Thupparivaalan (2017) Movie Script

Not so fast, Sidhu!
Where is he going?
What is this?-A gift for daddy!
Go ahead.
Deal with them very carefully.
Let go of me, mom!
Why did you pinch me?
Think you can do anythingif you're a male?
When did I pinch? Why do you hit me?-Dog!
Why are you lying? You think I'm crazy?-Think you are so hot, eh? Now apologize!
If you don't, things will get really nasty!-Ask him what he did, sir!
Get lost!Go on, ma'am.
Men like these...
Get back to your work.
Who was that, dad?-No one, dear. Just some jerk.
What happened?-Nothing. Felt like an ant-bite.
I'll get the snacks.
No, dad. I don't want anything.Let's go back in. Mom must be waiting.
Very well.-Yes, dad.
What happened?Paul!
Give me that!
Tastes like horse piss!
One case.Just one case.
What is your problem?
I just need one interesting case.
It's been three weeks.Not a single person has given me one!
May as well start selling flour!
My brain is decaying!
Get out of the way!
Get up, Kani!
A client's here.
For the last three days, my husband...
He has been missing for three days.
You both use the same reading glasses.
He has been using it for five years.
A rubber bandkeeps the broken frame intact.
So, your husband does not work.He just stays home and cooks.
You haven't told the cops, because yourfamily will be ashamed if they find out.
After seeing the ad in yesterday's paper,you came to me.
Your husband will be back homeby tomorrow or even by tonight.
Because he has no one but you.Now you can go.
What is your fee?-What is your case?
My daughter's missing.
What is your name?-Madhavan.
How long has she been missing?
Eleven, counting today.
What do the police have to say?
Can't rely on them.
When did you learn that she was missing?
She went to college. Never got back.
Does she have a boyfriend...
I don't know!
Ten lakh rupees.
It's yours if you can find my daughter.
Does your daughter know to drive?-What?
No, she doesn't know.
Who drops her off to college?
There was a driver.
"Was"?-He was a rogue!
He ran away.
How many drivers have you employed?-Three.
Despite having them,why did you drive yourself here?
Nobody knows that I came here.
Who gave you this address?-My manager.
I have three ongoing cases.So, I can't take up yours.
Twenty five lakh rupees!
You may leave.
What is this, Kani?
Take this blank cheque.
Fill how much ever you want!Find my daughter!
You threw a fit earlierfor not having a case.
You turn one down and lie that you're busy.-We don't need that one.
It's 50 lakhs.-That's okay.
What "okay"?
Most folks hire detectives just to spy onbrides and grooms before the wedding.
Are you like that?You'd solve this in just two days.
He offered a blank chequeand you threw him out!
I didn't like him.-Who cares about that?
It's the case that matters.
Just find his daughter, Kani.
She'll die, man.-What?
If I return his daughter to him,he will kill her himself.
What are you saying?
That girl has eloped with the driver.
Notice how that guy used his feetto pick up his car keys?
He feels rage, not sorrow,at his daughter's disappearance.
If I find her, you'll find her deadin a well or a railway track in a few days.
Or even hanging in her house.
Marked as suicide,this case would be closed.
Why the rush?
Why are you smiling?
What "magic"?
Five seconds ago.
What happened five seconds ago?-An art of a pickpocket.
Who did they pickpocket?-You.
My wallet is right here.
Is the money intact?
I had four thousand rupees.Only two thousand is in here!
How is that possible?
Pretend like you're on the phone.
Hello madam!This is Priyadarshan speaking.
I'm doing very well.How are you?
How is business coming along?
I was just about to call youwhen you called me right now.
Yes, a consignment of cloth materialshas arrived.
I'll send over samplesthrough an executive, this evening.
Please look it over and approve it.
Sis, there's a bald, bespectacled manwith a green shirt and a suitcase.
An old cheque is still due,madam.
It will be great if you could clear that.
It will be wonderful if you clearthe payment for this consignment too.
Yes, madam.
No problems with that, madam.I'll take care of everything.
Dress up like a rich girlto pickpocket, eh?
What? I come from a respectable family...-Shut up!
Respectable family, my foot!
I just watched your act.
How much did you stealfrom that guy?
Who are these guys?What do they want?
We want a box of sweets!March to the police station!
Please don't do this, sir.I'll return the money!
Please don't make a scene.-The hell I won't! I'll call everyone!
I really like your work.Come to this address tomorrow morning.
Keep it.
You gave our address to a pickpocket!
If you weren't there,I would've turned them over to the cops.
What is it, kiddo?Why are you here?
I came to meet detective uncle.
Okay, tell me. What's up?-No. I want to see detective uncle.
Do I not look like a detective?
No. You're a cook.
You smell like onions.
Come along.
Sit down, kid.
When you typed 'detective'in your dad's iPad... found many addresses.Why did you choose to come here?
Other detective ads were like film posters.Caps. Guns. Poses.
But yours just read'Detective Kaniyan Poongundran'.
When I saw that,I decided to come here.
You skipped school to come here.-Yes.
What is your name?
What happened last night?
Our house is in Neelankarai.An individual bungalow near the beach.
Roughly how far is it from the beach?-343 feet.
My younger sister and Imeasured it with a scale, sometime ago.
Our puppy's name is Nemo.
Every night at 9:30, I open the gateto let him out.
He'd go relieve himselfand be back at 9:40.
But he didn't last night.
Oh, a missing dog?
No. A dead dog.
Nemo didn't come back until midnight.
I told my mother about it.
She told me that he'll be back laterat night, and that I should sleep.
I just kept staring outside the window.
At 1:00 A.M., my sister and Iwoke our parents up.
My father opened the gate and went out.
About twenty feet from our gate,we found Nemo lying dead.
When we shined a torch at him,we saw that Nemo was covered in blood.
What breed is Nemo?-Pomeranian.
My sister and I cried all night.
I asked my parents to call the police.
A constable came by at 1.40 A.M.
He said that he was very busyand not to make a big fuss over this, yes?
He left after saying that the police dept.would buy us another dog, if we wanted one.
Your parents buried the dogin the house's garden.
My parents went to a wedding eventthis morning.
My sister said she wanted to see Nemo.
I took a rod and started digging.
When my father buried Nemo,he wrapped him up with a white cloth.
And inside it, was my Nemo...
As we were staring at it,our parents returned.
My father scolded us badly.
I placed Nemo in the pitand my father shoveled mud onto it!
Okay, stay calm...-Wait!
I put my hand into Nemo's bloody bodywhile placing him back into the pit...
...and found this.
It's a bullet, Kani.
I've seen the 'Sherlock Holmes' TV series.
But, he's not real.
I need to find Nemo's killer.
But I don't know how to find him.Can you do that for me, please?
This is the pocket moneythat my parents gave me.
Eight hundred and thirty seven rupees.
Keeping this as your fee,can you find Nemo's killer for me, uncle?
If I find the killer and bring him to you,what will you do?
I'd ask him, "Why did you kill my dog?How did you have the heart to do it?"
Show him out, Mano.Get his address before coming back in.
Will you take up this case, uncle?-Yes.
Come along, now.
Yes, who is it?
One moment, please.Joel! Call for you!
My sister's husband?But I don't have a sister.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Listen, Kani. I helped you out once.Why do you keep bothering me like this?
I work for the police.What will it be like if I keep helping you?
It would be like you are helping me.
You helped me with a case.I don't deny that.
If the commissioner learnsthat the forensic report...
...of the triple murder was false...
...he'd transfer the entire departmentto Ramanathapuram.
What do you want now?
The ballistics report.
This is a 9mm bullet.
If it was shot using a Glock 19 or 20,it wouldn't have been inside the dog.
That's what happened.
If it was shot with a Glock,the bullet would've gone through the dog.
But the bullet was in the dog's stomach.Isn't that what the boy...
Impossible. The analysis saysthat it was in contact with a hard surface.
Ricochet?-Yes. It must've hit metal or stone first.
If it deviated after that,the velocity would've reduced...
...and gotten lodged inside the dog.That's the only way.
Here you go.I'm leaving.
Back up a bit.
Back up even more!
Keep going!To your right!
Now, climb up!
Closer!Pretend like you're firing a gun.
There are no bullet casings here, Kani.
I don't think they fired from here.
Be patient, guys!I'll pay all of you.
Please come and look at this, sir!
I'll be right back, guys.
What is that?
A tooth.
Hey, Mallika!How much is today's collection?
I asked you a question, Miss Hoity-toity!
Where is the money?
I said, where the hell is the money?
Only two thousand rupees?
That's not good enough!
Go to Sarasu's house tomorrow.
Whore yourself for 7,000 rupees a day!-I won't!
You won't?Then why the hell are you here?
Get out of the house.Take those brats with you!
Kickbacks alone cost 25,000 rupeesa month!
Will your dead mom and dad pay them?
Top of that, there's boozefor the thugs, rogues, and brutes!
Don't you all hog like pigsthrice a day?
She won't go, she says!
If tomorrow's collectionisn't more than this...
...I'll drag you to Sarasu's house myself!
I came to return your money.
Give it!
Is he not here?
I'm here, right?Give it to me.
I'll give it only to him.
Let her in, Mano!
What is it?
I don't want your money.
Will you return the moneyto everyone you pickpocket?
Your parents died when you were a child.
You live with an uncle or an aunt.Am I right?
An uncle.
He irons clothes for a living.
The clothes you're wearing now,are not yours.
Your uncle's a fraud.
He sends you off to stealand drinks all day at home.
How did you...-Don't you know anything besides this job?
He said I could be a thief or a whore.
I chose the former.
What is it?
Give her Swaminathan's card.It's in the right corner of that drawer.
Meet the man at that address.He'll find you a job.
My uncle won't let me do any other job.He is a dangerous ruffian.
Send that ruffian over here.I'll deal with him. Now go.
How long will you keep staring?Come!
What is your name?
If I ever see you againin the street...
...I will bury you right there.Now go!
Why do you care so much about that thief?
My father was a pickpocket.
Stop eavesdropping!
Don't mess this up.
A girl came to the doctor's wedding,yesterday.
Yes.-The guy with her? Such a comic piece!
How could one guy be...-Hey!
Should you sit and gossip at the reception?-No! Just for fun.
What fun? If you're free,read about dental technology online.
Where is he?
Whom, sir?-The chief doctor!
He's in the X-ray room.-Sit down!
Where is the X-ray room?-Go to the right side.
This is the patient's orthopentagram.
Okay.-This is canine root canal treatment.
He is right here next to me, sir!-Excuse me! Who are you?
I'll give the phone to him.Please hold on.
This is the commissioner speaking.-What?
There is an important case, doctor.
A package arrivedat the Chief Minister's office, today.
There was a tooth inside.
His staff were horrified.
The Chief Minister asked me to investigate.
If I send it to a government hospital,the media will know.
That's why I sent it to you.
My staffer who just arrived there,has the tooth.
I need to know the details about it,very soon.
If you can find the victim...
...I'll get you a meeting with the CMnext week.
I'll give the phone to him.
Yes, sir? Very well, sir.Understood.
Please be seated.-Okay.
I'll get you all the detailswithin two hours.
Ask all the doctors to come to the lab!
Who is he?-CID Agent Stanley Kubrick.
Sit down.
This is a left canine tooth.
The blood is dry, so it must have fallenanywhere between 24-36 hours ago.
This isn't the patient's original tooth.
There are several types of prosthetics.
This is not titanium.This is zirconium.
Zirconium is fabricatedonly in Bangalore and Chennai.
In Chennai, there's a companycalled 'DentoTech' in Adyar.
When we examined the tooth, we foundthat it was grafted only three months ago.
We called DentoTech.
In the past six months, they got ordersfor four left canine teeth.
Our doctors called the companyand collected the information.
This file has the names, phone numbersand addresses of the patients. Here you go.
Thank you, sir.Let's go.
The commissioner promised me a meetingwith the Chief Minister next week.
The Prime Minister will also be here then.You can meet both.
Why the hell is he checking my teeth?
You had changed your left canine tooth,right?
Just a small checkup.
Is Mr. Kanthamani in there?-He's in the midst of a ritual.
I can't hear anything.-Silent ritual, sir.
What are you doing?-Ensuring that he's not disturbed.
Pipe down!-My head hurts!
Hello, sir.I'm from DentoTech.
Please open your mouth.
Please carry on.
Stop the car!
Just a minute, sir.
Okay, go!-What is this?
The three guys in my listhave their teeth intact.
How about you?
One guy left.
I tried calling, but his phoneis switched off.
What is his name?-Swarnavel.
What neighborhood are you from?
Stop crying, boy.Stop crying!
Which school are you from?
Where are you from?
You're working with him, right?I'll hand you over to the cops, too.
Where are you from? Tell me!-You deserve to be in jail!
Aren't you ashamed?-Where are you from?
Robbery in broad daylight?-How often have you done it?
You'll rob my house too?-Stealing at such a young age, are you?
He's a thief, man!Why did you hit that...
Are you a cop?Even they don't have the right to do this.
With kids like these,how can people come outside?
Stay inside the house then.Come.
Why this needless business?
Where are you taking them?
Can't understand a damn thing he's doing.
Shut the hell up!
Which floor?-Third.
Where are you going?
Please don't do it, sir.
Where is the balcony?
Over there.
Give me that.
My head hurts!It's the top floor, man!
Where did you go?-Mission accomplished.
Here?What mission?
Good day, ma'am.-Good day.
Who are you?-I'm Swarnavel's friend, Prabhakaran.
He is...-Karl Marx.
I've never seen you before.
You would not have.We're Swarnavel's school friends.
On the third, there's an alumni meet.
We wanted to invite him,but we don't know how to contact him.
Okay, but how did you get this address?
Ashok gave it to us.He's little tall and a bit fat.
Alright. Please come in.-She bought it.
Please come.Have a seat.
Would you like something to eat?
None for me. Thank you.-I'll have a glass of water.
When will Swarnavel arrive?
He won't be coming here.We've been divorced for two years.
Here you go.-How did your son die?
While playing hide-and-seekin the terrace...
...he went into the tankand closed it shut.
The lid got locked.
That was the main reason whySwarnavel left me.
It was becauseI didn't take care of our son well enough.
He accused me of killing our son.
Why did you move the photothat was up there, to the floor?
I didn't.Swarnavel kept it there.
What? When did he come here?
He was here, three days ago.
He clutched Vinay's photoand was crying hard.
And these flowers?-He brought those, too.
Where does Swarnavel work now?
He was a Physics professorat Anna University.
But he resigned later.I don't know where he works now.
Where is Swarnavel, now?
Somewhere in Greams Road.Nandhini Apartments.
Can I have some juice, please?-Sure.
What are you doing?
Careful, man!
Couldn't you find it by looking at him?He's a top-level cop, uncle!
A cop?-Yeah!
Oh no!It's just my bad fortune!
Think it'll change only if I go to Pazhanitomorrow and get my head tonsured.
Stay here, kids.-Yes, uncle.
I will get my old laundry service goingand feed you guys.
Okay, uncle!
I'll take real good care of you guys.
If you see that cop again,tell him that uncle is a very good man.
We definitely will.-Thanks, dears.
The sofa is here!
But I haven't filled it out yet.-It's alright, sir.
This doesn't seem fair.Tell me the reason!
I won't leave without filling this out!
What is the project?
How much is it worth?
Thirty crores.
Ready to go, Kani?
You go to Swarnavel's.I have work in T-Nagar.
I thought we were going together.-Just listen to me. Now come.
What is it?
I need a job.
Like burgling a house?As if pickpocketing wasn't enough.
Step out for a minute, Mano.-What?
Why is he locking me out?
I have no idea what he'll doat any given moment.
Why am I telling you this?Move aside!
What is he doing?
Here he comes.
Whom do you want to visit, sir?-Swarnavel.
Excuse me, madam.
A man named Swarnavel lives here...
I don't know, sir.It has been locked for two or three days.
Do you know where he works?
My husband told methat he was some kind of stockbroker.
I don't know anything else.
Sir, a guy came by to enquireabout Swarnavel.
What do you want me to do?
Follow him.
You got it, sir.
Capture him.-Okay.
I went over to Swarnavel's house.It was locked.
The neighbor doesn't know anything either.What do we do?
Listen to me carefully.
Four people are following you.
What?Why are they doing that?
Don't turn around, Mano.Just do what I say.
Stop! Stop the bike!
Hurry! Come fast!
Who are you?
Why did you go to that guy's house?
He asked you a question.Answer him!
Go and check who's out there.
Get up, man!
Let's kill him!
Get up, man!
Just a minute, sir!
Let's scram, guys!
Who sent you guys?
I don't know anything, sir.
Karmegam promised us 5,000 bucksand brought us here. That's all we know!
The bloody cheat never even paid us, sir!
Where are you guys from?-Althotam.
Karmegam?-He's from Choolaimedu.
As per your orders,we followed him.
That scoundrel led us to an old bungalow.
A tall guy was there.
The four of us attacked him,but we were no match for him.
He knew how to fight, sir.
He just mopped the floor with us!
I'm the only one who got away.
The others don't know a thing about us.They just got out of jail two days ago.
If you pay me an advance,that would be great.
My wedding anniversary.Need to buy a sari for my wife.
Really, sir?Where do I come?
The eighth floor.-The eighth floor?
Alright, sir.
We've got company, Kani.Let's go!
Just wait.-Let's go!
Get me my spectacles, Paaru!
Why do you need it right now?Come back to sleep!
Stop bothering me!-Just do it!
Someone is out there!
Bring me the torch, too.
Alright, I'm coming!-Let's go, Kani!
Let's get out of here!
What is it?Why do you want your spectacles now?
What are you looking at?
What is there?What are you searching for?
It felt like two people were over there.
My goodness, just come in and sleep!
Stop blabbering!
Someone was already here.
Another person.
Give me that.
I can't see anything.
You are looking.
I am seeking.
What is this, Kani?We didn't find anything.
What do we do now?
What is this?
An impression left by an object.
The table has two days worth of dust.But there's very little in this part.
They must have taken what was there.-Which was?
Give me that tape.
Pull up the books app on your phone.
Look up the book'Lightning Physics and Effect.'
Give me the book's dimensions.
21.5 centimetres by 27.5 centimetres.
There was a book in this spot.
'Lightning Physics and Effect.'
Where did we slip up?
Where is the leak?
What do we do, uncle?
The guy who got away from us yesterday.
Did I ask you for this?Did I?
I'll chop your head offand hang your brain on the roof!
Get lost!
Swarnavel is a physics teacher.
Why did he become a stockbroker?
Having become a stockbroker,why was he reading about engineering?
Maybe he didn't want to lose touchwith the subject.
Why was he reading this particular bookabout lightning?
Lightning is part of physics, right?
No, Mano.
Something is amiss.
Why steal a book about lightningfrom Swarnavel's house?
Who would've stolen it?
Please sit down.
I heard sirens approaching.
We came to get your insighton a case.
Do you know who we are,Mr. Kani?
Yes sir, I know.
Assistant Commissioner Vijaykumar.Inspector Madhivanan.
You are here to talk aboutAssistant Commissioner Paul Dhanraj...
...who collapsed 2 weeks agoand died 3 days later.
Per the autopsy, there was hemorrhagein all vital organs.
I've heard a lot about you, Mr. Kani.
You have solved many casesthat our department could not solve.
I really appreciate that.
I came here to get your suggestionon a particular matter.
Go ahead.
The deceased Paul and Iwere college buddies.
I have known him for twenty two years.
He had no vices.
He wouldn't even drink wine.
A teetotaler... A cigarette-hater...And you know...
...a fine athlete.
He has never had any physical problems.
How could he die so suddenly?
Who conducted the autopsy?-Dr. Sangaiyaa.
Sangaiyaa...He's a great pathologist.
If he says so, it must be right.
No, I refuse to believethat it was a normal death.
If it's not a normal death,then what is it?
That is what certain newspapers reported.
They print whatever they want.
I don't know, sir.One minute, please.
I've solved it!How did I miss this?
How the hell did I miss this?
Come quickly, Mano!
Where the hell are you going?
I need to see Mrs. Diwakar.
Mummy,there is someone here to see you!
Can I help you?
Why did you lieabout your husband's death?
Did you see it with both your eyesor just one?
Why did you lie?
Why should I lie?
Shut up, Kani!
I know how difficult it is for you...
Tell me! Why did you lie?-Lie?
Why the hell should I lie?
I saw my husband and son diebefore my own eyes!
The mark of the incident is still there!
I'll show it to you.Come!
Come take a look.Only then will you believe it!
Just my rotten luck!-Are you insane?
What are you doing?-Why should I lie?
Why am I being tested like this?
Why are you doing this to me?
You don't believe me?Come!
See for yourself!This is where it happened!
Here is where my son and my husbandDiwakar died from a lightning strike!
Right here!Look!
Why are you lying?-My goodness!
Why the hell should I lie?Come!
See it for yourself!
This is where lightning struck them!In this very spot!
I'll tell you once again.This is where they died!
Did you see it from here?
No, not from here.I saw it from there!
From here.
When I was watching from here,my son went over to my husband... give him a present.
Then what happened?-Suddenly, there was a sound of thunder.
In shock, I saw lightning strike my son...
...and my husband...
Why are you lying again and again?
That is what I saw!
A really loud crack of thunder!
Before I knew it, lightning struck them...
Where did it come from?
It came from over there.
You're not lying, madam.
You are telling the truth.
Who was on duty hereon the 26th?
Who are you?-Police!
Weren't you the one on duty on the 26th,Elango?
The 26th?-Yes.
Didn't a guy badger you with questionsthat day?
Oh, right.Yes, I was there.
Did anyone go to the roof, that night?
People from the AC company.-How many?
Three people.-Did you go with them?
It was raining hard that day.So I didn't go.
Did they have something with them?
They had about four or five large boxes.
Was this man among the four of them?
He is a very good man, sir!
As usual, I don't get it.-He even gave me 500 rupees!
Why did you come here?Why did you bother that lady?
First there was a loud noise.Then, the lightning.
That was a lie.
Didn't you tell that ladythat it was the truth?
Did you study fifth grade?Light travels faster than sound.
Thunder comes only after lightning.
Even a young child knows that.
What was Swarnavel doing here?
Thunder Engineering. Weatherand Climate Science. Transformers.
He has studied those books.
Then that lightning...
Diwakar was not killedby a lightning strike.
He died from lightning that was createdby Swarnavel's group.
It wasn't an accident.
It was a pre-planned murder,my friend.
Which case, sir?
Before his death, your managing director,Diwakar, had plans to go to Bangalore.
What was the purpose of his trip?
Sorry, that is confidential.I cannot disclose that.
He is a private detective.I'm from the CB-CID.
We've employed him for this case.
If you answer me like you answered him,we'll have to question you in our office.
Why was Diwakar going to Bangalore?
For a tender, sir.-What tender?
A software tender from Madison Ruth.
What happened to it?-Our competitor secured it.
Which one?-Inten Solutions.
Was there anyone else in your company...
No, sir. He was the CEOand main software designer.
What was the order's value?-Ten million US dollars.
Who was the representativeon behalf of Inten Systems?
If you park your car like this,how can we get ours out?
Sorry, the car broke down suddenly.I'm checking it out.
What is it, Kani?
What happened, sir?
What is it, sir?
Please give me some water.-Hold on!
Here you go, sir.
Shall I call an ambulance for you?
No, thanks.
Could you please get the tabletsfrom my suitcase?
What is the combination, sir?
It didn't open, sir.
What number did I say?
You said "329".
Sorry. 429.
Here you go, sir.
Where were you, uncle?I was looking for you everywhere.
He had some chest pain.
Chest pain?Did you take your tablets?
This young man helped me with it.
Alright, let's go.
Come along.
Slowly.Be careful.
Very gently, please.
Let's go.
Just a minute.
Take this...-That's not necessary, sir.
It's alright...-No, sir. Take care.
What number did he call from?
First check that!
Watch your tongue!
Why do you want to meet Mr. Ramprasad?
The gentleman in the blue shirtwho was leaving. Was that Mr. Ramprasad?
Who are you?Why do you want to meet him?
He is Mr. Tamizhvaanan from CB-CID.I am Shankarlal.
His wife got a callabout their son being kidnapped.
How much do they want?
Did you call the school?
Why the hell did you call mewithout calling them first?
It could've been a prank, right?
Idiot!Now hang up.
I'll call the school myself.
I'm Ramprasad,the father of Suresh of Class 6D.
Could you please checkif my son is in class?
Yes, I'll hold.
What the hell is that nasty smell?
I can't smell anything.
Think I'm crazy?
I can't even sit here!
Stop the car and check!
Please keep him in your room after class.
I'll pick him up myself.
This is Detective Kaniyan speaking.
Why do you want to meet me?
A dead rat, sir!-Oh crap!
How did it get in here?
I just cleaned it, this morning.-Get rid of it, you oaf!
If you just cleaned it,did it come in and kill itself?
Throw it out, you moron!
Turn on the air freshener.
The stench is unbearable!
Do what I say!
This isn't our air freshener, sir.
Who gives a damn about whose it is?Turn it on!
Okay, sir.-Whatever it is, talk to my lawyer.
Enough with your analysis.Now drive!
What do you want?
How did you get my number?
Whatever it is,talk to my advocate.
What a foul smell!
Roll up the window!
Roll up the damn window, Muruga!
That car, right?-Yes.
Why are you driving so fast?
Slow down.
I said slow down.
Here I'm going on and on.
And you're just laughing.
Are you insane?
Are you mad?
I don't understand this at all, Kani.
For that ten million dollar deal,Ramprasad paid that gang to kill Diwakar.
Only we know how Diwakar died.
Before we could meet Ramprasad...
...that gang put a freshenerfilled with nitrous oxide in his car.
Nitrous oxide?
Laughing gas.Didn't you learn about it in twelfth grade?
Inhaling nitrous oxidecauses dilation of blood vessels.
High rush of oxygenated bloodgoes to the brain and nerve cells.
This causes a sense of euphoria.
The first reaction would besomewhat like a tickling sensation.
That causes the body to lose control.
It would make you feel like a drunkard.And finally...
Nitrous oxide was responsiblefor both their deaths.
Our "friends"...
...turned a murder into an accidentfor the second time...
...and have one-upped us.
My head is spinning, Kani.
For the first time,there has been a mistake, Kamalesh...
They don't know Tamil.
There has been a small error.
I have given you eight sofas, so far.
Every job went down smoothly.
What happened this time?
I'll handle it.-How?
Like how you killed Ramprasad?
We didn't have a choice.We had to kill him.
Ramprasad was our client, man!
He paid us 300 crores!
When a noose tightens around the neck,you can either remove it or hang.
Do you want us to get caught?
If that detective had met Ramprasad,we all would have been busted.
So, there was only one option.
We had to silence our client.
That detective must be silenced, too.
I've already hired the hitters.-What?
These guys are professionals.They will keep it clean.
Your job is only to find clients.
Leave the rest to us.
We need to methodically planand take that detective out.
Even a small mistake can get us busted.
I don't have time for all that.
I've asked them to bring me his head.
I want to find out how he hasso much intelligence... examining his brain myself.
Who is that?
Don't drink that.-Why?
Just pretend like you're drinking it.
What's going on?
Everyone's leaving after we came in.
Listen to me carefully, Mano.
Leave this place slowly.
And do what?
Wait for me at the street corner.
If I'm not there within three minutes,come back in with the police.
Let me help...-Do what I say. Now go.
Answer me!
Talk, you creep!
A man named Kamaleshhired these guys.
Where is he?
He is staying over at Hotel Sheraton.
Are D and uncle here?
They were.
But they left.
I'm Vijaykumar,Assistant Commissioner of Police.
Get me the details of the guestin Room 2701.
His name is Mr. Kamalesh.
How long has he been staying here?
You didn't take his address proof?
Give me the key to Kamalesh's room!
Give it to me!-Okay.
Who are you?
Hold on!Who are you?
Who are you?-She's not answering me.
It may get stuck in your throat, sir.
Over a single fruit,you're mocking the entire police force?
Do you have Marlboro cigarettes?-No, sir.
Okay, sir.
We're noting it down, sir.
Stop the motorcycle.Stop!
Stop the bike!-Pull over!
Get them!-Follow them! Who are these guys?
Drive faster!
Go faster!Hurry!
Stop the bike!
Listen to me.Stop the vehicle!
Are you going to stop or not?
Stop! I'm talking to you!
Drive faster!Stop the bike!
You're done for, man!Drive faster!
What the hell is this?Mano!
Get over here!-Coming!
Come here! Now!-What happened?
With whose permissiondid you wear my shirt?
Who gave you permission...-Hold on, man!
Her dress accidentally tore in the bus.
I told her she could wear your shirt.Go on.
Weren't you the onewho gave this poor girl a job?
And you yourself are yelling at her?
I told her to take some shirt.She took yours. What's wrong with that?
Despite all your books,you don't understand little things in life.
Why didn't you say anythingwhen I asked you?
Just stood there like a dunce!Where is it?
It's been a while since I bought a shirt.
Let's buy some.
For you, as well.
What's up with him?
Why does he suddenly care so much?
Anyway, I'm getting free shirts.Cool.
Tastes like donkey piss!
Get ready.We'll buy clothes for you, too.
Do you have any sense?
She had a knife!What if she had stabbed you?
She was going to stab you.-So what? Let her!
This is my job.A detective's life is full of risks.
I may die at any time.
You shouldn't die!-Why?
Why shouldn't I die?
Everyone dies someday.
Good people shouldn't die.
I'm not a good man!-You are a very good man, sir.
Say this kind of crap again...-It's the truth, sir.
If not, would you hire a pickpocket...-You're not one!
Aren't you here with me now?
Where are you going?
To arrange books from the top shelf...-Don't!
Stay here!Can't you see I'm here alone?
Why are you staring at me?
Look down!
I don't understand this crap at all.
Leave!Get up and leave!
So you'll leave if I just tell you to?Don't you have any sense?
Thanks, Mallika.
What would you like to have?-Nothing.
Why did you call us?
We got the phone records of the victims.
Karmegam, who fell from the roof.Ramprasad, from the accident.
Kamalesh, from the hotel.
The three of them received several callsfrom the same prepaid number.
Could you findwhere that SIM card was purchased?
About two months ago, twelve SIM cardswere bought from a shop near Tada.
Name's Kothandaraman.-What does he do?
He's a house broker.
Wouldn't they have asked for ID proof?
He did give them.A letterhead. His photo.
Driving license.-What was on the letterhead?
An address for 'Golden Tree Furniture'.
Kamalesh is its proprietor.It had his signature and a rubber stamp.
The deceased Kamalesh?-The very same.
His address is near the Pilot theatrein Royapettah.
Bogus address.-You are right.
Did you look into that broker?-We did.
Tada is in Andhra Pradesh's jurisdiction.We couldn't file an FIR.
We used physical force.
He was paid 10,000 rupees for this.
Who paid him?
An old man.-How old would he be?
Around 60-65.
Any other description?
His dress was very neat.He didn't talk much.
Can we find anything if we checkRamprasad and Kamalesh's houses?
We can't check Ramprasad's house.We don't have a warrant.
We don't know where Kamalesh's house is.-Ramprasad's bank statement.
Check that.You'll find something.
Choco Fantasy for me!-Okay.
I'm going to get there first!-No, I will!
I'll get there first!
What was that sound?
I didn't hear anything.
What happened?
Felt like some kind of insect bite.
What is it?-Come!
Get in! Stay there and don't move!-Alright!
What happened?-Come to the Fortis Hospital!
Follow them!Quickly!
I've read about a case like this before.
They cut a small hole in a 1.7mm pelletand fill it with 0.5mm of ricin.
They seal it with waxand shoot the victim with it.
It would have felt like an insect bite.
As the pellet goes into the body...
...the wax would start meltingdue to the body temperature.
As the wax melts, the ricininside the pellet would get out.
And as the ricin seeps out...
It will slowly disable every organ.
It causes hemorrhagein the kidney, liver and brain.
Leads to blood pressure, coma and stroke.
The victim dies within three days.
So that is how Paul died...-Yes.
Who are you?
Where's the CCTV footageof the evening show on last month's 23rd?
Who are you?Why are you ordering me around?
Can we see it now?
There's my father!
Rewind it a bit.
Zoom in.
He said he would help.
One man booked three ticketsin different rows for that evening show.
F-8, E-7 and D-6.
Was the reservation done by credit card?-Yes. 'Z Bank'.
The credit card belongs to a girlnamed Aarani.
It smells of a broken flush. Please check.-Yes, sir.
Just a minute, sir.
Night shift, tonight.What do we do?
I need four electrical engineers.
What is it?
I need to talk to you about something.
What do you want to talk about?
Can I get a cup of coffee?
Our office was raided, uncle.
It's your name that's listedin the IATA certificate.
The police will come here.We will all get caught.
I'm sorry, uncle.
This is a lightning emitter.They used this to commit the first murder.
We're setting up a demonstration for this.To show how they would have done it.
Everyone step back, please!
Step away!
A little further, please!
Awesome, sir!
I was not expecting that at all.
Really cool, sir.-Congratulations!
He is a genius!-Absolutely.
Nobody can think like him.
Where is he rushing off to?
What is it, man?The next operation?
Let me know if you need anything else.-Okay.
Why did you rush here?
I got a text message.
What did it say?
It said one of my friends is going to die.
But you're alive and well.
Can I help you?
Is the detective here?-No, he's not. Who are you?
I am his friend.
Please come in.
Please sit down.
Would you like some green tea?
Please have something.
One coffee.-Okay.
What's wrong?
It's ringing, but nobody's answering.
Please leave it over there.
What happened, Mano?
No, Kani! Don't look in there!-Move aside!
Why did you...
Why did you come into my house?
Why did you cometo this wretched man's house?
This is all my fault!
You could have just let me die!
I cannot see you like this!
Why the helldid you come to this wretched house?
Couldn't you have just stayed at home?
I have saved several people.
But you...
I couldn't save you!
Why did you change?
Why did you change for me?
You could have remained a pickpocket!
I'm still a pickpocket, sir.
Answer me!
Start talking now!
Spill it!How are you connected to that gang?
Kamalesh and I...
...studied together at Loyola College.
He took me to Masinagudi.
Over there...
He introduced me to Devil's Gang.
Murders would happen.
These cases would be closedas accidents.
A lot of money would pour in.
Devil gets 60%.
Kamalesh gets 35%.
And I get 5%.
Why did you kill A.C. Paul?
The owner of 'Sundara Bhavan',Ratnasabapathy...
...had sexually assaultedand murdered his driver's wife.
A.C. Paul was investigating that case.
Kamalesh met Ratnasabapathy...
...and set up a dealfor ninety crore rupees.
That day, the team made a planto kill A.C. Paul.
How is Swarnavel connectedto you guys?
Where is he right now?
Kamalesh met Ramprasad,the owner of Avion Systems...
...and fixed a dealworth 300 crore rupees.
To kill Diwakar,the CEO of Inten Solutions...
...the gang came up with a plan.
Swarnavel mastermindedand executed that plan.
We installed a generatorbehind Diwakar's house...
...connected it to a pointthat was already fixed...
...and created lightning.
...Diwakar's son entered that space.
Both father and son died on the spot.
Swarnavel was devastated.
As the dead boywas about the age of his own child...
...he rambled about having committed a sin.
He ranted that he would surrenderto the police.
If he did anything like that...
...Devil threatened Swarnavelthat he would kill his wife.
For two days...
...he never left the house.
On the night of the third day...
...Swarnavel went to Victor, a forger,to procure a new passport.
We felt that leaving Swarnavel alivewas a problem...
...and we set out to find him.
He tried to run away.
We cornered him at the beachand thrashed him.
Devil shot Swarnavel.
All of a sudden, a dog lungedand bit Devil's hand.
Devil shot the dog.It ran away.
To make sure no one saw it...
...we loaded the body into the vanand took it the office.
But the detective followed our trail.
We didn't know how we slipped up.We didn't know how he was onto us.
Who is Devil?
I don't know!
I scoured through the police records.
There was no trace of him.
Devil... the devil.Devil is the devil himself.
Where is he right now?
I don't know.
Answer him!-I swear, I don't know!
I've told you everything I know!
Please believe me!
I swear, I don't know!
What do we do now, Kani?
Who is it?
Victor?-What is it?
They shot officer Muthu!He's dead.
The detective's jet-skiis left unattended, sir.
Don't shoot!
I'll surrender!
Don't shoot me!
Don't get up, sir.
Don't do it! They'll shoot you.-Please don't shoot me!
Lot of heads are going to roll today.Come on.
I'll cover this side.
You get away, sir!
Call the detective here.
Don't come here, Kaniyan!
Don't come over here!
Get over here!Quickly!
Call him.
Keep your hands behind your back.
After killing your housekeeper...
...I did some detective work myself.
There was a cover in your drawer.
It had my bullet.
I understood everything.
I found the boywho was looking for his dog...
...and brought him here.
You lost, detective.
I won.
Go ahead and play your harmonica.I'll dance.
You made me very tired, detective.Very tired!
You're kicking around a defenseless man!Cut him loose and do it, if you dare!
Don't watch this, Naveen.Go inside!
You can't escape, man!
I'll be leaving this place very soon.
No one can catch me.
So take a break.
I'll come and kill you both.
Trying to trick me, detective?
Fine. Lie on whichever side you want.It's time to die!
You're the one who's going to die!
Is that right?Okay, you die first!
Cecil Ranasinghe.
That is the name in your passport.
I met Victor, the forger.
Cecil Ranasinghe is a Sri Lankan name.
But you're not Sri Lankan.
Nor are you going to Sri Lanka.
Did you get it?
How did you know that?
I enquired at the Sri Lankan embassy.
Cecil Ranasinghe was a deck officerin a Sri Lankan container ship.
Three months ago,he died in an accident at Jaffna.
Who would have given youhis passport information?
I guessed that someone on that shipwas your friend.
Did you get it?
Get what?
I asked if you understoodwhat I was saying.
Through the Sri Lankan ambassador,I spoke to the captain of that ship.
I threatened everyone who helped you,with a severe punishment.
Afraid, the captain confessed everything.
At 7:30 P.M. tonight,in the Sri Lankan port Point Pedro...
...a container ship is leaving.
You'll leave in a while...
...and travel 120 nautical milesaway from Indian territory...
...and board the container ship,at dawn.
A man has nine holes.
But if you look closely,you'll see ten holes.
Six days later, your shipwill reach the Malaysian port Klang.
The captain told me you'll getan honorary visa there and reach Phuket.
The sixth hole.
You're absolutely right.
But who I am...-On September 21, 2010 in Delhi... killed four French touristsfor money.
You killed three people in Kathmanduin 2008.
How did you know that?
The pin in your belt buckle knows that.
How do you know this?
I've memorized every unsolved murderin India in the past twenty years.
My housekeeper Mallika...
Mallika, who took great care of me...You killed her.
I saw your footprint in her blood.
The only clue you left in every siteof your murder...
...was your footprint.
Your shoe size is 12.
Your height is at least 6'2".
Love making!-What?
'Love will find a way.'
'It takes two to tangle.'
In an island in Andaman in 2004...
...a German couple were found buried.
The tall guide who accompanied themwas also dead.
Andaman Police closed this case.
I opened that file.
I contacted my friendwho is with the Andaman Coast Guard...
...and asked him to enquireat the travel office of that guide.
In the birth certificate,I found the guide's address.
He was born in a village.
You're not going to Phuket.
If you go 543 kilometres north of Phuket...'ll reach the village Khalasi,in the Nicobar Islands.
In that village,lives a blind woman.
Your mother, who is unawareof the killer you have become!
You promised you'll returnafter making a lot of money.
She has been waiting for her son,Holcha!
John Richardson Holcha.
You have won.
But I will not lose, detective!
Why did you kill my dog, uncle?
I have killed so many people.
I never got caught.
But I killed your dog.
And I got caught.
Until now...
...I have never said these wordsto anyone.
I am sorry.