Ticket Out (2011) Movie Script

It Was really cold winter
We had to move
to a different house.
My mom ... I guess was kind a lonely.
She was afraid of dad.
Especially because after
what he did to me
I love my dad.
I mean, I really did loved my dad.
After the divorce,
I didn't want to see him.
I don't want to hurt my mom.
most people
don't get that.
But if they did what I have
He will understand.
I was looking for the court
I just hate to see them fight...
but I still did not know how to stop it.
Aunt May!
- Hi, sweetheart.
- Hi!
How are you, doing DJ?..How are you doing?
- I'm okay.
Momma, look. McPherson.
- Yeah
Did you hear they bought the state bank?
- Yeah
Why they didn't just call that damn place
"McPherson Ville?"
"Mc Asshell villa" would been better.
- May.. is Mom here?
Yes spectacular as always.
- Come on.
Hi, Jocelyn.
- This is your lawyer?
I am Charlotte Kramer.
- How do you do?
I am her mother.
- I checked at the docket.
We're the first.
You should'nt take long.
How are you snowflakes?
- Good.
Go back to your mommy, okay?
- Come here.
Hi, Deeg.
This type of child custody case
is extremely emotional ...
especially when charges
of physical abuse ...
are made by one of the parent.
To this court,the welfare
of this children is paramount.
This case has made even more difficult
by the refusal of Mrs. McPherson
refusal to have her son testify.
Please remove the
children from the court room.
Take them out.
Everything will be okay.
Testing shows the boy
is under duress ...
but he evaded the
questions about his father.
Attendent Emergency rooms
and medical staff ...
are required by law to
report suspicious injurie.
They had not done so.
Giving the claim of
Physical abuse is pointless ...
the petition is denied.
Dennis McPherson ...
- My God.
You are granted joint custody
and full visitation rights.
Thank you so much.
- Congratulations.
Is over.
I do not understand. I do not know
what to do. How do I loosed?
The judge was all in his side
all along.
Let's go, okay?
- Be ready tomorrow morning.
nine o'clock.
- Scumbag.
Well, Joce, I know you will
have some adjustments to make..
at least until we get married again.
But this is the best for everbody.
You and I are still connected
forever, so ...
would be nice to try to get it along.
As usual, nothing was acomplish
here today with you.
How can he stand there
like nothing happening?
What about your grandson?
Come on. Let get out of here.
No stop. Dad! stop.
Please. No, Dad.
It's okay...It's okay.
It's Alright, baby. You just
have your bad dream. Okay?
Go back to sleep. It's okay.
Wait here. Alright?
Not to long.
I would not to go.
- DJ.
- DJ!
Listen to me honey. You have
to go, okay?
Because if you don't they can
take away you from me.
Honey, could you call
your brother for me? Thank you.
We gotta go.
Come on. Come on.
Let's bet on a race.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, DJ!
CALL 555-0124,
Joce, it's me.
Joce ?
- Hi!
- Hi!
I came to check on you.
- Thank you.
Hello, Rusty.
- Hi!
Can you come upstair with me a second?
Tons of food atthe refrigerator
if you're hungry.
Thank you.
- Don't eat out, alright?
It's just..
- What?
What is going on?
Somebody in the court ...
He gave me this.
"If you need help call."
I saw a story in the new last night..
about a woman who tried
to take her kids.
It didn't end well. You can't do that.
I know. I know. I don't know..
I don't know what to do.
I can't believe this is happening.
I know.
It used to be so great for
the first fews years.
He so .. loving, and kind and generous.
I remember.
I don't know how act like that.
What kind of mother can't
protected her own childrens?
This was not your fault.
Life does not always
turn out the way we think when you're 18.
Give me a smile. Come on.
I got you a present,
and you're alone at all.
It's a good one,
has a strong kick.
It holds six shots, and is ...
kind of uncomplicated, like you..
and fits inside you're purse.
Thank you, Rusty. That's foughtfull
- Always so foughtfull.
Well, I would not know, do I?
Yes Yes, they are here now.
Don't, Mary Sue.
Not in the house.
- Mom? We forget the insulin.
Yeah I know. I'm coming.
- Mary Sue, not in the house.
Yes, he said we had a pretty
good case..
but you never know when
is entered in the court room.
Well, sometimes, justice prevails.
Mary Sue!
Don't, Mary Sue, not in the house!
But I'm good, watch.
It was me.
DJ come upstair a second.
I said "get up here".
Mom No! No! Mom!
Hello? Hello?
- Mommy!
- I have bunny ears.
I can see that. I love them.
Hi, honey.
Hi, what's wrong?
Daddy's mad.
Did he hurt you?
You said it wouldn't happen again.
I'm sorry, honey.
- You said.
Sorry, babby.
- You promised.
Honey, do you wanna play a game?
I want you run to the car and
hide in the back seat ...
just like a rabbit, okay? Go on.
keep it up.
Grab your coat.
What is going on?
Where's kids?
Lie down. We're playing a game.
You not. ..
plan to take
somewplace, are you?
Because that would be against the law.
Among other things.
Answers that, dammit!
Stay here.
What fuck is that?
You can't even put your
pantise in the right way ...
and carrying the fucking gun.
You packed in heat now?
Are you? are stupid,
as you look right now.
Don't get in the car!
Mom he's come close!
he's comming!
DJ, open that door.
You open the door right now. Open it.
Mom, start!
- Open the damn door, DJ.
Mary Sue, open the door for
Daddy. Open the door.
Don't just stand there,
Peterson. Call 911.
You hurt Daddy.
- He's fine, honey.
Dad just fell.
Mommy's it' okay.
DJ, can you help
your sister, please?
May? May, it'me.
I took the kids and
Dennis was shot.
Wait..wait...wait, you what?
And I cannot go to the police,
because DJ shot him.
I'm at your house. I'm at the outside.
Good afternoon, ma'am.
I am the officer Lott.
I'm here to see if you hear from
your sister..
Jocelyn McPherson
Look, Aunt May!
Hi, Aunt May!
Why don't you come on in, and ...
We will talk.
Look. How many times
I got to tell you?
I did not do anything, to her
okay? She was ...
Jesus Christ.
She walked in the house, and...
First of all she suppose not be there, so
I said, "What are you doing here?"
and I turned around..Bang!
So there was no confrontation?
Well, the bullet in my ass
It seems pretty god damn quite contentious.
How do you think she got the gun?
Look, I answered all
the questions in emergency .
Why are we wasting time?I'm the one person
definitely not know where she at.
We were looking for her.
Well, she could not too far behind.
Not likes she can handle a pressure.
Are you have a fun back there?
Woman cries when the coffee get colds.
- Who is it?
Hi, I'm.. this is Jocelyn McPherson.
We understand you need help.
Yeah I got my kids,
and we are at the airport.
Can you send somebody to get us?
You need to over night to erand the court
Do you have them?
- Yes.
I think I have them in my bag.
Get a pen.
Thank you.
we are good.. let's go on.
Now..Are you sure she shot that man?
Because that man can lie.
I mean..I'm telling you that man
can lies just to lie.
Was the gun yours mem?
- I don't like guns.
I had a bad experience.
when I was a child ...
I saw my uncle Kyle shoot is pinky off
cleaning the deer rifle.
they tried to sloved it back home
but god, it was too late ...
Poor Uncle Kyle.
- Mem, the gun ...
So it's wasn't yours?
- No.
God, I was only five years old..fool No.
What I've been doing with a
deer rifle? you silly goose. No.
But you know what I think? I
think Mr. ha fu fa ...
almost shoots winner off
and now he's blameing my sister.
Because he is lie.
You're an buttcrack.
You're a bugger.
This is Channel 5 news update.
Local Police have ask view to help
to find Jocelyn McPherson of Danville.
- She shot her husband ...
and kidnapped their two children.
- What?
I am very concerned about
my kids at this point.
I don't know..
I don't know what happened.
She got scared and ..
And Joce, if you out there,
if you watching I just want you to know that ..
That I forgive you. Just
bring the kids home
Police defended the
inability to appreanthly McPherson.
Well, she maybe in Texas right now,
but we'll find her.
Thank you .
Who is it?
Where do we go?
A & W. At 4.00.
Find a red Bonneville.
Thank you so much.
Who wants ice cream?
Yes, we recorded this morning.
They are in room 208.
Get back. go.
Okay Come on.
Very good. Walk.
Hi! How are we?
- Hi there! How are you doing?
I'm not so good acctualy.
My car die on me ...
I don't know anything about it.
You need a lift?
Yes, that would be great.
My sister works at A & W
so you can lift me there.
Come on board.
- Thank you.
Come on.
Do you eat many donuts you want?
I got nothing I want.
Excuse me. Have you seen a
blond woman have a couple kids out there?
- It's too bad.
She shot a man
and kidnaped his two kids.
Would you say your name was?
Do you like that polar straw?
There it is.
Right there.
Are you sure it's a Bonneville?
I'm sure, Mom.
Okay, let's go.
Stay right there, ma'am.
Hey Where you go?
Stay where you are.
What is your name, son?
Nice afternoon for an ice cream,
haa? Come on. Come on.
get in, get in,get in, get in.
With all those cops following you,
I got to back..
I'm not fan to taking chances,lady.
Now what we gonna do
is enough risk already.
I'm Sorry,but I did the best
I could under these circumstances.
You might to step up for you're best
but you will gun down
you, me, them.
You want that?
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
thousand time I'm sorry, but
you could been on time.
What time ...? What?
- No, I mean, thank you.
I don't know ...
You're welcome.
What is your name?
I got a friend in my classmate named Jim.
Once time he ate a worm
at the resses.
Have you ever eaten a worm?
- Yup
Every day for breakfast.
Sit back, put your sit belt
Where is the woman?
I want a a status report.
This is your new spot.
Wait. Here we are.
Are everything alright?
Okay, you got to stay
here a night or two ...
and then move to another place.
I don't know where. they Don't tell me.
They made it.
Thank heaven, Jimmy.
- Hello!
It was risky, but we made it.
This is Millie, the greatest soul on
Earth and it is the Reverend Appleton.
Jocelyn, DJ ... and Betty Sue.
Mary Sue.
- Betty Lou.
How is it?
- Mary Sue.
Mary Sue.
We are glad to see you.
Do you live here?
- No. The church will this.
Let's not forget his kindness.
Of course.
- I'm sorry?
Let's take a moment to pray.
- Oh..sure.
I go to Sunday school.
I bet Jesus is
glad to hear that.
Here we come.
Of course I don't bite them.
Jimmy, would you please?
- Yes, of course.
Lord, you pull this family from
like you did the
Israelites from Pharaoh.
Please watch over this young flower
because he's fleed from injustice of the law ...
and continue them to their
journey to the sanctuary.
- Amen
Who is this?
- Hi!
Levi. They are Jocelyn, DJ
and Mary Sue. They will be here
for a few days.
This is are Levi, Maisie and Justin.
How are you?
Maisie, would you show the
children where to put their things?
It okay honey go ahead
Are we staying here?
Yes, honey, get your bag.
If you got any questions,
Levi is the one to ask.
He has been with the underground,
for what ...? Four years?
Five years?
Yes Until they eighteen.
No, not here.
We keep moving. Unless
we wants to live in Canada.
That's what I heard anyway.
Anyway, look, I don't care
where you go ...
but while you are
here, do me a favor.
You and your kids, just keep
the head down, okay?
Okay , thanks.
- Okay.
These are the directions
to the next stop.
We'll get you a a car.
Oh No, not now.
Wait until you gone.
You will get
separate instructions.
We made it
a few mistakes, but ...
Come on, honey.
I will help you.
let's go some Coffee?
- Yeah
We think they getting help?
Well, if you do have a..., I
can tell a fact that she are getting help.
That woman can't tied ...
- Tied her own Shoes? I got it.
We are trying to find out who.
So you got nothing.
I'm Sorry, we informed you
Mr. McPherson.
- Hi, Jocelyn.
I figure out what to do in this house.
Do I owe anything?
No, we got it.
I feel better if I pay.
No need ..just a few basic.
You know..if you want tommorow
you give me a list ...
I'm gonna shopping for you, okay?
Who are "we"?
Well, some call us
The Underground Railroad.
We help people like you
get from here to there.
Never heard of you before
- Momma?
Yeah, honey?
- What the day is today?
It is January 10.
I am making daddy
birthday card.
well but that will be 18.
Well..we will be
home by then?
Carmel corn? How it just
get in here? I don't like this stuff.
I'll throw this out.
- Wait!
What? you like this stuff?
Is it alright with your mom?
But you shares with other kids.
Thank you.
Do you have kids with your arm?
Do you live around here?
Yes for the time being.
Why you do this?
To keep good people through.
What is this doing here? Ice cream.
You Want?
I hope it's you flavor.
Take it.
I know what it's like to be in
your shoes, Jocelyn.
Excuse me, sir?
We don't allowed a pet.
It not a pet.
I think he is hungry.
So what kind of works here Mr. McPherson?
I have a Family investment
And What's actually you do?
I work.
Does your wife works too?
She was a substitute teacher
for a while after high school.
What diffrences it make?
You can be able to find her or not?
I can find her.
But I don't cheap bill.
So you use to be a cop.
Why did you quit?
I didn't.
Haven't finished you meal there?
Hey! Sorry, didn't mean to scare you.
It's already locked.
You know I checked it.
I'm not scared.
Well, sorry, my mistake.
Can't sleep?
What are you doing here?
Just keeping eye on thing.
Would like some chocolate?
Chocolate makes me sick.
Well, this is Dj here last summer
He is a little taller now.
And that's Mary Sue.
You have nice cute kids.
What she doing for money?
Well, she got about 40,000
worth in savings bonds ...
and her name. I guess she
just try to cash those.
You got numbers for?
I think I do, in my
computer. You can trace her?
Yeah.. I got a friend
at the Federal Reserve.
It will take a few days.
You did?
What do you mean?
Yes, no. No, no, no,
I might not go anywhere. Just ...
Yes, let me know everything.
Thank you.
The police got a tips.
hi!, okay..I'm.. I hope this is good.
I haven't ... cook anything in
really long time,
The smell is great.
- Yes, it looks good.
You never know.
There it is.
My nanny makes the best
lasagna in the world.
Really? here we go.
Thank you.
- Is it enough?
don't use your fingers. That's
there is knife and fork for.
Don't Pay attention you guys.
- Mary Sue.
It's okay..go ahead.
Should we not thanks greif?
Yes, of course.
God, thank you for this food
and we appreciate your bounty.
It's delicious.
- Yeah.
Thank you.
After dinner, Do I play
on the a tire seeswing?
There is no a tire seeswing, Mary Sue.
It's true. I saw it outside.
You went outside?
- Mary Sue, I told you not to.
Did anybody see you?
A man waived at me.
Oh.. son of bitch.
- I'm Sorry. She must just ...
Do you think this is a game?
- No.
We all have some nice place for
hide out, and now we can go home?
- We got to clear out here.
We don't have a home, lady!
Kids, get the blankets
and pillows, will ya..
Go get your stuff.
We can take any chance.
Listen, I don't know what you are facing,
but I got 20 years to life ...
And I lose my kids, you understand?
- I know.
Well, come on. Come on.
We got to get out of here.
Where are we going?
- Let's go, come on.
Come on! let's move it!
Come on. Come on.
Let's go, go, go, go.
- Come on, kids.
Get in the car.
Come on.
Come on..Come on..
Come on..Come on..
Under the porch.
under the porch. Levi!
Levi! Stay down.
Stay down.
Everybody hold it.
Gun! Gun!
Hold your fire!
We got kids over there!
Mom! Mommy! Mom!
Get back!
Come on..Come on..Come on..
Come on.. get in.
Get in..Come on.
Came on kids get in the car!
It's okay.
You'll fine.
You safe.
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
I can't! I can't!
- What are you doing?
- I have to pull over!
- I can't! I can't!
I can't!
- What is the problem?
What are you doing?
- I can't!
What is going on?
What is the matter?
I'm having a panic attack.
What should I do?
- Will be improved in a few minutes.
Say some nice thing sir.
- Everythings fine.
Look at me..Look at me.
It's okay..it's okay.
they gone, it's fine..it's over
No one follow on us.
There is no one follow on us
We're okay.
- It's okay, Mom.
It's just us..It's okay.
It's okay. You did great.
You kids really good.
I know..I know..I know..
I know. This is not easy. I know.
-I'm Sorry.
- Okay.
You are alright, Mom.
- I'm Sorry.
It's fine.
It's scary.
- Sorry.
I get it.
It's okay..I know..
I know
The church bus?
It is the Rev. Appleton.
I'll get the bags.
- Iowa ..okay.
Alright. I'll Be right back.
- Okay.
The childrens are nine and eleven.
Mr. McPherson.
These is agent Kemp and agent Dalrymple.
They will be taking over the case.
Are you guys Feds..?
We are FBI agents yes we are.
Well.That be god damn time.
You know the locals here, they could find
their dick with both hands.
Save it.
Just find my kids.
So what gonna happen to these kids?
Probably be sent back to their mother.
Like mine were?
- Yours
Yes, Annie and Jonathan.
I was just like Levi, just
trying to protect my kids.
My ex had a real bad boyfriend.
The only thing I could do is
get them out of that house.
And the underground helped you?
I did not know about the underground.
I was on my own.
The cops found us
at a motel in Biloxi.
I spent five years in prison.
Where are they now?
You're guess is good as mine.
Where are we going?
A place called Willow Island honey.
What is a willow?
They are ... trees
like grandma has.
Is this this bus have a radio?
Do you like rock?
Hello, Mary Sue ...
I give you a dollar to stop singing.
This is not right!
Hello, Mary Sue
Alright, make it two.
- Deal.
Come on. two.
I get some sparks plug.
You get money.
- Don't cash too much.
We don't want to draw attention.
- Okay.
okay..I'll just draw a couple hundred.
Come on.
I need your driver's license.
Oh..I'm Sorry..
Momma, there is sucker.
- Just one second, sweetie.
They have suckers, Momma.
- I know.
Shut up, Mary Sue.
- you shut up.
You..Shut up!
Hey, stop it! DJ.
I will deal with both of you later.
Thank you.
Come on..let's go.
When we go to the place with the
trees like Grandma?
Soon, sweetheart.
FBI..hold it.
Never get me alive, officer!
Don't let anyone, Kemp.
How are you?
- I'm good. Not to bad.
Hi! How are you?
How's the road trip?
I am a regular family man.
Danvers is not happy.
I mean he is un excatly unhappy.
He is confused.
- Yes that's pretty more accurate.
Want to know why you're
expending your asignment.
Why? Because I saw that
Levi was going to eat it ...
and had a chance to move on with the woman.
mean if I'me lucky I can move up
the whole chain to Canada.
They trust you?
- Yeah,they trust me.
All the trouble at safe house
it's kind changed the playing little bit.
At this point, Danvers just want
you bring the kids back.
I'm not to delivery the kids
until you see the pilot's eyes.
And then I've wasted a couple months
just to surrender some kids.
There suppose an old woman up near
Canada to put the
families on the plane.
Just tell Danvers,everything is fine.
Alright. We will.
So how's the mom?
All right. just nice
upset and needy, but..you know.
DJ, I don't ever want to see
you push your sister like that again.
She didn't listen.
She deserves to be punished.
Well, that will my permit.
And I got assume you got the
signal, right? Is it clear?
We have more than a dozen
satellite up there keeping tracking.
Just tell Danvers not
worry okay? everythings fine.
Alright. We do.
What did I miss?
Watch this.
Now watch this.
Hey, DJ!
Who is cute?
You like the engines?
Want give me a hand?
You are cute.
- Come on.
Yes, you are.
Do you know once I helped
Rusty Wallace fix his car?
You did not.
- hand to God.
We were in the
A & P parking lot
That's guy got 55 NASCAR wins..
and I saved his butt with an old
turk jumper cables.
Come here. Here, get this one out.
I know how they do.
Very good.
- You are so good.
You do pretty good.
Good job.
Who taught you that?
My dad did.
DJ, are you cold, honey?
Honey, are you cold?
When was the last time
you took in your insulin?
okay we need to take it now..
Where is that?
I'm gonna take it but ...
- Okay, honey.
No honey, you just only to take it now, okay?
- He fell off the car.
What? Why didn't you say something?
I was afraid that we had to go back.
Honey, it's gonna be okay.
Jim,we need to find a pharmacy!
Come on, honey, sit up.
Just stay awake. okay?
Can you just give a candy bar?
No, that's when the
blood sugar is to low.
He is high, he need insulin.
What happend if he just don't get it?
He can go into a coma.
There is one right there.
Okay..Can you stay with him?
- Yes
Okay. Honey, I gonna be right back.
You're alright?
We were closed.
- I know. I can see that.
I really sorry
but it just take..just one second.
Good colour it suit for you
look like very pink.
Hi, excuse me.
You're the pharmacist?
That's me. What is the problem?
- Sorry to bother you.
I know you are closed, but ...
my son is diabetic
and accidentally left his insulin behind.
Can you pass for me some?
I don't have his prescreptions or anything..
but I know it's the one in the bottle
with a pink label.
No.. without a prescriptions. There is a
hospital next town over.
But he really need it right now.
I'm sorry, but there are regulations.
Please? Nobody will ever know.
I'm Sorry. I can't help you.
Mr. Newcombe?
I got choir practice.
I know you little slow
but like I said.
We are closed.
I wish something I can do buddy.
If wish you can give it to me.
You know what? I'm slow. I forgot
I got a gun in my purse.
- I'm really..really sorry ...
but I have to I need that insulin.
Could you get it? Please? Go.
and syringes.
in the purse.
Stay here, okay?
Watch your brother..Stay here.
That should be enough,.. money
I'm really..really sorry.
Please don't tell anybody.
What are you doing?
Down! Down!
Get the alarm, Mr. Newcombe.
What's going on?
Get in the car.
- I had no choice.
All right! Okay!
- Drive..drive..drive.
Jim, we need to take you to the doctor.
Okay, go to bed.
We cannot go to a doctor.
Let's just go to the next safe house.
They will take care of it.
Here take this.
Take's what?
My scarf.
Okay..I will send you a check for
$ 1,600 right?
$ 2,600.
Walter you knows that car
not worth more than 1,600.
They will be so mad at me tomorrow.
You had a gun at your face.
What else could you could do?
somehow it's always my fault.
Thank you very much.
My agent stole a church bus.
Now he stealing drugs?
No, actually they paid for the
insulin, but they stole the car.
I don't like this.
Sir, we don't know when
another opportunity like this.
I know, to get the Canadian
connecting, and the pilot ...
shut it all down from A to Z.
It's in the wrist.
I hope not to
make a mistake.
Couple summers ago I
was at a Loudermilk place
The old Lucas had the same trouble.
I think that.. No.
That is excelent.
That's it. I gonna put drops and
bandage it.
How much time I have
to wear the bandages for?
I'm not sure.I never
did this before.
What about old Lucas?
Well, Lucas is a pig.
I suppose to give you this.
Thank you.
Whatever it is, I don't want to know.
- Jocelyn.
- No!
No. No.
Stop! No! stop!
- No! stop!
DJ! it's okay,it's okay
I'm here.
Honey, honey, honey.
it's okay.
He is not here.
He is not here.
Your dad's is not here.
I'm right here.
Mom is here, honey.
it's okay. You're okay.
It's just have a bad dream,
You're okay.
You're okay.
He having the nightmares ever since
the abuse started.
My kids have a lot
nightmares too.
I can't even see and imagine what
he is dreaming.
I don't know how these things work.
You know, I don't know if ...
it's better over time or just ...
or affects and become some another kind
of psychological problem.
I didn't think I will married with
a somebody who do this.
Do you love him?
When I was 18 I thought so ...
I was in love with him.. but
I didn't know what the love was.
Not that kind of love anyway
Frere Jacques
Frere Jacques
- Jacques.
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
- Hey, that's my song.
Why is your song?
Sonnez them Matines
Sonnez them Matines
Ding, dong, ding
Come on. Sing with me.
Ding, dong, ding
Frere Jacques
Frere Jacques
Are you still playing checkers spell?
- yeah.
I wanna play.
let me try to play.
Do you be my hand.
- Okay.
See what kind a car they driving?
- No.
A little girl, she said something about ...
going to Grandma's?
No, wait a minute that's not right.
See the grandmother trees,
Does this sound right?
Sound fine for me.
What kind of trees
your mother has in her yard?
What kind of trees? Why?
Because I got tips might lead
to something.
What did yo call the big long grimppy one
Yes, willow.
Well, there is Willow Island
in Iowa
one horse town, preety small,
I can hand out there.
What's that on her shirt?
You discharge.
Hi, it's Kemp, sir.
just want let you know
Jim was asked about McPherson.
He's asking about her husband?
Yeah, I think he might to be
concerns ...
McPherson might be
has abused his son.
Do we have a problem here, Kemp?
More than likely not sir, but you
asked to inform you ...
if there was any
kind of conflict.
How involved was he with
this woman?
I can't say. He doesn't
talk about it that much.
He said she was needy.
Stop moving it.
- Alright. Alright.
I.m going.
- okay.
Don't move it.
You want it get short?
- Yeah
Okay..alright. You are young.
it will grow back.
okay ..here..here
Let me get in the back.
- Don't cut it too short.
No. I know..I know
It's got a go.
It's got a go.
Here we go.
- Don't scare me.
Let's put some little
angle right here.
Let me see.
- No..no, wait..wait.
let me see something.
- I just want to see it..
No, no, no! I am an artist.
The geniuses take a while.
- Okay, fine..fine..fine go ahead.
Wait. let me ...
- freak You out!
Rogue. Give me that.
You ..
- Give me that!
The kids will wake.
No, no! No.
- No. No.
Come here. give me it..
- No.
give me it.
- No.
let me have it.
How are you doing?
Look at the dog.
I'm gonna pay. I'll be right back. Hello!
Get it. Good boy.
Mary Sue.
Can I play with it?
- No, Mary Sue.
No, he's gentle.
Hello? Hello? Hello?
- Hey What's up?
I owe you ten buck fo gas
I have only twenty.
I have to change.
- Yes, of course.
Let's see ...
- Do you know what breed he is?
That's right.
Can you do the trick with
the cookies again?
Yeah..I have some more in the
truck if you want to grab it.
I will let you do this time.
Kisses. Kisses. Kisses.
Come on. Kisses?
Are these the cookies?
- Yes, they are in a yellow box.
- Go.
He is big.
- Yes, bigger than you.
How much do you weight anyway?
Get in there.
- What are you doing?
Mom! Mom!
- Mom! Mom!
Jim! Let me go!
Do you have ten not?
- Very good.
Help! Jim!
Come on.
Momma, It's me.
Honey, the police are
looking all over for you
I got arrested.
Dennis hired some guys to track us
down and..
Found us and turn us in.
you really mesh it up
But you need money, now don't you?
I got you good lawyer from here.
Now tell me Willow Island Iowa
Say again where you are..
Can you tell where we are, please?
Hello? Hello?
You can stay here with you're kids
The FBI should be here soon.
Thank you.
We are in trouble, right mommy?
Yes, honey.
Hello, I want to report
theft or could be loss.
My wife can't find her purse.
There are credit cards
and money in there.
we got the camera of the kid
graduation ...
So it's very annoying.
-Just fill out this form for report, please.
You can take a sit right over there.
- Here? okay.
hi! you like football?
- Yes
It has reall good articel's
in there.
Show it to your mother.
Go outside wait for me.
She found it. It Was in the trunk.
No, It was under ...
Was under the
seat or in under the trunk?
We did not know whether there had been
lost or stolen ...
but then ... she
found it, thank God.
That's fined, sir.
- Does this happen a lot?
We ...
- I'm bothering.
Very good.
- We must return to work.
They are proud ...
hey..hey. Go, go, go, go.
It's awesome.
Sorry, Emma, I just wanna.. just
to tell you ...
Dear, you gonna have to talk
little louder. I'm hard of hearing
I'm Sorry. I Just wanna to tell you that ...
the law is after us.
I mean more than you're
usuall visitors.
What for?
- Well ...
Armed robbery, prison escape ...
Attempt to ...
- Kidnapping ...
Attempt to murder.
- Theft of car auto.
my..my, you've been busy.
Yes, I just..I didn't
wanna get you in trouble.
Oh lord..child, what can they
gonna do with me?
I'm 93, I took
eleven different medications.
I am not responsible my actions.
Hi, this is Miller.
I guess you heard..
Yes, they escaped.
FBI wants me off the case.
Look I want you on this, okay?
For some reason, you are the
only person I trust.
Look, I can get into lot of trouble
right now because I work it on.
What if I double your fees?
Fine with the bill.
You have a beautiful handwriting.
In regard to counterfeit
I am the best.
There. These papers should beare
all you need in Canada.
This is your last stop. Freddie will ...
Ah, yes. Here's the map. I'll show you.
Freddie will pick you at
this abandoned airstrip.
We just have to set the time.
Thank you so much.
You're very welcome.
Hold. Hold it tight.
- Yes
Yup..Yup..Yup..got it there?
- Yes
This is really ..really good idea, DJ.
You think so?
- Yes, yes.
We need all the help we can get.
Very smart.
Will you go come with us to the next place?
If your mom invite me.
Got it?
- Yeah. I think so.
Good job.
It's Works.
- well Yeah. Good job.
I ...
Okay..I will go to the pawn shop
to pawn some jewelry.
Alright. I'll see you back here
within half an hour ...
- 45 minutes?
It's fine.
- Okay.
You know ...
if you need to go, I think
we can make it from now on.
I guess I have slowing you down a bit huh.
No..no, I didn't meant that. Just ...
I Just mean that..I thought you might wanna
get back to your own life.
At this junction I don't
have a really much life.
Well I heard Canada is
really nice.
It's funny you say
that. I was thinking ...
I would mind might hook it the put
the underground up there.
Something different.
I guess. I'm on a go.
See you in half an hour.
- Yup.
- Hello.
How are you doing?
- Okay.
I don't know if you buy jewelry, but ...
Oh great.
There are a jewelry down aways mind if I can
get a second opinion?
Yeah,,yeah not at all. Thank you.
I don't understand.
If we know where they are ...
Why do we just get them?
- No We can't do that.
Here he comes.
- Hi, honey.
- How are you doing?
Who is this?
I'm Dennis McPherson.
We made Mr. McPherson
aware in our situation.
He wanted to meet you since
you're with his children.
So? How are they? They okay?
They would be doing a lot of better
if you are not with them
From what I heard ...
You guy the one who
put them in danger.
And you love them a lot,
do you?
What the fuck it's supposed
to means?
What if I love my kids?
Who is the fuck is this guy?
I don't write the laws..
but something or someone
is pushing them really hard.
Well, I'll let you know when I
give you shit what you think.
You like some pie?
How did it go?
- Good, I got ...
1,500 for enggagement ring
so I don't miss anything.
The schedule has changed.
You moving on.
This is the new pick up location.
- Okay, thanks.
Emma can I speak with you for a second?
- DJ! Mary Sue! get you're suitcase!
We gotta go!
- Emma? I am in trouble.
You have to speak up, honey.
- It's a Pillar field.
You know the time?
At 4:00 o'clock.
Very good.
So what you did you find
about McPherson?
Real prick. Why?
Do you think he's guilty?
I don't know.
Well, that's not our
concern. You know that.
Remember what you said.
You don't make laws.
Yes, I know..I know..
I said that.
There is something wrong.
It's Jim.
- There is a problem.
What problem? We can
handle it. Ready?
Come on..let's go.
Hey. you are a cucumber.
You are a carrot.
- You're a butcrack.
DJ. That's not a vegetable.
Jim is a ...
- What? What?
Jim is what?
- You're a ...
- What is it Jim?
- Jim ...
That's a good
question. What are you, Jim?
I am a broccoli!
Jim is a broccoli!
- Jim is a broccoli!
Now, listen.
There has been change of plans.
The pickup field has changed.
We always play the old tricks.
Hey Chester!
He is deaf.
He's gonna take you to a place
to wait for the plane.
It is two valleys east of here.
Thank you.
- You're welcome..darling.
Take care.
It was Show time, huh.
It would not necessary, sir.
They encourage me.
Wait a second.
What are you doing?
Is this the west?
We suppose going to east.
What the hell are you doing?
Where are you going?
They gonna land here near the highway,
probably in the field nearby.
I'll come with you guys.
Can I come with?
You staying at the hotel.
Look, they my kids.
And I want to be there
when she is busted.
I think I'm welcome and have a right here.
- No, you not.
Have you been in the pool?
It has a nice hothtub. A sauna.
God knows where we are.
I'm lost without my cell phone.
Thank so much, Emma.
Wow..come on.
- okay.
The plane.
I know you want to get around, but I need
you to be here, okay?
- Yes
Thank you.
I love you..very much.
- What?
I was just wondering if you're ...
If you're still thinking about comming
to Canada with us.
I don't ... don't know.
I've never been very good in making
big decisions like that.
I have seen you made it for me.
Kindly I am atempted to go.
To save the damsel in distress?
No.. Well, yes.
You figure out one and only
my character flows.
Joce ...
something ...
There's something I mean to tell you.
before I joining the underground,
I used to be the law enforcement.
I Just thought you should know that.
Now you tell me this?
Well, it was a long time ago.
And anything helps me with this.
It gives me an advantage.
You don't get confused?
No, it was kind long time ago, Jocelyn.
So you don't get mixed up to
Whose side you on?
I think you're a good man.
I do.
Who are you?
And don't further lie to me,
because I saw you with Dennis.
I'm FBI.
Look, there's a bigger picture
here you don't understand.
'll Let you know you're down here.
Hi, honey.
- We're playing the game.
You're a ... lamp.
Its not kind of game, Mom.
Daddy told us not to tell you.
When did he said that?
just now.
What? Where is he?
Nice hair.
How did you find us?
Look ...
The kids are cold, tired and
probabbly scared to death, so ...
Yeah, they scare to death with you.
They are not scare to death to me.
Alright you guys?
Just because a some judge says you
can have them does not mean you should.
Well, I don't write the laws, Joce.
All I know..I want
my kids back.
Come on!
- Jim!
He's comming!
Come on!
Come on!
There it is!
- I don't see the runway.
It is the lake, Mom.
That's where it land.
Come on..come on.
Come on!
Get up! Mom!..
get up
Get in!
Come on.
Stop the plane!
Open the god damn door!
Open the door!
What is happening?
Stay here.
Why are we stop?
- The elevator is jammed.
I have to clear it.
You stay here.I will do it.
Look. no matter What happens you get
my kids out of here, okay?
Jim, you know I'm not let
you take my children.
Joce, I wish it would end this way.
and than I'll have to take you in.
Get on the plane or I'll leave
without you! Come on!
Stay on the ground!
Get down on ground now!
- get down on the ground!
Mom! Come on! get in!
I knew you will get us out of here.
don't move. Drop the gun.
- get down on the ground!
Hands behind your head.
Officer down.
I repeat, officer down.
We need an
air ambulance.
# Zackbauer #