Tiger & Bunny Movie 2: The Rising (2014) Movie Script

[Japanese theme song playing]
[man 1] Uh, the data you see on the screen
is our Music Business Division's proposal,
based on a SWOT analysis.
It forms the basis for our schedule
during the current period.
Events and shows that lose money
will be outsourced, and--
-[man 2] Next!
-[woman] Business Publishing
has implemented cost-cutting measures
in conjunction with the switchover
in our media format, but
-we have yet to attain our goals--
-Uh, yes. Good morning.
I'm here from the Hero Business Division.
So, now, the first thing
I want to mention
-Get to the point.
[man 3] Yes, sir! As our report
of income and expenses shows,
we expect to yield a profit
for this fiscal year.
This is due, I believe,
to the popularity of Hero TV.
Unfortunately, the only issue we have
is with our two Second League Heroes,
who are under contract.
At the present time,
they continue to lose money.
[woman screams] Stop him!
He took my purse!
[thief] Outta my way! [grunts]
[dramatic music playing]
[grunting] You're not getting away!
[retching] Salty!
[grunting] Hey!
-[Bombeman] Hey, you!
Over here!
[Ms. Violet]
Can't you guys even stall him?
[panting and grunting]
-That poison's going to leave you--
"Helpless" was the word I was going for!
[Tiger] Pull it together, you guys!
[all] Mr. Tiger!
-This little game of tag is over!
-Oh, damn it!
All right! Time for a Wild Roar!
Oh, for cryin' out loud!
-Well, at least I got the job done.
-Let go of me!
-That's not gonna happen, pal.
It's over.
Lucky me! [chuckles]
-[Tiger groans]
-[Barnaby] What are you doing down here?
-Get it together!
-What took you so long?
I had previous commitments.
Don't worry though,
I'm gonna make up for it.
[all cheering]
[Chopman] That was amazing, Mr. Barnaby!
You saved our butts again!
[women squealing]
-[man 1] Hey! It's Kotetsu!
-[man 2] Try harder, Kotetsu!
That's Wild Tiger,
if you don't mind, folks!
Why yell? Everybody knows your identity.
A hero's not supposed
to have his identity revealed!
Why are you worried about that?
You should really be focusing
on improving your apprehension skills.
-[all] Easy, now!
[Nathan] Karina,
I saw your show the other day,
and I have to tell you,
you were great as the frail heroine!
Thanks a lot.
Do you think our friend might have
been watching? The old man with the beard?
-Don't you play innocent with me, sugar.
I miss my handsome hunk Barnaby as well.
Don't lump me in with you!
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize.
It's not the least bit necessary.
But why would you do something like that?
I was surprised to see you
copying my pose.
It became all the talk at my company.
Yeah, guess I blew it, didn't I?
Is it just me, or is he desperate?
Well, you can't really blame him.
Since Tiger left,
his lack of popularity stands out.
I guess you're right. Poor Bison.
-[device chirps]
-[all] Huh?
Hello, Heroes! There's a bank robbery
happening on Bastet Street.
Are you ready to give
them another good show?
[all] Yes! Thanks for buying lunch, sir!
Sure! Now help yourselves.
Huh? What are you doing?
The vinegar helps your body recover!
Don't take out all the pickles!
They upset my stomach!
Hey, there's something going on!
[TV presenter]
That response was extremely fast!
Our heroes have already gone
into the bank!
All right, guys, it's time
to pay attention and learn!
[all] Sir!
You should really pay attention,
too, Kotetsu.
You've been using
your powers without thinking.
And as a result,
some criminals have escaped.
Hey, that's not my fault!
My power only lasts for a minute!
Then maybe
you should time yourself better!
[all] Easy, now!
[TV presenter] Like a streak of lightning!
Our two heroes vying for third took down
the criminals at the same time!
-Stay down!
Now I've got you!
What the hey
He's done it! Origami Cyclone scores,
using his shape-shifting ability!
-Stay back! Stay back!
I got this one.
[panicked whimpering]
Sorry, my friend, my ice is a little cold
but your crime has been
completely put on hold!
[TV presenter] A perfect arrest,
from Blue Rose!
Look! Is Rock Bison just now
sneaking into the background?
Stealth Soldier, what do you make of this?
[Stealth] Well, what can I say?
He's doing a great job of letting
everyone else take the spotlight.
[all laughing]
[softly] Idiot.
[TV presenter]
This is terrible, ladies and gentlemen!
The robbers have blown up the bank,
and are now trying to make a getaway!
Don't worry, I'm on it!
Prepare yourselves, evil-doers! Sky High!
[dramatic music playing]
[man screaming]
Just what we'd expect
from the King of Heroes!
-He showed them why he's the King!
-[cheers and applause]
The First League really is something.
They handle their challenges
on a whole different level.
In the next six months, we're really
gonna have to step up our game.
I understand your ambition, pal.
But no matter what we do,
we can't join them before next season.
And besides that, there's no guarantee
they'll even promote us.
I'm losing my feel
for real battle, every day.
Why are you getting so upset?
As long as we protect people,
who cares what league it is?
Second League not good enough? Is that it?
Don't you feel held back?
Well, it's not like we could get involved
in every incident, anyway.
Not to mention, the pay is less.
[Kotetsu] Mmm.
-[cell phone ringing]
So you're Barnaby, is that right?
I like what you did to your hair.
And, you, look more like a raccoon
than you do a tiger.
[awkward chuckling]
Mr. Mark Schneider has offered
to bail us out of a bad situation.
In order to avoid bankruptcy,
he's offered to buy the company,
lock, stock and barrel!
[Kotetsu] Really?
Ever since the Maverick incident,
I've started to think of Apollon
as a business opportunity.
I've heard a lot about you.
As a young man,
you founded Gargoyle Technica,
and built it into one of
the top IT empires in the world.
He's done much more than that!
He's done a marvelous job
of resurrecting absolutely
every company he's acquired.
Wow! So, uh,
what does that have to do with us?
Actually, I'm at a loss
as to what to do with you two.
[Kotetsu] Uh
After all, you're not contributing
to the company's profitability.
I thought about firing you. However
I'm going to apply a reverse strategy
-by promoting you to First League!
[Kotetsu] Uh
That's odd.
I was expecting more of a reaction.
I just told you guys
you're back in the First League.
Uh You're serious?
Normally, the committee
doesn't add heroes on mid-season,
but Mr. Schneider asked for an exception.
[gasping in awe]
Congratulations to both of you guys!
Thanks so much, Ben!
Isn't this great, Bunny?
We don't know the conditions, yet.
Who cares what they are?
We're in the First League!
Yeah, but--
Don't worry about the details! Virgil!
You can decide your own salary.
That's how much I value your presence.
Thank you very much.
I've heard a lot about you.
You've been a Hero for a long time.
Maybe you can tell me
some of your stories
Oh, sure!
Is it good?
-[cats meowing]
-Take your time.
[alarm wailing]
What an awful noise! It's creepy!
[eerie howling]
[Kaede over phone]
"The sun is the source of all life.
It fulfills us and blesses us
with moments of freedom.
As long as these two phoenixes
dance in my eyes."
What do you think of that, Dad?
[startles] Nice verse! Really, sweetie,
it brought tears to my eyes!
You're kidding!
-I'm lost. This thing makes no sense!
It's a poem my teacher recommended I read.
But I really don't get it at all.
Well, it is a little hard to follow.
What? But you said it made you cry!
Were you even paying attention, Dad?
Well of course I was!
But let me tell you, being forced
to write a poem about the sun
sounds like a very difficult assignment.
Yeah, it's not easy
being a kid these days.
So, how are you?
Are you and Barnaby getting along?
Yeah! Everything's going great!
-[ambient music playing]
-[people chatter]
Wow! Let me see. $30 a glass
would make a total of--
Excuse me, I'm on the phone!
Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am!
How's it going? You done?
[Cain] No, not quite.
We won't be back in time.
We still have to cover that cat
that had quintuplets.
They're forcing you to cover
an unimportant local story?
What can I do?
It's what happens when they lay off
-staff and stretch us too thin.
-They're beginning.
-Yeah, whatever.
We will now begin the press conference,
in which we will be announcing the return
of a pair of Heroes to our ranks.
But first allow me to introduce this man.
Our new owner, Mark Schneider!
-[intense music playing]
-[crowd chatting]
Hello, everyone!
And thank you all for coming out tonight!
I can't believe we get
to work together again!
It's good to be back.
Behind you all the way!
I want you to do your best, Kotetsu!
Sure, boss, whatever you say.
[all laugh]
Aren't you gonna say hi to him?
Huh? He hasn't said hi to me.
[Nathan giggling]
We'll be watching you guys
from up in the V.I.P. section.
-See you guys later!
-Everything feels right again.
Don't mess up out there with your speech.
Right back at ya, pal.
All right, everyone, I think you've heard
more than enough about me for one day.
It's time to bring out
our company's heroes!
First up, is a man
you may be familiar with.
After both his parents were murdered
when he was just a child,
this tragic figure became
a hero to fight for justice.
He put an end to Jake's reign of terror,
which had shaken the entire city.
While pursuing the mysterious organization
known as Ouroboros,
he came across his parents' true killer
and was able to take his revenge.
He is the superhero, Barnaby Brooks, Jr.!
-See you in a bit.
-Sure will.
[crowd cheering]
Kotetsu's next.
Next up, allow me to introduce the Hero
who will be partnering with Barnaby.
He's very experienced in this field,
and in his career, has solved many cases!
The two will be a perfect match!
Tiger's inside that balloon?
Schneider really went all out!
Now let me present, the superhero
[balloon bursts]
Golden Ryan!
[crowd murmuring]
Oh, come on, really?
This is the welcome I get?
Well, check this.
[Mark] As you can see,
this is the power of the
Wandering Gravity Prince, Golden Ryan!
[man gasping]
In time, the world will bow at my feet!
Mark my words!
-[people gasping]
He fights crime
by amplifying the force of gravity,
and then stopping motion
within a specific radius.
I've been told our new friend is a Hero
from the Continental Area.
The new owner was able to scout him out.
Wait! What about Kotetsu?
Wasn't Tiger going
to be brought back as well?
Well, that's what I was led to believe.
Nice try, sucker. Now kiss my boots!
[uneasy music playing]
That's the reality.
I plan to team Barnaby with a Hero
who has more promise than you.
Wait a minute! That's not what you said!
When did I ever say
I was gonna pair these two again?
[Kotetsu] Uh
I have no use for a man
who's past his prime already.
[both gasp]
Sorry about that, but I only had
you come here with Barnaby today
so that he wouldn't freak out,
and resist signing his contract.
That was a low trick!
I tried to make a case out of it,
but Kotetsu stopped me.
But why?
[Mark] We have been assured,
you can expect great things to come,
from the team of Ryan and Barnaby!
[Barnaby] This wasn't part
of our agreement.
Excuse me, but you signed
the contract, remember?
Yes, but no one said
I'd be switching partners!
What the hell are you griping about?
The money's good.
It's really not a bad deal.
-I wasn't speaking to you, pal.
Are you listening to me, Mr. Schneider?
We're not done yet!
[Kotetsu] Let it go, Bunny.
[Barnaby] Kotetsu!
Oh! Is this the raccoon I heard about?
Hey, good job
on your appearance back there.
I always thought you were great on stage.
[Barnaby] Are you okay with this, Kotetsu?
[Kotetsu] Yeah, the timing was right.
You've been stuck
in the Second League because of me.
I don't want to hold you back any more
than I already have, Bunny.
You don't hold me back.
You really don't have
to protect my feelings.
I'm not. Believe me.
I know what I am,
and I'm all right with it.
Kotetsu, you're the reason I agreed to--
The fact is, the Second League
works out better for me.
The hours are more flexible,
and I can spend more time with Kaede.
Bottom line, it suits my lifestyle.
It's a good fit.
Are you sure? Do you really mean that?
And that's the extent of your commitment?
Your whole reason for being a Hero?
Are you saying that
Second Leaguers aren't heroes?
Are you measuring that by the money?
Just because the First League
pays better, doesn't--
[Barnaby] Don't be crass.
[Kotetsu] Oh, I don't hold it against you.
I guess you just see things
a lot differently than I do, that's all.
What are you trying to say?
Look, all I'm sayin' is maybe it's time
you and I go our separate ways.
-[device beeps]
-[Barnaby grunts]
Good luck.
[music plays]
[TV presenter] Breaking news!
A crack has formed in the Amethyst Tower!
The cause is still unknown!
Authorities say it could topple
at any moment!
We are hoping for the Heroes
to arrive as soon as possible!
Fantastic! This is gonna make
for some good drama!
These guys are lucky to have this incident
to make their debut!
Hey, how come I'm stuck in the side car?
I think it suits you well.
[footsteps approaching]
Ready to go, I see.
You're driving?
That gonna be a problem?
Nope. That should work out perfectly.
[sighs] That's comfy.
Let's get this buggy movin', Junior.
Tell me I mis-heard you.
Did you just call me "junior"?
[eerie howling]
Hey, what's that sound?
-Beats me.
[Sky High] Look out! It's starting to go!
[intense music playing]
[Ryan] Hey! Going in now isn't gonna
earn you any points!
That's not the issue!
There are people inside!
Guess there's no choice.
What's happening?
Can't move!
That jerk!
[TV presenter] What is going on here?
This is terrible!
It appears that Golden Ryan
has pinned down his fellow heroes!
None of them are able to move!
[Agnes] Ryan!
Neutralizing your associates
is against the rules!
-[Ryan] Relax, lady.
I know what I'm doing.
[loud creaking, rumbling]
[heroic music playing]
[TV presenter] Look at that!
Ryan is using the radio towers
to stop the building from collapsing!
Yeah! I'm awesome!
That's debatable.
But what are we supposed to do now?
Think about it.
You can still move, can't you, Junior?
That's it! Move!
[TV presenter]
Barnaby has activated his powers!
Make it quick.
It's all for nothing
if we don't show some teamwork.
-[Barnaby] Yeah, but
This is not how a hero works!
It is if it scores points.
[sirens wailing]
[crowd panicking]
[woman screaming]
They beat us to the rescue.
Was that move even legal?
It sure looked suspicious!
You're safe now.
It was right in front of me! I saw it!
I saw a monster trash that building!
A huge shadow came across
my window, and a big ro--
Please, madam, calm down!
Great work, Junior!
That was a spectacular catch!
You look very cool in action!
[TV presenter] Close call!
For a moment, we feared the worst,
but the day was saved,
thanks to the newest Hero team,
Ryan and Barnaby!
They displayed wonderful teamwork!
Can't believe they're a brand-new pairing.
Keep it up, kid. I'll try to do my best
in the Second League.
[people cheering]
[Mark] I propose a death match
between heroes and savage animals!
Now that would be entertainment!
Those NEXT aren't human anyway.
We've gotta get extreme, you know?
How come he's staring like that? Hey!
OBC, which operates the Hero TV network,
is a subsidiary of Apollon.
And we have the authority
to silence the seven major companies.
All that would be left in the process
is for you people in the Justice Bureau
to give it your approval.
I understand. We'll look into it.
-May I point out one thing?
The Second League personnel
have been left out of the contract.
[nun 1] Thank you
for your generosity, as always.
The other day,
you even came by before work.
True. But this work
gives me great pleasure.
Let me read for your children.
"Long ago, in a time when
mankind knew nothing of true Justice,
a Goddess built a small village
on the land of Stern Bild."
Justice Day is right around the corner.
Will you be attending?
I wish we could,
but we don't have the funds.
[nun 2] "Driven by greed,
the villagers quarreled and looted
for their own personal gain.
Unable to tolerate such misdeeds,
the Goddess sent down a messenger,
a crab, to warn the people.
The crab spoke.
'Repent of your sins, or be punished!'
But its word fell upon deaf ears,
and the poor crab was consumed.
Saddened, the Goddess
appeared from the heavens
to bring judgment upon the villagers.
What followed was utter chaos.
Rays of light,
sharper and stronger than steel blades,
began raining from the sky!
Cattle and horses
dove into the ocean in fear.
Countless people fell into a deep sleep,
trapped in a maze of nightmares."
I remember that.
My parents used to tell it to me. Uh?
-[device beeping]
[woman] You can't do this to us!
How did this happen, do you know?
Mr. Schneider proposed it
to the Board of Directors.
They passed it immediately,
from what I heard.
In other words, you weren't even there!
I want to talk to the man directly!
That won't happen. Mr. Schneider
won't be meeting with any of you.
Oh, come on!
He left a last message for all of you.
It says, "Bye-bye."
[Heroes gasping]
Thank you for
all your help today, Mr. Schneider!
Get him there quickly, but don't rush.
Stay off the freeways.
I don't really care
for your suck-up attitude, all right?
Oh, uh
Something about you rubs me the wrong way.
From now on, you and I
will have limited contact.
Yes, sir, but
Nothing seems to be going
quite the way we want, is it?
[Nathan] Huh?
I've been having difficulty mastering
this new technique I came up with.
[Huang] I thought it might be useful if
I could find a way to shape my lightning.
But I can't seem to get it right,
no matter how many times I try.
Sorry, kiddo.
What is it you're trying to say?
It's hard enough to get things
to work out when it's just yourself.
But it's a million times harder
when you're dealing
with other people and businesses.
Like what happened with Mr. Tiger.
[Nathan] Hmm.
Hold on!
We can't let ourselves
get depressed as well!
That's no good! Try to smile!
I really envy you, Fire Emblem!
You're always so positive!
That's because I don't have
a care in the world, honey.
I'm always happy about something.
[Antonio] This really sucks!
It must have been
a huge shock for Mr. Wild.
Uh-huh. Especially after all
he accomplished for Hero-TV.
Of course the last thing
he's gonna want is sympathy from others.
At least, not from
an unpopular guy like me.
-[Ivan] That's not true!
You may not be the most popular guy
on the block,
but the way you go
after the criminals head-on
makes you a bona-fide hero.
You think so?
Well, in comparison,
all I'm able to do is use
my shape-shifting to attack from behind.
That makes me kind of a cowardly hero.
And not really in a position
to be of much help to Tiger.
[Keith] That's not true. Not true at all!
You're a great hero! One of the best!
I gotta tell you, Sky High, you have
a funny way of stating the obvious.
Is that on purpose?
Who cares?
That's what makes him so likable.
I don't understand
what you guys are saying.
I try my hardest to express
my feelings, every single day.
But for some reason, when I do,
everyone seems to think it's funny,
and then they laugh at me.
I hear ya.
Yeah, me too. Sorry we laughed at you.
It's all right, I don't really mind it.
My worries aren't all that important.
-Not compared to Mr. Wild's.
Sorry, bro. I didn't really expect
such a big reaction.
[Muramasa] It isn't the first time,
if you remember.
And how's my girl?
She's gone to bed. She made a pretty
big scene after she heard you got fired.
I was afraid of that.
You know what?
Why don't you come back here?
[Kotetsu] Yeah.
Well, take your time and decide.
Let me think about it.
I'll call you in a few days.
[melancholy music playing]
[cell phone ringing]
This is Karina.
[Kaede] Um, is this Miss Blue Rose?
This is Kaede. Wild Tiger's daughter?
-[Karina] Kaede?
You once told me I could call you
if anything happened,
or if I needed your help.
So is this a bad time?
No, not at all!
But you're up pretty late, aren't you?
It's my dad.
He seems to be pretty depressed lately.
I want to help,
but I don't know what I can do for him.
["Blue Rose" playing on car radio]
You obey me
Get down on your little knees
[driver] My beauty mind
I'm more dazzling
Than a bright crystal
Go Rose!
[eerie howling]
[whispering] I am Saito.
Let me show you something.
[Saito whispering]
What is it about the suit?
[Saito] Heh.
Yeah, whatever! The suit doesn't matter,
as long as I'm the one who's wearing it!
[Saito whispering]
Huh? What'd you say?
-[device beeps]
There's a pileup on the Stern Bridge!
A lot of victims need your help!
[Kotetsu grunts in frustration]
Hello? I'm kind of in a hurry, here.
Sorry for the hold-up.
I'm not very good with this meter yet.
Forget it. I'm gonna take the subway.
[Kotetsu] Hey, lady, where are you going?
[siren wailing]
[TV presenter] I'm flying
over the scene of the accident.
As you can see, several vehicles
have fallen off the bridge
and landed in the water.
[cop] Everyone needs to stay back!
Hey, guys, what happened here?
Sir, you can't pass!
Hey, look, it's all right.
It's just me, Wild Tiger.
Hey, what gives?
Sorry, you're not a Hero anymore.
It's a rule.
We can't let civilians through.
[Kotetsu] Hmm.
[Sky High] A woman?
Yeah. She jumped in front
of me, out of nowhere!
I swerved to avoid her, and went flying.
So what happened to her?
I thought I hit her.
But when I got out of the truck,
I couldn't find her anywhere.
That sounds like a lie!
Are you trying to cover up
your bad driving?
No! I'm telling you the truth!
I heard a strange howling sound,
and the next thing I knew,
the woman was there in front of me!
A howling sound, you say?
Could it be the same one
we heard the other day?
[Heroes] Hmm?
Just before the building collapsed,
we heard
"Oooh" Was that it?
That's it, exactly!
It was very distracting.
[Origami] So what's going on?
Does that mean this accident and the one
from the other day are related?
The Legend of the Goddess
[Ryan] Huh? What was that?
It's just, all these accidents,
they closely resemble the legend.
-"The Goddess howled thunderously,
and sent rays of light
raining down on the land.
Buildings were destroyed,
and the livestock fell into the sea."
I just wonder if someone
is mimicking the legend here.
-[Rock] You're reading too much into this.
Just for argument's sake,
let's say it's true.
We haven't seen any goddess yet.
-[Cain] Excuse me, everybody.
Referring back to that Goddess story
The old cat lady we went
to interview thee other day,
told us something very similar.
She said she heard an eerie sound,
and then the window glass shattered,
and she saw the shadow of a Goddess.
I didn't give it a second thought
at the time.
But from what you've been saying
[Sky High] The shadow of a Goddess?
[Dragon Kid] Think it's possible
that rays of light shattered the glass?
[Origami] Think of it,
when the building collapsed,
a woman said she saw the shadow
of a huge monster.
Are you saying that was the Goddess?
Hold on! What happened
in the legend, after that?
[Origami] I think people fell into
a deep sleep--
Hey, come on!
You're not buying this fairytale, are you?
-[eerie howling]
-The sound's back!
-[all] Huh?
Everyone! Find out where it's originating.
[howling continues]
[howling stops]
It stopped all of a sudden.
[Origami] Yeah, I can't hear it anymore!
[Rock] This is spooky! You think
that Goddess story could be true?
[Origami] It's too early
to draw conclusions.
It smacks of the occult,
I'll tell you that!
[howling resumes]
[Sky High] So that's who's doing it!
[howling continues]
[screeching howl]
[glass shatters]
Ah! What a nice breeze.
Be serious, okay?
Oh! Watch out, will ya?
Wait a minute
What do we have here? Quintuplets?
[Barnaby] Not even close. What we're
seeing must be a NEXT ability.
[Ryan] It's a joke.
Man, you're so serious!
[Blue Rose] Anything to report
on your end?
I've come up empty, so far.
I'm not having any luck here, either.
-I'm thinking we should re-group.
-Right. Okay.
Hmm. I am so sick of getting
dicked around.
If I had it my way,
I'd rather be doing the dicking. Huh?
Now what's happened over there?
Sir, what's going on here?
Well, well
It's a pleasure to meet you friend.
Considering we only just met,
what an unfortunate circumstance for you.
[Fire Emblem groaning]
[chuckling] Hmm?
Don't you think you're wasting your time,
playing with me like this?
After all, your friend is in deep trouble.
Fire Emblem, are you okay? Wake up!
[woman] Well, they may
not be that effective,
but I give them credit
for their determination.
I presume there were no slip-ups
on in your operation?
None at all.
I made my round of introductions.
[device chirping]
[man] I need to get to 12th Street.
No problem.
Hey. Mr. Lloyds!
[Kotetsu] Ben got me this job.
You know, just until the Second League
gets reinstated.
There are no plans
to resume the Second League.
And the seven major companies are no help.
They're not interested
in hiring you, either.
[Kotetsu groans]
Well, there are other shows like Hero TV
that are being broadcast around the world.
If worst comes to worst--
Hey, you know what? Maybe it would be
better if you accepted reality.
Stop clinging to outdated dreams,
and make do with what you can,
here in the real world.
Take my word for it,
it's for your own good.
[Kotetsu grunts]
Here you go!
I brought presents for everybody!
Good to see you. Welcome home, dear.
How was your day at work?
Everything went well.
[children giggling]
[pensive music playing]
[whimpers softly]
Is this where I think it is?
I knew it!
So the rumors were true!
You know something, Nathan? You're creepy!
[gasping, whimpering]
You mean he might stay like this forever?
His brainwaves are identical to someone
in a state of shallow sleep.
Whether or not he'll come out of it
may depend on the strength of his will.
The other victims exhibit
the same symptoms as Fire Emblem.
None of them show any signs
of regaining consciousness.
[Keith] He has the sleeping sickness.
It's just like the one that was described
in the legend.
Who were these guys that put him under?
And what is it they're after?
[Agnes] Maybe they're trying
to start a revolution.
Excuse me, a what?
[Agnes] Think about it.
According to the legend,
the Goddess brought calamity
to make people repent.
When you consider that none of these
incidents led to any casualties
It's a white-collar crime!
-So tell me something.
According to this legend,
what is this Goddess supposed to do?
Something calamitous?
Huh? You don't know the story?
Why would you expect that?
I'm not from anywhere around these parts.
So, what does she do?
She punishes everyone.
Despite suffering the Goddess's wrath,
the people still did not learn
to change their ways.
Finally, the Goddess decided
to return everything to nothingness
by opening a cavernous abyss,
deep and dark enough
to engulf the entire village.
Buried beneath the eternal darkness,
the villagers finally learned
the error of their ways,
and began to carry a heart of justice.
[Ryan] Excuse me?
You mean we can expect a hole
to open under the city, any minute?
[Agnes] We'll assume that old man
has the power to put people to sleep.
And the man who looked like a boxer
was causing that sound?
No question.
Believe me, those sounds were
definitely coming from that guy.
That woman can create
duplicates of herself.
That only leaves
the question of the Goddess.
You really think their goal
is to start a revolution?
Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure
everything will become clear tomorrow.
[Ryan] Huh?
Tomorrow is the day the Goddess opened
the abyss to bury the village.
It's called Justice Day.
[Heroes grunting uneasily]
[TV presenter] A look at the schedule
shows there are many events happening
on this year's Justice Day.
You're right. It's going to be
a special day for everyone.
I remember how excited I was
when I went with my first boyfriend.
Hope you all have a fun and exciting
Justice Day tomorrow.
[Virgil] I see.
We believe Mr. Schneider's proposal
is morally questionable.
I'll inform him of your decision.
If we need anything else,
we'll be in contact.
May I ask you a question?
Don't the employees have issues?
I mean, with Mr. Schneider's
overall management philosophy?
I wouldn't be qualified
to comment on that.
Don't take out all the pickles!
The vinegar helps your body recover!
You should see this! The newscasts
are doing special reports on the festival!
The ratings are gonna be
up tomorrow, for sure!
The ratings may be a nice side benefit,
but don't forget, we're heroes first.
-Oh, there you go again.
For such a young guy, Junior, I gotta say,
you sure act like a square sometimes.
Excuse me?
I wonder if that's your
previous partner's influence.
Don't compare me with that dude too much,
I mean, I'm me, you know? Golden Ryan!
I'm not comparing the two of you.
After all, he and I,
we're not partners anymore.
Right. If you say so.
Uh [exhaling]
Our concern is for Fire Emblem,
who still remains unconscious
at this time.
Of course we hope to see him back
healthy, as soon as possible.
[pensive music playing]
About time he showed up.
[Kotetsu grunts] I just heard. How is he?
[Karina] See for yourself.
-So you're a cab driver now?
I saw it on the Internet.
Oh, really? I'm telling you,
you can't keep anything secret.
It all ends up online for everyone to see.
When I started this,
I said I'd be a Hero until the very end.
But it's hard when the public
doesn't recognize you.
Who cares what the public thinks of you?
I used to think
that way, too, at one time.
But I found out
that reality is pretty harsh.
Back in the Second League, Bunny used
to complain a lot about our pay.
I remember thinking at the time,
that's not what Heroes
should be concerned about.
But, unlike me, he was always much more
firmly focused on reality.
[Karina] You really believe that?
You still don't know
anything about him, do you?
Your old buddy is out pursuing his ideals.
[Kotetsu] Hmm?
I was at the Festival office
the other morning
So then, you're here
for some tickets to the parade?
Are you also buying them
as presents, Blue Rose?
You Heroes are so generous.
The other day, Barnaby came by
and bought a bunch of tickets,
so that he'd be able to invite children
from the orphanage!
[Karina] Ever since the Maverick incident,
it turns out he's been doing
a lot to help children like himself,
who don't have parents.
You mean that's why he's been
so obsessed with money?
I wonder why he never told me that.
This coming from the guy
who hides his feelings the most.
[Kotetsu] Hmm?
If I didn't know better,
I'd say he's acting like you.
[Kotetsu] Hmm.
Sorry, kiddo, gotta go.
I swear. He can be so dense.
[Kotetsu] I guess you just see things
a lot differently than I do, that's all.
Look, all I'm saying is maybe it's time
you and I go our separate ways.
[panting] Uh
You want to go on patrol?
Have you lost your mind?
There's a lot of people
who are looking forward to tomorrow.
It's all right. I'll go myself.
No way you're doin' that, Junior.
That'll only help
boost your own public image.
Say what?
I mean, I can't have you hog
all the glory for yourself.
That's not it. I just want to--
Protect all the citizens, right?
I get you.
[sighs softly]
Here we go.
[pensive music playing]
Face-to-face. Man to man!
[people chattering]
[Kaede] Dad!
[Kotetsu] Hey!
I knew you'd try that.
I'm too old for that, you know!
But, Kaede!
You haven't changed one bit.
That's the truth.
But you're doing better than I expected.
I'll admit, you surprised me.
I didn't expect you guys to visit.
Are we gonna be in your way?
Huh? Oh, no! I'm happy
you're here! [grunts]
[upbeat music playing]
[Kotetsu] Ugh! What's taking them so long?
[indistinct announcement on PA]
Come on! If we don't hurry,
we won't be able to get a good spot.
It's okay, Dad. We don't have to rush.
Oh? Why is that?
'Cause Ta-da!
How did you get seats for a luxury box?
Miss Blue Rose
was able to get them for us!
To tell you the truth
she's also the one who suggested it would
be a good idea if I came and saw you.
I see. So that's why she
went to the Admin Office. Huh?
Now that I think about it
How's the homework assignment coming?
The poem about the sun.
Oh, that. I guess
I just don't have the talent.
No matter how hard I try,
I can't seem to write something that
resembles the teacher's favorite poem.
You don't really
have to imitate it, you know.
But I'm sure
to get a higher score if I do.
[Kotetsu] Hmm.
I think it would be better for you
to write an honest poem
about a subject you actually care about.
Isn't it enough to do your best?
Then you'll be true to yourself.
I've always tried to operate like that.
[people cheering]
You sure about that?
What do you mean?
Right now, are you doing
what you want to do?
-Are you doing everything you can do?
Even when we were out today,
weren't you missing being a hero?
You forced yourself to look happy,
but I was able to see right through you.
[Kotetsu] Uh
I don't know the details
of how it all works,
but if you want to be a Hero,
that's what you should do!
The bottom line is,
it's what's best for you, Dad.
That's what I think.
And you don't have to worry about me.
I'm a NEXT, and by definition,
I can take care of myself.
Now get moving! Hurry!
[Kotetsu groaning]
-You're becoming just like your mother.
Tomoe used to push me
to take action in the exact same way.
Oh? Really?
Thanks for the pep talk!
[exclaims] Now remember,
if you need me, just call!
Never mind that, go now!
[Kotetsu] Okay!
[cheerful music playing]
[fireworks exploding]
[crowd cheering]
[music continues]
[Ryan] Looks like everyone's
having a blast, buddy!
[Barnaby] Stay focused.
[general chatter]
Look at that parade! Isn't it awesome?
[Muramasa] I don't understand.
What exactly is Kotetsu
planning to do, anyway?
[Anju] He's not officially recognized
as a Hero anymore, right?
Don't worry! Dad will pull something off!
[dramatic music playing]
Hey, how'd you get in here? Ah!
[heavy thud]
You can't be down here!
[howling resonates]
[gasps] They've come back!
[Agnes] Hello, Heroes
Just as we predicted!
Apprehend them on sight
and make it look good for TV.
[both] Yes, ma'am!
[man grunting]
-[loud rumbling]
-[all gasping]
[crowd panicking]
[crowd screaming]
[explosion rocks]
[crowd clamors fearfully]
Move out of the area! Quickly!
[Ryan] Damn, what the hell is going on?
[Anju] This way, Kaede!
[metal creaking]
[Agnes] They took out
the underground control station!
You'll have to intercept them
as they reach ground level!
I don't see anyone here.
[Kaede] Barnaby!
-Kaede! What are you doing here?
-[Kaede grunts]
Young lady! You see anybody suspicious?
[Kaede] Hmm?
Yeah, three creepy people went that way.
There they are!
You need to get yourself
to someplace safe. Quickly!
He is still so hot.
Be honest with me.
You thought I was the culprit, didn't you?
I bet you thought I was gonna
cause that hole to open.
What are you talking about? No, I didn't.
Yeah? Don't try lying to me.
You're not very good at it.
[Agnes] Ryan and Barnaby
are in pursuit of the suspects!
Everybody, join them!
[Rock] There!
[TV presenter]
Welcome, everybody, to Hero TV live!
Our heroes are already
hot in pursuit of the suspects!
It looks like these criminals have
scattered in three different directions!
As a result, our Heroes are splitting up
to pursue them.
However, there still seems
to be no sign of Blue Rose.
I'm counting on you, everyone. Go get 'em!
What? No, wait!
Try to calm down, Fire Emblem.
Just leave Fire Emblem to me.
Now, go help them catch the criminals.
You won't be able to
contain him with just those!
Don't you worry about me!
I'm a fire extinguisher expert.
Where'd you get all of those?
Oh, and by the way, Blue Rose,
thanks for everything.
You brought me back
to my senses. [chuckles]
Now, hurry! Get your butt out of here.
Fine! Stop bossing me around.
And by the way,
you're starting to put on weight!
Tell me something I don't know!
[Nathan groaning]
[Barnaby] Where the hell did she go?
[woman] Look around.
I'm right up here, boys.
[Barnaby] Hold it!
[Ryan] So, I guess she likes
playing hard to get, huh?
Stop! You're not getting away!
[chuckling and coughing]
What a brave child, my dear.
Coming after me alone with no backup.
-[Blue Rose] Excuse me?
She has all the back-up she needs!
[TV presenter] There she is! Blue Rose
finally makes her appearance!
We'll make short work of this guy!
You ready?
[Dragon Kid] Mm!
We've got you now, evil-doer!
This is the end of the road!
Give yourself up!
Or face the consequences!
My heart is solid as a rock!
And your crime is about to be put on lock!
[TV presenter] That was bad!
Rock Bison just stole
Blue Rose's signature catchphrase!
[grunts] Quit focusing on these guys!
Show more of my people!
[Agnes] But the agreement was to give
all Heroes equal air-time--
Don't tell me!
I have final say in all these matters!
You do understand
what that means, don't you?
Yes, sir. We'll do whatever you wish.
[TV presenter] Stand by for action!
Ryan and Barnaby have
cornered one of the suspects!
There's no escape for you!
[giggling] Do you think capturing me
will be as simple as that?
[both grunting]
[TV presenter] That was close!
The woman's circular blades
sliced right through the display!
I guess it's only your face that's sweet.
[woman] I'm honored.
It's not very often that I have
two handsome princes
trying to get my attention!
[Ryan] Whoo-hoo!
See anybody you'd want to date, Junior?
[Barnaby] Don't joke around!
You're doing this wrong.
You need to keep your eye on the girl,
if you want her to fall for you.
Oh don't worry, I'll make you fall for me.
One way or another.
[giggling] Looks like you can't
reach me up here, can you?
Don't be surprised.
Women have been known to do research
on the people they love.
[pensive music playing]
[people snickering]
Please no more!
[grunting] Hot!
[eerie howling]
What's the matter, guys?
That's a really annoying power he's got!
Sky High!
Whoo! You're wasting your time.
You can't shut out my sound.
Coming from behind like that.
You play dirty.
Huh? [scoffs]
Is that it? You guys
are making this way too easy.
Would you look at that!
Your friend's running away!
[both grunting]
[TV presenter] Ladies and gentlemen,
this is unprecedented!
Origami Cyclone is fleeing the scene!
[quiet gasping]
It's over! Prepare for your end!
[chuckling] Sorry, my dear!
It's you who should prepare for the end!
No way!
Oh, come now!
You people just don't know when to quit!
Playing hide and seek? Well, you can't
capture me if you keep running away.
Oh, shut up! This isn't over, old man!
That's right. You're gonna pay
for what you did to Fire Emblem.
Well, now, there's some
kind of misunderstanding here.
All I did for your friend was bring forth
the trauma that he needs to overcome.
And the bottom line, in case
you haven't figured it out, is this.
The only way to awaken him
is to defeat me!
Now stop running away!
[panting] I can't stand it anymore!
Help me!
Nobody's coming to help you,
but that's not unusual.
You're used to being alone.
Face the fact.
You brought all of this on yourself.
We tried our best
and raised you with all our love,
but then in the end, you betrayed us.
Be honest, deep down inside,
aren't you really ashamed of yourself?
The obvious solution is to die.
The flames keep getting stronger! Damn!
[TV presenter] It appears
our Heroes are being toyed with.
They're still unable
to capture the criminals!
I've gotta hand it to them.
These guys are putting on quite a show.
What is it?
Hmm. I'm telling you,
something just doesn't feel right.
It's like the suspects are purposely
allowing the Heroes to catch up to them.
What? Why would they do
something like that?
Here's a thought.
Maybe they're using themselves as decoys
in order to keep our Heroes busy.
Wait a minute! You're telling me
these guys aren't just trying
to recreate the legend?
I doubt that.
I'll inform Agnes, just to be safe.
Good idea. I'll notify the police.
All right, but as long
as they make it interesting, who cares?
[door closes]
-[loud rumbling]
[cries out in panic]
What the hell?
Who are you?
[alarm blaring]
[grunts] Virgil! Ben!
Somebody! Help me!
Do something!
-[phone rings]
Ugh. Now what does he want?
Can I help you with something?
Agnes! You've got to send
a Hero over here, immediately!
-[Agnes] Excuse me?
-There's an attack going on!
Who's being attacked?
They're after me! Apparently, I'm the one
they were targeting this whole time!
-What are you talking about?
I don't have time to explain!
Just do as I tell you!
I can fire you from the show
anytime I want, you know!
Right away, sir!
Mr. Schneider's under attack?
[Agnes] Yes! I need you
to head over there immediately!
Given the situation,
I don't think we can really leave just--
There's no way we can go either!
Take care of this, Ryan!
What are you talking about?
Where are you going?
You heard what's going on!
Mr. Schneider's in trouble!
Then I'll go!
It's a chance to make a name for myself!
Excuse me, boys,
but I prefer you to stick around.
[tires screech]
[Ryan] Huh?
If either of you leaves, I'll be forced
to do something to hurt the citizens.
I wonder. Is it possible
you're really after our boss?
What's going on?
Why isn't anybody here yet?
Uh I'm doing my best
to round somebody up, sir.
Well, that's not cutting it, is it?
Do whatever it takes!
If that's the case, I do have an idea.
Anything, you hear me! Anything at all!
Just hurry, I'm running out of time, here!
Ah, Mr. Schneider.
[Kotetsu grunting]
[cell phone beeping]
[Agnes] Hello, Tiger?
The Justice Bureau gave us the go.
For today, you're back to being
a Second League Hero!
What? Why the sudden change?
Well, the new owner gave me the okay
to handle everything myself.
Are you serious?
If you put on a good show, you might be
reinstated to the Second League!
That sounds great.
But I kinda have my hands full here.
How 'bout you let us
take care of things for ya?
Mr. Tiger, show us what you need done
and we'll take over.
[Dragon Kid]
We're here for whatever you need!
Keep the flames down.
[Heroes] Yes, sir!
You say a lot of things, boss.
But in the end,
you trust Tiger, don't you?
Hey! The Second League
was a project I put together!
I'm not gonna let it get
squashed because of some idiot!
[horn honking]
[Saito] There you are!
Hurry up and get on-board, Tiger!
Mr. Saito!
All right! Time for a Wild Roar!
[Agnes] Listen up everybody.
As of now, I've reinstated Tiger
for one day only!
If you don't want him stealing
most of the glory,
make sure you cover
every target in front of you.
Got that?
Absolutely! And it's about time, Kotetsu!
Welcome back!
All right! Good to have you!
Just try not to get in my way, though.
You hear me, Tiger?
[Tiger] Loud and clear!
[gasping] That must be
what I'm looking for!
[Mark] Put me down!
Is it money? If it's money,
I'll get you as much as you want!
[Mark] Hey! Over here!
Get me out of this thing! Hurry!
What do they think
that old man's gonna be able to do?
Okay, boys. I think
it's about time for your knock-out!
[Rock] Don't be ridiculous!
[Rock] Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Tiger would laugh at us if he heard
we let a bastard like you win!
[both grunting]
We can't lie around when that old man Hero
is back with us, trying to do his best!
Good point!
Come on, now. Why don't you people
lie down and go to sleep already?
You know what I mean.
Like that cowardly colleague of yours,
who's neither guy nor girl.
[Dragon Kid] What did you just say?
[man] You queer!
[Nathan's dad and mom] Ungrateful child!
Stop! Is what I am so wrong?
I can't take it! No more!
[voices overlapping]
[Dragon Kid] You don't know
anything about him.
Never talk like that about Fire!
I've never met another person
like Fire Emblem!
He's strong like a man,
but gentle like a woman!
There isn't a more wonderful person
on this earth than him!
He's loyal and true!
He deserves our respect!
[grunts] I really am such a fool.
Why the hell am I worried
about all this now?
Okay people, that's enough! Show's over!
I have to accept reality!
After all, this is who I am.
The truth is,
I'm quite happy I was born me.
It's fine this way. I am who I am!
[giggling] A big man covered in bruises.
I like it.
[Ryan] Hey! Why won't you use your powers?
I can't do anything when
I don't know which one's the real one!
All we can do now is figure a way out
of this, while avoiding her attacks.
[Ryan] All right, on my signal.
Take shelter over there.
[Barnaby] What?
Just this once,
listen to your partner, for a change.
[TV presenter] What's this?
Is Barnaby following Origami Cyclone,
and leaving the scene as well?
Oh no, you don't!
I said I wouldn't let you get away!
Now then Do-Don!
Activating your powers
from there won't do you any good!
[woman cackling]
[TV presenter]
What's happening down there?
Apparently, Ryan has extended
his gravitational field!
Make it fast, Junior!
I can't hold this forever! [strains]
[coughing and groaning]
-[TV presenter] They've done it!
After a hard-fought battle,
Ryan and Barnaby
have apprehended the suspect!
[laughing] Man, what a letdown.
Looks like the King of Heroes
is just a name.
Leave my friends alone!
[TV presenter] I don't believe it!
Origami Cyclone has returned!
-[Sky High] Origami!
-You came back!
Of course! I would never run away
and leave my friends behind!
Yeah, let's hear it for the big Hero.
But what do you think
you're gonna be able to do? Huh?
[Sky High] What just happened?
[Rock] I don't know, but it worked!
Hey, blast me towards that guy!
What? What are you thinking?
Please, just do it!
Sky High!
[TV presenter exclaims]
Rock Bison, who's had
no opportunity to shine all season,
-has finally done so!
-[people cheering]
Haven't you learned yet, little girl?
That won't work!
[TV presenter] Oh, no!
The suspect is closing in on Dragon Kid!
I will start by
putting you to sleep, first.
Sweet dreams, little girl.
Sorry to keep you waiting!
[Dragon Kid] Huh?
[TV presenter]
Unbelievable! It's Fire Emblem!
[crowd cheering]
Fire Emblem. Am I glad to see you!
You had us worried for a while.
We'll do the emotional reunion later.
For now, what do you say
we put this old fart away?
-Look out!
-Do your worst, old man.
You no longer hold any power over me.
I'm proud of who I am!
[dramatically] Fire!
They say a man is made of courage
and a woman is made of love!
So what does that mean
for people who are gay?
[quiet gasping]
We are invincible!
Way to go, Fire!
[TV presenter] Looks like
he rejoined the fight too soon.
Wait a minute! Did I just
Curse you!
[groaning] Your crime's been put on hold!
[both sighing]
[TV presenter] They've done it!
Fire Emblem has returned,
and, combining their powers,
the three Heroes
have brought down the suspect!
That was too close for comfort.
[gasping] Bunny!
[yells, grunts]
Oh, that hurt.
[Barnaby] What are you doing?
Let me guess.
You mistimed activating
your powers again, didn't you?
I haven't used them yet!
Especially after what you told me.
Oh, boy. Now my hands are numb.
Hey, I hate to interrupt this moment,
but our prey is getting away!
Can we focus here, people?
[TV presenter] I can see them.
I can see them now!
Oh, God! Why is he there?
[TV presenter] That's Lunatic!
Just as our cameras finally caught sight
of Barnaby and the others,
Lunatic suddenly appeared!
This is a startling development!
Lunatic only pursues murderers!
We have no idea why he would be here
at this particular moment!
I'm tellin' ya,
that dude gives me the creeps.
You two go after that mechanical monster!
[Barnaby] Kotetsu!
I'll look after this guy!
Time for an explanation, pal!
[Ryan] Okay, let's go!
Hello? Fine, suit yourself.
[engine revving]
Get going, Bunny! What good is a team
if you're not workin' together?
-Just go!
Be gone! I have no business with you!
Our boss is being held captive
by that machine.
The last thing we need
is for you to butt in.
Get the hell out of here!
Such a fool.
You can't even see what the true evil is.
Thanatos always speaks the truth.
[TV presenter] The question is,
can Wild Tiger stop Lunatic on his own?
Come on, Dad.
Huh? Hey, what's that up there?
What the hell do you plan to do with me?
[whimpers, screams]
Hear me, citizens of Stern Bild!
-[women whimper]
-Tonight, I shall re-enact
the justice that was demonstrated
by the legendary Goddess!
As a warning to you all,
let the death of this man
be burned into your memories!
[Mark screaming]
Don't bother telling me
what to do! [grunting]
[loud rumbling]
Oh, yeah.
Am I good or what?
[TV presenter] They've done it!
Ryan and Barnaby take down an enemy
for the second time today!
[Ryan] Kinda pathetic, right?
What is this machine, anyway?
Is this supposed to be the Goddess?
[man] Don't touch that!
What is the meaning of this?
Well, isn't this a surprise.
So you're the one who's been
pulling the strings, huh, Virgil?
[Ben] Are you all right? Hey!
I think so.
Do you have any idea what happened?
[Mark] That bastard!
-My name's Andrew.
-[Barnaby] What?
Andrew Scott. That's my real name.
[gasps] Wait a minute
Does the name "Scott System"
ring a bell with anybody?
-I'm not surprised.
My father founded it,
and it was very small.
He was a good father.
He raised me as a single parent.
And no matter how busy he was,
he never complained.
He was a hard worker,
and despite the challenges,
he managed to keep the company going.
Even as a young child,
I could understand that.
That's why, when a man showed up
saying he'd help my father's business,
I was overjoyed.
That man was Mark Schneider.
The company grew almost instantly.
Schneider was our savior.
I knew in my heart I would be
indebted to him my entire life.
Until my father committed suicide.
One thing I knew for sure.
My father was not the kind of person
who would take his own life.
And so, like a man possessed,
I searched for the truth behind his death.
And then I finally discovered
what had really happened!
I found out my father
had been forced to sell his company
after being tricked by that monster!
Mark Schneider had used my father's
company to hide his illegal investments!
I planned to expose everything,
and bring the hammer down on him.
For that one purpose,
I infiltrated his company,
and spent years there,
digging up the truth!
And then, the moment arrived.
Security was going to be
under-manned on the day of the festival.
All that was left was
to keep you Heroes occupied.
So that's why you used
the legend of the Goddess.
That's not the only reason.
I wanted to show the world
what happens to people
who lose sight of what is true and just!
I understand what you're saying.
Is that why you hired those NEXTS?
What do you mean "hired"? [scoffs]
We're all comrades
who swore revenge on Schneider.
All of us were victims of his greed!
You know how we feel, don't you?
You became a Hero
to exact revenge as well.
I'm so close
So close to getting justice for my father.
Knowing all that,
do you still intend to stop me?
[Tiger] So you're telling me
you came to help them get even?
Protecting evildoers
is a grave crime of its own.
Justice must be done.
We're talking revenge here!
That's not necessarily justice!
You reject the idea of killing,
because it goes against your principles.
But didn't your partner find peace
when his parents' killer met his end?
Yes, you're right.
There was a time when I sought revenge.
I thought it would give me
the future that I lost
when my parents were taken away from me.
I don't understand.
Why are you willing
to save this man's life?
I'm not worried about him.
I'm here for you!
[Tiger] Bunny is still dealing with
that pain to this very day!
He's trying to move forward by accepting
everything that's happened in the past!
You prevail by shaping the present.
Kotetsu taught me that.
He stopped me from taking the wrong path.
It's because of him that I'm here today.
I am not going to let Schneider live.
In that case, I'll have to stop you,
no matter what it takes!
That's too bad.
[Lunatic] I've misjudged you.
I thought you were a champion of justice.
[Tiger] I am! But I want nothing to do
with a justice that allows people to kill!
-[Lunatic] Fine.
So be it. I shall crush evil
along with your spineless justice,
right here and now.
[intense music playing]
That's a cool ability!
But it's no match for mine!
Here it comes! Do-don!
[TV presenter]
Ryan attacks, while Barnaby protects!
Their teamwork shines through once again!
That dude is stealing
my spotlight again. Huh?
Oh, shit!
[confused murmuring]
What's happening?
We lost the chopper with the camera!
[gasping] Ryan!
[loud rumbling]
Last warning! Get out of my way, Barnaby!
[Lunatic] An eviscerated justice
serves no-one!
Annihilating evil is the only way
to escape the curse of our past!
Bunny's dealing with his past
without destroying anything!
-How long before we're back?
-Almost there!
[TV presenter] Hmm? What's this?
[Barnaby] At some point,
you're gonna have to face the truth!
What you're doing won't work!
It won't solve anything!
Shut up!
Even if you succeed with your revenge,
it won't bring your father back!
That's the reality!
Huh? Here you go! Thanks! Have a nice day.
[Lunatic] The justice you uphold
is artificial!
In the end, all it does is allow you
to ignore true evil!
And that raises the question
of what good you are as a Hero!
This may come as a shock to you,
but I don't evaluate myself that way!
[Lunatic] What can a Hero like you,
who won't bring evil to justice,
possibly accomplish?
If someone needs help, I'm there for them!
I know that's hard for you to process,
but it's really as simple as that!
Give it up, Barnaby!
[TV presenter]
Forgive me, ladies and gentlemen.
This situation has left me
completely speechless.
Oh, no, you don't. I'll never let you
go off and harm anyone.
Time to end this little game, Barnaby.
If that's how you want it,
I'll watch as you plummet
to the ground in defeat!
Help me Barnaby, please! [screaming]
[Virgil] I will return this man
to a state of nothingness.
[Barnaby] Kotetsu!
Bunny! But that means
[Virgil] You're in my way!
What the hell are you doing?
Did you come here intending
to save Schneider?
Yeah, well, sort of.
You can't do it on your own.
All right, so give me a hand!
[metallic creaking]
That is exactly what I was planning to do!
[TV presenter] What's this? It looks like
Wild Tiger and Barnaby are
[Tiger] Those legs are really nasty!
The only thing we can do
is keep attacking!
[Barnaby] Kotetsu!
[Tiger yelling]
Bunny! How are your powers?
I'm still re-charging!
Guess I have no choice.
[Virgil] Goodbye.
[gasps, grunts]
[Virgil] Impossible!
[Virgil] Don't interfere!
[Virgil roaring]
[both gasping]
It's time for you to stay down!
[TV presenter]
We've been waiting for this!
The Heroes have finally assembled!
[Virgil] Damn you all!
-Bunny! How much longer?
Now or never!
-Mr. Barnaby!
-Do it fast!
Mr. Wild!
Come on!
How 'bout now?
[Virgil grunting]
[Ryan] Do-Dodon!
[both gasping]
Kiss my boots!
I'm back!
[TV presenter] The Gravity Prince
has returned to the game!
[gasps] Kotetsu!
-All right! Let's do this!
He's all yours.
[dramatic music playing]
[automated voice]
Powers expire in ten seconds.
-I know, I'm on it!
[both yelling]
[TV presenter]
Tiger and Barnaby over and out.
[serene music playing]
[Tiger grunts, chuckles]
[Tiger] Uh! [confused groaning]
Huh? [chuckling]
[aircrafts whirring]
[Rock] Well, we sure made
a huge mess again.
[Origami] Yeah, this time
I really thought I was a goner.
Is that what you think about
when you're out there fighting?
He's right, you know.
You're so negative, Origami!
So what if he's like that? I mean,
it's part of what makes him who he is.
[Sky High] A part of who he is.
This makes more sense to me, now.
So it's okay to be myself!
That takes a big load off!
Hmm? What are you talking about?
Uh, it's nothing, really.
-You are so weird.
-[all chuckling]
There you are! What you people did today
was truly mind-blowing!
You really are
the protectors of this city!
And that teamwork
between Tiger and Barnaby!
It was just like the good old days,
don't you agree?
-I wouldn't say team, right?
-That's stretching it.
Oh come on, now! Don't be so modest!
You were perfect together!
Hey, I know!
Why don't you three guys form a trio?
[both] Huh?
Ryan and Barnaby, with Tiger!
Or maybe, featuring Tiger!
I'm sorry, but--
[Ryan] Come on! He's got a point!
-[Tiger] Huh?
-[Barnaby] What?
Camera over here.
Really, it's so obvious!
I knew it from the moment
they started working together again.
These guys were made for each other!
That's why I arranged
to televise this feel-good comeback!
Zoom in here.
It was a lot of work,
but I made you guys look good!
You can thank me later!
-Listen, guys.
Be smart and take some advice
from the Great Ryan.
You're the only partners for each other!
It was meant to be!
[both] Uh
What's it gonna be? Are you reuniting?
That depends.
We don't get to decide that on our own.
Well, I approve it!
[both] Hmm?
Hello there, everybody!
Earlier I, Agnes Joubert,
was granted full authority
to run this operation
by our owner, Mr. Mark Schneider.
Anyway, since our owner
is currently disabled,
I will approve
the reinstatement of these Heroes.
[all cheering]
Now wait a minute! Hold on there!
Not yet ready to make the big decision?
Well, no, it's just that
I'm a changed man these days. And besides
My power only lasts for a minute.
Come on, Tiger.
[Tiger sighs]
[girl] That doesn't matter, Tiger!
You'll always be a Hero!
When people need help,
they know they can count on you!
Right, Mom? We both think
you're the coolest Hero!
That's right! Just watching you onscreen
always cheers me up.
Who cares if you only last a minute?
We like to see you giving
everything you've got!
[all cheering]
Hang in there, Tiger! You're terrific!
You're our hero, Mr. Tiger!
[crowd chanting] Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!
[chanting continues]
He really is an amazing personality.
Listen to how he's touched
the hearts of all those people.
[Fire Emblem] Mm-hmm.
Just listen to that!
Everyone who's watching is behind you!
[gasping] Hmm.
Are you okay with this?
[chanting continues]
How can we turn these people down?
It's okay with me.
With you around, it'll make me stand out.
[crowd continues chanting]
[crowd cheering]
[loud cheering]
As of this very moment, Tiger and Barnaby
are back together once again!
[people cheering]
[teacher] You're up next up, Kaburagi.
Yes, sir.
"The Sun" by Kaede Kaburagi.
Did you know?
There are other suns beyond the one
that shines brightly in our sky.
The tiger that runs proudly.
The bunny that hops about.
The ice that glistens brilliantly.
The wind that blows briskly.
The fire that burns intensely.
The cow that moos loudly.
The shadow that changes suddenly.
The lightning that flashes brightly.
They're all different.
But they all have a sun
burning inside of them.
Sometimes they feel sad and hurt and down.
But eventually, the sun will rise.
Everyone's sun will rise.
The sun always rises when you're down.
The sun rises, no matter what.
Today and tomorrow,
the sun is always rising.
[Japanese song playing]
A billionaire from overseas
made me an offer to work for him.
-[Saito gasps]
[whispering] That's a lot!
I thought about it, and I can't stay
in this small-time joint anymore.
See you around, boys!
[door opens, closes]
I guess we'll have to survive
without him somehow. Right?
[song continues]
Hey. How about I drive for a change?
Not gonna happen.