Tiger Zinda Hai (2017) Movie Script

Since the beginning,
the world has been divided.
Between right and wrong.
Between light and darkness.
ISC's commander Abu Usman
has kidnapped 25 Indian nurses.
...taken over by the ISC.
Rescuing our nurses from the world's
most dangerous terror organisation.
It's an impossible task.
Who will do it?
Everyone hunts.
But no one hunts better than a Tiger.
Once we enter that hospital...
...we have just 2 days to rescue
those nurses.
And send Abu Usman...
Our mission isn't just to rescue
those nurses.
It's to prove to the world
that we stand for peace.
Time has come.
I will hunt.
And take control of my land.
Prepare for the war.
They killed our families.
We will avenge their deaths.
We'll sacrifice our lives
for them.
We're all going to die here.
These people are crazy, Maria.
Are you ready to die?
It's about the country's honour.
Are you ready to die?
Tiger, if you have the vigour, stop me.
Usman, if you have the vigour...
...you try and stop me.