Thumper (2017) Movie Script

[TV playing]
[Wyatt] Hey, Luke, you
know where the cereal is?
I know you're hungry. Don't eat
your toe, don't eat your toes.
Don't eat your toe...
Okay, Luke, let's turn the TV off now, huh?
No more of that...
Give me that.
Rot your little brain.
[Luke] Hey!
Hey, what?
Hey, what? Who you hey-ing? Don't hey me.
Don't hey me. I'll hey you back.
I'll hey you back.
[groaning] I'll hay your horses, sucker!
What are you doing? What are you doing?
What are you... Come here. Come here.
Come here. Don't jump that way. Come here.
Come here. Yeah, that's it.
Let's find you some food, yeah?
Stop yelling.
Good afternoon.
Good afternoon.
We're out of cereal. I
need you to go to the store.
I need money.
Yeah? How about a job?
You want the kids to eat?
Spend it all on food this time.
[knock on door]
- That's it?
- Yeah, that's it.
I got it. Don't worry about it.
What's up?
Come on.
Come on, guys, let's go. Go with your mom.
Come on, let's go.
Go with Mama.
- What you lookin' at?
- What?
- Giving me attitude?
- Just leave me alone.
- You just woke up. You giving me attitude?
- Oh, my gosh.
[door closes]
Don't ever get married.
Come here.
- Hmm?
- Come here.
I wanna ask you a question. Come here.
What's he doing here?
In front of my house,
sitting in the car. Huh?
Come on.
I just had him give me a ride,
so I'm having him wait out there.
I deal with you.
- I know, that's why I'm having him wait...
- Bring him inside.
It's gonna attract attention
out there. Come on, fuck!
- Right now?
- Yes, now. Bring him in.
All right.
Yo, Beaver, come on.
Come in.
You guys having a good play date?
[Wyatt] I'm sorry, you want a fucking tour?
[door creaking]
[helicopter whirring]
Keep your head down and your mouth shut.
Close the door behind you.
Don't touch anything.
That shit will blind you.
It will.
Am I picking up?
[Troy] What?
[Wyatt] You sure?
[Troy] I mean, it was a slow month.
- [Wyatt] Slow month?
- [Troy] Yeah.
[Wyatt] I give you something,
Troy, I want you to sell it.
[Troy] I understand. It was
just a slow month, though.
[Wyatt] I didn't give it
to you to play with it.
- [Troy] I feel you. I...
- I can help out.
I'm sorry. What did you say?
I can help you.
We spoke about it, and
you know, I can come in,
I can help out, you know. I need the money.
[Troy] Oh, I didn't
speak to him about shit.
What are you talking about, Beaver?
[Wyatt laughing]
He can help me.
He doesn't know what the
fuck he's talking about.
That's good. That's good.
That's good.
I could use some help.
I've been looking for some help.
Thank God you're here to help me.
- It's fucking great.
- [Troy] Whoa.
How're you gonna help me?
[Troy] Whoa, whoa... Wyatt, Wyatt...
How're you gonna help me?
Hey, you don't have to worry
about him, Wyatt, he's not...
Just tell me.
[Troy] Wyatt, it's cool.
Wyatt, Wyatt...
How're you gonna help me?
Wyatt, Wyatt... Chill,
man. You don't want...
Maybe there's something about my
business I wasn't thinking about.
You don't have to worry about him.
Something I didn't think of, you're
gonna give me some advice? Huh?
Wyatt, listen to me. You
don't got to worry about him.
You know why I worry?
'Cause you're fuckin' stupid.
I ain't goin' to jail for your mistakes.
Better keep your little mouth shut.
[Wyatt] It's just water.
Next time it won't be.
- [Wyatt] Stack's by the door.
- [Troy] All right.
- [Wyatt] Sell everything I give you, Troy.
- For sure.
Let's go. Beaver, let's go.
- No more fucking excuses.
- For sure. For sure.
Right here?
So you find this guy, brand
new shoes, brand new suit.
Might you be suspicious of him?
- [girl] Yeah, I would.
- [Mrs. Flynn] All right.
Joel came out of prison, right?
Does anybody know why he was in prison?
I'm wondering what's going
on. Did you guys read the book?
I hope you did because it s pop quiz time.
Books under your desk,
phones and electronics away,
pens out, people.
You all have till 10:00
to complete the test.
Good luck.
You're late.
Please have a seat, quickly.
In the middle of taking a test.
Pass this down to Mr. Tardy.
What you got? A?
St. Angelo?
I don't know.
You got any cash on you?
No, I don't have anything.
You got any cash on you?
- No, but I got some...
- Okay, then fuck you.
You guys aren't smoking my weed
'cause you guys never pick up...
I smoke you guys out every week...
- Hey.
- Hey.
Hey, you know, I never do that.
What? Take a pop quiz?
No, like, copy answers.
I hate English, you know.
Well, that's a lie.
It's all right. I never let dudes
cheat off me, so, you owe me.
All right, all right. I owe you one.
We're hangin' out tonight.
I can pick you up at 8:00.
It's not that easy.
Come on. Why not? Why not?
Because we don't know each other.
All right...
What do you wanna know?
What do you need to know?
You wanna see a magic
trick? Is that what it is?
You got a pen?
All right, let's see. All right.
There you go.
- Real pen, right?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
See, that's why we should hang
out. Come on, give me your number.
I don't date high school guys.
What the fuck, bro? What
the fuck was that, Beaver?
[boy] Real fucking smooth.
Hey, come on. I mean, that
was a good trick, right?
Let's hang out.
- I just wanna get to know you.
- It's never gonna happen, okay?
Can you get that through your head?
Or are you some kind of retard?
Hey, you don't have to use that word.
I can take a hint. You
don't have to use that word.
Whoa, whoa. Hey.
Wait. I'm sorry, okay?
I am.
You were saying?
We just hang out at this
place called Grover's Lot.
It's this old abandoned parking structure.
We just drink and shit.
Okay, so...
you wanna go to some junkyard and do what,
drink beer out of paper bags?
- I just thought that...
- I'll see you at 8:00.
You wanna know where it is?
[song playing on car radio]
[Troy] Yo, Sheila!
You gained some weight?
- Go fuck yourself, Troy.
- In a good way. In a good way.
I'm trying to give this girl a compliment,
and she's like taking it a lil' personally.
She's like fillin' herself out. More
cushion for the pushin', you know.
Speaking of prude, that girl, Kat,
I heard she gave Steve Russell
a knobber in Mickey D's lap.
Bullshit, man.
- Bullshit?
- Bullshit.
Ain't bullshit.
Yeah, you probably heard
that from Steve Russell.
I did hear it from Steve Russell,
but that don't make it dog lie.
- Why is he gonna lie?
- Why is he gonna lie?
Yeah. You call him a liar.
'Cause she's a smokin' hot
piece of ass, that's why.
Beaver, don't get strung out
by that cock knocker, all right?
I mean, it ain't about
scoring pussy anyway.
I've seen her sweat in
the first week she landed.
No, man. A girl like that, ain't
gonna give a loser like him a blowjob.
You mean a handjob.
A knobber, bro, is a handjob.
What... For real? You sure?
Yeah, yeah. It's a handjob...
I think.
You guys don't know, do you?
Either way, she's a ho.
Do you see the way she ties her shirt up?
Titties poppin' out.
No panties on, sex juice
drippin' out of her ears...
She needs a Kleenex.
Guys, she got it goin' on. I mean,
why shouldn't she show it off, right?
- I would.
- [Troy] Yeah, you would.
No, besides, I mean, she's been coping
with a lot of shit being new and all.
You gonna nail it or what, bro?
- I don't know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
You better get up in that, bro.
- I don't know.
- Yeah.
Yeah? Yeah? Yeah?
Cop, cop, cop, cop. Put that down.
[hip-hop song playing]
Stacking boxes on...
I'm never getting a fuckin' job.
What are you doin'?
- You keep doin' it like...
- Can you hook me up?
Can you hook me up?
No, bro.
He's selfish.
It's not about that...
To me, it is.
It's not about that.
I just don't know. I just...
[Flip] Is this your girl?
[Beaver] Yo, anywhere!
[Troy] Is this her?
[Troy] Oh, damn.
Oh, my God.
Yo, that's a nice ride.
I'm Kat.
I know.
Oh, really?
Yeah, I know.
I'll take that.
Where are you from?
Which time?
[Troy] I don't know.
- [Troy] Oh, yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.
[Troy] Where in Florida?
- Do you know Florida?
- Mmm-mmm.
[Kat] Okay. Why ask?
I got, like, friends and family there
in Tampa and... Orlando or something.
[Kat] That's where Florida is...
Hey, you party?
Uh, depends.
You get high?
The answer's still the same.
What you workin' with?
I'll show you what I'm workin' with.
What the fuck is this?
What? What? What?
Stems and seeds?
- Gets me high.
- Gets the job done.
No. Uh-uh.
You're picky!
I am picky.
Yeah, what's up with this girl?
[glass breaking]
- God.
- I'm gonna go, fucking tag some shit up.
[Kat] What do you mean?
- Oh, he's gonna...
- Tag some shit up.
Yo, who's got it? Who's got the paint?
You got? Here.
Rhonda, you have to
move. I'm making like a...
- What?
- You have to move.
No, I'm not gonna move. I was here first.
I'm gonna make like a whole
mural on this wall, all right?
Hey, you.
You, come here.
This is fucked up!
Here, I'll give you my jacket.
- Here, you take my jacket...
- I don't want your fucking jacket.
It's warmer. Just gimme your shirt.
I got you.
You're such an asshole!
Oh, my God! Fuck you!
So this is what I get for
letting you cheat off me?
- This?
- Yeah. [laughs]
Got the whole night.
[Kat] I guess, yeah.
All right.
[Beaver] This is the good stuff.
I've been saving it.
[Kat] For what?
Just saving it, you know.
It's good.
Let me see that.
Wow, it smells strong.
Yeah, I told you this is the good stuff.
Just gonna make it.
I... You know what, I...
I can't.
Come on. Oh, fuck.
No, really. Save it. I...
No, for real. I thought you liked to party.
No, I do. It's just...
you know, my mom...
hates me right now, and I can't risk it.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry. I just...
Hey, give me your phone.
Give me your phone.
Text me...
so I have yours.
See you tomorrow.
All right. Yeah. Later.
Good night.
Thanks for tonight.
- [Troy] Forty.
- [Gina] Fuck that. Twenty.
[Troy] Fine.
[Gina] The shit better be good.
Don't fucking try and rip me off again.
Whoa, whoa. Who's this?
She's cool.
You need?
We're good. Go.
Where to?
I know a spot.
[Gina] Thanks for driving.
[Kat] No problem.
Yo, you sure this is a good spot?
Stop freaking out, Rhonda.
You mind?
No. Do it up.
All right, all right, let's go.
Fuck. Chill.
Relax, stupid, greedy bitch.
Stupid shit like that
caused Jeremiah to OD.
Fucking idiot.
You're up.
Just go easy.
Shit is cranked.
What's it cooked with?
Not sure.
Ask Troy.
He cooks it?
Jesus, girl, are you getting
high or writing a fucking book?
Shut up.
I'm sorry. I've got to go.
I am, it's just...
My mom's been glued to
my shit recently, and I...
- I can't push it.
- She's been glued to my shit.
She's been glued to my shit.
Fuck her. You said it yourself.
Yeah, I don't wanna push it.
You ever done it before?
Try it.
Or not. Whatever.
More for me.
Why you knockin'? Gimme that.
I lost the key, dude.
- You lost the keys again?
- Yeah.
Where are you going?
What, you want me to bring this
with us? Go driving around with it?
I don't know.
You gotta think, man.
Let's get some pizza.
No, I wanna go Chinese, dude.
I don't care. I wanna get pizza.
[car engine starting]
[door creaking]
[car approaching]
[car door closing]
[Troy] I got it.
Fucking phone, bastard.
It's not in my room.
It's in your pocket.
- No.
- It's in your pocket.
Dude, it's in the fucking
living room, on the counter.
It's right here.
Jesus. Hurry up.
[cellphone vibrating]
[Beaver] Let's go!
[Troy] Stop bitchin'!
[cellphone ringing]
[girl] Mom?
- Sweetie?
- [girl] Mom, where are you?
[Jimmy] Baby, give me the phone.
- Hi, are you coming?
- Shit.
Jimmy, what day is it?
It's your day, Meredith.
Yeah, no... I'll be right there.
[car approaching]
Did you forget?
I overslept. I'm sorry.
You haven't seen him in three weeks.
I missed you! [groans]
Okay, come on, let's get in the car.
How are you?
I'm fine.
I wish you were a little
better than "fine."
Well, I'm on a job right now.
You know how it is.
[scoffs] Yeah. I do. I know.
How's life?
How's Sharon?
Sharon's good. Things are good.
Really good.
- I'll go get his stuff.
- All right.
You in deep again?
I don't know. This one's different.
Oh, yeah?
How's that?
It's just different.
I... I can't really talk
about it. You know that.
I don't know how you do it.
What's that?
I guess, I mean "why." I
don't know why you do it.
I mean... you're driven,
that's usually a good thing.
But what you do is dangerous, Mere.
Okay, don't lecture me.
- It's not a lecture...
- You are.
You're telling me to put aside
my job to be a better mom.
- I would...
- Why not?
Well, I will.
I will. Just...
As soon as I'm done with this one.
Okay. All right. I mean, you know...
Do whatever you have to do.
I mean, it's...
Sharon's fine having him full-time.
She loves him and he's
starting to warm to her, so...
- Nice.
- If that's all right with you.
No, it's not.
Here you go, sweetie.
All right. Have him back by tomorrow.
Will do.
Bye, buddy.
All right, sweetie.
[car engine starts]
Are we gonna have some fun today?
Oh, come on.
All right.
[hip-hop music playing]
But he's the funniest guy
I've ever seen in my life.
Come on, man. You all right?
- He drinks too much.
- Are you all right?
You drink too much, Flip.
Come on, man.
Fuck up, Troy.
Come on, let's go inside.
You all right?
He's too tiny for alcohol,
he's gotta stick with weed.
Come on, just lay down.
Not in my room, not in my room.
Not in my bed, not in my bed.
- Put him on the ground.
- All right.
Hey, where's the weed?
Sit here, mate, all right?
Who got the weed?
Since when did you become so responsible?
I got the motherfucking weed.
I'm responsible?
Give me the motherfucking weed.
Gina's got the motherfucking weed.
I need a chaser.
Yo, Eddie!
All right.
What is that?
What is that?
- What?
- What kind of hit is that?
I thought you're from Florida.
I thought you guys are
real toakers from Florida.
What happened to all that
big talk? What was that?
Beaver, show her how it's done.
Show me.
- Yeah!
- Show me.
It's not rocket science.
Oh, God. Oh, no.
Look at this kid. Look at this kid.
His lungs go down to his dick!
[all laughing]
- Fuck!
- Yeah.
- No!
- Yeah, let her have it.
What kind of frog are you?
Yo, Kat, what kind of frog are you?
- What?
- There's two kinds of frogs in the world.
- I didn't know that.
- Let me tell you the story. Hold on.
Come on, you heard the
story about the two frogs?
There's two kinds. I'm about
to drop some knowledge on you.
I wanna know.
All right, listen. There's
two kinds of frogs, right?
And you're either one or the other.
- It starts like this.
- All right.
So there's a pot of water, right?
And it's boiling. It's brought to a boil.
The frog hops into it,
hops right out, 'cause it's boiling.
And just like, it was hot.
- Jumps right out, right?
- [Kat] Yeah.
But then there's the other frog...
[Gina] What are you talking about?
Just listen to me. I know
what I'm talking about, Gina.
I know what I'm talking about.
Just let me tell the story.
I'm trying to drop some philosophy
on Kat. She doesn't know this shit.
- She's never heard it like you.
- I know the fucking story!
- You're being selfish here!
- Oh, fuck.
Listen. So then...
So then, there's this pot of
water, right, that's lukewarm.
- Yeah. Okay.
- Right?
The frog jumps into it, starts swimming
around like he's at the Ritz-Carlton,
- just havin' a good ol' time.
- Yeah.
And then we slowly bring
that water to a boil.
But that frog just stays in
it as it's brought to a boil,
and that frog dies.
Is that the end of the story?
Yes. Beaver, what kind of frog are we?
I think that's a stupid fuckin' story.
[Troy] Rhonda, I told you that story
before and you said it was funny.
- [Troy] This is gonna come off, right?
- [Gina] Yeah.
[Troy] I don't need make-up remover?
[Gina] Maybe.
[Troy] I don't have that.
Yeah, right, open your eyes. Let's see.
So pretty!
- I look pretty?
- Yeah, so pretty.
You look pretty.
[Kat] No, I seriously went through this
whole month of like,
winking, I couldn't stop.
Like, I had to, like, cut it out.
[both laughing]
You know what I think?
You stoned.
- No.
- Yeah?
It takes a lot more
than that to get me high.
- Oh, yeah?
- Trust me.
Do you guys have anything
stronger in this town or what?
Why are you asking me?
I don't know anything.
Why don't you ask your new BFF, Gina?
Oh, really? Okay.
But really, do you have anything?
Yeah. What are you looking for?
You mean dope?
I don't know. Yeah.
Troy might have 'em.
Did someone fuck with the breaker?
Police! Don't move!
Police! Put your hands up!
Put your hands in the air
where I can see them, right now!
- They're up. They're up.
- What is this?
What is this?
You know marijuana is illegal here, right?
Where's the rest of the drugs?
Where are the drugs?
It's in the TV cabinet.
Flip, what the fuck?
Oh, look at that.
Only reefers and pills.
Oh, my God.
- What the fuck was that?
- Fuck!
Fucking dick.
Was that you?
Oh, my God, you guys are bitches!
- Was that you?
- You're such a bitch, dude.
You are such an asshole.
What is wrong with you, guys?
Why are you letting me take your shit?
Who is this?
Who is this?
He's Flip.
You always give your drugs away?
- No, he's fucked up.
- You should choose better friends.
- Fucked up.
- What's on your face, dude?
Is that fuckin' make-up?
Are you wearing make-up?
- What is wrong with you, dude?
- Oh, fuck, no.
Did you do that to him?
Why are you laughing?
- Stop with the light.
- Did you? You did that?
- Yes, I did that.
- I was passed out.
That's a really nice job.
The fuck are you doin' here?
Oh, I'm sorry,
I didn't know I had to
fuckin' check with you,
clear my itinerary.
[Troy] I'm just sayin'.
I'm sorry. I didn't...
I didn't... You scared
the shit out of me, Wyatt.
Who are you?
Who the fuck are you?
I'm Prince Charming. Couldn't you tell?
No, I couldn't.
You're in my cousin's house.
I see you're friends with Beaver.
[Wyatt] How's that treatin' you?
What do you mean?
You fuckin' him?
'Cause if you are, I
need to know something.
[laughing] Can you... Can you
tell me if the rumors are true?
About him not having any balls.
What? What are you laughing
at? No, I heard that, for real.
Somebody told me that.
That he had no balls.
Well, I haven't fucked him yet.
But when I do, I'll be sure to let
you know what I find down there.
Yeah, you do that.
Well, this is a party. Fuck.
When you're done playing
dress-up, come outside.
Fuck's the matter with you?
[door closes]
You all right?
You still want that thing?
What thing?
Oh, uh...
Yeah. Yeah, I do.
What do I owe you?
- Sixty.
- Okay.
- Pay me later.
- No, I've got cash.
No, pay me later.
Just go easy on that, all right?
It's strong.
How's your sandwich?
Too much mayo.
What do you need?
I don't know.
I don't have anybody off the street.
Where's the cook?
I'm close.
That's not good enough.
You don't get the cook,
we go with the dealers.
The dealers don't matter.
They're kids.
This fucker has a dozen of them.
Whatever. Who gives a shit? Bust them all.
Set them back a year or two.
They're useless.
Unless we can get one of them to go CI.
Anyone close?
Not yet.
The fuck are you waiting for?
Someone to ask you to the prom?
Twelve died in this
county from ODs last year,
six of them minors.
Let's keep your head in the game.
These are people's
lives we're dealing with.
If we're gonna bust them, let's make sure
we got something more than dying bags.
People's lives?
Are you really saying that to me?
Do you know how fucking
long I've been doing this?
Do you not think I'm aware of what
effect we have on this community?
We're doing this for people's lives.
Remember that.
Hey, Kat.
- Hey.
- Whaddup?
What are you doin' out here?
I don't know, I'm... lookin' to score.
Lookin' to score.
You're lookin' to score?
All the way out here?
Gina said I might have some
luck. Do you know anyone?
We don't know anybody.
We'll let you know if
we hear anything, though.
That'd be nice.
We're nice guys, so you're in luck.
I'll bet.
- You don't believe me?
- Let's go.
No, hold on a second.
You don't believe me? You
don't think I'm a nice guy?
I don't know you.
No, you don't.
All right. Well, see you later.
I hope you mean that.
I mean, do you wanna see us later?
Or are you just fucking with us
like all the rest of the
pencil-dick motherfuckers you do?
- Let's go.
- No. Shut up.
You wouldn't do that to
us, though, would you?
Hate to feel like we're just
the dog, you're the thumper,
running around in
circles, no bone in sight.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Think about it.
I will.
[Troy on tape] This
is definitely good.
I know how it is in Florida.
You guys got the goods?
[Kat on tape] We
got the goods. Yeah.
- [Troy] You got the quality.
- [Kat] Oh, yeah.
[Wyatt] I mean, do you
wanna see us later?
Or are you just fucking with us
like all the rest of the
pencil-dick motherfuckers you do?
"'He give 'em to Pa for a shoat.
We never did know where he got that wire.'
They slowed for the rise, moving
their feet in the deep soft dust,
feeling the earth with their feet.
Joad's eyes were inward on his memory."
How're you doing?
Have a nice day.
- Hi, there.
- Hi.
Last name?
Yeah. Pickin' up for Rivers.
ID, please.
- There you go.
- Great. Thanks.
Thank you.
Sore throat, huh?
Here you go.
Is there a problem?
Looks like your formulary was amended.
I get this every month.
Part of my military disability.
It's for anxiety.
Your insurance no longer covers it. Here.
You're not listening to me.
I need it.
Give me a sec.
Thank you.
Sorry. I'll just be a minute.
Sir, you have to pay full price.
It's not up to us.
That's how you treat everybody who put
their life on the line for your freedom?
It's $282 without insurance.
Excuse me.
I can't afford it.
I understand.
You don't understand.
- I bled for this country.
- Okay.
Gave it my best fuckin' years.
Now I'm supposed to just
bend over, take it in the ass?
While the government gives handouts to
fuckin' deadbeats homeless
people and ragheads like you?
- Wow.
- Yeah. Wow.
Can I help you?
I sacrificed for you people.
[woman] Okay, sir.
You're welcome, fuckers.
Hey, Wyatt.
You following me?
- I need a hit.
- I'm not a fuckin' dispensary.
- Troy's not coming with us.
- I mean it, Gina. Beat it.
Please, Wyatt.
Fuckin' Christ, Gina.
I'll do whatever you want.
- Come here.
- Yeah?
You're better than this.
I know.
[car engine starting]
Find a hobby, Gina.
Fucking asshole!
I've been knocking.
I know. I heard you.
Did you think to answer?
How do you know where I live?
Flip told me.
You okay?
It's nothing I'm not used to.
Who did that?
What do you want?
Beaver, who did that to you?
What do you want?
I owe you.
Can I come in?
You should go.
My dad's gonna be back any minute.
He's not a fan of guests.
Sure I could win him over.
No. Nah.
You know, it's nothing personal.
He's just not a fan of people.
What if I just came in for a second?
It's not normally this messy. Uh...
Just give me a minute. I'll clean it up.
We were supposed to do the
laundry yesterday, but...
we had to...
[glass breaking]
Just give me a minute.
What happened?
It broke.
It broke.
Yeah. I can see.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Let's tell Dad that I did it.
- All right.
- All right?
All right.
This is my brother.
- Hey.
- Hello.
All right. Go eat it in another room.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- All right.
You can go play a video game.
He seems cool.
He's a pain in the ass, but I don't know...
he's very cool.
My dad usually looks after him,
but he spent a few extra days at the
lake with his fishing buddies and...
So after he gave you that shiner...
Put this on your eye.
You ever wonder why things
happen the way they do?
Some people, it's just so easy.
And then...
the rest of us, we have to work for it.
It fucking sucks.
I wanna get him out of here.
I'm getting my brother out of this place.
There's this school in Oregon.
It's supposed to be the
best for kids like him.
I have 800 bucks stashed up.
You give me about half of it.
What for?
Letting me in.
[breathing heavily]
Stop. Stop.
- What?
- I'm sorry.
I can't.
[door closes]
[woman] Okay, I have one, too.
Yeah, you grab that one.
You can have that one.
Right here. Over here.
Hold on, you guys. Here, you want one?
There you go.
Of course, sweetie, they're right there.
- Meredith, it's good to see you.
- Hey.
Yeah, you too, you too. How are you?
Good. Good. Yeah, you know, just...
- A lot...
- Yeah.
- I can see that.
- I can...
Thank you.
- You made it.
- Yeah. In the flesh.
Well, you know, it's
better late than never.
We're really glad you're here.
Yeah, we have... We have cakes
still. So let me get you a slice.
Is it made out of carrots and celery...
- Okay, all right. Come on, not now.
- And all that healthy shit?
She's a vegan who drives an
electric car and teaches yoga.
Oh, that's better.
[boy] Hey, it's mine.
[girl] It's mine!
- I got it first!
- It's mine!
Hey, buddy.
Come on, one second.
- It's mine!
- Okay.
- All right.
- We're gonna take a little time out.
It's mine, Mommy.
I know, sweetie. We're gonna go...
I'll see you in a second, buddy.
Did he say "Mom"?
Yeah, he started doing that recently.
I don't like that.
Well, he's confused.
Does she live here now?
She... She moved in two weeks ago.
All right.
We... We got engaged.
[nervous laughter]
I was gonna... I was gonna tell you.
No, I'm happy for you.
I just...
Uh, I'm... I'm gonna go.
Wait. Come on.
- I just need a second.
- Mere, come on.
Excuse me, guys.
Look, I'm... I'm sorry.
I didn't... That's not...
I didn't know how you were gonna take that.
How did you think I was gonna take it?
It's just, I don't know, I
didn't want you to be upset.
It's fine. I should have seen this coming.
I waited for you.
You know that.
I'm sorry.
I... Hey!
[microwave beeping]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Fucked up...
This guy.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Wyatt Rivers.
Wife, two kids.
On tour in Iraq.
Two priors.
DUI and disorderly, registered handguns,
permit to carry, no convictions.
You think he's cooking?
Yeah, maybe.
Where's your head at?
I don't know. My kid, I guess.
He barely recognizes me.
I'm just... I'm having a
hard time following leads.
You have to give me something, anything.
I know. I will.
Get this shit out off the streets.
- I need more time.
- You don't have more time.
[car engine starting]
Do this now, and you and your
kid can go to fucking Disneyland.
[door creaking]
What are you doing?
What the fuck are you doing here, huh?
- I'm... I'm sorry.
- What are you doing in my trash?
[crying] I'm sorry! I
fucked up, okay, I just...
I needed a taste.
Need something...
I'm... I'm sorry.
- Please.
- [shushing]
Don't hurt me.
How do you know where I live?
Everyone knows.
They say you cook the best stuff.
Okay, I'm just gonna go...
Who says that?
- I don't...
- Who the fuck says that?
I don't know, Troy, his
brother, maybe, I don't know.
Just let me go.
And I won't bother you again, I promise.
[Wyatt] Don't move.
Go ahead.
This is the last time I wanna see you here.
- Okay.
- You don't tell anybody where I live.
- I won't.
- Ever.
Got it.
You know what's ironic?
You make this stuff everyone wants,
then you get mad when they need it.
Not really that simple.
I wouldn't expect you to understand.
- Try me...
- You can't.
You're a victim of the system.
You believe what you're told.
You're sheep among sheep.
So you're a shepherd?
I'm a businessman.
This country got five
million people unemployed,
twenty million in poverty, but
you're not gonna find me on welfare.
You go ahead,
read all those history books they
give you. Memorize all the lies.
When you graduate and
they hand you a diploma,
you tell me how far they gets you
when they cut off the electricity
and you can't pay the bill,
or when you'll take any fuckin' job,
'cause you got no food in your
pantry and your kids are hungry.
If you don't take the job,
spic down the block sure will...
do twice the work for half the pay.
So, you're a businessman.
This is your office?
Work at home kinda guy?
I think it's time for you to go.
Hang on.
Come here.
- I...
- Gimme one sec.
Came here for a fix...
do it up.
- Later.
- Now.
You arms.
For a junkie, clean as fresh snow.
No track marks in sight.
- I only smoke it...
- Bullshit.
Couple of minutes ago, you
were digging through my trash,
looking for used needles.
You want me to trust you?
I don't care if you trust me.
[gun clicks]
You should.
Don't look at me.
What the fuck are you waiting for?
Get it in.
[door closes]
[car tires screeching]
Yo, you were supposed to
be here 40 minutes ago.
What gives? You forget...
Whoa, Kat, hey...
Yo, shit, just...
Hey, yo, let's get inside. Come on.
Get up. Get up. Get up.
Come on. Now, get up.
Kat, where's your keys? Where's your keys?
Help me!
Help me!
[nurse] Can I get a doctor, please?
[nurse] Sir, sir, sir...
What's going on? Tell me what's going on.
The doctor thinks you're
gonna... You're gonna be fine.
I'm just worried about you.
[knocking on door]
Bad timing.
Dad, give us a minute.
How are you feeling?
Like I fucked up.
Report is gonna say that you
were held down and injected,
trying to salvage this.
These things happen sometimes.
Toxicology said the batch
was as same as the rest.
Fuckin' cheap.
And highly toxic.
But nothing to make me
think you were set up.
I wasn't set up.
Doesn't appear that way.
Just a nasty OD.
And if that kid hadn't gotten
you here so fast, you'd be dead.
I'm gonna talk to him.
You will get your chance.
First, I need you to
fill out some paperwork.
Bring it around the lot tomorrow.
What's the case say? We've
got nothing but possession.
We missed our shot.
DEA wants me to get him now.
Wyatt's cooking.
If we nail him with possession, he'll
get out with a slap on the wrist.
And why do you need all of them?
This is all we got, because of this.
So I need them.
Troy, Beaver, every one you fingered,
otherwise this whole fucking
thing is a waste of our time.
That wasn't the plan.
There's enough marijuana
charges for all of them.
I'm not here to bust potheads.
You're not here to bust anyone.
Not anymore. You're off the case.
They're shutting down your apartment,
so I need your phone and the
report as soon as possible.
You know, I know it's shitty,
but you're alive. Don't forget that.
[nurse] Get these questions answered
and bring it back for me, okay?
Thank you, sweetie.
I'm here to see Kat Carter.
I don't have anyone here under that name.
Oh, sorry. Katherine Carter.
I don't see her in my system.
Well, that can't be right.
Can you look again?
I already checked.
Are you sure she's a patient here?
Of course, I'm sure.
My friend dropped her off.
Well, we've no one here by that name.
That's bullshit.
Check again.
Thanks for being of great fucking help.
No, that was the best
work, Sam. You're right.
Yo, Troy.
Yo, we got next.
Blow me, fuckface.
All right, I'm telling Mom.
- Hey, Mom.
- Blow me right now while I play.
No, I'm telling Mom. Mom!
You rat.
Hey, she said let me play.
- She said let me play, dude.
- No, she didn't.
- She did. I swear.
- She's passed out.
She's passed out and you know it.
Dude, fuckin' let us play
or I'll turn this off.
No, you're not.
- Yeah, I am.
- Don't touch it.
I'm about to get to the next level.
Don't touch... Don't touch my game.
Yeah, this is what you get, bro.
Little motherfucker.
What the fuck did I tell you, huh?
What did I tell you?
Dude, just stop! Mom! Mom! Mom!
- Hey, why are you smacking yourself?
- Dude!
- Dude! Mom!
- Like a bitch.
Mom, Troy's beating me up!
- Close your fists. Close your fists.
- Dude.
Dude, I will fuckin' wreck your world.
- Beat your own ass like a man.
- Fuck off!
Help me out, dude. Come on.
What, you think Beaver's gonna help you?
Whaddup, Wyatt?
Yeah. Talk to you outside.
What's the matter with you, huh?
I owe you an apology.
I didn't know she was
gonna react like that.
Yeah, you could have killed her.
You're right.
I don't know what's wrong with me, man.
I have a hard time
trusting people, you know.
Do you trust her?
You do?
I don't know, Beaver. I've been
hearing some weird shit, bro.
Really weird.
No, she's not gonna... She's not a rat.
Come here.
Why'd you leave her there?
Why didn't you stay?
She was ODing and I didn't...
I don't know. I didn't
know what to do, I just...
She's your friend, and you left her alone?
No, I just...
No, I... I dropped her
off and I got out of there.
I just... there was people there so
I just got out of there, you know.
Did you talk to anybody?
The fuck am I gonna say to anybody?
Did you talk to anybody?
[Wyatt chuckles]
You're a good kid, Beav.
I like you.
Have fun today.
[Mr Carter] Need some help?
Come on.
Fucking shit.
[voice recording] Yo, you reached
Beaver. You know what to do.
Hey! Where are you goin'?
I... I just need to step out for a bit.
Hell, no, no. You need to get your rest.
Where are your keys?
I don't...
- Meredith...
- I'll be back.
[car tires screeches]
- Hey.
- Hey.
You scared me.
Whose whip is this?
It belongs to a friend of mine.
Where the fuck have you been?
You were in the hospital.
I was.
I had a bad reaction to something.
Are you okay?
I'll be fine.
Have you seen Beaver?
You give him a ring?
Yeah, he's not pickin' up.
He's probably at Troy's.
They said they were drinking over there.
Cool. Thanks.
I was gonna head over.
If you're going,
give me a lift?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Get in.
[clears throat]
No, thanks.
You must be a little gun-shy.
What hospital were you at?
Uh, Oak Grove.
I came by.
I... I got out last night, so...
I was at home.
Thank you, though.
I really appreciate it.
Aren't you coming?
Uh, no. Can you just send Beaver out?
Come in.
I can't.
Just... Last couple of days, it's
been... It's been really hard, you know.
[gun cocking]
Where the fuck is she?
I don't know. She was just here.
Oh! Kat! Fuck...
Come over here.
- Yo.
- No, I need to talk to you.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
You're all right.
I just...
I needed to say thank you.
I can't believe that you're here.
I just thought that with your
mom and all that shit, you know...
she'd drag you away and stuff.
There's... There's
something I need to tell you.
I need you to listen to me, okay?
Take Jeff,
leave town.
I can't tell you why, but just trust me.
Can you do that?
[chuckling] Where are we gonna go?
- What?
- No, I mean it.
I'm being serious.
Just go.
Now you're fucking with me.
You're fucking with me,
all right? What is this?
I'm not fucking with you.
Look who it is.
I'm really surprised you
came back here... Kat.
Whatever the fuck your real name is.
Yo, Wyatt, can we have a minute?
No, you can't have a minute.
Gina, why don't you tell this
slow motherfucker what we know?
Cunt's a fucking cop.
- That's bullshit.
- The fuck it is!
- No.
- Gina, what are you doing?
I went to the hospital. There
was no record of Katherine Carter.
And I found your fucking chart,
and in everything your name's Meredith
or some fucking shit like that!
- Get the fuck off!
- Watch out!
Yo, Wyatt, no! Let it go, man.
Wyatt, let it go, man.
- Wyatt.
- Get the fuck out of my way, Beaver.
Kill the fucking shit
out of her. Fucking liar!
- Go home, Gina.
- What the fuck are you doing, Wyatt?
Get the fuck out, right now!
- What...
- Troy, get these fuckers out of here!
Get out, get out!
Get the fuck out. Get out.
Beaver, what's goin' on? What's goin' on?
- What the fuck?
- Troy, what the fuck is this, man?
I told you to get the
fuck out of here right now!
Get out. I'll call you
tomorrow. Get the fuck out.
What the fuck?
- Tie that bitch up.
- Come on.
Why am I tying her up?
Come on.
Gimme your fuckin' hands.
What the fuck?
Troy, come on, man, let's
just fuckin' let her go.
- Let her fucking go.
- Why am I tying her up?
Beaver, help!
Why am I tying you up?
Help me.
- Wh... Why am I tying her up?
- Get the fuck out of the way!
[Wyatt] Who the fuck are you?
- Are you a cop?
- No.
- Are you a fucking cop?
- No!
- Is she a cop?
- Don't fuckin' do that!
Is she a cop?
Is she a fuckin'...
Shut the fuck up!
You bring a narc into
our fuckin' circle, huh?
- She's not gonna fuckin' talk.
- Well, you're a fuckin' idiot!
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I'm tired of asking that question.
[Kat gasping]
Troy, follow me.
- Is she a cop?
- Get in the fucking tub!
Yo, you're fuckin' hurting her.
Are you a fuckin' cop?
Yes! Yes.
Still trust her?
Gimme the gun, Troy.
- Wyatt, you need to think about this.
- Give me the fucking gun.
People know she's here.
- [gun cocking]
- What the fuck?
Take it, Beaver.
- Why?
- Take the gun.
She played you.
She played all of us.
Beaver, please...
Wyatt, think about this. Come on.
Do it, Beaver.
Pop her!
- Please, don't.
- Do it!
[crying] Please, don't.
Fuck this.
Fuck you, Beaver! Fuck...
Guys, guys, guys!
Come on. You brought
this down on all of us.
Now you're gonna fuckin' fix it.
[Troy] Wyatt, come on.
Please, don't kill me.
Which side are you on, Beaver?
Ours or theirs?
Beaver, please, he's playing you...
Shut up.
- He's playing you...
- Nobody's playing him.
You're the only one who's playing. Has
been that way the whole fuckin' time!
- Shut up!
- Do it...
Shut up! Shut the fuck up!
[Wyatt] She doesn't
respect you. You know that.
[Kat] Beaver, stop.
Just do it.
You little fucker.
- No...
- I swear to God...
[Kat] Beaver...
Beaver, hey...
Show me the eye.
You'll be fine in a few weeks.
I can deal you back in
if that's what you want.
It won't be free and clear, though.
Restriction's six months,
then full reinstatement.
No, thanks.
We did make a difference.
Busting kids on bullshit charges?
Fucking up their potential
for a decent future?
If we saved one life,
its good enough for me.
You should feel the same.
I don't.
You don't?
That's it?
What are you gonna do?
Go back to my normal life.
Your normal life.
See you around.
All right.
What's wrong, honey?
I don't like pancakes.
Yeah, you do. They're
your favorite, remember?
All right.
What do you want instead?
Nathan... Nathan.
Stay still.
I am.
No, you're not.
It's not funny.
All right, let's go. We're gonna be late.
All right.
Hey, have you got everything?
Hey, Meredith.
[shouting excitedly]
- How're you doin', buddy? Come on!
- Finally!
- [Jimmy] I missed you!
- Daddy, you too.
[indistinct chatter]
Shadows are falling
And I've been here all day
It's too hot to sleep
And time is runnning away
Feel like my soul has
Turned into steel
I've still got the scars
That the sun
Didn't let me heal
There's not Even room enough
To be anywhere
It's not dark yet
But it's getting there
Well my sense of humanity
Is going down the drain
Behind Every beautiful thing
There's been
Some kind of pain
She wrote me a letter
And she wrote it so kind
She put down in writing
What was in her mind
I just don't see why
I should even care
It's not dark yet
But it's getting there
Well I been to London
And I been to gay Paree
I followed the river
And I got to the sea
I've been down To the bottom
Of a whirlpool of lies
I ain't lookin' for nothin'
In anyone's eyes
Sometimes my burden
Is more than I can bear
It's not dark yet
But it's getting there