Tipline Mysteries: Dial 1 for Murder (2024) Movie Script

(upbeat music)
There's no such thing
As a good time to go
Pick up your bags -
Here we go, let's go.
Oh, oh! Take the ride
Along (upbeat music continues)
- [Guard] What the?
(guard whistling)
(gentle suspenseful music)
(torch switch clicks)
(metal clattering)
(gate clatters)
(gentle suspenseful
music continues)
(suspenseful music)
(dart whizzes)
(dramatic music)
(footsteps tapping)
(guard grunts)
(gentle suspenseful music)
(dramatic music)
(upbeat music)
Hold on lightning
Don't close your eyes
when it's frightening
Let that thunder grow
Through the ages
You open up all the cages
Hold that spirit
Hold that spirit close
(upbeat music)
(phone line beeping)
(gentle bright music)
(phone ringing)
- Hello, you've reached
the Region Kingsley Hotel.
This is Maddie, your concierge.
How may I assist you today?
- [Wilcox] This is Mr. Wilcox.
I'm checking in today
and I want to confirm
that I'm in room 1208
because I specifically
requested room 1208.
- Yes, Mr. Wilcox, and it's
here in your reservation,
but it appears that room
is already occupied.
How about we upgrade you to
a lovely terrace room with-
- [Wilcox] No, no,
a review online
said 1208 has the best view.
- Well, if 1208 is
the room you want,
we will make it happen.
- [Wilcox] You can do that?
- Of course.
So sorry about the mix-up.
Is there anything
I can help you with
while you're in town?
Uh, dinner
reservations, perhaps?
- [Wilcox] Thanks, but
that won't be necessary.
- Well, very good. We look
forward to your arrival.
(Maddie sighs)
(gentle bright music)
(gentle upbeat music)
(gentle upbeat music continues)
(Maddie scoffs)
Hey! Ron, thank you.
- Oh! Oh, did you fix
what you needed to fix?
- Well, I still have to
call the guests in 1208,
or 1209, and explain
why their room number
is different, but
yes, problem solved.
- Hm.
- So you done for the day?
- Well, I thought so, but I
discovered a leak in 1221.
So I better, gonna have
to replace the pipes.
- How long is that gonna take?
- All week.
- Well, we have guests
in the Emperor suite,
can it not wait till next
week when they check out?
- Sure, if you don't mind
replacing the ceiling in 1121 too.
(gentle dramatic music)
(Ron chuckles) (Maddie sighs)
- Okay, well it, it's
giving me a headache too.
(knuckles rapping)
Yeah, I have to go. Come on in.
- You wanted see me, Captain?
- Yeah, have a seat.
Gimme your badge. (sighs)
(soft gentle suspenseful music)
- If this has something to
do with last night's arrest,
I can guarantee you it
was 100% by the book.
- It's not about
the arrest, (sighs)
it's about what
happened two weeks ago.
Your detective exam.
You received the highest
score across all precincts.
You'll be taking over for
Grazier in robbery/homicide.
You start next week.
- This is what I wanted
since I joined the force.
I don't know what to say.
- I don't know.
What about, "Thank
you, Captain"?
- Thank you, Captain. (chuckles)
- [Receptionist]
"Detroit Free Press."
I'll send you the tipline.
Thanks for calling.
(upbeat music)
- Sports is to the left
and the tipline is in
the records archive.
- Yeah.
- Downstairs.
(phone ringing)
- "Detroit Free Press" tipline.
All news and crime tips
welcome. This is Penny.
Ah-huh, and where did the
aliens say they were from?
I'm not familiar
with that planet.
Could you spell it please?
(gentle dramatic music)
Oh, would you like to
leave your name and number
so someone can?
(phone clatters)
(sighs) He hung up!
- Probably for the best.
I'm not sure who to
send that tip to.
Hm. There we go.
(chuckles) Incidences
regarding extraterrestrials
should be reported to the
National Security Administration.
- Is there a number?
- Uh, no.
- (laughs) I'm off to
dinner with Ricardo,
unless you need me to stay.
- Oh no, no, it was just
a crazy day at the hotel.
The other concierge
went home sick,
so I just didn't have
time to eat today.
I'm fine. Go, go, go.
Mm, by the way, stay
away from Midtown.
All the streets are closed
because of a police
chase right now.
- How do you know that?
- I downloaded this
new app on my phone.
It, uh, it aggregates
all this information
from all the police
scanners all over the city
and sends alerts to my phone.
- Is that even legal?
- I don't know, but it's cool.
(Penny chuckles)
(phone ringing)
Hm! "Detroit Free
Press" tipline.
All news and crime tips
welcome. This is Maddie.
- [Caller] My
neighbor stole my cat.
She's stealing lots of cats.
- When did this happen?
- (sighs) Last night.
I feed three strays and
one-by-one they stopped coming.
Then my cat Simba, he got
out and hasn't come back.
- Did you see her abduct Simba?
- No, but I'm sure she has him.
- I see, okay, so I bet
it's circumstantial.
What's your neighbor's
name and address?
(gentle dramatic music)
- Oh! (exclaims)
(phone ringing)
Tipline calling.
(chuckles) What now?
Detective Grazier speaking.
- Detective Grazier.
Hi, it's Maddie.
- Uh, yeah, I'm really
swamped at the moment,
uh, reviewing a murder case.
- Ooh, which one?
- That's confidential.
Did you receive a tip?
- Yes, I did.
And it's about five and a
half, six pages of notes.
The tipster believes his
neighbor is abducting cats.
- I'm sorry, did you say cats?
- Yes. Six have gone
missing, including Simba.
Sam, Ida, Mary, Babe, Adam.
- And these are
all names of cats?
- No, one cat.
I was spelling Simba using
the alpha code I found online.
It said every police station
in the country uses it.
- Yeah, um, (stammers)
why don't you just, um,
email me the stuff
and I'll look into it.
- Did you have a chance
to review the notes
I sent last Friday?
- Remind me what
those were again?
- The tip about the guy
stealing purses at the mall.
- Oh yeah, it's, uh, yeah,
it's, uh, right here,
right here on, on my list, uh.
Was there anything else, Maddie?
- Not really, um, this guy
just really wants his cat back.
Simba was a gift from
his great-aunt Claire
who passed away three
years ago and she-
- Yeah, it's all good stuff.
I will look into it.
Thank you, Maddie.
Have a great day.
(dramatic staccato
music) (phone clattering)
(car horns honking)
(siren blaring)
- Yo, let's bounce.
(sirens wailing)
- [Dawson] Toby!
- [Toby] Just leave
me alone, all right?
- I know you're still
upset about the arrest.
I'm not the one you
should be mad at.
Be mad at your buddy who
picked you up in a stolen car.
Those kids all have felonies.
You will too if you keep
hanging out with them.
Let me get you a
safe place to stay.
- I got a place.
- Really?
- Yeah, with my girlfriend.
She's legit, don't worry.
Goes to college, has a house.
Is on the track team.
Got a scholarship
and everything.
She even hooked
me up with a job.
- Really? Where at?
- [Dispatch] All
units. All units.
Report of a 10-62 near
Wendicott and Terra Road.
The subject is on
foot in black jeans,
green sweatshirt
and gray backpack.
Respond your 20. Over.
- [Toby] What's a 10-62?
- [Dawson] (chuckles)
219, I'm close by.
- Breaking and entering.
- That's near here.
- Hey!
(dramatic music)
He's running. Find
new friends, Toby!
- [Maddie] He's running?
- Hey! Hey! (panting)
I said stop!
I said stop running!
Hey! (gate clatters)
Get back down. (runner grunts)
Stay down.
Piece of advice for you.
Running is pretty much
always a bad idea.
You're under arrest for
breaking and entering.
Come on now, get up!
(both grunt)
(Dawson exhales sharply)
Unit 219. I'm leaving
with suspect in custody.
(radio beeps)
- Way to go 219.
(gentle dramatic music)
- [Reporter] Officer
219 has done it again.
He nabbed the suspect
who was found with
the stolen property.
- Uh! Mr. And Mrs. White.
How's your stay so far?
- Just lovely. Thank you.
- I do have some
unfortunate news.
We have to do an
emergency construction
in the room next to your suite,
and I am afraid
it's gonna be noisy.
But the presidential
suite will be available
through til Sunday, and
if you would like to move-
- Not necessary.
A little noise
never hurt anyone.
- I appreciate
your understanding.
May I offer you complimentary
breakfast in our restaurant?
- Oh, how thoughtful.
We would love to.
- We shouldn't keep the interior
decorator waiting, Barb.
- Oh, uh, are you moving here?
- Uh, Charles is opening a
new shop here in Detroit.
- Oh, well I wish you much
success in your new venture.
- Thank you.
Uh, tell them to make all
the noise that they want.
- Oh!
(Maddie sighs)
- [Reporter] We hear
Detroit's own 219
is being promoted to detective.
Congratulations, 219.
(soft gentle dramatic music)
- [Dispatch] All units.
Report of a missing cat.
(clears throat and coughs)
(sniffles) Ah, uh, excuse me.
Uh, missing catatonic
youth cited at the bus stop
on Merrick and Avery,
description fits a
runaway from Dearborn.
(radio beeps)
- [Ethan] Is this
the tipline office?
- Yes. (picture clatters)
Um, are you here to report
a news tip or a crime tip?
- I'm Ethan.
Joe didn't mention I
was starting tonight?
- Joe?
- Joe Callahan?
- Oh!
- The managing editor
of the crime section.
- Yeah, yeah, that Joe.
I've actually never met him.
- You're lucky.
He's an angry man
who hates to be-
(static hissing
drowns out speaker)
- [Dispatch] Calling all units.
Calling all units.
A suspect was seen
at- (finger tapping)
(phone beeping)
(drawer clatters)
- God! (gentle bright music)
(Maddie sighs)
Do you work here now?
- Interning.
Joe thinks it'll teach me
the value of hard work.
- Well, guess, um,
Joe's your father?
- Stepfather.
So, uh, how does this whole
tipline thing work anyway?
(suspenseful music)
(crowd chattering) (soft
gentle dramatic music)
- Grazier?
- Hm?
- Congratulations on retiring.
- (sighs) Yeah, couldn't
come soon enough.
(Dawson chuckles)
You can only look at
so many dead bodies
before they start to
affect your sleep,
relationships, your sanity.
My therapist says the nightmares
should eventually stop.
This hot sauce is the best!
- [Dawson] Hot sauce?
- It's the one thing I'm
gonna miss about this place.
Hm! But enough about me.
Congrats on your promotion.
I heard you passed the
test with flying colors.
- Thank you. Yes, uh, well, 96%.
But I feel pretty prepared.
- (laughs) Yeah, you
won't use any of that.
No, most cases are solved
when a relationship ends.
Nothing rats out a
partner-in-crime like a spurned ex.
(gentle upbeat music)
Sometimes it's best
not to investigate at all.
Just wait it out.
(gentle upbeat music)
Well, let me get more
cake. You want some?
- No, I've heard
enough. Had enough.
I've had enough,
but thanks anyway.
- Hm!
(slow soft upbeat music)
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hear the hot sauce is good.
(gentle suspenseful music)
- Another cool thing
about our computers
is that they can access
newspapers all over the country.
So let's say you wanna know
what's happening
in Poughkeepsie.
- Why would I wanna know that?
(phone ringing)
(Maddie clears throat)
- "Detroit Free Press" tipline.
All news and crime tips
welcome. This is Maddie.
- [Caller] A jewelry store is
going to be robbed tonight.
(suspenseful music)
- Which jewelry store?
- [Caller] That's all I know.
(caller panting)
- Do you know
who's gonna rob it?
How do you know about this?
- [Caller] That's all I know.
(phone line clicks)
- Uh!
(suspenseful music)
(phone clatters)
(phone ringing)
- (sighs) "Detroit Free Press."
No, thank you.
- [Grazier] This is Grazier.
You've reached robbery/homicide.
Leave a message after the tone.
(phone line beeps)
- Grazier's not at his desk.
I need to report
this to someone!
Oh, if the phone
rings, just answer it.
- How do I do that?
(gentle dramatic music)
(Ethan exhales sharply)
(staff chattering)
(phones ringing)
- Thank you. Thank you.
(police radio chatter)
(phones ringing)
Uh, um.
Where's Grazier?
- He retired. How
did you get up here?
- Oh, I am Maddie Moore.
I'm from the DFP tipline.
Um, Officer Tran at
the desk knows me.
- I see. Did you call
here about 10 minutes ago?
- I did, yes.
Uh, I'm here to report a tip
that a jewelry store is
gonna be robbed tonight.
- Okay. Which one?
- They didn't say.
I actually don't even know
if it's a man or a woman.
Their voice was altered.
- Okay, well, what
else did they say?
- Nothing. They just hung up.
- That's not a lot
of information.
- I know.
Uh, you're just gonna
have to stake out
every jewelry store in the city.
- [Dawson] You do realize
there's over a hundred
jewelry stores in Detroit.
- Well, then let's
start calling.
Uh, you know, I think most
of them are already closed,
so just start by
writing a report
of all the owners's stores
and we'll just try them at home.
Chop chop.
- Maddie.
Next time someone calls
with a tip, get details.
Who, when, where- - I
know what details to get.
I've been doing this for years
and I watch a lot
of crime shows.
- Oh, I see. Like CSI.
- Exactly.
- Right.
- You know, if I was talking
to Horatio Caine right now,
I could guarantee we wouldn't
be having this conversation.
- Horatio Caine is a
fictional character,
so that's certainly true.
Look, we don't know if
this call is credible.
What if it's just a prank?
Our resources are limited.
- Hm!
What's your name?
- Detective Beaks.
- Detective Beaks?
- Yeah.
- I can tell you're no
different than Grazier.
(hand tapping)
I'm just gonna have to handle
this one on my own too.
(Maddie chuckles)
- Sure thing.
Too? Hey, wait,
what does that mean?
(gentle dramatic music)
(car horns honking)
(suspenseful music)
(safe knob rattling)
(alarm beeping)
(suspenseful music)
(keypad beeping)
- [Computer] System disarmed.
(metal clicks)
(suspenseful music)
- He-hello?
(intensifying suspenseful music)
(dart thuds)
(shop owner groans and thuds)
(gentle dramatic
music) (sirens wailing)
(conveyor belt whirring)
(phone chiming)
(Maddie gasps and exclaims)
(Maddie clears throat)
(Maddie sighs) (gentle
dramatic music)
- [Dispatch] All
units report for a 187
at a Trimani Jewelry
Store, 1710 Fig Street.
Multiple officers needed
to secure the scene.
(dramatic music)
(gentle dramatic music)
(camera shutter clicking)
(group chattering)
(Dawson sighs)
- Hey, you miss working
with all those grunts
down in patrol yet?
- I actually have a feeling
they're gonna be seeing
me a lot more now
than they did then.
You secured the scene?
- Mm-hmm, yeah, the
employee reported it
when he arrived at 9:55.
Said that Joseph
Trimani, that's this guy,
meets him in the mornings
to unlock the door,
but when he arrived
he saw Mr. Trimani
lying on the floor
through the window.
- And the door?
- Was locked,
and all the cameras
are disabled.
- Do you smell something,
subtle, like, paint?
- Yeah. Maybe it's renos.
I don't know.
- And, uh?
- Oh yeah, that's, um,
soon to be ex-wife.
Yeah, she arrived here
right after we did.
Yeah, the employee
had, uh, texted her
after calling us to
give her the news.
- In a text?
- Yeah.
- All right, I'm
gonna go talk to her.
Get someone to cover him up.
- Yeah, sure, I'll get
someone on that right now.
- Thanks.
(gentle solemn music)
Hi, I'm Detective Beaks.
- Marcella Trimani.
Joseph was my husband.
- I'm very sorry for your loss.
(Marcella exhales sharply)
Do you mind if I ask
you a few questions?
When was the last time that
you spoke with your husband?
- Last night,
around nine o'clock.
Um, he texted me to
tell me he'd left his,
his wallet here.
So he came back to
the store to get it.
- And you were home last night?
- No, I was in Atlanta
at a conference.
I- I took the red-eye.
I- I-I got back about 2:00 AM.
- Okay.
- Look, I-I know
how this must look
because Joseph and I
were getting divorced.
We, we'd already worked
out all the terms.
I mean, I-I was getting half,
nothing more and nothing less.
Just. (sighs)
- Did you happen to have
a life insurance
policy on your husband?
- Yes, but I signed over
the ownership to him
and he did the same with me,
and we changed
our beneficiaries.
- Do you mind if I ask
why your husband
and you separated?
- Reconcilable differences.
There were just too
many for us to manage.
- Do you have a
key to the store?
- No.
He changed all the locks
when I gave up my
interest in the business,
and he ch-ch- changed
the safe, and-
- He changed the safe?
How do you know that?
- Because he gave
the old one to me.
- And just one more
question, Mrs. Trimani.
Do you know if your
husband recently
underwent any renovations?
- No. Not that I know of.
- Okay. Please give me a call
if you think of anything.
(door clicks)
- Hey, are you a part of this?
- Mrs. Trimani?
- On the other side
of the- - This way, please.
- No, look, I told you
this was gonna happen.
Who was murdered?
- I can't release
that information.
How'd you find out about this?
- My scanner app.
- Maddie, I'm gonna wanna
listen to that tipline call,
but right, no, right now
I have more pressing
matters to deal with.
(Maddie sighs)
So the newspaper
gives you a uniform.
- Tipline's my night job.
I work at Region
Kingsley during the day.
- Beaks.
- Excuse me.
- [Officer] Andrew! Bring
him all the way back.
- So I, uh, spoke
with forensics.
- And?
- Well, the coroner
estimates a TOD
between 9:00 and
11:00 last night.
- So at the time Trimani
came back for his wallet?
- Yeah, the coroner doesn't
know what was in the dart yet,
but she suspects
sodium chloride.
We'll know more when the
tox reports come back.
- Okay.
Lift any prints from the safe?
- Safe's wiped out.
- Anything else stolen?
- Everything in the
safe is missing.
Thief only took the best jewels.
- I have to take
care of something.
(door clicks)
All right, back, back.
- Okay. Okay.
- Back.
- Oh-uh.
I think I.
Oh, what, what are you doing?
- I wasn't kidding when I
said stay behind the tape.
- Okay, look, I need to get
back to the hotel anyway.
(gentle bright
music) (keys rattle)
Is that a dart sticking
out of that guy's back?
Ow, ow, ow!
I, okay, uh, I'm leaving.
Leaving. (groans)
- You promise this time?
- Hm.
You know what your problem is.
- I have several problems
and right now you are at
the very top of that list.
- You are just like
Detective Grazier.
You don't believe
anyone's credible.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
- I'll keep that in mind.
(gentle upbeat music)
(gentle suspenseful music)
(police radio chatter)
- [Maddie] Beltram
Safes. Feels like a clue.
(computer chimes)
Breadcrumb. Patterson
Security sells Beltram safes.
Looks like we're
going on a field trip.
(gentle suspenseful music)
(doorbell rings)
- [Luke] Hi, how can I help you?
- Hi, um, I work at
the Region Kingsley
and we are looking for a safe.
I heard Beltram's a good brand.
- You work for the
Region Kingsley?
- Mm.
- My daughter
almost got married there,
but we ended up having the
wedding in her backyard.
Thank goodness. She's
already divorced.
- Oh no, I'm so sorry.
- It was for the best, trust me.
- Oh, it's adorable.
But is that your daughter?
- Yeah, my daughter
Olivia and my grandson.
So Beltram? Koldie's excellent.
Impossible to crack without
a stick of dynamite.
- See, that's what makes
Beltram better than other safes.
- Can't go wrong.
- Are they big?
- No, certainly.
- How big are they? I mean.
- I will. Thanks.
- You, you go ahead.
I'll come back, yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Detective Beaks, I'm
with Detroit Metro PD.
I'm investigating a robbery
that happened last night at
the Trimani Jewelry Store.
Unfortunately their entire
safe was cleared out.
I understand they
recently purchased a safe.
Can you tell me when?
- Yeah.
- All right.
(Maddie clears throat)
- Uh, here. Delivered
on the ninth.
- [Dawson] Okay.
And do you know who
happened to do that install?
- Hm, Nick Ray.
(siren whining)
(Maddie exclaims)
- [Computer] Help,
I'm being attacked.
- [Luke] Mm-hmm.
- [Computer] Help,
I'm being attacked.
(siren whining)
- Hi!
- Mm, hi. Yes, okay.
- What are you doing here?
- Hmm, you know, with
all the, uh, (sighs)
unsolved crime in the city,
I would just really feel
safer with one of these, so.
- Right.
- Mm.
- Do you mind if we continue
this conversation in the back?
- No need. I am leaving.
(quirky bright music)
Thank you for your help.
- Bye. (door clicks)
So, Nick Ray did the install.
Can I speak with him?
- He doesn't work here anymore.
- Oh really? Why not?
- He quit when my daughter
filed for a divorce
and kicked him out
of her apartment.
- Nick was your son-in-law?
- Yes.
I don't think he was comfortable
working for me after that.
- [Dawson] I can imagine.
Know where I can find him?
- He gave me an address to
mail his final paycheck.
I have it here
somewhere, if you like?
- Yes, definitely.
(gentle dramatic music)
(car door thuds)
(car engine rumbling)
(gentle dramatic music)
- I will have to call you back.
- Sorry.
Ah, ooh. (chuckles)
(sighs) Thank
goodness it's here.
Uh, thank you. Good day.
- Bye.
(doorbell rings) (door thuds)
- [Dawson] Do you
mind if we continue
this conversation in the back?
- [Maddie] No
need. I am leaving.
- [Dawson] Oh really? Why not?
(phone chimes) Yes,
definitely. (sighs)
(gentle suspenseful music)
- [Luke] Hey, it's me.
Sorry to call, but
uh, we have a problem.
A very big problem.
I'll have to call you back.
(gentle dramatic music)
(car horns honking)
- [Penny] You need to play
this recording for the police.
- Oh no. (laughs)
Detective Beaks hates me.
- All the more reason.
When he sees you're
collecting evidence for him,
he won't hate you as much.
- You haven't met him.
He is a pompous,
power-drunk know-it-all,
who thinks that because he got
promoted to robbery/homicide
he is God's gift to Detroit.
- [Penny] Hi!
(quirky suspenseful music)
Can I help you?
- She forgot distrusting
(Penny chuckling)
- Beaks, this is Penny,
a future reporter.
I guess you're here to listen
to the call, Detective.
(Maddie clears throat)
- So you collected evidence?
- It's not evidence, per se.
It's, it's more of
a theory really.
- [Dawson] Mm?
- I-I theorized
that Luke Patterson
is involved in the
Trimani murder.
- Why is that?
- Because after he
gave you Nick's address
and you walked out,
he called someone
and said, "We have
a big problem."
- Hm!
How did you know that he
gave me Nick's address?
You'd already left the store.
- Had I? (squeaks)
No, I don't think so.
- You know, it's illegal to
secretly record people, right?
It's called eavesdropping.
- Only if you're
law enforcement.
- No, that law
applies to everybody.
- He's right.
I'm finding a lot of news
articles about evidence
that was obtained
illegally being thrown out.
- Well, it was never intended
to be evidence. (chuckles)
I just, uh, I thought I
might help with a lead.
You know, if you
want me to delete it,
it's really not a big deal.
- Hold on!
All right, let's
listen to it first.
(phone chimes)
- [Luke] Hey, it's me.
Sorry to call, but
uh, we have a problem.
A very big problem.
- All right, let's
hear the tipline call.
(phone chimes)
- [Caller] A jewelry store is
going to be robbed tonight.
- Do you hear that?
There's some kinda weird noise
going on in the background.
(phone chimes)
- [Caller] A jewelry store is
going to be robbed tonight.
- No, I do hear that.
Wh-what is that?
- I don't know. I'm not sure.
Hey, do you mind making
a copy of that for me?
- There you go. I
already copied it.
- Wow. I bet you're great
at chess, aren't you?
- I am. You're a good detective.
- (sighs) Well, I better
let you get back to work.
- Hey, thanks for stopping
by. (phone ringing)
"Detroit Free Press" tipline.
All news and crime tips
welcome. This is Maddie.
Simba's really cute.
- Yeah.
- Did you see her actually
take any of the cats?
- Yeah, you think she'd
nab 'em while I'm watching?
Of course not. This
woman's an expert.
Probably been
doing it for years.
- Mm. Which house
belongs to her?
- [Artie] Right there.
- Hm!
- Yeah.
Careful. (gentle
suspenseful music)
- Hi, Cheryl?
Uh, it's, okay.
Um, I am Maddie from the
"Detroit Fair Press."
Can I ask you some
questions about your cats?
So where did you get your cats?
- Oh, different
places. (chuckles)
You know, my
ex-husband always said
that I cared more about
the cats than I did him.
Well, I can't wait for him
to read your little
feature on me.
- Mm, it's not a feature.
It's um, (clears throat)
it's more of an
investigative thing.
(dramatic music)
- You tell that Artie to
stop falsely accusing me!
- Okay.
- Just stating the facts,
(Maddie sighs)
- If I was your cat,
I would run away too.
- Simba did not
leave on his own.
He was taken against
his will by you.
Okay, everyone here calls
you Cheryl the purr-snatcher.
- It was really
nice- - Everybody?
- Meeting you both.
- Yes, everyone-
- All of your friends?
- I've spoken with-
- Are they- - I found
two cat collars in your
trash just last week.
Can you explain that, Cheryl?
- [Cheryl] What are you
doing going through my trash?
- Because you don't
separate your recycling
from your garbage.
And that's another thing about-
- [Cheryl] That is my
right as a homeowner.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah.
- So you wanna live
next to a landfill?
- Sure.
- Yeah?
You don't care about
the environment?
- [Cheryl] Better than
living next to you.
Guy who goes through my
trash and accuses me of-
- I am looking for my cat.
- Detective Beaks here.
Heading to follow up on a
potential suspect. Over.
(solemn music)
(fist banging)
Nick Ray?
Detective Beaks with
Detroit Metro PD.
Open up please.
- Beaks.
(Dawson sighs)
- Toby.
- So, uh, no uniform?
So, you off-duty, or?
- I made detective.
- Oh, no way.
Yeah, that's really cool.
- Thanks.
Hey, so I'm looking for
a guy named Nick Ray.
His former father-in-law said
he's been getting mail here.
- Yeah, he does.
Uh, my girlfriend lets
him crash on the couch.
- All right. Is he here now?
- No, actually I
haven't seen him for,
seen him in a couple days.
He kind of just bounces
from place to place usually.
- I'm off to physio.
- Hey.
Um, Beaks, this is my
girlfriend, Amanda Bly.
Amanda, this is Detective Beaks.
- It's nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
That looks like it hurts.
- Oh, has.
It's been a few weeks now.
It's okay if I keep
my weight off it.
You're not in trouble,
are you, Toby?
- No. No, babe, come on.
Uh, Beaks is just
looking for Nick.
- I understand you
let Nick stay here?
- Ah-huh.
- Can I ask how the three
of you know each other?
- I went to high school
with Nick's younger sister.
- Is there a problem here or?
- No, no problem.
I'm just trying to wrap my
head around this coincidence.
That's all.
- Mm.
- Nick hasn't done anything
wrong, has he, Detective?
- I just wanna ask
him some questions.
Uh, this house,
Amanda, do you own it?
- Ah, it belongs
to my grandmother,
but um, she moved into assisted
living about a year ago.
A really nice place.
- And your parents?
- They passed when I was young.
My grandparents raised me.
- You know, a home is a
lot of responsibility.
I'm just wondering if
maybe Nick pays rent?
- Nick helps me fix it
up from time to time,
so that sure would help,
but we don't charge him.
I'm, I'm sorry, I've
go to go to physio.
- No, of course.
- Yeah.
- But hey, since Nick isn't
technically a legal tenant,
do you mind if I just take
a peek in the guest room?
- Knock yourself out. (chuckles)
- Ah, here it is
(gentle suspenseful music)
- [Dawson] Patterson, huh?
Guess he never returned
his old uniform.
Looks like you went to work
for his father-in-law's
main competitor.
- That's, that's
Nick with his son.
- [Dawson] Do you
know why he might have
a pair of wire cutters?
- Uh, oh yeah,
Amanda gave him those
when she had him hook
up the new speaker.
- [Officer] Dispatch.
This is unit 133.
Got a 10-32 downtown.
Requesting backup.
(soft slow guitar music)
- [Ethan] I thought
you had the day off?
- I do. I just need
to look something up.
Something Artie
said made me think.
- I don't know who
Artie is, but okay.
- He said that the reason no
one sees Cheryl nab the cats
is because she's been
doing it for years.
That made me think,
whoever killed Mr. Trimani
may have robbed
jewelry stores before.
Anything with a dart gun?
- Like this case
in Cleveland, Ohio?
- You found one already?
- It's pretty cool
how we can read
all these different papers.
That's weird, a dart gun was
used with pet tranquilizer.
- [Maddie] That's unusual.
(gentle suspenseful music)
- Well, I'm still waiting
on the full tox screen,
but the coroner said there
were traces of Xylapreen in it,
it's a sedative used in
animals and livestock.
- Okay.
Uh, that's prescription only.
- Correct.
But it's not available
to the public.
Apparently there wasn't
enough of a trace
of Xylapreen in the
victim to kill him,
which I- - Xylapreen?
I knew it.
(gentle suspenseful music)
Get this.
A jewelry store was robbed
three weeks ago in Cleveland!
A lot of ruby and
emerald pieces taken.
Security guard woke
up the next morning
with a dart in his chest
and it had a sedative in it.
- Xylapreen.
- Yep, that's the one.
I mean, it didn't say that
when I read the article,
but security guard told
me when I called him.
- I'm sorry, who are you?
- I am Maddie Moore
from the DFP tipline
and the, the Region Kingsley.
- You spoke with
the security guard?
- Well, I called from
the tipline office,
so I think he got the
impression I was a journalist.
Anyway, you should
check on that.
I have his cell number.
Oh, and I was also thinking
that you should call the
owner of the Cleveland store
and just see if there's
any ties to Luke Patterson.
You know, given that weird
call he made after you left.
- You know, I received
a call from Joe Callahan
down at "Detroit Free
Press," asking why we ignored
a tip that could have
prevented a murder.
- The tip was vague, Captain.
- Okay.
Uh, you work at the
tipline, Maddie?
- Yes. Yes I do.
- Hm, were you the one
that received the tip
about the jewelry store?
- [Maddie] Mm-hmm.
- There is an
interesting connection.
- The security guard in that
case survived, obviously,
so why did Trimani die?
- Swollen legs?
Were there any creases
in his ear lobes?
Oh, maybe one of the
victims had a bad heart.
It is after all the
number one cause of death.
- You're gonna ask if he had
a receding hairline next?
Come on, where are
you going with this?
- I heard on a true
crime podcast once
that the coroner was
talking about some victims
showing signs of
underlying issues,
and that he said a
diagonal ear crease
is an ultra-predictor
of heart disease.
- She's right.
It's called Frank's sign. Hm!
- He has an underlying
heart condition.
It could have intervened
with the Xylapreen.
I mean, you've seen those
prescription med ads.
They list more side
effects, including death,
than the drug actually treats.
- Excuse me, can I take this?
Hi, this is Nylan.
- A true crime podcast, huh?
- What can I say?
I take my tipline seriously.
(phone ringing)
(gentle dramatic music)
- What?
- You should up your cardio.
I'm kidding.
- Yeah, I knew that.
I have a great heart.
- Mm-hmm.
- Well, according to the
toxicology report, Maddie is right.
Trimani was on a whole
lot of heart meds.
- So that would explain
why, even in small doses,
Xylapreen was lethal in his case
when mixed with beta blockers.
- [Maddie] So it was just
supposed to be a robbery.
The murder was accidental.
- That is some stellar
investigative work.
- Thank you. Um, I'm a
huge crime buff. (chuckles)
- Huh.
So have you ever considered
becoming a volunteer
reserve officer?
(Maddie gasps)
- I don't think
Maddie has time
for that, Captain.
I mean, you know,
with everything she-
- Welcome to the
force. Ms. Moore.
You're gonna be assisting
Detective Beaks here
in this homicide case.
- Thank you, Captain.
Thank, thank you so much.
- Aw, you see?
That's how you do it.
- Aw! I'm a detective.
I'm detective.
- Would you excuse me
for a minute?
- Yes, sir.
(Maddie exhales sharply)
- Captain?
- Huh?
- With all due respect,
I don't think it's a good
idea to make her an RO.
- Well, the "Detroit
Free Press" can't say
we're not taking their
crime tips seriously
if we invite the employee
who received the tip
into our little police
family, now can they?
Besides, she seems pretty
good at finding leads.
Make it work.
- The security
cameras were disabled
in the Cleveland robbery too.
Culprit's a wizard at
dodging sensors and alarms.
What is happening right now?
- I find looking at all of my
suspects in one place helps.
- Oh, so you've
done this before?
- No, but it works well on TV.
- Of course it does.
- Okay, here's what we know.
The killer robbed at least
two stores three weeks apart,
and both times he
used Xylapreen,
which is only
accessible to vets,
so either he or
she, is either a vet
or has access to one.
- Or they purchased the
drug on the black market.
- Sure, yep, that's
a possibility too.
You know, I also think
it's important to note
that Trimani bought a
safe from Luke Patterson
shortly before the robbery.
And your convo with Luke
sure got him rattled.
- By the way, the
Cleveland-robbery store
also purchased a
safe from Patterson.
- So he's definitely our
strongest lead. Yeah?
(gentle dramatic music)
- Why did you do that?
- Because Marcella was gone
when Trimani was killed,
so we can rule her out.
- Marcella was
conveniently out of town.
Tran's checking her alibi.
She could have hired
somebody to kill her husband.
- But she said
that they'd agreed
to the terms of the divorce
and she wasn't the beneficiary
of his life insurance anymore.
Oh, hey, by the way, who
is the beneficiary now?
- Well, he hadn't named one,
which means that the
policy pays his estate.
- So she'd get half of?
- An extra 2.5 million.
- (exclaims) So why rob
the Cleveland store?
- To make it seem like she
wasn't targeting her husband?
We know there was
a motorcycle seen
leaving the scene of the crime.
- Okay. I, there's also
someone else, it's a long shot.
- So I, uh, finished
watching the security footage
from the jewelry store
robbery from the,
from the parking lot
of the strip mall?
It's from the time Trimani
closes up the store
around 5:30 to, uh, when he
comes back just after 9:00.
No one came in and out.
- How about between the time
Trimani got to the store
that evening and the employee
showing up the next morning?
- Nothing.
- That's impossible.
The back door was
deadbolted from the inside.
- Yeah, well, my
guess is that, um,
I gue-someone must
have been hiding
inside when Trimani
locked up already.
- No, they had to
get out somehow.
We're missing something.
And my guess is it
has something to do
with the smell of fresh paint.
- See that right there?
That's why he scored a 98.
- 96 and your time's coming.
- Oh yeah? Well, watch
must be broken then.
- What was that last part about?
- Tran has taken the
detective test twice.
He's a great cop.
He's just lousy at taking tests.
Sometimes I think he feels
a little underappreciated.
- Yeah.
(gentle bright music)
(phone ringing)
You know how that can be.
(gentle dramatic music)
- Good job today, Maddie,
with your random
database of medical facts
in that Cleveland robbery.
I'll find out if they have
any footage of the motorcycle.
- Thanks, oh hey, by the way,
I wanted to ask you
about this other tip.
I mean, it's not about a
murder or anything, it's just.
There's this guy Artie, and
uh, he had his cat stolen.
(motorbike engine rumbling)
(screams) Get down!
(both grunt) (dramatic music)
(Maddie exclaiming)
Help! Someone help,
he's been shot!
(Maddie gasping)
(dramatic music)
(Maddie grunting)
- Hey, stop, stop. I'm fine.
(Maddie grunting) No.
It's hot sauce.
Maddie! Maddie, stop.
You're gonna crack my ribs.
- Detective Beaks. Maddie?
Don't let me, uh, interrupt.
- Some guy on a motorcycle's
trying to shoot at us.
- No, there was no, no gunshots.
It was just a bad
exhaust backfiring.
Honest mistake.
This is hot sauce.
Everything's fine.
- Okay then.
(Dawson panting)
- It's not every day
someone tries to rescue me.
You good?
- Hm!
- Hey, you're okay.
- Yeah.
- We're okay.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
(gentle solemn music)
- I'm so embarrassed.
I don't know, maybe it was
a little bit triggered.
- [Dawson] Do you
wanna talk about it?
- I used to work at a sports bar
and one night we got robbed.
When the guy pulled the
gun out, I just froze.
All I could register
was the gun.
(gentle solemn music)
- Well, you must
have been terrified.
- I thought I was gonna be okay,
but I started having
these nightmares
and you know, I-I couldn't
sleep and I couldn't focus,
and I-I just eventually
lost that job.
- Did they ever catch the guy?
- Uh, three years later.
Someone anonymously
called in a tip,
which led to his arrest.
And yes, when I found that out,
I was able to put it behind me.
And that is when I started
working at the tipline.
I want people out there
to know that I hear them.
- I'm sure they do.
And we have a lot of
good units out there
trying to stop
people like that, so.
- As long as 219 is working.
- [Dawson] 219?
- Oh it's, uh, it's
on my scanner app.
Yeah, he's always the
one making the arrests.
(Dawson chuckles)
- All right, I have to go and
write up a hot sauce report.
(gentle solemn music)
But I'm gonna have
one of the uniformed
officers drive you home.
And hey, no nightmares tonight.
- No more nightmares.
How's room 1221 coming?
- (sighs) There is
a hole in a wall
that I wanna get
to before lunch.
Then I will drywall,
patch and paint.
Shouldn't take too long.
- You have a boat?
Stickers on the box.
- (chuckles) Oh, yeah.
My son gave it to me when I
bought my cabin on Lake Erie.
Still saving up for
the boat though.
- It's a nice goal.
- Yeah, well, I'm close.
Came into a little
money last month
and uh, got a big job coming up.
After that I head to
Cleveland and retire for good.
- Hm!
- Anyway,
I gotta get to this,
uh, hardware store.
Do you mind if I park
this here while I'm gone?
- Uh, what kind of
concierge would I be
if I said no?
(both chuckle)
And I will miss you dearly, Ron.
(bright music)
(gentle suspenseful music)
That's why there's no footage
of the killer walking
through the door.
(sighs) He didn't use it.
- Jackpot. Thank you.
- Beaks. Beaks!
I know how the killer
got into Trimani's store.
He broke into it from
next door and he-
- And he cut through the wall.
- Yes. What, how did you know?
- The Cleveland heist
was also in a strip mall,
which got me thinking.
So I reached out to
the property manager.
Look what's next door.
Here's a visual of
the jewelry shop.
Check the storefront next to it.
I think we need to go
back to Trimani's store
and see what we
might have missed.
(gentle suspenseful music)
(door thuds)
- All right.
(Dawson clears throat)
Office is back here.
(soft suspenseful music)
(Dawson sighs)
Well, what's this?
(trolley rattles)
(gentle suspenseful music)
(Maddie grunts)
I guess it's no longer a theory.
- [Maddie] This is how the
killer got in. (groans)
- [Dawson] Come on.
(suspenseful music)
(soft upbeat music)
- It's fresh paint.
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, and no security
systems or cameras.
Hold on a minute.
I know that ring.
That's from the
Cleveland case file.
- Really?
Well, let's ask him about it
when he gets off the phone.
- Oh hey!
- Sorry about that. What
can I do for you folks?
- I'm just curious
about this ring here.
- That's a good choice.
She's a real beaut.
- Honey, what do you
think about grabbing that
for your mom's birthday?
- Mom would love that.
Ooh, it's probably more
than we wanna spend though.
- I can give it to
you for a good price.
- I don't know. My mom already
has a lot of ruby jewelry.
Uh, do you have any other
pieces, like emeralds?
- No emeralds, sorry.
What you see here is all I have.
- But you know what?
Your mom's got all those
rubies because she likes 'em,
so let me just
get her that, hen.
- Okay, snookums.
(Dawson chuckles)
- Well, will you take, um, $100?
- How about (clears throat)
100? (zipper rasps)
(Dawson clears throat)
$11? 111?
Plus a free breakfast buffet
at the Region Kingsley?
It has six types of
freshly squeezed juice.
- Delicious.
- Are you guys for real?
My client would never go for it.
- Who's your client?
- (sighs) You know I
can't tell you that.
- Maybe this will change
your mind. (clears throat)
- Yeah, I knew it. I knew I
could smell cop all over you.
I don't sell hot goods.
- Then what's his name?
(storekeeper sighs)
(gentle upbeat music)
- Nick Ray.
- Patterson's ex son-in-law.
- Nick's a regular.
- He's a good client of mine.
He brings in good pieces.
- Hey, has anyone else
been acting suspicious
around the store in
the past few weeks?
Maybe spending too much
time, not buying anything?
- You mean other
than you two? No.
- Anyone get hired
then quit right away?
- No.
- I think it's time we
paid Nick Ray a visit.
- And we will need
that ring for evidence.
Mm, could be hot.
(storekeeper sighs)
- What she said.
Hey, Tran, I need a list
of every jewelry store
located in a strip mall
within 20 miles from here
that also has Beltram safes
or Patterson security.
And check for any
vacant shops next door,
or if anyone's recently applied
for a renovation permit.
Yeah. Thanks.
- So what are we thinking?
- (sighs) I'm thinking
that they're gonna strike again.
- Mm-hmm.
- Soon.
(gentle dramatic music)
- CCTV footage from a
store near Trimani's,
it's grainy, but shows us,
uh, the suspect escaping
on a motorcycle around
the time of the break-in.
Now Nick Ray doesn't
own a motorcycle.
At least not one that's
registered with the DMV.
- But that doesn't mean he
couldn't have stolen one though.
- Nick has to be involved.
Why else would he be
fencing stolen goods?
- Well, most likely 'cause
he's got a wrap sheet.
He was busted last year
for pawning stolen purses.
- Guess he figured he could
make more money with jewelry.
- So out of the 96
jewelry stores in Detroit,
22 of them are in strip malls,
and only 10 of them
got their safes
from Patterson or Cojack.
I've got Tran still working
with the permit office now.
- Well, that narrows it down.
I guess I should see if Nick
has paid any of these a visit.
- We. We should see.
- Be discreet.
I don't wanna cause any panic.
- Okay, when we get there, let
me do all the talking. Yeah?
- Okay, just wing
it. Yeah, right on.
You know the first
rule of improv?
Uh, always build on what
your fellow actor just said.
- Right, but you're not
gonna build on anything
because I'm taking
the lead here.
- I promise I won't talk.
- Thank you
- Very much.
(gentle suspenseful music)
- Hi.
- Oh!
- We are, uh, looking for-
- Wedding bands.
- How fun. When's the big day?
- Jan- - September.
We're actually
looking for a watch.
My brother, he said he found
one that he really likes.
Uh, the thing is, I don't
know what watch it is,
I don't know what
store he found it at,
but he installs safes,
so he is in jewelry
stores all the time,
and maybe you've helped him.
That's him.
- Is this
your entire selection?
- I can get some
more from the back.
- Oh, speaking of the back,
is that where your safe is?
You're probably right.
That's where most
stores keep them.
- I'm sorry, my fiance
is very into security
and sometimes asks questions
that can sound
like she's prying.
She doesn't mean anything by it.
Do you have this model
here in white gold?
- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
All right, it's time to go.
- But we have to see
if it's a Beltram safe.
No, wait, that was very rude.
You should never
put down your fiance
in front of other people.
- Oh really?
I thought we discussed it.
I was gonna take
the lead on this.
- I'll answer that after
I receive an apology.
- Can't believe you put me
in this kind of a position.
(gentle dramatic music)
(phone keys clacking)
- [Storekeeper] I-
is this the police?
I think I'm about to be robbed.
- Apologies generally
start with, "I'm sorry."
- Oh, do they?
- Mm.
- Mm.
- Sorry to keep you waiting.
- See? Yes, so?
- Oh, we don't have
it in white gold.
- Mm!
- Everybody, hands in the air!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hands where I can see 'em!
- What's happening.
- Get them up!
- Hey, hey, hey!
What are you doing?
(Nylan sighs)
- Everybody stand down.
They're not here
to rob the store.
- Rob it? Of course not!
We're cops.
(Nylan sighs)
(quirky slow dramatic music)
(Dawson sighs)
- You know, I would say
forget what I said
about being discreet,
but it seems you
already have. (chuckles)
(phone buzzing)
- Should we check out
the other stores, or?
- Just a second.
Tran says he got a hit.
- Oh!
- Come on.
(gentle dramatic music)
- Looks like they're
doing some renovations.
- [Dawson] Mm-hmm.
- Oh, Mr. White! What
are you doing here?
- This is my new shop.
We just knocked this wall down
to do a full expansion into
the larger space next door.
- You sell jewelry?
- Yeah.
- How do the two of
you know each other?
- [Barbara] Oh, Maddie!
- Mr. and Mrs. White, uh,
this is my friend, uh.
- Dawson Beaks.
I'm a detective with
Detroit Metro PD.
- Oh, is there anything wrong?
- No, everything's fine.
I just, uh, I like
to introduce myself
to new business
owners in the area.
- Oh, how nice.
Charles, sweetie, give him
one of your business cards.
- This is VIP service.
Maddie, you really
are a great concierge.
- Thank you.
- She's quite wonderful.
- He's cute, dear.
- Oh no. No! (laughs)
- Uh.
- We are just friends. Yeah?
- Friends.
- Yeah, we're friends.
- Mm-hmm.
- Friends.
- Good friends make great
husbands. (chuckles)
Oh, um, by the way,
will you see Ron
at the hotel anytime soon?
- Ron, the handyman?
- Yeah, he forgot
his screwdriver.
- Oh, you hired Ron?
- We bumped into him
in the hotel elevator.
We asked him to take
over the entire reno.
It's been such a disaster,
but he's retiring soon, so.
- Mr. White, safe's
all installed.
- [Charles] Yeah, perfect.
- I'm just gonna get you
to, uh, set the codes.
- That's Nick Ray.
- To the panel.
It's straightforward.
- Yeah.
- Just plug in your codes
and you're good to go.
I'll walk you through
the functions.
- Nick, I'm Detective Beaks.
Was hoping we could have a word.
- I didn't do anything.
- Well, we still-
(fists thudding)
(Dawson and Nick
grunting and groaning)
- Mr. White, it's
under control, it.
- All right. Sorry about
this, Mr. and Mrs. White.
- I'm so sorry.
Again, I'm really sorry.
Yeah. Okay.
(Barbara sighs)
- It's!
(suspenseful music)
(door rattles)
- Thank you.
(phone ringing)
Where are you going?
- To interview Nick.
Ooh, should I play
good cop or bad cop?
- You're not any kinda cop.
Sorry. Stay here.
(police radio chatter)
You a puzzle guy?
- Yeah. Calms me down.
(soft suspenseful music)
- I'm Reserve Police
Officer Maddie,
and uh, this is
my partner, Beaks.
- So where were you
three nights ago?
- Home.
- Home?
Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.
- Is that Amanda Bly's
home on Boxer Street?
- Toby told me you came by.
I don't know anything
about stolen purses.
- Look, this isn't about
stolen purses, Nick.
We have evidence that
you were involved
in the Trimani Jewelry Store
robbery, possibly others.
- What evidence?
Oh no, right, yeah, um.
Yeah, that evidence.
- Did my father-in-law
tell you that?
I had nothing to do
with any robberies.
Whatever he said, it's a lie.
That guy hates me.
He's trying to get
me thrown in jail
so I can't get
custody of my kid.
- Okay.
When was the last time you
rode a motorcycle, Nick?
- Back when I was still
married to Olivia.
Mr. Patterson, he's got a couple
we took along north
to Copper Harbor.
- How did you get
possession of a ruby ring
connected to a heist
back in Cleveland?
- I want a lawyer.
- [Maddie] Nick.
- If you're arresting me, do it.
(gentle dramatic music)
(cat meows)
- I can't believe
you let Nick go.
- Legally, we had no choice.
Until we can prove
that Nick is the one
who actually stole the
jewelry in the first place,
as his lawyer stated,
we can't hold him.
- Fine.
Well, in the meantime,
we should rule out the
other suspects then.
- It is interesting timing
that Ron decides to retire
right after these
stores are robbed.
And he's doing renos in another.
It could be a convenient way
to case a new jewelry store.
- Ron? No, no way.
No, I've known him for
years, he's a good guy.
- You know, between Mrs.
White and Nick and Ron,
there's one common thread
that we've been neglecting.
- Huh?
- You.
- Me?
- In my line of work,
there's no coincidences,
but man, all roads just seem
to lead right to Maddie Moore.
- I am in the hotel business
and I'm on a tipline.
I know people.
- Mm-hmm.
- I know a lot of people.
Probably more than you, Officer.
- It's Detective
- It's RO Maddie Moore to you.
(phone ringing)
- Detective Beaks.
Really? Okay, thank you, Tran.
Guess what conference
Marcella Trimani was attending
in Atlanta the night
her husband died?
- Hm?
- A veterinarian conference.
- Marcella's a vet?
Marcella Trimani not
only stands to gain
a lot of money from
Trimani's estate,
she's a vet with
access to Xylapreen.
- And she would've known what
heart meds her husband was on
and that mixing them with
Xylapreen would be lethal.
- Agreed.
On top of owning a
motorcycle and a company
that installed Trimani's safe,
Mr. Patterson made an
incriminating call after you left.
- He might be
trying to frame Nick
to get him out of his daughter
and his grandson's
life for good.
- Nick could be doing
this all on his own
and trying to make us think
it was his ex father-in-law
to get back at his ex-wife.
- Nick does have a
history of stealing.
He installed the Trimani
safe, had the ruby ring,
and according to his friend,
Amanda, is pretty handy.
- Okay, I'm gonna say
Nick's number two,
Luke's number three.
- And speaking of handy,
we still have Ron.
Look, he owns a
cabin in Cleveland,
he plans on retiring soon and
recently came into some money.
Plus he's moonlighting for
strangers who own jewelry stores.
When was the last
time you ate food?
- I'm in the middle of
a murder investigation.
- Well, you still
have to eat food.
Right, let's grab a
pizza. (phone chimes)
- It's Ethan. He's at
the tipline office.
Says he found something.
(soft suspenseful music)
- Thanks for letting us know.
I'll pass the tip on
to the editorial team.
- [Ethan] Awesome,
you brought food!
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Hey, I have something
cool to show you.
I used my music
editing software.
You won't believe what I found.
(phone chiming)
- Keep ignoring your daddy,
he might just show up here.
- My step-dad needs to step-off.
He just wants to check up on me.
Make sure I show up as a
productive member of society
and not a lazy bum
with my guitar.
- On that note, what was it
that you wanted to show Maddie?
- Oh, something cool I did
with the editing software.
- [Caller] A jewelry store is
going to be robbed tonight.
A jewelry store is going
to be robbed tonight.
- That's a woman's
voice. How'd you do that?
- I ran the recording through
some music editing software
that allows me to
separate audio tracks
and reduce distortion.
- Oh, that's brilliant.
- There's more.
You know that strange
sound in the background?
(keyboard keys clacking)
(creature wailing)
- Is that a cat?
- No.
- What is it with you
and cats?
- It's a pretty
good guess though.
It's something that cries at
the same frequency as a cat.
It's a baby.
(baby wailing)
- Olivia.
- [Dawson, Ethan And Penny] Who?
- Ha, Luke Patterson's daughter.
She recently had a
son, Nick's baby.
Luke showed me a photo of
them the day I illegal,
accidentally recorded his call.
- And that's why
she wasn't answering
any of your questions.
- Hm.
- She wanted to stop the robbery
without ratting either
one of them out.
- Right. Which one?
(dramatic music)
- [Dawson] Olivia,
thanks for coming in.
- I don't know why
Nick would tell you
that my dad still
owns his motorcycles.
He knows Dad sold
them a year ago.
He helped him find the buyers.
- [Maddie] Hm.
(baby wailing)
- [Dawson] That's you, isn't it?
- I didn't know for sure
if it was Nick or not,
so I didn't know what to say
when the woman on the
tipline started asking me
a bunch of questions
- That was me. I
asked her a question.
- The day the Trimani
Jewelry Store was robbed,
I went over to the
house Nick is staying at
to talk to him
about child support.
- And this is the house
that belongs to Amanda Bly?
- Yes. I got up
to the front door.
- [Man] You can't just
take that much jewelry
to a pawn shop, they're
gonna suspect you stole it.
Anyway, we need to nail
down the plan for tonight.
- Oh! Hey, Olivia, I
didn't hear you knock.
- Hi, Toby. I-is Nick around?
- Yeah.
Nick! Come on in.
- Um, is Amanda here too?
- You want me to get
Nick to come out?
Nick, Olivia's here to see you!
- Uh!
- So Nick came out
to talk to you?
Did you ask him about the
conversation you overheard?
- I didn't want him to
think I was eavesdropping.
And honestly, if he was
going to rob a jewelry store,
I didn't wanna get involved.
- So you're not sure
if he was talking
to someone inside the
house or on the phone?
- The day the Trimani
store was robbed,
my dad called and he said,
"We have a big problem."
That night he came over
and he said he was worried
Nick may be going to prison
for the rest of his life.
- That was the call.
- Mm.
- Yeah?
- Did you tell your dad
about the conversation
you overheard?
- Of course.
He's the one who advised me to
call the tipline anonymously.
- Olivia, do you know
if Nick has access
to a drug called Xylapreen?
- What is that?
- It's a sedative.
It's used on animals.
- Not that I know of.
But his doting roommate, Amanda,
and her boyfriend, Toby,
work at a pet store.
(gentle suspenseful music)
(seagulls squawking)
(knuckles rapping)
- You can learn a lot
from spurned exes.
I should have guessed that
it was Olivia that called.
(knuckles rapping)
It's Beaks! Open up!
(gentle dramatic music)
- [Maddie] Beaks!
- Maddie.
- Yeah?
- You can't do that
without a warrant.
- [Maddie] Right, okay. (sighs)
That's right, you just wait.
(gentle suspenseful music)
- [Dawson] Well, we have
expanded our investigation.
- Welcome to the suspect
list, Amanda and Toby.
Olivia thinks Amanda's interest
in Nick may be romantic,
but she, Nick and Toby
may be partners in crime.
- It's possible,
but we can't jump
to any conclusions till
we have solid evidence.
- Hey, Beaks.
Here's the, uh, address
for the Paws in West
Coast pet clinic.
- Thank you.
- Yeah, I spoke to the GM.
Says that Amanda
Bly is scheduled
to work 5:00 to 11:00 tonight.
- All right.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, and um, Marcella's
due for questioning
in a few hours, all right?
- Thank you.
(phone ringing)
(gentle suspenseful music)
So (sighs) do you wanna play
a good cop or a bad cop?
- I actually have to work
at the hotel this afternoon.
Mia, my boss, wasn't
thrilled when, uh,
I left without telling
her the other day, so.
- Yeah, no, of course, I get it.
I'll interview Marcella
and Amanda myself.
- Let me know what you find out.
- Definitely.
- Yep. Hm!
(Dawson sighs)
(gentle bright music)
(gentle dramatic music)
(phone line beeps)
- [Artie] Hello?
- Artie, it's
Maddie from tipline.
Uh, Cheryl mentioned
she was divorced.
Do you know her ex's name?
- Yeah, Benjamin Benson,
finally got fed-up
and left about a year ago, why?
- Do you happen to
know where he works?
- He's a math teacher
at the high school
right here on the corner.
- Perfect.
- I never tried to hide
the fact that I'm a vet.
What difference would it make?
- You have direct access
to a number of medications,
including the one that
killed your husband.
You don't think that
that makes a difference?
- (scoffs) In my clinic,
I have strict protocols
regarding the
dispensing of meds.
Every mill is accounted for.
- Well, we'll certainly
look into that.
Look, your alibi checks out.
(Marcella scoffs)
But are you sure that
there isn't something
you're not telling me?
Perhaps you hired someone.
- And what would be my motive?
I'm happy in my
life and my career
and so was my husband.
- Despite the
irreconcilable differences?
(bright music)
Okay, (clears throat)
thank you for your time.
You're free to go.
- So that's it?
- That's it for now.
(suspenseful music)
- Simba! You're home
little guy, mwah.
So where was he?
- Cheryl's mother's house.
That Benjamin said Cheryl
routinely takes the cats
to her mother's, so I figured
I'd pay that woman a visit.
And she was very apologetic,
and didn't she
give me Simba back!
- Thank you so much.
- Oh, my pleasure.
- Oh, and I guess I
owe you the reward too.
Now, I don't have the five grand
at this particular moment,
but I can make payments.
- Free and clear.
No reward necessary.
Reuniting loved ones
is a reward enough.
- Maddie, I can't tell
you how much this means.
I- I thought no one cared.
- Hm, people care more
than you realize sometimes.
(gentle dramatic music)
(soft upbeat music)
- [Dawson] Hey, how's the ankle?
- Oh, uh, hi, Detective.
- Hi.
- It's not great.
- You know, injuries like
that can take a long time.
- I guess.
My doctor says it
won't ever be the same.
Um, what can I help you with?
- Are you familiar
with Xylapreen?
(soft suspenseful music)
Maybe Nick asked you
to steal some for him
from the vet who works out
of the office back there?
- No.
- Look, Nick is in some
pretty big trouble,
and I would hate for you
to get caught up in that
just because you stole
some drugs for him.
Amanda, Toby thinks
the world of you.
- I know he does.
- Don't make a mistake that
could send you to jail.
Now the truth goes
a long way with me.
Just tell me what you know.
(gentle dramatic music)
- Nick asked me to steal him
some Xylapreen, but I said no.
- Okay.
- He asked Toby too,
but he refused.
- And how long has
Toby been working here?
- A couple months. I
helped him get the job.
He's actually coming
in soon to, uh,
take the rest of my shift,
'cause I have to
go home and study.
- [Toby] Beaks?
(gentle suspenseful music)
(car horns honking)
(gentle music)
(Barbara clears throat)
(phone ringing)
(Barbara sighing)
- Mrs. White?
(gasps) Hi! Mrs. White,
are you all right?
- Oh, I'm sure that
appeared more dramatic
than it should have.
I am just exhausted, is all.
Opening a new store
is no joke. (sighs)
- Where's Mr. White?
- He's still at the store.
Between the first shipment
of jewelry arriving early
and us not being remotely
close to opening,
and the issue with the safe,
he was interrupted all day.
(gentle suspenseful music)
- Issues with the safe?
- Well, apparently that
man who installed it
didn't write down a
number or something.
Cojack sent someone back over.
(chuckles) It's all
taken care of now,
which means finally
time for a hot bath
and a glass of wine. (laughs)
- I will send up a
bottle of Cabernet.
- Oh, you are the best.
(sighs) Truly.
- Mm.
- [Barbara] Thank you.
(gentle suspenseful music)
(elevator pings)
(gentle suspenseful
music continues)
- You think I stole
a drug from the vet
to give to Nick?
No way.
- Babe, if you did,
just tell the truth.
You don't owe Nick anything.
- I am telling the truth.
- You're welcome
to search my house,
our lockers, whatever you want.
Right, Toby?
Anyway, here are my keys.
(soft suspenseful music)
(Dawson clears throat)
(locker door thuds)
(dramatic music)
(Dawson sighs)
- That's, that's not mine.
- [Dawson] I'm gonna need
you to come with me now
to the station.
- No! No!
(locker clatters)
- Toby! Toby.
Toby! Wait!
(dramatic music)
(Toby panting)
Hey! Hey, Toby!
(motorbike engine rumbling)
(sirens wailing)
(suspenseful music)
- [GPS Assist] You have
arrived at Panache Jewels.
- Detective Beaks. I need
an APB on one Toby Simms.
Black motorcycle traveling
south on Whitmore Drive.
(slow dramatic music)
- [Maddie] Good
night, Mr. White.
Mr. White departing
his store at 10:22 PM.
(car engine rumbling)
(slow suspenseful music)
- [Dispatch] Suspect
was last seen on foot
near an abandoned warehouse
on Rob Fields near 28th.
- Copy that. I'm on my way.
(suspenseful music)
- No! Not again.
(door creaking)
- [Dawson] Detective Beaks.
I'm at the warehouse.
I have the motorcycle in sight,
pursuing on foot,
requesting backup.
(phone line ringing)
Detective Beaks,
leave a message.
(phone beeps)
- They're at it again.
I'm just outside the back
entrance of Panache Jewels.
Call me!
(phone ringing)
- Detroit Metro
PD, Tran speaking.
- Officer Tran,
it's Maddie Moore.
I need to speak
to Captain Nylan.
- I think she's
gone for the day.
Do you want her voicemail?
- No, no, no! Wait, my
phone's about to die.
Send cops out to Panache
Jewels on 28th, asap!
There's about to be
a robbery. Hello?
Wait, did you get that?
- [Tran] Panache Jewels.
(slow suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
- [Dawson] Toby!
Come tell me your
side of the story.
This isn't worth it, Toby.
- I-I didn't rob that store.
- [Dawson] Then why is there
a dart gun in your locker?
- I don't know.
Someone set me up.
- [Dawson] If it was a
setup, then just come out
and talk to me about it.
- No, no, you're just gonna,
you're just gonna arrest
me like last time.
- Not if you didn't do it, Toby.
I'm not interested in putting
the wrong person away.
(suspenseful music)
Any second now, this place is
gonna be crawling with cops.
(dramatic music)
(Toby sighs)
- [Toby] Look, I swear I,
I've never shot a
dart gun in my life.
- [Tran] This is Officer
Tran following up on a lead
at Panache Jewels in Midtown.
Over. (static hisses)
(door rattles)
(gentle suspenseful music)
(car door thuds)
(door rattling)
(gentle suspenseful music)
(door creaking)
(Maddie sighs)
(suspenseful music)
(Maddie softly gasping)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
- [Officer] Gotta make sure
nobody comes through here,
all right?
- All right,
I'm gonna meet you
down at the station
and take your statement, okay?
- Okay. (sirens wailing)
(Toby sniffles) (solemn music)
(Dawson sighs) (solemn music)
- [Maddie] They're at it again.
I'm just outside the back
entrance of Panache Jewels.
Call me!
- [Tran] Followed up at
Panache Jewels, no activity.
Heading back to the station.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(shelving whirs)
(Maddie sighs)
(Maddie grunting)
- [Maddie] Huh, that's
one way to avoid alarms.
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(static hisses)
- Detective Beaks.
Report of a 2-11 in progress.
Panache Jewels on 28th.
- I-I just cleared
that 2-11, Beaks.
No one was there.
Door's still locked.
(static hisses)
(car engine rumbling)
- You reached Maddie Moore,
I'm not available right now.
Please leave a message
after the beep.
(phone beeps)
(suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music continues)
(suspenseful music continues)
(Maddie gasps)
(plastic crackles)
(floorboard creaks)
(Maddie softly exclaims)
(intensifying suspenseful music)
(suspenseful music)
(Maddie exclaims)
(Maddie exclaims)
(Maddie coughing)
(dramatic music)
(both groaning)
No! Let go, no!
- Maddie! It's, it's me.
- Amanda! (groans)
- [Dawson] Maddie!
- [Maddie] Beaks! (panting)
- I never meant to hurt anyone.
You, you have to believe me.
Trimani was an accident.
I didn't know the
Xylapreen would kill him.
It was just a sedative.
You don't understand. (panting)
My grandparents raised me
and now it's just me
and my grandmother.
- Amanda, why don't
you let her go
and we can talk about it.
- Talk. You wanna talk?
Okay, let's talk about the fact
that my only chance
of graduating
and having a decent life
was my track scholarship.
And now it's gone.
How am I supposed
to pay for all this
with a minimum-wage
pet store job?
I can't.
- So that's why you did it.
- I was going to
stop, then the bank
was gonna foreclose on
my grandmother's house.
I couldn't lose that too.
- Amanda, I wanna help
you, if you'll let me.
- It's too late. (panting)
For what it's
worth, Nick and Toby
had nothing to do with this.
I told Nick we were bonding
my grandmother's jewelry
and he believed it.
Or at least pretended to.
(Amanda grunts)
(glass crashing)
(alarm blaring)
(Amanda and Maddie grunt)
- Thanks! (Maddie groans)
Amanda! Hey!
Hey! (Amanda and
Dawson grunting)
- Amanda, you have the
right to remain silent.
Anything you say here-
- Let me cuff her first!
- Oh, okay. Go ahead!
- Okay, start over.
- You are under arrest.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.
(alarm blaring)
(Amanda panting)
- Attorney.
- Right, yeah, hm.
You have the right
to an attorney.
If you can't afford one
one will be appointed for you.
Do you understand these rights?
- Seriously? Who are you?
- That's Reserve Police
Officer Maddie Moore.
(gentle upbeat music)
(alarm blaring)
(Amanda panting)
- [Amanda] Ow! Go
gentle on my ankle.
- [Dawson] Officers,
take her away.
- Thank you, Detective.
Thanks, Maddie.
Suspect in custody.
- We got her, Captain.
- Huh!
I really hope this was
done legally, Beaks.
- Oh yes, ma'am.
Pretty sure it was.
For the most part.
- [Nylan] You two
work well together.
I hope to see you again, Maddie.
- Hey.
- Hey.
(Maddie sighs)
I almost feel sorry for her.
- You know, in
this line of work,
you come across all
sorts of sociopaths,
psychopaths, narcissists,
but most of the time
it's just the everyday
people who lose their way.
- Or in some cases, pompous,
power drunk now-it-alls.
(Dawson laugh)
- You forgot distrusting.
I'm just glad she
confessed to everything.
It's almost like she was
relieved it was over.
- How'd she break
into the safes?
- Well, anytime Nick
would install one,
she'd put on one of
his uniform shirts
and then she'd show
back up at the store
pretending that they forgot
to write down a serial number,
and she'd install these.
- Tiny cameras?
- Motion activated.
If you weren't looking for
them, they'd be easily missed.
Anytime anyone punched
a code into the safe,
she recorded it,
and then she'd retrieve
them along with the jewelry.
We've recovered over 400,000
in stolen diamonds and
jewels from her home.
- What about the Xylapreen?
- She stole it.
That's why she got Toby
a job at the pet store,
so she could pin it on
him when she had to.
- [Maddie] Hm. Lovely.
- [Dawson] Yeah,
young love, I guess.
- [Maddie] Poor thing.
Is Toby doing okay?
- [Dawson] He'll be all
right. He's on the right path.
- [Maddie] Well, you did it,
you solved your
first homicide case.
- I had a little help.
- Oh, just a little, huh?
- Hey, Maddie.
Captain Nylan asked me to give
this to you before you left.
- Thank you. Oh, it's a uniform.
Oh, and a Taser!
- What?
- Just kidding. It's a handbook.
I bet I already know
most of what's in here.
- Well, read it
anyways. Do it for me.
- RO Moore, well done.
219. Oh, sorry.
Detective! (chuckles)
- You're him? 219?
You're him.
- I used to be.
- When do I get a number?
Do I get to choose my own?
Because my lucky number's eight.
(kitten meows)
Oh, my gosh, come
here, come here!
Hi, little guy.
What are you doing
down there, huh?
I bet you're hungry, aren't you?
(kitten meows) Yeah.
- By the way, once I've
finished my paperwork in there,
I'll look into that tip
with the missing cats.
- There's no need.
Hm? Yeah, I solved it.
- What do you mean
you solved it?
(gentle bright music)
(kitten meows)
Are you just gonna
keep that kitten?
- You mean Detective
Pawsome, Beaks?
Maybe. Maybe.
(gentle dramatic music)