Tie pohjoiseen (2012) Movie Script

There once was a young man, who
wanted to become the world's best archer.
He was obsessed about it.
He left his wife and kids
and headed east to find himself a master.
I need to go to the toilet.
Why are there so few around here?
Be careful, these are so tight.
- Why did buy so small?
Ladies... - We're not ladies.
We're single!
Excuse me, but where's the exit?
- Can you follow a woman?
Just barely.
- He can't.
Come, we'll show.
Don't run,
ladies... singles. - Come, come!
He follows!
What's that?
- My passport.
Why's the color so strange?
- It's an EU passport, got tanned.
Let me see.
Flying finn. - Where did you
buy this? Come with us.
- Hi! Pasi...
I don't look like a criminal, do I?
Thank you.
- Thank you.
Thanks, singles.
- You're welcome. Watch out!
Porala here, hi.
There's some boozer in the staircase.
Yes, he's sleeping.
Is it Timo?
- What?
- How do you know my name?
I'm your father.
My father went to sea,
when I was three. - Yeah.
And then he came back.
Thanks for the concert.
- What concert?
The one tonight.
Where you there?
- Yes.
You're good.
Thank you.
I've at least understood
that belongings aren't everything.
Go ahead.
- I need to practice.
I wouldn't mind.
Who's the drawer?
- Lumi.
My daughter.
- Who old is Lumi?
They are in Rovaniemi.
My wife's from there. They'll accompany me
when the place gets furnished.
Thank you.
I always thought you'd become a musician
We had that brown Fazer-piano
and on your mother lap you'd mash it
even before you could sit.
The piano was birch.
- Yeah, might have been.
- What?
What do you want?
- Me?
I haven't heard about you in 35 years.
Your mother wanted,
that I wouldn't keep contact.
You do know she's dead?
- Yes, yes.
No, you didn't.
Colon cancer.
I took her to treatment
every week for three years.
I go to colonoscopy once a year.
- What's that?
A kind of a viewing.
- Sounds like fun.
It's hereditary, the cancer.
I also have an inheritance for you.
- Well, you are my only son.
I thought you could
accompany me.
Where to?
- To the 'wolf border'.
'Wolf border'?
- Mmm.
Can you smoke outside?
- Sure, as well as in here.
Which hotel are you staying at?
I have trouble concentrating. - Hotel?
You can sleep there, in Lumi's bed.
I need to practice.
I won't bother you.
I think you already know how to play that.
- No, I don't...
I go, I go.
Listen, do you have a car?
- But a driver's license at least?
Yes. - Good.
We can always rent car.
My feet are in such a bad shape
that I can't drive.
Timo Porala has been awarded
the nordic music prize.
Family comes before music.
Hi, to Rovaniemi.
Step in.
- Thanks.
Wait, we should put these on.
I hope there's no one home.
- No.
We never let the owner
be around at showings.
Big expectations, and then they get offended
from the smallest criticism.
Idiotic owners have ruined
many good deals from me.
Are there any upcoming renovations?
- No, nothing.
Durable apartments.
But if you want, I can check.
So full of light.
- Yes, and look at here.
Why is this for sale?
- There's been changes in the family.
To tell you straight, the woman left,
the guy's intolerable.
She moved to Rovaniemi,
as far as possible from him I guess.
The wretch needs the money,
he's probably heavily in debt.
So, shall we make a bid?
These kinds tend to sell fast.
I have a teeing in an hour,
but it can moved
if we're ready to deal.
Don't... be afraid.
There's someone here. - Okay.
Good morning.
Well... well this is a lucky coincidence
that the owner is around.
Maybe you could tell something
about the housing cooperative.
This is no longer for sale.
- What?
You can stop selling this.
- What's this supposed to mean?
Thanks. Thanks a lot!
Hey girl! The other one...
Okay then... Let's look this again
in the future. - Yeah, let's.
Fuck you!
- Great idea.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Keep the rest.
Did you say something?
- No.
Eat your breakfast so you'll have
enough energy. - I ate at the studio.
Listen, uneaten food
won't be taken to the grave.
You left really early this morning.
You were like that as a child.
Never sleeping past six.
And when you woke,
you'd immediately start to sing.
I have diabetes, in case you're wondering.
They're saying if I dont take care of it,
I'm dead.
Once I tried to put you to sleep
the way they put budgies
and parrots to sleep.
You left me in dark?
- No, no.
You had chickenpox, and you had
been up at least three days.
I layered a big stack of towels and cloths
on top of your cot
and there you were alone in the dark.
With your mother we thought
you had fallen in sleep.
We started kissing.
A sound came from the cod:
Eurovision song.
I've already rented us a car.
I couldn't find anything else
at a moment's notice.
Maybe you should drive.
Do you have keys?
- You don't need those.
It's a modern model.
Just put the red and blue together.
Luckily there still are
these kinds that you can start.
Last time I drove through here,
you could see cows.
Are we still a long way off?
- What do you mean?
Haven't we passed the "wolf border"?
Ring road III is behind us. - Well...
We're still ways off.
I'll be there very soon.
I'll take a cab. Half a hour.
Goddammit, I'm sure you can skip one gig.
It's a symphony orchestra! The "wolf border",
of course I thought you meant Ring III.
I didn't fucking think that
it's thought to be the 'wolf border'!
Of course you fucking didn't!
How could I? I'm from the countryside.
Never heard of it.
We should get to know each other.
I'd like to know my only son.
It's good to start with lying.
- I didn't lie to you.
I don't believe a single word you say.
- But you, you lied to me.
Me? How so?
Your family lives in Rovaniemi,
and you're selling the flat.
The broker came by?
- He did. I took care of it.
You have a sister in Jyvskyl.
A sister!
You thought we could stop by there first.
You said I'm your only son.
- Yes, son. The only son.
For fuck sake...
Thanks for the ride.
Hey, there! Go there!
We need to take something with us.
Timo Porala here. Listen,
I can't play tonight.
I have a migraine.
It started yesterday at the concert.
I'll find a stand-in.
Thanks a lot.
I caught one! Come and help.
Can you pick it up?
- How?
Behind the head. Fast,
before it gets away.
Not from the line! Take it!
Good, Timo!
- Goddammit!
Now my shoes are all wet!
- Don't let it go!
At least a kilo.
- It's all slimy.
It's... Torpparinkuja 29.
My earns are ringing. Tinnitus is starting.
- I had it for many years,
when I was touring with the band.
I was about to crazy.
It'd start from the smallest clang.
When someone threw keys on the table,
or a ping from a pint, anything.
What did you play?
- Bass.
Okay. - I sang as well.
I sang a lot. I hymmed.
You did what?
- Hummed. You know.
Look! What do we have here?
Look, a new travel companion. A cat!
You'll wait in the car
as we visit the relatives.
Paakku? Have you told them
that we're coming?
In Finland you can visit relatives
just by knocking at the door.
That's how it is.
Is your surname Paakku?
- Yes.
Do you have a wife called Minna?
- Yes.
Leo, Minna's father.
Timo, Minna's brother.
Sorry, but what is this?
- We've come for a visit. Here you are.
Minna's sleeping.
- Darling, who's there?
- Your father came for a visit.
We have a cat with us, in the car.
So if you don't want the fish,
the cat can always eat it.
What can we cook from this?
- I don't know.
I hope we didn't disturb you
with our surprise visit.
No. - We were just screwing
for the first time in six months.
That's why Pertti is sulking.
- I'm not sulking.
Why did you have to...
- It's true, isn't it?
When we talk about this,
it should remain between you and me.
Does it matter, who we talk about it?
You somehow look familiar, Timo.
- Okay
You do look alike.
- Do we?
Hey... Is this Anja?
- Yes.
Her mother.
Your mother I met after her.
Help yourselves.
We've grown the tarragons ourselves.
It's organic...
- Not a lot for me.
So... How...
I guess you've been in contact
trough Facebook. - Yes, little.
Father must've been a bit drunk.
- A bit.
You promised to visit sometime.
- And now I did.
What... what have you been doing for living?
I was a human statue for a while.
You know, with calcified hands and face.
It was a wonderful job,
but I had to end it quite quickly.
Why? - It's Impossible
to be still for long time.
Then, after the tsunami,
I moved to a monastery.
You're a monk?
- Well...
It must be an interesting occupation.
Or a spiritual... position.
At least more interesting than my job.
Pertti works as an interviewer
in a labor hire company.
As a recruiter.
I'm like a headhunter.
- What?
Head... Okay.
So, how's...
A monk needs to very disciplined...
Not nearly as much being a statue.
But I just do the laundry there
and clean and bake...
bread for the boys.
You can't make me into a monk...
Do you remember when father left?
No. I was maybe two or three.
I remember that it was empty and
mother was watching me play on the floor.
And she couldn't play the piano. I wanted
to hear the songs father used to play.
I remember him having hair
on his face and hands.
And he smelt bad.
Why did he even make a child
if he wasn't going to be around?
Maybe he was just horny.
Pertti and I have a difficult
period going on right now.
So don't wonder if things are a bit strange.
- Okay
I have a feeling that
Pertti doesn't appreciate me.
Why not?
Pertti would like me to
be cheerful and social.
Like some goddamn...
public relations manager.
That's probably his dream.
But I can't help it for being what I am.
Minna, she's the quiet type.
Maybe you've noticed.
Spends all of her days online.
Almost nights as well.
My job's more social...
so we have at times,
how do you say it...
communication problems.
Could you please?
- What?
The whisk there.
- Oh, sure.
It's from oak sprigs, self frozen.
It's organic.
Dear god it feels god!
Really good!
We installed these rain like showers.
Minna had seen them in some decor magazine.
I thought it might become expensive
but if it makes her happy why not.
As a little girl I dreamed that
he'd remember my birthdays.
He never did.
Sometimes mom lied that
he had phoned when I was sleeping.
At Christmas I'd get a present that
was supposed to be from him
but it was wrapped on the same paper
as every other present.
I thought he'd send something
when he asked for the address.
I didn't think that he'd dare to come by.
At school I'd tell he's a musician
who's always on tour.
In third grade they started to ask
what band he was in.
I didn't even know what country he was in.
I hit one guy so hard he lost a teeth.
I couldn't hit another person.
I guess I'm the type that
can't hold her own.
Depressed in spring and fall.
And a bit in summer and winter as well.
Did it feel good?
- Apparently.
Minna, here you are.
Happy birthday.
My birthday is in february.
- No worries.
I'm just well in advance.
- Thank you.
Would like me to open it?
- No, no.
Life really starts at 40.
You aren't quite as confused
as before that.
- Excuse me.
Minna! Come here, Skype!
It's your Skype.
- Did it feel good?
What's here...
It's great that someone calls her.
Frankly she's pretty asocial.
Compared to me, she's asocial.
Pour one for me.
- What?
These chairs, they aren't
really made for sitting.
Thank you.
I need to make a call.
Who do you have there?
- Surprise guest.
Hi! is it Anja?
Hi! Yes, it's me.
You haven't changed at all.
- Thanks, where are you?
Near Miami.
Earl, my husband,
owns a hardware store chain here.
Of course. You're looking good.
Oh, thank you.
What do you do?
Well, nothing.
- Okay...
So you have 'downshifted'?
- All my life.
Listen, Leo... - Yes, yes, I love you
from the bottom of my heart.
Thank you... But it's really great that
you've come to see Minna.
She has really missed you.
- Yes, maybe it was the time for it.
So, were you ever imprisoned?
- No, well...
It worked out fine.
I play golf! Can you imagine, me,
an old commie.
Once I nearly missed out on getting a visa
because of running after
those men during studies.
It's at ten o'clock in the morning.
Take a cab, I'll pay.
Thank you! Do you the piece?
Of course you do.
I'll make it to the evening show.
Okay, thanks.
This is how it goes sometimes. Bye.
So you're into music?
- You could say that, yes.
What kind of music do you like?
It varies.
Lately I've been listening to
Wagner and Schubert. - Okay.
Where do they come from?
They are composers.
But what kind of music?
- Classical.
I'm more into the heavier stuff.
Would you like to hear?
- Sure, if you have more whisky.
I have something better.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- This is lovely.
How was mother?
- Just fine.
It's pretty confusing...
this Skype.
- It is.
Pirkko's horse stables?
Are you going for a ride?
No... an old acquaintance
At Kemijrvi?
- So it seems.
This is intense!
At gigs... they have bloody
sheep heads in pikes
and naked woman with hoods on the heads
hanging from crosses.
Minna doesn't like at all when I smoke
but I have to relax somehow!
I feeling really good, hoh!
I feel free.
Are you feeling free?
- Sure.
Really, I mean it.
Are you feeling free?
Yes, yes.
- Dammit, more volume!
Now, Timo, now it comes!
Timo, now we love! I love the world!
I love you!
Timo, now we really love!
It's wonderful...
I cut mom's hair into a mohawk.
- Pretty wild.
Minna, call an ambulance!
- What is it? Calm down.
You calm down! My nose is broken!
It's not broken. Press here.
What is it?
- Goddammit, you have a sick family.
Did you fall?
- What if I die?
Was he hurt?
- No.
What did he say to you?
- I don't remember. I need insulin.
What? - Insulin. My blood sugar is high,
nerves can't take it.
All my medicine is at home
and I'm feeling strange.
Do you have diabetes?
Yes, since I was 12.
Knock, knock. How are you doing?
Could you please leave my house.
We can't throw them out
in the middle of the night!
You don't know these people!
- We're leaving.
Timo is very sorry.
It's just that alcohol and pot
don't mix well with diabetes.
Pot?! Dammit, Pertti! Why?
How could I have know that
he's all screwed up?
And you, keep your chin up
You're a great guy.
Am I?
- Yes.
Father, don't go. You just arrived.
- We really have to go.
Let's keep contact with that Facebook
or what ever it is. Okay?
I'll call you.
- Bye bye, Timo.
Bye, Leksa.
And bye, Timo.
Do you often hit people?
- No.
I don't remember you and mother together.
- You dont?
How was it with you two?
- Well...
There was lots of love, but...
things just happened.
You bought us a color TV.
- What?
From the same trip I...
or we bought you
one of those foldable highchairs.
We were able to tie you there
and watch the Munich olympics in peace.
Mom wasn't interested in sports.
- She loved sports.
She hated it.
- People change.
Where was she buried?
- At nekoski.
What? Why? - She's from there.
Surely you remember that?
Did you say nekoski?
Of course. At nekoski.
Where else?
I scattered her ashes in here.
We'd often come fishing here
while visiting grandpa.
You had left many years earlier.
- Is he still alive? Your mother's father.
He died in the nineties.
Everybody dies.
- So we do.
But your grandma still lives.
My mother.
Who? - My mother.
She lives in a sheltered home.
When's the next time you're free? - Between
Christmas and New Year I have few days.
Fucking idiot!
Why did you do that? Goddammit!
All the things I haven't taken care of!
- What things?
Fucking old man, you don't get it at all!
I don't want to be like you!
I want to fill my agreements and
not go away without telling anyone!
You can't fucking dry this up anymore!
Goddammit, you can't do that to
another person! - Sorry.
You fucking ruined my phone!
- Peace
- What the fucking peace?
Are you her grandson?
- Me? Yes.
Irja? Is Irja home?
Who's there?
- Mother, it's me.
Did you come back to live with me?
- Not quite yet.
This is my son Timo.
He has my eyes!
Do you have money?
- Yes, yes
You shouldnt lie to your mother.
Thank you.
This is Antero, this boy?
- Timo.
Yes, now I remember.
You are a doctor.
Actually I'm not.
- Timo is a pianist.
And you are my husband.
- No.
No, no you're not! You left that
pretty dark haired girl
even thought you had such a fine son.
My mother was a blond.
- No, she wasn't really...
It was bad from you, Leo.
Leaving like that and not telling me.
Well... I've had my missteps, I admit.
It's not too great in here.
Awful food and all my neighbors
suffering from Alzheimer.
And those men clattering at night.
I guess they use sticks.
Sometimes they are wearing black masks.
Mother, would you like to visit home?
Whose home?
- Your home.
Us two strong men, we can help.
Can't we, Timo? Timo?
Couldn't we help mom to visit home?
Boys want go and party?
Sure, I'll go, always have.
That way!
- Yes, there.
In here I'd always wait for your father.
His father didn't think much of me.
Was I 17 when I left home?
- I don't remember.
Father would've kept me cutting wood
for the rest of my life.
For him, having spent
five years at the front,
forest work was like camping.
He didn't understand that
a little kid could freeze to death there.
While working at the field,
he'd poke me with a pitchfork
if I was slacking at all.
He wasn't playing around.
One day he came to me and said
you can go dream after
your musician career.
He cave me fifty marks.
I thought 'all right'.
I called a cab.
I thought that if I have to leave,
I better do it with style.
I was an adult man the first time
I stepped into an apartment building.
And straight away having sex.
Stop, stop!
Rinta-Pattila, hello there.
Is that the Porala's son?
- The same one.
I haven't forgiven you and never will.
He put a snake into my boot
when he was a kid.
This is my son Timo.
- Hello.
Your father would pee on to an electric
fence when we'd incite him a bit.
We'd say that nothing would
come of him when he grows up,
but looks like god knows his job.
Where are you going?
- We're looking for my homestead.
Everything has just changed so.
- It's a prominent place these days.
I going to the same direction.
I'll go with you. - Jump in.
What the hell is this place?
They've built a little shop there.
It was nice to meet you.
Now I'll head to the slot machines
and put my EU endorsements into circulation.
Where are you going, mother?
- I'll go buy us all 'Negros kisses'.
They have plenty of different flavors.
You were born there?
- Goddammit.
Our cow-shed was there.
And there, there was a big rock
that I'd climb on to,
when my parents where angry.
Good luck to you, boys.
Who knows if we'll see each other again.
- I'm sure we will.
Mother, this is for you.
Ohh! What is it called?
- I don't know. You can name it.
You are Harri Kirvesniemi.
I'll make a bed for it
in the nightstand. - Bye Bye.
What color was my mother's hair?
- She was a brunette.
Let's stop this nonsense.
- What nonsense?
I haven't grown up with
my real mother, right? - Well...
She was real to you of course.
Yes, but not biologically.
- No...
Did she say that to you?
- No, but you can sense it.
We didn't want to leave you.
Who is my mother?
- I will tell you.
In time. I will.
- Hello.
A room for two.
Do you have a bonus card?
- I don't have one, maybe he has.
Do you have some form of ID?
- Yes, here.
Let's go with this.
I'll take care of it.
It's forbidden to smoke
in the room. - What?
This is a smoke free hotel.
Unnecessary alert costs 5000 euros.
- Thank you.
The bar's open. - What the hell
is wrong with my passport?
Do you know who Paavo Nurmi was?
- Yeah, he was a swell guy.
- Merci.
Great view.
- You can't smoke here.
- You can't smoke in here.
What sort of a police state are
we living in? - I'll take a shower.
The stall of Pirkko and Kalle.
- Hi.
Who's there?
- Leo. Is it Pirkko?
Who is it?
- Can you call me later?
Who was it?
- Some salesman.
Don't you have any other shirt?
- What?
Hell, when women see this,
they'll swarm in like bees.
Grandpa has a bar.
It is a minibar...
Weren't we supposed to rest?
- I already rested.
I guess you've played before.
- Well, I tried once or twice.
Look, look!
He sure has a shirt.
Those are ours.
- We can't go...
Of course we can! Come.
Or do you need some encouragement? - No.
Good evening. We are in the need of a bit...
sorry a lot of company.
Since you're by far the pretties women
around, could we treat you two to drinks?
You'll just throw in some knockout drops.
- We don't have to.
Well, the seats are free.
- Put it on the bill.
My son. He's shockingly talented.
How did you know that I like whisky?
You looked like that.
Why isn't there any music? Where's the band?
- There are enough musicians around.
- Here! Timo.
I don't really feel like it.
- Come on!
You want to bet that neither
of them can play a single note?
- Sure.
Come girls, come and dance.
You're pretty.
What is it?
- Shall we go to your room?
Well.. okay.
This is it.
- It's nice, bigger than ours.
I'll put on some music.
What's next?
- You tell me.
What is it?
What's wrong?
Who's there?
- It's me, Maarit! Open up!
It's mom.
Your father's not well.
How's your blood sugar?
- What sugar?
What are you going on about?
Just a little stronger orgasm.
Goddammit, this will get expensive.
Have you noticed that the meter is in red?
What meter?
- The gas meter.
- What now?
The chick cleaned me!
- What tricksters.
They cleaned me as well.
Let's go back!
- They're far gone.
And it was worth it, wasn't it?
Father and son in adventure!
How do we get gas?
- What?
How do we get gas?
- I have two euros.
The one is from mom,
the other I had for myself.
Use the one with cashier payment.
- With two euros?
No, fill it up and off we go.
Lumijoki. Lumi...
How far are we from Rovaniemi?
- What's there?
Where do your kid and ex-wife live at?
We're not going there.
- Of course we are, we're this close.
I haven't seen them since they left.
- Maybe it's time?
Besides, I want to see my only grandchild.
If Tiia has a new man,
I'm not coming in.
I doubt she has a man.
No new man?
- Come on now.
Someone's there. Stay here.
What are you creeping here?
- What the hell are you doing here?
We were just driving by. - No, we weren't.
We came specifically for this.
This is my father.
- Hi, Lumi.
Grandpa bought you a surprise gift.
I can come anytime to fix the shelf.
- I'll call you.
We should take the speaker cords
trough the wall so that she won't trip.
I'll bring a hammer drill next time. Isn't
this a wooden house? I'll bring it anyway.
I'll call you.
- Yes, call.
You were given a kite.
- I can fly this with you.
We'll go out.
- Sure. Would you like some coffee?
I want coffee.
- Yes, please.
Go, go!
- What?
Fool. Just say you want milk.
Big guy.
- Who?
This fixer.
How are you doing?
- We?
We're fine.
You have a new wading pool.
I said I'd be sending one.
Riku got it.
An old from his sister's family.
It's been so hot summer.
Did the one that I sent arrive?
- Yes. I have it.
It's there.
I'll go see what they are doing.
- Yeah.
Look! Did it rise?
You need to run.
- This won't fly anywhere.
Yes it will.
Let daddy show.
Look at this, Lumi.
Runway's too short.
- Look here!
Let's go! Look!
It will fly!
What a butterfly!
- Look, Lumi!
The stall of Pirkko and Kalle.
Hello? Hello?
No one answered?
- No.
Where's Lumi?
- Upstairs.
This tale is about the best gooseberry
in the world. Do you what it is?
Okay. The monk turned 40
and had never dared to go
into the jungle.
Since it was his birthday
he decided to a little further.
He started to follow a path.
Suddenly he heard panting behind him.
A large tiger was following him.
He increased his speed but tiger
wouldn't go away.
It wasn't in a hurry. It knew that
the monk was there for the taking.
The Monk started running and
came into a dead end.
There was a huge gorge in front of him,
at least 600 meters.
A few meters below was a ledge.
Just as the tiger was about to scratch,
the monk jumped on to the ledge.
He thought he was safe.
But there was an entrance to a cave,
another tiger was approaching from there.
The man saw a branch, grabbed on to it
held tight and bent his feet.
The other tiger scratched his knuckles,
the other his soles.
The monks hands started to get tired.
He thought about putting the branch
in his mouth and rest his hands.
At the same time he noticed
a beautiful gooseberry at his reach.
He couldn't contain himself.
He put it in his mouth
and understood that it must've been
the best gooseberry in the world.
It was also the last one he ate.
Oh well.
You should get some sleep.
She's sleeping.
Does he still play at night?
- Timo?
I don't think so.
He used to play the piano all night long
even thought we had a small child.
Do you even want to know...
- I do. Please tell me.
Let's say that...
I don't want to live with a person
whom I have to be afraid of.
I understand.
My mom lives near and
I've longed to be back here.
To be rooted in someplace.
- Listen...
This other man,
did you know him from before?
I don't have another man.
- Then who is this fixer?
He's a co-worker. He's recently divorced
and doesn't know how to be alone.
I'm not so desperate that
I'd pick the first man who says hello.
Timo would like to apologise to you.
Did he say that?
- He did.
I think I'll go to sleep.
Good night.
- Good night.
Your father went to sleep.
- Right.
I heard you wanted to apologise.
- Me?
Yes, your father said so.
I didn't want it to go like this.
Neither did I.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Hi, Lumi. Come here.
How are you doing?
- Good? Have you been having fun?
I've missed you.
What have you and mom been doing?
- I haven't been with mother.
I've been with Anna and Pete.
- Okay.
We had a sleepover.
- Are Anna and Pete your friends?
Yes, and Elvis.
- Elvis?
Elvis licks me sometimes.
- Really? Is Elvis a dog?
Today, when we arrived
A dark, big boy with a mustache
was here. Do you remember?
He was banging nails on the wall.
- Yes.
Does he come here often?
- Yes.
Has mom been having fun with him?
- Yes.
I've missed you terribly.
Come lie with me.
To Kemijrvi.
Good morning, Huiske.
Pirkko, hi.
- Leo...
Here's some flowers.
I picked them myself...
from a gas station.
Listen... I have Timo with me.
- Where?
I thought it'd be better
if we two met first.
I've been to his concerts.
Have you told about me?
You can tell him yourself.
His foster mother is dead.
Come in.
I'll make coffee.
- Thanks.
I thought they caught you, when you
didn't return from buying cigarettes.
The surveillance pictures were on the news.
It scared the hell out of me.
I waited two days in our hotel room.
I sat there on the bed amid all the empty
champagne bottles with the money on my lap
and ate peanuts.
Someone knocked.
I was sure that it's the police.
It was Kalle, our driver.
- Yeah.
He said that you and I were
celebrities. Like Bonnie and Clyde.
He got me out of there
and we hid the money to Hollola.
And drove off to the country.
- To our cottage? Is it still there?
Yes. Police was waiting there.
Timo was taken in custody,
and I was sentenced to eight years.
Timo doesn't remember you.
- No. He was so small.
I thought that if I take off and
you could somehow escape.
I took a train to Oulu and
hitchhiked to the swedish border.
Do you have a family?
- No.
When I was released, Kalle was waiting
at the gates with the money and a ring.
Resilient guy.
You could have contacted.
- I was embarrassed.
- Look at that, Porala himself.
- Hi.
You've grown up.
- Well, not much.
You've aged.
- Really?
I knew that you'd be standing in the line
the moment I wasn't looking.
Of course.
Everybody wanted her.
- Nonsense.
So you're having cognac
with your coffee. - Yeah.
Sit down.
- Wait a sec.
Do you remember,
what we agreed upon? - What?
When we are 40, we'll move in together,
if either doesn't have anyone.
You're a little late.
- No a lot. Almost 30 years.
Do you really think, Porala,
that you can just walk in here
and take my woman?
He's not taking anything.
- You shut up.
This place is my life's work,
you won't come and break it.
You took off.
You have no right for the money.
Pirkko has paid a hard price for it,
really hard.
I don't want... - Yes, you do.
Why else would you be here?
I just wanted to meet her.
- I know you.
You only have your self-interest in mind!
Timo, let's go!
Stop that shooting!
Did he get you? - No, just a scratch.
It scraped the side.
I'll take you to the hospital.
- No. Just drive.
You're bleeding!
- No hospital!
Where then?
- To the north!
From here.
No, there.
Gravel road. It's there.
I guess you heard, what your mother
and me were talking about. - I did.
The parents of a two year old rob a bank.
It happens.
C'est la vie.
Is everything all right?
- Yes, drive.
- I'm having a heartburn.
It's stuck.
- Let's walk. It's not far from here.
There's a huge wound here,
it has gone through.
You tricked me again.
- You are easy.
I'll go get help.
- No, don't go!
You were conceived here!
I've always wanted to
bring you here
Timo hey... I'm cold.
Timo? It's really cold here,
isn't it?
Thank you.
Would you like to hear a story?
There once was a young man who wanted
to become the world's best archer.
He was obsessed about it.
He left his wife and kids
and headed east to find
himself a master.
The master said that he should
learn not to blink.
He saw weavers, took a pillow with him
and went to lie on his back below the loom.
He was below the skid and
kept his eyes open.
One morning he woke up and discovered
that a spider had made
a web on his left eye.
He said happily to the master that
he now knows how not to blink.
The master said, that he'd now
have to learn to see small as large.
"What? Small as large?"
There was a garden.
He went there and started to
watch small bugs.
He spent the whole summer watching them,
and the bugs started to look like horses.
He ran to the master and said
that he now sees small as large.
The master said fine. They went
near a very deep gorge.
There was a ledge. The master
said to the man to jump on the ledge
and shoot the black bird at 500 meters.
The man drew the bow and shot the bird.
The black bird fell on the ledge.
He was excited.
He looked to his mentor,
who said: "Look at this".
And picked an imaginary bow
and an imaginary arrow.
"You don't even have
a bow and an arrow."
The mentor said, that with
the bow and arrow you take steps,
but this is how you shoot an arrow.
He shot, and suddenly a white hawk
dropped on to the ledge.
It was too much for the ledge,
which started to sway.
The man screamed:
"I'm gonna fall, I'm gonna fall!"
The old man lent him a hand and said
to stop crying and pulled him up.
The man, who had wanted to become
a master archer, understood the whole thing.
He had thought about futile things
and returned home.
The man's son asked
since he didn't have a bow or arrows:
"Father, aren't you going to shoot anymore?"
Father said: "Listen..."
"The highest level of shooting
is not to sho..."
I haven't been here since
the police took you away from me.
Where's Leo?