Till We Meet Again on the Lily Hill (2023) Movie Script

It was a very hot summer.
In a world like a nightmare
I fell in love for the first time
Are you sure about this, Kano?
If you really want to do a job I will respect your decision.
But do you know that in your grades?
The chances are higher if you pursue higher education.
Is it because of your family situation?
In this case, scholarships may be an option.
Excuse me, my name is Kano.
Oh, you're in.
Sorry, I couldn't finish the job.
Never mind, we're just getting started.
Really sorry
I'm sorry
- We were just talking, and...
- Yes.
Yuri-san wants to start looking for a job.
But if it's worth it, a university education might be better...
You smell like fish.
You smell like fish.
I'm sorry. I was scaling fish before coming here.
I work at a supermarket.
I guess there's a strong smell...
Ah, no... not at all.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
I'm feeling sick, so I'll go home.
You can talk to my mother.
Hey, Kano!
Ah, there she is.
Did you get to meet your mother?
She had a lovely scent.
- Hey, Mizuki.
- Oh no, don't say that.
[ Text Message ]
- Let's go to the air-raid shelter.
- Okay.
Lie, lie.
[ Sign ]
Two months until the anniversary
of the end of the war.
It has been 78 years since the Pacific War.
There was a major air raid here
at the end of the war.
As there was a kamikaze base here.
Mainly teenagers and young adults in their 20s
flew in fighter planes to crash into
giant US aircraft carriers.
They took off into the southern sky.
That's self-destruction.
3,948 kamikaze casualties.
Many precious lives were lost.
I'm at home.
I got stuck in the rain
You have to turn on the light.
Thank you
you brought them
Thank goodness.
Sorry for today.
The teacher praises you
European Union...
Save a lot of money
Tokyo is impossible, but...
A local college may be a possibility.
I'm still young.
- And I still have an objection - I won't go.
I won't go to college.
I'm going to work.
When your father died, I swore
I promised to get you into university.
Your father once said:
Yuri is smart like me. And I look forward to his future."
He has a very strong sense of justice.
- Your father... - Father...
He jumped into the river and risked his life to save a drowning child.
That's very noble, isn't it? That's very impressive.
And what about your own child?
And what about his wife?
His beloved wife now smells like fish and is covered in fish every day.
He works at a convenience store until midnight. But we are so poor that we cannot afford to buy clothes.
Do you often wear clothes until they wear out?
And what about the university?
This is bullshit.
It's all dad's fault!
Sacrificing your family to die for others?
Is he trying to be a hero?
He failed as a father.
It doesn't matter how many people you save.
It means nothing if you die.
[ Text Message ]
subbed by peko-chan
Where am I?
[You stole this subtitle ]
[ Luxury is Gucci! ]
What is that?
Hey, you.
Are you feeling well?
Really sorry.
Drink this.
Thank you.
You still need to lie down.
I'm fine.
- Tsururu-san, are you here? - yes.
Oh, Sakuma-san..
Oh, who is he?
Can you give him something to eat?
I found him lying on the road.
It is dangerous.
Okay, sit here.
I will prepare something right away.
Thank you
Drink this first, okay?
Tsururu-san, I'll borrow a fan.
Please leave.
I will do it alone
You don't have to force yourself.
Here. But sorry, just left over.
Here he is.
Thank you
Thanks for the food.
eat well
I'm Tsururu and you?
Kano Yuri.
Positive and Yuri?
Yuri si Lily?
That's a good name.
Really sorry
I will find a way to pay for this girl's food.
Don't be ridiculous.
Sakuma-san, I am very grateful to you and the others.
Here he is.
Thank you
Latest news.
from the Westlife Army
[ News paper ]
[ News paper ]
[ News paper ]
[ News paper ]
[ News paper ]
[ News paper ]
[ News paper ]
When is this from?
Today bitch.
June 14, 1945.
Thank you for the meal.
- Ah, oh...
- You.
Hey, you.
Bring me back!
Hey, bring me back!
Hey, why?
Tsururu-san, be careful.
Tomorrow night, wait and look at the sky.
I will fly
Can we do this together?
Yes, let's do it!
Well then, OK...
What happened?
Sorry, that's not hot water.
I like to save as much wood as possible for cooking.
It's not important.
Yuri-chan, is there a place you can go back to?
No, I didn't.
and your family?
I asked something I shouldn't have asked.
Yuri-chan, do you want to work at my house?
I would appreciate it if you could live and work here.
What do you think?
Wow, it really suits you.
It belongs to my daughter. So I'm not sure.
But it's different if you have a good figure.
Alas, the overlap is wrong.
In this way.
Yes, it is good.
boy boy
Sakuna-san wants to give you food.
He brought it from the base.
military rations
Really caramel.
It's hard to find dessert these days.
That's something to be thankful for, right?
That's sweet.
Yuri, it's morning.
Quite a bit.
You will be late for school.
leave me alone!
good morning!
good morning.
Well, this is the beginning of a new day.
Oh, the weight.
It's so hot!
- Type this - Good.
Go inside.
You are quite familiar with it.
[ Sign ]
[ Sign ]
You are quite familiar with it.
[ Sign ]
[ Sign ]
Yes somehow
[ Sign ]
[ Sign ]
Yes somehow
You are very helpful.
Thank you
These work monpe are great for you too.
Easy to steal from Avistaz.
Now I can't live without them.
Thanks for the food.
Sorry, it's the same every day.
We are a designated military restaurant but...
However, currently
Harder and harder. to get what we want
This is Cheeyo-chan.
Maybe he will bring us wealth.
Cheeyo-chan, did you bring it?
Yes, usually mackerel.
Wow, looks great.
My father said it belonged to the military.
Thank you
Your father is sincere
Volunteer activities?
Female students around
They wash and clean the military base.
and take care of them
At first I was so worried that I couldn't speak...
The people there are just nice.
And thank you for giving me a break.
The hungry team has arrived!
Isn't that Cheeyo-chan?
Welcome, Ishimaru-san.
- Please allow me.
Sorry if I came at the wrong time.
We missed lunch
Wow, that's all.
Huh? What is that?
What is that?
What happened, handsome?
How did you meet this beautiful girl?
I'm glad you're safe.
I breathed a sigh of relief.
Thank you for another day
Sorry for the sudden departure.
Everyone... Yuri-chan, come on.
She is our new prostitute, Yuri-chan.
Please take care of her.
- my! - my.
Alright, Cheeyo-chan brought fresh mackerel.
I think I will make sashimi.
He looks like a fishmonger's son.
Thank you, Mr. Cheeyo.
Thank you
Cheeyo-chan, thank you.
This kind of thing happened when you went to Tsururu-san's house.
I will do that soon.
Please thank you.
My name is Ishimaru, born in Kochi.
21 years old, same person as Sakuma.
My special talent is energy. My hobbies are energy and singing.
You and I...
Okay, okay, that's it.
Please shit.
My name is Itakura of Lil Kansai
And that quiet person was Katto-san.
Karate Grandmaster from Chiba
He is a different race from us.
In the end, they were three generations of the Imperial military family.
My name is Teraoka, I am 32 years old from Tokyo.
I am the second oldest in the team.
I'm glad to meet you.
I was born in Akita...
Arrogant student at Waseda
- Waseda? - Para
true genius Clearly trained in philosophy.
He enjoys reading these complicated things.
Nice to meet you all.
I'm glad to meet you.
Here he is.
Tsururu-san must have admired Yuri-chan's presence.
Thank you
Um, about military rations?
Thank you
Esper, Esper, Esper!
Don't cheat, Sakuma.
Sakuma Yuri-chan has an ulterior motive for her sharing.
Be careful, be careful. Be careful of fire. REALLY?
Actually, I received a lot this time, so
I thought I'd give it to you and the other student volunteers.
And I brought him here.
Uh, it's a quota.
Miss, do you like it?
That means this is my victory.
What is that?
The two grandfathers are also here.
Where do you get something like that?
The army provides it.
Don't want special care?
We are suicide pilot.
Maybe we will work hard in the next few days to protect the country.
I can't accept it.
Everyone must eat..
Cheeyo-chan, please take it.
On the other hand, they will eat your mackerel until they can't take it anymore, okay?
Here, eat now.
Obrigado, Tsururu-san, Cheeyo-chan.
Hurry up and eat.
Looks delicious
Thanks for the food.
i can enter
It sounds like you are going through a tough time.
I heard this from Tsururu-san.
Do you want to come with me for a moment?
I want to see you.
But I have to clean the cum.
Take breaks from time to time.
This is the order.
Cheeyo-chan is here too.
Sakuma-san, I'll leave it up to you.
Are you okay?
Almost there.
The scent is so strong.
I didn't know such a place existed.
How old are you?
I am 18 years old.
Looks like just Nami.
of One Piece?
Ever since I was a child, he always clings to me, fuck me Akira Akira.
in my town The snow is piled high in the winter.
We entered and exited from the second floor.
But it's also fun.
My siblings and I often play in the snow.
Nami is more competitive than the others.
I haven't seen snow in a long time.
Aren't you leaving?
Don't you recognize Nami-san?
You are both that way.
Can you call me by my real name?
This method looks more natural.
Thank you
can i call you yuri
Ishimaru must be complaining because I'm the only one who calls you that.
You two are close.
He's my first love.
It's only been a week and we've both been assigned here.
But it's like we've been bound with a red string since birth.
This is because...
Is it a special attack unit?
You're also sucidal, right?
Itakura-san is also in the special attack unit, who is 18 years old like me, right?
Why, why do you have to do this?
You're going to shoot them right?
Flying a plane and crashing into an enemy ship?
Isn't it crazy?
Yuri, you are very direct.
Looks like just Nami.
European Union...
No, Nami-san.
Wait, I'll take you back.
It's not important.
small plane,
Even if they hit a big ship, they can't do anything.
Japan will lose..
Rabbit Rabbit What do you see when you jump?
Jump to see the full moon on the fifteenth night.
The fifteenth night is still far away.
See the moon even if it's not sailormoon?
Yes, there is such a thing.
And I met Sakamoto.
He was in good spirits, eating lobster and drinking sake.
They will be surprised to be attacked tomorrow morning.
Oh, I understand.
He was ahead of us.
I'm sure he can sink an aircraft carrier like Titanic
I'm tired of waiting.
I want to fly right away
I'm not sure.
A week ago.
Let me go to Sakamoto's unit tomorrow.
Don't be ridiculous.
Prepare and experience
- But. - Impossible!
Tsururu-san, thank you for everything.
Too much.
Thanks in advance.
What is that?
Letter to their family
May sensor...
Depends on the content
Sometimes they don't send.
So I sent it myself.
Okay, I'll go.
Be careful on the road.
Happy Cheeyo-chan Day!
Good morning, Tsururu-san.
wow! Did you do it again?
Thank you
- Yuri-chan, please take care of this.
- good morning. - good morning.
No no.
A friend wasn't wearing an underwear.
And someone from the women's association saw it.
And he was very angry.
Oh, I understand.
Can I show it to you?
It's funny.
It's the only thing I'm good at.
Did you do it yourself?
Are you good at it?
Thank you
Did you show it to Ishimaru-san?
What did he say?
He said, "You're hot."
- High! - High?
The hungry team has arrived!
Ah, see you later, Cheeyo-chan.
good morning.
- good morning. - good morning.
You also worked hard today.
Cheeyo-chan is a good and hardworking girl.
He will be a bed mate.
Then you should marry Cheeyo-chan.
Maybe if I was reincarnated and wise like Sakuma.
No, that was impossible for Ishimaru-san.
It hurts.
good morning.
Everyone wakes up early in the morning. What happened?
They will get new units by truck.
So we thought of taking a car to eat here.
Oh, I understand.
The barracks were empty this morning.
Yes that's right.
Friends, we have delicious fish. Should we order the mackerel tempura?
Live! Tsururuya Restaurant's Famous Mackerel Tempura!
I'm waiting for it
Tsururu-san, thanks as always.
If so, that's fine.
It was delicious.
When fried in oil, the taste is so delicious that your mouth drops open.
Oh, we still have cereal. Let's cook rice.
Do you have enough money?
The people...
It will take minimum 2 to 3 days and maximum one month.
They are living gods who will attack suddenly.
We should do everything we can to treat them well.
Earlier, Katto-san said that the barracks were empty.
That's what he meant, right?
When Sakuma-san and the others
We will never know.
It appears that the command was given before this happened.
- Good thing he looks like your husband.
- I look like him too, right? - Definitely not.
Definitely not.
That's a good picture.
Show it to Yuri-chan too.
What? No, quite...
In truth?
the cute
I got married two years ago.
My daughter was born last winter.
be happy
But I haven't met him yet.
I was transferred before he was born.
You will perform surprise attacks...
Without knowing him?
I am proud to be a Special Attack Pilot.
Because of this life I can protect my wife and children.
A high-ranking person leading a special attack mission.
and those who follow him
I think they are wrong.
What did you say?
We didn't come here because we were told to.
We are ready to sacrifice our lives for our country.
We came here voluntarily.
Teraoka-san, Katto-san,
Ishimaru at Itakura
Did you come here because you wanted to?
Have you not been recruited and forced to take part in a special attack mission?
What kind of Imperial soldiers do you think we are?
I will not allow myself to be called a coward.
Thanks for waiting.
Wow thank you.
Looks delicious
It looks good.
Let's eat.
Tsururuya Diner's signature horse mackerel tempura
you need?
Thank you
very tasty.
I will buy vegetables this afternoon.
can you come with me there are many.
There are also places I want to stop.
It is the death anniversary of my daughter and her son.
My daughter moved to a nearby town and had a son.
They live happily.
However, they burned during the airstrike.
I still don't believe it.
Some say that it would have been better if she had died with her son.
Because of this time, there is nothing sadder than this.
of children who lost their parents
Some say that
It's not pretty.
It's not pretty.
Yuri-chan, you are a good boy.
I'm not feeling well.
I always talk bad about my mother.
Parents understand
It doesn't matter what you say.
They will protect their children with their lives.
I want to eat?
Tsururu-san, I'm sorry.
Where are your father and mother?
My father went to war and died.
is your mother
The bomb fell and caused a fire.
Mom's clothes are on fire...
I tried to turn it off...but no water...
Mom is on fire...
That hurts.
Really sorry
The war is almost over.
Japan will lose..
It's a pity but we will lose.
But Japan will be a good country.
Just be patient.
Will Japan lose?
we will lose
What did you say earlier?
You just said that Japan will lose?
When people come together to fight
Who said we will lose?
Get it.
- What are you doing? - you go.
- I'm in a hurry. - Let's go.
What are you doing?
Say Japan will lose?
Now is the time to be
A hundred million fireballs and face the enemy!
Girl, what are you trying to do?
reply to me!
I'm telling the truth.
What did you say?
Japan will lose..
This woman is a traitor.
What's the point?
Does this war make sense?
Children become skin and bones.
young people,
Kids my age
Tell this to the country.
or the person you love
and proudly offered his life
What's the point?
Please tell me what it's good for!
Inform us!
This woman!
Country no!
This woman!
What are you doing?
This girl is a traitor!
They say Japan will lose.
Let go of me.
- Come here. - Please stop that.
He is a traitor!
You are still a traitor.
Ah, stop, please stop!
You have hit the man who will be God.
Special attack unit?
Is everything normal?
Can I reach the gods?
appropriate! What are you doing with the soldiers?
Let's go!
I'll let it slide this time.
Are you feeling well?
Akira has blood...
That's not a big deal.
There is only a small wound in my mouth.
Really sorry
You did nothing wrong.
It's the police's fault.
Maybe it's not the police's fault either.
There are several things that make a police officer what he is.
Something is wrong.
Yuri-chan, are you okay?
- Sakuma-san, are you okay? - I'm fine.
I thought something bad was going to happen.
Why don't you visit us at the base tomorrow?
Come on, Sakuma!
- Itakura, get out of here! Do it all! - yes!
Okay, okay, okay!
Bye bye !
Hurry up!
you are good
I can't show you so many wonderful things.
No, it's really fun.
Well done!
Are you free after this?
Thanks for waiting.
thanks a lot.
- Here he is. - Thanks a lot.
it's "avalanche"
Pour in the syrup.
Sugar cane molasses...
And it's "snow"
Yes, it's like snow.
Sprinkle sugar on top
Sounds delicious, right?
No melons or strawberries.
Thanks for the food.
Akira you are very tasty.
It looks like happiness.
Is it delicious?
How's this?
Looks like happiness
That's what I said.
Just a lot of newspapers Okinawa fell
Admiral Takagi appears to have committed suicide.
B-29 bombs destroy Tokyo
Not only Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya are also affected.
You know Katto, right?
His father was Admiral Cato.
- A person who runs away when faced with an enemy - Yes.
He left the Philippines for Taiwan without permission from the head office.
But that's because he's mentally ill and his people have no choice but to decide
Whatever the reason
The Japanese were driven south because of this.
What a beauty.
Can you take it to Tajima-san in Miyama City?
I arranged for you to receive rice in return.
But it is important to you, Tsururu-san.
Nothing is more important than soldiers.
The war is almost over.
Quite a bit.
Quite a bit.
Air attack! run!
run! run!
run! run!
What are you doing Run! urgent!
Pick it up!
Hello Buruburu!
Pick it up!
Are you feeling well?
Thank you
fire bomb! Remove the shelter They will burn!
River... Run to the river!
On the river!
What are you doing, where are you going?
Don't go there! number!
uncle! here!
It hurts...
It's hot...
It's hot.
I got you.
How's your foot?
It's not important.
go up
Country no.
What happened?
Akira, put me down.
Thank you
why are you there
Didn't they say run to the river?
I'm worried about Tsururu-san...
Not here...
Not here...
stupid! Life is important!
Do you know how worried I am?
Really sorry
Why would you do this to someone like me?
You're important to me!
Are you feeling well?
Country no.
It's not old...
Very humid.. can't sleep..
Maybe like this in a month.
When that time comes, we will no longer be in this world.
We've been here for three weeks, yes.
They haven't enabled us yet.
- Even so...
- I...
I have a fiance in my hometown.
Sakuma-san, can you die with Yuri-chan?
Can you do it?
Yuri is like my brother.
He is not a fianc.
That's right.
Yes she is the younger sister, yes.
comfortable look
How can we sleep?
Oh, Sakuma-san.
This is the perfect time for special attacks.
I never thought I would be living in another country at this time.
Tsururu-san, it's time for you to leave too.
Thank you
But as long as there are soldiers here I will do my best
- I understand. - Yuri-chan, we will meet again one day.
Be careful on the road.
- Until he is found. - Be careful on the road.
They are not the type to leave without saying anything.
Next was Lieutenant Nakayama Tsuyoshi.
Born in Tomura City Wakayama Prefecture
Mother and father...
Tsuyoshi is finally leaving tomorrow.
brave and brave
I will definitely sink the enemy ship.
Can we close up shop?
I doubt anyone will come today.
Ah Cheeyo-
No.1 Hungry Team reports!
- No.2 reports for duty! - Number 3 has arrived!
Uh, okay... I guess I'm number 4?
Sergeant Teraoka, don't say "I think," just say "Report #4!"
Please do so with confidence!
Oh my god, I'm so hungry right now.
No.5, you're late!
What's that?
Sakuma-san, take a seat on my lap.
Hey Number 5, hurry up.
Let's enjoy Tsururu-san's delicious cooking.
Finally we can eat.
Where are the starving troops?
It's been a while, hasn't it?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, but there's a lot going on.
Okay, let's eat.
The Hungry Team is the hungriest team we have!
- Obviously. - Thank you.
Ishimaru-san, Paki-share.
What did you say?
- Why not? - Sergeant Terakawa said he will give you.
is everything ok?
It has arrived. Thanks for waiting.
Wow, cool! What is that?
- Thank you. - Looks delicious.
It looks delicious now too.
- Thanks a lot. - Special.
I will ask for it.
Very good!
Itakura, do you want to eat too?
There, Itakura, you are the youngest. So eat a lot.
- Really? Is everything normal? - yes.
- That was... - It was delicious.
- I will ask for that too. - That's a good thing.
that's a good thing
Ok it's done.
Special multipurpose bowl from Itakura.
No, it's delicious.
Oh, the colors are beautiful too.
I will do this
Please, stop that, Sakuma-san, say something.
Don't ask Sakuma for help!
- Stop, Ishimaru - You three are very close, right?
Maybe you're really blood related?
No, I wouldn't mind if Sakuma was with me.
But this Itakura.
Huh? I will be happy if that is the case.
I am thankful that you treat me so well.
It's not just Ishimaru-san and Sakuma-san.
I also thought of the Teraoka family and Katto-san.
A surprise attack was ordered.
We are leaving in two days.
be happy
Thank you
I'm sorry
I need to solve a problem
I understand.
Don't go too far.
thanks a lot.
You will die.
You are using the wrong word.
But the war is about to end...
Have you seen Itakura?
Not old!
Not old!
Not old!
- He is there? - number.
Can you ignore it?
I'm worried about you, Itakura-san.
I just came here to look for you.
Not old!
Please ignore it.
I don't want to die yet.
i can't die
It's not old...
Aren't we the ones who volunteered for this?
I'm ready.
Before I came here, I went to my fianc.
His family was killed in an airstrike.
He was the only survivor.
But he will not be able to walk for the rest of his life.
He is only 16 years old.
He tried to commit suicide two days ago.
i can't die
I will not die if I leave him.
Really sorry
Oh, come on.
Itakura, where are you going?
Not old!
have you run away
i ran
Have you no shame?
We are entrusted with an honorable duty for our country and our emperor.
I will not let you escape before the enemy.
Don't you consider yourself an Imperial soldier?
Our country...
imperial soldier...
I don't care about that kind of thing.
An honorable duty?
Crash a fragile plane into a huge battleship and die?
I want to live for the people I love instead.
I want to live as long as I can.
For the person you love?
During this crisis...
You are...crazy about a woman.
Do you consider yourself a soldier of the Empire?
you are in shame
To make it possible.
Living in shame?
Katto-san, did you really die for your country?
You didn't do this to clear the name of your father who ran away...
And to protect your family's honor?
Don't you want to live in shame?
Living in shame?
What is that?
Is it a shame to live?
This is bullshit.
There is no shame in wanting life.
Don't use words like "In shame"
No one has the right to deny a person's will to live.
Itakura-san wants to live.
He wants to live for the people he loves.
What's wrong with this?
Everyone loves you, right?
Oh, come on.
Go where people need you.
I will not stop
It's not old.
Living in my name
Cheers for us
I would like to ask something.
The smell of happiness...
When the fragrance of the lily envelops me
I can forget everything
both good and bad
We cannot forget things.
This may be true.
But there are times when I want to forget everything.
And I don't want to think about anything.
Can we do this together?
will expire.
Breathe again
will expire.
will expire.
OK, try your best one more time.
Why am I trying my best?
Mukha kang physical education teacher.
Is that so?
i want to be a teacher
As a teacher, I want to strengthen the future of children.
And they grow up
It would be great if they could create a beautiful world.
I was born during the war
But I don't want the children born in the future to face this kind of hardship.
I want them to study the things they love as much as they can.
Do the job they want to marry the person they love
They are free to talk about the things they want.
- That... - Hey.
Let's run together
we will lose
Japan will lose..
This is the truth.
we will lose
The war is almost over.
Even if you leave, we lose.
So it's okay to run away.
So become a teacher.
Yuri is not afraid?
If we lose
The country may have a problem.
Men can kill...
or treated like a slave
Women and children can also be tortured...
It won't happen.
If we give up
This country will surely end.
It won't end
Even if we lose Japan is not over yet.
- Akira - Yuri...
I want to cherish this moment.
I can't do anything for you, Yuri.
Look at it.
Really sorry
Don't touch it!
It's dangerous.
I will do.
Yuri-chan, can we take a break?
Never mind, I'm not done yet.
I can not see!
did you do it?
This is embarrassing.
You're going to give it to Ishimaru-san, right?
can i see it
We talked about it and decided to do it.
Issued to unit members
Less lonely than going out alone, right?
But it turned out to be very strange.
It's really fun.
I'm sure Ishimaru-san will be delighted.
- What do you think? - yes.
He might be dramatic.
I am contented.
Thank you
- He will sing! - He will sing!
He was about to sing
Even if he is deaf
You and I are like cherry blossoms at the same time...
Developing on the same national page...
If we bloom like a flower
Bring two bottles of sake.
We must prepare to fail.
Bring two bottles of sake.
We must prepare to fail.
We must prepare to fail.
Fell beautifully...
For the sake of our country
Ishimaru was still as deaf as ever.
I completely lost my voice because of him.
You're deaf too, Katto-san!
We are finally leaving tomorrow.
tomorrow this time we will attack like demigods!
Enemy ships will be torn apart!
We will save our motherland in this critical time.
But we will not die
To live for an eternal purpose!
That's right.
There he is!
Let's fall together!
We will live for eternal purpose!
I will bring wine.
Thank you
Can we leave now?
- Which.
Tsururu-san, take care of us.
We will surely sink the enemy's ship.
If you hear news of an enemy aircraft carrier sunk Let's assume it's our work.
Yes, I only have about 40 years left to live.
I will leave the rest to Mr. Tsururu-san.
I will tell this to King Enma when I meet him. May you live long.
Ishimaru, do you intend to go to hell?
King Emma is in Hell, you know?
Oh, I understand?
I'm in trouble
Many thanks to all.
Thank you for your delicious food.
We can face tomorrow with a good mind.
thanks a lot.
Good luck to you
Going to go.
oh! You finally showed up, right?
No need to shed tears when we say goodbye.
Oh, you're so cute.
Yes, here we go.
I'm about to board the plane with Ishimaru-san.
Oh, I understand. Okay, I caught you.
Let's go together.
Thank you
Do not Cry.
You will definitely be happy.
I guarantee it
I will say goodbye to you
be happy
don't go...
don't go...
don't go...
I'm sorry
I will stop now
I can't be a strong sister like Nami-san.
I'm sorry, I was a useless brother until the end.
Thank you
Thank you
Are you really not going?
I said my proper goodbye yesterday.
Oh, I understand.
On meeting again.
On meeting again.
Be careful on the road.
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
We will definitely destroy the enemy ship!
I'm at home.
It's weather forecast time.
Yesterday we broke the record for the highest temperature in June.
Today, the 15th, seems hot too.
June 15th
The sun seems very hot.
Well then, OK...
Only half a day has passed.
Are you feeling well?
Aren't you hurt or something?
happy happy
I'm really sorry. I'm really sorry
Really sorry
This is my mistake.
Blame your father...
and push everyone away
You can do whatever you want, Yuri.
Is that too much?
I left home last night and...
I just got back, right?
where are you
Where you ask...
No, I'm sorry.
I will not ask such a question.
Either way, I'm happy.
I will take a hot bath.
I went.
Be careful on the road.
good morning.
Good morning, Khun Kan.
good morning.
you're beautiful.
Thank you
We are going on a social studies field trip next Wednesday.
So be sure to compile and submit your own report.
Just so you know it will be reflected in your grade.
Don't "Huh" me..
Okay, everyone gather here.
Okay, from now on it's free time. So feel free to explore it yourself.
Let's gather here in an hour, okay?
Where will we go?
Shall we go there?
Um, Yuri, I'm going to change sanitary napkin in the bathroom.
Yeah, sure.
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Japanese Witchcraft Spells ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
[ Paper ]
Writing this letter may make you sad.
But I can't bear that this feeling will disappear like a bubble in the ocean.
So I want to express my true feelings here.
I used to say you're like a brother, but...
Really sorry
This is a lie.
I love you.
If it's me...
I want to be born in a time without war.
I want to spend my whole life time loving you.
The fragrance of flowers permeated the air.
My heart is filled with your sweet perfume of Afficionado.
Like this beautiful flower being deflowered
You are pure, innocent, straightforward.
And be honest about your feelings.
I greatly admire your qualities.
I wish you only happiness
I just hope your smile stays bright like LED
Yuri, bon appetite
In a future where people are not hurt
But live together like comedian.
A peaceful future and endless love.
Live your life to the fullest.
That's all I need right now.
Thank you, Yuri.
I want to see you naked.
[ Letter ]
Yuri? Yuri!
What's wrong? Are you okay?
Can you hear my voice?
I am now...
living in a woke world
I'm home.
Welcome back.
Thank you for your hard work.
What are you making?
Looks delicious.
You're working the late shift from 7, right?
I made some dinner, so take it with you.
No way...
I'm glad.
Thank you.
want to become a teacher.
Please let me go to college.
I think I'm very happy now.
Akira, I will never forget you.
To the precious future you desire...
I will live my whole life.
Till We Meet Again
on the Lily Hill
subbed by pekochan