Time Toys (2016) Movie Script

Ninety second to transfer.
[beeping, numbers crunching]
Sixteen seconds to transfer.
Increase power, ten percent.
Stabilizes in three,
two, one, mark.
Thirty seconds to transfer.
[video game beeping]
Fifteen, 14, 13, 12, 11, ten,
nine, eight, seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one...
Object approaching Xircon Relm.
Oh, my God!
Object transferred.
Location Unknown.
[people chattering in confusion]
We both know what was in that
box. What we don't know
where it is.
-Sir, I'm very sorry, I...
-Find it!
-Yes, sir.
-[chattering frantically]
The box people! The box!
Your ball, doormat.
Let's play zone.
That's for defense, dummy.
Matt, just gimme the ball.
Cover it through Bryce.
Knock him on his butt.
No! That's what he expects.
We need the element of surprise.
Surprise? That's more like
a catastrophe.
I can't shoot.
Okay, let's just use, "L.S."
Right, your famous
logical strategy app
that never works.
If we put in all the data
on Bryce's team,
this will tell us how to win.
What's logical strategy anyway?
Well, that's just a way
of thinking
that I turned into an app.
Okay Mr. I.T., what does it say?
Find four better players.
All right come on, zeros,
we don't have all day.
-[all] Break.
[girl] Way to go, Bryce.
Boomer, keep the shot.
Shoot, you can do it.
[school bell rings]
Come on, Bryce. Way to go.
Sorry Matt, I guess
I blew it again.
Don't worry about it.
Eighteen to zero.
He was fouled and you know it.
No. That's not a foul.
That's a foul.
You're such a jerk, Bryce.
Why don't yo pick on someone
with your same size.
That could be hard to find.
So, try me.
Your daddy drank away
all your family's money.
Okay, okay, okay. I give.
We're all really sorry
you have to move.
We're gonna miss
having a re-match.
Your dad was smart.
He left a long time ago.
Why do I hate that guy so much?
'Cause he's a jerk.
Mel, that was
a rhetorical question.
What's rhetorical?
Let's just get the ball and go.
Oh! It's right under Jenny.
Matt, now's your chance
to go and talk to her.
Gimme a break.
He's never said one word to her.
And why would he?
She's one of Bryce's girls.
No, she's not.
She's different.
Oh, I touched a nerve.
If she's so different,
why don't you go
get the ball.
That's what I thought.
I swear, before I leave,
I'm gonna pound Bryce into
the ground.
Watch this.
I call that move shock.
...and awe.
It needs more shock
and a little less awe. Okay?
Could this be any uglier?
The park looks pretty epic.
There's even the rock wall.
Yeah, right where my house is.
Mine's where that
huge building is.
Hey look, they added a QR code.
Hi, I'm, Billy Weller and
this is Xircon Corporation's
investment in your future.
It's pretty cool, right?
Xircon Plaza will provide
hundred's of jobs and
a big boost to your economy.
But those changes
are just the beginning.
With the new technologies I'm
developing, changing America
won't be far off.
Xircon. Here today,
for your better tomorrow.
Well, it's not gonna happen.
Because in two days when
the council votes, our parents
are gonna be there to stop it.
Get real, Bauer.
Money talks.
Bryce and his daddy's pals
have a lot more influence
than us.
We'll see about that.
This is my home.
I'm not leaving.
Lies. Bunch of lies.
He's bringing "The Shadow" here.
What are you talking about?
It's the Pandora Project.
Look, it's right there,
plain as day.
[Eddie] What's he talking about?
[Matt] I don't see anything.
-Where's that...
-That was weird.
Who was that?
-Just a looser.
-What was he saying?
Who knows.
Let's just go to the cabin.
Maybe it's better we move,
start over somewhere
where no one knows us.
I hate change and my therapist
says it's terrible for my OCD.
They can't break up our group.
You guys are my best friends.
You think they'll still
let us play and the rock wall?
Come on, Boomer, this could be
your last chance to finally
make it over.
Without getting wet.
Want me to help you?
No, I'll do it. I'll do it.
You guys just,
go ahead, I'll catch up.
Use L.S.
Climb between rocks.
Between rocks.
You okay?
Actually yeah, I barely felt
my aqua-phobia.
You're a walking disaster,
you know that?
It's not my fault
the rock moved.
That's not a rock.
Whoa, what is that?
We're in trouble.
Isn't that what
the homeless guy said?
U.S. Military?
You know what's probably inside?
We're really in trouble.
Let's take it to the cabin.
We can't just take it.
Eddie, are you crazy?
There could be
explosives in there.
Grenades, weapons grade
We're definitely taking it.
These are plans for something.
Why would they be out here?
There's only one way
to find out.
It's still not moving.
Make sure to get something
that will pry it open
or something.
-Hand me that pipe.
-Let me try.
Try the other latch.
-No, no, no.
-Come on!
Okay, move your slimy fingers.
Just... no, not that, there.
Maybe we can pick it?
How? There's no place for a key.
Stand back.
Okay, yeah, like that's
really gonna work.
-Okay, so we tried everything
except use L.S.
-[box opens, Mel gasps]
I knew Mel could it.
SG 8000.
Toy Gue-Gun?
It's definitely our plans.
[trigger twitching]
More like toys.
What's he gonna be doing
with a bunch of toys?
That don't even work.
Ugh. I feel weird.
Hey, look at these.
Try it on. They've got to
help you better than yours.
Matt. Catch.
Way too big.
How do I look?
Like Mel, with a hat.
Yeah, the arch, it's a tad low.
Boomer, this isn't a shoe store.
That's everything.
These are lame.
The military can have mine back.
-Me too.
Hey, Matt. I need your opinion.
Are these two on the nose?
No. It's fine.
Okay, good, 'cause I'm gonna
make 20 more of these
for the rally tomorrow.
-Hey, mom.
Do you think
we can actually stop it?
We've got to try.
You know, it's not
just our homes,
it's the wet lands too.
We can't just let them
come in here and ruin
the local environment.
Okay. I know that look.
-What's wrong?
-It's just...
What if we move out of town,
will dad ever visit us?
I don't know. I hope so.
Why'd he leave us
for that other family?
Weren't we good enough?
Matt. We're better than
good enough. Okay?
Now, listen...
Lights out in ten minutes.
I mean it.
Matt, what happened?
What are you talking about?
My face...
Your face is fine.
Are you okay?
How did you do that?
Any face I look at,
I turn into it.
You see, there's two sensors,
touch them both and it completes
the circuit.
I bet the other toys
have them too.
[playful music]
I don't see any sensors.
Boomer, can you give me
a flashlight from the kitchen?
-Whoa, did you just see that?
The front leg of
a right triangle is 18 cms,
and it's area is 108 sq cms.
It's perimeter is 51.6 cms.
Did I just say that?
Here's something.
Did you guys find any sensors?
[all] Yes!
Lost in my own mind
But it's all right
We're back in our vaults
And now
Never had to be
No one but me
Never threw in the towel
And dance of champagne
For you to stop to sing
An SG 8000.
Not to build stuff
but incredible simulation.
-Help. Help. Help. Help. Help.
-Right here.
Are these the coolest toys ever
or what?
I bet these are secret weapons.
What? Is the army going to
amuse the enemy to death?
Yeah. And there isn't
an army base within 100 miles.
Maybe it's from a toy company.
Have you ever seen toys
that can do all this?
There's like a mini computer
in here, in electrodes.
Look at this tiny battery.
How can these things
do all this?
Maybe this ball is the answer.
Who cares?
The real question is
what are we gonna do with them?
Something tells me you already
know the answer to that.
Silly wilding.
Wonder what this does?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
What'd you do to me?
[squeaky voice]
[all laughing]
[Boomer] Oh my god!
I feel amazing,
let's clean this cabin.
It was here.
All right zeros...
you wanted a re-match,
we're not waiting for Bauer.
Oh, man...
-Lucky shot.
Your last.
This is gonna be fun.
[ball powering up]
[artificial intelligence]
Welcome to Holopedia 7.0,
updated every year.
-Where's the payload?
-I don't know.
But these boys have it.
That have the makings of
the most powerful weapon
known to man.
Ballin' yeah.
Here's the plan y'all
Huddle up, yeah
When it's rough y'all
Hang tough, see it through
One, two, three, let's win
Win or loss don't matter
It's the way
You play the game
You need follow through
And bang
Will you even try
Can't stop us
No way! We running a pack
And I got your back
No acting, that's a fact
That's what friends do
You and me
Yeah you and me
Fill my explosions,
Broken bones agree
Together we ain't hanging up
Like four, three, two
And I'll pack your
Parachute 'cause
That's what friends do
Yo, B, sing along
Go big or go home.
So, come on
If you have your best friend
Who's your bro,
All you need to know
He's a person I like,
He's why I like
That's what friends do
This isn't over.
Not by a long shot.
Guys... You've got to see this.
Matt, you just missed the show.
Wait till you see mine.
Come on.
[beeping and whirring]
[loud whirring]
Someone should tell
Mark Zuckerberg about this.
Welcome to Holopedia, 7.0.
updated every year.
Wait, that's 25 years from now.
Oh, I get it.
This thing predicts the future.
No, no, no. This is the future.
Watch this.
Search Xircon Plaza.
But that hasn't been built yet?
Yes, it has.
What's that supposed to be?
That's what Weller's gonna do
to our homes?
Here's goes the neighborhood.
That's not what's on
the billboard.
Exactly. It's just like
the homeless guy said.
Weller's lying about
all of this. We have to
get this to the police.
Come on, you're expecting us
to believe this ball thing
is from the future?
Of course, all the toys are.
How else do you explain stuff
like a holographic Wikipedia.
Holograms are images produced
by waves for reconstruction
using lasers to record
the defraction pattern.
Then how else
do you explain that?
You're saying the army is
experimenting in time travel?
-Someone is.
-No. No way.
This is just some
high-tech game, that's all.
Okay, there's only one way
to prove is this is really
from the future.
Search tomorrow's news.
Use current location and date?
Use current location,
but tomorrow's date.
[Matt] What did I say?
That's our local newspaper
from tomorrow.
Okay, excuse me while
I'm having an anxiety attack.
What? Oh, man. Xircon Plaza
is actually gonna happen.
We're gonna loose
our homes for sure.
Uh, guys,
there's something else.
Wait a minute.
That's us!
Someone's coming.
[serious music playing]
All right.
Come on.
[suspenseful music]
-Are they gone?
-Yeah, for good.
-All clear.
-Come on.
Who are they?
I hope they're janitors.
Janitors don't wear black suits.
If this thing's right,
those guys could be
looking for us.
If this thing's right,
it could be a lot worse.
Let's split up.
Meet at the bikes
in 15 minutes.
Go, go, go, go, go.
If we don't find those boys and
those plans before the meeting
tonight happens Joe,
he's gonna be very unhappy.
Come on.
Uh. Oh. Sorry. Sorry.
No. It is my fault.
Do I know you?
[clears throat]
Um, no.
No, I've seen you at school.
You must be new.
Has anyone every told you,
you look just like
Justin Prince?
Yeah. All the time.
Quantum Theory today,
Wormholes in Space,
Catcher in the Rye...
Think I've read most of these.
You have? Boys around here,
only read Instagram posts.
Catcher in the Rye
is my all time favorite.
Really? That was my dad's too.
It was?
He passed away
a couple of years ago.
-Oh, I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
I'm living with my
gross step-father now.
Can't stand him.
So if you're not just in Prince,
what's your name?
It's Holden.
That's amazing.
Just like in the book.
I'm Jenny Johnstone.
I'm sorry about knocking
into you. Will you forgive me?
Sure, I think
I could manage that.
[phone buzzing]
Sorry, just some guy
from school.
He's asking if
I wanna see him later.
Are you kidding, that guy's
about as interesting as watching
hair grow.
Okay. See you around...
I actually spoke to
Jenny Johnstone.
Finally. What took you?
I ran into someone I know.
Look there.
Mine's stuck.
Leave it. Ride with me.
Yeah! [rejoicing]
-We lost them.
-Piece of cake.
Well, Matt, looks like
your little crystal ball
was wrong about us.
Uh, I wouldn't be so sure.
[tires screeches]
Go, go, go!
They're definitely not janitors.
Whoever they are,
they're coming fast.
What do we do?
You tell us, you tell us.
Grab and hold
onto my bike, Eddie.
-Just do it.
-Quick, quick.
-Grab it.
Got it.
Mel, grab on the
back of my bike too.
Come on.
-Do it.
-I can't get it.
Come on, Mel.
I got it.
Okay, hold on.
[all screaming]
Hold on, they're gaining on us.
Boomer, go faster.
I can't.
The ratio of the bike chain
appears circumference is
at maximum tolerance.
They're gaining on us.
Whatever you're gonna do,
do it now.
Come on. They'll run us down.
[tires screeching]
Who's the zeros now?
Oh-oh, they're back.
[Mel] Do something quick.
They're coming.
Well, now, Bauer.
It didn't work.
Try something else.
I can't peddle much longer.
[all rejoicing] Yeah!
That's not helping.
-We did it.
-That's amazing.
Man, that was better than
Grand Theft Auto.
Did you see those guys?
Mud all over them.
That wasn't mud.
[all] Ew!
Guys, this is not funny.
Okay. They were
trying to get us.
We have to go to the police.
We can't now. I dropped
that ball and they've got it.
Without the hologram,
they'll never believe us.
Let's go home
and tell our parents.
No. If those guys can find us
at school,
they probably know
where we live.
We'll call our parents and
tell them that we're sleeping
over at each other's houses.
If we're not going home,
or to the police,
where are we gonna go?
Our home away from home.
Maybe we should just
get rid of them.
No way. I'm not finished with
Bryce and his friends yet.
Okay, look, we cannot keep them.
It's too dangerous.
[Mel snoring]
Uh, what? Am I still smart?
-What was that?
-Just the wind.
Hey, guys, where's the box?
[all scream]
They know about this cabin,
you have to leave.
Wait. Aren't you the guy
from our neighborhood?
I love what you've done
with this place.
Very nuevo- rustic.
Do you get wi-fi?
What are you doing here?
Who are you?
Allow me to introduce myself,
my name is William Wisconsin,
but everyone calls me, Wizz.
Okay, Mr. Wizz,
what do you know about all this?
I think the better question is,
what do you know?
Let me see those plans.
From inside the box
that you found.
The only thing we found
in the box were a bunch of toys.
What in god's name
are you talking about?
I look awful.
A bunch of toys.
Seven years, they trying to
bring something back from
the future,
all they get is a box of toys.
What are you doing?
I'm getting out of Dodge.
They want the plans
to something more deadly
and they're not gonna stop now.
I know too much.
I started the Pandora Project.
I was a chief engineer.
When I figured out
what Weller was after, I quit.
I swore I'd never work again.
See, Weller's not just buying up
your neighborhood
to build a mall
and some kiddie parks.
What is he doing?
He's gonna destroy the future.
One of the toys we found was
some type of hologram Wikipedia.
It showed us
tomorrow's newspaper.
It said that we were missing.
What do we do?
Wait a minute, a toy
that can show the future?
That could give us the proof
to stop Weller.
Which one is it?
We don't have it anymore.
Weller does.
Tell Billy, I said hello.
And goodbye.
Wait, Mr. Wizz,
you've gotta help us.
Look kid, I used to think
I can change things, be a hero.
I don't live in that
fantasy world anymore.
Unless you find that hologram,
nothing is gonna help you.
He's right.
We've gotta get that ball back.
-You're nuts.
It's the only way we could
save ourselves and
our neighborhood.
When I was in the library,
I heard those two guys talking
about some meeting tonight
at Heaven's Stone.
What's that?
Just searched it.
The residence of Billy Weller.
We can get in there,
with the help of these toys.
-I don't have time for this.
Too busy using your gloves
to get back at people you hate?
You're acting just like Bryce.
Guys, don't you see?
You can't just act like
none of this ever happened.
It has. And now it's up to us
to do something about it.
Those guys, they have real guns,
with real bullets.
Not fake poop.
Yeah, we can't go up
against them.
You're talking like zeros.
If we give up now,
that's exactly what
we're gonna be
for the rest of our lives.
If we live that long.
And I still hate these arches.
[suspenseful music]
Two guards, how can we
gonna get in?
We can't just ask nicely.
Matt, how are these toys
gonna help us?
I got it.
With the help of these gloves,
I'll take both guards out.
Okay, no. I don't hear you.
I'm gonna run super fast past
them, they won't even see me.
Identify optimum avenue
of approach,
employ counter maneuvers,
commence active information.
Wait, guys.
Why don't we just see
if they have a back door
Or we could do that.
This is the meeting.
We gotta get in there.
Sure, let's just waltz right in.
I'm checking the city hall
building records.
Got it. There a passage way
end of the stairs
That'll take us straight
to the back of the room.
Mel, you're like the coolest
Apple on the planet.
I know. Follow me.
All right, gentlemen,
we have some good news
and some bad news.
First the good news, Franklin...
I wrote it down.
As promised,
our quantum teleportation
of a solid state system,
was a success.
A Scientific breakthrough.
We found a negative mass
wormhole with significant
exotic matter,
and brought an object from
the future, into the present.
That's ours.
It didn't arrive
exactly where we planned,
but that problem
has been corrected.
As you can see, this was
supposed to contain blueprints.
Unfortunately, all we
found inside, was this.
[man] What is it?
Well, we don't, know yet.
But what we do know
is that it takes
advanced highly developed
intelligence to open it
and power.
Yeah, Bauer.
Any more, ice cream?
Rocky Roads is my favorite.
[man] All right,
this concerns me not just for us
but for our allies as well.
No, of course.
We understand that.
And we really do wanna address
all of your concerns.
Every contingency has been
looked at from every angle.
Now that we've proven that the
Pandora Project is a success,
why settle for plans when
we can get the real thing.
Gentlemen, tomorrow morning,
at 08:00 hours,
we're going to grab
the shadow itself.
You could do that? This soon?
Well, in a word...
Oh, yes.
That was two words.
All right, this case is small.
What happens if
something goes wrong?
I assure you it won't.
We've taken every precaution.
Tomorrow morning,
Pandora's box will be open.
Gentlemen, the future awaits.
What's a shadow?
What's Pandora's box?
I don't know but they
don't sound good. Come on.
Too much ice cream. Sugar crash.
Later tonight, take this
ball thingy and this box
back to the lab for testing.
All right,
what about those kids?
I-I'm not worried
about the kids.
Yeah, they're probably at home
with their mommys and daddys.
Uh, okay.
Great plan, Bauer.
What now?
We gotta get to that lab.
-Boomer, Google the address.
-Way ahead of you.
All right.
24,000 Pine Hill Road.
-That has to be it. Let's go.
-Oh gosh, oh gosh...
-Wait, upstairs.
Ow, Mel, get off my foot.
Someone get the lights.
I think I see the light.
[all screaming]
Jenny! What are you doing here?
I live here.
Whoa, wait,
Weller's your step-dad?
Yes. And who are you?
Wait, don't you guys
go to my school?
I'm Matt Bauer,
but I can explain.
We... Um, all of us... I...
Holden will explain.
[all] Holden?
Yeah. Holden, my cousin.
He had to go to the bathroom,
I'll go get him.
What is going on?
You guys better have
a good explanation for this.
There's security
all around here.
Yeah, we saw them.
You're very...
guarded like, a tiger.
Matt had to use
the bathroom anyway.
Holden, what's this all about?
Wow. You can Matt
really dress alike.
Yup. They sure do.
So, do you know about
the Pandora Project?
I overheard my step-father
talking about it.
This is gonna sound
really strange but, um...
It has to do with time travel.
Your step-dad brought toys here
from the future.
And tomorrow morning,
he's gonna bring something else
that will change everything.
For the worse.
Yeah, right. You've been reading
way too much science fiction.
Watch this.
-Watch this.
What was that?
How did you do that?
That is physically impossible.
Not with shoes
from 25 years from now.
One of the toys
can show the future.
But it's in your step-dad's lab,
can you help us get it?
You guys all live where
my step-dad's project
is gonna be built, right?
Everyone says you're lying
to stop it.
No, no.
We're just trying to
save our homes,
you have to believe us.
[guard on intercom] Jenny,
it's security, we heard voices
upstairs. Are you okay?
This is Jenny.
Someone's in my room.
Okay, time to go.
I guess I was wrong about you.
You are just like them.
Matt, gotta go.
Who's Holden?
Just some guy
Jenny was starting to like.
The mask's off.
[all] Guard, guard, guard.
We gotta go.
Hello, it's so great
to finally meet you.
Franklin's has told me
so much about you.
If you found anything else
in that box, it belongs to us.
You... You know, you're right...
We're really sorry about,
all of this.
We'll give you the toys back
and maybe you can let us go.
What are you doing?
Ugh, sticky.
We gotta go. We gotta go.
Let go of me.
All right, enough. Enough.
Jenny, go back to your room,
everything is fine.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't...
Hey, come here.
Wonderful. Another guard.
Weller's keeping a lot of them
What's the play?
I don't know. I'm thinking.
[Jenny] I can help.
Did you bring your security?
Look, I'm sorry about that,
but it all sounded so weird.
How's I supposed to react?
I don't know. Maybe by
giving us a chance.
Not just going off by what
other people say.
Bryce and his group
aren't my friends.
Believe me. I hate those snobs.
Look, whatever my step-father
is up to, I'm sure
it's not good.
I wanna help.
How do we know we can trust her?
Can you get us inside?
Getting four of you in there,
past the guard and into the
underground lab is impossible.
But, maybe one.
Where's Holden?
-Matt, you better tell her.
Tell me what?
He-he's not really...
He... He's down
by the golf carts.
You can meet him there.
We'll... We'll wait
for you outside.
Good luck.
Just gimme the mask. Come on.
Jenny? You came?
Maybe I'm not the girl
you think I am.
You could say the same for me.
Now, how do we get in?
That's why I'm here.
[guard] Jenny?
What are you doing
out here so late?
My step-dad wanted me to get
some more stuff left in the lab.
You know how he is
about homework.
At 11 o'clock at night?
He can be a real pain sometimes.
I-I better give him a call.
Sure, call him.
Maybe he'll be in a better mood
this time.
He fired he last guard
that woke him up.
[Weller] Hello, McGibson,
why are you calling
my private cell phone number?
Go ahead.
Straight A's.
Study hard.
Lucky for you, I know where
my step-father hides the code.
-What are we looking for?
-All right. There.
What's so important about this?
[robotic voicWelcome to
Holopedia, 7.0,
updated every year.
Holographic projections.
Like I said,
this shows the future.
And what your step-father
is gonna do with it.
Search American history,
25 years from now.
America, 25 years in the future
is the dominant leader
of the world.
The richest of Americans
far surpass those in any
other country.
Unemployment is
only 50 percent.
And less than 73 percent of
the population live under
the poverty line.
Despite the treat of
nuclear war from every region
on the globe.
Our leader assures us
that we will be safe.
That's my step-dad.
[Weller through microscope]
My fellow Americans,
the chimes of midnight
as fast approaching.
But we will prevail.
When I brought sophisticated
technology and weapons here,
twenty-five years ago and
became your leader.
I did so with one purpose
in mind, to strengthen America.
We did that and so much more.
He's going to run America.
Not if we get this
to the police.
Shut down.
[light switch turns on]
All right, get him.
Oh, so uncool. You should be
more careful next time.
I can't wait to play with this.
Let go of me.
Don't hurt him.
Get off me.
This was in that box too?
So cool!
[guard] Mr. Weller.
Look who we found.
Oh, perfect. Now I can show
all of you,
what you'll be missing,
tomorrow morning.
Welcome to the
greatest invention of
the 21st century.
The Pandora Project.
That's a quantum computer,
just like the Pentagon uses.
Very good.
A 512 cubit to be exact.
The most complex system
ever designed.
The Pentagon only has one.
We have two.
Up there, is another one,
just like this one.
In case this one fails,
but that's just the beginning.
Anything, from the past
or the future, can be brought
right here.
Nothing living yet,
but once we move into
Xircon Plaza,
we'll be on the strongest
meridian point in
the United States.
Only your homes and
the inconvenience of
a few species
are keeping us from moving
living things like sending
someone back in time.
To make a few adjustments.
Until then, we will follow what
offers the best opportunity.
We've been sending waves into
a fissure in the
space time continuum,
which come back as images
and using that, we've created
a map.
Which has helped us to locate
exactly what we've been
looking for.
-Yes. Yes.
The Shadow.
Very good. Ahead of the class.
In 25 years, that will be
a relic in a military hanger
but to us, now, it makes our
weapon systems look like toys.
-Franklin, can you pan right?
-No, my right.
-Yeah. Yeah. Right.
Franklin, these graphics are
so bad, when are we gonna
upgrade it?
I'm sorry, the I.T. guy
is on vacation.
That's the box we found.
We thought the plans would be
in that box, they weren't.
But we wanted to test
quantum teleportation with
something small.
We were able to determine the
spin rate and direction
of it's entangled partner in
the future and pull that box,
right through
a wormhole in space.
How did you keep
the wormhole open?
Jenny, at least you've been
paying attention in school...
We've been using
negative energy,
all calculated by our
quantum computer.
And now that our coordinates
have been corrected, tomorrow
morning at 08:00 hours
we're gonna grab
the shadow itself.
And with that
advance technology,
our capabilities
will be limitless.
So that's how
you're gonna do it.
Do what?
Destroy the future.
Oh, so you-you think...
you think that all this
fancy technology,
is gonna turn me into a madman
who's going to
destroy the world
I'm not gonna destroy the world,
I'm gonna save it.
For you, you, you, you. For you.
I'm going to control it.
Take them away.
Go, take them go. Take 'em away.
-Stop it. That hurts.
-Let me go.
[Weller] You wanted to know
what I was doing, all you
had to do was ask.
[JennReally? You barely talk
to me since mom went
to take care of grandma.
Don't you bring up your mother?
I'm doing this for her
and for you. You have no idea
how important this is.
More than you know.
What are you doing?
Tonight, you stay
in the safe room.
No one comes in
and no one goes out.
And by the way, don't get
too attached to those boys.
Oh, and don't forget to
brush your teeth.
[clearing throat]
Oh, yes. Go, go.
Where's the ball?
We'll take it. What's the rent?
It's free. So glad you like it.
You lucked out,
the closet was too small.
FYI, all the doors and windows
are locked and alarm from
the outside so,
if you try to escape,
my good friends here will be
happy to escort you back.
Now, let's hand everything over.
Right over there.
Oh, I'm mad at you.
Stick that over...
I don't wanna touch that.
Okay, anything else,
any other surprises?
You can't keep us here.
Oh, I think I can,
who's gonna stop me?
According to U.S. Code,
Title 18, Part One,
Chapter 55, Section 1201,
kidnapping of a minor is
a federal offense.
Punishable up to five years.
Any more surprises?
Hands. Let's take those off.
I think I'd like the shoes
as well.
There you go. Hustle it up.
Got five more seconds,
four, three, two, and one.
Perfect, now I have all
my Christmas shopping done.
Fellas, I want you to come back
here and remove all the sugars.
All these peaks and crashes.
They're gonna kill us.
They can't do that.
Great. Just when I was
getting over my FTD.
-Whats that?
-Fear of dying disorder.
Jenny and I saw a glimpse
into the future.
Everything was so horrible.
We're never getting outta here.
It's all my fault.
It's always my fault.
I'm just a zero. Always will be.
We're all zeros.
And it's not so bad.
I mean, who else gets to ride
bikes at 80 miles an hour?
Crush Bryce at basketball,
and spray Weller's guys with
enough poop to
make them reek, forever.
We maybe zeros but
we're pretty darn awesome.
He's right.
-Come on.
[suspenseful music playing]
As you know, I offered
this project to the government
but they laughed at me.
You gentlemen understand,
whoever controls technology,
controls everything.
Yeah but why stop 25 years
from now? Why no go further?
Twenty-five? We can
certainly go further
and we certainly will.
How many of these are there?
We found ten so far.
but there are
many other weapons.
As soon as Pandora's Box
is open, there's no
turning back.
Have a seat. Don't hover,
you make me nervous.
-Here you are.
-Thank you.
This is level...
This is level one,
I'm on level five.
I know, I've reset it.
But if you've reset it, I get to
go back to the beginning,
I've earned level five.
What time is it?
Seven. Only one hour
till Weller gets his plane.
I just had this weird dream
where we all had to
save the world.
Okay, please tell me
that was a dream.
[snoring] Mel!
Chocolate cake and cold pizza?
I love this place!
Pick the fruit.
Whoa! Where's the ghost?
Oh, where am I?
Who's here?
It's you boys...
Sorry I always dream about
playing Pac Man.
So Weller got you too?
Yeah, you okay?
I will be.
Try the cake, it's so moist.
Wizz, we know everything.
Weller's getting that plane
in less than an hour.
A toast.
To the greatest inventions!
Gunpowder, the atomic bomb,
and now, the Pandora Project.
May geniuses like me
stop working for mad men
like Weller.
There's got to be
a way outta here.
Yeah, without setting off
the alarms.
Impossible. Every exit is wired.
I checked it out.
I got it!
How about the air went?
I checked that too.
Too small, even for a kid.
I know I'm not smart and
everything but this house
has secret passageways.
Maybe there's one in here.
-Good idea.
Okay, let's look.
Nothing here.
Or here.
Sorry, it's just another
stupid idea.
Mel, you're a genius.
Turn around.
Wow. I've never figured
anything out before.
Maybe if I had more often.
Okay. Let's not
get carried away.
Wizz, you coming with us?
What is there for me out there?
Maybe if you stop drinking,
you'll find out.
What do you know,
you're just a kid.
Come with us, Wizz.
Maybe this is your chance
to be a hero again.
Jenny, where are you?
[Jenny] I'm in here.
-You in there?
-The door is locked,
I can't get out.
This hero stuff better start
getting easier.
All right, genius,
use your head.
-Good job.
Boy, am I glad to see you guys.
Jenny, I'd like to introduce you
to our really good friend...
-Jenny, Jenny...
It's so good to see you.
-Sorry about the smell.
-It's okay.
Matt, I think I can get
my hands on a car.
Jenny, can I use your phone?
Yeah, it's downstairs.
Hey Jenny...
I'm sorry about Holden.
I guess I won't be needing
that mask anymore.
You never did.
Do you know where the toys are?
I know where my step-dad
hides everything.
Come on, they're in the
storage room downstairs.
Stop hovering,
you make me nervous.
[operator] Vector Warning.
[warning buzzer sounding]
Vector Warning. Vector Warning.
What's happening?
[warning buzzer sounding]
Pause it.
One moment.
Every once in a while,
the computer detects a flaw
in the weapon we selected.
It's like hitting a speed bum
in a gap through time.
Initialing remedy sequencing.
Vector corrected.
Resume sequence.
The computer spots it,
new sequencing is rewritten
and the problem is corrected.
What if you hit the speed bump?
Oh, well, in theory,
a massive energy
like an electrical surge
can travel back through time.
By controlling where the wave
ends up, one could have a--
A very destructive weapon.
Oh well... yeah.
[both laugh cunningly]
Oh. Oh, hey. Sorry sir,
I thought you were inside.
Yeah, right away, sir. Okay.
[electronic twitching]
Sorry, sir. It's a little
problem with the gate.
One second.
You okay, sir?
Yeah. One minute and...
All right, there you go.
See ya.
Have a good one.
[suspenseful music]
[cycles whirring]
After you.
Well, if it ain't
the four stooges.
Jenny's maid told me that,
her and some of her friends
were gonna be here.
Hello, Bryce.
I've been waiting for this.
Well, that makes two of us.
[karate imitations]
Is that the best you can do?
-Get off me!
-I got it, I got.
This is gonna be fun.
What happened to the mask?
Looks like it's outta juice.
Where are they?
You ready to quit, tough guy?
There's something wrong.
Clap your hand twice.
You want some more?
Do it, Eddie.
Pound him.
Bryce, get up.
Let's get outta here.
Eddie, you had Bryce. Okay?
You had him,
you could have finished him.
Why didn't you?
'Cause then,
I'll be just like him.
Are we being nice now?
Is this...
I don't know how long
the reserve powers on
these things
are gonna last, but...
Here goes nothing.
What took you so long?
We ran into some old friends.
Have any of your toys
been loosing power?
Yeah, my gloves.
My hat.
My shoes, too.
The gun too.
Check if there's
a reserve power?
Now what do we do?
We got a bunch of toys
that don't work.
We could just throw them
at the guards.
How about we be as violent
as we want,
in the safety and comfort
of our own video games, okay?
-Come on.
-Or we could just...
give it a shot
if that-that works too. Okay.
[computer whirring]
Three minutes to transfer.
Okay, we have to recharge
a couple of the toys.
One small battery
will do the trick.
Where's the Energizer Bunny
when you need him?
Think I may have just found him.
If they have quantum computers,
we can't stop them.
If we get close enough to
observe the subatomic particles,
we can actually affect them.
And change their value.
That's brilliant, Jenny.
Okay, here's the plan.
Two more minutes,
is this awesome or what?
Franklin, where's my game?
-Your what?
I don't have it.
Did you loose it?
[Wizz] Looking for this?
Thanks for the battery.
It came in handy.
William. Boy, what you didn't
like my accommodation?
You accommodations were fine,
it's the hosts
we're not happy with.
Shut it down.
Oh no, you're not serious.
Not after all your hard work
Shut it down!
And if I don't?
This device shoots a beam
that will instantly
incapacitate it.
Spoken like a true pacifist.
You're bluffing. That's just
one of those dumb toys.
Try me.
Why do you wanna shut this down?
I think you know very well why.
Why don't you tell them?
[laughing hysterically]
Oh-Oh. Oh, God.
[imitating dogs]
Okay, okay.
Can we have some help here?
Can we have some help here?
Can you take him?
Okay, here we go.
You've weaponized humor?
You think it'll work with
the North Koreans?
I love that toy.
As soon as we take apart
this plane, this thing is next.
Okay boys, you know the drill.
Let's hand everything,
hand everything over.
You're gonna destroy the world
and you don't even care.
We care, William,
remember why we're doing this.
We're doing this because I care.
[operator] Grid point lock,
transfer to commence.
It's show time!
Increase power by ten percent.
Micron stabilizers in
three, two, one, mark.
[portal opening]
Is that...
Is that... Is that the shadow?
Oh, my God! [rejoicing]
[people clapping]
[chuckling] Oh, God.
Look, what we've done.
This is... It's a miracle.
-I know.
-Ladies and gentlemen,
this is the most important day
of my life.
Obviously, I could have
done this alone...
I wanted to share it
with all of you.
I-I don't want your thanks,
I don't want your gratitude,
I just...
You're welcome.
Clap! Clap!
All right, stop. Stop.
This plane, is the beginning
of a new world order.
Nothing can stop us now.
[confusion in the room]
Check it, check it please.
Where's my plane?
Where's my plane? Franklin!
Working on it, sir.
What's going on? I want answers.
I'll give you an answer.
Looks like our
little diversion worked.
It allowed someone
to affect your cubits
in your backup computer.
I taught him well.
I sent the plane back
to where it belongs.
Jenny, you are in
so much trouble.
Take that mask from her.
Billy, it's time to show them
the truth.
What's he doing? Stop him.
-No, no, no, no.
-Stop him.
What the...
[Wizz] December 25th,
25 years from now.
Merry Christmas,
the day that time ends.
This is the reason our signals
can never go beyond that date.
And you knew about it all along.
But I can change it. I swear,
I can change the future.
You won't.
You'll take the technology
from the Shadow and build
and unstoppable army.
Look, where it gets you.
There's your precious future.
Your ego and your greed
is destroying it.
[warning buzzer sounding]
-Oops, a little speed bump
in the continuum.
[operator] Unable to initiate
remedy sequence.
I guess I deactivated the
remedy controls as well.
What's going on?
Gentlemen, I'd say that
the Pandora Project has just
been officially canceled.
[operator] Electrical surge
to hit in T minus 90 seconds.
Evacuate premises.
You're dead.
If you stay, chances are
you will be too.
Come on guys,
let's get outta here.
[warning beeping sounds]
Guys leave them,
they don't belong in this time.
T-minus one minute.
This is the only way out.
You gotta jump it,
you can do it.
-Okay, I'll go first.
We're running outta time.
Jump, Mel.
Oh no, come on.
Nice. You did it.
You know, you go.
Not till you're safely over.
I can't. I can't do that.
Yes you can.
Just don't look at it.
T-minus 30 seconds.
You don't understand,
I need the shoes.
You can do this. You don't need
the shoes anymore.
The real power is already
inside of you.
You just have to trust yourself.
You can do it.
-[Mel] Come on, Boomer,
you got this.
-You can do this.
[Eddie] You got this. Come on.
I can do this.
You can do it.
[all rejoice]
-I did it.
-You did it.
Up the stairs,
we gotta get outta here.
Send it all back.
-15, 14, 13, 12...
-I'm doing the best I can,
there's no one else here.
Six, five, four, three,
two, one...
This is gonna hurt.
[loud explosion]
Is it okay?
[all groaning]
A little help. Thank you.
I think we did it.
Yeah. Well, I hope so.
'Cause I am definitely not
doing that again.
Only one way to find out.
[powering up]
[robotic voice] Welcome to
Holopedia, 7.0,
updated every year.
Search Xircon Plaza.
Xircon Plaza was canceled
and never done.
We did it! Yeah [all rejoicing]
Okay, okay, okay.
Search American history,
25 years from today.
America 25 years from today,
is a rich
and productive nation.
Unemployment is under
two percent.
Crime is lowest in 25 years
and the democracy is stronger
than ever.
We did it.
We actually saved the future.
[announcer] Ladies and
Gentlemen the Commander
and Chief of the United States.
Wait a minute,
that looks like...
It couldn't be.
It is.
Justin Beiber.
Okay, maybe we didn't
save the future.
Program interrupt.
Stand by for
pre-recorded message.
Hello. This is
a pre-recorded message
from 25 years in the future.
If you've come this far,
I can safely assume
everything is all right.
So congratulations Matt,
Eddie, Boomer, Mel, Jenny,
and Wizz.
Matt, if I look familiar
to you, I should.
I'm you.
And here's another shocker,
you have a son.
He plays with the daughter
of a man who runs an
Air Force Storage facility.
The one, Weller tried to
take the plane from.
I changed the password on that
chest near the plane to
something we always said.
And then I told my son
to take the plans out
and keeps his toys in there.
Just in case.
Matt, I've wondered what
I would say to you.
I could tell you
all about myself but...
why ruin the surprises.
I guess I just wanna tell
all of you, what you
already know by now.
You're destiny
isn't written in stone.
You don't have to be zeros,
so go out there and make
your dreams come true.
[Matt's wife]
Matt, are you coming?
Yeah, just a minute honey.
Well, I gotta go now.
Good luck.
Oh, and don't see
Transformers 18, it sucks.
[chuckles] Sure, it does.
Oh I forgot, I installed
the self-destruct
in this program
just in case it ever fell
into the wrong hands.
So long.
Wow, that's heavy.
Meeting your future self.
Yeah but, that woman's voice,
it sounded so familiar.
[upbeat pop music playing]
You are the center
Of the universe
This is the show,
Not the two of us
You are the center
Of the universe
Forget the doubters
and the empty words
You are the center
Of the universe
This is the show,
Not the two of us
You are the center
Of the universe
Forget the doubters
and the empty words
Hey, guys, later tonight,
I'm picking up Jenny,
and heading to the mall.
Anyone wanna come?
Can't, I'm studying for math.
I'm pulling up the uni-files.
Sorry, I have track,
I'm trying out for
the long jump.
And I've got my, "Stand up
for kids" meeting today,
maybe tomorrow?
Whoa guys,
that's the Xircon car.
But Xircon went outta business.
Anyone up for a little Pac Man?
[all] Wizz! How you doing?
You're looking at the new CEO
of Xircon, thanks to you.
I'm taking this company
in a whole new direction.
We reassembled the machine
and got a signal,
from the future.
Something's coming here.
I need your help.
Can you come right now?
Let's do it.
Follow me.
Go ahead.
[upbeat rock music]