Thugs (2023) Movie Script

Case number: 315!
Shakthi Taambe.
Under IPC section 392,
for the crime of embezzling 2 crore rupees
John, Kusum, and Shakthi are
sentenced herewith
ten years of rigorous imprisonment,
and a penalty of five lakh rupees.
Also, for the crime of killing Bunty Pandey,
under IPC section 302,
this court sentences Shakthi Taambe
with life imprisonment.
Did that boy tell anything
about John and that girl?
We thrashed him mercilessly.
But he didn't say a word about them.
We would have gotten him to spill it out
had the Kerala police not intervened.
The superintendent is our guy.
He'll take care of them.
Make him suffer until we get
our hands on the documents.
-Okay, Thakur sir.
Your death is in my hands!
Do you have money?
What do you want?
-10 packs of beedi and a pack of cigarettes.
Hey, pay him!
-Need the change?
Get it from me when you come out.
Hey! You're in the lockup for getting into fights.
Over here too,
you're continuing the same?
-Sir, your tea.
-When are you bringing it?
-I'll skin you both alive!
-Sir, vadais for you.
Do you call this a vadai?
Come on.
How bold of you to do that?
You'd beat anyone you find?
Hey, remove his handcuffs.
Ask him to remove his shirt and vest too.
Come here.
Undress quickly.
-Come on, hurry!
-Remove it now.
Are you a lady to feel shy?
Remove the chain too.
I said, remove it.
This chain
Get in
and stand there!
Remove your pants.
Do as I say.
Spread your legs.
Spread it wide!
It's hard to judge who brings what
and the places they hide it.
You jerk.
You did this knowing well about Thakur sir?
Tell whatever you know
and try saving yourself.
Get going.
Go on!
Where is the cash and the documents?
Where is it?
Tell me!
Answer me!
I don't know.
It's time for your patrol.
I'll take care of you once I come back.
Let's go!
Hey! The superintendent is coming!
Keep quiet, guys.
-Clear it quickly. -Let's clean this!
Do it, quickly. Fast!
Unlock the cell.
Give me the register.
-How many are here?
-Seven men, sir.
-How many more can we add?
-Two more, sir.
-Look here!
Someone here ate chocolate.
[tensed music]
Who was it?
I'll spare you if you admit it yourself.
If I find him myself he's dead today!
Who was it?
You were quietly listening to me.
Couldn't you rat them out?
Hey! Tell me!
Was it you?
Sir! Sir!
They gave us chocolate saying
it was their child's birthday.
What if it's poisoned and you died eating that?
Do you want me to get dismissed and
do chores with my wife at home?
Tell me!
Tell me!
Who did it?
Answer me.
Spare me sir, please.
-Tell me your name.
-Where are you from?
What do your parents do?
My father is an accountant
and my mother is a teacher.
Both are no more.
Is that why you got involved in a murder?
-Hey! Did they send anyone new here?
-Not yet, sir.
Why the delay?
Is it because they are scared of him?
Pass me that register.
[commotion ensues]
Hey! Stop!
Run, run, run!
Hey! They are escaping!
Get them!
Hey! Stop running!
[truck horns]
Come on, boys!
Come on, let's escape away!
Open it up fast!
Hey! Stop there!
Stop right there!
I won't spare you!
You are dead meat!
Come here!
-How dare you try to escape?
Bold of you to attempt it!
Looking at how I'm thrashing you
No one here should even dream of escaping!
Take them to the vault room.
Get going!
Bold of you to escape!
How dare you try to escape?
What is this, sir?
They're beating them mercilessly.
Thrash them more!
Do you see the number of criminals here?
A total of 222, sir.
Including me, there are 42 policemen here.
They should fear us, right?
Hence the beating.
Don't spare him!
Drag him in this state
and dump him in his cell!
Only then the others will fear us.
How dare you try to escape!
I'll kill you!
We met, you and I
For each other, we imply
We met, you and I
For each other, we imply
Take my love, take it all!
Don't hold back, don't stall
We'll stay together for a lifetime
Take my love, take it all!
Don't hold back, don't stall
You'll die in my hands.
-Wait and see!
-Let go, man! Hands off!
-Let me see how you get out!
-Take your hands off now!
I'll never give up until you are dead!
Take him away!
Because their plan failed today,
we're getting meat.
It's good.
I could eat it if you don't want.
The food's yummy today!
Will your father come and clean that?
You scoundrel!
You think you're so smart?
Let me show you who we are!
Get lost!
The guy who's messing with our boss is Soori.
He steals small valuables from railway stations.
-One day, the police nabbed him.
-Can I get a beedi, brother?
Since he looks retarded,
they charged him with the crimes
that was done by the railway authorities.
Mad man!
You want a beedi?
Hey! He's the boss around here.
Give it to him. Go!
Give it!
I don't want his beedi!
Give it to me.
I got a pack!
Don't mind him.
He's like that!
Beedi helps me poop easily!
He was a big deal in Mumbai.
Have you heard of Mangaldas Market?
It was his area.
He got arrested for the crime
of killing four boys in a fight.
We met, you and I
For each other, we imply
We met, you and I
For each other, we imply
- Take my love,
take it all!
-Will you shut up or shall I make you?
-That won't be necessary.
What is his problem?
The song was good, right?
What is it?
The past is haunting you?
If a man shudders from sleep at 2 AM,
that must be it!
How do you know that it's 2 AM now?
Thursday night at 2 AM,
the special train, Amravathi Express, passes this way.
I've been watching it for years!
Go back to sleep.
How old are you?
I'm 24.
Theft and murders at this age!
Moreover, you fooled around
with the mighty whale itself.
I didn't do it intentionally.
It just happened!
There was a financier named Jayesh Thakur in Mumbai.
My father
worked as a manager for him.
After my father died,
Thakur sir gave me my father's job
because I was studying B. Com.
The only good thing that happened to me
when I was with Thakur sir was
the chance of meeting her!
I felt she came there only for me!
At that time when I had nothing
I felt like I got everything that I ever wanted!
Thakur sir, our place of stay is now donated
for the welfare of the kids.
We're living under the benevolence
of a few good hearts.
If your men ask us to vacate, where will we go?
She was just like me!
Who had no one in her world.
I wanted to be her everything!
Tell our boys to stay away
and not trouble them.
Okay, sir.
After that, I saw her a few times.
I didn't even know her name.
One day, I got a chance to learn her name.
Excuse me!
Do you recognize who he is?
He's the guy from Thakur sir's house.
Hi! Do you remember me?
I was at Thakur sir's house that day
What's wrong?
Did you think I'm like them
because I work for him?
Your name?
I asked only for your name and nothing else.
But you're walking away?
Are you unable to speak?
You're right.
My friend can't talk.
Come, let's go.
Saw that?
The moment he knew the truth,
he became dumbstruck!
I'm Shakthi.
What's her name?
Although she didn't say a word,
I understood everything.
After that
Not a day past by without meeting her!
She trusted me so much.
She became my whole world!
After my parents died,
she became my everything!
Everything went well
Until that psycho, Pandey's eyes fell on Kusum.
How are you, my dear?
Why are you running away if I come near?
Bunty Pandey.
He was the brother of Thakur sir's right hand.
When Kusum came to Thakur's house,
it was then he first laid his eyes on her.
Hey, come with me!
How long do I keep asking you?
Oh wait, Kusum!
What's your problem??
Hey, accountant!
What are you doing here?
Didn't Thakur sir give them some time?
-We need our collection, right?
-Hey, hey! What?
Hey! Move away, man!
No, Bunty. Stop it.
-Cut it out, Bunty.
-Oh, Shakthi
-Look how ravishing your sister-in-law is!
-Come, let's go.
Come on, boys!
After that, Bunty kept troubling
Kusum every chance he got.
Bloody rogue!
Brother, please stop.
-Where do such people--
-How dare you misbehave with girls?
What's your problem?
The worst part was, he followed her
to her hostel to trouble her.
How are you?
Are you doing fine?
Sister called the police
and they arrested him.
-Hey, Kusum! You had me arrested, right?
-How dare you create a scene here?
-Get in, man!
-How dare you touch me! I'm one of Thakur's men!
She was the family that I found
in a world where there was no one for me.
We were planning to get married
without anybody knowing.
How dare you call the police on me!
Don't stop, keep moving!
Get away!
Go away, you!
Go! Go!
Go fast!
He's close!
That incident changed my life forever.
Bunty died.
I didn't know what to do.
So, I called John immediately.
What are you saying?
John was a driver for Thakur sir.
And my friend.
In the name of interest,
this loan shark Thakur killed my father!
John worked for him to seek revenge on him.
Do you plan on dying by being
his loyal aide like your father?
Or do you want to have him arrested
and come with me to Australia?
John, who was waiting to avenge,
thought this was the right time.
I didn't do it intentionally.
-What happened to Kusum?
-She's in the hospital, injured.
What did you do, buddy?
Where are the office keys?
-Why do you want office keys?
-Tell me where it is!
Tell me why you need them!
What are you planning to do in the office?
He ruined my father's life, right?
I will ruin his, now!
Hey! Please don't do this.
Listen to me!
If he learns about this,
we'll be in big trouble.
You know who you've killed, right?
Would they let you go easily?
They are already searching
for you and Kusum all over!
Hey, we're already in a fix!
We'd be digging our grave further!
Even if Thakur sir forgives you,
Raghu Pandey would never!
He'll kill you for sure!
The sooner we get away with
the money and the documents,
the better.
Hey, I'm risking this only for you and Kusum.
I didn't have any choice then.
-What are you staring at?
- I must take Kusum to Mumbai,
and then to Sri Lanka via boat.
We'll leave for Australia from there.
This was the plan.
Go to Kochi and meet Kutty.
Pay him this cash.
He'll take care of the rest.
I'll leave to Australia today.
But, all my plans failed
and I'm trapped here.
Look! There's a woman here!
Isn't she very beautiful?
It's been a year since I saw a girl.
Indeed, dude!
-Who is she?
-Isn't she
What happened, brother?
You morons!
What were you doing?
That's his wife!
Go away!
[sad emotional music]
Come to me, darling.
How are you?
Are you doing well?
What happened?
People respected me when you were beside me.
Now, they see me differently!
I can't bear this anymore!
Who are they?
This anger of yours has brought you here
and left us like orphans!
I wanted to kill myself.
What are you saying in front of our kid?
Like an idiot!
I'm here, right?
Hey! What's going on here?
Give him a bed too!
It'll be comfortable for them.
Let go!
Let go of him!
Leave sir alone!
I guess you must be in a lot of pain.
Let me eat this up.
I feel sad for your poor daughter.
I don't know how she'd live for
the next 30 years without seeing you!
Do you know something?
Everyone in our jail was ogling at your wife.
You shut my mouth here.
But, there are many men outside.
What are you going to do about them?
Shall we escape?
You shut my mouth here.
But, there are many men outside.
People respected me when you were beside me.
Now, they see me differently!
I can't bear this anymore!
Shall we escape?
Oh, God!
Why did I deserve this?
Move back!
Look at me just once, dear!
No Dhamu, don't go there.
You won't be able to bear it!
Look what they did to her!
She was only a child!
Can't you see that's a little girl
even when you are high?
Bloody addicts!
What's the plan?
I'll tell you.
But before that,
we must send these two people out.
Have you gone mad?
You think I'd be frightened of you?
-Are you trying to create a scene?
-Get lost, man.
He seems very arrogant.
Doesn't he?
Just thrash him a little.
He'll fall in line.
How dare you talk to me like that!
Come! You bloody! Come on!
Are you
Are you trying to mess with me?
Let go of him.
Whoop that bearded guy!
You'd raise your hand on me?
I will screw you.
How dare you try to mess with me?!
Superintendent sir!
They might die fighting.
Come and save them!
You idiot.
Everybody clear from here!
What's happening here?
That's enough!
What the heck are you three up to?
Quiet, you!
-I dare you to beat me up!
-Hey you, shut up!
Ever since he came here,
there have been only fights!
I suggest shifting him to another cell.
-Who are you to order me? Get lost!
-Okay, sir.
Hey! Shift those two to another cell.
-Take them away.
What are you staring?
What's the plan?
We need more men.
Tell me what your plan is.
And why do you need more men?
Vinoth will get his bail.
He will not join us.
The guy who has no chance of getting released
is the right one for us.
Do you want an army to escape with?
We have no other way.
I've got some stuff.
Do you want to try it?
Get some salt!
Open it quickly!
How long should we wait outside?
I'm back home.
Will I find anyone I know?
Or are they new people in here?
-We can't afford to make mistakes at any cost.
-Hey, hey!
Is that clear?
Dhamu bro, I'm back again!
His name is Mukund.
-Hey! Enough. Get going!
-Wait, man.
He knows every nook and corner of this jail.
He'll vanish right before our eyes.
An absolute fraudster!
Brother, I got bail!
See you.
Go. Don't ever come back here.
-Okay, brother.
-The police are here, too.
Shinde sir!
What is it, Mukund?
Someone said they wouldn't return.
But look who's back within a month?
Oh, don't ask me about that.
Life messed me up completely.
I planned to settle down in life
Give it to me.
with one big heist!
But someone had already killed two people there.
They let him go and caught me!
You understand, right,
you're inside because of a murder?
Someone else did the job.
And I'm paying the price for it.
-Oh, don't get me started.
-I signed it!
-Your bag!
-Not bad, you're attentive
-What was that?
I praised both of you for being attentive.
No matter many times I come here,
no one cares to paint these walls!
Dhamu bro!
You're in this cell?
Then, put me over here!
Hey, moron.
Your cell number is 11.
-You see, nine is my lucky number.
-Shut up and come along.
Hold on.
What do you want from me?
Why do you want my clothes?
You want a beedi?
Here you go.
-Give it to me!
-And listen
Since you took my beedi,
I took your whole pack of it.
My beedi!
Hey! HEY!
Give my beedi back!
-Stop there, you!
-Get lost.
My beedi, my beedi!
I won't spare you!
He's the one for us.
The system is messed up!
Look at me using a blade to cut my nails.
Can you give me the blade?
Here you go.
Let me eat before they close the mess.
Will you help me escape?
If the police hear it
Give me my blade back.
I need the blade to shave.
Give me I say!
You might cut yourself.
This boy here
asked me to help him escape!
Why aren't you surprised?
Don't tell me you knew about this all along.
Don't trust him at all, bro.
If you listen to him, we'll be in danger!
Planning to escape may seem fine.
But if we're caught when executing,
they'll hang us upside down and skin us alive!
-Do you have ideas?
-If I were that smart,
why would I be stuck here?
Nope, no idea.
Let's listen to his plan.
His plan might work out after all.
God knows what he is planning to do!
-Take it, brother.
I'll shave later, no issues.
Listen, it's time-consuming if you use a blade alone.
-Shall I arrange for some other weapon?
-I don't need it as of now.
The floor map is in the superintendent's office, right?
-I want that map.
What the
You think it's easy to flick it from there?
That's the jailor's office!
It's very risky!
-You want to get out, right?
Then, bring it!
I guess he plans to make me reside here permanently!
They've brought the Bengali
who killed that contractor to our prison.
Where is he?
There he is! Signing with pride.
You killed the man who provided for you?!
Bloody outsider dog!
Who do you think you are?
You'll raise your hands?!
How dare you hit a policeman!
How arrogant!
Are you a hotshot
if you kill your contractor?
I will end you!
Let him go, sir. Spare him.
We must present him in court tomorrow, sir.
Hey! Get up!
Get up!
-What's with the stares?
-Sir, I'll handle him.
-Look down.
-Get going! Now!
Keep walking. Go.
It's time to sleep not to smoke!
-What is it?
-The blade you gave us to cut our nails with,
they're planning to murder that Bengali with it.
The guy whom you whacked this morning,
he's going to gash him with the blade, sir!
And they're plotting their revenge against you too.
When you're taking him to the court tomorrow,
please be cautious, sir!
Shift him to my cell, sir.
I'll take care of him.
Anyway, that Bengali has no one for him.
Why do we need to bother?
Hey! Mind your business.
I'm shifting him here trusting you.
If there's even a little scratch on him,
both of you are gone for good!
Go to sleep.
Go inside.
You're my darling!
Do you have a beedi?
Let me see what they're up to.
Oh no, Tridev's coming!
Come, come.
Come along.
What are you guys doing?
-I'm having an oil massage.
-Oh, really?
Let me show you how it's done.
I will massage you all by breaking your bones!
You stinking sewer rat!
Look at what they're doing to me!
See for yourself, sir!
-Stop it!
-I won't spare you!
You are dead!
I didn't do anything.
I was minding my business.
-I was just applying oil
-He attacked me first, sir!
Take him to sir.
They're taking me to the jailor, bro!
Enough talking nonsense.
Bring him. Now!
Careful, sir. I'm new here.
Sir, can I have a puff too?
-These three were fighting inside, sir!
Oh, my! Are you that brave?
Who, me?
They started the fight, sir!
There's nothing you're not aware of.
This jail is like my second home.
Which is why I come here often.
But this time,
I doubt if I will go out alive,
or as a dead body!
Sir, please help me out!
Please shift me to another cell!
They're applying oil and hitting me, sir!
Come and sit on my lap.
It won't be nice, sir.
Get up, you nasty man!
Hey! Tell him what really
happened there.
No fault on our side, sir.
We were applying oil on each other,
he started the trouble out of the blue!
He's threatening to kill me in front of you!
Save me from them, sir!
I don't care if they apply oil
or if they apply oil rolling on the floor!
Do you know what he was asking
while applying oil, sir?
He asked me to give him a Thai massage, sir!
Does my body look like it?
He's lying, sir!
Is this your in-law's house to give each other massages?
-Sir, I--
-Don't give them any food.
Sir, do whatever you want.
But don't spare them one bit.
They may kill me at night, sir.
-Sir, I beg you!
-Where else should I shift him?
Sir, these three are in cell number 3,
-Let's shift him back to cell 5, sir.
-Oh, no!
Their boss is in cell 5, sir.
If you want to kill me,
you are most welcome to.
I will thank you all my life for saving me from them!
I'll tell you something, keep me here in this room.
I'll squeeze into a corner
and will remain there till I die.
-Shift him to cell with less people.
-Okay, sir.
Take him at once.
Get going!
Didn't you hear what he said?
I'll gorge your eyes out
if you stare at me again!
I want to be of service to you for saving my life!
Not to you, though.
But if you permit,
I'd like to hug your assistant!
-Thank you for saving my life, comrade!
-Get off of me, you!
I want piping hot, steaming,
Yummy food!
Piping hot, steaming, yummy food!
Our plan's working out just fine.
Steaming, yummy food!
What do we do to this madman?
Yummy food!
I'll fry my fish crispy,
And smack my lips in yippee!
After eating, my belly
- will jump in joy!
What's up?
I know you're not crazy.
You're perfectly alright.
I know everything!
Even I know everything!
Your discussions and your plans
I know everything!
If you rat me, I'll rat both of you out!
What say?
This is what I like about you, Soori!
So, shall we escape?
Are you really trying to escape?
Take me along with you guys!
Tell me what I must do.
You were only acting half mad so far.
Hereafter, go total bonkers!
You are mad
And I'm mad!
Let's go bonkers together!
-Yeah, I'll handle it from here.
-[continues singing]
Bonkers, bonkers, bonkers!
Let's sing, dance and celebrate!
Bonkers, bonkers, bonkers!
He's mad! They're mad!
Everyone's mad!
Yes, you're mad! You are mad!
A crazy lunatic!
How did you get in?
Hey, stop!
-Give me my beedi! Give it to me!
-You're mad, your family and your clan
Let's light beedi, smoke to enjoy!
Light one for you dad!
Asylum's the right place for you!
I agree with the deal.
How can I trust them though?
Even though Thakur sir is a criminal,
he'll never go back on his word.
Fine, I accept this then.
More than the two crore rupees,
those documents are very important.
If you confess everything,
I won't harm you or your friends.
We have sent our men all over Kochi.
You know what would happen
if they're caught, right?
It's enough if you tell us the truth.
We'll get you out of here.
We can close this case easily.
I'm telling you again, sir.
I never saw him after that.
You moron!
Do I look like a fool to you?
Get me out of here.
I'll find him myself!
If the people repay the loan and
ask for the documents,
Thakur sir will be in deep trouble!
I've been asking you repeatedly!
This is not a trivial issue.
I will kill you with my bare hands!
Hey, hey!
Hold on, you.
Looks like you'll get me fired.
Just watch how the girl's life
would go to dogs because of you.
You better confess the truth.
Otherwise, you will face
severe consequences from them!
Get in.
What is it, man?
Why are the police and the advocate here to meet you?
Are you trying to get bail?
They are Thakur sir's men.
They were here to make a deal.
Are you trying to escape alone
after hatching a plan with us?
I'm talking to you.
Answer me.
I've been asking you,
won't you answer me?
Tell me!
Here they come!
O, here they come!
Here they come!
How are you doing, sir?
-Sir, can I get a beedi?
-Ask the superintendent.
Dhamu bro!
I shouldn't hear any more noise!
Ram sir!
Are they really our security or vice versa?
Ram sir!
Wake up!
Ram sir!
Over here!
Can you play some songs?
I'm unable to sleep.
Hey, we'll play your song now!
-Go to sleep, you idiot!
-Ram sir!
If you don't play a song,
I'll ask Soori to sing us one.
Everyone will lose their sleep then!
No, don't.
If you do so, our path will get blocked.
Separate the stones from the sand.
THUGS OF KUMARI DISTRICOnce we reach the concrete
we can lay down and walk out.
-I see!
What are you looking at?
Even if you escape like he said,
where will we hide in there?
They'll put us in jail again.
It was hard to steal this map!
He'd have another plan for it!
We missed our chance before.
This time, we won't.
First, go to Kochi and meet Kutty.
Pay him the cash,
he'll take care of everything else.
Keep the suitcases carefully.
-Are you John's friend, Shakthi?
-Yes, that's me.
Give me that bag.
Hey, Dhamu!
Keep the bag inside.
Come, let's go.
-What about my bike?
-We'll take care of it.
You guys come with me.
Don't use that phone hereafter.
Use this one instead.
Both of you will get your passports
to Sri Lanka in two days.
Till then, you can rest over here.
Dhamu? Come.
You, my gorgeous woman!
Delicate elegance!
You, my gorgeous woman!
Delicate elegance!
Here we are together!
Is this real?
Like the wind
You're wiping away my sorrows!
You are my blessing!
Somewhere at someplace!
Let's be together
For all our lives!
In some river
Let's get united
By the wave of love!
Amidst this chaotic world
Let's fall in love deeply in silence!
My sweet flower!
We have this moment
All for us!
The sky has tangled us together!
At this moment
Our hearts are full of love!
Let's get lost!
Like a dream come true
You came into my life!
My beloved!
For a little while
Come! Rest on my lap!
You are my soul!
You are my world!
You are my purpose!
You are my everything!
These are your passports.
You'll get visa in a couple of days.
Come and take it.
Thakur sir, I just got news that Shakthi is in Kochi.
Shut it!
Did I send you to gather news?
-Nab him soon!
-Don't be hasty, sir.
If he's here, then the money
and documents will be with him, right?
If you deposit some money,
I'll take care of the rest.
Okay, I'll send some.
Once you get both in your hands, kill them all!
Sure, Thakur sir!
How did this happen?
You used the phone that Kutty gave you, right?
Yeah, man.
Did you or her make any other calls?
-Kusum had called Sister by mistake
-Okay, forget it.
You'll get your visas tomorrow.
I'll settle the rest with Kutty.
-Hello, Kutty?
- Shakthi
Picketing is going on, come carefully.
Where are you now?
I've reached Gandhi street.
-I'm at the fifth street.
Once you reach, you--
Catch him, boys!
-Let's see how you escape!
-Let me go!
-Don't run!
This is not your area.
We will register this case.
Sign the papers if you want him!
Stop women abuse!
Hand the case to CBI!
We want justice!
Stop women abuse!
Raghu bro!
-Isn't this the girl?
-Yes, it is her!
Hand the case to CBI!
Catch her!
Hurry up!
Run faster!
We want justice!
Hand the case to CBI!
You wretched girl!
How dare you escape from us?
Come fast!
Get in quickly.
The police will be on patrol after dawn.
Make it quick.
This isn't working out!
Look at the amount of stones, here!
They could build another jail out of it.
Careful, careful!
Make sure there's no noise!
Do it slowly!
It's done.
Let's keep it back.
Carry it that way and keep it over there.
I wish I had muscles to do so.
Ah, this is easy work.
What's our next job?
You don't have anything to do here.
Go out and peel the coconuts.
Peel them properly, okay?
For the fees they demanded,
I thought our local schools were much better!
-What does your wife say?
-She doesn't have a say in it.
-Why are you limping?
-I stepped on a stone, sir.
-Shall we go to the hospital?
-No, sir. I'll rest inside.
Take him to the cell, Francis.
Let me wash my leg and come, sir.
-Come back quickly!
-Be careful.
What happened to you?
I stepped on a stone, sir.
Show me your leg.
-You're bleeding.
I'm fine, sir.
-Let's get you to the hospital.
-No need for that, sir.
I'll be fine if I take rest.
-Okay, go.
-Okay, sir.
Give him some medicine.
Life remains incomplete
Without you, I must retreat
In an affectionate embrace,
My love, never depart
O, my darling!
I think they're planning to escape.
There are crowbars in cell number 9.
I feel that the new guy is behind all this.
Life remains incomplete
Without you, I must retreat
Can't you shut up for a while?
-Open the lock!
Look whose come inside!
They'll come in and then go out.
And they repeat the same thing, over again!
-What's wrong, sir?
-Where is it? Show me.
-If we're caught, he'll rip us apart.
-Move from here!
All of us are dead meat if he finds it!
Save us, please!
We are so screwed by them!
Look here, sir.
They've buried marijuana here.
Thank God!
How dare you smoke marijuana?
The nerve!
-Dhamu bro!
-Remove his lungi !
Handcuff him!
What are you looking at?
You'll beat me up?
Get up!
Come on, get up.
Only my word is the final word.
Get lost!
Move in!
Get going!
Take him away!
Go inside.
Get in now!
All set, you can go!
I'm burning inside!
I'm mourning
The death of my life!
My spirit
Just crumbled and died!
It pains against the sacrifice!
I'm burning inside!
I'm mourning
The death of my life
My spirit
Just crumbled and died!
It pains against the sacrifice!
Start, brother!
Wake up!
Smell the freedom!
I'm walking uninformed!
A wild child!
Who wanted some love
Will you give it all for us?
Wake up!
Smell the freedom!
I'm walking uninformed!
A wild child!
Who wanted some love
Will you give it all for us?
There is a 30-meter distance
from our cell to the compound wall.
30 meters?!
How do we dig such a long tunnel?
It'll take many days!
Till now, we've completed eight meters.
Is that all?
If we dig seven more meters,
we'll hit that big concrete drainage.
If we break that, we can walk freely
for 15 meters from there.
From there,
the road drainage will start.
If we cross through the drainage,
we can go out of the compound wall.
Oh my God!
We haven't escaped yet.
-We don't have to jump over the compound wall, right?
-No need to jump over it.
But there's a strong concrete pillar.
We have to cross that, as well?
It's like a never-ending story!
You understood what he said, right?
Don't just shake your head.
- King is coming!
-Oh gosh, here they come.
Listen, if you hit red coin,
you must pocket a follow coin.
-Why are you singing instead of sleeping?
-I was bored, sir.
Hey! It's 10 PM now.
And all of you are sill playing?
This is the last game, sir!
Shall I come in and end it for you?
Enough playing.
Sir's furious with us already.
We'll wrap it up, sir!
Clear the table!
Or he might hit us with the carrom board.
We're asleep.
Good night, sir.
Are you planning to escape?
Don't be scared.
I won't tell a soul!
Bear in mind, I won't let you escape!
You're dead, my man!
Sir, please put us in the same cell.
I'll book a room for you both!
Hey, Rajesh! Get up.
It's alright, get up.
What a show they put up!
Inseparable brothers!
You could have done that
before smuggling marijuana.
-Put them in different cells.
-Take your things!
Hey! Take him away.
You can live as you wish when you're outside.
But here, we adjust and support each other.
Eat up now!
Come on, eat!
Don't make me hit you.
If you see meat in the food,
you immediately come to gorge on it all!
Poor guy has come just now, let him eat!
Brother? Won't you eat?
I'm not hungry, brother.
You'd definitely be hungry.
But, you won't get food when you feel like eating.
Is that clear?
Okay, brother.
What's your case?
We transport vegetables to the market.
But, they hid marijuana under the vegetables
and blamed it on us, brother.
It's a smuggling case!
-What's your name?
-What's his name?
Rajesh! Ramesh!
Those are nice names.
Where are your parents?
I only have my mother.
How will your mother survive when both of you are here?
I feel helpless, brother.
She doesn't have anyone else
other than us two, brother.
-Oh God!
-I don't know what she'd do alone!
Even hearing about it makes me sad!
How would you guys be feeling then?
The guy who separated you from your mother
The guy who hid marijuana in the vegetables
Find him and make him die a painful death!
No, brother!
We don't need to do anything, brother.
If we don't punish them,
then who will?
God will punish him, brother.
Indeed He'll punish!
Hey, take it.
God will provide him some food.
Instead of hiding marijuana,
they should've hidden guns!
You're maintaining your body well
just by eating this jail food!
Did you get what I just said?
Then, it's okay!
It's not enough.
Pour some more!
We serve only one ladle for a person.
Is it your father's property?
Pour some more, man!
That's all you get!
Get going.
Hey! What's going on here?
Keep moving!
The eldest is the fiercest!
Am I right?
Listen, all!
Just eat what you're served.
Okay, sir.
Hey! Come in the line.
Hey! Stop.
Where are you going?
Sir, I ran out of beedis.
I'll go and get some.
Come back quickly!
Do you have a beedi?
[suspenseful music]
So you made me come down here finally, right?
If there's one man known for loyalty,
it would be your father!
Still can't believe that you're his son.
Look here!
Thakur sir himself has come in person.
Tell us the truth.
Where's your friend, John?
And most importantly,
where the documents are?
Tell us the truth.
We won't harm you or that girl.
He's asking you, right?
If I don't get those documents
You'll die in this jail itself!
I swear I don't know where he is!
Get me out of here.
I'll find him myself.
Let him go, sir.
Looks like he might die.
Let's go, Lawyer.
There is no use in talking to him anymore!
He's ordered men from the Central Jail.
They will take care of the rest.
Where are you going, man?
Sir, I'm going to hand this
toothpaste to my brother.
Come quickly!
Let the fight start.
What's this nasty tea?
How can I live here drinking this?
What are you doing with the
money that government provides?
You think we'd drink anything you give us?
Here, take this.
And keep it to yourself!
I won't spare you!
You think this is a joke?
You have to answer us!
Get in.
Go inside!
Take them inside!
-You said there's some plan.
-Why are you shouting?
What is the plan?
Lower your volume.
We're planning to escape from here.
Hey, I'm not playing this game.
I said we're escaping
but he's calling it a game!
How many kilos of marijuana did you smuggle?
Why do you need to know that?
That means you were aware of everything!
Your younger brother took the blame
for the crime that you did!
We know everything!
Look! If you have five lakh rupees,
you can buy a witness.
You can prove that marijuana as a vegetable.
But, you can arrange funds
only if you go out.
Think about it.
We can arrange everything that needs to be done.
-I think he's useless
But, my brother must come along with.
That is that's your wish!
Here comes the bogeyman in the train
Crossing regions in the train
Greetings, sir!
Looks like he's singing a new song!
It's an old song!
Maybe you're hearing it for the first time!
Soori Bengali
They're escaping tonight from prison!
-If that happens, you'll be beaten.
-Nothing will happen, sir!
-You get going. sir!
-Stay quiet!
-Sir, give me a beedi!
-Hey! Shut up!
Who gives beedis for free?
If we dig 7 more meters,
we'll hit that big concrete drainage.
If we break it
we can walk freely from there!
Here, hold this!
What is this?
I've turned into an earthworm!
This smells disgusting!
Looks like the entire stench of the prison is here!
Look there! If we drill that concrete grill,
we can escape easily.
I agree we can escape easily,
But it looks like we might die because of this stench!
Then, can we just walk out freely?
-That's impossible.
-We've to struggle for it.
Even now I'm struggling!
Your entire weight is on me!
Get up!
I can't bear your weight
and this stench.
This is too much to handle!
Come, come!
Careful, careful.
Let's wash you up.
Hurry, hurry.
Hey! Hey!
-The superintendent is here!
-Come fast!
Brother, the superintendent is here!
Come fast!
-Soori, manage them somehow.
-How? By entertaining them?
Carefully, come out!
Quiet now, quiet.
-What's that sound?
Sir, I was singing a song.
That's all!
Who's that inside?
Tell me! Who is inside?
Open the lock now!
Who is inside?
-What are you guys doing inside?
-That is
-What were you doing inside?
-We were just
Open the lock!
Would we play kabaddi inside?
This is winter time
We had to get together to warm up
What will you come and do inside?
You must ignore all this, sir.
Don't mind us, sir.
Spit how much ever you want!
I knew it when you hugged him the other day!
-You don't mistake me.
-Go and sleep.
Don't mind us, sir.
I can't handle it for long.
I got into the character, sorry.
Thank God!
Hey! Close that first!
Do you know why
all of you have gathered here?
[all] No sir!
August 15 is our Independence day.
All of you must clean and tidy the prison.
The most important thing is,
you must conduct a program.
Tell me who is interested in performing what.
I sing very well, sir.
Tell me.
-What will you do?
-I don't know anything, sir.
-He sings very well, sir.
-Then, you sit down.
Don't I sing well?
-Sir, I'll sing well too!
-Then sing something.
[sings a song]
-He's singing an inauspicious song.
-Sit down.
-Shut up!
You're not even a good bathroom singer. Sit down!
Sir, he sings very well.
Can you sing well?
-Yes, sir.
-Have you done it in the past?
I have performed a few times on stage, sir.
But I never sang alone.
I always sing with my brother, sir.
That's nothing, sir.
It's a Brother's duet!
If these two voices come together,
tomorrow's program will be a hit!
Sir, he is in cell number 9.
And he in 7, sir.
If you don't have any objection,
we'll take him to our cell
and do what is needed.
Why are you staring at us, sir?
We'll do rehearsals.
Commissioner and media will be here.
-If there's any fiasco
-Oh, no way!
Commissioner is coming tomorrow.
No fights, please!
- Night time
-Now isn't the time. Shut up!
If he sings tomorrow,
there won't be any program.
Shut it now.
Send them all in.
Go to your cells, everyone!
Send them to their cells!
Hurry, hurry!
Shut up.
28 29 30.
31 32 33.
34 35
36 37 38.
40 41 42
83 84.
85 86
89 93
[keeps counting]
Guys, lift me!
101 102 103 104.
Put me down!
[keeps counting]
185 in total!
It takes exactly three minutes
to go out and come back.
That means once we hear the train sound,
we have ten minutes to escape from here.
It'll take three minutes for the six of us
to reach the compound wall.
It takes three minutes to reach the station.
And we'd have three minutes to get on the train.
The train passes through this way once a week.
If we don't make it to train, then,
-we have to wait for a week again!
-Dear God, Shakthi!
We can't wait for another week!
It's only been nine minutes.
What about that one minute?
What if we face any problems?
That one minute is to manage it.
We had planned to break the concrete gate today.
What to do now?
Everyone will be served.
You're hungry all the time!
Hey, Soori!
-They're calling you!
-Greetings, sir!
You can go home now.
They gave you bail!
Get going now!
Come on now.
What's wrong, Shakthi?
What happened?
let me eat here, one last time.
Okay, go!
Come back quickly.
Soori, let's go now!
-Everything must be set perfectly.
-It will be, sir.
Let's not put the chairs in front of the stage.
-The thing is
Guys will be practicing, singing and dancing.
So, can we put chairs little behind, sir?
-Okay, go ahead.
-Yes, sir.
Did you get what I said?
Tell me!
Sir! Sir
Can the van be parked a little behind?
Move move two feet away.
You move it to this side.
Park the van at the back.
Hey, driver!
Park the van at the back!
Park it a little far!
I'll check on it, sir.
-Thank you, sir.
-Okay, go.
Come on!
Come back!
Turn to the left!
Yes! Come. Come on.
To your left! Left!
To your left!
Turn the steering to your left!
You come a little further!
Come on!
A little more?
Come two more feet back.
To climb on the van and escape?
What are you talking about, sir?
-There's still place!
-Enough, I can't move further.
-Go away!
-Please, sir. Sir
Sir? Sir?
Did you see them?
They are the most wanted criminals.
They are here for you!
It's still not too late.
Tell me the truth.
I'll talk to the superintendent.
Doesn't matter how big of a criminal he is!
We'll face whoever comes to attack you.
Let him come.
What are you doing?
There were many to finish him.
Why did you bring him back?
Hey! Just two people are enough to kill.
But, we must know about John
and the documents, right?
That's why we sent him in.
Put these two in another cell.
Hey! Go inside.
That means once we hear the train sound,
we have ten minutes to escape from here.
If you shout,
I'll kill you.
There's no time to think.
Get down quickly!
Here I come.
Go! Go!
You go!
Go, man!
Go! Fast!
We're escaping and getting on the Humsafar Express.
Join us if you want or get lost!
Come, boys.
I won't let you escape!
-Oh, God!
-Come quickly.
You go ahead! I'll join you.
Come on, boys!
Oh, my God!
Come quickly.
Come quick!
Come! Come!
Come! Come! Come quickly.
Come fast!
Sit down. Sit!
Hey, get up!
Let's go for rounds.
Get up!
Quiet. Go, go! Fast!
Hey! Stop.
Go. Go!
Hey, someone is coming.
Dear God, save us!
I don't see anyone here.
Blow the siren! Alert everyone!
What are you saying, sir?
How dare you try to escape?!
-Where are the others?
-They aren't here, sir.
Sir! Look there!
Look at him, sir!
Those six prisoners are escaping
in the Humsafar Express, sir.
-Look there, sir! They're escaping.
Catch them!
-How dare you escape from here?
You are dead meat!
I will teach you a lesson you--
Run! Come on.
Start the vehicle! Fast!
Mighty warrior Goddess Mahakali
She is coming!
She's coming in order to hunt!
So majestically wearing the garland
She is striding!
She's coming our way!
Hello? Hello?
Prisoners are escaping in the Humsafar Express.
6 prisoners, over!
-They're headed inside.
-Catch them!
We're following them!
Sacrificing a goat
Won't subside her rage!
Ferocious goddess!
She is coming!
Sacrificing a hen
Won't subside her rage!
Mighty warrior Goddess Mahakali
She is coming!
You guys go that way!
Let's go this way!
Mighty warrior Goddess Mahakali
She is coming!
She's striding like the mighty savior!
So majestically wearing the garland
She is striding!
She's coming to hunt you in all four directions!
She's striding like the mighty savior!
She's coming to hunt the devil!
Raging mighty goddess!
She is coming!
She's coming to play her real game!
Her looks will set the place on fire!
Sacrificing a goat
Won't subside her rage!
Ferocious goddess!
She is coming!
Sacrificing a hen
Won't subside her rage!
Valorous Kaali!
She's coming!
How dare you think of escaping!
Catch him!
Catch them!
Hey! Wait.
Let Ramesh come.
What happened?
Wake up! Wake up, Rajesh!
Hey! Look at me, Rajesh.
Hey! Look at me!
-Hey, Rajesh!
-Lift him! First lock him up!
-Come on!
-Shut up!
Lift him up.
-Hey! Get up!
-What happened, Rajesh?
Hey! Come.
Pick him!
Get him in the van!
Come on!
Hey! We trapped one of the guys here!
The rest of them will be at the railway station.
Catch them!
-What is your name?
-Where are you from?
I don't think he'd survive.
-They're trying to kill me, sir. -Hey! Get back!
Shift these two into another cell.
Shift him to my cell!
-Shall I ask them to take you to the hospital?
-No sir, I'll be fine if I rest.
If by any chance we miss boarding the train,
we must somehow jump into the river
and escape to Sri Lanka.
Hey, Shakthi!
I'm coming!
Move the boat towards him.
-Come! Come fast!
-Steady! Steady!
Come to this side!
Sir, we searched the entire railway station.
We couldn't find anybody.
Did you catch that guy?
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Kutty brought along Kusum over there.
We went underground for few days
and stayed near the harbor.
One of Bengali's friends is in Burma.
Mukund and Bengali went there.
We made all arrangements
to get Rajesh and Ramesh out.
The boat that we're traveling in,
will reach Srilanka shortly.
From there we'll go to Australia.
We're going to start new life happily!
Mighty warrior Goddess Mahakali
She is coming!
She is coming to hunt!
So majestically wearing the garland
She is striding!
To hunt you down in all four directions!
Sacrificing a goat
Won't subside her rage!
Ferocious goddess!
She is coming!
Sacrificing a hen
Won't subside her rage!
Valorous Kaali!
She's coming!
Mighty warrior Goddess Mahakali
She is coming!
She is coming to hunt!
So majestically wearing the garland
She is striding!
To hunt you down in all four directions!
She is coming as a hurricane
She is coming hunt the devil
Ferocious goddess!
She is coming!
She's coming to play her game!
Her looks will set the place on fire!
Sacrificing a goat
Won't subside her rage!
Ferocious goddess!
She is coming!
Sacrificing a hen
Won't subside her rage!
Valorous Kaali!
She's coming!
She'll come to play the dance of death at midnight!
She'll come at dark night to check,
Scaring owls to fly away in fear!
Goddess Mahakali has fingers
like spears of neem!
If she sees any mistake,
Goddess Kali will target the sinner!
She'll come to rock the forest
and this country!
Mighty warrior Goddess Mahakali
She is coming!
She is coming to hunt!
So majestically wearing the garland
She is striding!
To hunt you down in all four directions!
Mighty warrior Goddess Mahakali
She is coming!
She is coming to hunt!