Thumbsucker (2005) Movie Script

You're good at stuff like this.
I have to find something
distinctive about myself.
- You're beautiful, Audrey.
- Seriously.
He's a cheeseball.
I don't think so.
Besides, that's just the role
he plays.
Maybe we could work
on this together later?
The ocean contains 97 percent
of the Earth's water...
...and generates over 70 percent
of the Earth's oxygen...
...and replenishes our fresh water
through the clouds.
If our oceans are failing,
then so will we.
Well done. Justin, rebuttal.
- Justin?
- Actually, I...
I agree with Rebecca.
I saw this show on Animal Planet...
...about how they were giving
depressed male baboons Prozac.
Justin, this isn't Agree Club.
It's Debate Club.
If you had done your research...'d have the confidence
to have an opinion.
And if you have an opinion that's based
on facts gathered from your research...
...then you are confident to speak.
And speaking confidently
does what, class?
Speaking confidently...
- Wins minds.
- ... that's right, wins minds.
...if you wanna admire Rebecca,
you can do that during recess.
If you wanna compete here,
you're gonna have to apply yourself.
You can have a seat, Rebecca.
Sasha, Lewis. Well done, have a seat.
I like the Animal Planet,
though, Justin.
Great channel.
Perry is ready for you, Justin.
Come on back.
Justin, do they teach you about
the subconscious at school?
- A little.
- Ever heard of subconscious pressure?
- Involuntary behaviours?
- Like a serial killer.
Justin, all of us carry
a certain weight.
A weight we don't recognise.
Some of us have heavy loads.
- In our minds?
- Yeah. A force from inside.
We don't know its name,
but it makes us do things.
Things we don't... to admit.
- Your dad still in the six- K?
- Yeah.
He's very attached to the idea
of winning.
He was gonna be
a pro football player.
- He didn't get picked up?
- He injured his knee.
I don't think he likes me
always beating him.
It's just for fun.
The Oregon State application
came in.
- So?
- So...
...there's nothing wrong
with staying close to home.
- What about New York?
- You don't have those grades.
You just haven't applied yourself in
a way admissions people recognise.
You apply to some fancy,
far- off school...
- ... you might be disappointed.
- Whatever.
Plate, honey. Okay...
- - the front for the liberation
of Palestine. Natalie.
And, Charles, this bombing comes
just one day after the Palestinians...
...paved the way
for a U.S.- back ed peace plan... appointing that new cabinet.
How much of a setback could this be?
What is that? You're doing it.
- Mike.
- What?
- What- -?
- What? It's pathetic.
- Come on. Go easy on this, Audrey.
- Hey, hey, hey. Listen.
- Maybe you could give yourself a break.
- Come on, stop with the feel- good shit.
Hold on a second, now.
- What about T.J.?
- Well... know I love him. It's just
the drugs. He can't beat them.
But he needs you, especially now.
After all these years,
you gotta know...
...under all those problems,
he's good people.
- What about you?
- I don't need love.
I'm looking for something else.
Why didn't we bring Joel?
Isn't this nice, just the two of us?
Hey, Justin, come here.
What do you think?
When are you gonna wear that?
I have to take my picture
for the Health Valley contest.
- It's the Matt Schramm thing.
- God, Audrey.
You're very good at thinking
things are stupid.
I just wanna see if I can win.
Do I look stupid in this?
You're my mother.
- You're married to my father.
- Who I love. It's just a bit of fun.
Not for me.
Well... Tragically, darling, you lost
your sense of humour at the age of 17.
How did you fall in love?
God, I don't know, Justin.
When he hurt his knee, though,
Well, he was sort of an asshole
before he did.
But I was a brat too. I let everybody
believe I was so upset...
...because he wasn't
gonna play anymore.
But I kind of think
that's when I fell for him.
It's nice to be needed.
I don't know. It's complicated.
Can you help me?
There's a little button on this one.
What about that?
You think someone like Matt
would like that?
Matt Schramm is not
gonna look at the pictures.
Justin, it's just a little fun.
It's just a little silly, ridiculous fun.
You never even had a girlfriend.
So what?
You don't even hang out with girls. You
just hang out with your nerdy friends.
No, I do hang out with girls.
- Really?
- Yes.
But how come you never
bring any over here?
Or I never, lik e, see you walking
with any or anything.
- I see you walking by yourself.
- Why do you care, Joel?
I don't know, because I'm bored.
Creeps. They can't take
anything seriously.
Yeah, I know.
Guys in your grade have fucked girls.
You haven't even kissed one.
- Leave.
- No.
You like that book?
Oh, yeah.
It's got great stuff on Greenpeace.
Yeah, it's a good introduction.
Those Greenpeace guys
are really brave.
- I wish I could do something like that.
- What?
- Be brave?
- Yeah.
Maybe you already are.
Are you gonna fuck me now?
When you gonna clean all your
old stuff from the garage like you said?
Right. Sorry.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
This is stupid.
Why " MFC"?
Michael Forrest Cobb.
Why your name?
I don't think you're in a position
to be asking the questions right now.
You should stop.
I want to.
I'm trying.
Don't you think I want to?
Things are gonna be different.
Why can't you trust me?
The Sierra Club made them
turn this back into a refuge...
...because it was going to be
used for a development.
How do you know so much
about the environment?
My parents were activists.
See, humans think that we're the centre
of the universe, but we're not.
I guess we're trained
to think that way.
Yeah. It causes a lot of problems.
- It's hot today.
- Yeah.
Think I'm gonna take my shirt off.
- Go ahead.
- You should too.
What are you trying, Justin?
No, really. We're so uptight
in our clothes.
It's just like wearing
a bathing suit at the beach.
No. My stomach would get sunburned
and my mom would get mad.
Your mom looks at you naked?
Well, yeah.
I mean, don't your parents?
Audrey? Mike? No.
Why do you call your parents
by their first name?
Mike says when I call him " Dad,"
he feels old...
...and I sound like a child
or something.
And when I call Audrey " Mom,"
she seems old to him.
So are you gonna
take your shirt off?
What's " MFC"?
It's nothing?
Well, then why don't you
just tell me?
- Justin.
- " Motherfucking cocksucker. "
Why you acting like this?
What's the point of us spending time
together if it can't lead to openness?
I'm sorry.
Maybe you should go.
I'm sorry.
- Should I call you?
- When you're ready to be open.
You don't think it's okay for me
to be worried about this?
We spent a fortune on the braces
to try and fix what he did.
- He's 17.
- Yeah, but he's sucking his thumb.
Let's see you fix it.
You seem to have all the answers.
I think we need to get this thing
under control, that's all.
Yeah, that's all.
It's time we were honest
with each other.
I don't wanna fix your teeth
all over again.
It's time to confront
the underlying issue.
What do you mean?
I know what your problem is.
It's an understandable habit.
In fact, what's strange
is that people ever quit.
It's nature's substitute
for your mother's breast.
How were you fed as a baby?
- From a bottle?
- I can't remember.
Any tension at home? Anxiety?
Any bad memories?
- Justin.
- Justin.
No conscious ones.
We never remember
the big things anyway.
Some babysitter holds your mouth
shut so she can watch...
...her soap operas in peace. At 40, you
wonder why you can't stay married.
There's only so much I can do
with traditional orthodontics.
Are you ready to let go
of your thumb?
- Why are you talking like that?
- Answer my question.
- What are you gonna do?
- I wanna try hypnosis.
- No way.
- Yeah. Really, I've seen it do wonders.
You just try and relax.
The more relaxed you are,
the deeper we can go.
Focus on the moon
in the painting.
A sense of peace... a white light
fills your body.
Imagine the white light
filling your feet...
...then your legs.
Then your torso.
Then your head.
Imagine you're on a path.
You're deep in the forest.
A shaft of light
illuminates a wild animal.
This is your power animal.
See it.
Study it.
When you feel like
sucking your thumb...
...I want you to call on
your power animal.
Call it now.
Come here.
Do it in your mind.
Whenever you feel afraid, alone... on your power animal.
You're not alone.
You're not afraid.
You don't need your thumb.
And your thumb doesn't need you.
Justin, from now on, your thumb
will taste like echinacea.
What's your power animal?
That's personal.
The mark of a secure nation is not
that conflicts are resolved quickly...
...but that conflicts do not arise.
Very nice, Ashley, thank you.
Next is Justin...
...with an introductory statement.
The North American Free Trade
All right, look over your notes.
I'll be right back.
- Mr. Cobb.
- I have to go.
- No, you have a speech to give.
- I can't stay.
- Look, what's going on?
- Don't touch me.
The Sierra Club website said
clear- cutting was up 15 percent.
I think we should
write a letter together.
What happened in Mr. Geary's class?
I was just...
I had to go.
- Do you wanna write the letter?
- Why don't you just write one?
Why are you all of a sudden
so interested in this anyways?
Because it's important.
Because people
should know this stuff, right?
So you're into getting the truth out,
being honest and open?
So why can't you tell me
what MFC means?
Why can't you tell me
what happened in class?
Because that's nothing.
Nothing, right.
Goodbye, Justin.
- It work ed.
- That's wonderful.
No, I didn't think it would be like this.
Can you put it back or something?
Your subconscious
has taken its course.
Please, I really feel crazy.
Stick with it, Justin.
Call on your power animal for help.
- I'm sorry.
- What's going on, Justin?
I don't know.
It's okay. You're okay.
I'll get this.
This is gonna be stupid.
I thought you liked that guy.
He just pretended
to be my friend, Joel.
If you're scared, you can go home.
All right.
I'm sorry, okay?
Perry fucked me up.
He said he'd help me...
...and then he just
fucked me up, okay?
Joel. Just this once.
Goddamn it.
Mr. and Mrs. Cobb, Justin's
always shown a lot of promise.
But I feel that something comes
between him and his potential.
And with college just ahead...
- ... Justin needs to maximise right now.
- Yes.
- Well?
- Well, I feel that... light of recent behaviour,
that Justin needs an adjustment.
Justin, have you ever suspected...
...that you were different
from other teenagers?
Not as patient,
can't finish what you've started.
Terrified of being left alone,
but angry when you feel crowded.
- A little.
- It's classic hyperactive teen.
Attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder. ADHD.
We'd like you to think about
a stimulant drug treatment for Justin.
- You mean, like Ritalin?
- That's one of the many drugs...
...that a doctor could prescribe.
There's Adderall, Clonidine, Tenex.
If this is all just coming down
to medication- -
Look, I think that my son can
handle this if he puts his mind to it.
Mr. Geary, don't you feel that Justin
could do much better?
Justin has exhibited...
...some of the behaviour
that fits this particular profile.
Excuse me, these symptoms
they have here, they're pretty vague.
" Ignores information.
Makes mistakes.
Seems restless.
Avoids, dislikes or is reluctant... engage in work that requires
sustained mental effort. "
What'd you think, Justin?
So my problems are
just because I'm hyper?
It says I'll have more confidence
and self- control.
- I'll have better relationships.
- Is that how you feel? Out of control?
It just all sounds too easy to me.
You know, take a pill, change.
What if Mrs. Wood is right?
What if the trouble was, all along,
I just can't concentrate...
...I can't focus on anything?
It just still seems too easy.
Haven't you ever wanted to change?
- Yes, I have. But it's not that simple.
- Maybe it is.
What happened?
I changed.
- What do you mean, you've changed?
- I mean, it works.
It really works.
- Your pills?
- Yeah.
I never thought that I
would feel so clear.
- Who'd like to talk on whiteness?
- Whiteness stands for eternity.
The blankness
of uninterrupted time.
It represents both innocence
and extinction.
The beginning and the end.
How are you doing
with the medication?
- I read Moby Dick straight through.
- That's great.
- But how do you feel?
- I feel... me.
I never really did before.
Have you had any other breakthroughs
besides the book?
It used to be kind of a hassle
to put on underwear in the morning.
But now it's kind of easy.
I listened to the words
to the Pledge of Allegiance today...
...and they gave me chills.
I've always felt that you have a real
sensitivity when it comes to language.
And I know that you're smart.
I think that you see a lot more...
...than you take responsibility for.
That kind of perception you have,
that can't be taught by anyone.
Rebecca left the debate team.
Did she say anything to you
about why or...?
Well, I need somebody to step up
and take her place.
I'd like for you to compete with us.
You think I could do it?
Yes, I do.
- What happened to Mike?
- He tried his best. He couldn't make it.
The door's up there.
- I'm just gonna go to the bathroom.
- Okay.
- Something.
- Completely understandable.
This isn't a classroom situation.
And that's a whole other... thing for you to process.
I wish I was bald.
- Bitch.
- Your hair seems fine.
- Okay, now you're making it worse.
- I'm sorry.
- Did you see the girls?
- Yeah. I saw Rene in the hall.
Okay, go round them up.
Bring them in here.
- It's a men's room.
- That's okay.
I'm a teacher. I'm a teacher.
Nothing you can do.
Butterflies are understandable.
What I wanna do is go back to the
basics. Let's remember our posturing.
Rene, I really want you to use
your eye contact today.
Let me emphasise your eyes. I got
some mascara. Lose the windows.
Let's do some impromptus:
It is important in any system
to ensure that all pieces...
...particularly the most important ones,
are working and properly maintained.
Stop on a dime. Rebuttal.
The Bill of Rights was intentionally
made by our forefathers... be useful for themselves
and posterity...
- ... as it says in the Declaration- -
- You're a killer.
You're a stone- faced killer.
- What's not debatable?
- Our debating.
- Line them up.
- And knock them down.
You guys are gonna do great.
Okay. Today's topic
for spar is the media...
...with an emphasis on TV violence.
Elise Burns.
It's just sick. TV violence kills morality,
particularly among teens.
Studies prove it. Day after day,
kids watch shows with gunfights.
And the next thing you know,
someone's dead.
Television is a Trojan horse
in our homes.
It claims to give us education
and entertainment...
...but it really just takes the
imaginations of today's youth hostage.
I agree. Media conglomerates say they
wanna change, but it's all double talk.
I mean, accountability
needs to be enforced.
I concur. But let's go further.
TV contributes to the decay
of the American family.
And once the family goes,
down goes our institutions...
...and up goes our drug abuse.
Ditto, gambling and pornography.
You have no evidence
to support that claim.
Images aren't reality.
Violence in art goes back to Egypt.
What's important is teaching people
to be sceptical.
To draw a line. To distinguish
between images and life.
Lisa, what's your opinion?
Well, you're right. TV's not real.
Hold on. Reality is not the point here.
Social decline is.
- Kate, reaction?
- Oh, no, go ahead.
Mark, I understand the spirit
of your refutation.
But society and its conception
of reality are inextricable.
- Did we live or die?
- You were right.
- I was good.
- That's great, Justin.
That's good to hear.
You were...
Yeah. I'd never seen you
look that way before. Yeah.
You grew up.
Passive acceptance of the impact
of genetic engineering... itself an act of aggression.
But that's the problem.
Passive acceptance of the impact...
...of genetic engineering
is itself an act of aggression.
No, you should see him.
And he wears this tie.
It's important to be supportive.
And seen.
You know, it was almost easier
when he was always fucking up.
It's like he thinks
he's smarter than me.
Well, maybe that's the way it goes.
My worthy opponent.
My worthy opponent.
Isn't isolationism a bankrupt policy?
Isn't isolationism a bankrupt policy?
Nations no longer exist independently
of one another.
- And the name of this cell part?
- Mitochondria.
The very existence
of weapons of mass destruction... in contradiction
to our idea of diplomacy.
Thank you for seeing me.
Well, I have a background in med surg,
but I've floated in orthopaedics.
I've always had a great interest
in psych and rehab nursing.
I think my RN skills
would be useful here.
And I've taken continuing ed.
in psych and rehab.
It's a thing that's
always interested me.
You're angry, and that's human.
But it's not a solution.
We have to overcome the idea
that everyone is the same.
Andy Smalley said
your old girlfriend's a stoner now.
She hates stoners.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- Last name is Geary.
- Okay.
G as in Gerald, E- A- R- Y.
- Here it is. Two rooms.
- Great.
One for the boys
and one for the girls.
Don't you think
we should do this by age?
It's against school policy.
You can't have males with females.
- Thank you.
- I'll say I sneaked in.
- I'll take the blame.
- What's this about?
I just wanna be with people
my own age.
We can prepare better.
Oh, my God.
- I call my own bed.
- Which one of you is on the couch?
- You.
- You.
- Boys get the couch.
- Amen, sister.
And now our shocking
Access Hollywood exclusive:
TV star Matt Schramm
check ed into drug rehab today.
Schramm was suffering from
a $1000- a- day cocaine habit.
On Friday, producers of his hit show,
The Line, staged an intervention...
...with some of Matt's
closest family and friends.
Schramm was receptive
to their pleas...
- Anybody want any peach schnapps?
- I only drink beer.
- Yeah, me too.
- Come on.
- Maybe we can order room service.
- We're minors.
Why don't you ask Geary to get it.
Yeah, Justin. He'll get it if you ask.
Are you putting me in a position
to buy alcohol for minors?
People do it all the time.
Yes, I can understand
that you guys wanna unwind a little.
You've worked hard...
...and you'd like to enjoy yourselves.
But I am a teacher.
We think of you more as a peer.
A friend.
That's the line you're gonna use?
I hope your head's better tomorrow.
Don't k eep me on.
You'll talk yourself out of a six- pack.
I thought about it.
I don't think it's a good idea.
You should be doing your impromptus
and getting ready for the meet.
- Here's your six- pack.
- That's messed up.
One is gonna go a long way
with the pills you're on.
- So go slow, okay? Have fun.
- I understand. Thank you.
- Line them up.
- And knock them down.
Make room. Okay.
It's all wet now. Take it off.
Where did this go?
Oh, my.
Wait, I think that's your- -
Guys. Oh, guys.
- Are you okay?
- Shit.
- Oh, my God.
- Shit.
Oh, my God. Shit.
Why am I getting a call
from the front desk?
We were just having a normal time.
Do you think I'm stupid?
You're not stupid.
You just feel left out,
and I can understand that.
You see us having fun
and you feel alone.
But that doesn't mean that we were
doing anything wrong.
Look, Kevin.
Your pro- disarmament views
do not reflect the international climate.
They just reflect your need
for everything to be nice.
To be friendly.
- But humans are inherently hostile.
- You're missing my point.
I don't think you know
what your point really is.
If we're to take disarmament seriously,
I propose that...
...we look at the real weapons.
Our minds.
How do you feel?
Tired. But good.
Why do you feel good?
Because I'm winning.
- What about learning?
- I'm learning how to win.
You're so hungry, Justin.
I never really took that into account.
Here he goes, Mr. Lightning Dealer.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Yeah. Another Cobb success story
on our hands.
Let me see that thing.
- First.
- It's something, huh?
That is something.
How would you know?
You don't even show up.
I work.
Actually, I have some news.
I'm being transferred
to the Maple Glen facility.
- The celebrity rehab place.
- Yeah.
I went today
for the introduction session.
- This was in the works?
- Yeah.
It's actually a pretty big promotion.
So did you see any celebrities?
- It's not just for celebrities.
- Right.
- Well, you seem happy.
- Yeah.
Yeah? That's great.
So who'd you see? Matthew Perry?
Whitney Houston? Robert Downey Jr.?
You know, I signed an agreement.
I'm can't leak names.
- But you can tell us. We're your family.
- Well, I can't. I'm sorry.
Come on.
They're my patients, people with
problems. I'm there to help them.
So now these celebrities
are more important than your family.
I think working at Maple Glen
is a bad idea.
Well, I don't think I asked you.
I just won the regionals.
I come home, you can't say
what celebrities you're working with?
- Hey, easy.
- I'm done.
- I'm out too.
- Where you going?
I'm just afraid places like that
pamper to those big star egos.
I mean, statistics show most addicts
don't recover anyway.
What statistics?
- I read it.
- Well, we're not having a debate.
This is my life.
You found something
to make you happy.
Let me be happy.
What happened
to that Health Valley contest?
God, Justin. Nothing.
You must have heard by now.
You know,
it's none of your business.
It was just a distraction.
It was something to do.
My grades...
...are below your standards.
But I see this as...
As a strength.
Not a weakness.
I've had to overcome...
Overcome. Overcome...
...unusual obstacles.
Both my parents...
Both my parents...
...suffer from mental illness.
It's made my life difficult.
Mental illness.
This has made my life difficult.
But also...
...given me a valuable perspective.
I would like... apply this sensitivity
to a career in TV journalism.
I wanna show the world
what's really happening...
...the way I've had to with my family.
I just can't deal with him right now.
Well, you two are arguing.
Oh, he can be such
a little shit sometimes.
He doesn't need anybody to go.
- Isn't it the state finals or something?
- He'll be fine.
- Oh, I'll go.
- No, you don't have to do that.
No, I wanna see him.
- Really?
- God. Yeah, I'll go.
That's $3.20. Thanks a lot.
You look different.
- Nice tie.
- Debate team.
I've been meaning to call you.
I owe you an apology.
I've been meaning to call you too.
I wanted to thank you.
I was lost in a cloud
of hippie psychobabble.
You helped bring me
back down to earth.
I've rewritten my whole philosophy
of life.
Found new answers
to my questions.
Yeah, me too.
There's no try. There's only do.
That's something that I've learned.
What do you think?
How's your dad?
- He's fine. Same.
- Your mom?
She's got a new job
working with drug addicts.
And what about your thumb?
Have you been sucking it?
Actually, I was diagnosed
with attention deficit disorder.
It's a real problem.
Now I'm on medication.
I was just concerned.
Well, I'm better.
I'm leading the team
at the state debates tomorrow.
Medication, huh?
Yeah, I feel great.
Euphoric, even?
Aren't you just my orthodontist?
I like to think of myself... more than that.
Take care, Justin.
- What are you doing?
- No wonder. This stuff's just speed.
- It calms me down.
- That's what they say.
But you focus. Three molecules
different than cocaine.
A doctor gave it to me.
I saw the special on PBS.
Teachers are overmedicating kids- -
TV is a great source
for our information, isn't it?
Whatever, speed freak.
I think you're confusing tone
and content.
I mean, tone has tone,
but content is silent.
It's not quite silent.
It's just that the tone is muted.
A tone that you shouldn't hear
in the content.
- You're missing the point.
- Look, if silence is neutral...
...then the tone...
...will be quieter.
And the content
would be neutral but heard.
What are you saying?
- Finally got to see you.
- Don't patronise me.
Come on, I'm just trying to say
something, you know?
I think I'm gonna quit
the debate team.
- You were doing well.
- Too much pressure.
- It's no reason to quit.
- Mike.
You're not helping.
Well, you should...
- What am I supposed to say?
- I don't know.
All right, come on. Let's go home.
Come on.
Come on.
Justin, it's... my professional opinion
that you've become a monster.
- You used to love me.
- Don't get grandiose with this.
What was that all about my gift?
And you told me- -
You built it up.
You told me I had a talent.
Yeah, you do.
You have a real intensity.
You have a great understanding
of group dynamics.
But there's also a lot of things
that you need to work on, Justin.
Like glibness,
arrogance, self- control.
Shall I go on?
At least I still have a dream.
Well, that's great.
Is that how you see me?
That's what we've come to, Justin?
I already decided.
I'm quitting the debate team.
That's my fault.
Thank you very much.
Good luck to you.
You look terrible.
You okay?
- I'm not sick.
- Let me see.
I stopped taking my pills.
They're just speed.
They're just three molecules
different than cocaine.
You know, it's not good for you
to quit cold turkey.
But I can.
I need to talk to you.
Come in.
What's up?
How did you feel
when you had to quit football?
- How did you deal with it?
- You have to, you know, tough it out.
You know, tough it out.
- Mike.
- What?
- I just thought you could help for once.
- Hey, I help.
Then how did you do it?
Why can't you ever tell me anything
about how you deal with things?
- Hey, Justin.
- Hey. How's it going?
- So I hear you're the debate star now.
- Not anymore.
- You look the same.
- You don't.
Not really.
- I need to talk to you.
- Look, Justin, I'm sorry.
- I just don't wanna- -
- No, not that.
Did you ever feel like...?
Like you really wanted to...
...I don't know, change?
Why are you telling this to me?
Do you have any pot?
I heard you were doing it.
It's true, though, right?
What, you want me to get you high?
Yeah. Maybe.
- Hey.
- Hi.
I finally found this.
I didn't know which house it was.
Are you stoned right now?
You don't make a big deal out of it.
You still want some, right?
You're not still all weird, are you?
I wasn't weird.
It gets easier.
Did you just give that to him
for free?
I would've made him pay.
Do you want some?
Tell me the boys...
...who have assne.
- Have what?
- Assne.
Ass acne.
I'm sure that you've seen them
in your P.E. class.
Billy Rydell.
Mike Green.
Rian Stevenson. Brent Bregman.
" I will not compare my insides
to others' outsides. "
- What's that?
- Nothing.
- No, it's something. What is it?
- It's nothing. Don't hassle me.
You better get moving.
Audrey's working nights now- -
She's sleeping.
She doesn't even care.
I don't know what
the two of you are thinking.
What's your problem?
- Nothing.
- Right.
I think my mom's having an affair.
Are you sure?
Pretty sure.
You could see it coming.
Anybody could see it coming.
Don't be so serious.
- We're gonna play a game.
- What kind of a game?
You'll see.
Well, actually, you won't.
No, no, no.
Just touch, don't look, okay?
Because those are the rules,
all right?
How was work?
How was work?
It was really good, actually.
It was really good.
Doesn't it get depressing?
Seeing all those people who have
everything just throw it all away?
No. It's humbling.
Last night, this guy said to me:
" I was born...
...addicted to fantasy. "
Doing great, ma'am.
Push, okay? Push.
We gotta ditch this wetback.
Hey. There are no wetbacks out here.
Just people.
- At least fire back.
- You know I don't use my gun.
- No.
- Just do it.
Let me tell you something.
Do you think Justin's had sex?
That's just the image
I want in my head right now.
Because we weren't much older
when we got married.
How old do you feel?
You have to tell me.
What's her pussy feel like?
- That's gross, Joel.
- You're such a prude.
- No. I care about her.
- I heard it's the softest thing ever.
- I French- kissed a girl once.
- Oh, yeah? What'd you do?
- That's not French- kissing a girl.
- Yeah? Then what is it?
A guy and a girl take their tongues...
...and they put them inside
each other's mouths...
...and they move them around
just like this.
This thing bugs me.
No, seriously.
Why can't I see you?
Because I told you,
those are the rules.
But why do you get to make up
all the rules?
Why don't you tell other people
that we're in a relationship?
We're not in a relationship, Justin.
Why not?
...I love you.
God, you always have to make
everything so serious.
This was just a teenage experiment,
that's all.
An experiment?
I needed to educate myself, Justin.
...I decided to pick someone
like you.
Like me?
Someone I'd never get hurt by.
That's just so fucked up.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm really, really sorry.
But maybe you should just go.
Go, Justin.
There you are.
You're supposed to help me
clean the garage. Come on.
Come here.
You missed dinner.
Why you acting so strange?
She just pretends to like us.
- What are you talking about?
- She just wants to have fun.
- You wanna be so serious.
- Oh, I make everything so serious?
She's not happy.
You know, fuck- -
I know.
- Then why don't you do something?
- What can I do?
The whole fucking world
expected me to go pro.
She doesn't care about that.
Well, she'd never admit it,
but how could she have...?
Not been disappointed.
Everybody was.
- You hurt your knee.
- Yeah, right.
But what if it wasn't that bad, huh?
What if I could've kept on playing?
What if your mother
was more important?
Pizza in the kitchen.
Go have your dinner.
You know why she
got that job, right?
What are you doing?
I found a picture.
A picture of that guy.
Do you know about this?
I'm sorry.
You'd think she'd have better taste
than this Matt Schramm guy. Jesus.
Dresses well.
Well, you know...'s all out there... picture land.
You know, I can't reach that.
I can't.
The only way somebody like me
could ever get her attention...
...was by being her kid.
Stay away from the window, man.
You're gonna get us busted
for curfew.
Can't even smoke in peace
around here, huh?
Hey, a guy can only kick
one thing at a time, right?
Come on.
So, what, you in juvie?
What's your poison?
- Dope.
- What flavour?
I don't know. Everything, I guess.
Welcome to the fucking club.
Never met a drug I didn't like.
Yeah, she's a tough one.
In fact, I consider her
my guardian angel.
Are you friends?
It's deeper than that.
A month or so ago, I fly in here.
I work in TV.
My studio commits me.
Maybe you've seen my show.
The Line?
You know, sometimes
you gotta cross it.
I don't know.
Anyway. So, naturally,
I smuggle in a stash, right?
Tucked up my ass.
But it's too high up.
I can't get to it. So...
...I take a spoon.
Something goes wrong.
There's blood everywhere.
That's a lot of blood.
And there's Cobb there.
She runs into my room.
Sticks her hand in there.
No Vaseline, just my blood.
There it is. There it is.
- That's heavy, right?
- That's sick.
She saved my life, though.
And that was the moment
I finally got real about myself.
I'm Matt.
And I'm an addict.
The other night she said to me,
"We're all addicted..." something. Maybe an idea...
...of ourselves or our lives.
Maybe some idea of success
or failure.
What, you're scared too?
Being the mother of a 17- year- old
is a trip.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
You're supposed to have all the
answers, and you don't have one.
Even the idea that once you have a
family, you'll never be lonely again.
Heavy, huh?
We don't like to admit it...
...but we're all just...
...scared little animals.
Hey, it was good to share.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
That's patchouli.
So I'll leave you here.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
You sure? You okay?
Be quiet.
I always kind of thought
Audrey was gonna leave Mike.
They couldn't be apart.
But is that love?
I don't know.
Well, don't you ever think about this
stuff? Doesn't it ever freak you out?
Everything freaks you out.
You don't even care.
You have it so easy, Joel.
- I hate it when you say shit like that.
- Like what?
Like you're the only one
with problems.
You ever think
maybe you're so busy being weird...
...that I have to step up
and be normal?
Everyone's worried about you.
All the bullshit
you get yourself into.
Why didn't you ever
just say anything?
I'm sorry.
- Yeah?
- Can you come here a minute?
- Oh, no way.
- What?
I got in.
You applied?
Well, you didn't tell us
about this, huh?
I thought you'd talk me out of it.
Oh, honey, I wouldn't have
talked you out of it. I just...
I thought your grades...
I'm happy.
Are you?
Am I happy? You kidding?
Well, what does it mean?
It means I wanna go.
Just like that?
They want me to go
to their summer- school thing.
They want me to make up some math
and language credits this summer.
I was just getting used to you.
I gotta go deal with this shipment.
You know I'm happy for you.
I am. It's just...
I don't know.
If it was Belgium...
...or Chile...
...or Mars.
Somewhere I couldn't picture you.
You'd just vanish.
But New York...
...I can see you.
Justin in Central Park
by the fountain.
Justin in a taxi on Fifth Avenue.
Justin at Times Square.
Justin eating a fucking hot dog
from a street vendor.
You can always come to visit me.
You're already gone.
- No, I'm not.
- Yes, you are.
I know you, Justin.
I've been watching you
your whole life.
You have?
You found me.
Yeah, in the phone book.
To what do I deserve this honour?
I'm leaving.
- New York.
- Big city.
- What happened?
- What do you mean?
This place,
it looks a little depressing.
I don't know, I...
I guess I stopped trying
to be anything.
I accepted myself
and all my human disorder.
You might wanna do the same.
Remember when you were
like 13 or something, you were...
You were always doing an impression
of a newsman.
I did?
You were quite good.
- Sorry.
- No.
If that's what you wanna do...
...New York is the perfect place
for you.
Make the contacts, knock on doors.
Get the right haircut,
take voice lessons.
Might work.
But then again...'ll have to deal
with a lot of fear.
I just came here for a check- up.
Justin, I'm sorry if I contributed
to feelings of shame... may have had
about your thumb.
I've been reading up on it.
Medically, psychologically...
...there's nothing really
wrong with thumbsucking.
- I don't think I can agree with that.
- No, really.
Look, Justin...
...there was nothing wrong with you.
It felt like everything
was wrong with me.
That's because we all
want to be problemless.
To fix ourselves. We look for some
magic solution to make us all better.
But none of us really know
what we're doing.
And why is that so bad?
That's all we humans can do.
Justin, I just pray
you don't fool yourself...
...into thinking
you've got the answer.
Because that's bullshit.
The trick... living without an answer.
I think.
I think.
There is new evidence indicating
that the North Koreans have...
I'm Justin.