TKKG (2019) Movie Script

- Hey! The cops are coming!
- Shit!
Well, my friend.
Hey! Hey!
Damn it!
- Stop!
- Wait!
Do you have a death wish?
Enjoy your meal.
Call the police.
Good day.
Hey, kid!
Stay where you are!
Damn it.
Have a good day. Bye.
Hey, Mom.
Hey. I went by your school today.
Unlike you.
- I had to...
- Congratulations.
- You won the national math test!
- Really? Cool!
Your father would be
so proud of you, and so am I.
Come here.
Your teacher Kalmuczak
nominated you for a scholarship.
- And guess what? They accepted you.
- Really?
And the best part is
that you can no longer skip class.
You'll be living in the school.
- I don't know anyone there.
- But you'll meet lots of nice new folks.
Boarding school.
Bright blue sky. It's almost like Nice.
But with school instead of the sea.
Come on, now. I'm sure
it'll work out this time. You'll see.
So? How much did my dad have to fork out
in order to get me accepted here?
A new library?
Indeed. As well as a new sports stadium,
swimming pool included.
- Really?
- Yes. And a cruise for all the teachers.
Excuse me. This is room 53.
It is indeed.
There must've been a misunderstanding.
It's my room.
It's mine, too.
A double room?
My dad really hates me.
He doesn't mean it like that.
A double room with a sneaker-wearer.
Give him a chance. He's got
a big heart, but it takes time to...
discover it.
And I thought the school in Piedmont
was as bad as it could get.
- Hey. Everything will be fine.
- Could you stay a while?
I have to fly to Geneva tomorrow morning
for your father. Don't be sad.
I'll go to the Rollberg
confectionery store
and I'll send you the lemon souffle'
macaron cake with the butter crust.
Express delivery. Promise. Come here.
Bye. Take care, Kookie.
- Kookie?
- No! Only my friends call me that.
Okay then.
- I'm sure you have loads of friends.
- Yes, I do.
But only my very close friends.
A few chosen ones.
They call me that.
- Kookie?
- Yes, Kookie.
- Why don't you like sneakers?
- They're fine for sports.
But I never do sports.
- Super brain. Did you do our homework?
- I did.
Great. I mean, were we really
meant to work during the break?
- At least you had something to do.
- Hey!
Are you too stupid to do it yourselves?
- Are you the ghetto scholarship student?
- Yes. So what?
Hey! Check this out! It's from the museum.
Say, what? Let me see it.
Doesn't he have a cell phone?
Hey! Check it out. It's from the '80s.
It's a Walkman.
- Look at this.
- Just give it back.
And what if I don't?
Why are you acting like Tarzan?
- It seems to be important to you.
- Stay out of it.
What's going on here?
You seem to fit in well here.
So, nothing's going on here. As you were.
You two, come with me.
I'll take you to Mr. Pauling.
He's in charge of the boarders.
I'm Ms. Mller-Borello.
I'm the director of this institution.
When it comes to Mil-Bo...
And you didn't hear that name from me...
You can't joke around with her.
Chemistry, chemistry.
So, do you have any questions?
At breakfast, I like my egg
cooked for 3.5 minutes.
None of my food should contain
even the slightest trace of avocado.
It gives me extreme flatulence.
- Okay.
- I usually bring my own dessert.
Very well. Okay. That's all
I'll be taking care of from now on.
And there's been a mix-up with the room.
I'm sure I have a single.
I'm afraid you don't.
I put you both together on purpose.
Here. Math.
You know... I think you could both
benefit from each other.
Tim seems to have
a slight temper problem,
but he's here due to his performance.
In your case, we had our doubts.
It's your fifth school, isn't it?
Fourth. I was kicked out of the third
school before I'd even started there.
Oh, really? That makes a huge difference.
- Yes.
- In any case...
Your parents fought tooth and nail
to get you here, which impressed me.
As did your father's art collection.
It's impressive.
He even promised to lend us
some of his exhibits for art class,
which will positively
influence your grades.
- Really?
- Dream on.
Come to me if you have any problems, okay?
Okay. Now, shake hands.
To being new roommates.
See? There you go.
"Dear Mom. I have..."
Sorry. I don't have a phone.
I just wanted to send my Mom a message.
- Of course.
- Where are you going?
Where else?
To tell them you stole my phone.
Man, no!
You going to hit me, too?
What is that?
Did someone jump out of it?
We have to go check it out.
If it's newsworthy,
it'll be online tomorrow.
Do you want to read about others
or be the hero?
Come on, then.
You're crazier than I thought.
- Don't you want to know what's there?
- No. I don't.
If I ever gave you
the impression that I'm brave,
I thought "Shaun the Sheep" was scary.
We need to get closer.
That's the last thing that's said
in horror films before they all die.
What happens to those who stay behind?
Uhm... Wait.
SAUERLICH'S BES That's our plane.
Willy, wait!
Willy, wait!
- Get away from there.
- Damn it.
Georg jumped out. We saw it.
- Mr. Glockner.
- Stay here until we know more.
- No!
- Yes.
That's enough.
We have to cordon off a larger area.
We know her.
Cool. Has she been arrested?
Dad, your radio.
It was a plane crash.
Glockner here.
Are forensics on their way?
Tell them to hurry.
Damn it.
Who's there?
Show yourselves, at once! Police.
We've got gawkers! Secure the area!
It's okay. It's okay.
- Not so loud.
- What's going on?
You should be in the car.
- Are they your friends?
- No.
Did you witness the crash?
Yes, but from the boarding school.
It was all over when we got here.
It's my parents' plane.
I'm Willy Sauerlich.
I can represent my family.
What's the current state
of the investigation?
Any sign of the pilot?
Bienert to Glockner.
We've found the black box.
I'll be right there.
Stay behind the cordon.
I'm curious about
the data in the black box.
Keep an eye on them.
- No!
- So they don't do anything stupid.
- Bienert to Glockner.
- Thanks a lot.
I'm coming!
Hey... What statue
where they transporting?
- You know about the Heaven's Guard?
- Police radio.
What's the Heaven's Guardian... Guard?
My father brought it back from Asia.
It must be worth a fortune.
A statue made of pure gold.
What is he doing?
Is he hunting for aliens?
- Is that a metal detector?
- The statue!
- Let's go.
- Forget it. I'm keeping an eye on you.
You can do that on the way.
The core of the Heaven's Guard
is made of .999 fine gold.
This locates items with specific alloys
through balance induction,
so, by sending asynchronous pulses.
Gold percentage: 87.3%.
So, do you mean
that the statue might be in there?
- Yes.
- Let's go inside then.
Come on.
What is that?
There's a ladder leading down.
- Is it coming from down there?
- Yes.
- Watch out.
- Be careful.
I think I found something.
Looks like a parachute.
I told you Georg jumped out.
- What?
- Georg!
Come on down.
That means Georg survived.
Don't touch anything.
- Don't leave any fingerprints.
- Over here.
- It's the casket! Open it.
- Yes.
No. Stop. Let me do it.
The treasure.
- Why is it empty?
- It's obvious.
This is probably what happened:
Georg jumped out,
left his parachute and the casket here
and ran off with the statue.
- Where did he take the statue?
- You're not that bright, are you?
- He stole it.
- Are you crazy? You're not that bright.
Georg would never
steal from us, unlike you.
It was actually a job for the police,
but thank you.
And things might not be so bad after all.
- What do you mean?
- Your dad will tell you.
- You'll take the casket to him.
- Not with Mr. Sneakers!
- No way.
- I'm staying.
You're going. The Sauerlichs
will take you back to the school.
- Come on, then.
- That's just stupid.
I'd send Bienert,
but he even gets lost in a car wash.
- Okay.
- Thanks, partner.
In the car wash?
Yes. Go to the car wash.
Take me with you!
Hey! Please, wait!
Awesome. This is where he lives?
Welcome. Mr. Sauerlich is expecting you.
- Hello, Willy.
- Hello, Ms. Mauser.
This looks valuable.
Forget it. The glass is bulletproof.
The Heaven's Guard was displayed there.
Don't they all belong in Asia?
I mean... What do you want them for?
They're better than stocks, nowadays.
Here's your casket.
You need to sign here, please.
- What about the plane?
- It's a write-off.
- Georg will pay for the damages.
- He didn't do it!
You bet he did. I set a trap.
It wasn't the real Heaven's Guard.
It was a replica.
- What?
- I've suspected him for ages.
The alarm here kept going off.
Then I sent him to Geneva with a replica
to see what would happen.
And, barn! He runs away.
Nonsense! Where's Mom?
Mom? She's still having her...
- Energy session.
- Mom?
- Don't go up there. You know...
- Mom?
Who dares disrupt our circle?
Hi, Raimondo. Where's Mom?
Give her all the time she needs.
My hero.
I was so worried. Are you really okay?
- Georg has disappeared.
- Disappeared? He ran off!
I sense some really negative energy.
- Come. Let's get rid of that bad energy.
- Darling, don't...
How wonderful.
It's so great to meet Wilhelm's friends.
Yeah, I'd like to meet them, too.
Your friends are just wonderful.
- Who are you, then?
- Oskar!
Master. You can retire now.
I've soaked up
enough energy for today. Thank you.
Bless you.
I haven't sat behind the wheel for ages.
Where's the...
You know your way around the car.
Georg showed me.
Did he win his driver's license or what?
What kind of technique is that?
Dad was the youngest inspector
of all times. He knows what he's doing.
Sure he does.
Note it down and put out
an APB on the license plate.
-"APB on the license plate."
- Wait a minute
- Could you describe the fight?
-"Describe fight."
As I said,
the smallest one was really spot on.
- In what way?
- I was stronger than him.
It was as though I had too much power,
not too little. Know what I mean?
- That's your problem in general.
-"Problem in general."
- But to name a few.
-"But to name a few."
Martial arts. It could be a martial art.
Well done. Note down "martial arts".
"Martial arts, note down."
I'm sure you've all heard
about the plane crash
and the missing statue in the news, right?
Seeing as a particularly interested pupil
asked me about it,
we'll be going on a historical excursion
to see the Shaolong's Heaven's Guard.
The Shaolong Monastery on the foot
of Mount Songshan in the heart of China.
Vaishravana, the Heaven's Guard.
Shaolong's most sacred object.
It watched over those who meditated
and was worshipped as
the protector of Buddhist teachings,
until it disappeared in 1928.
It reappeared at an auction in the '60s
and was sold for twelve million dollars.
A record sum at the time.
- Yes, Tim?
- What exactly are those monks doing?
As far as I know, in order to meditate
for long amounts of time,
they practiced specific
breathing techniques and movements.
That then developed into
a defensive way of fighting.
Of course you'd be interested in that.
Right in the kisser.
Hey, hey, hey!
- Excuse me. May I?
- Yes, of course.
Hey. I think it's really great
how you helped the police.
But you can't be running off at night.
I should tell the director.
- But I'll let it slide this time.
- Thank you.
You can borrow the book if you want.
- Really?
- Sure.
- Cool.
- Let's go.
Are you moving out?
I have to be with my mom.
She's in a real state.
- We got a ransom call today.
- What?
They realized it was a fake.
That's why they took my father.
- Think it's related to the kidnapping?
- Yes.
Now they want the statue
in exchange for my father.
- That's sick.
- Yeah...
But I want to talk about the phone.
- I told you I just...
- Borrowed it. I know.
- I want to stop that from happening again.
- And how exactly?
I can't accept that.
- Thank you.
- Thank you for trying to save my dad.
I'm sure the police will find him.
Glockner seems really capable.
They're wrong about Georg.
It wasn't him.
He'd never do something like that.
Well, one of the kidnappers
did look like him.
No! Georg is my friend.
And you were right. Actually,
he's the only one who calls me...
Well, maybe Gaby has some news.
- Yes, but she'd never tell us.
- Well, we'll just have to convince her.
You mean, by torturing her?
Thumbscrews, a stretching bank?
- Pull out her teeth?
- Or by asking her nicely?
Okay. Of course.
Can I have a word?
Has your dad found anything else?
I can't give any
investigative results to outsiders.
I'm not an outsider
and I'm good at keeping secrets.
- Willy? Why are you thinking about Willy?
- Willy, come out.
I'm glad you're here.
I've got some questions for you.
- Okay.
- How long has Georg been working for you?
Is there a place where you would go
to escape and spend some time together?
He has a hut at Lake Waiga.
We go there to fish sometimes.
But... why do you ask?
- When's the last time you were there?
- Stop! Georg is innocent.
- It's my gut feeling.
- Don't you get it? Georg is his friend.
You don't investigate
using your gut, but your head.
You have to gather info first.
Stop showing off because your Dad's a cop.
They found the kidnappers' van
thanks to my photo of the license plate.
And they've got a clear lead now.
What lead?
Bye, Pros.
- Well, that failed.
- Why'? We got our information.
Now we just need a specialist
who can get us into the police station.
Why are we here?
You'll see.
- Math, chemistry or physics? Put it there.
- What?
Just give me a pen and an example
of your handwriting so I can copy it.
We're not here for that.
You don't want me to do your homework?
- No, we want something else.
- Really?
- What?
- A special mission.
Hot! Hot! Hot!
Hey, Harry.
- Hi, Gaby. Will you play "Jailhouse Rock"?
- Sure, Harry.
- Hello.
- Good evening. Going to practice?
- And'?
- The program is learning the commands.
We'll send the info to the site with the
digital switch codes and open the gate.
Seven, six...
- Five, four, three, two...
- Five, four, three, two...
The battery's empty.
- What?
- I can't believe it!
Be quiet.
I spoke to Willy Sauerlich.
Georg had a fishing hut at Lake Waiga.
He was there often.
This kidnapping is serious.
I don't want you investigating it.
What do you mean, Dad?
I know I've always taken you with me
ever since your mom left,
you're not a police officer.
You're a little girl.
So, you deal with that
while I deal with this.
Dad, you were only able to find
the van thanks to my photo.
I should be informed
about the clues you've found.
The kidnappers' van.
- Willy!
-Isn't that clue rather mysterious?
- Those idiots...
- What is it this time?
Over here.
- Something's carved into it.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Guys. I've got it!
Yes! Look.
The "S" swerves the same way
as in my father's signature.
- You're right.
- It's a message from him.
- Good work.
- Good work.
That looks really mean.
Stay calm, little one.
You dimwits!
This is crazy.
Be careful!
That's disgusting.
Does that work with tigers, too?
Just beat it, okay?
- Thank you.
- Don't let this get to your heads.
Still... Thanks.
Get out of here. Quickly.
It's okay.
Take a seat.
Are you happy here?
Yeah? I mean, do you like being here?
- Yes.
- Yes?
Then why are you doing the same things
you did at your old school?
Man, Tim! You're gifted.
Did you know that?
Don't mess it up.
This is your final warning, okay?
Hey, kid. Boo!
-"Stickup... Sticker..."
- Hey!
We're now a real investigation team.
So, we need a base, right?
I thought we could maybe convert my attic.
- I think there's been a misunderstanding.
- How come?
You were a great help,
but we're not an investigative team.
- Or a gang.
- Have you all gone mad?
Breaking into the police station?
How stupid was that?
You refused to tell us anything.
What clues did you find in the van?
I can't give any
investigative results to outsiders.
You don't need to tell me anyway.
My dad's keeping me informed.
Great. Continue with Daddy, then.
What did you find?
What would we get if we were
to pass on the information?
Brains, for example?
First of all, we need a base.
Told you.
We're stuck with the "stick" clue for now.
But we can work on the shoeprint.
Yes, but this standard sole
could belong to anyone.
But there's a tear in the sole here.
If we find the shoe,
we'll find the culprit.
Are we just meant to wait
outside the cobbler's or what?
No. We should look at
all suspicious footprints.
How will we know who's a suspect?
-By thinking logically?
Who else other than Georg
knew about the flight?
Well, everyone at Oak Avenue did.
We saw the gardener.
What can you tell us about him?
Hugo. Yes.
He's practically a member of the family.
He's been there since before I was born.
And so has Edda the housekeeper.
What about the woman
we met in the hallway?
Linda Mauser.
She's my father's business partner.
She invented "Death by Chocolate".
- What?
- Never heard of it?
The double fudge brownie
supreme chocolate.
There was also that woman
and the guy with the sunglasses.
- Amanda and Raimondo. But he's blind.
- No one is ruled out yet.
Okay. They've been
living with us for three months.
That's exactly when
your alarm started going off.
- Crazy!
- What exactly do they do?
Well... My mother is often alone
and Amanda and Raimondo do yoga with her.
They meditate and test out energy flows.
They have a weird group
of people with them,
with whom they summon spirits.
Summon spirits?
The big show is taking place tomorrow!
- What sort of show?
- A show?
All participants will form
an energy circle,
through which they'll contact
dead or missing persons.
They'll try to find my dad.
That's our chance to check them out.
And to get their shoeprints.
I know how.
With plastic sheets and silicone spray.
Okay, but the problem is that
they'll never let me take part in that.
How did they invite the guests?
Via e-mail
or something old-fashioned like that.
I can hack into it.
Just plant a Trojan,
access the keylogger with C:/...
Yeah, okay.
Can you get me in there as Tim?
That's what I said.
Not as Tim, of course.
But as Timothea.
Oh, no, guys.
Do you think they really believe
they can contact the missing and dead?
That would be nice. I wanted to contact
my dad when I was young, too.
What happened to your dad?
- Car accident when I was five.
- Damn.
- That explains the Walkman. Was it his?
- Yes.
It has a mixtape in it which my father
gave to my mother when they fell in love.
Hurry. It's time.
Here's your earpiece.
I made it out of an old hearing aid.
Good evening.
- Your name, please.
- Timothea Mller.
Come in.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen.
May the games begin.
- Roger.
- Over.
Would you like some?
A duet of tomato and mozzarella
and crayfish with an avocado dip.
Attach the trackers.
The black pickup truck is Raimondo's.
Tracker activated.
What'? I can't believe it.
Why is he dressed like that?
- Good day. Hello.
- Come on in.
Not him.
What's going on?
We have to abort the mission.
If my father finds out we're here,
he'll grill us alive.
Good evening.
We're in the clear. He fell for it.
Everything's just great here. Over.
Welcome. Please, come in.
You all know my husband's been kidnapped.
We're going to comply with
the kidnapper's demands, but...
But we also want to use our power
to ensure Hermann returns safely.
We're going to contact Hermann now.
Please, sit down.
Raimondo the seer
and his medium Amanda.
Please, help us.
How is my husband?
Where is he?
There are strangers among us!
Yes, that's true.
Mr. Kramer is a friend of the family.
And... Timothea Mller.
She's really interested in spiritualism.
She was recommended by Lord Lonski.
Recommended by me?
The master wants to start.
We have the first footprint.
YOU can come Up HOW.
It's show time.
The bag on the coat stand is Raimondo's.
His name isn't Raimondo.
It's Otto Biersack.
There he is.
I can see him.
Oh, no.
Yes! No.
He says...
He says...
That we shouldn't be scared, Erna.
Close the circle.
loan... I can sense him.
Where are you?
He's close.
I'll soon know...
where he is.
It's a sign!
- The seance is over.
- No!
I'm so sorry, but we have to wait
for a new energy window.
For a better one.
Thank you.
What's so funny?
I'm just happy that the master is okay.
Tim has the footprints.
- Yes! Yes! Yes!
- Yes! Yes! Yes!
Okay, guys. We'll meet at headquarters
tomorrow to compare them.
Over and out.
Roger. Over. Yeah!
Thanks, Karl.
Hey! What are you doing there?
I'm trying to figure out
the Shaolong technique.
- The best fight is the one you don't lead.
- This is more about avoiding a fight.
Okay. Well, it seems to have
a positive effect on you.
You can tell you're starting to fit in.
- Thanks.
- I'm serious. I'm really happy for you.
Keep up the good work.
- Okay. Good.
- Hey. I'll race you.
Come on! Come on!
Let's see where
the tracking device takes us.
How did it go yesterday?
Your Timothea performance
didn't go down that well.
Why is that?
- Did your dad notice something?
- Maybe.
- He asked me loads of questions about you.
- About me?
And? Were you able to answer them?
He'd rather I hung out
with my old friends.
And if it were up to you'?
It's always up to me.
They're on their way.
Do you also think
that Gaby and Tim are acting strange?
No. Why do you ask?
Tim always moves his arms
in a funny way.
- And they're always grinning.
- That's the best thing in the world.
Which is?
I see.
- I also feel a lot of love.
- You do?
For the nut nougat mix, for example.
Sorry, Karl,
but I haven't been able to eat anything
recently with all this stress.
I think I've lost weight.
Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Bring us the evidence.
- Damn it!
- This can't be happening.
- Look. There's not even a tear.
- Damn it.
So, no hit.
- Stickhausen!
- Stickhausen!
Yes. They both live in Stickhausen.
- So what?
- Willy! "Stick!"
It's what your Dad carved into the van.
- That's where they're holding him.
- Yes, exactly.
- Good. We have to skip art and math.
- Okay. I'm in.
- Me, too.
- Thanks, guys.
What language is she speaking?
Quick, take cover!
It's Hakka.
A Mandarin dialect
spoken by the Shaolong monks.
- There's the motive!
- Yes.
The Heaven's Guard is sacred to them.
And the kidnappers fought just like them.
Man, you're right! We're really close.
- My dad is in there.
- Let's go inside before Amanda returns.
Stop. Stop. Stop.
- What?
- What is it?
- Over there.
- Careful.
Hey, guys. I found something.
Awesome. This must be it.
Gaby and I will get the key.
It's next to Raimondo.
- What shall we do?
- Wait here.
Aye, aye, captain.
Please don't bark.
I hate dogs.
- But he sure is sweet.
- We'll call you "Gaby the Paw".
Very funny.
The key.
Man, this noise is making me crave
sweet and sour duck.
Here. A small surprise
for our great captain.
- That's great. He'll be pleased.
- Exactly.
He's not blind.
He's not blind!
- They broke in!
- Does your mom know you're here?
You've been living in my house
for weeks, ripping my mom off!
Pretending to be blind
and with your cheap tricks.
- You're swindlers!
- Us? Swindlers?
You're the ones who broke in.
I'm calling the cops.
It's best if the police
are present during the house search.
House search?
- What are you expecting to find?
- My father!
He must be in there.
- Excuse me. Do you have the key?
- No. And I've never been down there.
- Sure.
- Yeah, right.
May we?
Of course. Go ahead.
In order to get it open,
we'll need at least a StrongArm drill.
If not, we'll never...
It's open.
There's nothing here.
- I'm sorry, but we had to look into it.
- No problem, Inspector.
But you do know that you can
count on our full cooperation.
- But they're swindlers!
- Why'? Raimondo being blind is a lie.
But that's what people want to see.
Some high society mothers
are especially into it.
Especially those in their 40s.
You come from Dengfeng,
where the temple is.
That's true, but I'm not religious
in any shape or form.
I just followed my great love.
Otto travelled across Asia.
I discovered more than just the continent.
Is that also forbidden?
- But they know where my dad...
- But, Dad...
How did you know
that "stick" was carved into the van?
Gaby, the seance.
Were you also there?
You think you make a great team, right?
Future professionals or something?
But the truth is that you four
are not a good influence on each other.
- That's not true.
- We found out so much.
You're wrong about Georg.
I'm not actually meant to tell you this,
but the footprint on the van
came from Georg's shoe.
- W hat?
- W hat?
We found a plastic bag containing the
clothes and shoes worn during the attack
at his fishing hut by the lake.
- W hat?
- No way!
Plus, he made the ransom call.
The language lab has proven that.
But I guess you knew that, Willy.
- You were listening in on the call.
- You heard Georg's voice?
- Maybe it just sounded like him...
- Are you serious?
Guys, we're at a critical point
in the negotiations.
- No one should intervene!
- What is going on with you?
Karl, you were my best pupil,
and now your grades have hit rock bottom.
Gaby, you're skipping band practice,
although you'll be performing
in two weeks' time!
Willy, your situation
is special, of course.
Special? You lied to us!
Will you be quiet, Tim?
Hey, Tim...
We spoke so many times.
I warned you twice.
How are we meant to justify such
a generous scholarship to our sponsors
under such circumstances?
In order to give the rest of you a chance
to achieve your past success once again,
you're suspended, effective immediately.
I'm so sorry.
- Why didn't you tell us?
- You wouldn't have helped.
- My suspension is your fault.
- No, it's not.
Whose is it then?
Our investigation was all in vain.
- No, it wasn't...
- No wonder you don't have any friends!
They're at the old factory.
- Here comes our gang member.
- Where's our homework?
In case you haven't realized,
your gang no longer exists.
- Come on, then.
- No.
Did you take
superhero vitamins or something?
- Do your own homework.
- What?
Oh, right. You can't.
You're too stupid for that.
- Stay where you are!
- Karl! What's going on?
They have a question.
- Yes.
- Yes.
- So, what's the question?
- It's about the party.
The gifted one is back.
Did you mess up, or what'?
- Do you know what we'll be playing?
-"The Chase", I think.
- Hey! Check it out.
- Who is that?
What is he doing here?
- What do you want?
- I know I messed up a bit.
"A bit?". You messed up big time.
- I've got to show you something.
- Yeah?
How will I know you're not lying?
- I even dressed up as a woman for you!
- As a woman?
- Quiet.
- Quiet.
See the shirt?
- Pauling?
- That's what my dad wrote in the van.
- Anyone could own such a shirt.
I mean, Pauling is
the only cool guy at the school.
And you're going on about a shirt?
It was Georg all along.
- Just accept it.
- You've got to help me.
Forget it.
That's the true value.
Mr. Pauling?
We've kidnapped your husband.
Leave the Heaven's Guardian
at the Soiner gravel pit...
Do it again.
And this time, put more feeling into it.
- I can't!
- Of course you can.
Hello? Hello, Mr. Pauling!
Willy, wait!
Mr. Pauling!
On the tape... Listen to it.
- Karl! Hey. What are you doing here?
- So glad you're here. I need your help.
Yeah? With what?
I know where Willy's dad is.
- Willy's dad?
- Yes.
- Where?
- Come with me.
This way. Quickly.
There's an entrance here.
Amanda and Raimondo just went inside.
You can see it
from the bridge over there, too.
- You did a great job, Karl.
- Thank you, Mr. Pauling.
Over there.
Maybe we should inform the police.
Oh, Karl.
- You're such a smart boy, aren't you?
- Yes.
- Still no clue'?
- You...?
My eye!
No! No!
Let me go!
How did the tape end up in my Walkman?
Karl and I put it in there.
What do we do now?
Firstly, we have to get back
our bad influence.
Come with us.
- Karl?
- Karl?
- Where is he?
- He investigated further.
Let's think. What else
could he have found out?
Pauling saw the Heaven's Guard
when he came to my house at Oak Avenue.
- He then told Amanda and Raimondo.
- And they gained my mum's trust.
With all the yoga energy stuff.
When your dad realized
someone was after the statue...
- Georg was to take it somewhere safe.
- Yes.
The perfect opportunity.
Raimondo snuck on board
and tried to hijack the plane.
- Something must've gone wrong.
- Yes.
Georg must've fought back.
And Raimondo
jumped out of the plane with Georg.
Yes. He hid the parachute and the casket
and imprisoned Georg somewhere.
When they realized it was a replica,
they had to come up with a plan B.
- The kidnapping.
- The kidnapping. Yes.
And they want the statue
in return for my dad.
- Yes.
- Exactly!
We can't mess this up.
- The lives of the hostages are at stake.
- Yes.
- I'll get him.
- Yes, you will.
Tell all units
to take their observation positions.
Absolutely, Mr. Glockner. Absolutely.
Oh, yes.
What's Georg planning?
Framing Georg was clever of them.
Raimondo must've been
wearing Georg's shoes
and he then hid them at the fishing hut
for the police to find.
What's that?
Damn it!
That's genius!
- Shit! Shit!
- Shit! Shit!
- Where have they hidden my dad and Georg?
- They weren't at the farm.
In the basement of the old factory.
The tracker.
Amanda and Raimondo are there.
That's what Karl found out.
- Did Karl go there alone?
- I'm calling my dad.
- What do we do now?
- Give chase.
- No answer.
- Damn it!
We'll do it ourselves.
We have to help Karl.
- Yes.
- Yes.
Over there. It's the casket.
What is she doing?
- No idea.
- We can't let them leave.
- Where's Pauling?
- Shit.
Hey! I've got it.
Here. Take a look. Is it the real one?
Without a doubt.
Our monastery and people
are grateful to you.
The Shaolongs' gratitude
is the only reward I need.
- Let's release them and get out of here.
- Okay.
Let's go.
- You'll be free soon.
- We've got the Heaven's Guard.
Finally! It's about time!
Go on down there and untie them.
I'll just hold on to it for now.
- I'm not into all this Asian nonsense.
- You wanted to help us.
I know, yes. But I've changed my mind.
You'll never be able to get rid of it.
Everyone recognizes it!
I'll melt it down.
The gold and the diamond alone
are worth a fortune.
I trusted you, Steffen!
Nice down here, isn't it'?
Get used to being imprisoned,
you criminals.
Criminals? Who's the criminal here?
We've been fighting to get back
our sacred statue for decades.
- I'm about to cry.
- Men like you show no compassion.
Us Shaolong call you "damaged people".
What do you get out of having the statue?
- Karl?
- It's an investment.
- What do you know about value?
- Are you okay?
At our monastery,
it's worshipped by everyone.
- The boy!
- What's wrong?
- What's wrong with him?
- Karl?
My inhaler.
- Untie him! Quickly!
- We'll untie all of you.
Get out, you little dirtbag. Come here.
Stay where you are!
What's this?
ls class 7C on an excursion today?
Come on. Scram!
Get out of here.
Move out of the way!
- Keep your eyes on the traffic
- Get him!
I'll release the prisoners.
I'm done with kids.
- Damn it! We'll never catch him.
- He won't get far.
What's going on?
What... What's going on with the steering?
Everything's fine.
You'll get through it, kid.
- Just breathe.
- Hello!
- Willy!
- We need Karl's asthma inhaler.
Pauling threw it on the net
under the iron bridge.
- Go get it!
- What?
- Every second counts!
- You can do it!
Okay. Okay!
Come on, then.
You stupid mutt.
Come on, then.
I'll only wear sneakers from now on.
What happened to you? Stay calm.
Everything will be okay.
Everything will be okay, my darling.
Willy will be able to do it.
Willy will be able to do it!
He will!
You'll never catch me, you asshole kids.
Willy will be able to do it. Don't worry.
I've got it, guys!
Come on, then.
Willy, you did great!
Inhale deeply.
Once more.
- Willy.
- The drone.
Hey. That's...
Well done, kid.
We still have a score to settle.
- Come on, Karl. Finish him off.
- Bonus level.
- Tim!
- Come on.
Come on. Give it to me. Give it to me.
- No.
- Come on. I won't need to hurt you then.
Very funny, Bruce Lee.
- Yeah!
- Shaolong style!
- You've got the key.
- The key. Yes. Of course, the key.
Thank you.
- Hey, Karl. Hello, Ms. Mller-Borello.
- Hello.
- High five!
- Yeah, Willy.
Hey! Tim.
Have you done your homework?
- Is that for us?
- Yes.
- They've already started.
- HQ to Glockner. Please respond.
We've got a 43/12. The phantom on
the motorcycle is back. Please respond.
- Mr. Glockner?
- This is your chance.
- Don't mess it up.
- Glockner? Please respond.
This is Bienert.
I'm taking over.
They can't take him with them
where they're going.
Gaby wants him to stay with us.
You'll take good care of him.
I'm sure of it.
In case you don't know what you want to be,
we could sure use you at the police.
Thanks, but I want to be
an engineer, like my dad.
We're now landing at Dengfeng.
- I can't believe it.
- Inspector Glockner turned a blind eye.
And my boss thinks
he has a lotto make up for.
He does. The Heaven's Guard
belongs to the Shaolong.
You'll be home soon.
Hey. What about me?
I've brought you something awesome.
Put them on.
- Are you serious, Willy?
Call me "Kookie" from now on,
because that's what my friends call me.
- Okay, Kookie.
- Okay, Kookie.
TKKG, professionals to-be
TKKG, professionals to-be
Willy, seriously. Stop it.
Stop, stop, guys.
If you want to be cool,
you have to do it differently.
- With a chocolate bar?
- Rewind.
TKKG, professionals to-be
TKKG, professionals to-be
- We solve any case...
- Tim, not gangster rap. How embarrassing.
Guys, listen to the real version now.
What you're making isn't music.
- Wow! That was great, Gaby.
- That was awesome.
And now, using modern technology.
Listen to this.
Oops. The battery is empty.
Eurotape - Nordkurier Mediengruppe - 2019