Tiger & Bunny Movie 1: The Beginning (2012) Movie Script

[man on TV] And so, in the end,
through his heroic efforts to capture
the criminals, this iconic
symbol of peace, the Statue of Justice,
was saved, thanks to Mr. Legend.
Ah, Legend was the coolest.
[alarm sounding]
Okay, off to work now!
-[bottles clattering]
[sirens blaring]
[door shuts]
[keys clattering]
[theme song in Japanese playing]
[sirens wailing]
[TV presenter]
This is Hero TV breaking news!
Masked thugs have highjacked
armored truck in West Silver
and are on the run with
over 3 million Stern Dollars.
They took out a police cruiser!
It doesn't look like the authorities can
stop these blood thirsty criminals.
And yet, there is still
no sign of any heroes.
As you know, only one daring program
brings you ongoing, up-to-the-second
coverage of super-charged
heroes battling crime
and natural disasters.
The only rescue entertainment show
that ranks vigilantes by points,
and at the end of the season crowns
the undisputed King of Heroes!
You're watching Hero TV Live!
And here comes our first hero!
It's the bourgeois,
open flame broiled Fire Emblem!
Will he bring the heat
for another arrest today?
A-camera, push in close!
I'm all over it.
He's gonna use his Fireball attack!
-[man screams]
-What a merciless move!
The suspects are losing
control of the vehicle!
And another hero is on the scene!
The bold tank of the west coast,
Rock Bison!
Rock Bison has been
struggling in the rankings all season.
It's good to see
him back in the game!
Ah-ha! What? Hey!
Don't even think about it! Hold o--
Come here!
[TV presenter] It appears Rock Bison
can't extract his horns!
[grunts] Huh?
And now the villains have
commandeered a taxi cab!
Oh, no!
[grunting] Come on!
[TV presenter] And who should drop in?
The lightning bolt kung-fu master,
Dragon Kid!
A sizzling double arrest!
They're out cold!
Talk about a shocking victory!
More points for Dragon Kid!
As usual, the hidden hero Origami Cyclone
can be seen in the background.
And so, another crime prevented by
Wait. What's this?
One of the robbers is still on the run!
[grunting] Get this train movin'!
This is terrible!
According to new information,
the remaining suspect has
taken control of a crowded monorail!
[girl] Oh, no!
So, what now? We should
probably pull out and not interfere.
Look! What's that?
Ugh. Great.
I don't believe my eyes.
It's the crusher for justice, Wild Tiger!
I hope he's careful this time!
Cut to commercial.
Tiger, you reading me?
We need you to hold
for a thirty second commercial.
You gotta be kiddin' me.
[segue music]
I am not waiting for ads
while people are in danger.
Hey, listen to me! If you do it my way,
there will be more suspense!
Screw suspense!
A real hero
only cares about one thing
and that's keeping
the peace!
Wild Roar!
Damn him.
So stubborn.
Keep rolling!
Hold the phone! It appears Wild Tiger
is activating his Hundred Power!
Which makes his physical
abilities a hundred times stronger!
-Go faster!
-I can't!
[woman] Let me outta here!
Give it up, scum bag! Huh?
You fool! He's below you!
Gah? Where'd that come from?
The suspect has escaped to a blimp!
Blazing into the fight,
it's the wind master himself, Sky High!
That's right! This season's leader and
reigning champ has come to save the day!
[all cheering]
What a jerk. Showin' up
after I've done all the dirty work.
[gasping and yelling]
[both whimpering]
Don't try anything funny, or else!
You don't try anything funny, or else!
Sky High? You're a dead man!
[gasping] Damn it!
[TV presenter] Ah! The suspect's rocket
has exploded! Oh, the humanity!
Controlling the wind
to save innocent lives!
Just what we'd expect from Sky High!
Look out! The blimp is gonna
crash into that building!
Dear me, the blimp's
heading straight for that cruise ship!
[people screaming]
[gasping] Seriously?
[people screaming]
You boys done foolin'
around, yet?
Every male fan knows
the cold wind that just blew in
Protecting the cruise ship
with her freezing liquid gun,
it's the icy super star
of the hero world, Blue Rose!
All right, get me a close up!
My ice is a little cold, but your crime
has been completely put on hold!
[TV presenter] Absolute perfection!
All she cares about is racking up points.
I caught the suspect,
doesn't that count for anything?
-[gasping for air]
-You shot me?
I told you to stay out of it, man!
[groaning] What a day I'm having.
[TV presenter] Wild Tiger took a bullet
to the chest, but he's all right.
Ew! Stop! [screaming]
It's her patented Cutie Escape!
She's just running away.
Wild Tiger leaps into action!
He ran out of time!
Remember, Wild Tiger's Hundred Power
only lasts five minutes.
Wild Tiger has lost his super powers!
This could be curtains for our super hero!
[grunts] What the
Who the hell are you
supposed to be?
The guy who just saved your life.
Oh, yeah.
[TV presenter] It's um who is that?
[TV presenter] Our mystery man has
apprehended the crook!
Could this be the birth
of a new superstar?
The season ends with the surprise victory
by a mysterious new hero!
[people cheering]
Cut to a commercial!
Hurry, please.
I have to see you, now.
[alarms sounding]
All right! This is
what I'm talkin' about!
[people] Nex! Nex!
This Pepsi Nex
is refreshingly cold!
Having one in my hand
puts my heart on hold!
The great taste draws me in!
Mmm! Ah!
is here
Come with me and you will see
The shining days
Come on!
I'm a star
And there's stars in the Milky Way
Hey, so, who's your sponsor, anyway?
Don't have one.
Wait, you're tellin' me
you're a free agent?
Why'd you stick your nose in this?
[scoffs] Come on, does it really matter?
I made the arrest.
And showing your face
Why would you take off your mask
in public?
Are you crazy?
It's a basic rule!
A hero's secret identity
has to remain a secret---
Secret, huh?
Times are changin', old man.
Better keep up.
Old man?
This is it! The moment
you've all been waiting for.
We're about to reveal
the winner of this season's Hero TV!
[man] What were you thinking, Kotetsu?
I mean, bending that track?
And did you have to smash the windows
in the train like that?
[Kotetsu] Well
[Ben] Do you realize how
much that's gonna cost?
Listen, I'm sorry.
You do understand who
made you a hero, don't you, pal?
Hmm my sponsors, sir!
Good answer. Now, get
to that award ceremony.
Thanks, Ben.
[announcer] Fire Emblem. Rock Bison.
Dragon Kid. Origami Cyclone.
Sky High. Blue Rose. Wild Tiger.
Which hero shined
the brightest this season?
You're late.
When are they
gonna announce the winner?
Right now.
All right.
We know it's not gonna be you.
Shut up.
[announcer] The points have been tallied
and it's time to crown a new champion!
One of these fearless heroes
is a heartbeat away
from winning all the glory!
With an unprecedented 12,730 points,
the King of Heroes is Sky High!
And now your Champion!
I could not have done this
without everyone's help.
Thanks and thanks again!
[crowd cheering]
And now, with an important message,
here is the CEO of Apollon Media,
as well as the president of the OBC,
give it up for Albert Maverick!
I'd like to take a moment to introduce
someone very special to our viewers.
Come on up.
[cheers and clapping]
This bright young man has just won
the approval of the Justice Bureau.
So you'll all be seeing
a lot more of him.
Please welcome
the City of Stern Bild's newest hero
Barnaby Brooks Jr.
-[crowd cheering]
-[scoffs] What a clown.
Be nice.
His super power may sound
familiar to some of you.
When activated,
this young man's physical strength
is increased one hundred times.
But it only lasts him for five minutes.
And yes, it's the exact same power
as Wild Tiger.
However, he also has
the power of youth.
Which is why I'm hopeful our new hero
won't need to be rescued as often as
someone else we know.
-[crowd laughing]
-[grunts angrily]
As you know, individuals
with super powers, known as NEXT,
began appearing 45 years ago
due to some sort of mutation
-I'm out of here.
We still don't know
what triggered this rare abilities.
[Japanese song playing]
[Tomoe] Promise me, dear.
You'll never stop being a hero.
I'm proud of you.
Well, I've managed to
stay safe so far.
I feel it's all because of you
[song continues]
[woman] Good evening.
"A veteran hero who made
his debut 10 years ago.
He may be past his prime,
but he is" Ugh.
Give me 10 Wild Tigers!
[woman] Whatever.
[phone ringing]
Hey, what's up?
Are you seriously
ditching the after party?
[Kotetsu] Eh, those things are
too stuffy for me.
There's tons of free food
and all the suits are here.
Say hi for me, will ya?
[Rock Bison] Hello? Hello?
Hmm! Bison's got some
junk in the trunk!
Stop, stop! Get off of me!
You got your screen time
out there as usual.
Keep it up, it's great exposure.
I won't let the sponsors down, sir!
I mean, I hope not.
You're not listening.
My catch phrase is stupid.
Can't your company let me change it?
That domineering attitude of yours
is why people love you.
Why change what works?
[Blue Rose] I guess.
It's all about the fans.
Thanks and thanks again!
-Hello, Mr. Maverick!
Ah! I knew promoting you to producer
was the right choice for Hero TV,
but I never expected
you to pull in these ratings!
Well, when it comes to
creating a spectacle,
I stop at nothing.
[gentle jazz music playing]
[sighs heavily]
[man] Good evening, Mr. Brooks.
Nice to meet you. I've been assigned
to the Justice Bureau as of today.
My name, by the way, is Yuri Petrov.
Pleased to meet you.
What can I do for you?
I just wanted you to know,
I very much look forward to your work.
Well, I'll try my best to
meet your expectations.
That won't be too difficult.
Follow your own code of justice.
I will.
[telephone ringing]
[Kotetsu] Yeah, yeah, coming!
Honey! What's goin' on, Kaede?
Tomorrow's my recital.
You didn't forget, did you?
[chuckles] Forget? I said
I'd be there and I will! Ow!
You mean it? You're not gonna have to
work like you usually do?
No way!
Tomorrow, you're gonna be
the cutest little girl on stage
and I'm gonna be the first in line
to see you perform.
I wouldn't miss it for the world!
-You said that last time.
Eh. You know, you should say something
when you take the phone, Mom!
I saw you on TV.
Do you have to pay for all that?
[laughs sarcastically] Real funny, Mom.
All I'm saying is that you should
really try to be more careful, dear.
I know, Mom. I will.
If something happens to you,
I'll have to tell Kaede about your work
as a superhero at your funeral.
Yeah, I know. Believe me I know.
[operatic music playing]
[music continues]
[Ben] I'm sorry, Kotetsu.
A merger?
It was the only option.
Ad revenue kept falling,
and we were lucky to find a buyer
willing to take on our debts.
Huh? Who's this Lloyds guy?
Your new employer.
And I would suggest
you go and pay him a visit.
What? Hang on a second.
What the hell is going on?
Starting this next season,
only the seven biggest corporations
are going to be sponsoring heroes.
Hate to say it, but our company
just dropped off the list.
So, you're gonna disappear?
Just like that?
Hey, business is business.
Do all the other heroes know about this?
I'm the last to know.
[Ben] Sorry, old pal.
So, you're Wild Tiger.
And I see your real name here,
but how do I pronounce it?
It's Kotetsu. Kotetsu Kaburagi.
Right. You'll be briefed
on your new suit in the design department.
Oh, I hadn't planned on
starting today.
Or you can just quit
if you don't like it.
[chuckles nervously] Today works.
-[alarm sounding]
-[Kotetsu exclaiming] Huh?
[Lloyds] The industrial district.
[Kotetsu] The Steel Hammer statue?
[Lloyds] I thought it was just
a symbolic piece of art.
So why is it moving?
I bet a NEXT is behind this.
-All right, you'd better get going.
This is a perfect chance
to debut your new look.
I don't think I can do that sir.
Really? And why is that?
It's just I've worn the
same suit my entire career.
Don't be nervous.
The tech on this suit is far better than
that old one that you're used to.
Yeah, that's not the issue here.
That costume defines my life.
It's everything I am as a hero.
A symbol of hope and justice!
Just wear the thing, or you're fired.
[Kotetsu] Yes, sir.
Actually, this thing is really cool.
There you are. Let's do this.
[Lloyds] There is one other thing.
We've decided to partner
you up with another hero.
Apollon Media is going to sell it as
the first ever super hero duo
to take the stage.
Nobody asked me about that.
That's because you don't
have a say in the matter.
Where's my teammate, anyway?
Who the hell are they getting me?
Damn, that hurt.
Guess I can't take this guy alone.
What? It's you?
Hold on. They're pairing me
with you, Rock Bison?
Say what?
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Apollon wants you to be my partner.
You gonna talk all day, old man?
Or are we gonna get to work?
[grunting] No way!
[man] Chaser change!
Double chaser!
Hey, how come
I'm stuck in the side car?
I think it suits you well.
Yeah, dream on.
Take it up with our sponsor.
[footsteps thudding]
[people screaming]
I'll handle this area,
you all go on ahead!
What are we gonna do,
sit here and watch?
[Barnaby] We don't wanna just rush in
at the same time.
We've got to time our entrance
for maximum effect.
[scoffs] What a clown.
[Barnaby] Excuse me?
That's a brilliant idea. Why don't we wait
until the whole city's destroyed?
A real hero doesn't
time his entrances!
[Agnes] Okay, it's show time!
We are ready to go live,
everyone, so good luck!
In three two
[TV presenter]
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen,
to Hero TV Live!
Stern Bild's seven major companies
now have exclusive rights over the Heroes!
As many of you are already aware,
we're starting fresh
under a new management system,
and we have great expectations!
The question is,
which Hero will win the honor of
becoming King this season?
Okay, time to move.
You sure? Don't wanna
touch up your makeup or--
Hey. What the
And look who's just arrived!
Now, we can really get this party started!
My ice is a little cold, but your crime
has been completely put on hold!
It's Blue Rose!
That crime fighting hottie!
Hold onto your hats,
it's not just her body that's naughty!
Yes! I made it into the shot!
This is ridiculous.
That's not how Huh?
Hey! I thought we were a team!
[footsteps thundering]
I'll show you how to
bring this thing down!
[Barnaby] Yeah? Good luck with that.
[Wild Tiger] I'm gonna have to drop
a line on this little guy.
Huh? What's wrong with
the damn thing?
See? Watch and learn, kid.
Hey! Where'd he go?
[TV presenter] Is that who I think it is?
Yes! It's our newest fan favorite!
Barnaby Brooks Jr.!
[scoffs] Heh. Man, I hate that.
Okay, big guy!
You're goin' down.
[Barnaby] What the hell?
[Wild Tiger] Gotcha. [grunts]
[both struggling]
Great plan, worked
out real well!
Well, maybe if you
hadn't gotten in the way!
[metallic clanging]
[Wild Tiger shudders]
Oh, great.
[both screaming]
I'm tellin' ya,
I can't work with this guy!
Well, I must admit, your debut as a team
was hardly a rousing success.
In fact, I thought
we'd seen the last of you.
[Kotetsu] Uh
It was just lucky for you
that that thing ran out of gas.
[TV presenter] It's a mystery why the
rampaging statue suddenly stopped.
Or, why hours later,
it remains frozen in position.
So, do we have any idea
who's behind it, or what they want?
[Lloyds] Forget that,
you've got bigger problems.
-You don't seem to understand
the situation you're in.
You are yesterday's news.
[Kotetsu] Hey!
This offer to be Barnaby's sidekick is
your last chance to stay relevant at all!
-That's right. Sidekick.
Backup. Second banana.
And you're lucky to get it.
Sidekick to that showboat?
That guy's a costumed clown!
[Lloyds] Speaking of costumes,
you've got some explaining to do.
[whispering inaudibly]
What's that?
[continues whispering]
Suit, eh Huh?
Uh-huh, okay.
Well, it was my first time.
Hey, come on, that suit
isn't that bad.
Hey, whoa, whoa!
All right, that's enough!
I get it, I get it!
[sighs] Okay, okay,
you proved your point.
Heh, what a weird little guy.
[Saito whispering]
[Saito whispering]
You mean this?
[Saito whispering]
[automated voice]
The current time is 3:28 p.m.
Is that the time?
Oh, man, I gotta go! I gotta go!
[Kotetsu] I swear I'm on my way,
I'm just running a little late,
that's all!
You said you'd be here at 3:00!
I know, honey, I'm sorry!
[Kaede] Are you even coming?
[Kotetsu] What? Of course I am!
Yeah? When are you gonna be here?
Uh, well, umm
Don't worry, Kaede,
I'll be there.
When do you actually go on?
Okay, plenty of time!
[alarm sounding]
Hang on a second, honey.
[TV presenter]
Calling Tiger and Barnaby.
It's showtime!
The statue has started moving again!
We need you suited up and
on the scene right now!
[grunting] Kaede?
Oh, no! I'm starting to get nervous!
Dad, you've gotta
hurry up and get over here!
I mean it! You've gotta make it!
Oh, how long have you been waiting here?
Just three and a half minutes of
my life that I'm never going to get back.
But hey, don't worry about it.
Oh, boy. How'd I get stuck with you?
[TV presenter] How will the heroes deal
with this giant visitor
from the Bronx area?
It's showtime! And Blue Rose is
the first one to arrive on the scene!
All right, you hold it there, buddy!
[TV presenter] And there she goes!
As you're about to discover,
my ice is a little cold.
But your movements have been
completely put on hold!
[Blue Rose screams]
[TV presenter] Her ice was not strong
enough to stop him!
You're kidding, right?
[TV presenter]
It walked right over her Cutie Escape!
[Fire Emblem] If you're going to go and
create such a mess,
you should take
some personal responsibility.
The least you could've done
was stop that thing.
Just shut up, will ya!
[electricity crackling]
[TV presenter] Looks like the Heroes
can't get around to stopping the statue,
because they're too busy
saving the civilians!
Here come reinforcements!
Hurry, guys! Hurry up!
Okay, boss! We're ready!
Good, now go!
Firing in three two one
[Rock Bison yells]
[TV presenter] Rock Bison is on his way!
He's controlling his trajectory
by using his shoulder drills!
This looks promising!
Just a bit outside.
[yelling] Oh, no! Please!
No, please!
That was a close call! And a close shave,
now that I think about it!
Yeah Thanks.
-[wind gushing]
Look out!
[people screaming]
-[Barnaby] Hang on.
[Barnaby] What are you doing?
What do you think?
-[Barnaby] Just wait a minute.
-That thing's got a little kid.
[Barnaby] Or maybe it's
the other way around.
What are you
Get out of my way!
[Barnaby] Look, maybe it's not
the kid who needs saving.
-You see where I'm goin' with this?
[Barnaby] What if he's the NEX controlling the statue?
Well, he's still in danger!
Maybe the kid's a
NEXT with telekinetic powers!
Well, while you're thinkin' about it,
I'm goin' in!
[Barnaby] I wouldn't be so hasty.
Remember what happened last time.
[Wild Tiger] Hey, that was an accident.
[Barnaby] You know? I'm beginning
to seriously question your judgement.
I never liked this idea.
If the sponsors weren't insisting on it,
I'd quit this team right now.
[Wild Tiger] That makes two of us.
[footsteps thundering]
[woman screaming]
Don't move, or you're all dead!
[woman screams]
[man] Why, it's Mr. Legend.
[robbers grunting]
One more move and the kid gets it!
What do ya know?
With those powers of yours,
you can save people.
After all, you saved me.
That makes you a hero, too.
Have a nice nap, old man?
Funny. You gonna tell me what happened?
The statue grabbed us.
And then he stopped again.
And you're just sittin' here?
Why didn't you escape?
-[Barnaby] Well, I can't!
[Barnaby] Without using my power, I mean.
[Wild Tiger] Then use it, you idiot.
What are you waiting for?
[Barnaby] We've only got five minutes.
I wanna save it until I really need it.
Well, suit yourself, little bunny.
I'm outta here!
[Barnaby] Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it.
[Wild Tiger] What?
[Barnaby] What did you call me?
Did you just call me "Bunny"?
[Wild Tiger] Yeah, why not?
You got those long pink ears
and you're always hoppin' around.
You're just like a cute little bunny!
[Barnaby] I am not a bunny!
My name is Barnaby!
[mockingly] I am not a bunny!
I'm a Barnaby!
[Barnaby] I don't talk like that!
[mocks] I don't talk like that!
Head's up, you two. We've got
another statue heading on a rampage.
There's a giant stone lion
headed toward the new Morgan District.
[Wild Tiger] What?
That's where the ice rink is!
[people screaming]
[Barnaby] You mind getting me out, too?
[Wild Tiger] Huh?
Well, I mean, you're all
powered up and everything.
You're right. I am.
Daddy's coming, Kaede!
[people screaming]
Hey, kid! Come on down from there.
Stay away!
[Fire Emblem] Hey, handsome!
You look like you're in a bit of a bind!
What's going on up there?
[Barnaby] Yeah, do you think you
can help me out of here?
Hmm. I guess I have no choice.
I can't turn down a hot guy like you!
Thanks. I appreciate it.
[Fire Emblem] Hey!
At least let me palm that little butt!
Oh, you're such a tease!
[siren blaring]
Oh-oh, I can't get out of
here! Darn!
[people screaming]
Kaede? Honey, where are you?
Mom, what are you doing?
Kotetsu, thank goodness!
It's Kaede! I can't find her!
I think she's still
somewhere in the building!
Okay! I'll handle it from here!
You get outside!
This way, folks!
[distorted yell] No!
[Kaede] Thank you so much, mister!
[gasping] Huh?
Now, you get on out of here.
I sure will!
Hey, um, thanks.
Huh? Thanks for what?
I didn't save your life, did I?
-No, but
-Help me!
Help! [screams]
[Wild Tiger] You okay, kid?
Stay out of my way.
[Barnaby] Why are you
doing this, kid?
He knows why. He and the others!
[Wild Tiger] What do you mean?
My whole life, they've hated me and
treated me like I was some kind of freak!
No, not your whole life. Just since
you started to make things move.
Normal kinds can't do what you do.
I mean, it freaks us out!
We don't hate you,
we're scared of you!
I didn't ask to be given these powers,
it's not my fault!
[Wild Tiger] Slow down, kid.
I know just how you feel.
No, you don't!
[Wild Tiger] I do,
'cause it happened to me, too.
I was about your age
when I found out I was a NEXT.
My friends turned on me.
Called me a freak.
I hated them for that.
Most of all, I hated my powers.
Then a hero called Mr. Legend came along
and told me something
that changed my life.
With those powers of yours,
you can save people.
My powers can't.
Why not?
Because they're not like
a real hero's powers.
All I can do is make stuff move.
Trust me, one day you will find
the right use for them. I promise.
You mean it?
[Tiger] You could be one of the best.
Now, come on down and let's have
the police call your parents.
What are you doing? If we don't
arrest him, we don't score any points.
Oh, shut up, will ya?
Okay, kid. You wanna be a hero?
This is your first step.
What do ya say?
You gonna come down?
It's gonna be okay, Tony.
[man] Watch out!
The building's collapsing!
I'm on it!
Let's go!
Help me! Somebody!
[Tiger] I got it! Save your power.
Your powers are still re-charging, right?
I should be able to use mine
right about now!
Damn! Losin' it!
-Thanks, and thanks again.
-[Tiger] Uh-oh.
What's wrong, Tiger?
-[Tiger] I'm out of time.
[Tiger] My power's about to run out.
[Rock Bison]
Well, we've gotta do something!
[Tiger] Hey, Tony!
We can't hold it!
It's gonna fall!
[people screaming]
We need your help, Tony! We need you now!
I can't.
[Tiger] You can do it!
I know you can!
I'm down to five seconds.
Four, three, two
[all straining]
Oh! This is terrible!
Excuse me. What are you doing?
Just watching to see
how they handle this situation.
That's sick! What is the
matter with you?
[metallic creaking]
[people cheering]
Oh, thank you! Thank you!
[all cheering]
Unless I'm mistaken,
you just saved the day, Tony.
Do you know what that means?
It means you're a hero.
I'm a hero?
[siren blaring]
Come on, you have
plenty of power left.
Huh? Oh, well,
what do you know about that?
[chuckling] Who'd have thought?
Come on, it's time to go home, Kaede.
Okay. Let's go, Grandma.
I'm so glad you're safe.
I was really worried.
[Lloyds] I thought I made myself clear.
You're supposed to be
Barnaby's backup, his second.
I know what you said.
But in the heat of all the action,
my body moved on its own.
You're unbelievable.
What were you thinking,
leaving Barnaby behind like that?
I tried! But he said he didn't want to
activate his powers, so what was I--
It's not his call!
If he's not participating, you make him!
Since he's still inexperienced as a Hero,
it's your job to help,
and give him guidance!
Isn't it your duty as a veteran,
to offer emotional support
to the new recruits?
I guess
If I can't rely on you for that,
there's really no point in keeping you
under our employment.
The only thing you have going for you,
old-timer, is experience.
Try to think of something that will help.
You know, like trying to create a pleasant
work environment for Barnaby?
Are you listening?
[startles] Yes, sir!
I get it.
[Barnaby] The guy's a loose cannon.
I don't think
this team thing's gonna work.
[Albert] On the contrary,
it's working perfectly.
Yes, but--
The two of you have
captured people's attention.
Viewership is up whenever you're on.
Now's your chance to sell yourself.
There's a reason you revealed
your true identity to the public.
You're not going to let all your careful
preparations go to waste, are you, my boy?
No, sir.
And by continuing this work,
you may find a clue to help uncover
the meaning behind this symbol.
It may lead you to the truth
about this person you're after.
[operatic music plays]
Don't worry yourself, my boy.
We'll find your parents' killer someday.
I'm sure of it.
[cell phone ringing]
[phone continues ringing]
[Kotetsu] Hey! Don't screen my calls!
Do me a favor,
and don't waste my time.
[Kotetsu] Oh, man.
Apparently, you're as
unfriendly as ever, little Bunny!
I told you, stop calling me that.
I have some good news.
I've been thinking it over--
You'll have to excuse me.
Hey! Hear me out!
Want to go grab something to eat?
Is this the good news
you couldn't wait to tell me?
Sorry, but I have stuff to do.
-Can't you spare a little time?
-Not really.
But everyone is expecting us!
So what do you think?
I'm pretty cut, right?
Amazing! You're completely rock solid!
I had no idea.
I've only seen you in your Hero suit!
I thought so! Come on, kid.
Go ahead and hit me!
Give me your best shot!
[Dragon Kid] No, thanks.
It looks like it would really hurt!
Oh, don't be shy!
-[Blue Rose] This is really stupid.
-[both] Huh?
I mean, come on.
Why in the world do we have to do have
a welcoming party for the rookie?
[Fire Emblem]
Well, I I think it's a nice gesture!
He acts aloof, but I think he really wants
to get along with his fellow Heroes.
You have to admit,
he's delightfully mysterious
and quite good looking.
[Origami] I wouldn't necessarily
call him mysterious.
I happen to know the guy.
As a matter of fact,
he was a very popular figure.
And he was very well liked
at the Hero Academy.
Unlike me, he was an excellent student,
and everyone at the academy
knew who he was.
-[jazz music playing]
-[ice clinking]
Well I think it's fun!
It's the first time I've ever
come to something like this!
Actually, I'm kinda nervous!
You're not alone.
This is the first time any of us have
tried to get together outside of work.
Oh, wow, really?
It's a good opportunity. We can get to
know each other a lot better.
Let's all have fun!
Most importantly, let's enjoy!
Sounds good to me.
If the King of Heroes says so,
count me in!
This is so annoying.
Ah! Sorry about that, guys!
You're late, Kotetsu.
I was busy makin' sure
I look good for all of you.
Now why would you need
to worry about that?
It's Barnaby who's the guest of honor.
-You're right!
Mr. Wild. Why don't we
start by re-introducing ourselves?
-Yeah! That sounds good!
-Mm-hmm! Hi there!
I'll start us off.
-Oh, yeah.
-[all applauding]
And a good evening to you, handsome.
I go by the name "Fire Emblem".
My real name is Nathan Seymour.
I may not look it,
but Helios Energy is my--
-[Barnaby] You own it, right?
You don't need to explain
it to me, I already know.
[Nathan] Oh. Really?
I see why you're a top student!
You've done your homework!
That's terrific!
Now, why don't we
just move right along?
Good idea!
Don't bother with your spiel.
I've already done my
research on you, too.
Oh. I see.
[chuckles nervously]
Hey! This guy's bein' a jerk!
Well, he's just socially awkward,
I guess!
He's probably nervous being in front of
the Heroes he looks up to.
I'll be leaving now.
Going through these introductions
is just a big waste of time.
Now wait a second, Bunny!
Oh great, well that does it!
Just who do you think you are?
This is ridiculous.
The only reason we came here
is because you said that
you wanted to get to know us.
What? I never said that. You're mistaken.
It was my understanding
that this was organized
because you wanted to get to know me.
[all] Huh?
What the heck's going on here, Mr. Wild?
You're the one who set this up!
You said handsome here wanted to meet us!
I was told you wanted to meet me.
Does it matter? I mean, really?
I thought it would be
easier for Bunny to fit in.
You know, if he was
closer with everyone?
So, does this
mean you lied to us?
-Sort of
-That's appalling.
Just a minute, everyone!
I don't understand what's going on.
What the heck is this all about?
I'll explain it to you later!
Come on! Don't you think
it's a great opportunity
for us to get closer as a team?
Closer as a team? Are you stupid?
We're all rivals! It's a competition!
[Kotetsu gulps]
Excuse me, I'll be going now.
But Bunny!
Oh! What a drag this turned out to be!
-I'm leaving.
[Antonio growls]
I need to tend to my shuriken.
I guess I'll go take John for a walk.
-No! Wait a second! Huh?
Hello, Heroes! Something big just
happened in the Stern Medaille area!
A thief has stolen an item
worth billions of Stern Dollars!
You need to head over there right now!
[shrieks] Help me, will you?
I'm afraid of the dark!
Ah, stop grabbing my butt!
Oh, good, I'm not so scared, now.
You're scarin' the hell out of me!
I'm going on ahead!
Transporter! Meet me at the south end
of the park, over on Ninth Avenue!
I wonder if my earlobes would stretch out
if I tried to wear those.
-Uh, you wanna try them?
Excuse me. I don't understand.
Why are you running?
It's faster than walking, isn't it?
That's not what I mean!
I thought you could control the wind.
Why don't you just fly?
I can't!
I don't just jump into the air!
In order to reach flight speed,
I need a jet-pack!
You can't fly with just
the use of your powers?
Right! I just float!
Mr. Sky High!
Damn it! Today is turning out to be
one crummy incident after another!
[man groaning]
Oh, yeah!
[Agnes] The suspect is still on the run.
He's now taken the Statue of Justice.
Huh? Wait a minute, isn't that
That's right. It's a symbol of peace
that Mr. Legend recovered
from some criminals a long time ago.
It's a very high-profile piece.
So this crook knew exactly
what he was stealing.
Know what'll happen
if he gets away with it?
People will lose faith in their Heroes.
So make sure you bring it back.
It's critical!
[chuckling and humming]
Hold it right there!
[in sing-song voice] I don't want to!
Come back!
[TV presenter]
The suspect has now evaded police
and is on the run.
We still don't see any Heroes in pursuit.
Come on! What's taking them so long?
Here they come now!
[TV presenter] Hold on, everybody!
The new team of Tiger and Barnaby
is on the scene!
Will their teamwork be
effective enough to make an arrest?
[Tiger] So that's the thief, huh?
[Barnaby] Please don't do
anything funny, all right?
[Tiger] What are you talking about?
Just hurry up and catch him, all right?
[Barnaby] There's a construction barricade
up ahead. We're gonna split up.
Uh, what?
[Tiger exclaims]
[bikes revving]
[Tiger yelling]
Too slow!
This is bad! She's after our points!
[TV presenter] Blue Rose,
Barnaby Brooks Jr., and Wild Tiger
are all in hot pursuit of the suspect!
They're closing in, but the question is,
who will reach the man first?
Now is not the time to be having
this little bike race, you guys!
[tires screech]
[tires screeching]
[loud splash]
Wait a minute!
[grunts] Huh?
[TV presenter] Ladies and gentlemen,
the suspect is nowhere to be seen!
Where in the world
could he have possibly gone?
[Tiger grunting]
Damn it, Tiger!
It's your fault we lost him!
Uh Hey
Did you see anybody
come through here, lady?
-Hey, you! Come back!
[Cain] What the heck?
[people screaming]
Didn't think he'd escape
into an amusement park!
Well it will make it look
more exciting for us.
[TV presenter] There's the suspect!
And standing in his way is Rock Bison!
[Rock Bison] These points are mine!
[TV presenter]
And look! Dragon Kid is here, too!
I've got him!
[Rock Bison] Oh no, you don't!
-[Rock Bison] Huh?
[chuckling] Buh-bye!
[Dragon Kid] Sorry! Oh!
[loud creaking]
[both screaming]
Look out!
[Rock Bison grunts]
Hurry! Get out of here!
Okay! Thank you so much!
[TV presenter]
It looked like they stopped him.
So how did this happen?
[chuckling] Hmm?
And here comes our
King of Heroes Sky High!
Stop where you are!
Hmm! It's not polite to point!
Sky High!
[TV presenter] Wow! What happened here?
You're not getting away!
You're a thinker!
[TV presenter]
He truly is the King of Heroes!
The wind seems to be blowing
in his favor this season!
It's the end of the road for you!
Now hand over the Statue of Justice!
If you want it that badly,
then come and get it!
[TV presenter] What?
How did he get away?
[humming cheerfully]
I think we should put an
end to this chase now!
Really? Are you sure?
What if I don't agree?
My ice is a little cold,
but your crime has been completely
put on hold!
Oh, girl! You are takin' too long!
Stop interfering!
This is ridiculous!
If you have time to say all that,
just put him on hold and be done with it!
Hey! Don't steal my points!
[exclaims] You're breaking the rules!
No I'm not!
That's what you're doing!
[TV presenter] My word!
What in the world just happened?
That's strange.
He shouldn't have been
able to dodge that.
[girl] Look, Daddy, it's Sky High!
[TV presenter] The Heroes are stalled,
and unable to apprehend the suspect!
Aha! There he is!
Not so fast, old man.
You promised not to do anything funny.
[Tiger] Huh?
Can you define what you
mean by funny?
You really are annoying.
[Tiger] Okay, smart guy,
then what should we do?
In case you haven't noticed,
he's very quick!
No matter how fast he is, he can't escape
from us if we activate our powers
and flank him from both sides at once.
Actually a good plan.
Does that mean you're on board?
This is the perfect chance to show people
that Heroes can operate as a team.
[Tiger] I don't care what we do,
so long as we arrest him.
Okay, you go around to the other side.
-I'll come at him from over here.
-Right on.
Time to give it up, pal!
They assigned me the rookie, huh?
It's not just the rookie, smart ass!
[footsteps thudding]
[Tiger yells]
What the hell happened?
Where did he go?
[both grunting]
That was a pretty good idea!
But I'm afraid it wasn't
good enough to catch me!
[laughs smugly]
[Barnaby] Damn it!
[line ringing]
Agnes. Barnaby's calling in.
What is it?
[Barnaby] I have a request to make.
[Agnes] Listen, everyone.
Barnaby has something to tell us.
I'm opening up all channels.
[Barnaby] Hi, this is Barnaby.
I think I've figured out
the suspect's power.
It seems to be location switching.
What the heck is that?
Apparently, he can switch places
with anyone in his line of sight.
So that's how he got away!
Listen to me.
There's something I want all of you to do.
Tell me something.
Why, exactly, should we listen to you?
-[Blue Rose shrieks]
-Oh! I'm sorry!
[Blue Rose] What are you doing?
Just watch.
[cackling, whooping]
[Barnaby] We have to be very careful
that we don't harm any civilians.
What the
Just to remind you,
we're Heroes who protect people.
-[crowd yells]
[woman over PA] Attention visitors.
There is a criminal with NEXT powers,
loose in the park.
Please follow
our staff members' directions,
while we move you to a safe location.
[male staff] Right this way, folks.
Keep a single-file line, please.
I had you all wrong, buddy.
It seems you do care about the people.
-Don't get the wrong idea.
I came up with this plan so Hero TV's
image wouldn't get ruined.
Besides, it will make it more difficult
for any of the other Heroes to interfere.
This gives us me the perfect chance
to steal the glory.
What? I don't get it.
How can you be so petty?
You should be thanking me.
Because of this brilliant maneuver,
you're gonna stand out.
Hey, hey.
Don't pull me into your head trip.
One problem. As of now, our powers
have completely run out.
So, we need to
make a plan until we recover.
-Hey, I've got an idea that's foolproof.
-Forget about it.
-Hey, listen to me!
-I'm sure it's nothing workable.
You haven't even heard it yet!
And besides, whose plan was it
that made us run out of power
in the first place?
What? Excuse me, but you agreed to it!
No, I didn't! I was planning to go
"Ka-Bang" and then "Ka-Boom"
on this bastard,
and take him out,
right from the beginning!
That makes no sense.
I'm saying we should've just gone for it!
If that's the way your mind works,
I don't really think your plan's
gonna be all that good!
Well, I'm not gonna waste my time on
some plan made by an egghead like you!
-[both grunting]
-[Agnes] Hey!
Why are you two fighting
in the middle of this?
I've got information from
the Justice Bureau!
The man you're chasing
is named Robin Baxter.
He's an internationally known criminal,
and we have case reports on his activities
from many countries.
Amazingly, though,
he's never been apprehended.
He's gotten away every single time.
So quit your petty squabbling
and focus on the job!
If you do that again,
I'll take points away from you!
-Yes, ma'am.
-All right.
[TV presenter]
The Heroes are now calling on all citizens
to evacuate the amusement park.
Hey, what's going on?
We paid a lot of money to
come and enjoy this place!
What's the problem?
Go catch the guy! Hmm?
Hi, Papa! [giggles]
-Get him!
-[Robin] Whoo hoo!
Don't let him get away!
-Hey, you all right?
-I'm fine.
Whoa! Whoa!
[man] Did you see that?
Out of the way!
I got ya! Hey!
It looks like he's moving
toward the exit! Let's head him off!
Huh? Hey, wait a minute,
we're not done here yet!
I'm over here!
[Robin laughing] Whoo!
Ooh! Now the one with
the mohawk is chasing me!
What, did you prefer
the little bunny instead?
End of the line, pal!
Whew! I think I've
burned enough calories for today.
-Let's wrap this up, what do you say?
There's nowhere to run.
[scoffs] What do you know,
I'm being chased by a couple of fools!
Who are you calling a fool, ponytail?
What the hell?
You got a problem?
Go ahead, do your little trick!
You can switch places
with either one of us. We don't care.
Uh, wow.
You two boys really are fools!
Aren't you even gonna try to show off?
Eh Huh?
[TV presenter] Hey, Tiger and Barnaby!
Showing the public
how close you are to each other,
isn't going to
help you catch the suspect!
[people laughing]
Umm. Do you think you
could let go of me now?
-Oh, sure.
-This was your whole plan?
Kinda. I thought he was
gonna switch places wi--
Come on, who in their right mind
would fall for such a childish trap!
[Tiger] Yeah.
This is going to make people
change the channel.
Change the channel?
What do think this is all about?
We're not out here just to appear on TV!
[Barnaby] Yeah, yeah.
Is that really all this means to you?
What was that big act you
put on at the plaza?
We're supposed to be protecting people!
You're the one who told
me to put pressure on the perp!
-What are you trying to say?
-Not too bright, are ya?
Ugh! They're at it again!
[TV presenter] Robin Baxter has
committed many crimes around the world,
and is a dangerous character.
Even as I speak,
the Heroes are in the process
of closing off the amusement park,
to keep him from escaping.
As part of that process, we're seeing
the park visitors being led to safety.
Sky High!
[TV presenter] Oh-oh! Looks like
we're being pushed out, as well!
[woman on PA] Ladies and gentlemen,
this area is currently closed
due to an emergency.
Visitors are to follow orders and move
to the exit gates immediately.
Everybody, stay where you are!
So there you are!
What are you doing?
I'm trying to catch the guy!
Get as close as you can!
Everyone! Try to form a tight group!
What's happening here?
Well, you're not very bright, are you?
We've completely shut this area off
from the outside.
If we gather everyone here,
he'll be trapped.
He won't be able to escape,
no matter who he switches places with!
Heh! Interesting maneuver.
Maybe you're not as stupid as I thought.
All we have to do now is come up with
a good way to catch him, you know?
Well, I'm sure you will.
You guys are pretty smart.
Holding us like this makes no damn sense.
I'm getting out of here.
What? Stop that man!
Help me!
Thank you, so much! Goodbye!
[woman] Oh, no, he just went out there!
Damn it!
Well, so much for following orders.
We need to rescue that guy!
You can handle that job yourself.
We need to catch the suspect.
[boy] Dad! Dad!
[girl] Wait a second
Dad, hold on!
Don't move, son! Ah!
Sir, from now on,
don't let go of your son.
Remember, you're his
one and only father.
And because of that,
you're irreplaceable.
I understand.
Nice work. So, I guess you like kids.
Come on, you did all that
for that little boy.
Not to mention what
you did earlier in the day.
I have to admit.
It's kind of unexpected.
I was just trying to
do my job, that's all.
[TV presenter] Right! The Heroes are
moving toward the park attraction
where Robin Baxter was last seen.
They usually have things
pretty much under control.
But this time around,
the situation's very fluid.
They don't seem to have a handle
on how to deal with this guy yet!
I have some bad news.
I found out the roller-coaster
the suspect escaped to,
stretches from the core of the park
to the upper areas of Stern Bild.
The long vertical tunnel is split up
into the Green Zone, the Mirror Zone,
and the Sky Zone.
We've closed off all the emergency exits
from the ground to the upper areas,
but if he gets past the Sky Zone,
he'll be able to access the entire town
from the observation deck.
So if the suspect makes
it all the way up there
[Agnes] He can switch places
with anyone in the city.
-Oh, no.
-There's no choice.
You have to catch him before he has
a chance to reach that observation deck.
If we don't, he's gonna get away
scot-free with the Statue of Justice!
But as soon as we get near him,
he'll just switch places again!
Maybe we should destroy
the entire building, and be done with it!
I shudder to think how much
we'd have to pay in damages.
He's a diabolical opponent, for sure.
[grunts in frustration]
The suspect has
just passed the Green Zone,
and entered the Mirror Zone!
What? Already?
Don't pressure us so much! We're trying
to come up with a plan, all right?
Damn it! Let's just go
and confront the bastard!
I'm tired of this!
I'll capture him, man to man!
'Cause that worked so well last time.
[growling in frustration]
Come with me.
I'll provide you with support.
To be honest,
that worries me the most of anything.
What? And here I was,
about to offer to act as your decoy!
[gasping] That's it!
What do you mean? What's it?
Don't follow me!
Excuse me? Are you nuts?
We're supposed to be a team!
I swear. I will capture the suspect.
Hey! Are you just gonna
let the rookie go off on his own?
[Agnes] Everyone hurry!
According to our sensors, Baxter's going
to be leaving the Mirror Zone soon!
[Robin humming]
It appears he's about to reach
the observation deck!
[Agnes] What in the world is
Barnaby doing?
[Barnaby] You've been giving us
quite a difficult time!
It's over! We're going to take you into
custody and put you away for a long time!
[Robin scoffs]
I don't think your
team is capable of doing that.
We're about to prove you wrong.
Huh? What the
What's the matter?
Your goal is just up ahead.
[Robin grunts]
[automated voice]
All power exhausted in 30 seconds.
Damn it!
I can't see anything in here!
It's over, everyone.
I've captured Robin Baxter.
[triumphant music playing]
[TV presenter] He's finally done it!
The rookie Hero, Barnaby Brooks Jr.,
has put an end to the latest threat
to the population of this great city!
He has also successfully returned
the Statue of Justice to Stern Bild!
[loud cheering]
[cheering continues on TV]
[people cheering]
Showed that guy who's boss!
Wow, that was exciting!
Our numbers are skyrocketing!
Great! We need to showcase Barnaby!
Let's make a documentary!
[TV presenter]
Here's what we've been waiting for.
The Heroes are now
turning Robin Baxter over to the police!
This is your idea of justice?
-[door opens]
Hey! Congratulations!
Man, you really came through!
Great work, Little Bunny!
How many times must I tell you
not to call me that?
Hey pal, are you really
still in a bad mood?
Just get over it!
Isn't it about time
we put all this behind us?
Whoa! Why the look?
What, precisely, did you do today?
I mean, you talked a big game.
But in the end, all you really
accomplished was getting in my way!
Is that how you
really feel?
-[door opens]
Good work out there!
Yeah, today was a real challenge,
no doubt about that!
I wasn't talking to you, Wild Tiger.
And you didn't do anything
all that challenging, anyway.
What are you talking about? I did stuff!
That was very impressive.
Keep that up and you'll do well!
[Barnaby] Yes, sir.
[Kotetsu] I'm just glad you're all right.
[Kaede] I'm fine, but it was so scary!
I'm sorry, honey,
I should've been there to protect you.
That's what a dad's for, right?
Oh, I had plenty of protection, Dad!
-This guy Barnaby saved me!
He's one of those heroes, you know?
Oh, and you should see him. He's so cool!
And really cute.
He's my new favorite hero on the show!
[Kotetsu groaning]
[Saito whispering]
Thanks, I appreciate it.
It was just instinct.
[Saito whispering]
[Saito whispering]
[digital beeps]
I forgot that was running.
I've gotta say,
you really surprised me yesterday.
[Barnaby] Don't follow me!
I swear, I will capture the suspect.
Hey! Are you just gonna
let the rookie go off on his own?
Let me tell you, I have
no intention of following his orders!
If we don't jump in,
Handsome's going to steal the best part!
[Tiger] Hey, wait a minute!
[all] Huh?
[Tiger] Can we let him handle it
this one time?
See, I kinda wasted three-and-a-half
minutes of his life, so I owe him.
What are you talking about?
It makes no sense.
We don't have time for this!
-Mr. Wild!
-We've gotta move!
Do you have a reason why
we should let Handsome do this on his own?
In fact, I do!
My gut says so!
[all] What?
He may have a small
Well, he may have a big problem
with his personality,
but right now, he's trying his very best
to capture the suspect.
As his partner, I'll watch over him!
If something goes wrong,
I'll take responsibility. All right?
Until then, let him carry out his plan.
Please don't do anything funny, all right?
You promised not to do anything funny.
It's over, everyone.
I've captured Robin Baxter.
[chuckles] To be honest,
I was really nervous
at the end of the operation.
I said I would take responsibility,
but there was nothing I could really do!
Well, in spite of everything,
he was able to make the arrest.
So it looks like your faith in him
was well-placed.
Whoa! That was close!
[chuckles softly] The guy never learns.
[crowd clapping]
[triumphant music plays]
So, I never got to sing
during the broadcast.
Then I went and chipped a nail!
By the time I got home, I was so annoyed,
I couldn't sleep!
I kept eating ice cream all night!
Are you blaming me for that?
Of course not! It's your partner's fault!
[Nathan] Yeah, he went and grabbed
all the glory for himself.
Even if he is a competent Hero,
he's never gonna win any girls that way!
Well, he was quite popular
at the Hero Academy.
As I recall, he even had a fan club.
Well, regardless. I guess
all of that still remains to be seen.
In that case, maybe we should
invite him out for another drink!
Sure! That welcoming party?
Was a total disaster!
So Wild Tiger says he's going to
treat us to another round!
Excuse me?
Hey, we honored your
request to stay out of his way.
Don't you at least owe us
a drink for that?
[grunts] It's nice you're not
pushy about it!
I don't mind going,
since he's treating us!
Oh, I'm in.
It would be rude to turn you down,
since you're so determined!
Thanks, what a generous offer!
[Kotetsu] Wait a minute!
Can we go someplace where
I can get a bowl of miso soup?
-Words beginning with "C-H".
-I'll meet you all there.
Okay chaps!
Hey! Race you to it!
Get out of my way!
[giggling] Hold on!
-Hurry, Tiger!
I know, Tomoe
Don't worry.
I'll try my best to find
a way for us to work together.
[Barnaby] Mom Dad
I made it. I finally became a Hero.
And I swear
There'll come a day
when I'll solve your murders.
I hope it's soon.
I must say, though,
I'm a little concerned about my partner.
-[cell phone ringing]
-[in annoyance] Oh!
[sighs in exasperation]
[continues ringing]
[Japanese song playing]
[engine roaring]