Tiger Raid (2016) Movie Script

Next thing you'll tell me is you don't
recognise the Irish parliament.
Do I fuck recognise the Irish parliament?
Or Stormont the shithole.
- What about the Principle of Consent?
- Fuck the Principle of Consent.
It's what the Good Friday
Agreement is based on.
Yeah, good Friday fuck-up, you mean.
It was based on a sell-out.
Plain and simple.
Fuck simple.
It wasn't you up there getting
shot or doing the shooting.
My grandfather did the shooting. Your
grandfather did the shooting. For what?
But, fuck, didn't we get a republic?
Didn't we get a free state?
- What about the North?
- What about the North?
Listen, how can you say "What about
the North?" for fuck's sake?
- What time are we supposed to be there?
- Oh, 6:30. What time is it now?
- About 3:20.
- Not too bad.
I'm going to scare the shite out
of her too.
Oh, yeah? And why would you do that?
Because we have to use
a bit of intimidation, like.
No, we don't.
We just tie her up, make her father
rob the cash, and then we're off.
Hang on a second.
Hang on, hang on. Are you lost?
'Cause it sounds to me
like you're looking for
some fuckin' cartoon lifestyle where we
don't hurt people on jobs. Am I right?
No, you're not fuckin' right.
All I'm saying is,
if I'd had my rifle back home,
I'd have shot every Prod I could see.
Would you fuck!
Most Prods are sound anyways.
I'd ride a Prod and
I'd fuckin' drink with a Prod.
Sound? I wouldn't let Dave
hear you saying that.
- Oh, yeah? Why not?
- Because he was a volunteer.
Fuck off.
The boss, Dave?
I never knew that.
There's a lot of things
you don't know about Dave.
I do know he does jobs like this.
And where do you think he learned
all that, huh? Tactics? Planning? Flair?
- The North.
- In the fuckin' North.
So when Dave asks you about
the Principle of Consent,
keep your "John Lennon, free love,
save the
world and the Prods" shit to yourself.
- Did you ever serve in them?
- Who?
- The RA.
- The RA? They're fuckin' amateurs.
Fucking haji checkpoint.
I'm fuckin' Superman!
- How much do you think we'll make?
- About 50 grand.
50 grand!
I heard this fella is worth millions.
- It's overheads.
- Overheads?
- Yeah.
- Fucking rip-off.
- Yeah, well, tell that to the boss.
- Ah, fuck the boss.
Tell him that too!
Listen to me now, right?
50 grand's not bad for a morning's work.
Beats the fuckin' dole.
Normally, you see, I'm working
with Ruby, but he's not around
since he joined the disappeared,
so now Dave says, work with Paddy.
I've got to work with you instead.
You know, I told Dave
I should have my own crew.
You know, it's about time
he fuckin' gave it to me.
Your own crew?
Who the fuck are you
to ask for your own crew?
Listen, I can't do this low-pay donkey
fuckin' work forever, you know?
- Like me, is it?
- Well, you like what you're doing.
I'm cursed with ambition.
Maybe he's building
you up for something.
Yeah, well, there's simpler ways
to make money than this.
Oh, yeah? Like what?
What about the drugs?
- He taxes the traffickers.
- But why not run the routes?
Why don't you ask all the
fuckheads out in Abu Ghraib?
Fucking smuggling the oil.
He never got into that.
With the new orders, everyone's
got to be the Dalai fuckin' Lama.
Can't put a fuckin' fiver in the bank
without some cunt asking you
where you got it.
So he taxes the drivers instead,
or he does jobs like this.
- Fucking smart. Less risk.
- What risk?
Joe, man, we'd be making ten times
more cash this time next year.
It sounds like you're trying to say
that you're smarter than Dave.
No, hang on, I just don't want
to be playing toy soldiers
'cause he's too fuckin' scared
of a hassle. The end is coming.
Do you know what I mean?
Time to get paid!
You wanna get paid?
Put your time in first.
- Oh, yeah, like you?
- Yeah.
Seriously, Joe, man, if I were you,
I think I'd fuckin' kill myself.
Why are you so loyal to Dave?
Just because he got here first
and says, "I'm the boss"?
No one's my fuckin' boss. Alright?
Me and Dave are like partners.
He provides the know-how,
I provide the technique.
And easy with the "fuck Dave" talk.
Has he tested you yet?
What? Asked me to prove myself?
- Of course.
- Did you find it difficult?
So it never cost you anything
personally to be loyal to Dave?
Well, then he hasn't tested you.
And you can't do shit until he does.
Hey, what about you?
Yeah. And that's my fuckin' business.
I think I have a lot of
contemporary ideas to offer.
Contemporary ideas.
The things we deal in go all
the way back to the Stone Age.
You know, my young fella's like you.
Always trying to change things.
He's a fuckin' waste of time.
- You have a young fella?
- Yeah.
And a daughter.
Why are you so surprised?
That a woman would fuck me,
or she would have my kids?
- Both.
- Yeah, fuck you.
You must have been young
when you had them.
Yeah, too young.
You're not much older than he is now.
Did you bring anything to drink?
Dave gave it to me, told me to bring it.
I was thinking more along the lines
of Coke or Fanta, not whiskey.
I don't drink.
What are you, an alkie or something?
- Well, give me a hug, then.
- What?
Joe, I am proud of you.
Get the fuck away.
What? What?
How did you quit?
Last time I checked,
this wasn't an AA session.
Suit yourself.
"12 steps" this and "how
do you feel about that?"
I threw the doctor down the stairs and
he hit his head off every one of them.
So it was tough to give up, was it?
It's like you're a vampire, and you're
not allowed to drink blood anymore.
Have a whiskey if you want one.
- It wouldn't feel right.
- It would be grand.
- Fuck it, go on.
- You sure?
HIV positive.
You know, I had an uncle
who was an alkie too.
Every Irishman has an uncle
that was an alkie.
Two-Four. Send. Over.
Two-Four. Negative.
Call sign Two-Two cannot hear me. Over.
Roger, I have it in the trunk. Over.
Two-Four. Confirm target.
Two-Four. Do you want
me to shoot him now?
As in "November Oscar Whiskey"
fuckin' now? Over.
Two-Four. Don't you think
that's a bit fuckin' excessive?
Two-Four. Why not the obvious?
I've got my sights on him. Over.
Two-Four. That's horseshit.
It's a messy fuckin' statement. Over.
Two-Four. Fucking whatever. I'll do
him after the business. I'm just saying.
Two-Four. Roger. Out.
Who's the most fucked-up
person you ever killed?
What do you mean?
I mean, like a real person.
Not just part of a job or whatever.
Why do you want to know?
Are you working for the Company?
I'll ask you again,
are you a Company man?
I'll say it again. No.
All these fuckin' questions, huh?
Fucking asking who I killed.
It's just a question, Joe.
Oh, Christ, you're a dose.
So, how many people have you killed?
- I don't keep count.
- Oh, you're a fuckin' liar.
Everyone keeps count.
It's like the women you've fucked.
Everyone knows how many, roughly.
What's this about you
being in the hills?
How the fuck do you know
I was in the hills?
- What the fuck were you doing there?
- Training.
Well, why did you come back?
You're obviously still an amateur.
Fuck you.
Dave needed me in the city to take
on more complex jobs like this.
Ah, there's nothing complex about this
job, if you have the right training.
- Do they have whores in the hills?
- I don't fuck whores.
- You don't do hookers?
- No.
Everyone does hookers.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Maybe I just like a woman
that belongs to me.
Someone pure.
Look, I respect that
you don't do hookers.
It takes a guy with balls to admit that.
I wouldn't have admitted it.
Right now I'm just fuckin' with you.
I'm seeing what your temper's like.
I just need to know that you
can handle volatile situations.
I've been in volatile situations, Joe.
This is not a volatile situation.
You know, Dave only sends
people to the hills to hide out.
Yeah, so I was hiding out.
That's all there was to it.
That's some serious fuckin' hiding out.
Yeah, well, I was with this young one.
Her father didn't like it,
so he tried to get me sent down.
- He set you up?
- Yeah.
He comes in one night, right,
with the local guard.
They drag her away.
Then he just stands there.
Fucking watching.
They fucking, I tell you man, they
fucking kicked the
fucking shit out of me.
He doesn't say a single word, and when
they're done, they threw me in a cell.
So, I started getting ready
to be disappeared.
It's fixed now, though, right?
Yeah, it's fixed. I'm here, aren't I?
Are you fuckin' blind?
He tracked me down.
A day later, I was in the hills.
Tell me something about her.
She was pure, man.
You know, nothing like
women I'd had before.
- Tell me something else.
- Like what?
I don't know. Something that
would make me want to fuck her.
She was beautiful.
She was perfect.
Like... like proof God exists.
And did you ever see her again?
I'm gonna find her.
Have you ever been married?
- I got married once.
- Oh, yeah? How was that?
Some fuckin' bitch she was!
Did I tell you she fucked my brother?
- Did she?
- Yeah. I caught them.
In our bed. Together. Fucking.
What did your brother say?
He said he had no choice.
"Eh, the woman has needs." And I
wasn't fulfilling my end of the bargain.
Fuck that.
I shot my brother right there
and then in the fuckin' head
and I buried them out
in the back garden.
Yeah, what happened to your kids?
Ah, they're OK.
How old?
Daughter's 16, son's almost 18.
What does your daughter do?
Oh, she's a hooker.
But I made sure I was her first...
Broke her in.
It's easier that way.
I get to decide on the clients.
- She'd be perfect for a guy like you.
- I swear to God!
I am only joking with you.
- You think I'd fuck my own daughter?
- I don't know, maybe.
Well, you're fuckin' sick.
Ah, she stays with her auntie somewhere.
I don't get involved.
But you still killed your brother
and buried him in the garden?
You think I'd joke about
something like that?
Hello, Zero. This is Two-Two. Over.
Call signs Two-Two and
Two-Four in position. Over.
Negative, all's quiet.
We're hard like iron for this. Over.
Two-Two. Roger that. Out.
Oh, I hope there's no carpets
or rugs or anything.
Ever pulled out someone's teeth
with pliers?
There's more blood than you'd think.
I had to do it recently.
Ruined a whole rug.
Dave hates when things are messy.
Just saying, Ruby fucked up.
He let some bitch go to
the toilet during a raid.
And she jumped out the window
and got hit by a fuckin' truck.
- Where is he now?
- Fuck only knows.
Dancing with Jesus or
drinking with the Devil.
Dave wanted to know where he was,
but, hey, I'm not his fuckin' minder.
Maybe Dave just disappeared him.
No one's seen Ruby for a month.
I miss working with Ruby.
We were good together.
Ah... he was alone?
Dave said only one.
This place is fuckin' deserted.
This is perfect.
- You can chop him up.
- Why? Who the fuck's missing him?
We've got a raid to do.
It's all about professional standards,
alright? How are you going to learn?
- You have to chop him.
- Professional? You chop him.
I'm not Muhammad fuckin' Masterchef.
Fuck it, I'll do it, then.
Yeah, I'll do it in the pool.
If it's messy.
Hey. You know what else
I'm gonna do with my money?
- What?
- Horses.
Yeah, make some bets on some horses.
Last time I was on horses, I had
a really good run. Really good run.
They got races here?
The only place you'll see
a tank at a race track.
- You ever hear of The Knockadoona Kid?
- The Knockadoona Kid?
It was a fuckin' beauty.
I had a good run on it. Fuck.
- And I had a woman at the time too.
- Not your wife?
No, no. This was a different woman.
It was when I was drinking.
Yeah. She wanted to save me.
So, who the fuck would want to save you?
Yeah. Can you believe that?
Sure, I didn't care anyway as
long as she had fuckin' money.
Fuck. Legs are always tough.
You just have to make sure to
get your full weight behind it.
What was her name?
Her skin.
It was pale and always sorta cold and
she had these eyes like, you know...
- Kryptonite or something.
- Fuckin' Supergirl, was she?
Oh, I bled her dry.
But she wanted it.
It made her feel good to be fucked over.
Where did you meet her?
I asked her for a light.
And I was about to ask her for money.
What was she?
A social worker or something?
How could anyone fuck a social worker?
Do you know what's the best
thing about being an addict?
Makes you a great liar.
Jesus, I filled her
full of fuckin' shit.
Filled her full of shit.
She fell for me.
So, you asked her for a light,
and she just brought you home.
She smelled the drink.
She said the booze had killed her
father and she couldn't save him,
and she wanted a second chance
at saving someone.
Fuck, man. She was beautiful.
What about professional standards?
Fuck 'em.
So listen. Tell me more
about the Knockadoona Kid.
I stole 5,000 from Marilyn
to bet on the horse.
The race ended.
Ask me where did he come.
Where did he come?
He won.
Took in 100 grand.
Ask me if I went home.
Did you go home?
No. I met Gandhi.
Who? The real Gandhi?
How could I meet the real Gandhi?
He's fuckin' dead.
This is a little bald fella.
He looks like Gandhi so they call
him Gandhi. He had a tip at 10-1.
- Right from the trainer's mouth.
- And you put it all on that?
Every last cent.
The whole place was on it.
I was looking at a million.
- How'd it go?
- The horse was crazy.
It kept kicking and screeching
even before the race started.
And you know those gaps
that are in the fences?
For the ambulances and all that shit?
Straight out through one of
them it goes.
It was only in the race
for about 25 seconds.
Turned out Gandhi was
working for the bookie.
After I won the 100 grand,
the bookie wasn't happy.
Sent Gandhi in with a false tip for me.
And it worked too.
Of course, no one told me
that Gandhi was Dave's cousin.
How'd you find out?
Oh, I pulled his fuckin'
teeth out with pliers.
Oh, fuck.
And then he told me. Like this.
"I'm Dave's cousin,
you fuckin' arsehole."
What did Dave say?
He said I owed Gandhi.
I've got to do five jobs to work it up.
And I had to buy Gandhi a new rug.
So what? You're not getting paid today?
No, I'm settling things.
This job is the last one.
And you don't mind getting paid?
Course I fuckin' mind.
- What can you do? I fucked up.
- I'm just saying.
You know, if it was me, I would
have killed Gandhi on the spot.
You're getting rode.
Considering you're Dave's partner.
I'll have your fuckin' teeth out
in a minute.
What happened with Marilyn?
She used to hold my head
over the toilet bowl.
I can still smell
the perfume on her fingers.
Her hair would tickle the back
of my neck.
And I'd be puking blood.
After I got sober, things were
Ask me what she did one time.
What did she do one time?
I'll never tell anyone
what she did one time.
But it was the most perfect
moment of my life.
I'll bring it to my fuckin' grave.
- Do you ever think about that girl?
- Yeah.
Every night.
Sure, what else is a guy gonna think
about all night, only his best woman?
I love this feeling.
What feeling?
Waiting for a hostage and she's
got no idea what I might do.
Gets my bowels spinning.
How do you feel?
Like I was born for this.
That's a fuckin' good answer.
You know, my estimation of you
has grown.
This goes well, maybe me and you could
be partners like me and Ruby were.
Who knows? It could be perfect.
Do you ever think about leaving
all this shit behind?
- Where would I go?
- Ah yeah.
All you know is taking
orders and getting
fucked over by dirtbags like Gandhi.
Where's your fuckin' ambition?
Ambition? What the fuck?
You're a fuckin' cunt's hair
from getting...
Ahmed? Where are you?
That's sent to Dave. We just
got to wait.
- She's out or going unconscious.
- What the fuck did you expect?
She looks like that bitch
that fucked Ruby up.
Ruby fucked himself up. I swear to God.
Just do this fuckin' properly.
I'm not going back to jail.
My heart won't stop beating.
Does that ever happen to you?
I've got two words in my head
that won't get out.
Two words? What are they?
Ask me what they are.
- Ventricular beats.
- Ventricular beats?
It's like this.
Beats. Ventricular.
Beats. Ventricular. Beats.
Maybe you're having a heart attack.
Fuck that. Heart attacks are
for amateurs.
Two-Two. Send. Over.
Yeah. Fuckin' sound.
Two-Two. Roger fuckin' that. Out.
I think Daddy is persuaded.
Ah, this is tense.
I like tense.
Are you excited?
What's she saying?
Fuckin' haji gibberish.
I said you're an animal.
Oh, yeah, I'm an animal.
But most of all, though,
I'm a clown with a gun.
And I have you in my snare, tied up
like a fuckin' rabbit in a trap.
So I just need you to shut the
fuck up and be my bait, alright?
You're a coward.
Stop fuckin' with her.
Let's just do the job.
Need to take a piss, keep an eye on her.
Why are you doing this?
I never expected to see you again.
What are you doing here?
This wasn't supposed to
be you, here, today.
Shadha, it's going to be okay.
You were fuckin' me just to
get to my father's money.
No, I fuckin' love you.
This wasn't meant to be you.
Love me? Paddy, I'm tied to
a chair with a broken nose.
Please, you have to let me go
before he gets back.
We can make a go of it after this.
Try getting back together.
But I need to figure this shit
out first.
Everyone said, "Don't trust a foreigner.
All the soldiers are pigs."
But I didn't listen and look at me now.
Look where I am. Paddy! Untie me.
Calm down, calm down.
Sure the job's not done yet?
Just calm the fuck down.
Give me an hour and it'll be over.
Shadha, I want you back in my life.
I'm not yours to have, Paddy, I
never was.
Please just let me go.
We leave together, today.
How can this not be fate
or something, you know?
Every night since I lost you, I've been
thinking about a moment like this.
A chance, an opportunity, for the
two of us to be like we used to be.
Please, Paddy,
you have to get me out of here.
No. Shadha, I can't.
This tastes fuckin' good.
I want to a right fuckin' drink.
What the fuck are you doing
with the whiskey?
Drinking it.
What happened to the AA?
Ah, here. Fuck the AA.
Is she untied?
She wanted some water.
You gave it to her?
She was choking.
So let her choke!
She's got a nice bedroom too.
Found some things up there that
made my heart beat even more.
Huh? Drink?
Why was your heart beating?
Because I could hear you
through the floorboards.
Talking to her.
- Joe, nobody was talking.
- Ah, yeah, you were.
I heard muffled voices.
And beats, ventricular beats.
Fuckin' love this gun.
I've killed 26 people with it.
Feels lucky.
Easy. Fuck.
- It never goes.
- What the fuck is wrong with you?
Joe, for fuck's sake,
leave the gun down.
It's ever since this thing with
Ruby, man.
I had to chop him up
and put him in a suitcase
and throw him in the fuckin' river.
- You disappeared Ruby?
- Yeah, no messing around.
Teeth out with a hammer and chisel.
Toes and fingers off with garden shears.
Suitcase. River. Boom.
You ever done teeth?
No? How about toes and fingers,
have you ever done them?
It's like, fuck, it's toes and fingers.
You did all that to Ruby?
That raid was end-of-story.
When that bitch took off out the fuckin'
window, it made a cunt of the whole job.
The way I saw it, I had no choice.
I was fulfilling my responsibility
and I had to teach Ruby a lesson.
Yeah, fuckin' Ruby.
Man, you respect Dave too much.
Just another fuckhead out here
trying to turn sand into money.
The whole mechanism's fucked.
Every time you spin the barrel, it takes
two misfires before it actually fires.
All the people I've killed, you know.
I fire once.
They think, oh, gun's fucked, I'm free.
I fire again.
They think, wow, his gun's fucked.
Then I get down to business
and blow their fuckin' head off.
Do you know what they think, then?
Nothing. They're dead.
- Watch.
- Joe!
How often do you masturbate?
Now, I'm a twice-a-day guy
when I'm not working.
And always on a job.
I always wank on a job.
Makes me at one with the space.
Can you leave the fuckin' gun down?
We hurt this hostage,
we don't get any money.
Dave will fuckin' kill the pair of us.
Jesus Christ, you're
a fuckin' liability.
I suppose it's just an animal thing.
I feel like I've fucked the house
and I'm not afraid of it anymore.
My tension is eased.
It's like the difference between a girl
you've wanted to fuck but haven't...
And the girl you've wanted
to fuck but have.
It's easier to be around her when
you've fucked her, isn't it?
Kinda like you and this girl here.
Well, you've fucked her, it's obvious.
Yeah, while you were upstairs.
Yeah, Superman fuckin'.
Will you do me a favour?
Will you knock her out?
I want to fuck her.
Knock her out. I want to fuck her.
I'll break that whiskey bottle
over your head
and take your eyes out with the glass.
Why do you care so much about
what happens to her?
It's all about the money.
She's the leverage.
Christ, what the fuck is your problem?
You know, I sniffed around her stuff.
I laid back in her bed and I took in
the smell of her hair on the sheets.
There was this draw full of
women's shit.
And it had this.
You call me a liability.
When you're fuckin' our hostage.
Joe, relax.
Relax how?
Take a Valium? Smoke a fuckin' joint?
Tell me, Paddy.
Why her?
You wanna shoot someone?
Well, shoot me.
Pull it.
Pull it.
Pull it!
Get up!
Fuckin' get up.
Her name is Shadha.
It's her. Your one with
the father and all that shit.
Paddy, we got to kill her.
It's Shadha.
I fuckin' love her,
I can't just let her die.
I can't just let her die.
- She knows who we are.
- It doesn't matter.
Her being hurt is off the table.
Now, listen, there is something
fuckin' wrong going on here.
Dave wouldn't want
to take a risk like this.
Joe, calm down, or I'm gonna get
mad and this is gonna become
one of them fuckin' volatile
situations you love so fuckin' much.
You think?
You really think?
When it comes to some fuckin' haji
cunt who's going to fuck us over,
you get this fuckin'
killer's block or something?
Huh? You side with her.
Joe, I'm loyal.
Loyal? You're not fuckin' loyal, mate.
I'm fuckin' loyal.
I'm 26 fuckin' dead cunts loyal.
You know fuckin' why?
Huh? I'm loyal because
I don't discriminate.
I don't fuckin' choose. I obey.
I get up in and I don't want to fuckin'
live some days but this keeps me going.
I got a job to do and somebody
needs me to fuckin' do it.
I see you talking.
But I don't see you doing the big
jobs with Dave, doing the big shit.
Sorry, sorry!
You're fuckin' babysitting,
you're a fuckin' dogsbody.
Fuck loyal.
This is the woman I love.
She's not a fuckin' job.
It's either that or you and her
are in it together somehow.
Doing what?
Fuck. I got out of the hills
a fuckin' week ago.
This job was planned long before then.
How the fuck are we in it together?
I don't know.
I don't fuckin' know,
but you're screwing me.
You're screwing fuckin' her father.
You're screwing fuckin' Dave,
you're screwing fuckin' someone.
This is a fuckin' betrayal, isn't it?
This is another fuckin' betrayal!
This is mental.
I'm getting out of this fuckin' job.
What, then? Huh? You get laid
and I fuckin' get crucified.
Fuck, Joe, stop.
She's more important to me
than this fuckin' job.
Shut the fuck up.
I'm asking the questions.
Now, you and him still fuckin'?
And speak in English, you bitch.
I don't know anything.
Fuckin' lying!
Paddy disappeared ten months ago
and I haven't seen or heard
or seen from him since.
Don't believe you.
I swear I never wanted to see him again.
But you guys are in love? Huh?
This a romantic fuckin' comedy?
I was rid of him.
You were rid of him? Huh?
Paddy who almost died for you.
Paddy who loved you.
Fuck love.
Fuck love?
I loved him, alright.
I was his princess.
I loved being paraded around
as his trophy.
Loved the feeling of being drugged
or his boot on my stomach
to keep me down.
I loved it when he choked me
every night as he came.
I loved it all.
Every last second of every last
minute that I was his captive.
His prize.
I loved it because I was too afraid
to feel anything else
but helpless and trapped.
Too afraid to use his gun on him
whenever he passed out on top of me.
Don't fuckin' move!
Get the fuck up!
Get the fuck up!
Give me the fuckin' truth!
Give me the fuckin' truth!
Does he know you hate him?
He stills loves you.
Do it.
Do it!
No, no! No!
Fuck! Come on...
It's your fuckin' chance.
To see how loyal you are.
Fuckin' Dave, man.
Fuckin' wily cunt.
Sit the fuck down!
You're alright.
Why am I tied up?
Joe. Why aren't we at the rendezvous?
Paddy, listen to me.
She's your fuckin' test.
It's to see how loyal you are.
You've got to fuckin' kill her.
I know how his mind works, man.
Now, listen to me.
If you don't fuckin' do her,
you put us all at risk.
Or you take the hit and you
kill someone you care about.
It's fuckin' beautiful! Don't you see?
You've just got a chance
to prove yourself.
I love her.
You love her?
Well, I've got news for you.
She fuckin' hates you!
She'd rather let you die than
be with you!
Now, listen, that's how
much you know about love!
Now, look. This is fuckin' duty,
and you can fuckin' do it!
We're gonna film it.
- What the fuck?
- For Dave, man. He'll fuckin' love it!
- Joe, there's no fuckin' test!
- You want your own crew, huh?
This is how it fuckin' works!
- He puts me in the same room...
- Stupid fuckin' bitch.
- ...with my best girl.
- Look at the fuckin' camera!
He tells me I have to kill her, and
I'm just supposed to fuckin' do it?
She's the only fuckin' woman
I've ever felt anything for!
Oh, she's a fuckin' woman, man!
Fucking use your initiative!
- It's that simple, is it?
- Yeah, it's not even a fuckin' thought.
It's an instinct!
Yeah? What if it was Marilyn?
Listen to me. Listen to me.
I had to kill Marilyn.
I had to kill her.
- You killed her?
- Yeah.
Jesus Christ, Joe!
Yeah, fuck, man.
You know, she was wrong for me.
What the fuck?
Jesus Christ, man, you wonder
why you're so fucked up?
I killed the only person
that I ever loved.
For Dave.
Because I needed to fuckin' do it.
I had to do it!
Well, I'm not killing
Shadha for Dave, Joe.
Listen, I know she's not
the fuckin' test!
The night I did it, I fuckin' cried.
I felt something die inside me and
go cold and turn to fuckin' stone.
And I was never so fuckin' lost.
This is what we have to do, OK?
Look at me. You have to sacrifice!
You can't ask questions.
Joe, I do ask questions.
She's not Marilyn. I'm not you!
Fucking real 9/11shit!
A fuckin' haji vest? Is this what
Dave had you learn in the hills?
Who the fuck do you think it's for, huh?
It's for fuckin' her!
It's your fuckin' test!
- OK, now.
- Listen to me, now.
- Just take the vest off.
- I wanna work for you. Right?
You're a fuckin' leader, man.
You're gonna go all
the fuckin' way, man.
You're gonna take over from Dave.
All you have to do
is harness that fuckin' magic.
And put it down through your arm,
through your wrist
and pull the fuckin' trigger.
Fucking legend, man.
Two-Four. Send. Over.
What the fuck?
Two-Four. What the fuck happened? Over.
Jesus Christ.
Two-Four. Target's locked down. Over.
What the fuck is going on?
Fucking raid went wrong.
Two-Four. Yeah, we've withdrawn
from the target's house. Over.
Two-Four. The Romeo Victor Plan B. Over.
Say again.
Negative. Two-Four.
Let's fuckin' debate that later. Out.
What happened?
The whole crew. Her father.
Everyone's dead except for Dave.
- Dave's on his way.
- Dave's coming here?
He's got the cash. He's gonna pick
us up and then we get the fuck out.
How much?
I don't think he's had time
to fuckin' count it, Joe!
- What if the haji are chasing?
- He's not being followed. Alright?
We need to get out of here.
Where's the fuckin' gear?
Where are you going?
Where the fuck are you going?
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
We have a fuckin'
outstanding problem here.
The fuckin' witness you used to fuck!
Well, I'm not fuckin' doing her, Joe.
You can fuckin' forget about it!
This'll set it off?
It would blow up a lot, will it?
I swear to fuck, I'll blow us fuckin'
all up unless you fuckin' kill her.
I'm not fuckin' around.
Neither am I.
Fucking do it.
Fucking do it!
Don't you see I can't?
I love her.
She's my future.
But fuck Dave...
And his cheap fuckin' raids and
piece-of-shit fuckin' work.
Man, you need to fuckin' wake up!
Forget Dave!
Don't you fuckin' realise?
You're killing us fuckin' both!
You're killing us!
You're killing us as sure as
if you fired that fuckin' gun!
Joe. I'm begging you.
Please, will you just stop?
I'll fuckin' do it, then!
If you can't fuckin' do it,
I'll fuckin' do it!
Yeah, I'll take one for the
fuckin' team!
And you can say you did.
You can say you didn't.
- You'd never be fuckin' lying!
- I'll fuckin' break your fuckin' neck!
Alright! Alright, you hear that,
you fuckin' cunt?
I'll break your fuckin' neck!
You'd rather save her than me?
It's OK.
It's OK.
Shh, it's OK. It's OK.
Jesus Christ, Shadha, I'm sorry.
I'm so fuckin' sorry.
Please, just let me go.
- Please.
- No.
What the fuck is this?
He wanted it to be a message.
A fuckin' tooth?
I fuckin' knew there was fuckin'
something going on.
Ah, this is for me, isn't it?
Over a fuckin' tooth?
Now do you get it?
Hmm? Joe, does that end your lifelong
fuckin' obsession with a cunt
who wants you dead over a fuckin' tooth?
Oh, man, this is pure fuckin' shame.
Yeah. Fucking look around you.
This is what
your fuckin' loyalty looks like.
Your loyalty.
Blown all over this fuckin' country by
a cunt who doesn't care
if you live or die.
And I'm supposed to kill my woman for
a guy who fucks you over like that?
It's the fuckin' changing
of the guard, isn't it?
You kill me, it's your
ascension to Dave's side.
Natural fuckin' order, right?
Are you gonna kill me, Paddy?
I'm not doing that.
It's not gonna fuckin' happen.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
I've got to go!
- I'm not doing it.
- Do you think I wanna be fuckin' saved?
I'm a fuckin' disgrace!
You think I wanna fuckin' live
after fuckin' this, do you?
Dave's gonna be here in 10 minutes.
As soon as he gets here,
I'm gonna kill him.
I'm gonna slit his fuckin' throat. I'm
gonna take my woman and money with me,
so after today,
there will be no fuckin' Dave.
I love that fuckin' man!
I fuckin' love that man!
I fuckin' love that man!
I fuckin' love him!
I'm fuckin' nothing.
Fuck off.
I'm just a lying fuckin' cunt.
There's no fuckin' Marilyn.
There's no fuckin' anybody!
The only person I ever fuckin' loved
was Ruby and I fuckin' killed him.
I watched him die.
The only truth were his green eyes.
Green until they went out.
What the fuck?
Ruby is Marilyn?
Fuck. Joe, you loved Ruby.
Jesus, you fuckin' killed him.
I thought I had to.
I thought I had to.
OK, Joe.
You don't need to do this.
Joe, you don't need to die.
Ah... I'm over, man.
I'm fuckin' finished.
Let me use the vest. I mean it.
I need to end this fuckin' pain.
- Joe.
- He's gonna be here soon.
Then help me kill him.
Joe, help me fuckin' slit his throat!
Killing Dave's your thing, it's
not mine.
I'd have worked for you.
I would've followed you and your crew.
I would have killed any man
that fucked with you.
And I would have done
20 years if I had to.
But I'm not helping you
kill the boss, I'm sorry.
If Dave's finished with me, that's it.
He's all I had.
Let me go out in style.
Not on my own
in a bed full of dirty sheets and
my own lonely fuckin' cum.
You were right not to kill her.
I would let her go, man.
There's hope for her
if you leave her alone.
I'm taking Dave's money.
Fuck this country.
Fuck what anyone thinks.
She's mine, she's staying with me.
I wish I was afraid.
Yeah, you're OK, Joe.
I love you, Paddy.
I wish we had more time...
We all pay, Joe.
You died because of me.
It's time to end it.
It was the most perfect moment
of my life.
And I'll bring it to my fuckin' grave.