Tian mi mi (1996) Movie Script

Comrade, get up we are in Hong Kong.
Dear Xiao-ting, Finally I've arrived.
Hong Kong is very far away from home.
Everything is so different from Wusih
Lots of cars, lots of people,
and lots of pick-pockets too.
The Cantonese speak loudly and rude.
Xiao-ting. I Already miss you.
What do you want?
Is Ms. Li There?
A Mainlanderl You want a hooker?
Girls! Customer at the door...
I am looking for my aunt.
Can somebody speak Mandarin?
There are lots of foreigners
here. Speaking languages unknown.
Even Chinese Cantonese.
I still don't have a clue.
It is so foreign. With
the exception of aunt.
She speaks Mandarin.
Aunt is very nice. She gave
me a room, all to myself.
It's got great view.
And even my own toilet.
So I don't have to go out to pee at
night. It's so much better than home.
Everything is fine here,
don't worry about me.
Hong Kong people are weird. It
seems they don't need to work.
They wake up late in the morning.
Dress up and go out for fun everynight.
Aunt told me that...
Don't call me aunt. Call me Rosie.
Right. Come in.
Wear this for the job interview.
The way you dress. The cops will
send you back across the border.
Thank you.
Be careful. Take this to
dry-clean on your 1st pay-day.
One day, he'll come back for it.
You mean uncle?
You two are a bit a like.
Rosie, the delivery is
here, where is your purse?
William H.
For God's sake.
This is only a butcher shop.
Why are you all dressed up.
I'll take him to buy
some cheap clothings.
Alright, come to work at 6 in the
morning. That's our busiest hours.
By the way. Teach this
hick some Cantonese.
Got you! Thanks a lot.
Let's go.
Thank you.
Your Aunt really loves you,
giving you Boozer's suit and all.
Watch where you going.
God damn cab driver. You deserve
to be a cab driver for life.
And for your next lives too!
Forget it. What Boozer? It's William.
What William? Your Aunt was
crazy about William Holden.
So one night, she picked up a Boozer on the street
and told everybody that he was William Holden.
You understand me. She's nuts.
Dear Xiao-ting. I've found a job.
In the transportation business It's
very laid back and it pays good.
I make around $ 2,000 a month,
Plus bonus. Are you proud of me?
I'm making more money
than the mayor of Tientsin.
I work on the streets a lot. Especially
Tsimshatsul, I know the area by heart,
Tsimshatsui is where
all the happenings are.
I'm a little soldier. I came from
the peasants. I kick Japanese ass.
You're nuts.
Learning Cantonese
is vital in Hong Kong.
But even after I've Learnt it. I still don't
get much of what people said on the street.
Xiao Ting. Tomorrow is my pay
day. I'll buy you a present.
And I will go to a place where
Wusih people have never been.
Can I help somebody here?
Can I take your order sir?
Ham... Hamburger.
Anything else?
Ke kou... ke... ke kou ke... Co... Co...
Yes! Coke!
For here or to go?
Eat here or take home?
Eat here!
Help wanted
Thank you, five dollars
and sixty cents please.
Five dollars and sixty cents.
Alright. Next please.
Excuse me...
Manager, someone wants to
talk to you. Step aside please.
Can I help you?
- How are you?
- You want a job?
You speak Cantonese?
A little bit.
How about English?
Not really.
Leave your name and phone number.
This is my name and phone number.
I can't find the manager.
Thank you.
You from the Mainland?
Yes, how do you know?
By your Cantonese! It's awful!
You'll have trouble not
knowing English in Hong Kong.
I know, but what can I do.
There are many schools in Hong
Kong... Do you understand me?
aa aaaa
Schools that tutor english
specifically to Mainlanders.
Actually english is easy.
You from the Mainland too?
Of course not! I speak fluent Cantonese!
But you speak good Mandarin too.
People who speak Mandarin may not be Mainlanders, but...
those who don't speak Cantonese are certainly Mainlanders.
Want to learn english?
Can I have this?
You want this?
Yes, It's nice pa per.
I can write letters home on it. There
aren't any McDonald's in Wusih yet.
I'll get you some new ones.
Thank you.
Now do you want to learn english?
Can I work here if I knew english?
You can work any where
if you know english.
But I don't want to work anywhere else.
Whatever. Now do you want
to learn english or not!
$ 100 for registration.
But I only have fifty dollars.
Do you have an ATM card?
(NR. Tarjeta Bancaria)
What's that?
It's a card for cash withdrawal.
You put it into the computer.
The computer spits out the money.
So you have it?
That's amazing.
If you don't have it,
Better apply one, it's real handy.
I'll go pull some strings,
you pay fifty dollars today.
When you come to class next week,
you pay the $500 balance, OK?
Thank you.
How are you?
Hey, china girl.
Making money from your own people again.
He's not my own people, he's from
the north. He speaks Mandarin.
That's correct.
$500 is a real bargain.
Text books included.
Thank you. Do you know her?
I work part-time here.
Part time?
That's a pager!
A pager! You are incredible. You're
the 1st pager owner I've ever talked to.
Alright, have a nice life!
Good bye.
How are you?
I'm fine, thank you.
Just Kidding. My name is Jeremy.
My girl friend calls me "Jamie".
Isn't that a girl's name?
No, Jamie can either a be a guy or a girl.
You must have mistaken Jamie for Jenny.
Jump you son of bitch! Jump.
Jump you son of bitch! Jump.
You go to hell
You go to hell
We go to hell
I go to hell
Class is over, go home.
I am Li Xiao-jun.
I remember you.
Let's go.
Are you in a hurry?
Yes, very much. Common, hurry up.
Do you want a ride?
- Do you drive?
- Well, let's go then! Hurry up.
You know? In Hong Kong, People here
don't offer a ride on a bicycle.
I feel like I'm back in Wusih.
You are heavier than my girlfriend.
Writing home?
I don't understand.
She's beautiful.
Father, mother.
Writing love letter?
Once you've learned english,
write to William for me.
William again? He died
ages ago. Come on...
Why do they call me Uncle China?
They should call you a hick.
Well, I prefer people calling me uncle.
Can you drop these on the way? It's
urgent. And keep then away from the chicken.
I am in a hurry too.
So stop talking and start moving.
Actually all Hong Kong people came from the
Mainland. Their ancestors were Uncle Chinese too!
Great meal.
The way you eat, you must be ready for loads of
work. Let's start delivery 2 hours earlier tomorrow.
Ok. It's getting more and more everyday.
Go, I'll pay you, I'll
pay you for the gas.
Bicycle doesn't need gas.
How come you know everything.
Were you a starlight a student?
How come you know nothing?
What do you do at your leisure?
Which ones are triple X.
This, this...
And this.
Four for a week. This is better than basketball.
Help me with the delivery, you'll get 5 next week.
Why are you available all the
time? don't you have friends.
You are my friend. You
have no friend, too.
I have many friends if I want. If I have
time, I would rather make more money.
Please enter your
personal secert number.
The balance amount $12.639,91
What are you looking at?
Never see a rich girl?
Let's go.
How come you're so rich?
None of your business!
How come you're so poor?
That's really a lot of money!
Let's go, get smart.
How about teaching me?
You have to be born with that talent.
Chinese New Year's Eve 1987
Where did you get so many coins?
The bank, of course!
Idiot! After dinner,
After dinner, the customers
will come pouring down.
Look at you, a young entrepreneur.
You have a share too. Rather
small share though, only $1.000
But, my aunt said, only Mainlanders
love Teresa Tang's songs.
That's exactly the point.
You know how many Mainlanders
are there in Hong Kong?
The paper said 20% of Hong Kong population
is Mainlander. They are all over.
They are just not
recognizable, unlike you.
For example, between you
and me, 50% is Mainlander.
You've got a point.
Comrade Li Xiao-jun, we're
gonna make a lot of money.
Golden songs from Teresa
Tang, just $28, cassette tape.
Forty dollars for record.
Rain or shine, you
gotta buy Teresa Tang.
Buy Teresa Tang, and safe it for rainy
days. Teresa Tang's greatest hits!
Do you have Alan Tam's greatest hits?
Let's go.
The best of Teresa Tang, great price.
A real bargain, never before.
Prettiest voice in China. Your for $28
Teresa Tang's golden hits.
Come get it while stock last.
It's hot.
So many customers on the
other side. Such a long line.
Let's sell milk next year.
Lunar New Year's Eve
last year in Guangzhou,
My cousin and I sold 4.000 cassettes.
Aunt said if you are a fan of teresa Tang
everyone will think you're a Mainlander.
So people won't buy the
cassettes even if they're fans.
You said you were in Guangzhou?
Last year I was.
So was the year before,... and before.
But not this year.
I came from Guangzhou.
I knew it! We are comrades.
No way! We speak Cantonese.
We get Hong Kong TV. we are
so much closer to Hong Kong.
Right, your look, your gesture
your face, your hair are so Hong Kong.
You're just pulling my legs.
Better than you, using
me the whole time.
So, why didn't you stop me?
Had I stopped you, you probably wouldn't be
my friend. Besides, I've got nothing to do.
I don't want to lose my
only friend in Hong Kong.
Actually you're my only friend too!
Last lunar New Year, I stayed over in Xiao
- ting's place.
It was late. We were hungry.
We made dumplings together.
The dumplings were yummy. You know,
Wusih people love eating dumplings.
I am full, I can't eat any more.
It's a nice place. Isn't it noisy?
Not really.
Let's clean up.
The rain has stopped.
Give me some water.
Your hands are so cold.
Really? I am leaving.
I'll get you a coat.
I am sorry.
It's alright.
No, it's enough.
It's cold out there.
So ugly.
Hong Kong calling Fang Xiao-ting.
Xiao Jun, I've waited for
your call. Have you had lunch.
I was thinking about you
last night. Is everything OK?
It's a bad connection.
I've got the stuff you sent me.
The sweater you knitted...
I am wearing now.
Really? But I can't see it.
I love you.
It's lunar new year.
Got to say it again.
Sausage Mcmulfin, it's new on the
menu. Buy two get one teddy bear free.
I'll get you a half dozen,
send them home to your folks.
What's the matter?
The money you owe... I
think I should help out.
Take it back, please!
I'll take my responsibility.
What responsibility?
The money you owe. Will get you in
trouble. They're loan-sharks, you know?
Don't worry about me.
I've found a buyer today. Eight dollars
per cassette. He's gonna take it all.
Eight dollars each?
You're gonna loose a lot.
Of course.
So why are you selling?
What else can I do? It's
better than total loss.
That's life! No pain, no gain.
But I'll be better next time.
Last night...
Do we have to talk about it?
I don't know what it was last night.
Last night... it was rainy cold.
We were two lonely people
keeping each other warm.
Did you call home?
Go home. You have to work tomorrow.
Li Chiao.
Happy new year.
To happiness.
To money.
To longevity.
To a jackpot.
To good health.
To a mercedes.
To a better life.
To... friendship.
Who was that?
Sir Jeremy. You knows him.
I meant the girl.
Oh, she is Cabbage, my
neighbour. She is a hooker.
You're rude to call her that.
But that's what she is.
Dear Xiao-ting.
Lately, I... I Have...
Dear Xiao-ting, I...
Jeremy is going steady with Cabbage.
How do you know?
They go to the love motel all the time.
That doesn't mean they're going steady.
But even if they are, so what?
But Cabbage is a hooker!
But she makes more money than you!
Why all your bras are so hard?
Cause I am big.
Why do you wear swimming
trunk instead of underwear?
Dear Xiao-ting,
Dear Xiao-ting. I have been busty lately. And
I have not been writing much. Don't get mad.
I'm senior now at the english class.
And I've been promoted at work.
Everything is fine.
Don't worry about me.
I've just made a new friend. He's
going to make me a junior chef.
A chef can earn a lot of money.
A chef in Hong Kong can earn
over ten thousand a month.
Xiao-ting. I thing I'm one lucky guy.
Wrong again, can't you
remember the pin number?
Think again.
This is the third and
the last try. You sure?
Your card retained,
please contact the bank.
I told you.
It's gone now Move over, it's my turn.
Come on, cheer up.
It's no big deal,
just apply for new one.
How long would it take?
The balance amount $32.639,91
Bingo. People said Yen is rising.
Who is Yen?
My brother.
Get serious. Even the grandmas make
money off stocks and foreign exchange.
Not the grandmas who
buy chicken from us.
They just don't want to let you in on
it. Not everyone treats you as nice I do.
You know? Stock and shares are national products of Hong
Kong. Just like oil in the Middle East. Durians in Thailand.
If you want to be rich in Hong
Kong, you must buy stock and shares.
Can you teach me?
Teach you again? You've
drained all my knowledge.
You line up to buy a new apartment?
No, we are paid to line up
for the real estate agency.
So are we?
How much do they pay you?
Five thousand for a unit.
Five thousand? We are
paid three thousand only.
They're getting 2
thousand more per unit.
Lucky, we are used to
lining up in the Mainland.
I guess they're all your
comrades here. Lots of training.
See, a big fight over
2 thousand dollars.
It's hot tonight. People are grouchy.
I think they are stuck in a tiny apartment and fight
over bread and butter for the rest of their lives.
Come bed-time, everything
will be alright.
It takes a lot to come to Hong Kong. I'm
not gonna waste my life away like them.
Not everyone think as big as you do.
What's wrong with thinking big.
People should have goals in life.
I don't have any.
Didn't you want to save enough money
And take your sweet-heart to Hong Kong.
Is that a goal too?
Sure it is. Just a bit petty.
I'm glad I don't have
any sweetheart back home.
If I were to marry a Mainlander.
What's the point of coming to Hong Kong.
Li Xiao-jun.
What's in your pants?
It's disgusting!
Oh shit!
It's chocolate. I bought this for you.
Why are you so nice to me? It's a mess!
How can I eat melted chocolate?
It's still good.
I don't want it.
It melts after you eat it anyway.
Try some.
Just a bit.
The Heng Seng index
has reached 3600 today.
Insider's tips say it's going over 4000
by the end of the year. It's time to buy.
In a couple of years, I'll
line up for my own apartment.
One in Hong Kong. One in China for mom.
Keep dreaming.
Why not? This is Hong Kong
If you work at it,
anything is possible here.
Li Xiao-jun, are we best friends?
Through thick and thin,
you're always there for me.
You are my best friend in Hong Kong.
Thank you.
Wow! English.
Of course.
I have enough.
Just a little bit more.
Alright just a tiny bit.
Business is really bad lately. Even
the regulars at the restaurant are gone.
The stock market crash
is killing everyone.
The balance amount $ 89,91
Usually customers start pouring in by
4 pm till right around 5 in the morning.
It's tough in the beginning. Your hands are
so sore, you can't pick up the chopsticks.
Get out of here!
It's not a bad place to work considering the
tips and the clientele. Through the years.
We see them girls came and go,
you get 20 dollars per hour.
All tips go to you.
How much tips you make?
That depends on what
you're willing to do.
And that's none of our business.
Mr. Au-yeung. Fanny is on leave
today, I'll be you masseuse.
My name is Chiao.
Have you eaten?
Yes, thank you.
So, you are charged up!
I love heavy massage.
If you're not good enough,
I'll replace you. Don't you cry.
I haven't cried for over twenty years.
So, why do you have red eyes?
Your gold watch is hurting my eyes.
You have sharp tongue.
My tongue is only good for
eating and telling jokes.
I don't think so. There must be
other "job" your tongue can do.
Boss, that asshole is
the superintendent's son.
So bloody what? You chicken shit.
Get lost.
Why do you stop?
Where are you going?
I don't give a shit who
he is. Everybody pays.
Chop him up.
You wanna make a fat tip?
Sure, you want me to
chop up somebody for you.
Very funny. I'm only interested
in what your tongue can do.
I think you need somebody better for
the massage. I'll go get a replacement.
You've got guts.
Aren't you scared of me?
I'm scared of nothing. Except rats.
Don't go. Just do my back.
25, 26, 27...
...28, 29
How many chicken feet
do 18 chicken have?
You sure? It should be 31!
Why not try the chicken leg?
I made this specially for you.
Chicken feet are good for your joints.
Since you use your fingers so much.
I don't want it. I am tired.
Let's pay the room for
the night and sleep over.
No, wake me in half and hour.
I'd like to buy something on
Xiao-ting? Would you choose it for me?
Her birthday is coming up.
Look at the way we dressed!
They're going to look down on us.
But I have money. I'm really buying.
Yeah, Mr. Millionaire.
Alright, let's go in.
Money in my pocket gives me confidence.
How much is it?
This is our treat.
Thank you.
Come on, it's free.
I think this is the best.
What are you doing?
I know, your hands are sore. You
shouldn't do too many massage a day.
What's wrong?
He'll get this.
Please wait.
I don't want people to know what I do.
You are not stealing. You are not
a hooker. Whats wrong with your job?
It's only massage.
- You want this? Sir?
- Yeah.
Any discount if I buy two?
How about there?
Fixed price, I am so sorry.
Oh! Fixed price. I'll
buy two then. Thank you.
Mr. Millionaire, buying
everything by the double.
One for Xiao-ting, one for you.
Looks good on you.
You like it.
I have enough money! I do!
I can afford it.
I really can.
Sorry, I've forgotten your fingers hurt
Do you want to tell that whole world that I am
a massage girl? You want to put it in the paper?
I am sorry.
The bracelet looks fine on you.
Wise up! How can you give the
same gift to 2 different woman,
Xiao-ting and I are two different kinds of
women. She is your girl, I am you friend.
Yes, we did sleep together, but... One for
her and one for me? What does that mean?!
Do you know what you are doing?
Don't be angry.
Have you worked too
hard? Why don't you quit
I'll moonlight to pay your debt.
You said you want to marry
Xiao-ting, didn't you?
Go back to Wuih to marry Xiao-ting.
My dream is very different. We
are two different kinds of people.
In fact, I don't know where I am
going, And I don't know what I am doing.
I feel very insecure,
I hate that feeling.
Few days ago, I called mom. I told her that
I was going to hit the jackpot in stock.
But now, I am penny-less.
And I'm deep in debt.
What have I done? I don't
know what will happen tomorrow!
I am scared. I don't know what to do.
If one day Xiao-ting meets
a man, they becomes friends,
Just like you and me.
They get together frequently,
and once in a while, they...
But they keep telling themselves that they
are just friends. What would you think?
I will be unhappy.
Comrade Li Xiao-jun.
You are not what brought me to Hong Kong.
And I am not what brought you to Hong Kong.
I am tired.
All moved in?
Hey, don't forget to pay the rent.
I've paid. Anytime.
I've brought a friend. I
heard you're scared of him.
Why don't you laugh?
Aren't you in the mood?
I am cheap I'll laugh
if you pay a big tip.
You don't have to go through
all that just to make me laugh.
Go home and have a good sleep.
Cool down. There won't be dead ends.
Please don't!
You tried today?
Is somebody dead or
have you just got dumped?
I'm broke!
That's great. You wanna make a fat tip?
Pager number please?
1986 please.
Who's calling?
Li Xiao-jun.
The message is...
Good bye.
Dear Xiao-ting. I heard that there is a hot wave in
Hangchow recently. The heat even killed a couple of people.
How is Wusih?
Remember that summer? It
was hot. You were with me...
Remember to wear warm clothes.
The weather is changing by the day.
People said, this is the
coldest year in fifty years.
Everybody is talking about migration
here. Mostly to Australia or Canada.
While Hong Kong is every Mainlander's dream.
Hong Kong people's dream is somewhere else.
When I was small, my
parents always scolded me...
Enclosed is the video of
Miss Hong Kong this year.
I specially like the Winner, Anita
Yuen. She is sweet, just like you.
But I think you are sweeter.
Xiao-ting. I think this
should be my last letter.
No? Next month we
would meet in Honk Kong.
Jump you son of a bitch, jump.
Your English is still awful.
So what? As long as I make big money.
Thank you for coming.
Please help yourself.
This is my wife.
Have you seen Li Chiao? She opened
a florist and invests in property.
She's now a boss of a big enterprise.
I knew it.
She worked over twenty hours a day.
She really worked hard for money.
Remember she introduced us to the English
school? She got commission from that.
So it was all a scheme!
You didn't know?
I told you before.
Southerners are cunning.
Here's Xiao-jun.
The food is a bit late. If you
are hungry, order some noodles.
Have you invited Li Chiao?
Enjoy yourself.
What are you doing in the dark?
I am leaving next week. No one will
play basketball with me in New York.
The Americans are so tall. Why
would they want to play with you?
Hey didn't I always kick your ass?
I just let you have it easy.
After I'm gone, take care of yourself.
Thank you.
I didn't think you would come.
How can I miss your wedding?
You look great.
You've finally achieved your goal.
Pao, let me introduce. The groom.
The groom! Congratulations.
Handsome kid! Where is the bride?
Where is she?
Ready, look at the camera.
Smile, the groom and the bride.
Please look at the camera.
Can't sleep?
Yeah. Maybe I was too stressed out.
Maybe you haven't got
used to this new place yet.
There are only two of us
in this house. It's so nice.
In a few years, when I've saved
enough money, I'll buy a house for us.
Take your time.
When I first came to Hong Kong,
I always wore that old blue jacket.
Every meal, I ate three bowls of rice.
I fell asleep as soon as I got to the bed.
And I started working as soon as I woke up.
Everyday was a new experience.
If you were next to me, it
would have been so much better.
Cut the crap! Just tell
me who did it first.
You gotta follow the rules kid?
Wait for me, I'll be there! Where?
Something wrong?
Still up?
Your call woke me up.
You were tossing and turning the whole night
anyway. Don't blame it on the phone call.
Where are you going?
Just go to sleep.
Forget the groom, okay?
What are you talking about?
Just one look, I knew you
guys had something going.
Kiddo, I've been around.
That was a long time ago.
Cut it out.
When are you coming back?
I will come back if I am alive.
You've gotta come back
even if you are dead.
How can I come back if I'm dead? If I
die, you go and get yourself another guy.
Go back to sleep.
I'm not sleeping tonight.
I'll call you for breakfast.
See you.
Have you seen the doctor?
Doctors are useless. They only tell
you to quit drinking and smoking.
If I could quit, I
wouldn't need doctors.
I saw "Love is a Many Splendid Thing" a couple
of nights ago. I've finally seen William Holden.
I saw that too.
I met him when he was
making that movie in HK.
I even skipped work to visit...
...him on the set.
Later, he took me to the
Peninsular Hotel... For dinner.
That was my first time to the Peninsula.
He was really good looking.
Of course.
When I was young, I was
pretty good looking too.
I'll take you to the doctor.
Just take Lucky for a walk.
Be careful. He has
poor eyesight. He's old.
How are you today?
I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
I am going back to Thailand with
Cabbage soon. She is home sick.
Have you seen Li Chiao?
- any...
- No.
She and Xiao-ting became good friends.
Are you kidding?
Li Chiao is really smart.
How long has she been to Hong Kong?
As long as I have.
Her boyfriend must be a smart guy too.
That's her husband.
They told me he's only her boyfriend.
Congratulations, you are a big boss now.
Come on, it's no big deal.
Just a small share holder.
Excuse me.
Hong Kong people love to speak
English. 97 is only around the block.
Help yourself, get
something to eat please.
Thank you. I don't want to gain weight.
But you are so thin!
She hasn't been dancing so
she's afraid of gaining weight.
You're a dancer? What kind?
Everything. From
ballet to Chinese dance.
That's incredible. You can
teach dancing in Hong Kong.
But I don't know anybody.
You should have told me about this.
I'll hook you up. Just leave it to me.
Xiao-ting, Come here.
Come on, hurry up.
Don't be long.
- Have some.
- Alright
I'm starving. Haven't
eaten the whole day.
Where is Pao?
He'll come later, I guess.
Excuse me.
I am sorry.
I've moved.
I was promoted to be the Chef.
Good for you.
I've moved.
Me too.
I know.
You have just told me.
You're right.
Finally you've become the person
you've always wanted to be.
No one calls you China girl anymore.
When I go to a five star hotel,
people talk to me in English.
When I go shopping, the
sales won't give me the look.
Last month, I went back to my hometown to build a
house. My old neighbours couldn't even recognise me.
I told mom, I'm a honkie at last.
But... mom didn't get to see the house.
She died before it was finished.
Some more.
You take it.
I am so hungry.
This is delicious.
You have never eaten in McDonalds?
Xiao-jun used to write me
using McDonald's paper mats.
But since I got here, he haled
the mentioning of McDonalds.
With you cooking home dishes,
he doesn't need McDonald.
What are you laughing at?
I heard Cantonese call women "dishes".
Doesn't "home dishes"
mean women at home?
That's you!
You don't even speak Cantonese, but you are
getting all the slang. Did Xiao-jun teach you that?
He doesn't know any. He is so
exhausted from work everyday.
He usually falls fast
asleep. Never even talk to me.
He was real talkative in Wusih.
Every evening, we would
go for ride on our bicycle.
I once asked him where his bicycle
in HK is. He said he got rid of it!
Riding a bike in this traffic is lethal.
That's what he said.
I think it looks better on you.
Xiao-ting, what are you doing?
A little gift from me.
Come on, I can't accept it.
It's your, you should keep it.
I am sorry.
In fact, I have one exactly the same.
Yes. It was a gift from an old friend.
This is a gift from Xiao-jun.
I know. That's why you
shouldn't give it away.
But I always wanted to give you
something. You are so nice to me!
Well... Can I take
you to dinner tonight?
I got the job. I'm having dinner with
Li Chiao tonight, will be late home.
- Go and check the new stock.
- Yes
When is the grand opening?
I'd like to send you flowers.
Order from my florist shop.
Keep the business is the family.
Let me take a look.
So pretty.
Did you take any wedding picture?
Let's do it today. It's on the house.
Happy? come, pick one.
You are pretty!
I can use your picture in the show
window. This is great promotion.
It's just ahead.
I have to do the rehearsal
tonight, I'll come home late.
I can't have dinner with you.
Thank you.
There is noodle in the refrigerator.
There's Teresa Tang!
Thank you!
I got her autograph.
Look at her fans.
It's been awhile since
we feel in love with her.
I gotta run some errands.
Can I let you off here?
See you.
We blew it!
Yes we did.
The room has been decorated.
It's the same ceiling.
And that...
The toilet is new. It's new carpet.
What about the bed?
Remember this?
It was here. This is our old bed.
Nothing here was ours.
Comrade Li Xiao-jun.
What are we going to do?
I want to stop fooling myself.
I will go back and talk to Xiao-ting.
What about me?
You have to make up your mind.
All I want is to wake up
every morning by your side.
Here we are.
Let me walk you to the door.
I think it's better for
me to talk to him alone.
What's the matter?
Police, I would like to talk to you.
If Au-yeung Pao contacts you, remember to
tell him that, He is not the one we want.
If he is willing to be our witness, I
guarantee there will be no charges against him.
Contact me.
What's the matter?
Pao is in trouble. I
am going up to check.
Chiao. I'll be waiting.
Pao: I'm leaving Hong Kong.
Will call you upon arrival.
Wing, I'd like to see Pao.
Ms Li, boss doesn't
want you to see him now,
I have to talk to him. Where
did you take him for boarding?
Wait for me, I'll be back soon.
Be careful.
I told you not to come. Why
did you come? You stupid woman.
You OK?
Just a field trip to
Taiwan, I am used to it.
The cops only wanted
you to be their witness.
That means they are pushing
me to hell! How can I do that?
Pao, I have something to talk to you.
Your Buddhas.
No wonder I felt weird.
We have met, so you can go in peace.
I worry about you.
Come on! You were never that nagging!
Silly girl, listen to me.
Go home now, have a hot bath.
Wake up tomorrow and go get yourself another
guy. There are tons better than me out there.
Don't worry, I can manage,
I have many wives in Taiwan.
One in Kao Hsung. One in Tai Chung.
One in Hua Lian. Even one in Ali Shan.
When did it all start?
Maybe long long time ago.
Does she love you?
I don't know.
Then, why did you marry me?
That's my goal and dream.
Come on. Come with me.
Pack up now. Let's go
back to Wusih right now.
Come on, pack up now.
Don't come back forever.
If you didn't come to Hong Kong. This
wouldn't have... This wouldn't have happened.
You came.
And she came.
At last, I came too.
We can't go back anymore.
You are my only relative in Hong Kong.
If I die,
This house and everything
in it will go to you.
The most valuable things in my
life... Are all kept in this trunk.
I remember that was the happiest day in my
life... William took me to dinner at the Peninsula.
When he wasn't paying attention,
I stole the knife and fork we used.
I felt contented...
Every time I look at it.
Maybe William had forgotten me.
Never mind, he is always
in my mind, that's enough.
By the way, I am so old and ugly now.
It's good for him not
to see me like this.
I am going to work now.
Just stay away from me.
I am trying to live
alone. So, don't come over.
I'll get over it.
I thought I couldn't see you again.
I will come and visit you.
Better make it quick.
Cabbage got AIDS.
Take care.
You too, take care.
- Goodbye.
- Bye bye.
Xiao-ting, I don't
have anything for you.
These money belongs to Rosie.
All I want is for you to live happily.
I'm leaving tomorrow.
I'm scared. It's the 1st time I fly.
I've never been too gutsy.
I dare not ask you to forgive me.
I just hope that, we have
been together all these years
We have walked all these paths...
Xiao-ting, it broke my heart too.
I'm going to the English class tonight.
Remember to pick up the kids from school.
No problem.
Free English tutor, you wanna go?
I took enough lesson
the last time around.
You can learn it again.
Something in life, you
only need to learn once.
What is in your mind?
Just forget the past.
Fate is... predestined... and
fate is... ...Also match-making?
You're full of crap!
Match-making! You always cook for others,
don't you want someone to cook for you?
That girl is really nice.
Turn off the fire for
me please, thank you.
Chicken for to go.
Your chicken to go, sir.
It's funny. This place looks
like Yaumatai 30 years ago.
Narrow streets crowded with people. This shops
are small, but you can buy everything there.
All kinds of restaurants.
When I was eleven or twelve, I
started to make a living in Yaumatai...
Who would have known... I'd return to
the same kind of dump decades later.
This chicken is so good.
In fact, do you like it there?
It's the same everywhere.
Two years, six towns.
I can't run anymore.
Why not unpack the boxes?
Better buy some furniture.
Better fix an altar for workshop.
Better have a baby.
Baby is a lot of trouble. It
keeps on crying and crawling.
Better not unpack the boxes yet.
Let's go find a bigger place.
OK, come on.
Get the ball.
Alright, you naughty
kids, come and eat now.
OK, go... wash your hands.
Can't you go take care of her?
I am taking care of her.
I am cooking for her.
Better talk to her.
I don't even know her.
I have nothing to say.
I spent $30 to set you up with a nice
lady. And you're doing this to me?
Yes. I'm doing this to you.
Damn it!
Although it's old, it has a big garden.
$300,000 for that dump, it's a rip off.
Besides, we haven't got that kind of money.
Easy, we'll sell you to the brothel.
Go ahead it you think you won't regret.
I think we should buy an
apartment and rent it out.
I always dream of owing
a house with a garden,
Kids running all over the place.
I've gotta get the laundry.
Go ahead.
Wait for me.
Give me a cigarette.
I just want smoke, don't brother me, OK?
Give me your cigarette,
You kid!
Take it...
Look. What a nice watch.
Grab it. Good old-man,
give me your fucking watch,
Do you recognize him or not?
Please turn him over.
Miss Li Chiao, your visa has expired.
Under United States immigration law.
You must be departed within 48 hours.
Then you will be escorted to the airport.
Move it, come on move it.
This drop off is driving me crazy.
Tell me about it. This
is my third run today.
I already had two
Mexicans and Indian family.
Maybe we could tell her take
the airport coach, instead.
Well, at least she deserves
one chance to try to get away.
Go, go, go.
Li Xiao-jun.
Li Xiao-jun...
I've got the green card.
No problem... I paid a lawyer
for this, it'll be alright.
I booked tickets home. Yes,
I am coming back at last.
Let's talk later, don't waste
money. Dad, you get some rest.
Yes, I know! Bye bye.
We are approaching
the Statue of Liberty.
Where is China Town?
Over there, can you see that?
Soho, this side is the
Soho, that is Little Italy.
Then, China Town.
Can you see our restaurant?
Yes, the one with a red roof.
The green roof.
Can you see the triangular
roof? Just next to it.
The one next to the building with a triangular
roof. I've been to the roof, it's red.
I am so sure of it.
Come on, stop arguing. In a few years, I'll
open a Chinese Restaurant on the Empire State.
We'll name it "Top of the World". So we
can see it from anywhere is manhattan?
Top of the World.
Ready, look at the camera.
Everyone cheese! OK!
Ms Li, how long will we stay
at the Statue of Liberty?
I have to buy some Gucci handbags.
No hurry, just take some pictures
first. I'll take you to shop later, OK?
I heard people said that
you came from Guangzhou.
Yes, I left China ten years ago.
How long haven't you been back?
I'll go back next month.
Right... people always wanted to leave
back in the 80's. Now, they all go back.
Many Hong Kong people
working the Mainland now.
Yeah, most people regret they ever left. There
are plenty of golden opportunities in China.
Now, it's high season.
Reservation is tough. You
didn't confirm, so it's gone.
OK, call me tomorrow morning.
What a trouble.
Your ticket is issued.
You have got your green card
too. You can go home now.
Is Mr. Chan's ticket
ready? He called many times.
Enjoy yourself.
Miss Teresa Tang, the famous
Chinese pop song queen,
died of asthma today at her
hotel room in Pattaya, Thailand.
She died young at age 42.
Teresa was a native of Shantung,
she was born in 1953
to a soldier's family.
Teresa started in show business at 11. Soon, she
became the most popular pop song singer in Taiwan.
She always traveled Taiwan,
HK and SE Asia for performances.
Her sweet and feminine voice
fascinated all her fans,
She was crowned the
Queen of Lyric songs.
The prime of her career was
from the middle 70's to the 80's.
In mid 70's her songs started
to storm Mainland China.
Soon, she became a phenomenon in China.
Big cities or small villages,
people could hear her
songs anytime, anywhere.
Her songs win the hearts of
numerous Chinese all over the world.
People said, if only there are
Chinese, you can hear Teresa's songs.