Thru the Moebius Strip (2005) Movie Script

When the human race reaches the first stars
The time will come
And a new era is born
and the eternal question will be asked
What will this hold for what we call - humanity?
What's more important Simon, your son or your
That's not fair, Caroline. I've worked for the past 2 years
perfecting this technology.
I can't just quit! Keep practicing those moves.
I will be home for dinner.
I've heard that before.
So have I.
Oh Simon... the capacitors are almost fully charged!
Arthur, your as bad as Simon!
It runs in the programming!
Love you!
Bye, Dad.
All right, Arthur. Let's see how stable this is.
This is looking good, Simon.
Confirm spatial differential.
Come on, baby, come on!
Confirmed. Far side telemetry initiating.
Connection established and secured.
Searching star charts. Location confirmed.
Virgo cluster, unknown planetary mass.
Yes! Finally. One more step, Arthur, and we will never
have to worry about funding again!
Discharging in three, two, one.
Simon you've done it!
I had my doubts.
Overcoming doubts will only strengthen you.
Come on. Help me with my suit.
Hover Platform engaged. Powering particle emitters.
Powering particle emitters.
All systems are go!
To enter the portal without proper back-up.
It is a breach of your own security protocol
I've run the simulation program a dozen times.
Everything is fine.
I have to take the next step now!
I can't afford to wait for more tests
Platform data stream secure. Communications channel
Bio-Suit integrity... one hundred percent.
Body life signs normal.
Simon, I won't be able to reach you
if you're farther than 10 meters from the portal.
Don't worry, I won't be long.
Seismic sensors activated.
Terrain... stable.
Analyzing atmospherics... stand by
Environment suitable for carbon based life forms.
I'm going to take a quick look around.
This is amazing, Simon. We're getting everything on this
Alert, alert!
- Simon, I'm getting something on the scanner.
Something big!
Behind you. You must get to the portal, Simon!!!
get me out of here!
Oh, no!!! Simon! You must get to the portal, Simon!!!
Try and grab my arm!
Bio-suit life signs terminated.
Tracking beacon, "Non-operational
data-stream disrupted. Warning, Warning.
Unknown error. Portal connection lost.
No! Simon! Simon!!!
Emergency shutdown initiated.
I have a gift for the High Priestess!
I have trapped this creature in the forest.
But it is unlike anything I have seen before.
Go your way and speak of this to no one.
Good shot Ragis
just as I taught you.
You are getting as good with that bow,
as your little friend is at learning the ways of the high
Can I keep him?
Yes, my young Ragis.
But that means you will be responsible for our small
Shepway, where is it come from?
You've found your fathers wristband.
He'd want you to have it.
Jac, he's
...missing! He's missing, mom.
That means he can be found.
It's been 7 years, honey
That's a long time.
You have to start looking forward.
I've heard his voice
calling out to me, trying to reach us
Jack, you were dreaming
The same dream for 7 years?
He's out there, mom
trying to get home. I know it
Sometimes we want something so badly.
We convince ourselves that it's true.
Your Father is gone Jack
you have to accept it.
Not until I find out for sure what happened to dad.
You know what happened.
All we know is that he was working on a classified project
at a secret location.
He told us he was coming home
but he never showed up.
I wanna know why.
Jac, I understand.
I miss him too.
I just wanna find him.
Scanning all binary nodes.
All nodes are negative for DNA or sensory algorithms.
Access to advance core function restrictive by the
planetary collective.
Any Violation of collective code
Subchapter C Beta 925
Another dead end!
Time grows short.
Tor has almost finished building his army.
And lead an attack against Tor
before he gains the strength of his forces.
Only Ragis can lead Raphicca away from Tor's treachery
and back into the light.
Unless he learns the truth
he will never raise arms against Tor.
Then it is time he learns that truth.
And what about Simon?
Good! Good!
Good, Ragis, keep the movement flowing.
Yes. That was great, Ragis! You're a natural warrior.
My father told me the same thing.
Jack is a very fortunate son to have a father like you!
I've been perfecting this portal for 7 years now.
I've tried so many times,
but haven't been able to get the slip-stream to align.
But you have talked to Jack.
You' seen him thru the portal opening.
Yes, I just don't know if he was able to hear or see me!
With these new modifications
and Shepway's help, I know I will be successful this time.
Getting home is all I've dreamt of since I've arrived here.
But I never realized how painful it was going to be to
leave you
I always knew you would return to your family.
But now that the day has come,
I cannot envision my life without you.
You'll never be without me, Ragis.
I may not be here physically,
but our spirits will always be linked.
I've done everything I can do, Shepway.
I need your gifts to bring the Portal to life.
One of my crystals has been lost!
Will your remaining crystals
be strong enough to engage the Portal?
We shall see.
Close your eyes. Breathe slowly
You have spoken of your son
each day that I have known you.
Bring Jac into your present mind.
Establish a spiritual connection with him. That will
transcend physical distance.
Dad? Dad?
Yes. It's me, Jac.
I knew it, I knew you were alive, dad!
Are you and your mom okay?
Yeah, yeah ya we're fine. Where are you?
Very far away.
What's wrong?
I can't get through
too much interference in the Portal slipstream.
The what?! How can I find you?
find Hymo... at D.R. Droids
These are the private Chambers of the High Priestess of
By what right do you enter?
I am the king.
I go wherever it pleases me.
What treachery have you been weaving with the human?
I owe you no explanation
for such a baseless accusation.
My king, I can assure you there has been no treachery
Perhaps you are unaware of the true motivation
behind Shepway's actions.
That is impossible.
Shepway has been my loyal mentor since I was born.
I trust her with my life.
Then your trust has been misplaced.
Did you develop this evil sorcery to aid the rebels?
Of course not!
The human wished to return home, that is all.
King Tor, I implore you to cease
Your crystal was recovered... in a rebel hideout.
How could you turn you back on your kingdom... and on
Prince Ragis, there is something you must know... Your
father... ahh!
No!! Shepway!!
Seek your father's truth.
No more killing.
Take them to the dungeon!
Come along, Ragis.
Get your hands off me!
No... Ragis!
So, Can you do two tons?
No problem.
Then all we got left to talk about is price.
Mom, I gotta talk to you.
In a minute.
- No, mom, it can't wait.
Dad's alive, ok! I just talked to him.
I don't have time for this right now.
Well, Me neither. You wanna unload some veggies or
Caroline Weir?
Agent Po, Galactic Intelligence.
Were you aware that a restricted database was breached
from your computer account?
You must be mistaken.
To the contrary, Mrs. Weir.
I'm absolutely certain.
I'm telling you, no one has access to my account
but me, and...
Listen lady
when you wanna talk tomatoes,
Don't go, please. I'll get rid of him in no time.
I Don't think so.
Accessing restricted databases is a class three offense.
Pending the completion of my investigation,
I am suspending your trading license.
How am I supposed to make a living?
I am also placing you under house arrest.
Lucky for you, you have a nice house.
If you leave your biosphere for any reason,
you will be subject to immediate arrest and incarceration.
That's great, just great.
The details are all here. Good day.
I am an automated surveillance droid.
Any attempt to tamper with my systems or prevent me
from tracking your location is a violation of the law...
That..., right there, that's a violation of! Oh, that does
But mom!
Your little prank just cost us our trading license.
And now, we are forbidden to leave the farm.
Mom, mom listen I know how crazy this all sounds.
But I'm telling you the truth.
There was an energy field -
a ring of light.
He was trying to come through. He was almost through,
do you know how many times in the past 7 years you
told me you've heard your Father's voice?
I know, but this was different.
He actually talked to me...
He said to go to Callisto.
Yeah, D. R. Droids.
He was sooo close, mom.
- Let it go, Jac! No! No I am not letting him go!
Dad's lab was there.
I almost forgot, I found it in one of his packets.
Let's go.
I remembered that you father did mention something
and of course you wouldn't have known that.
I'm sorry I never believe you.
Oh... It's OK, MOM.
It seems crazy to me too.
You know Jac, there's a lot of your father in you.
You don't think they're looking for us, do you?
No way.
It looks like we've got company.
...No way do we outrun him,
not in this old beater.
I guess you were too young to remember your mom's
favorite past time.
- You mean giving me a hard time?
- Okay, second favorite.
- No, what?
Rebuilding cruiser engines.
Way to go, mom!
This is office 54 requesting back up.
Suspects have violated house arrest and are subject to
immediate apprehension.
There's three of them. Go go go.
Bring your vessel to a stop immediately, you're under
Whoa, Mum, out off control!
I need you to help me find a place to hide.
Wugh! Mom, there, Head in there.
Stay sharp, this lady's good.
Stay sharp, this lady's good.
Mom, sensors show something moving up ahead
But I can't tell what it is?
Mom, Scavengers
I hope it is scavengers.
- Looks like he blew a gasket. - I hope his insurance is
paid up.
I don't see them on sensors. Suspects escaped.
Return to base.
I can't believe you just pulled that off.
Transport 9075 will be departing from launch bay 5.
All passengers and cargo...
Still no sign of them.
D.R. Droids
hello there!
Well, hello there! C'mon in!
I've got the droid to fit your needs.
The Keyton 972?
Strong and efficient. Lifts 200 tons with one arm.
Doesn't break a sweat. Even in 7200 degrees!
But we're...
Ah, how about Hawkings III?
Cracks into "The Universe in a Nutshell" as well as any
bank account!
All we need...
IDMT pioneer. EX 2 butler
Alpha 450...
sucks, plugs and dries in any oxygen-based
Retro-fratphammonia planets? Can do!
Glad to hear it, but we're lookin' for someone with another
Well you found me.
What can I do for you?
I'm Jac Weir,
and this is my mother Caroline.
Give it to me.
You're a droid!
You have amazing powers of observation.
That's unreal... You're practically perfect.
Practically? I'm road-tested, son...
Simon created me to protect his secret.
From everyone but you two, that is. For seven years
I waited for you to come
because my access level cannot...
the door to Simon's lab.
Only you, Jac, matches the DNA passcode.
Mission complete!
Arthur! Arthur!
Arthur... Can you hear me?
Looks like his power pack's been trashed.
Oh! I got an idea.
Oh! Mrs. Weir.
I'm so sorry for my ghastly appearance.
At least you're still in one piece.
What happened, Arthur? Where's Simon?
In the Virgo cluster.
27.2 million light years away.
This must be it. Dad's secret project.
It's a Moebius Field Portal, based on the theory of
"Internal Transfer Loops."
Maybe you could explain it a little more... simply.
When a three dimensional cylindrical loop is given a 180
degree twist,
it becomes a two dimensional mathematical oddity
known as a Moebius strip.
By twisting two of the existing parameters of space,
Professor Weir was able to manipulate the third
which is distance...
You call that "simply"?
Professor Weir created a conduit
to any location in the known universe.
All you have to do is walk through here
and you can go anywhere in the galaxy!
That's how Simon wound up 30 million light years away?
Actually 27.2.
After the Professor went through the portal,
he was attacked by one of the planet's indigenous
This foliage crashed through the gateway and disabled
the Portal.
My function was to protect Professor Weir. I did
everything in my power to save him, but...
I failed.
Can you get the Portal up and running?
That would depend on the extent of the damage.
You did it!
Connection established and secured.
The Professor's safety specifications
require a minimum Stability Factor of 90% before
accessing the Portal.
Field integrity failing.
It's losing stability!
I'm going after my son!
No! You will be vaporized!
Then bring it back on line!
Emergency shutdown initiated.
Dad? Dad?
How beautiful
So much power inside it.
I need the secret of this magic. Guards!
Shepway foretold that Ragis was the one who would
restore Raphicca to glory.
We cannot let her death prevent him from fulfilling his
I'm sorry Simon.
You were so close to returning to your family. What pain
you must be feeling.
We've all suffered.
How could you betray me?
We did no such thing!
Shepway conspired with the rebels.
The king was within his right to punish her.
Stop! Tor murdered Shepway. How dare you try to justify
What does your intuition tell you, Ragis? That Allana and
I would be disloyal to you?
King Tor found Shepway's crystal in the rebel cave.
Proof of what? Only that Shepway distrusted Tor.
But Tor is the King of Raphicca.
But Tor is the King of Raphicca.
Tor is dragging Raphicca into the darkness!
Were you deaf to Shepway's teachings?
You are the chosen one. Ragis
The king who will lead us back into the light.
I will assume the throne four moons from now on my
18th birthday.
As custom dictates.
You won't live that long!
Shepway's last words to me were,
Seek your father's truth. What "truth"?
Do you know how your father died?
He and Tor were on a journey to the outer lands. He was
gored by a wild Espar.
Did you see your father's body?
No, only Shepway did.
Shepway told us what she saw.
There was one puncture wound through Akis' chest.
That's impossible.
Espar horns have a forked tip.
No! Only one. From Tor's sword!
You accuse King Tor of killing my father?!
His own brother?! I won't hear of it!
Tell me how you came to Raphicca, alien.
Through a Moebius Field Portal.
You know, the theory of internal transfer loops, you take
a three dimensional cylindrical loop,
give it a 180 degree twist,
transform it into a two dimensional...
you are a spy for Tor.
Look, I'm trying to find someone.
His name is... Simon Weir.
Yeah, you know him?
He is a mentor to Prince Ragis.
This uh... Prince Ragis
he's one of the good guys, right?
Of course.
Great! Just what I wanted to hear.
Simon Weir is my dad.
Cut him loose!
I've heard that the portal could bring me to other worlds...
I need your magic... Shepway must have taught you.
You see, Ragis? She refuses to help us.
Even though she helped those who betrayed us and her
Maybe your little alien friend will convince you to help us.
No! Leave him alone!
This has nothing to do with Simon... Please, don't...
Stop! I will do it!
Give her the crystal.
So it is true.
Imagine the world that will bow before me!
With this portal, I can build an army greater than any in
the Galaxy.
Don't be too arrogant puny alien.
My forces wait my command
to enter your world
and make you our slaves.
How dare you talk to me like that...
Attack my minions.
Take her back to the dungeon.
I will be the greatest King Raffia has ever known!!
Ragis!? Ragis!?
Ragis!? Ragis!?
Did you see your father's body?
No, only Shepway did.
Shepway told us what she saw.
Puncture wounds. There was only one puncture wound
through Akis' chest.
That's impossible. Espar horns have a forked tip.
There would have been two puncture wounds.
No! Only one. From Tor's sword!
This is an irresistible Raphiccan delicacy.
The brains of an Oda.
Oh, en, yeah It looks great, really.
But, uh... I'm allergic. Yeah, that's it, I'm allergic.
To any food product from the neck up, you know,
eyeballs, tongues, ears, and yes, I hate to say it, even
Too bad.
Look, Bodkus, I really appreciate the feast and
But what I really need is to find my dad.
Finding him isn't the problem. He resides at Tor's castle.
Great, Ah, let's go.
We were the loyal servants to the former ruler of our
kingdom, King Akis,
until his life was taken by the hand of his own brother...
Uh huh, so I take it you and this Tor aren't exactly close.
We will never submit to the murderer Tor! He has defiled
the sacred teachings
Look, Look, I wish you all the best in your fight, I really.
But none of this has anything to do with my dad.
That is where you are wrong, my small friend.
Shepway taught you well.
What do you think you are doing?
Grab hold.
I'm sorry I ever doubted you.
Overcoming doubts will only strengthen you.
It rightfully belongs with you now.
Maybe we should think about getting out of here?
Oh... of course.
We might be able to escape through the rear entrance.
There are fewer guards posted there.
No, I have a plan. We must reach the upper balcony.
Upper balcony?
Trust me.
King tor, Ragis freed Allana and the alien!
Ah..., Sound the alarm!
I thought you had a plan!
Now would be a good time to let us in on it.
Follow me.
Follow you where?
Over the balcony.
Told you I had a plan.
Is Simon all right?
We have to go back for Simon.
Tor has him by now.
Tor's army is almost at full strength.
He will launch an offensive against us at the conclusion
of the Festival of Light.
We must mobilize the rebel troops. I will gather the
We cannot launch an attack against the castle.
It is too well fortified.
We must engage Tor right here, in our territory,
where we control the battlefield.
You display the heart of an Espar, just like your father.
It will be my honor to serve you, King Ragis.
Touching. While you're getting fitted for your crown,
maybe you can spare a few guys to help me save my
Simon taught us humanity's most cherished values...
He helped us to understand that by embracing those
we could defy Tor.
But Raphicca is not my home. Ok
or my father's.
He shouldn't have to die to save it.
If there is any way to rescue your father,
Ragis will find it. Nobody loves Simon more than Ragis.
Oh, Really?
I was only talking about Raphiccans, not Simon's human
Who'm I kidding? My dad's been gone so long
I don't even know him anymore. You're more his family
now than I am.
Nothing could be further from the truth, Jac.
Simon missed you and your mother...
Save it! Just leave me alone, will you?
The young human needs a friend
Those were your fathers chambers... in case you were
Well, I wasn't.
Jac, I am deeply sorry about your father.
Do you?! What would you know about it?
Too much, I'm sad to say.
I never even met my father. He died when I was quite
From the moment Simon first arrived here,
all he could talk about was how to get back home.
Did my dad... ever talk about me?
Every day. He would say
hat joy would only come to him on the day he was
reunited with you and your mother.
He also believed in his heart that you and I would be fast
I told Simon that you could be the little brother I never
Please help me save my dad, Ragis.
I promise, Jac.
But there is no way to penetrate the castle's defenses.
No way for a Raphiccan maybe. But Tor never thought
about keeping humans out.
What do you have in mind?
Need some help there, Arthur?
My back springs aren't as young as they used to be.
Ooh..., My energy pack is almost drained.
I'm going to attempt to rescue Simon from the castle.
That's a suicide mission!
That's a suicide mission!
This is something I must do for Simon. Jac has a plan. I
believe it would work.
So when do we leave?
Bodkus, I want you to stay with the troops.
We cannot afford in danger both of our lives. If the need
rises, you would lead all over Raphiccan.
Go with a light, my king.
Ragis, I...
Bodkus would need your magic. I swear I will return.
Ragis!...Be safe.
I will
One hundred years ago,
my forefathers delivered our glorious kingdom back into
the Light,
after the Darkness had enveloped Raphicca for eons.
...All right!
But... Raphiccans! The son of Akis has betrayed you.
The darkness has consumed him.
At this very moment, he is plotting rebellion against the
and... He has enlisted this alien sorcerer to help him.
But in the proud tradition of the House of Raheem,
I will lead our kingdom in crushing this rebellion and
bring peace back to our lands.
My only recourse to defeat the growing rebel forces and
defend our freedom
was to rebuild the Raphiccan army.
Your overwhelming approval of my strategy
will not go unrewarded.
The proud army of Raphicca will emerge victorious.
This is my way in.
Now for you... You'd get a seat in that way.
Nice look.
You smell...
Once we annihilate the rebels and kill Prince Ragis,
our power over them will be absolute.
I have a treat for you.
Dad!...Dad, wake up
it's me, Jac.
Look at you. You're all grown up.
Find the sorcerer.
Enter the coordinates for the Virgo Cluster.
I've tried.
Confirm spatial differential. Far side telemetry initiated.
Connection established and secured.
Mom gave me this on the way to Callisto.
Jac. Simon.
How'd you get here?
Jac told me the portal was practically destroyed.
Good thing I can read your sloppy handwriting. Your
I used them to rewire the portal. With Arthur's help of
The gateway is stable, Simon. We can go home.
I owe you my life. And so much more.
On the contrary, my friend, I am in your debt.
Thank you for sharing your father with me, Jac.
We are going to miss you.
Fare well.
Tor is mobilizing his army!
We're not prepared... We need more time.
We're not leaving.
This is not your war.
You and your family have sacrificed far too much already.
Listen, big guy, on my planet families stick together.
Understand what Im saying... brother?
Jac's right, we are one family now.
Now I understand.
Good, then let's take care of business.
King Tor. They've set traps throughout the forest.
Is that the best they can do?
Release the catapults and fire the cannons.
Prepare the catapults.
Charge, charge!
Get me down there. I'll crush them myself!
You have to go on without me, my king.
A good friend once told me,
Overcoming your fears only makes you stronger.
Today we face an enemy whose sole purpose is to
annihilate us,
My father and Shepway believed in the ways of the light.
We will not let their deaths be in vain.
We will fight, we will be victorious
We will bring our world back into the light.
March with me brave warriors of Raphicca Let us face
our destiny!
You should died by the same hand as your father did.
How poetic.
My father was murdered because he trusted you.
There will be no more killing.
The prophecy has come true
Ragis, Ragis...
My brothers. Our Kingdom has been perverted by
one man's lust for power.
He has killed your King, his own brother,
to feed his lust.
And plunged us into darkness. Seize Tor.
Fools! I am commander of the armies of this Kingdom,
and soon I will command the armies of the universe.
Raphicca will kneel before me.
Tor has the crystal. He must not succeed.
Take care of Allena.
Ragis must not go alone.
Don't worry. He is not. Wait, Ragis.
If Raphicca's armies will not stand behind me,
then they shall fall before a more powerful one.
The future is mine.
All right.
Can we go home now?
By the order of the light and the guardians of the great
It is my honor to bestow upon the the crown of Raphicca.
Wear it well, my King!!!
You know, I was thinking.
Now that we've got the Moebius Field Portal up and
why stop here? Think about all the planets we could
check out.
You've got to be kidding.
I've been dealing with him for the last 7 years. It's your
turn now...
Of course, we'd all go together next time,
and maybe even take Arthur with us. And speaking of