Thumbaa (2019) Movie Script

[the tiger]
I've been in rounds.
Is everything clear?
It's routine for me.
What to do?
No other way.
Sir, it's raining!
Keep the things inside.
I'll switch off the electric fuse.
Hurry up.
Heavy rain!
Zone 9 come in.
Yes, Zone 9.
I'm Ranger Zone 5.
Thumbaa and its cub are missing.
Check the radio caller signal in GPS, over.
Just a minute. I'll check.
Okay, sir.
Signal is in your area.
Check immediately.
T14 Thumbaa escaped
and going inside Topslip forest.
Inform the Tamil Nadu forest officials,
Palani, will everything be perfect?
Brother, stand steadily.
It'll be perfect.
If I stand like this,
I'll get paralysis.
You must sketch me classically
and astonished by youth.
Definitely, brother.
- Uma,
- Boss?
What colour to apply for his tress?
Black is common.
That's an old style.
Brother, shall I apply blue colour?
Boss, already he resembles an alien.
And you confirmed it
with this sketch.
Look there.
Brown for eyes,
White for nose,
And yellow for lips.
He is like a CSK fan
watching IPL cricket match.
Boss, give me a chance.
I'll change everything.
Uma, are you aiming to
take my position?
First, learn to hold the brush.
Then, you can do the rest. Go.
Phone is ringing.
Bring the phone.
Don't do everything in reverse
Sir, is this Topslip contract?
Tell me.
I'll come definitely.
You don't need me?
Have you got a better painter?
Who is better than me,
in this area?
Who is there?
- Hello.
- Hello.
I'm here.
Is this Topslip contract?
Goosebumps for me.
Was last year a scam?
Hold it, please.
What to do, sir?
Whoever holds a brush
are said as painters.
Okay, sir. I'll come.
I'll do well. Okay, sir.
Thank you, sir.
Oh! My god!
- Uma, was that Topslip contract?
- Yes, boss.
You did a scam last year, isn't it?
So, they called me now.
What's the scam I did?
I used water paint instead of oil paint.
Is that a scam?
There are people who are
habitual of scams.
I just replaced the paint.
Will they deny the contract citing it?
Call them and refuse the contract.
- Palani, is it done?
- Just five minutes, brother.
I was awaiting for five years
to get a contract.
Let me go.
Uma, it's not easy to work there.
I'll take up this job
at the cost of my life.
I'm leaving.
- Palani, is it done?
- Just two minutes, brother.
Uma, you can't do anything
opposing me.
You can't do anything.
Hey, what are you doing?
- Palani, is it done?
- It's perfect. See now.
I'm coming.
He has redrawn like 'Motu patlu'.
Don't come.
- Don't come.
- I'll check for corrections.
Don't come.
Will you open the door or not?
Why are you adamant?
Neither taking food nor coming out
for almost three days?
Will you open the door or not?
Enough of looking at the files.
Ask about your daughter's problem.
At 8 am, a protest is being held in
Valluvarkottam for increasing petrol rates
I've to give security for that
At 10 O clock again petrol rates will be
increased, need to give security for bunks
Besides I've important official meetings
and other duties to be done.
Is there a problem in this house
beyond these?
Yes, there is.
Is it?
Ask her to eat.
Make her to understand
not go alone to the forest for photography.
I can understand your problem.
It's tough to eat your mom's cooking.
But, get adjusted today too.
What's your problem?
Tell me.
Don't you know that my ambition
is to be a wild life photographer?
I know.
You're sticking on to it
from the age of ten.
That's why, I'm sending all the
photographs to magazines.
- Are you aware of it?
- Yes.
Even I'm aware that all photographs
got rejected...
No, I got a letter that the photos
I shot are good.
But, I must send a photo
of a wild animal to pursue a job.
For you?
Did you check the address?
It's okay.
But, do you want your mom worried?
Why did you deny your father's business
and became an IAS officer?
Might be good,
if I've took up the business.
You decided to proceed your life
with your ambition, isn't it?
I too wish the same.
Please, dad.
I'll go.
Okay, I can understand.
But, to make your mom understand...
The food doesn't taste good
Your mom cooked.
What's your problem now?
I must go to Topslip
and take a photograph of the tiger.
Definitely 'no'.
Though you won't accept,
I can go.
But, I want you to understand
its importance.
I wish your support.
Please, mom.
How will you spend ten days there?
Only seven days.
Yes! Only seven days...
What about the accommodation?
No problem.
I've arranged for everything.
Yes, I've done all the arrangements.
Okay, tell me what do you want.
I'll get it packed.
Thank you so much, mom!
Listen to me carefully.
Danger can come in any way.
Are we ready to face it?
This building can catch fire
by short circuit.
Your car might catch fire
because of Air conditioner.
Your bike may go in flames,
on bursting of petrol tank.
- Why is he speaking bad?
- Why all these?
Maam might catch fire on
blasting of gas cylinder while cooking.
You sinner!
Enough, come to the point.
Do you know what to do
in emergency when fire catches?
I know, uncle.
Why are you asking questions?
Go for a demo.
Give me.
If anything catches fire like this,
Open the door, run to the corridor
and take the fire extinguisher,
When you open the knob and press,
it gets extinguished.
- Brother, it didn't.
- Oh, no!
You must extinguish like this.
They're making fun.
It's the method of extinguishing
the fire in the house.
What will you do
when the fire spreads the entire house?
What to do?
When the second floor catches fire,
Water hose.
It's ready, sir.
Come on.
Where is he pointing to?
Hey, it's there!
Water hose up!
Not there.
You must put down this way.
You mean to wash the face.
That's all or not?
That's all.
Then, if fire accident happens
on the terrace...
Come on, let's go.
Wasting money for expecting
this as fire drill.
Take away all things.
Sir, when is the next programme?
I'll call you by next month.
Thank you, sir.
Okay, bye.
Take it.
A cup of tea.
What's up, Hari?
How about your job?
I couldn't save the money.
I too think of setting up a tea shop
and earn good money like you.
Still how long you dream?
Just few days.
I'll start the business opposite
to your place.
I'm leaving.
By God grace
Welcome to HP petroleum station!
Keep the pump away.
Sorry, sir.
How much, sir?
- Fill the tank.
- Okay, sir.
- Thank you so much, sir.
- Thank you.
Oh, no!
"The whole world seems
to spin around me!
"My heart is screaming in joy"
"The Jupiter, with folded arms,
is standing before me"
"I was just a damaged piece"
"The joker has now become a hero!"
"This dry mound of clay gets chiseled;"
"Once a crooked pillar"
Did you come for work?
Or just to rest and sleep?
The thief took away your bag calmly.
Settle the lost money and get lost.
Don't turn up for work from tomorrow.
Sir, please.
Get lost.
I'm excited today.
Just a minute.
Have this sweet.
Eat the cake first.
Taste it.
No, have tea before eating the sweet.
Take it.
Just a minute.
Nothing is good.
Better, you do cooking.
Don't be panic.
I just tried painting tiger's tail
in snake gourd.
Wash it and cook.
God! It's my lucky day!
What happened to you?
Dude, I got a good fortune for
struggling all these days with him.
I got a separate contract.
Why are you looking sad?
I lost my job.
What do you mean?
But, you're assigned to many jobs.
I've lost all my savings
He will not pay rent for this month.
What to do?
Don't worry, dude.
I'm not here for a week.
You stay alone and enjoy.
I'll be back. Okay?
Are you getting ready
to leave tomorrow?
I'm not coming.
Why? What happened?
Do you want me to come there
and killed by the tiger?
That's why,
I'm paying you Rs.2500.
Will Palani pay you this money?
Give the phone to KP.
I'll smack you.
He'll also won't come.
What are you thinking about me?
Get lost, useless painters.
Hang up the call.
Dude, I'll come.
Are you coming?
Pay me the lesser amount.
Don't blabber not knowing
about the job.
- I'll do whatever the job is.
- Have to paint the tiger.
- Don't tease me, please.
- I swear.
I must paint the tiger sculptures.
That's an art work.
You can't do.
Who should I get along?
Take me as your assistant.
Dude, that's a worst place
and tough work to do.
There are tigers around.
But, the tiger will not come
to the work place, isn't it?
It may or may not come.
I can't assure about it.
Tell me now, will you come?
If you pay me Rs.2500,
I'll come.
Upon my calculations,
it's a profit for me.
- You will not be taken back, right?
- No.
You're appointed, then.
- To the jungle!
- Jungle!
- Only work and no friendship.
- We're enemies.
- Okay, go and get the things.
- I got a job.
I'll get back all my money.
Is it okay to take him?
Let's see.
Has he left?
You welcomed me to the jungle.
Are we going till the Topslip
by bi-cycle?
- Shut your trap and go.
- Okay.
What would you like to have?
- Nothing.
- Okay.
A Tiger was escaped from
Kerala forest boundary.
The forest department is
in search of tiger.
The forest dwellers are
warned to be alert.
Did I accept blindly?
Brother, how to go to Topslip?
Go by the bus which stands
at the end.
Where to go?
Two tickets to Topslip.
Why are you panicking?
Be seated.
Come on.
Take your seat.
Will you come this side?
I'm feared if the tiger comes
by the window!
Come this side.
Look at his face.
Feared of tiger!
Will it come as he expected?
Let me close the window
Couldn't pull down.
Not feared of the tiger.
But, for my hairstyle.
"Tiger roars"
"Thunder strikes"
"The flag flies high"
"Seeing this Vattaikkaran's arrival"
"Afraid in fear"
"Frighten alarms"
"Panic thrills"
"Seeing this Vattaikkaran's arrival"
[Song from Vettaikkaran movie]
Are you new to this place?
Okay, sleep.
Be careful!
Can't you wake me up
when reached the destination?
You're going without
taking the bag.
Take it.
What's your job with a witch?
Come on.
We've come to Topslip.
If you move ahead,
you'll slip.
We've to go this way.
Come on.
Aanaimalai Tiger Reserve.
'Aanaimalai Tiger Reserve.
It's going to be an adventure for you.
- Dude!
- What?
Are we going alone into this forest?
Not alone, both of us are going.
That's what I asked.
The animals here will flee
when thrown stones.
If not, how will I agree
to give you Rs 2500?
Come on.
Don't know what's here!
Don't leave me alone.
I'm afraid
I'm also coming.
Please, wait.
This place seems to be safe.
Are you here to paint the tiger?
How did you identify?
I identified the painter when he arrived
but not when leaving.
Why? What happened?
He went into the forest to get
fresh air but couldn't find him later.
Leave that past.
Come, let's go inside.
Dude, we'll go back.
It's okay, we'll go backwards.
I said this way.
Come on.
You agreed.
You meet the doctor for other things
but come to me for pooja.
Help us this time.
The old DF office has been
a restricted area because of you.
Still, you believe in pooja.
Take it.
Thank you, sir.
Greetings, sir
- Hello.
- Hello, sir.
Have you spotted the tiger?
We already told you that tiger
has passed in that way.
Sir, what you said is right.
We've searched for two days.
The tiger is not found here.
Dude, the tiger is not here.
As per our count,
only 42 tigers are here.
He says as 42!
Sir, the radar signal connects
the three forest ranges.
Along with you, it's four.
The tiger might've gone
to any forest range.
Else, it might have intruded
the neighboring villages.
Even, might've hunted someone.
Check properly, it's only there.
How do you say that it's in topslip
based on just footprints?
Shall I send my team tomorrow?
Sir, let it be.
After searching, I'll tell you whether
the tiger is here or not?
They're going to find out hereafter.
We'll complete our work and leave.
Tell me.
I'm Umapathy, painter.
He is one of my best friend, Mr. Hari.
My paintings...
My bag is outside, sir.
Why we came here...
Enough! I understood.
Thank you, sir.
- Suresh.
- Sir.
Show them the place of work.
Yes, sir.
He'll help you.
Start the work immediately.
Thank you, sir.
Yours obediently,
Mr. Umapathy.
You must complete
the work on time and leave.
Don't go deep in the forest
No, sir.
I'm telling for your safety.
I'll take care of them, sir.
Get lost.
Brother, shall we have a tea?
We don't have time now.
Will have later.
The painter who came earlier
also rushed with lapse of time.
As his time was bad,
he left midway.
If the tiger hurts his hand,
then how will he paint?
Leave the past, sir.
I'll show you the place to stay.
You will get afraid if I started
telling contractor Nesamani story
If I had walked towards that way
we would have gone back home
No use of thinking now, come on
Did you see?
Good to see 'pay and use toilet' here.
You're going to stay here.
But, you're lucky!
I haven't stayed here,
but you are going to.
It's okay. Good luck!
I think it'll be good inside.
Come, let's see.
It's awful like him.
It was been locked for many days.
That's why looking like this.
- It's okay.
- Go around.
Is it safe to stay here?
Perfectly safe.
An elephant may come at times
to eat the bamboo.
Take care of yourselves then.
We'll take care.
- Will an elephant come?
Don't be panic.
The painter who came earlier also looked
at the window when an elephant came.
Even the elephant looked at him.
Thinking him as bamboo,
it ate him
Brother, what are you saying?
Leave that past story.
Get ready soon.
I'll show the place where to work.
Get ready soon.
Hey, what is this?
Snake's skin is here?
- Stop.
- Run away
Come on. Fast
Brother, this speed isn't enough.
Will you run like this
if the tiger comes?
Let it be.
How long to go?
Must go straight, take
left and then right.
Both these conjoined
is our hometown.
He's a chatterbox.
This is the tiger you've come to paint.
Give me your phone.
Take it.
It was small as an image.
Now, look huge.
What are you thinking about?
Only we both can't complete this work.
I'm thinking of calling someone.
Come, let's go to our hometown
and get people.
No way.
I'll ask him to get two more persons.
Mr. Suresh,
Is there any painters here?
We brought you as no one is here.
He made me ashamed.
Come, let's have a tea
and find out someone.
We got stuck to buy him tea.
Come on.
Two cups of tea.
Two biscuits.
This place is a forest.
I'm getting frustrated.
What did they say on phone?
If we catch a tiger for them,
they'll pay us.
I'm feared of dog,
you're asking to catch a tiger.
I'll do any other job.
How much will they give
if we catch them a tiger?
- Twenty lakh rupees.
- Twenty lakh rupees!
Close the den.
Shall we trap all the tigers
and get huge amount?
No need to catch all.
If you trap only this tiger,
they'll give you enough money.
How did they trust him
and assign this work?
People are coming.
Keep that inside.
Brother, our friends are here.
Give us three cups of tea.
Brother, you both are painters, isn't it?
Digging back hole and going...
Going high than that.
Look at your job.
How did you find out?
Does the paint smell?
No brother, I found by your countenance.
By our countenance!
We aren't painters.
We're tourists.
Can't you know by the costumes?
It's cold.
Come, let's go around the forest.
- Come on.
- Okay.
Tell me, how are we going
to trap the tiger?
They don't seem to be tourists.
Yeah, why are they going in hurry?
Will you come to paint?
I won't.
- I'll pay two hundred rupees.
- I'll smack you.
Didn't I say , no one will come.
Have tea.
That's what, I too said.
We'll get people from our home town.
Just wait.
Another guy!
- Will you come to paint?
- I said no.
I'll pay you money and provide food.
I'll smack you again.
Leave it, brother.
You look for some other work.
I'll look for someone.
Brother, let's find out
someone on the way.
Come, let's go.
My fate!
We must always follow
the rules in the forest.
- Thousand eyes will be around us.
- Let it be.
Will always be looking at us.
Let it be.
Dude, look there.
They're playing hide and seek.
No one is willing when called for a job.
But, enjoying to play.
- Why is he hiding?
- Dude, look here.
It's a buffalo!
Are all those buffaloes
are hiding looking at this?
How is it?
Didn't I say, it's like our street dogs?
That's all.
Brother, what did I say?
I asked you to follow the rules
of the forest, didn't I?
Is it a fault to chase the buffalo?
Leave way for them.
They're going in a hurry.
That's wild buffalo.
If it licks, your bone will pierce out.
If it hits you, your intestines
will be dragged out.
Dare to play throwing stones on it.
Your good fortune!
It was alone not as herd.
Else, it would've thrown you.
Don't you've a desire
of going back home safely?
- Yes
- Goofs!
- Suresh
- Brother!
Don't you tell them all these?
- Okay, brother.
Advise properly and take them.
The problem is because of you.
Tell them properly.
He is roaming around this as a job!
What did you say?
What did I say?
Come on, let's go back.
No one will help us here.
Only we both have
to complete this work.
As the villagers mention, there must
be more problems in this forest.
It's good to leave from here.
Sleep well.
Nothing is here like you think.
These people turn violent
when we call them for a job.
I am telling you,
as you aren't bold enough like me.
We'll go to our hometown as soon as
we complete the job.
Okay, dude.
Put a shed first.
It may rain.
Why to waste the time
by putting the shed, in this hot sun?
We'll finish the work soon
and leave to hometown.
That's right!
Go and whitewash the tiger sculpture.
Dude, I'll whitewash the wall.
Do something.
Where did you keep water?
Its there.
It's eating the brush.
He'll ask for the brush.
I'm escaped.
Is it white colour!
Hey, I asked you to paint in white
instead you've painted yellow.
I didn't paint it.
You don't do.
It's the naughty job of the monkey.
I got a notion.
You throw this brush and...
Why did you throw that?
That's the new brush.
Give that.
I'll give you another one.
Won't you give?
I'm coming.
Chase it.
- Chase it.
- Wait
Hey, that's paint.
Oh, no!
For the sake of five rupees brush
he is spilling costly paint.
Go there.
Catch it.
How dare it is?
Yeah, dude.
I'll try to speak to it.
Don't go beyond your limits.
I'm patience as I'm afraid.
But, I'm not so.
I'm feared as he is patience.
- Take that.
- I'm coming.
Chase it.
Come on.
Catch it.
Catch it.
- Don't leave.
- Take the stone
Catch it.
- Take the stone.
- Look there
Take it.
Oh, god!
That's all!
We are panicked just for this!
It has a hole!
Oh gawd! Paint spilled all over
Don't leave it.
Catch it.
Catch it.
Go slow.
Oh, no!
Get up.
Catch it.
Don't leave.
Showing off style!
It's showing us drama today.
Catch it
Don't let it go
It's running that way.
Catch it.
I'll catch it.
I'll bang your head if you get caught.
Catch it.
Hold me .
Sir, leave that monkey down.
I will kill it today.
You left it without killing!
What happened?
What did the tiger do?
Is it a tiger?
Fraudulent monkey.
Look at us. Our paint
material was wasted.
And also our dress.
I'm extremely sorry.
How much it costs?
I'll pay for it.
Will you pay?
Then, it's okay.
One in green, yellow and orange.
- Totally...
- Totally four, sir.
Yes, Rs.2500.
Let's share it later
Thank you, sir.
Stop it
It's gone!
Whom are you taking money from?
Did you know who he is?
Who's he?
He is Dr.Jayakumar.
Then, you can give.
If you take money now,
He must treat you, whether his tiger
or the real tiger hurts you.
Will the tiger bite us, Doctor?
No, not at all.
Sir, you've the money.
We're leaving, Sir.
- Bye, Tiger.
- Bye.
I forgot.
Sir, won't you mistake me
if I ask you?
Tell me.
Will you join with us
for the painting job?
Don't mistake me.
I pay only Rs.200 for others.
But, I'll pay Rs 250 for you.
Sorry, Doctor.
He became mad in search of workers.
Don't need, Doctor.
I'll take care that.
Come on.
Sorry, Doctor.
They're my friends.
Don't mistake them.
He'll mistake when you
say as your friends.
Why are you here, Doctor?
Nothing, a wild boar was
hunted by an animal...
...last night, some two
kilometres away.
Doubtful that it might be a tiger.
Have to check and inform
the forest officer.
That's why I'm going.
The tiger won't come
out of the forest.
I'll also come along with you.
Come on.
- Hi!
- Hello!
- When you're shooting in a forest,
- Okay.
Think like a tiger!
That's how we'll get a perfect shot.
"The Painter! The Painter! Umapathy..."
"Umapathy, what did I do?"
"Umapathy is getting tensed now!"
"Umapathy is going to kill me"
"'re disturbing me..."
"Hey're annoying me..."
"I don't have any chance
to let you go"
"You can't understand the job
I assign"
"I haven't changed though affected"
"A big problem with him"
"'re disturbing me..."
"Hey're annoying me..."
Take the other brush.
Oh, no!
Sir! Enough of your painting.
Get down.
Get some water.
Here is the water.
Now, get it.
Don't stand, Go...
One more time.
"The Painter! The Painter! Umapathy..."
"Umapathy, what did I do?"
"Umapathy is getting tensed now!"
"Umapathy is going to kill me"
"'re disturbing me..."
"Hey're annoying me..."
Paint it like river
- Here
- Yes
Can I connect lake with river?
You die by falling into it.
Why are you getting angry?
Greetings, brother!
Got the information about your arrival.
Don't go this way.
Go around the mountain.
You can see.
Can I see if I go this way?
How is it?
Good, dude!
It's good if we paint a rain effect
on the mountain.
Very good!
- Creativity, isn't it!
- Yeah.
He might get the next contract!
It's raining!
I rarely do painting well.
Oh, god!
Everything is gone.
What did you ask?
The rain effect.
Did you see the effect of the rain?
Didn't you deny to put up
this shed in the morning?
Yes, dude!
What about this shed!
I put it for our sake
not to get wet in the rain.
You're right!
Didn't you close any paint containers?
No, dude.
Have you done any one
good thing for me!
No, dude.
Don't cut my salary because
of the incomplete work.
Shall we go to room?
Shall we eat in canteen and go?
Hungry for me.
This is why, I said not to
work in the night.
Everything is gone!
Dude, why are you in anger?
It's the fault of the nature.
It's not the fault of the nature.
But, my friendship!
Shut up.
Moreover, the quality is not good.
It's not withstanding
for just few hours rain.
Next time, we'll buy from Narayan shop.
Hey, shut up!
Don't leave me alone.
Hold it.
Give the torchlight.
Little elephant!
A huge elephant!
Many elephants have come!
Run away!
Run away!
Hurry up!
What happened!
Come on.
Get up.
Come soon.
Hide on the tree.
All left.
Let's see!
Just missed!
We might've been smashed!
Oh God!
Are you good?
Stop there.
Leave me.
I'll go to my home town.
What happened now to leave?
You mean, what happened?
I've seen lot of animal attack
videos in You tube.
Don't make me also a victim.
Help me to complete the work.
You said you'll not leave
in between.
I'm sorry, dude.
Forgive me.
I'll die, if I stay in this forest.
I wish to live
till I set up a shop.
Excuse me!
You can reach high in life
only if you take such risks.
You're right, dude!
But, I can't take risk
for mere amount you pay.
I won't stay here even for a minute.
How many animals to manage a day?
Yesterday, we managed
the herd of elephants.
We hit the bison in the morning.
The tiger!
How am I looking like for it!
I'm getting exhausted on chasing
these animals. Get lost.
- Excuse me!
- What?
Both of you were talking
about a tiger, isn't it?
Yes, so what?
I'll click just an image,
if you show me the tiger.
Is it our job to show you the tiger?
Go away.
You don't need to do for free.
Take money as you wish.
Money! How much will you give?
How much to say!
Thirty thousand rupees.
Thirty thousand rupees.
- Okay.
- Come on...
Go to the home town.
- Stop there.
- Go away.
Why are you going behind her?
Come on.
Take the vehicle.
He is a waste guy.
- Listen, how much I'm paying you!
- Get lost.
Dare to hit me!
Should we go that way?
Yes...That way.
Thank you.
You don't give up your word, right?
The amount is confirmed,
if I show the tiger, isn't it?
It's confirmed.
Tell me your name.
I'm Varsha!
Seems fresh!
I'm Umapathy...I'm Hari.
Shall we go to see the tiger?
It's getting late...
It's not so easy to see
whenever you wish.
It'll come when we start
the painting.
That too, it'll come along
with the doctor.
Oh, okay!
It's enough if the tiger comes.
How I wish to photograph it is...
Convey it first.
In the mid of the forest,
a deer coming at a distance...
...wonder from where the tiger comes.
A mild roaring sound
must be heard.
The deer must run upon
hearing that sound.
The tiger must catch the deer.
Just a click of that moment!
Later, a click, when
it rolls on the deer!
A click after biting the deer.
A click when the blood drops
from its mouth.
That's all!
We should've thought
when she said a huge amount...
...for just showing a monkey.
Tell her that what we mentioned
as tiger is a monkey...
...and she is expecting a real tiger.
It's not possible for us.
So better let's leave this job.
Why to leave?
Didn't you tell that only by taking
small risks in life, we can emerge.
What I said is about painting
where there are no tigers.
What you say is finding a tiger
and taking photographs of it.
It's not possible for us.
Tell her.
Dude, In the animal attack videos
I watched, the tiger won't attack the jeep.
It'll attack only the people
who goes alone by walk.
So, jeep is safe.
We'll fix a time of two days.
Will get her into the forest.
We'll ask the story telling guy
about the whereabouts of the tiger.
We'll share the money!
What do you say?
No, there is a problem in it.
Don't think. It needs two
days to get dry, isn't it?
We'll do this first, then do your job.
Then, you shouldn't go to your home town
without completing this work.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Already lost ten thousand rupees
because of him.
The upcoming payment is
fifteen thousand rupees.
So, it's a profit of five thousand rupees.
She is coming here.
Tell her.
Hi, what are you doing here?
Varsha maam, we're discussing about
the whereabouts of the tiger.
The shots you said was good.
Thank you.
After the tiger eating the deer...
We can take it.
We can take whatever we wish.
- No problem.
- Thank you so much.
What are you both
doing in this forest?
We're painting the tiger...
We've come here to study
about the tiger.
Are you doing research on tigers?
So, what kind of research do you do?
What sampling methods do you use?
- Do you use the footprints?
- Enough...Enough...
We'll tell our conditions.
We'll take you into the forest
for two days.
You must pay the amount
whether you see the tiger or not.
- Okay?
- Okay, done!
"Everything is novel!"
"The sky, the earth and me
everything is novel!"
"What did you do
for getting excited all over?"
"It's a novel feel in the forest!"
"The flowing river and breeze
everything is a novel!"
"What did you do,
enchanting all over?"
"I'm hearing the sounds
and buzz of the insects"
"I'm looking to buy rental wings"
"I'm getting rid of sins in the city"
"I'm searching for your fingers
when you're close"
"You're the deer searching
for the lion in the forest!"
"Listen to me!"
"You're courageous!"
"Look at me though!"
"I'm a coward,
but brave enough at times!"
"I'm coming along with you
with belief"
"What's the guarantee
that you assure?"
"What did you do?"
"Everything is novel!"
"The sky, the earth and me
everything is novel!"
"What did you do
for getting excited all over?"
"It's a novel feel in the forest!"
"Earlier, we were roaming as monkeys"
"Juggling on the trees
in quest of fruits"
"We lived happily without sense"
"We forgot to smile,
searching for money"
"I adored you as nothing
in this world is beautiful like you"
"I changed the phrase
when seeing this forest"
"The heart of every human
is like a veiled forest"
"If unveiled,
everything will be beautiful!"
"I'm hearing the sounds
and buzz of the insects"
"I'm looking to buy rental wings"
"I'm getting rid of sins in the city"
"I'm searching for your fingers
when you're close"
"Here in this forest..."
"Fireflies throughout the way"
"Fireflies feast the eyes"
"Fireflies are on the trees"
"Fireflies in the heart"
"Fireflies throng the whole world"
"Fireflies in the soul"
"This is enough for the rest
of my life"
"What did you do?"
Varsha maam, don't worry.
Definitely, we'll see the tiger today.
If arrived in the morning,
we might've seen the tiger.
It's doubtful now.
I was enquiring about a place
in the morning.
Definitely, we can see
the tiger there.
That place is, Zamin...
I forgot.
Tell her.
Maam, we don't know such places.
Yes, go straight.
Let's see either a tiger or a cat.
Hello, tourists!
Are you roaming around
the forest losing the way?
Nothing like that.
We're going in the right path.
Is your work done?
Have you seen the forest?
- It's going on.
- We can't trap it.
We'll drop you
where you've to go.
Zamin Samathur.
That's the place!
I told you, isn't it!
Definitely we can see
the tiger there.
Then, we couldn't be seen.
Tell her.
Yes, listen to us.
No need to go there.
- We'll go the other way.
- No!
Suppose, if the tiger comes over there,
then your job is made easy.
Come on.
Tourists, you too get on.
- No need.
- Come, let's go.
No place here.
No place at all.
Sit down.
Don't talk to him.
Overload in jeep is not advisable.
I don't feel good about this place.
Yes, dude. I'm panicked.
Somehow we've to manage tonight.
So that, I'll pay the advance money
to my shop.
I too will finish the contract.
Look there.
Brother, he is the village head.
Greetings! Are you good?
He is the village head.
You keep talking.
Greetings, Doctor!
How are you?
I'm good!
Varsha maam, he is the Doctor.
Hello, Doctor!
I'm Varsha.
I'm Dr.Jayakumar.
Doctor, who are these people?
What's happening here?
Any festival?
No, it's a pooja ritual.
These people are natives of Topslip.
What's the ritual?
It's similar as we pray
to our family deity.
Every year they'll gather here
on this day and time...
...and offer their prayers.
Earlier, hundreds of people
thronged here.
Only few people are coming now...
...who believes that this god
protects the forest.
Deity is not seen here.
How will they do the pooja?
They worship the tiger as god.
I thank all who attends
this pooja every year.
I thank these guys
who have come this year.
It's a faith that we'll
live with prosperity,
If our god's hunger was fulfilled.
Wonder, how god accepts the goat,
We leave across the river every year.
I pray him to come now
to take our offerings and bless us.
Will it come down?
We'll leave.
Doctor, will the tiger come definitely?
Yes, wasn't missed any time.
Okay, let's go.
Shall we leave?
Bye, doctor.
Varsha maam, don't worry.
We'll see the tiger
when coming next time.
I'll take you to the room.
Shall we pack our things?
Definitely, we must do.
No need for it.
- Stop here.
- Here?
Stop it.
What happened?
I'll be back in five minutes.
Where are you going?
- Varsha, tell us and go.
- Just five minutes.
- Where is she going?
- Don't know.
- Where are you going?
- Just wait
Okay, go...
Did she come on her own?
Or would've he given the idea?
He would've done.
If I complete this contract,
I'll enjoy in home.
He made me to sit here.
Wonder, what's he going
to do still!
- Dude!
- He started.
It's a long time.
Shall we look for her?
Look for her?
Did I bring her to the forest?
You brought her
greedy of money.
Go and look for her.
Hey, I must go alone.
Come along with me.
Go alone.
Oh, no!
Varsha maam,
are you taking rest here?
I would've dropped you
in the room.
What are you looking at?
If I cheat her for few minutes,
it's a confirmed payment.
What's seen there?
Something like a tiger's tail.
Tiger's tail!
Maam, where are we now?
Didn't they say at pooja...
...that they'll leave
the goat beyond the river?
Yes, they told tales
that the tiger will grab the goat.
Isn't that a tale?
We're at that place!
It's wrong to bring us
here by cheating.
Listen to me, maam!
We'll leave.
We'll leave, maam!
Varsha maam!
We'll leave.
- Varsha! We'll leave.
- Don't be louder.
Hey crazy!
Come, let's leave.
Oh, no!
She was struck with the tiger.
Save her.
I'll take the jeep.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Come on.
Hurry up.
Hey! My camera
Come on.
Hurry up.
- Hurry up.
- Come on.
Get on.
Go fast.
Tiger nearing
You get in
Go fast.
- Push down the goat.
- Goat?
Please don't
It's sin
Go fast
Hey don't throw down the goat.
Why did you do that?
Go fast
What did you say?
Is travelling by jeep
safe for us?
If not the goat,
we would've been its prey.
It wouldn't have left
even the bones.
It would've chewed.
Doesn't he want to listen me
or don't like the food?
Excuse me.
Yes, please come in, sir.
Would you like to have coffee?
Yeah, black coffee with less sugar.
Do you mind if I smoke?
I don't mind, sir.
But, don't you know it's an offence
smoking in forest area.
I know it's an offence.
Everyone commits mistake
believing they won't get caught.
Here you go, sir.
Thank you.
For many years,
I didn't allow any
wildlife photographers in the forest.
Some photographers died
of poisonous insects bites.
Some died because
of wild animals.
Yet to know about few
missing people.
Did you take photos?
Yeah, I've taken, sir.
But, it's not good.
- Shall I look at it?
- Of course, sir.
Don't you know it's an offence
to take photographs in restricted areas?
Sorry sir.
What are you doing?
It's the property of the Government.
It's wrong to take without permission.
Do you've anything else?
No, sir.
You aren't permitted now
to take photographs in this forest.
Please, sir!
Give me just one day.
I'll not go there.
Please, sir.
Pack your bags and go home.
What's the work I assigned
for you both?
You told us to find out
the tiger shown in the photograph.
Did you find it?
We went to the pooja to trap it.
Hey, shut up.
That girl has took photographs
of the tiger.
Are you?
Sir, many tigers are there
in this forest.
Why are you particular on that tiger?
Tell me, sir.
I've done it before,
if I can.
All the tigers in this forest
have radio callers.
Every movement is monitored.
When one goes missing,
I'm responsible for that.
But, the tiger we search for
was missed in the Kerala forest.
They'll know only when we give
information about it.
We've to trap it before them.
That's the only chance we've.
Sir, we'll trap it.
If you don't find it by tomorrow,
The forest officer from Kerala
and his team will search the tiger.
He'll find it and take away.
Then, our plans to make money
with that tiger will be a waste.
At dawn, the tiger will be
in our cage.
We must've concentrated
on our work we came for.
If you say again that
she calls to the forest,
Better get lost.
I'm talking to you.
Are you listening or not?
You made me to take unwanted risks
for the sake of money.
No need of her friendship, hereafter.
Can you listen this at least?
I hear it.
Why the sound emerges from outside?
Welcome Varsha maam!
We've come to the forest.
You too saw the tiger.
Even the tiger saw us.
Give our payment and leave.
We'll part ways.
Give me, I'll count.
It's Rs.25,000 only.
What? Is it only Rs.25,000?
What about your health?
If you take me today to the forest,
I'll take a photograph of the tiger.
I'll pay the balance and also
extra money of Rs.10,000.
You mean, Rs. 10,000 extra!
Hey, sit down.
Maam, no need of extra money.
Enough of what you've given.
Hereafter, we won't help you.
Ask the forest officer for help.
He'll send an extra force
along with you.
Already he said fiercely,
that I shouldn't go into the forest.
Why did he say so?
He was known that...
...I went to the restricted area
in the forest.
Oh, does he know?
Good! Superb!
Go safely to home.
- Please Umapathy, listen to me.
- No.
Hari, at least you tell him.
He'll tell...
Maam, we can't do anything
against the forest officer.
We don't have any problem
coming along with you.
But, we're feared of our lives.
Yesterday, the tiger came
to grab the goat.
It won't harm us.
It's not a man-eater.
We aren't bothered about it.
Lot of works to do.
Take all the materials.
We must paint the tiger today.
Don't show up.
Take the things.
- Please listen to me.
- We don't have time.
Umapathy, please.
What are you doing?
Lightning arrester.
Our work shouldn't get
affected, isn't it?
How is it?
What are you doing?
- Go away.
- I'm painting.
Damn it.
Go away.
Your face is like that.
What I drew was good.
Better luck next time.
Hey, are you painters?
- Not researchers, huh?
- Researchers means?
Frauds, cheaters.
Don't say us as frauds.
- You can say as cheaters.
- Damn it.
Say whatever you wish.
But, we won't come. Go away.
Get lost
Take that broad brush.
Oh, no!
Look at the tiger's footprints.
It's not sharp,
might be because of snow.
Last night, the tiger
has gone this way.
Come on.
When the tiger arrives,
it'll show us an image.
Will it?
We'll complete every
part of the tiger.
Must complete it today.
It's okay, you're painters.
Not researchers.
You got money from me.
I'll forget everything.
She forgot.
Finally, we all three will go
into the forest once...
...and take a photograph of it.
Then, my dreams and goal
will be achieved.
Come on, get in the jeep.
Ride the jeep on us.
Hey, who should I ask
for help in the forest?
You can ask for help
to goofs like us.
- Don't you feel pity for me?
- No.
Okay, If anything happens to me,
inform my parents.
Take it.
Why did you say so?
Definitely, give your parent's
contact number.
Get the number.
- You go, Ill join you.
- Get lost goofs.
Thank you maam,
Same to you.
- Dude.
- What?
I've selected a name
for my tea shop.
'90 ml'
Take 50ml and
paint the wall.
I'm toiling myself
to get the work done.
- Is it you?
- Just a minute.
I'm coming.
Don't do anything.
I've an idea.
See there.
Eat well.
It's for you.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes, perfect.
Do they all belong
to the same group?
Dare to backstab me?
Is there tower?
All the tigers don't have
the same kind of lines.
You can identify by looking
at this photograph.
The lines of the tiger
we search for...
...matches with the photos
of sensor no.1
That's somewhere here.
We can find out by tomorrow morning.
Come, let's go.
Hey, come.
- How is it?
- Excellent, dude.
- And a rain effect?
- No need of any effect.
Pack the things.
We'll leave.
Dude, the work was completed.
If you get me the payment,
I'll leave now.
I'll not be a burden for you.
How can I hold your payment
for the job you did?
Come, I'll give.
I toiled to paint
the tiger sculpture.
You didn't toil to paint,
you made me to toil.
Why are you tapping me?
Brother, I'm excited today.
Not excited earlier?
Brother, today is almost
a new year to Topslip.
John sir has arrived.
I'm going to meet him.
When you get time
come to John sir's home
It'll be enjoyable,
we'll meet tonight.
Who is that John sir?
John is not important for us.
But, only Jolly.
Shall we go?
The bucket is important for me.
Take everything.
Dude, isn't it bad to go
with bare hands?
Yes, that's right.
Just wait.
That's for you
and this for me!
- Okay?
- Yes.
- Excuse me, lady.
- Yeah.
- Please, have it.
- Oh, thank you so much.
It's okay.
No problem.
Maintain little distance, dude.
Don't I know to give?
- Watch now.
- Go.
Excuse me, beauty.
- You?
- You!
Damn it.
Didn't you leave yet?
That's my wish.
What are you both doing here?
This house has been painted already.
Good joke!
I thought you didn't know to
take photographs...
...but not to crack joke also.
Don't behave harsh.
You painters!
Hello, who are you saying
as painters?
- We're artists!
- Yes, artists indeed.
You both acted well
and cheated me, isn't it?
Hello! What?
- What?
- What?
Don't shout.
John sir may hear you.
Who is John sir?
Don't you know John sir?
I don't know.
Who is he?
Don't you know John sir?
Hey, I don't know. Go.
I'll tell you.
John sir's family is the reason
for the existence of Topslip still.
In the world war, when the British
wanted to destroy this forest,
John sir's grandfather
and his friend protested...
...the British and saved this forest.
Now, John sir is helping the Government
in all aspects for the welfare...
...of this forest and its people.
He came here after long time.
Come on,
He started his game.
Perfect hit, Richard.
Sign the papers.
Yes, I'll John.
My birth.
Sign it with a smile.
You're rocking, sir.
Suresh! How are you?
I'm good, sir.
It's been so many years
since I met you.
- How are you, sir?
- I'm good.
These people?
She is Varsha, photographer.
Hi. Nice meeting you.
- He is Hari.
- Hello, sir.
He is Umapathy.
My friends from Chennai.
Oh, great!
The urban people must
visit the forests.
Only then, tourism will
flourish in India.
Very good.
Welcome to Topslip.
Of course, sir.
Since we're known about
the development,
- We came to Topslip...
- To do painting job.
Take this, John.
See you.
Thank you, Richard.
Sir, why is he leaving sad?
He lost in the competition.
That's why...
He had given in writing that
he'll adopt two tigers from our place.
Play with some more persons
and give all the tigers for adoption.
People will build flats here.
As you said, tourism will flourish.
And we too can live peacefully
without the fear of tiger.
Adopting doesn't mean
taking away the tiger with him.
He is sponsoring money
for taking care of it.
We're here peacefully
just because of the tigers in the forest.
I think you aren't aware.
Sixty years ago,
Our people were worst affected
by drought and famine.
'IR8', a kind of rice grains
eradicated the drought.
The IR8 rice variety was got
from the forest because of the tigers.
Don't you understand?
Shall I say in detail?
If there are no tigers
in the forest,
The animals which eat greens
(herbivores) will destroy the forest.
So, trees will not grow.
So, there won't be rains.
Rivers will not exist.
We can't do agriculture.
Of course, we wouldn't have got
the 'IR8' rice variety.
And according to the ecosystem journal,
Saving two tigers is more valuable
than the 'Mangalyaan project'.
That's why I say,
'We have to save our
national animal, the tiger'.
- Sir, party?
- Yes, sir.
"There she comes...Here she comes..."
"She drags with the hooks"
"She goes around if just left"
"There she comes...Here she comes..."
"She drags with the hooks"
"She goes around if just left"
"She troubles me always"
"She creates ardour scenes"
"We'll tear you into pieces"
"Hey lad, you there
I am the pretty girl here"
"If you plan the route perfectly"
"I'll come rocking!"
"She pointed the tiger sharply"
"We've escaped cleverly"
"She gave the money as barter"
"She might caught finely"
"Pick her up."
"There she comes...
Here she comes..."
"She drags with the hooks"
"She goes around if just left"
"Our life is only once
Why to take risk?"
"Don't indulge in fuss
Leave from here"
"Stand simply without panicking
Why are you feeling terrific?"
"You come along boldly
We'll be together, cheer up"
"Something you say,
which we can't understand"
"I'm standing before you, trusting you."
"I'm pityful, if you leave me..."
Why are you shouting?
Varsha, don't worry
as we're leaving you behind.
If you ask me,
Not to this forest,
I'll accompany you
to Amazon forest, for your safety.
Then, you'll be a fame photographer
as your grandfather wished.
When did my grandfather wished?
Anyways, thank you.
After you succeed as a photographer,
what will you do for the income?
No enrage between friends.
No tension.
Cool down.
Be careful.
Both are flat.
Hey, get up.
Why did you bring me to
mid of the forest?
I brought you here...
...since it's been a long time
you've seen the tiger.
Get up.
We'll see.
Look there!
How dare she brought us
to the forest without our knowledge?
- Shall we get the payment for this too?
- Damn it. Keep quiet. Come on.
Be careful.
Varsha, is it right for you?
We slept in your vehicle, inebriated.
Will you bring us to the forest
for that sake?
He said that he'll accompany me
even to Amazon forest for my safety.
Did I say?
You said, right?
You might've said!
Not only that, I thought of bringing you
after letting you know.
But, you didn't wake up.
That's why, I took you here.
Now, we're awake.
Leave us.
Yes, I'll leave you.
After taking photographs
of the tiger.
- Will you leave us or not?
- Just wait.
See, Varsha...
Only after taking photograph
of the tiger.
Take the key.
After taking the photographs
of the tiger!
Take it.
Only after taking the photographs...
Oh, we'll die on the whole.
Got struck today!
What's happening there?
Come on.
I'm asking you, right? Tell me.
How long does it lie like this?
It'll take 30 minutes to recover
after inducing anesthesia.
The tiger which is alive
only fetches huge money.
Take away when in anesthetic condition.
Hurry up.
The DFO is trying illegally
to trap a tiger.
Come, let's leave.
Except DFO, others aren't
the forest officials.
Give me.
It'll be a problem,
if anyone notice us.
Come on, let's leave.
First, stop taking the photograph.
Drag it.
Pull down the cub.
Pull down.
Dude, call her.
Let's leave.
We'll go.
He told not to come.
We saw unnecessary things.
They can't see us.
Please, be quiet.
Let's run away.
Catch the cub.
Is there anyone?
Who shot it?
- I did by mistake.
- Do you have sense?
We've time till it's anesthetic.
Follow up.
I told you earlier not to come here.
We got caught unnecessarily.
Take the vehicle soon.
We'll leave.
- Start the vehicle.
- This is enough to catch them.
No need, start the vehicle.
Check out there.
Okay, sir.
Tell me.
The woman photographer's vehicle is here.
But, she is not seen.
Must be somewhere around.
Search now.
Sir, I sense something wrong.
The watch tower is near.
I think she might've took photographs.
What to do now?
Kill her.
Rather than walking to death like this
it would be better dying from their hands
How long will they take us on walking?
No idea, buddy
Did they kill the tiger?
We too have been killed.
The tiger escaped easily.
I'm the reason for everything.
They found the tiger
with the photographs I took.
We must save the tiger
from the DFO.
To save!
Good, before knowing about
the officer as a criminal,
We've escaped, isn't it?
I got the payment.
For me?
I'll give you in the room.
Brother, death is confirmed.
Everyone is searching for us.
I won't let them free.
I've proof against them.
Oh, my lady! Don't talk.
You're the reason for everything.
Take back your money.
Doctor, lead us to exit the forest.
We'll go to our hometown.
- Please, doctor.
- Hari, don't be urgent.
Their people is around the checkpoints.
You can't exit the forest
immediately as you think.
We've only one option.
Don't worry.
By tomorrow morning,
we'll be in Chennai.
They're discussing about us.
Will they call us after discussion?
Or shall I over hear?
No need, they'll call us.
We must save the tiger before
the forest official traps it.
It wouldn't have gone so far, isn't it?
Yes, it won't.
But, the hunting skill gets
reduced when hurt.
It'll hunt for easy prey on humans.
Then, it'll turn as a man-eater.
Unless we cure the tiger,
It'll intrude to neighbouring villages
in quest of humans.
Then, the job will be easy
for the forest officer.
The forest will be destructed,
When the environment is not favour
for animals and humans to live together.
Could we save the tiger before
the forest official traps?
Definitely, we can.
Their discussion is over.
Come, let's go.
First, we must find where it is.
Let's search by the river bed.
Somehow, we must...
How to do, sir?
We've to trap it
by feeding human flesh.
I can't understand.
Shall we together catch it?
I know, they're going to
save the tiger.
It's of no use to believe them.
Come, let's go.
Won't you help us
in this situation?
Will you ever think of
cheating others?
You're talking unnecessarily.
What I meant is wrong?
We don't have any problem
in coming with you.
But, think of our parents
and our debts.
Who is responsible for that?
We're from a small family.
It won't be right for us.
I'm telling you
as your well wisher.
Come with us.
Come, let's go.
Come, let's go.
Come on.
I can't.
A jeep is coming.
Sir, please stop.
Our tourists!
We're searching for you.
But, we aren't.
We expected some goofs.
You've come.
Come fast.
Get on soon.
It's a mutual help.
Go fast.
"The tiger has been caught and caged"
"How will it escape, you tell?"
Where is that girl and the camera?
Sir, we don't know where that girl is.
But, the camera is with her.
Sir, I'll tell you.
If you say the truth,
I'll let you both alive.
Else, I'll include your names
in the missing list in forest...
...and place a
'Rest in peace' placard.
What's the truth
he is asking about?
Say something.
Sir, will you really leave us
if we say the truth?
Sir, we aren't associated
with that girl in any way.
We didn't come there in the morning.
She cheated and took us there.
Even we quarreled now.
The village people and that
girl has gone to trap the tiger.
It won't be right for us.
Now, we misunderstood each other.
- That's all?
- Yes.
That's all, sir.
Shall we go?
Where did they go?
They were planning
to cross the river.
- You may leave
- Thank you, sir.
Keep it.
You might need this.
Dude, shall I tell the other truth?
Didn't you say yet?
Tell them and come.
Sir, I forgot to tell you
an important message.
They're savagely violent people.
Do you know how they're
planning to trap the tiger?
- What's that?
- Man-eater.
Yes, it turned on as a man-eater.
So, they'll hang on two persons
and trap the tiger.
Don't know who the goofs
going to get caught.
Why are you laughing, sir?
Sit down.
Please, leave me.
Leave me.
I'm afraid.
Please, leave me.
Please, pull me down.
They've left.
We must've shut our trap.
See, how are lives hanging
Dude, shall I say one thing?
Stay quiet.
Else, I'll kill you.
You called me for
Topslip contract, isn't it?
Myself and KP are ready.
We'll start immediately,
if you agree.
Hang up.
Are you talking on phone?
You would've called
someone for help.
Yes! Whom to call?
Call now.
Call soon.
I thought I'd buy an 'Android phone'
after the contract gets over.
Everything was spoiled.
I don't have a photo to keep
in home on my remembrance.
You broke the phone
which had a photo of mine.
It's all because of her.
I'll thrash her.
To be honest,
I must get tensed.
Both of you made my stance pity.
Look there
Hey tourists, handle
the brake properly.
What is it doing?
Catch it.
What happened, brother?
The monkey took away the key.
Go and check.
You too go.
I saw when it's taking the key.
It took as if
it's the owner.
It came this side.
- Check over there.
- Okay, sir.
Hey, come
Let's go and check
Someone comes to save us.
Please come and save us
If we had known that it would be happen
we wouldn't have left you
- I think something is at fault.
- Yes, sir.
Ask everyone to be alert.
At least you came.
Please, save us.
Who will save you?
Take it.
No, don't want.
I pity on you
So I untied this rope
Everything will be alright soon.
Ok, we'll try
Good, Doctor.
Inject medicine and let it sleep.
It won't induce sleep.
Come on.
It's throwing away furiously.
Let's run away.
We'll hide here safely.
There is a key.
We' ll take it and leave.
Oh God!
We are caught!
Dare to close the door
and enjoying moon walk!
I'll smash you,
if get caught.
- Sir...
Tell me.
No need to stay here.
We'll go the other side.
Come on!
Come on, everyone!
Leave the cub and come.
'Aanaimalai Tiger Reserve - Topslip'
Dude, is everything okay?
If we add a rain effect?
Everything was good as we expected.
That's all.
Varsha, where are you going
to take photographs?
I'm going to Amazon forest
to take photos of the dinosaur.
Convey my regards to the dinosaur.
-Yeah, I'll convey.
Then, an important information.
Next week, I'm planning to take
photographs of the tigers in Uttarakhand.
We'll enjoy if we go
there as a team.
Hello! Your order is ready,
Will deliver in half an hour.
Do you want to whitewash
the 'white house'?
Will prefer the auspicious
yellow colour.