Timbuktu (2014) Movie Script

Tire it!
Don't kill it! Tire it!
His medicine.
Two tablets in the morning,
two in the evening.
They changed that one.
Yes, I know.
A generic drug.
Let's go.
Important information!
Smoking is forbidden.
Music is forbidden.
Women must wear socks.
Women must wear socks and gloves!
For those who speak Bambara...
No cigarettes.
No music.
For the women at the market,
socks are compulsory.
I've just said it in Bambara.
- Roll up your pants.
- All my pants are like this.
Roll them up.
It's the new law.
I said roll them up!
What brings you here?
An announcement to make.
And you enter like that?
One cannot enter the house of God
with shoes and weapons.
It is not right.
But we can.
We're doing jihad.
You're doing jihad?
And you want to do it here?
In the house of God?
Here, in Timbuktu,
he who dedicates himself to religion
uses his head and not his weapons.
It's time for prayer.
We'd like to pray in peace.
Please leave.
Get them away from my nets!
Do you hear me?
Guess what I'm thinking about
right now.
About what?
Your cows.
About GPS, his favorite!
GPS -- Is that your answer?
You know what I'm thinking?
If GPS has a calf
and it's a male,
I'll give it to Issan.
Issan deserves your whole herd.
- All the cows?
- Yes.
He deserves them.
He's a good boy.
He'll still be pleased
to have GPS's calf.
Won't he?
He'll get it.
Give him the whole herd?
He deserves it, that boy!
I swear he deserves it.
Thank you.
I'll pay you later.
Thanks. See you later.
Sister, you must wear these gloves!
Wear gloves to sell fish?
How could I water fish
with these gloves?
Our parents raised us in honor...
without wearing gloves.
You want to cut hands?
Here are two!
Cut them!
We're not here to cut your hands!
To wear gloves, you need hands!
You can't fight these people!
We're fed up!
They made us wear the veil.
Now the gloves!
How are we supposed to work?
Calm down.
Neither today nor tomorrow!
- Then we're taking you.
- Take me.
What is meant to be, will be.
Give that to my mother.
Release the handbrake.
To the right...
Go on.
Look ahead.
Let's do it again.
Do it again!
- May I tell you something?
- Yes, go on.
You see,
you don't know everything.
Only God Almighty
knows everything in this life.
Did you drink?
Yes, with Mom.
Where were you this morning?
With the goats.
You looked after them?
You're a nice girl.
My little bird...
Wait for me till I get back.
I'll bring you presents.
Look at me.
Is that all right?
Look after the cattle.
See you later.
My bird...
Dad's going for a walk.
He's coming back.
Watch the house while I'm gone.
Dad's gone.
I told him not to forget us.
You want to convince me
to renounce jihad.
Who am I to say, "Renounce jihad"?
I don't take care of others' jihad.
I do jihad to myself.
I swear I don't have time
for other people's jihad.
Were I not committed
to my moral improvement,
I'd be the first to join you.
I pray to Allah the Almighty,
hoping that He'll forgive me
and that He'll forgive you.
May He help us reject
vanity and pride.
Stop this.
You cause harm
to Islam and the Muslims.
You put children in danger...
in front of their poor mother.
You even hit
the mother of two children
without any good reason.
Before you came,
a woman was here
to complain that you forced her
to wear gloves --
here they are --
without any explanation,
without convincing her
of their usefulness,
as is prescribed
by Allah and His prophet.
Remember the words
of Allah the Almighty:
"So pardon them.
Consult them in the matter.
Speak with them.
Once you've made a decision,
put your trust in Allah,
for He loves those
who rely upon Him."
Where's leniency?
Where's forgiveness?
Where's piety?
Where's exchange, exchange?
Where is God in all this?
Here come those people I dislike.
I don't like them.
But the driver's nice.
Who told you he was nice?
How are you?
We're fine.
You always come
when my husband's not here.
I'm a married woman.
You always wait for her husband
to be away to visit her.
She's a married woman.
Let her cover her head.
It's indecent.
He tells you to cover your head.
If he dislikes it,
he shouldn't look at it.
A man who harms a woman
is impious.
She says that...
no one invited you.
And don't look
at what you don't want to see.
If she needs anything,
let her phone me.
If you need anything,
you can phone him.
Have a good day.
He joined us in 1990.
We beat them
in 2001, 2003, and 2005.
I disagree.
In 2005, they beat you.
Sure about that?
Get your basics right, boy.
In 2001, he wasn't there.
As soon as they moved forward --
I respect Zidane.
He's a great player.
But he hasn't Messi's track record.
Messi scores 3 or 4 goals in a game.
- Don't compare Barcelona with Real.
- No, never.
I'm not comparing.
I'm just setting the record straight.
At that time, France was
the only team in the world
that beat all its opponents
and also the world champion.
Let me tell you what France is.
It's the only famous country
that never won anything.
They probably sold a packet
or a boat of rice to the Brazilians
because they're poor.
They said,
"Go down so we can score 3 goals
and win the World Cup."
I want to leave.
I have to leave.
Satima is beautiful,
filled with inner strength.
Her husband is a good man.
What do you know
about inner strength and good men?
One has to be a good believer.
They are believers.
This is enough for me.
Omar, how badly you speak Arabic!
I know,
but I speak Tamasheq and English.
Stormy weather today.
Yes, nostalgia is coming back.
The neighbors are gone.
Everyone fled.
There's no one left.
We're the only ones.
I'd rather we stayed here.
Where would we go?
What's the use
of fleeing all the time?
Where would I take Toya,
between thirst and drought?
Still, we could get closer
to other people.
Our neighbors will come back.
All of this will end one day.
Those people scare me.
They come by when you're not here.
Under the tent?
I need your support.
Be patient.
As long as you're here...
we'll fight and we'll get by.
I know you're scared.
I'm scared, too.
Admit that you miss your girlfriends!
That's true.
Brother, raise the lamp.
To the right!
Mobi, look at me.
You know,
the Prophet said:
the Ummah is like one body.
And when a part aches,
the other's here to save it.
In the past,
I used to make music,
rap music.
In other words,
I was living in sin.
But with God's help --
You're not focused.
Your speech is not convincing at all.
Are you convinced
by what you're saying?
Then tell me straight
so we don't bother to shoot.
Move! Go over there.
Brothers, in the past
I was into rap music,
but today I'm following God's way,
the jihad's way.
My eyes stay still.
There's no random movement.
I'm convinced.
And you must say it this way.
There's no "Yo, man" anymore.
We're into religion, brother.
Come on.
In this earthly world,
all is ephemeral.
What's bothering you
in this earthly world?
The Western world.
That's what's bothering you.
Injustice, you're here,
your parents have suffered.
You've enjoyed haram things, alcohol.
Today, it's over.
You're not into this anymore.
In this earthly world...
Where does that music come from?
Abu Hassan's sent us to find out.
Go over there.
We're checking here.
Let's go.
You go this way, I'll go that way,
and we'll meet on the square.
Good evening, Abu Hassan.
Good evening.
I know where the music comes from.
I found where the music came from.
They're singing praise
to the Lord and His prophet.
Shall I arrest them?
Get away from my nets!
Issan in tears is approaching
without his stick.
What's wrong, my boy?
Where's the cattle?
Why are you crying?
Where's the cattle?
GPS is dead.
GPS what?
Who killed her?
She was killed...
by Amadou, the fisherman.
Get up.
Stop crying.
Tell me what happened.
I took the cattle to the river...
for water.
GPS escaped and headed...
for Amadou's nets.
I went to fetch her,
but I arrived too late.
He had killed her.
Don't cry, Issan.
Amadou killed GPS.
Why did he kill her?
He prevented the cattle from drinking.
I don't understand.
You'd better talk to him.
Go unarmed.
I've had that weapon
since you met me.
Toya wasn't born when I met you.
Don't cry.
She's dead anyway.
Don't cry.
We'll get another cow
and call her GPS, too.
Come what may.
But all of this... has to stop.
Humiliation must come to an end.
You already know what I'm not saying.
Issan, why are you worried?
I'm thinking of my father.
What was he like?
My father was tall...
strong and kind.
A better herdsman than your father.
He knew the animals better.
My father is also tall and strong,
and the reason he's still alive
is because he plays the guitar
and sings.
He's not a warrior.
Warriors die young.
Whether he's here or not,
I know he sings,
but don't tell anyone.
I won't.
in the land of Islam,
it is forbidden...
- Is this ball yours?
- No, I swear it isn't!
It's forbidden
to expose oneself,
to sit in front of one's house,
to do any old thing,
to spend some time
in the street.
Come on, sweetheart.
I repeat in French.
Adultery is
the most impure sin.
during the month of Ramadan
is the worst.
And the sentence will be
death by stoning.
Do you know
that football is forbidden?
Since you admit
that football is forbidden,
you'll get 20 lashes.
You bastard!
Amadou, is the water yours
or your grandfather's?
How dare you?
Are you mad?
What's the matter with you?
I don't understand your Arabic.
Speak English.
Your name?
Do you carry a weapon?
And your phone.
Get on the bike.
Mom, when will Dad come home?
Let's wait for him where there's signal.
Please, call my wife,
I want to hear from her.
I don't understand!
Who speaks Tamasheq here?
Please, help me!
Please, call my wife.
Her name's Satima.
At 7052 5211.
They promised they'd do it,
but I have no news.
7052 5211.
May God reward you.
Things will go very fast.
You haven't much time left.
You'll be judged fast.
We'll comply with Sharia.
The judge is a good man.
He'll comply with God's law.
You'll have to earn forgiveness
from Amadou's family.
We'll decide on blood money.
Do you have cows?
Tell him I had eight cows.
GPS is dead.
There are only seven left.
You'll have to give 40 cows.
You're a herdsman.
You have cattle.
40 cows...
Fate cannot be avoided.
My fate rests in God's hands.
That's true.
Now I would like...
to ask him a question.
With all due respect.
I just want to know...
Go on.
Tell him that I'd like to know
if he has children.
God blessed him with two children,
one's an 8-year-old boy.
The Almighty gave me
only one daughter, who's 12,
and her name is Toya.
She's my heart.
She brings me water in the morning.
She often herds the cattle at dusk.
I hold nothing in this world...
dearer than her.
What he has, God gave him.
I wasn't that fortunate.
He only gave me a daughter,
but she fulfills my soul.
I'm talking to you.
Tell me.
You look like someone I know.
Muhammed Ag Elgimit,
from Kel Essouk tribe, in Lere.
I don't know them.
I come from the green land, Libya.
From Libya?
This is where my family
has been living until now.
What's your business with these men?
We go back a long time.
They brought me here.
What's written will come to pass.
I'm at peace with death.
We all are its children.
We must protect our children.
My daughter won't be protected anymore.
That's what hurts my soul the most.
Going down to the grave
without knowing what will happen.
Many close friends are already gone.
But, in all this...
since there's only one God...
whom I worship...
He'll dispense justice.
One cannot escape one's fate.
Tell him it's not death I fear
but looking behind me
and not finding her face.
Not seeing her before I die hurts me.
Knowing that his daughter
will soon be an orphan
really upsets me.
But don't translate that.
All right.
Do you know you were caught
playing music in a room?
Do you know it's forbidden?
Since your parents are here,
you'll be given 40 lashes
for playing music,
and 40 more
for being together in the room.
Look what I found.
everyone knows you smoke.
You don't have to hide from me.
Who told you I smoked?
It was on the 12th of January, 2010,
at 4:53pm exactly,
the same time as Miami.
At 4:53pm, Port-au-Prince time,
the earth quaked
and I found myself here,
at exactly 9:53pm.
Isn't that right, Sweetpea, 9:53?
Zabou, you were there long before.
Take this.
- It'll bring you luck, my boy.
- Thank you.
Time doesn't matter.
The earthquake is my body.
The cracks, it's me!
Cracked open from head to toe
and vice versa!
My arms, my back, and my face --
What is time?
I am cracked.
Sweetpea, you and I are alike.
We're both cracked.
Cracked everywhere.
Come, dear, come.
Do you speak French?
Cover your face.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
I was on the phone.
With whom?
My brother.
That's not true.
I told you I was with my brother,
you say it's not true.
Take her.
Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!
Abu Jaafar, please.
He says he saw the girl in town,
she behaves nicely, she's pretty,
and he wants to marry her.
She says this is
an improper way of doing it.
It's not in her tradition.
And her father's not here.
He asks why.
Why should I give my daughter
to a stranger?
Who is he
for me to give him my daughter?
He came...
Your refusal compels him
to use force.
I'm not afraid of him.
I only fear God.
He's going now.
He'll use force if he has to.
Omar, can I be alone in the car?
- That's good.
- Isn't it?
That was good.
Did you see...
No signal.
Do you forgive him or not?
I don't.
His death hurt me too much.
Maybe tomorrow, but not today.
It broke my heart.
His blood's still warm.
She won't forgive.
I think she's in shock.
Raise your head.
I'm listening.
I am Abdelkrim's driver.
I have a message from him.
He can't do anything anymore.
It's over.
Tell him...
that Amadou's death really hurt me.
I didn't want it to happen.
Since the sun came up this morning...
and I am still alive,
God has granted me one more day,
and what's to happen,
I accept.
I'll miss only one thing.
A face.
My daughter's face.
My wife's.
I'll ask God...
if you have children...
that He help you...
understand my pain.
I don't fear the death you're giving me.
It's a part of me already.
Since you claim
you follow Allah's law...
do it.
I'm ready.
You married her daughter Safia
to one of your men
without her consent
or her guardian's presence.
I'd already asked...
my brother here
to submit that case to you.
That act...
was improvised during the night...
under cover of darkness,
which is legally unacceptable.
Regarding her daughter Safia...
whom you married without her consent
to one of your young men...
Sister, what's the name of the one
who forced her to marry him?
His name is Abu Jaafar.
She says his name is Abu Jaafar.
That's why
I preferred to come myself
to explain the situation to you
regarding that agreement...
so that you can clarify your position.
That's right.
We married Fatima --
Her name's Safia.
...Safia to Abu Jaafar.
It was a legal...
based on Islamic law.
Regarding her guardian's absence,
we are the guardians of all deeds
since we arrived in this territory.
We married her to young Abu Jaafar...
taking our inspiration
from the words of the Prophet:
"If you're satisfied
with someone's faith and character,
give him a bride."
Abu Jaafar is a pious young man,
a mosque's dove, a fighter.
He's perfect.
Based upon that, we gave him a bride,
and it was a flawless wedding.
That kind of event occurred
more than once in Timbuktu.
It upset people
and brought
much frustration and fear.
We haven't noticed
frustration or anything.
We follow Allah's law
and the Sunnah of the Prophet,
may peace be upon him.
We deliberated...
and we are acting
according to the law.
Mecca is that way.
I know.
My daughter and her mother
are over there.
Get the biker!