Timecop: The Berlin Decision (2003) Movie Script

[Man Narrating]
Time travel. It's easy
when you think about it.
You do it every day
in one direction.
But what if you could
travel back in time?
Witness history firsthand?
Would it be enough
to just observe?
Or would knowing you had
the power to change that moment,
the world as you knew it,
force you to cry out?
Well, not if I can help it.
I work for T.E.C.,
the Time Enforcement Commission.
I go after jumpers who think
they can beat the system,
take advantage of knowing
the outcome of a situation,
reverse a regret,
right a wrong...
or simply relive a moment
that they let slip by.
Whatever the reason,
I don't care.
It's my job to bring them in.
Our past has been
locked in time,
Arbitrated by time,
defined by time.
If we change that,
what have we got left?
Tell me, what have we got?
[Classical Waltz]
[Chattering, Laughter]
[Speaking German]
[German Continues]
[Shouting In German]
- [Horse Neighs]
- [Woman Gasps]
[Shouting Continues]
- Not bad, Jeffers.
- Thanks.
- But he's still standing.
- [Grunting]
- Not anymore.
- Get the gun.
Everybody out.
Step out of the car,
What took you so long?
You guys could've picked
a closer ambush.
You are such a wuss, Edwards.
That's funny.
- Huh. Blow me.
- Let's move. We don't got much time.
Not bad. We might actually
pull this thing off.
You still look Chinese to me.
It's Germany, 1940, Edwards.
We all look alike to Nazis.
I sure as hell hope so.
- Danke schn.
- Bitte schn.
Show time.
[Classical Waltz]
Tony Banks and Sasha Miller.
Frank Knight?
What's the Society doing here?
Thought you guys
might need help on this one.
See anybody who's not
supposed to be here?
[Speaking German]
[Speaking Japanese]
[Speaking German]
[Speaking Japanese]
[Chattering In German]
[Speaking German]
[Speaking Japanese]
Mein Fhrer!
I think you should sit this one out.
[Grunts, Groans]
Looks like that seat is taken.
[Speaking German]
- Der Fhrer...
- [German]
- Miller!
- [Gasps]
I'm glad you're here, Ryan. Because
you of all people will understand.
- Will I?
- Yes.
Forget all the nonsense you've been
told and look at where you are.
Do you realize what we could
accomplish here... together?
- Right now?
- Don't go there, Miller,
'cause it's not gonna happen.
You don't want to stop a madman
from killing 11 million people?
The people you're saving
died over 80 years ago.
Not in this time line,
they didn't.
It's 1940, and they're
still very much alive.
You know it doesn't work that way. You'll
throw the entire future into disarray.
Ryan, please. Come on. That's your
father talking, not you.
Help me undo what never
should've been done.
I know this is hard for you.
You gotta do the right thing.
Miller! No!
[Both Grunting]
Drop the gun, asshole.
No. You drop the gun.
Drop the gun, or
your timeline is over.
Okay. Okay, we're all
on the same team.
- [Grunts]
- [Electricity Surging]
No, no.
Shoot, Sasha! Shoot!
- No!
- [Sasha Gasps]
[Voice Echoing]
It gets harder every time
you go back.
With every jump,
a piece of you gets left behind.
It starts to eat away at you
because you are searching.
Searching for something
that's not there.
Something that was
a part of you.
Something that reality
won't let you have back.
[Watch Ticking]
[Horse Neighing]
I've been holed up in this
cracker box for 30 days now,
doing my time.
I know they're out there
watching my every move,
just waiting,
hoping I'll screw up.
Well, I'm getting tired of it.
A few years ago, the government
decided there was a need...
to verify and preserve
the historical accuracy of time,
in the event
a breach actually occurred.
The truth is they were afraid
they had given T.E.C. too much power.
Wanted to keep us in check.
So they created the Society
for Historical Authenticity.
It was supposed to be strictly
research and observation.
Irony is that they gave Society
way too much power,
and the likes of Brandon Miller was
able to work his way to the top...
something Society
is still trying to put a lid on.
Of course, if I get to one of Brandon
Miller's boys before they do,
it's my collar.
Right, guys?
- All done.
- [Paperboy] Extra! Read all about it!
Read all about it!
President Cleveland signs...
a proclamation of neutrality!
Refuses to show preference
to Cuban insurgents!
Cy Young keeps winning!
Boston Beaneaters
pound Louisville Colonels!
Brooklyn Bridegrooms
whip the New York Giants!
Here, son. Give me a paper.
And there's a nickel for you.
Read all about it!
President Cleveland signs...
proclamation of neutrality!
[Chattering Continues]
[Man Laughing]
That's a good one!
Good morning, boys.
You know, you Society guys really need
to work on your undercover skills.
I've been watching you
for days now.
Cut the shit, Ryan.
What are you doing here?
I just couldn't think of a better
place to serve my 30 days.
- What are you two up to?
- You know damn well what we're up to, Ryan.
We're here to make sure you don't try
any of your strong-arm bullshit.
- Strong-arm bullshit?
- You've been bringing Miller's
boys in without authority.
If O'Rourke hadn't pulled strings,
you'd be a civilian right now.
Oh. So you think one
of Miller's boys is in town?
If there is, we're bringing him in, and
he'll be tried in Society's court, not TEC's.
Every one of those losers deserved to
be fried, including Brandon Miller.
- But you guys screwed that one up.
- Miller was Society.
Miller was behind every illegal time
jump for the last two years,
and I've been the one stuck
having to chase him down.
Every last one of them.
But that's your problem
now, not mine.
Because fortunately I'm still on
vacation for another... 10 minutes.
And I plan on enjoying it.
Oh, by the way, Johnson,
you're standing in horseshit.
- Good morning, Mr. Carnegie.
- Good morning, Jackson.
Thank you, sir.
[Horse Neighs]
[Police Officer Laughing]
- What in the hell you think you're doin'?
- I'm sorry about that.
Sorry, are ya? I just paid two cents
for that doughnut and coffee.
I said I'm sorry, Officer.
He says he's sorry, boys.
He doesn't look very sorry to me.
Come on. Give me a break.
If you was truly sorry, laddie,
you'd get down on all fours
and you'd eat the doughnut.
[Officers Laughing]
I'll tell you what.
I'll pay for that doughnut.
Nice. See this.
I believe this well-spoken lad is tryin'
to bribe an officer of the law.
Look. I ain't got time for this.
Come on, guys. Hey.
Listen. There's really
no reason to arrest me.
Oh, we ain't gonna arrest you, boyo.
Oh, no. We're just gonna
kick the tar outta ya.
I believe they call this
police brutality.
You bet your ass they do.
No need for violence.
[Grunting Continues]
[Both Gasp]
What in the hell just happened?
- Got it?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Here ya go, take it.
- Yeah. That's it.
What do you plan on doing with all of
Andrew Carnegie's money, Frank?
What are you doing, Ryan?
You guys were right.
One of Miller's boys was in town
after all. See you in 130 years.
Frank Knight, you have been charged
with multiple violations...
of T.E.C. Code 40.8,
subsection nine:
Time travel with intent
to alter the future.
You're also wanted
on an outstanding warrant...
as an accomplice in the murder
of T.E.C. Agent Edwards.
I am a member of the Society
for Historical Authenticity,
and I demand to be brought
before a jury of my peers.
The outstanding murder warrant against
you supercedes the present charges.
You have been found guilty of conspiracy
to commit murder in absentia...
and are hereby sentenced to death.
This is a kangaroo court!
You're the murderers!
- Miller was right!
- [Miller's Voice] Sasha!
You're just like Hitler!
You're just like Hitler!
[Electricity Surging]
Date of execution: May 7, 2025.
There are far too many variables,
Mr. Miller, to theorize...
what might have happened historically
had events played out differently.
I'm not theorizing, Professor Chan.
I'm just saying,
if time travel is possible,
we have a moral obligation to
right the wrongs of the past.
[Professor Chan]
So, are you suggesting that...
if it were possible to change
historic events, we should?
[Voice Echoing]
[Voice Echoing]
Ryan? Where have you been all morning?
I've been looking everywhere for you.
- Just around.
- Yeah?
Well, congratulations on nailing
the rest of Miller's guys.
God, that must've been great
watching Frank Knight fry!
I mean, it only took you two years,
but, hey, who's counting, right?
You okay?
Yeah, sure.
Look at that bad boy.
I will never get over how lucky
we are to ride that thing.
Technology at its finest.
You sure you're okay?
- I'm cool.
- All right.
Well, I'm late for my psych check,
so I'll catch you later.
Way to go, partner.
[Indistinct Voice]
Hey, Ryan.
[Voice Echoing]
O'Rourke wants to see you.
I love that serving a 30-day
suspension in the past shit, man.
You kill me, bro.
- See you around.
- Peace.
I've got half a dozen cops
on psych leave.
They're trained
to deal with it, Doc.
Obviously not very well if I've
got half a dozen on psych leave.
Damn it, O'Rourke! You are not giving
these guys enough turnaround time.
We're suspending them
in their own reality,
ripping them back and forth
through time.
I just got the results of Casey's
CAT scan. That's a cerebral hemorrhage.
This is your responsibility
to start reigning these guys in!
- Give it a rest, Doc.
- Give it a rest?
All right. This morning, Ryan Chan
starts his 30-day suspension.
This afternoon, he had Frank Knight
arrested, tried and sentenced.
- He served his 30 days.
- He was gone for three hours.
Nowhere in the Oversight Committee's ruling
does it say where he has to take his 30 days.
He happened to be there when the time
crime was being committed.
He'd already served his 30 days, so
officially he was back on active duty.
You're as bad as he is.
And you were supposed to check in
with me as soon as you got back.
You want to have dinner tonight?
- I don't date timecops.
- I don't date doctors.
Boy, you really pushed
the envelope on this one, kid.
I've had those Society jackasses
up my butt all morning.
Hanley and Johnson.
You know, if they had it their way,
they'd have Frank Knight in a cushy cell...
with Brandon Miller as we speak.
Now they're gonna want another suspension.
Don't worry about a thing, kid.
I'll take care of it all.
You did good.
You did damn good.
What's the matter with you?
I'm feeling like I need
a little time away.
Good! You deserve it.
Couple of days.
Take a little vacation.
That's not what I mean.
I don't think I can do this anymore.
What? What are you talking about?
I've forgotten why I started doing
this in the first place.
I mean, what have I got
to show for it?
Have I actually made
the world a better place?
Oh, Christ! Are we talking about that
Hitler mess again? Killing Miller's old lady?
- You did the right thing.
- You sure about that?
You did your job! You protect the
future by preserving the past.
You follow orders,
even the ones you don't like.
You're not little people, Ryan.
You're timecop.
You've had a million-plus
dollars' worth of training.
Hell, I trained you myself.
You're my go-to guy!
So you get your shit together.
You forget about Sasha...
and Brandon Miller,
because that's all over.
What do you think you're gonna
do out on the street anyway?
You've seen too much. Hell, I don't even
think you know how to do anything else.
- I know I want a life.
- Life? Well...
You know, your life is in that
launch tube down there.
You know that,
and I know that.
[Alarm Beeping]
[Female Computer Voice]
We have a Time breach in progress.
- Scan central states.
- Breach point isolated.
- Let's bring 'em home, people.
- Right, who and where?
It's internal, sir. One of our own.
Douglas. June, 1987.
- We're bringing him back now.
- Yeah? What happened?
He was on assignment and
decided to pay himself a visit.
- Got too close.
- I knew something like this
would happen.
- Not now, Doc.
- Why not?
You've been allowing them to go back
wherever and whenever they choose.
- Doc, not now!
- [Computer] Initiating re-entry.
Holy shit!
Launch recovery successful.
Douglas? Oh, my God.
[Groaning Continues]
How the hell did this happen
without me knowing it?
Look. I can't account for every
movement made by our agents
throughout their lives.
What exactly do you do here
all day long, Travis?
I just launch 'em
and retrieve 'em, boss.
They're the ones trained
to interact with the past.
They know that same matter can't
occupy the same space at the same time.
Oh, shit!
Send someone back to stop him
before he meets himself.
An accelerated launch now!
I'm going.
- I thought you wanted a life.
- No. You're not sending him.
He just jumped this morning.
I'm sorry, Ryan.
Broderick, you're up.
You got it, chief.
If Douglas dies here,
he also dies in 1987.
That means every time criminal
he's ever brought in
will never have been arrested.
[Computer Voice]
Sixty second,
accelerated launch.
Probability: 68.3%.
It's a launch, Doc.
Don't you have something to do?
I want this launch in under two minutes.
Do you read me, son?
Loud and clear, boss.
- Jenson, pull up every arrest Douglas made.
- You got it, chief.
This one's gonna be dicey, buddy.
Stick with me tight.
Hamden, Connecticut.
Accelerated launch activation,
T- minus 60 seconds and counting.
Launch activation.
T- minus 60 seconds.
Launch activation.
T- minus 50 seconds.
- [Groaning Continues]
- Hold his head up.
- He's not getting any oxygen!
- T- minus 40 seconds.
T- minus 30 seconds.
- Stay on those vitals, Jenson.
- Yeah, I'm on it.
Vital signs within normal
- [Groaning Continues]
- Initiating time phase... now!
[Computer Voice]
Time phase initiated.
Launch activated.
Cellular cohesion unstable.
Cell integrity unstable.
Cell cohesion failure.
- [Indistinct Shouting]
- Hold him!
O'Rourke, you better get
somebody back in that chair!
[Computer Voice]
There are multiple illegal
time launches in progress.
- Where?
- What the fuck?
time launch locations.
These launches are coming out of the
Society for Historical Authenticity.
- What? You sure about that?
- No doubt, sir.
Ryan, you take Jeffers, assemble a team
and find out what's going on over there.
- You got it.
- Travis, you start the re-arrests now.
Yes, sir.
We lost him.
- Can I help you?
- Mary Jeffers?
- Yes.
- I'm looking for your daughter.
- Fredericks, check the vaults!
- Got it.
Samuels, take the offices.
- Jackson, you come with us.
- Yes, sir!
- Jackson, open up those files.
- Right away.
- Hanley and Johnson.
- My God!
I was just talking
to these guys.
If I count right, they got everyone.
The public doesn't know
about the Society, Ryan.
This is an inside job.
- Miller's out.
- No way.
He's 3,000 feet underground
in the world penitentiary.
They blew up the launch space
so we couldn't track them.
Ryan, the Social Security
lineage vaults were broken into.
Let me see that.
The personnel files on the entire T.E.C.
have been accessed and downloaded. Shit!
That means if Miller's behind this,
he could... go back and erase the...
What the hell just happened?
Miller's eliminating us
by hitting our family lines.
Jeffers was never born.
[O'Rourke On Radio]
Ryan, get your ass back here
right now!
- All hell's breaking loose.
- Jackson, let's go.
We've got spikes across
the board! They're massive!
Off the scale. I've never seen
anything like this before.
They go all the way back
to the 19th century.
Now, this can't be tied
to Douglas' death.
You already arrested Miller
and his entire gang.
But Douglas tracked down Tony Banks for me.
That means that I never arrested Banks
because Douglas never found him.
Travis, get a lead on Banks right now.
Computer, was there a breakout
at the world penitentiary?
There was a major riot
and prison break two days ago.
- Present status?
- The World Penitentiary
for the Criminally Insane...
is currently in lockdown.
Hostages are being held.
Prisoners are unaccounted for.
Penitentiary still under siege.
I still don't have a lead on Banks.
Banks broke him out of prison.
Lost one.
- Oh, man!
- [Man Screams]
We gotta stop this prison break before
Miller wipes out the entire T.E.C.
- Travis!
- Yeah, boss?
Prepare for another
goddamn accelerated launch.
Ryan, you get your butt
in that seat.
You stop that son of a bitch!
You hear me?
Accelerated launch activation!
T-minus 60 seconds!
Accelerated launch activation.
T- minus 60 seconds.
Here we go.
- You got him?
- Give me his vitals.
Pulse: 47.
Brain waves normal.
Accelerated launch probability:
You got about a 30-minute window
before the prison riot starts.
I wouldn't want to be
in that place when it does.
You do realize the risk of running an
accelerated launch without an exact location?
Just don't land him
in the middle of a wall.
If my space and time telemetry's off, I
could land him on the moon, for Christ's sake.
- Launch him!
- [Computer] Launch activation...
Stand by for watch calibration.
On my mark.
Destination coordinates
are in your system...
Coming up on time cue.
Time sync in... five, four,
three, two, one... mark!
Launch activation,
T- minus 30 seconds.
- Good to go, Ryan.
- Thanks, man. Let's do it, Doc.
Listen to me. A normal launch has
a failure rate of 4%.
Launching you again this soon
raises that to 20%.
- But an accelerated launch...
- Just give me the shot, Doc!
- God! Ryan, this is not safe!
We shouldn't be doing this!
- Doc!
Give me the shot, or
my molecules will be scattered
from here to hell and back!
Doc, give me the damn shot!
Eleven, 10, 9, 8, 7...
Tonight. You can pick me up at 8:00.
Zero. Launch sync
May 7, 2025, 3:20 p.m.
Initiating time phase... now!
Time phase initiated.
[Ryan Screams]
[Voice over intercom]
Disturbance in the East complex...
So much for my 30-minute window.
Welcome to the party, asshole!
Where is solitary?
[Man Laughs]
Ryan Chan! What's it been?
Five years?
- [Convict Laughs]
- [Ryan Screaming]
Revenge is sweet, eh, Ryan?
How'd you like that, baby, huh?
[Grunting Continues]
Hey, Ryan, I thought you might
show up here today.
For two years,
in this hole, I've waited.
If only you'd opened your mind
and allowed yourself to think...
beyond the confines of a timecop,
we would be so much further
along by now.
- It's bothered you, hasn't it?
- What's that?
The decision you made in Berlin.
To save Hitler,
kill my wife.
I know.
We both lost something that night.
Part of who we were.
But I tell you what, Ryan,
I'm willing to put all that
aside and move forward...
because what we're dealing with
is much, much bigger than us.
You want me to forget
Berlin ever happened?
Forget about Edwards
and your Sasha? Is that it?
- Yes.
- You are insane.
What's your definition
of insanity, Ryan?
Is it really yours, or is it
just something you've been told?
What do you say
we jump back in time...
to when man first decided to
lock up all those deemed insane?
Don't you want to know
who made that decision?
Don't you want to make sure
they got it right?
Or did they destroy the lives
of some of the greatest...
scientists, artists and philosophers
we would have ever known...
simply because those individuals
were different?
out of the respect and love
I had for your father,
I'm giving you a second chance.
To what?
Play God with you?
Decide who's nuts, who's not?
Who dies, who lives?
You're right, Miller.
This is bigger than us.
And that's the way
it's going to stay.
God, you disappoint me.
I thought for sure
you were gonna understand.
Killing you here
gives me no satisfaction!
But to accomplish what I believe
I was put on this earth for,
I have to make sure you were
never born in any incarnation.
I will miss
what your father taught me.
I will miss what you and I could
have accomplished together.
Look at me.
I will miss the challenge.
Payback's a bitch, isn't it, Ryan?
Vital signs elevated.
Stress level three.
I lost him.
You have to send me back.
- There's a glitch.
- Travis, program me for relaunch now!
What do you want me to do, boss?
A relaunch with no rest cycle
could kill him.
I talked to him.
He's out of his mind.
You've gotta send me back.
If you don't, I'm dead.
It's your ass, kid.
Launch him.
Give me a four-day window.
Commence relaunch.
Forty-five seconds.
Cellular cohesion stable.
78.7 percent.
All right.
Let's hook him up.
Launch sync, May 7, 2025,
3:20 p.m.
We're set.
Brain waves extremely active.
Cellular integrity unstable.
Cellular cohesion 51.6 percent.
Doc? I already had the shot.
You know what? I could give a shit
if you take the shot.
You wanna get yourself turned
inside out, splattered all over
the fuckin' tube? Be my guest.
Am I doing this or what?
Thank you.
- Damn!
- Asshole.
- Six, five...
- What happened to her?
- She's been that way
since her husband was killed.
- Her husband? Doc's not married.
- He was killed in the war, Ryan.
- What war?
- Good luck.
- O'Rourke, what war?
- Initiating time phase... now.
- [Computer] Time phase...
[Ryan Screaming]
- Where in the hell did you come from?
- Where's Brandon Miller?
- Who?
- Brandon Miller. He's been locked
up here for two years.
I don't know a Brandon Miller,
and I've been here for six years.
As a matter of fact,
who in the hell are you?
[Male Computer Voice]
Stress level seven.
Sorry, kiddo.
You're going out again.
- What happened to your eye?
- What? [Laughs]
He wants to know
what happened to my eye.
Miller just jumped.
September 19, 1881, Springfield, Texas,
wherever the hell that is.
- My family's from Springfield.
- What the hell is your family
doing in Texas in 1881?
The Anderson side... Jason and Rose...
but that's a long story.
You better get your ass back out there.
Prepare for immediate relaunch.
- Oh, no. Not this shit again.
- I've given you a new watch.
If Miller jumps again,
you'll be able to lock on and follow him
as long as you're able to catch his time wake.
The more wake you catch,
the closer you'll be to him.
If you catch the tail end, you'll
be miles apart. Shoot him.
Where's Doc?
Well, you should know, Ryan.
You arrested her for T.E.C.
Code violation 40, section eight.
Time travel with the intent
to alter the future.
She was sentenced to death for trying
to save her husband in the war.
- What war?
- I know you don't want to think about it,
because your parents were killed in it.
My dad died in a bathroom at his university
when I was 11. He had a massive aneurysm.
My mother lives in Georgetown.
I had dinner with her two nights ago.
Miller's altered history
so that he was never arrested.
Jeffers was never born, so we never
caught Miller trying to assassinate Hitler.
Who is Jeffers and Hitler?
If this time line is historically correct,
then why am I after Brandon Miller?
You killed his wife in a jump
in Germany in 1940.
What you were doing in Germany
in 1940, we have no idea.
- [Computer] Two, one.
- I stopped Sasha but not Miller.
Zero. Launch sync.
May 7, 2025, 3:20 p.m.
- Stress level maximum...
- Why research time travel if not
to go back and right the wrongs?
Whose moral guidelines are we
working with then? Yours? Mine?
[Horses Whinnying]
[Horses Approaching]
Here you go.
Attagirl, Mary.
- Don't let it be too long.
- All right now.
Buy a girl a drink?
How 'bout that drink, cowboy?
Somethin' the matter?
You have a smile like my wife.
- So you're married.
- Oh, she died a few years ago.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Don't be.
She'll be back soon.
[Snorts, Whinnies]
[Woman Shouting]
We oughta be back around
in about an hour.
Know where a man can get a hot meal
and a room at an honest price?
Yeah, the Road To Ruin.
Got good steak,
a couple rooms upstairs,
but the whiskey's too damn expensive.
Much obliged.
Hey, let's go.
End of line. Come on.
Oh, boy.
- What can I do for you, neighbor?
- I'll need a room for the night.
Well, you come to the right place.
How 'bout a whiskey?
Uh, no, thank you.
Just the room.
If you ain't drinkin',
you ain't stayin'.
Well, I... guess
I'll have a whiskey.
Good idea.
[Clears Throat]
Hey, cowboy.
Buy a girl a drink?
No, thanks.
How 'bout you, stranger?
Buy a pretty little girl a drink.
We don't serve your kind in here.
- What kind's that?
- What kind is that?
Well, I could tell you, Chinaman,
but I might just have to kill you.
So, if I were you, I would
just back out those doors...
before you buy the business end
of Ol' Smokey, here.
Go on. Get outta here.
Jim doesn't mess around. He'd just
as soon kill ya as look at ya.
My name's Rose. You go around the back,
I'll get ya somethin' to drink...
somethin' to eat, if you like.
- Just go on.
- Rose?
[Horse Screams]
Jedediah, get outta that barn
before I'm whoopin' you!
Lord! Where were we, friend?
I need a room for the night.
Name's Anderson. Jason Anderson.
I'm just gonna get the register,
Mr. Anderson, and we'll get you
all fixed up.
You drink up. Come on.
- Jason Anderson.
- Hey!
I told you to clear your
hind quarters outta here,
and generally I do not
give two warnings!
What the hell?
[Screaming, Shouting]
Get down! Get down now!
[Screaming Continues]
Nice, Ryan.
Can't believe this.
It's 1929...
and they're still tryin'
to bust my balls like this.
I want that bastard dead.
You understand me? Dead.
Hi. Would you like a table?
Francis Chan?
No, it's still Francis Anderson.
- For now.
- How sweet.
[Shouting In Chinese]
What the hell, man?
Dude, I am telling you the air opened
up and it flew right into the wall.
Man, it was just...
Yo, man. Watch where
you're going, huh?
Mom? Dad?
That is just so wrong.
Hey! Do I know you?
No. Well, yes.
It's a long story.
Where's Josh?
Uh, he went upstairs
to the bar for drinks.
You stay here.
Josh! Josh Chan!
Josh! Honey, are you okay?
That is him.
That is the dude!
All right, man.
That's enough.
Come and get me.
Up here.
[Young Ryan]
Daddy. Wake up.
Ryan? Can you hear me?
We need to get him to
a treatment room right now.
Doc? I thought you were dead.
Somehow you were able to punch
out before you fell unconscious.
- Ryan, what happened?
- Oh, please, O'Rourke, leave him alone.
Can't you see he's been shot?
He doesn't even know where he is.
- We lost Miller. What happened?
- We had him in 1988, and he just...
Went off the screens. He must be
masking his time wake somehow.
What happened to your eye patch?
Eye patch?
What the hell's wrong with him?
He barely made it back.
We're lucky he's alive.
All right, he needs
medical attention right now.
Well, it's over.
Ryan's my last guy.
- Then we have to send him again.
- Send him where?
We don't know where Miller is.
Besides, look at him.
Even if he survives the launch,
he's so disoriented he wouldn't be
any good to us.
- [Miller] Out of the respect
and love I had for your father,
- No!
I'm giving you a second chance.
- Hey.
- What happened? Where's Miller?
- No one knows.
- I have to find him.
He's going to destroy my family.
- My parents... God,
my parents will be next.
- No.
You're in no condition to help anyone.
You need your strength.
What happened to my watch?
It stopped the bullet.
Saved your life.
What I would give...
to be able to sit
and talk with you,
knowing what I know now.
He killed my father.
- What? How?
- Miller killed my father.
- What are you talking about?
- I know where Miller is.
Wait! No, no, no. Wait. Sit down.
You're not making any sense.
You have to launch me back
before it's too late.
Oh, no, no. No, we cannot
launch you again.
May 7, 2002, 3:20 p.m.
That's when Miller killed my father.
Why? Why would he kill your father then?
You were already born.
- It would do him no good.
- Miller was looking for me!
You're making this sound
like it already happened.
It did already happen! It's about
to happen again if I don't stop him!
You've been launched too many times.
You gotta launch me again, or Miller's
gonna kill me when I'm 11 in 2002.
No. He didn't kill you before, why
would he kill you now?
He's already changed history, Betsy.
Last time I came back, you were dead.
Dead? Oh...
You tried to alter history to save
your husband from dying in the war.
Ryan, my husband did die in the war.
In this time line. But in the real
time line, there was no war.
You gotta believe me, Betsy.
Listen to me. You're the one
who always said to me that if
a timecop does his job right,
no one knows if
he got it right except him.
This same timecop would also be the
only one to know if he got it wrong.
This one got by me, Bets.
I hope you know what you're doing.
I'll see you for dinner.
Hey, Travis. Wake up.
O'Rourke, you should see this.
Come on, Travis.
Los Angeles, May 7, 2002,
University of Southern California.
- Ryan, what the hell are you doing?
- Get me there before 3:20 p.m.
- I can't do it, kid. It'll kill ya.
- Launch me.
Let him go.
Launch him.
Prepare for another relaunch, guys.
[Female Computer Voice]
Launch activation T-minus 11, 10...
Don't forget that.
Eight, seven, six...
Good luck!
Initiating time phase.
Time phase initiated.
Cellular integrity unstable.
- He's not gonna make it!
- Emergency shut down.
It's too late, sir.
We already initiated it.
Launch failing.
There are far too many
variables, Mr. Miller,
to theorize what might have
happened historically,
had events played out differently.
I'm not theorizing, Professor Chan.
I'm just saying if time travel is possible,
we have a moral obligation
to right the wrongs of the past.
So are you suggesting that if it were
possible to change historic events, we should?
Yes, absolutely.
Without knowing
the results of those changes?
Changes that would have a profound
effect on our world as we know it.
I don't see the problem with that, as
long as the changes are for the better.
All right.
Let's run with your idea.
Let's say hypothetically that we do
go back in time to make things right.
Whose moral guidelines are we
working within? Yours? Mine?
What happens if we have
a difference of opinion?
Whose rules are we playing by?
I think we all share a common
ground morally and ethically,
so some good would come out of it.
What's the point of researching time
travel, if not to right the wrongs?
We're historians, right?
Wouldn't you like
to observe history firsthand,
be there to authenticate
history's accuracy?
Yeah, that'd be cool.
But to stand around and do nothing
seems like a colossal waste of knowledge.
I mean, can I at least stop the guys
from flying the planes into the buildings?
Or the fanatic from walking into
a restaurant wearing a bomb?
As much as we all wish those horrific events
never happened, the fact is they did.
Then let's prevent them
from happening.
But we are who we are today
because of them.
Our anger, our compassion,
our awareness, our knowledge.
We alter history, it all changes...
good and bad.
Yeah, I... I guess so.
Think about it.
We'll have to pick
this up next week.
[Woman Laughing]
So, who wants ice cream?
[Young Ryan]
I do, but I have to go
to the rest room first.
- You do?
- Yeah.
- We'll be just a minute.
- I'll wait here.
Come on, then.
- See you next week, Professor.
- Good debate today.
- Thanks. Hey, Ryan.
- Hi.
Come on, Ryan.
You okay?
Yeah. Come on.
It's cool.
I'll be back as soon as I can.
What's wrong, baby?
Hold on a second.
I'll be right back.
- You gonna be quick?
- Yeah.
All right.
Hello, Professor.
It's good to see you again.
What the hell is this?
What I would give to be able to sit
and talk with you...
knowing what I know now.
Why do you look so different?
- I have an appointment with your son.
- Ryan?
[Professor Chan]
What are you doing?
Come out, come out wherever you are.
No. No!
- Miller, what are you...
- Professor, I was hoping
it wouldn't come to this.
Oh, my God.
What did you do to him?
You'll figure it out one day.
I can kill him before you can
even get into that stall.
You'd be altering history.
You'd be going against
everything you stand for.
Oh, but it's different when it
affects you personally, right?
You fucking hypocrite.
Go on. Go on. Do it.
You kill him, you kill me.
Your father never dies.
Something to think about, isn't it?
The ultimate validation.
This is between you and me.
Come on, Ryan.
Let's see what you got.
Let's put an end to it all right here.
Come on, baby!
Don't let me down.
You spent your entire life
playing by the rules.
What have you got to show for it?
Oh, my beautiful Sasha.
You are looking at the man that took
two years of our life away from us.
You tell her what you did to her.
You tell her!
I didn't want it to be this way.
I gave you every opportunity.
Come on!
Thattaboy. I knew you
wouldn't let me down.
It doesn't have to be this way.
You can change all this.
[Coughing, Gasping]
[Ryan Narrating]
History is being
altered every second,
by a look, a simple gesture...
or that unintentional
footprint left in the sand.
All secrets hidden in time,
locked in time.
And unless you were there,
you'll never know the truth.
There you are.
I've been looking everywhere
for you. Where've you been?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
You look like you've been on one
too many jumps this month.
You got that right.
Hey, Jeffers,
it's good to see you.
Kiss my ass, Ryan.
Hey, Ryan.
Hey, Edwards.
Damn it, O'Rourke, you are not giving
these guys enough turn around time.
We're suspending them in their
own reality, and ripping them
back and forth through time.
I just got the results of Casey's CAT scan.
That's a cerebral hemorrhage.
It's your responsibility
to start reigning these guys in.
- Will you give it a rest, Doc?
- Give it a rest?
And you were supposed to check
in with me as soon as you got back.
I think I like you better
with the lip ring.
- Lip ring?
- Where the hell have you been?
- Saving the world.
- [Chuckles]
You still want me
to give it a rest?
- Just put it in your report.
- We still on for tonight?
- I don't date...
- Timecops.
- I know. 8:00?
- 8:00.
[Alarm Beeping]
[Computer Voice]
We have a Time breach in progress.
You're light, euphoric
I've waited for so long
I'm crashing
It's the sweet foam in those eyes
Like a six-ton megabomb
You're supersonic
I weathered through this time
The force erratic
Like a deuce from a laser storm
The sound subsonic
Like a car crash in the rain
Your karma is solid
You gotta wonder
It's all your own
Heaven knows
Heaven knows
Still I felt so right
I've never known before
Never felt so right
Never felt so right
I've never known before
Your thigh, your hips
Like a meltdown power zone
Pressed on me
Like the very thought of it all
Like a voice in a hurricane
Your heart, platonic
I've waited for so long
The source, excited
Like life on a runaway train
The spike, exotic
Rush into my mind
Your own, your soul
You're ice in a desert plain
Heaven knows
Heaven knows
Still I felt so right
I've never known before
Never felt so right
Never felt so right
I've never know before