Tik Tik Tik (2018) Movie Script

"The Tsunami colony in Chennai's Ennore
region was impacted around 11.30 PM..."
"...last night, by an asteroid."
"At least fourteen people were killed..."
"...and more than 35 people admitted
to the hospital with serious injuries."
"A team of meteorologists surveyed
the impact zone..."
"...and have sent samples of the asteroid
to the research center."
"Only after thorough analysis,
can more be known about this asteroid."
Munnar, Kerala.
The information which I'm about to share
does not leave this room.
You are all aware of the asteroid
which struck Chennai two days ago.
As per our calculations...
...we will be struck by another asteroid
in seven days.
It will slam into the Bay of Bengal,
50 kilometers away from Chennai.
The asteroid which struck two days ago,
measures eight square feet.
This one, measures 60 square kilometers.
Larger than the city of Chennai.
If it strikes the Bay of Bengal...
...Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Sri Lanka
would witness a devastating tsunami.
The resulting tremors would bring down
many buildings.
It will change India's very topography.
I suggest we evacuate everyone
and move them to a neighboring state.
Moving a population of 80 million
would take a month...
...even if we deploy our rail, road
or air services.
It would take a week to source
the fuel for this mission.
Not only that.
If this news reaches the public...
...imagine the problems
that would stem from mass panic.
How many lives would be lost?
It would be devastating.
Forty million people will lose their lives.
Do you want us to be mute spectators
while people die?
We're not here to sit and watch.
We will not tolerate any attack
on India.
Here is the surface map of the asteroid.
The rear of the asteroid
has a crater.
It seems like a well and runs deep
into the center of the asteroid.
This is its weakest point.
A nuclear blast in the crater...
...would blow it in two
and deflect it away from Earth.
This is the safety line.
We need to blast the asteroid
before it crosses the safety line...
...to deflect it away from earth.
There is no use blasting the asteroid
once it crosses the safety line.
We have six days before it crosses
the safety line.
Is it possible for us to launch a rocket,
within six days, without raising suspicion?
Possible, Chief!
We can announce it to the public
as a satellite maintenance program.
News about rocket launches
is pretty common these days.
The blast calculations are precise.
But there is one problem!
We don't have such a powerful missile.
Nor does any country.
All the countries signed a peace treaty
last year at the United Nations.
Per the treaty, production of nukes
more than 20 kilotons is prohibited.
We will need a 200 kiloton nuke
to blast this asteroid.
I need permission
to speak off the record, sir .
A few countries have sourced nukes
from black markets owing to war.
Given our situation,
can we consider that alternative?
Do we need to source it from the
black markets? Like terrorists?
I need some time to think about this.
Istanbul, Turkey.
Please trace this identification number.
If you have really placed this call
through this ID...
...I will have to close my business
and go under the radar.
We called to talk business.
Give me the list.
Just one item.
200 kiloton nuclear missile.
Do you know what you are asking for?
Do you know who you are speaking to?
With a 200 kiloton nuke,
we can wipe out an entire country.
No black market will have it.
Then we don't need you at all.
Cut the call, shut down your network
and pack up.
There is one place
where you can source it from.
This country has kept a 200 kiloton missile
under wraps.
How do we verify
if the information is true?
I will send you all the details.
You will know once you see it.
Can we seek help from them
through the Indian embassy?
That would go against the treaty.
They won't go on record and admit it.
Other countries will impose sanctions
on them if the truth comes out.
If we can't speak to them,
what are our alternatives, Chief?
There is only one way.
Now, allow me to speak off the record.
This is a secret mission.
The report will be sent only to the Home,
Defence Depts. and the Prime Minister.
We need to steal the missile.
Stealing the weapons of another country,
could lead to war.
Their possession of the weapon
is illegal.
They wont be even able to report
it missing.
Stealing the missile is no easy task.
Because the missile isn't in their country.
It's been strategically placed to attack
any corner of the world.
In space!
It is under the guise
of a research centre.
But it is a military base.
Knowing that wars of the future
are to be waged in space...
...they have taken this drastic step.
The missile is housed in a secured vault.
It is impossible to breach the alarm system
and gain entry.
Even if one does gain entry,
an army of soldiers will block the exit.
Our team isn't equipped
to crack such vaults and gain entry.
We can't rely on our team alone
to gain entry into the vault.
We need an expert.
To help us break the vault...
...we are going to employ a thief.
How can we trust an outsider
while handling such a sensitive issue?
A thief, no less!
Let me ask you a question.
To save 40 million lives,
I'm passing an order, to steal the missile.
Does anybody have any objection?
We will execute your order
without any questions.
Get me the most talented thief out there!
"Tik. Tik. Tik."
Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
Oblivious to what's happening up there,
they are fighting over frivolous issues.
Based on the five cases we saw...
...I am sure
they will be reduced to ashes in a week.
There's no thief on Earth,
that matches our Chief's expectations.
His name is Vasu.
A very dangerous man.
That is why we have jailed him
in isolation.
Is he that dangerous?
-He is an expert magician!
Once he managed to get out of the cell!
The doors were locked. Bars weren't bent.
But he was outside the cell.
Why do you all want to meet Vasu?
To save the country!
He has the nerves to insult the Chief!
It's a one side mirror.
He can't see us.
You need to be careful
while dealing with Vasu.
He can practically break in to any place.
He can escape from any situation.
Initially, he used his skills to help a few
and perform some magic shows.
Later, he started targeting people
who had amassed wealth illegally.
We are all aware of the recent twin murder
involving a minister's son.
But they tried to frame the son
of this old man who works at their house.
The weapon used was hidden away
in the police evidence room.
Six months ago.
It conked out this morning!
They stopped producing these,
even before I was born!
Do you still use these things?
Get it replaced!
Dude, we are in!
She was the one who beat me up, sir!
Which station?
Please sign here.
You may go!
Why did you allow a cop
from another station inside?
Sir, the thing is...
Did you verify in the system?
-Yes, sir!
No one must exit the station!
-Yes, sir!
Close the gates!
Don't let anyone out!
We shouldn't let him escape.
Search him!
Check his pockets.
Search him thoroughly!
All done, sir. He doesn't have a gun.
-What? Where is it then?
Here, sir!
I searched him thoroughly.
-Keep him here until we find the gun.
The gun has been produced
in court, sir!
You shouldn't have played
with police.
The evidence in this box is against
a gang, that deal with illegal explosives.
For coming in and burning them...
...you can be jailed without trial
under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.
For how many years?
-At least five.
You went to save my son...
...but now, you're separated from yours!
Compared to doing nothing
while being aware of your bad situation...
...this isn't that big a sentence.
His only weakness...
...is his son, Ravi.
You can control him
only by exploiting this.
'O scamp!'
'My dear scamp!'
'O scamp!'
'My dear scamp!'
'I grew shorter, because of you.
I drew in the sand, because of you.'
'I melted in the sea, because of you!'
'I spread as wings, because of you.
I flew on ground, because of you.'
'My life filled with hue,
because of you!'
'A crayon broken into two
for me and you.'
'A packet of chips,
together we tore and chomped away.'
'Chomped away to oblivion!'
'O scamp!'
'You are my whole world!'
'My dear scamp!'
'You are my life!'
'O scamp!'
'You are my whole world!'
'My dear scamp!'
'You are my life!'
'Across the stars in the skies,
all I see are your eyes.'
'I will bring the moon to your feet!'
'Should a thousand victories come by,
I shall accept with a smile.'
'Only to you, will I ever lose!'
'When it's time to celebrate,
beautiful, the world does seem!'
'When it's time for homework,
blood pressure soars extreme!'
'Don't I know from where springs
your naughty gene?'
'O scamp!'
'You are my whole world!'
'My dear scamp!'
'You are my life!'
'O scamp!'
'You are my whole world!'
'My dear scamp!'
'You are my life!'
'I speak gibberish, because of you.'
'I dream in cartoons, because of you.'
'I became a loony, because of you!'
'I lived one amongst the ants,
a days few.
'I lived as a dog and a cat,
a days few.'
'I turned a human,
because of you!'
'As a wonder,
you came into my life...'
'...and warmed my heart.'
'You bestowed on me,
the title of a "father"...'
'...and made me raise my head high!'
'Raise my head high!'
'O scamp!'
'You are my whole world!'
'My dear scamp!'
'You are my life!'
'O scamp!'
'You are my lifeblood!'
'My dear scamp!'
'You are my dawn!'
He is Vasu's son.
You can go see Vasu first.
Let the kid go ahead.
-Yes, sir.
Your son is here to see you.
I'll send him in.
In here?
We usually meet in the visiting area.
If you want to see him here, do it.
If not, I'll send him away.
He'd be anticipating this.
I'll see him here.
Can you take off these cuffs, please?
Let him not see me with these.
When you come in here,
forget about your dignity!
This is how you will see him.
If you don't want to, I'll send him away!
How did you take them off?
Release me!
Let the Chief see
what kind of person he is.
Someone might see this!
I'll be ruined on my first day here!
I beg of you!
Let me loose!
Isn't it a rule to not have inmates
in cuffs during visiting hours?
Rather than doing that,
why this needless mockery?
Want to see your son?
Do so without cuffs!
I'll even give you the keys. Take it!
He has no discipline!
He behaves like a rogue!
What is it?
Look in your pocket!
Having a hard time
staying in this room, dad?
Who told you that
your father's just stuck in here?
All the cops
are your dad's friends!
Then tell them to send you home!
I'll be home in a few days.
Look in your pocket, dad.
Playing my game with me, eh?
Visiting time's up.
That's enough sweet talk for now.
Come along!
A little more time, please...
Don't be afraid!
He can't follow a single rule, Chief!
But he's a good man.
I have your release order
in my hands.
With the special powers of the Indian Army,
your criminal record is cleared.
Please step outside.
-Yes, sir.
Per this order, if you wish to be released,
you must do what we say.
You must steal something
from a high security vault.
I'm ready to do anything,
if I can be with my son again.
If I have my team,
I can break into any vault.
Ritchie Street, Chennai.
Third empire's decision, man!
Confirmed not-out!
Let's see.
Saw the third umpire's decision, yes?
March back to the dressing room!
Damn it, Billy!
What did you do?
The army's here for you!
How did they hear about this so fast?
Hey Venkat!
Let go of me, sir!
They declared it not-out, didn't they?
Where is your partner?
Bloody prick!
They wrongly declared Chief Dhoni out
by LBW, last time. That's why I did it.
Under the POTA act,
I think they'll make us hang by the neck.
What are you saying, man?
What is this, bro?
The army guys caught you, too?
I made them bring you here.
Are we getting the President's Award
as a reward for our service?
Why do you think they called us?
To steal some object,
they released me from prison.
What object?
Steal what?
-What is this?
It's like the mirror from "Bigg Boss".
You've been released under the provisions
of Armed Forces Special Power Act, 1958.
So even the military needs our help!
How did they get that tablet?
-I don't know, Colonel.
We thoroughly searched them.
Did you ask for 50% share
of the loot?
When that military girl stated her terms,
all I thought of, was to get out of jail.
A military girl?
What's she like?
-Not hot, but above average.
If anyone's a threat, it's them!
It's okay even if I don't get a share.
But at 7 PM, my hands start trembling!
Can I get some free rum
from the military?
What the hell, man?
That... is guaranteed.
We're supposed to rely on these clowns?
I'm sorry, Chief.
But I think we're better off without them.
Let's avoid this, Chief.
We'll give them a test.
And then take a decision.
Give them a very hard test.
If not, they might come along
and ruin this mission.
Even in such a big mirror,
I can't see you completely!
What a figure!
Thought he'd give them a test,
but he's giving us one!
We shouldn't lose in front of them!
This vault is made of
the world's strongest titanium.
Your task is to open it.
For that, you can use
any of this equipment.
But, your time to finish it...
...is just two minutes.
You have one more minute.
Get those explosive sticks!
What is this?
Decoration for "Ayudha Pooja"?
Don't ridicule them.
You have the same rules and regulations.
You can use
any of this equipment.
Go on, man.
They're getting pissed off!
We should've used more powerful sticks.
Two of them...
-That's what I took.
Now do you get it?
Now do you get why we need him?
Give them the necessary training.
-Yes, Chief!
It has crossed Triplicane!
Washermanpet. Chinthatharipet.
Ritchie Street. Our hood is finished?
Worried about our "hood"?
It's crossing Villupuram, man!
You make it sound like a bus route!
My uncle lives in Thanjavur.
No sea there, right?
You talked about stealing some object.
Won't you tell us what it is?
I'm learning about this for the first time,
right now!
In space...
...there is no gravitational energy.
There is no air.
The faintest sound cannot travel.
You can't hear it.
If you leave the spaceship
without wearing this suit...
...your bodies will explode.
If you remove these gloves
or helmet...
...or even a small scratch
appears on it...
...instant death.
Why does it say "Made in India"?
In this mission, every bit of technology
is Indian made.
So everything is indigenous?
Hollywood has the best space stuff.
Our stuff won't fly.
This is a mission of the Indian Army!
Least from now, try to be patriotic!
Patriotism, huh?
How many of you use Indian made phones?
Even for inexpensive phones,
we trust nothing local.
And you want us to stake our lives?
If you have any serious questions,
ask me!
If not, go and pig out!
One small doubt.
While wearing this outfit,
what do we do if we want to pee?
He asked me to ask you!
-As if you never pee!
In a diaper?
You'll definitely be needing this,
for the place you're going next.
Hey! She's flying!
In a zero gravity environment,
your breathing must be controlled!
If you breathe fast,
whatever's in your body will get out!
We don't puke even after downing
a full shot of whiskey!
Don't embarrass me like this!
I'm scared of heights!
Can this fan handle my weight?
Hold me!
Don't be scared!
You okay?
Don't you dare!
What's wrong?
It's okay. Just hold it in.
Hold it in!
Go over there!
My goodness.
I'm sorry, buddy!
Had a heavy lunch.
-Never mind.
Next time, we'll fly like a phoenix!
Are you okay, Vasu?
This is the exact design model,
of the missile that you have to steal.
All crew members must be aware
of how to load the missile.
The missile will travel
to the precise spot...
...of the location co-ordinates
that we input into it.
In space, rather than using
North, South, East and West...
...we feed in co-ordinates titled
"X", "Y", and "Z".
Using these three axes,
we can travel anywhere in space.
What I told you, is very important.
Please make note of it.
How attentive the both of you are!
Look at him!
Sorry, sir.
Swathi got away.
It's alright.
Execute our plan!
There is another way.
Swathi's pissed off
and she's got a gun!
With a gun?
You're right!
It wasn't me!
Still don't get it?
It says we shouldn't go in here.
She came with a gun for this?
All an act, huh?
For what?
Come. Let's eat.
Someone tried to kill me
from there.
Despite so much security,
how can anyone get in?
Definitely wasn't an outsider!
I'm against having a criminal like you
in a mission like this!
But now, your team
is the only one I can trust.
We need to stand up to anyone
trying to impede this mission!
'Are those the drops of time,
that ring through your ears?'
'Are those quivers
the beat of your heart?'
'Can anything that a man does
to end the root of suffering...'
'...be considered a sin?'
'If clouds do not steal water
from the sea...'
'...can there ever be any rain?'
'Can anything that a man does
to end the root of suffering...'
'...be considered a sin?'
'If clouds do not steal water
from the sea...'
'...can there ever be any rain?'
'Destiny, small.
Determination, huge.'
'Obstacles, small.
Answers, huge.'
'Pain, small.
Path, huge.'
'The material, small.
The spiritual, huge!'
'Are those the drops of time,
that ring through your ears?'
'Are these quivers
the beat of your heart?'
'Are those the drops of time,
that ring through your ears?'
'Are these quivers
the beat of your heart?'
'From when the war begins,
whatever may happen...'
'...we need to be stubborn.
Just like children!'
'Look at the night sky!
And the shining stars!'
'Let's head over there!
To this celestial garden!'
'Dreams become realities,
with progress made every day!'
'From India to space,
we are astronomical!'
'Running hard to reach our destination,
is our ambition!'
'We swear upon our lives,
that we will return with success!'
'While many wars lie ahead of us...'
'...can a puny asteroid deter us?'
'Obliterate it! Shut the doors!
And then, we wage war!'
'When conflicts over language, religion
and ethnicity abound...'
'...will a falling sky
be the architect of our destruction?'
'Halt it! End its journey!'
'Only then,
shall we destroy ourselves!'
'A falling...
'When it rises...'
'Life is huge!'
'Are those the drops of time,
that ring through your ears?'
'Are these quivers
the beat of your heart?'
'When dangerous forms
attack the Earth...'
'...push the limits of energy,
we will!'
'When fearless hearts
band together...'
'...delay the bells of death,
we will!'
'Can anything that a man does
to end the root of suffering...'
'...be considered a sin?'
'If clouds do not steal water
from the sea...'
'...can there ever be any rain?'
'Destiny, small.
Determination, huge.'
'Obstacles, small.
Answers, large.'
'Pain, small.
Path, huge.'
'The material, small.
The spiritual, huge!'
'Are those the drops of time,
that ring through your ears?'
'Are these quivers
the beat of your heart?'
'Are those the drops of time,
that ring through your ears?'
'Are these quivers
the beat of your heart?'
'The clock relentlessly goes
"Tik! Tik! Tik"!'
'Passing seconds strike like thunder!'
'In a jiffy,
we will finish that story.'
'Cause when we do it,
you know we do it, quick and slick!'
'The training of the body
increases our capacity.'
'The human intellect
can conquer gravity!'
'The power within us
transcends all technology!'
'Take us to the shrine of victory,
will our confidence!'
"Today, five highly trained astronauts
at ISRO, are set to leave..."
"...in the 'Dhruva-1' spacecraft, from the
Sriharikota Space Research Centre."
Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.
I have never even taken a flight abroad.
Are you able to hear me?
Who is this?
How are you able to speak in this channel?
Your son Ravi, is with me.
What are you saying?
Don't shout!
No one outside this channel can hear us.
Your son wants to talk to you.
I'm really scared, dad!
Did you hear that?
Who the hell are you?
What do you want?
I need that missile!
If I give you the missile,
40 million lives will be lost!
Do you want to be a hero
and sacrifice your son?
There is no doubt!
My son is important to me!
I will steal it and give it to you.
We have ten hours before we cross
the asteroid safety line.
Dhruva-1 can reach
the target space station in two hours.
Don't bloody puke!
Here is the cabin uniform.
Get changed.
After we enter
their space station...
...it's up to you from there.
That's all I'm thinking about, Captain.
What are you doing over there?
-Sir, I'm so disoriented.
Here! Get changed!
Every problem appears small from here.
No father in the world,
would be this far apart from his son.
I would rather use a diaper
than use this.
Alright then!
Let me get down to task!
That was the last bottle of liquor!
Vasu is unconscious!
Few people may faint
due to lack of gravity.
Think there's high blood flow
to the brain.
Let's take him to the sick bay.
Press this pack of glucose.
You fainted due to excess blood flow
to your brain.
Please take rest.
Turn off your headphone.
What are you doing, Vasu?
Where are you going?
Good Morning!
Where are you both going?
What are you doing in here?
-I'm going to cut the red and blue wires.
Cut the wires?
Once I do, the ship will lose
liquid hydrogen.
And then?
It is like fuel for the spacecraft.
We are going to empty the tank.
Why are you doing it then?
-Just go and sit!
Listen to me! It might go wrong.
-Do what I say! Now go!
I'm talking to you!
Why are you doing this?
Ravi has been kidnapped!
By whom?
I don't know who is behind it.
But he is no ordinary man!
If I don't listen to him,
he will kill Ravi.
Vasu, act like you are unconscious.
They will take you to the sick bay
at the lower deck.
Go there and do what I say
without asking any questions.
I don't have a choice.
Swathi, the fuel level
seems to be dropping down.
The fuel tank is leaking!
The controls aren't functioning!
Chief, the fuel level is dropping down!
The ship isn't in our control!
We are being pulled by some force!
Can you hear me?
Please respond.
Are you okay, Captain?
Please respond.
We are okay.
Sorry, Chief.
Don't know where we went wrong.
It's okay, Captain.
There's no time for
"Sorry" or "Thank you".
Let's think of what to do next.
Have you thought this through?
Forty million lives are at stake.
There are four teams here.
Each team seems to have its own motive.
The army wants to steal the missile
and stop the asteroid.
The missile's owner doesn't want
to lose it at any cost.
For the one who blackmails,
no matter what happens...
...to our country,
he needs the missile.
The fourth team, is us.
We should win!
Chief, this is Dhruva-1,
reporting from the surface of the moon.
The outer doors are open
to check the fuel leak.
In this historic moment...
...I'm proud to step on the moon.
As the first Indian to step on the moon.
The first Indian to step on the moon...
...is Captain D. Raghuram.
It is M. Vasu.
Whoever it is,
it is great for our country, isn't it?
He pushed me, Captain!
Everyone knows Neil Armstrong.
The second and third person
to step on the moon...
...are forgotten even by Google!
Chief, the fuel wire has been cut.
That's impossible!
We don't know how it happened.
With the fuel we have,
we can run the engines only for an hour.
The fuel will reach you
in another six hours, Captain.
By then, the asteroid would be closer
to the safety line!
The time will not be sufficient.
I don't understand why
he made me open the fuel tank.
If the asteroid crosses the safety line,
while we're waiting...
...then there is no point
in getting the missile.
However you see it,
nothing can be done.
We have to wait here.
As if there's a fuel station nearby
to go and fill the tank!
Yes, there is.
Dhruva-2 is ready to be launched
immediately, with fuel.
Let's not take any more chances.
What happened, Vasu?
Why don't we request fuel
from the target space station?
Are you mad?
Will you ask them for it?
No, Captain.
It might actually work.
To them, we are just Indian astronauts
who have come for satellite maintenance.
This is Dhruva-1, Indian spacecraft.
We're here for satellite maintenance
and we've lost fuel.
Requesting help for refueling.
I'm sending in our co-ordinates.
I'll put this message on a loop.
Let's see if we get a reply.
-Go ahead.
Oh God!
Don't know whether
God is above or below us.
We have an entry point
into their space station.
Dhruva-1 attempting unorthodox take off.
Liquid hydrogen is dangerously low.
Dhruva-1 taking off, Chief.
Dhruva-1's estimated time of arrival...
...at the target space station
is 45 minutes.
I don't know why
a petty criminal from North Madras...
...did such a thing.
But I definitely know...
...that someone from our department...
...is behind all this.
But I don't know who it is.
Shall we inform our department
about this?
No need to disturb them now.
For now, just closely observe
the three of them.
Yakub Bhai, I'll get the missile
in another two days.
Six buyers are waiting for this.
But if it goes to certain buyers,
things will get dangerous.
I don't care who buys it
and for what reasons.
The expense for this thing...
The loss of lives it brings...
Knowing all this, I'm giving this to you.
Whoever accepts the price I've quoted...
...finish the deal with them.
This boy is not eating at all.
He won't die
if he doesn't eat for two days.
Dhruva-1 requesting to dock.
You thought you could fight like a thug
and escape from here?
Don't you need a plan
before attempting anything?
Don't forget to get me a spicy
Chicken rice and chilly manchurian
Why were you so late?
I was scared that I'd be doomed
in that box.
Did you finish the job?
Yeah, I placed the bug perfectly
in the mainframe system.
You both didn't notice
that I wasn't here, right?
I'm your Captain.
Tell me before doing anything.
You sound like the 'Captain'
who lost his deposit.
We are in, dude.
To open this vault...
...we need Captain Lee's fingerprints
and his retinal scan.
Even with that,
if the missile is moved by an inch...
...the alarm will go on.
We have no way to bypass
this alarm system.
That's the problem.
I don't know, bro.
You locked us in the room, didn't you?
Then how can we get out from here?
Alright then.
Kill me!
-Hey dude.
Even if I ask you to say it,
please don't do it, Vasu.
I'll tell you!
Don't, Vasu!
In the Indian ship!
I'll return the missile.
Ask him to release all of us.
He will give you the missile
if you release all of us.
Flat nose punk!
You didn't expect this, right?
No one enter the shuttle.
If you do, you won't make it back home.
Tell them to note this down.
89.8067 degrees North...
...and 221.5285 degrees...
89.8067 degrees North.
And 221.5285 degrees East.
Take a step forward to the Indian ship,
you will not return to your country.
Are they really spooked?
Yes. They all are terrified.
I am pretty scared out here, too.
Be careful.
If you slip, you have to keep going.
There is no limit to the universe, dude.
Hey! Don't scare me!
You thought you could fight like a thug
and escape from here?
Don't you need a plan
before attempting anything?
Listen carefully!
Escape to our ship
before their confusions clear.
Come on!
Captain! Behind you!
Come soon and close it!
Undocking Dhruva-1.
Vasu hasn't come yet, Captain.
We do not have any time!
With the fuel we have,
we can run the engine for fifteen minutes.
Come on, Vasu!
-Come on, dude!
-Come soon!
His oxygen tank is leaking!
Hey Vasu!
Thank God.
He has made it!
Running Engine A.
Running Engine B.
He needs an injection of adrenalin.
We've got the missile!
The Chief will be glad
to hear this!
Almost time for you
to hand over the missile to me.
From here,
how can I give this missile to you?
That's why I made you empty the fuel tank.
What about my son?
The minute you hand over
the missile to Dhruva-2...
...your son will be safe with his grandpa
at the Army guest house in Munnar.
Dhruva-2 is ready for docking.
I have done what you asked.
In another ten minutes...
...your son will be safe
at the Army guest house.
Do you know why I chose you
for this mission?
Your love for your son.
Neither you nor I are responsible
for those 40 million deaths.
It was purely an act of nature.
We couldn't stop it.
Simple as that.
We have visual contact
with the asteroid's crater.
Ten minutes left
to cross the safety line.
Load the missile now, Swathi.
-Yes, Captain!
The missile is missing!
Only eight minutes
to cross the safety line!
Is the missile ready for launch?
What are you saying, Captain?
Vasu's responsible for this.
Look at the images
I'm sending over right now.
He cut the fuel wire!
He hid in plain sight
and betrayed our mission.
He lies and cheats for a living.
What else could we expect from him?
Even if he is bad,
how could the missile leave the ship?
Only one minute away
from the safety line.
We came so close
to stopping it!
It has crossed the safety line.
The lives of 40 million people!
Some of our families...
...are in the target areas.
We won't share details of the mission.
Can you permit us
to speak to them one last time?
Your son has been released, Vasu.
Apologies for the delay
in telling you this.
Missile is locked
and ready to launch!
The asteroid hasn't crossed
the safety line. We have two minutes!
In another ten minutes...
...your son will be safe
at the Army guest house.
Thank you, Vasu.
If he's talking through this channel...
...no one else must know of our plan,
until this is over.
This is the exact design model,
of the missile that you have to steal.
In space, one cannot tell the difference
in weight...
...between a duplicate and the original.
Load the missile now, Swathi.
-Yes, Captain!
The suspense would've killed
the folks below!
Look in your pocket!
On our team's behalf,
here's a medal for you.
Look in your pocket.
After all, he is my son!