TL (2024) Movie Script

Thank you for calling VMX. This is Rick.
How may I assist you today?
Its A as in apple,
J as in Jupiter
TL, supp call! Hes been
waiting for a while.
Mary Beth, youre three minutes
over break.
Oh, Im really sorry Roshonda,
that is not the experience
I want you to have.
But dont worry maam,
I already raised a ticket,
and our escalations team
will call you back
within the next two hours.
Thank you for your patience, maam.
Is there anything else
I can assist you with?
What took you so long?
I've been waiting!
Im going over my lunch hour.
Sorry, an old lady called.
She talked too much.
Damn it.
Those damn old people should really have
their own dedicated hotline.
- They lower our productivity.
- Shhh.
You also talk too much.
You really know my weakness.
Oh shit!
- You like it?
- Yeah!
- I'm close!
- Yeah!
By the way,
were being moved
to the day shift.
Since when did you know?
Last two weeks ago.
And you didnt even
bother to tell me?
I tried to negotiate,
but it didnt work.
Are you an idiot?
Why did you agree to it?
- Damn it.
- How will we see each other now?
Do you really think I had a choice?
Were just slaves here.
And its only for three months.
After that, were back
to the changing shifts.
- Are you on break?
- Lunch. Whats the news?
Good news, or bad news?
Which do you prefer?
Youre being so dramatic.
Okay, good news.
You got a commendation
from a Mr. George Whittaker.
Brenda is so good,
shes very eloquent, speaks well.
I hope everybody
in your team is like her.
She deserves a raise. Etcetera...
So, do I get a raise?
No. But I have merch here,
you can choose.
But I have all of those already.
I know youve gotten
a lot of commendations.
Go ahead, pick one.
Okay. Enjoy your merch and--
Okay, so whats the bad news?
You were not chosen as the SME.
Who did TL Mike pick then?
But dont worry.
Theres still an opening
but in a different team.
Are you okay with that?
Of course, OM.
Look, I cant guarantee youll get
chosen this time because...
you still need to apply,
and the TL still
makes the decision.
I just approve it.
But you can do it.
I have faith in you.
- Whos the TL?
- TL Carl.
I dont know him.
Well, start getting
to know the guy.
You know, stand out.
Hey, you can do this.
Now, back to work.
Sure, maam.
Let me go ahead and send you
a copy of your agreement.
Can I send it via
the email address on file?
Hey, girl. Thats TL Carl.
Dont you know him?
Are you still in a bad mood?
But is there anything I can do?
You said so yourself,
youve got no choice.
Look at me...
Im always the top agent,
I always get high ratings,
but for nothing.
Im still an agent.
By the way, how was your application?
I didnt get chosen.
So, who did?
That damn Krista.
Were you really surprised Krista
got the SME role?
Theres a rumor on the floor
saying that...
shes been having sex with TL Mike
in the restroom for the disabled.
I thought TL Mike was gay.
Hes bi.
Its bisexual, idiot!
Youre so grumpy. I was just
trying to make you laugh.
OM also asked me if I still wanted
to apply for the SME role again.
To TL Carl though,
I dont know him.
I still need to think about it.
Ah, the good boy.
The family-oriented guy.
They say he likes initiating
tree planting and,
outreach programs for
the indigenous tribes.
What? Who has
that much free time?
My teammate joined one of them.
They said it was fun. And...
it eases the mind to forget
all your worries.
Why didnt you join then?
Im not into that shit.
But I think youd fit in with his team.
Because youre a good person.
Hmph, idiot!
What are your strengths, Brenda?
My strength is that
Im highly competitive.
Whatever goal you set for me,
I know that I can achieve that.
Family guy.
How long have you been
with the company?
Its my sixth year this year, TL.
I see.
How do you like to spend
your free time?
I often just stay at home alone,
watching TV.
Dont you have a boyfriend?
Of course, I research my potential SMEs.
You told me you often
stayed alone at home.
So, you dont spend much time
with your boyfriend?
Well, TL, hes going
to change shifts soon,
so, we wont be seeing each other
that often anymore.
Okay thats all
I need to know for now.
Any questions?
TL, when will the results of
this application come out?
Oh, quite likely in a few weeks time.
Weve got a lot of applicants.
I dont know why.
Maybe they find me
Just kidding.
Thank you, Brenda.
Well be in touch.
- Hi, TL!
- Hi, Andrea.
Have a seat.
How are you?
Are you okay?
Im okay.
Im sure youll get
promoted this time.
Dont set my expectations high.
I'm close.
Ill miss this.
Miss? Why?
Arent you changing shifts?
Dont worry.
One day, Ill just grab you
in the middle of your shift.
Oh, why are you still up?
I'm so pissed!
- Do you know Andrea?
- Yeah.
Shes also applying for SME
under TL Carl.
Shit! I saw them together
in Andreas car.
- Shit!
- Relax, okay?
Maybe we just need to remove
Andrea from the picture.
Ill show you.
Just think of Andrea as a moth,
and a dick is like a light for her.
There are rumors that shell
jump on anyone with a dick.
Well just have to wait
for the next time
she needs to scratch an itch,
and we will capture
every moment of it.
And then, well upload her videos
on streaming platforms.
Well also make sure that
a lot of people will see it...
because its educational.
Hi, this is Andrea Villaluna,
ID number 606894.
Can I get the entry password?
Thank you.
This will be the ultimate plan.
This will surely work.
Are you ready to become a TL?
Yes! Yes!
Whoever did that is a real demon.
We know Andreas a slut,
but to announce it that way?
- Thats over the line.
- Why? What happened?
Check your email.
Carl, please don't ignore me.
I know you're not with your wife right now.
Carl? Asshole!
Hi TL, can I sit here?
Sure, no problem.
TL, I heard you hike up
mountains for fun.
Yeah, sometimes.
We plant trees and help
indigenous groups.
TL, whens the next climb?
Can I join?
But thats not for a while.
My wife always joins,
but shes pregnant now.
You know, my wife has
an earring just like this.
Hi, babe. Did you eat already?
Yes, babe? Why did you call?
The kids dont want to sleep yet.
Theyre asking if
we can go to a museum.
- Right? You want to visit one?
- Yes!
Kiss daddy! Go ahead, kiss daddy!
Soon baby.
Go with mommy to pick me up
one of these days
and lets all go to the
museum together, okay?
See you soon! I love you!
First of all, you know
why were here, right?
Were going to celebrate so many things.
Give yourselves a round of applause
for making it here. Okay?
We didnt know wed last this long.
Now, weve grown a lot,
so I want to award you guys.
The first award goes
to our top earner.
So thats Angela.
Lets give her a round of applause
Next, to the person whos always
next to Megan, you know who.
Her partner in crime, Joseph!
Joseph, congrats!
Yeah! Good job! Good job!
And of course our most
I wanted to add this award,
the most friendly agent.
This is important for our relationships
inside the office, right?
So first Joseph, now its John.
Okay, alright. Every year,
were going to invent awards.
Its up to you. Impress me.
Show me what youve got
and everything else, okay?
I promise I will give you
what you deserve. Okay?
Ah, yes.
Oh, that's it.
Oh yes.
I'm close.
Im sorry, TL.
I feel guilty about this.
Youre married.
Dont be sorry,
as long as no one finds out
and you stay discreet,
were good.
Youre going to have a baby, TL.
Its our third kid, relax.
When we got married,
she wanted to have
a baby right away.
It put a lot of pressure on me.
Every time we had sex,
its all baby this, baby that.
Cant we just enjoy it?
Not think of anything.
Thank you, Brenda,
for doing this with me.
Youre helping me a lot.
theres a next time.
TL, I have a boyfriend.
I know.
Im not asking you
to do anything, I mean...
were still going home to them.
I guess.
I'm close.
Come on.
- Shit!
- I'm close!
Hey. girl, is that her?
Yeah! They were seen
together in her TLs car.
Isnt the TL married?
Yes, and his wife is pregnant.
They do say a chained chicken
is easier to capture.
But for what? For promotion?
Okay, so both of you are brave.
Why dont you say
that to my face?
We didnt mention
any names though.
- Oh, really?
- Ouch!
- Brenda!
- Ouch! Get off of me!
Brenda, whats going on
with you?
Since when have you
minded rumors?
- Huh?
- Its annoying, OM.
I was just trying to defend myself.
I know that. I get it. But--
If youre a regular agent,
sure Ill let you fight with anyone.
But youre our top agent.
Look at me, youre also vying
for the SME role.
Ill talk to those two ladies,
so that this wont
have to reach HR.
Brenda, you have to calm down.
Yes, OM. Im sorry.
The rumors arent true, right?
No, OM.
Because I dont think
youre capable of such things.
TL Carl too.
I dont believe he can
do those things.
Oh, babe! Howve you been?
- You dont look excited to see me.
- Why are you so early?
I was just surprised.
Of course.
I want you-know-what.
Lets go.
Babe, are you okay?
Sorry, I just need to
take care of something.
Theres an opening in our team,
maybe youd like to try for it.
What? Why would I do that?
So we could be together.
Dont you want us
to be together?
Phil, thats an agent role.
If I wanted a new role,
I want to move up,
not laterally.
So, what? Youre good.
- Youll be promoted in no time.
- CARL: You forgot about me already.
- They promote people quickly there.
- CARL: I miss eating you out.
So? Ill refer you?
Phil, I wont be an agent
my entire life.
If youre happy doing the same thing,
then Im happy for you.
But Im not like that.
What are you saying?
Its like you dont have a goal.
Honestly, you and TL Carl were hired
at the same time.
You even started
earlier than him.
But look at him,
his life is improving
and hes got his own family.
If Im not needed here,
then Im leaving.
Damn you!
So? I thought you didnt
want to see me anymore.
Im a jealous guy.
Phil was getting on my nerves.
He wanted me
to apply to his team.
Why not?
I want to grow
here, in our account.
Grow? Im growing something now.
I want to be an SME.
You will be, dont worry.
I promise.
- Really?
- Sure.
Oh yes.
Come on.
- Phil? Phil!
- What the... Why?
Come on, just let him go.
- I can explain.
- Explain?
Brenda, I saw everything!
Im sorry!
- Im sorry?
- Im sorry.
What am I, a customer?
Im sorry,
I do apologize for the inconvenience.
Its that simple, Brenda?
- Im only doing this because--
- For what? To get a promotion?
Im sorry. This is all that I am.
- Im sorry.
- Phil...
Sorry, my dream only reaches this far.
An agent for life. Im sorry.
Phil, lets talk about this.
Dont you ever speak to me again!
Were done.
Carl, why aren't you
answering my calls?
Carl, hey!
Did your wife
forbid you from texting?
Whats your problem?
Ive been messaging you.
Dont play hard to get.
Hard to get, huh?
Who are you looking for, miss?
Are you looking for me?
Guys, meet our new SME, Sheena!
- Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
Hey! Give daddy a hug.
I missed you guys.
Lets go?
Come on.
Let's go.
Im going to the restroom.
Are you okay?
Yes, OM.
TL Carl already submitted
his resignation after the incident.
I cant believe his wife did that to you.
Because of jealousy?
I really dont understand
why she did that.
Im just trying to do my job.
The reason I called you is
because of Carls vacant TL position.
Would you like to be a TL?
Ill recommend you.