Tigers Are Not Afraid (2017) Movie Script

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In the last 10 years violence in Mexico
caused 160,000 deaths
and more than 53,000 disappeared.
Entire areas of some
cities are being deserted.
C'mon, those who have not participated.
There are no figures for children
that the dead and the disappeared
have left behind.
Now silence, Ana, please.
Let's see today the elements
that appear in fairy tales.
Who can tell me, for instance, what
characters normally appear in fairy tales.
Princes, of course.
-Three wishes!
-Yes, there are always three wishes. Very good.
-What else?
-Very good.
-Tigers, very good.
Well, now with all those elements
we're going to write a story.
And with those characters.
C'mon, c'mon, now, silence.
Concentrate. Don't talk.
C'mon, quiet, each one to his story.
Don't copy, either.
There was once a prince
who wanted to be a tiger.
Tigers never forget.
They are hunters.
Their eyes see in the darkness.
They have fangs to break bones.
Tigers are not afraid.
-Now, asshole, you're going to give it to me.
-Wait, Caco. Caco!
What, baldy? Go to hell.
Caco, where are you going?
What the fuck, asshole? I already told you that
I'm staying, your fucking mother.
I'm staying. Leave me alone, kid.
It's four in the morning. Calm down.
Leave me alone, asshole.
C'mon, fucking Caco.
But the prince couldn't be a tiger
because he had forgotten how to be a prince.
We forget that we are princes,
when things from outside come to get us.
On the ground, on the ground!
All duck.
Three wishes.
As in fairy tales.
Three wishes.
Everything will be fine, children.
C'mon, children.
Let's continue doing our lists.
Classes suspended until further notice.
The principal.
We forget who we are
when things from outside come to get us.
I arrived, mom.
Servando Esparza is the candidate that
carries the voice of this nation.
Mom, they closed the school.
No classes.
Servando Esparza is one of us,
he's a citizen like you and me.
For all that, these upcoming
elections vote for Chino.
Tiger without kicks.
-Don't push me down.
-We are fighting. Do you want me to kill you?
No, no.
-I'll grab my lamp myself. Why do you grab it?
What do you want, Morro?
The tiger?
Hey, Shine, he asks for you to tell him
the story of the tiger again.
Don't wet your pants, Morro.
Then you don't sleep, mate.
Wait. Here.
Now it's wrecked.
There was a very rich man
who had many wild animals.
He had tigers, lions,
cougars, panthers, jaguars.
One day the Guascas arrived and killed him.
Caco and the other Guascas
killed all the animals,
but when they got to the
tiger's cage, he had escaped.
And now he walks around all the
streets, angry and hungry.
He eats dogs, cats,
and children with not parents.
And that's it.
Hey, this kid!
Well, let's go on.
Welcome to voicemail.
Leave a message after the tones.
Hurry up, Morro,
don't fool around or we'll leave you!
Mom, where are you?
I'm hungry.
Talk to me, please.
I'm a princess?
No, you are a warrior.
And then?
And the spell was broke.
-And the prince was again a prince.
-And then?
And then nothing. You must go to bed
because you have school tomorrow.
Let's go to sleep, yes, yes.
Now, time to go to bed.
Mom, mom.
When are you going to give me
your little birds bracelet?
When you get big
and I'm gone.
I want my mom to come back.
I'm here.
Heck, are you still here?
-She's not here.
-Yes she is.
She's not, cowgirl! She's not!
It belongs to my mom.
What do you want?
She doesn't need this anymore.
In addition, the Guascas already took her away.
It's not true! My mom came back yesterday!
Go away.
Is this the house?
-Yes, yes, up there.
-There, go. It's in place.
-No. Take it further back.
-Now it's in place, right?
-Let's go at once.
Shine, the boss.
That movie is so hideous.
They are so bloody.
It's so dreadful.
Pure death.
You brought some good things.
They are cool, huh?
Where did you steal, or where did you get in?
You even brought the cell phones.
-So you see.
-And who will you call, if we have nobody?
I'll call you all, mate.
These are for you. There, hand them around.
An identical one? What do you want it for?
You should have sold that with the dragon.
This is not to sell, asshole.
Come on, give me that one.
What are you doing?
Why do you put off the peas?
Tell him. Tell him, Shine.
Yeah, eat those peas.
I don't like peas.
Eat them, they are your vegetables.
-Who's this?
-She got stuck to me.
-To my buttocks.
I'm hungry.
We don't fucking care if you're hungry or not.
Right, Pop?
Yes, you mean nothing to them, and I hope
the tiger eats you. Not me, Tucsy.
The tiger eats meat.
A lot.
Show him, Morro.
Goodbye, cowgirl.
No, please no! Don't take me to the house!
-Leave her, Shine. Leave her.
-Don't take me to my house!
Let her stay.
The Guascas are going to grab her.
She will not last long.
They will take her to Chino, she's doomed.
She's a female.
Girls are bad luck.
Cover it, cover there.
Morro, do something, mate.
Stop eating, asshole.
-Thank you.
-Morro! What did I say?
What's up?
The Guascas?
If you wake me up again,
I'm going to punch you twice!
Cowgirl, there come the Guascas!
You go the other way!
Move it!
I'm going to kill you, son of a bitch!
That's my gun, asshole!
-Let's go, Shine!
-Where did you find it, you bastard?
-Let's move on!
-You grabbed the phone, bastard?
You're going to return my phone,
son of your fucking mother!
-Where's Morro?
-They took Morro, mate.
They grabbed him by the leg.
He was running and they grabbed him.
And shots, and shots.
He threw the stuffed animal, mate.
They took him.
What do they do to those they take away?
They are caught. They take them to Chino.
Chino makes them into pieces.
They sell their parts.
They are satanic drug traffickers,
they have a pact with the devil.
They even do red masses.
-They are black.
-Red or black, whatever.
The ladies are killed.
The cowboys -here, look at me--
they take the cowboys away to who knows where.
And you know why they caught Morro?
Because of YOU.
Because of you,
you're the cause they caught Morro,
because they found out that
there was a toddler girl with us.
-It's not true.
-No, it was your fault.
I know how I can disappear that Guasca.
Go and kill him.
If you want, we'll take you to his house.
And if you kill him, you can stay with us.
-How do I get in?
-You jump in.
You knock.
And you kill him.
No, better not.
That bastard killed your mom.
Also yours.
Kill him yourself. You are a man.
That's true, Shine.
Well, if you don't kill him and become a man
tomorrow he will go out again
and he will grab you, he will look for you.
He will cut you into pieces
and eat you in a black mass.
-Or red.
-Whatever fucking color it is.
You got it, cowgirl?
If you don't kill him,
they're going to kill us all.
-Go, go.
-C'mon. C'mon.
Hurry up. C'mon.
Hurry up.
Hurry up. Hurry up, c'mon.
The sociologist Marant Ruiz Martnez
talking about the candidacy
of Servando Esparza who is running
for the Social Move party.
He's also known
by the nickname "Chino".
We will receive him next.
The important thing is to get the following
message that I will highlight to the media.
This, in order to defuse the political
campaign of Mr. Servando Esparsa,
better known as "Chino",
candidate of the Social Move party.
This man has direct links
with organized crime,
particularly with the band of the Guascas.
Severando Esparza, better known as "Chino"
has directly participated
in human trafficking:
prostitution, torture, multiple murders,
in addition to the links he
has with drug trafficking.
I wish I don't have to kill him.
Come, come.
Morro! Morro!
I thought we would never see you again.
Gee, handsome one, you're fine!
You're good!
And there lies Caco, eating!
And suddenly Estrella takes out the gun,
aims at Caco...
"No, cowgirl, no, please don't kill me!"
"Nevermore I'll eat children of the..."
Pam! She kills him.
You won't eat pizza anymore.
How did you do to kill him?
I lost a wish.
If I had had wishes I would have killed him,
but since I don't have...
Are you angry?
Is that the phone Caco wanted?
Why do you keep it?
Tucsy's granny died of a bullet
in a burial.
Pop's brothers helped them a lot.
This Morro, they say
he was able to speak before.
Maybe some day he saw something ugly.
It was all because of that bastard
and his fucking brothers.
But Caco no longer...
And that's how Estrella dances.
And that's how Morro
dances with Rodrigo, and Pop.
They will come for you.
For killing him.
I did't kill him.
The one who killed him is looking for you.
And he will find you.
You have to bring him.
What's up?
Estrella says that we should
get a cooler house.
Where each one of us
has a room of his own,
where we have videogames and
a soccer field, a zoo,
and several things like that, and even a pool.
-Of course not.
-Well, I'd be cool.
Shut up now, you bastards. And calm down.
This is my house and here I command.
And besides, there are no houses
with soccer fields, or those stupid things.
I told you.
The Guascas know where we are.
And one of them was already killed.
You killed him.
That's why we have to leave.
Stop it, Morro. Grab that box, mate.
What about those?
Stand up, Pop, we have to do something.
You look like a little princess.
Wrecked bastards.
Still angry?
What's with you?
And now what's with him?
He's crying because he misses his brother a lot.
He belongs to Brian's gang.
Fuck him.
No, because as Estrella killed Caco
they are afraid to stay alone.
And, here is your asshole to
take you to Bryan, or what?
Don't rave.
How's my boy?
What are you doing? Who's this?
Here I'm ready, little bitch.
You fool, Agu!
What's the matter with you, mate,
they're my family!
Caco took them, asshole!
Caco is already dead, Brian.
That bastard.
We killed him.
Don't rave.
Yes, she killed him.
You sent a female to do your job, Shine?
In my band
females are more bastards
than your little queers, asshole.
They'll look for you all, Shine.
Chino and the other Guascas.
If you killed Caco
they are going to kill you.
They are going to kill you all.
We are going to hide.
Yeah, great, yeah.
Great Morro. A+.
At one, two, and three.
C'mon! C'mon, Tucsy.
Wow, it's like the Boingland (inflatables park)
of the dark-skinned kids.
-It's fucking great!
-Don't rave.
Look, look.
What happened to these?
They left their fish tank.
Look, that one looks like dear Morro.
That one, we'll name it Estrella.
That one is Shine.
Hey, Pop, it's like your
zoo, but of pure fish.
If there is a zoo, there is a soccer field.
Run, Morro!
Soccer field... Don't talk nosense.
They come for you.
Go get all of them.
It would have been me who would have killed him.
Where are you, fucking
sons of a bitch?
You killed my brother, you bastards!
That fucking girl killed him!
I'm going to find you, you bastards,
if you don't return that fucking phone!
Fucking Brian.
What do you keep that for?
That's the only picture I have of my mom.
Caco took it when he took her away.
What's up?
We did not find a court but we found this.
All right. Let the four fit here.
C'mon, mate.
It looks like a "Y", mate.
Now I'm going to write the name.
This is Chichorito.
Don't worry, Morro,
it will last only a month.
Let's see, lend me your ball.
It looks like Caco.
Kittens? Don't rave, you bastard.
They are tigers. It's for her protection.
Let's see how yours turned out, Morro.
What happened to him?
He fell.
I'm going to fix it for you.
You must be careful because
it stings and you'll bleed. Right?
Don't cry anymore.
Yes? Look, that's it.
Why do you have wishes?
Put that light out, you bastards.
Let us sleep.
These fish are like the tiger.
They escaped from their cage.
Poor tiger.
He had a house,
a mom,
in the jungle
and now he's alone.
He's afraid.
He has already gone through all the bad things,
and wanders wherever he wants.
He's the king of all this fucking kingdom.
Tigers are not afraid.
Did you find your mom in the photos?
Don't you have pictures of her?
They stayed in the house.
Mine also stayed in
the house and burned down.
Did they burn your house?
They threw gasoline and...
they threw this.
They grabbed my mom
when we were leaving.
What are you going to spend your last wish on?
I can't ask for your mom to come back.
But could you ask that...
this burnt goes off?
-Then I'll bring you the photos from your house.
Every time I make a wish
it comes out very wrong.
How can a wish come out...?
Now, fucking brat!
Where is that fucking phone?
Where is it, you bastard?
Where is it? Tell me. Does that fucking girl
who killed my brother have it?
You will take her to me, son of a bitch.
Next one.
And what's your name?
And what is your specialty?
-I do rap.
-Let's see. Show us.
Where's Shine?
I don't know. But, do you want to be a star?
Heck. My lights went out.
It's ugly, no, horrible. Terrible!
Mate, get off.
-I know where he lives.
-I don't think so.
Next one.
Yes, Chino, I swear
that now we'll bring it to you.
They come for you.
I'm leading you
to where we dead
are waiting for him.
Where is my fucking phone?
I'll take you to where
they'll soften you up, bitch.
Son of a bitch! Kill that bastard!
Let's move!
And why do they want this phone?
It must have something in.
Let's see.
Take it off.
Take it off!
Are you recording, you bastard?
It's Chino.
Caco recorded it to fuck him.
Look for Chino.
Dial him.
What do you want me to dial him for?
Dial him.
You have something I need.
You have to return it to me.
Or I'll go look for it.
And I will find it.
We are going to give it to you.
When you disappear the Guascas.
Tomorrow at seven in the morning.
There are some toilets on the
road, in front of La Tonina.
You come and give me that phone,
and right there the Guascas will be finished.
Or you don't come, but then I'll go find you,
and I'll find you,
and I'm going to do you the same thing
I did to Caco.
Because you didn't kill him, right?
Although you're telling everyone that you did.
I killed him, cowgirl, for not
giving me that fucking phone.
Think about it.
You said you killed Caco, but you didn't.
Look what happened.
Liar. Take care of Morro.
There you go, dear Morro.
Another dead
because of him.
Here we are, all of us.
Bring him.
Wasn't he in the truck station?
You shit your pants.
No, I knew where he was.
Shut up.
What do you want?
Shine, can you lend me a phone?
-What do you want it for?
-I want to make a call.
No, the other one. We don't even have
the password for this one.
And besides, who are you going to talk to, mate?
Don't! Pop!
Pop, come here!
Come here!
Bring him
where he put us all.
Bring him to us.
Tigers are not afraid.
Tigers are not afraid.
Tigers are not afraid.
No, not in my life. The police are the worst.
-No, let's see if they can help us.
-No, they are not going to help us.
So give me that phone, mate.
Give me that phone.
Stop it, Shine.
Here there's a video of that fucking
Chino killing someone.
-And who chases the thugs?
-I don't know, but the police does not.
So give me that phone.
-Come here.
-Let go of me!
Come here, you bastards!
What's up?
-We come to make a complaint.
This is a crime against humanity.
Where did you get that?
Do you know who does it belong to?
Let's go, you bastard.
Don't! Why?
You can not leave!
Sons of bitches!
Couple of assholes, both of you.
What did I tell you?
Give me the phone, mate.
And you give me the other one.
What was your idea? That Chino kill us?
That Chino kill us?
Shut up, you bastard.
You always have all the ideas, don't you?
Yes, then shut up.
Where are you going?
We have to look for Estrella.
I have to tell her something.
He left dear Morro alone.
What a bastard!
Poor thing, he must be cold.
We can not leave him here.
-First we have to go...
-First Morro.
Help me cover him.
Cover him.
Help me.
He's stiff.
That does not matter, that's normal. C'mon.
And where are we going to put him?
They are burying me.
I'm cold.
No, where are you being buried?
Wait, stop the fridge, mate.
How did you find us?
Dear Morro told me.
Now he even talks?
Morro is here, saved,
after you abandoned him.
You asshole.
And liar.
Asshole liar.
I have to tell you something.
The video we saw...
Oh, later.
We have to go see Chino
else they will come to kill us all.
First Morro.
Help me.
Rest in peace.
Maxwell Alexander Aureliano
Villarreal Mora Vzquez.
Mora Vzquez.
Are we going to go to Chino?
We have to go.
Lend it to me.
Death is going to take us.
Shut up, you bastard.
Don't talk with your face painted like that.
It's our war camouflage.
Great. Chino will say:
"Don't touch them,
they painted themselves with dry pen."
"They must be dangerous."
-C'mon, remove that.
-But with what?
Well, with drool, asshole.
The lady we saw is...
What if I use my third wish
to disappear Chino?
But what if it goes wrong?
There are no wishes.
There is nothing.
There are no tigers.
We are the only things there is.
Seems those fucking toddlers are not coming.
Do you want us to go get them?
Son of the bitch.
I'm not going to vote for him.
-Let go of me, you bastard.
-Tio, let him alone. Let him free.
Where is my phone?
What's the password?
What's the password?
It's that one, boss, it has the dragon of Caco.
Now can we kill them?
Chino, Chino...
No, Chino!
We had a deal, right?
Get out of here.
I don't want to see you again.
Where is my mom?
How the fuck will I know?
They killed my mom here, right?
I need to know.
We have to go.
I changed the phone. He's going to realize.
What do you do?
There are no wishes.
Don't rave.
I wish your scar removed.
You see? There are no wishes.
Shine. Shine!
When you dialed, it did not have a password.
Right, you bastard?
Where are you, fucking brat?
Come out!
Where are you?
Where are you?
I'm going to kill you, you bastard!
Where are you? I'm going to kill you, asshole.
I'm going to eat your tongue, you bastard!
I saw you, bitch.
I'm going to kill you, you bastard!
I saw you, asshole.
Let me out, asshole! Let me out, you bastard!
Goodbye, cowboy.
Tigers are not afraid.
They have already gone
through all the bad things
and they came out the other side.
They are kings
of this kingdom of broken things.
Because we have to remember:
we are princes,
we are warriors
and tigers,
and tigers are not afraid.
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