Time to Die (1966) Movie Script

Is Don Diego here?
Who's looking for him?
Is he here or isn't he?
He's in there looking at some horses.
I want to see Don Diego.
Yes, go ahead.
I'd like to see
Don Diego Martn Ibez, the owner.
Don Diego Martn Ibez, my father,
died many years ago.
What can I do for you?
I'm Juan Syago.
Come with me.
Don Diego Martn Ibez,
may he rest in peace, told me,
"Don't worry, once you've paid your dues
with the law, come see me.
Your job will be waiting for you."
When's the last time
you had word from this town?
About 14 years ago,
when my mother died.
Then you don't know that some plan
to make you pay for a death.
I'm trying to warn you, Juan Syago.
I spent 18 years in jail, sir,
one year after the other.
No matter how dear a life may be,
it can't cost more than what I've paid.
Ral Trueba's sons think the death
of their father must be paid back twice.
Neither he nor I have two lives.
And neither do I.
- So take your fight somewhere else.
- As you wish, sir.
Just do me the favor
of returning my horse.
Your horse?
When they took me away,
I left it here with the others.
Not that I doubt you, but how did you
expect to find it after 18 years?
Don Diego Martn Ibez,
may he rest in peace, told me,
"Don't worry. When you come back,
I'll give you another just like it."
My saddle must still be in there.
I never had a chance to try it out.
Just needs a little polishing.
Look, Juan, out of respect
for my father's regard for you,
I'll give you a horse,
but only on one condition.
You head out for somewhere else.
This is my hometown, sir.
I'll stay right here if you don't mind.
So in that case, I'll leave the horse.
Can I take the saddle?
It's yours.
But it won't do you any good.
You'll be dead within 24 hours.
I put little stock in what I see, sir,
and none at all in what people say.
Good afternoon to you.
Hey, buddy!
Old pal!
Look how old we are!
Almost ready to haul us out
to the boneyard.
- What'll it be?
- The usual.
What's the trouble, son?
My headstall broke.
It was pretty worn out.
Let's see.
Worse things
have been known to happen.
Take mine to tide you over.
Made of silver.
Stamped with a Morelia hallmark.
They don't make those anymore.
It's just a loan until yours is fixed.
Take it, Pedro.
My pal doesn't like to be snubbed.
In that case,
let me buy you that drink.
Go have fun with those your own age.
Don't waste your time with old men.
- We'll bump into each other soon.
- Thank you very much.
Just leave word for me here
when you need the headstall.
That's Pedro, youngest son
of the late Ral Trueba.
- That boy?
- He's just as much a man as his brother.
Just pure dumb luck
that the other one wasn't here.
He'd recognize you anywhere.
You should leave, pal.
It's no good getting out of jail
only to enter the cemetery.
It remains to be seen
if those kids have the guts.
They've got more than enough.
They're not the kind to buy that story
that Juan Syago is bulletproof.
My grievance is not with them.
It's with the 18 years I've lost.
What happened to Mariana?
She married, had a kid
and became a widow.
Now she lives alone with her son
in the house where the nuns used to live,
behind the church.
She seldom goes out. They say it's like
she's in a world ofher own.
I'm dying of thirst.
Come in.
I've longed to see you.
I must be a complete mess.
You know what it's like in these towns.
When did you arrive?
Not even an hour ago.
I haven't even had time
to shake off the dust.
I have the keys to your house.
Have a seat for a moment.
I don't know what state the house is in.
Just imagine.
After your mother died,
it was deserted.
My husband Marcial
took the trouble to lock it up.
He kept the key in case
you came back someday.
Thank you.
Thank Marcial,
may he rest in peace.
He took care of your mother
during her final months.
So I heard.
He was such a good man.
When are you leaving?
I haven't thought about that.
Why not go to San Miguel del Norte?
Marcial had friends up there
who could help you.
I haven't slept a full night in a week.
Your life is at risk here.
Where is it not?
Thank you for everything, Mariana.
What happened? Why so late?
My headstall broke.
A stranger in the cantina
loaned me this one.
Just until I get mine fixed.
Who? What was he like?
The reliable type.
You can tell right away.
A stout man with small but lively eyes,
who speaks very slowly?
I think so.
I'd have to see him again.
It's Juan Syago.
He was due back any day now.
No, it can't be.
He seems decent.
Don't be foolish, Brother. I had a hunch,
but now I know it for a fact.
Let's go find him.
He's over here, Inspector.
How are you, kid?
I've been looking for you.
Well, here I am, sir,
just getting older.
You look great.
The years just roll off your back.
- Let's go.
- Where?
Come with me.
We'll have a little chat.
As the local authority,
it's my duty to protect you.
I appreciate that, sir.
But I have no disputes with anyone.
Have a seat.
What are you up to?
Just out for a ride.
I'm going to say this nicely.
If a single shot is fired in this town,
I'm holding you both responsible.
And you, Godson,
I'll pull down your pants
and give you a good hiding.
You bet, Godfather.
His hour has finally come.
Every second he lives from now on
is nothing but borrowed time.
What will we do, Brother?
Don't get ahead of yourself.
The opportunity will present itself.
Guess who showed up.
Juan Syago.
Come see.
It's taken us a lot of work
to keep the peace here,
and it's my job to make sure it holds.
The other night
I dreamed of scorpions.
It's a bad omen.
So you either slink off to another town
or rot here in my jail.
- On what charges?
- To protect you.
You can't lock me up
without charge or warrant.
I've heard about him my whole life.
Now that I see him, I don't recognize him.
I always imagined
he'd have the face of a criminal.
- He doesn't seem like the bad type.
- Not by far.
But it's his fault
I never met my father.
Don't you feel sorry for him?
Even if I did,
it wouldn't bring back my father.
Nor will getting even.
Don't get me confused.
That man killed Ral Trueba
and he has to pay for it.
I'm frightened.
Don't you worry.
Everything will be fine.
Where have you two been?
We went to see a ghost, Father.
Now you can sleep easy.
- You're breaking the law.
- Not at all.
Order comes before the law.
Since you've got nowhere to sleep,
I offer you my hospitality.
Have a good night.
This man is not a prisoner.
Give him whatever he needs
along with the proper respect.
He's here of his own will
and if he wishes to leave, let him.
I've been preparing for this day
my entire life.
That's why I've got no old lady nor kids.
There's nothing to tie me down.
Nothing can prevent me
from getting even.
- What will you two eat today?
- I'll tell you later.
Come here.
The last time I saw him,
he was sitting right here.
I was only seven years old,
but he talked to me like a grown man.
He said, "This afternoon,
I'm either going to jail or the cemetery.
In either case, Julin,
promise me one thing.
Never be a lesser man
than your father."
Later, I went with Mother
to retrieve the body.
It was so big
it wouldn't fit in the coffin.
You never showed me.
It was a clean shot.
It was a dirty trick. It had to be.
There's never been
a better marksman than Ral Trueba.
But he was shot from the front.
I thought that...
Don't believe everything you hear.
Honor abides no doubt.
I know what kind of man
Ral Trueba was.
Once I saw him throw
a live rooster in the air.
He put four bullets in it
shooting with his left hand.
I've never doubted you, Julin.
Now, least of all.
- It's about keeping your word.
- I know.
Wait for me at Sonia's house.
And don't you worry.
Juan Syago won't be living
by this afternoon.
Juan Syago!
You paid for your crime with the law.
Now you have to pay for it with me.
They've always said you're a coward.
I've suffered as much as you
for your father's death, Trueba.
Let's make the effort to live in peace.
There'll be no peace
as long as you're alive.
It's a question of honor.
Honor's not about
making boasts, kid.
And dignity only comes
through suffering.
You'll suffer more
out of fear than death.
Let everyone see how you lived
like a chicken and died like one.
- I'll be back in a moment.
- Very well, madam.
Sonia, someone's here for you.
Coming, Mother.
- Mariana.
- Good morning.
What beautiful roses.
Aren't they?
They're from my garden.
- So, what brings you here?
- I'm always eager to come and see you.
And for one reason or another,
I always put it off.
It's good you've come.
I need to talk with you.
Take a seat.
I expect you know that
your boyfriend plans to kill a man.
The man who killed his father.
I expect you also know that I was
to marry that man many years ago.
I know.
He came to see me yesterday.
I felt as if I would die,
but I had the strength
not to let it show.
I treated him badly
to see if he would leave.
Men cannot run away.
I thought that as well
when I was your age.
That's what I said to Juan Syago,
and look where I am now,
cursing my error.
It took an entire lifetime of bitterness
for me to realize that it's better
to have a coward at home
than a brave man
in jail or in the cemetery.
Won't you have some coffee?
You just can't imagine
what we've been through in this town.
It's dustier by the day,
hotter by the day.
Time goes by and you just
feel yourself rotting away.
if it weren't for the dead
who are buried here,
we all would have left
for somewhere else years ago.
Juan Syago!
There's nowhere on earth
you can hide from me!
Let's see who holds out longer!
He who's rash with words
is quick to run.
How much does the mirror cost?
Beats me.
It's been here
since before time began.
- Will this do?
- Yes, sure.
Just give me your word
you'll keep this between the two of us.
- You left without saying thanks.
- There was no one to thank.
- What happened?
- An earthquake. The mirror fell.
What luck! Let's see if you win
the lottery in the next seven years.
- They didn't pick a fight with you?
- Wouldn't you know it, Inspector.
I ran into the older Trueba brother.
He didn't even say good-bye.
That's good.
I told you that deep down
they're two fantastic kids.
In fact, remarkable horse breeders.
It's in their blood.
Nobody knew more about horses
than the late Ral Trueba.
You got it your way, congratulations.
What's your plan?
First off, bring this ranch back to life.
That's great.
Fill it with white doves.
They smell bad and make a mess,
but they bring good luck.
- See you later.
- Sure, Inspector.
I thought I'd leave it to you.
I don't have a horse after all.
I've got mine back.
Just to return the favor.
You could be my son.
Keep that to yourself.
Before you draw,
think what you're doing.
You have no idea how
a dead man weighs on you.
Revenge is just and weighs nothing.
There's no place for revenge
where justice has been done.
You played a dirty trick on Ral Trueba.
Not even a century in jail
can wipe that away.
So that's what they told you.
Take a good look at me.
Think I could kill a man
without honor?
I don't know.
Then wait till you learn the truth
before getting blood on your hands!
- What's gotten into you?
- So many rumors
and who knows the truth?
Honey, I didn't expect you so soon.
- Sonia, I've taken enough of your time.
- It was a pleasure.
- We've talked about everything.
- Especially about you.
Sonia tells me you're a wonderful
young man and I believe her.
Thank you, ma'am.
And moreover,
seeing you up close,
I wonder if you'd have the heart
to kill a man.
If that man killed my father,
don't you doubt it, ma'am.
When he went away,
he was like you, young and determined.
I saw him yesterday after 18 years,
and it terrified me.
You can see in his face
that he can't handle the bad memories.
Isn't that punishment enough?
It's not for me to decide, ma'am.
It's something that can't be avoided.
We're the kind to keep our word.
- Won't you hear Sonia's pleas?
- This is a matter between men.
In that case, young man,
just remember this.
Juan Syago
can't be killed so easily.
Good-bye, Sonia.
Thank you for everything.
Thank you, Mariana.
Come, Claudio.
What are you up to, Julin?
Trying to settle an old debt.
But the debtor won't show his face.
All the better for you.
Just know you've done your duty
and let the poor man be.
He's a coward.
No, that's where you're wrong, Julin.
No one knew him
better than my father.
He told me about him many times.
He admired him as a level-headed man,
no friend to bickering and gossip.
But don't make him lose his temper.
On the contrary.
I hope he does real soon.
Did it ever occur to you
that he could kill you?
I'm prepared for whatever may come.
Are you prepared to kill a just man?
Saddle my horse! Quickly!
Rosita! I'm so glad to see you again!
Come in!
We just heard you'd come back,
Juan Syago.
Casildo is dying to see you.
Casildo? You don't say!
In jail I heard he was run down
by a horse.
That's right.
But thank God only his legs died.
He's bedridden, but more
of a troublemaker than ever.
Just the same old mule as always.
I bet you'll keep shooting
even after death.
And my aim is just as sharp as ever.
Sister, could you open
the window for me?
You can't imagine what this is like.
My back is as raw as a mule's.
Sometimes I can't sleep
for weeks on end.
Because the noise inside me
just won't stop.
My bones shudder.
I swear,
I've had every illness
that's come through this town.
I've had syphilis,
And do you see me complaining?
Well, only of loneliness.
You've got me here
for company, old pal.
You'll see what great times we'll have.
Don't even mention work.
You'll have as much as you want.
Because you know a ton
about horses.
And if you get bored of town,
take my shotgun to the mountain
and bring back hares and quail.
Where are you living?
I'm rebuilding my house.
That's what a real man does.
If you need bricks, planks, nails,
door handles, door knockers, anything,
just take them from here.
How about pesos?
I've still got a few left.
Well, you're not going broke.
I still have some left over
from the good times. It's all yours.
Just say the word.
- You're priceless, old pal.
- Not at all. That's what friends are for.
Diego, come in.
What a day! Half a lifetime alone
and now the house is full of visitors.
I'm looking for you, Juan Syago.
How much do you want to leave town?
To leave?
What's happened to you, son?
Did your father's blood
run cold in your veins?
Anytime you choose,
you can count on getting your horse
and all the money you need
to lead a quiet life far from here.
Thank you for the offer, sir.
But you can't buy a man's will.
Don't thank him for anything.
And you, Diego, this is
as far as our friendship goes.
Leave this house right now,
or you'll be carried out feet first.
Don't be rash, Casildo.
You can't play
with a man's life like that.
Just hear me out on one thing
so you can repeat it word for word
to that pair of crowing roosters.
Juan Syago is staying
and the rest be damned!
Let's see if anyone's
man enough to take us out!
Put yourself at ease.
Very well.
At least I tried to warn you.
What were you doing in there?
I'll tell you, Julin.
I was trying to convince Juan Syago
to get out of town.
You shouldn't cross
your friends like that.
If I'm trying to resolve things
with Juan Syago,
it's to keep you out of trouble.
Don't go buying off
other people's fights, Diego.
Not even my mother on her deathbed
could change my mind.
I know full well what I'm doing, Julin.
You're so afraid of killing this man,
that you'll kill him out of pure fear.
Shut up
or I won't answer for my actions!
Whatever you say, Julin.
I'll just tell you once again,
if you need a friend,
you know where to find me.
This can't be, Julin. You left
without telling me what you'd eat.
- It's getting very late.
- I don't know. Anything at all.
You want chicken in chili sauce?
Make whatever you want.
Just leave me alone.
I've been doing that for eight years,
twice a day,
and all it's done is make me fatter.
I can't bring myself
to die like an old lady
with so many stray bullets in this world.
You'll die at a ripe old age,
you old mule.
You're tough as nails.
That doesn't matter now.
With you here, we'll light things up.
Settle these old scores and face
your new fate as a peaceful old man.
When's the last time you fired a gun?
Before I went away.
Enough bitching and moaning then.
Let's get your heart beating again.
Who can shoot down
more pomegranates?
Not now. It's really hot.
Set up a cot right here.
Juan will stay here
until his house is rebuilt.
Don't add to my debts, old boy.
- I'll find someplace to stay.
- We won't hear of it.
We can't leave you out there
at the mercy of fate.
You know you're welcome
and respected here.
Well, I guess that's it.
You've always done
as you damn well please.
Here's my bag.
Enough brooding, son.
Go find those damned sissies
and bring them here.
Between the two of us,
we'll have them pushing up daisies.
What do you say?
I'll see you real soon.
Don't you back down.
- Now?
- Just a minute.
You're staying in there
until you come to your senses.
Don't be foolish, Sonia. Open up.
Open up!
I'll count to three.
- If you don't open, I'll smash everything.
- Go ahead, if you can.
- Give me that key.
- No.
Stay back, Pedro.
I'll get you out.
Give it to me.
I'd rather he died in there.
She's right.
She could end up a widow
before she's even married.
Women don't know
how to handle these things.
Give me that key.
You brute!
Come with me.
All I know is what they've told me.
That he was the best with horses,
women and pistols.
That he was a real man.
That's right.
And crazy to boot.
They say the same of you.
But it's not true.
Crazy as a loon.
I did know your father.
You only had to see how he dressed
with his watch chains
and gold embroidery.
All that was missing
were the military epaulets.
Do you know why
he challenged Juan Syago?
Of course. He'd been insulted.
The only thing Juan Syago did
was to win a horse race against him.
But with your dad's delusions of grandeur,
he never forgave him.
He made a point of provoking him.
He sowed weeds into his crops.
He poisoned his animals' water.
He'd leave dead animals
right in his path.
He'd block him in the street
with his horse.
Juan Syago!
Pal, what happened?
It's nothing. They threw a bladder
full of pig's blood at me.
I told you.
That one doesn't play around.
Now what's the matter?
What do you think?
I'm afraid.
It's as if I'd killed a man long ago,
I say...
and now I see him again,
saying and doing the very same things.
Some things just keep
repeating themselves,
whether we like it or not,
like curses.
What you do to the father
is repaid to the son.
I don't want to die.
Your saddle's being cleaned.
With a little luck,
we can get you a horse.
What do you say?
Let me think it over.
I'd almost forgotten,
I have a message for you.
They left it here a while ago.
If you've decided not to leave,
at least you'll have something
to defend yourself with.
It's the same one you left here
with your other things.
I didn't come here planning to fight.
You know that full well.
I already know this speech.
It's all a lie.
Deep down, you're a vulture
just like the Truebas.
It's like you were put on this earth
to bring suffering to others...
to the ones who love you.
Go away.
Try to make them kill you
as soon as possible,
without pain,
without further delay.
At least show me that consideration.
In jail, I never stopped waiting
for your letters, not a single minute.
I wrote you many times.
I sent the first letter
two or three months after you left.
It was six pages,
written front and back.
I sent it to Castillo del Conde.
But back then, they said
so many things about you
that no one was sure of anything.
So I sent the next letter to the prison
at San Bernardo del Viento.
I went to mail it myself
from San Miguel del Norte
because they said the mail from
these towns never arrives anywhere.
I never got a single letter.
Not even from Mother.
I know.
Hers and mine were returned together
in an envelope with many stamps
six years after putting them
in the mail.
I felt so alone that I could have
kept writing and writing,
even though you'd never receive
my letters.
Don't think of that.
Just think that I've come back
and we're together.
Together in this hell,
knowing that you'll be killed
or sent back to prison at any minute.
Brought together to die,
after agonizing separately for a lifetime.
No, Juan,
I prefer my life as a shut-away widow
pining for an absent man.
Don't ruin your beautiful eyes.
What have we done
to deserve such punishment?
It's thanks to you.
I learned to knit
while waiting for your letters.
Poor Juan,
you've even lost your eyesight.
Time puts an end to everything, I say.
How awful.
I can't even make out
the hour from here.
You're killing yourself
shut away in here.
Two years remain.
If I don't respect
my own house, who will?
Mariana, let's leave for another town.
You're asking me 20 years too late.
In those days,
I would have gone wild with joy.
Today, I could go mad
with desperation.
We'll help each other to make up
for all the time we've lost.
Stop dreaming.
The Truebas' hatred would follow us
to the ends of the earth.
We wouldn't have a minute's peace.
What right do I have
to subject my son to such anxiety?
I've waited my whole life
for this moment. And now...
Leave him with me. Come.
Say hello to Uncle Juan.
- How are you?
- Very well, how are you?
- Good.
- Now go play.
He seems like a very mature boy, I say.
Juan Syago!
- Don't go out.
- Don't worry. Nothing will happen.
Please be careful, for God's sake.
Leave town, Juan. This is no life.
I've waited 18 years
to see you again, Mariana.
I'm not going to leave you now
just to satisfy a madman.
He pursued him for days on end,
at home and away,
looking for a reaction.
He threw at him
everyguileful provocation there is.
He hounded him more
than any man could take.
Until the poor wretch
could take it no longer...
and killed him head-on, like a real man.
That's why what you and your brother
want to do is so unjust.
Besides, Juan Syago is bulletproof.
- Don't say foolish things.
- It's true, Dad.
I've heard it said many times.
It all started when Juan was
hit in the back with some buckshot
in a hunting accident.
I was the one who treated him.
Nothing but a few scratches.
Well, it's time for my siesta.
Give me a kiss.
Not like that, a real one.
Where are you going?
I'll go with you.
I'll be back in a bit.
You better let me pass.
Leave your pistol with me.
Take it.
You take it, Mother.
I couldn't find it.
I told you, those ones got washed away
when the river overflowed.
Listen closely to what I say, kid.
I didn't come back here to fight.
I just came back.
But the hardiest man will lose patience
if he's hounded even in the graveyard.
- I looked for you all over town.
- Now you've found me.
I've just come to ask you to leave.
We were all just fine
until you came back.
Do not bring upon us
further problems.
Don't be so formal.
It makes me feel older than I am.
Let's leave this place.
The dead have ears, I say.
Where are you off to, Julin?
I'm looking for Pedro, ma'am.
He left just a minute ago.
He was waiting for me here.
Do you know where he went?
I don't know, Julin.
Won't you have some coffee?
Not now, ma'am. Thanks.
Come in, Julin.
Have you gone mad?
Have a seat.
We'll wait until Pedro comes back.
- I'm in a hurry.
- I know.
But now you'll just stay calm.
I won't let you ruin my life and
your brother's because of your follies.
On the contrary, Sonia.
Pedro is like a son to me.
I won't get him mixed up in this.
- Where did he go?
- I won't tell you.
It's better you told him, Daughter.
Pedro went to look for Juan Syago.
- Don't make that face, he's unarmed.
- Even worse.
Enough of that.
You know that Juan Syago
didn't kill an unarmed man.
- Now give me that pistol.
- No.
Give it to me!
Go look for Juan.
See if you can make him lose patience
and kill you like a dog.
Beat it!
You old brute!
You're craftier than
the long-tailed devil himself.
- That's quite a horse.
- I brought it for you.
Leave right now and end all this.
Come on, don't be stubborn.
Life's more complicated than you think.
This can't be settled with a horse.
Let's go.
Don't go back to town, old man.
My brother won't give up easily
what he spent so long waiting for.
I've also waited many years
to come back.
Old man!
Have you seen Pedro?
I ain't seen nobody, Julin.
Leave me out of your troubles.
Just between you and me,
I really hope you leave.
I'd hate to see you die.
The crown that you fashion
is the one you must wear, I say.
You're the most stubborn old man
I've seen in my life.
And you're the most disobedient son.
I like the way you are.
Anyone else in your place
would have split town in a hurry
or lost their temper already.
I wasn't like this before.
I had to learn it.
If not, by now I'd have
the best horse ranch around
and I'd be a decent old man
with a son about your age, I say.
I want to be like that too.
What's the matter?
It's better they don't see us together.
Old man!
You old brute!
Old man!
- Have you seen Juan Syago?
- He died.
Didn't they kill him
about 20 years ago?
If people see you with me,
things will get even more tangled up.
The crown you fashion
is the one you must wear, as you say.
He's the best horseman.
I've never seen anyone handle
spurs, crop and rope like that.
He's a real man.
No need to tell me.
I remember it well.
I'll see to it that he stays here.
He'll teach me all his tricks.
Watch out!
Chicken! Stop whining to that kid.
Drop your gun.
Throw it to the ground.
Drop it.
Give me that.
Now it's serious. This game is over.
Leave town immediately and don't
come back until further notice.
- Go on, Godson.
- I will, Godfather.
I've got to pay the bill.
How much is the damage?
I'll be back, old man.
I'll settle this matter once and for all.
Pack your things.
You're leaving for the barracks.
- Maybe they can make a man of you.
- I'm not going anywhere.
And you're going to stop
harassing Juan Syago.
And who are you to crow so loudly?
I'm Ral Trueba's son just like you.
No way, not anymore.
A chicken can't be the son
of a man like him.
Think it over, Brother.
He can't have been so good
with horses if he lost a race,
nor so quick with a pistol
if they beat him to it.
Shut up!
Let's just content ourselves
with calling him a good father.
That's more than enough
to remember him as he deserves.
Shut up!
You don't even know what honor is!
I'll expect you within the hour.
You know where.
Take any horse you want.
My saddlebags.
- Can't I give you anything more, pal?
- Nothing.
Thanks, pal.
Take something to eat.
Hey, buddy!
I knew you'd run out.
Drop your gun, old man.
Bend your knee, son...
so I can give you my blessing.
I'll be just fine like this, old pal.
And stop playing your little game.
One of these days,
you'll put a hole in your hide.
That's what we were born to do, son.
What's the matter?
I've come to say good-bye.
Will you come back?
I don't know when, but I will.
And it will be for good.
We'll have a quiet life as we age,
trying to forget all of these bad times...
while knitting stockings
with three needles.
The wait will seem endless.
No more endless
than it's been up to now, I say.
Be sure to wind it.
Take good care.
God will look kindly upon us someday.
Take care, Juan.
Do that for me.
They went off to kill each other!
Get off.
There's no law against
riding a horse in the street.
I'm inviting you to a round
of rummy, poker or pinochle,
whatever you like.
You're not inviting me to anything.
You're trying to prevent me
from following my path.
There's a rumor going around town,
a nasty one.
Don't believe in idle gossip, Inspector.
Nor start seeing things in broad daylight.
I'm taking a short trip
outside of your jurisdiction.
For the love of God, Juan,
remember all those years in jail.
I remember them very well.
Good afternoon to you.
Pedro, honey, leave your gun!
Old man!
Now the score is with me.
Stop and face me
so we can die like men!
Old man!
Stop and fight!
Or I'll shoot you in the back.
Come on, old man. Are you ready?
Pick it up!
I demand payback!
I can't kill an unarmed man!
Pick it up!
Old buzzard!
You've killed my family! Coward!
Defend yourself, old chicken!
Just die, you old brute.