Timestalkers (1987) Movie Script

Scottie! Billy!
OK, hot shot,
I'm coming to get you.
Allright, that's it...
That's completely out of character.
Dog Holiday was never a backshooter.
It just happened.
Allright Billy. If you're not
going to play fair...
I'm going to eat your face.
Okay, children.
Back to the real world.
Don't bother packing a lunch for me.
I'm just going to eat
some of this kid's head.
Oh, no.
Sometimes I wonder which of the...
two is the child.
He is.
Let's go partner, the stagecoach is waiting.
The stagecoach needs to leave soon.
No horsepower, eh?
Hey Dad. I want to go to your college
You're a little young to go to university.
Through the window, Dad.
Through the window, pal.
Here is your essay.
It's all very good.
Why would any kid who knows
as much about the old...
west, want to write something
about the zoo?
Let's teach him how to open
car doors first...
before trying more difficult things.
Give us a kiss and you got a deal.
OK. See you soon.
Dont spend too much time
playing with them guns, stranger.
Goodbye Daddy!
Get down Billy!
- No. Don't go near.
- Move away quickly.
- Let's go
- Leave me
I don't believe it. Every single
day for an entire year.
Hey, Joe. How are you?
Well, at least
democracy is saved.
- Listen, let's hit the road
- The road?
Oh, Scottie. Already forgotten
the Auction?
- It's at half past four.
- Of course.
Why not go ahead?
I'll get my things...
and follow.
Ah, you see Scott, I
thought we could...
go together and then we'll see...
Karen and her friend
and get something to eat.
I can't.
I must correct some proofs.
Oh, why not come with me and
my chauffeur will brings you back?
Right. Let me get my jacket.
I wish we could camp here.
We're like kids in a candy store.
I see what I like.
It was delivered by
Texas John Cody
- Is it authentic?
- Yeah, I think so.
It is a single batch.
Assorted chests, papers and other...
curiosities from the west.
Well this is your
sort of thing, isn't it Scott.
And mine, too.
You know, it's a shame to be
bidding between us.
I have an idea.
I'll bid and...
we'll divide it between us.
I want this
Trade done, partner.
It's got a bullet hole.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I
have your attention, please.
The auction will be starting soon.
Sit and please ensure
that you have a number.
We can not recognize
bidders that do not...
have a number.
Thank you.
Obliously we will start the auction...
with lot number one.
A knife.
A special knife.
This knife is like Jim Bowie's knife.
It has a large steel blade.
Probably used to skin
buffaloes and other...
nastier things.
You can see that long ago someone
to repair this knife...
using a piece of buffalo skin.
In my opinion this
confirms that it is authentic.
So who makes a first
bid of $ 500.
Hey, stranger.
A man does not dismount
here unless invited.
Yes, I forgot.
The smell of that coffee
made me...
forget my manners.
I'm obliged.
Where do you come from, friend?
Driving cattle to Tucson?
No need to drive them
so far now.
The railroad transports them
since 1880.
Where are you going?
Not sure.
I'm looking for a man.
A gunslinger.
He has a pair of 45s
with ebony handles...
and a silver star.
Are you the law?
Have you seen him?
- It seems that...
- No.
We haven't seen him.
You run out of coffee?
What was his name?
What was his name?
I only remember the guns.
A pair of 45s with ebony handles
and stars like you said.
It was in...
In the town of Crossfire.
If you are not faster than
my bullets, don't even try.
1800 razor sold to...
number 16.
Now to batch 27.
It consists of two chests. One
made of skin and the other of tin.
Containing well, let's see...
what it contains...
Old photos, old papers...
also a bottle of red eye...
empty, sorry to say.
However, it contains a lot of history.
Many great stories I would say.
As we shall see...
Has what aoppears to be a bullet hole.
Now do you want to bid please?
Lot 27.
Give me a whiskey.
Looking for a man.
He has a pair of 45s.
ebony handles...
and silver stars.
I'm not the sheriff.
Of course not. There's no law in
this town.
It wouldn't be healthy.
We have not seen anyone
here, you know.
Ebony and silver stars?
A bit fancy for this town.
Just like the clothing you wear
From the east, right?
Yes, I come from far away.
You lie. You have very little dust.
How did you get here, buddy?
I have come...
I came by train from Tucson.
Lies again.
There's been no train here
for more than two days.
We've seen guys like you before.
From the east looking for easy
money. Adventurers.
Bounty Hunters.
I wonder, what type would you be?
I have neither ebony or silver stars.
Just plain wood.
Five Points.
Should be very good.
I'm the best.
I believe you.
That's just words, friend.
Your eyes say something else.
Did you like what was in the bag?
Like the hole you'll have
in your head.
Yes good. Good.
No, no. The Journal
wants nothing more.
I can not have all these people here.
Listen, I am the Mayor
of this town.
I have a right to
be in the photo.
I don't care who you are.
You can be next.
Everyone can be.
But I need a very clear picture.
If you want to get away, finish it.
All ready, Mr. Mayor.
Move up please. Get away.
Here we go.
Well, 190. Who's gonna bid 200?
Sold to Dr. Mckenzie.
$ 200, thank you.
You're welcome
Well, let's divide the spoils, my friend.
I am looking for a gunman.
There are many out here.
Now, there are three less.
Thanks to you.
He has a pair of 45s with
ebony handles...
and silver stars.
Have you ever seen someone
like that?
Silver stars?
I haven 't.
Did a military escort pass
through here?
For Crossfire? No.
Is there a snake-shaped river here?
Like the old rattlesnake?
A few miles from here.
In what direction?
Listen. This type with the
silver stars, who is he?
What's his name?
This is why I came.
To find out.
Listen, if you ride, you
might be interested...
in a couple of horseshoes.
Professor, the General awaits.
Thank you, Sergeant.
So this was all there was in
this bag you bought?
No. There were other things.
Leather straps, skins, papers, more...
This is the best there was.
Well, it seems that I finally
got you, Scott.
I got the best of the lot.
A pair of Mexican spurs.
silver and brass.
Recorded and sealed.
Original buckles, too.
Look, why do you want
to enlarge these pictures...
- if only...
- Humour me.
Shall we?
Okay, Scott.
After I'll show you...
- my Mexican spurs.
- Can I use them?
They are antiques Scott. But also...
so are you.
already found what you sought?
Can you separate and expand this
man standing in the background?
Karen has a sister.
Remember Karen?
The girl I go out with.
has a very beautiful sister.
I thought this Saturday we could...
go out the four of us.
Thanks Joe.
No thanks.
Could we see the man better?
Scott, look, I know
it has been hard for you.
I know it's true. But life
has to start again.
I want to focus on the
Listen, thank you for what you
are trying to do...
but I'm happy as I am.
I want to focus on the revolver.
Of course, there it is.
Listen, Scott, when we're young
we think this is the...
only reason for living.
It is time to seek a psychiatrist
I think I've been had.
It looks like a...
A 357.
It is exactly that.
A 357 Magnum circa 1980.
No, it can't be.
It's impossible, Scott.
It's not impossible. See the shape
of the canon.
And see how the cylinder looks.
- Well, maybe, but...
- Maybe nothing
It's a 357 Magnum.
A modern weapon.
Can you make me some
copies, please?
There's something wrong here, John.
I think I've been had.
If you've been had,
what about my spurs?
The photo is marked as 1886.
And I'd say it's authentic.
No possibility of an error?
Scott, you asked me for a
thorough examination.
I did all the tests.
Chemical evidence, spectroscopic.
This photograph is at
least 100 years old.
There is no doubt.
What is your problem?
Look at the revolver
in his hands.
Suppose I tell you
that the pistol is a...
357 Magnum revolver.
Made in 1980.
Scott you could tell me that it is
a watering can...
and I wouldn't know the difference.
But what I do know is that this picture
is at least 100 years old.
Many scientists,
this last century...
including Einstein,
have provided us with data...
indicating that someday time...
might be manipulated.
We've explored the
possibility of an advancement ...
in weaponry in 1886
remaining undetected and unexploited.
But we discounted that
as an impossibility.
I promised you that today
we would have a departure.
I think the way I planned it was
that we would have a mystery...
in history
Definitely a mystery in history.
Next time I give a history class.
remind me not to do it
in a physics building.
You all have those
folders before you...
containing my thesis.
Are there any comments?
Any questions?
Should I interpret this
as an awed silence?
OK, professor.
You're joking, right?
I mean you've got to be joking.
- No.
- Time Travel?
What is this? Like April fool's day?
Very funny, Frank.
Are there any serious questions?
Yes. Can you take me back
to last Saturday night?
Please don't.
You're going somewhere,
Mr. Esterman?
Professor, with all due respect.
The hour is up.
It was heavy enough
reading the notes...
without contnuing analysing...
I have other classes to be thinking.
I would have thought
you'd be more receptive.
Receptive to logic, professor.
Fine, that's it for today.
Today, professor,
or tomorrow?
- Or yesterday?
- Or last year?
That's very funny.
It's a pity you get...
no notes for cynicism.
Perhaps I should knock.
Who are you?
My name is Georgia,
Georgia Crawford.
How can I help you?
I have come a long way
to see you, professor.
I read your report, your thesis.
You and I are doing research
along the same lines.
Don't tell me.
You gonna draw on me??
Of course not.
I would like to see the phioto, please.
What photo?
The one you showed
the jesters in class.
Why do you want to see it?
I am a person who shares
your obsession...
on the old west.
Your thesis fascinates me.
I need to use your instincts...
to balance mine.
Professor Mckenzie,
I believe you.
- You are from the east, right?
- What?
I know a little bit about accents.
Yiou're from the east, right?
Right, yes. Right.
The east.
Did you run all the tests?
Alignment of particles.
Fibre examination, all of it.
A waste of time.
How is that?
Well, the picture is
obviously authentic.
Look at the shadows.
What about them?
Look. A current camera
always flashes...
next to the lens.
But at that time...
The held the flash on top.
Which shortened the shadows.
Hadn't you realised?
Of course I realised,
Miss Crawford.
I have this photo memorised.
The shadow has obviously
been shortened.
Great. We think alike.
You bet.
Do you know where the photo was taken?
Not yet.
This is our next step.
Miss Crawford,
do you have any idea...
how many towns in the old west...
grew and disappeared out of nowhere?
Yes, I know.
But what can you tell me
about the town in this photo?
Well, it was important.
There was a photographer...
and also a newspaper.
Which means...
that it was something
more than a simple town.
Very impressive, professor.
No wonder you were considered...
the most important expert.
Well, they'll say that,
don't you think?
Now, these mountains should
not have changed.
If we could align this photo with the real mountains......
This is ridiculous, it
could take months.
Time is relative, professor.
You should know that.
Do you have a room
where I could change?
We should make a start.
- Take your pick.
- Much obliged.
Little Jack,
Little Jack.
I want to also.
What do you say?
I say you won't get anything.
You say no damn thing.
I said nobody was to leave camp.
We're not part of your band.
You get paid to do
whatever you're told.
We got to wash too, no?
What you have to do
is rob a stagecoach.
and we have to be ready
for when it arrives.
Oh, Bart. It won't arrive until...
It will arrive when it arrives.
Maybe before.
And here you are playing in
the river like a bunch of idiots.
Out of the water, let's go!
The Pulmari river, but
known as the old rattler
before, an important stop for travellers...
and famous hideout for
bandits and outlaws.
Why are we stopping?
Because I'm tired.
I've been through here
dozens of times...
and say it's a waste of time.
That's all right. No need
to enter defense mode.
I'm not in a defense mode.
Whatever that means.
All right. Suppose that
we do find the town.
What will it prove a hundred
years after the facts.
I cannot believe a great historian...
can doubt the validity of
the first verifiable step.
Right. What is the next town?
- Crossfire.
- Ah, yes.
They tried to restore this
town two years ago.
And I know that the only
thing they accomplished...
was a failed trap for tourists.
We have to see it.
It won't take long.
I'll put a little music.
That's the ashtray.
People used to come
here with their family.
Professor, I think we have solmething.
This is it. Crossfire!
Put it there, partrner.
I don't know whether you're
clever or just plain lucky.
Yes. It happened here in 1886.
Right. Let's separate
and see what we find.
I'll go down this end of town
and you go that way.
I guess I should congratulate
you on your determination...
JULY 1ST 1886
Where the hell did you come from?
I was right here, sir.
You scared me. You must have indian blood or something...
to walk so silently?
I'm looking for a man.
Hell. Everyone is looking for something.
This is not an information office.
It's very important to me.
He is my height.
Has white hair and a long white coat.
Ah, yes. I saw him.
He was here a while ago.
Killed three men.
I hope he is your friend.
- Whre did he go?
- I don't know.
He asked me about thez old rattlesnake...
- river.
- Much obliged, sir.
What's this for, dad?
Well, Sheriff...
In the old days...
when the bad men went
into the saloon to drink...
they left their children
here to dry up.
Is that true, mum?
No. This is where boys fall off...
and break their heads.
Very good, Sheriff.
- Time for a you know what?
- Bath.
- Yes.
- Daddy, save me.
Hey, lady. What's going on?
Well, I suppose that
it's time you knew.
I'm living proof that you
are not crazy,
professor Mckenzie.
I'm a human being of flesh and blood.
With one interesting feature.
I was born 600 years after you..
600 years?
I come from 2586.
I'm one of your time travellers.
One of my time travellers?
How many of you are there?
MAY 15 1986
Help me to understand.
In this skeptical century,
I thought you would be
the only one that could understand.
You've discovered part of it. It was your thesis.
Yes, it was a bit naive...
- Naive?
- Good, you were a rookie.
Why are you telling me this?
Professor, I came back
in time to find you.
Because I think you can help me.
You can of course.
And so I went back.
- Back? Where to?
- To 1866.
I've been on a horse
and rode from here...
to the river.
One hundred years ago
called Old Rattlesnake.
And I was here.
You talk about it naturally,
travelling 100 years...
like someone caught in heavy traffic.
Well, I expect you to be shocked.
But I do wish you to get over it quick.
Because I need your help.
I need your mind, your books,
and all the information you can find...
about this town.
Our world in the future is not perfect.
But we haven't had a war in 80 years.
Why are you here?
To fing Joseph Cole.
And who is he?
The man in the photo.
What a foolish question.
You came back to find
the man in my photo.
You have to be dumb not to realise.
Dr. Joseph Cole, a brilliant
and ambitious man.
And very, very dangerous.
Cole is one of our greatest scientists.
He is a physicist, microbiologist.
He even has a degree...
in history, like you.
And why is he so dangerous?
In a world of peace?
See, it's a fine and fragile situation.
An irresponsible scientist can
put everything in danger.
So, in my world,
our scientists are monitored...
and controlled.
And the creator of this
control is my father...
Matthew Crawford.
He works in Washington.
and Cole worked with him...
and for him. Together they
made the greatest discovery...
since the splitting of the atom.
A machine to conquer time.
That's when it all started.
Listen to me.
Cole, this equipment does
not belong to us.
All our research belongs
to the Federation.
We've reinvented the wheel.
Makes you feel proud.
Crawford, proud nothing.
I'm proud of the possession.
Possession is an antiquated conceit.
Not for me!
I have poured my blood into this.
And now I hold it...
in the palm of my hand.
We can return to the past and...
change things as we please.
Joseph, as your friend and
colleague I'll pretend...
I did not hear this.
Well I say again.
You're my partner.
Do not tell me what to do.
Have you finished.
I don't know, don't know
what's happened to me.
I'm sorry.
Fifteen years on a project...
and now can go no further.
Maybe one day they
will allow us to use it.
Not while I have control of the lab.
It has been so for years,
Cole, you know.
Since your father was here.
Yes, and his father and his
father's father and his father.
I know. I work for you.
You're not considering a change?
Don't worry.
Nothing has changed.
Congratulations, Doctor.
We should have known.
To be careful.
Cole was not a man to surrender easily.
Yes, Mike.
We just got a call
from District 5, Sir.
Two blocks from the
residence of Dr. Cole.
What happened?
Power overload readings
from that residence, sir.
And it appears that the
time crystal is missing.
- You're certain of that?
- Yes, sir.
The investigate immediately.
Mike. Cole is authorised to
collect antique weapons.
Be careful.
And don't go alone.
Yes, sir.
You stole the time crystal.
And these clothes.
Turn around.
And that was all.
Cole escaped in time.
Literally, to 1886.
And why did you come to me?
Your thesis. The one you tried
to deliver to your class.
- No?
- Yes.
It still exists.
600 years after
Saved by laser.
You're not kidding me?
No way.
A dozen pages of argument about...
the possibility that a man
was photographed...
carrying a Magnum in 1886.
- Wow!
- It was a very good lead.
Why you and not the cops?
Police, detectives,
My father made a new time machine.
We were the only ones
who knew how to use it.
It was top secret and training
someone else was impossible.
So I came.
Why did Cole come back to 1886?
Right. Why?
To change history
That was what I feared.
Hey Tex. We haven't had a western
movie here in a long time...
so I would take off the Wyatt Earp coat.
Heading for the next
village, mister?
Village? What the hell, hop in.
Do you know where I can find a vehicle...
with two seats over here ?
There are many vehicles
like this, friend.
The one I'm looking for
is black and white.
The insignia says...
Insignia? You mean the licence plate?
Yes, the plate.
Thge plate says:
Yes, sure.
I know this car.
It is very difficult to fix.
It belongs to that crazy professor
at the University.
On central.
- Central?
- Yes, central.
Thanks for the lift mister.
We have to assume that
Cole was at Crossfire...
for a reason. What he has planned...
must have something
to do with Crossfire.
That's it.
So why not go back to make sure...
I'm sure.
And that was in July 1886.
The date of of the photo.
Not chosen by chance.
He was prepared and was
dressed appropriately...
Also the blacksmith confirmed
that he was in the photo.
There are many days.
Yes, I could go back...
and sit there and wait first...
until July 31.
And what happens...
If I'm not at the appropriate
time and place?
I must discover the right
date or he'll escape.
I have a friend who
could help us.
Texas John Cody.
What he does not know is
'cause it never happened.
Hey, mister.
Why not move your vehicle and
avoid me giving you a ticket?
Of course, I'm sorry.
Could you tell me how
to get to the University?
Go down about two stop-lights, take the first left.
After the second lights,
turn right.
After half a mile down
the road, can't miss it.
Well, now comes the good part.
What do you think of this, missy?
This usually hates women.
That's a risk I should take.
Would you share a drop of rye with me?
- No...
- Yes, please.
You yes.
Neat, please.
Yes, neat.
Quite brassing.
Yes, very brassing.
Can I have another.
Oh yeah. A bird can not fly
with only one wing.
Why don't we go see if we can find...
something on Crossfire?
Ah, yes. Crossfire.
Very good idea.
Come. Lets go to my office there.
Let's see what we got.
Good. Let's see.
There's nothing.
Try old rattler.
Old rattler.
Ah. Seems we strike it lucky.
Know how many people
could read and write...
- in those days?
- Not many.
If you could write your own name,
likely they made you the judge.
- But they could sing.
- Yes.
These songs served as history books...
handed from generation to generation.
And I have the best collection of
songs of the west in the world.
All duly recorded.
Crossfire, let's see.
It seems that our program gives two
A. Ol' Rattler River.
B. Ballad of the Star Handled Stranger
This doesn't help us at all.
It has no lyrics.
You noticed?
Clever, aren't you?
Yes. Let's continue.
Right. Said there were
two possibilities.
So let's try the other.
Take it easy.
" 'Twas in '86 by the old
Rattler's curve...
"That the star handled stranger,
"Showed the blue boys his nerve,
"when them gun totin' outlaws
rode out of the west
"up came that sweet stranger
and showed them who's best
"He came out of nowhere and
in a flash he was gone
'left them outlaws behind him
"dead everyone!
"They'd come out a' shootin'
like bees from a hive.
"but that star-handled stranger
"kept the blue boys alive."
Well, I can give you a tape and
a transcript, if that will help.
Yes, it would help, John.
These legends are told,
some exagerated...
distorted with the passing years...
But I always found a
basis of truth in them.
- Does this help you?
- Yes, I think so.
- Thanks, John.
- Okay.
- Thanks Cody.
- Come again.
We can play some cards.
- Yes, if you know you'll lose.
- Yes.
Where the hell did he find her?
With starry handles. Why starry?
Sometimes the star meant
something special.
I don't know.
Who were the blue boys?
The army.
Well, the cavalry here?
What was here in 1886
if there was no war.
An escort?
Escorting what?
A shipment of arms? Gold?
Or people?
It would have to be...
someone very important
to have a military escort.
Like who?
The President.
Who was the President at that time?
- Grover Cleveland.
- Very good.
I'm a history teacher.
I had a look at the documents.
There was nothing mentioned.
It must have been a secret mission.
- Yes.
- Is it possible?
Very possible.
We know that nothing bad happened
to the President that year.
Do you think we're going the wrong way?
I don't know.
Do you think Cole heard our song?
Cody left his collection to the
Smithsonian when he died.
Brodsky. Joe Brodsky.
Texas John knows all
about the old west.
But Brodsky knows everything
concerning the cavalry.
He's collected army relics for years.
Letters, memorabilia, everything.
- Why don't we stop and call?
- Yes sir.
Everything you have about the cavalry.
What's thge big deal, Scott?
Especially during the summer of 1886.
In and around Crossfire.
I need it fast, Joe.
All you have.
But tell me. What are you up to, Scott?
It's for a girl.
A girl? Why didn't you say, buddy?
This is good news.
I have been telling you that...
you should find a nice girl, you know.
You can call me John "cupid" Brodsky.
Well, she's a little old fashioned. But
you know you can't have everything.
Listen, give me a call as soon
as you find something, ok?
Are you hungry?
I was before I entered here.
You jnow, there are a thousand
things I wanted to ask...
about how the world is
600 years in the future.
The longer I'm with you,
the less I think I know.
Well, if you lived in my time...
or even the time of my great grandfather...
you will have heard of Crawford.
My father, Matthew, was the
innovator of a social...
economic system. And I think...
Matthew Crawford.
And if Cole returned to prevent
a chain of events...
which end up destroying the only
man who stands in his way.
My father.
Presidente Cleveland had
a secret advisor.
A mystery man behind all his decisions.
Matthew Crawford.
I believe that this man
was his ancestor.
- and travelled in that stagecoach.
- Right.
Along with the President.
This explains the escort.
- The mystery, everything.
- And if Cole kills him?
That would end of all descendants, no
father, no family line, no Crawfords.
to your father.
No more ancestors.
- And my end.
- Right.
We have to ascertain that date.
Hello. I'm on a search between
Tucson and Darkwood.
If you leave a message. I'll call you
when I get back. Thank you.
Scott. I'm calling you
earlier than expected.
Good. I was lucky.
I found what I wanted.
Cavalry around Crossfire.
Look. I have a lot of material here.
Several dates. You'll
have to tell me...
They are waiting Mr. Brodsky.
Yes, just a moment.
Well, Scott. I made some copies.
Should I send them to you or
will you come and pick them up?
Sir. The Senators are waiting.
Gotta go, Scott. Call me, alright?
Look, look at that.
This is the truck we are seeking.
Stop. Turn around slowly.
Your pass.
MAY 15 1926
MAY 15 1986
Thank you, Sergeant.
A bright light. That's a wonderful
educated guess, Lieutenant.
Now look...
Anything about Crossfire?
You have ten seconds
to give it to me.
Where is it?
In the cupboard.
My God.
Alert all sections.
Repeat. Alert all sections..
Gunfire on the base. Secure all exits.
Alert all sections.
Repeat. Alert all sections.
Gunfire on the base.
Secure all exits.
I'm sure he left something for me.
See if you can find it.
Alert all sections.
Repeat. Alert all sections.
Gunfire on the base.
Secure all exits.
Alert all sections.
Repeat. Alert all sections.
Gunfire on the base.
Secure all exits.
Doctor Mckenzie.
Every story has an end.
And you found it.
But I need to do this for free.
Are you alright?
I think that's it..
It seems he made copies.
Extracted from the secret
report of the U.S. Cavalry.
July 1886.
Orders to escort the President
to Tucson in Cleveland...
to attend a secret meeting with...
The War Minister of Mexico.
The troops met with thugs
who attacked...
the stagecoach near the river Pulmari.
Listen to this.
Disaster was averted by
the intervention of a stranger.
Who used with deadly aim...
a revolver engraved with silver stars.
Does it give a specific date in July?
But President commented
that the fireworks he...
saw that day were better
than the ones he had seen...
a week ago in Washington.
Wait a minute.
Washington? Fireworks in July?
Independence Day. It has to be.
4th of July.
And the attack
occurred a week later.
Four plus seven...
The 11th of July.
You think so?
It's all we've got.
We've got to go back to
July 11, 1886.
Professor, it's risky.
Cole is a murderer.
Maybe you should not go back.
Lady, I must be very honest with you.
There's not much here for me.
Not now, not for a long time.
I feel like my entire life I've been...
expecting this moment.
I don't know if I could go
back to feeling like this.
You must take me to 1886.
You can not deny me this.
Come with me.
Press your hand here. Here.
What will I feel?
For a moment...
it feels that the entire
universe is ours.
11 JULY 1886
Welcome to 1886.
Wow. Looks the same.
Oh yes. Look here.
- My car.
- Left in the 20th century.
I hope I remembered
to turn the lights out.
If. it was on the eleventh,
it hasn't arrived yet.
The song said it
came from the west.
The attack took place right there.
This is the perfect place for an ambush.
They come right out
from under the sun.
Right now, they could be here, hidding.
Let's get out of here.
Keep the horses quiet or
I'll quiet them forever.
You sure they're coming?
They will come.
And if there is no gold?
It's a stagecoach with escort.
What the hell do you think
they're protecting, idiot.
Cole must be here too.
- Here comes the coach.
- Get down.
Woou! Woou! Woou!
Get the stagecoach out of here!
Where is the stranger?
There he is!
Of course!
He eliminates the man who
historically saved the day.
And transforms a frustrated
attack into a successful...
veritable massacre.
Not if we can help it.
We cannot let him win.
Don't do it.
He'll kill you!
Step back, Mr. President.
- Get down, Mr. President.
- Watch out, Mr. President.
Cover me.
Please stand back, Mr. President.
Major, please.
Dismount, sir.
Draw, professor.
After you, sir.
Congratulations, Professor Mckenzie.
You succeeded just in time.
Are you alright, Mr. President?
Well, I can continue my mandate.
Who is this man.
I'd like to thank him.
I don't know, sir.
Major. Go get him,
he deserves a medal.
Yes, sir.
- Major.
- Yes, sir.
It is best to wait a bit.
- He's very hurt, sir.
- No. I'm fine, thank you.
Are you sure?
Have we met?
Where do you come from?
We are just making
passage through the hills.
I thank you.
And thank you, stranger.
You're welcome.
Take care of yourself, please.
You too.
A little higher. Left a little
Just a little more.
Slightly to the right.
It's perfect.
They're beautiful, aren't they?
Yes, they are.
You will have to take
good care of them.
For both of us.
Going back east?
Yes, to the east.
Take me with you.
You're not of my time.
It's against the rules.
Stay here.
Nor am I of your time.
Sorry, I can not.
Do you understand?
I suppose.
Then why the long face?
Sometimes in my life it
seems that when...
I get used to something it goes.
You'll be allright.
I'll miss you.
And I you.
Promise that if any time I
need your help...
I can come back and rent you a bit?
Of course.
I can not break the rules but...
I can bend them.
Wait a minute.
Goodbye, professor .
- Through the window, Dad
- Through the window, pal
Here is your essay
it's very good
Why would a boy like you
who knows so much about...
the old west want to
write about the zoo.
Let's teach him how to open
car doors first...
before trying more difficult things.
Give us a kiss and
we'll call it a deal.
OK. See you soon.
Dont spend too much time
playing with them...
- guns, partner.
- Goodbye, Daddy
Drive. Get out of here, quickly
- Billy, are you okay?
- Yes. - My God Scott
It's almost as if...
you knew.