To All the Boys: Always and Forever (2021) Movie Script

Dear Peter.
Hello from Seoul.
By the time you get this,
I'll probably already be home.
But I couldn't leave without writing you.
You always tease me
for being such a homebody.
But I think
you'd be proud if you saw me here.
Everything my mom told me is true.
Korea is beyond anything
I could've imagined.
We've been running around nonstop,
trying to see and do
and eat all the things
before spring break is over.
We're having an amazing time together.
Although, my dad might be having
the best trip of any of us.
Hey, girls, I think
I want to ask Trina to marry me.
Oh, my God, Dad!
This was all part of my master plan,
so boom, you're welcome!
But the best part
is spending time with my sisters.
We got it.We got it.
I'm so fancy
Can't you taste this gold?
Remember my name
'Bout to blow
You know, the truth is,
I've barely had any time to miss you.
Just kidding.
I miss you like crazy.
Fingers crossed, I get into Stanford,
and we never have to be
this far apart again.
I love you, Peter. Always and forever.
Like a lingering fart.
Or nay, a bruise that never heals.
I'm just saying,
this is a little dramatic, even for you.
Oh, my goodness.
Look at these cupcakes!
I miss him! With the time difference,
I barely talk to him all week.
Oh, my God. The horror!
Is it just me,
or is she getting meaner with age?
-And more opinionated.
-Thank you.
Okay, all I know is I'm glad you guys
are both going to Stanford next year
because you are not cut out
for this long-distance thing.
Okay. Well, don't jinx it.
I haven't gotten in yet.
Maybe you should wait until you hear back
from all of your colleges
before you make a decision.
Well, Peter's going for lacrosse.
It's a great school, and it's perfect.
Hey, Covey.
-Did you get the photos I sent you?
-I did.
Uh but I didn't open them.
It's bad luck to see campus
before you get in.
It's not a wedding, Covey.
You're not marrying Stanford.
Can't be too careful.
So, how was the visit?
Amazing. It's This campus is huge,
and just wait until you see the library.
You went to the library for me?
Hey, you know, sometimes I read books
that don't have pictures, Covey.
The lacrosse team is tough, though.
I don't know
if I'm gonna be able to start in the fall.
Well, you wouldn't have gotten
a scholarship if you weren't good enough.
-College is not like high school, Covey.
-I'm kinda counting on it.
What about you? How's the future?
You're, like, 16 hours ahead there.
Tell me what Friday's gonna be like.
I promise I won't disrupt the timeline.
Well, it'll start off touristy,
and then it'll get really fun.
You'll buy presents for someone you love,
and if you're lucky, you'll eat doughnuts.
Uh, there was this one thing.
This girl,
she came up to me speaking Korean,
and it's like,
they see me and they think I understand
and then I don't,
and it's like I don't belong.
I don't know.
I guess I just wish
that my mom was here to teach me.
Well, I bet Stanford
offers Korean classes.
We could take 'em together.
I can't wait to see you.
I gotta get to practice.
Uh, is your dad taking you
to the locks tomorrow at Seoul Tower?
Mm-hmm. First thing.
Okay, well, good luck finding it.
In two days, I'm gonna tackle you
and smother you with kisses
and give you gifts.
I love you.
I love you too.
Ever since Peter and I
made a plan to go to Stanford together,
I feel like I'm waiting
for our future to begin.
It's the perfect school for us.
He'll play lacrosse.
I'll study English Lit.
And best of all, we won't be
one of those couples that breaks up
because of college.
I just have to get in first.
I'll tell you what I want
What I really, really want
So tell me what you want
What you really, really want
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna
I wanna really, really, really
Wanna "zig-a-zig", ah
If you want my future
I think the waiting
might actually kill me.
- So tall!
- Seoul Tower.
- How many floors?
- It's 130.
We have to find the lock.
You know, your mother came here
the summer after we started dating,
and she wrote a wish
on one of these locks,
but she never told me what it said.
We're gonna find it, Daddy.
She was something else.
This should be it.
Let's go find it.
Well, the truth crept in
And finally found me
I never gave it much thought
But now its all around me
And all your songs unsung
Breathe in for now
What does it say?
"For the rest of my life."
Well, she got her wish.
So all your songs unsung
That's beautiful.
Hey, let me get a picture of you
in the exact same spot.
No, Daddy, you have to be in it too.
I'll ask someone.
-Excuse me.
Oh! Uh, could you take a picture?
-Thank you.
You're welcome.
Oh, you speak English.
So do you.
Look how much we have in common.
-I'm Dae.
-I'm Katherine.
That was weird, that's not my name. Kitty.
Well, Katherine's kind of my name,
but people don't call me that.
- Call me Kitty.
- Ah, okay.
You can call me whatever, though.
- It's fine.
- Okay.
-Kitty. Okay. Yes.
-Sure, yeah.
Katherine Song Covey has discovered boys.
God help 'em.
And you, buddy. Thank you.
Girls, I'm gonna help Trina with her bags.
-I want you to go on in without me.
-It's one bag. I got it, honey.
Let me help you with the bags.
- Bye, Tri.
- Bye, ladies.
Bye, Tri.
-See you in a bit.
-Get some rest.
Impressed with you getting those.
Hi, Covey!
I missed you too, kiddo.
Especially when I made that sign.
Hmm. Your spatial planning could use work,
but I appreciate the glitter.
She approves of the glitter.
-I missed you.
-I missed you more.
Character socks!
Come on! Thanks.
They were kind of hard
to find in your size.
No, no! Truce or else
you don't get your last present.
I got it at Seoul Tower,
so someday we can go back and put it on.
I love it.
Aren't you supposed to make out
after the movie's started?
Not with Lara Jean.
She doesn't even let me talk
once the movie starts.
It's because I want you
to actually watch it.
And it's my turn tonight,
and we are doing Say Anything.
There's this great scene with John Cusack,
and he sits underneath the window.
-He holds up a boombox--
-Okay. That's awesome. We get it.
So, I have
a very important question for you, Peter.
What is the best text
you've ever gotten from a girl?
I'm I'm sorry, what?
Kitty met a boy.
-Kit-- What?
-He's from Korea.
-What is his name?
Dae. And this is the first time
I'm contacting him.
-So it has to be memorable.
-Dunno why you're asking me.
You should talk to Lara Jean.
She's the queen of love letters.
Yeah. I said "memorable," not "cheesy."
Okay, okay, okay.
I promise to coach you on your game
if you promise to teach me
how to braid Lara Jean's hair.
Okay, but you're never going to master
the French, Kavinsky.
Oh, I mastered the French.
You guys are disgusting.
Oh, yeah.
Because we're good at kissing.
-Kitty met a boy.
That's insane.
They met at the love locks.
Such a good meet-cute.
-What's a meet-cute?
-Have you learned nothing from rom-coms?
Always make grand gestures.
It's okay to interrupt a wedding
A meet-cute
is when a couple meets for the first time.
It's always cute, and that is how you know
they're gonna end up together.
I wish we had a meet-cute.
Well, you jumped my bones
at the high school track.
That was pretty cute.
That doesn't count
'cause we already knew each other.
We don't have a song,
we don't have an anniversary,
and we can't remember how we met.
We are a terrible rom-com couple.
I remember when we met.
-You do not.
-Yeah, I do.
You don't remember when we-- when we met?
I am offended right now.
-Okay, so tell me, how did we meet?
-No! You don't deserve to know.
Liar? Did you call me a liar? Tickle--
Who was that?
Ah, it was nothing. It was just my dad.
I guess he heard about Stanford
and wants to take me out to celebrate.
That's huge,Peter. Are you gonna do it?
Maybe he's proud of you.
He doesn't really get to be, though.
He had nothing to do with it.
-Did you know
that you smile in your sleep?
Wait, what time is it?
It's almost curfew.
Wait, what?
You gotta go.
What if I didn't?
Then my dad would kill you.
-No, he wouldn't.
But he'd give you his disappointed face,
which somehow is much worse.
You know what I'm looking forward to
the most about college?
Never having to say good night.
- Good night.
- Yeah.
In movies,
love is always about the big moments.
Grand speeches made in front of everyone,
"marry me" written on theJumbotron.
But maybe love
is actually about the moments
when you think no one is watching.
Oh, good for Dr. Covey.
Trina's rad. And hot.
- You bring my zit cream?
- Obviously, Chris.
You are a gem, LJ.
Hey, any word yet from Stanford?
No, and it's killing me.
Thank God we don't live in the olden days.
Acceptances used to come by mail.
I can't stop thinking
how terrible it'll be if I don't get in.
You will. Or you'll come take a gap year
with me and work on a farm in Costa Rica.
So, what other schools are you waiting
to hear from, LJ?
Berkeley and UCLA
and NYU,
but I only applied there for Margot.
She said I'd be a failure at adulting
if I didn't have
at least one East Coast option.
She's not wrong.
Oh, what's going on over there?
You are, you are the answer
You got all of my affection
You got, you got, you got
All my affection
- My attention, my affection
- Chris, stop.
Molly Marshall,
will you go to prom with me?
Yes, of course. Yes!
She said yes!
-Yeah! Whoo!
-That's what I'm talkin' about!
Ugh. You know who likes prom? Lemmings.
With their fancy dresses
and mani-pedis and blowouts.
Like you don't get blowouts.
I saw you on a date with Trevor last week.
Oh! I thought you were off again.
We are. We're just hanging out.
-We are not dating.
Not everything
that is popular is lame,Christine.
Some things are popular
because they're cool.
LJ, tiebreak. Prom, yay or nay?
It doesn't matter what she thinks.
Peter's gonna be prom king.
She has to go anyway.
Hey, I heard
you went to Korea for spring break.
That's awesome.
I know you always wanted to go.
Thanks. It was.
You know
she's still the actual worst, right?
-Yay for prom.
-Just give me a little bit.
-Stop taking my girlfriend's cookies, bro.
Hey, Lucas. What's it gonna take
for Chris to go to prom with me?
Make sure no one else is going.
Promposal me, and it's over, Trevor.
So you're saying that there's something
between us that can be ended.
Hey, guys, you have your permission slips
for the senior trip to New York?
- Dipti, you are so responsible.
- New York City, baby!
I left mine in my locker.
-Thank you.
-There you go.
I think these are your best cookies yet.
They're still too crunchy.
We have to go to Levain in New York.
They have the cookies to beat.
Oh, I should--
Oh, by the way,
I shared an album with you on Spotify.
It's What's the Story Morning Glory
by Oasis.
-We need a song.
-Our song is not gonna be on a '90s album.
-Have you listened to Oasis?
-Not on purpose.
Talk to me when you have.
- Okay.
- Want some cookies?
We've both been married before.
We don't want to make a big fuss.
No, no, no.
You should absolutely make a fuss.
Do you know how long it took Dad
to find someone who will eat his cooking
and watch his documentaries?
Long time.
Let's just have it here at the house.
We can have a bigbarbecue/wedding
in the backyard.
You could make some desserts.
Oh, honey, I love that idea!
You guys, I love that idea.
Can I be one of your bridesmaids?
- Kitty, you can't just ask that.
- Why?
Yes, you can. I would be honored
to have you girls as my bridesmaids.
And we can do a sparkler send-off.
That's my one request.
And we could do a sparkler send-off.
Okay, color scheme.
-Neon lime.
-Veto. Food?
-Chicken nuggets.
- Really?
- No.
- You okay, Lara Jean?
- Hmm?
-You okay?
I just remembered that there is something
that I need to go take care of.
So, I'm gonna do that--
Henry! Are you okay? He's okay.
As you were.
Is she okay?
You get used to it.
I never did get used to it.
You seem pretty used to it.
Okay, you got this.
No matter what happens,
it's gonna be fine. It's already fine.
You know,
everything is completely and totally
So tell me what you want
What you really, really want
I'll tell you what I want
What I really, really want
So tell me what you want
What you really, really want
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna
I wanna really, really, really
Wanna "zig-a-zig", ah
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna
I wanna really, really, really
Wanna "zig-a-zig", ah
Don't be so dramatic.
All of your safety schools are
within a day's drive from Stanford, tops.
Dae and I are way longer distance
and we're making it work.
But, we had a plan.
We were supposed to hold hands
while riding bikes
and play footsie in the library
and wear Tree hats to football games.
You don't even like football.
It's just so not the point, Kitty.
Hey, it's gonna be okay, LJ.
You and Peter
are going to figure this out.
Hey, is everything okay?
Lara Jean didn't make it into Stanford.
-Okay, let me talk to her.
Hey, LJ. I'm so sorry.
You didn't want me to go there anyways.
No, that's not true. I just wanted you
to keep your options open.
You know, NYU has a 12-story library.
Please don't use this low moment
in my life to campaign for NYU.
I'm not. I'm just saying.
Look, Stanford is not the only college
in the world.
I never thought I'd end up in Scotland,
and I know
it doesn't feel like it right now,
but this could be a really good thing
for you, you know?
Force you to see the world.
Well, I'm not like you,Margot.
I don't wanna be far away from my family.
I didn't mean it like that.
No, it's fine. I should get back to bed.
I have an exam tomorrow anyway.
I'm gonna go.
What am I gonna tell Peter?
I know.
-I got in! I got in!
-No way.
Oh, my God, Mom!
No way!
- You got in! You got in!
- No!
I got into Stanford!
For the very last time
'Cause it's just me and my mind
It's strange, to spend
so much time wishing for something
and then have it be over.
"There's a truth universally acknowledged
that a high school romance
never lasts long distance in college."
Yeah, everybody knows that.
Just look at Josh and Margot.
We're not like them.
Then what are you so afraid of?
You know, I mean,
maybe we make it to Christmas
or the end of first semester
but four years?
You're making this worse. Go away.
Oh, crap.
Smooth, Covey. Real smooth.
Peter, hey.
Um, hi. Yeah. Ha-ha!
So, funny story about that text. Uh
It was meant for Margot, but it's okay
'cause even though
I didn't get into Stanford,
I still might get into Berkeley or UCLA,
which are only
a few hours away by by car
which I try never to drive. Oh, God.
Oh, no.
Uh, Peter, what are you doing?
I'm celebrating your first night
as a Cardinal. Come on, girl.
-You mind turning that down?
'Cause I really need to tell you--
We can talk about what you want
to talk about after we get pancakes.
On me. Come on.
-Let's go. Get in the car.
-Do I have to wear the hat?
Of course you have to wear the hat.
Gotta rep the Tree.
You gotta fear the Tree.
That's how it works.
Tonight, we're celebrating.
My girlfriend has gotten
into Stanford University today.
Oh, you must be so excited.
What's your major?
Uh, no, that doesn't really matter--
Come on. Tell her.
Baby, tell her. Come on. Just tell her.
English Lit.
I know that's what people choose
as their majorwhen they don't really know
what they want to do in their life,
but I actually really want to do it, so
Well, the best part is we both got in,
so we're going together.
Now, if that's not a sign that
we're meant to be, I don't know what is.
Well, I'm happy for you both.
Do you think that
we can get strawberry pancakes? And
Uh, just two forks.
Coming right up.
You don't want anything else?
I'm not really that hungry, so
Peter, I need to tell you something.
I didn't I didn't tell her
to put whipped cream on it.
Hold that thought. I'll be right back.
I promise. I'll be right back.
Do you remember
the first time we came here?
After Greg's party.
Our first public appearance
as a fake couple.
You were wearing that blue jacket
and that little dress,
and you were calling me out
on all of my shit.
And I knew then
that I was falling in love with you.
So, I couldn't think of a better place
to ask you this question
that I want to ask you.
If you haven't figured it out already.
Lara Jean Song Covey,
will you go to prom with me?
Yes, of course.
what was it that you wanted to talk about?
Oh, yeah. Um
I know how to pick our song.
-Do you?
Choose a number, any number,
and whatever plays that's it.
It's fate.
Do I have quarters?
-One quarter.
-All right.
-Um I pick?
C 20
-Six. C 26.
Whop bop b-luma b-lop bam bom
Tutti frutti, aw rooty
Woo! Tutti frutti
Maybe we'll keep looking.
-Yeah. That's probably a good idea.
- Whop bop b-luma b-lop bam bom
Hey, honey, don't forget that we're seeing
the caterers tonight at seven.
-I'll be there.
Barring a prolapsed uterus or something.
Oh, and they said marrying a doctor
wouldn't be glamorous.
Hey, Lara Jean,
how come you're not in school today?
Mono or dysentery.
Whichever sounds more contagious.
Oh, mono's way more contagious.
I love you, girls. I'll see you at seven.
Love you!
-What you watching?
-Romeo and Juliet.
Tragic romance before 8:00 a.m.
Must be pretty serious.
I didn't tell Peter about Stanford.
He was just so excited,
and I didn't want to crush him.
And if I don't tell him,
then it's not real yet.
Yeah, I get that.
You know, I know I'm new
to this whole stepmom thing,
but I'm pretty sure you can't call in sick
from a relationship.
I'm not proud of myself
if that makes a difference.
I mean, it helps.
Can I make a suggestion?
You only get
one senior year of high school,
and if you spend the whole time
worrying about what's gonna happen
with you and Peter,
you're gonna miss the whole thing.
My God, you've got a hot boyfriend.
Go enjoy him.
Don't, it-- Don't, enjoy--
Like, in public with the ice cream
and holding hands is a good thing.
Just no texting and driving.
You know,Tri,
this whole stepmom thing suits you.
Thank you.
But I will tell Dad that you said that.
Girl, I will cut you.
-UC Berkeley just tweeted.
-Oh, my God.
We can do this.We can do this.
- Mm-mm. No.
- Come on.
Here are the passwords. You do it.
-You sure you don't wanna do it?
-I can't. I'm bad luck.
-Give it to me.
She got in. You got in!
I got in? Where? show me! No!
Oh, my gosh!Oh, my gosh!
Hi, Henry!
It isn't Stanford,
but Berkeley's an hour away.
That's practically like going
to college together.
You left this downstairs.
It's all your college portal logins.
Keep it. You're officially in charge
of all my college acceptances.
Seriously? Cool!
Hey, Kitty. On a scale of one to ten,
how much are you gonna miss me
when I'm gone next year?
It's way too early for this talk.
You can be honest.
I don't know, a four?
A four?
You told Margot
that you were gonna miss her a 6.9.
Yeah, I was a child then.
And she's nicer than you are.
You could at least pretend to miss me.
It's only decent. Also
All my diamonds they yellow
Or bright white
Got 'em blind, can't find me
I'm outta sight
If you mad, stay mad, we not alike
S-A-V-A-G-E, keep it pretty
Pretty savage
Are these cute?
Why am I looking at those?
They're commuter shoes.
New Yorkers wear them to the office
and change when they get there.
I want to look like a local.
You're gonna look like a tourist
who read about locals on Google.
In a way, it's good I didn't tell Peter
until I heard from Berkeley.
Now, when I finally break the news to him,
it'll be way easier.
You should consider
giving Peter a picture of you
to put up in his dorm room at Stanford.
Ooh, yeah!
You should do a boudoir shoot.
Chris, no.
Why not? They're classy.
Uh, because I'm 17,
so I actually can't do a boudoir shoot.
And also, Peter's never seen me naked.
You mean like, you always wear a T-shirt
or keep the lights turned off or
No, like, we, uh, haven't
We burn low and slow, okay?
We're like, um brisket.
Well, the brisket is cooked, sister,
so clear the table,
slather some sauce on it, and go to town!
Mm? Really? You know,
I think it sounds delicious.
Jesus. Christine,
did you pack your whole closet?
I don't believe in carry-ons, Dr. Covey.
Why limit one's options?
So no one tears a rotator cuff.
Let's, uh, let's go.
We are going to look amazing in New York.
This bus is full. Head straight down.
Why are you carrying a casket to New York?
Because I'm dead inside.
Oh, ho, ho.
You got jokes this morning, huh?
- Okay. Set it down.
- Okay.
Are we, um, overcompensating
here again, hmm, Chrissy?
All right. Now or never.
Are you ready to talk to Kavinsky?
No. No, I'm gonna wait.
Tell him when I get there.
Good call.
You don't wanna get stuck
on a plane with him if it goes badly.
You think it's gonna go badly?
All right, next stop, New York City.
To be young and in love
In New York City
To not know who I am
But still know that I'm good
Long as you're here with me
To be young and in love
In New York City
Midnight into morning coffee
Burning through the hours talking
No way!
- Here we come.
- Pretty!
New York City.
It's the Freedom Tower!
I don't even think
I can see the top of it.
- Chrysler!
- Chrysler!
- Radio City!
- Oh, my God!
- Times Square. This place is massive.
- I could never drive here.
Wait, LJ. Look. Look. The library.
We're here. We made it.
We're trying. I'm sorry.
Okay, we're almost there.
We did it!We did it!
Lift with your legs, ladies.
With your legs.
-Go get the key, okay?
-I'm going!
Agent Covey.
-What's happening?
-Don't look at me.
Your mission,
should you choose to accept it,
is to meet me back here
in the lobby at 2100 hours.
We're going out.
-Where are we going?
-Don't look at me.
That information is classified.
I'm pretty sure
we're supposed to stay in our rooms.
Intel suggests that the chaperones
are going to be at the hotel bar
getting absolutely wasted,
giving us a clear exit.
Do you accept the mission?
I do.
Very good. I'll see you at 2100 hours.
Let's go.
Go, go, go!
Let's go! Come on!
Darling You got the world at your feet
Watch you watching me
Can't believe we listened
to eight hours of music
and still didn't find anything.
Maybe it's just
that we can't pick the song.
Maybe the song has to pick us, you know?
Like some right moment or whatever.
I agree, but I'm not in a rush.
We have all of college to figure that out.
I didn't get into Stanford.
Uh, the text that I sent you,
it was a mistake. It was to Margot.
-It was about something else.
-I don't get what you're saying.
We're not going to college
together,Peter. I got rejected.
But it's fine 'cause I got into Berkeley,
and I know that's not what we planned,
but it's only an hour away and I'm gonna
get better at driving and we can spend--
Stop. Stop. Stop.
Are you okay?
I'm sorry.
I really wanted to make it work for us.
Hey. Stop. Stop.
This is not your fault. Okay?
At all.
It's bullshit
that you didn't get into Stanford.
You're, like, way smarter than me.
Yeah. I mean, not "yeah," but
-You are smarter than me.
-You worked really hard to get in, so
Still, we're not going
to college together.
Just transfer after your freshman year.
Yeah, you're fine.
You're an hour away. So what?
We get to see each other
every single weekend,
and then you transfer to Stanford
after your freshman year.
-Really? You think we can make that work?
-Yes, 100%.
A hundred percent.
We're gonna get through this.
Does that mean I get to keep my Tree hat?
Yes, but you gotta keep it on the DL.
Stanford and Berkeley are rivals.
So, that makes us
like Romeo and Juliet of college,
but minus the poison and the murder stuff,
but that's very exciting.
-You was tripping out. Why?
-I was scared.
Arm's length, shoulders wide
Looking for a fight
Peace sign, getting by
Hello. I spin you!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
We are in New York City.
I know. It's exciting.
- What's up?
- Oh, good morning, lovebirds.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
- Where are the chaperones?
- Not here yet.
-Truth or Dare while we wait? Anyone?
All right, Chris. Truth or dare?
Dare, obviously.
All right. Well, I dare you
to go to prom with Trevor.
What do you say, Chrissy?
Not gonna back down from a dare, are you?
You better sleep with one eye open, Lucas.
-You're welcome.
-Okay, listen up.
Everyone gather.
We'll be breaking into
three tour groups today.
Last names A though I,
J through P, and R through Z.
And before anyone bothers to ask,
no switching groups. Any questions?
Yes. Can we please switch groups?
That's a big no.
-Grab your bags and your stuff. Let's go!
-Yeah, but--
Are you kidding me? We came all this way
and we don't even spend the day together?
We can send each other pictures.
It's practice for college.
-Okay. Okay, let's go.
-Okay. Ah!
I got a new vocation
It's my absurd creation
You give me love
And I can give you forms of recreation
Okay. Three, two, one. Bam!
Oh, I'm not your daughter
Look at it!
I love this.
And I'm extra tall with this hat.
I'm gonna eat that apple
I'm gonna eat that apple
Consumerism at its finest.
Why couldn't they take us to see,
like, the CBGB or something?
I mean,
we have all these stores in Portland.
-An over-the-shoulder thing. It's like
Not quite what you ordered
-Oh, man.
So beautiful.
- I'm doing it.
- I'm gonna eat that apple
Don't. No!
Times Square!
-Bright lights and
-Big city!
-Bright lights and big city!Times Square!
-We made it!
-I'm so happy we did this together.
With an Eve and Adam
You get up and at 'em
I'm gonna eat that apple
I'm gonna eat that apple
I'm gonna eat that apple
I'm gonna eat that apple
Is that Gen?
Yeah, she's touring campus today.
She got into NYU.
I'm surprised you didn't know.
She's told everyone with a pulse.
Wait, is this NYU?
I mean, we're in the middle of the city.
Yeah, that's its thing.
Manhattan is the campus.
Did you not apply here?
Yeah, I did. I just,
I never thought I'd want to go here.
Let's bail before she sees us.
- 'Cause I just, I can't--
-Chris? Lara Jean!
Genevieve! How's the tour
you've been so subtle about?
It's been amazing, actually.
Um, Heather's a senior here.
- This is Lara Jean and my cousin,Chris.
- Hey, guys.
Congrats on NYU. I didn't know
they were sending out acceptances.
Yeah, this week. Are you waiting to hear?
I am, but I'm going to Berkeley, so
-Hey, that's a great school. Congrats.
Sorry, Chris. You're probably so confused.
What we're talking about is college.
It's this place for people
that actually have a future.
Oh, there's a future
for people who peak in high school?
We should get going.
Oh, yeah, right. Heather is taking me
to a really cool NYU party tonight, so
You can come if you want.
-Oh, no, thanks.
Seriously, this is the moment
you decide to get rebellious?
-We're gonna go.
-Live a little, Chrissy.
It's gonna be fun.
It's gonna be so fun,
and you always tell me,
"You should go out more.
You should go to parties."
-Yes, you should go to more parties. Okay!
-So I'm taking your advice.
Okay, here we go!
Where are you going? We're walking here.
You think you know it all
But you won't
We don't speak these days
Like I thought we would
I wanna go back to being
The top of your world
My God, there it goes
Another fight I couldn't let go
My God, there it is
He's saying I'm too young for this
Do my thoughts mean a thing
If I never know what I mean?
-Our new friends!
New friends, you want to party?
Dig your shoes.
A few mistakes
And I rot what we built together
I always thought
There's magic
Is it just me or is everyone here,
like, 20% hotter than normal?
Yeah, at least.
I mean, look at these guys.
Hmm. You sure about Berkeley, LJ?
I mean,NYU scores mad points in men.
I have a boyfriend, Chris.
-What's his name?
And it sounded like a sign
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be mine?
Five years later and I'm still yours
It's ten years later and I'm still yours
Fifty years later and I'm still your
Beginning and middle and end
Peter, I found it, our song.
Chris and I are at some random NYU party,
and then, the band started playing it
and it's perfect.
I'm going to send you a video.
-Hey, you okay?
What? Yes.
No, I I was just calling my boyfriend,
but I got his voicemail, so
Okay cool.
So is he going to Berkeley too?
I wanted to go, but I didn't get in.
That sucks. I'm sorry.
It's okay. We're gonna make it work.
For sure. No, for sure.
I totally get it.
I had someone
I wanted to go to college with too.
Uh, what happened?
I visited NYU,
fell in love with this city.
I don't know. It was weird.
I just felt like
this was where I was supposed to be.
We figured out what was best for us.
Hey, your crew seems
to be having a good time.
Yeah, um, you know they hate each other.
Not tonight they don't.
Want under my skin?
Oh, you gotta work for it
You gotta work for it
-We gotta go.
-Now, while the trains are empty.
Are you talking about an after-party?
-Pink couch.
-Pink couch?
-Ani's ex won't give it back to her.
-Even though it's mine.
So, while he's out of town,
we're taking it.
Let it roll off my back
Get that door!
-Okay, I'm going in. Wait.
Okay, right here!
Okay. I'm dropping it.I'm dropping it.
Oh, God!
Okay, okay, I got it!
-Get in!
Stand clear of the closing doors.
You got your couch.
- Oh, my God.
- I said, you got your couch.
You know, this could be us someday.
I could see it.
I'm so sweaty. I need to shower.
-I have face masks up in the room.
-Oh, dibs on the robe.
Peter, hi. What are you doing up?
-Waiting for you.
You never texted me back. I was worried.
Sorry, it's kind of a long story.
I'll see you guys up in the room.
Am I hallucinating?
Are they getting along?
Careful. They spook easily.
How was your day?
It's better now. I missed you.
Come on. Let's go to my room.
I missed you too.
Did you get the video I sent you?
Yeah, I did. It was, you know--
Cool song, but I wasn't there for it.
So, I feel like I should be there
for the song that we make ours.
Yeah, but it was that moment. I felt it.
Well, we can always come back to it
if we don't find something else.
How was the world's best cookie?
I don't know, Margot.
I didn't expect to feel so surprised.
I knew Tri was moving in this weekend.
She practically lives here anyway.
It's like the world keeps shifting
under my feet
when all I want is for it to stand still.
It just feels weird.
It is weird. Mom is all over that house,
and now it feels like she's being erased.
I mean, are you upset
they're getting married?
No, I just never pictured it.
it's kind of nice, right?
Dad having someone.
Even if that someone
does own a blue velvet headboard.
Don't talk about their bed.
I'm sorry for the stuff I said
about you leaving.
It's okay. I shouldn't have
pushed you about New York.
No, you were right. I totally loved it.
You did?
Yeah, I mean,
I thought that I was gonna hate it
or I thought
that I would feel overwhelmed,
but I could really see myself
living there, you know?
I get why so many books are set there.
Everywhere you look, there's a story.
And NYU has this amazing lit program
where they invite real authors
to come speak to their students.
And I could even intern
at a publishing house.
So, it just, um doesn't really matter
'cause I'm not sure that--
I don't even think I got in, so
LJ, college is about more
than just geography.
I know that.
But Berkeley is a great school,
and if I keep my grades up,
I can transfer to Stanford.
Now that Peter and I have a new plan,
everything could go back to normal.
Just make sure that's what you want.
It's what I want. Don't worry.
What do you think about go-karts?
Like, in general or
For Peter and me.
Fast and Furious is one
of his favorite movies.
Okay. Well, there's nothing fast
or furious about go-karts.
What about
one of those indoor skydiving tubes,
like from Mission: Impossible
or James Bond?
Fight Club.
What is happening?
I'm planning a date,
and it has to be fun and normal.
And you think teaching Peter Kavinsky
to make soap is normal?
Maybe I should just give him
all three options and have him choose.
But not soap-making?
Absolutely not.
Put it back.
All right, Covey. Where we going?
Excellent question, Peter Kavinsky.
One that I asked myself many times
while planning this evening.
What is the perfect date
for my perfect boyfriend?
Dude let's go bowling.
Did you just quote The Big Lebowski?
Let's go!
Oh, you're cute. Come on!
Wait, wait. But I--
I'm gonna put this in my dorm room.
-What if I want to put it in my dorm room?
-That's too bad.
You must be Laura.
I've heard so much about you.
- Lara Jean, Dad.
- No, it's okay.
It's not okay. You're my dad.
You should know my girlfriend's name.
Apologies, Lara Jean.
Very nice to meet you.
You too.
Have you given any thought to dinner?
Yeah. I'm just really busy right now.
You know, I'm training a lot for college.
Well, you gotta eat, right?
Let me take you to that steakhouse
you love. The place with thebig knives.
Yeah, Dad.
They were big when I was, like, five.
Well, in any case,
I'd love to see you before you go.
You want to come bowl with us?
We're just getting started over there.
No, no, that's all right.
Thanks, though. We gotta go.
But, uh, thank you.
Have fun with the with thefam.
I can go with you if you want.
No. No, he doesn't get to bail on us
and then just have it be okay.
Well, it doesn't make it okay.
And it will never be okay,
but at least it could be something.
So you think I should go?
I think that if I had
a chance to spend one more night
with my mom,
I would take it.
Yeah, but it's different, LJ.
Your mom didn't leave you.
Not-- Not by by choice.
I'm not saying it's easier.
You think of your mom,
and you miss her, right?
I think about my dad, and I hate him.
And and I miss him.
And then I hate that I miss him.
There is nothing worse
than not feeling chosen.
I choose you, Peter Kavinsky.
I choose you too.
I don't know
what I would do without you.
-Oh, I love your forehead kisses.
-You do?
-Even if I get lipstick on you?
You mark me as yours.
Like your shirt?
Gonna wear it all the time?
You kidding me?
I'm wearing it to school tomorrow.
-No, you're not! Really?
-Definitely not. That's not happening.
Well, it smells good in here.
I am experimenting
with the wedding cake recipes.
That's it. We're done.
I'm breaking up with him.
- With who?
- Who do you think, Dad?
Dae. He hates Harry Potter.
He said, and I quote, that "it's so dumb."
How am I supposed to be
in a relationship with someone
who thinks the greatest
literary achievement of our time is dumb?
Well, I know. But, honey, it's okay
to have differences in relationships.
If you feel the same way
about everything, you'll never grow.
Mm-hmm. So, you're saying
I should try and change him.
That's very much not what I'm saying.
Kitty what is this?
Oh, yeah, you got into NYU.
And you just decided not to tell me?
Well, you're going to Berkeley,
so it doesn't matter.
No, you're not allowed to be mad at me
because I am heartbroken and sad.
You got into NYU. Are you kidding me?
Good for you, honey.
It's cool.
Do you know the best part
about you getting into Berkeley?
We're going to be able to meet
in San Francisco on the weekends
and explore the city.
We never could have done that
if we were both going to Stanford.
We're going to be able
to go to Golden Gate Park,
Muir Woods, Fisherman's Wharf.
And we're going to try every single piece
of sourdough that city has to offer.
Are you listening?
Covey, are you listening to me?
I was just saying that
we gotta go to Tartine Bakery
when we're in San Francisco. Apparently,
they have the best cookies in the city.
Oh, right. Sorry.
You know, I was just thinking
there aren't that many romances
set in San Francisco.
There's The Wedding Planner
and The Bachelor,
but that's about it.
New York has all the greats.
You've Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally,
Annie Hall, Serendipity.
It's it's really not a competition.
Yeah. I didn't know
that there was a competition.
Oh, it's not. I was just thinking.
-I'm this way.
I can't decide.
Navy goes better with Peter's tux,
and we did plan to match,
but I don't want to disappoint him.
Is the pink more me, though?
Will I regret it if I don't wear it?
Will I look back in two or ten or 20 years
and wonder if I made the wrong choice?
I mean, how am I supposed to know
what choice
would make me happier in the future?
What is wrong with you?
What? Nothing. Why?
To limo or not to limo?
That is the question.
Is it?
Yeah, Kavinsky wants
to be buzzkill and keep it low-key,
but I'm saying that we only get one prom.
That's why I didn't want to go.
Put a school dance
in an ugly hotel ballroom,
and everyone wants to get all extra.
Mmm. So limo is a yes.
The sunroof
and black lights and some little
I know a guy.
Hey, Gen. Can I talk to you for a sec?
-Yeah. Um, I'll catch you later.
-Oh, my God, cute shoes. I like those.
What's up?
So, I got into NYU.
What? That's amazing.
Isn't it?
I mean, yes!
Yes it is, um, but should I go?
Why are you asking me that?
I just don't know what I want,
and I figured you're going
I don't know.
Well, I don't know what you should do,
but I know the way you looked at New York.
It was love at first sight.
Hey, if you do decide to go to NYU,
just let me know.
Hey, you still not sleeping?
Figured I might as well practice
the wedding cake.
Mint chocolate for you.
Vanilla buttercream for Tri.
That seems like a lot.
Why don't you just bake cookies?
That's your specialty.
'Cause I haven't perfected my recipe.
Hey, do you think
you and Tri would be together
if you didn't live close
or is that part of it?
Yeah, I guess. I guess it was,
but proximity's not
the most important thing.
So is space,
and a good relationship has both.
Three thousand miles
seems like maybe too much space.
Nah, not if it's what you want.
Listen, Lara Jean,
you gotta stay true to yourself.
Okay? You can't save this relationship
by not growing.
What is it?
I messed up the cake batter.
Now it's gonna be like cookie dough.
I like it.
- Have enough syrup?
- Mm-hmm.
- Butter?
- Mm-hmm.
Whipped cream?
You probably need more whipped cream.
I'll just-- Hey, Joan,
can we get more whipped cream, please?
Hey, so I'm thinking about going to NYU.
What do you mean,
you're thinking about it?
I want to go to NYU.
And I know that's not what we planned,
but they have an amazing lit program,
and I really feel like
I belong there, Peter.
And I'm afraid
that I'm gonna regret it if I don't go.
Please say something.
I don't know what to say. Um
I wasn't expecting that.
It's far. It's, like, really far away.
But it's only a year.
I guess we can make anything work
for a year, so
I'm not sure I'm gonna want to transfer.
I think I might
really love it there, Peter.
And wouldn't that be great?
Isn't that the whole point?
Wait, so
So that's it? No more Stanford.
You're-- You're going to NYU?
I mean, it's your future.
And you gotta do what's best for you.
I can't say no to Stanford.
You can't say no to NYU.
I guess we have made our choice.
Here we go.
Do you want to talk about it, or?
We're good.We're good.
Hey, you're getting out of here too!
Well, Sarah Lawrence is only
a two-hour train ride from the city.
I'm coming over every weekend,
and we are gonna go dancing
and have a good time.
I'm guessing he didn't take it that well.
Uh, no, he did,
which somehow felt much worse.
You are going to figure it out. Okay?
You're totally relationship goals.
If there's anybody that can do
long distance, it's you and him.
What's up?
Make it memorable, romantic,
and no quotes from famous dead poets.
Covey, yearbooks are for people
you're never gonna see again.
That's not true.
They're for remembering where you were
in this exact moment in your life.
So, you're saying that
you're gonna need help to remember me?
-No, that's not--
If it's important to you,
I will absolutely sign it,
but you have to write me
an OG love letter.
And I'm talking, like, middle school OG.
Well, you already got one of those.
Yeah, well,
then you gotta make it memorable.
Mason jars or tree rounds?
Mason jars are overrated, Tri.
What? Why? No, I like them.
Are you planning a wedding
or a Mumford and Sons concert?
That's mean.
-Are you watching baseball?
-Oh, yeah, who's winning?
Who cares? How can anyone enjoy this?
Kitty promised to watch
Dae's favorite sport
as long as he read Harry Potter.
Yeah, in retrospect, not a fair trade.
Have you decided on the color
for the bridesmaids dresses?
We should really put in the order.
I'm not wearing a dress.
I'm wearing a tux with sneakers.
- Excuse me?
- What? She said I could.
I did.
-No. The three of us should match.
-Oh, great, then wear a tux.
You're gonna ruin the whole look.
Well, it's not your wedding, Lara Jean,
so stop trying to control everything
just 'cause you're freaked out
you and Peter are gonna break up.
Kitty. Why would you say that?
What? You know I'm right.
but that doesn't make saying it right.
Well, there's still plenty of time
to back out, you know.
Dear Peter
Slip inside the eye of your mind
Don't you know you might find
A better place to play
How do I tell him
that I can go 3,000 miles away
and still never let him go?
Maybe that's not something
you can say with words.
My soul slides away
But don't look back in anger
I heard you say
But don't look back in anger
I heard you say
I promise
I won't tell anyone if you have fun.
Well, I won't. It's prom. I hate prom.
Well, I mean,
it could be a big night for you, though.
If you want it to be.
And there is something romantic
about losing your virginity at prom.
I mean, if you're lame like that.
Uh-uh. No, I am not
I'm not making a grand entrance
down those stairs.
Well, it's the only way down.
The window
-You're gonna fall out the window?
-is always an option.
Uh can you guys turn around?
This is so embarrassing.
Not a chance, Chrissy.
- They're so
- I know.
Oh, they look beautiful.
Uh, you you look wow.
You look wow too!
- You do.
- Thank you.
You look so good.
Did you tie your own bow tie?
-You're like a painting.
-Oh, stop it.
But please, no. Keep going.
Please keep going.
Just a big painting in a big museum.
Like a Botticelli?
Which is a pasta. No?
Come on, guys.
Let's take a picture.
Get over here. Girls in the middle.
-Yeah, right there!
-Say cheese.
-Say cheese.
-Do a silly one.
Wait, switch partners.
To be clear, I don't plan to enjoy myself.
Oh, yeah. No, absolutely.
Uh, let's just have the worst night ever.
That'd be great.
Good? Cool.
Oh, yeah, okay.
I thought maybe we'd-- Thank you.
There ain't no stopping
This thing we started
-Do you dance, Mr. Kavinsky?
-Mm. Not if I can help it.
-Come on.
Where is everybody?
Right there. Oh, look.
They're over there. Go!
I'll follow.
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ain't no stopping this thing we started
So bring it on home
Ain't no stopping
This thing we started
Sure enough, bring it down low
Shake it all up like I know you know
Hold up, bring it on back
Do it like this and do it like that
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
I'm feeling that thing you've got
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Ooh, ooh
Ooh, yeah
Give it, give it, give it to me!
Hold up, bring it down low
Okay, everyone. Gather round.
You ready to crown
your Adler High prom king and queen?
Okay, the winners, by popular vote,
are Peter Kavinsky and Emily Nussbaum!
Right on, bro. Okay.
to everyone that was nominated!
Now, would you please clear the floor.
Our king and queen will have
their first dance.
Ooh-oh, you're in my head
And I keep on forgetting
Ooh-oh, you're here instead
And it seems never ending
I knew when I decided on NYU
that the distance would be hard,
but I didn't expect
to feel that way so fast.
Hold it, hold it, hold him. Got it!
We haven't even left yet,
and I already miss him.
Hey, babe.
How is it being at the prom with the king?
Um, honestly?
It's kind of lonely.
We can fix that.
Come on.
I know I said
I don't dance if I can help it,
but tonight, I cannot help it.
Ooh-oh, you're in my head
And I keep on forgetting
Ooh-oh, you're here instead
And it seems never ending
I know you've changed
You don't feel the same
Well, we did it.
Senior prom!
Do you want to come in?
Uh, it's almost past curfew.
I know.
What about your dad's disappointed face?
Simple. Just don't get caught.
I think you stole
The air out of the room tonight
Because I can't catch my breath
I have something for you.
Close your eyes.
I can't fight this feeling in my chest
I love the way you smile
And the way you say my name
I think I'll fall apart
If you ever go away
I couldn't find the words to tell you
what I wanted to in your yearbook,
so I thought I would show you
in a different way.
You can open your eyes now.
What is this?
Oh, no way.
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, my God, remember this test?
Is this all of them?
I thought you wanted to keep this.
I want you to have it.
Something to remember us by.
Thank you.
Do you like it?
I love it.
Hey, hey.
Are you sure?
I'm sure.
-Do you not want to?
No, no, no. I do.
You have no idea
how much I've thought about this.
Okay, then what's wrong?
I don't know.
Something just doesn't feel right.
Why now, on prom night?
'Cause I want to feel close to you.
And ever since I told you about NYU,
you've been acting really distant.
So what? You want to have sex with me
because you're feeling insecure?
No, that's that's not what I mean.
What did you expect?
You literally chose to go
as far away from me as possible.
Youchose distance.
That's not fair.
What's not fair is you acting like
this is just gonna be okay.
I think we both know what 3,000 miles
is gonna do to us.
No, we don't.
Yeah. Yeah, we do.
Otherwise, you wouldn't have made me this.
Something to remember us by? Come on.
-You're saying goodbye.
-That's not true.
I want to be with you.
That's all I've ever wanted.
Then why aren't you going to Berkeley?
'Cause I fell in love with New York.
But that doesn't change
the way I feel about you.
We could still make this work.
I'm not gonna wait for this to end
in three or six months
or however long we last.
-No, please don't do this.
-Let's just end it now.
I love you.
Not enough, apparently.
I still love the way you smile
And the way you say my name
I think I'll fall apart
If you choose to stay away
Oh, but nothing
Nothing stays the same
I know nothing
Nothing stays the same
This isn't healthy.
Oh, and that is?
Everyone eats their feelings.
And yours happen to have
Ooh. Peanut butter and cookies.
Damn, LJ. You got some delicious feelings.
Maybe I should just go to Berkeley.
Okay, no.
You made the right decision, Lara Jean.
Then why does it feel so bad?
Trevor. I may or may not have agreed
to start dating him again
last night at prom.
Before you get too excited,
it is only until I leave for Costa Rica
because I have plans
and I am not swerving for any man.
Well, I'm happy for you, Chris.
I've always liked you two together.
It seems a little backwards though, right?
Me and Trevor get together
the same night you and Peter break up.
We're in the darkest timeline.
Lara Jean, can I come in?
Lara Jean's not here.
Please leave a message.
Who leaves messages anymore?
What do you want, Kitty?
I didn't forget to tell you about NYU.
I chose not to.
What? Why?
I don't know.
I guess I was just scared
you were gonna go.
I'm gonna miss you a 12, Lara Jean.
Oh, come here.
- Margot!
- Hi. Oh my goodness. Hi!
Oh, it's so good to see you.
Hey, listen, Margot.
I know it must be weird
coming home to all this,
but I don't want you feeling like
I'm trying to take over your house.
Well, it's our house now,
and I haven't seen my dad
this happy in a really long time.
Thank you.
Okay, so
It's crazythat I can feel
so sad and so happy at the same time.
My love story is ending,
but my dad and Trina's is just beginning.
I guess that's what happens
when you grow up.
Everything gets all mixed up together.
Hey. And I thought I was early.
You hungry?
No, I'm good, thanks.
Are you sure? I'm buying.
Yeah, no. I'm sure. Thanks.
I'm really glad that you called.
I didn't think that you would.
Yeah, well, you know.
Lara Jean thought that I should, so
You two have fun at prom?
Can we just-- Can we not?
I just-- I can't do the thing
where you act like you want to be my dad.
Get you boys something to drink?
A coffee, please.
I'm fine. Thanks, Joan.
Look, I know calling or sending a card
on your birthday isn't enough.
I'm trying to fix that.
Two months before I leave to college?
I want to be part of your life.
Yeah. Well, then, you know,
maybe you should have been here for it.
'Cause I did everything without you
and I still don't need you,
so I'm sorry that there's a disconnect
between you and me.
You're mad, and I get that.
I would be too.
But you have to know
I I wasn't leaving you.
Then why does it feel like it, Dad?
Because I screwed up.
I didn't try hard enough.
I should have tried harder
to be your dad and I didn't.
If you love somebody, that's what you do.
You try to do everything you can.
I love you, Peter.
You don't have to stay here.
-Hey, Joan.
Can I get a coffee too, please?
You're buying.
so you may grow together through
all the twists and turns of your life?
I do.
And do you, Trina,
take Dan to be your husband?
Do you promise to love him,
cherish him, and hold him,
but not too tightly,
so that you may grow together
through the twists and turns of your life?
I do.
by the power vested in me,
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I present to you the newlyweds,
Dan Covey and Trina Rothschild.
Oh, hi!
Hey! You guys came?
And laid you low
You should know
When you think you're left
Out on your own
When all your friends are gone
I will take care of you
We get it on most every night
When that moon is big and bright
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody'sdancing in the moonlight
I'm gonna miss this when I go.
My sisters,
I'm a person who saves things.
I'll hold on forever.
Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling warm and bright
Love you! I love you.
I'm really sorry
that Peter didn't come tonight.
It's okay. We are broken up.
I love you.
-I love you too.
-Go to bed soon.
I will.
-You too.
-Good night.
Good night.
Um I think you might have, uh,
left something in the tent.
You should probably go get that.
You should get it tonight.
Good night, Lara Jean.
Good night.
Days just turn into months
Two hearts turn into one
Summer fades into a glow
Dear Lara Jean.
you told me to write
something memorable, so here it is,
my memory of the first time I met you
or, as you like to call it, our meet-cute.
It was sixth grade assembly.
You were sitting
in the row in front of me,
and your name was written
on your backpack in glittery letters.
Principal Cho called you up on stage
to receive an attendance award,
and your hair got caught in your chair.
I helped you untangle it,
and you smiled at me.
My heart did a somersault in my chest.
I didn't know hearts could do that.
I had no clue then
that you would become who you are now,
the most important person in my life.
Sometimes, I can't believe
how lucky I am that you chose me.
We've been through
so much together, Lara Jean,
and I never should have doubted
that we'd get through this too.
But, I got scared and I hurt you.
I am so, so sorry.
Of course you should go to New York.
You should do all the things
you want to do.
I never want to be the guy
holding you back.
I want to be the one by your side.
It won't always be easy,
but I want to do whatever it takes
to make this work
because that's what you do
when you love someone.
And besides,
if we're gonna be together forever,
then four years of college
isn't such a big deal.
If you agree, then please consider this
our new contract.
I will love you, Lara Jean.
Always and forever.
What do you think of our new contract?
I love it.
So, does that mean
it's a deal?
Stay with me until we need to go
One last thing.
Sometimes you get what
You've always been wishing for
But most times it's not on your deadline
But that's all right
I thought you didn't like this song.
No, no, I do.
We just had to find a way to make it ours.
But you fit so well
When they ask why
I can never explain
But a symphony played
When you told me your name
And I took that as a sign
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be mine?
We have a meet-cute.
Of course we have a meet-cute.
That's how you know
we're gonna end up together.
Good night, Covey.
Good night, Kavinsky.
Lara Jean Covey.
Go, LJ!
Christine Donati.
Lucas James.
-Thank you.
-Peter Kavinsky.
-Genevieve Mitchell.
-Thank you so much.
Trevor Pike.
Give it up.
Adler High School
senior graduating class of 2021!
My whole life,
I've wanted the kind of love
you see in the movies.
Boombox over the head,
hand in the back pocket
of your jeans kind of love.
Boy meets girl, they break up and make up,
and they live happily ever after.
Thanks for coming.
But, in real life,
that's not where the story ends,
it's where it begins.
Because life is beautiful, and messy,
and never goes according to plan.
And the truth is, I have no idea
what it has in store for me.
But, I do know that love, real love,
is choosing each other through all of it,
every single day.
Beginning and middle and end.
I know what most people are thinking.
Two kids,
3,000 miles apart for four years?
No way.They'll never make it.
But we're not like those other couples.
We're Lara Jean and Peter.
And besides, you know one thing
3,000 miles is good for?
Writing love letters.
You need to know
You need to know
I won't let go
I won't let go
Sometimes you get what
You've always been wishing for
But most times it's not on your deadline
But that's all right
I was worn out and jaded
From trying on people to love
But you fit so well
When they ask why I can never explain
But a symphony played
When you told me your name
And I took that as a sign
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be mine?
Sometimes it's hard to
See what the future holds
And most times it feels like
A steep climb and that's all right
There's magic in details
The tender small gestures of love
And the way they all add up
When they ask why
I can never explain
But a symphony played
When you told me your name
And it sounded like a sign
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be mine?
Five years later and I'm still yours
Ten years later and I'm still yours
Fifty years later and I'm still your
Beginning and middle and end
Five years later and I'm still yours
Ten years later and I'm still yours
Fifty years later and I'm still your
Beginning and middle and end
Beginning and middle and end
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be my
Beginning, my middle, my end?
Will you be mine
Living on a high
When I'm on the Lower East Side
Never coming down
If I've got you here it's all right
Gonna take my time
Yeah, I could feel us growing up
Gotta live my life while I'm young
'Cause I feel it
When you call me, call me
You're the one that feels like home
But sounds like houses burning
Waiting for me, for me
I kind of think I gotta go
Oh, I'm on fire again in New York City
Oh, yeah
And I'll miss the places, the friends
That I can't take with me
Oh, yeah, I'm getting lost
In the glow of the night
But I'll find myself
Under these neon lights
Oh, I'm on fire again in New York City
In New York
We're making out
And I feel your hands on my face
A familiar sound
But you say my name like Broadway
Gonna take my time
Yeah, I could feel us growing up
Gotta live my life while I'm young
'Cause I feel it
When you call me, call me
You're the one that feels like home
But sounds like houses burning
Waiting for me, for me
I kind of think I gotta go
Oh, I'm on fire again In New York City
Oh, yeah
And I'll miss the places, the friends
That I can't take with me
Oh, yeah
I'm getting lost
In the glow of the night
But I'll find myself
Under these neon lights
Oh, I'm on fire again in New York City
In New York
Oh, I'm on fire again in New York City
And I'll miss the places, the friends
That I can't take with me
I'm getting lost
In the glow of the night
But I'll find myself
Under these neon lights
Oh, I'm on fire again in New York City
In New York City
You and me, we're different as people
Always at one when it's needed
I just can't remember anything
Without you
You've got blue skies in your head
This time I'll make sure on my end
I don't find anything
I don't like about you
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
Home is, home is where I'll be
When you're standing beside me
I've never been so sure about it
Can you tell?
This is all that I wanted
I'll never take your love for granted
You make all this so easy
On my heart
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
Then you gave me
More than I came for
I was aching, in time my pain cured
Now I've fallen, talking for once
And this is how I feel
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
Oh no, I think I'm in love with you
I think I'm in love with you
I think I'm in love with you
I think I'm in love with you
I think I'm in love with you
I think I'm in love with you