THX 1138 (1971) Movie Script

Buck Rogers in the 20th century!
Buck Rogers, now adventuring
in the amazing world of the 20th century,
By turning the dial
to project us ahead in time,,,
,,,we're able to be with Buck and friends
in the wonderful world of the future,
A world that sees a lot of our scientific
and mechanical dreams come true,
You know, there's nothing supernatural
or mystic about Buck,
He's just an ordinary, normal human being
who keeps his wits about him,
-What's wrong?
-Nothing, nothing really,
I just feel that I need
something stronger,
If you have a problem,
don 't hesitate to ask for assistance,
- Yes, thank you, I'll be all right,
-Call 348-FUN--
What's wrong?
Never mind,
Never mind,
Never mind,
Never mind, Never mind,
Can you feel this?
What is that? Nausea?
Are you now?
Or have you ever been?
Move slowly,
Hello, is somebody else there?
THX, this is inner control,
You're off,01 7 to the right,
Correct it, please,
Make the correction, THX,
All right, then, Just back off, THX 1 1 38,
Back off for a second,
-Okay, hold it, 1 1 38,
-Hold, Hold, Hold,,,,
-What's wrong?
-I need something stronger,
Take four red capsules, In 1 0 minutes,
take two more, Help is on the way,
-What's wrong?
-I want you to take a visual record of this,
We found it in the patching cells,
We killed it,
Thank you for being conscientious,
A visual record is being taken,,,
,,,and filed with the Department
of Biological Flow, You have--
--now out of service in one section
of the Filoz era--
--shall, in any consequence
of any law or regulation,,,
,,,be discharged from such service,,,
,,,but shall be delivered up on claim of
the party to whom such service may be due,
--and greater efficiency,
consumption is being standardized,
We are sorry,
All right then, just back off, THX 1 1 38,
Back off for a second,
All right, make the appropriate correction,
That's it,
Check the grid line,
Should be 1 239, 1 239,
All right, watch it, You're gonna
override again, Bring it down,
You're right next to it,
-That's right,
-What's wrong?
I just bought one of these yesterday
and it doesn 't fit my consumer,,,
,,,and the store doesn 't have
the other kind,
For more enjoyment
and greater efficiency,,,
,,,consumption is being standardized,
-We are sorry,
- This is--
A ttention all stations,
I have a temporary blockage,,,
,,,affecting a Red Section module,
Must demand complete insertion
in the override,
It's getting into a critical phase,
-What's wrong?
-Comperson and penderal,,,
-,,,are compatible within group 3A,
-What's wrong, Papa?
If you feel you are not
properly sedated,,,
,,,call 348-844 immediately,
Failure to do so may result,,,
,,,in prosecution
for criminal drug evasion,
--A, Excursions--
For more enjoyment
and greater efficiency,,,
,,,consumption is being standardized,
We are sorry--
This is city probe scanner,
We 've run across
some illegal sexual activity,
It should be on your DTO screen now,
There has been an accident
in Red Sector L 14,
Do not abandon your post,
There is no danger of radiation leakage,
Repeat, there has been an accident
in Red Sector L 14,
Do not abandon your post,
There is no danger of radiation leakage,
That accident over in Red Sector L
destroyed another 63 personnel,,,
,,,giving them a total
of 242 lost to our 1 95,
Keep up the good work
and prevent accidents,
This shift is concluded,
A libido leveler has been mislaid
near the pulse-buffering gate,
If you have accidentally--
Today only, blue dendrites
are only 47 credits, Buy now,
Visual binaries now can previse
and improve your reading,
Your consumer has a factor of 98,
Stay calm.
This elevator has been removed
from service,
Please use the next elevator
on your right,
This elevator has been removed
from service,
Please use the next elevator--
My time is yours,
-Masses for the masses.
-Go ahead,
One for all. All is one.
Masses are what we are.
We are the masses.
But all in all, we are masses.
For the Party and for all,
masses are what we are.
Very good, Proceed,
...I slipped...
...on a thermal transfer this morning.
It's never happened before.
I wasn't concentrating enough.
Yes, I understand,
Things haven't been...
-...going well.
-Yes, fine,
How could I be so wrong?.
My mate...
...has been acting very strange.
I can't explain it.
-I haven't been feeling very well myself.
-Yes, I understand,
-I don't know, maybe it's me.
Yes, fine,
I needed some pinural last night.
-I feel as if something...
...odd were happening to me.
-Something that...
-...I can't understand.
-Could you be more,,,
The sedatives.
I'm taking etracene,
but it doesn't seem strong enough.
I have a hard time concentrating.
You are a true believer,
Blessings of the state,
-Please, forgive me.
-Blessings of the masses,
Thou art a subject of the divine,
created in the image of man,,,
,,,by the masses, for the masses,
Let us be thankful
we have an occupation to fill,
Work hard,
Increase production,
Prevent accidents,
,,,be happy,
If it will make you happy,
just this once.
Now, be careful, it' s heavy.
Is that you?.
We are sorry,
but we must deny your request,
Birthborns are not allowed
more than 5 units of enerval,
Substitution of enerval for etracene,,,
,,,may cause
a serious chemical imbalance,
Thank you,
Never before have we been
so contented, Never,
A dragon sounds like this when--
--nine units of detuned escalatories
have not, however,,,
,,,prevented virus and ordnance
from invading our centers,
The three recently elected representatives
from Con 9 have again resigned,,,
-,,,and returned to their sectors,
-You ought to eat.
Five felons were caught fleeing
rehabilitation center DD2,
All five have been undergoing treatment
for drug offenses,
-Where did you get this car?
-I was just issued it,
I took it for a test drive and ran straight
through a crowd at the dispersal center,
Oh, terrible, Terrible,
No, No, it was wonderful,
Because I didn 't hit anyone, just an 1 1 14,
What's this?. Why did you change it?.
-You've seen enough.
-Well, that's wonderful,
-No, it's terrible,
-You know I don't feel well.
-Take your sedation.
-That is terrible, just terrible,
No, it was wonderful, wonderful,
Because my hand,
it was paralyzed anyway,
That was very funny.
Remember, an enerval overdose
may cause a serious chemical imbalance,
My time is yours,
Go ahead,
What' s wrong with me?.
What am I to her or she to me?.
- Yes, fine,
-She' s an ordinary roommate.
I share rooms with her.
-Our relationship is normal, conforming.
We share nothing...
...but space.
What is she doing to me?.
Yes, I understand,
I think I'm dying.
Could you be more,,,
You are a true believer,
Blessings of the state,
Blessings of the masses,
Thou art a subject of the divine,
created in the image of man,,,
,,,by the masses, for the masses,
Let us be thankful we have commerce,
Buy more, Buy more now,
,,,and be happy,
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
-What's wrong?
-Never mind,
I was so afraid.
So alone.
I wanted to touch you... many times.
I was happy.
Why get me involved?.
They know.
They've been watching us.
I can feel it.
No one knows.
They're watching us now.
No one can see us.
I can,,,
,,,feel it,
We've got a malfunctioning officer
in corridor 7A,
All right, just a minute,
Standby, scope 1,
If you go back on sedation,
you won't feel the same way about me.
You'll report me for drug violation.
I've got a slip movement to install
on my next shift.
I'll never make it the way I am now.
I wouldn't turn you in, not now.
-You don't--
-I know I wouldn't.
You can do it without etracene.
-You can. I know you can.
-Then what?.
It can't go on forever, you know it can't.
We could leave.
And live in the superstructure.
You only have one more shift left,
don't you?.
We could be gone
before the next series started.
It's all right.
-It's all right.
-Standing by,
What's this?.
I have to see SEN.
I've just been given a shift change.
-He wants me to come to his quarters.
A shift change should come
through scheduling.
Why should he want to see you?.
I don't know.
-Don't go.
-I have to. He's a G34.
You don't have to.
I don't trust him.
You ought to file a report.
Don't make trouble.
It's nothing.
Then why did you bring it up?.
I didn't.
You asked me about the card.
You're going to get us
into trouble.
Do not push or shove at the fountain,
It's more work for the cleaning detail,
-Did you copy that?
-The android, the hung-over writing,
Is he getting that?
Is he copying me?
This is borough-flow submaster,
Control, have you got that code yet?
I read you very badly,
I'll check the message,,,,
-Twenty-three hunter portapods.
-lt' s you.
-Twenty-three hunter portapods.
-Come in, come in. Sit down.
You know, this is really odd.
I was just thinking about you.
I must apologize for all this chaos.
They moved in this morning...
...and it's been going on all day.
The roommate was destroyed, you know.
Terrible inconvenience.
Have to try to see things in perspective,
do what you can... make things...
I can accept things up to a point.
But if you get a chance... make...
...adjustments...'re very foolish to pass them up.
Where is LUH?.
-Your card, please.
Thank you.
This monitor is to be used for emergencies
or special requests only,
All routine information
can easily be obtained,,,
,,,through the bulletin panels
installed at--
Why did you have LUH come here?.
Why are you so concerned?.
What's going on?.
I want you for my roommate.
We'll be very good for one another.
I don't understand. Living--
Living selection is computed.
I know what you're thinking.
Program-shifting isn't
that major a crime, is it?.
You're in violation.
Don't say that.
What have you done to LUH?.
She was here.
...had a long talk.
And she agreed that it would be better
for both of you to switch.
She seemed to think that you weren't
accurately mated with her in the first place.
I'll never have another mate like ONA.
You rate very high in sanitation.
I've checked.
I don't feel well.
We'll be happy.
Combined with the economic advantages
of the mating structure,,,
,,,it far surpasses any disadvantages
in increased perversions,
A final trans--
An infinite translated mathematics
of tolerance and charity,,,
,,,among artificial memory devices
is ultimately binary,
Stimulating rhetoric,
The theater of noise is proof
of our potential,
The circulation of prototypes,
The golden talisman underfoot
is phenomenon approaching,
And in the history of now,,,
,,,all ethos are designed,
Why are you here?.
You ' re not cleared for this area.
You know I have a way with computers.
I can program myself for any area, almost.
I'll report you.
Listen, no need to be distressed with me.
-Get out of here, leave me alone.
-I've taken care of LUH.
I programmed her to area 5450.
The transfer should come through
by the next series.
You're gonna need a new roommate.
Performance perfect
is perfect performance,
Your radiation rate is five--
Something is touching
the TTO integrated logic modules,
Switch tools,
Would you like a stronger pill?
Retract at 220.
Vector 079,
We're making contact,,,
,,,at, 003,
Now, don 't override here,
This is critical,
Okay, you can start your descent,
That's it,
Slow down just a little bit,
You're overriding, 7,
Okay, hold it, 1 1 38,
THX, do you read me? THX?
The radiation rate... nine.
THX, you 're entering a critical phase,
All right, contact, That's it,
Respiratory count: 347, or plus 7,
Adrenal off, 74,
We are receiving an extreme respiratory
count from a magnum manipulator... operating cell 941 07.
-Erratic visual behavior,
-Transfer control information.
Current brain wave confirmation
on 1 1 38: adrenal off, 74,
Analyze: severe,
An explanation for blocking,
so allow me to make correction,
You are entering a red phase, THX,
which requires mindlock and arrest,
immediately prior to--
Request mindlock
for operating cell 941 07.
Subject: 1 1 38. Prefix: THX.
Mindlock restricted,
Do not mindlock cell 94 1 0--
Priority shift. Repeat, priority--
Mindlock pending.
-Priority shift,
-Cut the mindlock, Hold all--
Emergency in cell 94 1 07,
Evacuate all, Secure all atomic mass,
Situation white. Repeat...
,,,situation white,
Will somebody cut the mindlock?
Clear, Clear,
Who permitted a mindlock priority
in magnum cell 94 1 07?
Release mindlock.
Relapse to command monitor.
Release mindlock.
Everything all right?
Control center 626
holds no responsibility,,,
...for error in mindlock.
Control center's transreceiver,
this is grid control,
The power run incorporating an H020
flame which blocked communication in the--
You should've reported that
the minute you first detected it,
In any mindlock situation that is
already put to character, try and relieve it,
Everything will be all right.
You are in my hands.
I am here to protect you.
You have nowhere to go.
You have nowhere to go.
,,,appendix 445 to 61 3, index 78, 7,
Drug evasion, malicious sexual
perversion and transgression,
Immediate destruction on the basis
of an ECO-TRX 31 4...
...incurable chemical imbalance
with socially deteriorating conscience.
Reject. Reject.
Inefficient, unwarranted destruction.
-Must be saved--
-He's allowed erotics to exist--
-lnane. What is the prosecution doing?.
-But there can be no doubt--
-Records show he is of clinic origin.
-Remotely subject to alteration.
If society is to free itself
of these deviants--
-This is not a race issue.
-He must be destroyed.
We must not continue
to consume these erotics.
We must exterminate the source of sin.
Economics must not dictate situations
which are obviously religious.
Masses won.
Defendant used, not destroyed.
Case rest. pronounced incurable...
,,,and shall be conditioned,,,
,,,and held in detention,
Are you now?.
Or have you ever been?.
He seems to have an 81 8.
Can you feel this?.
...avoid the 71 4 and the 2336.
All right.
Concentrate on the tri-1 4 area.
Move slowly.
Now the 5552.
The 41 05.
Above the 521. The 1 22.
Skip the 1 1 1 4.
-What do you say, 56?.
-The 321.
And 21.
Under the 69.
That's enough.
Can I borrow one of your etracenes?.
-I think that the lesson'll go a lot better--
-Let's write this up. You said 45 on the--
All right. Should we zoom
this a little here?.
Here, I'll just zoom it.
Hey, doesn't it zoom like--?.
Now, what have you been
checked out on over at level 387?.
Well, at 387, our system
was never completed. We'd use--
So you haven't any experience
with the Mark 8 board?. Never--
No, but with the Mark 7,
you had the same--
You could just open them up as if--
Open all four up.
Yeah. You ought to be careful
about the....
You got any polarity here
on the mobile travel?. Look.
-I just punched up one and I'm opening--
--imagine that that has something to do
with the results the 378 was getting.
That's it. Okay, now watch
that reading. And as it--
-Watch the needle on 5, now. Watch--
-This-- This knob is loose.
Wait, which switch gets it out?.
-Master at the bottom.
-Okay, there we are.
What is the real dope
on the cortex bond problem, anyway?.
Oh, you find yourself with--
-Don't let it get above 4.8.
-Look at this.
-Little monkey.
-I cut myself.
What if you put a dual display on it
and I punch two up?.
Yes, you can see two at once. When you see
three-- Punch a third, you'll see the numbers.
Yeah. So it's best to go back to two.
And really, to get an accurate reading....
-I don't see any dissolution here.
-Well, you haven't--
Don't let it get above 4.7.
Here, I'll bring these back down
a little bit.
-Yeah, I seem to be overloading it.
-Well, you should put-- lnstead of--
-There it is, about 4.6 now. Is that all right?.
-Yes, but dissolution occurred at 4.5.
Oh, yeah?.
Are you all right?.
What did they do to you?.
What?. What?.
I'm going to have a child.
Hold me.
Hold me.
-Come on, stand up.
-We are only here to help you.
-You have nothing--
-Watch it.
Come on, now.
We don't wanna hurt you.
Let go.
We won't harm you.
We only want to help you.
from where you are?.
THX 1 1 38.
I know you turned me in.
I'm doing quite well here anyway.
I'm setting some things up...
...but it isn't easy.
A very difficult balance, you know?.
Listen. Now, let's get something straight
right from the start.
It's gonna take you some time
to see my overall plan.
So until then, stay out of things
you don't understand, right?.
You're gonna be making things
more difficult for me.
It's the least you can do.
What's wrong with you?.
-Don't be like that.
-It's all right.
You're safe now.
When posterity judges our actions here... will perhaps see us
not as unwilling prisoners...
...but as men who,
for whatever reason...
...preferred to remain as non-contributing
individuals on the edge of society.
-We must not let this happen.
-Countless diversions.
-Gentlemen, the choice is there.
-Reciting where we are.
-Arguing about leaving.
-Make no mistake.
-Predicting the future. Ridiculous.
-We must choose a leader...
-What about keeping things livable here?. unite us.
-LUH 9998.
What happened?. Who's gone?.
-My friend, your point of view....
Yes, CAM, that's it.
Your point is well taken, CAM...
...but it lacks the balance that a broader
and deeper range of experience can lend it.
When I first arrived here,
I saw things as perhaps you do now.
Yes, I was confused about my predicament.
I longed to thrash out, to tear down,
to destroy and annihilate... ravage, wreak havoc and plunder.
Being basically levelheaded, however...
...I realized that my first goal
should be to study this place...
...where what seemed
blind circumstance had placed me.
Listen to the mumblings of an old man...
...and bank those flames
with earnest inquiry and honest observation.
"Mumblings," you hear?. Know how
many times we've listened to that speech?.
Do you know how many times
we've had to listen to that speech?.
Thinks we're as blind as him.
Know what you are?.
You make me sick.
If we thought like you--
You know what I want?.
I want ideas. I want one idea.
One idea could get us out of here!
We'll just have to be sure
it's the right idea.
We'll find it. We'll know it when we see it.
I'll know it when I see it!
Clear and straightforward
and plain as the nose on your face.
Talked to oneself over....
--believed he was going
to a place where he'd be happy.
And in so believing, he created
a veritable paradise for himself right here.
Unfortunately, not all of us can have
the positive conviction of LOO.
But, thankfully, not all of us are burdened
with the ominous forebodings of SEN.
I, myself--
Now, that's what I mean
by the wrong idea.
Look, I'm not going to try
to prove the usefulness of history.
It is genuinely too obvious
to need proof.
I want to help you.
You can help me.
Take a biscuit.
You understand, we're all in this together.
You want to leave. You're not like them.
I'll see to it
that we all get out of here.
Take it easy! Look at them.
It's pathetic. It's pitiful.
They've even begun to go into
my corner and look for things.
My things.
You're with me.
I know.
I have a contract.
All it says is:
"You're with me."
We're all in this together.
We must convince the others.
Later, then.
We need a new unity.
And not a unity
which discourages dissent.
We need dissent,
but we need a creative dissent.
Our voices are not raised
in any harmonious chorus...
...but our differences are differences
of emphasis rather than of fundamentals.
-Tomorrow, as we--
-Nondescript 6431 399.
-What is it?.
-A shell dweller.
They live in the outer shell. Quite unique.
There have been two here before,
and they smell.
What do you know?.
Come here, my friend.
Let me touch you.
What'd he just do?.
What's wrong, huh?.
Your lunch is dirty. What a waste.
Here, we can save some of it.
It's all right.
Everything's fine.
Well, if you didn't want it,
why'd you take it?.
I thought this was all settled.
-Where you going?.
-I'm leaving.
Leaving?. Leaving what?.
You can't leave.
You can't go. Hey, wait.
Oh, I know, the smell. Yeah, it's terrible.
It's a little bit....
Hey, you can't--
You can't leave without....
Just a minute.
Wait. Just wait there a minute.
After long deliberation,
I have decided to go out...
...and personally examine the barrier... learn firsthand
what difficulties are involved...
...and decide how to overcome them.
I recognize an element of risk...
...but moments such as these require
that a choice be made and action taken...
...regardless of the danger.
We'll be back soon...
...but we'll be gone long enough to form
an accurate and functional escape.
And I shall have an honest idea
how best to organize us into a working unit.
-The new alignment.
Wait. Wait. Hey, wait for me.
Just the thing to put them on their feet.
Show them who the leaders are.
When we get back, they'll be right there,
right in the palm of my hand.
There's no question.
Even old PTO would be with us...
...if he'd still been advised.
How far before they can't
see us anymore, huh?.
Maybe we better sit down right here.
Hey, rest for a while.
I can't....
I can't see them anymore.
You're going after LUH, aren't you?.
Why, it's ridiculous.
Going after....
Oh, wait, I knew there was something
I had to tell you.
LUH, you know, the other--?.
The new LUH?.
He told me he'd seen her.
He saw her just before he came out here.
-She's gonna be coming out here.
-How was she?.
Oh, very well. Very good health.
Just exactly the way--
-You're lying.
-No, I am not.
The air's getting thinner.
Or pressure's getting greater.
It's the pressure.
How do you feel?.
Shouldn't be this far.
There's no air.
I haven't got the time.
You can stay here if you like.
I'll come with you.
That's a man.
It's a man. He's waving.
He's waving to us.
Where'd you guys come from?.
Oh, well, it doesn't make any difference.
Is that food?.
I'm starving. Do you mind?.
How did you get here?.
I mean, I was lost.
You're not lost now?.
Know the way out?.
-That's the way out.
-That's the way we came.
Yeah, but maybe you were traveling
in circles. That's the way out.
How do you know?.
Well, look.
Look more closely. You see?.
Come on.
Oh, yeah.
Nothing stopped us.
Come on.
Here's a doorway.
Keep causeways clean,
Save time, Save lives,
Keep causeways clean,
Save time, save lives,
Keep causeways clean,
Save time, save lives,
Keep causeways clean,
Save time, save lives,
Keep causeways clean,
Save time, save lives,
-Hello, 1 2,
-Synapse module, this is security B,
Read me, synapse module?
Research into relay system
must be given--
--intercerebral process reported earlier,
How shall the new environment
be programmed?.
It all happened so slowly that...
...most men failed to realize
that anything had happened at all.
I wonder what happened to SEN.
We'll never make it through
that main way.
-Who are you?.
-I'm a hologram.
I'm not real. You know,
the fantasy bureau...
...electrically-generated realities
and all that.
I was stuck in the same circuit
for too long.
The arm and leg routine,
did you see that one?.
I always wanted to be part
of the real world.
So I left.
Hey, look.
You are engaged
in an unauthorized procedure,
Remain where you are, This--
We have a U65 on a K8.
Transfer all unauthorized contacts... precinct 688 Con-G
to this center, mode 7.
Termination of exurban links DD, NEC-08,
This tram will return
to the Central Web in five minutes,
This is 91 021 on case 91 8.
We are going to need assistance.
This is an electronic-restricted area.
It would be nice to have
three additional officers.
-Have you seen them?.
-No. They must be somewhere in group 9.
Operation 5271.
Budget Control, we'd like a cost analysis
on the THX 1 1 38 account,
Include all interest
and inflation percentages,
Expenditures are 649 and rising,
-What was that?.
-Must be an expressway.
This is Budget Control, The expenditure
ceiling on the THX case is 14,000 credits,
Remember, thrifty thinkers
are always under budget,
Would you like part of this?.
It's not very much.
Did you know all the insides are gone
from all these people?.
Economics make it necessary
to terminate any operation,,,
,,,which exceeds 5 percent
of its primary budget,
Expenditures are 1 000 and rising,
Things don ' t seem to make sense.
Sometimes I see things get left out...
...and they don ' t fit.
People don't seem to see them.
Or they don't know what to do.
Sometimes l--
Sometimes little....
A little adjustment...
...can make all the difference.
I wanna do the right thing.
I wanna go back.
I.... I....
I can-- I can start again.
I can change.
I can-- I can help.
I just need a....
Need to rest up for a little while.
This is no place for prayer.
If you want to speak to OMM,
you must go to a unichapel, you know that.
-Are you in any trouble?.
-No. I'm okay. I'm going now.
What's your number and your prefix?.
I'm gonna see this gets into your report.
No, I'm leaving now.
I'm sorry, I have to report all intruders.
-Where's your identification badge?.
-I lost it.
You're in violation.
I'll have to report you to the authorities.
-No, it's not my time.
-Please, just--
Looks like the only way out
is the way we came in.
Say, do you have any more
of that food?. I'm hungry.
She's not there.
Who are you looking for?.
Can you hear me?. Stay calm.
Everything will be all right.
The door seems to be jammed.
Please check the lock on your side.
Everything will be all right,
We are here to help you,
Stay calm,
We are not going to harm you,
Everything will be all right,
Well, unless that computer
has made a mistake...
...that' s your roommate.
No. No, you ' re wrong.
I hope that auxiliary load holds.
I'm almost through
to the upper positive plates.
Upper positive plates?.
Maybe you are right. Maybe there's
something wrong with the computer.
I don't know. It's a strange life.
Cybernetics, genetics, lasers
and all those things.
I guess I'll never understand
any of that stuff.
Guess maybe holograms
are not supposed to.
THX 1 138 will be taken into custody
at a minimal monetary expenditure,
Total operation cost:
Congratulations, Be efficient,,,
-,,,be happy,
-Thank you,
Are you all right in there?.
Proceed to dispersal center 21.
Projected route of flight will be transferred.
Termination of exurban links DD, NEC-08,
This tram will return
to the Central Web in five--
What is that?. An inducer?.
-Did it fall off?.
-Look out. What' re you doing?.
Oh, sorry. Excuse me.
Let me see that again.
I think I have it.
Here, give me your arm.
You know...
...when I was at school,
it was all very different.
We used to stay in bed all the time.
Combined primary economics....
Combined primary economics
was a bottle about this big.
Took a week.
A visual contact with 5241 SEN,
Two officers to pick up felon SEN,
Officer 1 088, proceed with recovery...
...of felon 5241 SEN. Current position--
--sure to report all decibel surges
in excess of one point,,,
,,,in your zoned section
for longer than three minutes,
Jet acceleration will not be safe
to persons in dispersal area,
To avoid being singed by jet exhaust,
please exit your vehicle on the right,,,
,,,and walk through the blue zone
on the left,
--is not equipped with afterburner,,,
,,, you are not to park
in the inner dispersal area,
--temporarily restricted in this area,
Centerex ancillary number 364,
Southbound A 1Z, that was 14B 1 C.
Critical noise levels in this area,
Be sure to report all decibel surges,,,
,,,in excess of 1,5
on the Murrer-Wiggins scale,
--and stand to the right, If you wish to pass,
please do so on the left,
Cabaret and Fourstar vehicles
at the observation--
There 's been an accident in level--
I think I ran over a Wookiee
back there on the expressway,
Central, Central Control,
--new statistical method used to test
the construction of the K34 determiner,,,
,,,proves its analogy to the J20 series,
We have an accident in 82 1,
Felon vehicle is a 3T Support,
Felon is not in vehicle,
-- 1 85, group 26, corner 1 85,
that is correct,
Clear traffic in central left web,
Officers are 300 and closing,
Officers are 285 and closing,
Expenditures are 1 0, 000 and rising,
Expenditures are--
Officers are 270 and closing,
--2 1 2, too many vehicles on code B,
on expressway--
Officers are 205 and closing,
Officers are 1 95 and closing,
Officers are 1 85 and closing,
Officers are 1 70 and closing,
Officers are 1 65 and closing,
Officers are 1 60 and closing,
Officers are 1 55 and closing,
Officers are 1 50 and closing,
Officers are 140 and closing,
Vehicle 's at 1 1 5,
approaching Expressway 300,
All right, then, I'm gonna--
See him on scope 1,
--into the internal-module
control pulses, a nine.
Now, this is the 61 9.
A brand-new 6071.
This lodging network converts
the buffered memory signals--
I have a vehicle entering a restricted-access
expressway, Vehicle is a Samos 3,
Expenditures are 14,000,
I'll show you.
These modules are made by--
You have just exceeded
your primary budget,
Stop your vehicle,
You are approaching a work area,
Stop your vehicle,
You are traveling in a restricted-access
expressway, Stop your vehicle,
Do you read? Do you read?
He appears to be headed
for that construction site at tunnel 400,
Approaching the restricted area,,,
,,,at 235 miles per hour,
I have a vehicle entering
a restricted-access express--
-Construction personnel, evacuate area,
-Evacuate area,
Control, he 's in the area,
He 's now passed into expressway,,,,
He appears to be headed
for that construction site,
Mission control--
We' ve lost him.
Can you pick him up on the electroscan?
Thank you,
We have a sonar fix on subject,
-Yes, we hear it.
-That' s him.
It sounds like shell dwellers.
He appears to be heading outside the city,
Repeat, he is heading outside the city,
All I can do is note your information,
Stand by,
Please come back.
You have nothing to be afraid of.
The THX account is 6 percent over budget,
The case is to be terminated,
Discontinue operation.
Report to thermal station 62.
Discontinue operation,
We have to go back.
This is your last chance
to return with us.
You have nowhere to go.
You cannot survive outside the city shell.
We only want to help you.
This is your last chance.