Timebomb (1991) Movie Script

- Coffee.
Lights out.
- Sorry, did I startle you?
- That's alright.
Can I help you?
- Yes, no one seems to
be able to make it work.
A friend said that you were a miracle man.
- This is a gorgeous.
Do you know how much this is worth?
- Oh I'd never sell it.
It belonged to my late father.
I thought you'd be much older.
You don't look like a watch maker.
- What do watch makers look like?
- I don't know, old, beard,
Belgium or France, you know.
- Oh yeah, that's the
guy that owns the store,
he looks a little bit like that
he's the real miracle worker,
I'm just the bit imposter.
- Can you call me when it's ready please?
- Dr. Anna Nolmar, you're a doctor?
- I'm a cognitive therapist.
A psychoanalyst.
- You don't look like an analyst.
- What do analysts look like?
- Old, beard, Belgium.
- I've got to go I'm late for a session.
Please make it work again.
- Hi Eddy.
- Hi Bernie, how you doing?
- Not too bad.
- Good.
- Alright stud muffins, let me have it.
- Cheeseburger.
- Okay-.
- And a dinner salad with
thousand island dressing please?
- Good choice.
- And a glass of milk.
' Kay, buns?
- Excuse me?
- Buns or toast, with the salad.
- Gas main blew up!
- It's the gas main!
- Oh my God, there's a woman with a baby.
- Help!
- Will somebody help her, please?
Somebody help this woman!
Eddy, don't go over there!
Eddy get back!
- Ah! Geez!
- Lady!
Where are you?
Lady, where are you?
' Help!
- Dean Jordan a week
away from being sworn in
as the new US attorney general
is in Los Angeles this weekend.
The former special prosecutor
achieved national prominence
while exposing vast corruption
in the defense procurement process.
On Sunday Jordan will address
the national bar associations
national conference.
Widely known as a critic
to covert operations
Jordan will outline his plan
to investigate past abuses
of the central intelligence agency.
- Fantasy girl credit card please.
- Credit card number 433482373,
your name is Barbara,
you're a five foot nine
brunette bank teller.
- Your dream girl?
- Yeah.
From Portland with large
breasts and long legs.
And I'm Bobby.
- Well Bobby is
there something special
you'd like to talk about?
- Tell me about the one night
we spent together last year.
- When you locked
me in the bank vault?
- Are you wet?
- Just thinking about it.
- Good.
- It was closing time
when you came to my window.
- A man who witnessed the
blaze from a diner across
the street ran into the
building before fire
and police rescue teams could arrive.
He braved intense flames and
toxic smoke in order to rescue
a woman and her infant
trapped in the raging inferno.
- He runs into this building
and I mean there's like flames
coming out of it and people
running all over the place
and this guy, I mean he's
just like a regular guy
and he's just a watch maker or something
I couldn't believe it.
- In a time when our heroes
seem to be confined...
- Yes what is it?
- Hello sir, I'm sorry to disturb you.
We have a situation here,
a very weird situation.
Well do you remember Eddy Kay?
- Bluebird Eddy Kay?
- The same.
- Well what about Eddy Kay?
- Well I think I just saw him on TV.
- When, where?
- Here in LA.
- Eddy Kay is...
- I know he's supposed to be dead.
- You mean he's alive?
What are you gonna do about it?
- I think we must find out
and if he is we must
deal with him quietly.
' HEY GUYS, how ya doing?
Sound like a dirty word.
Tell you one thing if
we stuffy old father's
don't start stuffing
some sense into our kids
they're gonna grow up
thinking with their hips
instead of their heads.
Good morning Mrs. MacDonald.
- Hi Eddy.
- You look nice today.
- Well thank you very much.
- Good morning Al.
- Morning.
- Colonel, that is Eddy Kay.
I'll be damned.
- Follow him.
Bring everybody in.
Don't want to take any chances with this.
I want you to take a crack at him tonight,
make it look like a robbery.
Something's going on.
- Somebody call the police.
- Lose the sandwich.
- Hey lose the attitude okay?
It's not some big time homicide case,
it's a nothing piece of
shit burglary detail.
- Social security number
- 527195251.
- And your telephone number.
- I don't have a telephone.
- Mr. Kay?
- Yes sir.
- Detective Sanchez.
Are you alright?
- Ya I'm fine but it was.
- What seems to be the problem?
- I don't wanna try and tell
anybody how to do their job
or anything alright,
it's just that these guys
are insisting on writing
this up as a robbery,
I'm telling ya this guy
was trying to kill me.
- Well Mr. Kay you should
know that there's been
several burglaries in the
neighborhood in the last
three months so they probably
think it's the same man.
- I don't think this was a burglary,
I mean this guy was
not a burglar you know,
he didn't take anything.
There's nothing missing, I don't
even have anything to take.
I was lying asleep in bed, I open my eyes
and there's this guy just
coming at me with a knife.
- Mr. Kay, Mr. Kay, now who
would have good enough reason
to want to see you dead?
Someone that you got mad recently?
Someone who had a grudge against you?
Someone you owed money to?
- I don't owe anybody money
I just, I'm a nice guy.
- Mr. Kay what did the man look like?
- I don't know it was.
He looked like a psycho.
He looked like a killer, I'm telling you
this guy was trying to kill me.
- Then how come he didn't?
- I don't know.
- Good morning Eddy.
- Morning.
- Oh honey could you
help me with this pot?
I just need to put it in right here,
I've got the earth all ready for it.
Just set it right in here, okay?
Aw thank you.
Aw that's just great.
- There you go.
- Oh thank you that's great.
How you feeling?
Eddy what's the matter?
Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm alright.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
- Is there anything I can do for you?
- No, I'm alright, sorry I'm alright.
- Oh sure Eddy.
- Eddy, oh Eddy.
Do it, do it.
- Move asshole!
- No.
This has to look like an accident.
- Well I'll be damned.
- The living dead.
The package is ready.
- I'll send the messenger.
- Let's go.
The delivery will be on time.
Lock four, repeat lock four.
- Alpha.
- Alpha, repeat alpha.
- Lock three, repeat lock three.
Lock two, repeat lock two.
Lock one.
- Bravo.
- Bravo, repeat, bravo.
- Yeah baby!
- Somebody call an ambulance.
- Is he alright?
- Did we kill him?
- I don't know.
- Nah I think he's dead!
The license number on that car?
- That guy just hit him and...
' Yeah!
- I couldn't see anything.
- Oh he's moving, he's moving.
- He's moving.
- Call an ambulance hurry!
- You sure are lucky mister.
- Get some help!
- No go, repeat no go.
- Good evening Eddy.
- Do it.
- This has gotta stop.
- Yes?
- Doctor Nolmar?
- Yes?
- Hi this is Eddy Kay.
- Oh Mr. Kay is my watch ready?
- No the watch isn't fixed yet,
that's why I was calling I
was hoping I could drop by
the office and, your office, and give you
a replacement watch that you
can use in the meanwhile.
- Well I wouldn't
want to put you to any trouble.
- No, no, no it would be
no trouble at all for me,
really, I'd really like to do it.
- Well if you really
want to I guess you could come
by tonight after my last session.
- Okay-.
- Do you have the address?
- Yes, yes.
- A bit after eight.
- Alright I'll see you then thank you.
- Don't be
afraid, come to me Eddy.
- All life is it's...
- Hello.
' Hi.
- You really didn't have to you know.
- That's okay, didn't want it
on my conscious that you were
walking around with some electronic junk.
- Thank you for bringing this over,
I appreciate good service.
- Can I ask you a question?
I've been having these,
I don't even know what you call them, like
nightmares during the day.
They're real like memories
but not memories of anything
that ever really happened to me.
Do you know anything about
that, is that something that...
- Now you see I have to leave soon,
maybe you'd like to schedule a session?
- No, I don't think so.
Ya know, it was just a question.
- Come in, come in.
- I see images
and some of them are really violent
and bloody.
Just really disgusting
and others of women.
Just like pornography and
I'm not a violent person.
I don't know where...
- Maybe a repressed memory
is trying to come out.
- No, I've got a really good memory,
I've always prided myself on that.
I can remember like the smallest
details of my childhood,
my friends, their names.
I used to have a friend
named Kevin Richards.
I used to call him Kevvy,
we used to get into trouble
together and play sports.
I had a really normal childhood.
- Do you have any history
of alcohol or drug abuse?
- Yeah, I started drinking
and I got into drugs,
I took a lot of drugs.
- How did you stop?
- I woke up in a garbage dump one morning,
I was sick and my clothes
had been really badly burned
and my body had been burned
and I don't even know how I got there.
I knew then that I had to make a change,
I kind of drifted and I
ended up on the west coast
and I thought, I was feeling good,
I started feeling really
good about myself.
- When did you last get a check up?
- A what?
- A medical examination.
- I've never even been sick.
- Well I think you should
get a thorough check up
and a brain scan, a PET.
- Really?
You think there may be something
physically wrong with me?
- No but you see sometimes
memory neurons are destroyed
by alcohol or drug abuse
or even cerebral tumors,
my uncle is a neuro
psychiatrist so I can easily
make you an appointment if you want.
- Thank you very much for your time.
- That's okay.
- Oh gee, I forgot to pay you.
- Well listen let's barter,
you get this session for
fixing my watch, deal?
- Deal.
Is that your father?
- Yes, we shared the office.
- I though that you said that...
- He died over a year ago
but I can't bring myself
to remove his name.
It's a little morbid, I know.
Good night Mr. Kayay.
- Thank you, I feel better.
Doctor Nolmar?
- Hi Eddy.
- I don't know you.
- Come on Eddy, you now me well.
Why don't we go somewhere and talk.
- Talk about what?
- What ever, the past, or the duke.
- I don't know any duke.
- We are caught in
an inescapable network
of mutuality...
- Stay back.
- Cut him off.
- Hey, he's over there.
- Cover me!
- Help, help!
Let me in please, please!
- What is going on?
- Go, go, go, go, drive,
go, drive, drive, go, go.
Oh my God, they tried to kill me,
they were trying to kill me!
Didn't you see them?
- See who?
I don't know what you're talking about.
- No, no, no, no,
don't stop, don't stop.
Didn't you see them?
- Eddy now will you please calm down?
There's nobody following us.
- I can't believe this.
I can't believe this.
I can't believe you didn't see 'em.
Didn't you see 'em?
- See who?
I didn't see anyone.
- In the parking structure,
you didn't see 'em?
- Why don't you let me
take you to the police?
- I've been to the police.
They don't believe me.
- So what do you want to do?
- I don't know, I don't know.
- Listen Eddy you're so
confused and upset at the moment,
I think that we should go to the hospital
and run those tests I was
telling you about, now.
- The hospital, why?
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- Am I alright?
- You're fine though there
are some irregularities
showing up in the hippocampus.
"My What?
- Your hippocampus, it's
a small bundle of neurons
straddling the middle of
the lower brain lobes.
- What's the matter with
my hip, hip, whatever?
- It's difficult to explain
but what the test seems to show is...
- Anna.
- I didn't know you spoke Hungarian.
- Hungarian, I don't.
- Well you just did.
- Eddy-
Eddy what happened?
' Yes?
- Bad news sir, he's in the hospital.
' Hospital?
Christ who's got him?
- Psychiatric ward.
- Psychiatric?
Is he talking?
- Well I don't know how much he remembers
but certainly he doesn't
remember anything before
the deprogramming and you
know if he'd wanted to
he could have caused us trouble years ago.
- So he's not posing
an immediate threat?
- Yes but on the other
hand to be on the safe side
perhaps we should call
Sunday off and find...
- We can't call Sunday
off, there's too much at stake.
Forget about doing this quietly,
there isn't enough time,
go in big and take Kay
out and finish the job.
- Sir I don't think that'd be prudent.
- If physically nothings wrong with me
then why do I feel so different.
My body just feels so different.
It's like I know how to do things
that I don't know how to do.
Somebody else is living in my body.
- Have you ever undergone treatment
in a mental institution Eddy?
- No, I've never even been in a hospital,
never even been sick
that's why this whole thing is just so...
- Are you sure?
- Yes I'm sure.
- Come to me, come to me Eddy.
Come to me Eddy, come to me Eddy.
- Eddy, Eddy what do you see, tell me.
- A building, Lang,
Lang Mental Institution.
- Lang, I've never heard of it.
I'll check that out tomorrow,
they should have your medical records.
- I've never been there,
I've never been there.
- Listen you should
try and get some sleep.
- No, no, no, can't you stay?
Just a little while?
- You really should sleep Eddy.
- Please, please.
- Let me give you a sedative.
- No, no, I don't want a sedative.
Please I just don't want to be alone.
- Lieutenant Kirsten?
- I don't think so, the only
police personnel on the floor
is officer Gilbert on night duty.
I could call and check.
- That's okay, he was
supposed to meet us here,
we'll just sit and wait.
- Okay-.
- How you doing sir?
- D five psychiatric.
- It's okay.
- What was that?
- Hey, what the?
- Hey what the?
Hey don't shoot!
- What is it?
- They're here with guns.
- Come on, come on.
- Damn we're out of
time, come on let's go.
- Come on, let's go, come on!
- Will you please stop the
car, I want to get out, please?
- How'd they know where I was?
You're the only one that
knew I was at the hospital,
and the garage, you're
the only one that knew
I was coming to see
you, you're one of them.
- Why are you accusing me?
I've only tried to help you.
- Yeah, by giving me a sedative?
If I would have taken that I'd be dead.
- You're mad.
Listen I don't know what your game is
but I don't want to be involved okay?
- You are involved.
You just do what I say,
exactly what I say,
you understand me?
Stay here.
- Robbery Homicide.
Ya, ya, hang on a minute, hey Sanchez.
Line one for you.
- I'll take it over here.
- Eddy Kay remember me?
Do you know what happened?
Did you hear what happened?
They're trying to kill me
don't you believe that?
- Is Dr. Nolmar with you?
- Yeah she's here.
If anything happens to me, she gets hurt.
- Ed or whatever your name
is, you are in serious trouble
and you better get over
here as soon as you can.
- What are you talking about?
- Now you're not Eddy
Kay so cut the bullshit.
- What?
- You listen to me, now Eddy Kay
social security number
527195251 born Canton Ohio
died did you hear me?
Died in Vietnam in 1972.
- I'm not Eddy Kay.
- What did he say?
What did he say?
- He said I'm not Eddy Kay.
- Get off me, Eddy get off me!
Let me go, please let me go!
Let me go!
- Get in, get in!
If you try anything in the hotel, anything,
I'll kill you, do you understand?
- Eddy please, you need medicine.
Let me go and fetch you
some medicine Eddy,
you could have a stroke.
Just a few grains of Phenelzine
or Aniline might calm you down.
You don't even know who you are Eddy.
- I know who I am.
Somebody is trying to make me
think I don't know who I am.
- Hello?
- Hello, Mrs. Richards, Mrs
Richards of 852 Elm street?
- Yes?
- It's so good to hear your voice.
- Well honey
it's good to hear yours too.
Who is this?
- Mrs. Richards this is Eddy Kay.
- Who?
- Your neighbor, Kevin's
friend, Eddy Kay.
- Is this some kind of a prank?
Eddy's dead, he was killed in Vietnam,
if this some kind of a
prank it's not funny.
- No, it's not a prank.
- Then who is this?
- I didn't die.
I didn't die, Mrs. Richards please.
Mrs. Richards please.
Mrs. Richards please, Mrs. Richards.
- What have you done?
It is sacrilege and you
should let him rest in peace.
Are you listening to me?
You'll go to hell for
laughing at the dead.
' No, no.
I'm sorry, I'm in big trouble.
I don't even know what I've
done, I'm sorry, help me.
- May I help you sir?
- Phillips.
Mr. Phillips.
' Yeah?
- Colonel Taylor.
- My, my I didn't expect to see you.
- I assume you received your instructions.
- My instructions yes, verbal.
Nobody wanted to put
anything down on paper.
I'm supposed to give you
full computer trace access
and taps on police lines
on the basis of a verbal?
Colonel let me tell you something.
I don't want to have
anything to do with it.
It's guys like me that get shafted,
not you, not the guys giving orders.
I'd just as soon be fired now
as wind up in Louiston on contempt.
- Mr. Phillips I
appreciate your predicament
but at the risk of sounding cliche.
Let me tell you this
isn't about getting fired.
This is about life expectancy.
- Are you threatening me colonel?
- I see you have an isolator shall we?
And I'll need some coffee.
Have you ever heard about the
original Blue Bird Program?
- I've seen the name in the
files, it's restricted access.
We're talking 1970's right?
- Yeah, well you see the
agency was having problems
with in house operations.
Morale and discipline were extremely low,
we needed a new kind of operative.
More reliable, more immediate,
less questioning, less moral,
we needed fucking samurai warriors,
people to get the job done.
So we started doing behavior
modification experiments
using young subjects, 18, 19.
13 of the original
subjects died in training.
Seven became exceptional operatives,
six are still active.
- And the seventh?
- Eddy Kay, probably the
best subject unfortunately
higher scores than anything.
Technology, languages,
hand to hand, everything.
' $0?
He quit on you, he's writing a book, what?
- Phillips, Eddy Kay was
involved in an elimination,
we thought he'd been killed
during the elimination.
Not so and now he is
threatening a major operation
and I got 48 hours to bring him in.
We are not talking about
a little scandal here.
We are talking about political systems.
Which is why it has to be verbal
and why you have to cooperate.
- Come in six,
come in six your position?
- Hi honey.
- Come in three, come in three.
- This is three, negative.
- Eddy.
What are you going to do?
- What do you do when you
don't know what to do?
- You have to talk to yourself.
You have to act against your inclination
to act instinctively.
Irrationally, Violently.
You have to hang onto a belief system.
- You went to school
for six or seven years
to dish out that crap?
- Aren't you hungry?
You know you can think
better on a full stomach.
Maybe we could find a coffee shop nearby.
- Alright, I'll get us something to eat.
- Here's some money, you can
take the credit card as well.
- Take off your sweater
and your stockings.
- What?
- Take off your sweater
and your stockings.
- Why?
- Come on.
Don't move, no matter
what you do, don't move.
You slip up just a little
bit, it'll cut you to ribbons.
- Where did you learn this little trick?
In watch makers school?
And I was feeling sorry for you.
- One in position, no contact.
- Candy coming up.
- Thank you.
- We got her car, it's all
just a matter of time now.
- Great, what about LAPD phone system?
- Yeah we're in.
You want a coffee?
- Yeah.
- Coffee please, two.
- Field communications?
- Yeah we're established,
honey slide over for a second.
You can run it from here.
Dr. Anna Nolmar, psychologist
born Budapest Hungary.
- The foods here, come and get it.
- Oh very funny, do you mind
disarming this thing please.
Oh you fuck!
You fuck!
- No, come here, come here, calm down.
Calm down, calm down, just calm down,
I had to make sure that
you wouldn't leave,
okay just stick with me through the night
and I'll let you go in
the morning, I promise.
- Is that the best you could do?
- Yeah, I hope you're not on a diet.
- Robbery, homicides, Sanchez.
- Sanchez, it's Eddy Kay.
I've got Dr. Nolmar but I'm
ready to release her to you
personally, only to you,
I don't want any other cop
or any other detective involved in this.
If I see another cop it's a
no show, is that understood?
- Understood.
- Mya Theater on
Sixth and Hill Street, got it?
- Got it, Mya theater.
- Can you be there in 20 minutes?
- Got it.
- Alone.
- Now listen Eddy hold on...
- It's done.
- Thank you.
- I'm sorry I have to take your car.
I'll send you a check or something.
- Okay-.
- Yeah?
- Nothing.
Thank you.
- Here's
our top story of the hour,
a powerful explosion rocked the 800 block
of Olympic Boulevard earlier this morning.
Police suspect the bomb
was planted in the offices
of Dr. Anna Nolmar, the
psychiatrist believed abducted
by one of her own patients.
Authorities would not comment...
- It's her.
- Dr. Nolmar?
- Detective Sanchez.
- Do you need any medical attention?
- Oh I can't tell you how
relieved I am to see you,
it's been such an ordeal.
- Grab me!
Hold on tight!
- Up stairs, go-
- Do you like this?
- Get down, get down.
- What are you doing?
- Hey there's shooting up there!
There's shooting in the balcony!
- Quiet.
- Aw yes, aw yes, aw yes, aw.
Love this.
- When I fire, cross.
- Okay-.
- Go.
' No!
- Oh God!
- Over.
- What?
- Go over.
Let go, let go, let go!
GO, go! go!
- Eddy, I'm so scared.
- I know, I know.
We gotta disappear.
- Where?
- I don't know, I don't know.
Maybe I can pay somebody
to take us to Mexico.
- Sanchez, thought
you were in the hospital.
- You okay Sanchez?
- Good to see you back so soon.
- Hey hey I got stuff for ya.
You look like shit.
- Oh thanks so much, now what's
the story on those deaths?
- His name is Kay names
of social security,
please help yourself, are
individuals who died in Vietnam.
- Who the hell are they,
some crazy vet gang?
- No, no see it gets better,
see these guys never got near Vietnam.
- What?
- Each of these stiffs have
two separate identities
both fully documented.
All three are convicted murderers,
we're talking some vicious
mother fuckers here.
- I don't get it.
Now you're trying to tell me
that all these mother fuckers got sprung.
- No I'm trying to tell you
that all these motherfuckers
got sent to the same cuckoo
nest, Lang institute.
Go figure.
- Alright, alright, it's her bank card.
- Where?
- At the Olvera and Alameda branch.
- Call in the guys, we're in business.
Get the chopper ready.
- She's at an ATM
at Olvera and Alameda,
estimate you have 35 seconds to get there.
She just made a selection,
estimate 25 seconds.
Estimate 10 seconds.
Transaction processed.
She's still waiting.
- What are you doing?
Hurry UP-
- Just a second, I'm just
waiting for the receipt.
- Fuck the receipt, come on.
Get in.
Straight to Mexico okay?
- Okay senor.
- I'm sorry about your father's watch,
I know it meant a lot to you.
- Well that's okay, I'll live.
I'm sorry, I haven't cried in years.
I didn't even cry at my father's funeral.
He trained me to hold back my emotions.
He didn't want me to be
vulnerable to anything.
I suppose I better go and
get some local currency.
- American magazines, I
have all kinds of magazines.
Come over here and take
a good look at them.
- As long as there
is poverty in this world...
- To much drink eh?
- No it's okay I'll talk to him.
He's fine thank you, no
he's fine, he's fine.
- I don't really know what I did.
I think I've killed.
I can't do this.
I'm sorry I can't do this.
- Can't do what?
- I can't live like this.
I have to know what I did.
I have to go back.
- Where?
- The Lang institute.
- There's nothing there, I called to check
for medical records and they told me
it's been shut down for 13 years.
- Where is it?
- Arizona.
- Where in Arizona?
- Oracle Arizona.
- Here we go again.
- You married colonel?
- No, you?
- Oh yes, three kids I've
got a son in Harvard.
- Car rental, San Diego, silver tourist.
- They're on plastic.
That means they're gonna have
to come up for air again.
Send a team down have them stand by,
if we do him before tomorrow
night we're operational again.
- Do you want some?
Studies prove it will
help you live longer.
- Thanks doc.
- It's Anna, I think by now you
can call me Anna, don't you?
- Anna, that's a nice name.
- I think you want to
take a right up here.
Oh, what kind of people would do this?
Eddy, Eddy look at this.
This doesn't make any sense,
military personnel only,
no admittance beyond this point.
Why would they have something like this
in a mental institution?
- It's just a bat, it's just a bat.
- No, it's hydraulic,
the power must have been out for years.
Most medical facilities
have a back up generator.
Holy shit.
Is this the place?
- This is the place,
this was where I started.
It feels right, familiar,
I just wanna lie down, not go anywhere.
This is home, just lie
down, shut my eyes, home.
- Eddy, Eddy can you hear me?
Eddy, Eddy can you hear me?
Eddy, shit.
By the dawn's early light
At the twilight's last gleaming
- Oh my God, this is me.
- This is incredible, totally genius.
Eddy, you okay?
- They made me Eddy
Kay, they did it to me.
They made me Eddy Kay.
I remember, I remember, yes I remember.
- Hello Eddy, you're looking good today.
- What is your name?
Your name is Eddy Kay.
- My name is Oliver Dykstra.
- Your name is Eddy Kay.
What is your name Eddy?
Tell me.
- My name is Eddy Kay.
My name is Eddy Kay.
- I'm your girl.
- This is brilliant, absolutely brilliant.
- That's the man I killed,
that's the man I killed.
- You didn't kill anybody Eddy,
it's not a real memory
it's an induced memory.
You were brain washed,
practically recreated
through a sort of rebirth process.
These images represent
artificial experiences
imprinted on your mind,
reinforced by pain and pleasure.
It's all fake.
None of this is real Eddy,
you're not a murderer.
You're not a murderer.
- Oh my God, I'm not a
murderer, I'm not a murderer.
I'm a...
Is this real?
This is real.
- Talk to me, let it come out, talk to me.
Hurry Eddy.
Hold onto me.
I'm back, I got that
stuff that you wanted.
I also bought us some new clothes,
I think these have had it.
I'm sorry I keep calling you Eddy
but I don't know what else to call you.
It's just so difficult to accept
what these people did to you.
Is it okay if I call my uncle?
He's probably worried to death about me.
I'd like to place a call,
my calling card number is 21365821415381.
- We are ready sir but it's your decision.
He's surfaced again!
- Oh look at you.
Are you okay?
- Yeah I'm alright, I'm just angry.
- Oh God, these look terrible.
You know when I was small
my mother used to kiss
the pain away, didn't yours?
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Poor thing.
Does it hurt?
Look at you.
Eddy is that you?
There's no, no no!
- Where is he?
- I don't know, I don't know,
please don't shoot me, please don't.
- Where is he?
- I don't know, please believe
me, I don't know where he is.
- Where is he?
- I don't know where he is I don't know!
- Say ah.
- Please don't shoot
me, please don't shoot.
- Wait.
This will only take a minute.
- Please don't hurt me,
please don't hurt me.
- Oh God!
- Please don't hurt me.
- Get off me!
Get off me!
Don't move.
- Make the call.
- You don't stand a chance.
It will only buy you 24 hours anyway.
You won't shoot me in cold blood,
you didn't have it in you then
and you don't have it in you now.
I know you well remember?
- Hand me that bigger bottle.
- Make the call.
- Hello?
- It's me.
- Where are you calling from?
- From Oracle.
It's done.
- Good work, see you at the duke.
- What duke were you talking about?
- I didn't say anything about a duke.
- Oh yes you did, in the parking structure
you said you wanted to
talk to me about the duke.
What duke?
- The duke hotel, the new
attorney general Dean Jordan,
they're gonna kill him.
- When?
- Tonight, nine o'clock.
You really didn't know, did you?
- Can't complain Colonel.
- Okay move on.
- Wanna step through sir?
Excuse me.
- Where is the restroom?
- Straight down the hall sir.
- Can I get a shine?
- Yes sir, please have a seat.
- What time is it?
- It's almost eight.
- We won't make it.
- How about a kiss for good luck?
- The man of the hour,
the man who is not afraid
to expose the truth and a
man who feels that America
should lead by example as we pave the way
for global democracy in the 21st century.
I give you the next attorney general
of the United State, Dean Jordan.
- I hope we're not too late.
- Oh my God!
- We have witnessed extraordinary
events this past year.
- Eddy it's the police.
- The right to
pursue individual happiness.
- Alright, get out of the car.
Get out of the car keep
your hands in plain sight.
- Don't shoot me.
- Where's the driver?
- Please don't shoot me.
- No driver sir.
Out of the car, out of the car!
- If you wanna catch him catch him.
Call detective Sanchez
he knows all about this.
- Excuse me sir.
- I have to get inside, it's an emergency.
- Excuse me sir, do you have a ticket?
- No I don't have a ticket,
I lost my ticket but I have to
get inside it's an emergency.
- I can't help you without a ticket.
- Fine, who's in charge here?
- I'm sorry sir, can't
help you with out a ticket.
- In order to maximize the potential
of our great democratic institutions.
- Excuse me sir I've got a problem.
I lost my ticket and I...
No, no, no, look at this watch,
this is a $1,200 watch.
Give me your ticket
I'll give you the watch.
Please it's really important.
- Hell I don't even like
these damn things, have fun.
- What are you doing?
- Found it, I got it it was
in my jacket the whole time,
can you believe it?
It's mine, thank you.
- We will take the reins away
from these usurpers of power
never again will common
criminals be licensed to act
in the name of this country.
- Do you mind?
- Detective Sanchez here I am.
Please hurry, Eddy's at the duke hotel
and they're after Jordan so
we have to go now please.
- Release her at once, please.
Are you all right?
- The bureaucrats and the
politicians have asked me
not to rock the boat, not
to roll stones that have
gathered moss, not to reopen old wounds,
let it be said that there
are some dark corners
in this great democracy
of ours that are afraid
of close scrutiny.
There must not be a governmental
agency that is so mighty
as to be allowed to exist
outside the laws of this country.
- The guy in the brown jacket.
Get a man on him.
- There he is.
- Where?
- There!
- Get down sir!
- Oh shit.
- It's over.
You hear me?
It's over.
They used you like they used
me, don't you understand that?
We're not enemies.
- Fuck you.
- Hello Eddy.
What a waste.
You were the best.
See you in hell.
- Eddy.
Oh thank God, oh.
The nightmares over Eddy, it's finished,
it's finished, it's
finished, it's finished.
Running in the dark
He searches for a missing part
To fill a hole
Find the hole
Unannounced a stranger comes
And shows himself as danger from beyond
Nameless world beyond
Trying to find a face
for the ever changing man
If he only knew the truth
He still would never understand
Trying to see the face
of the ever changing man
But his empty eyes grow silent
Cold stare in the end
Haunted by a vacant past
and clinging to the very last
Let's shred a hole that is land
Go with him with no place to go
Followed with no one to follow
He dances without innocence
Trying to find a face
for the ever changing man
If he only knew the truth he
still would never understand
Trying to see the face
of the ever changing man
But his empty eyes grow
silent a cold stare in the end
Running in the dark he
searches for a missing part
To fill the hole find the hole
Trying to find a face
for the ever changing man
If he only knew the truth he
still would never understand
Trying to see the face
of the ever changing man
But his empty eyes grow
silent cold stare in the end