Tiresia (2003) Movie Script

Soon I'll be in my garden of roses.
Soon. I'm waiting.31
Roses full of thorns.
Fake scents.
Better than real ones.
The original is vulgar
because of its past.
It was only a try, an attempt.
The illusion is not the real thing.
The copy is perfect.
The copy is perfect.
As I see it.
As I smell it.
Again in my garden tonight.
Again roses.
Even if there's only one.
A beautiful day.
No more sleeping without you.
No more sleeping anyway.
Poor garden.
Shitty little garden.
Not one flower that's real.
Shitty little garden.
No scents.
All of you, my roses.
I'm almost there.
I want to know you all.
In fact, I do.
You, you, and you.
I know you.
Wait for me.
I'm almost there.
My garden of roses.
Thorny roses.
Fake scents.
Better than real ones.
The original is a vulgar attempt.
Everything is wrong tonight.
She went partying with that couple.
Then with her husband.
- She came back already.
- Oh my God!
He only took her for 20 minutes.
Where are you going?
- I'll show you a great time.
- Today is her turn.
Look at him.
He's very handsome.
Katie, we haven't made enough money
to even buy rice and beans.
Not even enough for the market.
Hey, Fares, don't go for that one.
He's got his hands in his pockets.
He's got nothing.
- Let's find another one.
- Yeah, okay.
We're expensive.
I know.
Hi, darling.
What are we doing?
Come here, my love.
Kimi, look at this guy over here.
I don't even want to look right now.
I saw him from far away
and got nervous.
- Look. He wants you.
- You think so?
Hey, want some pleasure?
Real pleasure.
What do you think?
Hey, where are you going?
Hey, what happened?
I don't know what happened.
You let him go.
Now you're all alone.
That's a nice car.
Go with that one.
It's not working.
There's no money to even leave.
I'm not gonna stay here.
All with hat in hand
The first is her father
The second is her brother
And the third
Is who won Theresa's hand
Theresinha rises
She rose from the floor
And smiling
She tells the man:
"I will give you my heart"
I want a slice of orange
And a piece of lemon
And from the prettiest girl
I want a kiss and a hug
And lots of ripe oranges
Lots of fallen lemons
Lots of spilled blood
Inside my heart
Jesus's' Theresinha
Has fallen down
Three knights have come
All with hat in hand
Theresinha rises
I'm coming.
Is that your sister?
Yeah. She's coming.
Oh, there she is.
Yeah. She's coming.
Oh, there she is.
Oh, honey.
You won't die anytime soon.
- How are you doing?
- Good, good.
You can talk about me.
But only good things.
It's not enough.
- Can I talk to you?
- Okay.
Bye. Later.
So, this is what it should be.
He wants a girl and a transsexual.
Understand? Both.
He's a rich American.
You got it? Understand?
So we'll split it.
A percentage goes to the house.
The rest is yours.
Do whatever you want with it.
Just don't let him hurt you.
No, no, no! I won't let him.
Of course not.
I'll run away. I'll really run.
- Good idea.
- No, no, no.
Can you tighten this for me?
It's good. It's good.
It's really cold.
Hi, darling.
Any work? Nothing.
There aren't any cars.
No one's driving by.
Horrible. Terrible.
How are you, darling?
Did you work a lot today?
Many clients?
A lot? You're tired, then.
You'll go home soon.
That's good.
Take a look. This?
Give it to him. Okay?
No, no, just give it to him.
More money won't make it last longer.
And you drive me back.
No problem.
You can touch me.
Not now.
Want a drink?
I'll take a Coke.
Don't have any.
Please don't undress.
Don't you want to have sex?
- I'm a whore.
- I don't believe so.
Well, maybe. But I don't care.
I'll undress. We'll have sex.
All right?
Come here.
Now you belong to me.
You're going to live with me.
Hey! Listen!
Hey! I don't want to stay in here!
I'm going out.
To avoid those painful moments.
You asking me to let you go.
You, screaming.
I can't stand screaming.
You saying it's impossible.
Because it is possible.
Let's save some time.
I'll be back when we have it.
Are you okay?
I'm just not used to drinking.
But it's good?
Yes, it is.
I left Brazil.
I escaped Immigration here.
You won't be the one
who locks me up.
If my brother finds you,
he'll kill you.
He'll cut your balls off.
Let me out of here!
You fucking bastard!
You son of a bitch!
Let me go!
Let me out of here!
This rotten place!
I can't take it anymore!
You're an idiot!
I hate you! I hate you!
Sit down.
Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.
Sit down.
I'm glad to see you calm now.
I was afraid you wouldn't understand.
I don't understand.
Do you want to eat?
Sorry. This is to sleep with you.
It hurts.
I'm a little girl.
Fuck me.
Be quiet. Sleep.
How long must I stay here?
I don't know.
Aren't you hungry?
Come and eat.
It's not poisoned. Eat.
I need other clothes.
Sing for me
what you sang in the woods.
What's it about?
I don't want to be tied up.
Then not so tightly.
I'll try.
So how are you?
Go on, life is great.
Move, have fun.
You promised.
Yes, yes.
Look at what I am.
It's inhuman.
It's disgusting.
Take a good look.
Take a good look!
Please don't look at me.
Let me wash.
At least that.
I'll get the coffee.
Jesus's' Theresinha
has fallen down.
Three knights have come.
All with hat in hand.
The first is her father.
The second is her brother.
And the third
is who won Theresa's hand.
Theresinha rises.
And smiling,
she tells the man,
"I'll give you my heart."
And lots of ripe oranges.
Lots of fallen lemons.
Lots of spilled blood
inside my heart.
I want a slice of orange
and a piece of lemon.
And from the prettiest girl,
I want a kiss and a hug.
How long have I been here?
Don't know. Why?
Just wanted to know.
Eat with me.
I can't stand being alone.
I swear I'll stay calm.
Sit down.
Come here.
I promise I won't.
I won't scream.
You're attracted to transsexuals,
but you can't touch them.
Yes, we have something special.
It's a great joy.
But it's a desperate joy.
But you can't see that.
I don't understand you.
Can't explain it in French.
I need to clean up.
See what's happening?
You know what I am.
You know it's not natural.
It's chemical.
I know.
It stopped working.
How about it, honey?
30 for a blowjob and love.
- How do you...?
- What?
- Is it hormones?
- What?
Is it hormones?
Get out of here.
Do you have some on you?
Get out of here.
What's going on?
What's the problem?
I don't know, Eduardo.
He's talking about hormones.
I have no idea what he wants.
Tell him to leave, please.
I'm going. I was only asking.
Don't look at me.
You know this can't go on.
I can't get your hormones.
Your friends will take you, kill me.
Then let me go.
Look at me.
- This isn't what you want.
- It's the same.
You'll come after me.
I swear I won't tell anyone
where you live or what you look like.
You know you can trust me.
At first, you'll be happy,
so you won't tell.
But later...
If you don't let me go,
then go and see my brother.
His name's Eduardo.
Tell him we're together.
Tell him I belong to you,
that I'm your wife.
Ask him for my hormones.
Go and come back. I'll wait.
Will you help me?
Yes, I will.
I'm going.
I'm waiting.
Be back soon.
I'm tired.
I love you.
Jesus had just died on the cross.
It was Friday.
Bodies could not remain
on the cross on the Sabbath.
So the Jews asked Pilate
that the legs be broken
and that they be taken away.
The soldiers broke the legs
of the first.
Then the second.
Those who were crucified with Jesus.
They came to him
and saw he was already dead.
They did not break his legs.
But one of the soldiers with a spear
pierced his side.
Blood and water
came out immediately.
He that saw it bares record.
So that you would believe it, too.
"When he came out of the water,
Jesus saw the heavens open.
The Holy Spirit descended
as a dove upon him.
A voice came from Heaven:
'You are my beloved Son.
I place all my love in you.'"
Why not go to the hospital?
I don't want the police.
I don't want to be sent back.
I don't have papers.
What's your name?
So what should we do?
I don't know.
No matter what, my eyes are gone.
What's done is done.
Very well.
All right.
Want to hear me out?
Want to know what I think?
You're 17 years old.
I'm never here.
I'm always working on the road.
That's it. That's all I have to say.
I won't go against your will.
But be careful.
Be careful for you, okay?
Don't help me.
Watch me, that's all.
If only you knew
what I did to be beautiful.
I don't know how to repay you.
How to thank you.
I want you to come with me.
I have a brother, Eduardo,
who will take care of me.
I want him to thank you,
to give you something.
What's that?
You want your ball back?
Go on.
His brother is older.
Maybe 18, 20.
Do you know him?
How do I say it?
He's going somewhere.
With people.
Do what you can.
Find him, his family.
He shouldn't go.
The alarm went off,
and they drove away.
They had an accident.
The two in front died instantly.
Our son was in back.
He's hurt, but it's not serious.
I'm sorry. Really.
We should have listened.
You saw the accident.
You warned us. The girl came.
I don't know.
It came like that, a feeling.
We thought you were crazy.
We shouldn't have.
At the same time,
we still told him.
Maybe that's why he sat in the back.
We shouldn't have laughed you off.
It's okay. I can do it.
A man came by this morning.
You were out shopping.
I think his name's Clement.
He was worried
about some work problems.
His factory.
The workers put down their machinery.
He could go bankrupt.
Someone wants to hurt him.
Someone close,
someone who works with him.
He needs to know,
or he'll lose his factory.
He needs to open his eyes.
He needs to do it now.
Of course, he won't want to hear it.
He won't believe it.
He won't doubt those around him.
Jesus's Theresinha
Has fallen down
Three knights have come
All with hat in hand
The first is her father
The second is her brother
What is it?
I know you'll always love me.
And how do you know that?
I just know it.
Didn't know it before?
I guess I should say yes.
My first husband died 10 years ago.
I'm 32. I have a daughter.
We live alone. It's not always fun.
And also, he was already married
in a church.
And I married my husband, who died.
If I remarry,
who will be my real husband?
This is all I can give you.
I want to know
if I'm making a mistake.
- Don't look at me like that.
- Sorry.
I just want to say...
I want to tell you...
We can do something for you.
For my appearance, is that it?
I don't know what I want yet.
I think I'll just stay this way.
I don't want to do anything.
I'll see.
I can't see myself, anyway.
So I don't care.
You received a lot of letters.
I read some of them.
They're beautiful.
I'm a simple man.
I don't expect to understand.
Some things are beyond me.
If others are interested, why not?
If you have a gift, you have to give.
I don't know what's going on,
but my daughter is happy with you.
I'm glad to see her that way.
- What's Anna like?
- She's my daughter.
My own daughter.
I'm nothing. It's her.
All I want...
Don't speak about me. Nothing.
I don't want to know.
Not if I die,
not if I win the lottery.
I want peace.
I don't understand.
Help me.
Why do I have this?
Tell me. I'm ready to hear.
I don't know.
But if you have a gift,
you have to give.
Thank you.
You have something
more beautiful than money.
More beautiful than yourselves.
It's a big chance.
There's a statue.
It protects you.
I see water.
You'll be healed there.
You don't know you're sick.
Lots of water.
It might be autumn.
The leaves aren't the same.
Someone will be unhappy.
He'll be the strongest in the end.
Dear Edu:
I couldn't send news.
I don't know what to say.
I don't know where I am.
But I'm safe here.
I'm living with a young girl
named Anna.
She takes care of me.
I don't know why. But she's a gift.
Since I lost my eyesight,
I have no idea what she looks like.
The only thing I know
is that you and I will probably
never see each other again.
Don't make this a drama.
I'll never see anyone again.
And I wish no one could see me.
What was my life?
It has changed violently.
But I'm happy sometimes.
I speak about
the beautiful things I see.
I remember you were very beautiful,
too, my little brother:
Don't worry about me.
Nothing is in our hands anymore.
Anna, I can't find the chair.
Anna, where are you?
I saw Anna.
She was with boys her own age.
They seemed nice.
It's a nice age.
My son's age.
I have a 16-year-old son.
I'd like to see him hanging out
with boys his own age.
But my son doesn't do anything.
All day in his room, doesn't speak.
When I speak, he doesn't respond.
For the past two months.
I don't know what to do.
I drove a long way to get here.
Yes, I know.
What do you think I should do?
What I think isn't important.
I only translate.
Then translate me.
My wife can't sleep.
I don't know what to do.
Speak. Tell me something.
I came for my son.
He says nothing, does nothing.
He won't go to school.
He won't see his girlfriend,
stays in his room.
So I'll tell you.
A real drama awaits you back home.
Your son is dead.
He threw himself out the window.
I didn't want to tell you.
I accept my destiny.
You must accept yours.
My God, you're a monster.
You're the devil.
You're a whore.
Clement is waiting at the door.
Because he lost his factory.
Dear Tiresia, the prophet.
Others suffer and seek salvation.
How I would like to be you.
You seek what's beyond destiny.
No need to worry.
There's no prophet, no oracle.
Just local legend, rumors.
This isn't about prophecy,
but miracle.
A miracle?
That man who has leukemia...
Two weeks ago, he saw Tiresia.
He told him he would be healed.
- And he was?
- Yes.
Am I disturbing you?
Anna, please leave us.
I want you to go out.
My name's Francois.
I've heard a lot about you.
People care for you?
I ask for nothing.
They give me things.
They help because I can't work.
It's nice of them.
When they come, you speak to them?
We talk, that's all.
I think I need to see you, too.
No one needs to see me.
People come, that's how it is.
I'd like to know
what you see about me.
I can't see anything.
How did you know I was a priest?
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
I'm sorry.
I can't take your confession.
I know it's a sin.
Roses aren't God's invention.
Man took what God created
and transformed them.
I thank God that I'm here today.
And not when roses didn't exist.
It's wine.
Thank you.
I couldn't come empty-handed.
Can I ask you something?
How long have you been blind?
I had an accident a while back.
I'm sorry.
What happened?
I can't remember.
You can't, or you don't want to say?
I can't remember.
Do you suffer?
We get used to everything.
So I got used to this, too.
I'm well cared for here.
I was taken in.
People try to give me
the best life possible.
You say you see things?
Things which will happen?
Those things happen.
But I don't make miracles.
All right.
Tell them I don't do miracles.
I'll tell them.
You must.
What do you see?
What does an oracle see?
A sentence comes, that's all.
And then what?
Then I speak it.
Does it come in a precise way?
I don't understand.
Do you decide anything?
When it comes?
Who should hear it?
I don't know.
People are there. Words come.
I speak.
Do you understand the words?
No need to be afraid.
I'm not afraid.
You remind me of a painting I own.
A woman seated on a sofa.
She stands out.
The sofa and wall are uni-colored.
She wears a black dress.
Her black hair is in a bun.
Fine features, thin neck and wrists.
Hands folded, she's leaning.
Her pose is somewhat twisted.
Her face is long and slightly odd.
Can't tell if she's smiling
or judging.
Maybe just an unimportant scene
from a salon. Maybe not.
An impression she sees
something that we don't.
Like she's mocking.
Maybe just cynical or disillusioned.
I'm nothing like that woman.
I had an accident.
I lost my sight.
I was taken in.
I'm fine here.
Safe and well cared for.
That's all.
No, there's something else.
I don't know.
Let's say I can't lie.
Even if telling the truth
is difficult.
How do you know you tell the truth?
I just know, that's all.
- Letters from locals?
- Yes.
May I?
Go on.
You don't open them.
As I said, I don't decide.
Precisely. Here's something.
A short poem by Omar Khayyam.
I'll read it to you.
The blind considered Khayyam
to be wise and intelligent.
"The circle we cross reveals not,
neither beginning nor end.
Nothing pronounces the truth:
From where we come is where we go.
The Master created all things,
but why condemn them
to imperfection?
If their images prove ugly,
whose fault is it?
If their images prove ugly,
whose fault is it?
And if beautiful,
why seek their ruin?"
You know,
I'm just a whore from Brazil.
I don't understand all you say.
That's why I mentioned my painting.
One can't be above things
and want to transform them.
Let things be as written.
I was transformed. I didn't choose.
That's different.
But you still made a choice.
I'm not sure.
Do you suffer from your physique?
That's unimportant.
Not true. That can't be said.
I'm talking about me.
I was from the favela slums.
I always knew my life
would be different from other boys.
But I didn't choose, not even that.
It was there.
It took a lot of work.
It was my own war.
I became a woman, then a whore.
Little boys who become women,
they become whores.
Then a man tore out my eyes.
Now I have a gift.
So I give.
I don't see the wrong in that.
All of you look at me,
thinking it's more, it's a great joy.
But it's a celebration in despair.
No one sees that.
I can't decide.
That's how it is. I decide nothing.
I told you, I decide nothing.
I'm just like that.
Nothing I can do about it.
I live with that. I accept it.
I feel something, then I speak it.
The truth is a force.
I told you, my life changed violently.
Sometimes, I feel happy.
They trust me with the trivial.
They trust Tiresia with their souls.
A horrible night which seems endless.
A real priest is never liked.
I believe people like me enough.
Tiresia said my pride
would soon pass.
That what I thought was an ulcer
was only temporary.
But I would have a dental problem.
I feel lost.
I don't understand it all.
I just take it.
Now I see separate things
seem to be connected.
Who did you go out with last night?
The guy with the Mercedes?
I think I saw him somewhere before.
He made out with Vivi, right?
Yes. Because he's been my client
for a long time.
- Oh, Vivi! Big Vivi!
- Oh, yeah. She told me.
Big Vivi.
Oh, yeah. She's got a huge dick.
It's like a child's arm.
A child's arm!
But I don't know what went wrong,
because yesterday, he wanted me
to go with him, and I did.
You need to take it easy.
Why fight in the street?
Don't be so touchy.
You don't have papers.
You need to be discreet.
I talked to Mom.
They're preparing Arsenio's departure.
They send you a kiss.
You should call her.
She says you never call.
You listening, mule?
I'm listening, Edu.
Don't you want to have sex?
I'm a whore.
I don't believe so.
Yes, I'm a whore.
I'll undress. We'll have sex.
All right?
Come here.
More beautiful than the others?
Your skin is soft again.
My hands are too big.
I don't think so.
They are.
Show me.
They're beautiful.
Small hands are vulgar.
But I have a penis.
I know.
- You like my faults?
- Yes.
Even up close?
Even up close.
So you love me?
Yes, I love you.
Please, let me go.
It hurts.
I'm scared.
I don't want to go back.
I don't want to go back.
Why did this happen?
Mary, I want to feel
your hand in mine.
It's inside.
Inside me.
I can hear. I can hear. I'm alive.
Anna will be the mother of Christ.
There's no beginning, no end.
No witness.
We're just a part
of things that go on.
Thank you.
It opens here.
See what's there. The key...
Put the key in and turn.
It opens.
Like that.
Break it, and it will fall.
The cross, I'm putting it down.
And I open.
They fell.
They fell.
And then...
Okay, I don't know if--
What? I do that?