Titanic 666 (2022) Movie Script

[people screaming]
[signal flares booming]
Liz...! Come back...!
- Come back! - Come on! We gotta go!
We have to get to the boat!
Have you seen my fianc?
Go to the back! All the way!
Get on the boat!
Get on the boat and sit down!
Get this boat in the water!
[rope snaps, all screaming and shouting]
[singing continues]
[groaning and panting]
[water rushing and gurgling]
CHARLES: Elizabeth...!
Charles? Charles!
Charles! [sobbing]
Where are you?
Oh... help me...
[eerie music]
[sweeping, dramatic music]
WOMAN: 110 years after the launch of the original,
Titanic III will set sail in just a few hours
on same path as her namesake.
Along its journey, the Titanic III will stop
at the site of the famous disaster,
which claimed the lives of over 1500 people.
Oh, wow...
Look, you're missing it.
My God, Sylvia's messing up all the messaging.
- Look here, you're missing it. - We only have 27,000...
It's incredible.
I'm not missing anything. It's a ship.
It's history.
It is exploitative.
They are making money off of tragedy.
Are you filming right now?
Hi, guys! Oh, my God, look at this ship! Incredible! Uh-huh!
You're gonna have the time of your life.
Okay, it's gonna be the time of my life!
- Let's do it. Aah...! - Aah...!
Hey, what's up, guys? How we doing?
- I love it...! - Whoo-hoo!
- Whoo...! - Hey, hey, hey, hey...
Oh, my God, it's totally you! Such a fan!
You've been posting all month that you and Jackson
are gonna be here and... here you are!
- I'm here! - Can I get a picture?
Oh, my God, I love your dress.
Actually, can I get a picture?
- Yeah. - Really? Yeah!
- Oh! Are you guys so excited? - Heh-heh.
This is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime trip,
sailing the original Titanic!
- Yeah...! - [cheering and applause]
So, come on, let's have a trip of a lifetime!
[cheering and applause]
CAPTAIN RHOADES: Thank you all for assembling.
I know you've already been prepped
at your earlier meetings with your teams,
but I wanted to introduce upper management to Brian Andrews.
Brian is a former Navy SEAL
and has assembled a team whose sole goal, much like ours,
is to assure the safety of all aboard.
HECTOR: Captain Rhoades.
- Yes? - We have security.
23 men and women who know this ship inside and out.
I'm sorry, Hector, I know this may seem redundant,
but corporate felt that, under the circumstances,
this being a high-profile event,
that a second layer of security was warranted, and I agree.
So Brian will report directly to me,
but will listen to you, Hector... as head of security.
- Hey. - Yes, Julie?
Hey. And why does corporate think that this is necessary?
I mean, is there something we should know?
Is there something I should know?
Oh, no, everything is fine, but this is Titanic III.
We have cosplayers on board, we have mediums, relatives
and, as you know, priceless relics
from the original Titanic disaster.
There's a Vegas death pool on when we sink. [chuckles]
Okay, let's make some good memories.
Can we do that? Can we do that, team?!
- Yes! - Whoo!
Great. So, okay, I have my radio,
so if you need anything, let me know.
Let's get to work. Man your stations.
- Okay. - Parker.
That's the last time I want to hear you say anything
about a death pool on the Titanic. Understood?
- Yes, Captain. - Go.
So, where are you starting first?
Systems check.
PARKER: All systems go, Captain.
Engines primed, please.
Engines... primed.
[ship's horn blowing]
[sweeping music, no dialogue]
REGINA: We... are in open water.
Full throttle.
Full... throttle.
To the best crew on the Atlantic!
We are in open water!
[engines chugging in distance]
[door clanks and hisses]
[ship creaking, engines chugging]
[door creaks, slams]
14 years before the Titanic set sail,
there was a book written called "The Wreck of the Titan."
Titan... Titanic... it's like a thing, right?
Conspiracy, yeah.
Well, the story goes... the luxury vessel liner, the Titan,
sets sail across the North Atlantic,
strikes an iceberg and sinks...
- Huh. - Um...
14 years before the Titanic sank.
Should we go, like, say hi to people?
Let's do it, let's go say hi.
- Hi, people...! - Hey, everybody!
Okay, I'm gonna, like, go up and change.
What's up, everybody up here?
WOMAN: I've never seen such a stupendous ship.
What an excursion this is gonna be.
[p.a. chimes]
Good evening, everyone, my name is Julie McInnoy.
I'm the ship's cruise host,
and on behalf of the White Star Lines,
we'd like to welcome you aboard
this maiden voyage of Titanic III!
Over the course of ten years, this ship was recreated
with astonishing detail, with incredible craftsmen,
to generous donors that gave us actual items
from the shipwreck itself.
We know that some of you are influencers,
so please share with the world
this exciting and historic journey
that you are taking with us.
Captain Rhoades will be guiding us
to the Titanic's resting place by tomorrow evening.
At that time, we will observe a 30-second moment of silence
to honor those that served witness to that tragic day.
But for now, please relax and enjoy yourself
on this maiden voyage of Titanic III.
[classical music playing]
COCHRAN: Just be sure to follow the specs
that I sent ahead to your crew.
For the lighting, I need 2,000 and 3,000 Kelvin
for a warm, soft glow.
Nothing more... it will damage these pieces.
- Yes. - They are fragile,
they are old, and they are very, very valuable.
I'm sure I don't need to tell you how rare it is
to salvage items off a wreck
that's been that deep for that long.
No, no, you certainly do not.
They're wonderful and beautiful, we're so...
- Lovely. - ...happy to have you and them.
Put that... put that down! What are you doing?!
Don't touch that!
- Sorry. - That is...
the most prominent item in my collection.
That... this is the actual violin
that played "Nearer, My God, to Thee" as the Titanic sank.
This has survived 100 years on the sea bed,
and it's not gonna be destroyed
by some third-class staffer like yourself.
I'm so sorry, it, it's fine, though...
- Oh, my goodness... - ...and nothing's broken.
It's, it's fine.
You know, my great-grandmother had a hairpin
just like this one.
Were all of these taken from the site?
Of course. I was the leading technical adviser
on the expedition that discovered the wreck.
So you thought you could just steal these
from their final resting place?
No... I preserved them so their memories can live on.
You know, the ancient Egyptians were actually buried
alongside their household items.
- Excuse me... - A deadly curse was bestowed
upon on anyone who touched, let alone stole,
their personal treasures.
- Okay, okay... - Well, thank you so much
for the lecture. Who the hell is this?
I, I don't know.
Uh, thank you, you can leave now.
Sorry, we're, we're gonna take better care of your things.
I know how precious
these beautiful, wonderful artifacts are.
Please, so... is the display to your liking?
Yes, it's very nice, thank you so much.
I'm so sorry, I lost my temper.
It's fine, it's fine.
[elevator bell dings]
- Okay, humans... - Ah... [chuckling]
We are officially passengers on board the Titanic...
- Oh, yeah... - ...Three!
This is amaze-balls, wowser.
Okay, apparently...
it took ten years to build this place.
And it may look authentic,
but behind these coverings and walls,
state-of-the-art cruise ship.
So don't worry, Mom and Dad, we're safe.
Yeah, so safe... safe... oh!
- Jesus! - Oh, sorry, man, you all right?
Do you know, if you pulled your face
out of that soul-sucking device, you might actually experience
some of the living history before your eyes
rather than bumping into people.
- Um... oh, my... excuse me. - Wow.
Hi, Mr. Angry Man.
I'm pretty sure you bumped into us,
so maybe pay attention next time.
- Yeah. - You're absolutely right.
I didn't even realize there was such beauty before my eyes.
- Ooh, whoa, really? Chill. - What?
- Well, thank you, but, like... - What's up with this guy?
...that was awkward.
- Yeah, let's go. - Maybe not.
- Enjoy the Titanic... - JACKSON: Oh, yeah, we will.
- ...morons. - MIA: Copy that.
Aah! We're in this creepy hallway.
Babe, are you sure we're on the right floor?
Yeah, I have a whole app for the layout and everything.
Yeah, well, they all look alike.
I mean, I think they look kinda romantic.
How do they look romantic?
I can make them romantic.
- Ooh, hello, works for me. - Uh-uh-uh... [laughs]
[both laughing]
Oh, my gosh...
It's, like... really quiet up here.
Yeah, like, actually, wait.
It really is quiet.
- Yeah. - [taps wall]
They've got serious insulation in these walls.
God, you can't hear the engines, you can't hear anything...
- You two all right? - [both gasp]
Wow! [gasping]
Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you.
We're just looking for our rooms.
Yeah, we're good, thanks.
Mia? Jackson?
- Oh... - Oh...
- You a fan? - [laughs]
Uh... [chuckles]
No. No, no, no.
Brian Andrews, corporate security.
It's my job to know everyone on board.
You must be the, uh... influencers.
- Mm... yes. - That's us.
That's us.
Well, Mister... Brian Andrews,
we are looking for number 1317.
Down the hallway, second exit sign, take a left.
- Let's go. - This guy...
Oh, one more question, um...
When are we arriving at the site?
- Thanks, Brian. - A few hours.
- Yeah, let's go. - Oh... mmm...
We'll have to think of something to do in the meantime.
We will find something to do.
- Boom-chicky-wow-wow! - Come on, shh...
Whoo! [laughing]
[Mia teasing in sing-song]
Oh, boy...
Most of the antiquities from the actual Titanic
are from my personal collection.
You've seen the ship? You were there?
Oh... let me tell you...
I have peered into the ghostly eyes of history.
It was... mm...
In fact, everyone on that expedition was given a piece,
and, uh... this was mine.
Oh... uh, can I?
I'm, I'm... uh, here.
There you go.
Oh... amazing...
Uh, there is an etching on the inside.
It's a wedding ring.
Uh... I'm afraid I can't see it... my eyes.
Well, it's, it's very small, but it says...
"Edward and Sarah."
As in Captain Edward?
This is Captain Edward Smith's wedding ring?
Oh... I have to have this.
Is this for sale, Professor?
I'm afraid that particular piece is not for sale.
It's of... such significance,
not only in my life, but in the captain's as well.
You understand.
I'm... a very wealthy man.
I'll make it worth your trouble.
Well, I do have one or two other pieces
that might be of interest.
That you'll sell to me? Really?
You said it yourself.
You'll make it worth my trouble.
I absolutely will.
Good man. Come in.
Thank you. [chuckling]
Forever bound, soul be found.
Bring forth the spirits of the deep.
Hear my words. Hear me speak.
MAN: Ladies and gentlemen,
the gala is officially beginning in ten minutes.
Please join us in the ballroom
for the official Titanic III gala.
And what did your sister say?
MICHAEL: Then she had the nerve to call me nuts.
Well, she is a therapist.
- Wow... - [laughing]
...so you're gonna agree with her.
No, honey, listen, we're not 20 anymore,
and this is your second time around,
and we don't need a big wedding.
But I do need a big party.
I'm gonna tell everybody in New York
I got the smartest, prettiest, most amazing woman...
Oh, honey, stop, or we're gonna be here all day.
Well, you look beautiful.
[steam hissing, engines chugging]
[Jackson chuckling]
- Oh... - Ooh, babe.
- Holy motherlode. - This is so cool.
- [laughs] - We're gonna get in trouble.
Okay, guys, right now we are below the decks,
in the bowels of the Titanic III.
Shut up... [laughs]
Honey, hang on...
What... lost connection.
That's okay, babe, just record it and then we'll post it later.
Oh, well, anything for you, my princess.
Oh, my God, I hate that, that's so awful.
Call me thorough.
Hi, guys!
I bet you're gonna wanna know
what hidden treasures are around here.
Yeah... we're gonna take you guys
where no man has ever gone before.
Just around this corner...
[steam hissing, engines chugging]
I say these words, you hear my voice.
I call to thee, I summon you.
Hear my words, I pray.
I say these words, you hear my voice.
I call to thee, I summon you.
Dark is light, light is dark.
Ashes to ashes, flesh to flesh, blood to blood...
JACKSON [whispering]: Come on.
- Okay. - Okay.
Oh, okay.
MIA: Super sketchy.
Oh, my God, shh...
[whispering incantation]
[incantation continues]
Is this part of the ship's entertainment?
- Why would it be down here? - I don't know.
Dust to dust...
[eerie whispering]
Is this just some crazy rando person doing this? Man...
Kurt did say there would be a lot of weirdos on board.
[breathing deeply]
MIA: God, she looks like a super weirdo.
Wait, what is she doing?
Babe... what is she doing?
Ew, ew, what is that on her hand?
[whispering incantation]
Hear me... hear me...
[incantation continues]
[bang, loud hissing]
- What's going on? - I don't know.
[eerie whispering]
I'm getting a really bad vibe.
[eerie whispering continues]
- [Mia gasps] - Sorry!
Nancy, shh...
- [continues incantation] - How did you find us?
I was watching your livestream, so I figured I'd join you.
Dark god... from beneath in their watery graves,
come forth!
Hear my words and come forth tonight!
Right the wrongs of the past.
JACKSON: Is this for real?
What is this, a ghost tour?
Come forth and hear me!
I call on you, you spirits, rise!
[loud rumbling]
Come on, come on... it just died.
Uh, no, let's just get outta here, come on.
- Come on. - Come on.
Spirits, come forth!
Hear my words!
Feel them deep in the soul, dark god.
You okay?
Yeah... I'm okay.
[chuckling] I'm good.
Oh, I lost the connection... Michael?
Oh... if you can hear me, I love you.
I love you, I love you, okay?
I'll call you later.
I can't believe this thing bugged out on us.
You can use my phone if you want.
Oh, you're so sweet.
Everything's logged on to these phones.
This one's dead now too.
- Oh... - We have to power up.
I don't usually geek out like this,
but I've been a fan for a couple of years
and I knew you were gonna be here, so...
- Oh... she loves us. - [giggles]
- We love you too. - And I don't even like ships.
I mean, I think it's weird.
Like, it's too claustrophobic or something.
Like, we're out in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around.
Like, what if something happens?
Like... we can't just leave a ship, am I right?
- Yeah. - Yeah. [chuckles]
Anyways, I have a phone charger in my room if you wanna use it.
It's just two floors down.
Yeah! Why not? Yeah.
MIA: Well, that's fantastic.
JACKSON: Well, problem solved.
Still running into people, I see.
Are you a fan of Mia and Jackson too?
What is this? [chuckles]
[chuckles] I watch all of their vlogs and TikToks.
- I'm sure you do. - You're just jealy.
They have over 12 million followers
on Instagram alone.
12... 12 million?
I'm... wow, I'm actually impressed.
Happy you're impressed.
[Nancy chuckles]
- Mia. - Yeah.
And, and you monetize this, right?
I mean, eyeballs mean money.
Dude, they make millions of dollars every single month.
You can go now.
Wow... um, no, you can stay here and never leave.
It's okay, um... it's getting a little bit cold here anyway.
You seriously have boundary issues, don't you?
You know, I happen to have
quite the collection of Titanic artifacts aboard this ship,
and, for the right price,
I'm willing to part with all of them,
including the famous violin
that played "Nearer, My God, to Thee" as the band drowned...
or... better still...
I have a blue diamond
that would look absolutely lovely around your neck.
- Dude! Oh, my God... - Whoa, okay.
My wife is fine, we're fine.
- Don't touch me. - You should go. Go.
I'm just saying you're a beautiful woman.
You should have nice things.
Do you even hear yourself?
Do you ever, like, stop and think about,
or even feel bad, for monetizing the suffering of other people?
But that's exactly what you're doing, isn't it?
What? Okay, you son of a bitch.
No, no, no, wait, babe.
Babe, we don't need his vibrational frequency around us.
I apologize, I was only joking.
- Uh-huh. - Sometimes
I take things too far.
Perhaps I can buy you a drink to make amends.
I'll see you both later.
It's an open bar, asshole!
[both sigh]
- Ooh, hi. - Ah...
Honey... look at me.
What is this? Besides so sexy when you're worked up?
What? Mmm-uah!
PARKER: Arriving on zero mark, prepare for all stop.
All stop.
Good evening, everyone.
May I have your attention for just a moment?
Ladies and gentlemen,
we have reached our final destination point,
where, over 100 years ago, we lost 1,517 souls...
when the ocean...
took the Titanic.
[radar beeping]
To honor this moment and those people...
please join us in a moment of silence.
[whispers] We're doing a moment of silence.
- Oh... stop. - What?
[radar beeping]
Thank you, everyone.
All right, now, let's let the memorial gala commence!
[Idina panting]
We just got the Titanic special.
- Mmm... - Mmm... oh, yummy.
It is called the Iceberg.
It's, like, part vodka, part dry vermouth, it's so yummy.
It's really offensive, but...
[laughing] ...it's delicious!
- So good. - Mmm, mmm...
- Ooh... - [gargles, laughs]
[playing "Nearer, My God, to Thee"]
Ooh, what is that? Wait.
- What? - Wait.
[laughing] Don't you hear that?
Do you hear that, babe? Listen, the music.
- Yeah, I do hear it. - Oh, my God, oh, my God.
Gimme this... Oh, my God, wait.
- What? - We have to dance, hold on.
[continues playing]
- Set up the camera. - Okay, okay.
- It's so romantical! - What's romantic about this?
- Oh, my gosh, okay. - What?
Listen, listen, listen, you hear it?
- Yeah! - Okay... oh, ask me to dance.
[both laugh]
[Mia humming]
[Jackson laughs]
MIA: This is the best!
[clack, equipment shuts down]
What happened?
Mmm... mmm...
[music changes to harsh screeching]
Hey, Mia, you okay?
Mia, Mia, are you okay?
- Stop it! - Mia!
Help! Somebody help! Somebody help!
[screeching echoes]
JACKSON: Help...!
[coughing and groaning]
[screeching fades]
What the hell was that?
I don't know.
Run a diagnostic on the comms.
We shouldn't be getting feedback like that.
[Mia gasps]
What the... God... my God, J...
- Hey, what's going on? - Jackson... Jackson...
Jackson... no! Stay away from me!
Well, somebody was shouting for help. Are you okay?
- Where is Jackson? - Jackson? I don't know.
He was... he, he was... he was here.
- [chuckling] - He was here and now he's gone!
Listen, calm down. He can't have gone far.
We're in the middle of the Atlantic.
It's okay. Breathe, breathe.
- Jackson? - Come on, it's cold out here.
Let's get you inside. I'll get you a drink at the bar
and your husband will show up, I promise-- come on.
- Okay.... - Come on.
- Okay. - What were you doing out here?
I, uh... oh, wait, my phone.
Um, you know, okay, uh, the bar, I'll, um... lemon drop martini.
Lemon drop martini, okay.
- Yeah, yeah, thank you. - I'll see you there.
- Um... - Okay...
Oh... oh, God... oh, God... oh, God, what just happened?
Oh... I, I, I, um... I'm on the deck of the, the Titanic,
and, and I, I don't know what happened.
I started hearing something, and, and then Jackson was here,
and now he's gone, and I'm about to...
[eerie music]
[violin screeching]
[loud screech]
This weather's crazy-- fog's so thick,
the radar's pinging it like it's a solid object.
WOMAN: Capacity exceeding tolerances.
You all right?
Yeah... it's just murk.
WOMAN: ...center deflection.
Bridge to Captain Rhoades.
Come in, Captain Rhoades.
- No answer? - No.
Fog must be causing some kind of an electromagnetic interference.
I'm gonna go grab the captain from the gala.
Second-in-command, you have the conn.
I can't believe that they had to be stuffed into one of those.
It seems...
- Terrifying. - Totally.
I know... imagine being thrown into one of those wooden boats
and not knowing when you'd hit the water...
and whether you'd be sucked down in the wash of the Titanic
as it's swallowed by the sea.
- Oh. - Oh...
On a lighter note...
- Yes. - Here.
Oh... oh... oh, Professor.
That is lovely.
Isn't it? May I?
Oh... please.
SYKES: Yeah, so that's crazy, man.
Who would have thunk it, you know?
Yeah, you know, that's crazy.
I'm gonna check over there.
Does she have a pulse?
Can't get a beat.
You better call this in.
I'll be right back.
Parker. You should be on deck.
Uh, I tried calling you on the radio,
but we're getting some interference.
We need you upstairs.
- Okay, so what's going on? - That.
[beeping and whooshing]
How long has this been happening?
At least five, ten minutes.
Have you tried to reboot?
[sighs] Okay, let's see if it's a software issue.
If we need to re-download, we need to do that now.
Roger that, Captain.
- Captain Rhoades. - Yes, Brian?
I'm sorry, you need to come with me.
What is it?
You need to see for yourself.
Parker, you've got the conn, huh?
And keep me updated on the re-download.
Yes, Captain.
RHOADES: What happened?
ANDREWS: Guys found her on their rounds.
Do we know who she is?
Mia Stone.
Where's her husband?
SYKES: We don't know.
Brian, see if you can find her husband, see if they were
livestreaming through their social media... go.
We'll handle it.
Let's go.
I need a perimeter.
I need to dust this area and look at the security video.
Come on, man, you know the drill, go!
Hector, see if you can unlock this.
Maybe see who she called last,
maybe look into their social media via phone.
I'll go upstairs and alert the Coast Guard.
Yes, Captain.
This is the captain, do you copy?
We have a fatality, a possible homicide, do you copy?
[engines rumbling]
[eerie whooshing]
[clicking and beeping]
[whooshing, clanking]
[breathing shakily]
[steam hissing]
[loud cracking and whooshing]
Hector, any luck?
Strangely, none of the security footage from the ship
captured anything.
But I was able to finally hack Mia's phone.
- Okay, okay... - So romantical.
What's romantic about this?
Oh, my gosh, okay...
RHOADES: That's where she was found.
[distorted screeching]
- Oh... - You okay?
- Ow! - Mia, Mia, are you okay?
- Stop it! - Mia!
Help! Somebody! Somebody, I need help!
What, what's happening?
Where did Jackson go? Did you see anything?
- Did he just disappear? - Yeah.
- Who's there? - Is that Cochran?
He... he was right here, he was right here
and now he's gone!
That's Cochran.
I don't unders...
What... what's Cochran...?
Yeah, I, I'll go to the bar... lemon drop martini.
- Lemon drop martini... - Yes, thank you.
See you in five minutes.
- Okay. - Okay, see you then.
[Mia panting]
RHOADES: Wait, so Cochran left.
Okay... I...
- [distorted screeching] - Okay, what's happening?
[whoosh, gasp]
Rewind it, rewind that, Hector, rewind it.
How'd you...
[distorted screeching]
She saw something.
- [whoosh] - Ooh!
What was that?
I don't know.
- Did Cochran come back? - Uh...
Cochran's the last one to see her alive, so...
we'll go question him.
You guys, keep looking for me, okay?
SYKES: Yes, Captain.
This is crazy.
Now, this one's very special.
- Mm... - This was given to me
by the last known survivor from the Titanic.
You would own a piece of history.
Professor Cochran.
- Julie. - COCHRAN: Hello, Captain.
Lovely evening.
Yes, Captain, uh...
the professor was just showing me
some of his Titanic treasures.
We need to talk.
About what, Captain?
We have some questions we need to ask you.
We probably should take this outside.
- Why? I'm enjoying the party. - Now.
All right, then... now works.
This way?
That way.
Well, this is all very cozy.
Do you want to tell me why you brought me in here?
We have a few questions... about Mia Stone.
Mia... Stone.
Oh! Yeah, Mr. and Mrs. Selfie-stick.
Yeah, Mia's quite a character, though what she's doing
with that feckless spaniel of a boyfriend I'll never know.
That feckless spaniel of a boyfriend is her husband,
and he's missing.
Yeah, well, she probably saw sense
and shoved him over the side for a few likes.
She's dead.
No. No, I just...
What? I just, uh...
You just what?
You just what?
When was the last time you saw her, Professor Cochran?
A few hours ago up on the deck.
She was looking for her husband.
Oh... so you knew he was missing.
I knew she was looking for him.
What are you implying?
We have security footage of an altercation
between you and the couple.
- MIA: Oh, my God... - JACKSON: Whoa, okay.
My wife is fine, we're fine.
- Don't touch me. - You should go.
COCHRAN: That's exactly what you're doing, isn't it?
JACKSON: What? Okay, you son of a bitch...
No, no, no, wait, babe, babe,
we don't need his vibrational frequency around us.
I was only joking, sometimes I take things too far.
Perhaps I can buy you a drink to make amends...
Am I, am I in trouble here?
We do have a few more questions.
I'm not sure I want to answer your questions.
Captain, how about I take him down to the brig
and finish questioning him down there?
I'm sure you're busy and needed up on the bridge.
Oh, no, I'm going with you.
We need to get to the bottom of this, so...
Yeah, right, let's go.
Get your hands off me.
I've done nothing wrong.
COCHRAN: Are you serious?
Thank you, Hector.
[water lapping]
Wait, wait, this, this is outrageous.
Why would I have anything to do with them?
- Oh, just... - And something so crazy!
Sit down and shut... sit down!
- These are serious charges! - Sit down!
- Okay. - Shut up.
- Brian. - What is it, Captain?
We're moving.
Can you handle this?
Yeah, I'll question him and I'll report right back to you.
Thank you.
This is your captain, do you copy?
When are you gonna learn to shut up?
I thought she was coming down on me for something I sold.
Not this-- this is, this is crazy.
To be accused of, of murder... murder!
Just relax.
I will get you out, okay?
But now it's gonna be 15%, not ten.
- What? - You heard.
Oh... oh, no...
Oh, no... is that what this is?
Okay... oh, now I get it.
Okay, Brian, so you're working me.
You're framing me for murder. [laughs]
It doesn't look too good, you arguing with a dead girl!
Don't be a dick, Brian.
Your job is the easy bit.
You're just shepherding the rich people towards me.
I making up the hard yards here, I'm making the sales.
We still can't find her husband.
13. See?
I can be reasonable.
Okay, but you bring me a better class of clientele,
'cause I need richer.
I need more money now.
Why are you doing this?
Why are you selling all this stuff?
Are you in debt? Do you have a woman on the side?
Why do you need 13%?
We are trying to make a living here, Brian.
It cost me an arm and a leg to get this shit off the sea floor.
And, yes, it is just stuff, but it is touched by history,
and people will pay.
It doesn't have to mean anything more than that.
I guarantee it meant more than that to the original owners.
Yeah, well, they're dead now,
so we don't exactly have to worry about them now, do we?
Sit down and shut up!
[engines chugging]
Parker, we are moving.
Do you copy?
Why are we moving?
REGINA: Something's overriding our system.
We don't really know what's going on.
So override the override.
We rebooted the system 'cause it went down...
And the engines started up?
No, look, the engines still haven't started.
We're moving some other way.
Captain, corporate's been calling.
Reverse the engines.
What are you doing?
You are driving us into a minefield!
- No one's driving us. - Someone is! So fix it!
Yes, Captain.
I'm going back on deck.
Oh, jeez...
They told me I could find you out here.
Good. Let's go to the engine room.
- Oh... [laughing] - It's okay, Mrs. Straus.
I think you just needed a little air.
- I'm not usually this seasick. - It's all good.
That is a beautiful necklace you have.
Oh... [chuckling]
Thank you.
You don't need to do this, I'm fine.
I can take you back down to your room.
Oh, no, I'm gonna stay outside.
Kinda wakes me up.
Okay, if you... if you're sure you're fine,
I'm gonna go back inside.
Okay, yes.
All right. [laughing]
Have a good evening.
You too... Julie.
[hissing] Lovely necklace...
Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you.
Uh, and I'm a little seasick.
[hissing, roaring]
[gasping and choking]
RHOADES: Where's the engine crew?
Parker, do you copy?
What's the status?
No response, Captain.
It's like the ship has a mind of its own.
Damn it.
Keep trying-- I'm gonna see if I can
neutralize the throttle manually, over.
Roger that, Captain.
We're running out of time.
What happens if you can't stop it manually?
[sighs] Shut the engine off.
Oh, my God...
- What is... ? - Hector?
Hector, do you copy? We have a problem down here.
Hector, do you copy?
Have to shut off the ship now.
- Now. - Wait.
- [Rhoades gasps] - What is it?
- It's frozen. - [alarm ringing]
Oh! Shit!
We have to shut this thing down manually.
Help me. Now!
Come on... now!
Come on...
- [Andrews grunting] - Push, push, push, push!
Push, push, push, push, push!
- [continues grunting] - Okay, come on, Brian.
[Rhoades grunting]
Push! Push!
[both panting]
Gonna have to override it.
It's frozen.
[hissing and creaking]
The boilers can't take this much pressure.
[zapping, louder hissing]
- Can you hear that? - Yeah.
- You hear that. - Yes.
[alarms wailing]
Captain, I think we need to get out of here now.
I need to neutralize the throttle.
[popping and crackling]
We need to get out of here now!
I have to figure this out, Brian!
[hissing, gauges clacking]
It's gonna blow, let's go!
[Rhoades gasps]
[alarms wailing]
[muffled explosion]
[all gasping and exclaiming]
MAN: Is everybody okay? Does anybody need any help?
- [panting] - All right... shh...
Are you okay?
Yeah... I'm fine.
[alarms continue wailing]
We gotta go warn... we gotta go warn... the bridge, come on.
[alarms beeping]
- What was that? - Was that an iceberg?
No, no, that was something else.
Something in the engines.
Here... the engine room has been breached.
One of the engines is down.
Get the captain on the phone now.
I'm sorry... the walkie.
Captain Rhoades, do you copy?
Captain Rhoades?
- She's not answering? - She's not answering.
HECTOR: This way.
Captain, are you okay?
I'm fine. The engines blew.
Impossible. The systems are state-of-art.
They don't overheat.
Hector, this is nothing to do with state-of-the-art.
Vacca's dead, and there should be
15 other engineers down there, and there were none.
I'll assess the damage, I'll let you know.
Okay. Careful.
HECTOR: Come on, stay close. Let's go!
RHOADES: Let me know!
Captain! Are you okay? What happened down there?
We had a breach in the engine room.
Parker, see if you can turn off the EBS
so it only repeats every five minutes.
Contact the Coast Guard?
No, the signal went out when the EBS kicked in.
Do we need to evacuate?
No, we are just dead in the water.
We're not taking on any water.
[console beeping]
- Shit. - What, Regina?
Iceberg, .8 knots.
How big?
About 30 feet topside.
We can't steer the ship?
PARKER: We're just drifting at this point.
Even if we crashed into it,
there shouldn't be enough force to sustain any serious damage.
Shouldn't be?!
Thank you... Parker.
Now let's see what other ships are out there.
Mayday, mayday, this is Titanic III.
We've had an engine room explosion and are adrift.
Does anyone copy? Over.
Mayday, mayday, this is Titanic III.
We've had an engine room explosion and are adrift.
Does anyone copy? Over.
[grinding and creaking]
Anybody down here?!
We need all crew topside!
Anything from the Coast Guard?
Maybe the automatic signal didn't go out.
Try a different way.
Mayday, mayday, this is Titanic III.
We've had an engine room explosion and are adrift.
The emergency generators are on.
We just can't get the system rebooted.
Mayday! This is Titanic III.
We've had an engine room explosion and are adrift.
- Whoo! - Over!
[p.a. system feedback]
Ladies and gentlemen, this is Captain Rhoades of Titanic III.
Although we experienced the loss of one of our engines
about 15 minutes ago,
you can see that the ship still has power.
We ask that you have patience
while our engineers fix the issue.
In the meantime, we ask that you stay in your cabins.
Thank you so much.
MAN: Titanic, come in. Over.
Copy. Captain, Coast Guard, channel three.
This is Titanic III, Captain Rhoades speaking.
E.C. number 0-4-1-4-1-9-1-2.
We are in distress and need a rescue. Over.
Is the ship still okay?
Yes, we are intact,
but the explosion did buckle some of the skin,
but we are holding for now.
What is your location?
370 miles south-southeast of Newfoundland.
Coordinates are...
41 degrees, 43', 32" North, 49 degrees, 46' 49" West.
Okay, do you need evacuation?
No, we don't need to evacuate,
but we will need a tow if we can't get going.
Okay, we're standing by.
- Copy that. - Do you have backup?
Yes, I'll call the White Star Lines
to see if they can offset our passengers.
- Copy that. - Thank you so much.
- Stay safe. - Bye.
The closest ship is about two hours away.
- Do we just sit and wait? - No.
You... try to make everyone feel comfortable
while we fix the problem.
I have to call corporate.
I'll be in my office.
Do what you can.
- Yes, ma'am. - Yes, Captain.
Well, isn't this bloody marvelous?
Whew... aah!
[pipe hissing]
Jesus Christ...
Hey, there's water coming in here!
Hey! Get me out of here!
[eerie moaning]
[distorted screeching, Cochran groaning]
Aah... [screaming]
No! Stop that noise!
[screeching fades]
Aah! Shit...
Oh... shit...
Get, get away...
Get away from me!
- [roaring] - [Cochran grunting]
Get... get away from me!
Aah... help...!
[hissing and roaring]
Captain Rhoades?
I need to talk to you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, ma'am, you can't be up here.
Ma'am, you can't be up here. Is everything okay?
- No! - Well, you can't be up here.
You need to go back down to your cabin
- I... - Everything's going to be...
No, not about the noise, goddamnit!
I need to show her something!
Hey, Brian, Brian.
What's your name?
Nancy, what do you want to show me?
Um, I follow the LoveStones?
The Internet couple.
What do you know about them?
So, I thought this was a thing because of the ship,
but then I heard that Mia was hurt or dead or something,
and, and I just saw her.
This is their livestream.
Do you see that?
[Mia gasps]
Do you see that? That light? It's a ghost.
No, no, no, no, it's just a lens flare, we've seen this before...
No, it's a ghost!
Look, let me show you.
See? This ship is haunted.
We're over the graves of thousands of people.
Nancy, I assure you, the Titanic is not haunted.
Brian, can you please take Nancy to her cabin, please?
Yes, ma'am. Come on, Nancy, let's go.
What do we do about Cochran?
Release him.
He's not going anywhere.
We'll have the authorities question him
when we get to dock.
- Yes, ma'am. - Mm-hmm.
Let's go, darling, let's go, darling.
[equipment beeping]
MAN: Ladies and gentlemen, we of the Titanic now ask
that you all please proceed to your cabins.
- [Cochran gasps] - Cochran!
- Stay away from me! Stay away! - Hey, hey, hey, hey.
- Are you okay? - Are you okay?
[Cochran gasping]
Get, get, get me out of here, get me out of here.
Get him up.
- Come on, up. - [panting]
I... I need to see the captain... now.
Okay, okay, let's go.
All right, let's go.
I don't know what kind of trip this is...
but that was horrifying...
Okay, Professor Cochran, calm down.
You know, I, I could have been killed.
You assholes locked me in a tin box
to rot with a goddamn corpse!
A corpse?
Well, I, I, I don't know how else to describe it.
It was a... I don't...
We found him curled up on the ground.
He said that he was tied up in the brig.
- Tied up? - Yeah.
It wasn't human.
It was... it was something else, it was something...
It was something... else, some...
Some thing?
I don't know exactly how to describe it!
Thing! It was freezing!
Like... like death.
Okay, Professor Cochran, I'm sorry.
There's a lot of things happening on the ship
that I cannot explain, but I apologize...
You need to get an explanation from your lawyers...
and you need to turn this ship around
and get us all back to New York now.
Sorry, we can't find Hector.
Brian, can you take Professor Cochran back to his cabin
and go with Sykes...
Yes, ma'am.
...to the engineering room for Hector.
Let's go.
Come on, Cochran, let's get you back to your cabin.
It's okay.
Do you copy?
Hector, what is going on down there? Do you copy?
COCHRAN: You're trying to sideline me, is that it?
- Oh, come on... - Trying to get me
out of the way and take all the dough for yourself.
Let's just get through this, make our money...
Honestly, Brian, why you think I would kill a young couple...
- Just shut up, will you? - To even think
I could kill someone...
Excuse me, ma'am, you need to get back to your room.
Uh, ma'am? Hey!
Are you okay?
Hey, wait.
I knew it.
I knew you didn't work for this ship line.
Yeah, I've seen her.
She's been hanging around my treasure.
This is who you're looking for.
She's probably orchestrated this whole thing.
My violin, she picked up my vi... you know what?
I wouldn't be surprised if she's your killer.
Well, I didn't kill that couple.
You see? She knew it was a couple.
How did she know they were both dead?
[Idina chuckling]
Oh, I didn't kill anyone.
But do you know what happened?
But you're not ready for that answer yet.
Aw, jeez...
Oh, my God, is she fucking mad?
Try me.
He did it.
What? [scoffs]
Stop it.
I didn't kill anyone.
You know I didn't kill anyone.
When you excavated those underwater tombs...
when you stole their property...
You're the one responsible for all of this.
This isn't a curse. I didn't "start" this.
It's not a curse.
You know, it's just free enterprise.
I think she's...
I used to think that things were getting better, but...
I guess I was wrong.
Generation after generation,
since my great-grandfather died aboard this ship.
Okay, come on...
Your grandfather? Who was...
The voices... they faded and... the nightmares few...
but then your company decided to set sail one more time,
and you, you started to sell the property of the deceased.
You were on hallowed water and you have desecrated it!
The voices... the voices have been screaming inside my head!
And the nightmares...
Oh, they are very real.
And this ship is cursed.
And you have caused all of this.
Uh, okay...
You're coming with me, let's go.
Get him back to his room.
You're coming with me.
Wait, wait... how, how do I stop it?
You can't.
Your curse is that you're gonna watch everyone around you die...
while you bear witness to the horrors that you have unleashed.
- Come on. Right, come on. - No, no, no...
Who are, who are you?
Right, come on.
Who, who are you?
- ANDREWS: Sykes. - Who are you?
- Sykes! - Hey, hey...
How far is the ship?
About an hour.
Keep trying.
This has been a crazy day.
Who's that?
No, no, no...
No, no, no, no... no, no, no...
No, no!
Hey! Back in your room.
Are you okay?
Sir, I'm talking to you.
Are you okay?
Cor... corporal...?
No, no, no, no, no, I ain't going over there.
She ain't right, man.
She ain't right.
Well, you can't stop them.
Your fate is already sealed, Brian.
Uh... yeah, see, that crazy shit doesn't work on me.
You can save that for the folks back in New York.
Oh, no one's getting off this ship.
They'll make sure of that.
Why would you say that? What are you talking about?
Well, Brian here is profiting off their deaths.
No, no, um... yeah, see,
everything that the professor says to you is complete b.s.
The professor?
Well, he's not the one who told me.
It's the devil's work...
She's summoning the devil.
ANDREWS: Are you kidding? You?
"The devil prowls around like a roaring lion,
seeking someone to devour."
- [laughing] - "The devil prowls around
like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour."
- Sykes! Sykes, hey! - "The devil..."
Hey! Shut up!
What are you gonna do, shoot a ghost?
[bullet ricochets, Sykes gasps]
[gasping and groaning]
[clicking and zapping]
[Rhoades sighs]
Okay, okay, everybody.
You have a smart phone.
Let's take them out so we can light it up in here.
All right, all right. Come on, let's turn it on.
PARKER: We need to check the processor.
[roars, Rhoades shrieks]
You okay?
This way...
Everybody, light it up this way, please, please.
Light it up this way.
- What are you looking for? - I saw something.
Okay, it's fine, it's fine.
Everybody just... Regina, please try to reboot us up, please.
All right, you got it. I'm on it.
Okay... let's go, let's go, let's go.
Aah! [grunts]
[Sykes panting]
Oh, my God...
What the hell is happening?
My God...
My God...
Just get rid of it.
Get rid of it all, come on.
Pull yourself together, man... come on!
Pull yourself together, man.
Come on... ah...
It's going to be fine.
[shower running]
- [shrieking] - Aah! Shit!
MAN: Yeah, go this way!
Are you okay?
[Sykes groans]
Stay here.
I'm gonna try and get some help.
[groaning and panting]
Holy Mother, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners, now...
Holy Mother, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners, now...
[ghost roaring]
[gasping and choking]
Excuse me, ma'am, you can't be in here.
Parker. Parker!
Regina, call security!
You need to get... aah!
You need to leave. Now.
[distorted] It's good to be back on the Titanic.
Oh, we need to stop it. We need to shut it down.
What do we do, what do we do, what do we need to shut it down?
Oh... nothing's responding.
It's not responding.
I'll go to the mainframe.
[door slams]
Captain, we're still on a collision course
with the iceberg.
- How far? - 400 yards to impact,
but we can break through these things.
No, Regina, I don't think that's gonna happen.
REGINA: Still no response.
Captain... Smith?
I'm Captain Rhoades, I'm the captain of this ship.
I don't know what you're doing or what you think you are doing,
but... this is wrong.
Captain to captain, you cannot do this!
You cannot scuttle the ship!
REGINA: 350 yards.
We don't scuttle.
You are not the captain of this ship anymore!
REGINA: 300 yards!
Killing all these people will not bring you back!
It won't change anything! Regina!
I can't control the, the controls! I can't do anything!
- Keep trying! - 200 yards away, Captain.
This can't be happening.
We can't control the Titanic!
Uh... I don't know who you are...
but I know you're in there,
so if you can hear me, maybe he'll listen to you.
- 200... - Will he listen to you?
You need to tell him... tell him to stop this!
150 yards.
[distorted] Are you afraid that in a hundred years,
people will be sailing over your grave, Captain?
If he kills us... he kills you too.
- 50 yards... - [distorted laughter]
You're the only one that can stop this.
You're the only one who can stop this... please.
I know.
- No! - [gasping]
[loud grinding and scraping]
Please go to your muster stations.
Please, calmly, just go to your muster station.
You, you too. Thank you. Thank you.
Uh, excuse me, you work here, right?
Yes, of course.
- So what is it? - Are we in trouble?
No, no, no, sweetheart, it's probably just a drill.
WOMAN: This is not a drill.
It's going to be fine.
Please just go to your muster stations.
Come on, let's go.
Calm, orderly, thank you.
[automated announcement playing]
- Parker! - Mayday, mayday!
This is Captain Rhoades on Titanic III.
We hit an iceberg and we are taking on water.
I repeat, we hit an iceberg and we are taking on water.
We are in need of rescue! Mayday! Mayday!
Keep trying, Regina.
Mayday, mayday, this is Titanic III, we're going down!
I repeat, we are going down. Is anybody there?
Please, anybody hear me, copy that.
- I'm not getting any signals. - Regina, anything.
- We have hit an iceberg! - Captain, Captain...
We are taking on water!
- What, Cochran? - I know what to do.
It's my fault, I did this.
- You did this? - Yes.
We need to return it, all of it, back to the deep.
What are you talking about, Cochran?
Ryan, tell them, the artifacts...
- Shut up! - About the curse!
The artifacts...
Shut up! There's the curse! The curse is dead!
I don't care! I don't care anything about this.
All I care right now is about the passengers...
No, no, no, no, what happened?
What happened? This... this can't be.
- She's the one... - Okay...
I need to make... I need to make it right!
- You need to... - I need to make this right!
You can make this right...
by helping me get these passengers on their lifeboats.
Do you understand me? On the lifeboats?
- Lifeboats... lifeboats... - Do we have it?
Everybody, now, out, out!
- Okay. - Get the passengers
on the lifeboats, let's go!
- You got it, Captain. - Let's go! Let's go!
Regina, I need you to hold the bridge, you hear me?
- Yeah. - Hold the bridge. Go.
Stay as long as you can, you got it?
Mayday, mayday! Titanic III.
We... we're going down.
Please, somebody.
[faint screaming]
[bells ringing]
This is an automatic warning system.
All passengers and crew...
[crashing, screaming]
[announcement repeating]
Oh, beautiful.
I am gonna make... so much money!
[passengers screaming and shouting for help]
I... I was just returning...
I s... I swear.
This has gotta be yours, right?
Um... I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry...
MAN: He shot himself! Oh, my God!
MAN 2: Help! Help! Help!
Come on! Everybody!
Your muster station... get to your lifeboats.
Do you remember where your lifeboat is?
Go! Go! Look for your boat.
Go to your lifeboats.
- Oh, God, help... - Come on, come on!
Go to your muster stations, come on!
Do you copy? Do you copy?
Get to your muster stations, to your lifeboats! You got it...
- Captain... - Go to your muster stations.
- Cochran! - What the hell is happening?
What are you seeing? What are you seeing?
- [muttering] - Cochran. Cochran!
- Huh? - I need you to help me!
Get these people to the lifeboats now!
Get them to the lifeboats! Do you copy?
Where are you going?
I'm gonna do the same on the other side, come on!
- Up here! - Come on!
- Up here, come on. - Oh! Come on, come on.
Go, Cochran! Go!
Do you copy?
Up there, get in!
Copy, do you copy me?
[ship creaking loudly]
[chairs clattering]
RHOADES: Put your lifejackets on... your lifejackets!
I'm lost... where do I go?
Number 3, and get your lifejacket on!
- RHOADES: Lifejackets on! - Whoa...
RHOADES: Everyone, get your lifejackets on!
- Aah! - [screeching]
[people screaming]
Watch your step...
Captain, captain, captain, I don't know where I'm going.
Okay, Nancy, Nancy, go to your muster station.
That's upstairs to your right, you got it?
- Yeah. - Say it.
- Upstairs to the right. - To the right. Go. Go.
Your muster station, go.
Go, go. Go.
[people screaming]
[rumbling and creaking, people shouting]
Brian, we need to help everyone get off the ship.
Brian, are you okay?
[people screaming]
Mommy...! Daddy...!
Mommy, Daddy!
- Is this your little girl? - Yes, yes.
Okay, sir, you're next, you're next.
Come on.
Hold on a second.
You wait there.
Come on, that's right.
A brave man.
Is anybody else left?
Cochran! It looks like everyone's on the boats.
Okay, let's get you on.
Up you go.
Anybody else?
All right, all right, let's go.
Put your lifejackets on!
- Captain, come on. - Yes... no, Parker, go, go.
You first, Captain.
Parker, you know how this goes.
I don't get on until everyone is safe. Get on!
Tell Michael I love him, okay?
Come on, you got it.
- [ratcheting] - Everybody to the lifeboats!
Nancy... Nancy, you good?
You good? You're good.
[rope snapping]
[people screaming]
[choir vocalizing "Nearer, My God, to Thee"]
[crashing and muffled voices echoing]
[loud gurgling]
[choir continues vocalizing]
[wind blowing]
[water lapping gently]
[Rhoades gasping, banging on side of boat]
[both gasping]
- Captain. Captain... - Cochran...
- Oh... I got you, I got you. - [groaning]
[both groaning and panting]
Captain, are... are you okay?
You okay?
Oh... you must be freezing.
[Cochran chuckling]
Oh, it... it's just... ironic, isn't it?
That I should live... when it's all my fault.
Did you help... people to the lifeboats like I asked you to?
Yeah, I, I... yeah, I tried, yeah.
Then let it go.
You'll square it up with God later.
No, what if it's just...
just not in my nature to...
to do the right thing... eh?
[sobbing] Cochran...
Come on...
No... no...
Don't go doing that...
No, Cochran...
[orchestra playing "Nearer, My God, to Thee"]