Time Renegades (2016) Movie Script

31 December 2014
Okay, everyone get in place.
Wait until the Ant hands it off.
- B team get ready.
- Ant is in position.
Wait until he passes it off.
Captain, won't he be on
his guard?
Just wait and watch.
He definitely has a reason to
be here.
I'm freezing to death.
You're such a wimp.
When I was a rookie, I never
got to come inside.
What am I doing here on
New Year's Eve?
31 December 1982
I'm nearly frozen solid
from waiting for you.
Sorry. You're so cold.
It's time, it's time.
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.
Hey kid, Happy New Year.
Happy New Year to you too,
Detective Lee.
The Jong Sin Pavilion rings in
the arrival of the Year of the Pig.
1982 has passed and 1983
has arrived.
People are cheering the
arrival of the New Year.
In spite of the cold weather...
Will you marry me?
Suspect is here! Suspect is here!
The black hat moving towards Ant.
Please confirm.
Right. Grasshopper is here.
Kid, you move toward 11:00.
Grasshopper is in front of Ant.
Grasshopper is here.
Ant and Grasshopper are making
the pass!
A and B teams hurry toward
Grasshopper has changed direction.
Hurry up!
Oh, my wallet!
Grasshopper is running! He's
heading toward 10:00!
B team is heading in
Grasshopper's direction.
Catch him! Grasshopper is
moving out of the crowd.
Surround him. Surround him.
Move! Move!
Are you okay?
Blood pressure.
- His pulse is very low.
- He's still bleeding. Should we transfuse?
We're losing him. He needs a transfusion.
It doesn't look good. Hurry.
See if there's another wound.
He's still bleeding.
Blood pressure is too low.
Inspect him quickly.
It's ready.
Ready. Charge to 200.
Okay. Clear!
There's nothing. Get another one.
There's only this old one!
Fine, just hurry up. Hurry.
It's ready.
Okay. 3 2 1. Shock!
Charge to 150. Shock!
Charge to 200. Shock!
Doctor, his blood pressure is
See if he's breathing.
He's breathing.
watch movies and series!
Daily temp workers infest the
construction site
Chinese MiG-21 pilot defects
Seokyeong University
After the night I almost died,
I began to see a man in my dreams.
Time Renegades
Everything began with that dream.
Wet Cement
Give it here. I don't like recordings.
They never sound like me.
Of course you don't think it
sounds like you.
If you don't give it to me by the time I count
to 3, I'm going to get angry. 1 - 2 - 3.
So, why do you count like that?
And what's wrong about it?
One, two, three.
Give it back.
Oh, Ji Hwan. Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Give it to me!
If you think about it,
time is always flowing.
Just like running water.
Although it is less than a minute,
one of our memories is in here.
That's why you wanted to record it?
You want all this time to be
I didn't know anyone was here.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
Ah, the biology class.
Do you need to get your materials,
No. I can come back later.
That was nice.
Nice and awkward.
It's hard to find this kind of house
for so little money.
You won't have to look further.
Come take a look.
The people who lived here did
very well and they moved.
By the way...
when did you start living
Take your time and look around.
Every nook and cranny.
The sky is beautiful.
Yes. Beautiful.
One of these days, we will be
like the setting sun.
They say that at the instant you die, you
can see your whole next life before you.
But as soon as you cross over
the bridge, you quickly forget.
Just like you forget everything
past when you are reborn.
So you just spend your whole life wandering
around looking for your other half.
If I could be born again,
I would still choose to be born
here in this life.
Just so you could find me.
We must definitely meet again.
Are you on duty?
Yes. But you are...
I'm Captain Gang.
Oh yes, you're the new...
I'm Gim Geon-U of major crimes
team 2. It's nice to meet you.
You said you saw it. That kid
threatened you,
so you didn't give it to him, right?
You should also look over
these checks.
It used to be my dream to
become a detective.
Then it would have been hard
for us to meet.
We met because you're a teacher.
People who should meet will
eventually meet.
I mean, with so many Chinese
restaurants, why pick this one?
Hey, shut up. Get over here
and sit down.
Hey, get up! Hurry up!
Okay, let's begin our night class.
Hey, did you make sure no one
will catch us playing cards?
If you really have the balls,
run out and check.
I'm going crazy.
Hey, the cops won't move until
their shift is over.
Just take it easy and don't
worry about fate.
Everybody, freeze!
So, it's the kids from class 3.
Wow, even one from my class.
Hey, run!
Don't any of you little punks move!
Come here. Come here.
Rotten brat. Gang Seung Beom,
was it fun?
Teacher, let me go and then
we'll talk. Just let me go first!
You're holding my shirt!
Wow, the alcohol smell...
I wasn't drinking. See, I didn't
even open the bottle!
You jerks were all playing cards!
Hey, Kid!
Come back here!
Excuse me.
Gang Seung Beom, stop!
Get out!
Don't move!
Drop the knife, you bastard.
Don't come any closer!
Drop the knife!
I'll kill her if you come any closer!
Don't move!
Don't move! Don't move!
That old man came to one hell
of a welcoming party.
Wasn't it a bit too much?
After he shot him, why did he
go look at his back?
He's pretty famous in the
NW Seoul district.
I guess you must not have heard
the rumors?
The Captain's wife was murdered.
It was a criminal he'd been hunting
ever since he became a police officer.
Just before he was about to
capture him,
his wife was killed in retaliation.
They say that's how she died.
- Loyalty!
- Yes.
So then what?
Hang on a second.
Keep up the good work!
Okay. You too.
As he was escaping, the team leader
fired at his back. Bang! He shot him.
He clearly hit him, but doesn't
know if that guy is alive or dead.
Since then, there is no trace
of him to be found.
If he's dead,
the guy who murdered his wife
will never be found.
If he's alive, there would have
to be a clue.
Why? Because his back has
a bullet wound.
Gang Seung Beom, your arms
keep getting lower.
Teacher, just stop all this.
Even if you make me do this,
I'm not going to change.
Fine. Then for what reason does
a student have to gamble?
It was just so I could buy a
birthday gift for my girlfriend.
Thankfully... you're not a thug.
Teacher, yes I am a thug.
My old homeroom teacher gave
up on me after a week.
So you can just give up on me
now, too!
My path is already set for me.
Please just let me live my own
life the way I want to!
A compass needle can move all
around before it finds its direction.
Let's just say you got lost and
are checking your compass.
To find its direction, a compass
needle will move back and forth.
In that case, can you tell
how far it will go?
Of course not. But what does
that have to do with me?
You're still looking for your
direction, kid.
Your internal compass needle
is still moving.
Can you make a decision based
on what others say?
While your compass needle is
still moving,
I've decided not to make any
judgments about you.
How do you know how long it
will keep moving?
A teacher's role is not just to
educate, but to wait patiently.
Hyeon Ju's academic ability is
pretty good,
but her taste in men is terrible.
Teacher Seo Yun Jeong's taste
isn't that great, either.
It's snowing? Wow.
This is Bae Cheol Su.
Today, we heard news of the
first snowfall.
The entire country is excited.
According to weather records, a first snowfall
in September has only happened twice before.
Did you know?
The last time it snowed like
this was 26 September 1983.
What's really amazing,
today is also 26 September,
exactly 32 years apart.
I found a very interesting story.
32 years ago, a teacher made
this prediction.
It will snow 2 days in a row on
September 26 and 27, 2015.
At that time...
All of us won't believe.
But how did that teacher know
it would snow today?
What are you doing with
your smartphone?
How did that teacher know it
would snow 32 years later?
Even now, I still miss the way he
would sing while playing the piano.
Teacher Baek Ji Hwan,
I kept our agreement.
I miss you, Teacher.
Baek Ji Hwan?
You scared me. What?
A prophetic dream?
I can see someone in a dream.
It's like I'm watching that man's
everyday life.
Who is this person?
That person... is a detective.
What did you say?
It's so vivid. Just like I'm
right there.
I wake up from those dreams
so exhausted.
I don't quite understand.
The first dream I had was...
a bit vague.
But as time went on, it became
more and more clear.
I can see their clothing,
the scenery.
But, that man is living in the
year 2015.
It's the truth.
Would you like a cup of coffee?
Teacher, please make us some
coffee, too!
What were you talking about
that was so interesting?
The music teacher says he can
see the future in dreams.
He even said he knows it will
snow today.
How do you know?
Then, what university will I go to?
When am I going to get married?
Aren't there any flying cars?
Right, right.
Are you really curious?
I don't know if I should tell...
Everyone is always holding something
in their hands... A phone.
Hey, those things are heavy.
Why would they? There are
public phones.
It's totally different than a
public phone.
It's about the size of your palm,
and you can listen to the radio.
It can take photos, and even
be a computer.
Now, don't be shocked.
You can even watch television
on it.
How is that possible?
That's not even logical.
Seriously. Should I tell them
another secret?
On September 26 and 27 in
the year 2015,
there's going to be a big
snowstorm for 2 days in a row.
In that case, I could invent
something, too.
Can't you predict something
a bit closer?
For example, the big baseball
game on MBC tomorrow.
Who will win between Baek In
Cheon and Jang Myeong, like that.
Like that...
All of you know the Bae Cheol
Su, the falcon, right?
In the future, that person will
be a radio DJ.
If on September 26 and 27 in
it snows for 2 continuous days,
no matter who it is,
share the story of what I told
you here today.
For the person who sends in
the story...
I will buy them a drink.
32 years is too far away.
Can't we just do that all today?
The bell's ringing.
Wait. They don't call it a phone.
Then what do they call it?
What? What did you say?
Smart Phone.
Don't fill these kids up with that
total nonsense.
It's the truth!
Goodbye! Goodbye!
Hey. I told you the truth!
Those little brats....
Yun Jeong, in that time, they
even buy water to drink.
Why would they buy water?
I read that this condition means
you're possessed by God.
I suppose there's a science on
being possessed by God?
Of course. That's why the
dreams are all connected.
Hold on.
This woman.
It's that woman.
I'll take you to the hospital, okay?
Don't be worried.
It really is that woman.
The one in my dream.
Why are you being so scary?
Yes, I can see it now.
Yes, I'm almost there.
I'm sorry.
Oh my god!
Are you a... flasher?
Oh my god! A flasher!
If I act like this...
does it makes you want to show
it to me?
Okay. Let's have a look, then.
What are you talking about?
I know I'm pretty.
It's not like that.
Hey, do you want to die?
Are you Seo Yun Jeong?
What? Who?
I'm always seeing you.
In my dreams.
You see me in your dreams.
Are you kidding? I thought you
were an ordinary pervert.
But you're a really perverted
What did you say? You're dead!
What are you doing?
Seo Yun Jeong!
What is this guy doing to you?
- He's a flasher!
- No! No!
I - I'm a police officer.
You can check the ID in my
left pocket.
- Look and see. Take a look.
- It's not there.
This pervert bastard.
It's not there? That's impossible.
Tell us the truth, Kid.
Ajussi, is this guy really a
Seonbae, see? This is the
person I've seen in my dreams.
Don't mention that dream.
Gim Geon-U.
We caught the guy who stole
your wallet.
Didn't you know?
What kind of detective gets his
wallet stolen?
Detective, your hair's a bit...
What's going on?
Oh, Captain. Well...
Yes, Captain. You see, I...
Lately, I've been having these
dreams... No.
I've been seeing this woman in
my dreams.
Suddenly, she called me a flasher!
I'm really being wrongly...
I'm sorry.
He should have said something
To be honest, this teacher
is really pretty.
He just used the dream as an
excuse to follow her.
Well since we're already here,
have a drink.
- Okay.
- Here we go.
My arm is about to break!
Why are you getting so mad?
Cheers. Cheers.
Are you really not a teacher
at Seogyeong High School?
See? Miseong High School.
The kids around the school
must be scared.
Detective Gim, it wouldn't be
so bad if it was you.
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
As of last week, a total of 7
students have been assaulted.
How could the way you count
also be exactly the same?
Okay, that's enough of that!
Let's all have a drink. Cheers?
If you let your mind wander too much,
you might lose it, Detective Gim.
What the heck did I do today
because of that damn dream?
Hello, Headmaster.
Excuse me, Headmaster.
Have you possibly ever heard
of a Seogyeong High School?
Teacher Jeong, where did you
hear that name?
I just happened to overhear it...
Our Miseong High used to be
called Seogyeong High.
What? What? Is that true?
In the 1980s.
When the foundation was replaced,
the name was also changed.
But I hope you won't mention
this to any of the other teachers.
Seo Yun Jeong. It's really her.
Wow. She really does exist.
She really looks exactly the same.
How can this be happening?
Dreaming about someone from
1983, does that make sense?
How can that woman and I
look exactly the same?
Why is this happening? Why?
Seo Yun Jeong, the woman in
my dream,
and you look like the same
Are you curious to know how
her life has been?
Of course.
Seo Yun Jeong. Honestly, it's a
very common name.
Searching for her won't be
all that simple.
In other words, it will probably
take until Saturday to find her.
You've never once been in
contact with her before, right?
In front of whom are you trying
to pick up girls from the 1980s?
Why in the world would I have
these dreams?
October 5, 1983.
Junior Soccer League team beats
Uruguay 2 to 1.
Wow, they were a pretty good
A MiG -21 fighter, really?
October 1983, junior soccer
league team wins 2 to 1.
Take this unsolved case file to
the storage room.
Organize it and then send it to
SW Seoul female murder case
October 4, 1983.
Victim: Seo Yun Jeong
The victim was found by her fiancee, Baek Ji Hwan. Death due to
excessive blood loss caused by arteries cut with a sharp object.
Suspect: Gang Hyeong Cheol
A day laborer who gambled at construction
site. Chased by loan sharks.
Oh no!
Who is it?
Are you okay?
It's you, Teacher.
You scared me to death.
I came back to get a book I left
in science class.
I was worried about running late.
Don't move.
The wound isn't very deep.
I'll go to the duty room and
get some medicine.
You must be pretty brave.
Why did you come all alone?
You should have come to
find a teacher.
The door was open, so I just
thought someone was in here.
I'm sure I saw someone.
Who could it be at this hour?
Be careful.
I should tell you a scary story.
Ji Hwan, anyone would think
you're a science teacher.
Don't you practically live in the
science classroom?
What are you doing later?
Do you want to come to my house?
I have an appointment today.
What kind of appintment?
What? Oh, it's...
It's a secret. I can't tell you.
What kind of appointment is it?
You're acting strangely today.
Actually, I was going to try on
wedding dresses today.
I want to go. Let's go together.
No. If the groom sees the
wedding dress
before the wedding, it's bad luck.
How are things with that guy?
Has there been anything
I mean in your dream.
What about my dream?
I. I don't believe in dreams.
Ji Hwan, there's nothing wrong
is there?
In the dream...
Yun Jeong.
What's wrong with you?
Aigoo. Is this how you work
in the science class?
I guess so.
Be careful. Just leave it.
I'll take care of it.
Teacher Baek is really impressive.
He's about to grow old in conjugal
bliss with the beautiful Teacher Seo.
That's right.
Teacher Baek Ji Hwan, you should
leave the science classroom now.
What do you think about the
soccer match with Uruguay today?
Did you see it in your dreams?
Junior Soccer League team
beats Uruguay 2 to 1
If South Korea wins by 2 to 1,
Teacher Pak, I'll give you
anything you want.
Then, you can give me
Teacher Seo.
Hey. Seriously.
Hey. Give her to me!
The South Korean team has
scored quickly!
The first time in history they
have advanced in the world stage.
You promised to give me
whatever I want!
It's so exciting that South
Korea won!
Taegyeong Wedding Hall 6:00
Emergency Notice!
Excuse me! Excuse me!
Emergency! Emergency!
Everyone remain calm and
go to a safe place.
Taegyeong Wedding Hall!
Are you crazy? Enemy planes
are coming.
You can't get through so where
are you going?
It's just a Chinese defector.
Chinese pilot defects
How do you know?
Live coverage of a possible
Suspect: Gang Hyeong Cheol
A day laborer who gambled at construction
site. Chased by loan sharks.
I won, light again!
You lose your money again!
Hey. See this? See this?
You just have no luck.
Show us your cards.
Can you lend me $20?
You might as well stop playing!
Is there a Gang Hyeong Cheol
Hey, Gang Ji. Aren't you
going to play?
Gang Hyeong Cheol! Wait! Wait!
Gang Hyeong Cheol!
Hey. You said you would pay
up next month!
Wait! Wait! Gang Hyeong Cheol!
Wait a moment! Wait a moment!
Wait a second!
Beloved Seo Yun Jeong
She died after her throat was
slashed with a knife.
Why did you have to kill her?
Why did you kill her?
Move! Move back! Move back!
Let's go. Let's go.
Seung Beom! No. No.
I didn't kill her.
I didn't kill her, Seung Beom!
Let's go. Let's go. Open the door.
Teacher. I'm so sorry that
Teacher Seo Yun Jeong died.
But my father didn't do it.
Please believe me, Teacher.
It wasn't my father!
I'm going to prove it.
I'm going to prove that my
father isn't a criminal.
I'll definitely find out who the
real killer is.
Miseong High School
You students were even smoking?
Teacher, what's going on here?
It's a fire hazard.
Fire hazard?
Teacher Jeong, don't you know?
Why our school's foundation was
Because there was a fire in the
gym, the children....
October 18, 1983.
The gymnasium fire and 49
students were killed.
The gym there was rebuilt
after the fire.
Something like that really
But with something so terrible,
why do so few people know?
At that time, there were some
national events planned.
The 1986 Asian Games were
coming up.
After that were the 1988
Olympic Games.
Maybe they wanted to protect
the country's reputation,
so it was hushed up.
Back then, things like that
were quite common.
Wait a minute, So Eun.
Can I look at the 1984, no,
1983 yearbook?
A senior student in 1983 should
have graduated in 1984.
These kids would have been in
Teacher Seo Yun Jeong's class.
I'm sure because I never saw
Senior class 2.
May they all rest in peace.
Why did it have to be Teacher
Seo Yun Jeong's students?
Teacher Seo Yun Jeong died.
Then there was the gymnasium
fire disaster.
I need to find out if those things
are related.
Perhaps Baek Ji Hwan might be
able to do something.
In a dream, I saw Yun Jeong
and the children in her class.
They all died only a few days
And those things are actually
starting to come true.
The dreams began in January
Seogyeong High School
Gymnasium Fire
Seogyeong High School
Gymnasium Fire
Southwestern female murders?
First victim, Seo Yun Jeong.
Her throat was cut with a sharp object
and she died from massive bleeding.
The body was discovered in a
Seogyeong shopping area restroom.
The second victim was a student,
Yun Seon Gyeong.
This incident occurred on
22 October 1983.
Like Seo Yun Jeong, her throat
was cut and she bled to death.
A third time. Fourth time.
Fifth time. Ninth time.
All were killed in a similar method.
At the gym fire and the
southwestern district murders,
a black gas mask was found
at the crime scenes.
If the fire and the murders were
all committed by the same person,
could the 1 suspect, Gang Hyeong Cheol
really have killed so many people?
These incidents occurred very
near to our school.
If he came this way to escape,
he possibly may have hidden
inside the school.
The 5th killing. 31 October 1983.
Before the 5th murder occurred,
Gang Hyeong Cheol was already dead.
Baek Ji Hwan. Gang Hyeong Cheol. He
went looking for Gang Hyeong Cheol.
If he wasn't the killer, then he
was at the scene of the crime.
He had to be an eye witness.
But someone was in there.
No matter what I say, no one
will believe me.
Oh, that's right. There was a
strange smell.
A smell?
Kind of pungent, but a little sweet.
And you said about the face...
There was something unusual.
He seemed to wear glasses over
a black face mask.
Are you talking about a gas mask?
Thank you, Teacher.
And don't get involved in any
fights in there.
Today, 18 October 1983 at 4:30
pm, if my dream isn't wrong,
the fire in the gym is about
to occur.
In order to kill the 49 children
gathered in the gym,
the criminal will have to appear
Yun Jeong's true killer.
Today, we have to catch that
What is all this smoke?
What is that smell?
Hey, everyone come this way!
Hurry! Hurry and get out!
watch movies and series!
Come help me!
Wake up! Yu Ri! Yu Ri! Get up!
Spray the water quickly!
The future changed.
You stopped it, Baek Ji Hwan.
I managed to see the suspect
throwing away a gas mask.
Although I couldn't catch him,
the children were saved from
What is the criminal's objective?
That way. Go. Pass.
I had some errands to run and
I'm on my way home.
Teacher Baek Ji Hwan prevented
the gymnasium fire.
Oh my! Really?
How did that happen?
I miss you.
I'm listening.
I miss you, So Eun.
What time will you get back to
I'll probably be late.
I'm a very good cook.
Should we eat together?
So Eun?
I'm also a good cook.
Because the pride and spirit
of South Korea never fades,
at Tokyo stadium, there was a turning
point in the Korea-Japan soccer match.
At Tokyo stadium, there was a turning
point in the Korea-Japan soccer match.
Breaking news. This morning in
the Namhan River in Gangwon-do,
a wrecked car was discovered.
According to police reports,
What's this making people worry? the car
went through the railing and into the water.
The driver was not found
in the car.
Missing is a high school teacher
from Seoul, Miss Jeong.
The incident occurred in
Gyeonggi Province.
On her way home from a
school meeting,
according to the police report,
it's possible the accident occurred
due to excessive speed or fatigue.
It's possible the accident occurred
due to excessive speed or fatigue.
Emergency teams are working
quickly in the recovery.
This is impossible.
We found some information
inside the vehicle.
The suspect's license plate was
caught on the dash camera.
Find out if it was a stolen vehicle.
Are you crazy? Were you
driving with your feet?
The guy in that gas mask should
have been caught 30 years ago.
Teacher Seo Yun Jeong let me
use this.
I thought I should return it to you.
The second victim.
Yun Seon Gyeong.
Oh, okay.
I had stepped on some broken
glass in the science classroom.
The teacher bandaged it for me.
I'm really going to miss
Teacher Seo Yun Jeong.
Yun Seon Gyeong, look out!
Yun Seon Gyeong, you're dead.
Should we boil you in the pot?
How old will we be in the year
Wouldn't we be in our mid-30s?
We should be married by then,
- Right.
- I told you it's not so!
What do you mean, you bastard!
We might even have had a baby!
I don't know, it's so weird.
Bastard! That's bullshit!
Let go of me, you asshole!
Son of a bitch!
You're a freakin moron!
Bastards like you should be
beaten to death!
What did he do wrong?
This bastard is the son of a
Listen carefully.
Seung Beom is not a murderer's
Seung Beom's father is being
made a scapegoat.
You can tell all your classmates.
I can assure you.
Let's go.
October 22.
3:41 pm.
I'm waiting for someone to show
up in the empty science room.
I have to catch him today.
Is it you?
The person who passed me
the note?
What is that smell?
Baek Ji Hwan, wake up!
Wake up, Baek Ji Hwan!
Baek Ji Hwan!
Wake up!
Attention. Attention.
We will begin at 5:00.
The time capsule event for the
school's 60th anniversary.
All students please report to the
sports field.
Hyeon Ju, are you okay?
That bastard!
Please report to the assembly
Teachers and students have
all worked hard today.
Now, we will all put our things
inside, just like this.
Put this in. And this!
Has everything been put inside?
60th Anniversary Time Capsule Buried:
October 22, 1983 To Open: October 22, 2003
You're calling me a criminal?
See this? It was found on
your desk.
On your desk, Teacher Baek!
If I were the criminal, why would
I put this on my desk?
I don't have time for this
kind of garbage!
I have to go catch him!
You can't go.
Right now, that killer is running
loose on the streets!
Handcuff him and take him away.
Interrogate him properly at
the office.
What are you all doing?
Put it down!
Go get him! Go get him!
Stop! Stop!
Catch that guy!
Catch him!
Teacher, get on quickly!
Stop there!
Catch him!
It's me.
Have you come home yet?
Not yet? I guess you're still
not there.
I'll call back later.
Where have you been all this
You didn't make your report.
What just happened to So Eun,
was different than all the gas
mask incidents.
What do you mean by that?
The bastard who wanted to kill
So Eun this time,
used a different method than
the events from 32 years ago.
The style is different.
If 30 years ago, someone had
caught that person,
what would happen?
Are they all completely crazy?
How can they think you're the killer?
That guy today, he's the one who
really killed Seo Yun Jeong.
Then... my father really isn't
the murderer. Right?
That's right.
That bastard killed Yun Jeong
and your father got the blame.
He's also the one who set the
fire in the gym.
He even wanted to kill
Yun Jeong's entire class.
I was able to prevent that,
but I wasn't able to catch him
in time.
But Teacher, how did you know
all this?
I can't tell you how...
You wouldn't believe me if
I told you.
If I fail, then you help me
catch him.
What do I have to do?
No matter what happens,
on this day,
you must stop this girl's death.
This guy in the gas mask stopped
in front of Jeong So Eun's car.
Earlier in the morning, he passed
through Yeoju and Yangcheon.
Take a look.
Ten minutes later, he passed
this car here.
Fortunately, this car had a
Here is Highway 42 and Road 9
from Yeoju to Munmak.
There are CCTV cameras opposite
the intersection.
But ever since that day,
that car hasn't passed through
here again.
If he hasn't floated up to heaven,
then he's still there.
So Eun!
Is it really you?
Yes, it's So Eun.
Where are you right now?
I don't know. It seems like
a cabin.
A cabin?
What kind of cabin?
So Eun! So Eun!
So Eun, answer me!
It looks like there's tunnel in the
Tunnel, tunnel...
I'm driving on that road now
and honking!
Tell me if you see anything!
I can't see anything yet!
So Eun, stay calm!
I'll be right there, so just hold on!
Don't come any closer!
Why in the world?
Geon-U! Geon-U, I'm here!
I'm here!
Geon-U! Geon-U, I'm here!
So Eun.
So Eun, you can't die.
Hyeon Ju, get in quickly.
How long until our new
homeroom teacher dies?
I'm scared.
Did you see the criminal's face?
He was wearing a gas mask,
so I couldn't.
But, I remember his eyes.
They looked empty.
Like he was dead inside.
Hyeon Ju, you've seen it, right?
These are all the confiscated
All the phones from the organ
trafficking ring we busted.
All these were seized at that time.
Did So Eun use the criminal's
phone to call me for help?
Did So Eun use the criminal's
phone to call me for help?
Gang Seung Beom.
I'm not at home right now.
Please leave a message after
the beep.
Hyeon Ju, it's me.
If you're home, please answer
the phone.
Hyeon Ju.
I guess you really haven't
come back yet.
Gang Hyeon Ju.
Hyeon Ju, am I doing the
right thing?
Okay. I'll call back later.
Captain, you're using this
phone now, right?
It seems... you know a few things.
This criminal is not the gas mask
killer, but a copycat.
I told you his style was different.
The one who kidnapped So Eun
is not that same person.
This man has been following the
gas mask killer for a long time.
Since he was a student.
To catch the man who framed
his father,
he became a policeman.
After he became a cop, through
his persistent investigation,
he had the chance to catch
that gas mask killer.
But instead, he provoked an
even greater revenge mentality.
I'm sorry.
Why did you kidnap So Eun?
This recorder.
Teacher Baek Ji Hwan gave it to
me before he died.
Back then, I thought he had
lost his mind.
Two men dreaming and looking
30 years into the future.
But, who knows if it would
really happen?
He said that kind of thing.
Then you appeared in front of me.
I'm Gim Geon-U of major crimes
team 2.
It's nice to meet you.
And, Teacher Seo Yun Jeong
looked exactly like...
Jeong So Eun.
Ajussi, is this guy really a
What's going on?
12 years ago, at my old high
school, they opened a time capsule.
But in that time capsule,
they found a knife.
The man who killed Yun Seon Gyeong
back then had used that knife.
The killer's blood was also on
that knife.
We would be able to determine
the killer's blood type.
Based on the fingerprints left on
the knife, he could be arrested.
It was only a matter of time.
But because of all that, my wife
was kidnapped.
The criminal wanted that knife
back in exchange for my wife.
Hyeon Ju! Hyeon Ju! Hyeon Ju....
I shot and wounded him,
but I don't know if he's dead
or alive.
Since that day, I couldn't find
him again.
That day, I followed Jeong So Eun.
If that guy was still alive,
surely he would appear there.
If I could catch him that day,
nothing would happen to
Jeong So Eun.
Suddenly, an idea popped into
my head.
Right. If Teacher Baek Ji Hwan had
captured the gas mask killer before,
Right. If Teacher Baek Ji Hwan had
captured the gas mask killer before,
Hyeon Ju would still be alive.
But until the last second, that
bastard never showed up.
So I made a decision.
This was my last chance to save
Hyeon Ju.
I just needed the teacher to see the gas
mask killer murdering Jeong So Eun,
I just needed the teacher to see the gas
mask killer murdering Jeong So Eun,
through his dream.
Hey there.
If that's what happened,
you and the teacher would never
give up on the gas mask killer.
Then for such a stupid reason,
So Eun was killed?
That was an accident.
I only wanted you to believe
that she was dead.
And so?
In order to get me involved,
you pretended to be that bastard?
So that Baek Ji Hwan and I
could catch him?
If we went along according to
your plan,
you thought Hyeon Ju would
come back?
But, take a good look!
Because you changed the past,
Hyeon Ju won't be able to come
Is the teacher still watching you?
Teacher, wake up from your
and kill me in the past.
I am the future murderer,
Gang Seung Beom.
If you do this, then Jeong So Eun
will not die.
Teacher, you went back to the
school and never returned.
Don't go, Teacher!
I don't know the reason.
But only if I do this, then
everything will be resolved.
No! Don't shoot!
Teacher, wake up from your
and kill me in the past.
I am the future murderer,
Gang Seung Beom.
If you do this, then Jeong So Eun
will not die.
Teacher, you went back to the
school and never returned.
Don't go, Teacher!
We have a guest.
Save me! Save me! Save me....
Save me. Save me.
Save me.
Tell me. Why did you kill
Yun Jeong?
Why did you kill Yun Jeong? Why?
It made me feel good.
I needed to get some materials.
They were in there.
Biology Teacher.
You shouldn't mess with the
chemicals in the science class.
Why did she interfere in other
people's business?
Why did she?
Why did you set that fire?
The reason is...
among those students,
someone might know.
Once you know, you can't
pretend not to know.
So after killing Yun Jeong,
you set the fire to burn all the
students to death?
Just to hide what you'd done?
It was the same for you and
Teacher Seo.
I came here so I could also
send you away.
But, it turns out you actually
came on your own.
Teacher, are you all right?
How could you come here
by yourself?
Hurry and go find Hyeon Ju.
Hyeon Ju is here.
What? Hyeon Ju?
Teacher! Teacher!
She's here! Here!
In the science classroom!
Hyeon Ju, it's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
Let's get out of here, okay?
Let's go.
Are you okay?
I'm so glad you're alive.
Let's go.
Seung Beom, get away!
Because of you,
I'm probably going to get fired.
How can I be a teacher with a
face like this?
If not for the rain, my face
would have been more damaged!
But, Teacher Baek, you're
really quite impressive.
I will concede that.
Lightning Strike at 11:36 pm on High
School Roof Causes Power Outage
Teacher, are you okay?
You can start all over now,
Seung Beom.
Please open your eyes!
What is your business here?
Are you new?
Hyeong, what are you doing
in here?
Hyeong? Who are you to
call me that?
Today, we are honored to
have you.
Could you please explain your
views on the IT policy on blogging?
The IT industry in this country,
is unable to provide some data
to the future world.
Starting in the mid-1980s,
I knew that the internet and
would rule the whole world.
Everyone said it was impossible.
Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.
I really envy you, Teacher.
It's fine, it's fine!
Because of exams yesterday,
I fell asleep in the classroom.
I didn't even have time to go
change clothes.
Is it obvious that I didn't sleep
at home?
You stayed in the classroom
making up exam questions?
Exams are starting next week.
I heard the students should
do well on the music exam.
You're so lucky.
Since the students always feel
like chemistry is so difficult,
I always get a headache
making the tests.
This time, I just really hope
they can do better.
What? What is it?
What's wrong?
What if a student sees us?
Just for a moment.
Just for a moment.
What's wrong with you?
Did something happen?
It's all right now.
Hello, Teacher.
What? Go sit at your desk.
Don't say anything!
Everyone tells me just to go
with my fate.
Why are you the only one
treating me like this?
Please just leave me alone!
Look, Kid.
As long as the needle on your
compass is moving,
no one knows where it's going
to land.
Just think of it as being lost and
checking your compass.
The compass will help you find
which direction to go.
During that process, can you
know which way it will point?
Oh, seriously!
These days, who still uses an
old school compass?
You just open a map app on
your smartphone.
He said the essence of education
is not teaching, but waiting.
But, I can't wait any longer.
Okay, Kid. Lie down.
Lie down!
Teacher Gang, you have a call!
Don't move.
It's for you.
Hello? Honey? Oh, right.
Of course.
We'll go pick up father and then
have a meal with the children.
Okay. I'll see you later.
Kid, why are you still standing?
Okay. We'll come see it.
It's hard to find this kind of house
for so little money.
Like I said, you don't even need
to look at it.
Also, the people who lived here did
very well for themselves.
Take your time and look around.
Every nook and cranny.
Aigoo, this house is really good.
So great!
Geon-U, I don't know why,
but I feel a bit sad.
It's like I've seen this same
scene before.
Am I getting dementia?
They say that at the instant you
you can see your whole next
life before you.
It really is that woman.
The one in my dream.
But as soon as you cross over
the bridge, you quickly forget.
Just like you forget everything
past when you are reborn.
So you just spend your whole life wandering
around looking for your other half.
Are you Seo Yun Jeong?
He's a flasher! A flasher! A flasher!
No. No. No. I'm a police officer!
It used to be my dream to
become a detective.
If I could be born again,
I would still choose to be born
here in this life.
Just so you could find me.
One, two, three...
In front of whom are you trying
to pick up girls from the 1980s?
Your face is the same, but why
is your personality so different?
We must definitely meet again.
In our next life, no matter what
you look like,
no matter where you are,
I will find you.
I promise you.
Whatever your next life may be,
I will surely find you.
This ring. Do you remember?
It's beautiful.
Marry me.