Time Addicts (2023) Movie Script

- I didn't even feel
it land.
About a hundred and sixty
millimetre suspension travel.
20% sag.
- You're 20% sag.
- This one.
Someone's cut they don't have
the sort of suspension specs
required for modern urban
- Yeah?
Well, you forgot one major spec.
- Oh yeah? What's that?
- That it's stolen.
You're a scumbag thief.
- Jealousy is but an ugly
shade on you, Denise.
Pack us a bowl then.
What? You smoked it all?
- Oh, yeah, it was all me.
- Well, we'll have to get
a re-up off Kane then.
- Well, isn't there anyone else?
- I'll just go. I'll be quick.
- What? By yourself?
Like, without me?
- What?
You can't last half an hour?
- It's just that it's a bit
weird, no?
Like, what am I supposed to do?
Hang out here? Like, alone?
- Whatever.
- Did you square
Kane up for the tic?
- I'm offended you even had to
ask that.
- Well, it's just that
he doesn't fuck around.
Remember when he scalped
Hairline Hayden
for losing his bag of pingers?
- Ah, yeah.
- You didn't square him up, did
- Well, no.
But I'm still offended
that you had to ask.
- Oh, fucking hell!
- You just looked the snake
right in his dead, little eyes,
and you just said,
"Please, sir, can I
have some fuckin' more?"
Then you thank thy starry
moon for thou crystal beans,
you beautiful little cunt.
And that's it.
- You here to
square me up, brother?
- Square you up for what?
Ah, yeah, that.
Yeah, for sure, lad.
Just need a coup...
Oh, here we go.
Does anyone else smell cargo
Excuse me, sir.
This definitely
would love to buy some
of your finest drugs.
- Oh, fuck off. I'm no copper.
- Oh.
- What are you after?
- Um...
A point would get me through,
Just put a girl on tic, would
- Why haven't you returned my
I fuckin' missed you.
- Get a life, Johnny.
You fuckwit.
- Thanks for keeping our
streets safe, Cunstable.
You fuckin' mutt!
Maybe I could leave my new bike
with you,
like collateral and that, you
- Nah, that's not gonna work
for me.
- Right.
Well, what are my options then?
Like fiscally, you know?
- How attached are you to
your two little thumbs there?
- Whoa, what? Just me?
What about her?
- What? Johnny!
You were the one that said
it was your fuckin' shout.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
but I'm no good for it.
I mean, I'm never fuckin' good
for it,
but I'm equally as fuckin'
Hey mate, how's your weekend?
Yeah, fuckin' good, wasn't it?
- Well, is there anything
we can do to like,
buy us more time?
- Funny you say that.
I got a job later today
that a couple of heads
just bailed on.
Could use some capable
hands like yourselves,
to assist with operations and
- We'll do it.
- Well, hang on.
- What's the job?
- A heist, nearby. Real low key.
Meet me at the dumpling joint
in 20 and I'll fill you in.
- No, we're not gonna...
- And I'm holding you
personally responsible,
seeing as you're the one
pushing for more time.
- Makes sense.
- Mm.
- Well, we'll hear you out,
but we're not making any
- It's basically a promise.
So now that we're colleagues
and all,
could I get a little top up on
tic, bruh?
- Hurry up, goose!
- I mean, all I'm saying
is sure, put on a uniform,
at least make it obvious
that you're a fuckin' scumbag
But to lie and deceive
the hard-working public,
I mean, that's a fucking dog
I mean, I just wonder what sort
of legacy
these undercovers are leaving,
you know?
Like, what that must do to a
Cycles of abuse and all that
- Can we change the subject?
- Actually, there is a
subject I have in mind
to be broached.
- Broached isn't even a word.
And what are we supposed
to be? Thieves for hire?
- Ah, yeah.
And you're up on a very high
fuckin' horse
for someone with light fuckin'
- Well, I'm not signing
up until I know who it is
that we're meant to be
- What does that matter?
- Ah, I don't know.
What if he's a lunatic?
What if he's holed up somewhere,
and he's jerking off to the
on the side of ciggy packets or
some shit?
- Are you fuckin' all right?
- Time to go.
- We're not in yet.
We need to hear your pitch.
You know, official and that.
- It's easy.
Once you're inside,
you'll find a duffel bag.
You grab it, and bounce the
same way that you came in.
- What's in the bag?
- Does Gary from the Apple store
ask Fiona fuckin' Apple
what's in the new iPhone?
- And the mark. What's his deal?
- Time to go.
- Oh, fuck this.
It sounds like amateur night.
I'm out.
- You owe me.
- You know what?
You can fuckin' take my thumbs.
I don't even use 'em that much
- You want to talk some sense
into your girl here, brother?
I take what's owed.
- Come on, man.
You know how much I love
playing FIFA.
What are you gonna do?
Just go home and hang out by
- Yeah, I just might.
- Ah!
The guy is unhinged, all right.
It's all real horror show.
But none of that shit matters,
because you two dickheads
will be in and out
before he wakes up.
Debt paid.
- I want your bike.
Yeah, as payment.
- Fine, you fuckin' thief.
And I don't want the attitude!
- Well, unfortunately it
comes with the fuckin' bike.
- Yeah, we don't have time
for these little soap operas,
all right?
Fuckin' junkies.
Your reputation-
- Precedes me, yeah,
yeah, yeah.
- You'll go in through the
bathroom window
at the back of the house.
This is the only way in or out.
The rest of the house is
barred and boarded up.
Just get the bag, brother.
Or the debt doubles.
- Like toes, brah?
- Uh huh. Chop, chop.
And don't go thinking about
any of the shards that you find.
- Why?
Oh, yeah, I mean, of course not.
- Rumour is this one brother
smoked it,
and wasn't seen again.
Then his boys found a picture
of him
panning for gold in a textbook.
But I mean, probably bullshit,
How past cooked is the kick-on
if you're breaking out the
- Yeah.
None of that sounds
interesting to me at all.
- Ah...
- Do you have to do that now?
What if this dumb cunt wakes up?
- Well, gotta stay prolific,
you know.
If a tree gets up in
the woods and all that.
Oy, new tag.
- "Pack"?
- Yeah, because I pack the pipe
so tight.
Oh, so you know Jazzo, yeah?
- Tall Jazzo?
- Yeah, so, he's a dog.
So him and Cakes were in China,
And they go to the Great Wall.
I mean, as one does
when visiting the west.
And Jazzo's all like,
"This is the most famous wall
in the whole fuckin' world.
I mean, it would be toy
to get up on this shit.
So, you know, he pulls
out a red spray can,
and just starts fuckin'
getting up, because I mean,
say what you want about him,
but the cunt is fuckin'
culturally sensitive.
- Are you fucking serious?
We've gotta move. Hurry up!
- But then the People's
Litigation Army guys
started chasing 'em,
and they fuckin' ran Cakes down.
But you know, Jazzo, he's
fuckin' mad spritely.
I mean, he scaled down
a broken part of the wall into
He hid out in yurts for a
fuckin' month just eating goats
while Cakes rotted in
the gulags, or whatever.
Fuck, it's so windy.
Ah, fuck.
Oy, Dee!
Fucking calm down, all right?
- We're a long way from
the Macca's toilets.
- Yeah.
Feels like a lifetime ago.
- What sort of lukewarm
apricot yoghurt eating freak...
- Yeah, it's post-modern, aye.
- I don't know, man.
There must be like a thousand
other bags full of gear
in the city that are easier to
This all just feels a bit off.
Fuck it.
Give me a boost. Let's bail.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?
You don't trust Kane?
- No, I don't trust the drug
dealer that scalps people,
and he's always looking at me
I don't like it.
- That's just how he looks, lad.
"Get the bag, brother.
Or the debt fuckin' doubles,
Come on, it'll be like the
time we hit the donut place.
- And fittingly left with
- This time we'll be leaving
with these dumb little cunts,
- This feels like fairytales
for cunts.
Pretty sure these weren't here
- Oh, probably just trapped
animals or something.
- Human sized blood covered
Fucking great.
Who sawed off what in here?
- I think we have some
more pressing issues
than the mystery blood.
- What?
We're fucked!
I'm fucked!
This is what I get for
You always do this.
- Oy, me? What did I
fuckin' do?
- You fuck
up! You always fuck up!
That should be your name,
- How is this my fuckin' fault,
- Because, Fuckup, you were the
that agreed to take the job.
- Just stop fuckin' calling
me a fuck up, all right?
- Yeah?
Well, the truth is, that
you're not only a fuck up,
but also a dog.
- How fuckin' dare you!
Only a real undercover dog
would call their best mate a
- Well, I know what you did.
I know your deep, dark secret.
- I know yours.
Hm? Hm?
Fuck this! Fuck it all!
Fuckin' do it yourself,
fuckin' piece of shit.
Call me a fuckin' dog?
Pack '95.
What do they say again?
Regrets are like a dead
samurai's sheathed blade."
- No one says that, idiot.
- I thought I'd just do my due
and test the fucking gear, yeah?
- Always a martyr.
- Well, I'm glad you can see my
- You know, if we get outta
I really just wish that you
would fuck off
outta my life forever.
- I'm only in your
fuckin' life as a favour.
I'm a lone fuckin' wolf.
- What a joke!
You literally follow me around
every day.
- It's all very biblical, isn't
You know, packing a pipe
and packing a punch.
Fuckin' society's coming at ya,
and I've got my fuckin' mitts
because that's the way it is,
isn't it?
It's a fuckin' war on your
fuckin' mind.
I mean, they're all just
fuckin' dogs, aren't they?
Ruff, you know, ruff.
You know, fuckin' bit of that.
Fuckin' slithery little fuckin'
- Johnny?
What the fuck?
- Look, I'll pardon all the
fuck ups
if you just come back right now!
Pardon fuckin' revoked.
- And now you're finally here!
Oh, his favourite day of the
Oh, I can tell you...
How this story ends...
It ends in blood.
- Johnny?
- Ah.
Pretty good shit.
- October 2nd.
Damo and Keithie drive
truck cross country.
October 13th, shipment
lands off the coast.
West Coast Syndicate ride
jet skis out to collect.
July 25th, Netsy closes deal in
May 19th Netsy travels to
Bali for first meeting...
- Jimmy.
- What?
- Don't say what.
- But I don't have any
- Bingo.
I met Malcolm Netson outside a
on the 20th of July, 1993.
Now, if took me just
under three more months
to get any intro to the rest of
Ratbags and cohorts.
Whatever you want to call them.
- 1995.
Lone motherfuckin' wolf.
- Now, it's all
Tampering, no.
Fuckin' no with the
tampering, Your Honour.
I wouldn't even know how!
Now, no, Your Honour.
Yes, Your Honour.
Three bags fuckin' full, Your
- Oh, yes.
Always know a head
when I see one.
Who needs a fuckin' sidekick
Nice one, Johnny.
Another day, another fuckin'
win, you fuckin' hero.
Fuck yes.
Just a little fuckin' kiss.
A fuckin' cop.
I can't escape these cunts.
I just attract dogs.
I'm a fuckin' dog whistle.
Yeah, look at you.
Why don't you just suck a
fuckin' dog's dick, you know?
Yeah, nice one, Johnny.
Just walking your fuckin'
little poodle-y boys,
and here comes the fuckin'-
- Well, well, well.
What do we have here?
A sneaky little coke whore.
- I just-
- Just what?
You one of the Reaper boys?
Did he send you to try
and finish me off, aye?
- I don't know of, um...
Any Reapers.
- Yeah, I believe you.
You don't fuckin' have
that outlaw look, do ya?
- Whatever.
Look, I was just about
to bounce, all right?
So don't have a blowout, I
know you're a cop and all.
- An undercover cop.
- Fucking, of course.
No, but seriously, I mean,
I really respect you guys.
I mean, you're like real
essential fillers
to the community and all that
Fuck, you know. I can't fuckin'
do it.
Nothing personal, but
you guys are a real bunch
of fuckin' sneaky dog cunts,
all right?
But I repeat, you know, like
nothing fuckin' personal.
Oh, fuck, please.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry that I hate you,
it's just that we're
like natural adversaries
and that, you know?
Sick cunts and fuckin' pig dogs.
I mean, it's just the way
it's always fuckin' been, man.
Maybe I hate myself a little
- Can we maybe do this
without the gun to my head?
- No, it's the fuckin' gun or
- Always a martyr.
- What the fuck?
- I guess I should like, give
you some advice or something.
But we don't have time.
- I don't understand.
- You're
just gonna have to trust me.
- What the fuck is going on?
- I'm gonna get us out of this.
Just keep the door shut,
and make sure he's not coming.
- I can't believe that dog
cunt stitched me up like this.
I knew I shouldn't have listened
to that scumbag fuck up.
Classic dog move.
Johnny always shitting the
and leaving me with a bag to
clean it up.
- Oy.
That's my best mate you're
talking about.
You're outta line, young lady.
You know, Johnny might be a
fuck up,
but he was there when you
needed someone.
- Wait. What are you doing?
- Returning the favour.
- Fucking great.
- An amalgamation of
all of your life's decisions
have brought you here.
Brought you to him.
Your life is nothing
more than an equation.
Decisions over time,
finally producing a
quantifiable result.
- Fucking maths.
- And then you just stop
Tick fucking tock.
Out of time.
You just...
- Disappear?
That bitch took my pipe!
- "D . Trapped in '95.
If you can't do the time, then
don't do the fucking crime.
- I can't think of the
- 2053.
- Fuck.
Fuckin' stuck here with an
undercover cop.
They're always trying to nab
all city fuckin' legends like me
just for fuckin' gettin' up.
Gettin' up.
That's it.
Fuckin' gettin' up.
- What are you doin'?
Hm? You sneakin' about?
- Oh, no. I was...
I was just admiring this
Is it a DiCaprio?
- I got a lot of pricks after
and I thought someone had
broken in.
- Let's just go back to bed, eh?
- You trying to leave me?
- No.
I mean, unless you want me to.
- Everyone always tries to
- Oh...
That's not good.
- I saw some crazy shit
when I was undercover that last
The group I was with,
they used to make young
women play Russian Roulette
with their hand in a blender.
I mean, just for a gram
of goey and a laugh.
And they was kinda like family
to me.
But I knew it had to end,
so I brought the whole
fuckin' lot of them down.
You know, get them
before they could get me.
One step ahead.
- Well, I'm not going anywhere.
Like, ever.
- Good.
- Yeah.
Fuckin' hurry up, Denise.
- What was that?
- I was just saying, I
think it might be a Matisse.
- Grab the blender from the
on your way back to bed, yeah?
- Fuck.
- He will be back soon.
I'm sure he'll be excited
you're here.
And on his favourite day
of the year, a day of love,
I wonder if he will steal your
- What the fuck?
What the fuck?
What year is it?
- 2053.
- How'd I get here?
- A temporal narcotic.
- Where can I find more of it?
Where's all the rest of it?
- When I need to find
I think about where I last saw
- I had it...
Back in the present.
I reckon I'll be off then.
You know, before he gets back.
- I wouldn't go outside
without respiratory and skin
- What?
- The current
is 51 degrees Celsius.
Radiation is over 100
Riots continue, meaning chances
of a violence incited injury
are above 20%.
- You're 20% chance of a
violence incited injury.
- It's not safe for you
out there.
- What do you want with all
these bitches?
And most importantly, what
do you want with this bitch?
How does all this time travel
shit work?
How how'd I get here?
- The drug deconstructs
you down,
and then rebuilds you back up
in the time you most recently
thought of.
Your consciousness and
create a quantum tunnel
for you to travel through.
- Right, yeah.
Quantums and all that shit.
- Now I know you're the
I've been searching for.
It's finally time.
- Time for what?
- Sedate!
- Initiating
- Found you.
- ... you
were the one that agreed
to take the job.
- I thought it was only
polite to meet you back here,
after our little run-in
in the future and all.
I didn't even know you back
- Fuckin' do it
- Weird.
- Fuckin' piece of
- I usually don't tend
to fuck with determinism,
but when the crystal brought
you to me,
to my time, to my home,
that was the day that you
freed me from my search.
So I traveled back and
put myself in a position
for you to be indebted to me.
Not the hardest part
of the plan, that bit.
- So you're here to kill me
- Oh, I don't wanna kill you.
I want the opposite.
I want you to live.
Live here in this house,
- What?
- Because you're special.
- Wait.
What is that shit anyway?
- The crystal?
Just another psychotropic
street drug.
Rumour is, it has a foundation
of dimethyltryptamine,
engineered around 2050 in some
pharma-bro bio-tech lab
in Guatemala or some shit.
I knew this one brother
from my time manufacturing.
Shanked the cunt, rolled him of
his stash
before all the dogs came
through to shut it down.
- What made you so cooked?
What a joke...
you literally follow me around
every day.
- You just can't fucking
help yourself, can you?
- Well, I mean, nothing
personal or anything.
But yeah, you are a few
nuggets short of a combo.
- That's Johnny, destined for
the past.
I might pay him a visit, cut
him open.
See what makes him tick.
My guess is just choccy
milk and barbiturates.
- Don't.
Just leave the goose there.
He's not hurting anyone.
- Isn't he?
Not for you to worry about, is
Can't let your past dictate
your future and all that.
Time to go to work, cunt.
Someone's here.
And they got the duffel bag.
Now be a good boy and fetch it
for me.
- Fetch, boy.
- Johnny?
- What the fuck is going on?
- Just keep the door shut.
And make sure he's not coming.
- Can't believe that dog cunt
stitched me up like this.
Johnny always shitting the
and leaving me with a bag to
clean it up.
- Oy.
That's my best mate you're
talking about.
You know, Johnny might be a
fuck up,
but he was there when you
needed someone.
- Wait.
What are you doing?
- Returning the favour.
What the fuck are you wearing?
- What am I wearing?
I've been living here for
fuckin' months.
The bird who lives here
is some ex-undercover dog
cunt copper psychotic nut job
who consistently
threatens my fuckin' life.
It's emasculatory.
And here you are worried about
what I'm fuckin' wearing?
- Hold up!
I'm here to rescue you, aren't
I don't get a thank you?
No, "I'm sorry for leaving you
in the creepy nightmare house
I mean, what exactly is the
problem here?
- That's the fuckin' problem.
- Who the fuck is this dumb
slut, hm?
I got a fuckin' word of
warning for you, yeah.
He is a top shelf fuckin'
dropkick, but dead set,
he's my top shelf fuckin'
- You're so young.
- What?
- So alive.
- Uh, what
are you going on about?
- She's my mum.
- Look, I don't know what kind
of fuckin'
sick game you're playing here,
but you can't just fuckin'
waltz into someone's home
and try and steal their fuckin'
Even if he is about as
useful as a kindergarten
in the fuckin' Vatican.
Aren't ya? Aren't ya?
- Well, I mean, you know,
maybe she's not your mum.
You know, my mate Wayno thought
his mum was his grandmother.
Turns out like, she was just
mad old,
so his sister had to
breastfeed him and shit.
- She's my fuckin' mum, all
- Well, I mean, you don't
seem very fuckin' happy
to see her now, do you?
- Yeah, well, it's not
my fault that she like,
started a fight with me,
and then, like, died.
Is it?
- You know, if you'd just
come here in February
like I fuckin' told you to,
we wouldn't have to deal with
all this fuckin'
bullshit, would we?
- Well, your stupid message
didn't exactly go the distance.
Another successful Johnny
Two severed thumbs up, genius.
- I went the distance with your
- Watch your fuckin'
- I'll fuckin'
watch my mouth, all right?
- Wait.
If it's November '95, then
that thing in there...
Is me.
And that...
That makes you my dad.
- Hang on, what the
fuck is happening here?
- What's happening is that me,
and this literal mother fucker,
are walking outside this dump,
and going back to where we came
and we'll never discuss this
shit again.
- Yeah, like fuck you are.
This fuckin' loser?
You fuckin' come in here,
you fuckin' knock me up,
and then get off scot-free?
I don't fuckin' think so.
You fuckin' owe me.
- Oh, you wanna weigh in here,
- Well, I mean, I can't have a
who's a fuck up like you.
I mean, it doesn't make any
You don't have any of my
spirited charm or ambition.
- Well, you know what, dickhead?
You can fuckin' stay here then.
Yeah, I knew that I
shouldn't come back for you.
- Fuckin' hang on, fuckin' hang
Are you saying fuckin'
February 14th, 2022?
You have been going on about
that date
ever since you got here.
So what, you're saying all
All that fuckin' rubbish
Are you saying that that is
fuckin' true?
- You don't need to
worry about any of that.
You just need to stay here,
and pop that thing out,
and don't go fuckin' anywhere.
Like you're grounded.
Yeah, you love groundings,
as I seem to remember.
- Hang on a second.
If this tuckies your mom,
then that means you've got cop
Oh, Denise.
No wonder you put me on the dog.
I cannot be involved with a cop
I mean, I've got a reputation
to think of.
- And it's because of that
selfish fuckin' attitude
that I grew up without a dad.
I should've known you'd be the
kind of loser absent father
who would go out for some
and leave me and my mom
to fend for ourselves.
- What are you talking about?
I pretty much did raise you.
I mean, you've got no idea
the amount of brain space
I could like, free up,
if I wasn't storing knowledge
for you.
- I know your secret.
- Oh, yeah?
What fuckin' secret?
- I know that that whole
Jazzo in Mongolia story is
And I know why you went around
telling everyone he's a dog.
The real story is that you got
picked up
graffing by an undercover,
and you snitched on Jazzo.
Just like the-
- Don't fuckin' say it.
- Dog that you are.
- You want to talk about
secrets, Denise?
I mean, baggy jumpers only
work for so long, man.
We all know you popped out
Danny Handjob's kid last year.
I mean, it's in his fuckin'
name, Denise.
You don't have to fuck him.
What the fuck!
- Fuck!
- You two wanna fuck
around and play games?
Fuckin' be my guest, yeah.
I need a fresh bloody start,
and I'm fuckin' sick of
looking over my shoulder,
and I am fuckin' especially
sick of cohabitation with you,
you fuckin' dickhead!
Fuckin' bingo.
- No!
- What a scumbag thief, aye?
Like mother, like daughter, I
Cup of tea?
- We need to get her back.
- We live here now.
Best not to go on about it too
- But if she gives birth
to me in a different time,
then who is giving birth to me
I'll cease to exist.
- I can't help but feel partly
to blame.
- Well, we can't worry about
that now.
We need to get her
back, before she like...
Births me.
- But when is she?
- I know when.
I heard her scream.
- What's happening,
- Oh, you know, not much,
just been banging Denise's mom.
- Ha, just the usual then.
You got something that's mine?
Where's my gear?
Don't go all idiot on me again,
I mean, I know that's
really asking something.
- Well, it's just that...
You know, I've got a
family to support now,
so the way I see it is,
finders fuckin' keepers, aye?
- You don't have to do this,
- Yeah, I probably should
- It's a bit late for the
whole Mr. Responsibility act.
I mean, you did ruin my fuckin'
- I barely know you, bro.
- Grow up, fuckhead.
- Leave him alone!
- I didn't think...
You had that in you, brother.
- I guess we should
like, kill him or something?
- All right, let's fucking do
- Don't do it.
Drop the knife.
- Don't listen to her, Johnny.
She's tried to screw me over
- Now slowly go over and
check Kane for more vials.
Take one, give the rest to me.
And you stay where you fuckin'
And give that one to her.
- What the fuck is
going on?
- I wish I could tell you,
but you're not ready for
what needs to be done.
- Well you're not much
fuckin' help, are ya?
- Well, if you expect better
from me,
then change better, bitch!
It's time for you to go get our
- What about Johnny?
- He's not coming with you.
- Didn't anyone ever teach you
that it's rude to fuckin' stare?
- Oh, it's coming!
- You're hitting this god damn
and going back to where you
came from.
- No, I'm not! I won't go back!
- Fucking hell, Mum!
You're stubborn as bloody
- I can't go back!
- Why?
- Because it's not a real life!
Johnny's gonna fuckin' leave me!
I am paranoid them Reapers
are gonna come knocking
every fuckin' day.
And I didn't even want a kid,
but now that I don't have a
I want it to have a life that
it doesn't just waste away!
I mean, my baby could grow up
here, right?
Fuckin', it's shit, it is shit,
but it's fuckin' all right.
- This place is a fucking
The whole world in this
time is a fucking shithole.
- Yeah, but it's a
shithole where I'm free.
'Cause I can't fuckin' take it
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, all right?
I'm sorry for all the years of
that I'm gonna put you through.
And I'm really sorry
about your boyfriend Flaco
that I like, banged this one
- Flaco's a fucking shit name!
- And I'm mostly sorry
for my part that I play
in the fight that we have.
But if you don't smoke this and
go back,
then she'll never get the
chance to try and be better.
Do the right thing by the kid,
you reckon?
- Just be patient with her.
She can be kind of useless at
- Yeah, well, she probably
gets that from her father,
because he's a fucking dickhead!
I mean, what kind of idiot is
Saturday morning fuckin'
- Kane?
- I was...
- You were the one in here
holding the bag for younger Kane
this whole time.
- We all owe our past
just one more chance.
That crazy bitch shot me.
She always did have a
proclivity to overreact.
- Proclivity's not a...
You knew her?
- And you, briefly, when you
were little.
Nothing but regrets, this stuff.
- Sounds like a bit of a
one-way street with your past.
Can't all just be favours, can
I mean, when does it end?
- Everything ends, love.
Tick fucking tock.
- You once said that
you shouldn't let our past
control our future.
- Maybe once upon a time I had
a point.
My life would be so much easier
if you just didn't exist.
- Wait.
Why'd you say that?
This feels like fairytales for
- No more regrets.
Tick fucking tock.
Fucking hell!
Fucking hell!
Just hook a girl up with
one shard, fucking hell!
Stupid thing!
I think it's time to start
some hard talks with yourself,
For starters, I'm thinking
you might have a drug problem.
- Didn't know you
had that in you, brother.
- I guess we
should we like,
kill him or something?
- All right, let's
fucking do this!
- Don't do it!
Drop the knife.
Now slowly go over and
check Kane for more vials.
And you stay where you fuckin'
- What
the fuck is going on?
- Well if you expect better
from me,
then change better, bitch.
Now it's time for you to go get
our mum.
- What about
- He's not coming with you.
- Didn't
anyone ever teach you
that it's rude to fucking stare?
- So you're like my kid,
and you've been looking for me.
That's what all those photos
of the other women were.
People you thought might've
been your mum?
Well, if I give you one of
these, will you let us go?
Will you let Johnny live?
- Time could end and I'd
keep hunting that prick down.
- I don't need a fuckin'
sympathy pardon.
I don't see what the problem is.
Just shoot the cunt, right
in the fuckin' temple!
- I can't do that.
- Why not?
He literally just said
he's gonna hunt me down.
- Here, I'll fuckin' do it.
- I know he's not making
a great case for himself,
but it's not his fault, you
Me leaving you.
- No, it fucking was.
- You know, back when I was a
I always used to rack the
nangs from the kitchen
to get high.
- Yeah, fuckin' sick.
- Yeah.
They're like the little nitrous
that you chuck in the whipped
- Yeah, I know what fuckin'
nangs are.
- Yeah.
My mom used to put whipped cream
on her low expresso martinis,
and one day she really lost it.
She came storming into
my room screaming at me
for stealing all the nangs.
I was fairly cooked,
so I might have laughed a
little too hard.
- Is there a point to all of
- Yeah.
She said...
"My life would be so much
easier if you didn't exist."
And then she left.
You know, but I wasn't the
one that stopped existing.
She was.
Some old gang member she put
saw her at the shops, killed
Buying more nangs killed her.
I killed her.
Your life was better with
me not existing in it.
- How do you know?
You didn't even try.
But you can try now, you have
- If you want a mom, then why
the fuck
are you trying to lock me up?
- Because we will finally be a
- That's now how family works,
I mean, how's the emotional
intelligence on this cunt, D?
- Fucking shut up, Johnny!
He's right.
That's not a family.
- Yeah, well, I wouldn't
fucking know, would I?
You gave me away to spend your
fucking around with this dumb
junkie cunt.
And that decision left me with
With no one.
You left me on the steps of a
with just a teddy bear
like it was a fucking Christmas
Now, make it right and shoot
this mutt!
- Wait, Denise, come on, lad.
You're really not gonna
choose him over me, yeah?
You've gotta get outta here.
Go someplace I don't know where
you are.
This is goodbye, Johnny.
- No, fuck that, I'm not going.
- When you found me crying
on the floor of the Macca's
you took me under your wing.
You saved me.
Now let me save you.
- You could've saved me
by capping that deadshit.
- Mum.
I'm sorry.
I just...
I looked for you for so long.
And the more I looked,
the more Valentine's Days I was
The old man version of
me rambled on so much
it was hard to decipher what
was real
and what was just rubbish.
But he told me that you left me
with no crystal for 30 plus
fuckin' years.
I didn't believe him.
I couldn't believe that you
would do that.
But he insisted.
- No.
Fuck that.
Only if I get to go home, yeah?
- You owe me!
If you won't open this door...
Then how about I go into
that other room there
and put a bullet in your mum's
- Fine, I'll tell you the truth.
I don't want you in my life.
I meant it when I said that
you were a fuck up and a dog.
That's why I think it's
best that you just fuck off.
Go on, get!
- Fuckin' bullshit.
- No one wants a fucking
snitch like you in their life.
- The graff scene is all
just toys there now, anyway.
You can forget about having
my fuckin' bike, yeah?
- No!
I just wanted to make things
- Don't do it.
Don't fuckin' run away again.
- I'm not.
- Can't think of a name.
- Denise, sounds appropriately
- Hey...
How are you with coffee based
'Cause I could really,
I could use a drink.
I mean, if you could sort that
I could stitch up that
little gut scratch you got.
- I'll make myself at home.
- Gonna have to fuckin' move
house again.
- I meant it when I
that I'm not running anymore.
- You'll stay here? With me?
- Um...
Well, ideally, no.
But I did have an idea to
Where can I take you to get you
fixed up?
- Not where, when.
- I'm taking the
chance that you've grown a bit.
- A few decades
will do that to you.
- Oh, probably just
trapped animals or something.
- What about your past self?
- Human sized
blood covered animals.
Fucking great.
- Maybe she's got some
growing up to do too.
- No one ever tell you that
it's rude to fucking stare?
- "Get the bag, brother."
- "Dearest Denise.
I'm not going to lie.
It's taken me a minute to write
I won't tell you where I am,
but after I arrived here,
I was confronted by the
family that owned the house.
Thankfully, the patriarch
was a veterinarian
and was able to yank the slug
from my gut.
Real G shit.
Things are pretty cool here.
I ended up wifing the old man's
so I inherited the joint.
I'm like a clerk or
something, I don't know.
Cunts can barely even
write, so I'm like a genius.
Well, considered around
average, at least.
Pretty heavy that Kane's your
Still can't believe you
fucked Danny Handjobs though.
I hope things worked out with
He needs all the help he can get
after I defeated him in combat
so badly.
On that note, I'm leaving the
deeds to the house and land
in a trust for him when he
comes of age.
I feel like I owe the
young fella for the tic,
and I thought this is
what you would've wanted.
My lawyer seems to think
this kind of practise
is highly unorthodox,
given that Kane won't be born
for another 130 plus years.
I told him, "I don't
need the sermon, brother.
Just work out the particulars,
He's got those fuck off
mutton chop sideburns.
Anyways, fuck him and what he
Lawyers are all dogs anyways.
Not as bad as undercover
cops and parking inspectors,
but still.
Anyways, here's where I
broach the serious stuff.
I understand now why you sent
me away.
It took me a while to
figure out what you meant
by making things right.
What I'm trying to say is,
this is my way of trying to
make things right with us.
Since I've been here,
I've had these dreams.
You know, those kinda dreams
you have
when you first get clean.
Real fuckin' vivid, but all
over the shop.
Like, lizards in top hats kinda
Anyways, in this one dream, we
were both these lone wolves,
but like, not alone, because
there were two of us,
like a group of wolves.
There should be a word to
describe that or something.
Anyways, I realised,
it doesn't matter that we're
not hanging out anymore.
Because time or no time,
I'm like, a part of you.
I mean, think about it.
You come from my balls, man.
This is the kind of
philosophical shit
I have time to sit around
and think about now.
We're definitely a long way
from the Macca's toilets.
Keep it real, lad.
One love.