Thunderbird (2021) Movie Script

(ominous music)
(mouse squealing)
How many does it eat?
(snake hissing)
- One a week.
In the wild they fend for
They're loners like us.
- What if you forget to feed it?
- It's a snake.
Gets hungry, finds a way out.
(brooding string music)
(mechanical whirring)
(tense music)
(country music on radio)
(water splashing)
(door closing)
(erie music)
(inhuman crying)
(inhuman roaring)
(heavy breathing)
(soft music)
(tense music)
Who's seen this?
- Just us. Hunters called it in.
(ominous music)
- [Ivy] Is she a local?
- [Fletcher] We think we know
her, the one leg and all.
Checking an address in town.
- What is that on her head?
- [Fletcher] Not a clue.
Never seen anything like it.
- Her underwear is still on.
I don't see any bruising.
Doesn't look like rape to me.
Something about the
way she's laid out.
Do you hunt?
- [Fletcher] No.
- My dad and I would use a poly tarp
to skin a deer in the woods
just like this.
Is this a common hunting spot?
- No.
Guess our boys strayed off course.
- [Ivy] Hey there, boys.
So, what'd you see?
- I, I don't know.
Something ran off.
- [Ivy] Something.
A deer, man, big foot, what?
- I don't know. Man?
- [Ivy] All right, you
guys hang tight.
- Come a long way for
this one, detective.
- Lot of people go missing out here.
- People go missing everywhere.
- 34 girls in the last 10 years.
That's a lot.
- Well we're glad you're here.
All right boys.
You heard the lady.
(pensive music)
(seagulls crying)
(otherworldy whispering)
(dreamy music)
- [Doctor] Hey Will!
How you doing?
- I'm alright.
- You haven't, um, talked to
Sarah recently, have you?
- No.
- [Doctor] Oh. The police came
by, asked for her file.
So it got me thinking
about when you-
- Why do they want it?
- Sarah's not with us anymore.
Hasn't been at the hospital
for over a year.
She never came to see you?
- No.
- [Doctor] Well when was the
last time you spoke?
- Uh, it's been awhile.
She's out now.
- [Doctor] Well, she had a roommate.
She's got a place.
I just, wanted to see
if she was all right.
- I don't know.
Maybe you should ask her roommate.
- Police found her roommate's
body this morning.
(ominous music)
- [Fletcher] 23, substance
abuse, attempted suicide.
One leg.
- How'd she lose the leg?
- [Fletcher] No idea.
Got out of Woodbridge a year ago,
got a roommate, after that, nothing.
- Woodbridge Mental Health Facility.
How many patients does
Woodbridge put out?
- Ah, 50? 100?
Indians round here got
a lot of problems.
- Calling them Indians,
does that work for you, or?
- I know chiefs that still
call themselves Indians.
Natives, First Nations,
Indigenous, whatever.
Look, 9 times out of 10,
the boyfriend's not to blame.
The family's not around.
Case like this just goes away.
We do what we can.
But if there's not even a
trail to go dry, what then?
Monday morning,
I got people coming at me.
Who stole my compressor,
who kicked the side
mirrors off
my car?
- [Ivy] What connects
these women? Poverty?
- [Fletcher] Yeah.
- Addiction?
- [Fletcher] Sure.
- Abuse? Trauma?
- [Fletcher] And more.
- The injured become easy
prey for a predator.
Does an amputated leg
make you weak?
- Is that a trick question?
- Wolf chasing a pack of deer
takes down the sick.
Feed on the weak and
the herd gets stronger.
These women had nobody.
(pensive music)
The roommate is our best lead.
We have to find her.
(crickets chirping)
(pensive music)
- Where are you?
(frightening music)
(heavy breathing)
(seagulls crying)
(tense music)
(ominous music)
- [George] Hey!
It's not gonna get you anywhere.
You gotta leave the door open.
He'll come around.
Try patience.
(birds chirping)
(dog barking)
(brief radio static)
- [Ivy] Stop right there.
Don't move.
Who are you and what
are you doing here?
- I'm nobody. I'm just gonna leave.
- Final warning.
(energetic music)
(handcuffs tightening)
- Now I've met the brother.
- Yeah, Will Brook. I told you.
- You said he didn't live here.
- He doesn't.
Lives on a fishing boat.
He can't come into town,
every time he does,
the Indians kick his ass.
His family's got a history here.
- Oh you think?
Sister saw the parents
at 7,
institutionalized ever since
claimed a monster did it.
She's got a dissociative
weirdo brother
living on a boat
and you don't say anything.
- There's no need.
He's a good kid.
Just leave him alone.
(door closing)
(approaching footsteps)
- Wanna tell me what this is?
- Be careful, it's sharp.
- Could have told me who you were,
saved yourself all this.
What do you want?
- To find my sister.
- Is that it?
Did you know her roommate?
- Didn't know she had a roommate.
- Did you know anyone else
at the hospital?
- Only my sister calls me that.
- So what do I call you then?
If I let you go,
can you promise me not to go
kicking down doors again?
- I need to know where she is.
- [Ivy] Then what are you gonna do?
- I don't know, ask around.
- We're papering the town.
We're asking everybody.
- Good luck with that.
- Listen, I need you to
stay put in that boat.
Can you do that for me?
I can lock you up if I want.
- Go ahead.
But I'm not stopping until
I know she's safe.
- [fletcher] His parents were
a pain in the ass too.
They made deals with the
Indians trying to
buy a town.
- A town?
- Ocean Falls.
Abandoned in the 60s,
they got these investors,
tried to bring it back to life,
had a fish processing plant,
a hotel, housing, even a church.
But they were,
Business started real good and
then one day,
kids found em dead.
- They saw it?
- Will's testimony put a chief away.
He did one good thing.
- I'm starting to see it.
Brother lives on a boat,
sister's in the nut house.
But he's good because he
knows where she is.
- But now she's out.
- And guilt,
is a bitch.
- Showing his face around town
is playing with fire.
He's gotta get his ass
back on that boat.
Where you going?
- Gonna go see if you're right.
(cash register beeping)
(door opening)
- How's it going?
- Good.
(tense music)
- Hey! Hey!
Move it.
What are you doing, huh?
- I'll be seeing ya.
- Get out of here.
(door closing)
I think we need to talk.
Chief Dan Ray passed away in prison.
Without his family.
Without his people around.
For what?
Soul of a ghost town.
Did you ever think about going back?
Sister wanted to talk.
Why don't you?
- [Will] What do you know
about my sister?
- Nothing.
- Do you know where she is?
- No.
- So you know nothing.
- Do you ever go back?
- Never going back there.
- When you're ready to talk,
you know where to find me.
What do you see when
you close your eyes, Will?
The next time they come,
I won't be there.
(radio playing)
- What is wrong with this place?
(energetic dance music)
- How you doing?
- Rocking place.
So what's the deal?
It's Friday night.
This place is dead.
Except for Peggy Sue over there.
(thudding club music)
(loud club music)
(energetic dance music)
- So where are the cool kids at?
Cuz no offence Gary,
but it ain't here.
- Name's Sam.
- So where are they?
(overpowering club music)
- [Will] Have you seen this girl?
Has she been around here?
(car approaching)
(overpowering club music)
(chilling score fades in)
(overpowering club music)
(door opening)
(water dripping)
(energetic music)
(overpowering club music)
- This, is for my grandfather.
(electric buzzing)
- You having fun?
Who is this?
Who is this?
- He's nobody.
- Want me to take him in?
- We were just,
we were just talking.
- If you were just talking,
are you all done
talking now or?
- We done?
- Yeah we're done.
- What am I supposed to do with you?
(door opening)
(crickets chirping)
- [Ivy] Roommate had no family.
Kept to herself.
Sarah's room's right through here.
(gentle music)
- [Will] Where the black
narrows empty,
the shelter bay where a
supernatural killer lived.
- Anything?
- No.
- [Ivy] Take your time.
- No, I'm good.
Can I take this?
- Sure.
- Why wouldn't she tell me
she was out?
(crickets chirping)
(car approaching)
(water splashing)
(ominous music)
(seagulls crying)
- If you happen to see anyone,
even her age group or,
if you can help in any way,
would you reach out to us?
Would that be alright?
- Absolutely.
- There's just a bunch of crazy
fishermen down here.
That's about it.
- What about pretty young girls?
They come walking around
these docks often?
- If they were here I'd notice.
(playful music)
- Do you ever employ any teenagers,
or people out of school?
- Ah, not really.
- Not really?
So if I was looking for a 21
year old female,
looking for?
- Pretty uncommon down here.
- Do they rent these trailers
out to anyone?
- No.
- You know everybody
kind of around here?
- Yeah.
- Could you, not step
on my hose please?
- Thanks. Yeah.
- Know anybody her age, might
be friends with her?
- No, definitely not.
- Sisters, you got sisters,
brothers that might know
her, any siblings?
- Yeah I just saw them
like, three times.
- Okay.
- Sorry to hear that.
- Yeah I'm not.
- You got a problem with
the First Nations people here?
- You could say that.
- They got a problem with you?
- You could say that too.
- You hungry?
- No.
- Coffee?
- Sure.
- [Nurse] Security to the ward
with haste.
- I was shocked you didn't
love coming here.
- Sorry about that.
Just this way.
(ominous music)
Is there anything about Sarah
in her last few
months here
that you think might have
been out of the ordinary?
- Not really.
She'd sometimes say that
she didn't have any family.
I heard her say that once or twice
but that's not uncommon here.
She was doing better.
- Really?
- She was reaching out
for the first time.
She was reading books,
telling me stories.
I was happy.
I didn't have to worry
about her anymore.
- Was there anyone inside
that she interacted with
besides her roommate?
- She was a loner, mostly.
- Years ago, even? -
Anything that might have
raised an eyebrow?
- It started off, relatively
Reading stuff and they go around
spouting what they learn,
educating the rest of us.
Sarah joined, and we
called it book club 3.
It went off the rails once
and we shut it down
after few months.
Nothing compared to the usual
patient type issues
we have here.
But anything that raises a
bubble to a boil, we
shut that down.
- What would they read?
- [Doctor] All sorts.
It was the new age stuff
that got them all rowdy.
- Who were they? The
two other patients.
- Hawkins and Space-Man.
Nurses and orderlies sometimes
come up with nicknames
for the patients.
- Are they still here?
- [Doctor] No, that
was a while back.
Jim Hawkins was a voluntary
patient, wasn't
here long.
Luke Barns spent all day alone,
staring up at the clouds.
Book club was good for him.
So was Sarah.
- Do you have any photos or a
video of either
one of them?
Or book club maybe?
- You're gonna have to
give me some time,
the system's not great.
I'll find what I can and
send it over to you.
- Do you know where
those guys
are now?
- Never heard from Hawkins.
Space-Man worked a reserve
gas station an hour north from here.
He was the only patient I ever
received a postcard from.
(pensive music)
- [Ivy] Ok, how soon is soon?
You know this place?
- No.
But if you got a status
Indian friend
and you don't mind
taking the scenic route,
smokes and gas are
cheap out here.
- Space-Man.
- [Space-Man] Sterope, Merope,
Electra, Maia, Taygete,
Celaeno, Alcyone.
9 star, 7 sisters.
- Right.
So you see all that from
right here, huh?
- Yeah.
You could see it better
at night though.
- Sure.
- You like books.
- Yeah, I love books.
- [Will] Human sacrifice?
- Aztecs. You know, Egyptians.
They offer, they offer blood,
they offer blood to the gods.
Travelers from another world.
With all your books, you
better be careful
you don't get any late fees.
- Uh, those books are mine.
- So you remember Sarah, right?
- Yeah, of course.
- But you don't know where she is.
- Well I haven't seen
her in a long time.
- How long?
- Who's to say?
- Where do you think she might be?
- Who's to say?
- So what else is up here, Luke?
I mean, besides the "ban government"
and the reservation?
Travel council check in on
you sometimes maybe?
- It's actually, it's spacemen
come through here.
- Do they?
- Sometimes.
I didn't, believe at first.
But now I do.
- Must be lonely out here.
Sure you don't have any company,
maybe come visit you
on the weekends?
- Well I have a friend that
brings me books sometimes.
- That's nice of your friend.
If you ever need anything
sometime, you maybe
got a number
you can call your friend?
- No.
Off the grid is best out here.
No power, no nothing.
- What about your friend?
Show me, I'd love to meet him.
Been thinking about going
off the grid myself.
- I don't know.
- You like these?
Here. Try these on.
Come on. Look.
You show me where I can
find your friend,
and I'll give you these.
- Like, like you know, a trade?
- Yeah! Sure.
- Okay.
(radio static)
(blues playing)
(ominous music)
- What is this place?
- I don't know.
Old logging cabins maybe.
(flies buzzing)
(ominous music)
Maybe he's gardening out back.
- Right.
- [Jim] Can I help you?
- Hi, sorry to bother you.
I'm Detective Ivy Seymour.
We're investigating
the disappearance
of a missing girl.
You mind if I ask you
a few questions?
(building score)
(door closing, flies buzzing)
(thudding, groaning)
(ominous music)
- Seymour?
(energetic music)
- [Will] Seymour! Are you okay?
(ATV driving away)
(ominous music)
- I see you.
Drop the sheet.
(gun loading)
I said drop the sheet, now!
- It's nothing.
(flies buzzing)
- [Ivy] Come here, you're ok.
It's ok, we got you.
- [Woman] Tell me your name.
- Jim. Hawkins.
- [Woman] And why are you here?
- I already told you.
- [Woman] Tell me again.
- I'm here because I'm not sure
if I'm going crazy or not.
- [Woman] What makes you think
you're going crazy?
- Because,
I think I met the devil.
- [Woman] Where did you-
- [Jim] It came to me.
Out of the darkness.
At first I thought,
it might be the Indians,
like one of them legends
come to life.
But it's not.
He's been here long before them.
When you're alone in the dark,
what do you see?
- [Woman] Darkness?
- Go deeper.
- [Woman] My thoughts.
Things that happen in our day.
- What else?
- [Woman] I'm the one supposed
to be asking the questions-
- There's something coming
for us. I've
seen it.
Coming for you.
What I'm hoping,
now that I'm here,
my hope is that,
maybe I'm just crazy.
- You showed her the tape?
- [Fletcher] Mhm.
Says it's him.
Took her and her friend
couple days ago.
Friend's still missing.
Got the cabin on lock down.
Got a team out there
going through it.
Two mile perimeter.
We're checking registered
4-wheelers in
the area.
- Who is she?
- [Fletcher] Just a runaway.
- [Ivy] Says she was blindfolded.
Ambulance is on its way.
- I wanna talk to her.
- That's not a good idea, Will.
- No?
- Will.
- Do you realize how close we were?
- [Fletcher] Hey, hey.
- Yeah, I do.
And now-
- And now he's out there and
we should be out there too.
- Out there where?
- I don't know, but not
fucking sitting here-
- Hey!
- Listen to me. Sarah could
be fine for all
we know.
What are the facts?
- [Fletcher] Facts are it's
probably the fucking Indians.
- Seriously?
- Where's Space-Man?
- We're holding him overnight
for questioning.
- [Fletcher] Yeah don't
hold your breath.
The wheel's spinning but
that hamster's dead.
- I wanna know if that
girl has seen Sarah.
- She said she didn't.
He took her and her friend,
washed her and
tied her up.
- He washed her?
- Says she was an offering.
- An offering for what?
- [Man] Hurry.
- [Man 2] I'm going
as fast as
I can.
- Go. Faster.
Look at me.
All our lives depend
on her.
(ominous music)
(crickets chirping)
(water running)
- Hey.
Come on in.
Just uh, give me a sec.
(gentle music)
When you don't do things by the
book you risk losing everything.
We're close.
And I'm not gonna let this one slip.
Not even for a second.
- Okay.
- Every time you come to town?
Having them on you?
Don't you get sick of it?
- It's complicated.
- I got time.
- Have you ever heard the
Coast Salish drums?
- No.
- They put you in a different place.
(slow drum music)
(seagulls crying)
- [Dan] You can't buy the
sky, or buy
the water.
You can't buy what can
never be yours.
- Well we've talked about this.
And we had a deal.
- [Dan] You offered, but we refuse.
I warned you not to come here.
- Yeah you did.
- Something bad happened
to this place.
- My next offer isn't
gonna be any better.
My father used to call you savages.
And I never liked that,
didn't think it was right.
But you come all the way up
here to bother me
and my family
and we shook hands, like men.
Now look.
You take your money
and you turn around
and paddle your fucking canoe home.
And you know what's good for
you, you don't
come back.
(door slamming)
- [Will] Just go back.
- [Sarah] No, they're
fighting again.
- What?
Come on.
- No.
Let's go back.
I'm scared.
(ominous music)
- Mom?
(swelling music)
- [Will] The drums.
When the cops went in,
and they grabbed them,
I was there and I remember
the drums.
(slow drumming)
(man singing)
- [Officer] Police!
Everybody down!
Down now! Where's your chief?
Where's Dan Ray?
- [Fletcher] Will. I need you
to point out who
did this. Okay?
I know this is tough,
but we're running out of time.
So just show me the man who did
it, point to the
man who did it.
- I don't know.
I don't know what I saw.
- You said men came to your
house, there was
a fight.
You saw that man, didn't you?
Point him to me, point to the
man you saw. Who
did you see?
(swelling music)
- [Fletcher] I know you saw the
man. I know you know
who it is.
I know you're scared. Don't worry.
You point to the man who did this.
We will take care of the rest,
okay? Now who
did you see?
(heavy breathing)
(inhuman cry)
(rapid drumming)
- [Fletcher] The chief.
That's the man
you saw.
Good boy, Will.
Good boy.
(phone buzzing)
- Hello?
- [Man] Detective Seymour?
- Yes.
- [Man] You better come
have a look
at this.
(ominous music)
(heavy breathing)
- Detective.
The bodies we pulled from the shed,
aside from being dead
there doesn't seem to be
anything wrong
with them.
No wounds, no fractures,
clothing's intact.
Whoever took these girls didn't
seem to have much
use for them.
- [Ivy] How many?
- [Man] 6 so far.
The name of your missing girl?
- [Ivy] Sarah Brook.
- We found her wallet.
- [Ivy] If you wanna just
hold back
a sec.
- Are one of those bodies hers?
- [Man] No IDs yet.
Prints take days.
DNA, weeks.
- Will...
- She's alive.
- [Man] Please don't touch that.
Everything's going to the lab.
(sad music)
- Seymour, she's alive.
- Will.
- She's alive.
I need a ride.
Can somebody give me a
fucking ride please?
(melencholy music)
(muffled drums, chanting)
(muffled drums and
chanting continue)
(drums, chanting)
(fire crackling)
(brooding music)
(low drumroll)
What are you doing here?
- [Will] You said my sister
wanted to talk.
- [George] This is bad timing.
- What did she want to talk about?
- This is a dangerous place
for you to be right now.
- Yeah, well I have
nowhere else
to go.
(drumming and chanting)
- Come with me.
- The drums sound different tonight.
- They should.
Quagi oath are our guests.
This is their dance.
Their song.
The fact that you're even
seeing their family masks...
well, it's a big deal.
- What did Sarah want?
- She came here last November.
She wanted to learn
about our legends.
Understand why we refused
the sale of
our land.
she didn't want to listen.
And then she left.
That was the last time I saw her.
- What legends?
- Our people reflect on the
natural world around us,
through our legends
and great spirits.
The eagle, the raven,
the grizzly bear.
Let me tell you the story about the
great ianyacacan.
(brooding music)
One spring, killer whale
swam into
the bay
and frightened away all the salmon.
The orca was very powerful,
wouldn't leave.
Soon the people began to starve.
And so they called out to the
great ianyacacan for help.
Ianyacacan came, took the
killer whale in
its claws,
carried it out to sea.
The fish returned, the people
were no longer hungry.
Your parents had big plans.
A resort fishing town.
Catch all our fish, but they
didn't ask for our permission.
There are some that believe
ianyacacan was
called upon
to deal with your parents.
We were not to blame.
I assure you.
What happened to your parents, Will,
that was a tragedy without
- So what do you think happened?
- I don't know.
- Do you believe in the legends?
- Of course.
- And monsters too?
- Truth is,
there is a darkness out there.
And it preys upon the weak.
But let me put it to you like this.
You are not the only one who's
lost someone to the darkness.
- What should I do?
- If you want to make things
right with the people
I will help you.
if you wanna make things
right for yourself,
then stop running from your demons,
and face them.
(drumming and chanting)
(pensive music)
(phone vibrating)
- Please tell me you have good news.
I got our missing hitchhiker
out on the streets
screaming her lungs out.
- Somebody help me!
Hawkins paid a visit to the hospital
took a nurse with him when he left,
so how 'bout you?
Talk to Will?
- No, why?
- [Fletcher] He just left
for Ocean Falls.
He's going to his parents'
old place.
It's probably a good idea,
stay away from all this.
It is a mess over here.
- Okay, I'll- I'm coming in.
(energetic music)
- [Will] Human sacrifice.
- There's something coming
for us, I've
seen it.
(seagulls crying)
(swelling music)
- [Ivy] The killer has purpose,
you understand?
He's preying on the
weak for a reason.
And if the cabin was
just a holding tank
for these girls, there's
something about
Ocean Falls,
I can't put my finger on it
but do not let
Will leave!
(brooding music)
(low buzzing)
(woman crying)
(Will yelling)
(energetic music)
(gurgling, gasping)
(woman crying)
Are you ok?
No one's gonna hurt you anymore
you don't have to worry
about him, alright?
I'm gonna be right back.
(brooding music)
- William?
What are you doing here?
What is this?
What did you do?
What did you do, Will?
- Let's get out of here, okay?
Listen, I don't know what
he put in your mind.
- Do you know what you've done?
You want to know what this is?
This is taking responsibility.
This is making up for the past.
- No, Sarah.
- He came for us once, remember?
What do you see when
you close your eyes?
They pray for it to come.
But it's already here.
- Let's get out of here and
we'll talk about everything.
I'm sorry.
- Stop.
- I was scared.
I should never have left you.
- You forgot me.
- No, I didn't.
- Yes you did.
I was alone.
- Never again.
Come on, let's go.
- No.
I have a job to do.
- Where are you going?
- To get the nurse.
If you don't feed it,
bad things happen.
(seagulls crying)
- That's a hell of a fish
you caught, kid.
- You never saw any sign of
Sarah, or anyone else?
- No.
Just him.
- And if I go there,
what am I gonna find?
(intense music)
(deep breathing)
(inhuman crying)
(mouse squealing)
(heavy breathing)
(inhuman shrieking)
- [George] We're here
today to witness
a second chance.
From this day forward,
the past shall never
be brought
up again.
Hard feelings will be set aside.
We now call you brother.
And you will be treated like family.
- Hey.
- Hey.
When you planning on
getting out
of here?
- I don't know.
I was kind of thinking
of sticking around.
- Really?
- [George] Our masks are
sacred to our people.
And are passed down for generations.
To receive one is a great honor,
but also a responsibility.
By wearing it,
the man becomes the spirit of
what it represents.
- I don't feel done here
yet, you know?
- [Will] What, like
a permanent move?
- Maybe.
Why, you don't wanna
be friends anymore?
I thought we were friends, Will.
- There is darkness in this world.
But there's also light.
Whichever path you choose now,
is for you to decide.
(swelling music)
(inhuman shrieking)
- We could say we were out
of town, camping maybe?
There's a cop. She's nice,
we can trust her.
- What?
- She'll have questions.
A lot of questions.
- What do you want me to say?
You wanted me here, I'm here.
All I wanted to do was to
make things right.
Sounds like you do too.
It's your move.
- What are we gonna do?
(swelling music)