Tini: The Movie - The New Life of Violetta (2016) Movie Script

-What's wrong?
-My song.
My new song flew away.
I'll bring it back.
Don't leave me alone here!
Do you need anything?
I just had a bad dream, I'm fine.
...to Buenos Aires airport, where
it's 20 degrees Celsius and cloudy.
Sorry, excuse me.
From this moment on...
I need to rest.
I need to call Len
and to be with my family...
Len is recording in L.A..
He's busy doing things.
Don't worry.
And you have two terrific days...
to rest and relax.
Next week we'll start
recording the new...
While we're at it, I told you I haven't
been able to write for 4 months...
and you say that in two days
I have to record an album?
You're pressuring me.
If you're not inspired, it's okay.
We're here to help you.
I hired someone to write the songs.
They're already working on it.
You don't have to do anything.
It's not what you promised, Willy.
Take it easy.
I need to slow down. Really!
You're a star, darling.
If a star stops shining...
-it burns out.
Vilu, look at me.
Oh, Luna, please.
But Vilu, the reporters, the fans.
Relax, I gave them
fake flight details.
There won't be anyone there.
Violetta, over here, for Radio Top.
Have you spoken to Len?
Are you going to L.A.?
There will be no statements. Please.
There's rumors you two aren't so close.
Can you confirm that
you and Len have broken up?
Can you confirm it?
How do you feel?
-Is it final?
Vilu, let's get in the car.
-Is Melanie the other girl?
How will this affect your career?
Why is there so much press, Angie?
What's this?
-This photo doesn't lie.
-Go, go!
Is it true you haven't seen
Len for months?
Melanie Snchez on Len
You all knew
and you didn't tell me?
A white lie, Vilu.
I didn't want it to affect
the end of the tour.
I don't think Len
would do this to you.
You know they make things up.
I can't answer the phone right now.
Please leave a message.
You treat me like a little girl,
and I'm not anymore.
No, you're not a little girl.
We wanted to look after you,
to not let it affect you.
Look after me!
Did you just look after me? Is the way
you exposed me looking after me?
Willy, what are you talking about?
Vilu, calm down. Breathe.
All right?
Put on your best smile, okay?
Go, go. Go, go.
I don't like it. I don't like it.
Okay, that's great, folks.
Let's go to first positions.
Five minutes, thanks.
What's wrong? Why did you cut?
Len, I need to see some passion.
Passion, do you understand?
Look into her eyes,
we have to feel your love for her.
I don't get what you want.
The last take
and the five before were fine.
I don't get the snow, the cabin...
What do you want?
I want fans to see this
and go crazy, okay?
Hi. I wanted to speak to Len.
Who's speaking?
Let's do another take.
We're all tired. This isn't working.
Let's take a 15 minute break.
What a shame,
Len can't talk right now.
Let's take a break!
He's in the shower.
Yes. Who should I say called?
Don't forget to talk about the new album.
That's the most important thing.
And about the tour.
And the new songs we're starting
to record next week.
All of them written by you.
It's the show with the biggest audience
in the country.
It's a question of marketing.
A little makeup
and you'll look stunning.
It's a primetime show.
-Violetta, how are you?
-Good, great.
-It's an honor to have you here.
How was your flight?
You must be tired.
You can't tell, you look lovely.
The social networks are going wild.
Ready, 4, 3...
2, 1.
We're on the air.
We're back with Violetta.
After a long, 12-country tour,
here she is.
Before the break we spoke
about your beginnings...
and your years of success.
Yes, but now we have
a question that's...
If we don't ask it...
I'll explode.
I guess you're aware
of Len's relationship...
with Melanie Snchez.
The rising Latin star
who went out with Pablito Senz.
-She's so pretty.
What do you have to tell us?
Well, actually...
-Len never...
"Never" is a word
you should never use.
Can we show some exclusive footage?
Then will you tell us?
Do I take that as a yes?
Let's share it.
Don't put that on the air!
Is the break-up confirmed?
They promised me
she wouldn't bring it up!
Go to close-up of her.
...to steal Len's heart?
Violetta, the most successful Latin
pop star of these past few years...
was touring and there were speculations
regarding her boyfriend, Len...
who has been holed up in a L.A.
recording studio for the past month...
recording his new album
only to reappear at the Music Awards...
hand in hand with Melanie.
And they were inseparable all night.
You take number six too...
The passionate kisses during
the recording of the video clip...
"Light Your Heart"
seem to leave no doubt.
Has Melanie managed to
light up Len's heart?
But isn't Violetta the true guilty party
for the singer's loneliness
in tempting L.A.?
Len just wants to talk about his album,
but let's see what Melanie says about him.
Hi, Melanie. How are you?
For OnTV24,
define Len in three words.
In three words.
He's handsome, talented
and an amazing kisser.
But they said you were just friends.
No, we're more than friends.
-Thanks a lot, Melanie.
I don't know what you guys make of that,
but this sounds like a confirmed romance.
Do you feel guilty...
about neglecting him?
I'm not going to talk
about my private life.
Well, honey,
your fans are interested.
Everyone is interested.
People care about my music.
Might it be...
maybe I'm just being cynical...
a strategy by your record company
to boost sales?
Well, let's talk about music.
Your label tells me
you have a new record coming out.
Speaking of which...
I'm not making a new record...
or going on a new tour.
I'm going to retire.
Vilu, please open up.
What do I tell the label, the sponsors?
-Violetta, we have to talk.
Let's go home, Vilu.
Violetta, please open up.
It's Angie, please open up.
A completely unexpected news story
has shaken the world of music.
Just hours ago,
in a live television broadcast...
Violetta burst into tears
and announced her retirement.
I hope she falls asleep soon.
I asked him for a break during my tour.
Did you speak to him?
I called and...
his new girlfriend answered.
Do you know why
she couldn't put him on?
He was in the shower.
He wouldn't wait for me.
What do you want to do?
I don't know.
I want to crawl into a hole
and never come out.
No, no. No way!
Why don't you come to Madrid?
No. No, my friend.
I'll call you when I'm feeling better.
Thanks for listening to me.
Love you loads.
Our reporter traveled
to the very heart of L.A...
where Len is recording his album...
Hundreds of thousands of fans
of the beautiful young artist
Mrs. Isabella!
have today continued to express
their concern for her,
even taking their protests
beyond social media...
they have gathered in public spaces
throughout Italy.
Violetta has announced her retirement
from her career as an artist
and has therefore canceled
all of her concerts in Turin, Milan,
Verona, Rome...
Germn, what a surprise!
Yes, I was just watching it.
I know.
Count on me.
Did you speak to Len?
Maybe it's not just Len.
It's a lot of things
on top of each other.
What's this?
An invitation, from Isabella.
Isabella's a very good friend
from Italy.
She has a house.
A residence for young artists.
She sent it to you a while ago.
Why give it to me now?
Because I think now's the time.
You want me to go?
No, no. How could I
want you to go? No.
But I want you to be happy.
You're grown up now, Violetta.
You can decide.
But if you decide to stay with Angie,
we'll make this house your best refuge.
Thanks, Dad.
Dear fans: I'm going through
a difficult time.
You know that you guys
are always in my heart.
but I've decided to take
a break from music
and from everything.
Love you all, Violetta
I'm sorry!
Is something wrong?
Are you all right?
Yes, I'm fine, I was reading.
We've been waiting for you a while.
Isabella sent us for you.
Oh, that's great.
Hold on. Hold on.
It's a bit heavy...
-Hello, how are you?
Excuse me, can I take your picture?
I'm Elosa, the other new girl.
-I'm Violetta.
-Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Roko. Over here.
Come on,
a smile for the camera.
Elosa, why don't you take photos
of this incredible scenery?
I don't know.
There must be thousands of books
and postcards of this scenery...
with beautiful photos.
I like taking photos
of things people ignore.
In every little object...
in every tiny living thing
there's a version of the universe.
Speaking of living things,
let's capture the captain's soul.
Come on.
I'm going to take
some photos of you, okay?
I'm not very photogenic.
Don't worry, just act natural.
Let's see...
Is the boat yours? Hi.
Hi. Yes, it's our family business.
My dad used to fish for tuna
with this boat.
Can we take a 5-minute break, please?
Did I leave my phone there?
Okay, now with
the lighthouse behind you.
-A little more, yes.
-There. Perfect.
Okay, now one more...
One more. Great.
Look out!
-Just keep her straight.
-What? No, wait...
Wow, that hurts.
-How are you?
-Elosa, are you all right?
Oh, no!
Are you all right?
No! Hey, hey!
No, look out!
What are you doing?
The user is out of range.
Yeah, another one, please.
Don't worry.
Hey! Captain Lemonade!
Stefano! The way you're going
you'll cause an accident!
Well, you actually left
the helm of your boat.
You know I could report you for that?
Violetta, your suitcase!
What? No!
Hey, Stefano! What about you?
No, wait.
Go, go, Stefano!
Stefano, you're the best!
Hey, you!
Why does your face ring a bell?
-Do you ski in Saint Moritz?
-We've never met.
So you're famous.
What are you doing
on Captain Lemon's raft then...
with those two losers?
If you're famous, you should
be on this big, fast yacht...
not on that motorized raft.
I'm fine here. Thanks.
-Are you sure?
Sorry you lost everything, Violetta.
I got this back.
I can't believe it.
This was the only thing
that mattered to me.
It was my mom's brooch.
The clothes and all that, maybe...
it's a good sign.
Look, that's my village.
Hello. Lion?
This is Melanie.
Len can't talk, he's recording.
Who should I say called?
Ludmila, Len's sister.
And tell him to call me right now or
I'll go straight to your cosmetics case...
and I'll open all your nail polishes
and let them dry out.
You hear me, honey?
-How are you?
-Good, good.
-Follow me.
Ciao. Thanks.
Excuse me.
You didn't tell me your name.
Captain Caio,
thanks for the trip.
And, well, mainly for this.
-See you soon.
How are you?
Hi, Isabella.
-Oh, my goodness!
Wow! This is wonderful!
Thanks a lot for the invitation.
Thanks for what, honey?
We're all waiting for you.
Gigino, take Elosa and Tini's
luggage to their room.
Yes, of course.
Violetta, I mean.
Actually, my luggage is in the sea.
-Yes, poor thing.
-In the sea?
Yes, it fell overboard.
My goodness!
Look, there's the port,
where you came in.
And the lighthouse,
then the amphitheater...
where we hold
the annual music festival.
This place is amazing.
Amazing is what you'll find here.
This place contains the heart
of each and every young person...
who has been here
to unleash their artistic passion.
These are Gigino and Enza,
they're part of the family.
What a pleasure to have you here,
you're so beautiful!
I'd be lying if I said I haven't had
children. These are my children.
Some of the artists
that have passed through here.
Do you want to meet
your fellow artists?
Miranda's a fashion designer,
so talented that she can find...
...a design that reveals
the soul of each person.
Some company at last!
I felt like an only child...
spoiled by Isabella.
Now the three of you are spoiled.
Where are Ral and Sal?
Let's go see them.
Ral is projecting his images
so that reality
isn't limited to just what we can touch.
And Sal is into
concert production and direction.
-He's Ral.
-And he's Sal.
-I'm a bit confused.
-Me too.
No Ral, Sal.
They call us "The Cousins".
Because we're cousins.
First cousins.
I don't know what's up with Violetta.
She's not answering her phone.
Look, forget about that.
I made you some tea
with honey for your voice.
-You're welcome.
Violetta must be busy
with important stuff.
Your sister did call.
My sister?
Yes, Ludmila.
And we see a huge boat coming at us
fast, really fast, and suddenly...
Are you kidding me?
Bam! We collide!
Yes, we collided!
-You didn't say I was at the helm.
-She was at the helm.
That's why it's your fault!
Anyway, a huge wave
came over and soaked us.
Her bag was in a corner,
and it fell into the sea.
And opened. Completely open.
Poor girl.
-She lost all her stuff.
-I lost it all.
All her clothes and stuff scattered
over the ocean and...
Look! Do you like it?
I think it'll suit you.
It will, right?
Without this, okay?
some seagulls came along...
picked up her things
and carried them into the air...
No, no, stop.
This seagull thing...
because no seagulls came, really.
So, it's not true?
Sometimes I exaggerate things
to make them more interesting.
That's fine, fine.
-Miranda, these are your clothes?
Is there something
about black and white?
I don't see much variation.
Best not to ask.
I've kind of got a color crisis.
Relax, you'll get over it.
We've not broken up.
Just having some time out.
Time out.
Can you bring them
all together, please?
But it's 20 pairs of shoes!
I like seeing them in line...
so I can choose them,
give them names.
Excuse me.
Hello, little sister, Ludmila.
Yes, I said I was your sister
because that girl filters your calls.
Don't you know she's saying
she's your girlfriend?
Melanie? No way, she's a friend.
I hang out with her
and the gang here in L.A.
Your friend told Violetta
you two are together.
Violetta ran away
with a broken heart.
Ran away? Where?
She left Buenos Aires!
She left the label!
She even left her hair straighteners!
Aren't you going to do anything?
I'm working. I'm doing my songs,
my music video.
What's more important?
or the video clip?
The pasta!
Well done, Enza!
What an honour
to have Violetta here!
Thank you.
We know all your songs.
We even have an idea
for the Violetta Tour.
I'm dying to design the wardrobe.
I'd love to take the photo
for your next album.
Guys, I'm here.
Will you listen for a second?
One second, please.
I'm trying to speak.
Thanks. I really appreciate it...
because I know you have
the best intentions.
But I came here because...
I was having a hard time...
I was a bit overwhelmed...
and I need a change in my life.
I need to find myself...
understand who I really am...
and I want to be treated
like a normal girl...
because that's what I am.
I'm just like you.
I never thought that someone like you
could go through all that.
So, what do you want to do now?
I don't know...
Go somewhere where I feel free
and have fun.
A party?
Yes, a party.
Tonight's the firefly party.
And our genius Roko is the DJ.
Seriously? Wow!
That's great!
Roko, what a great party!
All that white isn't healthy.
The Captain!
So you can dance, Captain Caio?
Do you want to dance?
Want to dance? Let's go!
-Stefano!, Stefano!
-Show us what you can do, Stefano!
This piano has been waiting
for someone like you for years.
This melody came to me in a dream.
But it seems my inspiration
flew away.
I'm unable to write songs.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
Good music comes from feelings.
I have a feeling that's exactly
the problem.
My feelings are a bit messed up.
Well, messed up or not...
feelings, wherever you go...
will always go with you.
Gosh, that's a good start.
Don't give up on it.
If I could take this piano to the moon,
I'd do just that.
But, Tini...
we can take the piano wherever you want.
To the moon, if necessary.
That's the second time
you've called me Tini.
Yeah. It's true.
Violetta, the moon.
The moon.
I promised Violetta I wouldn't
and I'm keeping my word.
But she's in danger.
Violetta is not in danger.
She's where she wants to be.
With people who support her and will
help her find what she's looking for.
But my intentions are good, not evil.
Ludmila, I've got to go. I'm working.
This man doesn't understand me.
Giovanni! Pass me that crate, please!
We've been very productive today.
Let's do one last row
and then take a break.
How many jobs do you have?
Just the boat.
There are crops only twice a year.
And dance?
You dance amazingly well.
I've always loved dancing. Since I was
a kid. It's my greatest passion.
But since my father passed,
I have to work.
Why are you staying at Isabella's?
What a question...
I don't know.
I needed a change in my life.
Find myself.
Discover who I am.
Get away from where I was
and meet new people.
New places.
I'll take you this Sunday
on a tour of my village.
Can I pick you up at 5:00?
It's not a date! It's something else.
It's trying to find a place where you
can find inspiration and feel at home.
I accept your offer!
See you Sunday afternoon.
Germn, I need to know where she is.
I haven't heard a word from her.
Len, I promised Violetta
I wouldn't tell anyone where she was.
She needs time to settle. She deserves
it after all she's been through, right?
Nothing happened.
That's why I have to talk to her,
and I need to know where she is.
What's important is what Violetta wants.
And she wants to be alone.
I send you my best wishes.
Where are we going?
To the town square.
32nd edition
Ciao, Caio!
Ice Cream
How did you know she was my mom?
My mother told me.
My mother, my father...
The whole village admired her.
And they were lucky enough
to see her sing here.
Thank you. Thank you everyone.
Don't go away. We'll be right back.
What do you think about my village?
-Do you like it?
-Yes, I love it.
Do you feel like doing something?
Sure, whatever you want.
-Whatever you want, you choose.
-Let me think about it.
I'd like to sing.
-Yeah. Really.
I didn't mean literally, Caio.
-Wait here.
-What are you doing?
-They're my friends.
-No, please. No.
Hold on to me
What's here today
Might not be gone tomorrow
Hold on to me
When the sun is low
I'll be in your shadow
So why you run, boy, run
Until you're outta sight
Oh, why you run, boy, run
Leave me behind
Why don't you come, boy, come?
Are you afraid of love?
I'll slow you down tonight
Hold on to me
When it's pitch black
And you're lost in sorrow
Hold on to me
Like it's world end
And there's no tomorrow
So why you run, boy, run
Until you're outta sight
Oh why you run, boy, run
Leave me behind
Why won't you come, boy, come
Are you afraid of love
I'll slow you down tonight
Hold on to me
Don't you ever let go
Hold on to me
Look. The Island of Lost Loves.
I go there every day.
You've lost so many loves
you have to go there daily?
No. With the boat.
It's the tourists' favorite trip.
Hold on to me
Hold on to me
Hold on to me
When the sun is low
I'll be in your shadow
So why you run, boy, run
Until you're outta sight
Oh why you run, boy, run
Leave me behind
Singing here is unbelievable.
You should sing at the festival.
At the same festival your mom sang.
It's held here.
I don't have any songs.
Well, the only requirement
is that participants sing a new song.
You've got almost 2 weeks.
Do you feel guilty about neglecting him?
Thank you.
-Here you go. Cheers.
Lion, have you met Ted?
Len, Lion, same thing. Well...
Ted is one of the greatest
music producers in Los Angeles.
Let's go talk with him.
I don't know him.
I don't like being an opportunist.
Look, Len, listen.
Here in L.A., rules are a bit different.
Here you have to
make friends fast, okay? Let's go.
Hi, Ted, my love! How are you?
It's so good to see you.
How is it going?
People say I'm probably crazy
So I'm probably crazy
Cos I'm loving you insanely
Look who you made me
And I've cried enough to hide the pain
But my heart's still racing for you anyway
People say I'm probably crazy
So I'm probably crazy
Cos I want you
I want you
Oh, I want you
Only you
Even though you broke me
Still want you to hold me
I'll take you with all of your good
And your ugly
I still want you
I can't escape you
I want you
I want you
Oh, my!
Mrs. Isabella...
They are about to steal the piano!
Let's call the police!
They're not stealing it!
They're taking it to the moon.
What are you doing?
Have you gone mad?
You asked Isabella to take the piano
to the moon.
There we go.
I bet the place is worth it.
-I can't believe it!
-Come on!
Let's go!
Come on, guys!
Come on, come on!
Come on.
It's unbelievable.
I feel like never speaking again.
There's a light in your eyes
and it's magic
There's a voice saying
Gonna make it happen
Can't stop it
No, no
No, never give up
And know know everything that you touch
Will come to life right before your eyes
You were born to shine
Bravo! Bravo!
Destination, First Mate Violetta?
Whatever you decide, Captain Caio.
All right.
Can I steer?
-If you feel like it...
It's not easy. You've got to...
feel the wind.
Let me see.
Teach me.
Now. Turn here.
-In case it keels.
Wait, wait, wait.
Esteemed passengers...
our final destination...
will be the caves of Galatea
via the Island of Lost Loves.
Hi, Violetta! Come with us!
How about a more exciting,
more extreme sport?
According to legend, Galatea...
a beautiful young woman
with a magical voice...
had powerful Polyphemus
falling in love with her.
But her heart belonged to another man.
So Polyphemus, in a jealous rage,
flattened him with a huge rock.
Galatea shed so many tears...
that these produced
an underground river...
that created the caves of the island.
This story is a bit sad, isn't it?
Yes, it's sad.
That's why people who have lost a
great love seek refuge in those caves.
This place has a tradition.
What's that?
If you throw a stone in the water,
make a wish, go after it...
and come back with it in your hand,
your wish will come true.
Are you sure about that?
Give it a try.
Hold on. What if there are sharks?
There are no sharks
in the Mediterranean.
Are you completely sure about that?
-Of course.
-Don't laugh. Are you serious?
-Caio, this is not a joke.
-I know.
What are you doing? Caio.
I've got it!
I can't believe you don't understand me.
Violetta deserves to know the truth.
This is a huge mix-up.
You know I won't do it, Ludmila.
Okay. Germn. Angie.
If you don't tell me where Violetta is,
it's because you don't want her
to be okay.
Thank you, everyone. Good job.
Lion, I know where Violetta is.
Meet you in Rome at the airport.
I'm on the other side of the world.
Rome? Are you sure?
Yes, Rome. That's near Italy, right?
Captain, thanks for doing this for me.
I came here
not wanting to do anything...
disappointed in love.
I met you and it all changed.
I didn't expect it.
Ciao, Caio!
She's my sister.
How pretty you are!
She knows them all by heart.
Yes, I see.
Can you invite Violetta
to my birthday party?
Angelina wants to
invite you to her birthday...
this Friday night at our house.
Do you want to come?
Yes, of course, Angelina.
Yes? Let's go.
Flight 5321 to Rome,
now boarding at Gate 67.
Hi, there.
-What are you doing here?
-We came to help you.
So you can finish early,
and do what you really want.
Let's go.
Come on!
I'd like to make a deal with you.
What is it?
I signed you up to
the Italian National Ballet Academy...
for an audition.
Since I was little
I've wanted to go there.
But no, I can't.
I've got things here.
My family, my job.
I can't. Thanks.
Okay, then I don't have to
keep up my side of the deal.
And what's that?
Participate in the show.
I think that in a few days...
I'll be able to finish the song
I've been wanting to write for so long.
I was getting really wet.
Come in, Roko. It's okay.
We hope you have a nice stay
in the city of Rome.
The weather is fair.
The temperature is 27 degrees.
Mr. Vargas, please contact
the cabin crew.
Excuse me, I'm Mr. Vargas.
They're waiting for you
on the runway.
Okay, thanks.
Born to sing, born to try
Born to dance, born to rise
Born to be who you are
Born to love
You were born to shine
Who are you, Tini?
A break to try our lemon cake?
Come here.
Let's set this up.
Here, on this patch of grass.
Flowery side up,
I know you like it.
You're not going to tell me
who Tini was, are you?
I don't think I'm the one
who should answer that.
Were you close to my mother?
She came every summer.
And one year...
she came to see me.
And of course we gave her
a place in the festival.
How could we not?
Her voice was marvelous.
Miraculous, I'd say.
I believe that, as of that summer...
she lived her dream.
My father never told me about this.
Maybe he thought it more interesting
if you discovered it yourself.
Lion! Why must we
travel with animals?
It's the only ferry to the island.
Hello, Isabella. How are you?
Good, it's all fine here.
Listen, I think it's time
for some explanations, Germn.
Exactly, yes.
You can go like this!
No, please.
Sorry. They're really high.
Yes, you came back a little seasick
from your trip with Captain Caio.
Maybe more than a little.
I can explain it like this...
You can't wear two dresses
at the same time.
I mean, one can cover the other,
but you know what you're wearing.
A good example, I like it.
My problem is...
How can I explain it?
-Put your thoughts in order.
-Yes, all right.
Caio has, he has...
Sometimes he looks at me...
and when he does...
He's so charming and lovable.
-I can't forget him yet.
-Len, of course.
How do you know? How?
Look at you!
I love it like that.
Yes? This way it's got
a bit more color.
-Do you like it?
Happy birthday Angelina!
All the best!
You are Maria's daughter, right?
Come with me.
Everyone around here
loved your mother.
She came every summer
with your father.
She was singing
while walking around here.
she came at sunset.
She'd wait for the fishermen
to return and she'd sing.
She says that at sunset...
your mother would wait
for the fishermen and sing.
And I always said to her:
"Maria, one day you will have to
sing at the festival. "
She was so shy.
She said it was only for the best
in the world to sing here.
She was shy about
singing at the festival.
Then one year,
Isabel finally convinced her.
And it was...
a most incredible evening.
The amphitheater was packed.
It was an incredible night.
The amphitheater was full.
And when she sang...
Oh, my!
She seemed to have
the voice of an angel.
Every time she sang, it was like
angels leaving her mouth.
We were so proud of her.
Yes, the famous singer Maria Saramago
made her debut here, at our festival.
-Your mother debuted here.
-Thanks, Anna.
What you said has helped me a lot.
Sal, Ral...
Roko, Elosa, Miranda...
listen to me.
Hey! Come out,
I've something to tell you.
All right.
I'm going to enter the festival.
Yes, and I need the help
and talent of all of you.
-Are you with me?
I know that together
we can put on a great show.
Your mother would be
so proud of you, Tini.
I want you to know
what you've sought all this time.
Come with me.
Are you going to be a singer, like me?
You love music, Tini.
Why is she calling the baby Tini?
I don't understand.
Who's Tini?
You're Tini.
Dad, what are you doing here?
I'm Tini?
You are.
Your mom and I called you that.
We couldn't register you as Tini...
so we named you Violetta,
after your grandma.
We always wanted to watch you
grow up together.
When your mom died...
I was so sad.
I was so afraid of losing you...
that I took a lot of things
away from you.
Including your name.
For me, only she and I
could say that name.
Forgive me.
There's nothing to forgive.
You always did what was best for me.
I can't believe I found out
who Tini is.
I finally found myself.
Telling me this...
I now feel closer to Mom than ever.
Violetta will always be in my heart...
but as of today, and forever...
my name is Tini.
So lovely to see you!
My Tini.
We should get some rest,
tomorrow is a very special day.
Are you all right?
I don't know.
I'm afraid we'll be late
and I'll lose her.
Lion, a prince is never late.
When did you last put in gas?
This is an Italian
convertible coup, Lion.
Did I need to put gas in it?
Hey! Hey, sir!
Hi, guys.
I wanted to tell you that tomorrow
Violetta's not going onstage.
No? Why?
After all the work you've done.
The person going onstage is me.
It's kind of a long story.
I'll tell you one day.
Mainly I wanted to thank you
for all your work.
For helping me.
I couldn't have done it alone.
You two showed me...
that you can make the world
what you want it to be.
You, Miranda.
You showed me that color...
lives inside each of us.
Roko, from you I learned...
that to find your own voice
and to know yourself...
you first have to listen.
Thanks to you, I understood that
the essence is invisible to the eye.
And if all of us together
could take the piano to the moon...
everything is possible with love.
Tomorrow will be
a great day for all of us.
And I'm sure
it'll all be amazing.
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Good luck tomorrow.
I love you so much.
Lion, I'm not going.
I'm allergic to horse hair.
Go find her,
and tell her you love her.
Then don't forget
to come and get me!
I thought you were
at your audition in Rome.
I came to say goodbye.
And to wish you the best
for tomorrow.
Do you want to hear it?
Every dream has a heartbeat
Listen to it
And it won't let you sleep
It's whispering
You wake
It's the air you breathe
It's everything
You know it's meant to be
And it's gonna set you free
You were born to shine
You were born to shine
What is it?
No, Caio, no.
Forgive me.
I don't want any more confusion.
I'm still in love with Len.
I wish you all the luck
in the world.
You have an amazing future before you.
You've brought me only good things.
I wish you the best.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Come on, girls.
Do you think they've forgotten about me?
I think I can't live for so long
on a mountain.
I think we have to establish
some rules for living together.
First, take a shower.
Let's see if you understand.
We have to be ready for
when the man of our life comes along.
Your smell is a bit nauseating.
Excuse me, but...
You couldn't lend me
a little gasoline?
Sure, cutie!
Have a nice trip, Caio.
Have a safe trip, Caio. And good luck!
Hey, good luck.
Thanks, Mom.
Pass me the rope
Excuse me. Is this boat leaving...
for the island?
No, I'm on a private trip.
Services are suspended today.
Isn't there another boat?
It's festival week.
After midday everyone goes
to the amphitheater.
I recommend you stay to see it.
A wonderful artist is on tonight.
I want to leave this place
as soon as possible.
But why?
I want the one I love
to be happy.
Hey! Are you going to the island?
Yes, I'm going there!
Destination at 50 meters.
You're very repetitive.
But I can recommend
a good professional therapist.
Don't overthink it, he'll help you.
Is there a gentleman to help me?
Wait, I'm coming!
That's great.
What's your name?
Gigino. Violetta?
Violetta's upstairs, resting.
Where's Len?
Who's Len?
No, no. Amazing.
Len, I know you're there.
I know you can hear me.
So don't hide away.
I won't hurt you if you come out.
-I won't.
What are you doing here?
Me? Didn't Len tell you
to come get me?
Len? What do you mean?
He didn't make it here?
Len went halfway round
the world to find you.
Listen to me.
That girl was lying.
He never cheated on you.
-Good morning.
-What's up with her?
-I don't know.
Why isn't Len with you?
Where is he?
We had car trouble
and he continued on horseback.
So it was him.
I'll go find him.
Keep getting the show ready, okay?
-Violetta, where are you going?
Yes, it's there, over there.
-She's 10 minutes late already.
-The audience is coming in.
-Already? I'll see what's going on.
-It's always the same thing.
-You didn't find out anything?
-No, nothing.
-Has Tini arrived?
-No news.
Does anyone know where she might be?
-I'll go find her.
-Please find her, honey.
Number 55.
I'm going on.
You're so dramatic, girlfriend.
-Ciao, cutie.
-Hi, Stefano.
Help me!
No! No!
-Are you okay?
-Don't worry.
Sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you.
Don't explain a thing.
I was never in love
with anyone but you.
I love you.
-I love you.
-I love you.
I knew my dream would come true.
Thank you.
Thank you for being here,
each and every one of you.
Well, I understand you can't wait.
This is a music festival...
and we should be enjoying
great music this evening.
things don't turn out
the way you expect.
This is Ludmila Ferro.
Please leave your message.
This festival...
which has been the starting point
for brilliant careers
all over the world...
Sometimes the surprises
of this festival...
It seems Roko is with us.
A big hand again for Roko.
-What is he doing?
-No idea.
Number 75.
Hit the brake,
I think they're there.
What brake?
Violetta! Violetta!
Vilu! Len!
Don't worry, guys!
Stefano is here.
-I love Roko.
-I love Roko.
-I saw him first.
-Oh, sure!
Attention, Stefano's transporting
the artist.
Ludmila, I'm a mess!
I can't go like this!
You're not a mess,
you look natural.
Stefano, step on it!
Requesting permission
to enter the port at high speed.
On stage in 5 minutes!
Guys, get ready,
the show's starting.
He's nothing special.
You're here!
You're soaked!
Quick, let's get you changed.
Many, many thanks, to you, my friends.
That one's for you, girls!
Bravo, Roko!
Anything for a friend.
Well, then.
I'm dying to tell you.
Her mother sang on this stage
20 years ago and was a triumph.
She has inherited her talent.
This is a new song from a great artist.
A friend of mine.
I'm here because of her.
You've only got three minutes.
Make sure you use them well.
She is a sensitive caring person...
passionate, and in love with her art.
I know...
because she's been among us,
exploring, seeking her new music.
So we're witnessing tonight
the birth of a new star.
"Born to Shine".
Every dream has a heartbeat
Listen to it
Listen to it
And it won't let you sleep
It's whispering, whispering
You wake
It's the air you breathe
It's everything
You know it's meant to be
And it's gonna set you free
There's a light in your eyes
and it's magic
Everybody's gonna see that you have it
There's a voice saying
Gonna make it happen
Can't stop it
Can't stop it
Go, go
No, never give up
And know know everything that you touch
Will come to life right before your eyes
You were born to shine
You're the best!
You were born to shine
Like the sun you will always be
When something looks out of reach
You keep trying
There's a spirit inside of you
It ain't dying
It goes on and on
Keeps you strong
Burning like the sun
There's a light in your eyes
and it's magic
Everybody's gonna see that you have it
There's a voice saying
Gonna make it happen
Can't stop it
Can't stop it
Go, go
No, never give up
And know know everything that you touch
Will come to life right before your eyes
You were born to shine
Born to sing, born to try
Born to dance, born to rise
Born to be who you are
Born to love
You were born to shine
There's a light in your eyes
and it's magic
Everybody's gonna see that you have it
There's a voice saying
gonna make it happen
Can't stop it, can't stop it
Go, go
No, never give up
And you know
Know everything that you touch
Will come to life right before your eyes
You were born to shine
You were born to shine
You were born to shine
It was there...
in Southern Italy, that I met new people
who will always be in my life.
I also found love again.
But the most important thing
was that I found myself.
Violetta found Tini...
and Tini will stay forever.