Tic Tac (1997) Movie Script

They can go to hell, they will burn ...
They can go to hell. I will make sure they'll burn ...
They will go to hell, burning ...
They will go to hell, I will make them burn ...
Everything will burn, everything ...
They will go to hell, I will make them go to hell ...
What a fucking idiot!
700 kronor! Fuck!
"You must park within the lines."
"What if everybody parked
anywhere they wanted?"
Well, I'm sorry!
I didn't think of that!
They are a bunch of miserable
housewives with penis envy, all of them!
Think of Australia! If you ran into one
of their kind in Australia ..!
You would blow them to
bits with a bazooka!
Shoved it up their asses
without hesitation!
God damn! Pow!
Piece of cake ..!
- What's the matter?
- It was all my fault.
No, of course it wasn't!
We could have gone
to another movie.
God damned fucking bus ...
Now, they will burn ...
What a fucking maniac!
Did you see that?!
Hello. Are you okay?
- Where did you learn to drive?
- I know, I am sorry ...
- Have you been drinking?
- Me? No, not a drop ...
- Let me see your driver's license.
- Sure ... No problem ...
- Breathe.
- So, busy night?
- Can you see with that eye?
- Of course, no problem.
I got a splinter and it got
infected, but there's no problem.
Wait here.
- Let me see.
- What an idiot.
You're not going to
believe this, it's him!
- What do you mean "him"?
- Him!
Are you sure?
- What are they doing?
- No, don't look!
There's no problem ...
Well, what the fuck
do we do now?
We'll wait for a minute,
make it look like we're busy.
- What are they doing?
- No sure ...
We have to let him go ...
Yeah ... It's his lucky night!
Time to burn ... Time for
the ants to go to hell ...
Where are the ants going?
Straight to hell ..!
The ants are going to ...
Whose side are you on?
That police officer had some
serious problems!
- "Breathe" ..!
- Well, you got to keep your license.
- What if he had?
- If he wanted to I'm sure he could have.
What are the odds that
he would come driving ..?!
What are they doing here at this hour?
Can you understand that?
Don't they have anything better
to do, than to be driving around here ..?!
- Things will get better from
here, don't you think so?
- You still have your license!
Where the hell are we?!
- We don't want any trouble ..!
- Answer me, where the hell am I?
What do you want?
Wait, here ...
- Here you go, relax ...
- What the fuck are you doing?
This is all I have, take it!
- What are you doing?
- Take it!
- Don't run!
- Take it, it's right there!
This is insane! It's madness!
It's worse than Harlem!
Why ask me if you
won't heed my advice?
- Is there no other way?
- Like what?
The classified ads?
If you want something
decent you have to go to ...
... the black market,
or it won't happen.
- I will never afford it.
- It doesn't matter.
- I only said you had to pay.
- Might as well forget it.
- Francesca would get furious with me.
- Well, don't mention it to her.
Look at these notes you
post all over the place.
They might as well say
"I want 100,000 kronor, call this number."
The only way you will get it
is by paying a lot for it.
So, the baby will be an Aquarius?
Born between January and February?
- Can you handle that, such a free spirit?
- Guys, take a look at this!
This is from the bust this morning,
over half a million in bills.
Feel that? They even feel real!
- Has anyone tried to reach me?
- No, why?
- It's about my ad ...
- Nope.
Then we swapped, all the girls lined up,
and you just picked two or three ...
You said there was
one girl for every guy?
Sure, but not all the
guys could handle it.
You stallion! What did
the other guys do?
What do you think? Watch!
Watch? You were
okay with that?
What's wrong with that?
It's all part of the orgy.
God damn ...
You know, my mother went
there on some senior's holiday.
They were a bunch of old folks
looking at tulips and crap ...
Not really the same thing ..!
I hope so!
Please say something!
I can hear you!
What's your problem?
Why won't you talk to me?
I know you're there.
What about that place?
I'll check it out.
It's cool.
You'll pay for the beer.
I already offered to!
Don't get so upset.
I won't, if only you
would get off my back!
- I have cash, do you want to see?
- No, I don't.
Well, stop bugging me.
I offered to pay, and I will.
We'll sit over here.
Two pints.
It's not clean! Wash it again!
Tjing-tjung, Mao-tse-tung!
- Did you order?
- Relax, it's on it's way.
- What are they doing here?
- It's a restaurant, they're customers.
Guests? They're not welcome here!
We'll throw them out, let's go!
Calm down, calm down!
When you're all at it like that,
does it ever happen like some ...
... old fat guy starts slapping you
with his dick or something?
You check for all those
things the first day.
- If it happened, I guess I'd tell him to stop.
- Tell him to stop?
I would have smashed his face in!
By the way, what
language do they speak?
In Amsterdam? What the
fuck do you think? Dutch!
- Sure, but you don't speak dutch.
- I never said I do.
You mostly speak English.
But you learn a few words.
Well, let's hear it.
Naah, I only stayed a few weeks.
So ..?
What's up?
I don't know ...
It's not that easy.
Come here ... come on!
I said come here!
You're still pissed because I keep
bothering you about money?
- I know I can be kind of a dick sometimes.
- Sometimes?
- You piss me off when
you're like that.
- Do you understand?
-Yes! Okay?
I came along because you
had something to tell me.
If you don't feel like talking about it, then
we'll just have a few beers and be on our way.
- Okay ...
- Okay!
I will help you get that apartment,
there's nothing to worry about.
Tell Francesca a colleague
has been transferred.
And lie to her?
So don't say anything.
- Hello there.
- Hi!
People go to jail for these things,
don't you know that?
What would happen to our child? Huh?
Well, listen ... I never meant for it to ...
No buts! Don't you realize what you're saying?
You're a police officer, Niklas!
Where would you get that kind of money?
Are you going to rob a bank?
It was a stupid idea ...
You would lose your job if you got caught,
and what would we do then when our child arrives?
Then there's another mouth to feed!
Don't you think of these things?
Are you going to live off
unemployment checks?
Don't you dare answer the phone
when I am talking to you!
Don't you care about
what could happen?
We wouldn't be the first couple
to pay under the table ...
Does that make it alright?
Not everyone is a cop, Niklas!
Who would even ..?
This is Tommy's idea, right?
- I haven't said that.
- I knew it.
That fucking ... How many times have
I told you not to listen to that guy?
Don't answer that!
We can't talk right now!
It's you! Are you fucking crazy?
What the hell are you doing?
He could lose his job if got caught!
No, you may not speak to him.
Never call here again!
I'm going crazy!
I'm sorry.
It was an idiotic suggestion.
I would never do it.
I promise.
Let's pretend that you love me ...
... more than anything on earth.
And I am a hero ...
... forced to fight the evils
of the world.
And let's pretend ...
... that you love me ...
... more than anything
else on earth.
... and that I am a
heroine forced to fight ...
... the evils of the world.
That was the last straw!
That was the last fucking straw!
- Must you yell like that?
- No, no, no ..!
- Think of the neighbors.
- There's no problem ...
I can't believe you
gave him our money.
What the fuck was I suppose to do?
Let the guy murder us?!
- He asked for directions.
- Directions ..? Directions?!
You're completely ...
you're in shock.
Completely traumatized ...
You're in shock, you hear?!
We must do something.
Something has to happen.
What the fuck?
What's going on?
What are you doing?!
- I'm calling my mother.
- Right now?
- Yes.
- I am calling the police!
- Why?
- "Why" ..?!
We just got mugged,
god damn it!
I'm sorry ...
Please, sweetheart.
I am sorry, I didn't
mean to yell like that.
It just slipped out.
I am sorry ... go ahead
and call your mother.
Sure, call her now.
Say hi from me.
Hi, it's me. How are you?
Things are different, but it's fine.
That will probably not
happen till next year.
We have to do it like that to
get more interest from the bank.
And to withdraw the money
without such high fees.
What money?!
So, what are you up to?
No, we haven't visited
any of the neighbors yet.
Who the hell packed this?
We have almost made
ourselves at home ...
Just a few boxes left.
We have kept ourselves
busy moving boxes.
So you're doing it right now?
Well, we have rented a movie.
Is this a bad time?
Are you winning?
No ... okay.
I won't bother you,
I'll talk to you later.
Say hi to dad. Bye.
Yes, hello. I want to report
an aggravated robbery.
And murder ... attempted murder.
I haven't done anything.
Turn that off.
- What are you doing here?
- I thought you were the cops.
- Can't you see I'm not the police?
- At first I thought you were.
- There was loud noises just now.
- Well, alright. Get out of here.
- Get lost!
- I'm collecting my stuff.
Get your stuff, and get lost.
Hurry up!
- No!
- What now?
You poured gasoline on my blanket!
What are you doing here? Huh?
What's this, a blanket?
- Give it back!
- What are you doing?
- What's going on?
- Pour away, if you're in such a hurry!
You're nuts ... You're nuts,
you're not supposed to be here!
Can you hear me? Get lost!
You're insane! God damned weirdo!
His name? I never asked
him for his name!
- Please, Kent ..!
- You! No, no, no, listen!
Huh? They all look the same,
what the hell is going on?
You swarm where you're not wanted,
but when you're needed you're gone!
Listen, in Australia ...
I am paying my taxes,
I should be able to feel safe!
I am calm!
God damn it, listen you ...
You better believe I
have friends who ...
Do you know what a
vigilance committee is, huh?
They make sure justice is done!
Tell your fascist colleagues that ...
Huh? What ..?
You want my name?
That's how it's done.
They're fucking insane!
They think they can destroy everything?
Well, they can't do it!
They can't do it!
What are you doing?
Didn't I tell you to get out of here?
Don't you think I know
what the bible says? Huh?
Light me on fire!
Fucking cow.
Light it!
- Very well, you'll see ...
- What are you waiting for?
Okay, okay ...
Who the hell does he think he is?
Who the hell does he think he is?!
The mini-Mussolini of Kungsholmen ..!
Must I do the Hitler salute too?
Now, they'll see ...
Now, god damn it ..!
God damn, that's good!
58 kronor.
So ... did you see any
tulips when you were there?
No, I didn't get to that.
As you know, I kept myself busy.
- He doesn't wash these properly ..!
- Doesn't matter ...
Calm down, I told you it's not
something you just blurt out.
Well, fuck it then ...
Okay, but promise you won't tell anyone.
- Not to anyone.
- Of course not, if that's what you want.
- Good.
- So what is it?
I think I'm in love.
I know it.
I am in love!
Do you understand? Love!
- Flowers?
- Yes, flowers.
What did they say exactly?
What kind of flowers?
- Tulips?
- Yes, tulips!
One asked the other,
did you see any tulips?
He replied he hadn't had the time.
- Nothing else?
- No.
Let's grab the bat
and throw them out!
They're speaking in code! It's just a matter
of time before they wreck the place.
Calm down?
Calm down? Does the word "racist"
ring a bell? Where's your pride?
I won't tolerate racist people
in my establishment!
Why don't you cut
their hair as well?
- What's going on?
- There's no problem ...
So when it was over, you
followed that girl home?
She was no little girl ...
She was in her forties.
Really fit.
She lived in Vtishkrafmi.
- She lived in a what?
- Vtishkrafmi.
It's a suburban area 30 minutes
from the central parts of town.
I hadn't even closed the door,
and she just stood there ...
- Who was standing there?
- Her daughter.
- Come on!
- It's true, I promise!
- Get this ... One minute you're at the orgy
of a lifetime, banging anyone in sight.
And the next ... You're right
there in front of her.
We were just looking at each other.
Didn't say a word.
Look! I get goose bumps!
Well, continue.
I don't know how to put it ...
It was absolutely magical.
Okay ...
Magical, sure ... But why the hell would that
make you want to grow your hair back?
- I want to do that.
-But why?
We'll still be friends, it's just that I am
getting tired of living like this.
- Like what?
- Like this!
Look, they're at it again.
No fucking wonder there always
waging wars in those countries ...
- Did it taste good?
- Really good!
Don't you want a bit more?
It will only go to waste!
- I'm fine, thanks.
- Very well, you know where to find it.
- He said he doesn't want any more.
- I am stuffed, it was delicious.
- It was really good.
- Thank you.
Well, have you found an apartment yet?
Well, I could have one more bite.
We're trying, but it's not easy
finding something central.
- Do you have to live in the central area?
- Yes, we do.
It's difficult for me to live and
work in the same area.
- When you think of ...
- We also have all our friends here.
- Please, don't worry about that now.
Of course I worry about these things.
Your mother does too.
You have to have a family,
and take care of that family.
There's just the two of you.
- What will you do in the future?
- Don't worry, they're looking as hard as they can.
- What does that mean?
- Nothing, and it's not you who will live there!
- You have to be the captain of your ship!
- It's not that bad, and it's our problem!
We like it there! It's a bit cramped,
but at least we don't bump into each other.
If we find something, great.
If not, that's okay too!
Well, if it comes to it,
you're welcome to stay here.
- Can't you call me tomorrow?
- No, it has to be tonight.
- We don't even live there.
- Live here? I live here!
- What about Australia?
- We never moved to Australia!
- Do you have hearing problems?
- To Canberra?
- We never ... "Canberra"!
- That's what i said.
No, it's pronounced Canberra!
- How's that?
- I don't know.
- Because that's the name.
- What?
- But listen, are you up for it?
- Up for what?
- A vigilance committee.
- Vigilance committee?
- Have you seen Taxi Driver ... Robert De Niro?
- Do you want to shoot people?
No, not exactly like that,
but almost ...
What are you doing?!
No, not you.
- Don't embarrass me in front of my friends!
- Give me my address book!
- Think of me!
- What do you mean "your friends"?
Yes, I know you don't live here!
Robban is living with Kickan,
who is my friend.
Wait a minute.
That has nothing to do with it!
Give me the book!
Come to think of it, I still have my
dad's old hand gun from the army.
What? You do? Well, it's not
about guns, what are you thinking?
- Let me talk to Kickan!
- No.
- Let's end this conversation.
- Are you up for it?
- I can't drive.
- Why not?!
- I've had a few drinks.
- No, no, okay.
- Kickan is calling me. See you later.
- Yeah, sure. Bye.
You don't believe this is for real?
I am burning this school
to the ground!
- I said no!
- What's your problem?
- What?
- I know who you are.
- Your Jeanette.
- So ..?
You don't have an opinion,
you just do whatever people tell you.
- Cut it out.
- What do you mean, "cut it out"?
You don't have the right to speak,
just shut up and follow along!
You must say nothing,
because you are nothing!
You are less than nothing!
Nobody likes you. Nobody listens to you,
your voice means nothing!
Do you understand? Huh?
Get it? You're pathetic.
- Stop it!
- Stop it?
I am just getting started. If you
don't want to hear it, get lost!
I said get lost! Get lost!
Get out of here!
The only reason you're invited to parties
is because you let anyone sleep with you!
You know that if you don't
put out you're not welcome there!
Huh? It's Jeanette, the school's
own little prostitute.
Isn't that right? You think people like you,
but they spit at you.
They spit at your back
when you're not watching.
- The back of your jacket is full of spit ...
- Fuck you!
- What the fuck?!
- Stop!
Stand still. You know
I can throw it at you.
You fucking asshole!
- Cut it out, it's not funny ..!
- You're all just as nasty.
You think I don't feel anything?
You think I don't hear people whispering?
The hallway falling silent when I walk past,
how people yell "whore" at me?!
You think I don't feel anything?
It's funny to you.
You laugh at it.
- Have you ever seen me laugh at it?
- Don't do it! No! No!
Sneaking into the school in the middle of
the night to set it on fire, that's what you do.
What are you trying to prove?
That the school is flammable,
as if no one knew that?
You think I don't know
that people spit at me?
I know that too.
I am reminded every day, when
I have to wash my jacket after school.
- I don't want my mother to notice them.
- Damn it ... Jeanette, stop it.
- Jeanette ...
- Watch the flame! Keep your eyes on it!
You're afraid, I can see it in your eyes.
You're terrified!
"Will she do it? Is she that crazy?"
Well, am I? Huh?!
Perhaps I don't even care what happens?
"Poof, and I am running down
the hallway like a human torch!"
Isn't that what you're thinking?!
Shall we do it together?
I am not afraid.
Do you want to do it?
Stop it ..!
Stop it, I'll do anything,
I don't want to ...
If you say so ...
I am sorry, I don't want to die ...
And you called me pathetic ...
The ones of you who hasn't paid
have until Thursday to do so.
And no bullshit, it's 40 kronor each.
- The kid is getting married.
- I don't have any cash on me.
- Buying an apartment?
- I don't have the money.
- Perhaps you don't need any money.
- What are you talking about?
All in due time.
Okay, settle down.
You don't need to have the money,
borrowing it is enough.
- With a black market apartment as collateral?
- Hand me the newspaper.
Things will work out, I promise.
"Wants bedroom apartment in Sder,
offers a house in the archipelago."
"Two bedroom apartment in Hkarngen,
with balcony" ... That's too far away.
Hgdalen, no ... Lilla Essingen,
fourth floor, 1,5 bedroom apartment ...
That's too small ...
Here we are ... Here you go!
Listen to this!
"Three bedroom apartment in central Stockholm.
Hard wood floors, 104 square meters ..."
"Decorated ceilings, two functional tiled stoves,
breathtaking view. Must be experienced."
"Wants: Studio apartment"
"Partly furnished."
- How many square meters?
- 104.
And the rent ..?
It got raised six months ago,
so it's at 5,600 kronor.
Not as low as a condominium,
but quite acceptable.
People have been
calling like crazy.
Unbelievable ...
- You said it was partly furnished?
- Yes, the piano stays, and the curtains.
-So, what's the cost?
- If you sign quickly, 120,000 kronor.
- And the contract gets transferred
to you, as a bonus ... so to speak.
- What do you have to offer?
- Not much, it's a studio way out in ...
It doesn't really matter,
it's just a formality.
You reach a point in life where you
need fresh things to happen.
We're emigrating ...
to Australia.
To Bombula. It's south of Canberra.
People usually pronounce it wrong,
it's "Canberra".
- Yes. My lord ...
- Well, it looks great!
Yes, I have liked it here.
- Three pints.
- Coming right up.
Bullshit! You always check the tits.
You say you don't, but you do!
Are you paying attention?
I didn't look at her breasts.
No, no, of course not ...
We stayed up talking
the whole night.
Listen, have you ever ...
Have you ever ...
This sounds ridiculous, but ...
Have you ever notice how
a girl holds a cup of tea?
All of a sudden it interests you
how her fingers touch it.
So ... Was she okay with it all ..?
That you had just been to that place?
Along with her mother and all?
We didn't talk about that.
- Didn't she know?
- No.
- So what did you talk about?
- It doesn't matter what we were talking about.
She had dyed her hair, she
asked me what I thought of it ...
I told her what I thought, I wondered
how it was done, stuff like that ...
Chit-chat ...
It's hard to grasp how anyone can be
so full of all these little things ...
Tiny little movements, all these
little things you never really notice.
The way she moved her shoulders and
smiled as she was listening to me.
Or how she got these creases around
her eyes, kinda made her look like ...
... like a little gnome!
"Ik hou van je" ...
- What?
- That's what she said as I was leaving.
It means "I love you".
It sounded perfect,
the way she said it.
"Ik hou van je" ...
I can't wait to go there again!
- You're going back?
- I didn't tell you?
No, you sure didn't.
I'm going back in a few weeks.
These are for the two
guys over there.
Don't worry, we keep a baseball bat
behind the counter ...
If the make the slightest movement,
I'm all over them. Just relax.
I'd like to buy them a beer. Okay?
Keep the change.
We haven't ordered this.
I know. Don't ask me why,
but the gentleman over there ...
... said he felt like buying
you some beer.
Should I pour them out, or ..?
- I don't give a fuck what you do with them!
- I see ...
Tell that guy we don't
want his beer. Okay?
- What the fuck was that about?
- Hell, if I knew ...
You just came from there,
do you have to go back so soon?
- Yes, hello there ...
You don't like immigrants, right?
- We don't want any trouble.
- Me neither.
- But you don't, do you?
-No, we don't like you, that's right.
- What do you want?
- Nothing. Have a beer, treat you to some.
- We don't want your beer.
Didn't he tell you that?
- I thought ...
- We're talking here! Okay?
Please, I won't bother you.
That guy is crazy ...
One movement, and I'll do it.
I will do it.
- So what do you want?
- Nothing.
Bullshit! What do you want?
How about them?
- What?
- What would you say if they told you ...
... that your beers were on the house?
- Would you accept that?
- I don't know ..!
So why isn't it okay for me to
treat you to a beer each?
We didn't say that.
Drinking this beer does
not make us friends, okay?
Hold on a moment.
- Were are you going?
- Where do you think I'm going?
- Please, Kent!
- I'll call you back.
Please, stop ...
Kent, please!
Perhaps you don't care about
what happened, but I do!
Let's just watch
the movie ... Kent!
- While this is going on?
- While what is going on?
- This! This whole thing!
Come here!
I don't know about you,
but I have had enough.
- I see ...
- We just got robbed outside.
Right on the street. That's the drop ...
that broke the camel's back!
This means war!
Hello! I'm Ylva Sundqvist!
This must not continue!
No, no, no ...
This is because people like
us do nothing to stop it!
- We just moved in ...
- We must start a vigilante committee!
Now or never! We can't sit back
and watch this go on!
You will feel safe again!
Shall I sign something?
This is how they can go on, no one speaks up,
they look away, pretend not to see!
It's anarchy! It's like a big boil
oozing puss all over our community!
There's drugs and kids with
baggy pants with their ...
... boots and razor blades!
- Have you seen the movie?
- Huh?
- Please, Kent ...
With Robert De Niro? He showed
who wore the shoe on the right foot!
You know ..! With the mohawk!
He cleaned up the place!
My god, you know!
We're heading down that road!
Things will only get worse!
- Let's go home, Kent!
- Absolutely!
Good law abiding citizens.
They just moved in down the hall.
They got robbed.
We must rise, before it's too late.
We must mobilize! We must live in ...
we have to be allowed to live!
- ... Would you like some coffee?
Do we want to live like this?
Yes, please!
No, we sure don't!
And you! You must feel you can
take your walker to the store ...
... without getting threatened with razor blades!
We have to be able to move freely!
But we can't! Time to clean up,
we have to clean up this place!
- You will have your food!
- Thank you!
- Shouldn't the police handle this?
- The police?
Should we all do sobriety tests?
I will tell you something ...
The police are nothing but a bunch
of hyped up fascists who ...
I worked as a police officer,
until I retired.
Until ... until you retired? I am talking
about what's going on right now!
There are fine guys working
at the police nowadays too.
That may be ...
The one who used to live in your
apartment, he was also a police officer!
- Let's go home.
- Hello? Open the door!
- He's nuts ...
- Nuts? What?
I am the only sane person around!
Can't you see what's going on?
Are you blind?
There's a war going on!
No one is safe!
We have to take care of each other!
Your girl is crying ...
Where is this country heading?
That's my question to you!
It's going down the rabbit hole!
People have to be put to the test!
Hey! Your girl friend is crying!
Are you fucking surprised?!
You must be able to get to the store!
I am crying, I feel sick to
my stomach all the time ...
They keep talking about comfort,
about feeling safe and secure!
It's a big scam, all of it!
We have to make an example!
They have to learn, once and for all!
- My phone is ringing ...
- It's no game anymore!
Things are about to happen!
We have to act before it's too late!
You there! Come out!
- Hello?
- Hello there!
- Who is it?
- You get two guesses!
- Huh?
- You get two guesses ...
... who might you be talking to?
- You're not pregnant?
- I don't know.
How do you mean?
What do you mean by that?
Hello? Where did you go?
- Well, should we try a second time?
- Yes!
Hello? Is there anyone there?
I am two weeks late.
Who haven't you told me?
This is insane!
Get back, she needs some air!
This Benny, from the
TV-show "Your choice"!
Hello? Hello?
Hello? Yes ...
There was some other
person a minute ago ...
But you're welcome to "Your choice"!
My name is Benny, what's yours?
Edit, Edit Jansson!
- It's Benny!
- Two weeks, that's very late, isn't it?
- Oh yes ..!
- Are you watching another program?
- No, we're watching you of course!
- It's Benny!
- Are you serious?
The man who answered first,
did he faint or something?
No, he ... He went to
make some coffee.
- Everything is nice and quiet.
- Alright, Edit, I bet you are curious?
- You better believe it!
- Okay ...
It will be alright ...
Everything will be alright!
You have won ten cubic meters
of heating oil!
Are you serious?
Thank you! Thanks a lot!
You ... you are completely crazy.
He said, coming to burn down his school.
That was just ...
That was just because ...
Why should you care ...
Yes, why wouldn't I be like everybody
else, and not give a shit?
Why wouldn't you?
That's what you are, right?
- What?
- Crazy?
Can I have the lighter back?
Don't you have to be insane?
Yes, but within certain limits.
- What the hell are you doing?
- I am having a smoke.
Just kidding!
I made a funny ...
- Hey ..?
- Yes?
- Come!
- Where are we going?
- Where are you taking me?
- Where did you get that key?
- Found it.
- May I help you?
- No, we're good.
Get a grip! Focus!
Excuse me ...
Well, you're coming
up in the world ... Manuel!
- What has it been, two years?
- What do you want?
For you to listen.
I haven't done anything,
I have quit all that stuff!
My colleague has an offer he wants
you to accept without hesitation.
I'm serious! I am out
of the business!
Sure, and your boss would have hired you,
knowing what you were up to before?
You know me well enough to know I can
make your life quite miserable, right?
Manuel ..? On this job,
or any other job you might get ...
- Need any help?
- No, I'm good. I got this.
Sure, you check
out their tits! You do!
But carefully, so you can
deny it if she catches you!
But you do it!
Fuck yes, you do it!
Okay, we have now heard
Jorma's boob theory ...
- Here's my theory ...
- Okay, shoot.
It's simple. You would never sit here
unless you wanted something, right?
Don't tell me you treat skinheads to beer
all the time, I won't accept that ...
Why would I want something?
Okay, check this out ...
Pedro's theory: There doesn't
need to be a reason.
You're thirsty,
and you like beer.
I am thirsty,
and I like beer.
I am buying, we're drinking!
I don't claim to be as wise as Odin, but
there is one thing I know a lot about.
- What?
- Jerking off, of course!
Call me paranoid if you want to,
but besides Jorma I don't trust anyone.
I trust none of my skinhead friends,
none of my relatives ...
Not a single person.
But I know Jorma would die for me ...
... and I would do the same for him,
if it came to that point.
But I think you know my
world is full of threats.
Wherever I go, I check them out.
I notice how people react,
what they do, what they avoid doing ...
Where they look, how they look ...
Whenever something goes down,
I am always one step ahead.
- For example ..?
- I'll give you an example.
This is our first visit to this pub.
When we arrived, the boss got a pipe
or something and hid it behind the counter.
- What? He did?
- It was a baseball bat.
How the fuck do you know that?
Except for serving us this beer, he hasn't
taken his eyes off it the whole night.
And whenever he did,
the other guy stood ready.
He doesn't know that I know.
He acts calm and composed.
When he wants nothing but for us to leave.
That's for his safety.
Of course he got a baseball bat,
when he saw how you looked.
He got scared.
Of course. When we just got here.
Now he's just getting nervous
as nothing bad is happening.
Just because we arrived looking like this,
he feels that he has to be on his toes.
Of course.
Personally I am happy if I
don't get my head bashed in.
Okay, I have a suggestion.
Ah, I told you!
I thought ... we could play a game.
- What?
- The Keep-a-Secret game
- Do you know the rules?
- No.
The rules are easy,
but the game is hard.
You have to tell the truth.
- The truth?
- Yes.
First a truth about yourself.
And then something you
think is true about the other.
Okay ... But I don't think I want to.
You don't think you dare?
- Games are childish.
- That depends.
You have been paid off by some journalist,
hiding outside with a camera?
It's nothing like that.
It's something I have to do.
- My last resort.
- For what?
- Doesn't matter ...
- Sure it matters!
We can't just beat
you up, for no reason?
Well, you're not known for needing
a reason to beat up the likes of me.
- What do you know about it?
- Nothing.
That's right. I never do that.
- Why?
- Me neither!
- Why do you want us to do it?
- Because you know how to do it!
Sure, I could go downtown and
pick a fight with someone ...
... but who knows
how that might end.
The guy might grab a knife,
or act like a complete maniac.
It has to be someone who knows
how to fight, and knows when to stop.
- And you think we know all about that?
- Yes.
- Don't you have any friends who can do it?
- I will pay you.
It doesn't fucking matter if we
get paid for it or not!
Wait, wait ...
How much are we talking?
1,500 kronor.
750 for each one of you.
- That's all I got.
- How fucked up do you want to get?
- Cut it out, Jorma!
- Enough to put me in hospital.
But stay away from the face.
Are you insane? Huh?
- Are you some kind of masochist?
- No ...
- So what is it, then?
- It doesn't matter!
I'm leaving ..!
- Let's finish the beer!
- This guy is nuts!
Why don't you do it yourself,
you get double the money!
It has to the both of you.
If one gets carried away, the other can stop it.
Let's pretend that we do it ...
How do we know your
pals aren't waiting for us?
- You can't know that ...
- Exactly!
You can pick the place! If you think
someone is following us, call it all off!
I'm leaving.
- I am leaving!
- Fuck, man ..!
Wait! I will explain ...
You won't believe it when I tell you.
My mother gets sad
over the weekends.
She needs to rest.
And I am too big a burden for her.
I make a mess, and get in the way.
She gets upset, and drinks
a lot to calm down.
And she pays the rent,
so I usually go here to sleep.
I ... I have never ...
I have never had a girlfriend.
I tell everyone that I have done it.
I have done it many times.
And they believe me.
I don't know what it is ...
Is it that I don't dare ..?
Don't break the rules!
Wait for me to say something about you.
- Oh. Okay.
- It's cool.
Say something about me.
I think you're afraid
to show who you really are.
If people wouldn't like
that girl either ...
... you wouldn't know where to turn.
Follow the rules.
You must say that I am afraid ...
... not that you think I am.
We could talk about everything.
But last Friday her friend called,
and told me ...
... it was over.
She didn't want to see me anymore.
I didn't understand it.
I asked why ...
She said ...
"It's for the best."
You see, with her I meant something.
Now I am no one.
Not even shit.
If I could get in touch with her,
I could explain everything.
Haven't you talked to her?
I have tried everything.
I have sent flowers,
I have talked to her friends ...
I have been to her apartment,
but she refuses to see me.
I have called her,
but she won't talk to me.
I don't get it ...
You are my last chance ...
If she finds out I got
beat up by two Nazis ...
... and got hospitalized,
she has to go and see me.
When she visits me, I have my chance
to explain what she means to me.
I have a different world inside of me.
I know everyone, and they're
always happy to see me.
I say smart things,
and everyone is listening.
I like being there, because my
body is left somewhere else.
I don't feel when they guys
are sleeping with me.
It's like they're with someone else.
I am not there.
Lately I have felt ...
... an urge to stay
in that place.
You're afraid to fall in love, because then
you would have to put trust in someone else.
You don't dare to do that.
It's easier to hate everybody.
My dad hates me.
He will grab a knife and cut
my throat when I am sleeping.
Or when I least expect it.
And if God doesn't exist ...
... does it all turn black when you die?
I don't want it to just turn black.
I really want to believe in God.
Believe you will go to
heaven when you die.
But if God exists, he would never ...
... never have created my father.
If I would burn the school down,
social services would come and claim me.
They would have to.
I don't know what to say ...
I like you.
Don't say that.
What's wrong?
- Do you want to fuck me now?
- What are you talking about?
Go ahead and fuck me!
Stop! Don't do this!
Please! I didn't know what I was doing!
I don't know what I was thinking!
Everything turned out wrong!
It was a mistake! Listen to me!
Put your clothes back on!
- All set?
- Yes, he's waiting across the street.
- He's got a buddy with him.
- I see.
- He's using my phone. Do you know the number?
- Yes ...
I don't believe I agreed to this.
What's wrong with you?
I thought you quit this shit!
I have! This is the last time!
For sure, the last time!
- I won't do shit, you hear?
- I know!
Keep an eye out,
and drive the car!
This is the superintendent signature,
so you just need to sign it.
Now we have switched apartments!
- Here you go ...
- Very nice.
- 500 kronor-bills?
- Yeah, that's what they had.
Well, money is money!
- Does it add up?
- Eh ... Sure!
- I hope you'll like it here.
- Mmm.
- I'm going to miss it.
-Yes ...
- Nothing left, but wishing you the best!
- Thanks.
- Bombala, here we come!
- Leaving immediately?
- In two weeks.
- Ah.
We will sell some of our stuff ...
Then we kiss all this good bye!
It feels so good!
Well, I gotta go.
I'll stick around and ...
- Are we done?
- Sure.
- Thanks a lot.
- Thank you.
Oops ... You might need these?
They might come in handy.
- Good luck.
- You too.
Bye ...
Left inside pocket.
Stop, god damn it!
- No problems?
- No.
- You can keep these.
- Forget it, we don't want it.
- Count the money.
- It's okay.
- Well, bye ..!
- Tell me if anyone comes.
- Yes.
- Hello.
- Hello!
Heading home?
There you are!
Is it too late to chip in
for the wedding gift?
No, by all means!
- Let's see, you said 40 kronor?
- Yes, indeed.
- Good night.
- Good night.
It's me. Did I wake you?
You won't believe this!
A colleague of mine is moving to Malm ..!
He needs a simple
accommodation apartment.
A three bedroom flat in Kungsholmen!
It's the truth!
Here we go again!
Time to call a secret number!
- This is Torsten.
- Hello, it's me!
- Magnus?
- No, not Magnus. You get two guesses!
- Get out of here!
- Oh, no!
Welcome to the TV-show "Your choice!"
Listen, you shouldn't sit on such
a cold surface, it can't be good.
- Does it feel better?
- Mmm.
- We have to start from scratch. Right?
- Mmm.
- It will take a long time,
but will come ...
- ... to Australia sooner or later, right?
- Yes.
If you're still up for it, that is ...
Shall I get rid of it?
Get rid of it?! No!
Are you insane?!
- You just won a trip for two, to Canberra!
- Come, let's go.
- Shall we watch that movie?
- I don't know ...
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
I could run a hot bath.
If you feel like it.
So we're going to be parents ...
"Welcome to Ylva, Kent ... and Linus!"
Or Amanda, if it's a girl.
- We could get a sign for the door.
- With foam ...
It's open ...
Please, I'm sorry!
I am so, so sorry!
- I didn't know! Please, I didn't know!
- Let go of me!
- I'm sorry, I didn't know!
Fuck ...
I won't take it back,
if that's what you want!
Jeanette ...
I like you!
It's true.
I don't care what everyone else thinks.
I don't care.
I want to go home now.
I think you want to have this.
No ...
- We have to go back as well ...
- Not a word about this to anyone!
Of course not!
I kinda feel like Robin Hood!
Making good deeds, it feels nice!
- What a moron!
- In front of the cops!
He's in deep shit now!
This looks like a good place.
We have to wait for
the cops to leave ...
And then we get to it?
Calm down!
Do you want the money right away?
Keep your money, I don't want it!
I don't want it either.
This is sick ...
Completely sick!
Shall we go for it?
Whatever happens,
not a word to anyone!
I promise!
Shall we begin?
- Come on!
- Fuck!
- Cleanse the kingdom!
- Sieg heil!
Sieg heil!
Let's get that fucking wog!
- Watch the face ..!
- What did you say?!
I thought I heard something,
you fucking sand nigger!
Get up, damn it!
- Lasse, let's go ...
- Let go of me, damn it!
Lasse, come on!
Stop it!
Pedro, say something!
- Fuck ...
- Pedro!
- Let's get out of here!
- Shut up!
Please, Pedro,
say something!
You're insane!
Call an ambulance!
- We'll call when we get to town!
- No, we have to call now!
Let's go!
A guy just got beat up!
By two Nazis!
You have to hurry up!
He's laying in the woods, damn it!
I told you to hurry up!
Where the hell are we?
Where are we?
Go and ask someone!
Where the hell are we?
We're not looking for trouble ...
Answer me, damn it!
Where are we?
What do you want?
Here, here ...
Wait ...
Here you go ...
Take it easy ...
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Take it! It's all I got!
- Take it!
- What the hell are you doing?
- It's yours!
- Stop! Where are we?
- Well?
- I don't know!
Shit, we have to go ...
Take it easy ...
Where did that come from?
Two Nazis, most likely skinheads.
We're following them.
We're on Mtarvgen,
reaching the turning area, over.
Roger that, 7920.
70 from 80. 67, over.
81, 67, over.
Where do you want
the dog released, over?
A good bet would
be the soccer field.
Come on, damn it!
There are cops everywhere!
Get the bastard!
- I haven't done anything!
- Then why are you running?
- Are you carrying any weapons?
- No!
Let go of me!
70 from 8940, over.
8940, I read you.
Arrests have been made.
The location is secure.
Good work.
8723 to 70, over.
Pull over here.
I want to check something.
Sure, whatever you say.
Ask them some questions.
Watch it!
What has happened?
That looks really bad.
So, will we speak to each other
in school on Monday?
Sure we will.
I don't think so. I think we say
we will, just to feel better.
- Listen ...
- Mmm?
- Will you tell anyone about what we said?
- You mean our game?
- Yes.
- No ...
- What about you?
- No.