Tiger Nageswara Rao (2023) Movie Script

: Some histories are written in blood.
Some histories are written in tears.
This is the history that is
written in both blood and tears.
The story of blood and tears.
-Good morning, Sir.
I'm going to Delhi on an
emergency, inform the SP.
OK, sir.
-Could you make it quick, please?
-Thank you, Sir.
-Thank you.
Mr. Vikram... Code Red.
Start immediately.
Coming, sir.
Rajput sir called.
He says its a Red Code.
Sir, ID please.
Sir, they are waiting for you. Come.
This way please.
Thank you.
Gentleman, this is Viswanath Sastry...
DSP - Crime Branch, Guntur.
And this is Mr. Anuj Guptha,
In-charge of VIP security, Delhi.
Mr. Singh, Commissioner of police, Delhi.
This is Mr. Vikram Choudhary...
In-charge, personal security
to the Prime Minister of India.
I'm Raghavendra Rajput,
Chief of Intelligence Bureau.
Sir, if I can ask, what's this all about?
Well, the phone call at midnight
and the special flight to Delhi.
What's going on, sir?
Mr. Viswanath Sastry, IPS 1963 batch.
First posting... Bapatla division...
Second posting... Chirala division...
Third posting... 1979 till date...
DSP - Crime Branch, Guntur.
So primarily...
you worked in the tiger zone.
The zone of...
Tiger Nageswara Rao.
Sir, I'm sorry I don't get it.
What do all of you have to
do with Tiger Nageswara Rao?
Mr. Sastry...
In this meeting,
I'll be asking the questions.
Please sit down.
Now tell me everything
about Tiger Nageswara Rao.
Sir, if Nageswara Rao entered politics...
he would have won the
election with his intelligence.
He would have bagged a medal
for India if he were into sports.
If he were into army, he would
have won a war with his courage.
Unfortunately he
turned into a criminal, Sir.
I have seen too many people
like him in my service.
Mangal Singh, Omkar Singh Yadav, Piyula.
Is he a bigger robber than them?
Sir, its called theft if its
done without an intimation.
Its called tyranny if you
attack someone and rob them.
But if someone challenges and snatches it,
that's Tiger Nageswara Rao, sir.
Sir, there are a lot of people
who know about Nageswara Rao.
But only a few people saw him.
In fact, even I too never saw him, sir.
Some years ago, when I was at Chirala
police station on special duty...
I received a phone call.
I still remember that voice, sir.
That was more like a roar.
-Chirala police station.
-Remember my voice.
A person roaming in a forest
should know the sound of a tiger...
Similarly, a cop working in this area
should mandatorily know this voice.
Who the hell are you?
An appeal to the cops...
The Circar express bearing number 17643,
running from Kakinada to Madras...
...is about to be looted en-route.
20 tons of grain was being sent from
Kakinada to Krishnapatnam for storm victims.
We got an information that
it was about to be robbed.
Who gave you that information?
Stuartpuram Nageswara Rao.
I have a habit of giving a warning
before I hit someone or steal something.
-Call the Control room!
-OK, Sir.
There is a distance of 242 kilometers
between Kakinada and Machilipatnam.
21 stations fall en-route, and there
are 10 policemen at each station.
There is a guard at the crossing
and RPF personnel in each coach.
There is only one chance
of robbing the grain.
The Godavari bridge which runs
over a length of 2300 meters.
Amid such tight security...
He has to rob 20 tonnes of grain
in five and a half minutes.
You really think its possible, sir?
It takes five hours to load it.
Robbing 20 tonnes in
five and a half minutes?
It's impossible.
His mind starts off right at the point
where we stop considering it impossible.
He starts running exactly from where
we stop walking, unable to find a path.
Hey! Turn around!
We're close to shore!
Turn it! Come on turn!
Remove it!
Nagi jump!
Did you get him?
-Sir, he escaped.
-He must be somewhere around, look--
-But, we have no idea about his appearance.
Sir, we got all the crime files
on Nageswara Rao ready.
Has he written so much crime
literature in a span of 25 years?
He started very early, sir.
Like when he was ten?
-Eight years.
-Robbery at an age of eight?
It was a murder.
No, sir! Sir, no!
Don't do it, sir! Don't hit me.
-Please sir!
-He was the linchpin of Stuartpuram crime.
-Sir! Sir!
He plays a role in every crime
that occurs in Stuartpuram.
He has a share in every rupee
that comes out of that crime.
Sir... Sir...
-Hey, do it properly.
-Sir, please spare me.
-OK, sir.
Did I ask you to commit that theft?
Or else did you inform
me before you went to rob?
At least, did you get me my share
after you've carried out the theft?
That's the money I robbed
through effort and risk.
Why should I give it to you?
Does the ox own the crop
just because it plows the land?
Does a dog own the house just
because its stands guard to it?
How can you claim the money to be yours
when I hold the rights on Stuartpuram?
Nail his knees.
Don't do it, sir! I'll not
be able to climb walls.
Damaging the knee joints of a thief
is akin to slicing fingers of a guitarist.
Greetings, sir.
-Is he your younger son?
-Yes, sir.
What makes him crave for this chair?
He doesn't even possess basic respect!
Tell me what is the task, sir.
Kanaka Rao went to Rangoon
and made a substantial fortune.
All the money is lying in his iron trunk.
Got it, sir.
Give him three rupees.
Sir, please give me two rupees more.
Did your Grandmother store
her fortune with me?
Well, sir... when Kodi Veeranna
went on a robbery assigned by you...
People broke his leg.
He is unable to work anymore.
-His children are hungry--
-: What now?
You are talking about his children!
Is his wife sleeping with
you as he broke his leg?
You rascal!
Let's think about it
after the job is done. Go.
Why are you digging here, Father?
A rat digs precisely where
the wall is vulnerable.
We can make a hole easily if we dig here.
Here, grab this.
Nagi, someone is pulling me inside.
You pull me out. Come on!
Hey! The thief is escaping!
-Come on!
-Wake sir up!
-There are thieves in the house!
-Come! Catch him!
-Pull him inside.
Sons, there is no chance I can escape now.
Get this sack to Yelamanda.
He will give you two rupees. Give one
rupee to Veeranna and keep the rest.
This is the money from our
toil. We needn't give it to anyone.
Don't leave him. Pull him in!
How much time does it take for the
cops to get to you once I'm caught?
What are you waiting for? Climb the wall!
They should know who you are
if they have to come to us, Father.
How can he not know about me?
How can they recognize
a headless body, Father?
Apex predators like lion and tiger
drink milk till they attain youth, sir.
But he started drawing
blood since he turned eight.
Before he ingested the food his
Father fed him all these days...
He beheaded his Father!
Is he even human?
In order to understand Nageswara Rao,
you need to know about Stuartpuram, sir.
Bejjala Prasad... the Dronacharya of
the Kurukshetra called Stuartpuram.
All the gangsters currently
ruling Stuartpuram...
...were trained by Prasad in the past.
Eating pork curry and
rolling isn't enough.
You must drink donkey
blood and run like a horse.
No cop should be able to catch you.
Ten rupees.
Who wants it?
: I want it! I want it!
-Do you want it?
-Yes, sir.
Take it.
There are black scorpions in it.
Nageswara Rao came across Bejjala
Prasad when he was 14 years old.
Courage alone isn't enough for stealing.
Sometimes you need intelligence--
He is our Venkatayya's son.
Do you want to learn the skill from me?
That is the reason I did it.
If one drinks donkey blood, one has
to run for some hours without resting.
Otherwise, the blood in one's body
would clot and eventually death happens.
Bejjala Prasad mentored Nageswara
Rao under such rigorous training.
In order to avoid clashes
between the gangs...
An auction used to take place
in Stuartpuram every year, sir.
Under the watch of Yelamanda.
In those days, three major
gangs operated in Stuartpuram.
Pothu Suri, Dega Ravi and George Babu.
Yelamanda entered politics and became an
MLA with money from Stuartpuram's crime.
Yelamanda's younger
Brother Kaasi stood beside him.
While Yelamanda was
running politics from Hyderabad,
His Brother took care of the
matters of Stuartpuram.
Start the auction.
Guntur railway station...
Opening bid is 25000 rupees.
-30000 rupees.
-35000 rupees.
Folks, Brother is an MLA now.
Cops are in our reach now.
You can rob like a king. Call higher!
-50000 rupees.
-Yeah! That's like it!
George Babu's bid is 50000 rupees.
First call!
Second call!
Third and final call!
Guntur Railway Station
is sold to George Babu.
No other gang can commit robberies in the
station till the next Sankranthi festival.
Go on! Go on!
Where have you been, Nagi?
I haven't seen you lately.
Once I taste something,
I lose interest in it.
Vijayawada and Guntur...
Opening bid is... One lakh rupees.
Hey, can we bid too?
You need a gang of your own
and a chair to sit beside them, to bid.
Who the hell is he?
He is Angee Seth.
A ship on route to Calcutta
unfortunately drifted to Bandar port.
There are bales of
tobacco in it that belong to him.
He is here to ask if
we could steal it for him.
-I told you we can't take up your work.
Why are you here again?
Listen to what I have to say.
Listen, we are not into smuggling.
Our business is different.
Listen pal, Calcutta port
is like a mistress to me.
I have an easy entry
and exit access to it.
But Bandar port is your area.
Which is why I'm asking you.
I will give a share of twenty percent
to the one who will get my cargo out.
Hey! I told you it is not possible. Leave.
Thirty percent!
Hey pal... forty.
Forty percent.
Here comes the tiger.
Give me half the share,
and I'll retrieve your cargo.
Are you serious?
Decisions around here are made by Brother.
What are we sitting here for if you
start making deals among yourselves?
Think no further,
merchant. It's a fair deal.
Fix it.
-You bloody--
-Wait Kaasi...
You claim to complete this task,
something no one here can do?
I said it, I will be here with
the cargo by tomorrow evening.
Would you be ready to drink
my pee if you don't get the cargo?
I will.
Would you need a glass
or would you drink directly?
Let us wait and see.
You told me the punishment in case I lose.
But you didn't tell me about
the reward in case I win!
What do you want?
The chair, sir.
If I get the stack, add another chair
to the three that are present here.
And one of them should be mine.
Let us meet tomorrow evening.
Going in itself is risky.
There is no escape once you get in there.
The tobacco is just a ton.
The rest is all gold in there.
Do you know how it feels
to smoke a ton of tobacco?
What Nagi? Don't tell me that
you want to burn all the cargo!
Are you still waiting for him to come
along with your cargo?
Nagi is here!
The bales of tobacco are
on fire. Call a fire engine!
Box number 7943 contains our cargo.
Miraculous job, Bro. Miraculous!
As your cargo was burnt in the port,
you would get the compensation.
You need not give us a share in it.
It's all your's seth.
Let us take him to
Calcutta along with us, sir.
Are you inviting him to our place
despite witnessing his prowess?
Are you nuts?
Pray he never sets foot in Calcutta
and never casts his eyes on our business.
Let's go.
Brother! If you ever need help,
remember the name Angee Seth.
The chair.
What makes him crave for this chair?
Did your Grandmother
store her fortune with me?
"Hunger for determination is him"
"Love for power is him"
"Greed for wealth is him"
"He starts where everyone stops"
"He scares the darkness
that scares everyone"
"He can leave his own shadow
if the need demands him to"
"He is the one who takes
something with him after death"
He is committing thefts at
the area we won in the auction.
He is bashing our men
if they go against him.
Boss, Nagi is developing well day by day.
"It's him... it's him"
"He will crush anyone who opposes him"
"It's him... it's him"
"He will strangle the throat
that speaks against him"
"It's him... it's him"
"He says that growth is a birth right"
"Lust means wanting"
"A life without want is nothing"
"In these times that lack kindness"
"Anger is the protecting armor"
"Greed is profitable when you live
among people who make loss to you"
"People will walk over you if you are
sweet, arrogance is the right quality now"
"Heat against heat feels cold,
jealousy is the right medicine"
"He says being bad is good in
this world filled with villains"
"It's him..."
We all are here to talk to you.
Please solve our problem, sir.
Do not target our gold
shops. We will do as you say.
We shall guarantee the
safety of your material.
You have to pay us a tax
of 2000 rupees per month.
-What is this?
-This is Nageswara Rao tax.
"It's him... it's him"
"He will crush anyone who opposes him"
"It's him..."
"He will strangle the throat
that speaks against him"
"It's him..."
"He says that growth is a birth right"
How are you?
You weren't here to tell him.
He is going too fast.
Yelamanda and his
Brother are seeking revenge.
-They're waiting for an oppor--
-Cool down.
-Diwakar, sign here.
Garika Diwakar...
Garika Diwakar!
-The Judge is calling, come.
-Garika Diwakar!
Lawyer sir!
Why have you stopped, pal?
I'm feeling super hungry.
Oh damn! You've been visiting the
brothels always and having a feast.
You're hungry again?
The dish looks so yummy.
You go. I'll eat the dish and come back.
-Pay the fine.
-I don't have the money.
Greetings, Nagi.
What aunty,you always passed a
message when new dishes arrived.
You missed it this time?
I didn't have time to! They
raided us and brought us here.
How much is the fine?
It is 250 rupees for everyone, Nagu.
I'll pay that.
There is a millet farm nearby.
Let's go there for ten minutes. Come.
I'm very hungry.
I'll just take ten minutes, girl.
In order to eat in my plate,
one has to fast for three days.
What's with her, Aunty?
Is the three day thing for real,
or is she just trying to avoid.
What she says is true, son-in-law.
Oh... in that case...
Move aside!
You dare to push a police officer?
I'll skin you alive, rascal.
You bashed the cop really well, Nagi.
Hey, keep quiet.
Garika Diwakar is being granted bail.
There is a temple in Meraka street.
There is no guard too.
A mace in hand and a silver crown.
A bronze bell, a copper
ewer and a brass container.
Leave the small deals
and get some big ones.
If you steal, steal a fortune; if you
go to prison, let it be the grandest.
Look, Brother-in-law...
My husband is back home after two years.
Let him be at home for some days at least.
We have to get him
married to slow him down.
Get married, Brother-in-law.
If you have a wife, she would take care of
your home when you are out on work.
She would give me company
if you both go to prison.
Tell me if you want to.
Mani, the daughter of our Uncle from
Chirala. Let's get her married to you.
Do that, bro.
Otherwise, he spends a good
part of the year in brothels.
What? Seriously?
Nothing like that, Brother.
He is just talking non-sense.
That's true, Brother!
Two three brothels in Chilakaluripeta
are running well thanks to him.
Yaari... damn you!
Are you going there along with Nagi?
I can smell the cheap perfume from
the brothels when I sleep beside you.
You don't get it. He sleeps with them.
He sleeps beside me when he is back.
The scent is from there.
What are you thinking?
This time the heist should be so grand,
that we won't need to
steal again in our lifetime.
Look for something of that sort.
I met someone named Senthil in the prison.
According to what he says...
Stolen gold is shipped every
month from Burma to Madras.
How much of it? Could it be 50 tolas?
Oh! That makes it half a kilo!
300 kilos.
The entire shipping is taken
care by the Besant Nagar Bro.
All the smuggling deals from Nagapatnam to
Puducherry happen under his supervision.
He has 300 men around him.
Not even a tiny fish can swim into
those seas without his knowledge.
After he came to raid your boats, our
officer Mr. Sharma has gone missing.
We're here with a search warrant.
If someone steps into his area...
What he is feeding to the
fish till now isn't fish food.
That is...
Huh! That ring belongs to Mr. Sharma.
Who chopped the pieces?
He didn't even notice
the gold on the finger.
Goddess Lakshmi.
Listen Yaari...
This isn't a task that we can
manage with knives and blades.
We need guns.
The one who made Stuartpuram's
crime cross the border of the state...
And the one who added the sound of
guns to the violence of Stuartpuram...
Was Nageswara Rao.
Nagi boarded the Guntur
express to collect guns from Rashid.
And that changed his life forever.
This one is locally made.
This can be loaded
once to fire two rounds.
This is a pistol.
This has six bullets.
You can conceal this anywhere.
Isn't the chick rocking, pal?
Be respectful.
Isn't the respectable chick rocking, pal?
She is your sister-in-law.
You have a nice figure.
Also, this chapter has...
I was saying that you've got a
nice figure and awesome curves.
If I pull the chain,
we'll be at Ipurupalem.
Thotavaripalem is six
kilometers from there.
The wedding would take
place in the Durga temple.
-What do you say?
-Are you crazy?
Yeah, I just know how to grab what I want.
Never had the habit of asking permission.
For the first time in my life,
I'm asking you permission.
Shall we get married?
What is this nonsense? Who are you?
I'm Nageswara Rao.
Nageswara Rao of Stuartpuram.
I'm wanted for almost 150 cases
of murders, thefts and robberies.
There are four to five brothels
in Chilakaluripeta that I visit.
My people say that their
livelihood runs on my visits.
The moment I see a woman,
I feel hunger of a different kind.
Surprisingly... the
hunger is up here this time.
What do you mean by
'hunger of a different kind'?
By saying 'hunger of a different
kind', do you mean the breakfast, sir?
Dumbo, you've got to watch some
Hollywood films to understand this.
He implies indirectly about private parts.
Hey, don't you know
how to speak to a girl?
Babe, if I follow you for some days,
I would know your likes and dislikes.
After that, it's easy to talk to you in a
way you like and make you fall for me.
All men ogle at a girl's figure, my dear.
But they just use crappy words like
'feelings' and 'love' to describe it.
Who's better? The one who crafts
words to woo or the truthful speaker?
He nailed it, man!
You say you're students.
How do you plan to arrange the
capital for setting up a tobacco factory?
We'll take care of the funding.
But please see that we'd get
the approval for the factory sir.
OK. I will forward the application.
Let us see.
: Thank you, sir.
Chirala college.
Nagi gave pocket money to the boys there,
Solved their internal feuds and
strenghtened his hold on the students.
Greetings, Bro.
Why is he not looking at us?
Are you a girl to look at?
Look there.
Do you recognize that girl?
She is Sara studying BA second
year. She is a classmate of Manga.
-She studied in Bapatla college.
But she discontinued
her studies to get married.
Did she continue her education
because her wedding was cancelled?
How did you find out?
The wedding was cancelled
because of our hero.
I think I know your intention, pal.
She is about to become someone's wife.
Robbing is stealing someone's belonging.
Hubby! The money in the chest is gone!
Is this some joke?
-Please calm down.
-This wedding is called off.
-Please don't do that.
-No, it's called off.
Rahul, come.
Pal, let us slip away.
Pal, if she comes to know that you
were behind the wedding disaster,
She would hate you forever.
What is this?
The dowry your father kept
in the chest for your wedding.
Give it back to him.
How did this reach you?
I stole it to stop your wedding.
Let go of me.
If he had said he doesn't care about
the dowry and still wants to marry you...
I would have bowed down
before him and returned the money.
I can still hide the truth
and keep pursuing you.
But I didn't feel like
hiding the truth from you.
Leave it, Bro. They changed her
college as her wedding was cancelled.
If they find out about this now, they
will not let her pursue her education.
Leave her. Please, Bro.
Who is better?
The one who abandoned you for money
or me who has retuned the money I stole?
There... he nailed it!
heart longs only for you.
taking all the time.
The smuggled gold that I gave
you is valued at 10 lakhs.
But regardless of my calculations, there
appears to be a deficit of three lakhs.
Brother, I went to Bombay to meet
Hassan and show him the gold.
In the raid that took place there,
the police seized gold.
I paid a bribe of 25,000 and managed
to get through with great difficulty.
I swear, please grant me some time,
and I will repay your money, brother.
Kaasi... Kaasi... Kaasi...
Kaasi, I will repay you at any cost.
Kaasi... Kaasi, please leave her...
-Kaasi... Kaasi, please leave her.
-Dad, help me.
Meanwhile, as a precaution,
should you decide to leave this town.
-To put it in your language...
-Please brother, I will repay you.
Make the payment of three lakhs within
three days, and then you can take her.
If you don't repay the loan quickly,
-I'll keep her as my mistress.
-No, brother. Please leave her.
I will put her into business...
-To earn three lakh rupees...
Imagine with how many people
she has to sleep per day.
-Leave her, brother.
-Your calculation is wrong Kaasi.
Hey Kaasi!
You can seize his property
for the debt he owes you.
There is nothing wrong in it.
That chair, that table and my
mother-in-law, are his properties.
But that girl is my property.
Hey, you are needlessly
intervening in this matter for her.
You will come to regret it.
If you don't leave her now...
I will kill all of you
and bury right here.
Brother Yelamanda is sparing you though
you are acting smart as you are young.
Avoid getting into problems
because of a woman.
Do you not realize that
Brother Yelamanda is the MLA?
It only takes three
minutes to get rid of you.
You want Sara or Stuartpuram?
When asked if you want Sara or my life,
I will choose Sara.
Sara is mine, and so is Stuartpuram.
Let's discuss with our brother
and handle the matter later.
Let's go.
Kaasi let's go. Leave her.
Kaasi, leave her. Let's go.
Hey, Kaasi and Pallalu...
Starting tomorrow,
Stuartpuram will be under my ownership.
Any gang operating in
Stuartpuram must pay taxes to me.
Not Nageshwar Rao c/o Stuartpuram...
Stuartpuram c/o Nageshwar Rao!
Tell him that.
Let's go Kaasi.
Come on.
Regarding the information about
smuggled gold arriving in Madras...
Nageshwar Rao's associates abducted
Senthil from Besant Nagar.
Hey, tell us...
Speak up.
When and where is the shipment arriving?
The ship is arriving
at the Aadimuka jetty.
The spot where the ship will be anchored
is roughly three miles away from here.
Sister-in-law is here.
-What is the matter?
-Sara's wedding is the day after tomorrow.
I made every possible
effort to persuade them.
My dad isn't listening.
What shall we do?
Ipurupalem is five kilometres from here.
Thotavaripalem is just
10 minutes from there.
Let's have our wedding at
the temple of the Goddess.
Will you marry me?
I only steal after I've declared it,
so why would I marry the girl
I love clandestinely, never.
You go home confidently.
I'll marry you at the wedding
altar in front of everyone.
I will see who can stop me.
Nagi, the first person to
oppose would be my father.
If you resort to violence,
you'll have to confront my father first.
I wish to avoid such a situation.
Nagi, please, hear me out.
Once we're married,
everything will be fine.
Hey, load up the vehicle.
Listen to me.
Nagi, vehicle has arrived.
Are you all going somewhere?
I fell in love with you, Nagi,
knowing everything about you.
I am aware of the risks involved
in your job, Nagi.
If, for any reason,
you don't come on time for our wedding,
Did you think about me?
What would be my situation?
Please Nagi, don't go.
Let's meet at Chirala
railway station at 5 AM.
He gave his word...
He will not leave this place for
the next three days after your marriage.
Nagi, what do you say?
You go home confidently.
The ship might arrive
any moment, let's go.
Nagi, Yaari has signaled.
They might have started.
The container's identification
number is 459865.
I will lose my job,
if somone sees me here.
Let's hurry.
Every box within the container will bear
a fish symbol oriented to the right.
However, the box containing the
gold will have the fish facing left.
What is this Nagi?
This liquid solution
helps in melting the seal.
-Nagi, hurry up. They could arrive.
-Almost done.
Quickly now.
Let's go,
Put this seal on that box.
Here is your box.
Take it.
Where are Yaari and Maari?
Why is a Beedi from Andhra here?
Give me some fire.
The entire Ennore to
Pondicherry belt is my area.
Even a tiny fish is moved,
I come to know.
And you tried to escape a
large shark out of here?
Do you have the
dare to escape from me?
You don't know
anything about my dare?
Right in your area...
I have transferred your
cargo without your notice.
Whatever you do now,
I will take it with me.
The dare to stop me...
Do you have it in you?
Cut him into pieces!
He is diligent
like a leopard...
He glares like a tiger.
He carried out the heist on my
consignment, just as he vowed.
Understood. I will hand him and
your consignment over to you.
This guy was caught
because of his bloody beedi.
This is why we ask
you not to smoke beedis.
What's the matter?
Nagi, it's the police.
Unload the consignment at
our designated location.
I'm heading over to meet with Sara.
You head to our town from
Vetapalem via the port.
Do you realize how worried I
was that you might not arrive?
Did you bring the nuptial thread?
Don't worry, I bought that too.
What's wrong?
You appear to be troubled.
I'm the one who left home.
I'm the one who should be concerned.
Last night, while you were attempting
to flee after committing a theft...
Two individuals shot by you...
Now lie on their
deathbeds in the hospital.
A warrant has been issued
against you in Madras.
If you end up in jail today...
You can never come back to
Stuartpuram again in your lifetime.
Sara is mine, and so is Stuartpuram.
Your property...
Is being seized by me.
Didn't I ask you?
Didn't I request you to
wait for just one day?
If you had waited for one day...
We would have been on that train.
This sacred thread would
have been on my neck.
You've just presented me with two options.
Do you know what are they?
If my father ever had the opportunity
to take me away from here...
He would arrange my marriage
with a person of his choice.
If this man takes me...
He will use me as he pleases.
You ask me
every time, don't you?
Is this option better or that one?
Tell me, which is better?
Sir, first take him away.
-Bring him.
Sara... Sara.
Sara... Sara.
Sara, don't do this.
It's not just enmity with Nageshwar
Rao, but also love that can be dangerous.
He murdered his father.
He made the girl he
loved to take her own life.
Regardless of the severity of
the police's coercive measures,
He refused to disclose the
whereabouts of the concealed gold.
Because the crime occurred in Madras, they
handed him over to the Tamil Nadu police.
The court sentenced him
to 14 years in prison.
Now what? The story has ended.
Stuartpuram Nageshwar
Rao's tale ended there.
Tiger Nageshwar Rao's
saga... began right there.
Hey! Open the door, quickly!
Hey! Open the door!
What's the matter?
Why aren't you having your meal?
Even though the Tiger is captive
and no longer hunts,
you must feed him meat.
This is Ponnu Saami's jail,
You must do what I say
and eat what is served.
Do you understand?
Then I will have food tomorrow
after I escape this prison, sir.
This is the largest jail in South India.
Three hundred men have
tried in the past 50 years.
Not even one
managed to escape from here.
Try as much as you can.
I want to
see if you can escape.
Try your best.
This trained dog can jump
between five to six feet, sir.
Nine feet less than this wall, sir.
The jump this height, one needs
to have a superfast take-off, sir.
The officials who came to
investigate were stupefied, sir.
The wall Nagi jumped was 5 meters higher
than the National games high jump record.
It was three meters higher than what
a trained dog could manage to jump.
Did he leap like a Tiger and escape?
Not like a Tiger,
he is a Tiger.
After escaping from jail, Nageshwar
Rao went straight to the MLA's factory.
MLA's younger brother is responsible
for him being caught and Sara's death.
He beheaded Kaasi and
massacred 24 of his men, sir.
And that's how this Tiger
turned into a man-eater.
This guy is a serious threat.
Beef up PM's security.
And everybody on their toes.
-Sir, sorry to interrupt you...
I am still not getting what's happening.
Why to beef up PM's security?
Nageshwar Rao sent a letter stating that
he'll rob the PM's house within 48 hours.
It's a threat, it's a challenge.
Sir, I will keep this confidential...
If the issue of someone
breaching PM's security...
and entering inside comes to the media...
Our international reputation
is at stake, sir. Please, sir.
Mr. VIP security!
Do you think this is a central jail where
one can simply scale the wall to escape?
This is PM's three wing security.
Despite years of efforts, no one
was able to breach the PM's security.
He may be good but he is not good enough.
I will prove it.
Follow me.
Sir, I made all the arrangements
as per your command.
-Good! All checked?
-Yes, sir.
Mr. Singh, go to gate one.
And you go to gate two.
-Where is the PM?
-Sir, she is upstairs.
-Security, alert.
-Okay, sir.
You go that way.
Security, alert... alert.
Open gate number three...
Ma'am is coming.
Sastry, you said something?
That he says before he does.
And whatever he says,
he will certainly do it.
Where is he?
Sir he--
You think breaching PM's
security is that easy?
-For whom is that?
- For ma'am, sir.
For ma'am?
But she just left!
Madam Prime Minister!
Yes, Rajput.
Gate eight alert,
stop the convoy right now.
What happened Rajput?
Sorry ma'am. Just a routine check.
-Sorry for the inconvenience.
-It's okay.
Let the convoy leave.
Sir, if ma'am is in the convoy...
Without someone's assistance among us,
he can't gain entry.
Gather every officer stationed here.
I will personally interrogate them.
Sir, everyone has arrived.
I've verified the entire list.
However, Raju, who came with Sastry sir,
cannot be located.
Why would he come with me, sir?
You have sent him to
receive me at the airport, right?
So I thought he is from the Delhi police.
Delhi police? He came with you,
so we assumed he was your assistant.
That's why we permitted him to enter.
But sir.
Remember this voice...
One who treads through the forest must
understand the Tiger's movements...
And the police who work here
must recognize this voice.
Sir, I am Narasimha Raju.
From Delhi police.
I have settled here long time ago sir.
Sir, many are familiar with Nageshwar Rao,
but only a handful have seen him.
In fact, I too never saw him.
He has been hearing your security
plans all day, right by your side.
If you are not in a situation to assess...
whether the one who came is
Delhi police or Andhra police,
shame on you.
-Madam Prime Minister, actually--
He was in this compound for 12 hours.
He had a pistol.
I was in close proximity.
He could have done anything.
Madam Prime Minister,
grant us one week's time.
We will find him and eliminate him.
We will ensure that news of
his encounter does not leak.
Why did he take the risk of coming here?
If his goal was to steal money...
With his skills,
he could rob the Reserve Bank.
This isn't a robbery, Rajput.
This is a message.
Decode that message.
And then, eliminate him.
Criminals like him don't deserve to live.
This is the letter he left.
Respected Prime Minister...
I arrived as promised.
As I mentioned,
I am taking one of your possessions.
I urge you not to suspend your security.
For 48 hours,
they made great efforts to stop me.
Yours sincerely, Tiger Nageshwar Rao.
Sir, he is genuinely a good man.
I mean it sir.
What did he steal from here?
You said you lost your
money. Did you eat anything?
I see his posters everywhere I look.
They are talking about
him everywhere I go.
The police are determined that they
won't let you go until he surrenders.
Who is he brother?
They are offering a reward
of 10,000 if we inform them.
Such a substantial bounty for his capture?
Is he that ruthless?
In the Ramayana as you know it,
Rama is considered a deity.
And Ravana is portrayed as a demon.
You should visit Lanka and hear
their perspective sometime.
Even among the demons,
there can be someone like Rama.
So, does this imply that everything
I've heard about him is inaccurate?
Hunger and food...
are the only two truths in this world.
When you work hard,
you can find food anywhere.
we had to endure extreme hardship here.
Looking at the suffering,
one man's anger flared up.
At that time, he was 18 years old.
Hey, did your father put you to work?
No brother, I volunteered.
Do you enjoy going to prison?
I prefer going to school,
brother, not jail.
They expelled me from school once
they found out I'm from Stuartpuram.
I've heard that if I go to jail, they
will make me study and take exams.
Are you going to jail
just so you can study?
What are your plans after
you finish your studies?
I'll become a teacher and
educate everyone, brother.
Brother, they say there's nothing
greater than education, right?
Hey Nagi, you should get down here.
Ambedkar's education brought about a
transformation in the entire community.
See you, brother.
Have you apprehended the thieves who
stole from Guntur railway station?
He is the one, sir.
Did you sell jewellery worth
5000 and use the money?
Tell me, where did you pawn them, tell me.
Sir, he is just a kid.
Please don't hit him. Please.
-Tell me, where is the loot?
-Sir, please.
-Tell me.
-Sir, I am innocent...
I came from Stuartpuram sir.
They told they would pay me 60 rupees.
What is he saying, man? What is this?
-Sir, he is lying.
That town is known for such things, sir.
This is how the Stuartpuram
police operate, sir.
They divide the loot and
release the real thieves...
They will frame someone
from Stuartpuram...
and claim that no recovery has been made.
You are suspended.
Please, sir...
-Please forgive me once.
-Do you think you can outsmart me?
Sir, I can offer you 1000 bucks.
Do you believe you can bribe me?
-Mind it!
-I'm willing to offer 2000.
Deliver it to my home by this evening.
-Damn you, because of you we lost 7000.
-Sir, please don't hit me.
-Please don't hit him, sir.
You bid for this? Be quiet, old man.
-Couldn't handle the beating?
-Sir... sir.
Oh no!
My son... Oh no!
You killed my son?
This idiot couldn't even take a beating.
-You guys drink donkey blood, don't you?
-My son!
-Can't you endure a beating?
Our DSP sir discovered
information about Stuartpuram.
He instructed me to
apprehend all of you...
to involve you in every
pending case in the district.
Not old men, weaklings or someone
with a medical condition...
We require strong men...
Someone like that over there...
Hey stop! Stop!
Hey, catch that guy.
My son!
Hey you! Stop! Where are you escaping?
Sir, please!
Nagi look, they killed my son.
Ambedkar's education brought about a
transformation in the entire community.
Sir, please.
I will arrange the auction today, not you.
For assaulting policemen in
the heart of Stuartpuram.
Hey Nagi, are you crazy?
Will you attack the police?
-Shall we start the auction?
-I'm bidding 300 rupees.
I'm bidding 325 rupees.
Hey, drag him out.
-Hit him!
-Yeah! Give it to him.
Hey, Nagi. How dare you attack the police?
Come to the police station.
I'll settle the score with you there.
Yes, I challenge you.
Hey, I will--
Strike him, Nagi. Finish him.
-Hit him! Dont' leave him!
-Give him well. Bash him.
-Everyone, hit him! Catch him!
-Catch him!
Auctions in Stuartpuram are
prohibited from this point forward.
Sir, did you recognise him?
Hoping that he could study
if he goes to jail...
He took the blame upon himself
and went with the police...
He ended up in this state because
of the police beating him.
If we enrol children
like him in my school...
Other children might get
influenced negatively.
Amongst those children...
Consider whether the life of a single
person like us might change for better.
We are not born as thieves...
It's due to the circumstances
we were forced into...
We aspire to change.
Please provide us with an
opportunity to change, sir.
Then, who will bear the expenses
for their books and food?
Sir, that responsibility is mine.
I will take care of it.
Starting from tomorrow,
all of you come to school.
I have told you numerous times not to
touch women and their nuptial threads.
-Is that your name?
-No, it's yours.
Hey, Nagi.
-I'm here for anyone in need in town.
-Study well.
Brother, I have passed with excellence.
-What would you like to study next?
-I want to pursue an MBA.
Go for it.
The food in this plate,
Nagi provided that as well.
This was the assistance sent...
by the government to help the
people affected by the floods.
The aid that Yelamanda
attempted to send to his factory.
Nagi risked his life to steal it.
He distributed the aid among the
people who were affected by the floods.
You claim that Nagi is a good man...
Then, why did he murder 24 people?
He believed that providing education
to the youth of Stuartpuram...
would be sufficient,
and they would forge their own paths.
But on that day, Nagi realized that in
addition to teaching them how to walk,
he also bore the responsibility...
-of paving the way for them.
-Greetings, brother.
Hey, Ratnam.
What happened, brother?
Have you prepared all these questions?
Hey. Hey, Ratnam.
Brother, what's going on?
-Why is he hitting Ratnam?
-Brother, please don't hit him.
Brother, please don't hit him.
Nagi... Nagi.
What did you do?
This fool, despite being educated,
couldn't even steal properly.
He sneaked into the hostel
as police were chasing him.
It's my fault Yaari...
I bragged that we
weren't born as thieves...
It was the circumstances
that compelled us.
Damn you!
The circumstances never changed, brother.
When we apply for jobs
with the certificates...
earned by us through the
education you provided...
They are rejecting us as soon as they see
'Stuartpuram' in the application form.
Yes, brother, fortunately he
made it to the interview...
But they asked him,
you're from Stuartpuram, right?
Come, show me how you'd pick my pocket.
Even if we manage to secure
a job against all odds...
We can't pass the police verification,
Because my father, mother, and elder
brother all have criminal records.
My parents used to steal to
provide for me when I was a child.
Now, I resorted to theft
to alleviate their hunger.
The distance between hunger
and food still exists, brother.
But on that day, Nagi realized that in
addition to teaching them how to walk,
he also bore the responsibility
of paving the way for them.
We shouldn't only offer education, but we
should also provide them with employment.
Tell me what can I do about that?
We should set up a tobacco
industry in our town.
Yes, brother, our region is
well-suited for tobacco cultivation.
The tobacco grown here is in high
demand in the international market.
We should purchase tobacco
directly from the farmers...
We can process them in
our processing unit...
and handle the marketing
ourselves as products.
This is an excellent idea, brother.
Anyone who is educated
can find employment.
Even those without education
can find employment, brother.
A job for those who work hard, an
opportunity for those who truly deserve it
that's the goal of our factory.
The idea is excellent...
However, we require government permission
to establish a factory, correct?
We should request permission
from the tobacco board.
What about the expenses
required to set up the factory?
For the sake of that money,
Despite the girl he loved trying
to dissuade him from going...
He travelled to Madras
and engaged in a robbery.
In that process,
he lost the girl whom he loved.
Where did you hide the gold?
Tell me.
It's not merely gold...
It represents the future of Stuartpuram.
I won't reveal it,
even if my life is at stake.
Trash him.
Sir, no matter how much I interrogated
him, he didn't reveal the truth.
The situation outside is also not good.
Since the crime occurred in Madras...
We should hand him over
to the Tamil Nadu police.
Even though his body was tired of
the treatment he received from cops
His target never died.
He was ready to sacrifice his 14 years
of life along with the girl he loved.
Hey Yaari...
Have you commenced the
construction of the factory?
Are all our men at work?
I hope you will provide me
with employment in the factory.
Don't say that someone who has served
a jail sentence won't get a job.
We are simply squandering our time,
These brats know nothing.
Where is the gold?
We don't know, sir.
Do you know, what is this?
An application seeking permission from
the tobacco board to set up a factory...
You can't even afford to
purchase a strand of tobacco.
So, how did you manage to acquire
the funds to construct a factory?
Isn't it the gold which
Nagi stole from Madras?
Brother Nagi went to jail
for the sake of that gold.
Even if you cut us into pieces,
we won't disclose the
whereabouts of the gold.
I am going to Hyderabad to
participate in the assembly sessions.
When I return,
the gold must have been located.
Brother, leave her.
Leave them, Bro.
Hey! Let her go.
-No, brother.
-We are innocent, brother...
Leave us.
-Please, brother...
We don't know about the gold.
She's just a child,
she doesn't know anything, spare her.
-Trust us, brother.
-Where is the gold?
We really don't know where the gold is.
Leave us.
Look at her. Look.
-Look now, idiots!
-She is too young, please!
Brother, no!
-Come on, open your eyes.
-Brother. No!
-Brother, let her go.
Hey, leave her.
If your close your eyes
or turn away your heads...
-I will cut her.
-I will tell you, I will...
Tell me.
-I will tell you.
-There you go.
-Where is the gold?
-It's in the college...
-Besides the hostel...
Swamy, don't.
Where near the hostel?
-Besides the hostel.
-Speak up.
Swamy, don't tell him.
-Where besides the hostel?
-Besides the hostel.
-Catch her.
Oh Manga!
He is the only one who remains. There
is no one else who can trace out the gold.
Drug him...
He will confess the truth
under the influence.
I am the one responsible for this.
I thought gold would be
safe with the students...
But, I never thought they would kill them.
Nageshwar Rao, escaped from the prison.
Let him come...
There are 40 of us.
The prison he fled from is under
the surveillance of 400 guards.
You should leave this place first.
Looks like he has come...
Finish him.
What are you waiting for, go finish him.
Have you witnessed
ten sheep hunting a tiger?
Have you ever seen a flock
of 50 sheep hunting a tiger?
Or 100?
When a hungry tiger approaches...
The hunt concludes once
it secures its prey.
Nagi arrived that day in a rage...
He moved forward,
slaying anyone who stood in his path.
Kaasi... Hey.
Hey, Kaasi.
Leave him, Nagi.
Nagi... please don't do it.
If you even blink, I will slash him.
When Nageshwar Rao killed
Yelamanda's men, it wasn't murder...
It was a warning...
-A warning etched in blood.
-Who is he?
Stuartpuram Nageshwar Rao.
Hey... Not Nageshwar Rao...
Call him Tiger Nageshwar Rao!
During his childhood,
his tears had ceased to flow...
Even when Sara passed away,
his tears remained absent.
Many years later, his eyes reconnected
with the sensation of tears.
Entire Stuartpuram is
under police surveillance.
They are conducting raids in every house.
Since it's dangerous to stay there,
-I brought him here.
-It's dangerous for them if I live here.
For the police to arrive here,
they must first be aware
that you have an uncle.
Since the passing of your mother...
There has been no
communication between us.
You haven't seen Mani
since she grew up, have you?
Hmm, you look quite nice.
It seems our brother-in-law
will be here for a 10-day stay.
You mentioned he'd be impressed
when he sees you, didn't you?
Let's wait and see.
Why just 10 days?
Once he sees me like this,
he'll probably propose to me.
Hey Mani. How are you?
Your brother-in-law has come,
fry some dry fish.
Why isn't he paying attention to me?
You won't look at me?
So, I will serve you less food...
I'll serve you a less food, making it
necessary for you to request more from me.
Mani cooks fantastic fish fry.
Nagi too likes dried fish a lot.
But you still won't look at me?
I will serve you less portion of curry.
Sister, was this matchmaking
event arranged with your consent?
Are you aware that this
is his second marriage?
I know.
It seems he has a daughter your age.
I know.
If everything goes as planned,
he will also marry off his daughter,
it seems.
But you mentioned that
you like our brother-in-law!
That's why we arranged this matchmaking.
Now tell me, if he sees me like this once?
In order to appear attractive
to my brother-in-law...
You said OK for this matchmaking?
Yelamanda is still alive.
He is about to frame false cases
on our youth at the police station.
You need to come and stop this atrocity.
come here and place your thumb impression.
Do it. Go.
Sir! Don't ruin the
future of our children!
Please sir!
Sir, if our names are
listed in police records,
it will be impossible for us to
secure employment in the future.
We will remain as thieves like
our fathers and grandfathers.
It might be better if
you end our lives, sir.
Death doesn't always mean
losing one's life, you see.
We continue to have dreams
throughout our lives, don't we?
That dream must fade away.
In order to lead an honest
life through employment,
-that dream must die.
-Sir, please, leave us.
Come here. Kanna Babu,
passed his BA with excellence, sir.
Why file a theft case against this
individual who excelled in a BA degree?
It will tarnish the
gentleman's reputation.
Let's file a murder case against him.
There is a murder case involving
one of our associates in Kavali,
and the police are
actively looking for him.
Pin that case on him as well.
Sir... sir... sir... Let my brother go.
Sir, his life will be ruined...
Sir, please consider letting him go.
Please spare my brother, sir.
I beg of you.
Please, sir. Please, let him go.
I know that you'd come.
Now look, there are 100 rifles around.
I won't just stick in an axe and leave.
I will keep pumping bullets
into you till your heart stops.
Though your bullets pierce through me...
With every step I take,
I will take a head to reach you.
Shoot him.
This is gun powder.
I acquired 30 kilograms of
it for the Madras heist.
Only 5 kilograms were
needed for the job there.
Remaining 25 kgs...
Why are you hesitating? Fire!
We celebrated Holi with gunpowder.
If they open fire now...
It'll be the start of Diwali.
Indeed, sir.
Gunpowder is extremely volatile.
With just a tiny spark, we'll all ignite.
I began picking locks and snuffing
out lives at the tender age of eight.
However, if I kill you now...
They will parade your corpse with honour.
They will erect your statues.
You should live to witness the prosperity
of the factory you attempted to halt.
On the day of the factory's inauguration,
I will take your head.
I swear on it.
Our men work to get paid...
They won't be able to kill him.
I know a guy who can get it done.
CI Mouli.
They both have some old scores to settle.
The CI mentioned in the records
that Nagi hit him for a prostitute.
Actually it was CI Mouli
who misbehaved with her.
Summon him.
Why do you like him so much?
I was 12 years old when
I entered into this trade.
I became a call girl before
I was even adolescent.
Even people like us have some choices.
We wouldn't want to work some days.
He thought about these
things. I liked him there.
I fainted when Mouli hit me and did
not see how Nageswara Rao looks.
You keep saying that you will
make me meet him but you don't.
Alright, I will show him this time.
-Will you?
You know about Munuswamy, don't you?
He is marrying for the second time.
He already has a daughter
of marriageable age
He is ready to marry again
as his first wife has gotten old.
Fix the marriage, Father.
Think about it once again, dear girl.
I have given it a thought already, Father.
Nagi... hope no one saw you coming.
Are you sacrificing
for your little sister?
I will take care of your wedding expenses.
Uncle, look for a good groom for her.
That's not required.
Uncle, I have to talk
to Mani for a moment.
He is marrying again
while his wife is still alive.
What if he marries for the
third time after me marries you?
Then I would have two
co-wives instead of one.
Listen Brother-in-law...
Once we like someone beyond the
limit, we would end up liking no one else.
How does it matter if the man I like is
marrying me as a first wife or the second?
Want to eat dried fish?
Want them fried or with soup?
I'm talking to you, Mani.
I'm not asking you to
marry me, Brother-in-law.
I'm saying that if I can't marry you,
then it doesn't matter whom I marry.
Alright, look for another match
if that gives you some relief.
Doesn't make much difference to me.
I'm making a soup out of them.
What do you know about me?
The entire state police
is on the lookout for me.
I heard that even the Tamil
Nadu police is behind you.
I heard that you escaped
from the Madras prison.
I killed 24 people.
The count would have
reached 25 if the MLA had died.
Don't spare him at all, Brother-in-law.
One... two...
There was a girl in my life.
Lost count.
One girl?
I've heard that you romanced almost
all the prostitutes of Chilakaluripeta.
There are shoot-at-sight
orders on my name.
I don't even know how or
when my death will occur.
Just be with me till that moment occurs.
I'm fine if it lasts for one second.
I'm fine even if it is this second.
Your posting letter.
Frame this murder on Nagi and
prepare shoot at sight orders on his name.
along with myself.
came back to me.
your body on my heart...
-What is it?
CI Mouli discovered
where you had hidden Mani.
Oh god!
He started off with his battalion!
Do something. Look for your
mother and get her here soon.
You wait here.
Hey, Tangadala, Jaggaiah,
come here everyone.
Hey Mariamma, Mariamma...
-Yes, Peddayya.
Hey, remove it.
Hey! Be careful.
Mani, CI Mouli has come to
know about your whereabouts.
What are you looking
at? Throw the ropes down.
Hey! Get down.
Be very careful, she is carrying.
Quick! We must do this
before the cops arrive.
-Hey, you keep watch from there.
-Make it quick.
She has started to have pains.
Don't worry, we shall get her to safety.
Once the word is out that I
discovered Mani's whereabouts...
I knew your messenger cop would
come straight to you with the news.
Sir... sir, leave her.
She is carrying.
Sir, I pray to you.
Please leave her.
Sir, please leave her.
Sir, I plead you.
She is unable to bear the
pains, please let her go.
Madame! Madame!
Madame, look at him, he is
torturing a lady who is about to deliver.
I don't know if your mother is alive.
But she would have committed
suicide if she saw you doing this.
I have lost trust in God because
he let people like you take birth.
Why are you screaming when it's her
who is suffering from the delivery pains?
Leave from here.
I have to tell you an
excerpt from history.
Before we attained freedom...
At Jallianwala bagh, 50 British soldiers
opened fire on thousands of Indians.
Hundreds of people died there.
Do you know why such
ghastly incident took place?
It is because the peple ran
back as they say the soldiers.
If those thousands of Indians
retaliated those 50 soldiers...
The history would have been different.
Trying to provocate these people?
You can scare a hundred
people with one gun.
I'm reminding you that there are only six
bullets in it if you really have to kill.
I'm ready to take one
of those six bullets.
I'll take the second one.
I'll take the third one.
I'll take the fourth.
You just wasted mine, you scoundrel!
: I can take one
too! I can take one too!
-Sir, things are going out of hand.
-Yes! Yes!
-Let us leave!
-Yes! Yes!
Hey, you remove those handcuffs.
Come, sir. Come!
-Get her inside, first.
-Please lend a hand here.
-Please do.
Peddayya... who is she?
She is Mrs. Hemalatha.
If this village has seen any good
since its existence, it's her coming here.
She started her trials in her
own fashion to change our lives.
Diwakar understood that
though their paths were different,
Nagi and her wanted
the same change.
Hence, Diwakar met her.
Nagi... she is Hemalatha Lavanam.
She is here to rehabilitate our village.
-She too is working hard like you do...
-First tell me why she is here.
You intend to change the village.
But you should change first, Nagi.
Change always starts with us.
I will finish the task you
intend to, in the right way.
I will make sure the factory you
wanted to start will come into place.
Surrender to the cops.
Your doubt is where will the money
to set up the factory come from.
I will get the required money
in the form of donations.
You might get money in the form of
but not the permission
to start the factory.
Yelamanda would not let that happen.
He will be an obstacle at all phases.
If he does, Madame would explain
our problem to prominent people.
Where would you go?
People are not even considering us humans.
We are considered just like
any other animal in the village.
No one lends an ear to your problems
until you become a problem yourself.
So, you doubt that I can't be successful
in setting up the factory in my style?
I don't doubt it. That's the truth.
Would you surrender if I'm
successful in getting the factory?
I'd wear the handcuffs myself and go to
the prison on the day it is inaugurated.
What is this? You too
turned out to be like them?
You asked me what
you want in case you win.
But you didn't tell me what
I want in case you lose!
What do you want?
I shall ask you on the day I win.
Nagi, you're making a mistake. For
the first time in life, I wish you lose.
I will stay here till Stuartpuram
is completely reformed.
Right along with all of you.
We got Nagi's whereabouts, sir.
-Please make sure the road is laid.
Tiger Nageswara Rao
wounded in police firing.
-What happened to Tiger Nageswara Rao?
-We underestimated her. She is fast.
-It's our duty to reform Stuartpuram, sir.
What happened, Mani? What is it?
You Father is about to be re-born.
Peddayya, it's not safe for the mother
and the baby to stay here at such times.
All of you have acquired the job in sports
quota and are wprking in different places
There is a precise reason
I've called all of you here.
Nageswara Rao.
He has trained himself to stay awake even
in sleep and to be alert to minor sounds.
Yaari is his right hand.
Maari, Jaya Rao, Sooryam and Veera.
Come on boys.
Let's get charged.
As he said, I shall go to
Hyderabad and meet the minister.
-He is killing all our men.
-He will reach us soon.
-Do you want the gun powder ready?
-The victory can be yours.
Madam has submitted the
application for factory permission.
But Yelamanda will not let the permission
be granted till he is alive, Brother.
Get me an inland letter. I
have to write a letter in Hindi.
Letter to whom?
To the Prime Minister.
She receives thousands of letters
everyday about many problems, brother.
Why would she care about
our problem specifically?
Nobody would give a damn if
we complain about our problem.
But if we ourselevs turn into a problem,
they would come looking for us.
Peddayya, she gave birth to twins!
I understood the problem, Peddayya.
I will come back with a solution.
Let me go, Nagi.
The gold is what you need.
It is kept in locker number
26 in Banaganapally Bank.
Let me go, Nagi.
Let me go.
Nagi, Mani is here.
I brought your favorite fish curry.
You eat, dear. Let's go.
Where to?
The permission for the factory is granted.
Tomorrow is the inauguration.
You gave your word that you would
surrender once the factory is started.
Everyone is waiting for you there.
Let's go there.
I can't.
Why not?
Because I have things to do.
You leave.
Yaari... drop her.
Where are you headed to? Another robbery?
Madame promised us that you would
not face any danger if you surrender.
What is the fate of me and our
people if something happens to you?
Did you ever think about that?
No harm would come to them.
I know how to save them.
You couldn't save Maari, Veera and Surya
who were always with you...
How can you save us
who are far away from you?
You ignored what I told you before
our marriage due to your love for me.
Now you are not in a
condition to listen to what I say.
That is due to the love for our children.
Take care, Mani.
Go now.
Sir, Mani is coming.
Mani, didn't Nageswara Rao come along?
Nagi just lost the
final opportunity he got.
No one can save him now.
Start the combing operation.
Search the entire forest.
There is no need of that.
I will tell you where you
can find Nageswara Rao.
-Don't do it, Mani.
-Wait, Brother-in-law.
If you want the information from me...
You must oblige my request too.
What is it?
You must take back the
shoot-at-sight orders on my husband.
Cops catching Nagi in the forest will
differ from Nagi surrendering to Madame.
We can't trust this
CI at all. Don't do it.
The SP has given a word to you before me.
Tell us where Nagi is.
Tell us where Nageswara Rao is.
Hey, Peddaiah is here.
Hey, Mallaiah... What happened?
It seems Nagi went to rob
the Banaganapalli Bank.
And the cops went to catch him.
Who informed the cops?
Who else would inform them?
His wife informed them.
What have you done, Mani?
We did well in robbing
the gold from the bank.
Now we have to send it to the right place.
-Where is the vehicle?
-It's just a furlong distance from here.
While he's robbing banks
and enjoying that money,
and the cops are taking our
children's lives for him,
What does it mean that he's
still committing thefts
even after obtaining
everything the village needs?
He made us believe that everything
he did was for our village.
We never thought he had such a conspiracy.
No matter how many rivers
we pour water from,
the seawater remains salty.
No matter how well
people like you are treated,
your minds think negatively.
What the hell did you understand him? Huh?
He can rob running trains and
even ships sailing in the seas.
Three hundred guards... 14 feet walls...
None could stop him.
He challenged our Prime Minister
by going to her place and won.
If he wants,
is there any job that he cannot do
and is there any position
that is not under his feet.
Due to the kindness of this lady,
our village got roads,
electricity, and a factory.
If we receive any information
about his death, we will be happy.
I will kill you if you dare
to utter one more word.
This village didn't get electricity
just because she submitted applications
and wrote letters.
When Nageswara Rao ran in the
darkness, risking his life,
this village got light.
Nobody would pay heed to our probems.
So Nageswara Rao believed that we should
turn into a problem to find a solution.
Which is why he made the
cops run behind him in darkness.
He is very well accustomed to darkness,
electricity is necessary to catch him.
He made the cops to ask
for the village to get electricity.
When he runs in the soil with
bullet wounds, luring himself,
this village gots roads.
We can't catch
Nageswara Rao by foot, sir.
There is no road to chase
him in a vehicle either.
We need proper roads in the village.
That road isn't built using tar,
but is built with his blood.
Then why did he challenge me?
Challenging Ms. Hemalatha Lavanam
and making her try for the factory
is the first stage of his plan.
If he builds a factory
with the money he stole,
it will be considered illegal.
That's why, with the help of Narayan Seth,
making his money reach Ms.
Hemalatha in the form of a donation,
is the second stage of his plan.
Pal, you've never left
me since childhood.
But you need to leave me this time, buddy.
For the sake of the village and its
well-being, he himself lured the cops,
he is living like an animal in the forest.
He didn't go to steal people's
money from Banaganapalli Bank...
But he went to deliver the gold to Seth,
which is hidden in the locker by Yelamanda.
He is bleeding so much.
Driver, go to the hospital.
Seth... my body is used to taking bullets.
Convert this gold and ensure that
Lavanam madame receives the money.
Madam Prime Minister,
before starting the game,
Nageswara Rao has planned his final move.
There is a system exploiting the
helplessness of the people of Stuartpuram.
Which includes politicians,
police, and bureaucrats.
Despite all this, Nageswar Rao has
devised a grand scheme to build a factory.
Robbing your house is just
a small part of that scheme.
He knows that we wouldn't care about
Stuartpuram if we only received letters.
What has he done?
He deliberately caused us trouble,
by making us go to Stuartpuram
and discover the issue ourselves.
Madam Prime Minister,
this is the note he left for me.
He knows that I would come there.
He even knows that I came.
Lord Krishna has mentioned in the Gita,
that 'Selfless work is wishless action'.
It doesn't have good or bad,
sin, or virtue.
If the cops catch Nageswara Rao,
I will fight in court on behalf of Nagi.
I will get him out
with a lesser punishment myself.
I am coming with you whenever
and wherever you ask me to come,
just because you are from Nagi's gang.
But you aren't showing Nageswara Rao.
-What happened?
-Hey, who is it? What's going on?
-What is it?
Because this fellow
leaked out information,
my people were shot dead.
-I'll kill him myself then.
-Hey! Wait.
He must be alive until
Nageswara Rao comes.
Will Nageswara Rao come?
-I will show you Nageswara Rao for sure.
Just ensure that he goes
nowhere until I come back.
-Be careful with him.
Are you waiting for Nageswara Rao?
Didn't I promise you that I would only
kill him after showing him to you?
He is Nageswara Rao.
Take him to Yelamanda's factory.
Leave him.
Please don't. Leave him.
Sir, please leave him.
Let me go, sir.I will give
five lives if you spare my life.
Didn't I show you
Nageswara Rao as I promised?
What are you waiting for?
Go arrange the bed.
Did you check it?
I will be with you the whole week.
Sir... Madam...
That CI Mouli took
Nageswara Rao to the factory.
Someone please save him.
-I beg you, please save him.
Come everyone! They've got Nagi. Let's go!
What, man? You said he was a Tiger,
but you tied him with chains like a dog.
Oh no!
He is losing blood.
You killed my brother.
You plunged an axe into my chest.
Still I am saving your life.
Do you know why?
Dying doesn't mean a
person leaving his life...
it's like dying of the dream
which we dream for a lifetime.
Sir... you kill his dream
of changing Stuartpuram.
I will kill him.
This is the order passed
by the CM yesterday,
for the cancellation of
permission of the factory.
I went to Hyderabad
yesterday and met the CM.
Are Stuartpuram people
relations of the CM?
That is why he canceled the
application as soon as I asked.
After killing you, I will make everyone
get on their slates who you got educated.
Just like a woman is forcibly
sent for prostitution,
I will make your people criminals.
Sir, a call from the party office.
I don't understand what's happening here.
You have been dismissed from the party.
There is also an enquiry on you.
Most important thing...
Central Minister is going to attend the
factory's foundation laying program tomorrow.
Hey, what are you talking?
I met the CM yesterday and
spoke to him about the factory.
Do you know where this order comes from?
The Prime Minister!
We hang a person who commits a murder.
But we reward the soldier who
killed an enemy, with a medal.
It's not the act,
but the purpose of the act
that is the defense of the crime.
Nageswar Rao is not a criminal.
He is a savior.
before you met the CM, I met the PM.
I told you on that very fine day...
that I would take your head on the day
of the establishment of the factory.
I came here bowing my
head down for your head.
If needed, I will turn the
whole Stuartpuram to ashes.
Shoot that scoundrel.
Did you think I am a dog
that you can chain me easily?
I am a Tiger...
We, used to live in the forest, but you
got us here and turned us into thieves.
You did business with us,
we didn't have a chance
to get an education.
Nor did you give us any
jobs if we were educated.
How dare you not
permit us to keep a factory?
The village would not
have any danger if you die,
and I don't have to stay
to save the village.
This is the end for both of us.
I am not leaving empty-handed.
Oh no, Nagi!
You brought it on your
life for our villagers!
Oh no!
You are our God!
-Nagi! We misunderstood you!
Hey, Nagi, what is this?
You have won, Nagi
and made every one of us win.
Madam, do you remember I said I
will ask for what I want after I win?
I don't know what I did for this village.
But I did nothing for her and my children.
Their responsibility is yours, madam.
Hubby, nothing will happen to you.
I don't have time, Mani,
I can lose my life at any moment.
Hubby... Hubby?
You did so much for us, son!
If I get caught, you will also get
caught, and they will find the money.
Yelamanda won't give us money.
Our people will be starving.
Hey Nagi...
Remember one thing... If
our death can save some lives,
then there is no greater
victory than that.
Swear on your
father, kill me. Kill me!
The war you waged, the life you gave and
your ultimate sacrifice for your people...
won't go in vain, Nageswara Rao.
Your name will shine
till this village exists.
I won't belittle your
sacrifice with my tears.
You are a soldier who must
be give a 101 gun salute.
A console salute to you.
How beautiful our village
looks from here, isn't it?
Oh no! They rang the bell; I must leave.
-Where are you going in such a hurry?
-To school.
If I go to the school, you need
not have to go to robbery, right?