquarium,
'cause it's right next
door to the CN Tower.
Saw it on TV,
they got this...
"Dangerous Lagoon" thing.
Fucking Suzanne.
Don't talk about her
like that.
And maybe I can get me
another one of these.
A baseball cap.
It says "Toronto" on it.
Joe's sister gave it to me.
Can't find this
craftsmanship just anywhere.
You know what?
I don't want her to go.
I... I... I just think
it's a bad idea.
No one's forcing her
to go, Lisette.
someone's gotta go.
Besides, she wants to go.
What if Annie
doesn't come home?
Hey, hey, come here.
It's okay.
Fuck, Will,
just fucking do it.
She's blind
and she's old.
She's no trouble.
You want to play with bears,
you dumb fuck,
go do it someplace else!
My kid and my house
are 10 minutes from here.
I'm telling you,
she's no trouble...
What the fuck, man?
I came here
to have a chat
and you get all fucking
Grizzly Adams on me.
So where's Suzanne?
- We don't know.
- You don't know?
Annie fucks off to Toronto
'cause you don't know.
Eva won at Bingo,
she took her on a vacation.
Why the fuck do I
have to keep repeating myself?
We both want
the same thing.
We find Suzanne,
we find Gus.
We find Gus,
we find Suzanne.
It's only a vacation,
they'll be back in a week.
Okay, Will...
We'll chat when
she gets back, eh?
But you keep
snitchin' to the cops,
I'll fucking kill you.
I didn't.
You fuck.
There you go, sister.
Moose stew.
Here we are at our hotel.
We're here
in Toronto!
Aren't you so excited?
Big city girls, now.
Oh, look at this big room!
- This is it.
- This is it.
We gotta send this
to your mom, okay?
- Hey, Mom.
- Hi, Mom.
I mean, hi, Lisette.
Hi, Uncle Will.
This is so cool, Annie.
- Oh, my God!
- Yeah.
- New haircut? Yes? Like, yeah?
- Yes.
You're just like
Marilyn, yeah.
I ain't a nurse no more.
Not tonight.
I'm Marilyn Monroe.
No scrubs here.
Okay. You go do Marilyn.
- I'm not going...
- No.
Okay. But... Good try.
And this is
the last address
Annie had for
Gus and Suzanne.
And I think
that's the landlady.
Just stop that, okay.
- Stop.
- Stop it.
So what did she say?
Yeah. She said she
thought Gus was an asshole.
Like, breaking news.
I know, right.
It was just like it was
back home before she left.
And I'm running around
looking for Suzanne.
- Annie.
- Ugh!
- Why does she keep doing this to my mother?
- I know!
I know she can be a pain in the ass.
I was there.
she makes me sick.
Now let's go get
that mani-pedi.
- Why does she live in this neighborhood?
- Yeah.
It's so far from downtown if
you're gonna live in Toronto.
- Gotta take the subway everywhere...
- Suzanne, Suzanne...
that's her sister, eh?
How is she?
I don't know.
I haven't seen her in a while.
Yeah, us too.
Uh... A year, maybe.
Well, how was she then?
She was doing, uh,
the mod... Modeling.
Gave Martha here
some clothes...
Hey, you and your friend,
you should come to our feast
tomorrow night.
It's under the gardener dump
by the Don river.
Can't. We're leaving
in the morning.
Oh, that's too bad.
We could... We could use some
more girls around the fire.
We're gonna go.
We have an appointment.
Eh, hogwash.
Just tell me
what it is you're gonna do.
I'm gonna
check some things out.
I thought "we" did that.
The rainy season begins...
He said they haven't seen her
in, like, a year.
You told me you only brought
200 bucks with you.
How long you figure
that's gonna last?
So when the money runs out
I'll come home.
Annie, that's just
Very comfortable
in that short yardage unit.
Giants to center.
Jones spins and shoots.
Well, I'm about to now.
I'll talk to you later.
Wow! She had
a real career, eh?
I guess.
She must have been a big
deal back home, then.
Let me print
one of these out.
Maybe this
will be better.
Oh, okay.
So, when was the last time
you heard from her?
Eight months ago.
She didn't really
keep in touch.
Sent my mother money
sometimes, or lame postcards,
or just pictures of herself.
Stuff like that.
When she disappeared
for almost a year,
things were pretty bad
between her and my mom, so...
Okay. Well, here,
have a seat.
How did you find out
that she was missing?
Uh, the cops came to us.
They had the "Missing
Person's" report from Toronto.
And when was that?
Three months ago.
Do you know
who filed the report?
They said it was
I think it was Gus.
The boyfriend, that's who
she came down here with.
And no one's
heard from him either?
His cousin's a big
drug-dealer back home.
There's always been bad blood
between our families.
Suzanne just wanted
to get out of Moosonee.
Gus was the easiest way.
You all right?
- Yeah.
- I'll make some calls.
Find out, maybe,
if somebody's heard something,
or someone knows someone, maybe.
Someone knows someone
else who knows something and, uh,
you can stay for lunch.
There's lots of good people
here and good company.
Maybe you could
just call me?
Where do you get goose
around here?
There's more geese here
than there is on James Bay.
Lazy buggers, too.
Come. Your sister?
Nah. She was a waitress.
And she meets this guy,
and she gets all these jobs.
I got, uh...
One of her, uh,
modeling postcards.
Yeah. A-ha.
Here, you keep that.
You met Gus?
Oh, yes.
He was always around.
Big talker.
Said he had, oh,
lots of business.
I think he was just
spending her money.
How come it took you so long
to come down to look for her?
Well, we thought
someone would help.
A band counselor told my mom to
hire this useless lawyer down here.
Yeah, she and my mom,
they were gonna come down.
As if. They've never even
been south of Cochrane.
You too, huh?
you came down anyways,
my girl.
She wasn't doing too good
even with the money.
She used to dream
that she'd, uh,
walk out into the lake
till the water
was way above her head.
Then she'd come up
for air and she was...
She was...
Back in Moose River.
Oh, look the gosh-goddam,
Johnny Law.
Here comes your boyfriend.
Wake up.
Evening, Leo.
Oh, we're just
having dinner.
You better go.
Didn't we just talk about
the whole fire thing?
We were having,
uh, goose,
- but we got no oven.
- Fire code, Leo.
Do you want me
to charge you?
If I have to I will.
- Do you want a goose?
- Come on.
- I'll give you the goose.
- Put it out.
Kiss you all over.
You're going
the wrong way.
Go that way.
I need money.
No, I'm just gonna
check out a few things
and then I'll
be home, okay?
So then tell me
you won't worry.
I'll call you
in a few days, okay?
I love you, Mom.
Did you hear me?
Yeah, okay.
Okay, bye.
You have
Annie Bird here to see you.
He'll just be a moment.
Um... Come on.
Come on in.
No calls.
She started
to get a reputation.
Showing up late,
not showing up at all.
She turned up at one shoot
with a black eye.
I talked to her
about moving out,
getting some help,
but she wouldn't leave him
and she couldn't focus
on her work.
People stopped booking her,
I had to let her go.
Just so you know,
I told all this
to the police.
But you didn't file
the missing person's report?
Me? No.
I just figured
she'd gone off with him.
My mother's lawyer
ever contact you?
Mmm, no...
Look, we don't have to get
lawyers involved.
The only money that I owe her
was from the very last job.
And we tried.
We called a few times,
but she wasn't picking up her messages.
I... I...
Just... I... I...
I think that I...
I'm not allowed
to give it to you
unless you have
a death certificate or...
- My sister's not dead.
- I'm not saying that she is.
I'm saying that
I don't think I can just...
Why don't you just
give me the number
of the last person
she worked for.
He's a photographer.
He kept booking her
when nobody else would.
And I gave all this
to the cops, too.
Your sister
could have been massive.
She had exactly the look
people want right now.
It's a damn shame.
Hold on, hold on, wait.
Your sister would come
and collect her pay in person.
She liked cash.
I want to help you
find her.
- All right.
- Hey, no guns inside...
Yeah. Just shopping.
Good night.
Fucking drunk!
So what have we got here?
So, still talking
to the cops, huh?
He said, "Hey,"
I said, "Hey."
Marius warned you, man.
What exactly
do you guys want?
We don't want no rats
on our bridge.
You used to play with
my niece, Suzanne, you?
Like eight
or nine years old.
Why isn't Annie back
from Toronto?
This here is
my grandfather's gun.
From the first war.
Killed a lot of men,
this gun.
That's what it was made for.
Go on home.
I said get.
Piece of shit.
Maybe not.
Okay, so now you're
Clint fucking Eastwood.
Life three crashes me.
Came up better
than my plane did.
- Yup.
- Can't kill me, motherfucker.
- Uh-huh.
- Remember, one.
remember that one?
Right between
two trees.
Right between two trees,
took the wings right off.
Still got my arms.
That minister over there
in Mistissini
- wanted me to carry that load of bibles in.
- Yup.
What the fuck are those
things made of, man?
- Iron wood?
- Iron. I don't know.
And three...
Where the fuck...
Can't kill me,
Can't fucking
kill you, huh?
Hey, good for you.
You think Marius gives a fuck?
Oh, he'll give a fuck.
Best hunter
in James Bay, me.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
we know.
Hey, listen, bro,
you gotta go to the cops.
Yeah, right.
You said already,
he thinks you're a snitch.
Because he's
fucking mental.
So he's mental.
You're gonna wait for him to kill you?
Come on,
bro, I'm telling you.
This isn't my first fucking rodeo.
- You gotta go to the cops.
- Shut up.
Fucking bullshit,
"Shut up"?
Who the hell
do you think you are?
Fucking, Billy Jack?
Hey, bro,
listen to me.
I know what
I'm talking about here.
You gotta go
to the cops.
That's the only way
it is.
Do you hear
what I'm saying?
Hey, bro.
What the fuck, bro?
What the fuck happened?
An old friend just
stopped by for dinner.
- Old friend?
- Talk to you later.
I know it was him
or one of his guys.
But you didn't
actually see anybody?
- I saw a truck.
- Marius'?
It was too dark.
Any damage inside?
The window.
Let's check it out.
Will, this, uh,
the truck.
Any chance you got
a plate number?
- No.
- Mmm.
How much you figure you had
to drink this evening, buddy?
Jesus, George.
Marius Nutmaker
just fire-bombed my house!
He thinks I'm snitching
on him to you guys.
All right, I'm gonna
write this up.
Probably a good idea if you just
spent the night with Lisette.
He needs protection.
It's not real practical.
Just get him out of here
for the evening,
he should be fine.
He needs protection!
- He's not safe!
- Stop it, please.
Okay, I'm...
I'm gonna go now.
You watch yourself, Will.
Do you think
you can sleep?
Maybe try taking one of them
pills the doctor gave you.
I'm the snitch.
What are you
talking about?
I'm the snitch.
I told the cops about Marius.
What'd you tell 'em?
About his whole setup.
How the hell would you know
about Marius' setup?
Suzanne knew.
I found her journal.
When did this happen?
They called me.
- Lis, when...
- They called me...
They called me
back to the station
a couple of days
after they told us
about the
missing person's report.
There was a bunch
of them there.
Cops. I don't know.
That shit, George,
some guys
I've never seen before.
And they said that they
could find Suzanne faster
if they knew what Marius
and Gus were doing.
But the stuff
that she wrote in there
was too old.
But there was
names in there,
and there was places where
she would go with Gus
to pick up stuff.
I did it for my baby.
She's a good girl.
She's a good girl, Will.
And everything that
happened to her
and went wrong with her
is because of me.
It's my fault.
It's my fault!
Oh, my God!
when they were small
and nobody
could tell them apart,
except you and me?
- I need my girls.
- I know. Hey...
Close your eyes now.
Please lock the door.
Tell your sister
I say hi.
Breathe in.
Stop your heart.
Let go.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I have
your attention for just a few minutes?
Thank you so much
for coming out this evening.
Um, I just want to say a few
words about these amazing images.
As you can see,
they're classical,
totally of the moment,
and, yes, they're universal.
Woman as muse,
woman as victim.
Now these are pictures
of an indigenous woman,
with all her
cultural specificity.
She represents the faceless,
the abused,
missing, murdered.
The subject's body now used to carry a
message back to the dominant culture.
A message which is
even more powerful now
that the model herself
has gone missing.
It's a haunting and angry,
very brave statement
by a first nation's artist.
A man who has left behind a very
lucrative world of fashion photography
to do something which,
in his words,
finally matters.
He has requested
that the proceeds
from the sales of this series
be donated
to the family fund
for missing and murdered
indigenous women and girls.
And the Seis McConnell Gallery will
be donating our commissions as well.
I am so proud to be hosting
his very first one-man show.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Jesse Butterfoot.
Thank you, Cynthia.
Uh, the support,
and the chance to actually
show my work here,
it means a lot.
And there's not much else I can
add that you haven't said already.
Thank you.
Don't worry about it.
It's open bar.
I'm glad you came.
- I was worried that maybe it would be upsetting for you.
- No.
Hi. Uh, excuse me.
Nate Berger from Now.
Can I just steal you
for five minutes?
- Just give me a minute.
- Okay.
Hey, I found
Geeta's number.
That model that Suzanne
was living with?
- Great.
- It was in my other contact list.
Got you in here somewhere,
so, uh...
Well, uh, gotta talk
to this guy.
Mix with the clients.
You're here for
a couple of days, right?
Yeah, I think so.
why don't you come by
the studio?
We can talk some more.
Glad you found me.
Hey, sorry,
sorry to interrupt.
Uh, do you mind
if I record you?
I love, love,
love the show
and I want to get this
filed before my deadline.
Okay, just a couple
of questions.
Oh, my God.
My God.
I feel like I'm looking
at Suzanne.
Oh. Yeah.
Sorry. I'm just not around
enough to finish it.
Last year, I was actually going
to take down this entire wall,
make it all one room.
Then I got booked in Paris and
I was just like, "Oh, whatever.
"I'll do it whenever
I'm supposed to do it."
Do you want some,
like, tea or something?
Oh, yeah.
That would be great.
You, um...
- You went to the show?
- Mmm-hmm
It was so beautiful.
I mean, like, so what
if she couldn't book
a fucking catalogue job.
She was making art.
She was really happy.
Was Gus still around?
God, no.
She broke up with him
when her agent
dropped her.
That's when I got her
to move in here,
and then she met Jesse,
and she really got into
what they were doing
and she stopped, finally,
obsessing over Gus.
- Was Jesse paying her?
- Yeah.
Not like what
she used to earn,
but it was enough
to make a living off of.
She was just, like,
really shit with money.
- Was she always like that?
- Mmm-hmm.
God. She smoked
so much weed.
And Gus wasn't around
to supply her anymore.
She owed me, like,
three months rent.
But it was fine, like,
whatever, like,
I was just happy to have
someone living here, you know,
'cause I was just
away so much.
But it was just always
about the money with her.
And then Gus shows up.
And he's, like, obviously,
throwing it at her.
Like, "Hey, baby,
I'm gonna take care of you,"
and all that shit.
He was so nasty that I didn't even
want him in the fucking house.
And then I went away for,
like, two months on a shoot,
and I came back,
and she was gone.
What the fuck?
Like, I didn't even know,
she didn't take anything
with her.
And, like,
I called her phone so many times,
her voicemail was full.
I'm calling Jesse.
And then the police show up
and there is a
missing person's report.
I'm just so sorry.
I just left it
how it was.
Take it.
- Take all of it.
- No.
She might
come back for it.
You should take the room.
- Really?
- Yeah. Oh, yeah.
I'd love it
if you stayed.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Size zero.
Some of it can fit you.
As if.
She used to wear
the same jeans for weeks.
Uh, it's Annie.
Uh, hey, Annie,
come on up.
It's, uh, third floor.
Just a sec.
I'm here to see Jesse.
Hey, come on in.
Are you good?
You want some tea?
Still do that
fashion stuff, huh?
A little, pays the bills.
I saw this before
at her agency.
I met her
on that shoot.
That's my moshum's hat.
He gave it to her
when we were little.
She shouldn't have
done that.
They went ape shit
for that campaign in Milan.
Designer said she looked
Indian but not too Indian.
They tend to be assholes.
That was her.
From some book she remembered
from grade school.
Take Me Home.
Yeah, we used
to love that book.
She can't write Cree.
She can't even speak it.
Well, that
she remembered.
It worked great
for the image.
Sorry, uh...
It's so weird you guys look
a lot alike.
She said that, but...
Actually seeing it...
Why don't you
put your bag down.
Who's this?
My mum.
Where is she from?
She was adopted
when she was two.
Married a white guy
from Windsor.
That was the first portrait
that I shot.
Uh, it could have been
a lot better,
but she never sat
for me again.
Did she die?
When I was 16.
Feels like you still
have stuff to ask me.
You think Gus hurt her,
like, really hurt her?
I don't know.
But she said that
he was in town
just to funnel meth
back to his cousin.
I guess.
She never said.
And then he started
selling on his own.
Gus was selling meth
in Toronto?
Meth, fentanyl,
I think that's when
he turned up again.
And, uh,
she just couldn't
let it go.
But I want you to know that
your sister was the reason...
Don't keep saying "was."
Your sister is the reason
I could do this show.
She's my mother
all over again.
The show's
about your mother?
And Suzanne.
It's about a woman who isn't
where she's supposed to be.
She can't
get back there.
Suzanne could get back
if she had the money.
She could just
get on a plane.
I should go.
So what are you thinking?
Uh, you gonna
stick around for a bit?
I don't know.
Well, if you do,
lemme know.
It's too small.
Oh, my God, stop.
You look fucking amazing.
No, you can fit into half of her stuff.
Let me just... Give me one sec.
Here, hold still.
Got it.
Don't do that.
Okay, I know. But I really want you to
have a good time tonight and just relax.
Thanks, but...
Okay, I'll leave it here for you
in case you change your mind and...
Do not take off that dress,
you look amazing.
I can't wait for you
to meet Victor and Violet.
We're gonna go get some
food, I hope you're hungry.
Violet is gonna die when she sees you.
She's gonna freak out.
I think everyone's gonna
freak out when they see you.
Oh, and I...
I talked to Jesse.
He said he might stop by, so...
That'll be interesting.
- Come on, babe. Hurry up.
- Just a second.
- There she is.
- Finally.
- You better be ready...
- Come on, the drinks are not gonna drink themselves, girl.
- You gotta pushover.
- Come on.
Hi! Oh, my gosh, you look
so great.
You'll never guess
who I brought.
Come here. I wanna introduce you
to some of Suzanne's friends.
Suzanne's sister!
Hi Ladies.
Guess who's here.
- Annie Bird, Suzanne's sister.
- My God!
This is Danny.
He got Suzanne started with the agent.
- Oh.
- Hey, Annie!
They love you.
How's it goin'? I guess you guys haven't
heard anything new about Suzanne, huh?
- Have you talked to her?
- Suzanne? No, no, no!
It's like she came
back from the dead!
Okay, because I totally
know what you're going through.
I once had a cousin that killed himself.
It was awful.
- I totally get it.
- Yeah.
So you just came down
to feel things out for yourself?
No, I came down here because my
sister is a fucking pain in the ass.
I've had to look after her
my whole fucking life,
and I want her to
fucking answer for it.
That's funny.
So, um, how long are you
in town for?
- I don't know.
- Do me a favor, if you need anything,
anything at all, just get
my number from Geeta, okay?
And if you do hear anything
about Suzanne... Annie?
Promise me,
you'll let me know?
Yeah! No, I will
definitely get in touch.
Cool. Thank you!
I'm just worried, you know.
It's now or never.
Oh, wow,
look who decided to show up.
Actually, I'm just leaving.
She wanted to dance.
- Have fun.
- Good to meet you, Annie.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah!
You know humans are mostly made of
water, that's why I live near a river.
Yeah, I'll remember that.
Do me a favor.
Stay away from that dickhead.
I like his shirt.
He's a dealer.
Annie. He's one of
Gus's connections.
No, she said that's how
Suzanne got her agent.
How do you think
she met him?
Dealers and models,
you know...
Hey! Don't even go there.
- You're home safe and sound.
- That's it?
I just want ice cream.
I do.
I think you should go to
bed, immediately.
Okay... Fine.
Just wondered what
a fake Indian felt like.
I think you're just
gonna have to keep wondering.
Hey, I'm sending you my
address, it's right off Dundas.
No problem.
Did you get it?
I have no keys.
All right, get in.
Come on.
It's hot, be careful.
I'm fine now.
You should drink it, it's good. It'll
knock out whatever is left of that shit.
- I don't do drugs.
- It's a good thing, too.
Annie, what're you doing?
If you're stoned,
you don't wanna do this.
Fuck you.
Fine, I think it's time
for you to go home.
- Home?
- To Moosonee.
What do you know?
The asshole of the Arctic.
That's what Suzanne called it.
- She hated it, you knew that.
- No, I didn't know that.
All she talked about was
how much she missed it.
She tried to hitchhike out
when she was 13.
Do you know how hard that is?
You can't even do that, until it's winter.
Or I'd catch her huffing,
or with her legs around some guy.
Or as she'd say, "Every fucking day
in this place is exactly the same."
- Is it?
- It's whatever you make it. She made it shit.
Everyone loves Suzanne.
My mom, my uncle.
Look at you.
Your sister
had her issues.
She was trying, Annie.
Yeah, she was
messed up, but...
She told me
about your family.
She did, eh?
About the shit with your
grandparents and residential schools.
And how it screwed up
your mom and your uncle.
- You and her.
- Me and her?
The fuck do you know
about me and her?
- I just meant that you came out strong.
- Aren't I lucky?
I don't need you
to feel sorry for me.
It's not what I feel.
It's not what I feel.
I'm sorry about
the fake Indian thing.
No, you're not.
These moccasins,
my mum made these.
Uh, yeah!
Um, you can have 'em.
Ever weird, you.
So I said, like, I'm gonna be
your poster girl for diversity?
You hire, like one South Asian
model every five years.
Definitely not.
- No.
- Really?
Try another one.
They want like a fucking
Nobel Peace Prize for it.
I said to Karen,
like, forget it.
No, don't, don't.
I said to Karen, forget it.
She shouldn't hire any other models,
she should totally tell
those dickheads why.
Hey, it's from your mom.
Oh, my God, Annie, your mom
got a postcard from Suzanne.
- Huh!
- Well, where is she? Is she okay?
She didn't say.
That's so amazing.
Fuck off!
I might spend the winter
and trap.
- Any news from the mainland? No radio, me.
- Me neither.
This won't stop.
I think you should stay the night.
Make a good team us.
It's my own fault.
There's a woman
up in your community.
I went to see her
a couple of times.
One day I went, I was supposed to be
fixing the electrical box in my house.
I flew back that night,
I could see my house on fire from the air.
I knew they were all dead.
So I just kept flying until
I hit the water.
The fire brigade
couldn't save my family.
They got me out
of that river.
And people from Moosonee
raised enough money
to fix my fucking plane.
At the funeral home,
I made the guy open up my wife's casket.
Made myself look.
So I'd have to remember.
So, that's how
I remember her.
They look
just like my nieces.
The little one looks
just like Suzanne.
My wife...
And you can't hide
until you die.
There's more about
the connection to the land
that Annie has here.
You can see it in her eyes.
The rust reminiscent of the
sweet grass and the red sunset.
This is something
I've been working on.
Wow, that's really beautiful.
So, Annie! Um,
this is obviously
in a very different direction
than the Jesse was doing
with your twin, uh...
Do you see yourself as
picking up where she left off?
- Or are you telling another side of indigenous women's story?
- Um...
I'm not really
telling anything.
Okay, I don't mean to put words
in your mouth, but...
- It is the other side of indigenous women.
- Okay.
Yeah. The other show was about victimization.
This show is about resilience.
Annie is a hunter and I
think that comes through.
Okay! Well, thank you very much.
I'll look forward to seeing that.
Thank you for taking this time.
Congratulations. Thank you very much, Annie.
- And, uh...
- Thank you, sir.
And I want to talk to you
about a possible feature.
- You did really good, okay?
- Don't make me do that again.
It's what they want.
- I mean it.
- Okay.
I gotta go
talk to him, okay?
- My place, 6:30.
- I know.
- We have to leave the apartment. Restaurant by 8:45.
- I know.
I was just
saying to Cynthia,
I've been trying to get
the magazine for,
like, years now to do this
feature on indigenous artists,
young indigenous artists...
Bye, Annie.
I wanna do a group shot.
I've been trying to get a...
I can't do that stuff.
So, then, don't do that stuff,
he can do his own publicity.
Like, he's so bad at it.
Anyways, listen to me.
I just booked a job.
It's for three weeks
in the Cayman Islands.
I think it's from the 21st
to the 5th.
Are you
gonna be around?
I mean, you can stay
with Jesse, that's fine,
but if you're in the house... Just so
it looks like someone's living there.
- Hey, guys!
- Hi.
- Oh, you guys look so beautiful.
- Hi.
Let's get a table,
I'm starving.
Annie, I didn't know
you were still in town.
Yeah, um, I texted you,
and told you, so...
And, uh, no new news
from Suzanne, huh?
No. Oh, my God, no.
But her mom got a postcard.
Are you serious?
- Yeah, isn't that crazy?
- Oh, my God.
Jesus. Wow. What a relief.
When was that?
Uh, like a few weeks ago.
- Yeah.
- Did she say where she is?
She just...
She didn't say much.
Of course.
Still, that's great news.
- Yeah, you gotta go.
- I have a dinner.
- We just got here.
- I know!
Sorry, bye.
- Can you grab some coffee?
- Yup.
He wants to buy two of the
vertical ones for his boardroom.
- Wow!
- Guy's major.
Cynthia thinks
it's a done deal.
- So we'll see.
- What's the passcode?
- What?
- The passcode?
The restaurant wants
a reservation.
Oh, jeez, 4051.
Do you think
we should get an Uber?
Just so we don't
have to worry about parking.
What's wrong?
I saw what you did.
Say something.
I didn't think it would
change anything if I told you.
And then I didn't know...
Know how.
Wasn't sure.
To tell me what?
That she was using,
or that you were taking a picture and
painting out what you couldn't sell.
She told me
to do that, okay?
She didn't want people
to see her like that.
I took her to the hospital,
more times than I can tell you.
I checked her into rehab.
I even tried to take her out of the
country with me, just to get away from Gus.
And the shit
he was feeding her.
She just wanted me
to keep her working.
Even when she couldn't.
And when she went missing,
I looked for her.
I tried to find Gus.
I went to places you never wanna see.
I went to the police.
I didn't know what else to do.
You reported her missing,
but you didn't
give your name.
You selfish
fucking coward.
What about us?
What about my family?
The whole time,
you never thought, "Oh,
maybe I should call her family!"
That didn't occur to you?
She said it would
kill your mother.
What about me?
Why didn't you call me?
She said that you hated
her guts.
What was I supposed to do?
Annie! Is that you?
Danny brought some wine.
Hey, what's goin' on?
Whoa. Where are you going?
- I gotta go home.
- What? Why?
- Danny!
- I just gotta go.
She's going home.
Why? What happened?
Is Suzanne
back in Moosonee?
Why don't you ask
your friend Gus?
Gus is out of the picture.
- My God, what the fuck?
- Stay the fuck down.
Here's the thing.
Gus and your junkie sister stole
a shitload of dope from me.
Now since Gus has been
taken out of the equation,
it means that your sister
is sitting on a lot of my dope,
or a lot of my cash, or both.
So, let's try it again.
- Danny, fucking stop it.
- Shut your fucking mouth.
Shut your fucking face.
- Stop it! Stop it!
- Motherfucker.
Okay, listen to me.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Just tell me
where she is.
I don't know.
- Annie?
- I don't know.
I don't know.
Tell me where she is.
Where's Suzanne?
She's dead.
You better fucking
hope I don't find her first.
Are you okay?
I'm so sorry.
I've never seen him like that.
I swear to God, please, Annie. I'm sorry.
Are you okay?
Please don't call the police.
Stop crying.
I'm so sorry.
Please don't call the police, Annie.
Danny is really dangerous.
He's gonna come
after me.
She sent me a postcard,
from Toronto.
She said she's coming
home soon.
I told Annie.
I told her to come back.
But she wants
to keep looking.
Good news, Lis.
You okay?
Hey, listen. I, uh...
I just got in.
I'll call you back later, okay?
Okay. Call me.
I'm not saying it's forever.
I'm just saying it's
going to be a long winter.
You'd be better off here
with me and the girls.
I know you've been away,
but that house is a mess and
it's full of mouse (Native word)
Is there something wrong,
It's Marius.
He got shot in the head.
The police came around.
I said that you were
off hunting.
I said that you left
before he got shot.
George is coming over.
He wants to talk to you.
He's not dead.
Guess he got lucky, heh?
Not so lucky.
Brain damage.
Anyway, we, uh, pretty much
written it off as a biker hit.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
Marius has ran
with some real trash.
Probably just pissed
the wrong guy off.
So, where is he?
He just got out of
rehab last month.
good talking to you.
No problem.
You and I both know,
your flying license expired 20 years ago.
There's a whole lot of charges
I can throw your way right now,
but I'm only gonna
ask one thing, all right?
Next time,
shoot straighter.
Christ, you might as well
give up.
They got that
that Marlin 336.
They're on sale at the Northern Store.
You should check it out.
I don't like Marlins.
Hey, want some tea?
Lisette's bringing cake.
Oh, shit.
More cake?
What, she gettin'
a head start on her...
On her
whatchamacallit there,
Christmas baking?
She hasn't baked
in six months.
She only bakes
when she's happy.
So you eat whatever
she walks in here, okay?
Oh, I like cake, me.
I love cake.
Well, I live off the cake, eh.
You okay?
So, since you have your arm around
the sister, I guess you must be Will.
- Yeah.
- Good. So here's the thing, Will.
I'm looking for your niece Suzanne
and I'm hoping you can help me out.
I don't know
where Suzanne is.
Hey, Mom.
I got her that job.
You play?
- No.
- Then how come you got the clubs?
Some guy brought 'em up from
Toronto on a hunting trip.
Didn't know where he was coming
to, I guess.
Don't I know the feeling.
They're not bad, you know.
Maybe you should learn.
I don't know
where Suzanne is.
Well, here's what I think.
I think she came back
to Moosonee.
Jesus Christ.
She hasn't been
here for years.
He knows that.
Are we interrupting
a party?
Were you gonna make tea?
Well, is there enough
in here for everybody?
I told you we don't know
where Suzanne is.
Get up.
What are we doing here, Will?
Do we really just...
keep going?
This has nothing to do with
her, Marius.
If you wanna shoot me,
go ahead.
- The shit between you and me, is between you and...
- No.
Will, it's between
you and me.
If you just tell me where
your niece is,
then I'm done here.
You understand that,
That's it.
I don't know.
Okay. Okay.
This fucking family.
Get him out.
Get him the fuck out.
Get him, Marius, get him the
fuck out and that fuckhead, too.
This fucking girl.
This fuckin' family.
Get your
fuckin' ass down.
Get the fuck out.
Where is she?
I'm gonna shoot you
in the head, bro.
You tell me
where Suzanne is,
and I'll only shoot out
one of your eyes.
Stop fucking around,
Maybe you would like it if I went back
inside and finished her off, first, Will.
Is that what you'd like?
Five seconds.
We're done here.
- Sergeant Cusano?
- Speaking.
- Hey, it's Annie Bird.
- Hi, Annie.
I was calling about that tip
you mentioned last time.
About the body you found
off the ravine on Bay View.
No, it didn't match
your sister's description.
Oh, okay.
You were right about
those stupid traps, you.
Pelts are drying
in the shed.
Gotta deal with those jerks at the store.
Get you a good price.
Keep talking to him.
We don't know
what he hears.
I promise you
Annie, I will call if I get anything.
Like even if someone thinks
they see her.
Huh. Ever weird,
that place.
I got some stories.
So, I'll check in
next week, then.
And I'm still trying.
You need to know that.
I'm not letting
her go, okay?
Anne, you came back.
It's Annie, Uncle.
Tell him again.
It's Annie.
I know.
You're gonna be all right.