Tiyaan (2017) Movie Script

In 9th century A.D.,
for the Advaita Vedanta that says
'God and you are one',
a Guru of Gurus descended on
the land of the mountains.
Adi Sankara.
Many kings of the land became
ready to protect Sankaran,
who set out to conquer
all the 8 directions.
With their escort,
the Jagadguru (Guru of the world), who
travelled to the northern plains;
made many religious scholars
and God-men surrender
to his sharp intellect
and wisdom.
To establish and propagate
the 'Advaita' doctrine,
Sankaran instituted
several monasteries,
houses of worship and
teaching installations.
Through many eras, thousands
walked from Sankaran's home-land;
to these houses of
Some of them went back.
Some of them spent their
entire lives in those places.
A few of them,
very few of them;
stayed back at those places
for generations.
'O Mother'
(The Above-Mentioned)
'I don't find any interest
in this world'
'I don't find any interest
in this world'
'The lord has a city'
'The lord has a city
of absolute beauty'
'However, nobody goes
or comes from there'
'However, nobody goes
or comes from there'
Namaste, Bhabhiji.
- Namaste.
Namaste- Bhabhiji.
- Namaste.
Hey kiddo,
Give this over there.
Namaste, sister.
- Namaste.
Here you go.
I'll pay you later.
- It's okay, sister. I'll take it later.
The shop is still open?
How many times
should we tell you?
Don't you understand?
You people don't understand
when we say properly!
How many times have I told you
that Lord Mahashay's Ashram
is going to be built here?
How can we leave this
place just like that?
Jayanthan uncle, a packet
of frankincense, please.
- My entire family is here.
- We've been asking you
to vacate for so long!
This is a daily routine, right?
Give it quickly.
Her child is not well.
Let them go home quickly.
- Go, dear.
How many packets?
- Three.
You had class today as well?
Oh! You've kept a new board?
But, shouldn't it be
N-A-I-R on the board?
Why is it like this then?
Who knows when they would
come to trouble us,
claiming that they are
the sons of this soil?
This is a great upper caste in Punjab
- Nayyar.
They would think that we
belong to that caste.
- Shut up, you old man! Mahashay
Ashram (Monastery) will come here.
- Listen to me loud & clear!
- You will get money for
vacating your shop.
I'm saying this for your own good.
Leave this place!
We won't leave this place.
Why should we go?
. Hey Bhaiyya (brother)!
Raja, tell them.
(in Malayalam)
Half the population of
this place are our people.
Tell them!
- Hey Malabari!
What language is
he blabbering in?
What's wrong with him?
He thinks he is Amitabh Bachchan because
he has black hair & white beard.
What are you blabbering?
Will you leave
this place or not?
We won't leave.
Do whatever you want!
Leave, dear.
Go fast.
You better vacate
your shop, old man!
Othewvise, we know how to
force you to vacate it.
All of you have to
vacate this place.
I think they will
see the end of us!
Such a bad cough you have.
You won't listen to me when I
tell you not to run & play.
Namaste, Bhabhiji.
- Namaste.
So much dust!
Namaste, sister.
- Namaste, Bhabhiji.
- Did you buy it?
- Did you buy frankincense?
Has your Guruji left?
O Mother!
Not like this.
This is how you do it.
Do you need help?
He is a great man,
a Sanskrit scholar;
born in the race of Giris,
he has a huge house with an arsenal and
a huge cellar, on the banks of Ganga.
I got ready for marriage
hearing all this.
And after coming here?
You need to consider that
my parents are not alive!
The only relative I
have is a deaf uncle.
If that poor man wants
to see his dear niece;
a railway station where only steam
engines arrive, is a 150 kms away.
If you go to that corner,
and listen closely like this,
if I am lucky and if there's enough wind;
I can hear uncle's voice.
And back there, he would hear
only the sound of the wind.
How many times will you
repeat the same thing, Amba?
See! There's soot all over her.
I heard that it has been years since
they repaired that factory's pipe.
Didn't I tell you many times?
You needn't have sent her there at
least for these vacation classes.
Very nice!
Only because I sent her
for vacation classes,
our child is at least
able to recognize A & B.
If you keep teaching her Sanskrit,
protecting her from soot, smoke & cough;
you dear daughter would sit
here without developing any IQ.
More than IQ, a person needs..
What the hell is that?
The power of wisdom.
The pride of wisdom.
That is the only thing that this
country gifted to this world.
Just as smoke covers fire,
Just as dirt covers a mirror,
Just as a womb covers a foetus,
...so do desire and ignorance cover wisdom.
Say it.
Just as smoke covers fire..
That's not how it is
pronounced, Ellen.
Gita is full of teachings.
For that, this is fine.
But you have come here to learn
the root mantras, Ellen.
This is not enough for that.
The intonation of Sanskrit,
should be correct.
All Sanksrit Mantras,
All Sanskrit Slokas,
it is all about the
sound and vibration.
The true meaning of that,
is supposed to be contained
in one's mind alone.
That's why I asked you
talk in Malayalam, Ellen.
It is derived from Sanskrit.
I am trying, Guruji.
He did all that to my father,
and you all kept watching?
I'll show those pigs who lam!
Come, Salim!
Okay, brother.
- I'll finish them today.
- Don't go. They are not good people.
Salim, stop your brother!
Who hit my father?
Come! I'll tell you.
Kick these dogs!
Hit him!
No police, soldier or minister
is going to save you!
Understood, you dogs?
Get out of here!
Giri Swami,
Salutes, PanditJi.
- Namaste.
Giri Swami,
I think things are going
out of our hands.
Until yesterday, they
were requesting us.
But today, their attitude
has changed totally.
I thought it will end
with some threats.
This is..
See this, sir.
What wrong did we do to him?
We came here to make a living.
Where will we go?
They threatened me as well.
They are asking me
to vacate the place.
And that they will give
a golden price for it.
don't say no.
Among us,
only you can talk to them.
How many of you have the
original documents of your land?
Whoever has the documents,
I am ready to talk for them.
We have a business here;
a family,
but no documents.
What will happen to us?
First let's solve the problem
for the people with documents.
Brother, we will talk to them.
If there is no other option,
we can even talk to the Maoists.
Rightly said!
Hey'. Shandy, that's not needed'.!
Inviting Naxalites
to settle this,
would be like inviting Bakasura
to finish Narakasura.
No! No!
Well, I just gave a suggestion.
There should be someone to talk for
the people who don't have documents,
and are not Nairs or Brahmins.
For the people who have documents,
I will talk to them tomorrow.
All of you go back
and sleep well.
See you tomorrow.
- May Allah protect you, Pandit Ji.
May Allah protect you.
Nair brother, may Allah protect you.
- Ya. Hail to Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram, PanditJi.
- Hail Lord Ram!
Hail Lord Ram!
I just said that because
they were here.
Usman and sons were beaten up,
because they are not our kind.
Will we have to face
such a problem, Swami?
Well.. l..
Tomorrow, you should also come with
me and the others, Jayanthettan.
And not just that,
you should be talking to them.
If not anything else, this is a land
which has given you your daily bread.
Of course!
I will come.
I just said it casually.
I've been wanting to say something
to you for quite some time.
Allowing these people to
come and use the well here,
was not such a good decision.
It's not like Kerala here.
You know it, right?
You are someone who has translated
the Manu-Smriti, right?
in every great
religious scripture,
there are verses which
were recited by God;
and verses which were
added by devious men.
I will translate both of them.
But when I see a verse, I know..
Who got it written.
I need only the verses that
were recited by Him.
Apart from the Maoists
and magicians,
isn't there a government or the
police here to compromise this?
I think what Jayanthan
uncle said is right.
Why do you have to
be involved in this?
No one has asked us
for anything, right?
If we were back home, we could
have asked Suresh Kumar,
or 'Mill' Bhasi's son, PT Ganesh.
Who are they?
- DYFI members.
They will go talk and solve it.
At least, the fight would
then be between them.
There's no DYFI here or what?
Here's where they
are need the most!
Our child is coughing.
Get her ready.
It's her first day.
It's your turn.
- He is our man.
Why are you calling him 'Mallu'?
You should talk about everyone.
You don't get over-excited.
Raja, it's the Madrasi drunkard.
Go. Talk to them.
Listen, son.
The smoke pipe of the coal
factory on the highway;
When it was brought
here in four vans;
I came here to work
at the factory.
I was 19 years old then.
I resigned the job
of a supervisor,
and bought that
property over there,
built a shop and
started staying here.
Almost all the people here
except this Giri Swami,
came here to work in the factory from
different states around 10-15 years back.
And here,
even if the river becomes
full during the monsoons,
since they let out
the factory waste,
the water is useless.
In such a place,
the one and only source of
water from then until now,
is Giri Swami's incessant well.
Around that ancient house,
this street formed and grew,
because of that well.
And because of the big
heart of the people there.
What is this loser blabbering?
Tell him what we came here for.
Three out of two workers
in that factory,
stay here.
To ask us to vacate
our houses and shops,
is not like us asking us to shifting
from the front to the back,
when the roads are widened
back in our state.
If we shift from here, we
won't have anything with us!
Ourjobs, savings;
everything will be gone!
Our families will perish.
Everything will be over.
That's why!
Don't get over-excited.
When will this area be vacated?
'Mallu' people!
talk to them.
Among the people here, there
are Malayalis as well.
They have been staying
here for several years.
You know right?
Many of them have proper
documents as well.
Mah ash ay Ash ram (monastery),
as far as I know;
already has enough
and more land.
Are you coming to this street because
you aren't satisfied with that?
Even if you sum up all
the property here,
it won't even come up to 3 acres.
Raja, we are all Malayalis.
These uneducated rascals
would say a lot of things!
We shouldn't bother about that.
Think about it.
Their boss, this Mahashay loser; who is
asking us to vacate from here. Who is he?
If we are being asked
to vacate this place,
to construct something good for
the country like a railway line;
we would at least feel
good about it later.
But this is for,
many of them to jump around chanting
the name of a bloody fraud.
You bloody @!% !% ..
Who were you talking about?
About Mahashay Bhagwan
(Lord Mahashay)?
Say it again!
Come on!
Hey Raja!
Isn't this the Pandit?
At whose house that American
girl goes to learn scriptures?
Get going, Pandit!
Go teach that foreigner!
Get going!
- Hey Yadav!
Leave him.
Yad av,
he's a Brahmin.
Don't hit him.
Leave him now.
Let him go now.
We'll talk later.
Come on, Pandit-ji.
Get going!
Go! Go!
Get going!
Whateverl have to say,
I will say it anywhere.
Keep quiet"
- Hey white beard!
Come here!
- What is it?
Come here.
Don't you ever talk
anything against our Bhagwan (God).
Come on!
Get going!
- Are you done? Shall I take him?
Take him.
Did you lose any teeth?
- No.
I knew it when I saw you
getting over-excited;
that it will end up
like this pretty soon.
Where are you going now?
- To my shop.
Isn't that your shop?
Go there!
You lost your sense
of direction or what?
What do we do now, Swami?
Let's see.
I have always wanted to ask you.
Who is this Ramarayan?
The friend in your dream!
You keep shouting his
name quite often.
Ram arayan ?
I don't know.
This is what happens if you're born
in a house with so many myths.
Characters from Mahabharata &
Bhagavatha will appear in your dreams!
Ram, Ashwatthama,
Agasthya, Anirudha,
who else do you want?
It's nothing, dear.
Destroy his shop!
How many times did we tell you?
Get out of here.
How many times did we tell you?
Destroy everything!
Don't hit him!
Let's close our shop.
Get going!
Will they come here next?
- Hoist the flag.
- Move!
Jai Bhagwan!
(Glory be to The Lord)
Jai Bhagwan!
(Glory be to The Lord)
Over there..
What are they doing?
The Nandi-Dwar will
be built there.
That house should be removed.
Whose house is it?
It's a Malabari's.
Mahbafi Pandit.
Pandit Ji's house?
Talk to him and do the needful.
- Okay. It will be done.
- I think they will
take everything!
So, how much would
you sell it for?
I'm not selling it.
We'll give you
whatever you ask for.
Move back.
Namaste Pandit Ji,
Pandit Ji, we have come
to join hands with you.
Because we have been taught
that a Brahmin
should be respected.
Tell him,
that I'm not interested
in selling it.
Oh dear.
What's your name?
Arya A.P.
don't worry about anything.
Your child's cold, fever and
illnesses will be gone forever.
Once Lord Mahashay's
hand touches her head.
Don't hit me, dad.
You went to party in
Nainital without telling me.
Did I say anything?
- No, dad!
You had alcohol there.
Did I say anything?
- No.
Stretch your hand.
But why did you eat beef?
Will you eat beef?
It was chicken, dad.
It wasn't beef.
Ch am anlal,
- Yes sir!
- Chamanlal, come out!
Coming, sir.
Please, dad.
Chamanlal, he is your own son.
How much will you hit him?
If you continue hitting him,
you will have to eat his meat!
Okay sir.
You are giving this
petition to me?
To R.C. Shukla?
To an ordinary sub-inspector?
Do you know who all are among
of Mahashay Bhagwan's devotees?
Here you go.
The Chief Minister.
Tiwari Ji.
Do you know that he is
not the people's CM?
He will always be
only Mahashay's CM.
And not just him;
the Home Minister, DGP, SP;
all of them are involved in this.
If we say something, then it's not
like how it is, in your Kerala.
They will throw me to some godforsaken
place 300-400 miles away from here,
which is completely under
the rule of Naxalites.
In such a situation,
whose loss will it be?
The loss will be for my
family and children, right?
Hey! Come out!
Show me your hand.
Come on, sing!
'You are the protector
of the ancient religion'
'You are the child
of the cow-mother'
Sing in tune!
'March ahead'
'Protect us'
'Your mother is worried'
Get going!
Okay sir.
We have special orders, PanditJi.
In this state, whoever
eats cow-meat,
we will have to make
him sing, you know?
'Clean India'
Pandit Jii, let Mahashay
Bhagwan arrive.
Listen. If Mahashay Bhagwan comes here,
the real estate
prices will go up.
There will be development;
and anyway, what's there in
that ancient house of yours?
Just a well?
I'm telling you.
You should have a discussion
with the monastery people.
Discuss and decide
on a good price;
and sell whatever you have
and go back to Kerala.
But, Inspector Sir,
Please go back home now.
Think about it with a cool mind.
Take your time and
think about it.
Namaste, Pandit Ji.
What happened?
Let's go.
An Raghavan.
There's a media
house called DBC.
I am a reporter there.
I came here following someone.
The same person in
your complaint.
I'm Ellen Richard, from USA.
- Hi.
I was waiting to meet you.
I heard that you're not going to
sell your property to the monastery?
Don't I have the right to say that
I'm not selling my own property?
These rights are pointless, Pandit Ji.
The construction of the
monastery isn't over yet.
To protect the school
and the property around it,
I am ready to go to any end.
I have time.
You don't have time, Pandit Ji.
Not at all.
While we are talking here,
do you know?
He is in preparations.
Mahashay Bhagwan!
A very powerful man.
Right now,
Since his game involves religion,
he is also the most dangerous.
Hardly a week.
He will be here.
The same monastery which you
think is not constructed fully,
he would appear before
his devotees there.
It's not like how you
think, PanditJi.
He is literally a
high-flying God-man!
He will arrive like a storm.
B for..
B for..
Make way!
Jai Bhagwan!
(Glory be to the Lord)
Bhagwan, please bless us.
Move forward .
Keep moving!
Make it fast.
Hurry up!
Jai Bhagwan!
Jai Bhagwan!
What do you want?
I want to meet Mahashay.
The thing is that"
- I got it.
Just one of you.
PanditJi, you can go in.
Come with me.
That's the guy.
It's a strange name for a
Kerala Namboothiri, right?
Only these Tamil Iyengar
Brahmins around Palakkad,
have names like Pattabhiraman,
Kasthuriraman, Saketraman, etc.
Ya true.
Good quality beef.
Where did you get it from?
- Got it imported.
Open it.
Please come.
This way.
Pandit Ji, Lord Mahashay..
You can talk to Him
in your own language.
Please wait.
Come in.
Please come.
Jai Bhagwan.
Jai Bhagwan!
Call Dhanesh.
As you say, Bhagwan.
Pattabhirama Giri.
The Lord knows about
your great lineage.
I know the history of that
ancient school.
Adi Sankar;
The idol of Goddess
Gouri installed by him.
The Giri race which has been
protecting it for centuries.
I know everything.
And there is one thing
that you must know.
only until this moment,
that land and house would
belong to Pattabhirama Giri.
Bhagwan is an
incarnation of Shiva.
If this is my Kailasa (abode),
that will be my entrance protected
by the Holy Bull. (Nandi-Dwara)
And I've come to claim it back.
the Lord wouldn't ask you
to vacate your place,
without giving
anything in return.
- Yes Lord.
Jai Bhagwan.
You see, sir. This piece of
land that you're talking about;
we're about to pay
you a good 70 Iakhs.
I mean, in total of 120;
we're putting 50 Iakhs
more on your house.
And you know, sir?
Bhagwan is doing this
specially for you.
We suggested him, don't do this.
But he said we will talk
about it in person.
You should think about it.
I think that you should not
have any problem, sir.
And Bhagwan wants to give
you 25 Iakhs as blessings.
Taking that,
in peace;
Pattabhirama Giri should
go back to his home-town.
You will always
have my blessings.
- Jai Bhagwan.
You want to say something.
The Giri lineage;
have devoted themselves
for centuries,
for the preservation of
the purity of Hinduism;
and the unity of all religions.
No Giri has ever bowed
his head for blessings,
before any God-man
till date.
We haven't surrendered
anything as well.
Saluting the ultimate
God called Jagadprani,
imparting knowledge
to real students;
saluting every religion;
considering every religion
and caste as the same;
it's a race that has
grown through love.
Only after touching the
feet of his family deity,
only after touching his forehead
on the footwear of the Jagadguru,
a Giri would see the sunrise.
Protecting the teaching
installations and the deity,
just like upholding
our own beliefs,
it is the ultimate
duty of each Giri.
Not an expert with weapons;
will not win in a physical
fight as well.
that building has survived
hundreds of attacks,
which have happened
over the years.
Dangers were always
followed by saviours.
So, fear we do not.
So please,
Mahashay Bhagwan",
don't ask me to leave my house.
Don't hurt the people with me,
and the people who
stay around my house.
In this land where water
is really scarce,
they do not have any
other place to go.
For Pattabhirama Giri,
Bhagwan gives time
till the coming Shivratri.
The curse hasn't
befallen, as yet.
Within that,
you must leave.
You will leave.
Chief Minister Tiwari is here.
The election is drawing
closer, right?
He is being haunted by
the fear of failure.
So he has come to
seek your blessings.
Hey Tiwari! People's CM!
Save me, oh Lord!
There's a lot of
competition, Bhagwan.
Now everything is in your hands, Bhagwan.
- Sit down.
- PanditJi, come.
All good?
- Jai Bhagwan!
Jai Bhagwan!
Victory will be yours
in this election.
Don't worry.
Show me your powers, Bhagwan!
- Long Live!
Make a miracle happen.
You have done it before too.
Bless me.
Have a good look, Pandit Ji.
This is the power
of our Bhagwan.
Over here..
What is it?
- There's someone over there.
Who are you?
I come from a far away place.
What is it?
Mahashay Bhagwan"
Have you decided to
fight against him?
You have to take a decision.
Right here, right now.
It would be better for you,
to give up your fight;
taking the huge
sum he is offering;
and leaving this place.
if you have decided
to fight him;
you will lose whatever you have
and maybe even more than that.
What you should never see
while you are alive;
You will have to see that.
What does that mean?
Get out!
Are you trying to scare me?
This is my country!
My country!
Get out.
If you ever feel
that you are all alone,
if you think that you
have lost everything;
you can raise your
head and look up.
That fire.
That's me.
Who is he?
What did he say?
Be careful.
Give me your hand.
Let me tell you, sir.
Mahashay Bhagwan has schools;
parks and flats as well.
I mean a total of 127
Ashrams all over India.
We can give you a house
wherever you want over there.
Your investment would
remain as an investment.
Along with that, you'll
get a monthly income too.
Look at them going without
getting anything
because they created
unwanted problems.
Especially Nairs
have this quality.
You can differentiate
between fact and fiction.
Only they can do it.
Jai Bhagwan.
'Mah ash ay's
Sh ivratri Wishes'
today we will have the 'Shivratri'
sweets from Mahashay Bhagwan.
Yes we will!
- Come on!
Have it.
Stay strong.
We can say something
only after 24 hours.
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Mahashay!
Hail Lord Shiva!
The Master of Ganga!
My Mind.. Is your playground"
I salute you, O Player of Damaroo,
O Dispenser of Fate!
Your command is my way!
O Lord of Time!
O Lord of Kashi!
O Lord of Naga!
O Murudeshwara!
Nothing separates You and I!
Your devotion is My Shadow!
My desire is Your Illusion!
You and I... are the Lords!
Hail Lord Shiva!
The Master of Ganga!
My Mind.. Is your playground"
I salute you, O Player of Damaroo,
O Dispenser of Fate!
Your command is my way!
Lord of everyone!
Look at You, with just the
Little Ganga on your head!
Look at Me, I carry the ocean of Knowledge!
Yet, I am not cross with you.
You are immortal, because You have
the snake guarding Your neck!
My being is a pyre; I am all fire!
O Weilder of the Trishool,
Accept Me as the Gyani,
It's me, not you, who is BHAGWAN!
Hail Lord Shiva!
The Master of Ganga!
My Mind.. Is your playground"
Hail Lord Shiva!
The Master of Ganga!
My Mind.. Is your playground"
I salute you, O Player of Damaroo,
O Dispenser of Fate!
Your command is my way!
O Lord of Time!
O Lord of Kashi!
O Lord of Naga!
O Murudeshwara!
Nothing separates You and I!
Your devotion is My Shadow!
My desire is Your Illusion!
You and I... are the Lords!
Hail Lord Shiva!
The Master of Ganga!
My Mind.. Is your playground"
I salute you, O Player of Damaroo,
O Dispenser of Fate!
Your command is my way!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Mahashay!
When we see someone
more powerful than us,
we should acknowledge that
and bow down to them.
This is Mahashay
Bhagwan's curse.
A terrible curse.
Poor child.
When Jesus was crucified,
most of the people who gathered
there talked like this only.
Poor Giri Swami.
I just stated a fact.
Why are you..
I have drunk a lot of
water from this well.
Only if I can at least piss
it all out and come here,
I would be able
to talk like you.
Where are you standing now?
- Huh?
We are denied from
burying her, Swami.
They are saying that
we will be cursed.
I have a family.
- See what happened.
Leave m e.
My daughter"
I have never hurt anyone.
I have never done any wrong
in my life deliberately.
You did one mistake.
A mistake that an
Advaita Vedanta Guru,
should never have committed.
A mistake you did deliberately!
These tears are that mistake.
But it is not as easy as correcting
the intonation of the Vedas;
not to cry when you
lose someone precious.
It has just started.
If you have decided to fight;
there will be many more losses.
New dangers will arise.
Don't be afraid.
I am with you.
Jai Bhagwan!
Please be silent.
He is looking at us.
Namaste Malabari Pandit Ji.
So tell us..
When are you going back
to your home-town?
What is that?
Not to you.
I want to talk to him.
- Yes Bhagwan.
- Make way.
- Yes.
My condolences, Giri Ji.
Your daughter.
It is written in
The Bhagavad Gita,
that Karma is something that.
I want to say something
to all of you!
I, Pattabhirama Giri..
I am not going to
leave this land.
This is my land as well.
Those who are with
me in this war,
come and stand with me,
right away!
Those who are with
me in this war,
come and stand with me,
right away!
Come, man.
- Shut up!
This is my land.
My land, that was built
by four generations;
and has original
It even has documents
with the royal symbol of
Raja Raja Cholan's son;
Gangaikonda Raflendran Chcflan.
This is one of the
many learning abodes,
which has been protected by thousands
of tem pie-protectors forever.
This building has survived many
blood-thirsty religious fanatics
and assailants.
So why would we be scared of
this man?
I think..
He still doesn't
believe in my powers.
Yad av!
Jai Bhagwan!
Over there.
Dig over there.
You will find my guardian
'Nandi' over there.
Yes, my Lord.
Jai Bhagwan!
Jai Bhagwan!
How is it now?
I am a Brahmin.
This is my own house.
Those who wish good
for everyone,
this house belongs
to all of them.
If you have to enter this house,
then it will be
over my dead body!
After murdering a Brahmin!
We respect Brahmins.
for centuries, people like you felt
entitled since you are Brahmins;
and made others
clean your shoes;
beat them up and made
them plough your fields;
subjected them to
gruelling slavery;
and crushed them under
your feet as your slaves;
I won't be the one
answering you, Pandit Ji.
They will answer you!
These Dalit Narayans.
Those who have suffered severe
injustice from you, for centuries.
come here.
No, son.
Don't go.
- Son,
come here.
Don't go.
Take this, son.
This is your right.
Throw it on this Brahmin!
This house and property
which was in possession
of 27 predecessors
of the Giri lineage;
is under the ownership
of Pattabhirama Giri;
this residential school,
and the water source that has
been 'messed 'm; the Gauge',
the deity installed by Jagadguru
Adi Shankaran with his own hands;
is under the supervision
of the above-mentioned;
the ownership over this,
freedom, possession
and accompaniments;
and all such rights;
are with the above-mentioned,
and everyone else who believes
that the 'The world is one family';
This is the blessed
document that states that.
The above-mentioned;
(The above-mentioned)
This can't continue.
We can spend maximum
2 months here.
If we go beyond that,
we'll be hanged!
He just has to put
up a magic show.
We are the ones losing money.
These banks.
They are at our throats, man!
They are staying silentjust because
we're playing with religion.
If we don't meet our deadlines,
you know right?
All the countries we have invested in;
have extradition treaties with India.
I know!
I know!
Didn't I tell you?
That entrance"
His bloody...
You simple can't
take him on, Anil.
Notjust you or me,
even a confederation;
a combined force of
well-meaning media,
cannot bring Mahashay
Bhagwan down.
And you know what the reason is?
His support base is that huge!
It is huge.
That's why.
We've come all the way from
Ghagrawadi to meet you.
Do you want to see his case file?
- Yes.
In 1985,
he appeared before the media for the first
time, and his name was Ramakantthen.
His beginning was through
holding a press-conference,
saying that he achieved enlightenment,
holding a book called 'Himalay Amay'.
Then, he re-surfaced in 1988.
Back then, he was not the star.
It was a woman.
Vasundhara Devi.
Those who have seen
Vasundhara Devi claim that,
she was a gifted clairvoyant.
She was the master of an ancient Tantric
technique called 'Agni-Snana' (Fire-Bath).
She used to achieve that through a
meditative trance, very naturally.
But, you know what?
On September 19th, Y2K
she was found dead on the
floor of her Nashik Ashram.
Her body was burnt down to ashes.
Post Vasundhara Devi's death;
he took control of her Ash ram.
With a new name.
Bhagwan Vasundhara Das.
Vasundhara Devi's devotees didn't
take any of this seriously.
Till that day,
in 2006,
when he did it.
There began his actual rise.
And 'Agni-Snana' is his
favourite item now.
Almost all the important people of
the country are his followers now.
From 2012,
this man has been the spearhead
of India's real-estate Mafia.
He changed his name officially
in 2013 to Mahashay Bhagwan.
If they identify a place,
this Mafia gives 6 months
to Mahashay Bhagwan.
Within that,
he throws bombs of belief and
destroys all the obstructions,
and hand these
places over to them.
As you can see,
This explains why he is
after Pattabhi's land.
The current road to Mahashay Ashram
is 43 kms away from the Highway.
If they get Pattabhi's property,
if they demolish it,
they can easily connect a road
along the hill, to the Highway.
Maximum 4 kilometers.
This road won't be
longer than that.
You get my point?
Or rather"
their point.
What can we do about this?
His support base;
That has to be destroyed.
If I make such a move and if,
I succeed,
will you back me?
Give me visual evidence.
And if you give me a detailed one,
this channel is all yours.
I need to warn you.
In the event of your defeat,
I cannot do anything.
Nothing at all!
Hey! Stop!
Where are you going?
To that Pandifs place?
You'll get water neither
here nor there.
Get going!
Go or I'll slap you!
"Halla Bol"
Destroy everything!
' Down Down
Mah ash ay Ash ram'
Listen. I've told
you several times.
I'm saying this for the last time.
Doctor Sir, you
don't worry at all.
You needn't look after her;
the most respected Lord Mahashay
Bhagwan will look after her.
And there is only one
medicine for her disease.
And this is that medicine.
Bhagwan gives this to
us with His own hands!
Jai Bhagwan.
Open your mouth.
Nothing will happen to her.
Bhagwan has promised me,
that my daughter will
live for 90 years.
I brought my child here,
so that he feels relieved.
You people will never learn!
Don't worry, Swami.
She will be fine.
'Maoist attack on Mahashay Ashram'
This is how it has
been reported.
It has appeared on all
National Dailies.
They have made it seem like Maoists
tried to destroy Mahashay Ashram.
The Maoists wouldn't even
have known about it!
don't think about all
this for the time being.
Let me see if I
can do something.
A final try.
Bhai, see that.
Oh! The foreigner madam?
What happened, madam?
You came here leaving that Pandit?
He was a cheat.
I was mistaken.
I want to meet the Bhagwan.
I knew it.
I knew that the shameless
Pandit would use you.
No problem.
Now you are at Bhagwan's abode.
Your wish will
definitely be fulfilled.
Glory be to the Holy Mother.
Bhagwan meets only very
few special people.
Jai Bhagwan.
You are special
to Bhagwan now.
You have to go alone from here.
Jai Bhagwan.
Be blessed always!
Jai Bhagwan!
It's receiver is
within a 5 km radius.
- Yes Bhagwan!
Kill both of them!
Stop there, you!
Catch him!
Bloody loser!
You made us run a lot!
I came hiding from them.
Kousalya wanted to meet Amba.
You know right?
You should stop being
so adamant, Giri Swami.
We would never be inferior
if we bow down to
a genuinely powerful Maha Rishi.
Listen to me, please.
It's true that they are taking our land.
But they are giving
us a good price.
I sold my land to them.
And that money was immediately
deposited in Ashram's Bank.
They gave me a good house
inside the Ashram itself.
And the Ashram is giving
me interest as well.
The interest is 12%.
Where else would you get this?
we can go stay at any
Mahashay Ashram in India,
whenever we want to.
That too, for free.
they asked me to run the
shop until they demolish it.
Isn't that enough?
I won't leave.
Please take this.
Bless you, son.
I'm telling you again!
Don't beg for a curse, Giri Swami!
Look at Pandit Ji's condition.
This is the punishment for
opposing Mahashay Bhagwan.
Nair, did you see?
Come on!
Get going!
- Move forward!
Come on!
Come on!
Make it fast!
didn't you read the newspaper'?
There was a Maoist attack here.
You cannot go inside the house.
We have orders, Pandit Ji.
What is it?
Where are you going?
Come on!
There's nothing left for you here.
Get going.
Leave, I say!
Where is Baba?
I don't know.
Didn't he say that
he would save me?
And then?
Bhai doesn't stay
anywhere for too long.
He doesn't tell me
anything as well.
As far as I know Bhai,
he will come back.
But the person whom I know
is not this Baba of yours.
He is my uncle's son
Asian Moham med.
Asian Moham med.
Unlike what you think,
Bhai didn't live on the scaffolds
of Madrasas (Islamic schools);
or under the feet of Mollakkas
(Islamic scholars).
Far west;
in Mumbai.
In that city which was
ripe with gang wars,
there lived a dreadful criminal
described by the newspapers
as a 'God among the Demons'.
'Next is the story of Asian
as witnessed by Jam eel'
'But there is a lot that he hasn't
seen or heard, in this story'
'A lot which is
known only to me'
'Between Jameel's words;
let me read out the
story of Asian's past'
Tell me.
Who did this?
I did it!
They are very close to Asian.
You did it even
after knowing that?
You don't know
Asian well enough!
I can fk whoever I want,
wherever I want.
Be it Devi, Dixit or Shawna.
Whoever they may be.
But still, why did I do it
to that lame Malabari whore?
Because I know,
that she is Asian's own blood.
Wow, dad!
Outside you are the mighty Im ran Khan,
and inside, the tame Gawaskar?
Well done!
You don't know him well!
we sent Bilavar during
last Holi, right?
What happened to him?
And after that,
And then, Mudaliyar.
He is protected by Allah!
Let's see today,
whether Allah would protect Aslan and
his whore sister from this Mutasim.
Watch out!
Mutasim, stop!
Where is your Amitabh Bachchan?
Where is the slave of Allah?
Where are you?
Slave of Allah?
Where are you?
Slave of Allah?
Slave of Allah?
Come out!
Come out, slave of Allah!
Where have you gone?
Come out, you slave of Allah!
If you have had your mothefs milk,
then come out.
Come out, I say!
- Hey! Look!
The hawk!
Even if the world of evil
wishes for millions of sins;
in the end;
it will only be the God's
wish that shall prevail.
You've crossed your limits. Mutasim!
Hold it.
Look at him.
Throw all this away!
Oh Allah!
I have an army of eunuchs.
Eat it!
Eat all this money!
And all this gold!
Take it all!
Take all this gold!
What else do you want?
Who will get me Asian's head?
I will do it.
Who are you?
Ramnath Gujjar.
I am from Rajputana, boss.
Why would you do such a job?
This is an empire of sin, sir.
What's the difference between
a Hindu & Muslim here?
Your job will be done.
Just make me the don
of the harbour.
So be it!
Give it.
- Thank you.
Consider your job done.
Do you know whom
you have to kill?
Asian Moham med.
The Malabari.
The outlaw emperor of
Bombay underworld.
People say that,
whoever tries to kill Asian
or people close to him;
or actually kills them;
they never stay alive.
So how will you kill him?
If he has Allah's
hand on his head;
on my head,
I have Babaji's hand.
Namaste, Aslan Bhai.
Salutes, Bhai.
Touch Asian Bhai's feet, dear.
What are you doing, Bhabhi?
- Namaste, Bhaijaan.
How many times should I tell you?
Why did you stop them?
Let them fall on your feet.
You have Allah's
blessings upon your head.
Isn't that why they do it?
Allah's blessings?
Upon this head?
Am een,
don't take Allah's name along
with mine in the same sentence;
ever again,
not even by mistake.
Got it?
Salutes, Bhai.
Jameel, I'm telling you again.
Don't stay here.
I am not a good person.
If you stay with me,
- It is said in the Hadith,
To support your brother,
even if he is an oppressor.
When you chant the Hadith,
you should do it completely.
Holy Rasool, Salallahu
Alaihi wa Sallam, said;
'Support your brother, whether he is
an oppressor or is being oppressed'
The disciples asked,
Oh, Messenger of Allah;
We can understand that we
should help the oppressed.
But, the oppressor?
How can we help him?
Nabi said,
'Hold both hands
of the oppressor'
'Restrain him from
committing injustice'
Can you do that?
Can you stop me?
I have arranged everything.
Within a week,
you should leave from here.
Where will they go?
Glory be to Babaji.
Glory be to Babaji.
Get up, Gull-
Show me your hand.
Turn it around.
This amulet on your hand;
I have imbued it with so
much power in it that;
any hand that rises to
protect your prey from you;
will be cut off
by this amulet.
Here's your weapon.
Kill him only after sunset.
After killing him,
don't touch metal for three days.
Don't eat anything;
don't drink anything as well.
After that,
remove this amulet safely,
come back here;
and return it to me.
- Yes,
Was it your recurring dream?
Come here.
what happened?
Come here.
Wake up!
Jam eel!
' No!
Kill him, brother!
Kill him!
What's the hurry?
Are you protected by Allah?
Allah Rakha?
If you have Allah's
hand on your head;
I have Babaji's hand on my head!
Jai Babaji!
After killing him,
don't touch metal for three days.
Come on!
Let's go!
What are you guys doing?
Drive straight.
Do you want to die?
Drive straight.
Bhai, you should have
shot him on his head.
That would've been fun.
Life is not here.
It's over here.
You drive straight.
I'm driving straight, Bhai.
What are you doing?
Drive straight.
You guys can't handle alcohol!
Drive straight.
I'm driving straight.
The road is twisted!
Someone's honking from behind.
Let him go.
Don't be tensed, Bhai.
Sleep now.
The doctors are saying that.
His heart is..
Not here.
But here.
He survived, Khan sir.
He is alive.
Allah is the Greatest!
Aslan Bhai, we've maintained
the house as it was.
Things will proceed
according to your wish.
We have DGP Sir's orders as well.
I know..
That you can recognize my face.
I'll just say that,
that this is your rebirth.
Until today,
the paths you have
been treading;
it is time to leave all of them, and
to travel on a different path.
Right now,
from this very moment,
you have to leave this city,
this business of crime,
your people here,
you have to leave
all of them and leave.
Don't ask me that.
Just get up.
And leave.
If I leave right now,
He will not spare my people.
I will leave, Baba.
This city, this
business, these people,
I will leave all
of them and 90..
Just one more job.
I know.
Finish that job and leave.
I'm calling it quits, Khan.
But before leaving,
I wanted to know..
Whether I deserve to
live longer,
or not!
Pick it up.
I'm sitting right
in front of you.
If you want to kill me, go ahead!
Remember Mutasim.
I killed him.
With my own hands.
Remember, Khan!
I'm leaving then.
May God protect you,
Khan Saheb!
Bhai left the city that night
without informing anyone.
And I saw him just 3
years back at Haridwar.
As far as I know Bhai,
he will come.
Jam eel!
There are two kinds of war.
The wrong war.
The right war.
The wrong wars would
always be led by,
selfish people.
And just because
they are selfish,
to join them,
there would be an army
of selfish people.
The wars against them,
are the right wars.
These right wars are led by
warriors who have vowed to fight
alone for the justice of the people;
without the support of money
or the people themselves.
Before any right war,
every true warrior,
faces a terrible moment of
absolute powerlessness.
The reason for that is,
the realization that,
he is all alone.
In the realization that,
nothing is happening to his opponents in
spite of them doing all the wrong things;
In the realization that
he is losing everything despite
doing only the right things;
he will lose his strength.
He will cry in pain.
His heart will stutter.
He will lose all desire.
Do you know who is doing that?
All the right wars,
have His signature.
Warriors who are alone,
are the weapons in His hands.
Do you know why the warriors of God
always begin their war with a defeat?
It is to quell arrogance.
A body without arrogance,
is like a burning forge.
Only that forge,
can be imbued by the flowing
molten form of divine power.
Only if it is imbued like that,
it will turn into a living weapon.
(The most indestructible & powerful weapon)
Bhagwan, save my child!
Where are you going?
Hey! Stop her!
Save my child!
My child!
Bhagwan, please save my child!
Bhagwan, save my child.
I fed her daily with all the
sacred ash that you gave me.
I made her recite prayers to you.
I made her chant
your thousand names!
Look at her now!
Doctors are saying that,
my child is dead.
I said that it is not possible!
As long as my Bhagwan is with
me, this is not possible.
Do something!
Do something, please!
Do something, please.
death is something that
happens in every household.
We have to face it bravely
and peacefully, or else..
That's enough!
I haven't come here to
listen to your speech!
I have had enough of it!
It's time for you to act!
I want my child's life back.
Can you return my child's
life or not?
Just tell me that.
Answer me!
Leave me!
Come, sister.
Come, sister.
Peace! Peace!
We'll take care of everything.
He has ruined everything!
- Come, sister.
- Please step out.
My child!
Everyone sit down, please.
Go.. Go out!
My child!
Someone save her!
Someone save her, please.
Someone save my child, please!
Save my child, please!
My child was killed!
My child was killed!
My child is alive!
My child is alive!
Look! Look!
My child has come back to life!
My child came back to life.
Swami Ji!
Swami Ji, you are our God!
You brought my child
back to life.
You brought my child back to life!
Swami Ji, you are our Bhagwan!
Over there.
He wasn't the one
who did it there.
It was you!
I know, it was you who did it!
The coldness of death
and the warmth of life,
can be provided
only by one.
I won't believe that.
Jam eel,
if your brother is being oppressed,
support him.
Don't you remember'?
He didn't have anyone;
so I gave him refuge.
Tell me, Bhai.
Where did you go that day,
without telling anyone?
'This existence in darkness'
'This living in ignorance'
'This existence in darkness'
'This living in ignorance'
'Is only the shadow that falls
on the sheen of the soul,
which knows no written
beginning, middle or end.
This is not... It'
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'This existence in darkness'
'This living in ignorance'
'Is only the shadow that falls
on the sheen of the soul,
which knows no written
beginning, middle or end.
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'This is not" It'
'It is neither valour nor fear'
'It is neither cruelty nor com passion'
'It is neitherjustice nor injustice'
'It is neither honour nor humiliation'
'It is neither Ghora nor Aghora'
'It is neither Shiva nor the non-Shiva'
'This is not it'
'This is not it'
'This existence in darkness'
'This living in ignorance'
'Is only the shadow that falls
on the sheen of the soul,
which knows no written
beginning, middle or end.
This is not it'
'This is not it'
There is a reason why you
were brought here like this.
Whatever you were until now,
that was someone else.
Close your eyes now.
Whatever happens to you now,
will happen within you.
'Transcend sleep'
'There is power'
'The light of life'
'That is enlightenment'
'The tear of awakening'
'The pride of life'
If you have gained
special powers,
that is for a special reason.
A demon is awaiting you.
You know who he is now.
When it is time,
you will meet him.
Without polluting your Karma,
you will fight him.
Always remember one thing.
We have just helped you.
This time, whichever
faith you were born into,
you have to follow that faith
until your last moment.
Being a good Muslim.
Because Islam,
is a glorious religion,
just like Hinduism.
'Nam ah Shivay'
(Salutations to Lord Shiva)
'Allahu Akbar'
(God is the greatest)
Shall we go home?
No, sister.
You should stay here until
you're perfectly all right.
All of us are with you.
Swami Ji, if it wasn't for you;
my daughter wouldn't
have been alive today.
Now you are our Bhagwan (God).
Salutes, Swami Ji.
Long Live Sinha Sir!
Swami Ji,
Swami Ji,
Sinha Sir has come to meet you.
Salutes, Swami Ji.
Swami Ji,
I have heard a lot about you.
Please bless me.
Forgive me if I'm wrong.
It would be better if
we finish him off!
What I'm saying is that.
- Bhagwan..
I think we should talk it out.
We shouldn't just kill him.
We have to kill him in
front of his people.
So that all of them realize that the
Pandit has no special powers within him.
'O Mother'
Move, move!
I have never raised my
hand on you till date.
Because you're a Brahmin.
The time that our Bhagwan
mercifully gave you,
is over right here, right
now, at this very moment.
I'm asking you one last time.
Will you leave by yourself or not?
Stop it!
The story is over!
Yadav, leave all this.
Kill him!
Okay, Bhaiyyaji.
Here! Take this!
(I am the truth)
'I am the truth'
Tat Tvam Asi
(Thou Art That)
Who are you?
Get lost!
Yadav, finish him!
Get up, Bhai.
Get up, Bhai.
Bhai, get up fast.
Hey! All of you stay here.
Hey! Let's go!
Start the car!
- Swami Ji,
This is not his power.
There is someone else here.
From the time I came here, I
could sense his presence.
he is somewhere close by.
Someone else is here.
There is one man.
I enquired about him, Bhagwan.
He is a magician.
He is a Fakir (Muslim saint).
He lives on those mountains.
He is an ascetic, Bhagwan!
Bhagwan, do something!
Do something, Bhagwan!
Do something!
Only you can do something.
I want to meet him.
Make the arrangements.
And listen,
no one else should know about this.
- But Bhagwan,
Make the arrangements!
Careful, Bhagwan.
Wait here.
But Bhagwan..
- Wait here.
Hey magician!
Who are you?
Why are you after me?
Whatever you want, I'll give it!
Money, women, fame, whatever!
What do you want?
Ram akant!
You don't know me.
But I know you.
Look carefully!
This amulet on your hand;
I have imbued it with so
much power in it that;
any hand that rises to
protect your prey from you;
will be cut off
by this amulet.
Even if it is the hand of God!
Aslan Bhai.
Mahashay Bhagwan!
Kashyapa Mudra
(Symbol for balance & protection)
No! No!
What happened?
Bhagwan, be careful!
This is my Ashram, Ramakant.
I have told you many times not to make
this a hang out for your political goons.
But when have you ever listened to me?
Where are the documents
of the Ashram?
I'll bring them, Mother.
You've reached Shankar Ghat.
Get down. It's the last stop!
bless me.
Swami Ji,
those people have taken your house.
But don't be sad about that.
Our houses', in fact all our houses'
doors are open for you always!
All he does is magic!
He doesn't have any powers.
The power is here!
He brought the dead back to life.
What more do we need?
We have to do something now.
With the power to break the very
foundation of Mahashay Ashram;
what should I say?
A phenomenon has risen.
And his name is,
Pattabhirama Giri.
See Bhagwan,
that's not the only issue.
We lost the elections.
Tiwari was our major hope.
Against you,
against Mahashay trust;
that means, against all of us;
107 criminal cases
and 168 civil cases
ranging all the way from murder
charges and of course, land grabbing;
Minister Sinha has decided to
take up all of them immediately!
If we don't do something now,
everything will go out of control.
Even our most loyal clients are
already turning into his devotees.
you must beat him, Bhagwan!
That too, it has to be
in front of the people.
Because, they need solid proof.
All of you be ready!
On the night of Buddha Purnima,
this whole world will realize;
that there is no Bhagwan
greater than me!
Jai Bhagwan!
It's the night of
Poornima (full moon),
Guru Poornima.
Who is the Guru?
Who is the Bhagwan?
All of you,
will know the answer to that.
But before that,
to all of you,
who have stood up against me,
falling prey to the black magic
of this bogus Malabari
Pandit today;
I am giving all those
people a last chance!
A last chance to seek
refuge at my footsteps.
don't think that you have won.
You are going to fail now.
If you really are a God,
then do what I'm going to do
now, and prove it!
Hail Lord Shiva!
Hail Lord Mahashay!
Hail The Lord!
I can make that poor Brahmin extract
the poisonous thorn that's you;
even during this Buddha Poornima.
But I won't do that.
I won't let you be an indelible
spot on his Karma.
Mahashay Bhagwan's enemy,
is not Pattabhirama Giri now.
It is you.
Whom you yourself
had long forgotten.
And listen,
Not just Mahashay,
no God-man has ever created
any amulet,
or any magical thread,
that has the power to destroy
someone who has Allah's providence,
in this world until today.
And no one is going to create
any hereafter either!
Remember, Ramakant'.!
And now,
Mahashay Bhagwan, also known as
Ramakant Mahashay, has been exposed.
Justice systems of 27 countries have
issued warrants against this man.
The news that's coming from
Bhagwan Mahashay's Ashram;
is going to disturb the
sleep of all his devotees.
According to police officials,
Mahashay Bhagwan aka Ramakant",
was a dangerous criminal who had
been looting people forever.
Long Live Sinha Sir!
Silence! Silence!
This is my Guru!
Please bless me.
Respected Chief Minister Sir,
I have a request to you.
I am just an ordinary scholar.
Don't turn me into a Bhagwan (God).
Whatever I say today,
I will say it in
my mother tongue;
because Hindustan (India);
is not just the land of Hindi.
is home to all of us!
While I acknowledge the respect that
you're giving me, let me also say;
that unlike what you all claim;
I am not a Bhagwan (God).
And my religion is not one which
builds an army of devotees
by performing magic tricks.
'Guru & disciple are one'
'The God and His devotee are one'
The great Hindu religion
that told this to the world.
That's my religion.
I am a teacher!
AVedic teacher who has
a lot more to learn.
Allowing me to do my duty,
all of you should go back.
You should return,
with a firm belief that you would
never bow down to any God-man,
ever again!
Only good things will happen to you.
Is my gift for you.
I am no one to you.
why did you come to help me?
Ram araya!
Ram araya!
Shall I leave,
Pattabhiram an?
May the Almighty
Goddess bless you!
Allahu Akbar!
(God is the greatest)
Pattabhiraman continued
asking questions to himself.
That man who is no one to me,
why did he come to my help?
There was only one
person who knew,
that Pattabhi had to find the
answers to those questions himself.
Someone who had been protecting him
forever, without his knowledge.
Aslan Mohammed.
The above-mentioned.
(The above-mentioned)