Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles (2012) Movie Script

Damn it,
can not you slow down?
Head, which has given me Tess for you
You owe her 350 pesos
eighteen ...
forty, forty-one.
Was that boss?
The jackpot this time is huge.
Go past me on the ass.
These are my numbers.
I put on five, eight
twenty-three and then
the forty-eight.
I'm in a hurry,
how long will it take?
I do not intend
here verdigris to be set
What's that one?
What I know
He wants to Castro
Sit in the cart
Hey, you wanker.
Captain Rainier Regalada.
I'm kind of like the mayor
here in the area of Pulupandan
You are not one of us
So you behave, right?
Have a smartass
Come on.
The learned his lesson yet,
let it be good
The is his master
still find.
... Sonia!
Sonia, come on in!
Just because we have a small
Had difference of opinion,
you need not equal
go back to your parents!
So you're the guy that my daughter
has pushed a roast in the oven.
Go on, fuck off, you ass!
Sonia let's talk, please
Knock it off so that
harass my daughter!
She has been everything the priest
confessed, and you just want to sin
To hit Stop looking at my Ma,
this you have no right!
But she has yet begun!
Respect my mother!
That this is clear!
Would you please tell him that he
to boldly go where he came from.
You do not go back with him!
Please let us go home.
No, I'm not coming back.
Why not?
I am here,
to excuse me.
All right?
Let's go home.
Sorry is all
what you can.
The problem you are,
and not me!
I want from you
nothing more to do
So to hear,
I beg your pardon?
You are pregnant.
You get a baby.
This is my child,
that you get there, our baby
Sonia, come on, let's ...
Will you marry my daughter?
Sure ...
I ... ... no question
I mean, Sonia is ...
No, no, no, no, no,
so not my friend!
Sonia's child is
all our happiness!
Since she needs
no coward like you!
I can the child
raise without you, Makoy.
I'll post the
Childbirth teacher
My parents will be
care for the child.
Planned Super, Sonia.
I'm going out of life
the child left out, right?
Mama's daughter.
Now I understand.
I give up.
You're such an asshole.
I wants that ..
... You go immediately on the spot.
The bus leaves exactly
in a minute and ...
do not you dare yes, me again
to occur under the eyes.
Sonia, not yet.
Now run but not go away
Sonia, wait for me!
You must be Makoy
I'm sorry,
to you the door ...
I proposed to her,
but she has refused.
Such a shit
I'm going home.
This place is absolutely dismal,
has no vibe.
Age, pressing on the tube
If you want to have really back,
is that now your last chance.
If you missed the,
you will forever be unhappy.
Hello there?
Is it really you?
I thought you were the one
the tryst with snails.
One after another.
That was yesterday, Big.
I only ankere
in a port.
The you should also
if you do not want to be forever alone.
Finally, we will
not younger and more beautiful
You idiot.
I've probably got the wrong number,
you're not Allan.
Numbers before dialing
Hey you!
Forget they do not pay!
The rest you can keep.
Are you a richer
Twerp from Manila?
Marlboro Light.
We only Mighty.
Well then enter
me one of those.
Study in Manila?
You need to know ...
She is the first woman here
with a university degree.
That is the reason why Fely, her mother
... she guards like an egg.
She sits on her like a mother hen,
and they do not want to clear the square
Do you understand?
And then she comes back pregnant
With a bulging midsection.
Lord, I advise you to
No more chickens to buy Sario
- The critters are old as Methuselah.
- And if so.
Sonia wants that.
When the time comes, we must
a great feast, is not it?
Well, there are still more,
sell the chickens.
Bart, give me time
the water over.
I advise you
to go home.
Who has such a hangover
how you should drink plenty of fluids.
Damn, I do not have a hangover
I'll be here until the birth
I am the father
Suckling pig would not be bad.
Hey, is about Abel,
I see there?
Come here, you lout,
tell your uncle good day.
- Day, Uncle Nestor.
- You are grown up.
buy a few apples, which we
can plug the pig's mouth.
And we also need
which for the filling!
[Sounds like a
huge hard on. This costs.]
[Oh, you know, I just wanted
a couple of BBQ chicken for the ceremony.]
[You pig but have said.]
Who are you?
Do you live in Manila?
My name is Abel.
Go on, troll you.
I have no small change,
[Yes, look good.]
You are of course welcome
and bring my godson
Oh, yes, of course, I say it Pedrig
Main thing, it's enough meat on them,
so we can all be satisfied.
Who likes like hunger,
if he wants to celebrate.
Believe me, who has the fattest pigs,
you've ever seen.
Bart, do you really think
that pigs are cheaper there?
But yeah.
If I'm telling you.
Just say my name
Your word in God's ear.
Wait here for us, eh?
Tonio, please do not forget me
Boxes to bring back, okay?
Of course, I will bring
it tonight.
Come on, make way there!
Go to the page.
- Are we there yet?
- Just about.
We have been going forever.
We're almost there.
Press once on the horn,
otherwise we'll never get through here!
Calm down, these people here
are a bit much.
In addition, it is anyway
not last very long.
What is this?
Hey ... Hey!
Just drive on
Mach half long,
these are just kids.
Yes, that steal our time.
Honestly, these children
are not very well educated.
Hey! Get the fuck out of the cart
Fuck you you!
I spank the same shit out.
I spank the same shit out.
What did you say?
Come on, get down there.
Out of the way.
And you're coming over here.
What did you do for a problem?
Why are you blocking us?
What's wrong with you,
you little brat?
Will not you defend yourself?
How many times have I told you,
thou shalt make no trouble!
What do you think you're doing?
So bad it is not.
The children were going to
have a little fun.
I know what I'm doing,
Do not mix yourself one.
Make only
begging for strokes.
If I do not punish,
they will later assholes!
Behave yourself!
I'm sorry, man.
I tell them over and over again:
You have to respect visitors.
Are you Bart's uncle?
I am his cousin
Oh, the cousin.
Um, we are here because we ...
We need a pig.
For grilling.
He said that, us the pig much-
would easily leave a little cheaper,
if you let his
Names say. Well.
For our daughter's birthday.
Perhaps we also celebrate
the birthday of my grandchild.
My daughter is pregnant.
How big should it be?
Well, that all depends on it.
Large: three-five.
Medium: three thousand.
Two-two the smallest.
Let me think.
How about the Middle?
Could we get 2800 for that too?
Yes, two-eight would be good
At least it would anger
from before to make up a little
The discount is there already inside.
I do not pay
In Manila, I get it for two-six
and knows what it was fed.
I have no problem with that,
if you want to buy it somewhere else.
And you will kindly home
- Why not for three thousand?
- Too expensive.
Too expensive.
Let's get out.
- No, no, Kulot.
- But.
Wait Mister asshole.
I would since a truly
Cheap pork for you.
Did you steal it?
What's wrong with that?
The pig belongs to us.
How much?
The price?
Makoy that does not matter. We buy it on
the market, because we know what we get.
- Two-five.
- Come on, let's go.
For a pig,
you stole?
Let's say one thousand eight hundred.
Yes or no.
No, do not do it.
So? Thousand eight hundred
That's fine!
Thousand eight hundred is a good price.
Take out you, and wait there for us.
So small and yet so efficient
So thousand eight hundred.
Back there?
Yes, back there.
Forget the pig.
For the price I fear,
that it is sick.
They would not dare.
The get to know me,
if they shit on us.
I believe,
which did not come.
The laugh now a branch.
Hey, let's see who's there.
Look, Nestor, who love
Little children bring us the pig.
Here we go.
Now you have
Unfortunately we leave.
I hope it has
not a disease.
Come on, lad it been a.
Say goodbye.
Thank you.
Where can he just stuck?
Honestly, that's annoying.
Bart, where are you?
I need him now
actually go looking for.
Waiting here so long.
I'll see where he is.
Hey, asshole,
drive your pile of junk away!
Hello, young man. I hope,
You like what you see.
The front here, what do they cost?
The star asters?
The pot costs
hundred and fifty, the Lord,
or take
three flowers for fifty pesos.
They look beautiful.
I'll take three.
- You're my first customer.
- Could I get for thirty?
But of course, because you
but my first client are.
- Very nice, indeed.
- Thank you.
Here are your flowers, Lord.
Thank you.
I hope they are for
a beautiful woman. Here.
Of course they Are those
I wish you luck.
Thank you.
Did you here ...
The flowers?
Not at all.
Can we?
Where did the devil
you been?
We have told you,
You shall wait here.
Are you gay?
Why the lipstick?
I saw him again in the store
caught by Narsing.
I've forbidden you.
Damn it,
what attracts you there again and again?
Narsing is really
no company for you.
And where are all the boxes?
But boss ...
Tonio did say that he
tonight will drop off.
All excuses
Do not worry.
I'll settle with the Fely.
You will be sure about the
Happy pig, you bought us.
- You know how to appreciate such gestures.
- What took so long?
And what is there for a pig?
What the hell of here
still looking, Nestor?
He has given us the
Pig donated.
You know,
for Sonia's birthday.
Well, I got him to the birthday party
today invited evening.
- Thus, the two aussp times ...
- What do you mean?
He should go home.
It crashes your daughter only to disaster!
Do not be so stubborn!
He has before but, to
excuse, he's just shy.
And he even has flowers
bought for our daughter.
Honestly, Fely
really means business
with Sonia, for sure.
Do you think rapists actually,
you could be my daughter with flowers
Buy and pig, and
they fall more into misfortune?
No mercy.
Really good
By your grace, Lord, we live
and what we have coming from you
Therefore we tell you thanks and praise,
therefore enters a blessing in our circle.
Have you ever
again no appetite?
That's because you're constantly
any junk food eating.
Of this you will big and fat
Why chop
always' on me, boss?
What's he doing here?
I had hoped
that he is gone.
He is determined to still
have a word with you.
He gave you a pig
bought for her birthday
Oh yeah, he also has flowers.
Where did you
if you please the money?
You did not
time permanent job.
Have a little
what set aside.
What do you really want?
Okay, let's talk,
but we are here and now,
while my parents are.
I would like to
maintain our relationship
and of course about
what will happen to our child.
You're not my husband.
If you continue to smash porcelain
want, then driving away quietly.
It seems the only
be what you can.
Someone you have a
Flea in his ear.
Red does not beat around the bush
I have opened her eyes.
And you know what?
I owe her as a mother.
The lieutenant would even
take the baby with kiss.
Listen to my words.
Life is not over,
just because the Mickey Mouse you a child
has turned on.
The lieutenant?
What kind of a lieutenant?
You could now
be an engineer,
but to work
yes you had no desire to.
The lieutenant has a secured
Income, until he dies.
The Mickey Mouse is
However, not very old, I'm afraid.
I can take care of us.
I am a businessman.
I got this month already
three pieces of it sold.
Businessman only
those who are lazy.
Just go to Arabia, Mickey Mouse
Why should I shops
do with the Arabs?
A patriot!
You would short
Making process with him.
He pulls the hassles like
a magnet, no matter where he is.
On it is not reliable.
Other mothers have
sons better than this.
You still have
your youth and beauty.
Take yes
no example to me.
Otherwise you spend the rest of your life
with the likes of your father.
Now you can choose more
I'm not hungry.
I'm leaving.
I, too, is the
Appetite gone.
Now eat already!
As long as it is still hot.
Not so, you may here
Do not smoke! Turn it off!
Beside you is the methanol
We would all
go into the air.
Bart, bring the
Pig in the kitchen.
The get it done yet
and barbecued else here.
Yeah, come on.
Get out of here finally
I'm tired,
even longer to see your face.
And will certainly
I did not go with you!
Do this immediately the fly!
Come on!
Makoy, what is this?
Come back!
You know, women are sometimes strange,
when they are pregnant
If she does not want me partout,
then fuck it!
She has won.
I have pulled out all the stops.
I do not know what I should do.
I have never learned
to accept everything.
It makes me not a monkey.
You are there completely different.
No, do not.
If you eat the, you get
no share from from baby.
Such a shit. I'm still hungry
and that takes a long time
Why are you so impatient?
The baby is coming soon.
Things worth.
What did you thinking?
You are nothing
more than idiots.
Rein in broad daylight all around
and does his own business
Are you so hell-bent on re-
to be driven away, as from Santa Elena?
You little idiot.
Where is Kulot go?
Makoy, the Aswang
I feel her.
It's but
all is quiet.
Too quiet.
This means they are
already close.
Surely they are close.
The evenings here are louder.
We need pure
and the house secure.
I'll do that
Makoy, do not go get too close
and be careful!
Do not bite you!
Go see what's going on.
Wait a minute.
He wanted ...
This is cousin of yours, right?
It's that wanker
from the pig farm!
I think I spider
You're also an aswang,
I'm right, huh?
Yes, this is a nephew of mine,
but I know nothing, believe me!
You little fuckers have Sonia
used as bait!
The pig is no longer there.
You have linked us.
Where's the Pig?
Since it is located.
You son of a bitch!
You probably before you get very clever?
I know exactly
that you are one of those!
Admit it, you're an aswang!
Come on, open the mouth!
Admit that you Sonia
deliver to the knife wanted!
You're a
lousy asshole!
I knew it,
from the beginning I knew it.
Bart is not Aswang!
The Aswang are only
showed up here with you
You're the one here,
presents some problems!
Definitely not safe!
That one who has to go!
That's our problem!
That's enough!
We have to stick together!
I speak with the captain.
And what do you want
Please tell him?
That the aswang attack us?
That never thinks of us
Boss, come on.
This is my cousin Ringo
Do you have a suggestion,
what should we do?
Thou hast us
rushed to the neck!
It's your fault!
I'm right, I know it.
They are all of us
kill because of his arrogance
Sure, sure,
everything is my fault!
And I bend it back straight.
I promise you.
If I make a mistake,
I stand by it.
And if these fuckers
of Aswang are finally gone,
then you come with me,
and I want to hear any more talk back.
Better safe than sorry.
Makoy, you no longer
all the slats on the fence?
Do you know,
how many are coming?
You can not against
all compete alone.
The will butcher me
Hold your tongue.
Nestor, keep
the door in the eye.
- Come on, come on, you ornamental not so.
- Please do not listen to it.
Fely, shut the door
behind us.
- You fucking bastard!
- There's the asshole!
Where is Kulot?
You son of a bitch!
You bastard of a bitch in heat,
I will kill you!
the guts to rip out!
That's all his fault!
All alone his!
He wanted to eat my child!
Who gave you the right
kill my son?
I had him maybe an hour on
should give the outlawing of cannibalism,
to him again
to send home?
I'm going to kill your cousin,
if you do not disappear immediately
I'm serious.
An eye for an eye
Give me your child for mine!
Give me your child!
We will only leave
if we have your child!
Do you still have it all,
you asshole?
My child you do not get!
Before I pull you
the wool over my eyes!
Sonia, stay away from windows!
You do not have
else wanted!
Come on, who wants to be the first?
Well, fat ass?
Want to be the first?
Come, I will shoot you
a few holes in the fur!
Well, wants to be none of the first?
her fucking cannibals!
Listen carefully to me.
None of you
will see the day!
I'll kill every one of you!
And you there!
Think of good,
whom you belong to.
Very slowly.
Way there
Fely, bring me
Salt and garlic.
Is he still out there?
Go back.
Where is Makoy?
What a misfortune!
He has no gun
The kill us for sure!
Shut up,
we'll be fine
Hey, who are
blazingly fast, shit.
Brace yourself well
Captain, there are people coming!
Captain, help!
They're after us!
We need
necessarily your help!
Tell me also something!
What is this,
what's wrong with you?
The ... Aswang!
You have a real problem here Aswang!
Lieutenant, come on, you see after
and check das.
You will remain standing there.
The type is Lieutenant.
They are right behind us.
We can not just stand around here
They are blazingly fast!
Can any of you see what?
You are right there in front!
I do not know,
I do not see anything.
Hallo Ringo!
Ringo, what drives
you doing here?
This arrogant asshole there.
He killed my son.
Not at all, no!
Did you watch my words from before
not written behind the ears?
You have bad manners!
Why do I?
Los, Bart, tell some games!
I told you that you
shalt behave in my district!
You are here just for a visit.
And such as Kotzbrocken
we need you here!
Way there, I'm going!
Have you gone mad?
Jeez, who is still alive
- Stop it.
- The fat sausage I'm floored!
Are you got rid of it?
I would have to think yes!
You're good for nothing!
Hey, let them turn.
If he were a Aswang,
Bart would long since mutated
and we would no longer need against them
to fight and cope with them.
If we survive this night,
we have more luck than judgment
Sonia I bring to the hospital.
Tomorrow morning.
There she is safe.
And for you, it is safer
go back to Manila.
Maybe they leave us alone, if they
find out that you are no longer there.
Earlier I told you that I do not
would disappear without you.
And I will not either
What do you make
think you are?
I'm not even sure that
we will survive the night alive;
Sonja's birthday and we can not even
celebrate, because it's much too dangerous.
Do we still have more garlic?
The is here
certainly not rich.
Yesterday I
bought plenty
I'll get him, where is he?
Nothing there, you bring
nothing here!
You mess up otherwise
only again, as always!
Is this all that we face
can use them?
Do not we have any
Weapons here, a gun?
They do not like garlic.
Although pork with garlic
very good tastes.
It burns the undead's coat,
and they crumble to ashes.
We need the garlic evenly
spread throughout the house
As the salt.
Bart says that it the
has the same effect as garlic.
Make sure of rather
one too many times,,
to ensure
otherwise overrun us
this ogre.
Garlic and salt
are our life insurance.
So that they can
this house not enter.
And we are here
indoors safely
Still a bit
What do you want?
Garlic Boy
Garlic makes it
yet finished, right?
This is my favorite variety
The I futtere but every day.
Your favorite variety?
Then it is time
that you eat them.
Come on Bart,
swallow and burn.
Yes, it is beautiful. This tastes! Mh!
If I were a Aswang,
I would eat you as first
Then let's try that!!
Come on, swallow
the shit down!
Could you finally stop
To badger beard, Makoy?
He is one of those!
You do not give him time
the chance to defend himself!
We grew up together,
and I've known him for very long
So stop
to suspect him!
Believe me, he is one of those
- Have du ..
- It's nothing.
You did ..
Hast thou labor?
Certainly not.
It is not yet time
Was she there lurking out there?
Please go away from the window,
otherwise they see you.
What's going on out there?
Hey, Nestor,
I bring your boxes!
What a bummer.
This is Tonio
We are dead
And I had so hoped
it would be the police.
Damn, how do I get it
out of the number?
What has happened here?
Nestor! you will
go out on no account there.
No one asked of you,
the hero to play!
The are you
cold-blooded slaughter.
We are here
remain together.
When the Mickey Mouse wants to get out,
then they leave it
go out and ...
Fely, it is enough
Knock it off, it constantly
To name Mickey Mouse, yes!
His name is Makoy!
I, I can Tonio
not just let die so!
I am a man!
And I have eggs in trousers!
Give me the ...
What happened with you?
I'm here to see some
to bring the crates
Should I unload it, Nestor?
Come immediately with Abel
here and go inside!
Out here, it's dangerous.
Come on!
What is going on?
Could it be that the
is guilty of Manila it?
Please come
You immediately into the house
Hide The Aswang
in the shadows!
Come on!
What kind of aswang?
And where should the be?
See that you
come into the house, Tonio
Dad, that scares me.
Please do not.
Uncle ...
What about Dad?
No matter what happens,
keep that always with you.
Is good
You go up
and take him with.
Please also go up
I do not think it
You do not say
where to go.
When I say, go up,
I expect that you obey!
Move your butt to the top!
Do you understand me?
Go up! Now!
I'm high!
Now lock good
your eyes
Just as I will the baby
from the abdomen
your broodmare slurp!
Oh yes, try it
but, you scum,
but before I cut
you by the throat.
No matter whoever you in
this home attackierst, I ...
I'm going to kill you in cold blood
and cut into cubes, clear!
Then I'll eat you!
We promise!
What you up to?
What's this?
Lana oil. It is super.
It bubbles,
if they are very close!
We have until the sun
comes up, hold on.
As soon as the day dawns, turn
them back into humans.
Am I not right, Bart?
What time is it?
It is ten.
I'll go to the kitchen
All right, I'll stay then
here in the living room.
And you stay here with me
and do not turn aside from my side.
Are we clear,
Why are you pissing
at me constantly, dude?
Are you afraid?
Yes funny.
Do not do that
Hey, let us negotiate.
I'm here!
Come and get me!
Well, what is it?
If you're so brave,
then come yet!
What do you want?
Come out here!
Well, come on!
Or you're just a
of these bullies?
Come you, but to me in
I'm standing right in front of you!
You you do in your pants
because of the salt.
Come on, you
arrogant piece of shit!
The beds need to get away
of the windows.
And pronto
Are you in pain?
How do you feel, darling
Does it hurt much?
Yes, Ma.
The pain is
quite terrible.
We need hot
Water up here!
Sonia is now ready
the baby is coming!
It hurts so much terrible.
Oh, do not worry,
this is completely normal
I'm with you, my darling.
That's all
quite normal. Breathe.
Do not mind him,
he can not in here.
You can now
not get out, my favorite.
No, you may
not yet come.
The Aswang are here.
What a nonsense,
that's just Ringo.
Tik Tik ...
... Tik,Tik.
You pisser.
Bring the hot
Water to the top!
Can you someone
because see there?
Here is none.
The coast is clear!
Everything okay
Give me that!
You stay down!
Nestor, please help me!
Oh Fely!
I stab you from, you bastard!
Makoy, hitting the
Bitch against the wall
Hey, Bart.
Come out of there
and disappear easily
Or do you want also, just as
your father die because of the people?
Do you want that?
What do you mean?
Your Pa was a Schandmaul.
Only therefore had
we away from Santa Elena
You are his murderers!
You damned fucker
Ass fucker!
I think Hilda gets
Finally, after which she longs.
You're all thy father's son
You will soon
end up like him.
Fely, you may
do not close your eyes.
You can not fall asleep
You have on our
Grandchild careful.
Even now trust
you do not me.
I've always trusted you.
What we have done, Makoy?
We have killed them.
I will always protect you,
I'm here for you.
We have held together
as right partner.
Yes, exactly like that
Let's get married.
The two can not ...
Right now?
Not Mickey Mouse, Nestor.
I do not want ...,
that they get married.
Stay with me.
Sonia, believe me,
you are my great love.
Makoy, it's you
actually serious.
I do not want
our child grows up without a father
I also love
now already too much.
I have so many
Plans for the little ones.
So there must be, right?
What do you think?
Let's get married. Yes?
... Let's get married.
Say yes, Sonia.
Oh, that hurts.
Oh, of course hurts.
I am quite sure that
it will work with both of us.
I want to apologize again,
I never meant to hurt you.
It hurts so much.
I swear,
I do it ever again.
- Never, ever again, I promise.
- No, Makoy,
... My stomach hurts so terrible.
You get the child?
Okay, very quiet, the ...
Sonia gets her baby
You bastard!
You miserable wanker!
Look at you, what you've done!
What have you done?
Nothing other than you,
you lousy rat!
You've eaten my brother Tonio
and my wife killed!
- Come on, give them to me!
- Go back, you lousy scum.
Come no closer!
You Fely killed!
- Stay back.
- But you do not get!
Of this gets nothing!
It is not yours!
No, you get
nothing from!
Come on in now!
I ess all by herself!
You'll get nothing from!
It is enough, old man,
Give me that!
I want to share!
- Nestor, it's enough!
- Haaa! Angeschissen!
- Come on now.
- Fuck you
My wife has already
always tasted good!
Look out!
I will.
Where is he?
He is gone.
He is gone.
He is gone.
Using vinegar.
Vinegar tastes certainly good.
Sonia, they are finally gone.
Now everything will be fine.
I'll take you now
in a hospital, right?
Where is Ma?
O God, O God.
They're back.
I would rather die
as the aswang to leave my child.
Therefore, I would that
you kill me and the baby,
when you realize that
all is lost.
Never, no.
Listen to me, Sonia, I will
The ... not allow it.
From now on, Sonia,
I'll make sure
that you hurt nobody.
Father ...
They're all dead ...
They are all dead
This is Tatang.
You are here!
You're white as a sheet,
Bart, what's going on?
That's ...
You know, I had a feeling it!
It was Hilda.
You got me on
the military area caught.
I apologize
for the stupid
my son and
my grandchildren as well
But in spite of everything
I will
your family extinguish
We are so very sorry for it
to be sold by you!
O my God, O my God.
I ... want you to
your father from me greets
when you meet him
There you go!
Please, Nestor,
watch out for the window!
We will all die.
We can not
stand against them!
This is our end!
We all are here
there horrible die.
What is our plan?
Are you going about,
to sit here and wait?
If we do nothing now,
they feed us with skin and hair!
Look out the window!
Come Nestor, come on!
I'm in here already dead
Try to understand,
who have already killed me..
And Bart,
Bart they have also been caught.
You have to do it.
You have to help Bart.
Come on, Nestor, wake up!
Only your wife Fely is
them fell victim!
For God's sake, Fely!
I think she has
eaten anything yet
Fely is not there.
Man, Nestor, please!
But now is not the time.
Nestor, so bad
as it is ...
Your daughter Sonia is still alive!
And she is on top
and has terrible pains!
Do you understand anything actually,
of what I'm saying?
Damn, Nestor, now is not
the time to crumble it!
We must do something!
I'm not a wimp!
No wimp!
You are to blame!
Only you
You show here easily ...
She is pregnant!
She's dead
My Fely.
You're a bastard.
Go to hell!
To hell ...
I agree with you.
Everything is my fault.
But so much as I would,
I can not turn back time
and you play your wife.
But if you give me
here and now help,
I can tell you something
give another valuable.
But for that I need you
I'm going to this fight
can not fight alone, Nestor.
For that I need you
and your courage.
I not only can do it!
You have to help me.
Only because Sonia
and because of your grandson.
Do not you want revenge Fely?
My wife Fely.
My grandson ...
Do you understand,
what I tell you, Nestor?
My grandson.
Say yes.
Sonia, what is this?
Go away there!
Hey, Makoy, you have
what password?
The child.
One has to be with her
A newborn how delicate.
They taste better
than the fetuses.
Be still, who
very good hearing.
I will here
up to you.
Sucking the Aswang her heart out.
Imagine that
it would be dicks.
You know?
However, I find cocks
sexier than Aswang.
I can not!
I beg you, Bart.
You have to believe in you.
You can do it!
I'm doing this for you.
It will not be long.
But I can do that yet
I did not.
No, we leave
Refuse none, not even a beard.
I will very soon ...
Your dead wife Fely meet.
Do you want to,
I tell her what?
Please tell her
I will do my
Keeping promises.
I'll align it
She died so young.
cross in my pocket.
Come on, Makoy
cross in my pocket.
What for?
Come on, do it.
Oh well.
You are and
remain incorrigible
I have forbidden you,
the things to buy.
Damn Narsing.
Try it.
They are really good.
- They taste really horny.
- Nestor, here also one is for you.
Actually, you're hard
ok, Makoy.
Let's go.
Come on.
Well, come on!
Come on in.!
Come on, do not be shy!
Come on in!
Come at last!
I am waiting for you!
And attack!
Where are you?
Bart is waiting!
Think of cocks ...
Come on, go, go
Pacing, here's Nestor.
I do not want any trouble.
So to see that you come off.
We have nowhere
to go somewhere.
Put it there.
Are you familiar
with from birth?
Can you here any
Children run around see?
I can not hold it back,
it wants to get out with power.
I can feel it.
You have three deep
take a deep breath and then press.
Three trains and squeeze.
My aunt has
said that, Fely.
All right.
So go ahead.
- Three times, yes?
- Yes.
Thrice breathing.
Pst, I want to show you something.
It is safer
as insurance.
Why do drugs?
You are an idiot.
That's salt to give me the Aswang
to keep the neck.
Everybody knows that.
You are on the way here
and not far away.
What do we do now?
The better cut
as a machete
and are sharper than garlic.
The burn more than the salt.
Take them.
What's this?
Whips made ??of stingray skin.
Thank you.
Let's go.
Is that my grandchild?
How are you?
Are you okay?
Where can we Sonia
and bring the baby to safety?
Can it here
hide somewhere?
A box of salt.
The safest place.
Come on, kid, come here.
Let's go,
and be careful, okay?
We do it for beard.
For my wife Fely.
And I want revenge for my father!
I am ready to go to his death!
Come on!
Fuck off, you freak!
Happy Birthday.