Titli (2002) Movie Script

"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
"The sad messages come.."
"The sad messages come to
the land of hills and forests."
"In square boxes."
"Let the heart stay as it is."
"He reads the sad messages
"The clouds carry a map
to guide the messenger clouds."
"The twisting roads lead
to his house surrounded by gardens."
"At the end of the garden
lies the main gate.."
"..and the rocking
chair in the verandah."
"A small strip of sun ray
falls on the carpet laid on the bed."
"The messenger cloud
empties his bags there."
"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
"A huge shadow of a small
ray of sun falls on the wall."
"It stares wide-eyed."
"What is it waiting for?"
"The sunrays cut into
the shadow repeatedly."
"The sunrays have
a wounded heart inside."
"The sunrays cut into
the shadow repeatedly."
"The sunrays have
a wounded heart inside."
"A blue fog drips
down from its heart."
"The sad message spreads
across the dark cloudy sky."
"It spreads across the sky."
"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
"The sunrays reside across
the sky beyond the mountains."
"If the messenger clouds
know where the shadows lie.."
"..the sunrays eagerly wait for it."
"They wait for the clouds to
bring the message to the verandah.."
"..and the small garden."
"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
It's 8:30, Titli. Get ready.
What happened?
- I've to sign.
It's a registered letter.
What are you looking for here?
Are your pens meant
only to write fan letters? - To bite.
Is it your new herbal shampoo?
Want to see magic?
It's quite hot here.
Month of Asarh (June-July)
is approaching.
Yet there's no sign of rain.
Inform us after you
hear about Amar's arrival.
Your brother was complaining
about Amar not coming to Nagpur..
..on his way to Bombay.
If we knew he was travelling,
we could've met him at the station.
Mom, didn't you write
that dad went by flight?
Why should I mention that separately?
Titli, don't move your legs.
Sorry. You all..
- During this time..
Take care of yourself
during this time.
Amar isn't there with you.
If you catch cold and fall sick..
Mom, does granny still
think that you're a small girl?
She's helpless.
Girls make the mistake
of being a mother.
Have you taken out your clothes?
- I'll do it.
Where will I keep dad's letter?
Give it t me.
I'll keep it in my bag.
Take the call.
Whose call is it, Tara?
Call for you. Piya has called.
Don't talk for long it's already 9.
Have only these many bloomed today?
I've arranged the
rest in the dining hall.
Tara, keep a towel in the bathroom.
- Okay.
Tara, where's the
sweater I was knitting?
The peon came some time back.
I received the mail.
There was a letter from granny,
a registered letter from dad..
..and my magazine.
No. No. maybe he didn't
receive my letter.
You know that we posted
the letters together.
How could he write
to you and not to me?
Titli, hurry up. It's 9:15.
Hold on.
Why did you tie your hair in a bun,
the open hair looked better.
I'll leave now.
I've to pick dad up from the airport.
At 12. We'll come back by 3.
You know how dad is. He'll
meet lots of people at the airport.
Mom, will we come back by 3?
If we start soon.
I'll call you back after I come. Bye.
Look at the condition of your room.
What happened? Get up.
Piya got a letter from him.
- From whom?
Come here, mom.
Will he write to me?
Choose a finger.
He'll write to you.
Maybe there some postal problem.
Come on get ready now.
Will he write to me?
- I told you that he will.
What will you wear?
I'll take it out for you.
I'll get it.
You smell so good.
Don't delay anymore, Titli.
Do you see how foggy it is today?
We'll have to travel a long distance.
Will the flight reach on time?
Has it even come on time?
Will it be right
to consider the delay?
I should've sent the letter with dad.
Dad went to Bombay.
He could've sent someone
with the letter to his address.
And you should've mentioned
on the envelope that..
..the bearer awaits reply.
You're pulling my leg.
- No, I'm serious.
You would've instantly got the reply.
Why don't you deck up, mom?
You look so beautiful
when you dress up.
What's wrong, Titli?
Why aren't you eating?
Mom, will you be happy
if I marry an army officer?
Why did you think of an
army officer all of a sudden?
Well suppose..
suppose a marine engineer.
If you change your preferences so soon,
it'll be difficult for me to decide.
Okay. What kind of
son-in-law do you prefer?
No one is getting you
married right now, Titli.
You'll appear for
your ISC exam next year.
Concentrate on that.
But, you got married at
a very young age, mom. - Yes. At 20.
After I gave my part one college exam.
- Then?
Then what?
My parents had fixed
my marriage and I complied.
I was not disobedient like you.
I followed what my parents said.
I wouldn't watch
TV from early morning.
Come on, eat.
Okay. I'll marry when you wish.
What's wrong with you?
You pasted pictures in the morning.
Then you lamented for some
time that you didn't get his letter.
Now you are worried
about your marriage.
Yes. That's the problem
Mom, will you be angry
if I marry a film star? - Film star?
- You know him.
No, Titli I don't know
who you're talking about.
What is it?
Oh no!
Why are you making such faces?
I don't have anything to say, Titli.
Finish the breakfast quickly.
Will you be angry, mom?
Do you know his age?
I know he's a bit old for me.
- A bit?
Well, he's quite aged than me.
You always say that grandpa
was 20 years elder to grandma.
Titli, your grandma never
imagined of telling her mother..
..about marrying a film star.
Won't things change with time?
Then why are you giving
your grandma's example?
Don't fidget.
Well, was grandma unhappy?
No, she wasn't. That's it.
He's a very nice man.
He comes from a very good family.
His father was a freedom
fighter and a school teacher.
He never married anyone.
I've the information.
He has no scandal.
He was never involved with women.
Who? His father?
- No, he.
What do you mean you've information?
I've read in the magazines.
He's an Aeries,
a great match with Libra.
Well, if you think that you're
waiting for our permission..
..then tell your dad when he comes.
Not now. Later.
- Ok. Later.
I thought you're in hurry.
I won't speak to him. You tell him.
- Why? You tell him.
Explain him everything
the way you explained to me.
I can't explain him so well
as I don't have so much information.
Aeries. His father
was a school teacher.
Dad will laugh it
away if I talk to him.
He'll call me crazy.
- If I talk to him he'll cry.
Isn't laughing better than crying?
Mom, you aren't serious
about the matter.
Ok. I'm serious.
Suppose I agree and
your dad also agrees.
What next? Who will
contact the prospective groom?
I'll write to him.
What if he doesn't answer your mail?
- He'll answer me.
Tara said that if I pray
at the monastery daily..
..all my wishes will come true.
I pray for it every day
during the school prayer.
Tell me something.
Will Piya also marry him?
- No!
Piya has a boyfriend.
- Oh!
Who is he? Another film star?
Sandeep. Sandy.
Didn't I tell you that
he took us out for coffee?
Just a minute.
Tara, give coffee in the flask.
Oh no! It's 9:45.
Finish the breakfast quickly.
You've opened your hair.
Look how foggy it is.
I hope the flight lands.
Nothing much will happen.
We'll come back. We'll go tomorrow.
Don't you have any old songs?
You mean the songs popular
during your young age?
No.. the old songs were so peaceful.
How are the songs of present times?
Well it's an eternal problem.
When Rajesh Khanna's
Aradhana released..
..I was of your age or maybe younger.
The song 'Rup Tera Mastaana'
would be played..
..in the microphones in all
the localities throughout the day.
My father was very angry.
"Is this a song?"
Why was grandpa angry?
In those days it was a
serious offence to watch films.
We were not like you. We never
watched videos throughout the day.
You didn't watch films
even after your marriage?
There was no chance to watch videos.
When your dad was posted
at Margaret's Hope..
..there wasn't a movie theatre there.
But whenever we went to Darjeeling,
we watched films.
Did dad love watching films?
- He loved it more than me.
Avinash da,
please pass me the bag of cassettes.
I remember an incident.
We were returning from
Delhi soon after our marriage.
That was the first
time I boarded a flight.
I was extremely nervous.
I was sitting in the first class.
Suddenly a fair man sporting
sunglass and wearing a suit..
..sat right next to me.
Your dad whispered something
to me after seeing the gentleman.
I was nervous,
had cotton balls stuffed in my ear..
I didn't understand a word he spoke.
After alighting from
the flight I asked him..
..what he was saying..
He said, "What kind of woman are you?"
"Do you know who was
sitting next to you?"
I said, "Who? Who?" Dilip Kumar.
And you didn't recognize him?
I didn't even look at him properly.
What is it?
- The monastery Tara talks about.
I told you about it.
Why are you laughing?
What did you pray for?
I prayed for dad's safety
and safe landing of the flight.
That's all?
Mom, who was your favorite film star?
Dilip Kumar?
Rajesh Khanna.
Ever girl was crazy
for him at that time.
You just told me that
you didn't watch movies.
Avinash da, please play it.
Talk to me.
You always listen to songs.
Listen to it.
Play it softly.
Listen to it. If you don't like it,
I'll switch it off.
"My dream girl, when will you come?"
"The weather is so pleasant."
"When will you come?"
"Time is passing."
"When will you come?"
"Come. Come."
"The lanes of love.."
What was Piya's boyfriend's name?
- Sandeep. You've met him.
Does her parents know
about their relationship? - Yes.
They'll get engaged after the finals.
He has gifted a beautiful
turquoise ear ring to Piya.
Mrs. Mitra didn't tell
me anything in this regard..
..when we met at Sophie's
house the other day.
Will you invite them
home some day, mom?
Sandy loved you.
He said, "You don't look
like your mother at all."
What do you mean?
He can't imagine that
a beautiful mother..
..has a daughter like me.
My daughter is so sweet.
Forget what he said.
Your dad would always tell your granny..
- What?
You could've lent your looks
to your daughter if nothing else.
Granny looked so beautiful
in your wedding photos.
My granny was more
beautiful and quite famous.
Oh no! The beauty is
depleting in every generation.
What if I have a daughter?
What if she also has a daughter?
We won't be able to look at her.
No need to think of such nonsense.
I don't wish to see
your granddaughter.
There's no chance of that.
- No..
Just imagine if we gradually
get back to the ape age.
Darwain's theory of evolution
will reverse after a certain point.
Gradually the humans
will start looking like apes.
Earlier this place
was filled with monkeys.
When I came here after marriage
there were lots of trees..
..parrots, hill bears..
- Did you see them?
I didn't notice bears but I saw bats.
I think some stories were made up.
Ghost stories were quite common.
- Is it?
I told you about Margaret's
Hope the other day.
The eta garden was named
after a girl. Margaret.
The story dates back
to the British times.
Margaret was the daughter
of the tea garden manager.
She would always be sick.
She would like on the bed
and hope that the train line..
..passes by her house
and reaches the mountains.
Since then the place
was named Margaret's Hope.
That never happened
because she died very young.
You know the usual stories
that float around after that.
It's believed that Margaret
still visits the house. - Really?
I went there after my wedding.
As soon as I reached I
was told all the ghost stories.
I was told that a girl comes dressed
in a white night gown at night.
The sound of the piano
being played is heard.
And more such stories.
It always rained there and
the place was always engulfed in fog.
And I was told such stories.
Just imagine my condition.
I would feel very depressed.
Once your father went to
Kolkata for a conference for 3 days.
Just imagine..
I was all alone in that huge house.
Margaret's room was on
the other end of the house.
There was a bed, a brass bed.
That was Margaret's bed
and Margaret died on that bed.
After dinner the cook told me..
Madam, go to your room,
lock it and go to sleep.
Don't open the door even
if you hear any sound. Okay.
I went to bed and fell asleep.
Suddenly, I woke up to a sound.
I heard music being
played on the piano.
I thought that it was my imagination.
But when I carefully heard
it I actually heard the piano.
The piano was playing and as a matter
of fact Mozart was being played.
I felt scared.
I thought of calling the cook.
But something made me change my mind,
I got down from the bed.
I took the torch with me.
You went out of the room?
Well, it seemed as if someone
took me out of the room.
My legs were shivering.
I was sweating profusely
in the cold weather.
As I walked ahead the sound
of the piano became clearer.
The door was closed.
I could see light coming out of it.
I somehow managed to be
strong and looked inside the door.
- My cook.
He was romancing a Nepali
girl on the brass bed.
What about the sound of the piano?
There was an old
gramophone in the room.
He played your dad's Mozart
record on it. Just imagine.
What are you doing, Avinash?
Stop! Brother, stop!
What is it?
- I want to say something.
What is it? Why did you stop
the car in the middle of the road?
We're in problem.
- Avinash, stop the music.
What's the matter?
Madam, are you going
to Siliguri by any chance?
Bagdogra. What is it?
I'm the production controller of
Trimurti Films.
Sushanta Rakshit. Here's my card.
Yes, what is it?
We were shooting here.
Tagda Tea estate.
The shooting got over yesterday.
An important film star is supposed
to fly to Dumdum from Bagdogra..
..and then to Bombay from there.
He has shooting tomorrow.
- So?
Our car has broken down.
It's a new Tata safari.
We hired it only for him.
But, now we're helpless.
It broke down in
the middle of the road.
He has been waiting on
the road for half an hour.
You want to know if we'll
give him a lift till Bagdogra. Right?
Who is the film star?
Don't worry, madam. He's a gentleman.
He's a very nice person.
Ok, he can come along.
But, we don't have a Tata Safari.
No. No. that's not a problem.
He'll adjust.
He'll sit in the front seat.
He has a shooting
scheduled for tomorrow.
That's the problem.
I would've send him by road.
What film are you shooting for?
- Tasveer.
Double version.
- Fardeen Khan and Mahima?
She has all the information.
No, he is not Fardeen Khan.
This actor came for a short scene.
Guest appearance.
Rohit Roy.
I'll get him.
Mom, where is the monastery?
I don't know.
Maybe we left it behind.
He's coming.
She is our madam.
Hello. Urmila Chatterjee.
- Hello.
Madam is very nice.
She readily agreed.
She didn't even want
to know your name.
Very kind of you.
- Not at all.
Avinash, open the dickey.
You've luggage. Right?
- Yes, a little.
I'll put the luggage inside.
Please come and help me, brother.
Pulakesh da, bring the luggage.
Come. Come.
Give me the bag.
Take it.
- Not that one. It's falling down.
What's this, brother? Be careful.
Keep it properly. Yes.
Place it there.
- Where?
- Is it okay? Pass the big bag.
What's your name?
- Titli.
It's falling down.
- She's my daughter.
Keep it properly.
Did you come here
to spend your vacation?
No, we stay here. Castleton Tea garden.
- Oh I see!
My father is the manager here.
Oh no! if I knew it I would've
gone to your house for tea.
The tea from our
garden is valued lot.
We send few crates of tea
to Queen Elizabeth every month.
Just imagine, Queen Elizabeth
and Titli drink the same tea.
Titli do you drink tea?
I'll appear for ISC next year.
- Oh! Then you're a lady.
Should I have been formal with you?
- No.
I've put your luggage inside.
Should I come to the airport?
- No. It's not needed.
Drive little fast.
Help him reach on time.
Okay. See you.
- Okay, sir.
We'll meet in Bombay.
Thanks, miss. Thank you, madam.
What role are you playing in this film?
- Interesting.
I play an artist whose
friend gets murdered.
He had witnessed the murder.
The police asks him to draw the
murderer's portrait for investigation.
He was kept in a lonely hilly
place so that he can concentrate..
..and draw the portrait.
What happens next?
Well.. after seeing the hills,
waterfalls, forest..
..he forgets about the revenge.
He is unable to complete the portrait.
It's time for the police to come.
- Shall I give you coffee?
Will you have coffee?
You're so boring.
Sorry for disturbing
your conversation.
Actually, I was going to have coffee..
..so I thought if you would like a cup.
- Exactly!
You're the queen Elizabeth
of the tea estates.
You should treat me to nice tea.
I can have coffee in Bombay too.
We can't carry Darjeeling
tea in a flask.
There's a different
method of preparing it.
I told you that if you
came home I could've served you.
Okay. I'll visit you some day.
Your shooting isn't over?
There are other films too.
They shoot Hindi films in hilly areas.
I'll recommend them
to shoot in Kurseong.
Will they listen to you?
I've a couple of director friends.
They'll listen to me.
I've heard that the Hindi
films are shot in Switzerland.
This is why I like this generation.
We couldn't pronounce Switzerland
and Mozart until a certain age.
We pronounced it differently
- You're right.
There's a huge difference
between this generation and ours.
My daughter is well-informed than me.
She knows all the
films you've acted in.
The films that were hit
and those that were super hits.
She knows which shirt you
wore and lip synced which singer.
She knows everything.
Everything about you.
Is it?
- I wrote many letters to you.
- She never got an answer..
..and she's very sad about it.
Do girls write letters in today's age?
I thought that they wrote e-mails.
I've written my good name
in the letter. Tilottama Chatterjee.
That's the problem.
Why did you write such
a serious long name when..
..you have a sweet and short one?
Okay. Ask me the questions you have,
I'll answer you.
she wants a written letter from you..
..to show her friends,
so she didn't send an e-mail.
Her friend Piya got
a reply from your end.
That's very wrong.
Titli, do something.
Give him your address.
He'll write to you if he
wishes after he goes back to Bombay.
Okay. I'll note it down.
Tilottama Chatterjee.
C/o Amar Chatterjee.
Manager. Castleton tea Garden.
The fog is gradually disappearing.
Where have we reached Avinash? Ghoom?
- Yes, madam.
Ghoom. Such a lovely name.
The name makes ones feel drowsy.
Didn't you sleep last night?
Have a cup of coffee.
You'll feel better.
There was a phase in my career
when I worked in three shifts.
Morning. Afternoon. Night.
I wouldn't even get time to eat.
I would eat while travelling.
I hardly slept for one-one
and half hours in a day.
For one and half to two years.
Wasn't it tiring?
- Yes, it was.
I was ready to give a lakh
rupees to anyone who would..
..give me an hour to sleep.
I badly wanted to sleep,
to go on vacations.
I wished to meet my old friends.
Come close.
Sit close to each other.
I'll click a photo.
Oh no! fog inside the car too?
- It'll soon vanish.
I didn't know that you
were interested in photography.
You're right.
I'm not interested in it.
I was travelling to the hills and thought
of carrying the camera with me.
This is the last film. Thank you.
Oh no! Why didn't you tell me earlier?
- That this was the last film.
I would've clicked a photo with you.
Titli, look. Ghum monastery.
- Where?
Will you repeat the
address once again.
Tilottama Chatterjee.
C/O Amar Chatterjee.
Manager. Castleton Tea Gardens.
Kurseong, District Darjeeling.
West Bengal.
Where did you live in Kolkata?
Bijaygarh. I was very poor.
I lived in colony.
You didn't start acting
in films at that time?
I was struggling at that time.
I had a friend, a very special friend.
I didn't have a phone and
her number was given everywhere.
All the phone calls
would come at her place.
I got the call for my
first break at their place.
Surya Sangi. Your first film.
It released in April, 1976. Right?
I must say that you had good friends.
- Of course.
I always say it.
You always say this?
In the magazine interviews too?
I never read about it.
No. I didn't mention this fact.
I told you as you wanted to know.
The film didn't do well.
It was screened only for two weeks.
You left for Bombay after that.
Isn't it?
You know about it?
Why didn't you work here anymore?
I was not comfortable here.
I had no responsibility
and so I thought of taking a risk.
I didn't have a place to stay there.
One of my friends
worked in Geoffrey Manor.
I used to stay with him.
What's his name?
- Pramod. Pramod Bhatnagar.
You don't know him.
We shared a room.
He had an affair.
Whenever his girlfriend would come,
I would've to stay outside.
I've heard that the tourists
who go to Bombay visit your bungalow.
Yes, I've also heard about it.
But, no one told me that
they've come to see my bungalow.
As if you would take them around
your bungalow if they told you.
You must ask properly.
For example if you come and ask me..
..can I refuse you?
I'll tell you your address.
702 Garden View,
TPS 3, Bandra, Bombay-50. Right?
Will you come?
No. If I write to you..
Don't take the trouble
of writing letters.
Come an meet me.
- No..
Where will I stay?
I don't have any relatives in Bombay.
My maternal uncle lives in Nagpur.
It's far from Bombay.
Stay at my place.
Why will my guest stay with somebody
else? Don't I have any prestige?
Your mother won't say anything. Don't
listen to her if she says anything.
Will you say anything?
Titli, if I was in your shoes I wouldn't
done anything silly like this.
I would've recorded
the entire conversation.
You're right, mom.
Piya would've at least
recognized his voice.
Why just, Piya? It's for you.
You would've had a valid evidence.
After all he is an actor.
They say nice things
to people and then forget.
Wow! Who is that?
It's a better one.
Sometimes I see pictures
that make me feel that..
..I'm seeing my reflection
in a magic mirror.
My friend Piya whom I
mentioned draws really well.
She has drawn your portrait for me.
It's awesome.
I've kept it in my room.
Sir, close the window.
I've to stop the car.
If the people recognize you,
there'll problem.
Why do you have to stop?
The engine has heated up, madam.
No problem.
Stop after crossing the market.
Will I be able to reach
Bagdogra in this car?
If you don't reach,
you can stay at our house.
There won't be any problem
if you don't shoot for a day.
Come out. There's no one around.
You won't be mobbed.
What's there to see outside?
There's fog outside.
Don't you like mist?
I shot here for the past
three days but couldn't..
..see the Kanchenjunga even once.
Only mist.
You should've tried
early in the morning.
You can view it in the morning.
Avinash, are you done?
You should've checked it earlier.
We're stranded in
the middle of the rod.
When did you wake up today, mom?
- At 6. Why?
I woke up early today
to watch the sun rise.
It was foggy since morning today.
The garden at the
backyard wasn't visible.
I waited for the fog to disappear.
The best time is from
November to February.
The weather is clear for
a long time during that time.
You told that you'll
come again for shooting.
You can see the sun
rise clearly at that time.
Okay. Since you insist I'll tell them.
But, I'm an unlucky fellow.
Those three months may
turn out to be very cloudy.
What? You're unlucky?
- Don't you think so?
Look, it's so cloudy.
Actually, the nature is calculative.
It knows that I'm an foreigner.
- Why do you call yourself a foreigner?
I'm not talking about
someone from another country.
According to nature I'm a foreigner.
- I don't get you.
The sun rises where you
stay and the sun sets at my place.
Well, your bungalow is located
beside the sea. Isn't it? - Hmm..
When I return home early from
shooting, I sit down with whisky.
The sun gradually disappears
in the sea all of a sudden.
Okay. When I visit you,
I'll carry tea from our tea estate.
The one that Queen Elizabeth drinks.
You won't have to drink whisky.
I'll have to get some coolant.
It's finished.
What? You've to get coolant now?
From where?
- There's a petrol pump nearby.
I'll get it quickly.
- Ok. Go. Do you've money?
Yes, madam.
Why do you want me
to stop drinking whisky?
For health reasons.
I restrict dad too.
I measure the drink for him.
We also drink in measured amounts.
Actors can't be undisciplined.
After all we've to
show ourselves off to earn.
Sorry. I don't agree with you.
Do you know how many cigarettes
you've smoked since morning?
Look. This is the last one.
I bought the packet yesterday.
It lasted till today.
I'll buy one now which
will last till tomorrow.
Where did the driver go?
He went to a nearby place.
He'll soon be back. Sorry.
No. No. Don't be sorry.
I'll send him to
the shop once he comes.
Actually, I should've remembered.
He won't be able to pronounce
the name of these imported cigarettes.
Give him the packet.
If he doesn't get this brand,
he can by anyone.
You have to smoke?
Show me.
- No. No. let him come.
I'm not in hurry.
- Show it to me.
Mom, shall I get
spicy toffees for you?
Are you going?
- Do you feel dizzy?
You've been sitting for long.
No. We're getting late. Hurry up.
You never told her that you know me?
Is there anyone who doesn't know you?
Your husband?
- What do you want to say?
You never told him anything?
What's the use.
- It's of no use.
How are you?
What's wrong with you
after going to Bombay?
You must greet a person
and ask how he's doing..
..right after meeting
him and not after so long.
Come. Come out.
Didn't you get married in winter?
In the month of January.
I had sent you an invitation
card at Bijaygarh's address.
Didn't you get it?
"..stigma is also dark.."
"The stigma that made
Binodini lose her family."
"Lady, your tresses
are darker than that."
"The cloud is dark
and so is darkness."
You bragged so much.
You said there'll
be Christmas vacation.
Holiday of seven days.
What's wrong now?
Call Bina. Why do you call me?
She teaches English. Isn't it?
Now when you can't manage,
you call me.
You could've told me earlier.
She said that she has
fever and she can't do it.
It's clear and simple.
Look at the way they talk.
I did everything
and now they say that..
Where is your brother?
73=21, 74=28, 75=35
- Let me tell you.
She won't go.
71=7, 72=14, 73=21, 74=28, 75=35.
71= 7. 72=14.
You've got an invitation card.
Whose wedding is it?
73=21. 74=28. 75=35.
"Lady the marks of your crimson
altar are brighter than others."
"The cloud is dark
and so is darkness."
"The grains are green
and so are the leaves."
"And the parrot is also green."
"The grass is green."
I had sent a letter inside it.
I had written that you shouldn't
come if you don't wish to.
I didn't get the invitation.
Why did you suddenly
ask me when I got married?
No. Just like that.
The question came in my mind.
It was very cold that day.
Immensely cold.
Around 9 degrees.
Temperatures never
drop so low in Kolkata.
I remember everybody
wearing a couple of sweaters.
But, I was shivering out
of cold as I was dressed only..
..in the wedding sari.
What are you looking for, Shipra?
Aunt said that sister's
sweets and yogurt have been..
..kept separately in the fridge.
Shipra, listen..
- Tell me. I can hear you.
Look at me.
Has he come?
Do you think that the
groom will arrive silently?
People will blow the conch
shell and make auspicious sound.
Won't you be able to hear it?
I don't mean that?
- Then?
Has he come?
- Rohit?
No, he didn't come. He won't come.
Is it normal for him to come?
Now I think that I should've gone..
..to see how you looked
decked as the bride.
After marriage I wrote
a letter to you from here.
It got re-directed and
came back after few days.
I must've left for
Bombay by that time.
Did you get any mail
after the bank interview?
Yes, I got one but after a long time.
Selection letter.
The empanelment was
stalled for some reason.
By the time they released it..
Your film had released.
It was a hit.
Do you know that it's
a different feeling when..
..the film did well?
But, I would always think..
I never told this to anyone..
..what your opinion
was about the film.
You may have seen it
at the place you were staying.
Even if you didn't watch
the film you knew the name.
He took me to watch the movie.
Saturday's evening show.
I remember it rained heavily that day.
What happened next?
The show was cancelled
due to heavy rain.
I thought of leaving
during the interval.
Was it so bad?
Come on. Hold this.
What happened? Take it.
Hold this too.
Come on, take it. Hold it.
What will I do with this?
It's not for you, it's for me.
If you cry, I'll rattle it before you.
The way the kids are pacified.
Take it.
I cried a lot.
He teased me about it for a long time.
Thankfully it was a sad film.
After that you decided
never to watch my films.
Who am I to decide?
We never a pass a day in our
house without watching your films.
They may be old or new ones.
Who watches the films? Your daughter?
My daughter watches them,
her father watches.
Don't you watch the films?
I just look at Titli.
As long as she stares
at you I look at her.
Her expression change
when you appear on screen.
When you get thrashed by
the villain she starts chewing..
..the chewing gum vigorously.
When you embrace the heroine,
she gets angry, jealous..
..I watch her going
through all these emotions.
Don't you feel jealous?
I would've shared something with you..
..but you'll laugh
a lot when you hear it.
I won't laugh, tell me.
Titli wants to marry you. Seriously.
Give me a pack of Daniels.
What do you want?
Do you've picture postcards?
- Yes.
Give me a one which shows
sunrise at Kanchenjunga.
It rains here throughout the year.
The clouds graze around
like the cows here.
The lively green grass
covers the doorstep.
You still remember so many lines.
I had translated
it with great interest.
After marriage I realized that he
didn't read Bengali literature at all.
He didn't read Bengali poems.
Bengali stories.
Actually, he grew up in Delhi.
He never learnt Bengali.
So, I translated anything
that I liked for him.
You've always gone
through lot of problems.
The first man in your life
read neither English nor Bengali.
After marriage you thought that..
I think it rained.
Did you feel it?
Yes. Right.
16th June. Late by eight days.
Official arrival was on 8th. Isn't it?
That's the prediction
of the weather bureau.
Kalidas said that the
official arrival is on 16th.
Try and find out.
Today is the day of arrival.
The first day of Asarh (June-July).
Right after your marriage when
you were staying at Margaret's Hope..
..I got your phone number from Shipra.
Many times after coming back
from shooting late in the night..
..I thought of calling you
so that I can hear your voice.
"They were closer now, Fernando."
"Every hour, every minute
seemed to last eternally."
"I was so afraid, Fernando."
"We were young and full
of life and none of us.."
Who has called at this hour?
Be careful.
I wonder if anything
has happened to granny.
Hello. Hello.
Who is it?
- The person isn't speaking.
Hello. Hello.
"Though we never thought
that we could lose.."
"There's no regret."
"If I had to do the same again.."
"..I would, my friend Fernando."
The inaccessible heart merged with it.
I fall asleep amidst my pains.
Suddenly I hear knocking of the night.
Do you still read poems, Urmi?
- Sometimes.
I don't get books here.
When I visit the Kolkata book fair,
I get books from there.
When mother finishes reading the
autumnal issues of the magazines..
..she sends it through someone.
How are your parents?
Are they happy with their son-in-law?
- They're happy.
They don't want to stay here.
- Why? Because of the cold weather?
That's not true.
I think it's difficult for them
to adjust to the ways of a tea estate.
What should one do to buy land here?
I don't know.
My husband will be able to say.
Who will buy land here? You?
- I was thinking about it.
When I retire I'll
live in a bungalow here.
Why here?
- The thought just occurred to me.
Will you like staying here?
Would you prefer staying
away from people..
..hustle-bustle, limelight, fans?
You've become westernized
after staying in these tea estates.
Don't you remember what's
written in the religious scriptures?
A person must renounce life
and go to forest after 50 years.
That's true but before
that you have to settle down.
I have.
- Really?
Didn't you hear from your daughter..
..that I own a big bungalow in Bombay?
Owning a bungalow isn't enough.
There must be someone
to take care of it.
How do you know that there
isn't anyone to take care of it?
I've heard it from my daughter.
Why didn't you marry?
- I didn't.
I know that you did not marry.
What do you think?
Is it because I couldn't forget you?
I didn't mean that.
You work with beautiful heroines.
You didn't like any of them?
Is it compulsory for
heroes to marry heroines?
That's not true.
How long will you
live a bachelor's life?
You're busy right now.
You're busy travelling.
But, one day you'll be old.
You'll grow feeble, work will reduce.
You'll feel lonely at that time.
You'll miss a companion at that time.
Be careful.
Why? I just told you that
I'll build a bungalow here.
Sometimes I will visit
you to have tea. Castleton tea.
Won't you entertain me?
What if we're not here?
- Not here?
Where will you go?
Will we stay here forever?
Won't he get transferred to Kolkata?
Where in Kolkata?
In the company flat or
to the house in Ballygunje?
How do you know about
our house in Ballygunje?
The address was mentioned
in the wedding invite.
Resident of Ballygunj.
Thank you.
That look on your face..
You said that it was the last film?
I got the card.
How are you, Urmi?
How much?
- Five rupees.
Oh no! I can't get it.
- Leave it.
Once more.
What's wrong with me?
- You're ageing.
Leave it, Rana.
You'll pull your muscles at this age.
What did you say?
- Oh sorry!
Film stars never age. Right?
No. I heard this
name after a long time.
It made me realize that I've aged.
Nicknames are quite
popular in the industry.
Do your heroines call you Rohit?
Most of them call me Rohit ji.
What does your husband call you? Urmi?
The way he always calls me.
"Do you hear me?"
I felt strange when
I saw you in the glasses.
I noticed it.
You're exactly the same.
You haven't changed.
I thought that you'll at least
have some grey hair after 20 years.
I do have them. they're hidden inside.
But, I don't see any
grey hair on your head.
It's dye.
Grey hair is not for heroes.
- Is it?
Don't reveal my secret
to your daughter.
"My boat was anchored
on a familiar bank."
"It was freed from its captivity."
"The winds took it away.."
"..to unfamiliar shores."
"Oh moon, in the ocean of
sorrows swells a tide of tears."
"Oh moon.."
"The banks whispered to each other."
"On this bank and on the other bank."
"Oh moon.."
Why did you stop?
I ran out of breath.
It's been long that I didn't sing.
Why don't you sing?
- When shall I sing?
What do you do throughout the day?
Take care of family.
Morning. Afternoon. Evening.
Daily three shifts.
For the past 20 years.
"All the travelers have
reached their destination."
"I'm the only one drifting
from light to darkness."
"Getting lost in the dark night."
"As I get lost,
the shores attract me towards them."
"The one who made me lose
my way laughs in the darkness."
"Oh moon.."
"..in the ocean of sorrows
swells a tide of tears."
I was thinking of something.
Suddenly I thought of calling your
ardent fans who watch your films..
..to show them that their hero
can't even pluck a flower from a tree.
That too for his ex-lover.
- Is it?
What about your image?
- What would've happened?
I would've retired early.
I could've bought a
bungalow when you were here.
We live in the same village.
That's our only joy.
The doyel (bird) sings
from the trees there.
My heart dances to its songs.
The two sheep reared
by him grazes under our trees.
If they break the fence of my farm.
I pick them up on my lap.
The name of our village is Khanjana.
The name of our river is Anjana.
The villagers know my name.
The driver is back.
Shall we leave now, madam?
Yes, we must leave.
But, what is Titli doing?
Shall we go and call her back?
Avinash, let's go to the market..
Mom, I'm here.
You're back?
Why didn't you call us?
I didn't know where you were.
- We were nearby.
Actually I was taking rest
as I walked a long distance.
Why didn't you call us?
We've wasted a lot of time.
He has a flight to catch.
- It's not too late.
Avinash da will reach on time.
Will you sit here?
- Let me sit here for some time.
I was sitting behind for a long time.
That's her favorite seat.
When the three of us go out,
she sits there.
Well, there are two completely different
things which have the same name.
What is it?
Mom, pass the bag of cassettes.
What happened, Titli?
Shall I give a hint?
One is star. The star is
far away in the sky at night.
It appears small.
And the other one is the one
sitting next to me in broad daylight.
Maybe. Titli,
can you think of something?
Your cigarette.
- Thanks.
Mother, I didn't get
the spicy toffees for you.
This is absent mindedness.
I forgot about the cigarette.
Oh! I brought this postcard for you.
Oh lovely!
You can't blame your luck anymore.
You've seen the sunrise
at Kanchenjunga.
Mom, will you give me coffee?
- Yes, I will.
What happened? Don't you feel well?
I've got headache.
Continue your conversation.
You won't be able to give the answer.
I'll tell you.
Cherry Blossom. One is a shoe polish
and the other one a white flower.
Take it.
Shall I give you a cup?
I won't spare you so easily.
I told you that I want Darjeeling tea.
When Titli will come to
Bombay she'll carry it for me.
What do you say, Titli?
Won't you get it for me?
If I go, I'll take it for you.
What do you mean by if you go?
Come to Bombay the next
time your father travels there.
Call me before you come.
I'll send my car at the airport.
Let me see. I'll talk to dad about it.
I've aspirin. Shall I give one?
Do you want to have it?
No. I'll listen to music.
Won't it be better
if you close your eyes?
I'll close my eyes and listen to it.
Continue your conversation.
"..strawberry fields."
"Nothing is real."
Well, are you famous?
Go out and check the crowd.
You won't have any doubt after that.
No. I want to know
what do you mean by famous?
A self-made man who is successful.
Thank you.
- What do you mean?
One who is successful.
What has successful
got to do with being famous?
The person who has
earned fame in famous.
You don't know anything.
- Ok. Since you know you tell me.
Why are you troubling him?
You brought him here just
because his flight is late.
He is nervous.
Are you nervous?
Titli, pass it.
- No. No you carry on.
I think the person who
is known by his name is famous.
Are people known
by someone else's name?
Why not? There are many film
stars whose screen names are famous.
For example, Marilyn Monroe's
name is Norma Jeane Baker.
Dilip Kumar is actually Yusuf Khan.
Uttam Kumar's name is..
My name is Rohit.
I've this name since childhood.
We're two brothers Rohit and Mohit.
If I launched you,
I would've slightly changed..
..the spelling of your name.
What do you mean?
I would've added a 'w'. Rowhit.
One who gives hits in a row.
Continuous hits.
That's happening even without a 'w'.
Ask your daughter.
She can tell you the
exact number of hits.
Is it?
- Is that wrong?
You also watch the films. You and dad.
The sandwiches are lying in the car.
You brought us to this
suffocating restaurant.
Yes. The size has reduced.
When we came here after our wedding,
it was quite spacious.
What was the problem
if we waited at the airport?
You're always in hurry.
You saw that the flight
is delayed by two hours.
It's a small restaurant and
so I thought it would be quiet.
Would you've been comfortable
amidst the crowd at the airport?
You're unnecessarily worrying.
I don't think it's suffocating.
- Exactly! That's the spirit.
We stay in a small place.
We must find out how
the restaurants are here.
The information may
prove useful for some film.
Suppose, he's playing
the role of a tea planter.
Whose tea is enjoyed by Queen Elizabeth?
- Sorry.
I can't treat you
to the tea right now.
So, I ordered beer.
You bought these horrible sandwiches.
Horrible? What do you mean?
Do you think they are horrible?
You love eating out.
- But you don't. Right?
My wife thinks that
no one can cook like her.
Well, I'm also of the same opinion.
Give her any dish or
take her to any restaurant..
..she cooks something similar at home.
Will you please stop?
You need people for
publicity in Bombay.
You can try him out once.
He brags a lot.
- Not at all.
I don't lie.
Look at my pullover, it's
in the same condition that I left it.
I didn't say that
you knit like machines.
Well, I need measurement
to make a sweater.
How could I continue
without any measurement?
Bad dancer blames courtyard.
But a good husband praises his wife.
I think his praise was genuine.
Shall I get the
sandwiches from the car?
He can taste one.
I won't spare you so easily.
When I come I'll have breakfast,
lunch and dinner..
..and then I'll leave.
Dad, will you please
give me your mobile?
Mr. Rohit wants to buy land here.
In your name or someone else's name?
Anything that is cheap.
What kind of land do you prefer?
Something atop a hill, spacious.
From where I can
view the Kanchenjunga.
Do you love mountains?
- Don't you?
No. No. I'm tired of it.
Ten months in a year
are filled with fog.
We get sunlight only
for a couple of months.
There are hardly any people around.
Why are you discouraging him?
He wants to know the price.
I'm not discouraging him.
I'm stating the practical problems.
Hello. Hello. Bagdogra airport?
When will IC 722 depart?
Okay. Thank you.
The security announcement
has been made.
This is like a true Bong.
Anyone in his place
would've been proud.
He's a big star.
He's so unassuming.
A man is born with decency,
principle and taste.
Or he would've been a upstart
after living in Bombay for so long.
The taxi drivers call this way.
I noticed a new suitcase.
Did anyone gift you?
Why will anyone gift me? I bought it.
Is it raining in Bombay?
Do you know what happened Titli?
My car was stuck in a traffic jam.
Sashi Kapoor was
in the car next to mine.
Fair and handsome.
Slim and well-built physique.
- Why? Didn't you see him in the films?
It must've been Pramathesh
Barua or Prithviraj Kapoor.
He looked somewhat like
Sashi Kapoor when he was young.
Stop talking nonsense.
As if I don't know Sashi Kapoor.
I didn't say that you
don't know Sashi Kapoor.
The one you saw was not him.
Go home and go through
Stardust magazine and..
..you'll know how Sashi
Kapoor looks at present.
Titli, just look
at this ungrateful lady.
Who taught you to watch Hindi films?
Before marriage she
only saw Bengali movies.
Who showed you Dilip Kumar
on our flight back? - You.
But, now I think he
must have been fake too.
Did you have the
medicine for diabetes?
Oh! I bought Alphonso mangoes.
I had heard a lot about it
It's sweet like jaggery.
Then stop having medicine of diabetes.
What's the use of having
medicines as well as sweets?
Nothing happens if
I have one once in a while.
Chopra brought the
mangoes and told me..
..you always brag of Darjeeling tea.
Did you ever have Alphonso mangoes?
I've brought a crate.
- Good.
I'll send few to Mrs. Mitra tomorrow.
She had brought delicious
pineapples the last time.
Titli, why aren't you speaking?
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Did you scold her?
- No.
She said that she has headache.
Will you sit next to mom?
Shall I sit in the front seat?
No, I'm fine, dad.
You may try hard but you won't
be able to move her from that seat.
The hero was sitting
there all this while.
Did you get introduced to him?
What are you saying?
They chatted a lot.
Dad, give me a packet
of Clonal Tips Tea.
I've to send it to Bombay.
I've promised him.
Please enquire about
the land for Rohit Roy.
Akshay will handle it.
Do something fast and inform him.
He has repeatedly told me.
Inform where?
Titli has his phone number.
You'll get it from her.
Didn't he give you his number?
- Me?
I thought that he must've
given you his number..
..as you both were
talking for a long time.
No, I..
- It's ok. I've his number.
I'll give it.
He repeatedly told Titli to
go to Bombay and stay at his house.
They chatted a lot.
He has a big bungalow besides the sea.
The sunset can be seen from there.
Share everything with your dad, Titli.
You tell him.
You also heard what he said.
What's wrong with you?
- Nothing.
Talk to your father.
He came home after long time.
A registered letter
came for you thin morning.
I gave the letter to mom.
I thought I would
bring the letter along..
..but I forgot at the last moment.
Oh yes! Uncle Ananda called you.
Call him back.
Will you have coffee?
- Yes.
Titli, will you have coffee?
- No, thank you.
Here you go.
Titli, what happened?
What happened, dear?
Titli, what happened?
Titli, my darling, what happened?
What happened, Titli?
I was missing you a lot, dad.
Please don't go to Bombay again.
I was missing you a lot.
- Yes.
But, I've come back.
But, you won't go again.
Promise me that you won't go again.
Dad has come back.
Okay. I won't go.
Is it okay?
Excuse me.
Sometimes you look very beautiful.
I brought a new night dress for you.
Why didn't you wear it?
Did you ever see me wear
new clothes without washing them?
Titli didn't have dinner?
- No.
She said that she isn't hungry.
Has she fallen asleep?
- Maybe.
She is not well.
She said that she had headache.
What's wrong with her?
Why did she cry?
Maybe she couldn't cry amongst
all the people in the airport.
Why will she cry at the airport?
Your daughter went
to see off Rohit Roy.
I had expected something more.
Will you and Titli come along
with me the next time I go to Bombay?
You go. You take Titli with you.
He told her to go there many times.
Why are you going through the
accounts book at this hour of night?
Do you remember the poem I
translated for you many years back?
Cloud Messenger.
Tell me the details.
A man was exiled.
He was reminded of his
beloved when he noticed..
..the first clouds
of the monsoon season.
Don't you remember it?
It's a lovely poem.
Who wrote it?
The original one
was written by Kalidas.
It was also written in Bengali.
Will you listen to it?
The earth is yellow,
parched and tired.
Where are you, cloud?
Appear before me.
Appear as a trance in
the evening and chant softly.
Cover up the bright
shining eyes of sun..
..and put him to sleep.
Kiss with the rain drops.
Let the body rejoice.
The one hidden in
the womb of the tree.
One who resides in the secret chamber.
Those leaves are trying to emerge out.
Listen. Get up.
Do you hear me? Get up.
Move to your side in the bed. Move.
It rains here throughout the year.
It rains here throughout the year.
The clouds graze
around like cows here.
The lively green grass
cover the doorstep.
The inaccessible heart merged with it.
I fall asleep amidst my pains.
Suddenly I hear knocking of the night.
Titli! What happened?
What happened? Why are you crying ?
Why are you crying, dear?
Titli, what happened?
Did Piya say anything?
- No.
Then what is it? Share it with me.
What's hurting you, Titli?
Why didn't you tell me before?
What didn't I tell you?
That you know him.
- Whom?
Oh! Why? How did you find out?
I heard everything.
You were talking behind the fog.
I heard everything.
Why didn't you tell me before?
- I'll tell you.
Drink water. Don't cry.
Why didn't you tell me before?
- I'll tell you.
Come on.
Drink water.
You never felt that
you're cheating someone?
Whom? You?
- It's not about me. Dad.
Why do you think I'm cheating him?
Does dad know?
- No.
The rain has drenched everything.
Do you know that dad
will be hurt if he find out?
I'm not sure.
Maybe he'll feel bad but
I don't think he'll be hurt.
You're talking selfishly.
Okay, ask your dad. He'll tell you.
I've known your dad
longer than you, Titli.
You want to say that dad
won't be hurt if he finds out..
..that you loved somebody else?
I loved him.
I was very young at that time.
Around your age or
maybe few years elder.
I was never in touch with
him after I married your dad.
Yes. If I did that then
you could've said that I cheated.
It would've hurt your dad.
If you want I can tell everything
to your dad tomorrow morning.
Come on, tell me. I can tell him.
If you want, I can speak
to him right in front of you.
I don't think he'll feel cheated.
Yes. Dad doesn't know the truth.
What's the truth or lie in this?
Rohit Roy will buy land
here and build a bungalow.
Why are you so interested in it?
You'll get a chance to
renew your old relationship.
Don't cross your limit, Titli.
There's a limit to everything.
Do you think that I couldn't
renew the relationship..
..if I really wished to?
I don't have any idea about you.
Believe me.
Whatever opinion I had about
you has changed after this morning.
Speak decently, Titli.
If you can't speak
decently then don't speak.
I didn't say anything.
I didn't say anything.
You came here to speak to me.
This is not Hindi film
that you'll treat me s your rival.
If I married Rana you
would've been his daughter.
Can you still imagine to romance him?
Is his name Rana?
If I told him.. I didn't, but
if I said that you wish to marry him..
..what would he think?
It would've been so embarrassing.
You could've told me.
You can say that.
Why are you dragging
your dad into all this?
What would I've told you?
Mom, you know how much we
love the person we wish to marry.
I wanted to marry him.
I was of your age at that time.
Why didn't you marry him?
Your grandparents were
against this relationship.
Our family backgrounds
were completely different.
He lived in a colony.
We could've managed
that but how could we marry?
He didn't have any
job or means of income.
He never tried for a job.
He would wander from one studio
to another for a break in films.
My parents were being approached..
..by lot of prospective grooms.
I told him several times..
Rana, please do something.
But, he desperately
wanted to do films.
Well, his passion was also genuine.
He has achieved so
much only because of that.
The I got a marriage
proposal from your dad.
He had a good job, he had a house..
Oh no!
Tell me a truth?
- Tell me.
Do you love dad?
We've been living together
for 20 years, Titli.
Could we stay together for
so long if we didn't love each other?
You tell me.
Then why couldn't you
forget him even today.
Don't try to say that
you've forgotten him.
He was my first love, Titli.
I wasn't his fan.
An ordinary girl
loved an ordinary boy.
Just now you said it's your past.
Everything is over.
It would've got over.
It may have been forgotten.
Then who kept it alive? He or you?
If I say you.
If I say that you brought
him in this house.
I've seen his photos
all over your walls for years.
You discuss him all the time.
You watch his movies,
I can hear his voice.
How could I forget?
Is that possible?
Why didn't you stop me?
Would you've listened to me if I did?
If you explained that it hurts you then
I would've definitely listened to you.
It would've hurt you.
Well.. if Rohit wants to marry you..
- Huh!
Mom, give me an honest answer.
What will you do?
What would you do
if you were in my shoes?
Your dad has woken up.
He has gone to the washroom.
I'll go now. Go to sleep. Goodnight.
"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
"The monsoon clouds
bring heavy rainfall."
"The sun rays and
shade are not friends."
"They don't see each other's face."
"The shadow of the clouds
fall on the bed in the study.."
"The messy clouds
engulf the silent heart."
Whose letter is this?
What's this?
Why have you kept wet
clothes inside the room?
I'm helpless.
They aren't drying outside.
You can see that it has
been raining continuously.
Tara, keep the clothes
in the guest room.
Switch on the fan.
It's been mentioned that
this will carry on for a week.
It's acute depression.
Drop Titli to school
on your way to office.
How will she come back?
Send Avinash to pick her.
You don't have to send anyone.
I'll come home with Piya.
"Suddenly due to the absent
mindedness of the cloud messenger.."
"..his bundle of letters have flown
away towards the forests far away."
"The letters are strewn
on the waterfalls."
"They're spread across
the branches of the trees."
"The sad letters appear
like the leaves on trees."
"They drop down the blue mountains."
"They fall down continuously."
Yes. take it down. Keep it down.
What are you doing?
The walls have become
damp due to the rain.
So, I've taken them down.
Hang it later.
So what?
The photos are getting damaged, Titli.
Let them be. Leave them as it is.
"The messenger clouds carry
a bagful of sad messages."
"The sad heart turns into fog,
and the restless heart into Teesta."
"The sad clouds covered
up to entire forest."
"The occasional thunder
expresses their sorrows."
"They are cast around as
shadows in the hill forests."
"They've left a mark on the sun rays."
Listen, when you and Sandy go out..
- Where?
When you go around..
do you recite poems for Sandy?
Poem? Why are you asking
this all of a sudden?
I'm just asking.
Why will I recite poems for him?
Is he my English teacher?
"The restless night gets over
giving way to the desolate morning."
"Rain pours down."
"It rains heavily."
"Pitter patter rain drops,
keep pouring down."
"Pour down heavily."
"Sad clouds,
I'll measure out sorrows for you."
Who has come?
- Postman.
What is it?
Give t to Titli.
Keep it on sir's table.
Do you recognize my handwriting?
My handwriting has become poor.
I haven't written in
Bengali for long time.
You were right.
It was 1st of Asharh month.
I had a muhurat (announcement
of a new film) the next day.
When I asked the priest, he told me.
I never thought that I
would meet you in that manner.
I would often wonder
what would we speak about..
..if we suddenly met somewhere.
I've even tried to imagine sequences.
I never expected
what actually happened.
I liked Titli a lot.
Your daughter is very nice.
Decent. Simple. Innocent.
I liked your husband too.
He's jovial and fun loving.
He definitely loves you a lot.
Now when I think I feel that it's good
that you didn't get married to me.
I'm busy throughout the day.
I couldn't have spent time with you.
Tell Titli that my invitation
to her to come to Bombay is genuine.
She must call me before she comes.
I wish to go to your
house and have tea some day.
I'll reach there someday.
I want to see how
well you've settled down.
Urmi, do you know that I regretted..
..when I saw you happy and satisfied?
Now I feel that I
should've settled down.
You were right.
Our work will come to an end one day.
We need a companion after that.
I met a female journalist
at a party the other day.
I hope you'll get
good news soon. Rana.
Are you feeling hurt, mom?
Will you take bath
or shall I serve lunch?
It must be Piya.
She has called to share this news.
Go and receive the call.
- I'll go.
Will you invite them over?
Invite the on Thursday.
Your dad has a leave on that day.
You'll dress up nicely that day.
Will you?
Yes, I will.
- I'll go.
Tara, receive the phone call.
The sun is shining brightly.
You were reciting a
poem in the fog that day.
Repeat that poem.
Which poem?
I don't remember the lines
but the poem was very beautiful.
Poem? It's there in Sanchaita.
I'll take it out.
You can read it.
No. Recite it for me.
- Now?
Go and receive the call.
Piya has called.
Tell her that I'm in the bathroom.
I'll call her back.
Please recite it, mom.
It's a long poem, Titli.
It'll take time to recite it.
Recite only a portion of it.
We live in the same village.
That's our only joy.
The doyel sings from the trees there.
I dance to its songs.
The two sheep reared
by him grazes under the trees.
If they break the fence of my farm.
I pick them up on my lap.
The name of our village is Khanjana.
The name of our river is Anjana.
The villagers know my name.
The name of my beloved is Ranjana.
"Where does the cloud
messenger reside?"
"How far is it?"
"He appears on the
sky during monsoon."
"The pages of lamentations.."
"When does he distribute
the pages of lamentations?"
"On the mornings after staying
awake throughout the night."
"On the cloudy afternoons."
"The twisting roads lead
to his house surrounded by gardens."
"The sun has come out, it's time
for the cloud messenger to leave."
"The undistributed letters
have fallen in the waterfall."
"They've fallen on the river."
"They're strewn across the branches."
"They'll drop down the hilly slopes."
"They'll gradually dry
up with the dry leaves."
"All traces of sorrow
will gradually dry up."
"It'll merge in the land of emotions."
"The cloud messengers
now carry emotional messages."
"It makes the Teesta flow."
"The Teesta keeps flowing."
"The Teesta keeps flowing."