Thugs of Hindostan (2018) Movie Script

1795. India.
The East India Company came here as traders.
But now the Company rules over us.
They seized many kingdoms, one by one.
The country is enslaved.
Only Raunakpur remains free.
Protect your home.
Who is this?
Raunakpur's prettiest and naughtiest daughter...
What are you doing?
Pulling out her teeth.
She lost two teeth at Dussehra.
They haven't grown back.
- Who is he?
- Khudabaksh.
And me?
Mother and you are resting inside.
Aslam is reading.
Khudabaksh and I are guarding the palace.
Can we go home now, brave soldier?
Let's go or else your mother may
pull out my teeth!
A wife is not someone to fear.
- Give it to me.
- What are you doing?
- Don't destroy my wares!
- Now get away, you stupid old man!
- I am a poor man, sir.
- I don't care.
What's going on?
What's this nonsense?
Sire, they're taking my goods
without paying.
They say under Company rule
they can have anything they want.
The Company does not rule here...
...and never will.
Your Majesty!
Clear off! And never show
your faces here again.
Clear off!
God bless His Majesty!
Have you had any word?
Why send Aslam with Khudabaksh
if it was dangerous?
I had to send him.
Khudabaksh is a warrior,
Aslam is just a boy.
He's my son too.
What was the need?
If we are not courageous now...
...slavery is certain.
Khudabaksh and Aslam travelled
to Durgapur to ask for help...
...but they have not returned.
No use waiting now.
We must attack and seize
the Company palace.
If we do not act now...
...Clive will enslave us as he has
enslaved other kingdoms.
This flag will fly above the
Company palace tomorrow.
Your Majesty! Please come at once.
I'll welcome him as a guest...
...but if I give you a signal... means he is not a guest,
but an enemy.
Greetings, Mr Mirza.
Sorry to intrude this late.
Only enemies intrude, Clive sahab.
How can I be of service?
Have you given a thought to our friendship?
You sell slavery in the guise of friendship.
We're traders, Mr. Mirza.
Selling is what we do.
While desiring the throne.
In the future...
...traders will be the power
behind all rulers.
You're an astrologer too?
No, an opportunist.
I can recognise opportunity.
And sniff truth out.
I know you mask the truth
like some words in a poem.
Like your tea cup masks
the strong smell of something...
...that's being made in your fort.
And the greatest secret of all
is hidden in this verse.
"In the afternoon of twin days,
on a moonless night...
"Astride a rosewood stallion
Comes the peril of sinners."
More than poetry it sounds... a conspiracy.
My son Aslam wrote the poem
you have just read.
It's a declaration of rebellion
against you.
This book was with him.
It can only mean one thing
now the book is with you.
My son Aslam was martyred.
The dice is in your hands...
...and so is my life.
That's why there's something
I must show you.
Let's be friends, Mr Mirza.
My enmity is dangerous.
You've got what you wanted... free my son.
Ram Khilawan, pull the barrier down.
Don't lift it till I tell you.
This road belongs
to the Company now.
Anyone using it must pay one anna.
One anna per head.
How many?
Forty? Pay forty annas.
Stop right there!
Can't you see the barrier?
Want to use this road? Pay tax.
The road belongs to the Company.
Anyone using it must pay.
One anna per head.
Servant or master?
If servant and master
are travelling together...
...who has to pay?
The master. Who else?
Sir, then get the money
from my master.
Who is your master?
The rose of the garden,
a diamond among diamonds...
Nawab Fidruddin Hakimuddin,
the great Khan Sahab.
Master, pay and get rid of him.
Nonsense! You calling
a donkey a Nawab?
I'll give you a wallop
and end your clowning.
What you see is not what it is,
what it is - you do not see.
Look here.
He's my master and a Nawab,
I'm his servant.
You may not see it,
but he is a Nawab.
Since the Company came, many a
Prince has been turned into a donkey.
Donkeys they are,
but they do not look it.
Inspector, he's witty!
"It's true what you say.
My wit is as bright as day."
He has sharp eyes.
- And he is the Nawab of where?
- Chamanpur, sahab.
He trusted the white Company...
...and now to use his own road,
the Nawab has to
He must pay tax.
Enough now, Darogaji.
We're getting late.
Let me pay for him.
I cannot accept charity.
I'll pay coin for coin.
I'll ride with you. Keep you
so entertained...
...the road will feel like
a shortcut.
He's an amusing fellow.
What's your name?
Firangi Sailor.
Village Gopalpur.
District Cawnpore. Awadh.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Good sirs, my cooking will make
you lick your fingers.
That's all very well, Firangi.
Nothing more exciting?
When angels hear me play,
they float down.
If you're lucky, pretty fairies
will appear too.
Don't kill him. Just rob him
and let him go.
These thugs are careless louts!
They've forgotten his ring.
Better play dead.
Or you'll be dead for real.
There were 7 travellers.
5 rupees per man, 35 in all.
Show me 35 silver coins,
round little beauties.
And one anna for road tax.
You robbing us?
Everything costs so much.
I had to follow them for miles.
We're talking the price of a life,
not a sack of onions, Bhurelal.
28. That's it!
30, and those two brass pots
and plate are mine.
Count them, sahab. All there?
Firangi's word is as good as gold.
I promised 20 thugs. A man more,
never a man less.
You're good with numbers.
Sir, one thug is 10 guineas,
so 200 guineas.
We agreed 100 guineas.
Sir, think of the many rascals
I've handed over to you.
I risk my neck for you.
You should say, "My son Firangi,
here's 200. And a 100 guinea tip."
Very well.
Wait till my senior arrives.
Even death cannot hold me back.
I must leave for Rasoolpur at once.
What's the great calamity?
No calamity, sahab.
My Granny has died.
I gave you my word,
so your work came first.
I must perform her last rites now.
Very well!
My sweet Granny!
Granny, why did you abandon me?
Nawab, remind me... give alms in Granny's name.
She always comes in handy.
Let's go.
- Look again.
- It's blank.
- Impossible! Look again.
- Take my word for it.
What's going on?
Sir, he refuses to load my cargo.
- You have the receipt?
- It's blank.
- What are you carrying?
- This.
Hukum Singh!
- Captain?
- We should sail now.
My cargo?
Take it on the next ship.
Come on out! Hurry!
Who is this man?
An Indian, our enemy.
His name is... Azaad.
Azaad. Azaad. Azaad!
The very sound of his name
vexes me.
May lightning strike him down.
He dares to humiliate you
in my kingdom.
Sir, do not worry.
I will personally make Azaad
and his rebels pay dearly.
Azaad is a rebel to you.
To me he's a thug.
God knows why people have so much
respect in their hearts for him.
And in your heart?
I hear your kingdom of Durgapur
helps Azaad.
Empty rumours, sire!
My lord Clive knows
just how loyal I am to him.
You must help us in this war
against Azaad.
We'll fight fire with fire, Clive sir.
Forget Azaad! If anyone
even mentions his name's straight to prison.
Thank you.
But sir, we'll need guns
and ammunition for this war.
You'll have to arrange them.
Thank you, sir.
The guns and ammunition
might end up in Azaad's hands.
I don't trust Sangram Singh.
I do not trust any of them.
In order to hunt a tiger...
...we'll need a tethered goat.
People regard Azaad as their saviour.
A tethered goat cannot trap a saviour.
Have you another animal in mind?
The face of a man,
the heart of a beast...
...the nature of a foreigner
is our Firangi.
- Get lost you!
- Sorry.
Come on, Suraiyya Jaan!
Suraiyya Jaan!
Suraiyya Jaan!
What are you doing, Suraiyya?
The white men are getting out of hand.
How about wearing me today?
Slap me. Slap me again.
But when you hear my story,
you'll cry.
My Granny died. What to do?
Oh Allah! Your Granny?
How she doted on me.
No wonder she sacrificed her life
for you 4 times. Scoundrel!
Have I killed off Granny before?
Last time it was your maternal granny.
Go sit in Granny's cupboard.
Suraiyya, what are you doing?
Coming, aunt.
Where are you rushing?
The Company has requested...
...Suraiyya Jaan to dance...
...tonight. Only for white officers.
- Not a soul else.
- What about me?
The Captain's orders:
If by mistake... Indian is seen among the guests...
What if I said this Indian's heart
swells only for you?
That's not called a heart, sweetie.
You refuse a true lover?
Many lovers profess love
behind closed doors...
...but they always sneak away.
Such men fill the belly...
...not the heart.
A lover is one who fearlessly declares
his love in front of the whole world.
There's no hope you'll do that.
Have some wine.
You're the Englishman's mistress...
...graduated from the school of love.
We're ignorant fools, how can we take love's test?
You're the Englishman's mistress...
...graduated from the school of love.
We're ignorant fools, how can we take love's test?
To the beat of my heart you sing a killer tune.
You've sung the opening lines,
now it's riffs and runs.
Suraiyya, want me to die for you?
Suraiyya, want me to die for you?
Suraiyya, stop right there.
Want me to die for you?
Suraiyya, stop!
Want me to die for you?
Suraiyya, want me to die for you?
You bowed as you entered my home.
You've seen the Goddess.
You want my blessings too?
You bowed as you entered my home.
You've seen the Goddess.
You want my blessings too?
I danced for you.
I sang for you.
Must I now bear your children, too?
Must I sacrifice my life for you?
Must I sacrifice my life for you?
Suraiyya, stop!
Want me to die for you?
Suraiyya, want me to die for you?
Must I sacrifice my life for you?
You're all equal in my eyes...
You're all equal in my eyes... you a general or foot soldier.
Every man here believes
he's my beloved.
The slightest glimpse of my smile...
...makes them mistake it for love.
Aren't you scared?
You must face your Maker some day?
High time you mend your ways,
Stop right there, Suraiyya!
Fear the Lord.
You with your heart of stone.
All your admirers have handed over
their wealth to you.
Do you want these thugs... hand over India, too?
Look he's Indian.
Done for.
Suraiyya Jaan...
...will take your life for sure.
Singing like a nightingale for 200
soldiers, how did you imagine... wouldn't get caught?
I'm Firangi, the foreigner.
Foreign on the inside.
Not so foreign on the outside.
A small peg?
You think I go round carrying
a whiskey bottle?
But I do, sir.
May I?
Name rings a bell?
Sir, I'm a simple informant.
Getting thugs caught is one thing...
...but Azaad is a rebel.
Out of my league.
Firangi, you've helped us
catch many thugs...
...but how long will you chase
a few coins?
Think big. Think Azaad.
An astrologer said I will travel
to foreign lands.
I will see England
once in my life, sir.
1, 2, dash it, nonsense, quick march.
3, 4, pudding-wudding. Good night.
Etc, etc, etc, I want to practice
my English there.
That is my dream.
Bring me news first.
10,000 gold guineas.
A house by the river and forty acres
of farmland, sir.
I see you had it all planned.
Sir, you said if you roll the dice,
then up the stakes.
Sir, I need a helper.
The earth, wind, water, beasts,
moon and stars...
...have their own languages.
Languages that we do not know.
But I know a man...
...who understands these languages.
Where is he?
Where men like him usually end up.
Bad news is coming.
With good news?
You cheat! You traitor!
I won't spare you, Firangi.
Shut up, bloody Indian.
Salaam, Sanichar sahab.
My childhood friend.
Hope I don't explode with happiness.
Haven't seen you for ages.
The last time we met you had me jailed.
Your face has haunted me.
Let's bury the past, old friend.
Why not?
Let's bury all the old stories too.
But which story do we bury?
When you threw me in jail?
Or when you decided to elope with
my fianc?
We didn't elope. We went sightseeing.
She wanted Nawab to take her
for a ride.
Swear on Granny!
A friend betraying me was written
in my horoscope.
That's why I've fasted every Saturday
for 13 years.
I performed all the rituals to be rid
of this curse. And of you.
...we've been friends for years.
You know I can be a rogue sometimes.
I won't deny it.
But... I do value friendship.
Not very much, but I do.
Let's join forces one last time.
You're here to trap me
in some disaster, guru.
I have a dream for you.
Do I survive in this dream?
A mansion, land, a loving bride... and wine.
The dream has it all.
The job?
To find Azaad.
Bravo, guru!
Planning my last rites while I live.
I'm thinking big, Sanichar.
With your wisdom and my brains,
we're set for a lifetime of fun.
Now you're on!
- Firangi, no more dirty tricks now.
- Never! Swear on Granny.
More wine, boy.
- Happy?
- Wine!
The nectar of the gods!
In ancient times, gods drank wine,
now the English do.
They're the gods today.
Such fine wine!
We're after Azaad, not wine.
You asked me a question.
I consulted the planets.
In the North, the jackal howled. In the
South, the pigeon flapped its wings.
The mantra I chant tells me...
"You will find your goal in the South.
"Cross the waters."
That's what the planets say.
This ship is sailing south to Vijaynagar.
We'll alight there.
And Azaad will be waiting for us
with a hot tea.
He'll say, "Drink up first, guru.
Then arrest me."
My job was to find him and I will.
Your job, and the white man's job,
is to arrest him.
Give the boy some water, please.
He's burning with a fever.
Hey, don't finish it!
Drink up!
Forgive us, sahab!
Show us mercy!
What are you doing, sir?
Call the Captain.
It's poking me.
You'll be cursed!
You'll go straight to hell.
Get off me!
We're done for.
To battle!
- Up!
- The ship will capsize.
- Hide!
- Save me.
To the attack!
To battle!
You wanted Azaad, I've found him.
- Where are you going?
- Your wisdom, my brains.
You're alive!
Jaitun Bi, you've saved him.
He looked handsome asleep.
He looks even better awake.
Jaitun Bi is a number one healer.
She has every cure there is.
And every kind of wine.
I haven't sobered up from
last night's drink.
Drink today's wine...
...and you'll be drunk all week.
Your new best friend?
We're in Azaad's hideout.
This is the only way to survive.
You've been out cold for 4 days.
I had to make friends and I spun
great yarns about your bravery.
Drag him here.
Bring him forward.
He's a spy.
What's going on, brother?
They've caught a spy.
What information were
the English seeking?
You know the punishment for spying?
I made a bad mistake.
Forgive me as you would a child.
Akbar and Gopal.
All martyred children.
You caused their deaths.
Serving your white master Clive
has blinded you.
You felt no shame selling
your own brothers.
He has enslaved your very soul.
I shall free it today.
Bhima, his family is our
responsibility now.
You showed great bravery.
You saved one of us.
You've nursed him well.
That's a first.
Your potions kill more often
than they cure.
I liked his face.
I'm old enough to marry now.
Find an auspicious day for
the wedding. He'll be my lover.
As though your lovers survive.
What's your name?
Where are you from?
Firangi Sailor.
Village Dulhara.
District Fatehpur Sikri. Agra.
But I can live anywhere.
Bhima will take you both... a place from where
you can find your own way.
- Thank you.
- Bhima!
You gave me a new life.
Now my life and honour are yours.
I'm tired of being a slave.
I want to stay here. I want
to be as free as you, Azaad.
Do you know whose side
you're joining?
I joined your side on the ship...
...the day the English were preparing
a watery grave for me.
My name may mean foreigner,
but I will not die at their hands.
Did that frighten you?
To be honest, everything frightens me.
But if you teach me,
I'll learn to be brave.
I'm a fast learner, sahab.
From now you're as free as we are.
Take this.
I can't see the girl whose
life I saved.
Protect your home.
You're still up?
I told you to rest.
I wanted to sleep.
But this...
...this wouldn't let me.
When you were born...
...your father, Mirza sahab,
tied it to my wrist. He said:
"From today you will be
Zafira's protector."
I know that.
- Do I still need protecting?
- No, no. Not at all.
But this foolish thing doesn't
know that. It won't let me sleep.
So will you stay awake all your life?
The day I take this amulet off...
...then I'll sleep in peace.
I'll sleep so deeply, no sound
would stir me.
What if I called out to you?
If you called...
...I'd return even from hell.
I feel very troubled tonight.
In the courtyard...
...the tamarind tree.
My little girl...
Azaad knows how to stay hidden.
There must be a road here.
The sea here?
I always knew... wanted to trap me.
What were you looking for?
An escape route?
I was enjoying my freedom.
Roaming about freely... swinging freely.
How are things with you?
I don't trust you.
Two reasons why:
One, I'm very handsome.
Everyone says so.
Two, because of Khudabaksh...
...also known as Azaad.
I could tell there was tension
between you two.
Maybe you want to be the new leader.
Khudabaksh trusts me.
But you? You're sure I'll betray you.
The truth is you don't trust me.
You put a gun on my shoulder
and aim at...
Why don't you trust me, silly girl?
Talk like that again and
I'll slit your throat.
My lips are sealed.
End to squabbling.
End to whining.
What do you say?
I had heard...
...if you crossed the seven seas,
saved a life...'d win a friend forever.
Sacrifice your life for Azaad,
then we'll be friends.
I won't sacrifice my life for anyone.
Why waste your energy, Azaad?
- Nothing will grow here.
- And if it does?
It hasn't in two years,
so why would it now?
It's here.
Eat if you're hungry.
Drink if you're thirsty.
A plough on a warrior's back?
We're all farmers, or we once were.
When I lost my land, I had to
exchange shovel for sword.
It looks like no one believes
in your farming skills.
- Can I help?
- No.
This is my obsession.
It is mine alone.
What do you want to grow?
Of freedom?
Gaining freedom is inevitable.
I want people to have the courage
to dream.
I say you don't need courage to dream,
you need a little intoxication.
What's more intoxicating
than freedom?
How can you change things
Change one man.
You would've changed them all.
If only man was so noble.
In everyone's life...
...they get at least one chance... rise above their weakness.
Go beyond their abilities.
Transcend their nature.
Transform their personality.
Become their best self.
That is my belief.
I can't figure out if I should learn
from you. Or be fearful.
I should fear you.
I've trusted you.
You're a stranger.
You could be the enemy.
But when I look at you...
...I see someone who is uneasy.
You're seeking something.
Looking for a path.
Wanting to be free.
Maybe we are the bridge
to your freedom.
Only time will tell if you're
my greatest discovery.
Or my greatest mistake.
Think it over.
I have.
Just before the midnight hour...
...dressed in a flowing skirt comes
a night from the Arabian tales.
Like a wandering fakir,
strutting like a foreigner.
This night is the Devil's mistress.
Sparkling like the Kohinoor diamond.
With an enchanting temperament.
My friend, it's amazing!
She's come bathed in sweet wine.
Grab your chance,
no words can describe this night.
Let all hell break loose.
Rejoice till the dawn breaks.
Hear the beat, move your feet.
Let's be merry.
Let all hell break loose.
Rejoice till the dawn breaks.
Hear the beat, move your feet.
Let's be merry.
The priest says drinking is a sin.
But drinking is my second nature.
No one is a true friend here.
The wine-bearer is our only hope.
Wine will make us feel like kings.
Singing is not our forte,
but sing we will.
So what if tune and tempo
are beyond us.
Overlook such tiny flaws.
We'll bid goodbye to the sun
before it sets.
What difference does time make
to drunkards?
Our wicked zeal has given us
the push... watch me crash
to the floor with a thud.
Let all hell break loose.
Rejoice till the dawn breaks.
Hear the beat, move your feet.
Let's be merry.
Let all hell break loose.
Rejoice till the dawn breaks.
Hear the beat, move your feet.
Let's be merry.
Where are we going?
To a small kingdom that comes
to our aid.
In secret.
King Sangram Singh of Durgapur
is an ally and friend.
Though he grows opium
for the English.
Our soldiers have...
...great courage but few muskets.
But not for long.
All roads lead to the same place.
Spread yourselves out.
Not a soul must know...
...that Azaad is in Durgapur.
Some water, brother.
Remember your promise, Firangi?
How could I forget, sir?
You here? Terrific disguise,
Powell sahab.
I do not trust Sangram.
We're keeping an eye on him.
I see! I had better be going.
Any news of Azaad?
I have no news of him...
...but I have Azaad!
Only one request, sir. No bloodshed.
Arrest him quietly and go.
Make sure I can escape.
When I give you the signal,
run for it.
I'm the only one who knows
you work for us.
Or you'll be martyred pointlessly.
I won't be martyred for anyone.
But where is Azaad?
Brother Khudabaksh!
I've been longing to see you.
How are you, Sangram?
This boat is stocked high
with guns and gunpowder.
Blow Clive off the face of this earth!
Slavery is suffocating.
With friends like you,
freedom is near.
We must join forces and win.
Destroy Clive this time!
Master! A disaster!
The Company soldiers know we're here.
- What are you doing, Sangram?
- Listen to me.
For the sake of our friendship.
Stay here.
- But, Sangram...
- This is the safest place for you.
Let me handle them.
Looks like a problem.
Yes. We've been surrounded
on every side.
I never imagined this would happen.
I can't believe it either.
How much did you sell me for?
Not too low a price, I hope?
Deceit is my nature.
To trust is mine.
Only one will survive.
Who do you think you are? God?
Can you re-write another's fate?
Change their nature?
That's not how it works.
I don't have the courage
to better myself.
I get by all right.
I'm fine.
Don't look at me like that.
Nothing will change.
Not me, not you. Not my destiny.
You're wrong. A handful of men
cannot fight a mighty Company.
I don't accept slavery.
Accept defeat. Save your skin.
Look over there!
Do you think they're here
to take us alive?
I betrayed. I saved your life.
We're even now.
You're a good man.
But I am not brave.
Men are not born brave.
Their actions are what counts.
Let me escape.
Save yourself too.
No one will survive till their ship
is destroyed.
Where are you going?
Time is running out.
I cannot change your fate
or your nature...
...but just do one thing for me.
Zafira was young when she
was given into my care.
I did not let her come
to any harm.
But today...
...I cannot protect her.
You must protect her today.
Trusting me again?
It's my nature.
It will never change.
You're insane! How will you destroy
that ship alone?
After all, my name is Khudabaksh,
the Sailor.
"In the afternoon of twin days,
on a moonless night...
"Astride a rosewood stallion...
"Comes the peril of sinners."
Return my doll to me.
Return the swing in the courtyard.
The branch of the tamarind tree
where sat... little child.
Return my silver anklets to me.
This wound will heal in a few days.
But do not allow the wound
inside you... ever heal.
From now Clive should not
have a moment's peace.
His sleep, his laughter,
his arrogance
...we'll snatch it all from him.
I swear on Khudabaksh Sailor...
...I will not rest...
...till we have buried Clive.
Clive wants to enslave our souls.
We shall release him from life itself.
Crumpled Pound Note.
How goes it, brother?
Ram Khilawan, all well?
- Salaam, sahab.
- What brings you here, Firangi?
I've come in person to collect
my reward.
I knew you wouldn't come
looking for me.
So you are Firangi?
My lord!
I'm your devotee, sahab.
Respect and flattery
are not the same thing.
I do both, sir.
To be honest, the real reason
I'm here is to meet you.
You'll get your reward. Do not worry.
I must leave.
My lord, I know a grand celebration
awaits you.
But my belly swells with urgent news
that I must share with you.
What news?
If I let it out, my belly will empty.
Let me eat something. Then the news
will fly out.
You gave me a task, sahab.
It's done.
I promise. Once I collect my reward,
I'll go my way, you go yours.
You asked us to stay to hear this?
Clear off!
Stop eavesdropping. Go!
Sahab, Azaad is not dead.
- I saw it.
- Absolutely right.
Azaad died.
Azaad lives.
I don't care for riddles.
Azaad is not a person, sahab.
He's an idea, an inspiration.
Think of him as a disease.
The old man has left a mighty army
behind him.
One man falls,100 take his place.
Azaad is deep in peoples' hearts,
revered like a God.
Your troubles are not over yet.
You're in danger,
perhaps in even greater danger.
So I came to warn you.
Where is Azaad's army?
Forgive me, my lord.
But I hear the Company has 200 acres
in Kisangarh lying fallow.
I hear a man with 50,000 gold
guineas is greatly respected.
Right, sir?
Is your price not too steep?
I'm selling freedom, sir.
Please don't bargain.
The map to Azaad's army.
Sahab, my foolish partner is
enjoying your prison hospitality.
He's busy guzzling free food. Give me
the blasted fellow.
Make sure you escape in time.
Or you'll both be killed.
- My lord...
- Well done, Firangi.
You have served us well.
We shall not forget.
Sahab! What's the word in English
for "kaminey?"
That's me! A joy meeting you, sir.
1, 2, 3, quick march.
Let's go, Nawab sahab.
The masters are most generous.
And their wine has no match.
Are we good or bad people, Firangi?
More than that! We're alive.
That's what counts.
You're either a great soul
or a scoundrel.
I'm the greatest scoundrel.
That's the signal.
All men to their mark, we're heading
through the pass.
Aye, aye, Captain.
Prepare the cannon!
Hold your mark.
Look up there!
How treacherous, Firangi.
Betraying us of all people?
The pot calling the kettle black.
I've betrayed dozens for you.
Just a taste of your
own medicine.
Tell Clive sir, the integrity of Indians
is not paan, chew it and spit it out.
When it grabs the enemy
by the throat... doesn't let him go till
the enemy breathes his last.
Thank you. Goodbye.
1.2.3, quick march.
Firangi! Firangi!
Firangi! Firangi!
Sanichar! Sanichar!
Saved from the jaws of hell!
Azaad's path is the path we'll follow.
We may die on this path...
...but now that I've tasted self-respect,
I'll never let it go.
All thanks to you.
You are my Azaad.
You've freed me from my worst self.
When will self-respect let go of you?
You'll be the death of me, guru.
So Firangi conned us by showing us
a bogus map.
I thought you trusted him.
I trusted his dishonesty, sir.
So Azaad has found another soldier.
It's my mistake, sir.
It's Firangi who has made
a mistake.
He'll be duly punished.
Sir, we do not know his whereabouts.
So how can we catch him?
Where are you taking me?
Let go!
How are you, Bhurelal?
Do you ever think of Firangi? Your old
cheating friend.
Did you call me?
I was wrong about you.
I was not sure I could trust you.
But I was wrong.
I didn't believe you were brave.
I doubted you.
I was wrong.
Now I'm angry with myself.
I can be harsh. Even if I wanted,
I can't be gentle.
That's just me.
Clive. Revenge. Our lost home -
is all I could think of.
It was like poison running in my veins.
And that poison was my strength.
Maybe I don't need this poison anymore.
Azaad's sword.
You're one of us now.
This is a symbol of trust...
...and friendship.
I entrust you with this sword...
...and my friendship.
Don't look at me like that.
I did what you asked.
It's done. Clive is weeping tears
of blood.
What else do you want?
To be honest...
...I've squeezed out every bit
of goodness I had in me.
Now it's best that I leave.
I'm still talking and you fly away?
Can man's nature ever be trusted?
What if my wicked streak comes back?
Listen to me, uncle!
Being good is short-lived for me.
I'm scared I'll turn into the old me.
The saying will come true:
"Even the pious can turn
their backs on goodness."
No one believes anything
will grow here.
Change one man
and everyone will change.
What's wrong?
The Company's ships are attacking!
Get everyone out, hurry!
Sir, I think we can arrest
most of them.
I think they'll surrender, sir.
We're not here to take prisoners,
Mr Powell.
No prisoners.
Strictly none.
Get everyone out!
Take the children out!
Hurry! Go!
Many have left. We must go.
You saved us. Or we would have
all been slaughtered.
I am not the saviour.
It was someone else.
New trouble is here. Deal with it.
Why are you looking downcast?
Eat up! Make yourselves at home.
Come on, Jaitun Bi...
Look who's here! Suraiyya!
Sorry! We came without warning.
Brought a wedding party?
Suraiyya Jaan loves to joke.
Come. See what I've brought
for you.
- Hush! For God's sake.
- What were you thinking?
I'd serve your guests free food?
These poor creatures are in trouble.
When you lie, I'm the first to know
you're lying.
Me? Lying?
- They're in trouble. They're travellers.
- We need your help.
But you should know who you're helping.
- I'm trying to explain...
- We're Azaad's soldiers.
There's a reward on our heads.
Helping us could mean death for you.
- Don't exaggerate!
- Let her talk.
Thank you for your honesty.
But why would I want to help you?
Clive has planned a big celebration
at Dussehra.
The festivity will be incomplete
without you.
You are the only means
we have to get to Clive.
Maybe we're wrong to ask for your help.
The decision is yours.
Slavery is unacceptable.
Under our own people or the whites.
You must be crazy thinking up
a plan like that.
Then again I like crazy people.
Besides... is tradition to burn the demon
Raavan at Dussehra.
Let the fire warm us too.
Gentlemen and respected
Clive sahab...
Once again we shall perform
a beautiful dance for you this night.
The only difference is that...
...after seeing our dance, you may lose
the desire to see another spectacle.
Hold onto your hearts, sirs.
It is known that our talents...
...have caused the death of many.
This celebration is indeed splendid.
Tomorrow is Dussehra, when
Good triumphs over Evil.
The demon Raavan, who has
tormented you...
...will meet his end.
But who is this Raavan?
There's only one Raavan
that Raunakpur fears.
Before Suraiyya Jaan dazzles us...
...I wish to present to you...
...the leader of the
thugs of Hindostan...
Also known as Khudabaksh Sailor.
He had wished for martyrdom.
He was saved so justice
could now be served.
On this Dussehra...
...along with Raavan's head, this thug's
head will be severed.
Raavan was born here.
We've known him since childhood.
But our mistake was not recognising
your true colours.
In this gathering...'re the biggest thug, Clive.
You cannot escape your punishment,
If freedom is a crime then
let the punishment be mine.
Whatever befalls us now is God's will.
...return my doll to me.
Return the swing in my courtyard.
The branch of the tamarind tree
where sat...
...a little child.
Return my silver anklets.
Embers fill one hand.
A song fills the other.
We are people who know
how to smile.
We take pride in our sorrows too.
We shall dazzle those who
watch us perform today.
Until we achieve our goal,
our hearts will not stop beating.
It is God's will.
It is God's will.
Our destiny is in God's hands.
God's will.
It is God's will.
It is God's will.
Shooting stars illuminate...
...God's divine light.
You can enslave our bodies
for a passing moment...
...but our souls are forever free.
We are not of this earth.
We come from far away.
From a shining city in the sky.
Withering sooner than we blossom.
Parting sooner than we meet.
This is our story.
We sail onto the high seas
in a paper boat.
This is our life.
Come what may, we shall settle
all scores.
Until we achieve our goal,
our hearts will not stop beating.
It is God's will.
It is God's will.
What befalls us now is God's will.
It is God's will.
It is God's will.
Shooting stars illuminate...
...God's divine light.
...return my doll to me.
Return the swing in the courtyard.
The branch of the tamarind tree
where sat... little child.
Return my silver anklets to me.
This is adding woe to worry.
My lord, she planned to blow
your head off.
But the gun betrayed her
in the nick of time.
Sir, I'm number 1, 2 and 3
in deception.
Firangi Sailor. Village Rasoolpur.
District Fatehabad.
Azaad's entire army is here.
Arrest them all!
Look, there they are.
Take her!
What are you doing, Firangi?
Just doing my job.
Protecting my lord is my only duty.
After all, my name means foreigner.
See! Don't we look alike?
I think we were connected
in a past lifetime.
You were my father and I was
My lord... have Azaad's entire army here.
A simple reward won't do this time.
What do they call it in English?
A medal! Yes.
This time I want a medal.
Hold him tight.
Uncle is a dangerous fellow.
What has come over you?
Zafira, remember this...
People must always expect
to be deceived.
Only two things are certain:
deceit and death.
We're fated to meet them
at least once in a lifetime.
My lord, you may not know it,
but the throne you sit on...
...and the people who bow to you...
...are the subjects of Zafira Baig.
Mirza Sikander Baig's
only daughter.
She's alive.
All the thugs under one roof.
Is this why you betrayed us?
My lord, I promised to bring
Azaad's army on their knees to you.
Do not forget my reward.
Mirza Sahab was right, Firangi.
An Indian's greatest enemy
is an Indian.
Mirza Sahab was right.
But you were wrong.
Forgive me if I speak out of turn.
Please be seated.
Clive sahab should've been named
"the Merciful."
He says...
...Zafira's life is in your hands.
A small task needs doing.
Anyone here who has sided
with Azaad...
...or nurtured a dream to follow him...
...should surrender without a fuss.
This is the only way you can save
your daughter Zafira and...
...these crazy rebels.
If you refuse, she may live today but
tomorrow she will die.
Now go!
Enjoy Clive sahab's hospitality
in prison. Go!
What are you made of? Even
hell's gates won't open for you.
1, 2, 3. Shut up, bloody Indian!
They all want to give themselves up
for her.
I'll never understand Indians.
Lock them all up.
And Zafira?
At dawn...
...she hangs.
- Who is it?
- I'm one of you, brother. Open up!
Sweet laddoos for everyone.
I leave for England at dawn.
I've brought laddoos
to celebrate.
Pass them round.
You have some too.
They've been blessed by the Goddess.
Eat them and be freed from worry.
Ah, my old friend! I wish I could
offer you a laddoo.
But why waste delicacies on the
uncouth? So none for you.
Master, greetings.
A laddoo?
They're so delicious.
They all want more.
You're looking at me as though you'd
prefer to gobble me up!
Here, brother. Try one.
Let me convince him.
Uncle, the thing is...
I understand why you're angry
with me.
There's a big difference between
what I say and what I do.
I say one thing and do another.
You asked me to protect Zafira,
and ensure our freedom.
It's the hardest thing
I've ever done...
...going against my nature.
Very tough.
I gave it my all.
But I've been fooling myself.
When I saw you alive,
what a relief it was!
The old me returned.
I was all set for martyrdom.
My luck was running out -
till I saw you.
Does one laddoo come with such
a long story?
Give me one.
You'll eat one?
Didn't I tell you?
He'd even take poison from me.
Here you are!
No, no, no!
Shrewd move!
I'd give you a laddoo
and you'd attack me.
Your warrior instinct is still intact.
So what if you're shackled,
you'd still find a way to fight.
You do not fear dying. That's why
death cannot touch you.
And me? I'm so scared of life,
I cheat it.
Today is not about my life,
it's about your death.
Will you slay me with your talk?
Or have you another weapon?
I have a watch!
No greater weapon than Time.
The royal astrologer has
predicted that... 10.05pm sharp, you'd be killed.
1, 2, 3.
I stole Clive sahab's watch,
but I can't read the time.
Tell me the time. I'll handle the rest.
I just need a minute.
At least I'll die by my own sword.
Eyes on the watch.
Pure clockwork!
Jaitun Bi's hand-made potions
can certainly weave magic.
We came to kill Clive
and die ourselves.
When I saw you, my mind lit up.
An idea popped into my head.
All your admirers and army
are here in this jail. Together!
You once said: "Together we're free."
But I am not.
I'm not Azaad.
I know you are Khudabaksh Sailor.
My hands are tied so I'm not free.
And if you insist on saying
another word...
...I'll go mad.
Pulling my leg, uncle!
What are you waiting for?
Need an invitation to hug me?
What's this, silly girl? You'll weep
when you hear my story.
Whenever I tell the truth,
I get a slap.
Don't say another word, Firangi.
No time for talking.
You're back!
Your archery is terrible.
I had to return from hell.
What fool taught you how to fight?
Don't forget, this is all thanks to me.
I thought I'd mention it. Bright folk
like you don't need reminding.
A secret tunnel leads straight
into the fort.
All your men are here,
Bhima and the others.
Hurry, go. Teach Clive a lesson.
And you?
I've sprained my ankle.
You don't need me. I'll rest a minute.
Let's go!
One thing is certain,
you people are heartless.
You will not be at peace
till I get martyred.
I knew your wicked streak would pass
like a lunar eclipse.
Are you drunk?
I was starving.
I had one of your laddoos.
Disaster! How will you fight?
Freedom is intoxicating too.
I'll sober up.
Merrily on their way to death.
They say one must forget everything
when going to battle.
But today the past must be
Clive has done us many a favour.
Today it is our turn.
To battle!
Get my ship ready, Powell!
You go up.
Good sir, don't shoot!
I have tiny little children.
You know how I hate fighting.
- If you want, I'll disappear.
- Enough cheating.
- Cheating yourself and us.
- Sir, no!
This is the first time in your life
you're on the right path.
Stay on it, Firangi.
You turned out to be a real Indian.
Foreign on the inside.
Not so foreign on the outside.
You really can't be trusted.
You're not a good judge
of character, sir.
You've known Indians
with their hands tied.
Now enjoy the force of their
free hands.
I won't let you get to your ship.
What would be happening there?
Dawn is breaking.
New, beautiful.
Long live Zafira!
Long live Zafira!
Zafira will ask: "Where is Firangi?"
No, she's their leader now.
Their new hope.
Great tasks are ahead of her.
I would have weakened her
if I had stayed.
To freedom!
She'll look for you.
She will, when she hears
you stole her ship.
She'll come looking, guru.
She'll come looking.
I led her to victory. Saved her life.
Got her the throne.
- Besides, I asked her for the ship.
- Liar!
Swear on Granny!
Swear you asked
or swear you're lying?
Since when have you taken the vow
of Truth?
She fell in love with you.
You could've reigned as king.
And me? The Prime Minister.
But no! Wasting time by your side
is written in my fate.
Mr Astrologer, marriage
is the death of love.
A marriage must be between equals.
- I can't compare myself to Zafira.
- Don't put yourself down.
I'm as sharp as a blade.
I was talking about Zafira.
We're friends again just like
we were as young boys.
I feel so happy, I'm almost dizzy.
No one must come between us.
Why even think such things?
Your stars say wood can harm you.
Let me handle it.
Suraiyya! You here?
Glad you showed up.
I had no choice since you fled
with my jewellery.
You scoundrel.
I didn't steal them,
just borrowed them.
Besides a woman's treasure
is her virtue, silly girl!
You? And virtue?
Virtue would die of shame
to hear you utter the word.
I swear! Even a slap from you
makes my heart swell.
That's not called a heart, sweetie.
If you're done your sweet-talking,
can we set sail?
Tell me where we're going.
To Calcutta.
Hein? He said Madras.
No, we're going to Calcutta.
Why Calcutta? What's there?
I want to buy a veil from the bazaar.
Don't pester me.
Firangi, where are we going?
To a perfect paradise...
...where other beauties besides
our Suraiyya dance.
1, 2, dash it. Quick march.
Pudding-wudding. Good night.
Shirt loose, pajama tight.
Friends, our ship is heading straight
to "Inglistaan."
Also known as England.
White folk have robbed
a lot from us...'s our turn now.
Swear on Granny! If I don't sell
their country in a few months... name isn't Firangi.
Hail Lord Shiva!