Tik Tok (2016) Movie Script

There are three stages to gambling.
The first thing that's important...
is to not be afraid of losing.
And second the last handout
is the most important.
Worry that you might lose.
Mr. Guo, you want to bet with me?
What kind of bet?
Guess how many sunflower seeds are left.
Whoever is the closest wins.
What's the reward?
If you win,
I will give you a whole lot of seeds.
If I win,
then you'll have to sign
this mental consent form.
or more if I add my age to my sibling.
Three, four, five, six...
Four, five, six, seven, eight.
How did you get it right?
You must be curious,
but you'll have to wait
until your treatment's done.
Till then...
Sign this.
(Guo ZhiDa)
Write the lower case letters first,
then you should follow
with the upper case letter.
My teacher researched Chinese characters.
The mistakes and imperfections
within the characters.
It's always plaint on handwriting.
The first game of Asia World Cup
has just started.
Do you bet on the games?
I don't watch, just bet.
You know that
you're gonna inherit the company.
Your brother willingly offered his factory
as a condition for the loan
I am graciously giving him.
Now the factory has burnt down,
so I can't get anything from you.
I'll give you two weeks,
you'll pay for your brother's debt to me,
Hurry up and pay me my money!
If not, I'll give you
what your brother deserves.
Let's go.
Team Ju Yuan, the home team
is facing Goyang Shingsung...
Police are investigating...
Dr. Yang is a good person.
Almost like my brother.
I should thank you.
South America,
like Argentina and Brazil...
You should bet on the team that wins.
- Where do you want to go?
- Take me to the Hilton Hotel.
You can speak Chinese?
I quit gambling.
But I can teach you how to.
(Lu Lu)
Li Zhiyu, you have to score today
or I am going to die.
I told my younger brother
to bet on Ju Yuan.
- What are you saying?
- And I can earn...
I am going to die.
A lot of money from gambling.
You're gonna have to score for me today,
or I am going to be killed.
Don't fail me.
I have a game-changing plan.
Always works.
Call it without worrying...
because there's no risk.
Li Zhiyu probably got my message.
Today is really such an unlucky day.
Will you just answer it?
How are you? Yes, but he cannot pick up.
Captain Jiang is busy.
He really can't
pick up the phone right now.
It's near the university.
Yes, I see.
- Go straight.
- Hello.
So, she just told me that the divorce
agreement deadline is tomorrow.
- She said there's no use in avoiding this.
- Turn right.
If I hadn't messed up,
the factory would still be there.
My younger sibling is still in America.
If it wasn't for me,
he'd have no threats.
But then...
I sit here with nothing.
I can only pay with my life.
The trash needs to die off.
The elite need to survive.
It's how the world has always been.
Dr. Yang.
Is it possible to drown yourself
in a bathtub, after this?
You only saw a small part.
This is a typical form of post-traumatic
stress and bipolar disorder.
If it's antisocial personality disorder,
we will have to hospitalize him.
But how do you diagnose him so fast?
My brother absolutely
needs the treatment again.
I already told you that I am still trying.
And what I am looking for
is a better hospital for you both,
one where he will be able to remain safe.
Did your brother tell you
about the Youzhuan plan?
I have no idea about his plan.
I plan on taking him to the US.
He needs to have an operation
where he's at home.
How can he be home in a mental hospital?
Youzhuan is game changing.
I don't know why he changed it.
ROOM 811
Excuse me, Dr. Yang.
Your delivery has arrived.
Don't move!
- Lay down.
- Don't move.
Team A, move out, now.
On our way.
Move to the first floor now.
Everyone get ready
to take him down. Now!
I repeat! I repeat!
Right now this criminal
is about to escape.
Everyone, get ready to take him down.
Ladies and gentleman,
here at Korea Goyang Stadium.
This the second game
of the 2016 Asia World Cup.
Home team, Korea Shinsung
vs. China's Guangzhou Ju Yuan.
Right now it's 1600, we're getting close.
Thirty minutes till game time.
Right now the crowd...
Help me! Help me!
We need to move.
Captain Jiang said that
there isn't much time.
So, let's move.
He's helping out with the case,
but nothing really seemed
to stand about it, sir.
Who is this?
The explosion happened during betting
on an illegal soccer match.
That's when he was burnt,
and he got PTSD.
PTSD is known as
Post-traumatic stress disorder.
So, they thought that he was a good case
for Dr. Yang's experience.
The Chinese people that live in Korea
have been examined
by Dr. Yang's research.
All of the families agreed
to work with her.
Does he have a family?
Yes. He has a brother named Guo Zhihua.
He has been living in America.
And recently he came from America
to take care of his brother.
That's right.
- Give it to me. Give it here.
- I'm busy at the moment. Can you hold on?
I'll take the phone. Give it to here.
That is my property.
This is an important evidence.
Our officers can hold onto this.
I'll call the Chinese Embassy.
You cannot arrest me.
I hate to tell you, we have that right.
The Embassy will notify you later.
For now...
you can't contact anyone
without getting permission from me.
Yang Xi,
you were born in Julgangsung Hangzhou,
China in 1986, China...
China... Hand it over.
Then at Renmin University of China,
with a doctorate degree in psychology.
And then you were at Seoul University
about two months ago.
But, Officer...
Is this doctor working illegally?
You were treating him and you know it.
What did he do to receive
such harassment from you?
You will listen! I'm asking the questions.
Where are Zhida's medical records
and your notes?
You know, I can't divulge that.
Here, Captain.
I can only tell you
and you need to remember this.
Whatever you do,
you cannot take that mask off him.
All right.
Your name, age, and address.
Where is the hostage?
Here is the pen.
Did you hear...
Are you OK?
Calm down.
Hold on.
Calm down.
Calm down! Stay!
You hold him!
- Tell him to stop. Go on.
- Yeah. OK.
The music,
it should help to calm him down,
if you keep all this up.
You can do it again after five minutes.
OK, Captain.
Apologies, I've used the towel.
You should apologize.
And also for this?
OK, An, remove them.
I will be interrogating her,
so don't let anyone through the door.
I'll leave this to cover
the cost of the towel.
My wife's Chinese too
and she's particular about towels.
My name is Jiang Chengjun.
Since you're short on time,
why don't you tell me briefly?
If I am going to help you,
you must explain everything
that's happened.
You're gonna have to score
for me today, babe,
or I'm going to be killed.
Lei Lu.
She is the wife of team Ju Yuan's
Li Zhiyu.
This morning
after all the wives went shopping,
it seems she got a text,
and so she went into the hotel
and she was all by herself.
After that no one saw her.
This morning Li Zhiyu
got a threatening call.
Is that a bomb that's tied on her?
I am pretty sure that it's a time bomb.
If you do the math,
the bomb will explode at 6:15,
which is also the time
that the match ends.
Are you thinking Guo Zhida did it?
After we got the call, we traced the call,
and that's how we ended up here with you.
He dropped the phone when he got arrested.
I checked the phone
and it belongs to Lei Lu.
So, are you saying
that I need to talk to Guo Zhida
to know where she is now?
Is that it?
Guo Zhida's been talking to you
and it seems you've gotten close
ever since he came in here.
OK, then I'll help you.
And I think that both need rescuing.
Why did you come back here?
You know it's my office.
We should definitely
continue our sessions.
You stay calm
and the police won't bother us.
Right now, the medical doctor
and the patient are consulting,
so I am afraid I must ask,
please stay away, and wait for now.
So, un-cuff him and leave now.
OK, Captain.
If I make a signal with my hand,
go in there.
Today will be our last session.
I'll tell you the answer
that I promised I would.
So, each morning,
I put a 100 seeds into that bottle.
And then I started to count.
How many seeds there were?
But Guo Zhida had started to eat.
Thirty-two from 168.
It was simple.
I should be the house in this game.
Why don't we relax for the day?
Watch the game.
It's fine. We can watch and wait.
It seems that there is something wrong
with the list of players
playing on the second Asia World Cup game.
Li Zhiyu is on team Ju Yuan,
and a starting defender
is missing from the list.
Now, that's surprising
that there is a missing point on the list.
But it would appear so...
That stupid coach.
Number ten Li Zhiyu... No...
Do you know how hard I planned?
Li Zhiyu is not on the list.
You kidnapped Li Zhiyu's wife.
- So, how can he play the match?
- I'm helping him.
I know why he didn't make the goal.
He doesn't know
why he's playing the match.
So, now I'll have to tell him.
Kidnapping his wife is not threatening.
He needs to cheer up.
Stop whining, it's all just for love.
I understand.
You need to sit. Calm down.
Just relax.
You can keep eating sunflower seeds,
it will calm you. I have no other snacks.
Are you hungry?
Why is that?
I think because you are upset.
Calm down,
I think your brain needs Tryptophan.
You probably just burned
a whole lot of carbohydrates.
I bet that you must be really hungry.
Am I right?
A little.
I ate lunch very early.
What time did you eat lunch?
Around 11:00.
Dumpling and some duck blood noodles.
Do you still eat takeout?
Yes, I am scared of eating in restaurants.
They're just talking about
what they'd like to eat.
Do you want to bet on that?
- What they like to eat?
- Maybe I should eat dumplings again.
- Yeah. She will mess everything up.
- Order noodles, fried beans, meat sauce.
- Yep, I'd probably bet on that.
- No.
I think I'll have dumplings.
You should try the duck noodles.
I eat that every time.
I always think they are very delicious.
- Bring me the Seoul map.
- It's always been one of my favorites.
I am getting it.
I think I am gonna order something now.
Hold on.
Dr. Yang...
you're losing your mind.
You didn't ask me
the number for the restaurant.
You know, I also order takeout a lot.
This takeout place only delivers
within three kilometers
from their location.
Take this and go
to Chungwon Chinese restaurant.
Check who ordered
duck noodles this morning.
I think the hostage
is being held somewhere nearby.
Right. I understand.
Dr. Yang, thank you.
She is paying for the Chinese food today.
No, thank you.
For three years, I have used the name
of paper companies to hide money
in banks, secret bank accounts
and secret trust companies.
Company name, representative and password.
These are things saved on a USB.
Today's earning is two million
and then the two million dollars
are deposited.
With this black key,
you can withdraw money at anytime.
I assure you that everything
I just said is totally legal.
OK, go.
You're wasting my time.
Yeah, I found it.
I also found out that the noodles
were all ordered from here too.
And the delivery man said that
the person that ordered
was wearing a mask. I remember that.
What are you gonna do with Guo Zhida?
I don't think that's your business.
What are you doing this afternoon?
I have a personal matter.
That's gonna be difficult.
You need to make a statement
down at the police station.
With all that's happened,
you're under suspicion.
Go on.
Today is the day we need to deliver.
We need to get the money to the gamblers
and we need some tight security.
Don't you worry about that.
I knew that you'd worry
so I hired 30 extra guards.
Look at them now.
Look sharp. Do your jobs.
Don't worry about the security.
Not even a mosquito
can get into the building.
Yeah. Our four casinos
have already been busted.
Police or anyone else.
I am going to kill all of them.
Dr. Yang.
Are you on the same team as them?
Don't forget.
I am a doctor, and you're my patient.
We are on the same team.
The hostage wasn't hurt at all.
It appears that she was only quite scared.
She was taken away to the hospital
to be examined.
Tell them that the hostage is secured.
And tell team one to follow
the ambulance closely,
and get the hostage's
statement as soon as you can.
I am on it, sir.
Don't touch the switches or the cords, OK?
- Because it can explode.
- I hear you, sir.
I think that this is the floor plan
of the stadium.
But why on the wall?
Why did they draw there?
But why draw a stadium?
Hey, Captain. Look at this.
This is TNT.
Everything on the table
is incredibly explosive.
Make sure not to touch it.
Captain Jiang.
On the list of purchasing items here,
a huge amount of chemicals is missing.
Most of them are already
made into explosives.
How many bombs can we make
that are like the one on the hostage
with these chemicals?
About five.
Do you think all the bombs are here?
You have to look for them to know.
Babe, I love you.
Could you sign for me here, please?
Your treatment is over.
I'll bring your diagnosis to the court.
And the diagnosis will prove
you are not mentally accountable.
An speaking.
Are you saying
the mental institution's better?
- I think it's better for you.
- Where is that?
And the team?
What's this?
That is for the police department.
I guess the bomb went off.
Tell me where the rest of the bombs are?
You tell me first.
Just how many people died.
You think, you are a winner,
but the game is just starting.
- Look for it inside.
- Yeah, I got it.
- Pull.
- Attention, support vehicles!
Attention, support vehicles!
There was an explosion
in the main team room.
We need ambulance
on the spot.
- We need ambulances. Now!
- Are you OK?
We are into Second quarter.
Team Goyang Shinsung and Team Guangzhou
Ju Yuan players are entering.
Is the new plan a bomb?
It was only a bet.
Good. And what's the bet about?
We're betting on who's going to win.
Is it Shinsung
or is it going to be Ju Yuan?
And what do you get if you win the bet?
What's funny?
You probably just hide it
because you won't talk.
You probably never won once in your life
and you lived like a loser
through all your life.
Do you even know what winning is like?
Should I tell you the answer now?
You just wanted
to be like your own brother.
That's your subconsciousness.
You think, you're a burden to him.
Your brother always took care of you.
Do you know why he did that?
He felt sorry for you.
No, Dr. Yang, you won't stop the bomb.
I mean that.
Go on and say what you want to say to me,
but it won't stop the bomb from exploding.
I am not a cop. I don't fall
for the usual things that they do.
I already know you well,
and I won't fall for all that.
You are a loser
because you won't accept that you lost.
Shut up!
You know what I think,
there is no other bomb.
You didn't use the bomb to threaten,
but to cover your shame.
- You did all of this just to win a bet.
- That's bullshit.
- You said, you know everything.
- Do you really have to keep talking?
- You're wrong. You're the real loser.
- You're just like the team Ju Yuan.
- You'll see. There's only 90 minutes left.
- You're gonna be just like them.
You listen to me,
the bomb is in the stadium.
Yeah, that's right.
My bet is not on the bomb.
It is on the 50,000 lives.
Where are you?
What was that?
The stadium?
One team will keep the press out
and stop them from getting in the way.
The other team investigates
the residence by questioning.
Everyone else follow me,
we need to get to the stadium.
The stadium?
But we haven't finished everything yet.
The bombs aren't here.
They are at the stadium.
Who gave you that info?
Are you sure it's correct?
Yes, sir, it's correct.
Dr. Yang gave me the info.
Dr. Yang and Guo Zhida were talking
on the way to the police station
and that's when
he confessed it all by himself.
Then why is it that you are here?
Why aren't you stopping the game?
Don't you stop the game, Captain Jiang.
Can we talk?
I need just a moment.
This has come from the highest authority.
We can't afford to lose the stadium.
The Olympics are coming.
The world will think
that the Republic of Korea
will not be able to host the Olympics.
But don't worry about that.
The NIS will take care of this.
Turn him over.
We can just give him to them.
- Where are you going?
- To organize the data.
Don't do that, sir.
No. Stop, sir.
- Be patient!
- Let go!
- Sir.
- Be patient.
Calm down.
Stop fighting!
Do you have some cash?
He has the Cain complex.
He always lost out to his brother in life.
Their parents always
preferred his brother.
He got to go to America,
and inherited all their money.
Gambling, kidnapping and bombing...
He always wanted to have the attention.
If Zhida was an angel,
he still couldn't be as good.
So, in the end he just decided to be evil.
Dr. Yang, it's too dangerous in here.
I am gonna take you out.
You can't do this.
You came here to ask my help
and now you're kicking me out.
I helped you find the hostage.
I also found out about the bomb.
And what did the police do?
Well, first they took my phone away
- and then...
- Fine.
I'll give you another chance.
But tell me what your theory is.
Guo Zhida said that
it will be his special plan.
To him this is nothing but fun and games.
He wants to show his brother that he won.
To win?
Against who?
The police, all the gamblers and everyone.
So, tell me what your plan is.
He likes to bet.
So, I think we should.
Do you want to choose what to bet on?
You said you wanted to be the house.
Well, I will be the ref.
I will do it and fairly.
What if he wins?
Tell me the bomb's location.
If he loses?
The cops will go to team Ju Yuan.
Tell Li Zhiyu he's playing.
Li Zhiyu will run as fast as he can
because 50,000 people depend on it.
Is this what you do
to change the situation?
So captain Jiang...
Do you enjoy your soccer?
If not for you, I'd be watching the game,
and enjoying a nice cold beer.
Fine, then let's bet on soccer questions.
Fair enough.
You know Cristiano Ronaldo well,
don't you?
Guess the name of his son.
And just what kind of questions are these?
Are you saying you give up?
The question is strange.
Why don't you give him a hint?
You can call one person and then ask them.
Call someone.
Put it on the speaker phone.
Hello, who is it?
Who is this?
Well, I am a friend of Zhang Lin.
She's in the shower. Who are you?
I'll tell her to call you.
That's OK.
- Who's on the phone?
- It's unlisted, I don't know.
Hold on, here she is.
Hello. Who is it? Who is this?
It's me.
Jiang Chengjun?
You called me. Today is the deadline.
I asked the lawyer.
He said that even
if you don't show up in court tomorrow,
the divorce agreement will be valid.
If I am still alive tonight,
I'll divorce you tomorrow.
What was that?
I cannot explain it right now.
I am working, but I need your help.
You are always working,
so I am gonna hang-up.
Don't hang-up the phone.
Will you listen to what I am saying?
That's great. Finally, you tell me
not to hang-up the phone.
- You were always the one that'd hang-up.
- I am sorry.
I guess I am a bad person.
Just answer this question.
50,000 people's lives depend on it.
- Are you drunk again?
- What is Cristiano Ronaldo's son's name?
Did you just hear that?
Don't ever be with a Korean man.
Korean men aren't
like the men in the dramas.
They always drink after work.
They always hit their wives.
Captain Jiang.
Your wife left you
because you beat her, right?
She knows soccer?
She happens to be a fan of Ronaldo.
What about your wife?
Oh, no! You say she's your ex.
Because your are not divorced,
she's still your wife.
What do you think
your wife said about you to that man?
What do you think
the two of them will do tonight?
I try to catch men like you
which is why I could never see my wife.
- He's doing it on purpose.
- Guess what, so am I.
Where is the bomb?
Aiming a gun at someone's head...
Exciting, isn't it?
Like the bomb in the soccer stadium
is completely in my hands.
Feels like I have
all the power in the world.
How cool is that?
Tell me, where is the bomb?
Do you wanna bet?
You're gonna shoot? Hurry up.
If I die, you'll be a hero.
- Enough! Will you keep your mouth shut?
- If I die you'll get a promotion.
Just kill me.
Kill me and you can bring Zhang Lin back.
Here, you have a text from Zhang Lin.
Zhang Lin?
"Cristiano Ronaldo Jr."
And now you reply to your wife.
Just text her, "Thank you."
Thank you because she saved my life.
I'll take you to the stadium.
I will take you to the bomb.
Both of us?
The game is starting now.
The referees can't leave.
The suspect has chosen the rules.
The suspect, Dr. Yang, and myself
are the ones that can be inside.
The cops must not
expose themselves at all.
He'll blow up the bomb
if he sees any police on the scene.
I know it's crazy,
but in this case we have to.
We need to do whatever is necessary now.
Listen, all you have to do
is find the bomb.
You don't have to take care of it.
If you can find the location,
just report it.
The bomb squad will take care of the bomb.
If there are any problems,
you know that everything will be
all on you.
All on you. It is all on you.
WE LOVE YOU WHILE YOU FIGHT FOR I Goyang is possessing the ball
a lot longer than team Ju Yuan.
The ball is now held by Shinsung
and it's a pass.
Another pass again.
That kind of play deserves to be carded.
Wild Cat, the entrance
to the stadium is clear.
The referee is taking out a yellow card.
He's let a lot slide.
The players from team Ju Yuan
are surrounding him.
Go through to Bleacher A.
Wild Cat, keep your distance.
Eagle, be prepared.
Eagle here, prepare to shoot the bird.
The bomb is in the middle of the stadium.
But where?
Wear it.
If not, give it to Dr. Yang.
Shinsung, you suck!
Go, Ju Yuan! Go, my team!
Just what are you doing?
Listen, if you want the bomb,
you will do as I say.
You will do as I tell you to.
Hey, Shinsung, you suck!
Say it louder.
Shinsung, your players suck!
Hey, babe, look. What is he doing?
You tell me, where the bomb is.
Hey, listen to me...
You keep talking
and then walking straight,
until I tell you the location of the bomb.
Dr, Yang, I need a favor.
Don't miss a word of what
this guy is saying and report it
Shinsung, your team sucks!
You're crazy.
- You crazy bastard.
- Die.
- That guy.
- Shinsung, you suck!
- Hey, get down!
- Bastard.
Shinsung, your team sucks!
Now stop.
Now he needs to go two blocks forward.
He says you need to go two more blocks.
And now you tell him
if he punches that big guy,
he'll know just where the bomb is.
He told me...
that you should punch the fat guy,
then you will know where it is.
What the hell do you want?
You're such a bastard.
I told you everything,
do whatever you want.
- What do you want?
- What the hell?
Hey, look at that bastard.
Get that bastard.
Hey, get over here.
Where the hell is this
that you dress like that?
Look at that guy!
Get him.
Who do you think you are?
- Bastard. Get him!
- That's what you get.
The referee stands by his call.
Goyang Shinsung free kicks
near the penalty area.
Number seven player Ha Junggee
kicks the ball.
I found it.
I have the bomb.
- I have found the bomb.
- All right, be careful.
The bomb squad will be here soon.
Are you OK?
- Thank you.
- Thank who?
You need to thank team Shinsung.
You're alive because they scored a goal.
Where's the next location?
There isn't a bomb.
I never said there was a bomb here.
Did they poison the noodles, I wonder?
I am about to burst.
Why is he losing the game?
What's that?
Wouldn't you say that
Guo Zhida is losing the game?
If he give up the bomb,
he can't threaten Ju Yuan
to win the game anymore.
He's worked so hard on a big plan.
He lost the game because of Ronaldo's son.
Is that normal?
Mentally ill people
always believe in their own answer.
We can't possibly try and understand.
I don't buy it.
My experience says that
he's not gonna be so easy to solve.
You mustn't always doubt everything.
You probably think
that you are workaholic,
but it's not that.
It's more like marital problems,
that's why I have the personality I do.
Try to trust in people.
Are you saying I should trust that creep?
Just trust me.
Where are the rest of the bombs?
If you tell the rest,
I'll take you to the bombs.
Don't forget the rules here.
If you lose, you have to tell us where.
I didn't agree to all of the bombs
for one game.
The rule of the game is that
if you get one question right,
I will tell you one location of one bomb.
You need to calm down.
Don't argue, let's start.
Ask the question.
Go on.
Captain Jiang seems
like he's eager to play.
OK. The betting is very simple.
First, you take out your gun,
aim at her head,
then you shoot and then you win.
Dr. Yang, you said that you knew me well.
You decided that I am mentally ill.
Did you imagine that
I could play this game?
You still think you're lucky.
How many lives do you think
you can save now?
How about 50,000 if you just kill one?
Captain Jiang.
You're not...
You're not considering this bet, are you?
If I shoot the gun,
how do I know you'll keep your end?
You wouldn't know.
That's what betting makes so exciting.
Don't you understand?
You're supposed to kill the doctor.
You only told me to shoot her in the head.
But you never said to load it.
But it's loaded now.
Do you agree?
Where is the bomb?
Under your foot.
Huang Bo Chao
steps inside the penalty line.
It's a fair tackle.
How come the bomb is hidden here?
It's a certain millimeter gas pipe.
This goes all over Seoul.
If the bomb explodes,
it will be a huge disaster.
The bomb's set to blow
at the end of the match, so...
If Shinsung wins,
it'll be a big surprise
for all of the people.
Shut up!
We've found the bomb.
What's the situation like?
It's pretty chaotic over here.
It's pretty difficult to get
rid of it, you see.
- The bomb is attached to the pipe.
- Can't you just detach it?
The bomb is attached below the pipe,
so it's unreachable.
I think we have to ask assistance
from the city, sir.
A corner kick.
Closing in. So close.
There's a goal!
The players' teamwork was incredible.
The stadium is chaotic.
The fans and players are excited.
It already looks like
they've won the championship.
There's just one more question,
then you can show us as promised.
You wanna lose that quickly?
You will never win.
You're wrong.
I will win.
You're not going to be able to answer it.
Here's the last one though.
What's more important,
now arrest me or get the bomb?
It makes no sense. That isn't a question.
The question is too subjective.
You always say I am wrong,
so there's no need to answer it.
The area is secured,
I will find it without your help.
But you have to follow the rules.
Dr. Yang, guard him with a gun.
I will find the bomb.
If he even moves a little,
then you shoot him.
The gas pipes
from the district are closed.
What about the section of the pipe?
Try to cut off the part with the bomb.
If we do that,
the bomb will vibrate and explode.
What's the safest way you think?
We have to cut that section off.
If that leaves us room,
then we can try and detach the bomb, sir.
I found something that looks like a bomb.
It's in the basement called South Hallway.
I am gonna take a look.
It's best if you be careful.
If the marbles roll up and down, and left,
the bomb will explode.
I don't need assistance, please stay away.
What about you?
It's the last bomb anyway.
I guess I am gonna die with this bastard.
The bomb explodes, the bastard will die.
It's upgraded with American equipment.
It's heavy, right?
Can you hold on
until the police gets here, Captain.
- Tell me how to disable it.
- Do you think I am afraid of dying?
If you die before us,
then you'll be the loser.
You see the knob on the right?
The magnetic pole is installed behind it.
As soon as the knob is lose,
the magnetic pole will divide.
Then the trigger device will not work.
That makes sense because he's not stupid.
Believe it or not.
Dr. Yang, you're not responsible
for saving my life.
Hurry up and go.
And you're not going to tell me
what to do.
Yang Xi, are you all right?
- I can't see anything.
- It's all right. It's just the flash.
Close your eyes and it will be fine.
Give that to me.
You just wait here.
Goyang Shinsung is winning the game
against Guangzhou Ju Yuan by 2-0.
The first quarter ends at 45 minutes.
Captain Jiang.
Are you OK?
Is that woman the psychologist?
What do you think about Dr. Yang?
Such a disappointment.
The doctor's unqualified.
Our brother's misery was prolonged.
She was responsible.
Then tell me,
why is it that you chose her?
She had a lower fee.
What were you doing
that made you arrive so late?
I arrived late
because I was attempting to get a loan
and then my phone was dead.
So, I charged the phone in my house,
then I found out I had some missed calls.
So, I called. He said I needed to come.
The suspect is in the stadium.
We are now going to guard
every entrance into here.
Search everyone that goes through the gate
and tries to exit.
The search team
will examine everything in this place.
- We get it.
- Yes, sir. Right away.
My brother cause a lot of chaos.
Please don't shoot him, all right.
Listen, I will try to persuade him.
So, now we all now.
Zhida won't blow up the third bomb
because there isn't a bomb in the gym.
Don't you see this wasn't his point?
I know.
What's going on?
Get that lady out of here.
- Now hold on.
- Stop there, OK?
What are you doing?
The people are assuming that the situation
was a plot between you and Zhida.
My boss and I already talked.
And you need to be questioned,
I am taking you now.
Get that woman to talk
as much as possible.
I know that you can't hide
anything from them.
Let me ask one more thing.
Your brother told you to bet
on team Ju Yuan. Isn't that true?
No, that didn't happen.
We haven't talked from a long time.
Look, I'll tell you...
My brother's a gambler.
Or have you forgotten?
You fell for it.
What are you so sad about?
Because he used me.
He gave you a hint
about the hostage and the bomb...
so that you'd believe me.
You all believe he's insane.
What are you looking at?
Well, one thing you said is true.
Guo Zhida's motive isn't the stadium.
And the 50,000 people
that were here are safe.
So then really...
we haven't lost the game.
It's right here. I'll take over now.
This is all the information we've got.
Who does this belong to?
That is Dr. Yang's.
After she was under arrest,
did she try and make contact with anyone?
I think there was one phone call
and she had problems with that.
She couldn't answer her phone
because it was already broken.
Find out the last person who called
- and check their phone.
- OK, I will.
Hello, sir. Did you call me?
Someone said that they saw Guo Zhihua.
He was very close to Goyang Stadium.
So, I guess he wants to die.
I'll go find him immediately.
Commissioner, we got the phone number.
- Well, dial it already.
- Yes, sir.
Thank you for getting
the contact information for Abel,
the plastic surgery clinic.
Our Abel Plastic Surgery Clinic
has the best techniques and service
for our customers,
and we are currently underway
to make a prettier future
for a prettier you.
This is all that I have.
Remember, the ref blows the whistle.
The second half of the game is starting.
Ju Yuan's forward Li Zhiyu
runs and takes it.
Number 10 player is now on the field.
The second half is expected
to see game-changing moments.
Li Zhiyu's condition appears good.
That would appear so.
He seems very energetic.
Team players still believe in him.
He shoots... It's bad.
It barely made it. Whatever!
Team Ju Yuan is finally attacking.
This will soon be ground zero.
It was Zhida's home.
You know him better,
so now I need your help.
It's the beginning of part two.
And whatever we do,
I know we cannot lose this one this time.
- Did you take all pictures?
- Yes, I did.
- Has the TNT inspection been done?
- Yes, sir.
We can put some samples in here.
This looks like the stadium.
This is the soccer stadium.
Next is the sports complex,
with four gates to the north,
south, west, and to the east.
But there seems to be something missing.
Can this be right?
Inspector An, find data
for the JCP electrical building.
I'll send you the address.
Look at this.
What is the content of this form?
It's a form for bus rentals.
Li Zhiyu is on the chase.
He passes the ball.
It seems to be working. He's inside.
He shoots and scores.
This truly is the skill of team Ju Yuan.
Ju Yuan is only trailing
by one point. Two to one.
Guo Zhida.
You crazy fool.
Why're you going around like a mad man?
Where's your brother?
Look at that lamp.
Does it look a little weird?
I meant that the lamp...
is in a strange spot.
Then what?
I wonder what all the lines are for.
I found the data.
The owner of the building
happens to have a company in Africa.
The company is a logging company
that has nothing to do with any electrics.
Is there any news?
- The kids are saying they're hungry.
- Yes.
- Make it all sense to me.
- How are we supposed to live with no gas?
What the hell are you on?
I don't understand.
- I mean, all of our kids are hungry.
- What are we supposed to do?
What is going on here? What is this about?
What is wrong?
The ladies are arguing
about something in the hall.
I don't get it.
We must have turned the gas off.
Now they cannot cook.
Now I think I get it.
That's it! It's a blueprint for gas pipes.
Number seven from Team Ju Yuan
is getting ready to kick the ball
from 40 meters.
That player is a very good striker.
Li Zhiyu, the number 10 player,
gets the pass and shoots.
He shoots and scores with lightning speed.
He shoots, and it's in! The score is 2-2.
Li Zhiyu is a dangerous opponent
for anyone. Amazing.
- What are the chances of us losing?
- Great.
This is getting more exciting.
- Stop.
- Look out.
Hey, stop.
Are you OK?
- Mr. Lee.
- Emergency!
A car drove through the north gate
of the stadium and drove away.
Tell the Terror Investigation Team!
- You and your subordinates also move.
- Yes, sir. We're on it.
The Blue Equus is heading towards Youngju.
Those bastards.
I think, I know where Guo Zhida is.
- What?
- Get the men over to the JCP building.
- OK.
- Guo Zhida knew the police
couldn't get the bomb off the pipe,
which is the reason
for why he put the bomb under there
just as he did earlier.
Zhida was planning to use the gas pipes
to go to the JCP building.
We are on our way to arrest Guo Zhida.
Zhida's planning to use a decoy
to distract us,
while he escapes to the stadium
using the gas pipes.
- Don't be fooled.
- Quiet!
We have to take the bomb out,
so stay quiet.
Listen, turn your phone off now.
Damn it!
Why won't you listen to me?
Dr. Yang, just stay here.
If I don't come out in 15 minutes
then call the police.
I want the truth just as much as you do.
Well, there's no gas inspector
as attractive as Dr. Yang.
Hey, Jiang.
Yes, sir.
All the buildings have been cleared,
I am walking into the JCP building now.
How can I help you?
It's been reported that
there's a gas leak in an apartment.
Sir, who are you?
I am from the gas corporation.
The buildings around here have no gas,
that's why I need to get in
and make an inspection.
We haven't been notified of that.
You need to go.
But I told you, I am checking the gas.
Leave the building.
Don't worry. Go on. Get out of here.
You must go. I am a cop.
Leave the building now.
Get down.
Right now we're in overtime.
The last three minutes.
Who can save Ju Yuan?
He told me to drive to the building
within ten minutes.
He said that the bomb would explode.
- What are you doing here?
- I work here.
It's the headquarters of the gambling mob.
Please help me.
The police are everywhere.
Li Zhiyu brings the ball inside.
The defenders run past. He's in.
He takes the shot!
Goal! Just in the nick of time he scored.
This game will forever be
in the history books.
Ju Yuan wins the game 3-2
They beat Goyang Shinsung.
Ju Yuan outscored Shinsung
and they become the Asia Cup champions.
The explosion has started
from the basement of the building.
I think Captain Jiang is inside.
Let's go in now.
All right, everyone check inside
the building carefully.
If anyone tries to resist...
then shoot them.
- I understand.
- I understand.
The third floor of the basement
has exploded.
Everyone move upstairs
to the fourth floor of the building.
Sorry, you can't enter.
We are finding resistance in the building.
They're heavily armed.
It's getting crazy in here. Be careful.
All right, watch yourselves.
Repeating. We are finding resistance.
They're heavily armed.
Be careful now, there's lots of them.
Attention, everyone, be careful.
Help me.
They're many in there,
but we will beat them.
79 DEO 2682
Over here.
Captain, are you OK?
- Are you OK, sir?
- Are you OK?
We'll tell the team.
I saw Guo Zhida,
dressed like a cop.
You have to find him, he's getting away.
- Halt! Pull over!
- Yeah, I got him.
Turn it off. Hands up.
You'll never shoot.
Wanna make a bet?
OK, let's bet...
on your losing.
The bomb's wired to my heart.
It will explode
as soon as it stops beating.
You think I am surprised?
I've always wanted to know
what shooting a gun feels like.
Dr. Yang...
Yang Xi.
Hey, Captain.
The suspect has Dr. Yang
on a bus right now.
Number 2682.
- Got it, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Red bus 2682, check the location.
Dr. Yang, do you think
you can guess my next plan?
No, I can't,
because you don't have a hand to play.
As soon I got on the bus,
all your plans has turned into failure.
You have lost.
Right now the suspect
is fleeing in a red bus,
which is heading for Sangam-dong.
Get all the patrol cars
to follow that bus right away.
Chase after that bus.
We see the bus.
Everyone stay on that vehicle
as it heads towards the bridge.
The hostage is inside the bus.
Don't shoot him
until the situation is cleared.
The most important thing is her safety.
No, don't shoot.
Surrender. You have nowhere to go.
What's the reason?
Today your brother came after me.
I said that you needed to be
in a hospital,
and he told me no.
In his words...
he said that your home is
where you had your accident.
You tried all the time to make up a story.
But the truth is, he was by your side...
the whole time.
Your brother's waiting.
Oh, my brother!
Who I have is now enough.
Keep all your possessions.
Get out now.
Let's both go.
It's really the best decision
you can make for your brother.
The investigation unit is here.
We will find all the evidence.
Make sure it's all wrapped up.
- Good job.
- Thank you.
Are you OK?
You did a great job.
Now, go and get some rest.
The DNA of the body
still needs to be examined.
Hey, come here, An.
Of course, sir.
"Oh, my brother!
All that I have is now enough.
Keep all your possessions."
What does that mean?
Do you know what that means?
"Oh, my brother!
Mine is more than enough.
- You may keep your possessions."
- Yes, that's it.
An, could you take Dr. Yang
and escort her home?
Certainly, sir.
I am sorry. It wasn't on purpose.
That's not right. The Korean Government
will compensate you, Doctor
Then I must stay in Korea.
Yes, of course.
You still have a reporting to do.
So, you can't leave Korea.
And I will find you.
I'll be sure to find you.
Hey, Captain.
The reports have just come in.
Guess what, the dead body
and Guo Zhida's DNA matched.
Guo Zhida is dead, sir.
I thought that you wanted to know, sir.
Please tell Guo Zhihua
why his brother committed suicide.
Yes, sir.
When did Guo Zhihua go home?
Commissioner Kim said
we should talk to the suspect
because we might need him.
So, Zhihua was told to stay.
Then who's guarding him?
Maybe the NIS is guarding him.
Maybe, you say?
Hurry up and find out now.
Yes, on it, sir.
Guo ZhiDa
This was written in a strange way.
Write the lower case first
and then the capitals.
These habits are impossible to break.
It's about forensics.
You probably don't even know
how amazing my brother is.
In America,
he worked part time at Stark's.
Stark? Do you know it?
They manufacture weapons
and they're in America.
This was upgraded in America.
It's heavier, right?
Dr. Yang, you can't even imagine.
My brother won the gold for swimming.
What are you looking at?
Call the SWAT team
and tell them to go to Guo Zhihua's house.
Guo Zhihua is really just a disguise.
Mr. Guo, is something wrong?
Sorry to bother you so suddenly but...
I just heard from the police.
My brother...
committed suicide before he was captured.
I am here to obtain
my brother's medical records from you.
Must be urgent.
But I was supposed to...
Hold on a sec.
- I'll go and look.
- Thank you for that.
Dr. Yang.
Dr. Yang.
Is something wrong?
Calm down, don't rush.
What's it called? Give me your phone.
Captain, we've searched Guo's home.
That bastard's not at home.
If you take one more step,
I'll throw it in the water.
You're afraid that it will get wet,
that's why you put this in my pocket.
You probably didn't expect me
to be on the bus.
That's why you are acting this way.
Is that right?
Dr. Yang.
Do you have to behave like this right now.
I was going to live peacefully,
live quietly with the USB.
The police examined the DNA and then they
notified me that it was my dead brother.
The suspect is dead
and the police took care of the situation.
The bomb was taking care of...
Oh, yes.
The illegal gamblers failed
in their nasty business.
I just wanted the truth.
What the hell is in this thing?
A black key.
The gambling group transfers
their money in files with the USB.
When I was in America,
I learned how they worked.
I know how they distribute money.
- Black key is ready.
- Yes, sir.
My brother told me about it.
He said that one day,
he would pay me all the money.
I knew the time had come
when the gambling group came to me.
And then it changed.
Tell me who I met.
Are you the oldest or the youngest?
Will you tell me?
Except for the first time.
The person you met has always been me.
So, you killed your brother for money?
My brother was a loser his entire life.
He has done only one thing
and that was his death.
Now, his name will be on the list
of most wanted Korean criminals.
Guo Zhida has surpassed his confidence
and his brother surpassed that
with all his money.
"Oh, brother!
Mine is now enough.
You can keep all of your possessions."
Now, I understand.
Your brother was not the person
who was crazy,
it was you.
Dr. Yang.
You really like to pose,
but I'll take that.
I am not as smart as you.
But since I am here, you can't take...
anything away from me.
Do you still think you're a winner?
Because I happen to know
exactly what you are.
You are actually nothing,
but a psychotic loser.
I told you I would come get you.
What did you say to the bastard
to make him come over?
This is a conversation
between doctor and patient.
Doctors should respect their secrets.
And did you really throw away the USB?
Yes, I am on the way to the hospital
on Tehran Street with Dr. Yang.
The USB of the illegal gambling group
is safe with me.
Subtitle translation by
Guozhen Gai