Tiger 3 (2023) Movie Script

Focus on the target!
Left, right, left!
You're such a boring soldier.
You don't have a gun or a uniform.
And I mean, soldiers usually go to war.
They're not schoolteachers like you.
Some soldiers fight for their country
in secret.
Left, right, left!
We don't have fancy watches
and pretty girls all around us.
Oh please, Dad!
Anyway, the James Bond era
is over.
I want to be Lara Croft and wipe out
my enemies.
I have the technique.
And the power.
Have you a reason?
Reason first, then fight.
First a reason, then the lesson.
Because those who kill
without reason are not soldiers,
they're terrorists.
You gave me a reason,
so I attacked you.
And if you hadn't,
this boring soldier would have
remained a teacher.
Dad, I took the new telescope out
for tonight.
Don't forget to add
the peri-peri sauce.
- Okay. Finish your breakfast now.
There's great political upheaval.
The latest events have stunned
the country.
General Musharraf has taken over
PM Nawaz Sharif's government.
Martial law has been declared
in Pakistan.
The military coup
was led by our Army Chief
General Musharraf.
- The PM's house and the government TV
are now under military control.
This is the third time that Pakistan
is under a military dictatorship
- since Independence.
Nawaz Sharif and his brother, Shehbaz...
- Nazar saab, did you see the news?
- I'm watching it right now.
I thought I'd never see
this situation here again.
Dictatorship cannot replace democracy.
Democracy will never die in Pakistan.
I am certain that democracy will return.
Dad, hurry! We're getting late.
Take care. God be with you.
Take care of yourself too.
Khuda Hafiz.
Oh, no!
Your father is becoming so forgetful.
I left the tiffin in the kitchen.
We're going to watch the meteor shower
tonight. Don't forget!
No, I won't!
Mirza Ghalib.
It's a book by him.
Your father's favorite book.
"Dastambu" means "bouquet."
Masala French toast?
The way he used to make it.
I know it's your favorite.
- You don't know me, but--
- You're third from the left.
In that photo.
Aatish Rehman.
It was taken on a fishing trip
in China.
Father told me.
A fishing trip meaning...
an official mission.
That was our code word.
I was fifteen when he decided
to look after me.
Nazar saab was more than a father
to me.
This is my most treasured possession.
Your father gifted it to me
on my 18th birthday.
I still have it.
Do you know what he advised
in bad times?
"We must be gracious in bad times..."
"Because time takes no time to change."
You haven't cried?
Nor you?
Your father didn't teach me how.
Nor me.
Your father would often say...
"The only God for us is our country."
This country will never
forget Nazar saab's sacrifice.
You are now
the country's responsibility and mine.
School, college, your education...
the government will take care of it all.
When you turn 21,
you'll be given an option.
You can follow in your
father's footsteps...
or lead a normal life.
I won't wait till I'm 21.
The enemy has given me a reason.
In your shadowy world of spies...
is a woman's shadow allowed?
We agents are nothing but shadows.
Welcome to the world of shadows!
Welcome to the ISI, Zoya.
I'm reminded of your ex-boss
Shenoy's favorite question.
"What keeps a country's peace
and its enemies apart?"
Only one man.
After Shenoy, the government gave me
the responsibility of asking questions.
The geo-political dynamics
are changing rapidly.
Terrorism has a new face.
One of our agents is missing.
For the past two years...
he's been tracking the Taliban
and their movements.
He was updating us regularly.
Then suddenly no updates
and no sign of him.
No agent has returned alive
from the country he's in.
You know that agent.
We're running out of time.
And we need to get him out.
Come on.
Let's not try to kill him.
Mission "Time Pass".
Long time no see!
No letter.
No news.
Not a sign from you.
Only the bullet scar you left
in my chest.
It wasn't personal.
- It was duty.
- He's an Indian!
Don't give him water.
He's going to die.
What you doing?
Time Pass.
Stop him!
Get him!
Catch him!
Stop, you fool!
Get him!
Close the gates!
Shoot him!
What the hell!
You mad?
Shoot them with the launcher!
Plan B, Captain! Plan B.
Be there
on time, Captain.
I don't want you to be late.
It's a match winning catch!
If you drop it, I won't get back
to India on time.
You called the mission to save me
"Time Pass"?
Menon is even smarter than Shenoy was.
The treatment will make no difference.
I have no intention of dying
in a foreign country.
Let me look outside the window.
Are we in India?
Not long now.
It's already too late, Tiger.
There's a new outfit.
Far more dangerous than
They're planning a big operation
in Pakistan.
I have entered all the details
on the agency server.
Except for one detail.
We have a double agent
who is working for them.
A woman.
We're in India.
Thank you, Tiger.
You've brought me home.
Time of death reported, 4:32 p.m.
Promise you, you're
just going to feel a tiny little prick.
That's all it's going to be.
He has a bad viral infection.
He's very weak.
So, I requested Dr. Hoffman to give him
the antibiotic shots at home.
Thanks to him,
it's all under control.
Dr. Hoffman, this is my husband.
Nothing to worry about.
He'll be up and running in no time.
But he needs this now.
You stay put, son. Yeah?
You're scared of an injection?
So how do you do your job?
Sh! Enough.
Don't forget your meals.
I'll see you at the same time
- Yes.
- Yeah.
You lost Shenoy sir, now Gopi.
I'm so sorry.
You okay?
I was okay till now.
Now I don't know.
It'll be all right.
As Gopi lay dying,
he mentioned a double agent.
I don't know if it was the truth
or a lie.
A dying man never lies, Tiger.
Those alluring eyes
Those enchanting eyes
Draw me close to their mystery
The sweet bonds that tie us
I fear they may break
Those alluring eyes
Those enchanting eyes
Draw me close to their mystery
The sweet bonds that tie us
I fear they may break
My love is boundless
I'll shield you from all harm
On our path
A fog has risen
In every fold of my heart
In every fold of my heart
Is etched your name
In every fold of my heart
Is etched your name
Go back to sleep.
Mom told me that
you didn't sleep all night.
Only fruits and vegetables for you.
You're unwell.
I'll see you in a bit.
Those words that I did not say
My heart now gives voice to them
I trust you
I mistrust you
Lost all peace of mind
Are you who you seem to be?
Turmoil in my heart
You are the same,
I am the same
But the world is not the same
You can change the season
You are the wound
You are the balm
If I were to meet you
once again
I would drown in love again
The embers of desire burn
Only you can calm the flames
O my beloved
I see you everywhere
In every fold of my heart
Is etched your name
In every fold of my heart
Is etched your name
In every fold of my heart
In every fold of my heart
Is etched your name
Suspicion has no cure.
Don't be angry.
It's expensive, but it's a good one.
My father had a telescope just like this.
While Junior is resting,
I thought...
I'm gonna teach him.
I love you.
In every fold of my heart
Is etched your name
The country's wealth should
be spent for the progress of people.
Not on wars.
That is why the government of Pakistan
is willing to cut
the defense budget by 50%.
That is, if India reciprocates.
Instead of fighting, let us join hands.
If PM Irani does what she says,
I'll cook you my mother's special dal.
Hope she doesn't get
assassinated by sunset.
What are you saying?
She's the first Pakistani politician
to do something good.
"Hope she doesn't get assassinated."
I've worked for the ISI.
Politicians don't decide Pakistan's
future, the army does.
Nothing will change.
They'll rip her apart.
Pakistan wishes to plant
the seeds of peace.
The question is, does India
want the same?
- All well, ma'am?
Intel has retrieved
Gopi's last updates from the Cloud.
Jibran Sheikh.
Heard of him?
If Gopi was right,
a new militant outfit is about
to make an impact in Pakistan.
And... Jibran is their arms supplier.
He was ready to provide us
vital intel through Gopi.
After Gopi died, the arms supplier's
identity was exposed.
Now he fears for his life.
You care about Jibran's life?
I care about the information he has.
Jibran is in Russia right now.
St. Petersburg.
Gopi's source won't go to waste.
Tiger will complete Gopi's mission.
Tell Mr. Jibran to have a light breakfast,
because in two days,
he'll be having lunch with me.
The usual, please.
Of course, sir.
Today the coffee not only smells good
but sounds good too.
Take it from the bottom.
Thank you.
Your fan base is pretty good.
I'm amazed you're still alive.
Two guys were waiting for you
before I came.
Maybe like me, they want you alive.
If no bullet is fired at you till
you get to the metro nearby,
then "maybe".
If a gun goes off, you're a martyr.
I'll complain to Menon ma'am.
I'll tell her you comprised a R&AW asset.
If you want to complain,
you'd better stay alive, Jibran.
And if you want to live,
turn left up ahead.
I'm getting on to the tram.
Where are you?
You wanted to complain to ma'am?
I'm looking for a paper and pen
for you.
Excuse me.
Shoot her.
Shoot her!
What you waiting for? Kill her!
I didn't risk my life for nothing.
Shoot her right now!
Delivery received, Tiger.
I'll inform Menon ma'am.
Tell Menon, the mission is not over.
It's just started.
In every fold of my heart
In every fold of my heart
In every fold of my heart
You were right.
A dying man never lies.
It's not what you think.
You were right.
I didn't understand.
listen to me.
Even Gopi didn't know the whole truth.
you and I don't have a choice.
Please believe me.
Tell me the truth before you die.
No, no, no!
Do you dream when you sleep, Tiger?
Nowadays, I don't know why...
I see the color green
in my dreams.
I once consulted a lady psychologist.
She said,
"If you see the color
green in your dreams,
"it means healing."
Aatish Rehman?
You have a good memory.
So the psychologist said...
"In your life there is much healing
to come."
But healing only follows extreme pain.
And I haven't been hurt recently.
So, I kept wondering
when was I hurt?
And who caused it?
I told you.
You don't need to involve Tiger.
What was your price, Zoya?
The price will be the same...
as yours.
What have you done to Junior?
I was just
telling him a story, Tiger.
About how I got hurt.
He fell asleep listening to my story.
He's too cute.
Will you hear my story?
Maybe you can save Junior's life.
The story is about a Pakistani fairy
and an Indian free bird.
Shall I call him a free bird?
Or a tiger?
A historic peace summit
between India and Pakistan
will take place in Austria
led by Pakistan's ISI Chief DG Riaz
and India's Chief of Army Staff
General Riberio.
This is the first time in over 60 years
that high level defense experts
from both countries will meet.
For the next three days,
the eyes of the world will be
on the peace summit in Austria.
You know, Aatish?
It's like putting glass bangles
on a woman's wrist.
A little extra pressure
and the bangle breaks.
But the wrist is never blamed.
The person putting on
the bangle is blamed.
Us, in other words.
That's why we need to be
completely alert. 24/7.
They'll twist Pakistan's arms,
and you're talking of bangles.
POK, LOC, trade policies,
these issues will be on India's agenda
because India is a nuclear triad country
and we aren't.
Sir, if I may...
the summit agenda isn't right.
Aatish, when you become
this country's PM,
you can set your own agenda.
Right now,
you're the Deputy Director of ISI,
and the agenda of this summit
is safety and security.
And you're in charge.
Come on. Let's move.
The Indian delegation's landing time?
Update me, please.
Shaheen, here are our and R&AW agents'
room numbers.
You might need this.
I have a copy. Thanks.
Such cowardice!
Indian General Riberio's funeral
might have to be organized.
How many of our men did the Indians
kill in Kargil?
Many. We can't admit to the world
just how many.
Today we stand before that same India
begging for peace.
On our knees before the enemy.
In modern diplomacy it's called
a peace summit, Zoya.
But I have no intention of falling
to my knees.
The Indian R&AW Chief and General Riberio
are landing in two hours.
Right here on Freyung Street.
In the clean air of Europe,
General Riberio will breathe his last.
You will kill him, Zoya.
If this is some kind of joke,
it's very tasteless.
And if it isn't?
If it isn't,
I will have to stop you.
Zoya Nazar.
My best agent.
Against me?
I might never have had
a better mentor than you.
But I'm not your agent,
I am a Pakistani agent.
Anyone who comes in the way
of Pakistan's peace,
I will stop them.
Let's see how much your
mentor has taught you.
Take Zoya to her room.
Strip off all communication.
Put the "Do Not Disturb" sign up.
We'll talk at leisure
while we're watching General Riberio's
funeral procession on TV.
Your plan isn't dependent
on Zoya agreeing.
I can do the job alone.
There's not just you, Shaheen.
You know I cannot send you.
My love.
Even our unborn child will be
fighting for our country.
What better gift could Allah bestow
on us?
I'll do it.
Shaheen set off
for Freyung Street.
- But I forgot
the Pakistani fairy was skilled.
If the mentor is skillful,
the disciple is bound to learn.
She dialed the room number
of an Indian delegate
and got connected
to an Indian free bird.
We'll talk at leisure
while we're watching General Riberio's
funeral procession on TV.
Security compromised.
Get the car, quick!
Alert the General at once.
Clear the street!
We've just heard
General Riberio is safe and sound.
The assailant has not been
identified as yet,
though it's most likely a R&AW
or an ISI agent.
According to our unofficial sources,
this is probably an inside job.
We'll report back as soon we have
more details.
Who did you send in my place?
Take off her handcuffs.
Colonel Riaz will be calling soon.
There will be an internal inquiry.
I'll be court-martialed.
Remember! None of you were involved.
Handcuff me.
That's an order.
Go on!
If you're aware of your mistake,
I can talk to Colonel Riaz.
We can still save
the peace summit.
It won't come
to a court-martial.
Aware of my mistake?
Are you aware of your mistake?
Well, Zoya?
Shaheen is dead.
She was the agent.
She died with our unborn child.
It's all your fault.
If it's all my fault,
why are you surrendering?
You won't get it.
You have no family.
You were...
my family.
Welcome to the peace summit!
Aatish Rehman.
General, I'm deeply grateful to you
that India did not reveal our agent's
identity to the press.
The peace summit must proceed,
as scheduled.
I can assure you Pakistan wants peace.
Those who want to see the end
of Indo-Pak relations
will be served a punishment
worse than death.
I gave everything to my country.
And my country snatched
everything away from me.
My honor.
My love.
My child.
Why are you looking so serious, Tiger?
After all, you met your future wife,
thanks to me.
So you crossed paths,
and didn't actually meet then.
But you did finally meet later.
Thanks for introducing us.
You've already thanked me, Tiger...
by taking away Shaheen
and my unborn child from me.
In one go.
Shall I say it too, Tiger?
A thank you?
In one go?
Junior never harmed you.
Just give him the injection.
Tiger, have you heard
of the sarin nerve agent?
It's very tricky!
Once it's in your system,
you need an injection every 24 hours.
That's the shot Dr. Hoffman
has been giving Junior.
You haven't heard of it?
Never mind.
Junior will tell you all about it...
that's if he survives.
That's if the doctor gives him
the injection.
And that's if you do as I say.
I'll do your job.
Tiger will never agree.
No, Zoya.
You see, you'll do the job together.
My job.
Or Junior's coffin.
What's the job?
Give Junior the injection.
I'll do it.
So, Tiger?
You consent?
I consent.
I consent.
Allah be praised.
Married, once again!
What do I cut?
The red? No, not the red.
The green? The blue?
Cut the black.
No, don't cut the black.
Today's Saturday.
Black can be unlucky.
Let me do it.
Hasn't it blown yet?
Rakesh-ji, you're something else!
You get a R&AW agent to fix your cooler
and another to deliver your food.
I'll complain to Menon ma'am.
He's called me here four times.
I'm R&AW's top bomb expert,
not your local electrician.
Show some respect!
And your damn cooler?
It'll never work!
Here's an idea.
Sell the cooler and buy yourself
a huge hand fan.
- You'll feel a cool breeze.
Give me your number.
I thought an insurance agent
was calling.
I want to talk about insurance.
Not to cover you,
to cover me.
Rakesh-ji, there's a mission.
I need you.
Not for R&AW.
It's personal.
Have I ever refused you, sir?
Think it over.
You may lose your job
for no good reason.
You never call without
a good reason, sir.
Tell me, sir. Where must I go?
And for how long?
I'll pack my underwear accordingly.
Thank you, Rakesh-ji.
Reporting for duty, sir.
Sir, I told them not to come.
But they're damn stubborn.
Talk, young man!
Sir, we're R&AW agents.
How could we miss going on a mission
with you?
It's like going to Delhi's ITO
and not eating chole-kulche.
Too unfair, sir!
They're calling it a Pakistan-China-Turkey
Tri-lateral Summit.
Turkey is responsible for security.
The briefcase is what it's all about.
It arrived in Turkey today with Chinese
General Zimou's Advance Military team.
General Zimou.
She trains the Chinese army
in hand-to-hand combat.
This lady teaches men how to fight.
She's Bruce Lee's daughter.
By God!
More like his granny!
Granny has gone straight to the
central military tower from the airport.
Turkey's most secure vault
is in the tower basement.
The briefcase will be in the vault
till tomorrow's meeting.
The vault is no simple locker.
It's iris encoded.
General Zimou's iris digital algorithm
is already programmed.
It's not just a vault,
it's Ali Baba's cave.
Even if we get to Ali Baba's cave,
"open sesame"
is in Granny's eyes.
We can duplicate her eyes, sir.
Here's an iris scanner.
If we scan Granny's eyes,
then it's "open sesame".
Guys, where's the time for all that?
Tomorrow the briefcase
will be exchanged.
Before that, the Chinese and Pakistani
teams will be at the base.
We only have 16 hours.
Actually, 15 hours, 40 minutes.
We'll split up.
Zoya will look into Granny's eyes.
And I'll be at the base
with forty thieves.
Granny has an appointment
at the hammam tomorrow.
You'll have to bathe with her.
All right, ma'am, we're done.
Now let the oils absorb for 20 minutes.
And I will be back.
Nice tattoo.
It's the Chinese symbol for the ox, right?
In Hindi, an ox is "saand".
Some say never show a red flag
to an ox.
Never show red to an ox.
You're right.
Never show a red flag
to an ox.
No outsiders
were allowed here today.
So who the hell are you?
Rakesh-ji, I am standing above
Ali Baba's cave.
Where's Zoya?
Come on, Zoya!
Send me the scan.
Digital scan uploaded.
Halic Bridge. Hurry!
Arrest him quickly.
Take them to headquarters.
Surrender! Don't move.
Hands up or we will shoot!
Watch it! Are you blind?
Tiger, that's...
They're here to welcome my swag!
But who informed them?
Don't shoot. We want him alive.
Get out of the car right now!
Right now!
Follow him!
The suspect is entering the tunnel.
Take the briefcase and run.
By the time they catch me...
you'll be with Zoya.
Tiger, I won't leave you alone.
Get the briefcase to Zoya.
Karan, go now!
Someone has leaked our plans.
They knew we were coming.
The Turkish police!
There was a squad and helicopters
waiting for us.
Take my advice. Give the briefcase
to the Turkish police.
Tiger will be blamed.
He's passing Topkapi Palace.
What's in this briefcase?
Hey, Zoya!
Better we don't know.
For all our sakes.
No time to explain now.
You'll understand in time.
Tiger's life is in danger!
Tiger's life is in this briefcase.
Do you think Zoya has cheated Tiger?
Tiger and Zoya have cheated
all three of us.
Nobody shoots!
We need him alive. I repeat...
Step out of the vehicle!
Hands above your head!
Step out of the vehicle!
Step out now!
Hands above your head!
Hands above your head!
Get on your knees!
Get on your knees now!
So you informed the Turkish police.
They could've killed Tiger.
You know why they didn't?
Because treachery is worse than death
for an agent, Zoya.
The only reason you're still alive is
because you're Nazar saab's daughter.
Don't forget that.
I'm a man of my word.
He's been given the antidote.
Junior won't need injections anymore.
If my father were alive today,
you'd disgust him.
But he's dead.
So, I must do his work.
I will hunt you down.
My best
agent against me!
Tell me, Zoya.
You will kill me,
before saving Tiger,
or after?
You have no idea what's
in this briefcase, right?
Remember the nuclear triad
submarine missiles
that Pakistan got from China recently?
It has the Permissive
Action Link codes.
PAL codes.
The missiles can't be launched
without these codes.
You and Tiger stole them together.
Pakistan will believe you stole them
for India.
Nothing you can do now, Zoya.
Neither India nor Pakistan
will ever trust you again.
Your choice is simple.
Would you prefer R&AW to kill you,
or the ISI?
Zoya, by stealing the PAL codes,
you have given India and Pakistan
the face of a new enemy.
Tiger's face.
You gave them his face,
now Pakistan will have his head.
Where's Dad?
The Indian traitor
was caught red-handed.
Will the traitor's
actions lead to Kargil 2?
Is it India's plot?
Or the traitor's?
Tiger's accomplices
and the PAL codes are still missing.
His accomplices have fled.
But Tiger was caught
by the Turkish army.
Thanks to an extradition treaty,
he's being handed over to Pakistan.
The plan to sabotage
Pakistan's nuclear power has been exposed.
Tiger's team
and the PAL codes are still missing.
Even India
may not know top agent Tiger is a traitor.
The Turkish army have caught
Tiger red-handed
stealing Pakistan's nuclear PAL codes.
We'll see
what the Pakistani government
will do with this Indian traitor.
You should
be grateful to us.
Being punished in Pakistan
is better than suffering the dishonor
of a traitor in India.
He's seeing stars, sir.
Anymore and he'll turn into toast.
Until you
toast bread on both sides,
it isn't tasty.
You butter your toast
on one side or both?
I've never been to a Turkish hammam.
What's it like?
I mean, do you take your own soap,
or do you use theirs?
Tihar jail.
Prisoners get one bar of soap each.
Yerwada jail.
You'll use the same soap for bathing
and washing clothes.
We once had a choice
between love and country.
Zoya chose love.
We let her go.
Now the time has come
to choose sides.
For Pakistan's sake.
The department has started
an inquiry against you three.
If you don't want a bar of soap
that must last for two months,
there's only one way.
Zoya and the PAL codes.
Find those PAL codes.
At any cost.
And if Zoya...
A traitor agent has no value, Abrar.
The popularity
of PM Irani's government is declining.
If the stolen PAL codes mean
a death sentence for Tiger,
this question is a noose
round the PM's neck.
- Moving on to the next...
- It's not just about
saving the peace process.
It's also about upholding
the government.
What are you implying?
Not me. That's what the opinion polls
are saying, Prime Minister.
Public sentiments, the press.
Both are against the government.
People demand an explanation.
We must give India proof
of our strength.
According to you, is war the proof
of strength?
If not war, give Tiger to the people.
If they can hang Afzal Guru,
why can't we give Tiger...
the noose?
Their PM did not
hang Afzal Guru.
He was tried by law.
The court sentenced him.
Our court can do the same.
We have all the evidence.
We'll fast-track the procedure,
with your permission.
The choice is between your government,
or an Indian terrorist.
Your choice.
Friendship with India
means political suicide.
That's what my cabinet says, Nair sir.
I've risked my political career
by proposing a peace treaty.
I extended the hand of friendship,
and you sent your R&AW agent
to chop off that very hand.
Believe me, Irani sahiba,
whatever has happened has nothing
to do with me or my government.
A traitor agent, or the peace process.
India has made its choice clear.
We will accept the sentence
Pakistani law metes out to Tiger.
- Go easy on his hands.
- Yes, sir.
We don't want his hands.
We want his head.
I hear you're not crazy about
Shakeel's face.
So, we thought we'd show you
a new face.
Or a familiar face?
I was in this jail too.
The only difference was that
I spent nine years here.
And you'll be here for 11 hours.
I had friends to get me out.
Court-martial can take away
your uniform,
but not old friends.
I have news for you, Tiger.
I thought it's best you hear it
from an old friend.
Tiger, I have good news and bad.
What should I tell you first?
Bad? Okay.
Junior is safe.
Bad because Junior is safe
and the PAL codes are with me.
And the good news, Tiger,
this time Diwali has come early.
A day before
Pakistan's Independence Day.
They're getting ready to hang you.
Pakistani Diwali.
Not for Pakistan,
but for unhinged Jihadists
like you.
We celebrate Diwali for three days.
You lit the fireworks,
I will put them out.
You've ended it already, Tiger.
Come on!
The peace talks between Pakistan
and India,
and PM Irani's political career ended
when you stole the PAL codes.
In three days, when PM Irani
will be preparing her Independence Day
the tables will turn.
Her government will fall.
Because of me.
Pakistan's future prime minister
stands before you, Tiger.
Won't you congratulate me?
For years India has humiliated
1965, '71. Kargil.
Now it's Pakistan's turn.
I promise you, Tiger,
I will erase India from the world map.
the color green of my dreams?
You've finally
healed me, Tiger.
And I will heal Pakistan.
All the hard drives are missing.
- Did someone come here before us?
- Hey!
Someone logged in 31 minutes ago.
There had to be something
for R&AW to do.
So, log out.
What did you decide?
Let's work together, sir.
Brother Abrar.
Captain Abrar!
R&AW is really busy.
First, they steal the PAL codes
then they look for them.
Where's Zoya?
We're looking for her too.
She cheated us too.
All three of us.
Share the hard disk data,
so we'll look for her together.
- The ISI doesn't work with thieves.
- Careful, Nikhil.
Only one body bag will be sent
to India with Tiger's corpse.
Come between us and Zoya, then
there'll be three body bags. Get it?
There go the hard drives!
A bar of soap at Tihar jail?
Or a body bag?
Where'd you prefer
to go, Rakesh-ji?
To the doctor's.
Dimercaprol and EDTA.
It's used in lead poisoning.
Dr. Hoffman prescribed it.
So let's go and see the doctor!
General Haq's orders...
only he and the investigating officer
and no one else is permitted
to talk to the prisoner.
The prisoner is in solitary confinement.
He is using the washroom.
Keep an eye on him.
Ajmal, come in.
Stop watching the small screen, brother.
I'll show you live action
on the big screen!
There has been a blast in Cell 2.
Fan out!
Surround the place!
Block all the entry and exits.
Right away!
Hands up!
Control Room, he's in our sights.
When Pathaan gets into the groove
My love
He steals all hearts
The promises he makes
My love
He'll stand by forever
Can I ask something personal?
Did you really have to play that song?
Can't do two things without a playlist.
A workout.
The other's action!
It'll stop.
It stopped.
I'm coming.
In two and half seconds.
Last time two friends sat in a sidecar,
one survived. The driver.
But wasn't that movie a hit, Tiger!
Showing up today was easy for you.
When I came to Russia,
I thought I was done for.
But you love playing the hero!
Jumping on a moving train,
scarf flying in the air.
Tiger's style is all brawn.
My style is all brains.
If your brains do the job,
why use your fists?
I planned it all!
Planned that too?
No, that wasn't in the plan.
I was better off in jail.
At least I was alive.
Tiger lives and always will.
Pathaan's promise.
But I charged it.
Of course.
What now, brother?
The usual.
Run, Tiger! Run!
What's that sound?
It's a helicopter.
Enjoy some Pakistani Diwali fireworks...
before you go.
I don't celebrate Diwali
with fireworks,
I eat something sweet instead.
Tiger! Jump!
That was touch-and-go, brother.
The plane's waiting.
I promised Zoya we'd party
together tonight.
I can't come.
The in-laws are in trouble.
A son-in-law must do his duty.
I'm free, so I'll come with you.
We'll do our duty together.
Right now, I'm Pakistan's enemy
number one. It's risky.
So what if Tiger's
swagger is missing?
India will need
Pathaan's brains.
If I make it, we'll party.
- We have one parachute.
- You keep it.
Your hair looks good blowing
in the wind.
Dr. Hoffman?
The CCTV footage proves he went
to Tiger's house every day.
Zoya's number is on his call records.
We've found Hoffman now,
so we might find Zoya.
Tell Javed, if he's
making coffee,
I like my coffee black.
Make some extra cups.
We have guests.
I gave you enough clues, Abrar.
CCTV tapes.
I left Hoffman's phone on
so you could track his signal.
Despite that, R&AW got here first.
Why did you and Tiger do all this?
Damn it, Abrar.
We've worked together before.
Tiger saved Pakistan and the ISI
from embarrassment before.
And you doubt Tiger and me?
Zoya, the video footage
is crystal clear.
It's true, we did steal the PAL codes.
But there's another truth.
The ex-ISI agent Aatish Rehman.
Seekh paratha, seekh kebab.
Come, enjoy Pakistan's famous
seekh kebab.
Our sources have
just informed us Indian agent Tiger
has escaped jail and is on the run.
If he is seen anywhere,
kindly call the number provided.
Or inform your local police
station immediately.
Game over, Tiger.
Hassan. Hassan. Hassan.
How many times have I told you?
In hand-to-hand combat,
eye contact and distance
are necessary.
Closeness is for love,
not for hand-to-hand combat.
You taught me how to fight
when we met in Ikrit
for the first time.
Tiger, what you doing?
Oh, shit!
You remember Hassan?
Ikrit mission? Suicide bomber?
He's in Islamabad now.
Tiger and I have been
supporting his education.
He's more like a son.
Tiger is with him.
Is Tiger in Islamabad?
By now he must've cooked biryani
for Hassan.
The call's come. Connected.
Hey, Junior.
So good to see you.
I missed you so much.
Do something for me.
Listen to your mummy
and let her come to Pakistan
without you. Okay?
We must thank Aatish for one thing.
He's brought us together again.
14th August.
On Pakistan's Independence Day,
Aatish will attack.
PM Irani and Pakistani's democracy
are in great danger.
We must inform the ISI bosses
and the army at once.
Inform whom?
General Haq?
He got Aatish out of jail.
Or your boss DG Riaz?
He sent you to kill Zoya.
Who is part of this conspiracy
and who is not, none of us know.
The choice is simple.
A dictator?
Or democracy?
- Democracy.
- Democracy.
We have an ISI special transport plane
with us.
We're sorted till then,
but after that?
We'll figure that out in Islamabad.
Before that... your cell phones.
Brother, you call us a team
and take our phones?
Don't you trust us?
Javed, you know
the ISI better than me.
I know R&AW better than you.
We can't take any chances.
14 August 1947.
Qaid-e-Azam got us freedom.
But Pakistan has forgotten
the reason for its existence.
Tomorrow is 14th
of August again.
We must remember why we exist.
Just keep your PM speech ready.
Before you land, PM Irani will be
in my custody.
The PM's personal security has been
replaced by the army.
General Haq's men are everywhere.
There are 107 CCTV cameras
in the whole complex.
Those 107 cameras will help us
because Rakesh-ji will have access
to the camera feed.
Hassan, you'll monitor them.
I studied the old footage, Tiger.
The safest way to enter
is through Staff Entry No 3.
All the equipment is unloaded there.
Media coordinator Maqsood Alkazi
and his crew will arrive at 7:00 a.m.
9:30 a.m. The speech will be telecast
from the Qaid-e-Azam Chamber.
PM's speech.
Aatish will strike before that.
PM Irani worries me less,
Tiger worries me more.
And a free Tiger is dangerous
for us.
Only in his jungle.
But we rule this jungle.
So we'll do the hunting, Haq saab.
See you in PM's enclave.
The IDs are ready.
The uniforms are here.
Rakesh-ji has hacked the PMO website.
Haq has replaced all the security guards
with his men.
His men and the PM's staff
don't recognize one another.
By the time we get there,
our fake IDs will show
on their website.
- OK.
- Copy.
- Any questions?
- No, sir.
How can we get the PM out?
Aatish has the whole army behind him.
On behalf of Radio Pakistan,
I'd like to congratulate all Pakistanis
on Independence Day.
- Are you the head cook, Walid?
- Yes, sir.
You won't manage the cooking
at PM's office today. Get down.
Anees, you too.
As you all know,
the prime minister will be making
her speech at 9:30 a.m. today.
We're certain that everyone is
waiting eagerly for her speech.
- Stop!
What's at the back?
Pots and pans, sir.
For the banquet.
Two lazy guys are asleep back there.
Fire a few shots!
The fools will wake up.
We have to prepare food for 350 guests.
They're good.
Let them through Gate 3.
Check your earpieces.
Communication good?
- All good?
- All good.
- All good.
- All good, Rakesh-ji.
Speed it up!
- Take the rice plates away.
- Yes, sir.
Take elevator 7B to the PM's floor, Zoya.
It's in front of the elevator
as you exit.
Where are Walid and Anees?
They were called to the President's house.
We're covering their shift.
The oil can's lid is missing.
I need a container.
Pass the salt.
We need more cooking oil.
Nikhil, when you exit the lift,
take first right.
Karan. Now.
- Oh God.
I'm so sorry. I'll clean it up.
Careful. There's oil on the floor.
Leave the can there.
Step aside.
IED 1 in position.
Set the frequency, Rakesh-ji.
Chef, time to serve the starters.
Sorry, sir. Haq sir's orders.
No one is allowed on the PMO floor.
We'll let the PM rehearse her speech.
Where's Mr. Alkazi and the PTV crew?
Tell them it's important they rehearse
before the PM's speech.
Yes, sir.
The girls are here.
- Happy Independence Day!
- Happy Independence Day!
- They'll perform before the speech.
- Very well, sir.
What's this?
You've already dusted this morning.
The supervisor said we must tidy up
before the broadcast.
I swear!
Dusting isn't a big mission.
Why take so long?
The PM will be addressing
the whole country,
so everything must look perfect.
- Hurry. Do what you must.
- Yes, sir.
Let me taste a kebab in the meantime.
There's a bone in this kebab,
Ramiz saab.
Tiger, there's no security
in the corridor. Move!
She must be framed well.
The kebabs are piping hot, right?
We tried, Tiger.
But Javed and I couldn't get into
the PMO.
So you'll have to convince
the PM on your own.
Mr. Ramiz, where has the crew
disappeared to?
- It's nearly time for the speech.
Why are you looking so pale?
He's afraid Pakistan's birth date
will coincide with his dying day.
You'll be surprised to know,
I'm not your army's most
wanted person, you are.
You and your government
are threatened by
your Army Chief General Haq,
and an ex-ISI agent, Aatish Rehman.
Careful, PM sahiba.
To celebrate your Independence Day,
we've brought some fireworks too.
I heard you were an excellent
R&AW agent.
Now I see you cook up stories too.
Your conspiracy theory is good, Avinash.
AKA Tiger.
This isn't my story.
It's Aatish Rehman's story.
He forced us to steal the PAL codes.
He kidnapped our son.
To save him, we had no choice.
Now who are you saving?
My wife's family is here.
No matter how much we quarrel,
when the in-laws are in trouble,
I must help.
Central command, come in.
General Haq is entering
through the main gate.
I will not go anywhere with
a R&AW agent on the run.
Who says you must go?
You have a speech to make.
We just want to get you out
of this room.
The General is here with his men.
Today marks the beginning
of a new Pakistan.
I want you all to live to see it.
Disarm them.
There's only one safe place.
The bunker.
Have you heard the story of
the old lady and the devil?
So am I the old lady?
And General Haq the devil?
The real devil hasn't arrived yet.
Seal the floor. Communication lockdown.
Install signal jammers.
You're all safe.
Do as the soldiers tell you.
We'll congratulate the PM
on Independence Day.
- Come on, girls.
- This way, girls.
Haq saab!
The PM has been taken to the bunker.
Lock him up with the others.
Send our men to stop them.
Haq is leaving the PM's room.
Move! Move!
Clear the kitchen! Go!
Come on! Let's move!
This way to the bunker.
Follow me.
The PM is
heading to the bunker with the Indians.
Stop them!
Seal the exits!
For your safety, surrender, PM ma'am.
Will you shoot the PM of Pakistan?
They don't care, madam.
If anything happens to you,
Tiger will be blamed.
Hurry, let's move.
There are two
terrorists in the kitchen. Send backup.
- Get in!
- Shut the door.
Tiger, it's time for "Time Pass".
Down, down, down!
Stay down!
The PM is safe. I repeat,
the PM is safe.
More soldiers are coming.
How many bullets left?
Our last magazine.
Save two bullets for me.
I'll check the dal.
Dal? Meaning?
Let's go.
Haq and his men are on their way.
The stairs behind you lead to
the stables through the tunnel.
Ambush him there.
Take a right.
Did you save two bullets for me?
You're bound to be hanged, Tiger!
Sounds of gunfire
and just now, two consecutive blasts.
Neither the PMO, nor anyone
within is responding.
And the communication seems
to be severed.
No one has any idea what exactly
is going on within the enclave.
Where's your
sense of hospitality, Haq saab?
Pakistan's future PM is about to land,
and you're swaying here.
A welcoming committee is in order.
- Abrar. Javed.
- Yes.
Tiger, someone should represent India
to welcome him.
With your permission.
Enjoy sight-seeing?
The rules of this game
are different, Karan.
It's not a game for fists,
it's a mind game.
R&AW on one side,
ISI on the other.
They're both helping me.
Thanks for the gracious welcome.
You should be grateful.
I've done your job.
DG Riaz asked you to bring this?
PAL codes.
To our viewers,
firing can be heard
- from the PMO enclave.
- The sound of gunfire has been echoing.
We can still hear the sound of bullets.
Sorry, Mr. Riaz, you can't go inside.
Breaking news.
Army Chief General Haq
is coming down alone. But why?
We'll report back...
Now you'll go for a stroll...
towards the gate. Alone.
Tell your army friends
and the media outside the truth.
Tell them how you and Aatish
deceived the people of Pakistan.
Then you can tell your reinforcements
to come inside,
so PM Irani can leave the enclave safely.
What a pity, Haq saab.
Sadly, you'll miss my speech.
Shocking news for the whole country.
General Haq has been assassinated.
This terrible incident was captured live
at the PM's enclave.
This is coming live from Pakistan!
We just received this disturbing footage.
Terrifying news from the PM's enclave.
Pakistan's Army Chief General Haq
has been assassinated on the steps
of the PM's enclave.
- Sir, the link has been activated.
You're live!
Our evidence shows...
I brought you
all a present. Freedom!
For PM Irani. The PAL codes.
I can't congratulate you right now.
Our PM is in the enclave.
Tiger is inside the enclave
with his men.
Tiger has murdered our army chief.
India will deny it all.
Their old habit.
How can they deny this
R&AW agent's presence here?
We caught him red-handed.
Tiger is targeting our PM
and our democracy.
Now I will take the responsibility
for preserving democracy.
Tiger was going to be hanged today,
and he will hang.
I'll return to congratulate you
on Independence Day.
After Tiger is hanged.
We shall celebrate Independence Day.
Long live Pakistan!
The thing is, Tiger...
you'll soon have a team member less.
We didn't want Haq to go
to hell alone.
So, I'm sending someone with him.
I don't think Karan likes Islamabad
very much.
Best he returns to Delhi...
in a body bag.
No, no, no.
Want to say goodbye?
A last message for Tiger?
The message...
is for you.
Tiger has put a line through
your terrorist accounts.
Get ready to go to hell.
My accounts!
That reminds me...
I think your math is screwed up.
Liked your message in red, Tiger?
I believed it would be difficult for me
to become prime minister...
but you've made it so easy.
I thought I'd have to capture
the PM alive...
but not anymore.
Save yourself...
or save the PM.
Aatish has Karan's earpiece.
Our communication frequency
has been compromised.
I'll change the frequency channels.
My coat has been stained
with Indian blood.
So, Javed?
Are you ready to
hunt down the tiger?
I would've done so sooner, sir,
but you didn't let me.
I never understood why you wanted
to keep Tiger alive.
I needed him alive.
Or who'd hang for the PM's murder?
Javed is still on the old frequency.
Shall I shift to back-up?
Shall I shift to back-up?
you okay?
Yes, but Abrar and Karan...
Their sacrifice will not go to waste.
Can't talk now. Where are you?
In the stables.
And the PM?
I'm so grateful to you and to Zoya.
And to your whole team.
But how many more men must
we lose?
There are only five of you while Aatish
has the whole army.
He can counter our every move.
I would like to surrender
to Aatish, Tiger.
On the condition
that he sends you and your team
back to India safely.
We have no other choice, Tiger.
Irani sahiba...
is your speech ready?
My speech can only be telecast
from my chamber.
Now it'll be telecast from the bunker.
The whole country is waiting
for the PM's speech.
We can still hear bullets
from the PM's enclave.
All communication is in lockdown.
Forget the speech, we don't even know
whether the PM is safe.
Rakesh-ji, unlock the signal jammers.
Aatish does not know
you're following him.
Keep sending us his real-time location.
He'll pass through the stables
to get to the bunker.
You, Zoya and I will ambush him here.
Sixty seconds is all we need.
Then it makes no difference
what Aatish does or doesn't do.
By then, PM ma'am, you would've told
all Pakistan the truth.
Bunker entry code.
I'm in Stall 12.
Tiger is in 22.
Javed... come in, Javed.
Sir, there's no one here.
Sir, no one here either.
Put your guns down!
You used the whole Pakistan army...
but we used only one of your men.
Your cell phones.
We checked all the phones,
and discovered Javed used to call
Rawalpindi every day.
- Hello.
- Same number. Javed's mother.
- Yes?
They have-- They had
a daughter too. Javed's sister. Shaheen.
Your wife...
who sacrificed her life
and unborn child for you.
Before you got into the PMO,
we were sure Javed would bring you to us.
Once we enter the PMO,
I'll watch Javed.
I'll mark him.
"A lot of healing!"
Isn't that what you said?
There's more healing
to come, Tiger!
And revenge for my sister Shaheen.
Men must do men's work, Tiger.
You shouldn't leave it to kids.
Enjoy your family time!
I'll go meet Irani sahiba
and persuade her not to surrender.
Better to die a martyr.
Sorry, Tiger.
It's just like the
first time we met,
in Ikrit.
Same situation.
I owe my life to you.
I'm returning it to you.
This kid has brought you
a real showstopper!
The music always gets louder now.
I wanted to invite you and Zoya
to hear my PM speech.
Find Zoya.
Shall we go to the bunker?
Zoya can't make it to hear
your speech.
She's busy getting Irani sahiba's
speech ready.
There's not much time, Zoya.
Take the PM to her chamber.
You can't stop Aatish alone.
No need for me to stop him. He must
be brought to the bunker. Go!
Zoya has taken the PM
out of the bunker.
There was a reason we gave you
those bunker codes.
- The entry code.
- 280...
You did everything right,
but forgot one thing.
Till the day Tiger breathes.
Never will Tiger accept defeat.
Don't be scared.
Everyone is safe. Let's go.
Think of Abrar and Karan.
It won't hurt.
My compatriots,
your PM is still alive.
But you must wait to celebrate
Independence Day...
because the PM's enclave
is under siege.
Pakistan's freedom is under siege.
The terrorist is not an Indian.
He's a Pakistani.
Pakistan's freedom is being threatened
by a Pakistani.
It's just a small word,
but it means a lot.
The PM is live.
Freedom, democracy.
You cannot put a price on them.
But a price has been paid today
for your freedom and mine.
For Pakistan's democracy.
Major Abrar Sheikh,
Pakistani student Hassan Ali,
and other brave hearts who are
not even Pakistanis have died.
The man we assumed
to be a terrorist,
was the man who stopped the threat
of dictatorship.
In his greed for power,
Aatish Rehman,
with General Haq's support,
wanted to declare martial law in Pakistan
and so entered the PMO.
Between their plans
and Pakistan's democracy
stood an Indian...
We were about to hang him.
If I am alive today...
it is thanks to Tiger.
If democracy is alive in Pakistan,
it's because of Tiger and his team.
PM sir, there are some young girls
sitting here.
We've decided what to choose
between hate and peace.
PM sir?
What's your opinion?
"One must be gracious in bad times.
Because time takes no time...
to change."
Any message for your father?
Tell him...
to show you mercy.
You were right.
The color green...
was not to heal you,
but to heal Pakistan...
from you.
PM sahiba, your ex-ISI agent'skhichdi didn't get cooked.
But I cooked my special dal for you.
Do taste it.
I will. Before I do, some young girls
want to thank you.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
All charges have been dropped.
Come back
to the office tomorrow.
Thank you, ma'am.
Where are Tiger and Zoya?
You should take that call.
- What call?
That one.
I needed your advice, ma'am.
Tiger, where the hell are you?
Don't worry, ma'am.
Tiger is still alive.
But there's a small problem.
Should I have the blueberry
cheesecake or the Tiramisu?
What do you suggest?
Tiger! Where are you?
And when are we meeting?
You must be busy now.
When you have work for me,
I'll contact you myself.
What will you do till then?
Do what we talked
about when we started.
"Time Pass."
- Blueberry cheesecake.
- Mm-hmm!
So, what do we do now?
Let's put on some music
in the name of the Lord!
My heart flies
Like a free bird
My heart flies
Thriving on mischief
Is my heart
Thriving on mischief
Music in my head
Let's party now
I'll take my time today
To say I love you
Why hang about?
Let's get back to the beat!
Start that music!
In the name of the Lord
Start that music!
In the name of the Lord
In the name of the Lord
In the name of the Lord
Why sit there
So serious?
Attitude in our eyes
Hearts brimming with life
We heed all hearts
Throw caution to the wind
To fill our hearts
Even the universe falls short
Let me into your heart
If it's okay with you
I say!
Love is a great feeling
Paints the world in color
Love is PHD
No comma, no full stop
I truly believe
I wait for the chance
To spread love all around the world
Why hang about?
Let's get back to the beat!
Start that music!
In the name of the Lord
Start that music!
In the name of the Lord
In the name of the Lord
In the name of the Lord
In the name of the Lord
What I'm about to ask you, Kabir,
no officer has the right
to ask of any soldier.
Nor should a father ask of his son.
But this job
only you can do, Kabir.
India has a new enemy.
This enemy is dangerous and evil.
An evil beyond your nightmares.
He has no name.
Nor face.
He thrives in darkness.
And to stop him you'll have to enter
that darkness.
You'll have to cross every line
between right and wrong.
You'll have to erase your feelings
of good and bad.
You'll have to do things, Kabir,
that you won't forgive yourself
for having done.
And if you survive,
you'll face a threat greater than death.
Because it's possible,
when fighting a monster,
you become a monster yourself.