Time of the Wolf (2003) Movie Script

No, Ben!
Not the bird.
The house is cold.
He's hungry!
He can wait 5. Help me unload.
Can you help, Eva?
It's wet.
Don't get it on your clothes.
Where do I put this?
- Doesn't matter.
- Let me see.
- Kitchen.
- Stand still!
Go shut the door.
What are you doing here?
I mean, how did you get in?
What do you want?
- Lower your gun.
- Don't move or I fire.
What's the idea?
This is private property.
You can't just?
- Tell them to fuck off.
- Shut up!
Take him away!
Look, can't we talk about this?
- We could work something out.
- Tell him to leave.
All I'm saying is
we're not your enemies.
How long do you want to stay?
You have supplies?
- For how long?
- A long time.
We can give you some.
Where are you from?
The city?
How much fuel?
Almost out.
A few bottles.
Can the children go out?
Wait in the car.
Eva, take Ben outside.
What are you going to do?
Take a look in the bag.
What I propose is:
we unload.
You eat?
You killed him, Fred!
You killed him!
Calm down!
Stop it! Will you give up!
Get in there! Go on!
Leave now!
Take him and leave!
My husband was killed in our house.
But you know me?
Strangers in our house?
They killed Georges.
We had to bury him.
They took our car and supplies.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry for you.
It's your duty to help us!
You know what the situation is.
Or are you just acting dumb?
Why didn't you just stay in town?
We thought?
Take your children and leave here.
You have to get out. Leave!
Madame Ortner?
I know you can hear me.
I won't be gone long,
my treasure.
Eva will stay with you.
I'll find something nice to eat
and maybe a place to sleep.
That'd be great, huh?
Come on, Ben.
It's early.
You can go back to sleep.
I'll be right back.
Go to sleep.
Don't come back, Mme. Laurent.
If my husband ever finds out?
It's only because
you were always correct with us.
There's 7 of us.
We've nothing to spare.
Good luck.
Right, goodbye.
Hold on?
Let me try.
We'll catch him.
Catch him!
I'm trying to.
- Why did you let him escape?
- I didn't,
he flew away!
He'll escape.
I can see that. Calm down.
Stay there!
Catch him!
Just be quiet!
You shouting scares him.
That's right, easy now?
What's up?
Lie down.
You have to lie still.
Here, take this.
Put your head back.
Don't move.
You stay there, I'll catch him.
I promise.
Come on.
You want to come back to Benny.
There, you see.
Now, go to sleep.
Will you hold the bag, Ben?
Can you do it?
It's shut fast.
Let me.
Wake up!
- What?
- Ben's gone!
- What?
- Ben's missing!
What d'you mean?
Mum, please! I can't find him.
He was there. He's disappeared.
Go get some more.
- Can I have the lighter?
- Here.
Here it is!
Careful not to set fire
to the place.
Where are you?
I have to light it outside.
It flies all over.
There's hay everywhere.
We need more.
Hurry, fetch some more.
It's no good.
I'll go after him.
Can you tend the fire?
- Think so.
- Give me the lighter.
Keep feeding it so it won't go out
and lights as far as possible. OK?
If you let it go out,
I won't find you again.
And Ben neither.
Got that?
Do you understand?
Don't worry, we'll find him.
Don't go, Mum.
I'm scared!
Me too, I'm scared.
But don't worry,
darling, we'll find him.
Keep feeding it or it'll go out.
I'm going.
Keep it good and bright.
I love you.
Don't forget, huh?
Yes, mum.
Can you hear me?
This way! Towards the light!
Can you hear me?
If you can hear me, respond!
Is someone there?
I saved the bicycle!
Do you realize what you're saying?
Couldn't you be more careful?
If you'd stayed here,
it wouldn't have happened.
Is that so?
Eva, stop! Don't go!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
It's all too much.
You did very well.
It's OK?
Stay where you are!
We won't hurt you.
That's far enough!
Let him go, please,
we won't hurt you.
- I think it was him.
- What?
The man. Last night.
Where are you from?
Let him go!
I swear we?
What could we do to you?
Thank you.
Come back.
Where are you going?
My treasure.
You're completely frozen.
Where did you get to?
Don't do that ever again.
Promise me!
Won't you come with us?
Come on.
Where did you find Benny?
Don't you want to say?
What's wrong?
Does it hurt?
Can I see?
Maybe we can help.
Are they your sheep?
Some came past last night.
Not far away.
We heard them.
You cold?
Give me the jacket.
He isn't cold.
You caught a cold?
What is it, Benny?
Leave him, Mum.
He's tired.
Got any water?
Will you give us some?
What will you give me?
What's your name?
Don't bother going to the river.
Why not?
Have you been here long?
They didn't say anything.
On the news.
They mentioned
difficulties getting supplies in.
Nothing else.
Where are you from?
What is it to you?
You're right.
I really don't care, see.
Got any jewels?
Or maybe a radio and batteries?
The bicycle's not bad.
What d'you mean?
You crossed the railway?
Is it far?
3-4 hours.
I heard
there's a station further south.
Where the trains stop.
They say you can bribe the staff.
Where's the station do you think?
- In that case, we have to?
- Over there?
We're better off following the tracks
than the road.
Who did it?
Who did what?
Must have died of thirst.
Or from putrid water.
Or the shepherd killed them
to drink their blood.
It was the dogs.
What dogs?
Stray dogs.
They've nothing to eat.
It's no big deal.
They take what they find.
This must be the flock we heard.
Been dead 2 days at least.
They're full of maggots.
Nothing left for us.
C'mon, let's go.
- What are you doing?
- Come on, Eva!
You won't last long with 1 jacket for 3.
Why am I still going, huh?
Until now, I had no lighter.
Yours won't last forever either.
Come on!
He's no more use for it.
Stop! Stop!
Please, stop!
Hey, wait!
Stop, you fucker! Stop!
You can go in.
There are others inside.
I'm Anne Laurent.
These are my children, Eva and Ben.
We're from the city.
Other men.
The other men?
I don't understand.
Where are the others?
We didn't see anybody.
Wait. Come.
- How many are here?
- He doesn't understand.
I can see that. Be quiet.
It's cold in here.
Can I put a log on?
Did you see the train here?
The train!
Did it stop here yesterday?
But? What are you?
Who are you?
We're from the city.
I'm Anne Laurent.
These are my children.
My wife and daughter.
What are you doing here?
He try but he stop him.
OK, thanks.
Why you so calm?
It's OK, I said.
You'd have me chop his hand off?
Did you steal anything?
Storm in a teacup.
It's not that simple, Brandt.
They're quite right.
We respect the rules
or we may as well give up.
What are you going to give up?
Are you the guardian of order,
Because of the gun in your pocket?
You mean to impress us?
Shut up!
Empty your bags.
You'd prefer me to use force?
Leave him alone!
I told you to shut up!
Before you two arrived,
we respected the rules.
Rules indispensable
for living together
in a more or less civilized way.
You call this civilized?
Those rules are valid for you
and every asshole who comes here.
If you don't like it,
take your wife and clear out.
Let him go!
Do you want trouble?
Who d'you think you are?
Who are you to decide the rules here?
If you keep?
Come back!
Please, Mum, let me go.
- Don't come back!
- I don't give a shit!
Please, sir?
Let me talk to him.
I'm not running away.
You stole?
- I'll tell them.
- Don't care!
You won't come back?
I just told you.
No closer! Stay right there!
That's what I'm doing.
Did he hurt you?
How did you do it?
Who's interested?
In a fight?
Who with?
Won't you tell me?
Don't go.
When I'm alone,
I'm way happier.
I don't believe you.
No rules.
They always trick you.
Do you know what these are?
- The guy's glasses.
- But you said?
When it's sunny,
I'll get a fire going.
Your Mum has a lighter.
Give them to me.
I'll return them.
They'll let you stay. For sure.
You just don't get it!
Maybe a train
will stop here eventually.
I'll stick around.
It'd be dumb to miss it.
Why d'you always ignore me?
I said I'd not run away!
When I tell you to come back, you obey.
Do I?
Don't hit me again.
Don't get so upset.
Help me.
Come on, push!
Would you give me a cigarette?
Of course.
I've not many left.
Besides me, nobody will ask you.
All non-smokers.
As far as I know, at least.
Are you from the city?
Isn't it obvious?
- Which arrondissement?
- 11th.
Have you been here long?
6, 7 days?
And the others?
Same. More or less.
I don't know. It depends.
Koslowski says
the last train was 10 days ago.
Did it stop?
I guess.
If not, they'd still be here.
I'm Ba.
- You can call me B.
- I'm Anne.
I know.
Want some?
You have much to trade?
It depends.
I've no idea what counts.
Jewels. Well, a few.
The bike's good.
Hold on to it if you can.
The lighter, too.
My watch?
Forget it.
- And you?
- Me?
So how?
It's no problem. With Koslowski,
you can pay in other ways.
You think he's one of the Just?
The what?
I know it's hard to tell,
even in the sack,
but he has us all under his thumb.
So it's possible he's one of the Just.
It'd be nice if he was.
I'm sorry
but what do you mean by the Just?
I knew one once.
Mannfred. I was in love with him.
He was one.
Trouble is, you can't recognize them.
Not just like that.
There are 36 of them.
Since the Earth began. Always 36.
Even now.
They guarantee it will continue.
That God's hand will protect us.
If ever even one goes missing.
Just one?
The end!
As for Koslowski, I'm not sure.
He doesn't give that impression.
But when we met,
I got the feeling he was one.
- Where?
- That's not your problem.
- How much?
- No one's forcing you.
Excuse me?
It's true, we'll never shift that thing
without a pulley.
Look what I got.
What's going on?
They want to block the track.
Where's our water?
Listen, ladies and gentlemen.
It's simple.
If you want to leave here,
you will have to stop the train.
A barricade might derail it.
And then no one will be going anywhere.
Please, a little less noise.
The wagons are less risky
but are on the wrong track.
So what do you say?
Nothing's free. Not even for me.
The pulley here runs on electricity.
I can get a mechanical one.
But you must fix its value to you.
It's that simple.
So make your minds up.
And stop blaming me for helping you.
No, we love you, Mr. Koslowski.
You're a real altruist.
Why do you always go over the top?
Nobody asked you to come here.
Nobody forces you to stay.
So when's the next train?
Maybe there won't be one.
Maybe, down south,
they had the same idea.
- Stop it!
- You stop!
Maybe we won't be able to bribe them
because we gave it all
to Mr. Koslowski to trade.
Well? Go down to the village.
Take my bike.
- Supplies reaching the city.
- See what you can do.
News on supplies coming in.
In the north, supplies under control.
Very little?
Since most supplies
coming from the south.
More and more cancellations.
In any case, shortage of diesel.
Lack of personnel.
Livestock dying from contamination
of water in rural areas.
Extension of rationing.
Usual information on saving energy.
Is that all?
It's a joke, I hope?
Next time, let us pick and choose.
It'll be more objective.
Your oracles are frustrating.
I just try
to pick the most important.
Sorry, the news is?
Stop saying sorry all the time.
What's wrong with you,
saying that?
My husband sacrifices his batteries
to give you the latest news
and you insult him!
- Are you all nuts?
- And you?
I want to know what we can do.
And not just sit there like her
because my husband was hit by a train.
Maybe we're wasting time and resources.
Aren't you ashamed?
Have you no compassion?
Compassion, you say?
Sorry, that's a luxury I can't afford.
With a pool of blood out there.
You've plenty of compassion.
What good is it to her?
Stop it! Stop your praying!
It's unbearable!
Cut it out now.
I'm sorry.
Please, forgive me.
It doesn't matter. I understand.
My fine husband sets the example.
He saves Azoulay's honour as newscaster
and avenges Mrs. Azoulay.
Would you stop it?
With a single gesture, he makes up
for his wife's awful behaviour.
We're very grateful.
A thousand thank-yous, Thomas.
Finished? Said your piece?
His pomposity should make him puke.
But let's not talk about that.
Eh, Mr. Koslowski?
Instead of thumping you,
he belts his stupid wife.
Let's forget about that too,
morality's on his side.
I'll kill you one day.
And soon, I hope.
Stop it!
Stop it, please!
If only for the children's sake.
Aren't you ashamed?
Your pomposity is unjustified
but, don't worry, we are ashamed.
Come on.
Let us be ashamed.
Open! Need water!
Child sick.
Child has fever.
- Need water. Child die.
- You won't get any.
Child die.
You notice they don't bark?
That's true.
In the village with burning cows,
there was a pack of them
and not one was barking.
They're in every village.
They have no food or water
in the farms.
So they take off.
They're wary, you know.
Sneaky, see.
- Why?
- 'Cause I was stupid!
I lured one with bits of meat.
He stayed with me.
He acted like we were pals.
He followed me. Then?
2 days before we met, he bit me.
Why? He was fooling around or hungry?
I don't know.
I guess he was angry at me.
We were short of food.
Anyway, after all,
it was my fault.
Stupid idea
making friends with a wild dog.
Where is he now?
I killed him.
That's when I spilled my embers.
What's that?
Nothing. A stick.
So? What will you do now?
What do you expect me to do?
I hope it works.
We'll see.
See you later.
I have to go.
- Aren't you cold here?
- I'm used to it.
I don't know if I can come tomorrow
but I'll try to bring you some food.
Mum traded her jewels and
Koslowski has contacts in the village.
He got us the cream.
25 litres, maximum.
Can you give more water?
Koslowski gives us not enough.
We 6 people.
Husband, me and sister
work more than others.
But we 6 people. Child sick.
Granddad, Grandma, no work.
Please! Others have things to give.
We have no things to change.
Only clothes we have.
Sort it out with him.
Nothing. He give nothing.
He no mercy.
Not help sick child.
You good man.
You want, I go behind house.
Make sex.
Please, madame, stop.
We'll help you out.
Won't we?
Can't we talk after?
Not after!
After, 2 glasses everybody.
Now. Here. Water!
If no, you kill me here. Now.
What do you want for 10 litres?
Looks like a putsch.
What you got?
Not much.
We're waiting for the train.
You don't say.
Please, don't go!
For a bike, what will you give us?
I look like I need a bike?
And my watch?
Nice. Why not sacrifice it earlier
for your friends?
And spare us all this.
There'll be no more.
We've other clients waiting.
Dear Papa,
Now I've found pencils and paper,
I really have to write to you.
So much is happening.
And I've no one to talk to.
I don't know if you can see
or read or hear this now.
Or if you can perceive anything.
But I want to believe you can.
So I'm going to try, quite simply.
My dear, dear Papa!
It's really difficult to find words
for all this
but when it's impossible
to talk to anyone
it feels so stifling.
You'll probably say,
"You have Mum and Benny!"
But it's not true!
If you were here,
you'd know it's not.
With Mum,
I have to weigh every word
for fear that she'll crack.
Her hands tremble terribly
and I can't do anything about it.
As for Benny, you know,
I doubt he can understand
what you'd understand.
Then, there's the boy.
With him, I could talk
if it wasn't for his stupid pride
making him act disinterested,
when I know that's not true.
But knowing that
doesn't make it any easier.
I guess
this all must seem pretty jumbled.
And it really is.
In fact, that's why I'm writing.
Because it's so jumbled
and I hope, by writing it down,
to see clearer.
I want to tell you in order
to try to give you an idea
of life just now.
Every morning,
we get up very early
simply because there's always
someone who does
and wakes up the others.
Then, the work roster's determined?
Where are you from?
Aren't you with us?
Be careful!
The damned thing's heavy!
Leave the stuff outside.
It's packed.
- We can't open the door!
- I'll take a look at it.
Julien, hurry up!
- Get a move on!
- I'm waiting for the women.
Not that way!
My scarf's in which bag?
Put those under the awning.
It's concrete.
- Who'll stand guard?
- He who asked the question.
Wait till the tent's up.
Look for yourself.
As much as you can.
Through that wall is a concrete tank
full of rainwater that's not too bad.
So if anyone feels
a sudden urge to wash?
Right, tomorrow morning:
7 for the ladies. 8 for the guys.
- That's our spot.
- So what?
- Come on, Mum, let's go.
- Clear off, OK!
It's nobody's "spot".
The horses of the water merchants
drink too much
so we'll kill 3 tomorrow.
For dinner, there'll be meat.
What are you doing here?
You're not with our group?
- We're waiting for the train.
- What train?
- Where are you heading?
- Out of here!
That water cost us a lot.
Calm down, OK? We know.
What's going on?
He's mad
'cause we took some of his water.
- Are you the leader here?
- We all are.
I just organize.
So many people all of a sudden.
Could you stop your people thieving?
They broke in here.
Moaning again?
Because they needed a place to sleep.
He's right.
They found the water by chance.
You can't blame them.
Have you had any news of that boy?
Have you seen him?
We'll replace it.
How much was in there?
40 litres.
One of them was empty!
Maybe build a fire further away
in case the train comes.
This wagon's on the line
the train usually takes.
We put it here as a kind of buffer.
With people inside,
we need a fire further up
to stop the train earlier.
Give me it. You'll see.
What's wrong?
Tastes quite nice.
Let's check it's sharp though.
Your turn. Go on.
Are you crazy or something?
I don't eat them. It's a trick.
Watch carefully, I'll do it again.
I have to take precautions.
You never know what might happen.
I already told you
to put your bike outside.
We all fall over it.
It's OK?
I don't believe it!
Tell me I'm dreaming!
Look who it is!
The Polack from our village.
What a nice surprise!
The bastard and all his clan
used to work for Larnaudie.
One night,
Franois died just like that
and the Polacks did a runner.
Didn't think
we'd meet again so soon, huh?
Not true.
Look at me when I talk to you,
Polack scum.
Leave them.
You bastard!
Get him off me, for Christ's sake!
Cut it out!
Calm down!
It's OK.
When he arrived, he slept for ages
and then he woke up.
- What shovel? Where?
- It's back there.
Back there where?
Look in the garage.
You'll find it.
You here?
Get off your high horse.
With all these people,
there'll be stuff worth taking.
That's why I'm here.
Those goats?
What do they drink?
Water, I guess.
You can't do that!
There are small kids here.
They need the milk.
That's why the goats get water.
Wake up.
- I've never seen her before!
- He's lying.
I don't believe it. He's sick!
Ask the children. They'll back me up.
I told you it's not true.
I've never been there.
Ask my wife.
We've not heard of it.
Shut up! Stop it!
- Shut up, you bastard!
- Mum, stop!
Let go of him!
Be reasonable!
Be reasonable.
You can see she's not lying.
What can I say? It's absurd!
It's easy to accuse!
What's going on?
The lady claims he killed her husband.
It's not true!
What happened?
She says
it was at their weekend home.
A few days ago.
It was on Sunday.
It was the 17th.
We were in town.
My wife will tell you.
- Do you have proof?
- My husband's dead. He's dead!
That's not proof.
But, listen?
Ask the children. He's dead!
It's your word against his.
If you can't?
Try to calm down.
We can't clear this up here.
Get the tarps! Get the tarps across!
Come inside.
You're soaked to the skin.
A stone here!
Where's Benny?
What a great idea!
Pull it tight or the rain will get in.
Hurry, you'll get soaked!
Come this way!
Don't shout at us,
we're doing the best we can!
Come and help! Hurry!
Put stones on it.
Will you hurry up!
Put yourself in my shoes.
You say one thing
and he says the opposite.
You've no proof
and neither does he.
I may as well toss a coin.
And I'm no judge.
We just try to make sure
people don't panic, that's all.
I'm sorry.
Him there?
Perhaps he's one of your Just.
Anyway, the one from Parmenterre?
I saw him with my own eyes,
slap bang in the village square.
He undresses,
jumps in the fire?
He burns like a torch.
Had to pinch myself.
Do I want to know this?
Seriously, they bring us salvation.
They're everywhere.
Maybe that's a bit strong.
There are madmen everywhere.
In Parmenterre?
In Vognes?
In Mriot?
There's several of them there, I hear.
They jump naked into the fire
and they burn for us.
They do the whole sacrifice thing
to get this rotten world
back on track.
Those fellows should be among the Just.
In any case?
If they are?
Whenever one jumps in the fire,
that makes one less.
There's 36 of them, is that right?
And their job
is to keep the old ball spinning?
Now, what would be logical?
Your 36
make another club, huh?
Stop it.
The real champions
of world redemption
are my Brothers of Fire.
You want some?
I already had some.
What then?
I was wondering?
What was the music last night?
Did you like it?
Come here.
Hold that.
I'm glad you liked it.
Give me that.
I should have brought some salt.
Cost me two pairs of socks to get some.
Can't think of everything.
Want to hear it again?
With pleasure.
I rewind it manually. Like this.
You do the same afterwards, OK?
I love you lots.
Mind your big feet!
Jean, there he is!
What's going on?
Come here you!
This time I've got you! C'mon!
Outside! Or I'll shoot you here
in front of everybody.
What time is it?
What's he done?
Shut it!
What's up?
Has he done something wrong?
Keep out of it, you!
Are you deaf?
I asked what he's done.
Have you gone mad?
Settle this outside.
OK, big man.
It's none of your business
but I'll tell you.
Your friendly foreigner here
and his brood
are thieving bastards
and always have been.
Isn't that right?
They used to live in my village
with their sprogs.
They killed and robbed a farmer.
It's not true! I swear!
Nobody know who kill man!
Him maybe!
Sure, I killed Larnaudie.
You hit husband yesterday.
He run with old man.
Have you lost your mind?
What's got into you?
Last night, someone stole
meat, water and a goat.
We just realized.
I'm sure it was him!
Since we set off,
nothing's been stolen. Never!
Not true what he say.
He hate us because husband beat him.
Where'd he go with a goat?
It's ridiculous.
If you'd kept your eyes open
last night,
you'd not terrorize people now.
Are you on duty today?
Koslowski goes to the village every day.
Ask him about it.
That's pathetic, Brandt.
Trying to cast suspicion on me.
- Or maybe boy!
- What boy?
Boy come with them.
Steal this man's glasses.
Why'd you do it?
I thought you'd come with.
Never said that.
Yeah, great.
That makes it OK.
You think they'll have you now?
They'll look for it.
They nearly lynched the foreigner.
The children needed the milk.
I won't find another.
You don't care what I say!
You don't care at all!
In general, I don't.
What's wrong?
I'm sorry.
You know, the girl?
Killed herself.
Find anything?
- Nothing.
- Come on then.
Let's look over there.
Maybe he hid it there.
I'll stay here.
There's heaps of places.
- See anything?
- No, nothing yet.
Let's try over here.
Come on.
- C'mon, forget it!
- No, let's keep going.
- Forget it, I said.
- Just a quick look.
Are you coming?
Sure, be right there.
Let's go, there's nobody here.
He could be miles away.
I thought you'd help me.
In what?
In general.
But you ruin everything.
Your dog?
- The other way round, no?
- That's even worse? Got it!
No, that's wrong.
Shouldn't it be?
My daughter's clothes.
Maybe you'll have a use for them.
Could you help me bury her?
Sorry but, all alone,
it's too difficult.
Time to do my round.
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Is something wrong with you?
Have you gone mad?
What is this?
C'mon, come here.
I won't hurt you. Come on.
Trust me, I won't hurt you.
Look at the horses.
They're drawn to the fire.
Stop it!
Let go of me!
You're OK.
- It's OK.
- Let go of me!
That's right.
Have a good cry.
That'll make you feel better.
Who's been telling you stories?
You mustn't believe all you hear.
He's a pain with his bullshit tales,
the razor blade eater.
Sure, he believes in it
but he doesn't dare.
But you?
You're a brave one, huh?
Your parents?
Where are your parents?
Why did they let you go out alone?
You'd have done it, for sure.
Believe me.
You were ready to do it.
That's enough, see.
You'll see.
Everything'll work out.
Maybe tomorrow even.
Maybe tomorrow, there'll?
There'll be a big car come racing up.
A sports car, see.
You like them, I bet?
And a guy will get out
and say everything's fine again.
And our mouths will water
with roast pigeons
and maybe the dead
will come back to life.
What do you say?
It's enough
that you were ready to do it.
Don't worry,
I'll tell everybody about it.