Thunderball (James Bond 007) (1965) Movie Script

The coffin...
it has your initials, J.B.
At this moment,
rather him than me.
At least you've been saved
the effort of removing him.
Colonel Bouvar passed away
in his sleep, so they tell me.
You sound disappointed
you did not kill him yourself.
I am. Jacques Bouvar murdered
two of my colleagues.
Is there anything else our
French station can do for Monsiuer Bond?
Later, perhaps.
As I said, later. Come on.
I've come to offer
my sincere condolences.
My dear Colonel Bouvar...
I don't think you should have
opened that car door by yourself.
No well-dressed man
should be without one.
Yes, very practical.
Get inside.
- They're coming to get me.
- Hurry!
He always runs
While others walk
He acts
While other men just talk
He looks at this world
And wants it all
So he strikes
Like Thunderball
He knows the meaning
Of success
His needs are more
So he gives less
They call him
The winner who takes all
And he strikes
Like Thunderball
Any woman he wants
He'll get
He will break any heart
Without regret
His days of asking
Are all gone
His fight goes on
And on and on
But he thinks that the fight
Is worth it all
So he strikes
Like Thunderball
Hey, no parking here!
Pardon, Monsieur Largo.
The International Brotherhood for
the Assistance of Stateless Persons...
is purely philanthropic.
We're not interested in politics...
only in your rehabilitation.
We have been able to arrange for
visas at the Brazilian Consulate.
The Brotherhood
will look after you until...
- Good morning, Mr. Largo.
- Good morning.
- Nice to have you back again.
- Thank you, my dear.
- We pay back everything!
- There will be no need.
We have certain funds from
private individuals who share our aim.
Sit down, Number Two.
We will discuss...
your NATO project later.
I regret to inform you all
of the death of Spectre Number Six.
Colonel Jacques Bouvar was killed
by an unknown assassin.
His services will be greatly missed.
We will now proceed with the area
financial reports. Number Seven.
Blackmail of the double agent
Matsou Fujiwa.
Unfortunately, only 40 million yen.
- All the man had.
- Number Ten.
Assassination of Perringe,
the French antimatter specialist...
who went over to the Russians.
Three million francs
from the special department...
- of the Quai D'Orsay.
- Number Five.
Our consultation fee for the
British train robbery: 250,000 pounds.
Number 11.
Distribution of Red China narcotics
in the United States...
Number Nine and myself.
Two million three...
Our expectations were considerably
higher, Number 11.
Competition from Latin America.
Prices are down.
I anticipated that factor.
Are you quite sure all monies...
have been accounted for
by yourself and Number Nine?
- To the penny, Number One.
- On the contrary...
I have satisfied myself that
one of you is clearly...
guilty of embezzlement.
Spectre is a dedicated fraternity...
whose strength lies in
the absolute integrity of its members.
The culprit is known to me.
I have decided
on the appropriate action.
Let us now proceed with new business.
We will hear from Number Two,
who's in charge of our NATO project...
the most ambitious Spectre
has ever undertaken.
Your report, Number Two.
Thank you, Number One.
Our intention
is to demand a ransom...
from the
North Atlantic Treaty Powers...
of 280 million dollars...
I have sent Spectre agent Count Lippe
to the south of England...
where he is making
the necessary preparations.
He is at a health clinic...
conveniently located
near the NATO air base.
- Oh, Pat?
- Hello.
- I'll see you when I've had a shower.
- I'll soon be finished.
- Mr. Bond, Count Lippe.
- You're not taking her away already?
She's the only joy
in this dreary place.
I see you've discovered that too.
- About half an hour, Pat.
- I'll be ready.
I've heard that before.
Nice to have met you, Mr. Bond.
Funny looking bruise. A fall?
A poker in the hands of a widow.
I'm surprised. I'd have thought
you were just the type for a widow.
Not this one.
He didn't like me at all.
A red square
with a spike through it.
I think it's a Tong sign,
the red dragon from Macao.
- Ask records to verify it for me.
- Sorry, sweetie. You're off duty.
- File it till you get back.
- Moneypenny...
next time I see you,
I'll put you across my knee.
On yogurt and lemon juice?
I can hardly wait.
Come on, Pat.
I'm coming.
I can't hear you. Have you fainted?
You're late, Mr. Bond.
I'd never have recognized myself.
- Do I seem healthy?
- Too healthy. Take off your bathrobe.
You never say that
as if you meant it.
Arms above your head, please.
Behave yourself, Mr. Bond!
I can see there's only
one place to keep you quiet.
What's this?
A motorized traction table
for stretching the spine.
Some patients call it the rack.
I'm not surprised.
Get on.
Where's the kick starter?
Stop fooling around
and face down, please.
Face down.
By the way, who is the man
in the room next to your Count Lippe?
I really don't know
too much about him.
A Mr. Angelo.
He's here with a private physician,
recuperating from an awful car crash.
There, now, the first time
I've felt really safe all day.
I'll look in and see
how you're doing in 15 minutes.
Nice to have met you.
Hey, come back!
Oh, thank God!
You could've been killed!
I must be six inches taller.
You poor dear.
I can't think how
it could have happened.
I can tell you, it's a miracle
I came back when I did.
I can only think that you must have
pushed the switch accidentally.
You better come along with me.
Spend a few minutes in the steam room.
It'll help to relax you.
- Yes.
- Might even shrink you back to size.
Somebody's going to wish
today had never happened.
You wouldn't tell Dr. Wain.
Please, I'd lose my job.
Well, I suppose my silence
could have a price.
You don't mean... Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
See you later, irrigator.
- What the hell are you doing?
- Don't you worry. I'll tell the chef.
Let me out of this bloody machine!
It reduces the tensions.
Not mine.
Major Derval's social secretary.
- I would like to speak to Mr. Angelo.
- What's that?
- Mr. Angelo.
- I'm sorry.
You got the wrong number.
You don't think you could be
more comfortable if you take off this...
- Yes?
- Major Derval?
- This is Major Derval.
- Your car is waiting.
I'll be down right away. Thank you.
My car's here. Duty calls.
The story of my life.
You'll be late at the air base.
Besides, it will give you
time to cool off.
You'll be here when I come back?
But I may not be in the mood then.
- Do you wanna bet?
- You know your Francois.
I know me.
All right.
- I told him I'd be down.
- Your coat, sir.
Happy landing!
Thank you.
Be good, at least until I get back.
- Nobody saw us. The corridor's empty.
- Shut the door!
He's dead all right.
Lippe, you take over.
- Are the doctor and ambulance outside?
- Everything as arranged.
Your breathing equipment.
Isolates you from the oxygen supply.
Gamma gas. Instantaneous.
Type you just used. And most important...
Not enough.
- What are you trying to say?
- I changed my mind.
Two years of my life...
studying the film, the reports...
plastic operations, voice lessons.
Make it a quarter of a million,
or get someone else.
- There is no one else.
- Exactly. I am Derval.
Put that away. Angelo is right.
I'll inform Number One
we made a new arrangement.
This is merely a down payment.
All right, but against
a quarter of a million.
- Agreed.
- His watch.
Identification Disc.
- Au revoir!
- No, he always says ciao.
The cap's too far back on your head.
The rest of my money,
just have it ready.
Come on. Get him into his pajamas.
Sir, identity, please.
Thank you, sir.
This is a normal training sortie,
and you'll be accompanied...
by a NATO representative,
Commandant Derval...
Major Derval of NATO.
It's a routine flight.
You'll be flying a Vulcan...
at an altitude of 45,000 feet...
armed with two atomic bombs,
M.O.S. Type.
Fuses as usual
in the white security box.
Oh, those damned aeroplanes!
They're enough to drive you mad.
Unless, of course,
it's that mink glove of yours.
I'll shut out the noise.
James, where are you going?
Nowhere. I thought
I'd take a little exercise.
You must be joking.
Come on.
Can I help you?
County Police here.
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
Could it be the front doorbell?
- It most certainly could not.
- Hello.
Haven't you had enough exercise
for one evening?
It's funny you should say that.
Point of return...
Switch from manual to auto.
It's set on automatic. Commandant...
would you care to change places
with the copilot?
- Better view up here.
- I'd be delighted.
This is Southern Radar.
You are now under
positive radar control.
This is avoiding action.
Request you report your position.
Take this, will you?
What's the flap, Dawson?
O-B-N-R, sir. NATO training flight.
Air traffic flashed us.
They lost it on radar. We haven't
been able to pick it up anywhere.
Was she losing altitude
when she went off the screen?
We can't scan below 300 feet.
- She may have gone down.
- Was she in trouble?
Not according to the last report,
which came from about here.
- She is armed, isn't she?
- Two atomic weapons, M.O.S. Type.
Get everything you can into the area.
A thorough search.
Notify the Admiralty at once.
Top priority. Absolute security.
- Ask them to contact Washington.
- Very good, sir.
Is there anything else in sight?
No. All clear.
Switch on
the underwater landing lights.
Open the underwater hatch.
- Stand by to winch in the submarine.
- Man the winches!
- Give these bomb fuses to Mr. Kutze.
- Right, sir.
Get the submarine up quickly and
the bombs loaded in the containers.
Kutze, are you pleased
with your new toys?
Some new safety device.
A secret control.
What can they have that the great
Ladislav Kutze cannot handle?
Life was much simpler
in my Warsaw laboratory.
Your share will amount to
how many Nobel Prizes?
Pull forward!
More. Hold it!
Paris, sir.
Number One on the scrambler.
Number Two speaking.
Phase two completed.
Number Two has done well,
unlike Count Lippe...
whose choice of Angelo might have
jeopardized the success of our project.
Send a message to the Execution Branch.
You will write,
or telephone at the least.
Day by day. I'm truly sorry
I have to dash off like this.
There's been a bit
of a flap at the office.
- What kind of work do you do?
- I travel...
sort of a licensed troubleshooter.
Mr. Angelo. Heart attack last night.
I'm not surprised.
- Keep in touch.
- Anytime, James. Anyplace.
Another time, another place.
- You are late!
- Yes.
Some people on the road
really burn you up these days.
In the conference room.
Something pretty big.
Every Double-0 man in Europe has been
rushed in, and the Home Secretary too.
His wife's probably lost her dog.
Well, now that we're all here...
The Prime Minister
has asked the Home Secretary...
to come and represent him here today.
The Home Secretary.
Gentlemen, the tape
that you are about to hear...
was received at 10 Downing Street
this morning.
My dear Prime Minister.
Two atomic bombs...
numbers 4-5-6 and 4-5-7...
which were aboard NATO flight 7-5-9...
are now in the possession of Spectre.
Unless within the next seven days
your government...
pays to us
in a manner to be designated by us...
we shall destroy
a major city in England...
or the United States of America.
Please signal your acceptance
of our terms by arranging...
for Big Ben to strike seven times...
at 6:00 p. m. Tomorrow.
The Prime Minister and the President...
have talked together
over the hot line and have agreed...
that unless the bombs are recovered,
payment will have to be made.
To avoid general panic...
complete secrecy will be maintained
and no press announcements.
The Prime Minister has asked
that your department...
take charge of the operation.
Thank you. Sir John.
This circle represents
the full flying range of the Vulcan.
Extensive search has failed to locate
any evidence of either a crash...
or landing, and worldwide reports
have proved negative...
on all airfields large enough
to handle the Vulcan.
- That's all we have, sir.
- Thank you, Sir John.
I'll leave you to carry on.
We'll keep you in touch from Number 10.
Thank you, sir.
You may now open the folders
in front of you.
Code name: Thunderball.
As you can see,
we've very little to go on.
All the members of the crew...
had top security clearance.
You'll find their photographs
and service records in your files.
You'll be working with NATO, C.I. A...
and all allied intelligence units.
That's all...
until you discuss your
individual assignments with me.
I've assigned you
to station C, Canada.
Group Captain Pritchard here
will be your Air Force liaison.
Sir, I respectfully suggest that
you change my assignment to Nassau.
Is there any other reason besides
your enthusiasm of water sports?
Perhaps this, sir.
- Well?
- There was a photograph of that man...
in this dossier you gave us.
His name is Derval.
I saw him last night at Shrublands,
but he was dead.
Oh, no, sir. Not possible.
He was seen...
boarding the Vulcan
and took off last night.
If 007 says he saw Derval
last night and he was dead...
that's enough for me
to initiate inquiries.
Yes, of course.
- Who is this girl?
- Derval's sister.
- Do you know where she is now?
- Nassau.
Do you think she's worth going after?
I wouldn't put it quite that way.
We've only got four days.
Don't spend your time sitting around.
No, sir, I won't.
Good luck.
Thank you, sir.
Smashing figure.
I don't suppose...
that has anything to do
with your request?
Was there ever a man
more misunderstood?
You can't pull the wool over my eyes.
You may be able to con the old man,
but I know better. I could...
So do I, Miss Moneypenny.
And I'll thank you not to refer to me
as the old man.
I think I had a hat when I came in.
How else will you recognize her?
Couldn't miss.
She has two moles on the left thigh.
- Thank you, Mr...
- James Bond.
I arrived soon after you went down.
- I've been admiring your form.
- Have you?
Your name's James Bond
and you've been admiring my form.
Most girls just paddle around.
- You swim like a man.
- So do you.
I've had quite a bit of practice.
- Do you come here often?
- Whenever I'm bored.
Practically every day.
What else do you do, and where?
- You don't waste time, do you?
- No.
- For effort.
- Thank you.
I'll wear it so you know me next time.
I was right. Couldn't miss.
- I'm not with you.
- You soon will be.
- Give me a hand, will you?
- Get in.
Tell London I've made contact
with the girl.
Well, it's not what I'd call contact.
I'll pass it through
you've seen the girl.
- Keep trying.
- It won't start!
Ahoy there! Our motor's conked out.
You wouldn't be going anywhere
near Coral Harbor, would you?
I wasn't, but I could.
I have a very important appointment.
I'd appreciate a lift.
Come aboard then!
You don't mind taking
the service boat, do you?
Not at all.
Hurry up!
- Perhaps lunch by the pool.
- How about your urgent appointment?
How long have you been out here?
About three weeks.
Don't you ever stop asking questions?
All right. Change of tack.
Have some of my conch chowder.
You've been reading
the wrong books, Mr. Bond.
- About conch chowder?
- Being an aphrodisiac.
It just so happens that
I like conch chowder.
Friend of yours?
- Works for my guardian.
- Your guardian has you watched?
- He likes to know where I am.
- I don't blame him.
- Will you excuse me?
- You're not going so soon?
I'm afraid so.
My guardian's yacht.
Oh, really?
- He'll be expecting me.
- May I come with you?
- I'd love to meet your guardian.
- Oh, no.
- Will I see you again?
- It's a small island.
- Perhaps we can have dinner together.
- No.
- My dear, uncooperative Domino.
- How do you know that?
How do you know
my friends call me Domino?
It's on the bracelet on your ankle.
What sharp little eyes you've got.
Wait till you get to my teeth.
Bye then.
See you tomorrow on the beach.
- 500 pounds, please.
- Certainly, monsieur.
- There.
- Thank you.
Two hundred.
Someone has to lose.
Yes, I thought I saw
a spectre at your shoulder.
What do you mean?
The spectre of defeat.
Your luck was due to change.
We'll soon find out.
Any objection to raise the limit?
- Too big for me.
- Count me out too.
Perhaps you would like
to take the shoe.
My friend won't mind, Mr...
- Bond.
- Oh, yes. Mr. Bond.
- One of my associates spoke about you.
- Nothing bad, I hope.
It's your spectre against mine.
You wish to put the evil eye on me?
We have a way to deal with that
where I come from.
You may hex me.
Let's see what it does for the cards.
- No.
- Seven.
You seem to be unbeatable, Mr. Bond.
For the moment.
This sort of thing can't last.
Emilio, you promised
to buy me a drink.
Soon, my dear.
I want to get my money back first.
May I be allowed
to buy the lady a drink?
- I would appreciate that.
- Then I must pass the shoe.
He's going to be impossible
if his luck doesn't change.
Somehow, I don't think it will tonight.
Beluga caviar, Dom Perignon, '55.
- Monsieur.
- Thank you.
I understand you're Mr. Largo's niece.
Sounds better than... What would you say?
Mistress? Kept woman?
I wouldn't say that.
Where did you meet him?
In Capri. I was there
with my brother, Francois.
Strange. I found Emilio attractive...
- Does he live aboard the yacht?
- No. He has a house on the island.
Must we talk about him?
I'd much rather dance.
So would I.
- Where is your brother now?
- In England.
He's a Commandant
with the NATO forces there.
He's a wonderful person.
The trouble is
I never meet anyone like him.
- Only men like Largo and myself.
- You are not like Largo.
Why do you say that?
The way you hold me.
- How long are you staying in Nassau?
- We're going the day after tomorrow.
As I said,
we haven't got much time.
Emilio wants to leave.
Are you sleeping aboard tonight?
I hoped you'd not be so obvious.
Well, when one has so little time,
one sort of has to be obvious.
- You know where you can find me.
- Mr. Bond.
Your niece is an excellent dancer.
Let me prove I'm as good a loser
as you are a winner.
Come to lunch on Sunday.
The Palmyra. It's my house.
Sunday at noon, then.
My dear.
- Good night.
- Good night.
You must tell me what Mr. Bond
had to say, word for word.
He talked about you a little.
What was he saying just then?
I didn't quite hear.
He asked were we
sleeping aboard tonight.
- My key. It's 304, please.
- Thank you. 304.
- I'm sorry, no mail.
- Thank you.
Well, hello, 00...
That's a fine way
to treat the C.I.A.
Sorry about that, Felix,
but you were about to say 007.
Have you killed him?
You know me better than that.
Here you go, Smiler.
Have you seen everything
you came to see?
Go back to your friends and report.
Tell them, the little fish I throw back
into the sea. Give it to him.
You're going to shoot me in the back.
The gun, I mean.
Get out!
- Who was he?
- Like I said, a small fish...
working for a Mr. Largo.
He's got a yacht
we should take a look at later.
- Quist to see Mr. Largo.
- Open up.
Yes? It's Quist.
Gently, my friend.
- What did you find?
- Nothing.
- You saw Bond?
- Yes, I saw him.
What happened?
You let him get the better of you.
Hey, there,
did you finally make contact?
You're late. Felix Leiter,
this is Pinder, our man here.
- How do you do?
- This way, gentlemen.
- Who's the girl?
- Paula Kaplan, my assistant here.
He has no plans
to visit the United States.
Now here's a special announcement...
from the Overseas Service
of the B.B.C.
Big Ben actually did strike
seven times at 6:00 this evening.
This was caused
by a mechanical failure...
which last occurred during
a violent electrical storm in 1898.
And here once again
are the headlines.
Obviously stalling for time.
- Oh, no!
- Ah, 007.
- What a wonderful surprise.
- For me too.
I must say, I find this business
of equipping you in the field...
on the run, as it were...
highly irregular.
Here we have a Geiger counter.
Useful and unobtrusive.
The sweep hand
takes the radioactivity count.
- It's waterproof, of course.
- But of course.
Now, here's something I want you
to use with special care.
- With special care.
- Everything you give me...
Is treated with equal contempt.
Yes, I know.
But that's an underwater camera.
It takes eight pictures...
in rapid succession
by pressing that button there.
- Is that clever?
- If you can take pictures...
in the dark with an infrared film, yes.
Try to be a little less than
your usual frivolous self, 007.
Here's a miniature Very pistol...
which fires a bright red flare,
a distress signal.
You should keep it on you
day and night.
I resent that remark.
Look, do you mind?
Now, in the event of a re-breather
not being available...
you can use this device
for short periods only, of course.
Say, about four minutes.
- Clever.
- You'll only use it as a last resort.
It closes
to a convenient pocket size.
Assuming one has a convenient pocket.
Now pay attention.
A recently developed...
harmless radioactive device.
It sends out a homing signal
to a special receiver.
- What am I supposed to do with this?
- Obviously, you...
swallow it.
Let's hope she'll still be lying
in the same place tonight.
We'll use this catamaran
as a rendezvous place for later.
Good idea.
Take her in.
A container will be dropped
off the coast of Burma...
in the Megui Archipelago...
latitude 20 degrees north,
longitude 60 degrees east...
at 20 hundred hours
Greenwich mean time on May 27.
It will hold blue-white
flawless diamonds between...
three and eight carats.
Total value to be not less than
present market price.
After we have
recovered the container...
and verified its contents...
you will be notified on
radio frequency 16.23 megacycles...
where the atomic bombs
may be recovered.
Kenniston, you'd better get on
to De Beers at once.
Yes, sir.
Well, gentlemen,
unless those bombs are found...
I'm very much afraid
we'll have to pay their price.
- Sir?
- Oh, yes.
Signal from 007 in Nassau.
One or two things
that might interest us.
The Disco Volante is still in the
harbor, lying off the casino channel.
The catamaran is there too,
so we can use it for cover.
That's fine. You can drop me
in the water behind her.
- Any further news from London?
- No.
Zero hour is still
- That's just 55 hours from now.
- Yes. Shall we go?
- Okay, this will do here.
- We'll meet back at Pinder's.
Good luck.
Turn the underwater lights on.
TV, closed-circuit!
Hand grenades.
Down there.
Hey, there's something there!
Look! Must have hit him
with the propeller.
Let's get back and tell Largo.
- Can I have a lift?
- Sure.
Thank you.
You just about saved my life.
My outboard capsized,
so I had to swim ashore.
How far do you go?
You better fasten your safety belt.
What's your name?
James Bond.
Fiona Volpe.
- Do you fly here often?
- Do I make you nervous?
No, it's just that
I have no desire...
to be capsized twice in one night.
At least you won't
have to swim ashore.
Have you been here before, Mr. Bond?
No, I haven't.
But this is the road to Nassau?
Yes, eventually.
- Well, this is as far as I go.
- Me too. This is my hotel.
- What a coincidence.
- Yes, so convenient.
You look pale.
I hope I didn't frighten you.
You see, I've always
been a nervous passenger.
Some men just don't like to be driven.
No, some men just don't like
to be taken for a ride.
Look at this.
An underwater hatch.
Yeah. So that's how
they could leave and get back.
Yes, and nobody saw them.
Obviously the whole operation...
was carried out underwater.
That's where we'll have to look
for the plane. Come on.
I'll bring the prints
to the hotel when they're dry.
Don't forget the Air Force searched
the area 250 miles out of Nassau.
It must be beyond that radius.
That's if the Disco Volante
was out that night.
Sure she was, but harbor control
said for only six hours.
She couldn't cover 500 miles
in that time, no.
About 90 miles is her limit for
six hours, and that's out and back.
I reckon we've got to go further out.
We'll need more gas for that.
All right.
Let's get back to Nassau.
- We haven't got much time.
- You're right, we haven't.
Of course they are watching us.
What else have they to do?
- You would like Bond dead?
- I can think of no better arrangement.
Because he tries to make love
to your woman?
Because he is Bond, and as an enemy
of Spectre, he should be killed.
If Bond had died last night
as a result of your hastiness...
his government would have known
for certain that the bombs are here.
When the time is right,
he will be killed. Pull!
I shall kill him.
A separate pool.
For sharks, no less. Move in.
Hold on that line.
That's Largo's place, all right.
My next port of call.
- Mr. Largo?
- Yes, sir.
Thank you.
- Can I help?
- Why, Mr. Bond.
- Of course you can.
- That looks particularly inviting.
- Welcome to Palmyra.
- It's a pleasure.
I just hope I'm not
interrupting anything.
- What do you mean?
- I thought you had another visitor.
That gun, it looks
more fitting for a woman.
You know much about guns?
No. I know a little about women.
Mr. Jenni, Mr. Vargas.
Mr. Vargas, Mr. Jenni.
- Which is which?
- I thought you might have met...
Mr. Vargas the other night.
- Yes, I believe I did.
- Drink, sir?
- Rum Collins?
- Yes.
Just about that hour, isn't it?
For you? Of course!
Vargas does not drink,
does not smoke...
does not make love.
What do you do, Vargas?
Every man has his passion.
Mine is fishing.
What is yours, Mr. Bond?
Well, I'm not what you'd call
a passionate man.
I think it's time I went to change.
You must let me show you around.
- I'd love that.
- I thought you might.
- What could be easier?
- Perhaps you would call one for me?
- Of course. Pull!
- It seems terribly difficult.
No, it isn't, is it?
I collect big game fish
for various marine institutions.
Magnificent creatures!
The notorious Golden Grotto sharks.
The most savage, the most dangerous.
They know when it's time
for them to be fed.
- That boat, is she yours?
- Yes. I'm very proud of her.
What does she do, about 15 knots?
Better than that. Near 20.
- Perhaps you'd like to see over her?
- Yes, I would very much.
- Lunch is ready.
- Thank you, my darling.
Come along, Mr. Bond.
The conch chowder smells delicious.
Domino, I was just thinking.
As I'll be busy this evening,
perhaps Mr. Bond will be kind enough...
to take you to the Jankanoo,
our local Mardi Gras.
You'll be my guest tonight.
- That's very kind of you.
- It will be my pleasure.
Our Mr. Bond must have
a very high opinion of himself.
Yes. He has a date with me too.
Excuse me.
- Let me go!
- Over here.
Don't let her make so much noise.
Use the chloroform.
Largo did promise
he'd come, didn't he?
He'll be here. Don't worry.
I think that man is waving at you.
Come down here.
Excuse me for a second.
- James, Paula's gone!
- What do you mean, gone?
She just checked out of the hotel.
You look after Domino. Watch her.
- Do you think she was onto something?
- I don't know, but I gotta find out.
- You watch out for her.
- Right.
All right. Thank you.
The governor's not very happy,
but you'll have...
a power cut as requested
all over the island.
I don't give a damn
about the rest of the island.
- I want the lights out in Palmyra.
- You'll have it.
What do you mean, she won't talk?
Don't worry, she will.
What's wrong?
- Is it a power failure?
- Yes, all over the island.
Switch over
to the emergency generator.
Largo told you to be careful.
I didn't kill her.
She must have taken some poison.
A capsule in the mouth.
What do you think, cyanide?
She's dead.
Ricardo, someone's got him!
Search that way!
And you, the shark pool!
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Leave him! This way!
Stop it!
You fools! He's got
you all shooting at each other!
Over here!
No! I've got a better idea.
Lift the tunnel hatch
and let them eat.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, old chap.
Better luck next time.
Tell Leiter to stay with the girl.
I'll get back to him as soon as I can.
- Anything else?
- Tell him Paula's dead.
Aren't you in the wrong room?
Not from where I'm standing.
Since you're here, would you mind
giving me something to put on?
Anyway, I'm very glad to see you again.
I'm glad to see you again.
I had the feeling
you've been avoiding me.
I had no idea that
we were next-door neighbors.
They just moved me down
this afternoon.
It's extraordinary, isn't it?
Almost as if...
As if it was intended.
Yes, it is extraordinary.
Shouldn't you get out
of those wet clothes?
You'll catch your death of cold.
Look, you know
we're going to be too late.
- Too late for what?
- The Jankanoo.
I promised my friends
I'd meet them there.
Perhaps you know them, the Largos.
Questions. All I get is questions.
But the music is gonna
go on all night anyhow.
Enough to drive you wild.
Do you like wild things?
Wild. You should be
locked up in a cage.
This bed feels like a cage.
All these bars.
Do you think I'll be safe?
You made a shocking mess out of
my hair, you sadistic brute.
Will you zip me up, please?
No wonder you can
get dressed so quickly.
On the way, we can have a little talk.
You may find it interesting. Come on.
I'm coming.
I hate to think
I'm gonna miss anything.
And now we can go somewhere
for an interesting talk.
Friends of yours, no doubt. Come in.
You dress quickly too.
I didn't see that gun in the mirror.
Not that it matters, but that
was under the pillow all the time.
When did you find out?
You're wearing the same ring
as Largo.
- It's a ring I like to wear.
- Then it has its dangers.
Vanity, Mr. Bond.
- It's something you know so much about.
- My dear girl.
Don't flatter yourself. What I did
this evening was for King and Country.
You don't think it gave me
any pleasure, do you?
But of course.
I forgot your ego.
James Bond, who only has
to make love to a woman...
and she starts to hear
heavenly choirs singing.
She repents and immediately returns
to the side of right and virtue.
But not this one.
What a blow it must have been,
you having a failure.
Well, you can't win them all.
We'll take him out the front way.
Go and get the car.
Careful, Mr. Bond.
Now what?
Get through to Palmyra and tell them
we've been held up by the Jankanoo.
- Like to have a drink, man?
- Get him away!
- Don't you try anything now.
- Get out of here!
- It's real firewater.
- Get out of here!
After him! Get him!
You haven't seen anything?
Follow him. You that side, you there.
Stay with us.
- Thank you, I'd love to.
- Love to what?
- You're mad. Do you know that?
- Yes. Isn't everyone?
May I cut in?
You should have told me
your wife was here.
Do you come here often?
It's no good trying to escape.
I don't want to escape.
Strange as it may seem,
I've grown accustomed to your face.
Why don't you come with us quietly?
You don't seem to understand.
You see, I enjoy my dancing.
Do you mind if my friend
sits this one out? She's just dead.
You'll leave here at 0600 hours
and land at Aden to refuel.
You will then proceed
to the Megui Archipelago...
to make your drop precisely at...
20 degrees north,
The diamonds will be
in a special container.
I hate to give in like this.
Paying the blood money,
letting them beat us.
- Have you an alternative suggestion?
- I'm afraid I haven't.
Your man, 007,
I thought he was on to something.
- I thought so too, sir.
- False alarm?
- I'm afraid so.
- He obviously has...
a highly developed sense of,
shall we say, drama?
If 007 thought
he was on to something...
It's a great pity he didn't make sure
before he started to shout the odds.
Well, we have exactly
Then I suppose we shall have to pay up
and look as happy as we can. Shan't we?
Well, that's it, James.
We've looked about everywhere.
We've got to find that plane.
You won't find it down there.
That's the Golden Grotto.
- Golden Grotto?
- Yeah. All you'll find...
down there are sharks.
Take her down. I want a closer look.
- At what?
- Never mind! Take her down, quick!
Set her down.
I think we've found it.
There's something camouflaged
down there. I'll take a look.
Shoot one of those sharks.
It'll keep the others occupied.
I don't know how long the others
will take before they finish him off...
- but they'll be back.
- I'll keep an eye on them.
- She's down there, all right.
- Are the bombs on board?
- No.
- Great. What's our next move?
We'll check on the Disco Volante.
If the bombs aren't aboard her now,
they soon will be.
Who are you going to ask, Largo?
No, I don't think we'll have to.
I hope we didn't frighten the fish.
Ow! Sea egg spines.
They're poisonous!
Here, give me your arm.
Sit down.
Now turn over.
This is going to hurt a bit.
It's the first time I've
tasted women. They're rather good.
You're the only man
to ever make me cry.
Except perhaps Francois,
my brother, when we were children.
Domino, I have to tell you something.
I'm sorry, James. I didn't mean
to embarrass you, speaking of love.
- I must hurt you again.
- You're going away?
So sorry, my dear, but it's all over.
No, it's about your brother.
What about him?
He's dead.
What happened?
It's a long story,
and it involves your friend Largo.
I need your help.
Of course.
That's why you made love to me.
Look, I can't explain
what this is all about.
- But you must trust me.
- Because you want me to help you?
Largo had your brother murdered,
or it was on his orders.
Hundreds of thousands of people
will die very soon...
if you don't help me.
That much we do know,
but there's something we don't...
The bombs, when they're being loaded
aboard the Disco Volante.
- How could I know that?
- That you'll have to find out.
It won't be easy.
It could be very dangerous.
What can he do to me
he hasn't already done?
Then you'll do it?
- Yes.
- Good.
This is a Geiger counter.
You press this lever.
If it starts clicking,
it means the bombs are aboard.
- What do I do then?
- Go straight up on deck.
As the Disco Volante is being watched,
you'll be spotted.
Vargas, behind you.
He must have followed us.
I think he got the point.
It should have been Largo.
Largo? When did he expect you back?
Very soon now. He said not to be late.
He was most insistent.
You better go straight back. I'll take
care of Vargas and everything here.
Understand I'm doing this for
my brother, for what he did to him.
But promise you will kill Largo
for me, whatever happens.
- We haven't much time.
- All right.
Oh, something I remembered.
It may not be important.
- Tell me. Everything's important.
- There's a small bridge over the canal.
Largo never allows strangers
to go near it.
By the canal there's a flight of steps.
- Where do they lead to?
- Down into the sea...
on the far side of Palmyra.
Perhaps it is important after all.
Put on your equipment.
Did we get a message saying the girl
went on board the Disco?
Yes, sir. Signal received at...
- If she is on board, where is 007 now?
- That's the question.
Stand by. Five seconds.
Watch my signal.
- Prepare to get underway.
- Aye, aye, sir.
Captain, weigh anchor.
Get underway immediately.
Once we pick up the merchandise,
head for our target area, Miami.
The Disco Volante's leaving, sir.
- I told you to stay in your cabin.
- It's stuffy in there.
- I want a breath of air.
- My dear, did you not hear me?
- Where did you get that?
- I bought it this morning.
- Let me see.
- No. Why should I?
Mr. Bond gave you this little toy,
I imagine, and Vargas is dead.
No, my dear.
There is no escape for you.
Like your friend,
you've been a little too clever.
And now you are caught!
You have given me
much pleasure, Domino.
But in return, unless you tell me
how much Bond knows...
I'll be forced to cause you great pain.
This for heat, these for cold.
Applied scientifically and slowly.
Very, very slowly.
- What do you want?
- We're activating the bombs.
- You said you wanted to be told.
- Oh, yes.
A private little matter between
the young woman and myself.
Do not live in hope, my dear.
There is no one to rescue you.
Now go on!
It's a good thing
the homing capsule he swallowed...
is still working.
Straight ahead.
Go right.
That's him!
Hold it!
Get your radio man
on to Orlando Beach.
Warn them the target is Miami.
Also, the bomb is transferred
from the Disco Volante...
onto a wreck off Fowley Point.
Right. Hang on to that.
And the kitchen sink.
On you, everything looks good.
Take this.
Good luck.
- Weigh anchor!
- Aye, aye, sir.
- Make smoke.
- Making smoke now.
- Stand by for conversion.
- Standing by.
Jettison cocoon.
Cocoon's away.
Keep firing! They're closing!
Fire more, more!
Wait a minute.
We've still got one bomb aboard.
He's gone mad!
Please talk to them for me.
Tell them that I only did what
I had to do, what I was told to do.
- Where is he?
- The bomb cannot be exploded now.
I threw the arming device
into the sea.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Get him!
- I'm glad I killed him.
- You're glad?
- Who's he?
- I don't know, but he helped me.
- Look out! The rocks!
- The reef!
He's jammed the controls!
Come on!
- Come on, now, jump!
- I never learned to swim!
Never too late to learn.
Get down!