Ticks (1993) Movie Script

Do you really have to? - It's for your own good.
Miss Lambert has already helped a lot of children.
I do this because I want you to get better.
Help me daddy Where are you
Dad, where are you? Help me, please.
We are going to play a game.
If you get hit, I'll let you live. Shoot your mistake ...
Then not.
They call me Panic because I never panic. And you?
You do not do anything to me. - Who knows.
Maybe I'll bite my dog off your leg.
Throw now I do not have the whole day.
One more time
The washing touches. - I did not look at it.
Mazzel. One more time
Your turn. - Do you now determine the rules?
Inderdaad. The game is out.
Tyler Burns? Holly Lambert of the Wilderness Project.
Thank you my dad. - It's gonna be fun.
I'm Charles Danson. Aangenaam.
My daughter Melissa. She helps us with a hand.
Do not believe them. This will be a terrific getaway.
Brillemans, we are not ready yet.
Are you also into nature?
Darrel Lumley, still so tough? - It must be in this jungle.
Glad you go. - It's gonna be laughing. Still, buddy?
Did you see that? What does this thing cost, Dee?
The tax has paid me. - I'll get one of her old ones too.
Only when I drive to Mexico and stay there.
Do I look Mexican?
Do you hang this away for me?
Sukkel. - Welcome to the club.
Getting Started.
I'm not going to walk. - Do you help yourself?
Brute has the measles. - Dogs do not get that.
Are you a vet then? - Let's see.
A tick. The vampire beneath the bugs.
What a bad crook. - Do you have a match?
My grandfather said they were too hard to squeeze.
Does anything burn? - Sorry.
That little wanted to smoke, but that's bad for him.
Last chance to save stock.
Rome, buy some chewing gum for me.
Are you still leaving?
Stay, Brutus.
Bingo. - What is that?
He pumps for his girlfriend. The steroid.
What are you going to do? - Share honestly.
Feesthoedjes. Typical Chuck. Did you ever kill someone?
What is that for a question? - A direct.
I killed just as many guys as you had sewed.
He's okay.
Hello honey
What do you do in this area?
Jerry. Mani Eren.
Hey there.
Yes, yes.
This is the BBC broadcaster. It's now 19:00.
Today we are discussing hidden economies.
In California, hippies, businessmen and Vietnam veterans have
A high-quality industry set up, protected by deadly boobytraps.
But we do not have a sickness fund.
Increasing demand and competition for new technologies.
Narcotics encountered an infrastructure of ponds and chemicals
to achieve maximum harvest.
The impact on the economy and the environment is unknown.
Just nine percent more revenue.
Guy, you're at the gloves.
Is this it? Seems like a ghetto.
Fixed no cable tv. Wait until you see the toilet.
Should we sleep here? - Just give me a ride.
It is far too quiet here. - Get your stuff.
Boys and girls divorced, Rome.
What are you all with, Dee?
This reminds me of the youth prison.
Leave some space for me.
Lekker. Is that our dinner?
Now no more. - I'm not hanging my clothes here.
All for you.
July 18, 1993. We arrived in the camp.
Holly has already done this a few times.
She is the only one with knowledge of survival techniques.
The rest is more 'each for themselves', as they learn in the big city.
As expected, the young people react quite differently.
Rome and Dee Dee pretended to be home.
They behave like they do in the city too.
Panic is the prototype of the aggressive loser.
Instead of accepting the change, he attacks it.
And Kelly, a prisoner of her own disturbed mind.
This group will not become unity, despite a common enemy.
In this case, nature.
You think I hate everything? - No, no.
Do not you like this with your dad? No, I think it's terrible.
Everyone says that nature is so inspiring.
What's so inspiring about insects and snakes?
It works stifling. And everything messes away.
Will we go back
Why did you sweat so?
Something's about to happen. - like?
No idea.
Wacht. Do not move.
Nice tried. There's something on your back.
What is it Tyler, what's up now?
No idea. - Get it off.
You hurt me. - I'm trying to get rid of it.
Get it off
Get it off, Tyler. It hurts.
What was that? - No idea.
I want to go back to Arizona.
Not bad, those burgers.
They may have you.
Charles, you do not believe that. - What's up?
She was attacked by an insect. - This is the wilderness.
This was not an ordinary insect. - It was stuck on my back.
It was slimy, just one ... - Snotpegel.
That's goor.
You should not touch them either. - He attacked me.
Insects do not just fall. - Nobody believes the children.
I only had my blaffer. - Exaggerate you.
Observe remotely. And put some of it up.
We now know that this was a stupid idea.
The others are not complaining either.
There are the happy campers. Still no problems?
Sorry for the loud music. - We have also been young.
Charles Danson. - Call me Sir.
This is my companion Jerry.
Also a hamburger? - Very welcome.
No, thank you. We'll give you some tips.
Since the factory is closed, some people started here for themselves.
What do they do then? - Grow money.
Drugs. What kind of drugs?
I do not want to scare you, but they are not darling.
I do not want to be injured. Please let us know.
Rest assured we have enough to do here.
Then we will go again.
Thank you for your visit. - I'm fine. Au revoir.
Are you your own children?
I only had my blaffer.
That sounds like home, but without heli's.
There is certainly such a builder down. - Do you believe that? You are so naive.
Preferably naive than a spoiled nest.
The natives celebrate the party.
What are you, Romeo? - Lead free, out of the van.
Let it be light.
What are they talking about? - I will go.
Only fire.
Are you crazy? There is a fire hazard. That was on the plates.
Do you want a forest fire? Are you really so stupid?
Why are you looking at me?
Quiet but. We do not know how to create a campfire.
Okay, do not care.
I'll teach you tomorrow. I am busy now.
Too busy? With Holly's fucking?
That was sitting. - She's got a leak.
Have you seen my dog? Are you sick or so?
I'm trying to process.
You were not afraid of me. And yet you are now shivering.
Sometimes, when I'm alone, I get dizzy.
You have to do just like my dog. It just goes on everywhere.
It will be fine.
Brute. Get help. Shoot up
Charles. - What again?
There is something about Panic's dog.
We heard that dog janking and he ran away.
What happened? - Brutus ...
He scratched himself and then he no longer moved.
I called him, but he did not recognize me.
He did not recognize me.
I called him, but he did not move.
He did not move.
Brutus ...
What are you doing - I do not belong here.
Why Brutus? I never had to take him with him.
I always thought I'd be dropped and that my dog would save it.
I am pleading. I've got enough of this.
You're only upset.
Out of place? If you're ticking me, you'll notice how much I'm upset.
Good morning, sheriff. Thank you for your arrival.
It seemed like rabies, and suddenly he was dead.
Zonde. It could be rabies.
Bring it to Doctor Kates.
Hungry sheriff?
No, thank you.
Jarvis Tanner, someone nearby, did not come home yesterday.
Long brown hair, slightly calendary. - Not seen.
He dives up again.
Where is Panic? Wake him up.
Tyler, what's up? - He's gone.
Weg? - Back to LA
He would raise. - You do not mean this.
Why did not you say anything? I am responsible for you.
Is it sometimes my fault? I tried to stop it.
Come on, Tyler. - Always someone else's fault, Dad?
It's not your fault. My father is an acorn.
I said he should not go. - Panic is doing well.
He's saving it in the city too?
Panic is doing well.
I'm going to search Panic. Are you coming along?
Are you going to Panic? I also bring Brutus to the vet.
I'm going along too. No, Holly needs you.
Pa ... - Melissa, please.
Hopefully everything is good with Panic. - He can take care of himself.
I notice that you do not feel comfortable. You seem scared.
That's me too. - What happened?
As a kid I was camping with my father. He got drunk.
I got lost and stayed in the forest for a couple of days.
It is getting worse. Sometimes I did not even go to school.
Pretty embarrasing when you pass on the hallway.
So your dad thought to cure you in practice.
He does not believe in doctors. I want to get better.
When I'm alone, I'm scared.
You do not have to search me.
It's not a snake bite.
There is something that does not belong. A tumor does not explain its behavior.
Vreemd. No plasma. - What do you mean?
That all the blood has been sucked out. - What can be the cause of this?
What's happening here?
Where are you from?
He must not escape.
In case of doubt, spot.
That's the same thing that Melissa attacked.
What is it? - Ixodes Dammini.
To see the jaws and the head, a tick.
Those are not that big. - He's crazy, but a tick.
How can that be? - He was sprayed somewhere.
Perhaps a steroid. The farmers use it for marijuana.
To promote growth. That remains among us.
He has changed drastically.
What you said about your dog, his neurotoxin is also enhanced.
An anesthetic? - If a tick bites, he'll rob you.
Sometimes this leads to hallucinations. As if your dog had used LSD.
What if there are more?
Melissa, why do not you take them to go fishing?
They do not want to fish. - Did you ask?
Kelly, want to fish?
That's one.
Like my ... Hello, Holly.
Want to go fishing with Melissa and Kelly?
I'm allergic to fish. - You're lying.
Just ask my mother.
You can also sunbathe the lake. - Do you want to get rid of us?
You have to make fun. - I'm enjoying myself fine.
And you, Dee Dee? - I have to stay in the shadow.
Are you going to fish with Kelly? - Just ahead.
I knew there was no path.
Have you ever fished? Do you like fish?
This is a bad idea. Why now fish?
Holly wants us to make fun.
I did not know you could talk. - I did not always like it.
You had me pretty tuk. - That was not the intention.
I do not mean that.
After my rape I was pronounced.
Sorry, I did not know. - Holly was a huge help.
With my parents I could not talk, but with Holly.
She understands me. You have to give her a chance.
Let's go back. Holly never comes back.
She can not think I'm a lube.
I promised her. She hates liars.
Is it here Who is going fishing here?
Holly said it was here. So this has to be it.
Soon we will encounter such a farmer. - Then I'll get rid of his farm tree.
I'm coming
In the city, that younger guy looked so strange to me.
I got a strange feeling.
You have bite. Binnenhalen. - I already do.
Immediately he escapes. - I know how to do it.
He is stuck. Just grab it Shoot up
And now? - The water in.
I did not see. - Enter the water.
Quick, he escapes.
Melissa, shoot up.
Quickly, the line breaks.
Pull the line.
Certainly a big one.
Help me
The sheriff ...
Dee, where are you? I'll let you know.
Help me, please. I can not see them.
Grab the gun
I do not see anything. Grab the gun
I'm full.
Help me Kill me
Where am i
What do we have here? - An upcoming dealer.
A young entrepreneur. - What are you chatting?
The best of California. - Well, I want to go to LA
Bothering to comb
Not yet.
Tell me, young man. Do you like me
Say: Yes, Sir. I'm a flicker. - Yes sir. You are a flicker.
We're getting rid of it.
We're done, sir. - No bad idea.
I'll get you, buddy.
Gil and die.
I'll take you off Do you want to want me? Come on then.
Poor bastard.
He's going to.
I hit it.
He does not get far. - He knows too much.
Our harvest is burning. - Just leave.
Everything will be fine, Dee. You are at Rome.
Are you still
I'm full.
Quiet but. I am it
Kijk. - What now?
What happened?
There is something wrong with her. She is bitten by an insect.
The neurotoxin. - Everything will be fine again.
We go to the others and bring her to the city.
Where are you, Charles?
Take a moment. - What happened?
She was bitten by an infected tick.
What's up The sheriff is dead.
They found his body and in his jeep sat a bullet hole.
We have to get out of here right away.
Get your stuff. It's getting dark soon.
Darrel still seen? No, that rotjoch.
They are not bad children. - I know that.
There is a fire and that sign is on this side.
Close the door.
Open. - Do not let it in.
Open. - do not do
You saved us. Thank you very much.
The sign is everywhere. The fire wakes them up.
We are going to the city. You can join.
Just what I thought. Jerry needs care.
I get the dressing box.
What's up with her? - Bitten by such a tick.
Yes, they bite well.
We have to go. - How do we get to the van?
Send one of the cutters. - We will not do that.
Are you going to pick up the van, Jerry?
Forget about it. - Sir.
I'm not going, sir.
Holly. Help.
Do not open.
I said ...
Do not open.
Door closed.
Darrel, I'm with you.
He has a stroke. Take care of his head.
Do not touch. Melissa, get something.
I'm with you. - Quiet but.
That's mine. - Steroids.
Darrel, I am there. - Here, Holly.
No, do not touch. Where is your lighter?
Hold him tight
I'm with you, Darrel.
I'm sorry.
Just leave. - I'm sorry.
Quiet but.
What's up, Darrel? - They took me.
They did it.
Quiet but.
All understanding of your sadness, but we have to go.
Otherwise, that sign takes us.
Sign do not use weapons. He's shot down.
Just like the sheriff. - Do you mean we were?
That's not what anyone says. - Exactly. Only I say something.
They know everything about our business. We'll finish them all.
First I want the car keys. The keys, please.
Then we are stuck here.
Leave him alone.
Give me the dressing box.
Stop it.
Do not do stupid things anymore. Sin of my bullets.
Feel, sir. Completely slippery
Pretty slippery. Were you never your hair?
Do not do
If I do not get those keys soon,
I feed you to our hungry boyfriends.
If they do not cooperate, we use them as toys.
Now only one driver. - The children do not drive.
You are volunteer.
She goes straight to the police. The police are dead.
And the fire? That sign is everywhere. - Well thought, Jerry.
Go get the bus right now.
I do not. Forget about it.
Yes sir.
Do not do this to me, sir. - Get the van.
Come on, Jerry.
No, you're dead. - Killer.
You're dead. - Killer.
What are you doing, Jerry?
Everybody unharmed?
All right.
Everyone stays calm.
Not so fast.
No gaps. - What do you want from us?
I want to live alive here.
An invasion.
Bad sign.
The van. - Help me.
If they want blood, they'll get that. Throw the cripple but out.
Do you want to come with me, lady? That can.
Without us you will not get away. Only you will not save it.
I like that risk. - Let my daughter go, smear.
Help me
What happens?
Everyone upstairs.
Help me, Rome.
Is the fire close?
Too close.
We have to go to the van. - That's suicide.
I know a way.
What are they going to do? - Just look.
Okay, Kelly.
Who's going? - I.
Stay with Dee Dee. I will go.
I'm getting panic again. I need to get out of here.
Do you smell that, Tyler? - We survive this.
If I just sway far enough and beat the gravity.
I need a torch.
Help me, Jerry.
Give me a good move. - There you go.
Tyler, get up.
Look out. They are everywhere.
Get out there.
Grab the broom.
The bus is just a short distance away. Rennen.
Is it fixed?
Come up. - Fast outside.
On the side.
Everybody out.
You too, Charles.
You're almost there.
To your dad, Melissa.
Forward, Holly.
Help me - Help him.
Put this on and throw him to me.
Hold on, Rome.
The torch.
Get it
Give me your hand
Hold on, Ty.
Driving, Tyler.
Translation: Wess Lee