Tigers (2014) Movie Script

- No.
Hi, Ayan.
- Hi Ayan, How are you doing?
Hi, Hi guys.
Ayan, I just wanted
you to know that,
I really wanna produce
the movie version of your story.
But, you are asking us to
take a very powerful coperation.
I'm here with frank
our financier's lawyer.
And he just wants to make sure that
everything is safe for our backers.
Now, everything you say is true
and we can prove that it's true
then we can make this film.
Listen, Ayan,
we've just came back from pakistan
and there are some
things in our screenplay
that don't add up for us.
So we just need to make sure that,
we've got the full story.
You understand?
- Yes.
And we're gonna record this incase
we need it as evidence in court.
Nadeem, how do I turn this on?
You're the director.
Ayan, where does your story start?
"Your love is beautiful."
"My heart flutters."
Do you like Bollywood movies?
Congratulations buddy!
I wanted to come
but my boss is a real...
Don't worry.
Can you turn the
TV around a little bit?
Here, take it.
I've seen it already.
Thank you.
'No, friend.'
'Good luck, good luck.'
'You call this good luck?'
'Very soon something good
is going to happen to you...'
Yeah! Movie time.
- Sajid...
Sajid! You silly boy,
come out of there! Come on!
'Hey, good luck!'
Leave them alone.
It's not your room any more.
But Mum, they're watching a movie.
I'll tell your Dad!
- It's not fair.
Ayan, I'm sure it
was a lovely wedding,
but what we really need
to know is how you got the job.
If you want to understand my story,
you have to understand my life.
My family.
Before all of this began.
'I was a, a salesman for a local,'
Pakistani pharmacuetical company.'
'We used to sell drugs
to the doctors.'
'But the doctors had
no time for us.'
'The multinatinals were
the only ones they listened to.'
Why burden your patients with
the expensive multinational brands?
Why should they pay
for fancy packaging?
Here, is an antibiotic
manufactured in our country.
I know your products
but no one wants
to buy Pakistani drugs.
But they're the same
and a fifth of the price.
They're cheaper!
But people don't want to buy
them because they don't trust them.
What about the poor people?
When it comes to their health,
even they are ready to pay
the price for fancy packaging.
Let me leave you some free samples.
Your company might
have money to spare,
but I don't have time to waste.
Doctor, please listen to me.
Yes, Happy-Ji.
Are you happy?
Yes, Happy-Ji.
Do you think I am happy?
You are...
- Do you think I am happy!
You will have your rent
by the end of the week.
In consideration of this case
we would like to state that,
the evidence provided
by the prosecution...
She types very well.
Dinner! Dinner is ready.
Eat, eat, eat...
All we do in this house is eat.
No problem I'll give your
share of dessert to the boys.
How was your day?
Nobody wants to buy
local products any more...
I hope tomorrow will
be better than today!
God willing!
- God willing!
Tomorrow when he goes
to the High Court
with his letter of protest
you go with him
and tell the Judge your
father didn't mean any offence.
Come on, sit down.
Sit, have dinner.
Come on. The food is served.
Come, now.
- Hurry up. The food is hot.
Eat fast.
Please don't rush us...
Chewing food is as
important as eating it.
So eat it now and save
the chewing for later!
Your father was a lawyer?
No, not officialy.
The government took away his job
and he taught himself
the law to try and win it back.
He loved the legal jargon.
Here you are.
Please take a look at this.
A big multinational
company is looking
for medical representatives.
They're looking
for college graduates.
Your mum told me,
when your father lost his job,
you left college
and started working.
Zainab I know these people,
they only want college graduates.
Ayan you are an excellent salesman,
you can sell anything.
Try. What do you have to lose?
Come here children...
Ok, I'll give it a shot.
But I know it's not going to work.
Here, try this one.
I had it made when I was your age.
It should fit you.
Let me see.
Perfect fit!
You look good!
No.. no...
Take that off. It's all wrong.
It looks like your elder brother's!
Try this one.
- Yes try this one.
These shoes,
they're from Javed's wedding.
He only wore them once.
Try them on.
Now he looks like an executive
with a big multinational company.
Which company is it?
You'll find out soon enough.
- Take this, it's my favourite.
Try to speak in English
when you get there, okay?
Yes... that will impress them.
It's extremely hot!
Darn you!
They say it brings luck.
You must have been through a lot.
If you have to find your luck...
in bird shit!
Are you going to use
the real company name?
Of course.
It would be helpful not to use .
let's just assume that
we will not use the company name
we will see how it feels.
- Greetings!
Are you here for me?
- Yes, sir.
How are you?
- I'm good. How are you? Hi!
Good morning Tigers.
That's what I'm going to call you.
That's what I want you to be.
Good morning Tiger Waleed.
Good morning sir.
- Tiger sir!
Good morning Tiger sir.
Good morning Tiger Ayan.
Good morning Tiger sir.
Growl Tigers.
I said growl!
That is a growl!
A real growl.
Let that growl that is inside you,
come out now.
I need you to give
me your best today.
Only a few of you
are going to make it to
become sales representatives.
You will be selling the
world's best infant formula
with the world's best company...
So go get 'em.
What did they ask you?
It was all about "Who do I know?"
Doctors, hospitals, etc.
I thought they were just
looking for guys with diplomas.
So you say you know
all the doctors here?
Yes sir, I spend my days
going from one doctor to another.
So how well do you know them?
I meet them every
day in all the hospitals.
So do you know them
or do you spend your time
waiting outside their offices?
I know them.
So, what can you
tell me about Dr. Wasim?
Who works at the Civil hospital.
Wasim... He's a good doctor.
He has a lot of patients.
Yes. He's a good doctor.
Doctor Wasim works
at the Hassan hospital.
I'm sorry.
There's been a misunderstanding.
We're looking for
people with experience.
- Yes,
and then it went off to 2.8%.
Ali-Rasool Medical Store.
Ayub-Aalam Pharmacy.
- Excuse me!
Mustafa-Rashid Pharmacy.
Central Medical Supplies...
- So?
Which do you think is easier?
Working for you and just walking
into all the top doctors' offices
or travelling
hundreds of kilometers
around every two-bit pharmacy,
selling local products
no-one really wants?
I have to be ten times as good
as these guys to sell this stuff.
Lasta food inc!
This stuff sells itself.
If I can make a living
selling what I sell,
can you imagine what
I would do with your products?
If you don't hire me, you are a...
stupid man.
"Why do I keep wandering"
"around the world?"
Greetings uncle!
- Greetings!
Ayan, did you get the job?
Thanks for the jacket.
- Greetings!
What happened Ayan?
How come you're so late?
We were worried.
The interview didn't go well?
"The time has come to bow my head."
- He got the job.
"O my, Almighty!"
- You got it!
"O my, Almighty!" x
- You got the job!
"O my, Almighty!"
- He got the job!
Why are you shouting?
- He got a job with Lasta!
Wow! Ayan, you got the job.
"O my, Almighty!"
I told you, you're my lucky charm.
I always had faith in you.
I'm so happy you got the job.
What is your salary?
I forgot to ask...
Wow chocolates!
- Its Lasta. They will pay well.
Go away. These are not for you.
Mum let them take
some it's for them.
No, no. We need sweets
for people who come to visit us.
Oh, mom!
Here you go.
Ayan, you said the
advert in the newspaper
was for college graduates.
Yet you got the job, What happened?
I told you,
they were impressed
by how well I know my area.
even I was surprised
when I got the job.
There is no proof that
he forged the diploma.
I know. That's exactly
what we're up against.
If they say he forged it,
we have to prove otherwise
that's how defirmaton law works:
guilty until proven innocent.
So they can make up anything
and we have to prove it's not true?
Yes, Yes, you do.
Don't come inside, go away.
Thank you for the job sir.
I promise I'll work very hard.
You got the job.
Now let's see if you can keep it.
- Yes.
Come here!
So this is your base.
Anything you need,
you'll get it here.
- Greetings!
This is Ayan, the new medical
representative for South-East zone.
- Thank you sir.
Go, get the stuff for him.
He's not "sir" to you,
you are "sir" to him.
So this is what you'll be selling.
These are the keys
that will help you unlock
doors to meet doctors...
nurses and pharmacists.
You can even have
some for yourself.
For your relatives,
but close family only.
Sign here.
This is very important for you.
Imprest money! That's
what our accountants call it.
But I call it "impress money"
because we use
it to impress people.
Find out which doctors
have the most patients
befriend them and if need
be spend "impress money" on them.
But remember,
results should accompany
every expenditure.
There are four classes of doctor.
Doctor Saleem is triple A.
He has 300 newborns every month.
He has two kids,
and he likes football very much.
He is very religious.
Take good care of him.
Then double A class,
A class, and "just doctors."
"Just doctors" are a waste of time.
Sign up the triple
As and the double As.
Learn everything about them.
Everything means everything!
Befriend them and they
will recommend our products.
It's as simple as that.
Greetings! How are you?
- Greetings!
This one is young,
probably not many patients
and by the way he dresses
you can see he is greedy.
So don't waste your time on him.
Anyway, your job is to make
sure that every baby born here...
is a Lasta baby. Got it?
Take this.
You didn't have to!
Thanks for your kind gesture.
I'm sorry we kept your
son's shoes for so long!
Why are you talking like this?
Come in, let's have tea.
Oh Taslima, so many gifts?
You know how Ayan is.
Ayan said, "Please Mum,
give these to Aunty Farida."
"I don't care if there's
nothing left for us."
You are very lucky Taslima...
He is God's gift.
What are you doing?
The black boxes mean
those doctors are mine.
Ah, Dr. Nawaz is also mine.
Are you going to growl like this
every time you do this, Mr. Lion?
I'm a Tiger, actually.
Oh, I am sorry.
My mistake, I didn't realize
that was a tiger's growl.
Oh, no Ayan,
not that, please, not that.
Oh, no Ayan,
not that, please, not that.
Oh no Ayan, not that, please...
- Growl tigress, growl!
"It is now you
who has mislead me, my beloved."
We should get our own place.
You don't even know
how much they're paying you
and we're already talking
about getting our own place?
I thought tigers only growled
when they have caught their prey.
- Greetings!
I am from Lasta.
I need some information.
Please speak to
the doctor directly.
I will, of course, but...
Oh, please have this. I know you
work hard all day and all night.
No, thank you.
Please. I get all this for free.
Okay, no problem.
Well... I guess...
I could share it
with my colleagues.
No... this is just for you.
I have more for them.
Thank you.
Your Dr.
Faiz sounds very interesting?
Yes... but don't try
to give him chocolates.
Not even for his birthday?
He doesn't celebrate his birthday.
You can give us his
share of chocolates.
I don't think he eats chocolates.
Would your magic bag happen
to have lipsticks in it too?
I can get some if you need them.
- Yes.
So tell me...
What does Dr. Faiz like?
What are you doing here?
I have an appointment with you.
Looks like it's been
a tough day for you.
We can meet later.
No. It's alright.
In any case,
you are not the last one.
Why don't you use these
10 minutes to relax.
Call home or read a paper.
Use these ten minutes as a break.
I'll sit here and check my notes.
Are you sure?
Yes, you guys are heroes,
you save lives...
This is the least I can do.
I forgot...
this is for you.
Please... keep it.
Thank you very much... can I...?
Sure. It's yours.
As a junior doctor
you're very vulnerable.
And it's very flattering,
when a medical reps
knows the music you like.
It's called investing in
people and before you know it,
you're trying to please them
by making sure your hospital
only stocks their products.
And when your hospital
only stocks their product,
then so do all the
surrounding pharmacies.
You have to ask yourself
are you a great guy
or are you so popular because
you have so many patients.
Faiz... I have the same poster.
Well, this is an original photo.
Where did you get it?
How about a game now?
What? Now? How can I leave?
There are medical representatives
outside waiting for meetings.
- Howzzat?
The English are so boring.
They're playing for a draw.
How are my products selling?
Going well.
And what about the competition?
Seems like they are
playing for a draw as well.
That's not good enough.
I want them out.
I can't just kick them out.
Yes, you can. You just lack faith.
Maybe I could get you
tickets for the final test.
Would that restore your faith?
- Greetings!
I'm glad I ran into you.
I have a proposal for you.
I'm organizing a dinner
for all the pediatricians.
I thought you might
like to sponsor the dinner.
That way you can meet
all the best doctors
and you can make friends
in other hospitals.
You can save a
lot of time this way.
Sure... I think I might
be able to help you with that.
I knew you were the
right man for the job.
- Goodbye!
I was worried the doctors would
have to pay for their own dinner.
Come, let me introduce you to them.
You're going to love this.
You will be very happy.
Let me introduce you to someone...
and you will thank me
for the rest of your life.
Dr. Malik...
- Yes.
May I present Ayan Rashid.
- Greetings!
- He is a Lasta representative.
- Ayan, meet Lt. Col. Dr. Malik,
the new Head of
the Military Hospital.
It is a pleasure to meet you.
- Thank you.
Can I talk to you about
our range of products?
Why don't you come
to my office next week
we can sit and talk.
Thank you very much!
- You are welcome!
Thank you.
- Come.
Dr. Salim...
- Hi Maggi.
Maggi, this is Ayan.
What is the meaning of
the Lasta sign at the entrance?
Well they have generously
offered to pay for the dinner.
We're not going
to make a presentation
if this is a Lasta event.
But who will pay
for the dinner then?
It's them or us. Take your pick.
Who's that?
Maggi. She works for The Hub.
What do they do?
Nothing much.
They are just a pain in the neck.
Okay if you don't mind
don't pay for the dinner.
But what is their problem?
They work with the UN and
the World Health Organisation.
They just don't like
multinational companies.
That is their problem!
Anyway... you carry on.
I have to meet a few more doctors.
- Greetings!
How are you?
I am going to Karachi
to get a Masters degree
in public health care.
Your friend has been
awarded a scholarship!
That's wonderful. Congratulations.
Thank you.
But you don't look happy.
No I am...
I was just wondering who
will I beat at cricket now.
Oh you wish!
When was the last time
you beat me at my own game?
How were the doctors' wives?
Oh, at first they ignored me.
Then they started talking
about how much their husbands earn,
and when I told them you
are making 30,000 Rupees a month...
They suddenly became friendly.
But I'm not making 30,000.
How will they know?
Now they think that you make
more money than their husbands.
What's the problem with that?
Ayan, I did all this to
build your image... so it's fine.
Let's go.
Oh God!
Oh God! What happened
to my Tiger's growl?
I heard you've become
friends with Lt. Col. Malik.
Too bad you didn't
meet him a few months ago.
Sign here.
Just a formality.
It seems you have a lot
of fans among the doctors.
They seem to have only
good things to say about you.
You are a really lucky fellow.
So... it's time to
expand your frontiers.
I want to conquer this region.
I want Lasta displayed everywhere.
Shops, gas stations,...
pharmacies, etc..
Come down...
We were so happy.
Ayan, how long was it until Dr.
Faiz came back from Karachi?
About two years?
Our brand is recognised
and used worldwide.
You want the best for your
children and this is the best.
It's now available
in soft packs too.
Zainab, you shouldn't be carrying
Umer while you're pregnant.
I am alright.
What are you doing here?
We are here to take
part in the competition.
I've told you time and again,
we can't enter.
Of course we can...
our child is cutest of them all.
Mum, I am organizing this contest
and my son can't take part in it.
Oh my god! Why? Are you
planning to bribe the judge?
It's about principles!
It's alright.
As long as you follow the rules.
We also know right from wrong!
Greetings Ayan!
- Greetings!
I need some prescription pads.
Sure... come.
Aman, look in the front!
Darling, look ahead.
By God's grace!
He's really cute.
These papers came
in from head office...
And they said it's
mandatory to read them.
More paperwork.
- Greetings!
Please take this.
- What's this?
It's a gift.
You're very kind hearted.
- Anything for you sir.
Do you have any extra gifts?
Yes, of course.
This is for your two boys.
- Goodbye!
How does he know
I have two children?
Ayan knows everything,
about everybody!
Faiz, you're back?
How are you?
- Fine.
Did you get your Masters degree?
- Yes.
That's great!
When did you get back?
A few weeks ago.
You should have called me.
Listen, I've moved house...
- Congratulations.
We're organizing a conference
on infant nutrition
at the Pearl Continental Hotel...
You should come.
We can catch up there and...
- Dr. Faiz.
She's getting worse. Please come.
Are you still working for Lasta?
- Yes.
Come with me.
I want to show you something.
What happened?
Acute dehydration
caused by diarrhoea.
Is there nothing you can do?
All her internal
organs have collapsed.
All we can do is pray.
I'll go.
- Wait...
I'd like you to stay.
After all,
you work in child nutrition.
This is very common here.
It's the 5th case this month.
Why is it so common?
Because of people like you, Ayan.
This lady here,
she has two other children.
Only this one is unwell.
Do you want to know why?
She breastfed the other kids
and gave this one
your company's formula.
The one you've been
selling so passionately!
Most of my patients are illiterate.
They don't have
access to clean water.
They mix your company's formula
in filthy water and
give it to infants.
The kids get diarrhoea.
Breast milk provides a natural
immunity your formula can't give.
These babies are dying because
of your company's formula.
And this is happening every day.
Why didn't you tell
me about this two years ago?
Because I didn't know
until I went to Karachi.
So, if the doctors
prescribe formula
why would I think there's
a problem with the product?
They prescribe it because
you put pressure on them
by giving them gifts and money.
Look. It's great,
you've learned something.
Now, go, do what you have to do!
- Yes, Sir.
Where is Bilal?
He has gone to Lahore
for a few days.
Tell him to call me.
'Come on, make it fast. Come on!'
Greetings! - Greetings!
Listen Ayan,
I'm sorry I was tough on you.
When we banned formula
in the Karachi Hospital,
the babies just stopped dying.
It was like a miracle.
Just imagine...
all the mothers have to
do is breastfeed their babies.
A mother of twins was told
she should feed one
of them with milk formula.
The child that was breastfed,
is healthy and alive.
And the other one
died the day after
this picture was taken.
There was lot of
debate about this photo.
I've seen suggestions
that might be staged.
She posed for the photo
to warn other mothers.
Her daughter died after
the picture was taken.
Faiz is one of your key witnesses,
you are relying on him to validate
important points of your story.
If he endorses this
photograph on screen
and you can't prove
the story behind it,
then you risk undermining
his credibility.
Did he even endrose
in his statement?
- No.
It was only after I went to karachi
and saw how people
really lived in the slums
that I connnected the dots.
But, before that I did exactly
what Ayan was paid to make me do.
I used to prescribe his formula
and helped sell these women
something they didn't even need.
So, after Karachi
I banned the sales reps.
And I showed Ayan the truth.
But, it never occurred to
me that he would do what he did.
What's wrong Ayan?
I am resigning.
What do I tell Bilal?
Someone has rightly said
why live the easy life when
you can make things complicated?
Don't you think I
deserve an explanation?
Babies are dying
because of our products.
How's that for a reason?
Don't tell me you've
fallen for that NGO shit!
It's not our fault Ayan...
if the government gives
filthy water to people.
You knew about this?
I had no clue...
I really have nothing more to say.
Don't try and act innocent Ayan!
You read the Charter...
so you know the rules!
'Lasta doesn't give incentives
to its staff based on sales.'
'Doesn't give financial
or material incentives'
'to health professionals'
'for the purpose of
promoting infant formula...'
'Lasta will take
disciplinary measures'
'against any Lasta personnel'
'who deliberately
violate this policy.'
They gave me money
to do all these things
and here they say they
will punish me if I do them.
I have a cupboard
filled with receipts
and invoices for all the incentives
I'm not supposed to have given out.
I have letters
from Lasta confirming
they allowed me
to buy these things!
If you can prove that you did
all this under their instructions
and you have all the receipts.
There's nothing they can do.
Lasta Foods is one of the
biggest companies in Pakistan.
Our government needs their support.
The Government is always
going to side with them.
So all the things you have
been telling me mean nothing?
I didn't tell you to quit your job
or to attack one of the biggest
food companies in the world Ayan.
So, might is right in your eyes?
I'm just a doctor in a small town.
I can't take responsibility
for the whole country.
They fired you?
No, I quit.
Are you pulling my leg?
Why would someone leave that job?
I'm not pulling your leg.
Here, I have this new range
of antibiotics, made in Pakistan.
They're a fifth of the price.
You know I can't take those.
Thank you.
'I, being a responsible
citizen of Pakistan,'
'keeping in view the
illegal and unethical ways'
'adopted by your company,'
'hereby direct you
to stop your business'
'of infant food
manufacturing in Pakistan'
'and withdraw all your
infant food products'
'from the Pakistani markets'
'within 15 days of receipt
of this Legal Notice.'
And of course the evidence,
the receipts.
As a precaution,
we will keep them in a safe place.
We will just send
photocopies with the letters.
When the court demands the
originals, we will hand them over.
Until then, we will keep them safe.
Lock them away.
- Greetings!
Come in!
- Greetings!
Thank you for coming.
Thank you.
These are the statistics
from my hospital in Karachi.
I hope they are useful.
Please let me know
how else I can help you?
With God's grace!
We should put them
all in separate postboxes.
Let's go.
Look what we brought you.
I am trying to save
every Rupee I can
and you're buying rasmalai?
Have some...
Rasmalai... please have some.
How is it?
- It's good.
Do you want some more?
What's the matter?
Take me to the hospital.
How is Zainab?
Faiz says she's okay.
- Greetings!
These two letters came for you.
They're offering
to pay my expenses.
Do they think we are doing
all this for 20,000 Rupees?
We will teach them that
money can't buy everything!
Ayan Rashid?
- Yes.
Congratulations! It's a girl.
Thank God!
Ayan was very angry
that they tried to make him pay for
damage to his company motorcycle.
But, as soon as the
Legal Notice went in,
they agreed to pay the 20,000.
But they didn't
respond to the demands
that they stop marketing
infant formula,
So he sent the notice to
the World Health Organisation.
And that is when things
started to feel very dangerous.
Follow him.
- Okay.
There he is.
Come on!
Hey, you! Stop!
- Ayan!
The WHO has copied your letter to
the local district health officer
alleging unethical
practices by doctors.
So now the whole town
knows what you're up to!
The accusations you have made.
The names you have given.
Everyone's worried.
Doctors are refusing
to meet representatives.
What were you thinking?
I am doing what I think is right!
Yes, but you are forgetting
that you are just a salesman.
Please leave.
And please don't come back.
Thank you.
Are you alright?
They came to my house.
Bilal, and another man.
I think he was his boss.
They said that no
one would be spared...
and that I am risking mine and
my family's life by supporting you.
How do they know you're involved?
I don't know.
Ayan... What's going on?
Nothing. Go to sleep.
Hi, I am Ayan.
Yes, I remember.
You work for Lasta.
Not anymore.
I used to work for Lasta.
I am Dr. Faiz.
So, how can I help you?
Why did you keep all
these receipts and letters?
They give me money
to impress the doctors.
I have to be able to
prove what I spend it on.
You kept very thorough records.
Is that all you have to say?
We need time to check
your allegations. - Time?
How much time do you need?
How many more babies should
die before you decide to trust me.
I'm not the one who
was selling this stuff.
You are right, I was.
Look, you can leave the receipts...
- I don't think so.
Let's go Faiz.
He is a good man and
he really needs your help.
I'll send you copies.
Yes Colonel.
I am fine, how are you?
Yes the Pakistani products... yes.
Whenever you say, I will come.
Yes. Thank you.
Do you want some tea?
- No.
Where are you going?
Stay at home
take care of yourself and kids.
Is everything alright?
Everything is alright.
Dad will stay with you.
- Goodbye!
My angel...
I've spent 20 years in the army,
never had any problems,
and now this.
What do you think
you are doing Ayan?
How dare you mention my
name in all your legal nonsense?
I want you to find a
solution to this problem, now.
Colonel, there are
babies dying every year...
Don't mess with us boy.
What are you getting out of this?
- Ayan...
It's not too late.
The company will take you back.
I'm not joking.
- I'm not coming back.
I'm not coming back.
You're mad.
Think about your family, Ayan!
What about my family?
Are you threatening me?
You've accused people
of taking bribes.
You've made a lot of enemies.
I don't have to threaten you.
Do you know what
you're playing with?
You do what you want to do
and I'll do what I have to.
Ayan, stop.
What do you think this is?
A street market? You can
walk in and out as you please?
Colonel, you are a father yourself.
Imagine if your sons died?
- Yes sir!
How would you feel?
- Keep this man under guard.
"O my Almighty!"
"O my Almighty!"
"O my Almighty!"
"O my Almighty!"
You should choose
your battles carefully.
Sometimes peace is
better than being right.
These people could buy
the whole government of Pakistan,
put it in a box, wrap it up with
ribbons and sell it as a souvenir.
You can fight with them,
but you can't win.
'And this is the diarrhoea ward'
'of the National Institute
of Child Health in Karachi.'
'You may find this scene as
distressing as we did filming it.'
'But it's a common
event in this hospital.
'This little girl
was badly malnourished'
'and then dehydrated after
several bouts of diarrhoea.'
'She was so sick,
when other complications set in
'there was little
chance of saving her.'
'There are wards like this in every
hospital we saw here in Karachi.'
'Cases are tragically similar.'
'The pattern is being
repeated around the country.'
What's going on?
Maggi's been through the evidence.
She thinks it's great.
She has spoken to some people.
You should see this video.
First of all apologies
for the other day.
I had no idea until you
presented this
unbelievable material.
This is incredible evidence.
I've never seen this
in 20 years of working
and I just wanted to say that
no one from inside
has ever produced this.
This kind of information
and this is a smoking gun.
What is she doing here?
What do you mean?
What's going on?
I have no idea.
What's wrong?
Zainab, this is too dangerous.
I can't risk your life or the kids.
Don't you dare use
me and our children
as a reason to
not do what is right.
Did you tell her how
dangerous this can be?
How dangerous these people are?
What could happen to my family,
did you tell her?
If you do this,
we might be ruined forever
but if you don't do this,
I won't be able
to respect you again.
I wanted to protect my family,
my children.
Zainab wanted to protect
everyone's else children.
Take care of yourself.
- Don't worry.
Ayan let's call it a day.
It's probably around lunch
time in Torronto. - Okay.
And it's dinner time here.
= Bye.
Listen Ayan.
Speak to you tomorrow.
Hey, Frank do you
wanna stay for a drink?
Ahh... I'm already late.
I'll see you tommorow.
- Bye.
We are definitely
changing those names.
Why? - Because we gave him a chance
to tell the truth and he didn't.
What do you mean?
Why would Ayan decide to
fight after he was being threatend?
He realised that his evidence
could make a difference.
Saint Ayan.
Come on, Maggi.
We heard some stories in
pakistan that we can't ignore.
Look we worked on this for months.
We checked and double
checked the documents.
What are you telling me?
I want to hear the truth.
I'm this close to walking
away from this project.
Do you understand?
Maggi you know how this goes.
If there are any holes
in the story they will kill us.
Tell us. What happened?
This is really good.
They authorised a gift of
an air conditioner to a doctor.
Ayan we need a chain of evidence.
Letters from your supervisors,
copies of cheques.
You say they put
cash in your account.
But can you actually
prove you used the cash
to pay for the air conditioner?
But what does it matter?
Bilal approved it, look it says...
'Ok, but sales must go up...'
Can you prove you
spent the money for it?
I'm tired of this.
- Are you okay?
Welcome to my new home!
Hello Maggi...
Dr. Faiz how are you?
- Good.
Looks great!
- Thank you.
Not sure about the colour yet.
We'll see...
You should talk to Ayan.
- Why?
If we try to publish
this in Pakistan
we can't guarantee his safety.
And this may never
see the light of day.
We need international support.
In the meantime we
need to keep him safe.
You know what people
are saying about you?
According to them you
are the worst guy around.
And they feel you have
a hidden motive behind all this.
Honestly speaking
half the city is looking for you!
Are you okay?
Yes, I am fine...
don't worry about me,
you take care of yourself.
Thanks very much for coming!
What did she want?
- Oh, she's a nurse.
She came to see if
we needed any volunteers.
She's not a nurse.
She's a Lasta executive.
What? No.
I've seen her before.
"God is the greatest!"
"God is the greatest!"
"God is the greatest!"
Michael is a friend
and a very good journalist
and he is going to make a
documentary film on Ayan's story!
We will launch this
the same day as the
film comes out on German TV.
We have a slot for the
film in about a month...
But to make a big splash
we need Ayan to come
back with us to Germany
to do the press and the publicity.
I can't leave my family here.
Ayan, it's not going to be long.
How long?
A month, I guess.
For the launch and the publicity,
we need to do for the
whole story to come out.
So be it.
Even if it takes longer.
I will look after the family.
Let's have some tea.
Dad, am I invisible
all of a sudden?
You are my son.
And I am proud of you.
But sometimes you have to let your
parents make decisions for you.
Let's have tea.
This is not about publicity, is it?
If he is here when this goes public
well, there are going to
be a lot of angry people around.
When this goes on TV in Europe,
do you think...?
He will come back as a hero.
I promise you.
And everyone will have to listen.
"You are my peace of mind."
"You are my serenity."
"You are the reason
my life is beautiful."
"Although the world is..."
The population is
growing so fast that
the potential market
for formula is enormous.
Five million babies are
born in Pakistan every year
and this number is
just going to increase, so
the potential hazard that
this could cause is enormous.
It's not just the filthy water.
Parents want the western brands
marketed by international companies
because they make them think
their kids will be smarter
if they drink formula milk.
But some mothers can't afford it,
so they dilute it.
Just one spoonful less,
who's going to notice?
Well the babies do.
They lose weight,
they get ill and die.
The World Health
Organisation claims
breastfeeding could save up
to 1.5 million babies every year.
1.5 million babies every year.
"O, Lord... Lord have mercy!"
"O, Lord... I bow to You!"
"O Lord!
"O Lord!
1.5 million babies every year.
"O, Lord... Lord have mercy!"
"O Lord!
"I bow to You! O Lord..."
Pray for me.
Please do it yourself...
I am not sure if my
prayers will reach so far!
Come here...
Dad, how will you manage?
Don't worry about us.
I will go back and
collect a few things.
I mean...
how can we survive without a VCR?
Now this is what we call progress!
Please take care!
- Goodbye!
- Goodbye!
'Flight QR615 on the tarmac.'
'It is taxying...'
Is that for hire?
In Germany,
all the taxis are Mercedes?
But then...
what does your President drive?
Your car, Mr. President.
Do you agree your product
should not be used
where there is
no safe water supply?
We gave all the evidence
to the institutional people...
Yes or no.
Yes, but listen, this is
not the point we should talk.
Where the people are so poor
that they are going to dilute it
and that's going to endanger
health, it should not be used?
Of course not.
But like I said before,
this is not the point...
What is your corporate
to find out the extent
of the use of your product
in the developing parts of
the world in those circumstances?
We cannot have that
responsibility. - Why?
We have a massive product, you see,
We have thousand of babies dying...
We have a product...
"Scandal Um Babymilch"
(Scandal in Baby Milk)
Oh, this is so good.
Before this problem...
- Listen... listen...
The people, the Pakistani people...
I'm not sitting here
and letting you...
Who are poor...
- treat me like a criminal.
I am sorry!
- Excuse me!
I don't want to treat
you like a criminal...
I just want to come back
to my question... - Excuse me!
One thing is sure, this programme
is going nowhere. - What...
'Programme promises
devastating new evidence'
'of multinational companies
putting profits'
'before the lives of babies."
- Hey, that was great.
You should be proud of yourself.
This is going to be huge.
I have to continue with the edit.
You're going to be great.
Trust yourself.
Come with me please.
- Come with me.
Come with me.
- What is it?
I don't know.
But we'll find out pretty soon.
So, what's going on?
Listen, I want to settle this issue
but I can't authorise any amount
as I have to first discuss
with our top management.
I can't decide on
this issue on my own.
The company sees your
action as blackmail.
I want to settle this
issue once and for all.
And if you don't solve this
those people who are behind me,
they will take action.
Do you understand?
How much does your
management have in mind?
$60,000 is a big amount and
requires management approval.
Meet me here on Friday
at 3 pm to finalise this.
Is this your voice?
And you had no idea?
Do you think, I would have
gone that far if I'd known?
Come on! That's crap, we've
been working on this for a month.
All your evidence is from the man
you have heard
on that tape Michael.
Excuse me Gnther...
What are we talking about?
What is this about?
It was before you came back.
Before you showed me the films.
'These people could buy
the whole government of Pakistan,'
'put it in a box, wrap it up with
ribbons and sell it as a souvenir.'
'You can fight with them,'
'but you can't win.'
'But, if you are smart,'
'this could all work out
very well for you.'
'Hello Bilal.'
'I've spoken to Ayan
I would like you to talk to him.'
'Listen I want to
settle this issue,'
'but I can't authorise any amount'
'as I have to first discuss
with our top management.'
'I can't decide on
this issue on my own.'
'The company sees your
action as blackmail.'
'I want to settle this
issue once and for all.'
'And if you don't solve this,'
'those people who are behind me,
they will take action.'
'Do you understand?'
'How much does your
management have in mind?'
'$60,000 is a big amount and
requires management approval.'
'Okay, meet me here on
Friday at 3 pm to finalise this.'
'What's going on?'
'What is she doing here?
- What do you mean?'
'Why did you bring her here?'
- Tell her to leave... now!'
'If you do this,
we might be ruined forever'
'but if you don't do this,
I'll never respect you again.'
You knew there'd
been talk of blackmail.
talk about blackmail.
But not that he actually
set out to get the money.
But he didn't take the money.
That's the whole point.
He never took the money!
Why would Ayan
have sent the Legal Notice
with all his best evidence
to the World Health Organisation
if he was planning blackmail?
I mean look.
17th of January,
he writes a letter to
the W.H.O asking for help.
28th of january, they write back
saying there's nothing they can do,
copying in the local doctor.
That's when everyone
finds out about this.
But it's nearly another month,
before the meeting about the money.
I mean, he'd be the most
incompetent blackmailer in history.
Hey I've got all
this great stuff on you
and I'm gonna go public on it
unless you give me money.
Except I've already
gone public with it.
I mean it doesn't make sense.
It doesn't mean he wasn't
going to take a pay off.
Yeah, but there's
a world of difference
between considering a pay off
and masterminding a blackmail plot.
And meanwhile there were
thirteen international companies
selling infant formula in Pakistan.
How do we convince Frank?
I spent my time buying doctors.
Why would I have been surprised
when they wanted to buy me?
But think about it.
Why did they tape me?
I mean I was in
a military hospital,
surrounded by men with guns.
If they saw my actions as blackmail
why didn't they arrest me?
Because they didn't want
your eveidence to be heard.
This is stupid.
I gave them the perfect reason
to make sure no-one
would listen to me.
Why did you not take the money?
I went to my father.
And he told me that
no son of his would
be so unprincipled.
And that I would be
a bloody fool to think that
they would give me $60,000.
So, I never went back.
I want you to know
that I believe you.
But they stopped the
German T.V with that tape.
And the same thing will happen
here unless we do something.
I want to include
everything in the film.
You gonna show me as a blackmailer
a lia, a foger?
Maggi told me I
would return a hero.
Well, I have to go to work soon.
I make the best donuts in Toronto.
It's a good local company.
With no multinationals involved.
I'm a lawyer,
I think this film is a risk.
It is do-able, if we do this way.
But we have few problems.
The blackmail allegations they
will make you look, forgive me,
they will make you look unreliable.
And they will say it's anold story.
This is how old the story is.
I haven't seen my wife
or my children
in seven years.
My mother and father died,
I wasn't there.
Frank, this was happening
in Africa in the 70's.
All over Asia in the 80's and 90's
and you just send
a reasearcher to Pakistan
to prove that this is
still happening there now.
It's an old story, that's alive.
It keeps repeating itself.
And that's why we
have to make this film.
Okay, but...
This has to be referred up.
To the very top.
You do what you have to do.
Hi, Frank... How are you doing?
I am sorry.
They won't take the risk.
They could sue
us in the High Court.
Here or in Paris or Lahore.
It could cost 100s
of 1000s of pounds,
just to prove it's true.
So Ayan ruins his entire life,
and you are not prepared
to take a legal risk.
It's my job to assess
that level risk.
Oh, yes, yes.
And you are wonderful at your job.
But that's exactly what
the multinationals rely on.
That we obey the rules.
So they can do whatever they like.
I filmed babies dying.
I know this is real.
I don't care what he did.
You can take Ayan out of this story
but the evidence still stands.
And if someone in that corporation
is prepared to go to these
lengths to discredit him,
what does that tell you?
This man has risked everything.
He left his family
in Pakistan and now...
if you don't show the programme,
he can never go back.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing I can do.
Guenther please!
You can't be serious
you're letting them pressurise you?
Who is pressurising you?
Tell me! Who is pressurising you?
Michael! Please calm down!
- Come on tell me! Tell me now!
I can't transmit it!
That's nonsense we
have enough evidence...
"I mourn in my loneliness."
"My beloved,"
"I feel the chill
of our separation."
"I mourn in my loneliness."
"My beloved,"
"I feel the chill
of our separation."
"I miss your lovely voice."
"Your miss your beautiful smile."
"I feel the chill
of our separation."
"This distance"
"fills my heart with tears."
"Dreams of you"
"fill my senses."
"I surrender my dreams to you!"
"I mourn in my loneliness."
"My beloved,"
"I feel the chill
of our separation."
"I mourn in my loneliness."
"My beloved,"
"I feel the chill
of our separation."
"I miss your lovely voice."
"Your miss your beautiful smile."
"I feel the chill
of our separation."
"This distance"
"fills my heart with tears."
"Dreams of you"
"fill my senses."