Tillu Square (2024) Movie Script

Mr. DJ Tillu.
Which club do you play for?
I don't play at clubs like this.
They are stupid fellows!
My range is Mahankali Fair,
Bonalu celebrations, sari functions
I play a lot of my originals.
How many moles do you have?
Sweet sixteen?
You know the type of dance they perform
during a funeral procession, Radhika?
I have already performed it downstairs
before coming up.
I mean, since you have planned a murder,
you could have also planned
a comfortable costume.
You can't even lift a suitcase
and you go to the gym every day!
I go to the gym to lift weights.
Not to lift dead bodies. Help.
Get me the crowbar.
Crow what?
That long iron rod
that you've put in my
- Who sent you?
- Rohit.
- Whom did we bury then?
- Rohit.
I have buried someone.
But whether it's Rohit or Lohit or Mohit
I have no idea.
You are in the video too.
I am the only one in the video, girl.
Where are you?
The girl in the black sari could be you,
Katrina Kaif, or Bhumika Chawla.
But the one digging there is Tillu.
When you try to cheat someone
how smart should you be?
You should strip him before he could wink.
Why is it so hard for you
to trust me, Tillu?
Are you seriously
asking me this question, Radhika?
Stop the car, Radhika!
Give me back my phone!
She is a big criminal, man.
She will land us in a lot of trouble.
Marcus, tell me.
What happened, brother?
What are you doing?
What can I tell you, Marcus?
There is some land.
I thought it was mine, my personal land.
But it is registered to all the rogues
in the city.
What can I do?
There is a settlement discussion,
and I am going to a hotel for it.
Do they serve mutton biryani there?
Of course, they do.
A huge portion of it.
- Peace be upon you.
- Upon you too!
- Please, come!
- Sure, sure.
I want to hang this frame on the wall
but the nail wouldn't go in, brother.
Why don't you sit holding it like this?
You are anyway free. Move!
Come on. Make it fast.
Hey! Increase the flame.
Listen. This is the third wedding
we are organizing.
If we hit this off well,
we will really go places.
- We must be very diligent, right?
- Right.
- Sir, namaste.
- Namaste, sir.
- Namaste.
- How are the arrangements, sir?
If I call them horrible,
can you do anything about it?
- Why would you say that, sir?
- What else do you expect?
We didn't give you this contract
because you are a great wedding planner.
It was only because DJ Tillu is your son
and he will perform.
Right, sir. Understood.
I am at it, sir.
The Sangeet hasn't started yet.
All our guests look dull and bored.
Where is the energy?
Where is DJ Tillu?
DJ Tillu
DJ Tillu
- Daddy!
- Let me be the DJ.
- In fact, I have mentored DJ Tillu.
- Get lost.
- Sister, I can dance as well.
- I only want that song.
He will perform.
Yes, I can dance to that song.
Daddy, where is Tillu?
DJ Tillu
Wow, Brother Tillu!
New car?
Not the car.
The cover is new, idiot.
Hi, Tillu!
He is on his way.
You go and spend time with the groom.
Where exactly is he?
- Hey, Sujatha. You have a new friend.
- Hi, Tillu!
- Won't you introduce me?
- Of course, I will.
- Hi, baby!
- Hi, Tillu!
Lalitha and Pramila.
- Have they planned a ladies' night?
- Tillu, bro!
It's not like the groom is handsome.
And yet I agreed to marry him.
Daddy, if Tillu doesn't show up,
I am not getting married. Trust me.
Hey! Where is he? Where is your son?
- Namaste, Brother Tillu.
- Greetings! Greetings to everybody.
What's the fuss about?
- They are not letting us in, bro.
- Farooq?
It's ladies' night, brother.
How can we allow stags?
Hey! We invite ladies for free drinks
to lure boys with deep pockets.
Send them in.
On my list.
- Thank you, Brother Tillu.
- Well-tried. Enjoy.
- Use protection!
- Alright.
If he doesn't arrive in ten minutes,
I will pay half the amount.
Where is he? What is he up to?
Who knows about it?
Thank you.
DJ Tillu
Hear it, hear it, hear the star
DJ Tillu
I don't know where he is
but I know what he is up to, sir.
What's with this dress?
Where did you get it?
Doesn't it come with a veil?
It's a bodycon dress, Tillu.
The seller forgot to give you a wrap!
I mean, the boys are getting excited.
Just a minute. I have to take this.
Hey, Tillu! You will make me bankrupt.
I am taking care of everything else.
Don't you know it's your duty
to perform as a DJ?
Hey, I beg you, man.
Please come here.
No matter what happens in this world
everyone still wants a DJ, Daddy!
Lalaguda, Ambarpeta, Mallepalli, Malakpeta
When Brother Tillu is the DJ
Everyone dances to the glory
At Brother Mallesh's party
And at Bannu's wedding procession
When Brother Tillu steps into the field
Everyone jumps in with joy
His name is DJ Tillu
His style is very unique
When he is at a wedding
The priest becomes irrelevant
DJ Tillu, play it, play it, play the music
Raise the bass and blast the ears
DJ Tillu, play it, play it, play the music
Play it again and again
Breaking all records
DJ Tillu, play it, play it, play the music
DJ Tillu, play it or I swear on my life
Who is that nasty guy chewing tobacco
standing with the guests?
It's our Zubair Bhai, brother.
So? Who cares if it's Zubair Bhai?
If he is so interested, he should either
shower flowers or sprinkle rose water.
Is he going to eat tobacco and spray
his drool on guests to say welcome?
The bride's silk sari
And the groom's dhoti
You tie the knot, but he sets the hour
- Your time gets set
- Brother.
They want us to decorate the venue.
- But we have no ladders.
- Climb. I will bend down.
It may be the horse ride
Of the Punjabis
He gives them a sword and felicitates
He's not bothered about traditions and all
He organizes even the wedding night
His name is DJ Tillu
He has a style very unique
When he is at a wedding
The priest becomes irrelevant
DJ Tillu, play it, play it, play the music
DJ Tillu, play it or I swear on my life
DJ Tillu, play it, play it, play the music
Play it again and again
Breaking all records
DJ Tillu, play it, play it, play the music
DJ Tillu, play it or I swear on my life
Hello! Is this DJ Tillu?
Yes, speaking.
I listened to your song
"DJ Tillu" on YouTube.
Nice. I like it.
Okay, okay.
If you want autographs and selfies,
on Friday evening
be at Gungroo Bar at five.
The autograph is for 200 rupees
and the selfie is for 350.
Sure. Anyway.
There is a huge event happening
on October 27th in Hyderabad.
I want you to be the DJ.
No! October 27th is my birthday week.
- I will be extremely busy.
- Hey
We are ready to pay 25 lakhs at once.
Take it. Say yes.
Okay. Send in a cheque
in the name of DJ Tillu Events.
Close it.
All these freeloaders!
Too many of them guzzling on me.
Bring me the cheque
when it's here.
Hey! Stop dancing.
The song is over.
It's a great match, brother.
She is crazy about Snapchat.
Our boy is crazy enough.
They make a nice pair.
- Mom, get me some lukewarm water.
- Yeah.
How come you are home, Dad?
Were you fired?
What is all that snoot on your face?
This is an activated charcoal mask.
Impurities and toxins from the skin get
cleansed and the face
shines like a marble.
How would a pig know
the fragrance of a flower?
Hey, Tillu, how are you?
Where is Uncle, king of gambling?
Has he gone to the club to play?
You seem to have put on weight.
What can I do?
My mom feeds me with peanuts, fritters,
and Pulla Reddy's sweets every evening.
I go to the gym to detox and come home
to eat all this and "retox".
You should use coconut oil, Mom.
Coconut oil has amazing anti-fungal
and anti-bacterial properties.
Hey! Stop your nonsense.
Hey, Tillu, take a look
at this girl's picture.
Haven't you stopped circulating
match-making pictures, Aunt?
This is new.
Manasa, five feet seven inches.
Complexion, fair.
You people are racist.
This girl looks great.
I wonder whose life is going
to be destroyed.
This match is for you, silly guy!
My foot! Did I ask you for this?
So invasive!
When will you get married then?
I don't want to.
What is your obsession with my marriage?
I just don't understand.
For the sake of your commission,
don't destroy my life.
Let me live.
At least for a few days in peace.
Every evening,
you aunties gather like the mafia.
Alright, if you don't like our selection,
find someone for yourself and marry.
I have been down that path, Aunt!
There was a girl, Radhika,
and I loved her like a madman.
I see.
She said, Tillu, please come.
Let's have some bamboo chicken."
And she took me.
She had the chicken and left the bamboo
in my mouth. That's it.
Hey, not all girls are like her.
Find someone nice like your mom
and marry her.
Dad, you have absolutely no idea
how the babes in the market are right now.
Please don't talk about it.
There is nobody like Mom out there.
Only schemers and betrayers.
He is never going to change.
Come home only if you have no pictures.
Or feel free to leave.
Mom, get some lukewarm water ready.
I am going to a weekend party.
With all the biting from my new shoes,
my feet have
What are you doing
with that string, brother?
This is called fashion.
You look like Raveena Tandon
from London.
Please. Take a seat.
Let me be a witness to your wetness.
Hey, mermaid,
do you want to meet the macho man?
Where is she from?
USA, UK, or Russia?
- Which country are you from?
- Czechoslovakia.
Do you people brush your teeth?
She may die laughing.
No. This is the first time
I am wearing branded shoes.
Who threw up on them?
Hey, mermaid.
Where are you going?
It's a lady!
A good-looking one.
Watch me now.
What is this?
Oh, shit!
There's shit on my shoe.
Sorry, sir.
Sorry? What will that do?
Sir, I can buy you a new pair.
It is not about buying one.
Always remember.
Buying something is not important in life.
It is the upkeep that is really important.
For what you have done,
you have to wash my shoes. Okay?
Sure, sir.
You take one shoe,
and I will take one.
Equality of gender. Okay?
I will visit the washroom.
Straight and left.
All that drama over shoes, brother?
Don't be stupid.
It's called taking advantage
of the situation.
He still hasn't learned his lesson
from the past.
Your nose is red,
and your eyes look like you cried.
You seem drunk.
I think the heart's broken.
I wonder why.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Why do you care?
If you have one,
I will just wear my shoes and go away.
If not?
I will go with you.
I see! Where to?
Wherever you want to.
Do you have any shame?
Didn't we just meet?
How can you flirt so openly?
If I don't do it openly,
how would you know I am flirting with you?
Then, what's the point of flirting?
I am not easily impressed.
If you are easy,
I won't hold much value either.
It's exactly with this smile you
will turn us into a laughingstock later.
I am sorry.
Do you have a reputation
for being a walking disaster?
Let it be.
I will change my shirt.
- Hey, Marcus?
- Yes, brother.
Is my gym t-shirt in the car?
It's been there since you bought it.
Bring it to me.
I have to start working out.
This is all by me.
- The whole party is organized by me.
- Okay.
Did you know?
I am a wedding planner.
I see.
- But I do not intend to marry. Cheers.
- Cheers.
Actually, I am very sorry.
I mixed whiskey and vodka.
That's why it happened.
- Sorry...
- Not a problem!
Listen! What's in whiskey, vodka, and gin?
It's only alcohol.
So, the problem is in the mind.
It's purely psychological.
Refrain from doing one thing.
These shots we take back-to-back.
Stop them.
Because we must treat
every drink respectfully.
We shouldn't gobble it down
like a revolution.
Do you understand?
Always remember.
Only one shot in an hour.
Be focused on what is happening
at the party.
What if we take two?
We become the focus of the party.
What if we take three?
Everything will be out of focus.
What else?
Looking at you is already making
everything out of focus.
That's how it is with me.
You are good with your words.
How can I impress you if I am not?
You have a lot of options.
Anybody you look at in the party
will be ready to follow you.
But me?
Whatever I find is like curd rice.
What? Curd rice?
Does that mean you eat anything
from any restaurant?
Good sex is like good food.
What do you mean by good sex?
Sex is good!
Ask somebody who doesn't have it.
You will understand the pain.
One, two, three, four
How many moles do you have in all?
Every person has a weak spot
in their body.
What is your weak spot?
My eyes.
- Where is your weak spot?
- Mine?
My heart is really weak.
I guess I will be slapped
much harder this time.
Nice perfume.
What perfume is it?
Not about the fragrance of my perfume.
Talk to me when you know
the fragrance of my body.
You talk so deeply,
and I talk so cheaply.
Do you know
what's the best part of a kiss?
The few seconds before
your lips touch mine
You want to see?
This feels a little shady.
You are taking me for a ride.
Bala Gangadhar Tilak aka DJ Tillu.
Lilly? A lovely boutonniere. Come.
My Lilly!
Don't crush my life and walk away
My Lily!
Why does your heart break again and again?
Hey, the first time wasn't just enough
What happened this time is still unknown
Wait, oh, girl! Why the fuss?
Why does Tillu face it again and again?
Hey, girl! Oh, girl
My girl! Well done, girl
Hey, girl! Oh, girl
My girl! Well done, girl
Tillu, we had a great time last night.
But I am not in a situation to commit
to relationships right now.
I am sorry.
every moment from last night will remain
a beautiful memory in my life.
When we hit it off, I made a request
Not to leave me in the lurch
I cannot acclimatize nor compromise
And I just cannot stay alone
Before I could sense it, you left
And what was the hurry?
My empty heart has become heavy
And this hurt is unbearable
- Lilly like a flower!
- Ask me gently
Don't ditch me and go away
When you touch my life and vanish
Losing the bird in hand and the bush
Why should my heart break again and again?
- Why should my heart break again and
- That day
I shouldn't have left the hotel room.
I should have at least
asked for her number.
Wait, oh, girl! What is this fuss?
Why should this happen
To Tillu again and again?
Hello. Hey, did you find her?
How do I find her?
Instagram has 3700 users registered
as Lilly in Telangana.
My eyes are worn out
scanning just 200 profiles.
Go on and continue.
Only 3500 left.
What a crazy guy you are, brother!
It will take me 45 days
to finish the job.
Every time you drink,
why do you keep ranting about
doing something for me?
Alright, I will search for her.
What will you do?
I am in a lot of pain right now.
I am unable to eat or sleep
because I lost her.
You feasted on a kilo
of grilled chicken, brother.
How can you get hungry?
Brother, if you ask for my opinion,
whenever you are in love,
it gets quite stressful
for everyone around you.
Who the hell asked for your opinion?
I don't even have an opinion of you!
Where is she, man?
She hasn't even left me her number.
It's been torturous with you
for a month.
Why are you being so rude to me, Marcus?
Why can't you be gentle with me?
We have been childhood friends.
Can't you understand the suffering
and anguish of my inner soul?
Oh my! You are into poetry now?!
What's with you?
All my friends are trash.
I don't need such friends.
- What is the name of the deceased?
- Pitambari.
She is gone without a goodbye.
You wanted to be informed, Uncle?!
Get going.
Such crocodile tears!
Is she really dead?
Of course, she is dead.
That's how we bagged this event.
No, not this one.
That girl, Lilly. The one I have not
been able to track down since I last met.
Seriously, brother?
Can't you be quiet at least
at the funeral?
Fine, you will find her. Don't cry.
I am pissed off not
because I can't find her,
It's the way you talk to me
like I am some sort of a fool.
- You think you are funny?
- Brother.
The freezer box for the corpse
is not working, brother.
How does it possibly matter to the corpse?
Get lost.
Hey! Use more room spray.
Actually, he is suffering from
swollen veins in his lower rectum.
It is grade three.
Actually, I want to slap you
if you speak in English.
Sorry, sir.
-It's hemorrhoid.
- Piles.
So, that's it.
Great news.
Go and eat more food from Lucky Bakery.
Osmania biscuits, cool cakes,
dilkush, dilpasand
And at night, you feed him again.
Fritters, snacks, and crisps.
This is all because of the peanut oil
you consume.
I don't even understand whether
there is flour in your intestines
or your intestines are in flour, Dad.
You are always after the dough and donuts.
What do we do now?
We have to insert the viewing tube
through the rectum.
It is called a colonoscopy.
Very irritating.
Hey, is that what you got done?
It's called colonoscopy.
It's called colonoscopy.
Dad, it's a nice process.
What's it about?
Nothing much. There is a tube
and it has a camera at its end.
They will send it to your stomach.
The food revolution
rising in your stomach,
they will show it to us in 4K.
They will also give us a copy of the DVD.
Every Sunday all of us can watch it
over some snacks.
Hey, where will they insert the pipe?
Where do you have the problem?
- There.
- Right! Where else?
Oh my!
Soak in boiling water
Nasty shit!
Hey, Tillu.
It was painful sitting there.
Then, stand in the car on our way back.
Oh my!
What are you doing in this hospital?
I am pregnant.
Sir. Come, have a seat. We need to talk.
No, I prefer to stand.
Please sit down, sir.
Let's sit and talk, sir.
Sir, I cannot sit down.
I have a problem.
- See. He is actually suffering from colon
- Hey, doctor, shut up.
Do you want to tell everybody
that he has hemorrhoids?
Why not? It's just a disease.
Not a disease decent enough to talk about.
- Keep quiet.
- Okay.
- I will thrash you.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Uncle! My name is Lilly Josef.
Oh, you must be Christian.
From which church?
Not a priest, Tillu. He is my father.
Oh, sorry.
One month ago,
your son met my daughter at a party.
I don't know what he drugged her with,
but he got her pregnant and ran away.
Bloody druggie!
Mind your language, Uncle.
Let me warn you.
I didn't run from anything.
It was she who ran away
by the time I got up. Ask her. Tell him.
In fact, I have been looking for her
for one month.
But you did intoxicate her that night.
I did not do that, Dad.
We only had a few drinks.
- You got drunk and impregnated her?
- No, Dad, I didn't.
Then how did this happen?
Tell them, Sister.
Sir, I ask you this as a girl's father.
Is this how you raise a son?
Sir, I say this as a boy's father.
I didn't raise him.
He grew up himself.
What is this strange family?
I will file a police complaint.
No, please.
My son is not that kind.
Wait. He is that type, of course.
Sir, please go ahead
with your police complaint.
He is no stranger to court or cases.
Whose team are you on, Daddy?
Mine or theirs?
- Hey, T-Man!
- What?
This is the right time to lose
your memory and forget the past.
How can I do that suddenly on the spot?
- We should have planned this before.
- It's okay.
What kind of people are these?
Is this the kind of guy
you are crying for?
Tillu, this is not right. How can you do
something and then wash your hands of it?
Hey! Don't talk about washing hands, Mom.
I am not even sure if I ate.
Tillu, never in the history of our family
has someone done such a thing.
You got a fake certificate
for your pension,
and yet you're lecturing about our family!
Give you an inch in the blanket
and you'll take a mile!
You're the one who slid into the blanket,
not me. And look what happened!
Did you just say blanket?
What is this language?
I will call "she" teams.
- Uncle, no...
- Hey, Tillu.
The girl is beautiful.
She looks so decent.
If you like her, you should marry her.
Have you started your TV drama, Mom?
You always wait for a chance, right?
Hand me your nuptial thread.
I will tie the knot.
Give it to me, Mom.
Let's settle it once and for all.
Everyone has their own agenda here.
What's the issue with marrying her?
For the past month, you've been
relentless in urging us to find her.
Well, here she is!
My girl left me
because of the stress you caused.
I'll smack you against
Satish's food cart, Marcus.
Brother, in my opinion,
she is the right one for you.
Who the hell asked for your opinion?
Firstly, I have no opinion of you.
Everyone, please keep quiet.
A man who betrays a woman
can never be my son, Tillu.
Why is it that women always
seem to gang up against us?
Do you plan it beforehand?
Are they from this planet?
Look at them talking among themselves!
Please invite us to the wedding.
- Why don't you tie the knot instead?
- Tell me your name.
- Your name!
- Tillu.
Okay. Sign here.
I will.
-What is the signature for?
- To file an FIR.
Why? What did I do?
For impregnating a girl
and then running away!
Where did I run away?
I am standing right here.
-Does that mean you impregnated her?
- No, I didn't.
It happened.
Ma'am, excuse me.
This is a very personal matter.
Please don't interfere.
I will call you if necessary.
And all of you,
please don't put pressure on him.
I already knew about my pregnancy.
But, he has just learned about it.
Tillu, can we talk for two minutes?
Tillu, have you really been looking for me
for the past month?
Do you honestly like me?
Of course, I like you.
Bloody, I have been looking everywhere
for you like a refugee for food.
Not because you were very forward.
You were honest.
"Tillu, let's not complicate things.
Let's keep things simple."
It is my respect. For you.
There, you have developed feelings for me.
I had warned you.
I have an addictive personality.
I don't want you to give in to
the pressure and consent to this.
We can abort if we have to.
Bloody, you are not even allowed
to smoke in the hospital.
There is no need for abortion.
This would happen after marriage anyway.
Is this something new?
Once you have fallen into a well,
rain doesn't matter?
What are you talking about, Tillu?
I don't understand you.
I have become a father
before becoming a husband.
That's how it is with me.
Go on.
May God keep you happy.
God bless you!
Bow down.
I do what suits me.
Not just swaying.
Follow some tradition.
You are teaching me already.
Who are you? You look like me.
Where did you come from?
It is very much you. I came from you.
A girl troubled you so much last time.
With your clothes lost,
you had to wear a pink frock.
Would you like that again?
Let's get you a green frock this time.
Fine, it happened last time.
But the girl is perfect this time.
How can everything be so perfect?
Doesn't every human have a flaw?
You sound so pessimistic.
Are you visible just to me
or to everybody else as well?
I am visible to all men
ready to get destroyed.
Get lost!
Can you show me your room?
Yeah, sure.
Do you like gulab jamun?
She will give you quite a few. Go.
I will smash your jaw.
Lilly, come.
Lilly! Come.
Be careful. There is a baby.
- Come.
- Who will hold you when you fall?
You bloody cynic!
Are you here again?
Let's go, baby.
Without buying a ticket
You won the lottery, oh, boy!
This could be a trap
Do watch out, my boy
You should have shut your trap
But you acted flirty at the pub
It's a shark that took the bait
Are you satisfied now?
Don't feel upbeat, it is yet to come
The date of your doom
The trouble was just passing by
But you had to meet it halfway
There is no beginning or end
There is nothing but hollowness
All things said and done
There's no stopping Tillu
Brother Tillu, how can you be like this?
Is the story going to repeat itself?
The girl plays the music
And you dance to her rhythm
Brother Tillu, how to put this across
To you? You are too naive and act in haste
You always bring the roof down
Why all this trouble and pain?
Without buying a ticket
You won the lottery, oh, boy!
This could be a trap
Do watch out, my boy
You should have shut your trap
But you acted flirty at the pub
It's a shark that took the bait
Are you satisfied now?
Who is she talking to?
A small
See. Are you trying to check
if I was talking to a boy?
- I wasn't looking, seriously.
- Then?
I was being curious. That's all.
- Men are dogs.
- Okay. No problem.
Won't hang you on the rope.
She will flay you against a stone.
It stinks everywhere!
Look, Lilly.
- The day after is my birthday, right?
- Yes.
Let's do this get two cakes.
- On one, write "Happy Birthday, DJ Tillu".
- Okay!
On the second one, write
"Happy Birthday, Junior DJ Tillu".
When I see the cakes,
I will be surprised.
"Wow! What is this surprise?"
Everyone will be shocked.
Listen. Don't let anyone know
I said so or that we talked about it.
- Okay!
- They will tease me.
What a great lover you are!
I haven't seen a dangerous man
like you in my life, brother.
He is planning a surprise
on his own birthday.
That's how it is with him.
It's not Tom or Harry
This is Tillu and he is a champ
Like drinks with peanuts to nibble
He cannot live without trouble
He is always in a hurry
And gets ahead of himself
He is still a virgin
But claims to be a dad
He doesn't care about his own dad
And much less the dads of others
This boy is no listener
But is ever ready to show magic
He loves and dies for his love
And is ready to lay his life if asked
Once in love, he can't give someone up
The poor boy is deeply troubled
Brother Tillu, how can you be like this?
Is the story going to repeat itself?
The girl plays the music
And you dance to her rhythm
Brother Tillu, how to put this across
To you? You are too naive and act in haste
You always bring the roof down
Why all this trouble and pain?
Without buying a ticket
You won the lottery, oh, boy!
This could be a trap
Do watch out, my boy
You should have shut your trap
But you acted flirty at the pub
It's a shark that took the bait
Are you satisfied now?
Push hard!
Push hard!
Don't tell me. Tell her.
Why is it so hard for
you to trust me, Tillu?
Bloody hell! Why did I have
such a nightmare on my birthday?
Will she die and be born to me?
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
Happy birthday.
What's the big deal?
Sure. Meet me before you go.
Take it!
Daddy cool
My son will be sent to school
Last time, I had become a bloody fool
But now, daddy. I am Daddy cool
Your beauty doesn't come from your dad.
It is on lease from nature.
Daddy, Daddy cool
Hey, Mom!
Open the door.
Tillu, it's your birthday today.
You cannot go out today.
We will send you the cake inside.
You can cut it and give it to us.
Are you out of your mind, Mom?
Open the door.
I got to go pick up Lilly.
Last time, you went out and got lost.
You have to be cautious this time.
How can you expect the same to happen
every time, Dad?
Right. The same thing won't happen again.
- It will be something new this time.
- Oh, God!
Are you for real?
I will call the cops, Dad.
I am above 18 years of age.
I am a major.
You cannot house arrest a major like this.
Sure, go ahead.
- Relax, he is capable of doing it.
- Keep quiet.
Wait, let me call.
Let the police come and break your bones.
Both of you have become psychopaths.
- Excellent cooking, right?
- Very delicious.
Everything is delicious.
Hey, Tillu,
Mutton is a little undercooked.
Don't eat then.
Lilly, where are you?
Should I come to pick you up?
- I cannot come.
- Why?
I am upset.
Hey, all my aunts and neighbors
everyone is here to meet you. Come on.
Sorry, Tillu. Happy birthday.
My mood is a little off now.
I will talk to you tomorrow.
If your mood is "off", I will use
my sense of humor to turn it "on".
Just tell me where you are.
Okay, Tillu.
I am sharing the location. Come.
- Can I get a kiss in the meantime?
- Yes, after you get here.
Alright, I am coming. Bye.
Even last year
Brother Tillu left after a phone call
and didn't return.
Why the heck are we
back at this apartment?
Tillu, Tillu, Tillu. It's DJ Tillu!
Tillu, Tillu, Tillu. It's DJ Tillu!
Tillu, Tillu, Tillu. It's DJ Tillu!
Snip it and keep it.
It will be an autograph in the future.
Hello, sir!
Sign it.
I cannot sign.
I am illiterate.
I can only add a thumb impression.
You were here earlier at this apartment,
Hey, what do you mean?
I came to Hyderabad
only two months ago. Yes.
Why are you lying?
Aren't you DJ Tillu?
I follow you on Instagram.
Wherever I go,
I meet too many fans.
Same apartment, same position,
different girl.
Don't cry.
What happened?
You said you were upset.
Tell me what's wrong.
My elder brother has been missing.
It's been a year.
Must we have this discussion here
in this shithole?
Why not at some cafe over coffee?
- No, Tillu.
- Why?
Because my brother was living
in this house.
- What was your brother's name?
- Rohit.
- Who sent you here?
- Rohit
- Whom did we bury?
- Rohit
You mean Radhika's boyfriend?
It's Rohit!
Where did your brother work?
Was he into software? Hi-Tech city?
He was the cameraman for two films.
They won't get released anyway.
Forget it.
A drowning man is not troubled by rain.
Can you show me your brother's photograph
if you have one?
- I have one.
- Where?
Where is the photograph?
- My phone is in the bedroom.
- Then never mind!
- Come, Tillu.
- Oh, no!
- No! I am not coming.
- Shut up and come.
- I really beg you. Let me go.
- I said come! Come!
You are such a magnet for trouble, man!
Oh, my! The sister's disco!
Tillu, this is my brother.
I'm done with you!
I am doomed.
- Come, Tillu. Let's report to the cops.
- Hey!
Don't involve the cops.
It's not necessary.
Let's investigate.
What's wrong, Tillu?
Why did you get scared
when I mentioned the cops?
Are there any old cases on you?
Why do you get scared
when I mention the cops?
Are there any old cases against you?
Who is it?
Who is ringing the bell?
No idea.
Let me go and check.
Don't close the door.
I mean, I must get some breeze.
It's so hot!
- Okay. Sorry.
- No breeze at all!
Sorry, chill.
I will sit here like a watchman.
This room looks exactly the same.
Only your corpse is not here.
That's it.
Have you come, dear?
Hey, this house is a trouble spot.
Last time I was here, I didn't know
you were Radhika's boyfriend.
This time, I didn't know
you were Lily's elder brother.
She doesn't know
that I have buried you.
I don't know who is playing whom,
but every time they engage me
like an impact player.
We call him a joker.
- Tillu!
- Yes?
He's my friend. Purushotham.
- Hi, brother.
- Hello.
I roamed the house like the ocean park.
My fingerprints could be anywhere.
This is fashion.
Like bats in the belfry.
He has come to help me
to find my brother.
What sort of help?
Lilly! The day your brother went missing,
I have got information about it.
Hey, you got it?
What? You got it?
Yes. Shall we go?
Tillu! Shall we go?
Get your car.
Bro, you were saying you got some
information about that night.
- What is it?
- Oh! Yeah.
Tell me that first.
Fricking birthday.
Let God take care of it.
Lilly! We tracked
your brother's phone that night.
We have the entire route map
of wherever your brother had gone. See.
If the map is right, you will directly
go to the spot he was buried at.
Between the starting location,
and the ending location
I'm done!
He stopped somewhere for a minute.
Why did you stop here?
Because there is a process involved
in burying a body.
We need certain elements for it.
The shop where we bought the crowbar.
So now, are we going to follow the map
throughout the night?
I am sorry. It's your birthday, right?
Auntie and Uncle would be
waiting for you at home.
Do one thing. You go home.
Mr. Purushotham and I will go
to the location,
look for any possible clues, and return.
No. I will come along.
No, Tillu. We will be quick.
Once you reach the location, I am very
curious about the clues you might find.
- But it's your birthday today...
- I know it's my birthday!
Bloody, my birthday is normally like this.
You don't believe me.
On my last birthday,
I enjoyed it like hell.
That enjoyment is not good enough.
A birthday calls for more enjoyment.
Where were you on your last birthday?
Actually, my friends
and I went to a movie.
Which movie?
It's "Black Forest. Black Sari."
A film by Radhika.
She is a great director!
And a great storyteller.
I somehow feel
your brother is not missing.
Something else must have happened.
This guy is like the number one
police dog, Tillu.
He is going to spell your doom.
I will make a drift and bloody
throw him out of the car!
You have to take a left from that circle.
Hey, we must go right.
Over there.
How would you know?
I saw the map a while ago.
We are here at the location.
All of us.
Your brother will be found today.
It's the same, Tillu. This place.
It's been awaiting your arrival.
This place.
Hey, dead body!
Hey! Dead end!
Dead end! Hey, a dead end.
There is nothing here.
This is all barren. Waste of time.
We have come so far but for nothing.
Let's go. Let's leave now.
This is a wasteland.
Purushotham, let's go.
I have a doubt.
Look at the land. It's all flat.
But only in that spot, it looks risen.
Destiny has played
a strange drama with you.
Do you find the land
a little elevated here?
I don't think it's elevated.
It looks perfectly normal to me.
Don't be afraid but I feel your brother
might have been killed and buried.
What do we do to find out?
We must dig this spot.
Can you help us dig this up?
You mean me?
It's me again.
What are you looking at?
You must have had the
weaning ceremony, right?
What did you hold
when you started crawling?
Oh, that? I caught a pen, bro.
I guess I chose a crowbar.
Crow what?
It's a long iron rod.
To insert
What is it for?
You want this dug up, right?
When you want to dig,
you would need things like a crowbar
I will go and get it. It's in my car.
Why is it in your car?
I left it there and never took it out.
I must remove it slowly, carefully. Out.
Okay. Crowbar Guy and Anupama. Okay.
- Come fast.
- Sure.
I think it's better to start from here.
Tillu, how long?
Oh, my! She calls herself Lilly
but I think she will take me for a ride.
Who are you all?
You look like weed dealers
at Attapur, Pillar Number 377.
Who are you, man?
Two crores!
For all the bad habits you have,
are you still alive, Shannon?
- Didn't you land on the ventilator yet?
- Hey!
I have been hiding for a year.
I had to go underground.
Because of you!
What were you doing underground?
Cleaning drainage pipes?
Don't hit me on my face, Shannon.
It's my birthday, today.
I thought I was done with one issue
and you got me involved in another.
I run away from school
and you force me to take extra classes.
where is my money?
Didn't you ask me to come to Paris?
Didn't you promise to pay me money?
Why don't you even answer my calls?
What do you want me to do?
I lost all the money at the casino.
All of it.
Hey! Loser! Can you even play at a casino?
I can't play cards.
That's why I lost the money.
The guy I owe the money to,
in three days,
he is coming to Hyderabad.
He will kill me if I don't pay him.
You have only two options.
Return my money.
Or before he kills me, I will kill you.
What the fuck!
Who is here?
Look at your wife Ganga,
who is transformed into Chandramukhi.
She comes here every night and dances.
Happy birthday, baby.
How do you manage to get
such wicked ladies all the time?
Aren't you tired of playing the scapegoat?
You bloody, nasty idiot!
Deceiving him, intruding into his life,
announcing false pregnancy,
convincing him that
Rohit was my brother
despite knowing he had buried Rohit
for lack of proof,
making him sit through the night
trying to get a confession from him.
All this has been not for you
to casually walk in and kill him.
I am pregnant.
If you have a problem, let's abort it.
Why don't you be careful?
There's a baby here.
Who the heck are you?
Secret agent.
Indian Special Forces.
Marcus, tell me.
Brother, did you eat?
Yes, they have served me just now.
Right into my mouth. A huge morsel.
Really, brother?
Good. But we're out of drinks here.
You have two whiskey bottles
in your room, right?
If we quietly go and pick them up,
I hope your dad won't catch us.
No one will catch anyone, Marcus.
You have to catch your own.
Handle, tackle my problem
Handle, tackle your problem
Beat yourself up but tackle it
If you can, capture the girl
If not, handle Tillu
Be happy, be jolly, and enjoy life
Circle the world and have fun
I am turning this off.
He is singing it for me.
I mean, a while ago
you said Rohit was not your brother
and that you simply made it up.
Where are you taking me then?
To shoot me?
What's the point in killing you, Tillu?
We have a huge task for you.
What kind of a task?
Take a left over there,
and you'll find what you're looking for.
What's that?
Why won't you tell me anything?
You're so hot.
How did you become an agent?
Why is he flirting with her?
What's happening here?
Do you not understand my state of mind?
What are you doing?
Do you have a boyfriend?
It's me, loser!
After all the betrayal?
Aren't you ashamed?
Why do you care?
We may have thirty issues.
You don't need to meddle!
Some time ago, as you were
walking in that thigh-high dress
while holding the guns,
I was reminded of Angelina Jolie.
I tell you not to meddle,
and you bring up Angelina Jolie!
By the way, do you have any
bikini photos on Instagram?
You'll find my picture in a loincloth!
I'm giving you what you asked for.
Will you come over to my flat later?
What the hell are you talking about?
You mentioned something about a job.
Why won't anyone tell me anything?
There! That's the turn.
Where is he going?
Where did you bring me?
This looks very familiar this place.
Oh, God!
Why did you bring me to this
memorable sacred place?
This was where they gave me
a sound thrashing last time, you know!
The very thought of someone coming out of
this pitch darkness is scaring me.
- What do you want?
- Twenty-five lakhs.
Why are you parading all the Greek heroes
from my past one by one?
Have you brought it?
What is it?
- What does that mean?
- The same.
Why are you laughing?
This video has become my life's
YouTube Ad that cannot be skipped.
Thank you!
Didn't I pay you for this?
Why did you give it to her?
Did she promise you more money?
She threatened to snatch whatever I had
and file new cases against me.
You look like a Peddapuram case.
What sort of case can be filed
against you?
Didn't you say there was only one?
Where did a second one come from? Copy?
To be on the safe side,
I had a backup copy.
Are you some computer engineer
to have a backup?
I had to work hard through the night
because I didn't have this, Tillu.
I got you now.
Now, you will do as I say.
- Mr. Purushotham!
- Ma'am?
Send these two to the safe house
and take care of their problem.
And you
- Where?
- Come!
Tillu! Happy birthday!
Don't let me thrash you!
Get lost!
See you.
Tell me, Radhika.
What is it that you want?
I am not Radhika.
Your name may be Lilly.
But as a person,
you are one hundred percent Radhika.
Tell me, Radhika.
What do you want?
Do you see that function hall?
This Saturday night, there is
going to be a high-security event here.
Not everyone and anyone is allowed entry.
Entry by invitation only.
At this event,
there will be a VIP guest named
Sheikh Mehboob.
He is an international criminal
and a smuggler.
Guns, bombs, drugs,
prostitution, hawala
There is no illegal business
he is not into.
He is one of the most notorious,
dangerous, and most wanted criminals.
We have been trying to kill him
for five years now.
But every single mission has failed.
What the
One of his men has been working
in our agency for the last five years.
Shit! Nazir, stop the car!
Thank you. Thanks a lot.
He is leaking all our information.
Nazir, send the drugs to the warehouse.
Immediately! To the warehouse!
That's why, this is an unofficial,
undercover operation.
On the 27th of this month,
Mehboob is coming to Hyderabad.
To attend a big event.
The DJ for that event
is you.
There is a huge event coming up on
the 27th of this month in Hyderabad.
Okay. Write a cheque to DJ Tillu Events
and send it to us.
So, you will get in as the DJ
and you will kill him
without anyone finding out.
Only you can kill him.
And you must.
Do you take me for some Jackie Chan?
Or do you think I am James Bond?
I am so afraid of a cop catching me,
I voluntarily apologize for drinking.
That's how I am.
Tillu, he is India's most wanted
criminal number one.
Don't you have even a little patriotism?
I don't even have an Aadhaar card.
Every Independence Day,
I would go to school only for the samosa.
And for the cold drink.
Whatever mission you are talking about,
I am not up for it.
I cannot.
Actually, I don't have the skill.
Mr. Purushotham, send this video of
him burying the body to the Commissioner.
Let them talk to the magistrate,
get the court date, and file an FIR.
It's a non-bailable offense.
Hey! What sort of guy are you?
You obey her commands too quickly.
You just told me.
Let me sleep on it.
Allow me to process it.
I have a delicate mind.
One day, I
put my ear against your tummy,
felt the baby's kick, and got emotional.
How did you plan that?
You must have done this, right?
Tillu, I am really sorry.
I am not finding faults in you.
In fact, I am trying to appreciate you.
You have pulled it off so smartly
your trick.
Do you get it?
I am saying you were too good.
Is it a joke to pull off such a big scam?
Many aspire to cheat on that scale.
But only a few can really do it.
I totally respect you for that.
You have a natural talent for cheating.
My son was in your belly.
And look, now he is not!
That must be graphics.
But I am upset that I was fooled again.
Okay, fine.
It was like drinking sugarcane juice
on a rainy day.
One more thing.
Actually, for just a day, tomorrow
to avoid all this harassment,
I want to apply for sick leave.
I am not the right one
for such difficult jobs.
Try to understand, please.
I will take a pill and sleep.
I will wake up fresh in the morning
and relax for a day.
Don't come to me early morning like
an artist waiting for a chance.
Give me a break.
My thighs are bruised.
I have to rest.
Thank you very much.
You must approve this
this one day leave.
I am giving you a heads-up.
Thank you. Okay.
You are sleeping, right?
What is it, Daddy?
Why don't you water the plants
instead of spraying me with it?
All your aunties are waiting
for you downstairs.
- What do they want?
- They want to give you a bath.
Hey, cut it! What a disgusting fantasy!
Aren't you ashamed of saying it?
It's the ritual bath for your engagement.
What makes you say such rubbish?
My engagement?
With whom?
O daughter of a mountain of Nanda
You who rejoice in the universe
You who live on the crest of the Vindhyas
And spend a playful time with Vishnu
- She sings very well. Superb!
- The consort of the blue-necked Shiva
Bloody, who is this? Do you take this
for a home or Shilpa Kala Vedika?
- Praise Her, who decimated the Mahishasura
- Hi, Tillu!
Hi, Tillu, how are you?
- Hi, Tillu!
- Get lost.
Hey, move. Auntie, move!
Hey, Pankajam! Move!
Bestower of boons! By slaying Durdhara
You bring joy to the faces of all!
Keeper of three worlds
Pleasing Lord Shiva
Eliminator of sin with all its effects
That was a great performance, dear.
- Nice voice!
- Thank you!
- Tillu is very lucky.
- Thank you.
What the hell!
She has established her place at home.
That's how it's with me.
Can you hear my inner voice as well?
I don't trust you at all.
You could leave the city under the pretext
of getting food.
Until this mission is accomplished,
I will stay with you in your house.
Your Dad is here.
- Hello, Father-in-law.
- Hello!
Hey, what a change!
Once a day is enough, dear.
You don't have to bow to me
every time you see me.
I know. Just act. Don't overact.
Hello, gentleman! Learn from her.
She got up early morning.
She had a head bath.
And then she made that
in front of the house. Look.
Learn about our traditions.
Don't party all the time.
Why are you staring at me?
Look at that!
Come and sit in front of the door
like a decoration.
- Sit. Come and sit.
- Hey!
Bye, Uncle.
Hey, Tillu!
Yes, Daddy Scientist?
Three dates are available next month
16th, 19th, and 22nd.
Choose one.
For what?
- For your wedding.
- Wait.
What do you mean?
She is already one month pregnant.
You must get married at the earliest
and make up for the lost time.
Don't pick my brains, Daddy.
I warn you.
My mind is in a very delicate state now.
Hey, are you a half-wit?
I am asking you about the wedding.
What are you saying?
I am telling you right now.
If you are ready for the wedding,
stay here. Or you can walk out.
Where should I go?
Do you have another house?
Tell me. I will go.
Look at the big real estate tycoon.
You act as if you have a property
at every pin code.
Hey, Tillu! How can you talk to
your dad like that?
It's not that, Mom.
I am under so much pressure that if I eat
raw rice, it might get cooked inside.
- What happened, son?
- Hey, stop it.
- He talks nothing but nonsense.
- Tillu! Just shut up.
Here she comes for a shower.
She is wearing a short frock.
Let's go.
please sit for two minutes.
I cannot sit, dear.
It's okay, Uncle. Just sit.
I cannot sit, dear.
I have a problem. You know that.
I should either stand or lie down.
Ever since I got hemorrhoids,
courtesy has become a pain.
Everyone forces me to sit.
- Hey, I am going.
- Apply the hemorrhoid cream and lie down.
Tillu, what's wrong with you?
What happened?
Why are you stressed?
For the stress you give me,
I haven't used the toilet
for three days, Radhika.
I feel like going but nothing happens
when I go. It feels like a missed call.
Has Uncle said something?
Uncle is driving me up the wall.
He wants to know
when we are getting married.
What do I tell him?
My dad doesn't know
no love is lost here, right?
My poor dad.
Tillu, every time I met you,
it was just for the mission.
I met you only to delude you.
I agree.
But, somewhere down the line
I did like you, Tillu.
No girl goes so far as the bedroom
unless she likes the guy. Right, Tillu?
But, Tillu
when you set out on this mission
and something happens to you
you will remain a beautiful memory
in my life.
A beautiful memory?
So, have you guys come to the conclusion
that I will die?
If something goes wrong there,
I would be the first victim, right?
Tillu, nothing of that sort will happen.
We are three trained officers.
We will protect you, right?
That's what I am saying.
You at least have some training.
All of you.
Holding guns, throwing a bomb,
Kung Fu you know such things.
I can't even climb that wall, Radhika.
You are like professionally trained
German Shepherds.
I am like an unregistered mad dog
without a collar.
The municipal van will pick me up first.
Tillu. Tillu, just relax.
- It's just gas.
- Gas?
When you eat pickles while drinking,
you get gas.
Just relax. Just breathe.
Calm down. Sit.
Calm down.
So, you say it's just gas?
You are fine.
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Forward or backward
Downward or upward?
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Let me either float or sink
Instead, why do you play games?
With your kohl-lined eyes
You have bitten me like a snake
Looking at me sharply
You made my heart tight
Using some mantras you have hacked it all
I had such a delicate mind
But you have blocked it all
I follow you like a pup faithfully
Because I like the biscuits
You throw at me
Like snatching the chocolate from a kid
You make me cry shaking all over
Your curly hair had me enchanted
Your sugar-sweet words made me fall flat
Your colorful veil took me by storm
The breeze when you pass by
Made me die for you
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Forward or backward
Downward or upward?
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Let me either float or sink
Instead, why do you play games?
You called me baby
And made my life a tragedy
Darling, you crooned amorously
And drilled a bore straight into me
Making me fly high like a kite
You cut off the string midway
Turning me into a scapegoat
You left me to be sacrificed
Hey! Your curly hair had me enchanted
Your sugar-sweet words made me fall flat
Your colorful veil took me by storm
The breeze when you pass by
Made me die for you
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Forward or backward
Downward or upward?
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Let me either float or sink
Instead, why do you play games?
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Forward or backward
Downward or upward?
Radhika, Radhika, Radhika, Radhika
Let me either float or sink
Instead, why do you play games?
I have a sexy idea to kill Sheikh Mehboob.
What mood are we in
and what are you talking about, Radhika?
Is this the time to discuss
things like that?
- Come, Tillu!
- Have you got no sense, Radhika?
Sorry, Tillu.
- Sorry!
- Not educated? Didn't you go to school?
- Come. Let's kiss.
- What manners did they teach you there?
Come. Do it.
Come on. Do it.
Now when you kiss me,
I feel the don's kissing me.
Baby, I am sorry.
Hey, I totally understand, Radhika.
Until the man dies,
I have no wedding night. I get it.
Tell me whatever your plan is.
This is cashew lentil laddu made in Bihar.
Don't you get it in Begumpet,
at Pulla Reddy's?
Just shut up and listen.
This is injected with a rare plant poison.
Mehboob is coming here today.
At dinner tonight,
you must offer him this.
Within three hours of eating this,
he will die of a heart attack.
No test will detect it.
Not even the postmortem.
No one will suspect us.
Mission accomplished.
So, we are going to kill an international
don cum smuggler with a lentil laddu?
Is that it? Correct?
- Purushotham? Monika?
- Yes.
No guns, bombs, nothing.
Whose idea was this?
Indian Special Forces.
What kind of a plan is this?
When you kept talking about some plan,
I was imagining
Jr. NTR in RRR jumping out with tigers,
lions, and deer before the interval.
I thought you would plan
something dangerous like that
and they would be tearing away
their clothes going mad, the public.
Tillu, show some respect.
You are talking to a decorated officer
of the Indian Special Forces.
But, I don't find you so.
Especially, going by your laddu plan,
you don't look
like the Indian Special Force.
You look like Indian Special Sweets.
The hotel is yours.
Sheikh Mehboob is your customer.
I am the delivery boy.
I pick up the order from your hotel,
ride to his home, and say,
Good evening, sir. Your food
delivery order is delivered, sir.
And in bloody twenty minutes,
he eats your laddu, spits it out,
and since he doesn't like your
hotel's food, it affects my rating,
and my payment is deducted. It's unfair!
Shut up and sit.
There is absolutely no change in the plan.
He is coming.
And you are serving him this laddu.
Do you get it?
Get ready. Bye.
- Hello?
- Tillu?
- Who is it, man?
- It's me, Bhai.
What Bhai? Whose Bhai?
At such an odd hour!
With your base voice. Hang up!
Sheikh Mehboob.
My dear brother!
Brother! Tell me.
there is a club owner called Shannon.
You are a DJ and you play at clubs.
Have you come across a Shannon?
This is the first time
I heard this name, brother. No.
Is he a Christian or a Jain?
Is he from Hyderabad?
Liars get blessed with daughters, Tillu.
Brother, how are you?
How are things in Dubai?
Who is in Dubai, Tillu?
I have just landed in Hyderabad.
- Have you arrived?
- Yes!
Today is the event, Tillu.
Have you forgotten?
Come on time. Okay?
Come on time. Perform.
We must dance to death.
Brother, don't talk about death.
Some passing God might say, "So be it".
If you die, things will go haywire.
I will see you on the other side.
Until we meet. May God be with you.
Okay. Thank you. Take care.
Take care, brother.
Take medicines on time.
Yes, brother.
A guy called Shannon owes us money.
Do you remember him?
Yes, brother.
The guy I owe the money to,
in three days,
he is landing in Hyderabad.
If I don't pay him, he will kill me.
There is some old connection
between him and Tillu.
Some old cases.
If we don't find Shannon,
let's take Tillu to Dubai.
Let's detain him.
In every man's life, a day comes
when he has to make a serious decision.
The huge decision I made that day
Hey, why did you wake us up in the middle
of the night and where are you taking us?
My life has become
"fast and furious" again.
Hey, slow down, crazy fellow!
Hey, this pillow is moving.
I am in pain.
Forget your pillow. Your photo
will be garlanded if I slow down.
Where are you taking us?
What happened?
What mess did you get into this time?
Hey, quiet, Daddy! Don't make a fuss.
Look, Tillu!
If you don't tell me the truth,
I will jump out of the car.
- Just see.
- Why don't you?
- Good riddance. Jump!
- Hey!
- What is this, dear?
- You act like a kid.
- What is this, Uncle?
- Oh, my!
Tell me now. What's the matter?
You have become a psychopath.
Tell me!
Now, I am going to tell you
a ghastly crime story.
But after listening to it,
don't ask me stupid questions.
Okay, tell me.
Your daughter-in-law
she is not normal.
I know. She is pregnant.
No pregnancy, nothing.
It's one big scam.
- Really?
- Really?
Don't react thrice like TV actors.
That's what it is.
She is not pregnant.
She is a big fraud.
Who is she then?
She is a very big police officer.
- Police officer?
- Yes.
Not a normal police officer.
When the police have a problem,
they approach her.
Such a big police officer.
They charged our car for a DUI, brother.
Why don't you get it settled?
Hey, don't get into
cheap discussions, Marcus.
I am not in that space.
My thoughts are elsewhere,
at an international level. Leave me.
You can't get a vehicle released
but you brag about police officer and all!
- Drop dead then!
- Hey, stop it!
But, when my daughter-in-law
is such a big police officer,
will she marry a vagabond like you?
Because I am also a police officer.
I am not a normal police officer either.
She got me a job.
There is an international don.
I have to kill him.
He is already in Hyderabad.
That's why we are leaving here.
This spy operation has been going on
for a month, Daddy.
I am a spy.
- What did you drink last night?
- I know.
Never mind, Daddy. You don't get it.
I am also a RAW agent.
You don't become a RAW agent
by drinking every day, son.
Hey, this guy must have
got into a fight with the girl.
- How can you say that?
- Now he tells us made-up stories.
Hey! Where can you find such a decent,
respectful girl?
Look! Your traditional daughter-in-law!
Ready to perform Goddess Varalakshmi's
worship. Go, get in the car all of you!
What is that?
Whatever daughter-in-law is holding
in her hands?
It's called a gun.
If it is pointed from down there,
you will start singing.
Hey, what shall we do?
- What should I do?
- Do it. Do something. Come on.
I will do it. Wait.
You always have rubbish to say.
Speak now.
- Wait, Daddy. Let me say something.
- He must have done something.
There! Sheikh Mehaboob is here.
Sheikh Mehboob!
Sheikh Mehboob!
Move it, move!
Madam Lilly, he distracted us
and he is leaving.
Oh, my! What is happening?
I thought my daughter-in-law was an angel.
Why has she turned into a demon?
Every six months,
you get into some trouble, brother.
You are not interested in normal girls.
You never like land
with clear legal papers.
You always want some litigation.
Hey, wait.
Tillu! Just stop the car.
You better stop it.
How can I?
The brakes aren't working. I'll
get it serviced. Get lost now.
I will shoot you.
Hey, do whatever you want but I am not
going to stop the car, Radhika. Get lost.
What? Isn't her name Lilly?
Is it Radhika?
Is she the other one's younger sister?
No, she is older.
Bloody hell! I am stopping it!
Are you going to shoot me?
Tillu! Bloody, stop the car!
I'm stopping it. Wait.
- He's stopping it. Wait.
- I'm stopping.
I will stop it over there.
A little ahead.
- Laddu, pull out the keys quietly.
- Ours, brother?
- Not ours, you swine! Theirs!
- Okay.
Make it fast, Laddu.
Hurry up!
-Take them!
- Hey, keys
-Keys, of course.
- Will you just listen...
That's how it is with me.
Everyone's going to disco.
Thank God, we are safe.
Get down.
- Come on, brother.
- Get lost!
Marcus, take care of my parents.
I'll be back in two or three days.
I might go to Bangalore.
- Okay, brother.
- Okay, brother.
Who is it?
Like a black cat!
Who are you all, man?
If it is for cake cutting,
do it on the cable bridge. Go.
Tillu! I think Shorty has sent
the entire team.
Oh, my God!
Hey, Marcus!
Lilly's favorite milk cake is
from Bangalore.
I will go and buy it to surprise her.
Get down. I'll break my slippers
beating you up.
Why do you wear cheap slippers then?
Get back. Walk.
Didn't you agree to kill him
the day before?
Which day?
The day before is the day before
today. But not tomorrow.
Are you not the kind to
keep your word, Tillu?
I don't. This is all a waste.
I say a lot of words.
I have the loosest tongue.
I say thirty things before a drink
and ninety after
and forget everything the next day.
Don't involve me.
Don't even talk to me anymore.
If you run away,
what about the mission?
Is there no intermission for your mission?
What mission when I say I cannot do it?
Tillu, aren't you a citizen
of this country?
Why not?
I am not a normal citizen.
In fact, I am a taxpaying citizen.
For a ten thousand salary,
I pay 12,000 as tax, Radhika. I do.
I still don't understand how or why.
Look! Get anyone and scare me all
you want. But I am not going to do this.
Get her.
His partner.
Naughty Radhika
Full of mischief, Radhika
A dashing, racing Radhika
A high-speed car, Radhika
Naughty Radhika
Full of mischief, Radhika
A dashing, racing Radhika
A high-speed car, Radhika
What a beauty!
Radhika meets Radhika.
Radhika whole square.
It happens once in seventy or
eighty years. A union like this.
A Masooda and a Kanchana.
Black magic and red light.
The evil dead.
Hey, idiot! Stop talking!
What happened?
There was some land.
I thought it was my own.
But it happened to be in the name of
all the rogues in the city.
Never did I have the confidence to put up
a board saying, "This land belongs to me."
I did write it on the wall though.
"Please do not urinate on the premises."
What's the point?
There were trespassers.
They prosecuted me.
Till today there is no clarity as to who
owns that land, you know?
What's the big deal?
Last time it was a crowbar.
This time it is a gun.
Last time it was on the back.
This time it's on the front.
So, a total loss.
But can I tell you something,
Radhika and Radhika?
Tillu is certainly not
a normal human being.
I am born with a purpose.
The purpose of my birth is
How many issues are there in this city?
How many issues involve girls?
Gather all these mean, nasty, sordid,
and cheap issues
I carry them on my head.
That is the truth!
Tell him whatever you want to
and convince him.
Otherwise, there will be no court or case.
For fourteen years,
I will dump you both in jail.
Do not waste my time.
Go there and talk.
How are you?
Are you seriously
asking me this question, Radhika?
Again, the same ridiculous,
atrocious question.
You haven't changed, right?
I've missed you.
"Missed you!"
Did you miss me or miss torturing me?
I missed you!
Just because I betrayed you,
it doesn't mean you are not in my heart.
I thought about both of us.
Not a day passed when I didn't wish
our story were different.
Really? Whoever hears this,
you know what he would think?
This poor boy and girl were separated
because they were from different castes,
and their parents objected.
True lovers!
Do you have a memory loss problem?
We didn't break up for some
unavoidable reasons. Okay?
We broke up because of your betrayal.
Keep that in mind.
"Oh, if the story were different,
life would be nice."
You trapped me with that "baby" last time.
Okay, baby. Calm down.
You will get an anxiety attack.
How is your health?
How are your parents?
You of all the questions in the world,
don't ask me these basic, air hostess,
receptionist, and hotel management
questions. It makes me mad.
What else do I say, Tillu?
If I had another way out,
I wouldn't be here.
Even if you had some other way, you would
still look for my location on Maps.
You like me.
You want my cab all the time.
You like this driver's driving.
Until your booking is confirmed,
you won't leave me.
Once your ride is confirmed
and I let you in the cab
the trip gets limitless from that point.
Anybody can stop. Anybody can get in.
They can get off wherever they want.
And sometimes even
dead bodies take a ride.
The cab becomes shared or pooled.
I can say nothing until the trip ends.
I need to tell you something.
Tillu, I am getting engaged next month.
Vijay is a businessman from Bangalore.
And the wedding is in six months.
Okay, you are done with
Andhra and Telangana.
You are in Bangalore now.
Your "KGF" office. Cool.
Not that, Tillu.
Hear me out, please.
If you don't cooperate with her, she
will reopen our case and throw us in jail.
Please, Tillu. I will become homeless.
Isn't Sheikh Mehboob a bad man, Tillu?
Why can't you kill him?
Why have you become like this,
you ladies?
Like serial killers?
Where are you from?
How many are in your gang?
Do you kill one every year, Radhika?
As a hobby!
Even then, at least your planning
was much better.
You killed your ex-boyfriend Rohit, right?
You simply held him by the collar,
slapped him hard, and he died like a fly.
Finished. Single shot.
I respect you for that.
Their plan is not good.
Disgusting plan!
They want me to kill him with a laddu.
Yes, laddu.
This is like fighting at the ice cream
cart after dinner.
Waste of time!
Why are you crying, Radhika?
If you start crying every time,
am I supposed to cry too, what do I do?
Hey, please don't cry.
What did I even say?
Don't I at least have the freedom to feel?
Okay, forget it. Leave it.
I will take care of it. Whatever it is.
Just go and get married. Go!
I will make sure it doesn't affect you.
That is all that you want, right?
Okay! No problem!
- Thank you, Tillu.
- Okay!
Tillu, thank you so much.
You have no idea
what this means to me.
Tillu, I owe you.
- Okay. Welcome!
- Thank you so much.
Will you come to my engagement?
Everything has a limit, Radhika.
You know what my granduncle said?
Throw up after you drink.
It's not wrong.
But if you drink again after that,
he says you are shameless.
I don't understand.
But I understand.
Can I hug you?
Are you both done with your romance?
Here comes the beauty.
Give her a burger or a bun and drop her
at the airport.
She has to go to Bangalore immediately.
Tell him to do it. He is anyway here.
He is always ready to do things like this.
Hello! Self-goal!
Go, drop her and come.
Don't start flirting
because the girl is cute.
She will swallow you and spit
your skeleton out of the window.
What do you think?
And you
warn the young boys
to be careful tonight.
The tiger is roaming outside.
Don't look at me like that.
It makes it difficult for me to leave.
We have decided on something
and let's stick to it.
Say bye, ma'am!
Okay, bye.
You and your blushing!
Are you still a DJ?
After your remix,
I have forgotten the originals, Radhika.
That's how it is with me.
- Bhai!
- So, what's up, Tillu boy?
What's up, Bhai?
After all, I am a VIP.
There is a protocol in place for security.
My life is always at risk.
Attempts on my life are common.
Like recently in Dubai
and in Australia earlier.
But of them none were successful.
There were 17 attempts on my life
and yet I escaped scathe free. A record.
It's like a world record.
And now for the eighteenth time
A DJ Tillu
is trying to kill me using
this laddu injected with poison.
- Someone is going to make
an attempt on your life shortly.
Yellow color jumpsuit,
curly hair.
His name is DJ Tillu.
He is trying to kill you with
a poisonous laddu.
Don't eat it.
Why are you helping me?
Not out of love for you.
But out of vengeance against him.
"Sheikh Mehboob lives on!
Long live, Sheikh Mehboob!
I am immortal. I can't die."
I won't say such nonsense. But
it takes a real man to kill me, Tillu.
And you, my sweet little puppy
are just a boy.
A small-town boy.
With curly hair.
Ma'am! Tillu is caught.
I guess this time
I will take a harder blow.
Tell me, Tillu.
What is your last wish?
What is it that you keep repeating?
That's how it is with me.
It was a simple mission
that I assigned you.
Sheikh Mehboob.
You couldn't even accomplish that.
Some DJ Tillu, who is a civilian,
why did you involve him in this?
Minister's call.
He has already called me thrice
for answers!
By the end of today,
I must know where Sheikh Mehboob is.
Otherwise, I am going to see your
resignation on my desk. Got that!
- Yes, chief!
- Sir, we are on top of that, sir.
- Nothing to worry!
- Ma'am.
Railway stations, bus stops, etc
We have swept them all.
There is no way Mehboob can dodge us
and get out of Hyderabad.
Where is he then?
Yes, sir! We are on it, sir.
We are on it.
Yes, sir! Yeah!
Everything is ready.
See you in Kakinada.
Ma'am! It's my source from Kakinada.
Mehboob is escaping to Dubai tonight
using the sea route.
Kakinada Port.
Mr. Purushotham?
Ma'am! In positions.
No vehicles. No movement.
And no signs of Mehboob.
The mission has reached the end.
If Sheikh Mehboob dies today,
the beer's on me.
But I need a hundred percent efficiency.
Ma'am white Defender.
Probably bulletproof.
- Gentlemen!
- Ma'am?
The second Sheikh Mehboob
gets out of the car, shoot him!
Hold, guys!
Guys! Hold fire! Hold fire!
Why is this guy here?
Tillu! Are you alive?
Where were you the last week?
First, where is Mehboob?
Is he dead?
What happened that day?
Your men are beating me up.
I am bleeding. They are sweating.
It is logical.
You are happily sitting in the AC
sipping a large whiskey, but
why are you sweating?
What is this magic?
Slowly, you will start feeling irritated.
And you will begin to itch.
You will start to feel dizzy.
Your throat will get dry.
A slight pain starts in the chest.
Why is all this happening, brother?
Did you think about it?
Why is this happening to me?
You and I make a pair
Ali Baba's Bidi
DJ Tillu!
Tell me. Why is this happening to me?
Tell me!
Was it only in the laddu
I got to kill you?
Or was it also in the milk you drank
before I came?
- Hello?
- Hey, Shanon!
You will have your money.
And both of us will be safe.
I have a plan.
What poison?
What is he blabbering?
I am waiting for it to activate.
Is there an antidote for the poison
in your body?
Only I know where it is.
How could you so easily give him
the anti-dote, Tillu?
Even a liquor store doesn't hand you
alcohol unless you pay.
How do you expect an antidote from me?
Wire it!
Look it up!
What kind of proof is that?
It's deducted there
- but it should show up here, right?
- Okay, check.
Cranky idiot! Look it up!
You got it, right?
Give me the antidote!
How could you make a
TDS deduction, Mehboob?
Every idiot is acting
corporate these days.
Okay. And then?
I am feeling better.
I am gonna live.
I am going to live!
What happened after that?
Where is Mehboob?
Why did you get him arrested, Tillu?
Didn't we decide on killing him?
Who decided?
Your office guys?
Oh, was it you?
Okay, okay.
Only you wanted to kill him.
Why should I?
What's necessary?
On the 27th of this month,
Sheikh Mehboob is coming to Hyderabad.
Arrest him and secretly get him
to our safe house.
Make sure there isn't a scratch
on his body.
So, your boss had asked you
to only arrest Sheikh Mehboob.
Killing him was your mission.
Your personal mission.
"For five years, Sheikh Mehboob's man
has been working for us."
You repeatedly said this, right?
It's a woman.
The one and only Lilly.
A flower in my ear.
Five years ago,
your colleagues had almost captured him.
You helped him for
the first time that day.
Thank you.
Wire the money to my offshore account.
You leaked all the information
he asked for.
Not a soul knows about your betrayal.
You protected all his illegal businesses.
You have a weapon consignment
leaving for India from Kathmandu, right?
Yes. It's leaving.
And you had your share in it.
My cut this time is ten crores.
In short, Sheikh Mehboob may be a thief.
But you are a dacoit.
- if Mehboob gets caught
- We get caught.
If you shouldn't get caught?
Mehboob shouldn't get caught.
If he shouldn't get caught
despite coming to Hyderabad?
He has to die.
But there is nothing you can do directly.
Other than the guest list of the event,
who is taking care of the catering, sound,
lighting, and all?
All the others involved
in the event were old.
You wanted young boys.
You found me at the right time!
I am hot and happening,
and full of youthfulness!
You quickly worked out a sketch.
I never thought my good looks
would land me in soup someday.
I thought your pregnancy was
the only fake thing about you.
Was your puking at the party
when we first met also fake?
Anyway, you kissed me and sent me
in like a sacrificial lamb.
They caught me and they were beating me
black and blue.
But with absolutely no pity, you ran away,
leaving me behind to die.
You didn't write a simple story.
You only look short.
But your plan is quite long.
There is no way out.
All around you, I have placed
DJ Tillu's surround sound.
Look in any direction
and you will find my speaker there.
It will blast music.
For the beat I play, you have no option
but to dance.
You will start sweating so much, girl.
You will cancel your gym membership.
You underestimated me.
You thought, "Tillu is no big deal.
He is just white like fresh
coconut chutney in the morning."
But by evening I become sour!
Who did you think it was? DJ Tillu!
On the last day of the Ganesh Festival,
go to Hyderabad's Tank Bund and ask,
"Who is DJ Tillu?"
When I'm the DJ, even the submerged
Ganesha emerges from the water and says,
Tillu, you will be my DJ
next year as well.
You must play music
and I shall be immersed.
That's how it is with me.
What I did was wrong.
I framed you out of selfishness.
But I never wished for your death.
Amidst so many lies
there is one truth, Tillu.
I have feelings for you.
You've betrayed me deeply.
Still, I'm smiling to hide my pain.
But you're crying to conceal your guilt.
How did God make us so different, Lilly?
There you go.
Your friends have arrived.
Shall we go to prison?
Come on.
Non-vegetarian food is only served
on Sundays in prison. Not every day.
You're in good shape.
Aim to do 40 push-ups every day.
Why did you bail out Radhika
the last time?
Why did you get Lilly arrested this time?
Because Radhika fell in love with me
but ended up betraying me.
And Lilly fell in love with me
only to betray me.
Even the score!
Eye for an eye, watch it coming
Even the score!
Eye for an eye, watch it coming
Even the score!
Hey! Even the score!
A square plus B square
Is equal to Tillu Square
His style is unique, he raises the heat
He is full of stamina
And can empty a beer case