Time Of Moulting (2020) Movie Script

I'm going to trade you,
a beautiful Faience vase from Turkey.
For 4000.
I'd love to buy it from you.
It's very old.
So, I am done with the deal.
It's your turn.
You speculate on the stock market
and you're lucky:
the bank is paying you 4000.
Ouch ow ow ow!
Ow ow ow ow, what a bad joke.
it's your turn.
Finally, our little paradise again,
with the...
And Stephanie now says that:
With the loony Ballies.
Chance: Hotel Savoy.
Public auction of three objects.
I'll give you three real objects...
um hm
And tonight, the
cold strawberry punch.
Isn't it cozy!
The cat's in the stairwell again!
Here are three real objects.
Ow! Ow ow ow
Oh crap, ah! Ow!
What's going on?
Did you leave the door open again?
Holy shit!
And then you dare to laugh!
Can it be true?
What a fleabag!
The whole arm is scratched!
Packing was really exhausting,
because we have so much stuff and
a lot of clothes at home,
it was really exhausting.
And then we drove here in a big car.
A car?
I'd like to have a car, too.
And why?
Because my father found
a job here now.
Which school do you go to?
Can we play at your place?
Um, I'll have a look.
Oh, one fell down.
Mum, there are two children outside.
We want to play inside,
because it's raining.
What kind of children?
They just moved here.
It's them who want to play in here,
you mean?
Oh God.
That's not such a good
time now.
It doesn't look so nice in here.
I'll tell them that we're moving.
Oh, no.
I don't know.
One, two, three,
and the green guy's off the board.
The green guy's right off the board,
the green guy's right off the board,
the green guy's right off the board,
oh what a pity,
it's my mum's.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Oh, I knocked myself out.
My mother didn't like this game at all.
Why not?
She always said it was
too stupid for her.
I'm having fun.
Me too!
by the way,
the cat peed on the pillow today.
But I cleaned it up.
Well done.
Thank you.
Just like back then... before that
disappointment in England.
Have you ever been to England?
Nope, that's where the
World Cup took place.
May I?
Now comes:
The great dice player!
You are the Netherlands,
you are Poland and I am Germany.
Which means
I'm win...
um oh
Well, that's not so funny.
I think the battery's dead,
don't you?
Wait, I think it's still working.
Check the cubbyhole,
there are new ones.
In the cubbyhole?
Now it's completely dead.
Here somewhere, right?
On top!
Up there?
At the top of the closet?
What was that?
Uh, this stinks!
Something's leaking out here,
Don't put your hands in there!
Oh, man!
This all can't be happening!
We should have Power Saving Day
every Sunday!
Or every Saturday,
that's not so close to Monday.
Turn on the light now Reinhardt!
I didn't see the chair
because it's so dark.
I am already very tired.
But I don't want to sleep yet!
Did dad fall over?
I don't know.
Look what I've found.
Who is that?
He's looking in a weird manner!
That's your grandpa in his butchery.
Your dad?
Did they have a lot of pigs back then?
Uh, what is he doing?
Why is the pig opened?
These are all old days.
Your grandpa left long time ago.
I was younger than you are now.
He looks just like you.
I think pictures are great.
Especially photos.
Otherwise you wouldn't know what
it used to look like in the old days.
So many strangers.
Are they all family?
I don't know.
I think they're colleagues
of your granddad's.
I'm hungry.
But I want to stay here.
Then I'll try to get dinner ready.
Yeah, but don't mix up anything.
We still have the cookbook, don't we?
Welcome to the show:
"The funniest of the evening"!
First, we give you the tip:
To hop around with your mom
on a fluffy, feathery pillow.
Secondly, let's give you the tip:
To have a nice dinner.
Thirdly, we give you the tip:
to swing into bed
so that you fall asleep immediately
and have sweet dreams.
Thank you very much,
these have been
Stephanie's recommendations
for the evening.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Looks great.
Tastes good.
My back's hurting again.
Would you like to give me
a little massage later?
A little later...
Do you even know them all?
I don't read them.
They are too difficult,
they are from my mother.
They're not difficult.
Several worlds...
Little massage?
A tiny one?
Then I'll have a...
green head.
Oh, four?
The back,
or is this the belly?
No, this is the back.
Move to the side,
you fat purple pig.
The two...
it's your turn.
Oh, yeah, right away.
My fat purple pig broke down.
I can't do this.
Born stupid and nothing learned.
It's way too difficult.
Your hands are dirty!
It can't be correct anyway.
Stop making a mess!
What's going on here again?
The brat doesn't want to listen!
That stupid idiot!
it can't be correct,
what he wrote here.
I'm afraid I can't help you out.
I always missed math classes.
Can't you ask your teacher tomorrow?
I have to hand it in by tomorrow.
It's all so simple.
Can't you help her?
I have to lie down again now.
The cat wants to go out.
Why doesn't she understand
she can't go out?
You know what?
They're all just hollowheads.
imagine they're cabbage heads.
They can't bother you at all.
They beat me up all the time.
And the teachers don't pay attention
during the breaks anyway.
What is...?
So, and a second one.
You get this
and I'll get the other one.
Would you like to tie
me a knot?
now we are always connected.
From school to home.
And this afternoon
everything will be over
and then we'll cook a
nice pudding, yeah?
here everything is so messy
and must be cleaned up and wiped.
And I also want to go
shopping with you.
But you have to go back
to school now.
Otherwise the authorities
will come
and take you with them
and put you in a foster home.
And I don't know what I should do.
There are children who
live on a mountain of garbage
and they still go to school.
Don't cry, Stephie.
Avoid the big grey buildings,
that's what my mother used to say.
I'm trying to avoid them right now.
He never has to go to school,
he is well off.
You're lucky, right?
Should we make vanilla or
chocolate pudding later?
Vanilla pudding.
Then you'll get vanilla pudding
right after you come home.
Hmm, delicious beer.
Hmm, yummy.
Dinner is ready!
Are you going to eat him,
vineyard snail?
Tasty beer.
Would you eat your friend?
Eat them up! Eat them up!
It's got some good beer on it.
Eat them up, eat them up!
The meatloaf's getting cold!
Fattening pigs.
Are you playing with the butcher's
hatchet again?
So she was quite happy
when Hnsel and Gretel
came to her.
Early, before they
woke up,
she got up and went
to their beds,
and as she saw the two resting
so sweetly,
she rejoiced and muttered,
"This will be a good bite for me".
Then she grabbed Hnsel
and put him in a small stable.
Waking up,
he found himself surrounded
by a grid,
just how young chickens are locked up
and he could only walk
a few steps.
She shook Gretel and yelled:
"Get up, you lazybone!
Fetch water,
go to the kitchen
and cook something nice to eat.
There, your brother is in a stable.
I want to make him fat first
and if he is fat enough,
I want to eat him.
Now you should feed him".
Gretel was frightened and cried,
but had to do what
the witch demanded.
Now every day
Hnsel was given the best food
in order to become fat.
But Gretel got nothing
but crab shells
and every day the old woman
came and said...
Give me those.
These were my mother's teeth.
The glasses, too.
Thank you.
stick out your fingers
so that I can feel whether
you are fat enough.
But Hnsel
always stuck out a little
bone for her,
so she was surprised
that he didn't put on weight
at all.
Four weeks later,
she said to Gretel one evening:
"Be quick..."
I'm the Hnsel!
The witch turns off the light now.
Oh, no, not the light!
It's dark enough already!
Shall we read on?
A little bit more.
Four weeks later,
she said to Gretel one evening:
"Be quick,
go and carry water.
Your little brother may or
may not be fat,
but tomorrow I will slaughter
and boil him."
Ten years later
What are you doing?
The photos of the old slaughterhouse.
We should throw all
that shit away.
Nothing will be thrown away here.
It's all dirty and dusty.
These are memories.
Your grandfather on his
What's that look on his face?
Weddings are dishonest anyway.
He always looked like that.
Besides, you haven't been
to a wedding yet.
Have you been to one?
Except for your own wedding?
that's why.
Besides, what are marriages for?
All senseless nonsense.
With such an attitude,
you will remain alone.
But it's up to you,
if you think it is great.
We won't live forever, either.
I'm not so healthy anymore,
This must be Reinhardt's.
Some crap.
But that was your old letter paper.
You're out of your mind!
Such a shitty colour.
That's what boards are for,
CUTTING boards.
Please leave it closed.
It's dusty in here,
and it's smelly.
I told you, I feel the draft
on my back.
Just leave me alone.
We'll eat right away.
I just want to go outside now.
Stephanie! Listen to your mother!
Stephie, Stop it.
You haven't eaten any fruits today.
It's in my hair too, everywhere.
It's so disgusting.
Just put the blanket over it.
That's where the cat's gonna pee anyway.
You can't get rid of it anymore.
Oh Reinhardt!
Glasses misplaced again.
I can't believe it!
Reinhardt, what is there to do?
Silent night,
holy night.
All is calm,
all is bright
Round yon virgin mother and child.
Holy infant,
so tender and mild,
Sleep in heavenly peace.
Sleep in heavenly peace.
It's always so sentimental.
Stephie, look at that beautiful tree.
That's not necessary right now, is it?
That's not so nice now.
What's up?
Holy Night.
This time there will probably be
no more music at the Easter fire.
Because Johann is dead.
I thought
I'd ask the orchestra of the fire
department later.
Or Stephanie will sing something for us.
Sing yourself.
Today is the 25th anniversary
of my mother's death.
Died so young.
And then it was such a day...
We had an argument and then,
I was also unfriendly
when I left.
If one had known that.
Quite normal day,
I thought and then....
from one second to the next,
everything is gone.
back then, one didn't talk
about it.
I guess I also took a
damage from it.
Stephanie, would you like
some tomaties?
For the vitamins?
Bon appetit Stephanie!
Where did you get those?
Did you pick them, or what?
You can't eat them.
There are foxes.
They have tapeworms.
Yes, I picked them.
I wanted to make marmelade
from it
because we don't have any left.
We boil the strawberries from
the strawberry field too.
Yes, but that's different.
They're not from the
woods either.
Did you check yourself
carefully for ticks?
Yeah, maybe I just eat them raw!
Watch out,
tapeworms, quite a few
which of your gifts did
you like best?
I would have liked what
I wished for.
not everything is possible all the time.
But the blouse is nice,
I was so happy when I found it.
What else is on?
Stephanie also wants
to learn something.
She wants to be a good wife some day,
doesn't she?
Marika Rck.
My mother loved her so much.
And final wishes?
Would you fulfill those for me?